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本发明是一种带中心紧固器的鞋,特别是运动鞋,休闲鞋和康复鞋,紧固器位于尺寸较固定的脚背部位,可向脚背方向或相反方向移动,这样,在鞋系紧时,鞋帮在张力的作用下发生变形,换言之,贝壳状的鞋帮在尺寸上并不是固定的。 The present invention is a shoe with a center fastener, in particular sports shoes, casual shoes and rehabilitation shoes, the fastener is located in the instep portion of relatively fixed size, can be moved or the direction opposite to the direction of the instep so that the shoe-based tight when, under the action of the upper tension deformation, in other words, a shell-shaped upper not fixed in size. 达此目的基本方法是,中心紧固器(24)上有一个加固片(23),紧固器(24)固定在一个柔软的弹性鞋舌(15)上。 This object is substantially reached, there is a reinforcing plate (23), the fastener (24) secured to a flexible, resilient tongue (15) on the central fastener (24). 加固片(23)比脚背的长度(26)短。 (23) than the length of the instep of the reinforcing sheet (26) is shorter. 因此,鞋舌(15)的大部分是很柔韧的。 Therefore, the tongue (15) it is the most flexible.


带有中心紧固器的鞋 Shoes with a central fastener

本发明涉及一种带中心紧固器的鞋。 The present invention relates to a shoe with a central fastener.

DE-A-2341658专利中所介绍了这样一种鞋。 DE-A-2341658 patent describes a shoe. 在滑雪靴舌状的鞋帮中部有一个可转动的中心紧固器,与鞋前部连接在一起,使穿脱鞋非常方便。 In the middle of the ski boot upper tongue has a rotatable central fastener, connected to the front portion of the shoe together, so that very convenient to wear off their shoes. 一根紧固绳从中心紧固器往上往下走,基本上是交叉着到达鞋帮中部。 A fastening rope up to go down from the center of the fastener, the cross substantially the middle of the upper reach. 这根紧固绳从外面看形成了环状,从鞋帮中部绕过来以后,在鞋帮的中部的另一边也形成环状,其高度与第一个环相同,之后系紧在鞋帮中部。 This root fastening rope from the outside of the ring formed, from the middle to the upper bypass later, the other side is also formed in the middle of the upper ring having a height the same with the first loop, then in the middle of the upper tie. 鞋帮两边的两个环位于脚背尽头的活动处,即脚背与小腿下端的关节处。 Two rings located on both sides of the upper end of the instep of the activity, i.e. the joints of the lower leg and instep. 另外两个环位于大脚指的球处,即,蹠关节处。 The other two rings located at the big toe of the ball, i.e., metatarsal joints.

滑雪靴的鞋帮上有小钩,鞋帮中部可以紧靠着鞋帮,绳环就挂在小钩上,转动紧固器,通过与紧固器相连的转盘的作用,紧固器就绷紧,这样,滑雪靴就系紧了。 Ski boot on the upper small hook, the central upper may abut against the upper, bight hanging on the hooks, the fastener is rotated by the action of the fastener attached to the turntable, on tightening the fastener, so , ski boots to laced up. 在这种情况下,拉力与鞋帮中部的张力相垂直,传递到鞋帮的侧面。 In this case, the tension force perpendicular to the upper and middle, is transmitted to the upper side.

这种结构对于穿鞋非常方便。 This structure is very convenient for the wearer. 但是穿上鞋以后,把紧固绳往小钩上挂既麻烦又费时,当冰雪把小钩塞住时更成问题。 But after wearing the shoes, small hook to fasten rope to hang cumbersome and time-consuming, the little hook when the ice plug more problematic.

本发明的目的就是推出一种带上述中心紧固器的鞋,鞋帮在张力作用下发生某种变形,尤其是运动鞋、休闲鞋和康复鞋、鞋帮呈贝壳状,在尺寸上并不固定。 Shoes object of the present invention is to introduce a strip of the central fastener, the upper deformed under a certain tension, in particular sports shoes, casual shoes and rehabilitation footwear, the upper shell-shape, is not fixed in size. 这种鞋非常合脚,特别是脚背部位,脚在鞋里活动也很自如,尤其是蹠关节处和上下踝关节。 These shoes are very fit, especially the instep area, activity is also very comfortable foot in the shoe, particularly at the metatarsal joint and the upper and lower ankle joint.

本发明的目的是这样实现的,即提供一种鞋,尤其是运动鞋、休闲鞋或康复鞋,在尺寸比较固定的脚背上有一个中心紧固器,使鞋帮朝着脚背方向移动,或者相反,紧固器与一根绳状的索紧件连接,在鞋帮两侧的导向体的作用下,紧固器以回到脚背上来,其中脚背部分包括一个由柔软的弹性鞋舌构成的垫;鞋舌可以变形,其舌尖朝着鞋尖固定在鞋帮上;一个用尺寸固定的硬质材料制成的加固片将中心紧固器连接在一个可以活动的中条上。 Object of the present invention is achieved in that there is provided a shoe, in particular sports shoes, casual shoes or rehabilitation shoes, having a central fastener on the instep relatively fixed size, so that the upper instep moves toward the direction, or vice versa , fastener tightening a rope-shaped member is connected to the cable, under the action of the upper guiding body on both sides, to return to the instep up fastener, which comprises an instep portion made of flexible, resilient tongue pad; deformable tongue, is fixed to the upper toe towards its tongue; on a reinforcing sheet with a fixed size made of a hard material at a fastener connecting the center of the strip may be active.

加固片的长度最多是脚背长度的95%。 The length of the reinforcing sheet up to 95% of the length of the instep. 加固片与鞋舌的中条连接,这样,从加固片前缘到鞋舌的固定点即舌尖,中条的长度至少有5%没有盖住。 The reinforcing sheet strips are connected with the tongue, so that the leading edge of the reinforcing sheet from the fixing point of the tongue to the tongue, i.e., the length of the article does not cover at least 5%.

紧固件从上面的平行导向凹槽向鞋尖方向运动,经过侧帮的导向体,然后经过加固片或中条的导向体,或者从加固片上穿过,然后再经过侧帮的前导向体,也可经过加固片或中条的导向体,到达加固片未复盖的鞋舌的后部,如果紧固件是一体化的,就再回到中心卡阻器并固定在那里,如果紧固件是由两个组件构成,其两端就固定在那里,或固定在侧帮上。 Fastener movement parallel guide grooves from above the toe direction, through the help of the guide body side, and the guide body through the reinforcing sheet or strip, from or through the reinforcing sheet, and then through the front side to help guide body , may also pass through the reinforcing sheet or strip in the guide body, to the rear of the tongue piece uncovered reinforcement, if the fastener is integrated, will then return to the center of the card and fixed thereto resistors, if tight firmware is composed of two components, both ends of which there is fixed, or fixed on the side help.

由于采用了本发明的结构,这种鞋的蹠关节和鞋舌处依然很灵活,尤其是鞋帮中部,由于采用了柔软的弹性设计,与脚背的形状和整个长度,即拱形的脚背十分吻合。 As a result of the structure of the present invention, the tongue of the metatarsal joint and the shoes is still very flexible, especially in the upper middle, the use of flexible resilient design, the shape and the entire length of the instep, that is very consistent instep arch . 由于中心紧固器上的固定片不能完全盖住整个脚背,鞋舌的下半部是可以活动的,因此具有弹性,对于除高山滑雪靴以外的鞋来说,蹠关节保持活动是很重要的。 Since the center of the fixing piece fastener can not completely cover the entire instep, the lower half of the tongue can be active, thus having elasticity, in addition to the shoe alpine ski boot, the metatarsal joint is very important to maintain activity . 因为固定片的长度对上下踝关节的活动没有影响,而且与高山滑雪靴不一样,不会产生伤害,因此不必完全去掉。 Because the length of the fixing piece has no effect on the upper and lower ankle joint activity, but not the same as the alpine ski boot, not harmful, and therefore need not be completely removed.

从图1的下半部分可以看出,脚背长度指的是从上下踝关节到蹠关节的距离。 As can be seen from the minutes of the lower half of Figure 1, the length refers to the instep ankle to metatarsal joint vertical distance.

各个权利要求中详细介绍了本发明的独特之处,结合各个图中介绍的实施例,就可对本发明作更详细的了解。 Details of the requirements of the present invention is unique in the respective claim, in conjunction with the various figures in the embodiments described, it can be a more detailed understanding of the present invention.

图1是鞋各个部位的分解图,包括所介绍的中心紧固器。 Figure 1 is an exploded view of various parts of the shoe, comprising a central fastener described.

图1a是从图1箭头1方向看到的中心紧固器的某一部分。 Figure 1a is a section viewed from an arrow direction in FIG. 1 of the central fastener.

图2是图1各个部位组成的鞋的上视图。 FIG 2 is a top view showing a composition of the various parts of a shoe.

图3是图2中的鞋的侧视图的某一部分。 Figure 3 is a partial side view of the shoe of FIG.

图4是组装前的紧固条上使用的皮带。 FIG 4 is a belt used on the fastening strip before assembling.

图5是图4上II部分的紧固条的一部分。 FIG 5 is a part of the fastening strip portion II of FIG.

图6是紧固条的一部分和紧固皮带的头上部分。 FIG 6 is a part of the head portion and the fastening of the belt fastening strip.

图1是本发明介绍的这种鞋各主要部位的分解图。 FIG 1 is a major part of the present invention described in this shoe exploded FIG. 这种鞋最好运动鞋、休闲鞋或康复鞋,因为这种鞋的上部与高山滑雪靴不一样,鞋舌上部呈贝壳状,尺寸较固定,由一块可以变形的高质量材料制成,或由几块可以变形的材料制成,如皮革、人造皮革和纤维织物等,也可以带皮革或人造皮革边。 Preferably the shoes sports shoes, casual shoes or rehabilitation shoes, such as shoes are not the same alpine ski boot with an upper, shell-like form of the upper tongue, more fixed dimensions, made of a deformable material quality, or can be made a few deformable material, such as leather, artificial leather and other fabrics, may also be leather or artificial leather band edge. 这类运动鞋或休闲鞋包括,训练鞋、网球鞋、散步鞋或象赛跑鞋、跳高跳远鞋这样的专用运动鞋。 Such including sports shoes or casual shoes, training shoes, tennis shoes, walking shoes, or like a running shoe, high jump long jump shoes so special sneakers.

康复鞋或用于康复目的的鞋指的是有脚伤者穿的鞋,或者脚作手术后打了石膏绷带或矫正装置等固定器械时所穿的鞋,以便患者尽快除去固定器械,恢复行走能力,不会旧伤重犯或再出现别的伤,如因采取所谓的“减轻痛苦的姿势”而养成不正确的走路姿势。 Rehabilitation shoes or shoes for the purpose of rehabilitation of foot means are those shoes, or the foot when worn for playing the instrument is fixed plaster casts after surgery or orthotic devices shoes, so that the patient fixing device is removed as soon as possible, resuming ability, will not repeat the old wounds or other injuries again, as a result of taking so-called "alleviate painful positions" and develop an incorrect walking posture. 有关这种康复鞋的介绍详见DE-A-3520786号专利。 Introduction See DE-A-3520786 Patent No. For this rehabilitation shoes.

图1中的1号鞋的分解图包括一个鞋底(未详细画出)、鞋帮2和侧帮3、4,鞋跟5,前帮6和内底7。 In Figure 1 an exploded view of a shoe 1 comprising a sole (not shown in detail), and the upper side 2 to help 3,4, 5 the heel, the insole forepart 6 and 7.

侧帮3、4的边8一直延伸到脚背部分,其上有两个呈受拉条9.1、10.1形式的硬条9、10,由可变形的弹性材料制成。 3,4-side edge 8 help to extend the instep portion, on which two strips by 9.1,10.1 form as hard brace 9 and 10, made of a deformable elastic material. 两个受拉条9.1或10.1上各有一根纵向槽11或12,槽下各有一个皮带13、14伸出,经过鞋帮2的侧帮3、4到达鞋底,固定在鞋帮和鞋底之间。 Each one by two longitudinal grooves 11 or 12, the lower groove 13 and 14 each have a belt extending through the upper side of the sole 2 to help reach the 3,4, secured between the upper and sole brace 9.1 or 10.1.

一个最好用泡沫塑料制作的柔软弹性的缓冲舌15插入鞋的脚背处的开口里,端部17朝着鞋尖16,压紧在鞋帮下面并固定,可以缝上也可以胶粘。 The opening at the instep of a shoe insert is preferably made of a soft resilient plastic foam cushioning tongue 15, the end portion 17 toward the toe 16, pressed and secured below the upper can be glued sewing. 鞋舌15的两侧18、19位于鞋帮2的侧帮3、4之下。 18 and 19 are located on both sides of the tongue 15 of the upper side 2 below 3,4 help. 拿掉受拉条9.1和10.1或调整鞋帮2的侧帮3、4的边的高度,就形成了开口20,这样,即使是在鞋系得最紧的时候,鞋舌15的中条21处也会有至少1.5~2厘米的空隙。 Remove by-side braces and 9.1 or 10.1 to help adjust the height of the upper edge 2 of 3, 4, opening 20 is formed, so that, even in the most tightly shoe system time, the tongue 15 of the bar 21 there will be at least 1.5 to 2 cm gap.

当鞋舌15处于鞋帮中心三分之一时,其表面有一较浅的凹部22,中心紧固器24的加固片23即插入该凹部并加以固定,可以胶粘、缝合或衬装。 When the third tongue 15 in the upper center surface thereof with a shallow recess 22, the reinforcing sheet 24 is the central fastener 23 that is inserted into the recess and fixed, may be glued, sewn or liner installed. 加固片23用尺寸较坚固的结实弹性材料制作,几乎不变形,最好是用尼龙、聚酰亚胺、聚乙烯等结实的成形塑料制作。 23 with a reinforcing sheet size firmer strong elastic material, is hardly deformed, preferably nylon, polyimide, polyethylene and the like sturdy molded plastic. 加固片23的长度25及其在鞋舌15的中条21上的位置是可以选择的。 Length of reinforcing sheet 25 and the position 23 in the tongue 15 of the strip 21 is optional. 因此,可盖住脚背长度26的25-95%,但是,从加固片23的前缘27到固定的端部17,脚背长度26至少有5%,一般是20~50%是可以活动的,根据一个实施例,在加固片23的后缘28的后面,脚背长度26至少有10%是可以活动的,或者是被鞋舌15所覆盖,鞋舌后部29则向上、下踝骨的方向延伸。 Accordingly, the instep cover 25-95% of the length of 26, however, the leading edge 23 from the reinforcing sheet 27 is fixed to the end portions 17, 26 feet length of at least 5%, typically 20 to 50% can be active, according to one embodiment direction, behind the rear edge 28 of the reinforcing sheet 23, a length of 26 feet can be at least 10% activity, or 15 are covered tongue, rear tongue 29 upwardly, the ankle extend.

加固片23上有一个底部支撑片30,两个半圆形小片31、32环绕在周围。 The reinforcing sheet support plate 30 has a bottom 23, two semi-circular pieces 31, 32 are wrapped around. 一个卡阻器33可插入该支撑片30,可用胶粘法固定。 Resistor 33 may be a card inserted into the support plate 30, the adhesive fixing method is available.

卡阻器33包括一个带两个横臂35、36的下阻件34,以及一个可转动的调整旋转钮37。 Card 33 includes a resistor with two lateral arms 35, 36 of the barrier member 34, and a rotatable adjusting knob 37 rotation. 在下阻件34和调整旋钮37之间有一个旋绕装置,按动按钮38,就可以绕紧或松开紧固件39,或是一个紧固件的两个头,或是两个紧固件的两个头。 Barrier member 34 and the lower adjustment knob 37 between a winding means, press the button 38, can be tightened or loosened around the fastener 39, a fastener heads or two, or two fasteners two heads. 朝一个方向转动调整旋钮37,紧固件39就绕紧,朝相反的方向转,就松开。 One direction rotatable adjustment knob 37, the fastener 39 on the winding up, turn in the opposite direction, to loosen.

卡阻器33插入之后,横臂35、36就卡住加固片23。 After the card is inserted into resistors 33, 35 and 36 on the traverse reinforcing sheet 23 stuck. 一个卡住紧固件39的凹槽40位于横臂35、36上,也可位于下面的支撑片30上。 A jammed fastener 40 of the groove 39 is located on the arm 35, 36 may also be located on the lower support piece 30.

在下阻件34的正面和背面(看不到)各有一个凸缘41。 Lower front and rear barrier member 34 (see) each have a flange 41. 卡阻器33插入之后,凸缘41就通过支撑片30上两个开口42卡住小片31、32,这样,卡阻器就通过卡子连接的方式与加固片23连接在一起。 After the card is inserted into resistors 33, 41 on the flange 42 by two openings 31, 32 are small pieces stuck, so that the card by means of the clip on the resistor connected to the reinforcing plate 23 joined to the support sheet 30. 加固片23有一部分43向前伸出。 Reinforcing plate 23 has a portion 43 projecting forwardly. 这一前伸部分和图1a中箭头I所指的附件44可以叠加在一起,或者通过锁定、胶粘和超声波焊接等方法连接起来。 The forward section and the arrow I in FIG. 1a referred to attachment 44 can be added together, or by locking, ultrasonic welding, gluing and the like are connected. 附件44是双层的,在上层45和下层46之间有一层空隙47,其宽度相当或稍大于紧固件39的直径。 Annex 44 is double, there is a gap 47 between the upper layer 45 and lower layer 46 has a width equal to or slightly larger than the diameter 39 of the fastener. 上层45和下层46被导向体50、51分别连接在侧壁48、49上,紧固件39从空隙47中穿过。 Upper 45 and lower 46 guide bodies 50 and 51 are respectively connected to the side walls 48 and 49 on the fastener 39 from passing through the gap 47. 一般来说可用铸入法或压铸成形法将前伸部分43和附件44制造成一个整体,附件44的侧壁下各有一个固定凸缘52、53。 Generally available cast method or a die casting 43 and the attachment 44 forward section integrally manufactured, lower sidewall 44 each have a fixed attachment flanges 52 and 53.

组装时,紧固件39通过附件44的空隙47从后往前塞,这样就形成了上下的平行环,平行环再与侧帮3、4的导向体连接,如图2所示。 In assembly, the fastener 39 through the gap 44 of the attachment plug 47 from the back forward, thus forming a ring parallel to the upper and lower, parallel to the side and then to help guide ring 3, 4 is connected, as shown in FIG.

图2是图1中的各个部件组装而成的鞋的上视图。 FIG 2 is a top view of FIG. 1 assembled from various components of the shoe. 鞋舌15的截面基本上与脚背的弧度相吻合,从上面至少可看到脚背部分的60%,以及鞋舌两侧18、19。 15 is a cross-sectional tongue curvature substantially coincides with the instep can be seen from the above at least 60% of the instep portion, and a tongue 18, 19 on both sides. 与此同时,鞋舌两侧18、19的表面被设计成了旁边的侧帮3、4的滑动表面。 At the same time, the surface on both sides of the tongue 18, 19 is designed to become the side next to the help of the sliding surfaces 3, 4.

本发明的特色之一是,上面的导向槽内的紧固件54、55离鞋跟最近,加固片23和横臂35、36上的凹槽40位于卡阻器33的下阻件34上,紧固件54、55从中心紧固器24的调整旋钮37开始,先回到导向体56、57上,导向体56、57与侧帮3、4力锁合连接,紧固件54、55再到达加固片23上的导向体50、51,再到前导向体58、59,最后到达鞋舌15中条21的前部。 One of the features of the present invention that the fasteners 54 and 55 above the guide groove nearest the heel from the reinforcing sheet 23 and the recess 40 of the card 35, 36 traverse the resistor 34 resistor 33 , fasteners 54, 55 from the center of the adjustment knob 37 of the fastener 24 begins to return to the guide body 56, guide members 56 and 57 to help the side force locking connection 3,4, fastener 54, 55 and then reach the reinforcing sheet 23 on the guide 50, 51, 58, 59 and then the front guide member, and finally reaches the front portion 21 of the strip tongue 15. 在一体化的紧固件39中,返回部分60位于鞋舌15的中条21的交叉槽61内。 In an integrated fastener 39, it is located in the return portion 60 in the cross section of the grooves 21 of the tongue 6115. 此外,这里还插有一个管状体62。 In addition, there is also a tubular body 62 is inserted. 位于交叉槽61内的返回部分60可以加以固定,以免横向移动。 Cross grooves 61 positioned within the return portion 60 may be mounted so that lateral movement.

尽管在图2的实施例中,侧帮3、4上只各有两个导向体,但是可以想象在那里再安排几个导向体,与加固片23上的其他导向体进行工作连接。 Although in the embodiment of FIG. 2, 3, 4 on each side help only two guide bodies, where it is envisaged arrange several guide body work connected to the other of the guide body 23 reinforcing sheet. 还可以将紧固件39的导向重新安排,使紧固件63、64、65、66在中心紧固器24下面的加固片23处相互交叉。 It can also be rearranged fastener guide 39, the fastener 63,64,65,66 intersect each other at the center of fastener 24 below the reinforcing sheet 23.

如果紧固件39由两个紧固部分组成,其末端可固定在鞋舌15上的交叉槽61处,或固定在鞋侧帮3、4上。 If the fastener 39 is fastened by the two parts, which can be fixed to the end of the cross grooves 61 on the tongue 15 or the fixed side of the shoe to help 3,4.

从图2中可以看出,至少紧固件39上面的两个平行紧固件54、55是紧随紧固件63、64,从加固片23上的导向体或从鞋舌15的中条21,向后到达各自的导向体56、57、58、59。 As it can be seen from Figure 2, the fastener 39 above the at least two fasteners 54 and 55 are parallel immediately fastener 63, the guide bar body from the reinforcing sheet 23 or tongue 15 from 21, the respective rear guide member reaches 56,57, 58,59. 这样一来,系紧鞋时从上面的两对紧固件54、55或63、64处产生的张力就向鞋跟5的方向传导。 As a result, tension generated from the fastening of the shoe upper 54, 55 or two pairs of fasteners 63, 64 to the conducting direction of the heel 5. 皮带13、14也会有些变形,使张力一方面向下面的鞋底,另一方面向后面的鞋跟方向传导。 Some belts 13, 14 will be deformed, so that the tension on the one hand, on the other hand be conducted to the rear direction of the heel of the sole below.

另外的紧固件65、66和返回部分60的张力从加固片23或从鞋舌15的中条21(从上面看)向前或交叉到达鞋舌15。 Additional fasteners 65, 66 and 60 of the tension from the return portion 23 or the reinforcing sheet 21 (from above) from the strip tongue 15 reaches the tongue 15 forwardly or cross.

为保证皮带13、14上的张力有效传导,因此各个导向体56、57、58、59都作用于皮带13、14的主条67上,见图4-8。 To ensure that the tension on the belts 13 and 14 are effectively transmitted, the respective guide members 56,57, 58,59 are thus applied to the main belts 13, 14, 67, see Figure 4-8. 主条67位于纵槽11或12对面受拉条10.1上的低插槽68内,用卡子69将其锁定在低插槽68的下缘70上。 Main bar 67 is located opposite the longitudinal grooves 11 or 12 within the receiving slot 68 on the lower brace 10.1, with the clamp 69 to lock the socket on the lower edge 68 of the lower 70.

为将紧固件39插入纵槽11、12,设置了凸缘状的卡阻件71,这样,主条67的前缘72越过几毫米就可以卡住。 The fastener 39 is inserted into the longitudinal grooves 11 and 12 are provided flange-shaped member 71 of jamming such that the leading edge 72 of the main section 67 to be swung beyond a few millimeters.

在导向体56、57、58、59的上表面73有一个边缘75,位于边缘部分74之上。 56,57, 58,59 in the upper surface of the guide member 73 has one edge 75, located above the edge portion 74. 这样就形成了一个小槽76,紧固件39正好从纵槽11、12中穿过。 Thus forming a small groove 76, the fastener 39 passes right through from the longitudinal groove 11, 12. 条67的前缘72对面的前伸边缘75与皮带13、14的材料被一个用于插入紧固件39的窄口77分开。 Materials narrow mouth 72 opposite the forward edge 67 of the leading edge of the belts 13, 14 and 75 is a fastener 39 for insertion of the 77 separate.

受拉条9.1、10.1上各有一个紧固条78。 Receiving a fastening strip 78 on each brace 9.1,10.1. 有了这些紧固条,就可以将其缝合、胶粘或铆在鞋帮上。 With these fastening strips can be sewn, glued or riveted to the upper. 紧固条78在纵槽11、12和低插槽68的下面,其表面与低插槽68的下缘70同高。 Fastening strip 78 below the lower slot 12 and longitudinal groove 68, the lower surface of the lower edge 68 of the socket 70 with high.

鞋舌15用泡沫聚合物制成,最好是热塑材料作的可传导力的垫子,如尼龙、聚酰亚胺或聚乙烯等。 Tongue 15 is made of polymer foam, preferably a thermoplastic material for the cushion force can conduct, such as nylon, polyethylene, polyimide or the like. 鞋舌15的里面可装一纺织物衬里79,如图2、3所示。 The tongue 15 can be installed inside a textile liner 79, shown in Figure 2,3. 同样,鞋舌15的上表面也可蒙一层纺织物,或皮革或其他的常用制鞋面料,尤其是要有衬里。 Similarly, the upper surface of the tongue 15 of the mask layer may be a textile, leather or fabric or other common shoe, especially to have a liner.

硬条9、10亦即受拉条9.1、10.1最好用弹性塑料制作,尤其可用尼龙、聚酰亚胺或聚乙烯制作。 Hard tension bar 9,10 bar 9.1,10.1 i.e. preferably made resilient plastic, particularly useful nylon, polyimide or polyethylene production. 皮带13、14也是如此,最好用透明塑料制作,以免鞋上的商标看不见。 The same is true belts 13, 14, preferably made of transparent plastic production, in order to avoid trademark invisible on the shoes.

图1到图6所介绍的本发明的各实施例中,硬条9、10亦即受拉条9.1、10.1与皮带13、14都是机械连接,与鞋帮和鞋底也是机械连接,这就需要有一个宽度调整系统,使鞋帮的内尺寸与脚的大小正好吻合。 Embodiments of the invention of FIG. 1 to FIG. 6 described embodiments, i.e. by hard brace bar 9,10 9.1,10.1 belt 13, 14 are mechanically connected with the upper and sole are mechanically connected, which requires a width adjusting system, so that size in the size of the foot upper coincided. 在这方面,中心紧固器具有双重功能。 In this regard, the central fastener has a dual function. 它不但在系紧鞋后可产生均匀的压力,传递到整个鞋上,同时还可使增加整个鞋子的稳定性,把训练时各敏感关节和足腱容易受的伤减至最低程度。 It not only can be generated when tightening the shoe uniform pressure is transmitted to the entire shoe, but can also increase the stability of the shoe so that, each of the training sensitive joints and foot tendon injuries easily minimized.

另一个优越之处是,卡阻器33和紧固件39要从加固片上拆下,在练习时可象鞋带一样更换。 Another Youyuezhichu, the jamming fastener 33 and removed from the reinforcing sheet 39, as may in practice replace shoelaces. 这样,卡阻器33和紧固件39完全可以 Thus, the jamming fasteners 33 and 39 can

Claims (31)

1.一种鞋,在尺寸稳定的脚背上有一个中心紧固器,使鞋帮朝着脚背方向移动,或者相反,紧固器与一根绳状的索紧件连接,在鞋帮两侧的导向体的作用下,紧固器可以回到脚背上来,其特征在于:-脚背部分包括一个由柔软的弹性鞋舌(15)构成的垫;-鞋舌(15)可以变形,其舌尖(17)朝着鞋尖(16)固定在鞋帮上;-一个用尺寸固定的硬质材料制成的加固片(23)将中心紧固器(24)连接在一个可以活动的中条(21)上;-加固片(23)的长度(25)最多是脚背长度(26)的95%;-加固片(23)与鞋舌(15)的中条(21)连接,这样,从加固片(23)前缘(27)到鞋舌(15)的固定点即舌尖(17),中条(21)的长度至少有5%没有盖住;-紧固件(39)从上面的平行导向槽(40)向鞋尖(16)方向运动,经过侧帮(3、4)的导向体(56、57),然后经过中条(21)的导向体(50、51),之后再至少经过侧帮(3、4)的前导向体(58、59),到达加 1. A shoe has in the center a dimensionally stable instep fastener that moves toward the upper direction of the instep, or conversely, a fastener connected to the cable tight rope-shaped member, on both sides of the upper guide under the action of the body, the fastener can come back to the instep, characterized in that: - the instep portion includes a flexible elastic tongue (15) constituting the pad; - tongue (15) can be deformed, which tongue (17) toward the toe (16) is fixed to the upper; - with a reinforcing plate made of hard material fixed size (23) the central fastener (24) can be connected to the activity of a strip (21); - the length of the reinforcing sheet (23) (25) is at most the length of the instep (26) 95%; - reinforcing sheet (23) and the tongue (15) in the strip (21), so that, from the reinforcing plate (23) a leading edge (27) to the tongue (15) of the tongue, i.e., a fixed point (17), the length of the bar (21) does not cover at least 5%; - a fastener (39) from above parallel guide grooves (40 ) (16) towards the toe direction, through the help side (3,4) of the guide body (56, 57), then through the article (21) of the guide body (50, 51), then through at least after the side help ( 3, 4) of the front guide body (58, 59), to daga 片(23)未覆盖的鞋舌(15)的后部,并返回到中心紧固器(24)的卡阻器(33)且固定在那里。 Sheet rear tongue (15) is uncovered (23), and returned to the central fastener (24) of the jamming device (33) and fixed there.
2.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于紧固件(39)的上面两个平行紧固件(54、55)和另两个平行紧固件(63、64)经过鞋帮(2)的侧帮(3、4)的上导向体(56、57),这样,力就向鞋跟(5)方向传导,并从加固片(23)或中条(21)的导向体向后传导,因此,中心紧固器(24)的卡阻器(33)在拧紧时产生的张力就向鞋跟(5)方向传导。 2. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that the fastener (39) above two parallel fasteners (54, 55) and the other two parallel fasteners (63, 64) through the upper (2) side help (3, 4) on the guide body (56, 57), so that force is conducted to the heel (5) direction, and rearward from the reinforcing conductive sheet (23) or strip (21) of the guide body, Therefore, the tension central fastener (24) of the jamming device (33) generated when tightening will be conducted to the heel (5) direction.
3.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于从上面看,其他紧固件(65、66;60)从加固片(23)或鞋舌(15)的中条(21)向前或交叉着向鞋舌(15)运动。 3. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that viewed from above, other fasteners (65, 66; 60) from the reinforcing sheet (23) or tongue (15) in the strip (21) forward or crossed (15) movement to the tongue.
4.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于至少各有一根皮带(13、14)从鞋帮(2)的侧帮(3、4)上的导向体伸进鞋底。 4. The shoe according to claim 1, wherein each of at least one belt (13, 14) from the upper (2) to help the side (3,4) of the guide body extends into the sole.
5.根据权利要求4的鞋,其特征在于,皮带(13、14)在鞋上安装成,使其从侧帮(3、4)的导向体(56、57、58、59)向斜后延伸至鞋的鞋底区域。 The shoe according to claim 4, characterized in that the belt (13, 14) mounted on a shoe so that it from side to help guide body (3,4) (56,57, 58,59) obliquely rear extending to the sole area of ​​the shoe.
6.根据权利要求4的鞋,其特征在于各皮带(13、14)的主条(67)上至少有一个导向体(56、57;58、59)。 6. The shoe according to claim 4, characterized in that at least one guide member on the belts (13, 14) of the main section (67) (56, 57; 58, 59).
7.根据权利要求5的鞋,其特征在于,导向体(50、51)和中心紧固器(24)的卡阻器(33)相对属于上述导向体(50、51)和卡阻器(33)的鞋帮(2)的侧帮(3、4)下导向体(56、57;58、59)定位成,使紧固件(39)上的紧固件(54、55;63、64;65、66)朝着各自皮带(13、14)的方向向斜后延伸。 7. The shoe according to claim 5, characterized in that the guide body (50, 51) and a central fastener (24) of the jamming device (33) relative to the guide member belongs to (50,51) and the card resistor ( at 33) the upper (2) to help the side (3,4) the guide body (56, 57; 58, 59) is positioned, the fastener (39) on the fastener (54, 55; 63, 64 ; 65, 66) extending obliquely in the direction of the respective belt (13, 14).
8.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于鞋帮(2)的侧帮(3、4)的边(8)终止在脚背处(26),并由受拉条形式的硬条(9.1、10.1)使其绷紧。 8. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that the upper edge (2) to help the side (3, 4) (8) terminating at the instep (26) by the tension bar forms a hard bar (9.1,10.1 ) make it taut.
9.根据权利要求8的鞋,其特征在于硬条(9.1、10.1)上有纵槽(11、12),紧固件(39)从中穿过,并绕在皮带(13、14)主条(67)的各个导向体(56、57;58、59)上。 9. The shoe according to claim 8, characterized in that with longitudinal grooves (11, 12), the fastener (39) therethrough the rigid bar (9.1,10.1), and a belt wound (13, 14) main band on; (58, 59 56, 57) (67) of the respective guide member.
10.根据权利要求9的鞋,其特征在于皮带(13、14)的主条(67)被插入硬条(9.1、10.1)纵槽(11、12)上的低插槽(68)内。 10. The shoe according to claim 9, characterized in that the lower slot (68) on the belt (13, 14) of the main section (67) is inserted into the rigid bar (9.1,10.1) longitudinal grooves (11, 12).
11.根据权利要求8的鞋,其特征在于侧帮(3、4)上的硬条(9.1、10.1)构成各个弹性受拉条。 11. The shoe according to claim 8, characterized in that the cardboard strip (9.1,10.1) on the side help (3,4) each constituted by an elastic brace.
12.根据权利要求8的鞋,其特征在于受拉条形式的硬条(9.1、10.1)用弹性塑料制作。 12. The shoe according to claim 8, characterized in that the tension bar forms a hard strip (9.1,10.1) with an elastic plastic.
13.根据权利要求12的鞋,其特征在于受拉条形式的硬条(9.1、10.1)上有一紧固条(78)。 13. The shoe according to claim 12, characterized in that a fastening strip (78) on the rigid bar (9.1,10.1) in the form of tension strips.
14.根据权利要求13的鞋,其特征在于紧固条(78)在纵槽(11、12)和低插槽(68)之下形成一个平面,其上表面与低插槽(68)的下缘(70)同高。 14. The shoe according to claim 13, characterized in that the fastening strip (78) forms a plane beneath the longitudinal groove (11, 12) and a lower slot (68), on which the lower surface of the socket (68) the lower edge (70) with a high.
15.根据权利要求4的鞋,其特征在于在皮带(13、14)的主条(67)上至少有一个卡子(69),主条(67)插在低插槽(68)内,在插入状态下,卡子(69)卡住低插槽(68)的下缘(70)。 15. The shoe according to claim 4, characterized in that the belt has at least one catch (13, 14) on the main band (67) (69), a main bar (67) inserted in the lower slot (68), in inserted state, the clip (69) caught at the low edge of the slot (68) (70).
16.根据权利要求10的鞋,其特征在于在插入紧固件(39)的纵槽(11、12)下面,至少有一个卡阻件(71),以卡住皮带(13、14)主条(67)的前缘(72)。 16. The shoe according to claim 10, characterized in that following insertion of the fastener (39) longitudinal grooves (11, 12), at least one jamming element (71), stuck to the belt (13, 14) of the main the leading edge strip (67) (72).
17.根据权利要求15的鞋,其特征在于带有皮带(13、14)主条(67)的导向体(56、57;58、59)上表面(73)有一边缘(75),伸出在其边缘部分(74)和小槽(76)之上,紧固件(39)与纵槽(11、12)对齐。 17. The shoe according to claim 15, characterized in that the guide body with a belt (13, 14) of the main section (67) (56, 57; 58, 59) on the surface (73) has an edge (75), projecting above its edge portion (74) and a small groove (76), the fastener (39) with longitudinal grooves (11, 12) are aligned.
18.根据权利要求17的鞋,其特征在于:在与前缘(72)相对一侧的前伸边缘(75)与皮带(13、14)材料被一个用于插入紧固件(39)的窄口(77)分开。 18. The shoe according to claim 17, wherein: the leading edge (72) opposite the side of the forward edge (75) of the belt (13, 14) material is a fastener for insertion (39) narrow mouth (77) separate.
19.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于鞋舌(15)用泡沫聚合物形式的软弹性材料制造。 19. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that the tongue (15) of soft elastic material in the form of a foamed polymer.
20.根据权利要求19的鞋,其特征在于鞋舌(15)的下面有一层纺织物衬里。 20. The shoe according to claim 19, further characterized by the tongue (15) with a layer of a textile liner.
21.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于鞋舌(15)上表面有一凹部(22),中心紧固器(24)的加固片(23)就插入并用胶粘法固定在这里。 21. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that the tongue (15) has a concave surface portion (22), the central fastener (24) of the reinforcing sheet (23) is inserted and fixed here by gluing.
22.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于鞋舌(15)的两侧(18、19)表面被设计为支撑鞋帮(2)的侧帮(3、4)的滑动表面。 22. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that the sides of the tongue (15) (18, 19) surface is designed to support an upper sliding surface (2) to help the side (3,4).
23.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于中心紧固器(24)上有一个带支撑片(30)的加固片(23),设有调整旋钮(37)的卡阻器(33)以及紧固件(39)或紧固件(54、55)可夹在这个加固片(23)上并与其锁定。 23. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that at the central fastener (24) with a support plate (30) of the reinforcing sheet (23), is provided with adjustment knob (37) of the jamming device (33) and fasteners (39) or fastener (54, 55) can be clamped on the reinforcement sheet (23) and locked therewith.
24.根据权利要求23的鞋,其特征在于卡阻器(33)两边各有一个横臂(35、36),横臂和其下面的加固片(23)上有一凹槽(40),紧固件(39)或紧固件(54、55)从槽中通过。 24. The shoe according to claim 23, characterized in that the detents (33) on each side of a transverse arm (35, 36) has a recess (40) on the arm and the underlying reinforcement sheet (23), tight firmware (39) or fastener (54, 55) from the slot through.
25.根据权利要求23的鞋,其特征在于支撑片(30)前面的加固片(23)上有一前伸部分(43)和附件(44),设计成双层的,上层(45)和下层(46)之间有一空隙(47),其距离等同或稍大于紧固件(39)的厚度,导向体(50、51)将上层(45)和下层(46)分别连接在侧壁(48、49)上。 25. The shoe according to claim 23, characterized in that at (30) in front of the support plate reinforcing sheet (23) a forward section (43) and attachment (44), designed as a double, the upper layer (45) and lower there is a gap (47), which from the same or larger than the fastener (39) has a thickness, the guide body (50, 51) the upper layer (45) and lower (46) are connected to the side wall (between 48 (46) , 49) on.
26.根据权利要求25的鞋,其特征在于:两层的附件(44)是一体的,它具有导向体(50、51),作为一个单独的部分连接在加固片(23)的前伸部分(43)上,并固定在那里。 26. The shoe according to claim 25, wherein: the two attachments (44) is integral, having a guide body (50, 51), as a separate part connected to the forward section of the reinforcing sheet (23) (43), and fixed there.
27.根据权利要求25的鞋,其特征在于双层附件(44)的侧壁(48、49)上各有一个固定凸缘(52、53),向下伸出,卡住加固片(23)前伸部分(43)的侧壁(48、49)。 27. The shoe according to claim 25, characterized in that the double side wall attachment (44) of the upper (48, 49) each have a fixing flange (52, 53), projecting downward, the jammed sheet reinforcement (23 sidewall) forward section (43) (48, 49).
28.根据权利要求26的鞋,其特征在于附件(44)与加固片(23)前伸部分(43)的固定可采用超声波焊接法或胶粘法。 28. The shoe according to claim 26, characterized in that the fixing unit (44) and the reinforcing sheet (23) forward section (43) may employ an ultrasonic welding method or a gluing process.
29.根据权利要求26的鞋,其特征在于附件(44)与加固片(23)前伸部分(43)的固定是锁定连接。 29. The shoe according to claim 26, characterized in that the fixing unit (44) and the reinforcing sheet (23) forward section (43) is a locking connection.
30.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于鞋舌(15)的截面要与脚背的弧度吻合。 30. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that the cross section of the tongue (15) to coincide with the curvature of the instep.
31.根据权利要求1的鞋,其特征在于经过加固片(23)各平行导向槽亦即凹槽(40)的紧固件(39)上的紧固件(54、55)与卡阻器(33)连接。 31. The shoe according to claim 1, characterized in that the fastener (54, 55) via the reinforcing sheet (23) of each fastener i.e. recess parallel guide grooves (40) (39) and the resistor card (33) is connected.
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