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The invention discloses a nano functional ecological environmental-friendly coating, which belongs to the technical field of high-tech nano functional ecological environmental-friendly coating preparation and production. The coating consists of tourmaline air purification zinc oxide crystal whisker for composite sterilization, natural plant medicine powder for restoring consciousness, calming the nerves and purifying the air, chitin for naturally sterilizing, preventing pest and producing fragrance for a long time, borax for producing fragrance invisibly, preventing fire and purifying the air, kieselguhr for nano ecological and environmental-friendliness, bentonite for nano ecological and environmental-friendliness, dissolved medical stone elements for promoting healthy nano functional ecological environmental-friendly coating. The coating is high in glossiness, bright in color, acid-base resisting, pollution resisting, good in hydrophobicity, scrubbing resisting, capable of automatically releasing microelements which are beneficial for human body health constantly and generating active molecules such as anion far-infrared ray for preventing electromagnet wave pollution and the like, can sterilize, remove pests, deodorize and purify the air, can adsorb toxic and harmful heavy metals and dust in the air, can prevent flame and fire and keep the temperature, is safe and non-toxic and is an ecological and environmental-friendly coating.


Nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material
Technical field:
The invention discloses a kind of nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is to belong to high-tech nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material preparation production technical field.
Background technology:
At present, China's coating, when construction, has the solvent evaporates of few hundred thousand tonnes of in atmosphere.The third-largest air pollution source during solvent evaporates after motor vehicle exhaust and smog float dirt.According to the demand for development of the current situation of Coating Industry in Our Country and related industries, and use for reference technical progress and the development trend of world coatings industry, 21 century, the guiding theory of Coating Industry in Our Country development should be: greatly develop high-performance, oligosaprobic coating variety, and promote coating material production to develop to specialized direction.Nanotechnology is forward position, the intercrossing new branch of science just progressively growing up at late 1980s, the beginning of the nineties, and it has the tremendous potential of creating new production process, novel substance and product innovation, and it will start a new Industrial Revolution in 21 century.
Current, the development of international nanotechnology has entered a new stage, and nanotechnology has promoted the level of existing industry and product, and the combination of nanotechnology and conventional art has also formed the new situation of Nano-technology Development.Development of Nanotechnology is attached great importance in World Developed Countries and area, has increased considerably the input to Development of Nanotechnology, gives priority to practical technique, has accelerated the practical process of nanotechnology.China also pays much attention to nanotechnology research, has built up some nanotechnology research bases, and domestic have the provinces and cities of half to classify Development of Nanotechnology as the Tenth Five-year plan.More domestic famous colleges and universities and scientific research institutions have formed many end troops that are engaged in nanotechnology research, and have obtained in the world a series of achievements that attract people's attention.
In order to promote the fast development of China's nanomaterials and nanotechnology, advance the practicalization of nanotechnology, nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material is as the medium-to-high grade decorating inner and external walls coating of Architectural Paint in China, there is glossiness high, bright in luster, antiacid alkali, anti-pollution, waterproof, ageing-resistant, rich texture, there is good hydrophobicity, resistance to scrubbing and the spontaneous trace element that is of value to HUMAN HEALTH that constantly produces, negative ion, far infrared, sterilization, deinsectization, deodorizing, toxic gas and heavy metal and dust in absorbed air, purify air, safe ecological, environmental protective, fire-retardant, anti electromagnetic wave, the Multifunctional environmental protection paints such as ultraviolet radiation pollution.
Summary of the invention:
The object of the present invention is to provide a kind of nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material.
The scheme that the technology of the present invention solves is:
A nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is characterized in that: by following quality proportioning, form %
(1) a nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is characterized in that: by tourmalinite purifying air oxidation whisker ZnOw composite bactericidal nano functional environmental protection coating material, by following quality proportioning, form %
Preparation method:
Solid matter except nano material is pulverized respectively, and sieve more than mistake 200 orders, after nano-material modified, putting into stirrer again together with all materials fully mixes, grinding allotment forms, this coating has fast drying, packing, convenient transportation feature, and have purify air, sterilizing function.
(2) a nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is characterized in that: by natural plant powder refreshment and tranquilization purifying air nano functional environmental protection coating material, by following quality proportioning, form %
Preparation method:
Herbal powder preparation:
1. select standby material: by component title and the standby various materials of corresponding content choosing, guarantee various material non-toxic corruption phenomenons, inclusion-free;
2. powder process: the various material mixing that choosing is got ready are pulverized, and make powder, and make the granularity of this powder reach 100-120 order;
3. baking powder: the powder that upper order is made is put into tin matter container, under 50-60 ℃ of condition, turns over roasting 20-30min, stops heating, stops turning over roasting.Press above-mentioned formula rate by benzene emulsion or vinyl acetate emulsion and other auxiliary agents input mixing kettle, after stirring, the asbestos wool of anticipating is dropped in still and stirs 3min, then drop into various fillers in batches, and add at twice suitable quantity of water to continue to stir, stir after 15min, add again thickener soln, adjust its viscosity, after stirring 10min, can discharging obtain finished product.For nano material is scattered in coating better, available properties-correcting agent first carries out modification to it.
This coating is a kind of of nanometer plastic-blasting coating, with same method, can prepare various nanometer plastic-blasting coatings.This coating can be used for medium and high classes decorating inner and external walls, not only have that high, bright in luster, the antiacid alkali of glossiness, anti-pollution, waterproof are ageing-resistant, rich texture and the advantage such as speed of application is fast, work efficiency is high, cost is low, the advantage such as especially there is the bacterium of killing, purify air, the finishing material such as traditional face brick, mosaic be can in very large range replace, upholstery and the decoration of exterior wall such as interior wall, top ceiling are widely used in.
Medicine that this coating discharges out gasification energy has refreshment and tranquilization, the improving eyesight that clears away heart-fire, acupuncture-stimulating blood stasis dispersing, the effect of tonifying the kidney and support yang.This pharmaceutical gas is to hypertension, cerebral blood supply insufficiency, and the diseases such as tinnitus, insomnia and dreamful sleep, cerebral infarction sequela all have better treatment.So this coating is not only nontoxic, but also there is body-care and treatment function.
(3) a nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is characterized in that: by chitin natural disinfection insect protected slow-release fragrance sending nanometer effect environmental protection coating material, by following quality proportioning, form %
Preparation method:
Soluble chitin is dissolved in the water, add appropriate dispersion agent, defoamer, microcapsule spices, insect protected mixture sterilant, light calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, superfine talcum powder, sericite in powder, urea high speed dispersion 1h, above mixture can obtain finished product after fully stirring, sand milling, filtration.It is that Permanone, microcapsule spices, building coating multiphase mixing process are made that this coating adopts oligose β-CD bag to take over control worm mixture.In the occasion that is difficult to obtain Permanone, microcapsule, also available Rogor β-CD inclusion compound, vacuum particulate spices replace.This product is utilized the intrinsic mildew-resistant characteristic of chitin, does not use sterilant sanitas just can keep coating to never degenerate; After coating drying and forming-film, still have natural antimycotic antiseptic characteristic, making coating can, for the very strict place of hygienic requirements, be contemporary novel green coating.This product is widely used in the places such as luxurious hotel, villa luxurious house, pharmaceutical factory, hospital and food factory, sterilisable chamber.
(4) a nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is characterized in that: by earning of borax transparent aromatic fire prevention air nano functional environmental protection coating material, by following quality proportioning, form %
Accurately weigh the raw material in formula, the stirrer of first 5 kinds of raw materials such as borax, anhydrous sodium sulphate, talcum powder, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride being put into rotating speed and be 200r/min left and right stirs 20-30min; Nano titanium oxide after modification and nano zine oxide are well-dispersed in after silicate solutions, add in the aforementioned mixture being stirred, with rotating speed, be that 500r/min left and right stirrer stirs 1-1.5h, adding essence is stirred to cold, barrelling after finally filtering with 30-40 object mesh screen, add a cover or seal, warehouse-in obtains finished product more than depositing 30d.This coating, for various materials such as steel, timber, glued board, flax board, yellow plate paper, wallpaper, glass, not only has good fire resistance, and can environment purification, and fragrant odour.
(5) a nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is characterized in that: by diatomite nano ecotypic environmental protection coating material, by following quality proportioning, form %
Preparation method:
First the water of formula ratio is added in reactor, add carboxymethyl cellulose or urea, stir, be heated to 50 ± 2 ℃, after carboxymethyl cellulose dissolves completely, add diatomite, high-speed stirring, rotating speed is controlled at 1000r/min, stirs 15min, add cakingagent, stirring velocity is controlled at 500r/min, stirs 10min, then adds titanium dioxide, light calcium carbonate, after stirring, add Sodium hexametaphosphate 99.Proceed to the ball mill 4h that mills, discharging, packaging into products.
Compared with prior art, this product has utilized diatomite can effectively remove the objectionable impurities excellent properties such as airborne free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, VOC, make its formaldehyde and volatile organic matter in can active adsorption room air, purified room air, reduced room air pollution to the threat of HUMAN HEALTH and harm, greatly improved indoor environmental quality, the formula of science and the reasonably combination of production method, make this technology also have stronger agglutinating value(of coal) and screening characteristics, brushing property is good, coating is even, good rigidly, feature that intensity is high.
(6) a nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is characterized in that: by swollen ravine soil nano ecotypic environmental protection coating material, by following quality proportioning, form %
Preparation method:
1. after the modified polyvinyl alcohol in base-material and the appropriate water of 65-70 ℃ fully being dissolved in stirring tank, then nano zine oxide, aluminium sesquioxide are added and stirred respectively, be base-material.
2. at normal temperatures the base-material of making is added in stirred pot, add the water dissolution of 4 times to add in base-material in Tai-Ace S 150 and add again nano titanium oxide, nickel oxide, fully stir.
3. again thickening material is added after the water dissolution of 20 times to enter in base-material and fully stir.
4. add again solidifying agent fully to stir, finally add again water-ground limestone, talcum powder, light calcium carbonate, acrylate, solvent methylethylketone pigment, filler medical stone, toughner o-benzoic acid dibutyl phthalate to insert ball-grinding machine ball milling.Ball milling liquid is filtered very finished product, packing warehouse-in.
Nano zine oxide, titanium dioxide before adding formula, need to have good dispersiveness and consistency is processed.
Product performance:
1. this nano ecological paint is adopt the antiseptic-germicide of aqueous inorganic material and nano zine oxide, ag material and have the titanium dioxide of photocatalysis, infrared aluminium sesquioxide, and the nickel oxide of rare-earth activated effect forms the Multifucntional coating purifying air.Owing to adopting the joint effect of metal oxide nanoparticles and rare earth element in formula, overcome titanium dioxide under the fainter situation of visible ray, and do not need ultraviolet lighting, can produce good sterilization, antibacterial, purify air and produce the ecologic effect of the several functions such as the health care of negative oxygen ion, self-cleaning, antifouling, anti-electrostatic.
2. there is higher coating performance index, can reach GB one-level.
3. antibacterial effect is good, and 6h sterilizing rate is 100%.Good effect for purifying air, VOC purification rate reaches 56%.Produce negative oxygen ion, approximately 100/cm 3.
4. this product has the functions such as ecological, environmental protective, antibacterial, health care, purifying air, and belongs to aqueous inorganic raw material, nontoxic, low-cost, and high-performance can not change existing production process equipment simultaneously and can meet this product and produce.
(7) a nano functional ecotypic environmental protection coating material, is characterized in that: by the short healthy nano functional environmental protection coating material of medical stone stripping element, by following quality proportioning, form %
Preparation method:
Film coalescence aid propylene glycol or triglycol are added in reactor and water mixes, fully stir the auxiliary agents such as adding water soluble trimeric cyanamide, tributyl phosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate.Add silicon sol, fully stir, then add powdery to fill out agent, medical stone nano powder, fully stir, add color paste toning.Wood charcoal powder, carboxylic acid sodium or sodium sulfonate, sodium hexametaphosphate, titanium dioxide, composite mildew inhibitor, phthalocyanine blue, after mixing, then by VAE emulsion, and water slowly adds, and is uniformly mixed and obtains health care coating product.The raw material such as medical stone, wood charcoal powder disperse to require evenly, guarantee the over-all properties of product.
All kinds of medical stone paint principles of formulation design are as follows.
1. mineral-type medical stone paint formulating of recipe raw material: main film forming substance can be selected potassium silicate K 2onSiO 2or silicon sol, due to potassium silicate, to prepare price more expensive, therefore be generally advisable with silicon sol.Medical stone content answers≤70%.Can add other raw materials as filler to improve coating property, but the total content of medical stone and other raw materials should≤70%.Silicon strength of solution 10%-30%.
2. emulsion-type medical stone paint principles of formulation design: synthetic resin emulsion comprises that benzene-acrylic emulsion is latex of copolymer in cinnamic acrylic ester; Vinegar-acrylic emulsion is vinyl acetate-acrylic copolymer emulsion; Chlorine partial emulsion is vinyl chloride-vinylidene chloride copolymer emulsion; Pure-acrylic emulsion is pure acrylic acid copolymer emulsion; The mixed emulsion of one or more in polyvinyl acetate emulsion; Medical stone content≤50%; Can select other fillers and medical stone to mix up, to improve coating property.The total solids level of medical stone and other fillers answers≤50%.Medical stone granule: degree should be selected between 120-320 order.
Product application: this product mainly, as building coating, is applicable to metope, floor etc.
Product performance:
1. medical stone has very strong adsorption function, and as the raw material in coating, its effect as filler and essential pigment of both having volatilized, is mainly the function of its absorption hazardous and noxious substances, gas and bacterium of performance, contributes to alleviate modern architecture internal contamination problem.
2. in and function.Medical stone has very strong stripping function, pH value that can regulating water quality, making pH value is that the pH value of more than 2 acidic solutions has been brought up to neutrality, can make again pH value is that basic solution below 11 plays certain neutralizing effect, acid metope is reduced acid, make acid metope rise to alkalescence, thereby be conducive to alleviate etch and the pollution of potential of hydrogen, reach acid base equilibrium.
3. infra red radiation function.Because the main component of medical stone is except SiO2, Al2O3, also have the transition element metal oxides such as more Fe2O3, MgO, MnO, as coating, be applied to metope, at room temperature have certain micro-infrared radiation, anti electromagnetic wave anti-contamination function, is of value to HUMAN HEALTH.This coating is specially adapted to the interior wall of building in the north thing, under the effect of stove, heated kang, heating installation, trace element in medical stone sends specific Electromagnetic Field in human body in excited state, with the trace element in human body, produce resonance, thereby increase its activity, promote the normal catalytic effect of human chitinase, thereby affect gen