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本发明公开了适用于熔断器、继电器、磁力启动器、空气断路器、开关、闸刀等一种电器通断触点组,这对应的两触点为一“软”一“硬”所组成。 The present invention discloses suitable for fuses, relays, magnetic starter, air circuit breakers, switches, etc. An electric appliance off knife contact set, which corresponds to the two contacts is a "soft" a "hard" consisting . 实芯金属“硬”触点表面呈“多凹凸弧面”状。 Solid metal "hard" contact surface was "uneven multiple arc" shape. “软”触点采用“多孔层金属”并在孔层间隙内注有“电接触表面润滑保护剂”,由于“多孔层金属”间隙内的“电接触表面润滑保护剂”有克服触点表面氧化物和尘埃等功能。 "Soft" contact a "porous metal layer" and marked with "electrical contact surface lubrication protection agent" in the porous layer gap, since the "electrical contact surface lubrication protection agent" in the "porous metal layer" against the contact surfaces have a gap oxides and dust and other functions. 故本发明即有扩大接触表面积节约材料又有延长触点使用寿命的效果。 Therefore, the present invention is to expand the contact surface area that is material-saving but also to extend the life of the contact effect.


一种电器通断触点组 An electric appliance set-off contact

本发明涉及一种电器通断触点组。 The present invention relates to an electrical contact set off. 适用于熔断器、继电器、磁力启动器、空气断路器、插头座、开关、闸刀等以空气为绝缘介质的通断控保器件的触点组上。 Applied to the contact set-off protection control device air as insulating medium fuses, relays, magnetic starter, air circuit breakers, plugs and sockets, switches, knife and the like.

现有电路接联、关断、控保处之电器通断触点组其结构多数为实芯对应光洁弧面或平面形成点、线、面、接触,其材料多为纯Ag或Ag合金,粉末冶金,或普通铜或铜合金表面涂以贵金属。 Connection with the conventional circuit, is turned off, the protection of electrical contacts on-off control groups most of the structure of a solid core or a curved surface corresponding to the plane formed smooth point, line, surface, contact materials which are mostly pure Ag or Ag alloy, powder metallurgy, or general surface of copper or a copper alloy coated with a precious metal. 为了最大限度地利用触点材料,有人提出空芯触点取代实芯触点。 In order to maximize the contact material, the hollow core contact has been proposed substituted solid core contact. 以空气为介质的电器通断触点组是为电路通断设置的,当电器通断触点动作→闭合时,两触点(光洁弧面或平面)接联;开启时→两触点分离。 With air as the medium of electrical contacts on-off circuit is set off set off when the electrical contact closes → operation, two contacts (smooth arc or plane) then linked; separating two contacts when opening → . 在电路无负载状态下,两触点之间只表现为静态接触电阻,当触点组承受电路大载荷电流时,闭合带来的浪涌电流,开启带来的反电动势都对触点组对应的触点表面进行冲击,因而触点组局部极易产生热效应,加之触点组工作环境恶劣——酸、碱、盐雾,油污、尘埃等污染,触点表面很难始终保持良好的导电光洁面,再加上触点所加的闭合压力将引起弹跳,触点弹跳期间必然在两触点之间出现间隙,在电路有载条件下此弹跳间隙将引起电弧,此电弧产生的高温可使触点表面氧化,局部电蚀,甚者产生熔接。 In the unloaded state the circuit between the two contacts only showed static contact resistance when the contact group to withstand large loads current circuit, surge current caused by the closing, opening caused by the counter electromotive force corresponds to the set of contacts the impingement surface contact, contact group thus easy to produce localized thermal effects, coupled with the poor contact set working conditions - acid, alkali, salt, oil, dust and other pollution, the contact surface is difficult to always maintain good conductive light cleansing, coupled with the contact closing pressure applied will cause bounce, there will be a gap between the two contacts during the contact bounce, the circuit load condition this gap will cause the bounce arc, this arc may cause high temperature contact surface oxidation, galvanic corrosion locally, generation of weld worse. 由于现技术无法克服这一现象,故,只要触点组之间出现一次氧化斑,触点组之间就出现间隙,此间隙不除,恶性循环出现。 Since the current technology can not overcome this phenomenon, therefore, between the first oxidation spots appear whenever contact groups, a gap between the contact set on, the gap is not removed, a vicious cycle occurs.

本发明的目的在于提高以空气为绝缘介质的电器通断触点组有效接触面积,减少触点弹跳,从而达到触点降温条件下提高载荷能力的目的。 Object of the present invention to improve air as insulation medium electrical contact set off the effective contact area, reduced contact bounce, so as to improve the load carrying capacity of the contact cooling conditions.

本发明的目的是以如下方式完成的:由一组对应的触点组所组成。 The object of the present invention is accomplished in the following manner: by a set of corresponding contact group consisting of. 两触点一为实芯金属“硬”触点,另一触点为多孔层金属“软”触点。 Two contacts a solid core metal is "hard" contact, the other contact layer of a porous metal "soft" contact.

本发明一种电器通断触点组的实芯金属“硬”触点是经过机械或化学方法加工使其表面呈“多凹凸弧面”或“麻面”,处理过的表面较现技术相同的几何尺寸而表面积将数十倍扩大。 An electric appliance solid core metal contacts off group of the present invention, "hard" contact is mechanically or chemically processing to the surface in a "Multi-convex arc" or "pitted" surface of the treated compared to the same technique now geometry and surface area will expand the number of times. 为使实芯金属“硬”触点扩大的表面积与另一触点吻合,对应的另一触点采用特制的“多孔层金属”制成“软”触点。 For "hard" expanded surface area contact with another solid core metal fit contacts, contacts corresponding to another using a special "porous metal layer" made of "soft" contact. 如此组成的触点组保证了“多凹凸弧面”或“麻面”实芯金属“硬”触点扩大的表面积得以有效落实,从而达到提高载荷的目的。 Thus ensure contact set consisting of the "multi-arc convex" or "pitted" solid core metal "hard" expanded surface area contact be effectively implemented, so as to improve the load.

本发明一种电器通断触点组所采用的多孔层金属是由电化学方法将Ag或不同种类的Ag合金如:Ag-Cu;Ag-Ni;Ag-Meo;Ag-Sno2;Ag-2Cu等涂覆于海绵状有机物上形成“海棉状金属”而得,亦可采用上述Ag或Ag合金金属网叠合制成,另采用弹性多孔金属和金属网镶嵌亦能制成“软”触点。 An electric appliance according to the present invention, a porous layer of a metal-off contact set used by the electrochemical method of Ag or an Ag alloy, such as different kinds: Ag-Cu; Ag-Ni; Ag-Meo; Ag-Sno2; Ag-2Cu like coating formed "sponge-like metal" is obtained on the sponge-like organic material, also the above-described Ag or Ag alloy made of laminated metal mesh, expanded metal and the other elastic metal inlay can also be made "soft" touch point. 如此制成的“软”触点其材料消耗与实芯相比节约显著。 "Soft" contact which is thus formed with a solid core material consumption savings compared significantly. 为提高“软”、“硬”触点接触效果可在多孔层金属内注入“电接触表面润滑保护剂”。 To improve the "soft" and "hard" contact effect can be injected into the contact "electrical contact surface lubrication protection agent" within the porous layer of metal. 注入“电接触表面润滑保护剂”的触点能进一步提高导电、降温、防氧化抗尘埃效果。 Injection "electrical contact surface lubrication protection agent" contact can be further improved conductivity, cooling, anti-oxidation effects of dust. 一种电器通断触点组应用于电磁类器件,如低压开关元件,低压开关触点系统,低压开关滚动触点系统,低压接触器的触头系统时,由于动触点的质量只占现有技术的1/30~1/20,理论分析指出,触点闭合时产生的机械弹跳的最大幅值和弹跳次数与动触点的质量某次方成正比。 An electric appliance on-off solenoid type device applied to the contact group, such as low-voltage switching element and low voltage switchgear contact system, a low pressure switch rolling contact system, when the low-voltage contactor contact system, since the mass of the movable contact only now art 1/30 ~ 1/20, theoretical analysis shows that a maximum power is proportional to the magnitude and quality of the number of bounces and the movable contact bounce generated when a mechanical contact is closed. 由此证明,采用本发明的电磁类器件触点组产生电弧和电蚀的机遇将明显下降,触点组使用寿命将相应延长。 It is evident that the use of electromagnetic type device contact set of the invention arcing and electrical erosion opportunities will fall significantly, a corresponding set of contacts extend service life.

本发明一种电器通断触点组注入“电接触表面润滑保护剂”后对抗氧化防尘埃功效尤为显著。 An electric appliance according to the present invention, the contact set off injection "electrical contact surface lubrication protection agent" against oxidative dust prevention effect is particularly significant. 现有技术的触点表面很难保持良好的导电面,在环境恶化——酸、碱、盐雾污油条件下触点表面被氧化是不可避免的。 The contact surface of the prior art is difficult to maintain good conductive surface, environmental degradation - an acid, alkali, salt spray contacts the surface of the waste oil is oxidized condition is inevitable. 本发明的触点组表面由于有“电接触表面润滑保护剂”覆盖,抗氧化效果良好。 The surface of the contact set according to the present invention there is a "protective electrical contact surface lubricating agent" covers, good antioxidant effect. 在抗尘埃方面本发明较现技术尤有特色;现有技术抗尘埃是在电磁器件的外壳上下功夫的,由于密封技术达不到真空程度故尘埃侵入是可能的。 The present invention in terms of the anti-dust particular characteristics than the existing technology; anti-dust prior art is hard in the housing of the solenoid device, since the vacuum sealing techniques so that dust can not reach the degree of invasion is possible. 当尘埃侵入触点组之间就会造成触点间隙,此间隙将引起电弧甚至产生熔接。 When the contact will result in a gap between the entry of dust into the contact group, the gap will cause arcing and even welding. 本发明因触点内注入有“电接触表面润滑保护剂”且触点为实芯金属多凹凸弧面状和多孔层金属,若尘埃小于多孔层金属孔径,此尘埃对触点组毫无影响,若尘埃大于多孔层金属孔径只可能影响该孔径局部,而润滑保护剂受压、吸机械力作用可使此局部间隙被充填,触点组整体不受影响,当触点组再次动作时此尘埃将被移位,因此不可能造成熔接。 The present invention is injected by the contacts "electrical contact surface lubrication protection agent" is a solid core and a metal contact convex arc-shaped multi-layer and a porous metal, porous layer is less than if the metal dust aperture, this dust have no effect on the contact group when the dust is greater than the pore size of the porous metal layer may only partially affected by the pore size, the pressure lubrication protection agent, suction mechanical force to make this gap is partially filled, the entire contact set is not affected, this operation again when the contact group the dust will be displaced, and therefore unlikely to cause fusion. 实属现技术不能为也。 It is now can not be too technical.

本发明具体结构及应用情况通过以下实施例及其附图进一步说明。 By the following examples of specific embodiments and applications of the structure of the present invention and its further accompanying drawings.

图1-a实芯金属“硬”触点“多凹凸弧面”剖面图。 "Hard" a cross-sectional view of a contact "multiple irregularities arc" 1-a solid core metal FIG.

图1-b实芯金属“硬”触点“多凹凸弧面”俯视图。 FIG solid core metal 1-b "hard" contact "Multi-convex arc" plan view.

图2-a实芯金属“硬”触点“麻面状”剖面图。 2-a "planar Ma 'sectional view of the solid metal core" hard "contact FIG.

图2-b实芯金属“硬”触点“麻面状”俯视图。 FIG solid core metal 2-b "hard" contact "Ma planar" plan view.

图3-a多孔层金属“软”触点剖面图。 FIG 3-a porous layer of a metal "soft" contact cross-sectional view of FIG.

图3-b多孔层金属“软”触点俯视图。 FIG 3-b porous metal layer "soft" contact plan view.

图4低压开关,开关元件图。 FIG 4 low voltage switch, the switching elements in FIG.

图5低压开关,触点系统图。 FIG low pressure switch 5, the contact system of FIG.

图6滚动的触点系统图。 FIG 6 FIG rolling contact system.

图7低压接触器的触头系统图。 FIG 7 FIG low pressure contact system contactor.

图8-a实芯圆式插头剖面图。 8-a solid core round cross-sectional view of the plug type.

图8-b自簧式插头剖面图。 8-b from FIG spring plug sectional view.

图8-c实芯扁平式插头剖面图。 Solid 8-c in FIG flat sectional view of the plug.

图9-a片簧式低压大容量熔断器的隔离点剖面图。 Isolation point 9-a cross-sectional view of a leaf spring of low voltage large-capacity fuses.

图9-b弓夹式低压大容量熔断器的隔离点剖面图。 FIG. 9-b arch sectional view of cramping point of isolation of low voltage and large capacity fuses.

图9-c特殊结构式低压大容量熔断器的隔离点剖面图。 Spacer dots sectional view of FIG. 9-c special structural formula of low voltage and large capacity fuses.

图10熔断器俯视图。 10 a plan view of the fuse of FIG.

图11-a闸刀主视图。 Guillotine 11-a front view of FIG.

图11-b闸刀闭合点剖面图。 FIG. 11-b is closed guillotine sectional view point.

图12-a带矩形触刀的中等容量插接装置剖面图。 FIG. 12-a medium volume with rectangular cross-sectional contact knife connector device of FIG.

图12-b带矩形触刀的大电流插接装置剖面图。 12-b in FIG large current with rectangular contact knife connector device sectional view.

实施例一、本发明一种电器通断触点组的实芯金属“硬”触点由纯Ag或Ag-Cu;Ag-Ni;Ag-Meo;Ag-Sno2;Ag-2Cu等合金板、棒经机械车冲、拉、喷或化学腐蚀方法加工可使触点表面呈“多凹凸弧面”状或“麻面”状,(如图1-a图2-a)。 Example a solid core metal present invention provides a set of electrical contacts off "hard" contact by the pure Ag or Ag-Cu; Ag-Ni; Ag-Meo; Ag-Sno2; Ag-2Cu alloy sheet, mechanically punching rod car, pulling, or sprayed chemical etching process can form a surface contact, "multi-convex arc" shape or "Pits" shape (as shown in FIG. 1-a 2-a).

实施例二、本发明一种电器通断触点组的“软”触点(图3-a)是由纯Ag或Ag-Cu;Ag-Ni;Ag-Meo;Ag-Sno2;Ag-2Cu等合金经电化学方法按如下步骤可直接制成:选用符合设计要求的有机物海绵→化学导电处理→将处理过的海绵粘在联接弹簧片上→电化学处理→脱胎处理→退火→表面处理。 According to the second embodiment, a "soft" electrical contacts of the present invention, one kind of contact set off (FIG. 3-a) is a pure Ag or Ag-Cu; Ag-Ni; Ag-Meo; Ag-Sno2; Ag-2Cu the method of electrochemically other alloys can be directly made as follows: sponge selected in line organic conductive chemical treatment → → treated sponge is stuck on the design requirements of the leaf spring coupled electrochemical treatment → → → annealing → womb surface treatment process.

实施例三、本发明一种电器通断触点组的“软”触点可采用纯Ag或Ag-Cu;Ag-Ni;Ag-Meo;Ag-Sno2;Ag-2Cu等合金金属网叠合预先制成符合技术要求的触点几何形状,再用储能点焊的方法与弹簧片焊在一起。 Embodiment 3 "soft" contact An electric appliance according to the present invention may employ contact set off pure Ag or Ag-Cu; Ag-Ni; Ag-Meo; Ag-Sno2; Ag-2Cu alloy such laminated metal mesh prefabricated contact geometry meet the technical requirements, then the spot welding method of the energy storage spring pieces welded together.

实施例四、本发明一种电器通断触点组的“软”触点可采取多孔弹性金属和金属网镶嵌,预先制成符合设计要求的触点几何形状,再用储能点焊的方法与联接弹簧片焊在一起,经表面涂覆Ag亦可制成廉价适用触点。 Contacts the fourth embodiment, a "soft" electrical contacts of the present invention, one kind of contact set-off may take porous elastic metal and a metal mesh embedded, preformed meet the design requirements of the geometry, then the spot welding method of storage coupled with the spring pieces welded together, the coated surface suitable for contact inexpensive Ag can also be made.

实施例五、本发明一种电器通断触点组的“软”触点是多孔层金属材料制成,可注入“电接触表面润滑保护剂”并将此保护剂存储于多孔层内。 Embodiment 5 "soft" contact of the present invention, one kind of electrical contact set is off layer made of a porous metal material may be injected, "electrical contact surface lubrication protection agent" and the inner porous layer of this storage protection agents.

实施例六、本发明一种电器通断触点组应用于电磁类器件(图4、图5、图6、图7)中的定触点(1)实芯金属,和动触点(2)多孔层金属,应用于插头(图8-a、b、c中的1实芯金属)应用于低压大容量熔断器的隔离断点(图9-a、b、c的多孔层金属)应用于熔断器(图10中的<1>实芯金属)应用于闸刀(图11-b中<1>实芯金属为动触点,<2>多孔层金属为定触点)应用于大、中等电流插接装置(图12-a、b中的<1>实芯金属为动触点,<2>多孔层金属为定触点)。 Embodiment 6 An electric appliance according to the present invention is applied to the electromagnetic on-off type device contact set (FIG. 4, FIG. 5, FIG. 6, FIG. 7) of the fixed contacts (1) solid metal core, and a movable contact (2 ) porous metal layer, is applied to the plug (FIG. 8-a, b, 1 c is a solid core metal) is applied to a low-pressure large-capacity fuse break isolation (FIG. 9-a, b, c of the porous metal layer) application in fuse (in FIG. 10 & lt; 1 & gt; solid core metal) is applied to the knife (FIG. 11-b in & lt; 1 & gt; solid metal is movable contact, & lt; 2 & gt; porous layer of metal is fixed contacts) used in large, medium current connector means (12-a, b in & lt; 1 & gt; is a solid core metal movable contact, & lt; 2 & gt; is a fixed contact of the porous metal layer).

本发明一种电器通断触点组与现有技术相比较在电流载荷相同时可大量节约材料,在触点几何尺寸相同时可数倍扩大电流载荷,尤其突出的是具有抗氧化、防尘埃减弱电蚀等功能。 An electric appliance according to the present invention, the contact set-off compared with the prior art the same material may be considerable savings in the current load, the geometry of the contacts can be the same multiple of the expansion of the load current, in particular the projection having antioxidant, anti-dust in reduced galvanic corrosion and other functions. 现有技术中除真空者外在延长触点使用寿命方面无法与本发明相比。 In addition to the prior art vacuum by external prolong the useful life of the contacts can not be compared with the present invention.

Claims (4)

  1. 1.一种电器通断触点组是由一组对应的触点所组成,其特征是:两触点之一为实芯金属“硬”触点,另一触点为多孔层金属“软”触点。 An electrical contact set off by a group composed of corresponding contact, characterized in that: one of the two solid core metal contact is "hard" contact, the other contact layer of a porous metal "soft "contact.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述一种电器通断触点组其特征是:多孔层金属“软”触点间隙内注入有“电接触表面润滑保护剂”。 An electric appliance according to the claim 1 contact set off wherein: the porous metal layer "soft" contact gap implanted with "electrical contact surface lubrication protection agents."
  3. 3.根据权利要求1或2所述的一种电器通断触点组其特征是:实芯金属“硬”触点表面为“多凹凸弧面”状。 An electric appliance according to claim 1 or claim 2 wherein contact set-off is: a solid core metal "hard" contact surfaces "many uneven arc" shape.
  4. 4.根据权利要求1或2所述的一种电器通断触点组触点组其特征是:实芯金属“硬”触点表面为“麻面”状。 An electric appliance according to claim 1 or claim 2 contacts contact set-off group wherein: a solid core metal "hard" contact surface "surface Ma" shape.
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