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    • G04C21/00Producing acoustic time signals by electrical means
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    • G04C21/20Producing acoustic time signals by electrical means producing the signals at adjustable fixed times by closing a contact to ring an electromechanical alarm


在本发明的闹铃装置中,当连接到时钟运转传动机构的第一触点与连接到指针的第二触点重合时,闹铃装置开始工作。 In the alarm device of the present invention, when connected to a clock transmission operation first and second contacts connected to the pointer coincides alarm device starts working. 其中,第二触点68连接到盘60 上,后者固定在转轴58上,运转传动机构齿轮组76 和92带着时、分针82和100绕该轴转动。 Wherein the second contact 68 is connected to the disc 60, which is fixed to the rotary shaft 58, when the operation of the transmission gear set 76 and with 92, 82 and the minute hand 100 rotate about the shaft. 在最简单的情况下,固定在该转轴上的盘靠近时钟时轮80, 该盘和时轮带着在其表面上并彼此相对的触点68 和90转动。 In the simplest case, a rotating shaft fixed to the wheel disc 80 approaches the clock, and the disc wheel and on its surface with opposed rotary contacts 68 and 90 to each other. 此外,可以方便地利用连接到转轴一端的透明表蒙16和镶着该表蒙的可旋转框缘22作为手动控制元件。 Further, use can be easily connected to the transparent mask table 16 and an end of the rotation shaft of the windshield trimmed rotatable rim 22 as a manual control element. (图2) (figure 2)


The present invention relates to the alarm clock of clock.

Or rather, the objective of the invention is to design a kind of alarm clock of clock, especially be applicable to the alarm clock of little electronic alarm clock.This device is to belong to the alarm clock that double-contact is coordinated touch.Wherein, when first contact that is connected to clock running gear train overlapped with second contact that is connected to pointer, alarm clock was started working, and the position of described pointer can be regulated by manual control element.

In known traditional alarm clock, its pointer is made generally in the quarter-bell pointer that can turn by turn-knob.This pointer is to be fixed on the tubular shaft of a gear, and on the tubular shaft of this tubular shaft gear when being enclosed within.

In these alarm clocks, its common ground is: two contacts that transmit quarter-bell information, are in contact with one another lay respectively on hour wheel and the facing surfaces that the gear (being also referred to as the quarter-bell gear sometimes) that the quarter-bell pointer links to each other is housed; In addition, this quarter-bell direct geared and ratch are meshed, and the part of the turning handle that this ratch is an alarm clock can turn.

Therefore the structure of above-mentioned alarm clock is very simple, and cost is also cheap.

The purpose of this invention is to provide a kind of even than the simple more alarm clock of said apparatus.

Above-mentioned purpose reaches like this, that is, second contact links to each other with dish on being fixed on rotating shaft, when the gear set band of quarter-bell gear train, minute hand is around this axle rotation.

In fact, according to the principle of said apparatus, fully can be by directly adjusting rotating shaft, to adjusting the position of related second contact constantly with quarter-bell, this is particularly useful for little quarter-bell.

Above-mentioned and direct connection relation rotating shaft can be realized by following manner: for example, as old-fashioned quarter-bell, by the quarter-bell turn-knob that is located at the quarter-bell back side one end of itself and rotating shaft is linked to each other, perhaps the alarm clock on automobile is located at above-mentioned quarter-bell turn-knob on the front of fascia.

Truly have its advantage if the quarter-bell turn-knob is moved to the front from the alarm clock back side: adjusting quarter-bell during the moment, owing to do not need quarter-bell to be turned or grope to seek the quarter-bell turn-knob with hand, it is not only convenient but also save time therefore to use.Regrettably, this practice is failed to receive fully the result of people's will to the greatest extent, especially if be inconsiderable from aesthetic viewpoint.

How to solve the problems referred to above and also become one of purpose of the present invention.

The approach that addresses the above problem is that the rotating shaft with alarm clock is linked to the transparent table that is fixed on the rotatable architrave and covers with, so as to utilize these two in addition part as manual overvide.

In this case, get final product as pointer with regard to only coveing with picture or glue a painted arrow at transparent table.This is more more convenient and more economical than the quarter-bell pointer that employing is fixed in the rotating shaft.

Certainly, also can above-mentioned painted spear pointer be drawn in transparent table covers with and directly adorn an indicator elment on rotatable architrave.

Relevant other features and advantages of the present invention.Can be by following explanatory note and accompanying drawing be understood.

Shown in Figure 1 is the outward appearance with alarm small alarm clock involved in the present invention, and the rotatable architrave that the transparent table of alarm clock covers constitutes the manual control element of quarter-bell effectively.

Fig. 2 is the localized axial drawing in side sectional elevation of alarm clock among Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is the fragmentary detail view of III among Fig. 2-III line of vision cut-open view; Fig. 4 is important top view of part in addition on the alarm clock.The major function of this other part is to be used for guaranteeing that transparent table covers and the axial location of architrave and rotatablely moving of they;

Fig. 5 is the fragmentary detail view of the V-V line of vision cut-open view of part in addition described in Fig. 4;

Shown in Figure 6 is the planimetric map of another other part of alarm clock.From this figure, can see some contacts of alarm clock.

Small alarm clock shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 is made up of following in addition part: other part 2 that plastics are made and be the alarm clock base 4 of one with it.Other pieces are fixed in barrel-shaped box 6 and periphery 8 and the bonnet 10 on the base 4 in addition.Dull and stereotyped 12 are contained in the tubular box 6 and perpendicular to its axis, and partition wall 14 then is used for support plate 12.

Described alarm clock comprises that also circular transparent plastic table covers 16.The core that table covers inside surface is processed to axle bush 18, and the periphery that the transparent plastic table covers and equally also be that the architrave 22 that is made of plastics sticks with glue agent and is glued together, also available supersonic welding weldering is extremely.Therefore, the external diameter of transparent plastic table illiteracy will be processed into the internal diameter that is a bit larger tham or equals architrave.

As shown in Figure 3, disc type axle bush 18 is the inside surfaces that cover at table.On the inside surface in axle bush hole, vertically two relative protruding sprockets 20 are arranged, its effect will be narrated hereinafter.

Can see from Fig. 2: the inwall of architrave 22 is one columnar surperficial 24.Its bottom has one to stretch to inboard flange 26.

Just as shown in FIG., the section of architrave profile is the quadrant arc, but also can be made into the section of other shape.

Importantly transparent table covers and the assembled group component of architrave is installed in the front portion of back hamper 6, should guarantee can rotate with respect to its axis, can keep again and peripheral 8 contact.To touch upon hereinafter and how guarantee above-mentioned requirements.

On plate 12, there are several casting to begin to crop up.Bonnet 10 also is the part of cylindrical shell 2.At the top of cylindrical shape bonnet, be parallel to dull and stereotyped 12 and fixing the substrate 28 that also can be made of plastics, its center and cylindrical shape bonnet are concentric.The equal diameters of the inwall 24 of the diameter of this substrate and architrave 22.

The situation that above-mentioned several casting is begun to crop up is all the same, but can only see that from Fig. 2 code name wherein is 30 one.Tenon 32 is formed on this top of begining to crop up, and this tenon inserts the through hole 34 of substrate.The head of tenon is collapsed into manufactured head 36 with fixing base 28.Above-mentioned manufactured head through the molten postforming of supersonic welding, also can extremely be in the same place tenon with the substrate weldering simultaneously.

In addition, can find out also that from figure through hole 34 is positioned at manufactured head nest 38, thereby make manufactured head 36 not understand outer being exposed on the surface of substrate.So just the dial plate 40 that has a same diameter with substrate directly can be placed on the substrate surface.

As can also be seen from Figure: there is annular groove 42 back of substrate 28 peripheries, and the latter will be meshed with the flange with identical groove width 26 on the architrave.

To notice with reference to figure 4: on the periphery of substrate 28, be uniform-distribution with some (for example, six) outside notch 44.Extend radially ligule compensating plate 46 from the bottom in each notch, the compensating plate that stretches out almost flushes with the periphery of substrate.

Can see from Fig. 5: these compensating plates 46 are thinner slightly than substrate, like this, make compensating plate along the normal direction of base plan certain elasticity be arranged.

In addition, the end of these compensating plates is processed to ventricumbent bead or small cushion block 48, and just between substrate 28 lower surfaces and substrate edges step lower surface, this step is substrate edges, ventricumbent attenuation part 50 to the horizontal level of this cushion block end.

After assembling alarm clock, the axial location of architrave 22 is just limited by its periphery 8 and cushion block 48.Cushion block 48 cooperates with flange 26 overlap joints, and like this, under the guiding on substrate contacts surface, architrave 22 can drive transparent table again around self axis rotation and cover rotation simultaneously.The guide surface of above-mentioned rotation can change in the scope between substrate base surface and the substrate outside step lower surface.

Owing to exist compensating plate 46 and corresponding cushion block 48, just can eliminate the axial displacement of architrave 22 and compensating plate in the error of making and processing architrave 22, substrate 28 and fixedly being produced during rising head 30.Otherwise, if have above-mentioned compensating plate and cushion block whole section the substrate attenuation part 50 formed steps and the bead of architrave are contacted, then the friction force between above-mentioned surface in contact will become very big, thereby, the phenomenon that makes the rotation of architrave have any problem and may occur being stuck.

This shows that substrate 28 has three effects: first effect is to be used for supporting dial plate; Second effect is when guaranteeing transparent table illiteracy and architrave axial location, becomes these two guide plates of parts rotation in addition; The 3rd effect is the substrate as the alarm clock mechanical hook-up, and why Here it is can also see from Fig. 4: except center pit 52 recited above, outside notch 44, compensating plate 46 and the through hole 34.Also have some circular holes that are used for assembling some mechanical mechanism and bigger being used for that the rectangular opening of stepper motor winding is installed.In general, above-mentioned motor is mounted in the behind of substrate.

Can see if take another look at Fig. 2: the hollow circular-tube 54,56 that two projectioies are arranged on dull and stereotyped 12, facing to a side of bonnet bottom surface.

First pipe 54 in fact is the axle bush as plastics rotating shaft 58 1 ends.The center of substrate 28 and dial plate 40 is passed in rotating shaft 58.Its other end straight cutting is gone into transparent table and is covered in the axle bush 18 at center.Only need during assembling rotating shaft 58 is pressed into axle bush 18 interior getting final product.At this moment, two protruding key teeth 20 in the axle bush and rotating shaft, the keyway of certain end correspondence is meshed, and can not skid with respect to rotating shaft when guaranteeing that transparent table covers rotation.

As previously mentioned, this 58 obviously is the rotating shaft of alarm clock, and and dish 60 fuse, the back of this dish and dull and stereotyped 12 is leaned on very closely, perhaps just and dull and stereotyped 12 contact; And the joyous ǜ of front its Zhongmou County's chaff inner feelings cricket latitude tip Huan Chinese alligator smile good fortune of dish favores with the fertile Ke 2 of magpie brain storehouse .There is the positioning convex point 64 of some rivet heads at this dish place of keeping to the side.

These salient points 64 have three.They are as the location fulcrum of metal current-carrying plate 66.Fixing between current-carrying plate and its fulcrum with supersonic welding.The diameter of current-carrying plate 66 is a bit larger tham the diameter of dish 60.Carry the contact 68 that a little wire nail hair style is arranged on dish 60 the surface at current-carrying plate 66.This contact is exactly second contact of alarm clock alarm clock.

Can see from Fig. 6: contact 68 is positioned at the end on the tongue piece 70 that is washed into by current-carrying plate 66.Shape of a hoof opening 72 forms when stamping out tongue piece 70, has the axle journal 62 on a round tube hole 74 and the dish 60 to match in the center of tongue piece.

Like this, when exerted pressure in the contact on the current-carrying plate 68, tongue piece 70 is because of having certain elasticity and be depressed into plate 66 and coiling in the gap between 60.And after pressure disappeared, this tongue piece can bounce back into again on its original normal position.

Cover at dish 60 and transparent table in rotating shaft 58 that to overlap one on the part between the axle bush 18 also be gear tubular shaft 76 when plastics are made.One end of tubular shaft is the tubular shaft 78 that is used for fixing hour hands 82; And other end gear 80 when fixing.

The time gear 80 back sides core be processed into the identical axle journal 84 of axle bush 62 of overall diameter and dish 60.These two axle journals are in contact with one another.The same with the stud bump 64 on the dish 60, similar location stud bump 86 is also arranged, as the location fulcrum of annular metal sheet 88 on hour wheel 80.

The same with the situation of the current-carrying plate 66 slightly littler than its diameter, the contact 90 of a small circular is also arranged at the sheet end of sheet metal 88.The same (referring to Fig. 5) of the configuration of above-mentioned tongue piece and tongue piece 70.

The distance that the axis of rotating shaft 58 is left in the contact 90 of formation alarm clock alarm clock first contact and the contact 68 on the current-carrying plate 66 obviously is equal basically.Like this, when two sheet metals were made relative rotary motion, above-mentioned two contacts just can be in contact with one another, and when another contact was crossed in a contact, the tongue piece at place, contact can have distortion slightly.

In the clock of general machinery or electric mechanical, the time gear be fixed on the hollow ratch, and minute hand at the ratch first line of a couplet, this minute hand is positioned at the front of hour hands.

But in alarm clock of the present invention, situation is but just in time opposite, minute hand 100 is fixed on the hollow rack 92, and hollow rack 92 is enclosed within on the tubular shaft 78 of hour wheel 76, the position of this minute hand 100 is between hour hands 82 and dial plate 40, and minute hand 100 is near dial plate 40, that is, hour hands are in the front of minute hand.

Hollow rack 92(is for example made by metal material) generally comprise tubular shaft 94, fixing minute hand 100, minute pinion wheel 96 and minute wheel 98 at this tubular shaft one end.This minute wheel 98 links to each other by the winding of some center tooth wheels and small machine.Small machine is contained in the back of substrate 28 and carries out work in the mode of called optical imaging under electronic circuit control.This electronic circuit comprises quartz (controlled) oscillator, frequency divider and pulsing circuit, and it is that motor windings produces and carry the motor-driven pulse along with the pulse signal of being given by frequency divider.

In Fig. 2 and the above-mentioned control circuit of not shown motor.

In fact, local afterbody center tooth wheels 102 only are shown in Fig. 2, this gear set is contained in the back and and minute wheel 98 engagements of substrate 28.The gear mechanism of minute pinion wheel 96 by gear train 104 itself with the time gear 80 link to each other.

The gear mechanism of this gear train 104 is made of plastics.It comprises transmission gear 108 and 1 drive pinion 110 that is meshed with hour wheel 80 that 106,1 of central hollow shaft and minute pinion wheel 96 are meshed.

On the other hand, one end of tubular shaft 106 can be enclosed within the outside of pivot 112, the pivot 112 that is positioned at substrate 28 back is processed from strand by casting pressing port 114, the other end of tubular shaft then packs in the inside surface and dull and stereotyped 12 through hole 118 of hollow cylinder 116, and through hole 118 is to get through dull and stereotyped 12 inside and outside hollow cylinders 116 and the passage between the hollow circular-tube 56.

In order to regulate hour hands, turn-knob 120 is housed on the bonnet of alarm clock.

Turn-knob 120 is made of plastics, the center section of turn-knob is in order to regulate turning handle 122 constantly, this turning handle is enclosed within the hollow tubular 56, and certain end of turn-knob is processed to the less axle journal of diameter 124, and this axle journal is to be enclosed within the tubular shaft 106 of gear train gear 104.

In addition,, can dismantle again, have on the turning handle 122 outside 124 sections of the axle journals that corresponding axial keyway matches in relative straight key tooth in two positions and the tubular shaft 106 for guaranteeing can be non-slip with respect to gear train gear 104 when turning.

Mated condition is not shown among Fig. 2 up and down.

But, from Fig. 2, still can see the roughly situation of described electric power quarter-bell circuit, that is, this circuit by sheet metal 66 and 88 and contact 68 and 90 form.

Above-mentioned quarter-bell circuit has two metal scraping blades 126 and 128 to contact with the back side of sheet metal 66 and 88 respectively, when above-mentioned two sheet metals rotation, and two electric scraping blades and the mutual rubbing contact of sheet metal.

One of them electric scraping blade 126 directly links to each other with the negative pole of alarm clock power supply 130; Another electric scraping blade 128 then links to each other with the positive pole of power supply by switch 132, and the connecting and disconnecting of switch 132 can be handled (referring to Fig. 1) by the knob 138 that is positioned at the alarm clock top, and control circuit 134 is used for controlling hummer 136.

At last, can also see from Fig. 1: cover the periphery adhesion of 16 inner faces or be printed on the arrow 140 of a black or other color at the transparent table of alarm clock, in order not block the scale on the dial plate, this arrow will be beaten outside graduated ring.

As this paper start described: above-mentioned arrow also can not be printed on transparent table and cover with, and uses little indicator elment instead, is fixed on by rights on the tubular inwall 24 of architrave.

No matter be the arrow of which kind of form, make the selected quarter-bell of arrow points constantly in case turn the architrave that the transparent table of ining succession covers, then coil 60 and sheet metal 66 on the contact just will turn on the correspondence position of arrow indication simultaneously.

After, in a single day the contact 90 on the sheet metal 88 is contacted by the determined contact 68 of arrow with its position, and then control circuit 134 is switched on and handles hummer 136 and sends acoustic signal.Certainly, the knob 138 of this moment is to be in the state of not pressing, and switch 132 also is in closure state, otherwise control circuit is not worked with regard to disconnection and do not had the sound equipment signal and send.

When buzzer 136 sends acoustic signal, if press knob 138 switch 132 is disconnected, just can stop hummer and send acoustic signal; Perhaps, after 134 predefined work periods end of control circuit by the time, this acoustic signal also can stop automatically.

Claims (12)

1, a kind of alarm arrangement for timepiece, the principle of work that it is characterized in that quarter-bell mechanism is: when first contact that is connected to clock running gear train when being connected to its position and can overlapping by second contact of the pointer of manual control element adjustment, alarm clock is started working, wherein, second contact is connected on the disc elements that is fixed in rotating shaft, when running gear train gear set band, minute hand rotates around described rotating shaft.
2, the alarm clock described in claim 1 is characterized in that: be fixed on the close hour wheel that belongs to gear train of described disc elements in the described rotating shaft, on above-mentioned two aspectant surfaces of element two contact points arranged.
3, the alarm clock described in claim 2 is characterized in that:
Hour wheel in the clock and the disc elements that is fixed in the rotating shaft are all made by insulating material,
Two lip-deep current-carrying plates that are separately fixed at above-mentioned two insulating material components are arranged,
Above-mentioned two contacts are to be made of the protrusion on two current-carrying plates.
4, the alarm clock described in claim 3 is characterized in that: described protrusion is to be made of the ligule sheet that is washed on described current-carrying plate.
5, the alarm clock described in claim 1 is characterized in that: described manual control element comprises that the transparent table that links to each other with an end described rotating shaft described clock covers and fix the rotatable architrave that this table covers.
6, the alarm clock described in claim 5 is characterized in that: a described end of alarm clock rotating shaft meshes and is clamped in wherein with the annular bush of covering inboard formation at transparent table.
7, the alarm clock described in claim 5 is characterized in that: the pointer of quarter-bell comprises the arrow mark that is printed on above-mentioned transparent Biao Mengnei.
8, the alarm clock described in claim 5 is characterized in that: described quarter-bell pointer also can be printed on the described architrave.
9, the alarm clock described in claim 5 is characterized in that: described architrave can rotate with respect to the substrate that links to each other with dial plate, and is enclosed within around the substrate and links to each other with bonnet behind the dial plate.
10, the alarm clock described in claim 9, it is characterized in that: described architrave has inward flange, and, by means of the forward position of described substrate and described bonnet fix in position in the axial direction, described substrate leans against on the described flange, and described architrave leans against on the forward position of described bonnet.
11, the alarm clock described in claim 10, it is characterized in that: the slot cut overlap joint of described inward flange and substrate cooperates, described slot cut is in substrate periphery and carries on the lower surface of dial plate and form, and this combination makes rotatablely moving by above-mentioned mating surface as its spigot surface of architrave.
12, the alarm clock described in claim 11 is characterized in that: described substrate rides over above-mentioned inward flange by several cushion blocks that are positioned at the compensating plate tip, and the rubber-like compensating plate is positioned at out in the otch on substrate edges, equally distributed.
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