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The invention relates to a household appliance and in particular relates to a sea cucumber preparation device special for sea cucumber preparation and a sea cucumber preparation method. The sea cucumber preparation device is characterized in that a shell is arranged on a main body of the preparation device; a preparation cavity is formed in the upper part of the shell; an electric heating component, a refrigeration component and a water circulation component are fixed at the bottom of the preparation cavity and on the inner side of the cavity wall; a controller is arranged on the lower part or in a space at a side face of the shell; a thermal insulation cavity used for thermal insulation is formed between the space used for mounting the controller and the preparation cavity; the controller is respectively connected with the electric heating component, the refrigeration component and the water circulation component; an operation panel connected with the controller is arranged on the shell. Compared with the prior art, the device has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenience in use and perfect functions, prepared food materials by adopting the device are high in nutritive value, and using requirements of people can be met.


海参发制器及发制海参的方法 Sea cucumber emptive system device and method of sea cucumber

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种电器,可以在家庭、酒店等行业广泛应用。 [0001] The present invention relates to an appliance, it can be widely used in homes, hotels and other industries. 具体地说是一种专门发制海参的海参发制器及发制海参的方法。 In particular to a special sea cucumber sea cucumber emptive system and method emptive sea cucumber.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 众所周知,目前市场上还没有一种电器可以将待处理食材进行连续几天长时间无损害浸泡发制,而且在对食材的浸泡发制过程中能通过电加热自动进行升温、升温后温度保持、煮沸、焖煮、降温、降温后温度保持、自动换水、制冷、一键式发制等电脑控制功能,还能根据食材的大小和质量的不同能自动反复循环上述过程直至浸泡发制完成。 [0002] is well known, on the market there is no one kind of collector can be treated for a long time without food for several days soaking hair system damage, and can be automatically heated in an electrically heated foodstuff emptive soaking process, after warming maintaining the temperature, boiled, simmered, cooling, maintaining the temperature after cooling, automatically changing the water, refrigeration, a computer system and other hair-button control functions, also depending on the size and quality of the ingredients of the above-described procedure can be automatically repeated cycles until soaked hair the system is complete. 一种电器具有电加热,自动换水、制冷、保温、滤水、电脑自动控制等多种功能。 An electric appliance having an electric heating, automatically changing the water, cooling, insulation, drainage, computer control and other functions. 现在这种电器有了,就是本文的海参发制器。 Such appliances have now, it is sea cucumber hair system's paper.

[0003] 海参发制器内部的食材在浸泡发制过程中,通过电加热器,发制器内部温度能有序的连续或断续升高,升温过程中和升温后温度能进行保持,还可以再升温、再保持,直至达到要求,也可以把内部液体加热至煮沸对食材进行蒸煮,煮沸后还能设定停止加热时间进行焖煮及焖煮时间控制;通过换水装置的进排水作用发制器内部能随时按需要进行强制换水,以适应发制需求和保持所浸泡发制的食材不变质,换水也可以调节发制器内部液体温度;通过制冷装置,发制器内部能营造一个适合的温度环境来满足海参低温泡发的需求,可以按程序连续或断续降温、降温过程中或降温后的温度能进行保持,还可以再降温、再保持,发制过程中或发制结束后按需要也可以将食材和液体温度降至O度以上、O度或O度以下,这样发制结束后可以对食材进行冷藏或冷冻。 Inside the [0003] system is sea cucumber food emptive soaking process, by an electrical heater, the internal temperature of the hair system is capable of continuously or intermittently elevated ordered, the heating temperature and the heating process can be maintained, further can be further heated, maintained, until the requirements, the interior of the liquid may be heated to boiling foodstuff for cooking, heating is stopped after the set time can boil and simmer and simmer for time control; action by changing the water into the drainage means internal control can be sent at any time as required braking force for changing the water system needs to adapt to hair holding and hair made of ingredients that are not degenerate soaking, changing the water temperature of the internal liquid can also be adjusted emptive; a refrigerating apparatus through the internal system controller can send create a suitable temperature environment to meet the needs of cucumber low bubble, it can be programmed to continuously or intermittently cooling, the temperature during cooling or after cooling can be maintained, can then cooling, maintained, or hair during the hair system after the system may be needed ingredients and the liquid temperature was lowered to above O °, O ° or O °, the ingredients may be refrigerated or frozen after such emptive. 为了使外部环境温度对发制器加热和制冷功能的影响减少到最低及达到最佳的发制效果,发制器还利用保温材料设有保温层和水流保温开关。 In order to reduce the impact of external temperature emptive heating and cooling functions to achieve the best and lowest-emptive effect, hair system is further provided the use of insulation material and insulation heat flow switch. 综上所述,在海参发制过程中电加热器、自动换水装置和制冷装置在电脑控制系统的指挥下一起协调工作,保证了食材在一个温度合适、水质交换干净的内部环境下浸泡发制,达到人工发制所很难达到的发制水平。 As described above, in the system during sea cucumber electrical heater, refrigeration device and automatically change the water means in coordination with the computer control command system to ensure that the ingredients at a suitable temperature, water exchange a clean internal environment soaking hair system, system reach the level of the artificial hair made of the hair difficult to achieve.

[0004] 某些近似产品如汽车用冷热箱也只是用半导体片的冷热特性进行保温或冷藏,一般在工作5个小时后能达到极限制冷温度为5至15度,极限加热温度50多度,而且冷热装置不能一同协同工作更不能让容器内食材和液体固定在某一个温度,只能要么制冷要么加热,还要间隔很长时间才能安全的进行冷热功能转换,一个冷热片50瓦左右小功率根本解决不了对食材的冷热处理需求。 [0004] Certain products, such as automotive approximately heating box only with hot and cold properties of the semiconductor chip will be insulated or refrigerated, usually after working five hours to reach the limit cooling temperature is 5 to 15 degrees, the heating temperature limit 50 degree, but not with cold work means more food and not allow the liquid within the container is fixed at a certain temperature, either cooling or only heating, but also a long time to secure spacer hot and cold functional transformation, a cold sheet 50-watt low-power not to hot and cold food processing needs solved.

[0005] 现在,随着人们生活水平的逐步提高,除了日常三餐的常规蒸煮对生活也有了更高的追求,更加关注自身的营养平衡和健康,保健食品就受到了更多的的注度,随着以往的所谓高档保健食品的价格走下神坛越来越多的进入了普通百姓家庭,随之也带来了新的问题:高档保健食品往往对食物的烹饪条件要求很高,做法也需更加细致,做得不好可能对身体还能带来损害。 [0005] Now, with the gradual improvement of people's living standards, in addition to regular meals daily cooking life has also been the pursuit of higher pay more attention to their nutritional balance and health, health food it has been more of a Note with the price of the altar past the so-called high-end health food more and more ordinary people into the family, also brought new problems: high-end health food often cooking food in demanding conditions, practices also need to be more careful, doing a good job may also cause damage to the body. 这就是为什么有的家庭年节收到了高档保健食品眼巴巴吃不到嘴里,过了保质期只能忍痛扔掉,关键问题就是不会做或做不好。 This is why some families received a high-end health food festivals eagerly eat less than his mouth, have a shelf life only reluctantly throw away the key question is not do or do not. 目前一般的家用烹饪电器使用期限较长,家庭更换并不是很频繁,市场已经到了饱和期,现在市场上需求更转向单一功能家电,这类电器包括面包机、豆浆机等等都是所谓单一功能产品,来满足家庭某种不太常用的需求。 General domestic cooking appliances use a longer term, to replace the family is not very frequent, the market has reached a saturation stage, and now on the market demand for more single-function steering appliances, such appliances including toaster, soybean milk and so are the so-called single-function products to meet the needs of the family for some less common. 除了很多常用的单一功能产品以外,还有一种单一功能电器很少有人听说过,就是“海参发制器”。 In addition to the many common single-function products, there is a single function appliance few people have heard, is the "sea cucumber hair system is." 要了解海参发制器就要先从海参说起,海参,是一种高档营养食品,现在市场需求越来越强劲,也就越来越多的走进了家庭餐桌。 To understand the sea cucumber hair system is going to start talking about sea cucumber, sea cucumber, is a high nutritious food, are now increasingly strong market demand, will more and more into the family dining table. 但是海参是不易保存食品,怕碱、怕油、怕高温,新鲜海参保质期很短,放置时间稍长就化没了,因为海参不含脂肪全身蛋白质,海鲜类的高蛋白质食物变质是绝对不能吃的,毒性很强。 But the sea cucumber is difficult to preserve food, afraid of alkali, oil afraid, afraid of high temperature, fresh sea cucumber short shelf life, it is okay to place a little longer, because the high protein food spoilage sea cucumber fat-free body protein, seafood is absolutely not eat and highly toxic. 所以采捕后的海参活体就要抓紧放到锅里煮皮进行熟化处理,海参煮皮之后再加不同程度的盐再晒干或烘干,放到防潮袋里才能长期保存。 So after harvesting sea cucumbers live must seize the pot into the skin for aging treatment, after the sea cucumber boiled leather combined with different levels of salt and then dried or drying, moisture-proof bag to put long-term preservation. 海参比较独特是一种活化石级动物,在地球上生存至今已经几亿年,属于最原始生物类,营养分子古老而独特,生鲜海参很难被人体吸收。 Sea cucumber is a relatively unique living fossil animal level, it has been the survival of hundreds of millions of years, are among the most primitive biology, molecular nutrition ancient and unique, fresh sea cucumber is difficult to be absorbed by the body on earth. 海参生长期很长,一般三年到六年才能食用,内脏去掉后剩下的全是一张硬皮,海参发制不好不但咬不动,因为营养分子太大就是吃了人体也不吸收而且很难消化,对胃肠有副作用。 Sea cucumber growing season is very long, usually three to six years, before eating, after removing the remaining internal organs are all a crusty, sea cucumber hair system is not only bad bite does not move, because the molecule is too large nutrition is to eat is not absorbed by the human body and it is difficult to digest, gastrointestinal side effects. 海参要想食用要先进行发制,就是通过在合适的温度下反复不断的泡制、换水、蒸煮,把又薄又硬的海参变成又厚又软的食用海参,发制的过程就是使海参营养分子变小以致皮子体积膨胀,人体就能吸收了。 To be edible sea cucumber first hair system, that is, at a suitable temperature by constantly repeated cook, change the water, cooking, thin and hard to become thick, soft edible sea cucumber sea cucumber, hair system process is sea ​​cucumber nutrient smaller molecules so that the leather volume expansion, the body can be absorbed. 但是对海参反复不断地煮泡和换水是一件很麻烦的事情,一般干海参从泡水开始到发制好得一周左右,大个海参得发制十天左右,发制火候很难掌握,火候小了发不透太硬人体吸收不了,火候大了皮子发过头海参就粘了化了营养流失没了,而使用适宜温度的水和正确的方法来泡发海参既可以节省时间又可以最大限度保留海参的营养成分,也使得更多的人很容易的发制好海参。 But for cucumbers and over again and change the water brewing is a very troublesome thing, generally dry sea cucumber soaked from the start to around-emptive too good week too big sea cucumber hair system about ten days, hair system heat is difficult to grasp , heat small hair-tight too hard body can not absorb heat big leather hair too far cucumber on sticky of the loss of nutrients did not, and the use of appropriate temperature water and the correct way to soak sea cucumber not only saves time but also sea ​​cucumber to retain maximum nutrients, but also makes people more easily emptive good sea cucumber. 海参发制的过程中水温也很难调节,因为发制时间较长,水温高了海参易于滋生细菌引起海参变质,水温低了、泡发时间即使很长也泡不透,为了解决这个矛盾就需要一种电器能人为巧妙的进行火候、温度、时间控制。 Process sea cucumber is also made difficult to adjust the temperature of the water, because the longer hair system time, the high temperature caused by the growth of bacteria easily cucumber cucumber deterioration, low temperature, even if the time is very long bubble foam also impermeable, in order to solve this contradiction a need for an electrical furnace can be artificially clever, temperature and time control. 海参一旦发制好了以后,因为长时间的泡发易于被遗忘,如果忘了及时拿出,珍贵的食物就变质了,这就需要发制器在海参发好后有接着冷藏或冷冻功能,保证海参不变质解决后顾之忧。 Once the sea cucumber hair system after a good, long time since the bubble is easy to forget, if you forget to come up with timely, valuable food is gone bad, which requires hair system in the sea cucumber good and then refrigerated or frozen function, to ensure that the sea cucumber is not bad to resolve worries. 此外,海参泡发需要频繁换水,换水的过程往往很让人费神,需要不断地加水、倒水,尤其是海参发制一天要换两次以上的水。 In addition, sea cucumber bubble frequently change the water, change the water during very often bother people, need to constantly add water, pour water, especially sea cucumber emptive day want to change more than twice the water. 发制最好加入纯净水,水质好有助于提高海参发制质量,大量的添加纯净水会加大发制成本或带来取水压力,海参发制器配备制取纯净水的滤水装置就解决了这个问题。 Emptive best purified water, water quality is good help to improve the quality of sea cucumber hair system, adding a lot of pure water will increase the cost-emptive or bring water pressure, sea cucumber hair system is equipped with water treatment plant preparation pure water to solve this problem. 以往海参发制随意性强,没有一个统一的方法和统一的器具也没有任何发制标准,很可能就是一次发一个样,影响了海参的标准口感和发制品质。 Sea cucumber past emptive strong randomness, there is no unified approach and unified appliances do not have any hair system standard, it is likely that once made a kind, affecting the taste of sea cucumbers and standard-emptive quality. 海参好吃难做这是一个困扰人们几百年的一个大难题。 This is a difficult sea cucumber delicious troubled people a major problem for hundreds of years.

[0006] 综合以上所述,本海参发制器具有自动加热、换水、制冷、保温、纯净水滤制和电脑自动控制功能,通过把对各种海参的发制实验数据写入电脑,在面板上设有相应发制按键,发制时只需按照说明按一下发制键就自动把海参发制好了,这的确是一种发制海参的好产 [0006] The synthesis of the above, the present sea cucumber with automatic heating system, changing the water, cooling, insulation, made of pure water and filtered off automatic computer control, the hair manufactured by various experimental data writing cucumber computer, panel system is provided with a respective key hair when hair system follow the instructions and press the send key on the braking system automatically good sea cucumber, which is indeed a good yield of cucumber emptive

品O O products


[0007] 本发明是一种新颖的能够自动进行海参发制的电器,能通过自动控制和调节海参发制温度、时间、换水、制冷、滤水、保温等功能来进行自动发制,是一种安全可靠、自动化水平高的海参发制器。 [0007] The present invention is a novel automatic electrical sea cucumber can be made, through the automatic control and regulation sea cucumber system temperature, time, changing the water, cooling, water treatment, insulation and other functions for automatic hair system, is a safe, reliable, high level of automation control system of sea cucumber. 同时也根据多年的海参发制经验提出了一种发制海参的方法。 Emptive experience also proposes a method of hair system based on years of sea cucumber sea cucumber.

[0008] 本发明可以通过以下措施达到: [0008] The present invention can be achieved by the following measures:

一种海参发制器,设有发制器主体,其特征在于发制器主体上设有壳体,壳体上部设有发制腔,发制腔的底部、上部和侧部固定有电加热组件、水循环组件和制冷组件及滤水装置,控制器安装在壳体下部或侧面空间内,用于安装控制器的空间与发制腔之间设有用于隔热的隔热层或隔热腔,控制器分别与电加热组件、水循环组件和制冷组件和各种传感器相连接。 Sea cucumber hair system, a system is provided with body hair, characterized in that the braking body is provided with the hair housing, the upper housing cavity is provided with hair, hair cavity bottom, the upper and side portions are fixed to the electrically heated assembly, and cooling water circulation assembly component and a water treatment apparatus, the controller mounted in the housing lower portion or side space for the space provided for thermal insulation between the cavity and the fat layer or insulation mounted controller insulated chamber , respectively, and the controller electric heating element, cooling water circulation assembly and components and various sensors are connected. 壳体和发制腔之间、发制腔底部以及容器盖子上还有保温层,用于容器内部的保温以实现对容器内部进行温度控制。 Cavity between the housing and hair, the hair and the bottom of the container cap cavity there is insulation, for thermal insulation inside the container to achieve a temperature control of the interior of the container. 还设有与控制器相连接的操作面板,控制器由单片机写入多种发制程序构成。 Also, an operation panel connected to the controller, the controller writes issued by the microcontroller more system configuration procedure.

[0009] 本发明发制腔中还设有发制容器,发制容器包括容器体以及与其相配合的盖子,发制容器可以由钢质、铁质、铝质、陶瓷、玻璃、塑料等耐热材料构成。 [0009] The present invention emptive chamber container is further provided with hair, hair container comprising a container body and the cover cooperating therewith, may be resistant container made of a steel, iron, aluminum, ceramics, glass, plastic or the like thermal material.

[0010] 本发明中为了方便自动换水,发制器上还相应配有进水出水装置,外面多种水源的水或内循环的水能自动加入到容器内,容器上有排水口(嘴)能把容器内的水自动排出。 [0010] In the present invention, for convenience of automatically changing the water, the hair is also made with the corresponding influent water means water or various water outside the circulating water are automatically added to the container, drain port (the container mouth ) water in the container can be automatically discharged. 水循环组件设有分别与发制容器相连接的进水管、出水管,安装在进水管路上的进水泵和进水电磁阀、安装在出水管路上的出水管和水流保温开关分别与外接水源、内置储水盒以及排水箱相连,进水电磁阀和进水泵经进水阀水泵控制继电器与中压通断前置继电器相连接(也可以把中压通断前置继电器和控制继电器合为一个综合继电器,功能一样,以下的加热装置、制冷装置、换水装置、半导体片冷热转换都分别可以用一个综合继电器实现控制,下面不再提及),中压通断前置继电器再与控制器输出端相连接。 Circulation water inlet pipe assembly is provided with container made respectively connected to outlet pipe, mounted on the inlet pipeline and into the pump inlet valve, outlet pipe mounted on the outlet line and the flow switch are incubated with an external water source, the built-in cartridge storage tank and a drain connected to inlet valve and into the pump through the pump inlet valve and the pressure control relays off relay is connected to front (the intermediate pressure may be pre-off relay and control relay combined into an integrated relays, the same functionality, the heating means, cooling means, means changing the water, hot and cold conversion semiconductor wafer may be implemented respectively by an integrated control relay, no longer mentioned below), an intermediate pressure and then off series relay controller connected to the output. 为了进一步减少发制过程对外接水源的依赖,设有封闭式水循环系统:从发制器内置水槽中流出的水依次经过进水泵、水过滤器、水质提纯器后含杂质的水就变成了纯净水,经进水管、进水管水流保温装置、进水口送入到发制容器中,再经发制容器上的排水口以及排水管、排水管水流保温装置,再排到内置水槽完成排水,进而完成发制过程的封闭式水循环;使用外接水源比如自来水,用专用接头和水龙头相连再通过外接水管连到发制器进水口,之后与进水电磁阀相连再和滤水器相连,之后经过进水管和进水管水流保温装置流入到容器内。 To further reduce the dependence on external molding process made of water, provided with a closed water circulation system: Built-in water tank is made from the hair flowing into the pump through successively, the water filter, the water quality of the water purifier containing impurities becomes pure water, the inlet pipe, the water inlet pipe holding means is fed to the inlet in the container made, and then the hair on the drain and a drain container, drain the water holding device, and then discharged to the built-in sink drainage is completed, thereby completing the closed water cycle of hair molding process; using an external water source such as tap water, is connected with a special connector and the tap is re-attached to the hair system through an external inlet pipe, connected after the inlet valve is connected to a water filter and then, after water inlet and water inlet pipe flows into the container holding device. 容器内的水位升高后经过排水口(或嘴)流到发制器排水管内,经过排水管水流保温装置后就顺着外接排水管将水排出,完成了水循环。 After the water level in the vessel rises through the drain (or nozzle) flow into the drain system device hair, the water flow through the drain pipe after the holding device along the external drain pipe to discharge water, the water cycle is completed.

[0011] 本发明中进水管、排水管以及水循环组件中的水路上都分别设有水流保温装置,用于在水流通过后,及时封闭相关管路让容器与外面空气隔绝,进行保温。 [0011] In the present invention, the inlet pipe, and the drain water circulation assembly flow path are respectively provided with holding means for the flow of water through the timely closure line associated with the container to the outside air separation, for insulation.

[0012] 本发明中电加热组件可以是电磁盘、电热丝、微波管、电陶、电热膜和半导体冷热片等多种加热方式,本例用电磁盘加热方式和半导体冷热片加热方式进行介绍说明,电磁盘加热器和半导体冷热片都分别经电磁盘加热控制继电器或半导体冷热片控制继电器与各自一路中压通断前置继电器相连接,再经各自一路中压通断前置继电器的控制端与控制器输出端相连接,接受控制。 [0012] In the present invention, an electrical heating element may be a plurality of electrically heating the disk, heating wire, microwave tubes, electric ceramic, electric film and the semiconductor films such as hot and cold, according to the present embodiment and the semiconductor electric heating disk cold sheet heating DESCRIPTION introduced, the electric heater, and a semiconductor disk were treated with cold plate are electrically heated disk control relay or a semiconductor relay control respective cold sheet along the pre-pressure off relay is connected, and then by the way the respective pressure off before set the relay control terminal connected to the output of the controller, receiving the control.

[0013] 本发明中的制冷组件可以选用压缩机、制冷机、制冷器、半导体冷热片或其他制冷方式方式,大型海参发制器可以选用压缩机等制冷方式来增强制冷效果,小型海参发制器可以选用半导体冷热片制冷方式制冷。 [0013] The present invention can use a compressor refrigeration assembly, a refrigerator, a refrigerator, a semiconductor chip or other refrigeration cold manner, can be made large sea cucumber selected Refrigeration compressor, to enhance the cooling effect, a small sea cucumber system may choose a semiconductor chip cold refrigerant cooling mode. 下面介绍使用半导体冷热片进行制冷的海参发制器制冷功能控制原理:半导体冷热片可以固定在发制腔的底部、侧部或上部,半导体冷热片经制冷电路与冷热片控制继电器器输出端相连接,冷热片控制继电器的输入端与冷热片中压通断前置继电器的输出端相连接,中压通断前置继电器的输入端与控制器输出端相连接,接受控制。 The following describes a semiconductor chip for cooling the cold sea cucumber refrigeration system control principle functions: a semiconductor chip may be fixed at the bottom of the cold cavity hair, a side portion or an upper portion, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip through the cold plate refrigeration circuit control relay an output terminal connected to hot and cold sheet input of the control relay cold pressed sheet off of the pre-connected to the output relay, the pressure front off the relay input terminal connected to the output of the controller, receiving control. 进一步的为了发挥冷热片的加热和制冷两种功能,控制器与半导体冷热片之间还设有用于控制半导体制冷片电压极性转换的极性转换控制电路(把加在冷热片两端的直流电压极性反转,冷热片就从加热功能变成了制冷功能,反之亦然。),极性转换控制电路中包括与冷热片相连接的极性转换控制继电器和与它相连的中压通断前置继电器,中压通断前置继电器的输入端与控制器输出端相连接,接受控制。 Further heating and cooling In order to play two functions cold plate, the cold heat between the controller and the semiconductor chip is also provided for controlling the polarity switching semiconductor coolers voltage polarity switching control circuit (applied to the two hot and cold sheet end of the DC voltage polarity is reversed, the cold heat becomes a sheet from the heated cooling function, and vice versa.), the polarity switching control circuit comprises a polarity converter connected to the cold plate and connected with its control relays pressure in front off the relay, the relay in front of the pressure off control input terminal connected to the output, receives the control. 另外制冷组件设有散热风扇,并在发制器主体的相应位置开设散热孔,利用半导体制冷片的体积小、无污染、可以多个重复设置等特性进行制冷、低温泡制和冷冻保存。 Further cooling assembly is provided with a cooling fan, and cooling holes opened at the corresponding position of the body hair system, using a small volume semiconductor cooling sheet, non-polluting, and the like may be provided a plurality of repeated cooling characteristics, low temperature cryopreservation and infusion.

[0014] 本发明中发制器主体可以做成多种形状,如箱式、电煮锅式、电饭煲式、电水壶式等等,发制容器也可以随发制器主体相应做成多种形状,发制器也可以根据根据应用场合不同和功率大小不同做成大小不等。 [0014] The present invention is made in body fat can be made in various shapes, such as a box-type, electric type cooker, a rice cooker type, kettle-type, etc., may be made with the container body hair system is made more appropriate shape, hair system may be made according to different sizes vary depending on the application and the power of different sizes.

[0015] 本发明在发制腔的底部、顶部以及需要的其它部分设有保温层,用于在加热、制冷功能和泡制时保温。 [0015] The present invention is made in the bottom of the cavity, a top, and other parts required insulation is provided for the heating insulation, cooling function and brewing.

[0016] 本发明中为了发制温度控制的精准,在设置了温度保护传感器之外还加了水温和水位传感器,及时向控制器传递水温和水位信息。 [0016] The present invention is made in order to send precise temperature control, sensor temperature protection is provided in addition to the water temperature and further added water level sensors, water level and water temperature timely delivery of information to the controller.

[0017] 本发明的控制器主要通过对单片机输入控制程序实现,该控制程序包括事先设定的加热方式、加热功率、加热时间、加热温度点、制冷温度点、保温温度、换水时间点、换水时间、冷热片功能转换等来设置控制程序,对加热器和换水系统的水泵电磁阀、旁通开关以及制冷装置等动作的控制程序,此外单片机还分别与水温传感器、温度保护传感器、水位传感器等相连,水温传感器、温度保护传感器、水位传感器可装于发制容器的上部或底部及侧面。 [0017] The controller of the present invention is primarily controlled by microcontroller input program implements the control program comprises preset heating, heating power, heating time, heating temperature point, point cooling temperature, holding temperature, changing the point of time, time changing the water, hot and cold sheet conversion function to set a control program, a control program for operation of the pump solenoid valve, the bypass switch and change the water heater and a refrigeration apparatus system or the like, in addition to the water temperature sensor are also microcontroller, temperature sensor protection water level sensors are connected, a water temperature sensor, a temperature sensor protection, the water level sensor may be installed in the container made of the top or bottom and side surfaces. 控制器根据各个传感器采集的信息判断出现异常情况时,就及时发出报警或断电指令,通过加热器中压通断前置继电器、控制继电器对加热器和相关系统进行断电。 The controller determines when each of the information collected by the sensor abnormal situation, it is timely alarm or power-down instruction, the pre-heater off voltage relays control relays for the heater and associated system powering down.

[0018] 本发明中发制主体的壳体底部设有支撑凸起,并设有散热孔,此外电加热组件和制冷组件可以分别配有风扇,用于散热降温。 [0018] The bottom of the housing body hair system according to the invention is provided with a support protrusion, and a cooling hole, and furthermore an electrical heating element with a cooling fan assembly may each, for thermal cooling.

[0019] 本发明中发制器主体的壳体、发制腔和容器的材料可以由不锈钢、不锈铁、塑料、铝板、磁性铁板、硅晶玻璃、耐热玻璃等构成,盖子内部、发制腔底部、壳体和发制腔之间的保温夹层可以根据实际需要使用泡沫、PU泡沫、聚氨酯发泡、酚醛树脂等保温材料做成。 [0019] In the present invention, the housing body hair system, hair cavity and container materials may, stainless iron, plastic, aluminum, magnetic iron, silicon glass, heat-resistant glass made of stainless steel, inside the cap, interlayer insulation between the bottom of cavity hair, and hair cavity housing can be made according to actual needs to use foam, PU foam, polyurethane foam, phenolic resin insulation materials.

[0020] 本发明实现了对海参发制过程的全自动化控制,通过对单片机写入程序做成的控制器进行自动化操作。 [0020] The present invention enables a fully automated process control system of the sea cucumber is carried out by the automation program written to the microcontroller made. 按下某一个功能按键后,依照实验数据写好的发制程序,通过时刻接收水温传感器、温度传感器、水位传感器、等传递回来的即时数据进行比对,就能随时发出控制指令进行自动控制海参发制。 After pressing the function key one, prepared in accordance with the development data written experimental program, received by the time the water temperature sensor, a temperature sensor, water level sensor, and other real-time data is passed back for comparison, a control command can be issued at any time automatic control cucumbers hair system. 本发明的操作面板由功能按键组、控制按键组和显示屏、功能指示灯和声音提示器等组成。 The operation panel according to the present invention consists of a function key group, and a group display control buttons, voice prompts function indicator and other components. 显示屏可以选用显示字体、字符的液晶屏、数码管和其他显示方法。 Display can choose the display font, character LCD, LED and other display methods.

[0021] 本发明还提出了一种利用上述海参发制器发制海参的方法,其特征在于包括以下步骤:(整个发制需要几天时间) [0021] The present invention also provides a method of using the sea cucumber sea cucumber emptive system device, characterized by comprising the step of hair :( entire system takes a few days)

步骤1:海参泡制阶段,开始发制时加入发制器容器的水温度通常为0-30°C,发制开始后根据实际加入的水温不同,可以用加入容器的水自然浸泡也可以开启加热器逐步把水温提高进行浸泡,最好不超过60°C,根据海参大小和品种不同海参泡制时间为1-3天,每24小时内至少换一次水,可以增加换水次数。 Step 1: cucumber brewing phase, hair system was added at the beginning of container made of water temperature is generally 0-30 ° C, depending on the hair of the beginning of the actual water was added, the vessel may be added to water immersion can also open NATURAL gradually increase the heater temperature to soak, preferably not more than 60 ° C, according to the size and species of sea cucumber cucumber different brewing time of 1-3 days, at least change the water, changing the water can increase the number of times per 24 hour period. 泡的目的是把海参由硬变软,把体内的盐和杂质粗略去掉,尽量多次换水有助于泡制。 The purpose is to bubble cucumber from hard to soft, the body salts and coarse impurities removed, try changing the water several times contribute brewing.

[0022] 在泡制过程中,待海参泡软后可以随时按一下暂停键把容器或海参拿出剖开去牙去沙洗一洗,剖洗完毕容器加水后和海参一同放入腔中再按一下暂停键接着进行发制,这样发制的效果更好一些。 [0022] In the brewing process, the cucumber soaked can be any time by clicking the pause button or the container taken out to sea cucumber teeth to wash the sand, a sectional wash is completed the vessel and sea cucumbers After adding water into the chamber again with click the Pause key followed by a hair system, such emptive effect better. 即使不把海参拿出剖开也不影响泡制、发制。 Even without the sea cucumber cut out does not affect the brewing, hair system.

[0023] 步骤2:海参焖煮及短时泡制阶段:具体分为煮、焖、降温、短暂泡制和加水5个过程,以上5个过程的一个完整连续叫一个循环,因海参不同通常本步骤要循环一次或几次。 [0023] Step 2: sea cucumber simmer and cook short stage: specific divided boiled, simmered, cooling, and processing water briefly cook 5 process, more than five complete a process called a continuous loop, usually because of different sea cucumber this step should cycle once or several times.

[0024] (I)煮:本发制方法“煮”的含义是加热器对容器内液体进行一定时间的100度煮沸或者一定时间的较高温度也叫“煮”。 [0024] (I) boiling: the present molding method "cook" means liquid in the container is a heater for a certain time or a boiling temperature of 100 degrees higher predetermined time is also called "cooking." 可以是连续煮也可以是断续煮:连续煮是加热器对容器内液体不停加热;断续煮是加热器对容器内液体时断时续加热维持在某一个温度附近。 May be intermittently continuous cooking may be cooked: continuous cooking is a heater for heating the liquid in the container constant; intermittent boiling is a heater for heating the liquid in the container is maintained intermittently in the vicinity of a certain temperature. (2)焖:断电后不做任何处理,任由容器内液体自然降温的一段过程。 (2) stew: no treatment after the power failure, let natural cooling liquid in the container section of the process. (3)降温:焖到了一定时间如果容器内液体温度还高于60度就要启动换水装置或制冷装置对容器内的液体进行快速降温,把温度降到60度以下的一个合适的温度,这个选定的温度就叫温度点,比如15度等等。 (3) Cooling: braised to a certain time if the temperature of liquid in the container higher than 60 degrees will also change the water starting means or cooling means for liquid in the container for rapid cooling, the temperature was lowered to a suitable temperature of 60 degrees or less, this temperature point is called the selected temperature, such as 15 degrees and so on. (4)短时泡制:焖完或者降温后,从温度点就开始了短时泡制,可以是基本恒温泡制,就是把液体温度控制在温度点附近,直到本次短时泡制结束;也可以是非恒温泡制,就是不对容器内液体温度进行控制,从温度点开始进行自然泡制直到本次短时泡制结束。 (4) Short infusion: simmer End or cooling, the temperature began point short brewing, brewing may be substantially constant, the liquid temperature is near the temperature control point until the end of this short brewing ; may be a non-constant infusion, the liquid container is the right to control the temperature, it starts from natural brewing temperature point until the end of this short-term infusion. (5)换水:每一个循环的尾声就是换水,启动换水装置对容器进行换水后就完成了一个循环。 (5) changing the water: the end of each cycle is to change the water, changing the water starting means for changing the water container after the completion of a cycle.

[0025] 要说明的是上面5个过程根据不同情况有的过程可以省略,有的进行次序可以变化,比如降温有时可以不用,进行完(2)焖后,也可以先进行(5)换水,之后进行(4)短时泡制,也不影响整体发制。 [0025] It is noted that the above process 5 may be omitted depending on circumstances, some processes, the order may be some changes, sometimes without such cooling, for completion (2) after the stew, may be performed first (5) changing the water followed by (4) short-time cook, do not affect the overall hair system.

[0026] 上面每一个循环时间应该在24小时以内,适当缩短每一次循环时间增加循环次数更有利于泡发,根据发制程序多次的循环后本步骤就结束了。 [0026] Each of the above cycle time should be within 24 hours, appropriate to shorten the cycle time is increased every time the number of cycles is more conducive to bubble, hair system according to the present program cycle step times over. 本步骤持续1-3天。 In this step, for 1-3 days.

[0027] 步骤3:海参发制阶段,发制阶段有条件尽量让容器内液体温度低一些更有利于发制,低温也可以防止食材因长时间浸泡而变质。 [0027] Step 3: manufactured by sea cucumber phase, hair-production conditions as far as possible the temperature of liquid in the container system made more conducive to lower, low-temperature food can be prevented from deterioration due to prolonged immersion. 发制阶段每24小时内至少换一次水,增加换水次数有利于发制。 Phase change the hair system water at least once every 24 hours, changing the water to increase the number of beneficial hair system. 本步骤持续I至5天。 This step lasts I to 5 days. 以每个人的口感不同,只要海参能不费劲咬动食用就可以认为发制好了,通常的标准是用筷子轻轻一戳海参,只要能戳透海参就认为海参发制好了。 To everyone's taste different, as long as the sea cucumber can move effortlessly bite to eat it can be considered emptive right, the usual standard is a poke gently with chopsticks cucumber, as long as it is considered good poke through the sea cucumber sea cucumber hair system.

[0028] 以上进行完三个步骤后海参整个发制过程就结束了。 After [0028] After the above three steps for the entire hair cucumber molding process is over.

[0029] 本发明中还包括海参发制完毕后的自动冷藏、冷冻保存阶段。 [0029] The present invention also includes an automatic refrigeration system after completion of sea cucumber, cryopreservation stage.

[0030] 本发明是将加热、换水、制冷、保温、滤水和自动控制等功能集于一身的电器,能自动做到对食物的浸泡、加热、煮沸、蒸煮、换水、滤水保温、冷藏、冷冻等多种功能,这是其他电器所不具备的。 [0030] The present invention is a heating, changing the water, cooling, insulation, drainage and automatic control functions rolled into one appliance, can be done automatically soaking of food, heating, boiling, cooking, changing the water, water treatment insulation , chilled, frozen and other functions, which is not available in other appliances. 为了达到最好的发制效果,发制器可以在四周加一层保温材料,使容器内部营造出一个与外界温度隔离的发制空间,更有利于海参精准和标准化发制。 For best results hair system, hair system can add a layer of insulation material around the interior of the container to create an isolated space and the outside temperature, fabrication, and more conducive to precise standardization emptive cucumber. 但是发制器加热功能要求加热器和发制容器之间有很好的传热功能,而加热装置的加热为了工作安全是要散热的必须外露在大气中,所以就形成至少加热盘的位置是传热的无法保温;制冷装置的制冷是要求整个发制容器或发制器主体是保温的,不允许有散热处,否则不但浪费能源,也很可能达不到制冷效果。 However, the functional requirements of heating system made good heat transfer function between the heater and the container made, and the heating apparatus to work safety must be exposed to heat in the atmosphere, the heating plate is formed is a position of at least not heat insulation; refrigeration requirements of the entire refrigeration device is made of container or body hair is made of insulation, does not allow the heat, or only a waste of energy, it is likely to reach the cooling effect. 为了解决这个矛盾,本发明在加热器电磁盘和发制容器之间放了一层保温材料,既可以通过加热时电磁盘发出的电磁波,在制冷时也能起到保温作用。 To resolve this conflict, the present invention is a disk between the heater and the electrical discharge vessel made of a layer of insulation material, either by electromagnetic waves emitted when the magnetic disk is heated, during the cooling also play a role in thermal insulation.


附图1是本发明中发制器容器的盖体结构示意图。 1 is a schematic view of the cover structure of the present invention emptive vessel.

[0032] 附图2是本发明中发制器主体的结构示意图。 [0032] Figure 2 is a structural diagram of the present invention, the body hair system.

[0033] 附图3是本发明中发制容器的结构示意图。 [0033] Figure 3 is a schematic view of the present invention is made of container. [0034] 附图4是本发明中控制流程图。 [0034] Figure 4 is a control flowchart of the present invention.

[0035] 附图5是本发明中发制器主体的俯视图。 [0035] Figure 5 is a plan view of the present invention, the body hair system.

[0036] 附图标记:发制器主体1、操作面板2、发制腔3、进水管4a、排水管4b、发制容器5、进水口6、盖7、排水嘴8、电磁盘加热器9、风扇10、声音提示器11、控制器12、显示屏13、功能指示灯14、功能按键15、半导体冷热片散热片16、半导体冷热片17、风扇18、半导体冷热片电路板19、保温层20、支脚21、温度传感器22、操作面板电源开关23、电磁盘加热通断控制继电器24、半导体冷热片通断控制继电器25A、半导体冷热片通断控制继电器25B、电磁盘受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器26、半导体冷热片受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器27A、B、半导体冷热片散热孔28、进水电磁阀29、进水电磁阀和水泵控制继电器30、进水电磁阀和水泵受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器31、进水单/双向水泵32,内置储水盒33,水过滤器35,水质提纯器36、半导体冷热片电 [0036] The reference numerals: emptive body 1, operation panel 2, made cavity 3, the inlet pipe 4a, the drain 4b, made container 5, inlet 6, the cover 7, the drainage nozzle 8, the electric heater disk 9, the fan 10, the voice prompter 11, a controller 12, display 13, function indicator 14, function keys 15, a semiconductor hot and cold fins 16, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip 17, the fan 18, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip circuit board 19, insulation layer 20, the leg 21, the temperature sensor 22, the operation panel power switch 23, electric heating disk control relay 24 off, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip on-off control relays 25A, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip 25B-off control relays, electric disk MV directly controlled by the controller front relay 26 off, the cold heat in the semiconductor chip by the pressure controller directly controls the relay-off front 27A, B, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip cooling holes 28, inlet valve 29, inlet valve and pump control relay 30, and the pump inlet valve controlled by a direct control of the front pressure off relay 31, a single inlet / bidirectional pump 32, the built-in storage cassette 33, the water filter 35, Water purifier 36, a semiconductor chip is electrically hot and cold 压极性转换受控制器直接控制的前置继电器组和相应模组37、半导体冷热片电压极性转换控制继电器组和相应模组38、过温保护电路39、水流传感器40、旁路管通断控制继电器41、前置继电器42、防干烧器43、外置储水排水箱44、温度传感器45、综合继电器46、水温和水位传感器47。 Voltage polarity switch controlled by a direct control of the relay group and corresponding front module 37, a semiconductor chip cold voltage polarity switching control module and the corresponding relay unit 38, over-temperature protection circuit 39, flow sensor 40, the bypass pipe off control relay 41, relay 42 front, anti-dry 43, the external drain reservoir tank 44, a temperature sensor 45, an integrated relay 46, the water level sensor 47 and water temperature.

[0037] 具体实施方式: [0037] DETAILED DESCRIPTION:

下面结合附图及实施例对本发明作进一步的说明。 Example embodiments of the present invention will be further described in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and the following.

[0038] 如附图1至附图4所示,本发明提出了一种海参发制器,设有发制器主体1,其特征在于发制器主体I设有壳体,壳体上部设有发制腔3,发制腔3的底部和腔壁内侧固定有电加热组件、水循环组件和制冷组件,控制器12安装在壳体下部或侧面空间内,用于安装控制器12的空间与发制腔3之间设有用于隔热的隔热腔,控制器12分别与电加热组件、水循环组件、制冷组件及各传感器相连接,壳体上还设有与控制器12相连接的操作面板2 ; [0038] As shown in Figures 1 to 4, the present invention provides a sea cucumber, Ltd., a body 1 provided with hair system, characterized in that the hair system provided with a housing main body I, the upper portion of the housing is provided there are hair cavity 3, cavity walls and the bottom inner cavity 3 made electrical heating element is fixed, and cooling water circulation component assembly, the controller 12 is mounted within the housing lower portion or side space for installing space 12 and the controller hair is provided between the cavity for thermal insulation of the insulated chamber 3, the controller 12 are electrically connected to the heating assembly, water circulation assembly, the cooling assembly and the sensors, the controller 12 is also provided with an operating and connected to the housing panel 2;

本发明发制器主体I上设有操作面板2、发制腔3,其中进水管4a、排水管4b分别位于发制器主体I的后部,并伸入发制腔3中,发制腔3中设有发制容器5,发制容器5上设有进水口6以及与发制容器相配合的盖7,发制容器5上端还设有排水嘴8,发制腔3底部设有电磁盘加热器9,并配合设有风扇10以及加热器电源板,控制器12在发制器主体I的底部,控制器12与操作面板2相连接,操作面板2上包括显示屏13、功能指示灯14、功能按键15、声音提不器11 ; Emptive provided on the body I of the present invention, the operation panel 2, made cavity 3, wherein the inlet pipe 4a, 4b are located at the rear of the drain body I is made of hair, hair and into cavity 3, cavity hair 3 is provided with a container 5 hair, the hair container 5 is provided with a water inlet 6 and a fat container lid 7 engaged, the upper end of container 5 is also provided with hair discharge nozzle 8, provided with an electrical hair bottom cavity 3 disk heater 9, and is provided with a fan and a heater power supply board 10, the controller 12 at the bottom of the body hair I made, the controller 12 is connected with the operation panel 2, the operation panel 13 includes a display screen, indicating the function 2 lamp 14, function keys 15, 11, not to mention the sound;

本发明中发制器主体上还设有固定在发制腔3内壁、上部或底部的半导体冷热片散热片16、半导体冷热片17以及配合设有的风扇18,半导体冷热散热片16以及半导体冷热片17相连接的半导体冷热片电路板19 ;发制器主体I上的电磁盘加热器9与发制腔3之间设有保温层20,发制器主体I底部设有支脚21 ; The present invention made the hair fixing cold body is also provided in a semiconductor substrate 3 made cavity inner wall, top or bottom of the heat sink 16, the semiconductor chip 17 and the cold heat is provided with a fan 18, a semiconductor hot and cold fins 16 hot and cold sheet and a semiconductor circuit board of the semiconductor chip 17 is connected to hot and cold 19; the electric heater on the disk body made of hair between hair I 9 with 20 3 and the cavity, the bottom of body hair system I is provided with insulation 21 feet;

本发明还设有分别与控制器12相连接的温度传感器22、水温和水位传感器47、操作面板电源开关23、电磁盘加热通断控制继电器24、半导体冷热片通断控制继电器25A以及25B,电磁盘受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器26,半导体冷热片受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器27A、B,进水电磁阀和水泵控制继电器30,进水电磁阀和水泵受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器31 ;为了提高散热效果,可以开设半导体冷热片散热孔28 ; The present invention is also provided with a temperature sensor 12 are connected to the controller 22, and the water temperature sensor 47, the operation panel power switch 23, electric heating disk control relay 24 off, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip on-off control relays 25A and 25B, CLP disk controlled by a direct control pressure front relay 26 off, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip is directly controlled by a pressure controlled relay off front 27A, B, inlet valve and pump control relay 30, water solenoid valves and pumps controlled by a direct control of the pre-press and off the relay 31; order to improve the heat dissipation effect, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip can open cooling holes 28;

本发明中为了发制温度控制的准确,在设置了温度传感器之外还加了一个伸入容器液面内的水温传感器和水位传感器47。 The present invention, in order emptive accurate temperature control, a temperature sensor is provided in addition to a water temperature sensor also added and a water level sensor 47 within the vessel extending into the liquid level. [0039] 本发明中的水循环组件中可以设有进水水泵32,进水电磁阀与排水管4B相连接的内置储水盒33,水过滤器35,水质提纯器36、与水质提纯器旁路管电磁阀相连接的水质提纯器旁路管通断控制继电器41,以及与水质提纯器旁路管通断控制继电器41相连接的水质提纯器旁路管受控制器直接控制的前置继电器42,水质提纯器旁路管与水质提纯器相并联,平时旁路管导通,水不流经水质提纯器,当按下控制面板的内循环按钮后,旁路管内的电磁阀就在旁路管控制继电器和中压通断前置继电器的和控制器的控制下关闭,水就流经水质提纯器了。 [0039] In the present invention, the water circulation pump assembly 32 may be provided, built storage cassette inlet valve and the drain pipe 33 is connected to 4B, the water filter 35, water purifier 36, next to the water quality purifier Water purifier off control relay bypass pipe passage pipe 41 connected to the solenoid valve, and a bypass pipe Water purifier off control relay Water purifier bypass pipe 41 is connected by a relay controlled directly by control preamble 42, water purifier and water quality purifier bypass pipe connected in parallel, usually bypass pipe conducting the water quality does not flow through purifier, when the button is pressed within the loop of the control panel, the solenoid valve in the bypass pipe in the next passage pipe control relay and closed off under the control of the pressure controller and relay preamble, the water flowing through the purifier quality.

[0040] 本发明中通过主电源板或加热、制冷器器电源板输出的12伏至24伏电压统称为中压,本发明控制器12与半导体冷热片电压极性转换前置继电器组和相应模组37相连接,半导体冷热片电压极性转换前置继电器组和相应模组37与半导体冷热片电压极性转换控制继电器组和相应模组38相连接,38再与半导体冷热片相连接进行半导体片冷热功能转换;本发明可以在发制器主体外设有外置储水、排水箱44,进水管、排水管分别与其相连接,进水管也可以与自来水相连接。 [0040] In the present invention, the main board or the heating power, 12 volts to 24 volts power supply board refrigerator collectively referred to as the output voltage, the controller 12 of the present invention, the semiconductor substrate voltage polarity switching cold front relay group, and a respective module 37 is connected to the cold heat of the semiconductor chip voltage polarity switching relay group and corresponding front module 37 and the semiconductor chip cold polarity voltage conversion control module 38 and the corresponding relay unit connected to the semiconductor 38 and then cold the semiconductor chip is connected to hot and cold sheet conversion function; the present invention may have an external reservoir, the drainage tank body 44 made of the hair peripheral inlet pipe, drains respectively connected thereto, the inlet pipe may be connected to the water. 本发明还设有与控制器12相连接的水流传感器40,温度传感器45、水温和水位传感器47、防干烧器43。 The present invention is also provided with a water flow sensor 12 is connected to the controller 40, the temperature sensor 45, water temperature and level sensors 47, 43 anti-dry.

[0041] 以上的几种受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器和受中压前置继电器控制的通断控制继电器,依产品不同还可以合成一个综合继电器46,一个综合继电器46就能完成从控制器的单片机发出的指令直接控制加热器、制冷器、水循环和电磁阀的工作与否及通断。 Several [0041] or more directly controlled by the pressure controller off and relay preamble relay control preamble by the pressure-off control relays, different products can also be synthesized by an integrated relay 46, a relay 46 integrated on to complete the instruction issued from the controller directly to the microcontroller controls the heater, refrigerator, water cycle and the solenoid valve and on-off operation or not.

[0042] 实施列: [0042] Embodiment column:

当使用本发明所提供的海参发制器实现海参泡发时,向发制容器5内适当添水后把干海参或盐溃海参放入,再把发制容器放置于发制腔内盖上盖,插上电源线按下操作面板的电源键,发制器主体I通电,操作面板2上的功能指示灯和功能按键开始闪烁,根据海参的头数大小和种类按下相应的海参发制按键后,比如按下淡干80头键,除了此键和对应指示灯亮外其他按键和指示灯熄灭,操作面板显示屏给出文字提示“80头海参开始发制”,如果按下发制键开始工作后忘记加水水温和水位传感器在开始工作时就没有水位指示、开始工作后也没有温度变化指示,那么发制器就自动启动进水装置进行加水,加水后若水位还低则发出水位不到的声音、灯光和显示屏报警提示,报警后关闭加热器之后还连续报警提 When made using sea cucumber of the present invention provides a cucumber achieved when the bubble, suitably add water into the container 5 fat dried sea cucumber cucumber or collapse into a salt, and then placed in a container made cavity capped emptive , plug the power cord of the operation panel power button is pressed, body hair system I power, an operation panel and a function key function indicator on the 2 start flashing, press the corresponding key sea cucumber prepared according to the header size and the number of types of sea cucumbers after such short dry press button 80, in addition to this key and other keys corresponding to the indicator lights and the outer LEDs off, the operation panel display text prompt is given "80 cucumber begin" system, if the start button is pressed hair system after work forget to add water of modest level sensor at the outset of the work no level indication, there is no change in temperature indicates the start of work, then the hair system controller automatically starts the water means water was added after the addition of water if the water level is lower issuing a level less than sound, lights and display alarm, turn off the heater after further provide continuous alarm alarm

/Jn ο / Jn ο

[0043] 下面以80头淡干海参为例介绍一下海参发制过程。 [0043] In the following Example 80 to introduce light dry sea cucumber sea cucumber molding process. 整个过程分为三个阶段:1海参泡制阶段、2海参煮焖及短暂泡制阶段、3海参发制阶段 The whole process is divided into three phases: Phase 1 brewing cucumber, cucumber 2 boiled and simmered short brewing phase, 3 phase, Ltd. sea cucumber

第一阶段:海参泡制阶段,24小时。 The first stage: sea cucumber brewing stage, for 24 hours. 发制前加入的水温通常在5至30°C,发制开始后过了一定时间开启加热装置把水温逐渐加热到40度再停止加热,之后当水温降到35度后又启动加热器把水温提高到40度,一直把水温保持在这个范围内。 Emptive added before the water temperature typically 5 to 30 ° C, hair system over a predetermined time after the start of opening the water heating device gradually heated to 40 degrees and then heating was stopped, after starting the water heater when the water temperature dropped to 35 degrees after up to 40 degrees, the water temperature has to remain within this range. 到了12小时自动换水,换水后水温降低了,低于35度,启动加热装置对液体进行加热到40度停止加热,当液体温度降到35度时再启动加热装置进行加热。 To automatically change the water for 12 hours, changing the water after the water temperature is reduced below 35 degrees, to activate the heating means for heating the liquid to 40 degrees heating was stopped, when the liquid temperature dropped 35 degrees and then activating the heating means for heating. 重复上面加热过程,接近24小时启动换水装置,换水完毕后泡制阶段结束。 Repeat the above heating process, changing the water close to the starting device 24 hours, changing the water after the end of the brewing phase is completed.

[0044] 第二阶段:煮焖及短暂泡制,24小时。 [0044] The second stage: cook stew and cook briefly, for 24 hours. 海参泡制阶段结束后,开启加热装置把容器内液体煮沸,煮沸20分钟后停止加热进行焖制,焖制20分钟后进入降温阶段,由水循环系统加水和制冷器进行逐渐降温到5度,降温之后进入到短暂泡制阶段,之后容器内的液体温度会逐渐升高,当升高到10度时自动开启制冷装置进行制冷,当容器内液体的温度又到了5度时自动关闭制冷,如此反复。 After completion of sea cucumber brewing stage, turn the heating means the liquid in the container was boiled for 20 minutes after boiling stopped heating stew, stew for 20 minutes into the cooling phase, the water circulation system by adding water and cooling device for gradually cooled to 5 degrees, cooling after infusion into a brief phase, after the liquid temperature inside the container gradually increased, when raised to 10 degrees automatically open refrigerating apparatus for cooling, when the temperature of the liquid in the container and to automatically close the cooling 5 degrees, and so forth . 距第一次煮沸接近12小时接着换水,换水后直接煮沸20分钟,之后焖制20分钟,之后进入降温阶段启动换水装置和制冷装置进行降温,下面就接着重复上述过程。 From the first 12 hours and then changing the water close to the boiling directly changing the water after boiling for 20 minutes after stew for 20 minutes after starting to change the water into the cooling stage and refrigeration to cool, and then repeat the process on the following. 接近24小时换水,换水后第二阶段结束。 Change the water nearly 24 hours, changing the water after the end of the second stage.

[0045] 第三阶段:发制,48小时。 [0045] The third stage: emptive 48 hours. 启动制冷装置进行降温,一直把水温降到3度,停止制冷,当过了一段时间后水温升高到6度时再次启动制冷装置把水温降到3度,如此一直循环往复把水温保持在3度至6度之间。 Start the cooling unit to cool until the temperature dropped to 3 degrees, Stop the cooling, when the water temperature rises to 6 degrees over a period of time after starting the cooling device again the temperature dropped to 3 degrees, so the water temperature has been kept in the cycle between 3 to 6 degrees. 每12小时加水一次,加水后再启动降温装置把水温降到3度,一直保持在3度至6度之间,程序如此反复几次。 Water once every 12 hours, add water and start the cooling unit to the temperature dropped to 3 degrees, has remained at between 3 to 6 degrees, the program so repeated several times. 48小时后发制结束,海参就发制好了。 After 48 hours emptive end, sea cucumbers on the hair system better.

[0046] 海参发制好以后,发制器就自动发出海参发制好的声、光、屏信号提示取出海参。 [0046] After the system is good sea cucumber, hair system is automatically made good sea cucumber emitted sound, light, screen prompts signal extracted sea cucumber. 如果8小时内没有取出海参关闭发制器,则到了8小时时控制器自动启动制冷装置把容器内温度降到零下5度,然后关闭制冷器,当温度升高到零下2度时又开启制冷器降到零下5度,循环往复保持在一2度至一5度之间。 Failing to remove the hair 8 hours cucumber closed system device, the controller automatically starts to 8 hours refrigeration unit and the vessel temperature dropped to 5 degrees below zero, then close the refrigerator, when the temperature rises to activate a cooling time and minus 2 degrees is dropped to minus 5 degrees, the cycle is held between a 2 to a 5 ° degrees. 要说明的是根据海参质量不同、头数不同和含盐量不同每种发制程序的以上三个阶段的时间、温度都不同,水温等各项数值也有变化。 It is noted that depending on the quality of sea cucumber, different numbers of heads and three or more different phases of the amount of each salt emptive procedure time and temperature are different, the water temperature value are also changed.

[0047] 下面说说海参发制器选择好一个发制程序后,三个发制阶段的控制过程:(不以综合继电器为例,只以两个继电器控制方法来说明控制过程。第一阶段海参泡制加热也可以用电磁盘主加热器进行加热,但为了说明冷热片的冷热转换功能下面只用冷热片作为第一阶段的加热器,第二阶段的加热用电磁盘加热器加热。本例使用双冷热片,一个A片功能是在第一阶段先加热,从第二阶段就极性转换之后再制冷,另一个B片只作为制冷功能使用。) After [0047] The following talk sea cucumber made to select a good hair system program, control stage three emptive :( not integrated relay, for example, to only two relay control method of the control process will be explained. The first stage cucumber brewing disk main heater electric heating can be heated, but to illustrate cold cold sheet following transfer function using only cold sheet as a first stage heater, heating the second stage electric heater disk heated. this example uses a double cold sheet, a sheet a feature is first heated in a first stage, the second stage after the polarity inversion and then cooling, another sheet B as the only cooling function.)

第一阶段海参泡制,24小时:发制器容器内加水后按下开始键开始发制,用加入的自然水温浸泡一段时间后,控制器向半导体冷热片A受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器发出吸合指令,该继电器吸合后输出中压,中压加到半导体冷热片A通断控制继电器控制端,该继电器吸合后把工作电压加到半导体冷热片A,半导体冷热片A开始“加热”,发制容器中水温开始逐渐上升。 Cucumber brewing first stage, 24 hours: begin to press the start key, Ltd. After the addition of water-emptive vessel, with the addition of natural water soak for a period of time, the controller is directly controlled by the controller of the semiconductor substrate A cold pre-press-off relay close command issued, after closing of the relay output pressure, the pressure applied to the semiconductor chip A hot and cold on-off control the relay control terminal, the relay pull-in after the cold working voltage is applied to the semiconductor substrate A, A semiconductor chip cold start "heating", issued in vessel temperature increases gradually. 海参泡制阶段加热方式是有两种:一种是温度连续上升加热方式;一种是温度间隔式上升方式。 Cucumber brewing stage heating is two: one is a continuous rise in the temperature of the heating mode; one is the temperature rise of spaced manner. 本例只举温度连续上升方式来说明。 For this example, only the temperature rise in a continuous manner will be described. (温度间隔上升方式:发制容器里的水温从开始加热的水温到加热的最高温度之间每隔几度选一个温度点,总共选若干个温度点来完成整个升温过程,在每个温度点都持续一定时间,所有温度点的温度保持的时间就是整个泡制时间)。 (Rising temperature interval mode: temperature of the water in the container made from the start of heating to a temperature between the highest temperature of heating is selected from a temperature a few degrees every point, selected from the total number of temperature points to complete the heating process, at each temperature will persist for some time, keeping the temperature in all temperature points of time is the whole brewing time). 下面具体说明控制步骤:开始加热后,发制容器内的水温温度逐渐上升,控制器已经设定好了一个温度点40度,水温到该达温度点时,控制器就向半导体冷热片A受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器发出断电指令,该继电器关断了提供给半导体冷热片A通断控制继电器的控制端中压,通断控制继电器释放,关断了半导体加热块A的工作电压,半导体加热块A停止工作,过了一段时间,水温低于温度点后若干度后比如规定35度,控制器又向前置继电器发出通电指令,该继电器闭合,中压输出到半导体冷热片A通断控制继电器控制端,继电器闭合,向半导体加热块A输出工作电压,半导体加热块开始加热,发制容器内的水温逐渐上升,等水温到了温度点40度时,温度传感器向控制器发出信号,控制器向中压通断前置继电器发出断电指令,前置继电器关断中压输 DETAILED DESCRIPTION control steps of: after the start of heating, the water temperature in the container rises gradually made, the controller has a good set point temperature of 40 degrees, the water temperature up to the temperature point, the cold heat of the semiconductor chip to the controller A in the direct control pressure controlled by a series relay off instruction sent off, the relay is switched off cold sheet a supplied to the semiconductor control terminal relay-off control of pressure, controlled release of the relay-off, turn-off semiconductor a heating block operating voltage of the semiconductor heating block a is stopped, after a while, the temperature of the water temperature below a predetermined point, such as 35 degrees after a few degrees, the controller ED series relay energization command issued, the relay closes, the pressure out into the semiconductor cold sheet a on-off control the relay control terminal, the relay is closed, the heating block a output operating voltage to the semiconductor, the semiconductor heating block starts heating, the temperature within the delivery vessel gradually increased, the water temperature to the temperature point of 40 degrees, the temperature sensor sends a signal to the controller, the controller to relay the intermediate pressure off issuing power-down instruction pre, pre-intermediate pressure output relay off 出,随之冷热块A控制继电器也关断了半导体冷热片A工作电压,半导体冷热片A就停止了加热,依此方式类推,在35度至40度之间控制器不断控制半导体冷热片A的反复加热通断,水温到了温度点40度就关断继电器使半导体加热块A停止加热;水温到了35度时就吸合继电器让半导体冷热片A再对发制容器加热,以后加热保温控制过程都与此相同不再详说。 Out, followed by hot and cold blocks A control relays are also turned off the operating voltage of the semiconductor sheet A cold, cold sheet A semiconductor heating stopped, and so forth embodiment, between 35 to 40 degrees with the controller continuously controls the semiconductor repeated heating cold sheet a is off, the water temperature to the temperature point of 40 degrees to turn the relay semiconductor heating block a stop heating; the water temperature to 35 degrees to pull the relay so that the semiconductor cold sheet a reheating hair container, after the heat insulation and the same control process is not described in detail to say. 反复如此,水温就维持了在了温度点附近。 So again, the water temperature is maintained at a temperature in the vicinity of the point. 这期间水温传感器随时把水温数据传递给控制器不断进行以上控制。 At any time during which the water temperature sensor data to the controller constantly controls the above. 下面的加热、制冷和温度保持原理都如此,以后就都不再一一细说。 Keep the following principles heating, cooling and temperature are so, since you are not going to elaborate.

[0048] 快到12小时发制器开始自动换水,自动换水分两种:一种是用内置储水盒进行内循环,进水电磁阀打开,水泵抽水,水质提纯器旁路管电磁阀受控关断,水流经水质提纯器提纯后被抽入到发制容器内,发制容器内陈水流出到内置储水盒;二种是用外置储水箱、排水箱或自来水,用外置水源时水质提纯器旁路管电磁阀导通,水流绕过了水质提纯器,水质提纯器不工作,水从外部抽进来通过滤水装置过滤后流进发制容器,发制容器内的陈水外排,形成不封闭的水循环。 [0048] approaching 12 hours, fabrication begins automatically changing the water, water wrap two: one is the built-in storage cassette circulation, water inlet valve is opened, the pump pumping, water purification bypass line solenoid valve controlled shutdown, after the water quality by the water purifier purifying hair drawn into the container, the water flows out to the old hair system built within the container storage box; two kinds with external tank, the water drain tank or with the outer when set water quality purification bypass line solenoid valve is turned on, bypassing the water purifier water quality, water purification does not work, the water pumped from the outside in through the drainage flow filtration apparatus marching container, a container made of hair Chen efflux of water, do not form a closed water circulation. 本例换水用外部水箱,水质提纯器不工作,控制过程如下:控制器向进水电磁阀和水泵中压前置继电器发出吸合指令,该继电器吸合后向控制继电器输出中压,控制继电器吸合,经控制继电器输出的工作电压加到了进水电磁阀和进水水泵上,进水电磁阀打开,水泵抽水,水流经过进水电磁阀、进水水泵、滤水器,进水管,发制容器进水口,进入到发制容器内,发制容器内水面升高,经发制容器排水嘴进入到排水管之后排出。 The present embodiment for changing water outside the tank, the water purifier does not work, the following control process: pressing issue close command controller series relay and pump to the inlet valve, the pressure to pull the relay control relay output, the control relay via the control relay output operating voltage is applied to the inlet valve and the water pump, water inlet valve is opened, the water pump pumping water through the water inlet valve, water pump, water filter, a water inlet pipe, hair container inlet, then discharged into a container made of hair, increased hair made of water within the container, the container made drainage into the drain nozzle. 换水至IJ 了设定时间,控制器向进水电磁阀和水泵受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器发出断电指令,控制继电器输入端失去中压,控制继电器输出端释放,就关断了工作电压,进水电磁阀关断、进水水泵停止抽水,自动换水完毕,以后的换水与此相同就不再详细说明控制过程,只说自动换水开始,自动换水完毕。 IJ change the water to the set time, the controller directly controls the pressure controller off issuing power-down instruction series relay, the relay control input of the intermediate pressure loss, the control relay output released by the inlet valve and the water pump, shut off the operating voltage, inlet valve is turned off, the water pump stops pumping, is completed automatically changing the water, changing the water after this is no longer the same as the control process described in detail, only said automatically change the water starts, automatically changing the water complete. 以上换水程序结束后发制容器内的水温发生了变化,水温降低了(加入的是常温水一般低于35度),受控制器的指令半导体冷热片A启动,一直把水温加热到换水前水温温度点40度,这样换水后又回到泡制阶段升温程序。 After completion of the above-emptive procedure changing the water temperature in the container is changed, reducing the temperature (room temperature water is added typically less than 35 degrees), the controller commands by a semiconductor sheet A cold start, has been heated to the temperature change point temperature of water before the water temperature 40 degrees, so that changing the water phase and then returned to the brewing temperature program. 当水温上升到水温设定点时,控制器对半导体冷热片A受控制器直接控制中压通断前置继电器发出断电指令,中压输出中断,导致半导体冷热片A通断继电器的控制电压断电,继电器由吸合变为断开停止为半导体冷热片A提供工作电压,半导体冷热片A停止加热,一直把水温保持在35度至40度之间。 When the water temperature rises to the set point temperature, the controller of the semiconductor substrate A cold directly controlled by a control voltage series relay off instruction sent off, the voltage output interrupt, resulting in hot and cold sheet A semiconductor relay off control voltage off, the relay is turned off to stop attracting the semiconductor substrate A cold operating voltage, the semiconductor chip A hot and cold heating was stopped, the temperature has been maintained at between 35 degrees to 40 degrees. 快到了24小时的时候又启动换水程序,换水后关闭,第一阶段海参泡制结束。 Approaching 24 hours when they start the program change the water, changing the water after the close, ending the first phase of sea cucumber cook.

[0049] 第二阶段、海参煮焖及短暂泡制阶段24小时: [0049] The second phase, sea cucumber stew and cook briefly brewing stage 24 hours:

控制器启动电磁盘主加热装置,向电磁盘加热器的前置继电器输出工作指令,该继电器输出控制中压到控制继电器输入端,控制继电器吸合输出工作电压到电磁盘加热器,电磁盘加热器工作把水加热到沸腾。 Said master controller activates the electric heating means, the pre-operation command relay output to the electric heater of the disk, the relay control voltage to the control input of the relay, control relay output operating voltage to the electric heater disk, the disk is heated electrically working to heat water to a boil. 沸腾持续20分钟后,控制器向电磁盘前置继电器发出断电指令,前置继电器断开,随之电磁盘加热通断控制继电器断开,电磁盘加热器停止加热进入焖制阶段,焖制时间20分钟。 After boiling for 20 minutes, the disk controller issues to the electric power-down instruction series relay, the relay off front, followed by heating the disk off the electrical control relay OFF, the electric heater to stop heating the incoming disk stage stew, stew time 20 minutes. 从第二阶段以后不用冷热片A加热了只用来制冷,这时就启动冷热片A电压极性转换程序:控制器向冷热片A极性转换控制前置继电器发出吸合指令,前置继电器闭合输出中压到极性转换控制继电器再加到转换模组,电压极性就转换完毕,以后的冷热片A就转为制冷功能了,等待最后发制完成发制器关闭之前再自动转换回加热功能。 From the second stage hot and cold sheet A not only used for cooling the heated, then they start the cold sheet A voltage polarity conversion program: the controller controls the series relay close command issued to the cold sheet A polar conversion, pre-intermediate pressure to the relay output of the polarity switching control relay coupled to the conversion module, the polarity of the voltage on the conversion is completed, the subsequent cold into sheet a to the cooling function, waiting for completion of the final hair system is turned off before emptive and then converted back to automatic heating function. 待焖制持续到预定时间后结束后,如果容器内的水温高于设定的短暂泡制温度,就自动启动换水装置进行降温,把温度降到设定温度,换水后水温仍没有降到设定温度就关闭换水装置启动制冷装置再进行制冷降温:控制器向A、B两个半导体冷热片受控制器直接控制的中压通断前置继电器分别发出通电指令,两个前置继电器吸合,各自输出中压到各自的半导体冷热片通断控制继电器的控制端,两个控制继电器吸合,各自输出工作电压到各自的半导体冷热片,两个半导体冷热片共同开始制冷,经过一段时间以后,发制容器内的水温降到设定的较低温度比如15度,关闭制冷装置。 Stew until after the end of a predetermined time duration, if the water temperature in the container is higher than the short-term infusion set temperature, changing the water means automatically starts to cool, the temperature drops below the set temperature, changing the water after the water temperature is still not reduced changing the water temperature is close to the set start cooling means for cooling means to cool and then: the controller directly controls the pressure controller on and off by the relay preamble a, B are two power semiconductor cold sheet issued instruction, before the two relay set, each output voltage to the respective semiconductor chip cold-off control terminal of the relay, the two control relay, the operating voltage to the respective output of each of the cold heat of the semiconductor chip, the two semiconductor slice common cold starting the cooling, after a period of time, lower temperature in the vessel drops below the set temperature of the hair system, such as 15 degrees, off the refrigeration apparatus. 过一段时间后水温会慢慢升高,比如水温升高到17度就又开启制冷装置进行制冷到15度,在这之后的较长时间里控制器就会反复指令半导体冷热片反复通断,让水温基本保持在15度至17度之间。 Temperature will rise slowly after some time, such as on the water temperature to 17 degrees for cooling and refrigeration apparatus to turn 15 degrees, a longer time after that will be repeated in the controller commands the semiconductor chip repeatedly turned cold off, so that the water temperature remained at 15 degrees to 17 degrees. 这期间快到了设定时间12小时,启动换水装置开始换水,换水后关断换水装置,第一次煮焖及短暂泡制结束。 During this period the set time is coming 12 hours, changing the water starting device starts changing the water, changing the water shut-off device after changing the water, the end of the first cook stew and cook briefly. 接着再次启动电磁盘加热器加热到沸腾20分钟,之后关断加热器进行焖制,焖制20分钟后自动启动换水装置和制冷装置进行降温,把水温降到短暂泡制温度点如15度,循环往复,之后不断的保持水温在15度至17度。 Disk electric heater is then started again heated to boiling for 20 minutes after the heater is turned off for stew, stew start changing the water cooling means and cooling means automatically after 20 minutes, the temperature dropped to 15 as a brief infusion of temperature points , the cycle, after constantly keep the water temperature at 15 degrees to 17 degrees. 接近24小时开始换水,换水后第二阶段结束,就进入到了下一个发制阶段。 Water exchange near the first 24 hours, changing the water after the end of the second stage, proceeds to the next stage of system development.

[0050] 3、海参发制阶段48小时: [0050] 3, sea cucumber-production 48 hours:

启动降温装置,温度降到发制阶段的温度点比如3度时关断制冷装置,之后逐渐升温,比如升温到6度就又启动降温程序把温度降到3度,如此往复就把发制阶段的温度控制在一个较低的范围内。 Start cooling means, the temperature drops to a temperature such as point-emptive stage 3 degrees off the refrigeration apparatus, then gradually warmed, such as 6 degrees and again warmed to start the cooling process the temperature dropped to 3 degrees, and so forth put emptive stage temperature control within a lower range. 期间每隔12小时就会启动换水装置,每次换水后关闭换水装置再次启动降温装置进行降温,水温依然会回到温度点,一直维持水温在3度至6度。 Every 12 hour period will start changing the water system, changing the water every time you close the cooling device to cool the device to start again after changing the water, the water temperature will still point back to temperature, water temperature is maintained at 3 degrees to 6 degrees. 一直持续48小时,海参发制阶段完成。 Lasted 48 hours, the sea cucumber hair system phase is complete.

[0051] 至此整个的海参发制的控制过程就结束了。 [0051] At this point the entire process control system of sea cucumber is finished.

[0052]以上的每次加热、泡发、换水、煮沸、焖煮、发制、冷藏、冷冻等都会在操作面板上面通过指示灯、声音提示或显示屏给予显示,发制阶段结束后,整个海参泡发工作就结束了,海参可以拿出食用。 [0052] each of the above heating, bubble, changing the water, boiled, simmered, hair system, refrigerator, freezer, etc. are by lights, voice prompts or display screen displayed on the operation panel to give the above, after the stage of system development, sea ​​cucumber whole bubble of the work is over, edible sea cucumber can come up with.

[0053] 如果海参发制好了,而未把海参拿出,本发明还会接着进行冷冻保存,冷冻温度在—5度至一2°C,冷冻控制过程如下:启动制冷装置,对发制容器内的水进行降温,当达到预定的冷冻温度点时比如一5度就停止降温,当温度升高到—2度时又启动制冷器制冷到一5度。 [0053] If made good sea cucumber, sea cucumber but not out, the present invention will then be frozen, the freezing temperature of -5 degrees to a 2 ° C, control of the freezing process is as follows: starting refrigeration apparatus, made on the hair to cool the water in the container, when the temperature reaches a predetermined freezing point, such as a cooling stop 5 degrees, when the temperature rises to -2 degrees start time and a chiller cooling to 5 degrees. 反复如此,这样控制器就不断地对冷热片进行开停控制,让冷冻温度保持在一个恒定范围,这样就实现了冷冻的功能。 So repeatedly, so that the controller constantly on the cold plate opening stop control, so that the freezing temperature is maintained at a constant range, thus achieving a freeze function. 冷冻几天后自动关机。 Frozen automatic shutdown after a few days. 要说明的是在关机前按照设定程序把冷热片A的电压极性又转换到加热方式,为下次发制做好准备。 It is noted that before the shutdown procedure is set according to the voltage polarity of the cold sheet A and the heating mode conversion, in preparation for the next development system.

[0054] 本发明是将加热换水和制冷几种功能集于一身的电器,能自动达到煮沸和冷冻两种极限功能,能连续做到对食物的浸泡、加热、煮沸、蒸煮、保温、冷藏、冷冻等多种功能,而且还能在此工作期间自动换水,这是其他所有电器所不具备的,本发明可以在加热器和被加热的发制器主体之间加了一层保温材料,加热是要求加热源和发制容器之间有很好的传热功能,而加热源要散热必须外露所以就形成至少加热源加热位置是传热的,制冷是要求整个发制容器或发制器主体是保温的,不允许有散热处,否则不但浪费能源,而且很可能达不到制冷效果,所以,既要在加热处能通过能量加热容器中水,也要能保温保证制冷效果,本发明在加热源电磁盘和发制容器之间放了一层保温板,既可以通过加热时电磁盘发出的电磁波在制冷时也能起到保温作用。 [0054] The present invention is a heating and cooling water changes several electrical functions rolled into one, the freezing and boiling can automatically achieve the two limiting function, can achieve continuous immersion of the food, heating, boiling, cooking, insulation, refrigeration , freezing and other functions, but also to automatically change the water during this work, which is not available to all the other appliances, the present invention can add a layer of insulation material between the heater and the heated body emptive heating and heating source is required emptive good heat transfer function between the container and the heating source to heat the formation to be exposed so that at least the heat source is a heat transfer position of the heating, the cooling is required throughout the hair or hair system container a body of insulation, does not allow the heat, or only a waste of energy, and it may not reach the cooling effect, therefore, it is necessary to pass energy to heat the water in the heating vessel, the insulation must be able to ensure the cooling effect, the present invention, between the heating disk and the source electrode layer made of a container for manufactured insulation board, insulation may be also play a role in the cooling disk electromagnetic waves emitted by the heating.

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  1. 1.一种海参发制器,设有发制器主体,其特征在于发制器主体设有壳体,壳体上部设有发制腔,发制腔的底部、上部和侧部固定有电加热组件和水循环组件,控制器是写入了程序的单片机,安装在壳体的侧面等适当空间内,控制器分别与电加热组件、水循环组件及下面几项的所有控制组件和传感器件相连接进行统一控制,壳体上还设有与控制器相连接的操作面板,发制腔中还设有发制容器,发制容器包括容器体以及与其相配合的盖子,容器由耐热材料构成可以由电加热组件进行加热还能配合水循环组件进行进、排水。 A sea cucumber system, a system is provided with body hair, characterized in that the housing is provided with body hair system, with the upper housing cavity hair, hair cavity bottom, the upper and side portions fixed electrical water circulation and heating element assembly, the controller is a microcontroller program is written, installed in the appropriate spatial side of the housing and the like, respectively, and the controller electric heating element, the following components and water circulation several components and sensors of all the control member is connected to unified control, but also an operation panel connected to the controller on the housing, the chamber is also provided with hair system made container, made container comprising a container body and a cover cooperating therewith, the container may be made of heat-resistant material heated by an electrical heating assembly components can fit into the circulation, drainage.
  2. 2.根据权利要求书I所述的一种海参发制器,其特征在于设有制冷组件,经继电器与控制器相连接对海参发制器的腔体和容器进行制冷。 The book I claim is made of a sea cucumber, characterized in that the cooling assembly is provided, through the relay connected to the controller is made of sea cucumber cavity and a cooling vessel.
  3. 3.根据权利要求书I所述的一种海参发制器,其特征在于发制容器盖子、发制腔周边加了一层保温材料,甚至在发制腔底部与加热器之间也加一层保温材料,在发制腔底部与加热器之间的这一层保温材料既能传导加热器的热能也能对发制腔和容器进行保温。 The book I claim a sea cucumber system, characterized in that the container lid hair, hair cavity surrounding a layer of insulation material is added, even at the bottom of the hair between the heater cavity and also added a layer of insulation material, in which a layer of insulating material between the bottom of the heater cavity both made conductive heater heat insulation can be performed on the hair and the container cavity.
  4. 4.根据权利要求1所述的一种海参发制器,其特征在于有多种自动换水功能,既能连接自来水和外置水箱也能自身把泡发海参后排出的水再提纯成净水输入到容器内进行内部循环,水循环组件设有分别与发制容器相连接的进水管、出水管,安装在进水管路上的进水泵和进水电磁阀,安装在出水管路上的排水管,内置储水盒以及排水箱,进水电磁阀和进水泵分别经继电器与控制器相连接,还设有水过滤器和水质提纯器,其中经进水管进入的水依次经过进水阀、进水泵、水过滤器、水质提纯器后,经进水口送入发制容器中,发制容器上设有排水口以及与其相连的排水管。 The sea cucumber claim emptive claim 1, characterized in that a variety of automatic functions change the water discharged after both the external tank connected to water and the bubble itself can be repurified to a net water cucumber of water to the internal circulation within the container, a water inlet pipe assembly is provided with water circulation made container respectively connected to outlet pipe, mounted on the inlet pipeline and into the pump inlet valve, outlet line is installed in the drain pipe, built-in storage cassette and a drain tank, inlet valve and into the pump through the relay are respectively connected to the controller, also a water filter and water purifier, wherein the water enters through the inlet pipe sequentially through the inlet valve, intake pump , water filter, the water quality purifying device, the water inlet into the container in the hair, and a drain with the drain connected thereto the hair container.
  5. 5.根据权利要求1所述的一种海参发制器,其特征在于设有水温传感器、水位传感器、电加热温度传感器、过温保护器,能为控制器随时提供准确数据。 The sea cucumber claim emptive claim 1, wherein is provided a water temperature sensor, level sensor, a temperature sensor is electrically heated, over-temperature protection, to provide accurate data to the controller at any time.
  6. 6.根据权利要求1所述的一种海参发制器,其特征在于电加热组件中的加热器是电热丝、电磁盘、微波管、电陶、电热膜和半导体冷热片中的一种或几种,加热器经控制继电器与控制器相连接。 The sea cucumber claim emptive claim 1, wherein said electric heating element is a heating wire heater, an electrical disk, microwave tubes, electric ceramic, a semiconductor film, and electric hot and cold sheet or more, a heater is connected via a control relay to the controller.
  7. 7.根据权利要求1所述的一种海参发制器,其特征在于制冷组件是压缩机、制冷机、制冷器或半导体冷热片中的一种或几种,经控制继电器与控制器相连接。 The sea cucumber claim emptive claim 1, wherein the component is one or more refrigerant compressor, a refrigerator, a refrigerator or a cold sheet of a semiconductor, with the controller via a control relay connection.
  8. 8.根据权利要求1所述的一种海参发制器,其特征在于在进、排水管处设置了能流水和保温的保温开关和保温装置,在有水流经过时能正常流水,在流水结束时能自行关断,防止容器内外的空气流动确保容器保温。 The sea cucumber claim emptive claim 1, characterized in that feed, drain water can be provided at the holding device and heat insulation and switching, when there is normal water flow through the water, the water in the end when the self turn-off can be prevented to ensure the flow of air inside and outside the container holding the container.
  9. 9.根据权利要求1所述的一种海参发制器,其特征在于还设有进水过滤器和内循环水发制时的水质提纯器,进水过滤器能把外置水源过滤成纯净水,水质提纯器与旁路管阀并联,旁路管阀通过控制继电器与控制器相连平时管阀导通水质提纯器不工作,当不用外接水源用内循环水发制时该阀关闭,水流经水质提纯器后变清洁再进入到容器内使用。 9. The sea cucumber claim emptive claim 1, further characterized in that the water quality is provided when the water purifier and filter system circulating water, fat, water filters can filter into pure water external water, water purified in parallel with a bypass valve, the bypass valve is connected to valve normally turned water purifier by controlling the relay does not operate the controller, when no external circulating water with the water-emptive valve is closed, the water flow Water purifier after cleaning becomes re-entering into the containers.
  10. 10.一种利用如权利要求1-9中任意一项所述海参发制器发制海参的方法,其特征在于包括以下步骤: 步骤1:海参泡制阶段,I至3天,该阶段加入水的初始温度通常为O度至30度,可以用加入水的初始温度泡制,根据情况为了泡制效果好也可以在发制器运行后把水温逐步提高到60°C以内的任何选定温度进行泡制,所以海参刚开始的具体泡制温度不能超过60度,其间每天换一次或一次以上的水,有条件最好在换水后把水温恢复到换水前的温度,适当增加换水次数有助于海参泡制,海参泡软后可以把海参拿出剖开去牙、去沙洗净后再放回容器,要说明的是海参不拿出去牙、去沙、清洗也不影响发制,根据海参大小、产地及质量不同,泡制的时间也不同,以下的蒸煮和发制两个阶段同样如此,以后不一一细说,这样泡制I至3天后海参只要泡透了软了就可以进行下一 10. A method of using a sea cucumber cucumber emptive system device to any of the claim 1-9, characterized by comprising the following steps: Step 1: cucumber brewing phase, I-3 days, added to the phase any selected initial temperature of the water is generally from O ° to 30 °, may be added to the initial temperature of the brewing water, in some cases for better brewing effect may be made to run in the hair gradually increased to the temperature of 60 ° C or less brewing temperature, the particular temperature cucumber beginning infusion should not exceed 60 degrees, once a day or once during change over the water, changing the water after the best conditions to restore the water temperature before water exchange, appropriate increase change after the water brewing times contribute cucumber, cucumber soaked can cut out to sea cucumber teeth, then washed back into the container to the sand, sea cucumber to be noted that the teeth do not go out, to the sand, the cleaning Effect hair system, according to the size of sea cucumbers, and the quality of different origin, the brewing time is different, the following two stages emptive cooking and the same is true, does not speak in detail later, and I to 3 days after the infusion soak thoroughly long cucumber the soft you can proceed to the next 步骤了; 步骤2:海参煮焖及短暂泡制阶段,I至3天,本步骤具体分为蒸煮、焖制、短暂泡制和加水4个过程,以上这4个过程的一个连续完成叫一个循环,本步骤2的完成通常需要有一个或几个这样的循环,现把有关本发制的几个名词的特殊含义做一下说明(I)蒸煮:液体在100度一直煮沸叫蒸煮,液体在100度以下的比较稳定的高温也叫蒸煮,偶尔达到100度或较高的温度之后温度慢慢降低之后反复再升高再降低的曲线温度也叫蒸煮,(2)焖制:是指蒸煮完断电后,再不做任何处理,任由容器内液体自然降温的一段过程; 步骤2的详细过程:步骤I完成后把容器内液体加热到沸腾或一定高温进行蒸煮,每次蒸煮时间最好不超过60分钟;之后断电进行焖制,焖制时间一般在几个小时之内;焖制之后进入短暂泡制,短暂泡制的时间是这4个过程里面最长的,一个循环的时间 Step a; Step 2: cucumber stew cooking stage and short brewing, I-3 days, this step is divided into the specific cooking, stew, adding water four short brewing process, a more complete continuous process which is called a 4 loop 2 is completed in this step typically require one or several such cycles, is the special meaning of the present invention is made of several terms do some instructions (I) cooking: 100 degrees in the liquid has been called boiling cooking liquid, in the 100 degrees or less stable high temperature cooking also known, after the temperature occasionally reaches temperatures of 100 degrees or higher after gradually reducing the temperature was repeatedly raised again lowered profile also called digester, (2) stew: is finished cooking after a power failure, then no treatment, leaving the natural cooling liquid in the container section of the process; the detailed procedure of step 2: after completion of step I the liquid in the container is heated to a certain temperature for boiling or cooking, cooking time is preferably not each over 60 minutes; after a power failure for stew, stew time is generally within a few hours; after short infusion into the stew, short brewing time is inside these four longest process, a cycle time 减去其它4个过程的时间就是短暂泡制的时间;短暂泡制后接着换水,换水是比较灵活的,也可以增加在焖制后和短暂泡制过程中进行多次换水,因为适当增加换水次数有助于发制,一次换水只要换水量在一个量程(即容器的容量)左右都行,以上的4个过程完成后就是一个循环,时间在24小时以内,一天至少要进行一个或一个以上的循环,这样经过设定的一个或几个连续循环后,I至3天后海参就比发制前变大也比较有弹性了,可以进入到下一个步骤了;步骤3:海参发制阶段,时间I至5天,步骤2完成以后,有条件要尽量降低发制阶段容器内的液体温度,只要O度以上都可以满足发制要求,一是低温发制能适应海参特性也因为发制液体温度低了发制时间即使较长海参也不易变质,海参发制阶段较长,每天换一次水或换一次以上水都行,发制阶段只要换水前后 Subtracting time four other brewing process is a short period of time; then after a short brewing water changes, changing the water is more flexible, can be increased a plurality of times and changing the water in the stew short brewing process because changing the water helps increase the number of suitable hair system, changing the water as long as the time for water in a range of about (i.e., capacity of the container) will do, after completion of the above process is a four cycle, time within 24 hours, for at least one day performing one or more than one cycle, so that after a set of one or several consecutive cycles, I-3 becomes larger than the sea cucumber days before the onset of braking is relatively flexible, and can enter into the next step; step 3: sea ​​cucumber phase system, the time I to 5 days after the completion of step 2, the temperature conditions to minimize the liquid phase in the container made of hair, as long as more than O degrees are prepared to meet the requirements made, one system can adapt to low-temperature characteristics of cucumber because of the low temperature liquid emptive emptive time even longer hardly deteriorated cucumber, sea cucumber made longer phase change the water a day or more than once change the water line, as long as the water changes before and after the phase-emptive 体温度变化不是很大勤换水更有利于发制,如果换水前后容器内液体温度差别较大最好把温度调节到接近对海参发制更好,发制时间I至5天,只要在发制期间海参质量稳定发制时间越长海参发的更大,I至5天后海参明显比发之前变大了,用筷子轻轻一戳就穿透了说明海参已经发制好了,可以拿出食用。 Body temperature change is not great frequently changes the water system more favorable fat, a large difference between the temperature of the liquid within the vessel is preferably adjusted to a temperature close to the sea cucumber made better if the water changes before and after, hair system time I to 5 days, as long as during the quality of sea cucumber hair system more stable and longer time-emptive sea cucumber, I-5 days after the sea cucumber was significantly bigger than before hair, poke gently with chopsticks to penetrate the description of sea cucumber has made a good system, you can take out to eat.
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