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本发明公开了一种将牙膏与牙刷合为一个整体,采用电驱动、牙刷是旋转运动的,旋转方向可随意改变的,刷牙时可随时供给牙膏的电动旋转式牙刷。 The present invention discloses a rotating electric toothbrush of toothpaste and toothbrush together as a whole, the use of electrically driven toothbrush is rotational movement, the rotational direction can be arbitrarily changed, the toothpaste may be supplied at any time during brushing.


本发明涉及一种改进的日常用牙刷,刷头呈园柱型,并随时供牙膏的,将牙刷与牙膏合二为一的电动旋转式牙刷。 The present invention relates to an improved routine toothbrush, the head park columnar shape, and readily available for toothpaste, toothbrush and toothpaste combined rotary electric toothbrush.

现有的牙刷只适合横刷,容易刷伤牙龈。 Conventional toothbrush is only suitable for horizontal brush, the brush is easy to hurt the gum. 牙缝里不易刷干净,并且还要有支牙膏配合使用。 Easy to clean and brush his teeth, and there is also used in conjunction with toothpaste. 幼儿学习刷牙难掌握。 Children learning brushing difficult to master.

本发明的任务是要提供一种改进的日常用牙刷,它将牙膏与牙刷合为一个整体,在刷牙过程中随时都可供给牙膏。 Object of the invention is to provide an improved everyday toothbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush it together as a whole, can be supplied at any time during brushing toothpaste. 由于它是可正反旋转的,刷上牙可往下旋转,刷下牙可往上旋转,因是顺着牙缝从牙根部往外刷,不容易损伤牙龈,并能将牙缝清刷干净。 Because it is the forward and backward rotation, the rotatable brush down teeth, the lower teeth rotatable brush up, because it is out of the brush along the teeth from the root portion, is not easy to damage the gums, teeth brushing and can clean and . 刷头采用柔软的兽毛制作,刷头采用干电池驱动。 Brush uses soft fur production, the use of dry brush drive.

本发明是本人看了科教片《口腔保护》,医生提倡人们刷牙要一改传统的横向运动牙刷的习惯,采取顺着牙缝上下运动牙刷的科学方法。 The present invention is a science film I saw "oral care" doctors to promote people to brush their teeth lateral movement has changed the traditional toothbrush habits, adopt a scientific method of teeth along the up and down movement of the toothbrush. 在家教女儿(5岁)刷牙要顺着牙缝上下刷,可偏偏又掌握不好,如能有一种上下运动刷牙的装置那就方便多了,从而促我着手本发明的念头。 In the tutor daughter (5 years old) to brush your teeth to brush along the upper and lower teeth, can be chosen and handled badly, if they can have a device for moving up and down brushing It's more convenient, so I started to promote the idea of ​​the present invention.

本发明的任务是以如下方式完成的,电动旋转式牙刷刷头是一支园柱型刷子,一头连接半园罩,另一头连接电动机轴,电池供给电动机电源,通过形状控制电机带动园柱型刷头正反旋转。 The object of the present invention is accomplished in the following manner, an electric toothbrush head rotating cylindrical brush is a garden, a semi-circle connected to the cover, the other end connected to the motor shaft, the battery power supplied to the motor, the motor drive by controlling the shape of columnar Park brush forward and reverse rotation. 外壳由塑料制成并有一个盛装牙膏的部位,一头有管状通向园柱型刷头处,另一头有空气压缩揿扭,使牙膏挤出附着在刷头上,半园罩起着避免园柱型刷头刷着嘴唇的作用,不用时将盖子旋好,保持卫生,本发明使用方便。 A housing made of plastic and has a portion containing toothpaste, leading to a tubular cylindrical brush head park, the other end with an air compressor snaps, extruded toothpaste on the brush head is attached, the cover plays a semicircular avoid Park cylindrical brush with a brush head effect of the lips when the cover rotate without good hygiene, the present invention is easy to use.

以下将结合附图对发明作进一步的详细描述。 DRAWINGS The invention will be further described in detail.

图一:是本发明一种具体结构的纵向剖面图。 Figure 1: is a longitudinal sectional view of a specific configuration of the present invention.

图二:是本发明的正面视图。 Figure 2: is a front view of the invention.

参照图一、图二、园柱型刷头〔1〕一头与活动接头〔3〕连接;另一头支承在半园罩〔13〕的〔12〕处,以增加园柱型刷头的强度,活动接头〔3〕与电动机〔4〕的轴〔14〕相连,双掷两挡翘板式开关〔6〕,开关处在中间位置上为停止,揿下一头接通电机电源,使电机向右旋转带动园柱型刷头向右旋转。 Referring to Figure I, Figure II, Park a cylindrical brush head [1] and [3] connected to a movable joint; supported at the other end [12] of the semi-circular cover [13] to increase the strength of the head cylindrical Park, movable joint [3] and [4] of the motor shaft [14] connected to two double-throw switch gear [6] the seesaw switch is stopped in an intermediate position on the lower press a Turn on the motor, the motor rotates clockwise garden driven cylindrical brush rotation to the right. 揿下开关的另一头接通电机电源,但已将电源正负调换使电机向左旋转并带动园柱型刷头向左旋转。 The other end presses the switch of the motor power supply is turned on, the exchange has negative power rotate the motor to drive the left and rotated to the left Park cylindrical brush head. 电池〔5〕、外壳〔15〕、后盖〔7〕、牙膏盒〔9〕、压缩揿扭〔8〕,当牙膏盒内装入牙膏后,揿动压缩揿扭,将牙膏从〔10〕处挤出。 Battery [5], [15] the housing, rear [7], [9] toothpaste cartridge, compression snaps (8), when the cartridge is loaded toothpaste dentifrice, the knock compression snaps, toothpaste at from [10] extrusion. 所以能边刷边供给牙膏。 It is possible to side brush while supplying toothpaste. 园柱型刷头左右旋转,牙膏需要多少可随心所欲地控制,因有活动接头,园柱型刷头可很方便地调换,大、小、软、硬可有选择地使用。 Park around cylindrical rotating brush, toothpaste, how much can be arbitrary control, due to joint activities, park columnar brush head can be easily exchanged, large and small, soft, hard can be used selectively.

Claims (3)

1.一个由塑料外壳[15],园柱形刷头[1],活动接头[3],电动机[4],牙膏盒[9]组成的刷牙装置,其特征在于:A、所述园柱形刷头[1]的形状是园柱形。 1. A [15], a cylindrical brush head made of plastic shell [1], movable joint [3], a motor [4], toothpaste box [9] consisting of brushing apparatus, wherein: A, the cylindrical shaped brush head shape [1] is cylindrical. B、该园柱形刷头[1]用电动机[4]带动正、反旋转。 B, the cylindrical brush head [1] motor [4] a positive drive, reverse rotation.
2.根据权利要求1所述装置,其特征是园柱形刷头〔1〕通过活动接头〔3〕能卸下装上。 2. The apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the cylindrical brush head by a living joint [1] [3] can remove the loaded.
3.根据权利要求1所述装置,其特征是牙膏盒〔9〕与刷牙装置是一个整体。 3. The apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the toothpaste cartridge (9) is integral with the brushing means.
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