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The invention provides an Al-Fe-C-RE aluminium alloy and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: a) casting an aluminium alloy cast ingot; b) homogenizing the aluminium alloy cast ingot and rolling the homogenized aluminium alloy cast ingot to obtain an aluminium alloy rod material; c) intermittently annealing the aluminium alloy rod material obtained in the step b); and d) aging the aluminium alloy rod material obtained in the step c), thus obtaining the aluminium alloy. The invention also provides a power cable. The aluminium alloy has better overall performances by selecting and controlling the added elements and adopting a reasonable preparation process.


Al-Fe-C-RE aluminium alloy and preparation method thereof and power cable
Technical field
The present invention relates to the alloy technology field, relate in particular to Al-Fe-C-RE aluminium alloy and preparation method thereof and power cable.
Background technology
Aluminium alloy is a most widely used class non-ferrous metal structured material in industry, is used widely in Aeronautics and Astronautics, automobile, machinofacture, boats and ships and chemical industry.Along with the develop rapidly of science and technology and industrial economy, the demand of aluminium alloy is increasing, and the research of aluminium alloy also thereupon deeply.The widespread use of aluminium alloy has promoted the development of aluminium alloy in power industry, and the Application Areas of aluminium alloy has been expanded again in the development of power industry simultaneously.
Power cable is the resource of carrying and distributing electric energy, and its basic structure is comprised of core, insulation layer, screen layer and protective layer four parts.Wherein, core is the current-carrying part of power cable, is used for transmission of electric energy, and it is the major portion of power cable; Insulation layer will be isolated from each other at electric equipment compartment between core and the earth and out of phase core, guarantees power delivery, and it is indispensable integral part in power cable structure; Protective layer is that the protection power cable is avoided the intrusion of introduced contaminants and moisture, and prevents that external force from directly damaging power cable.Because copper has good electroconductibility, copper is widely used in the core of power cable.But along with the scarcity day by day of copper resource, and the content of aluminium is very abundant, has received investigator's concern with aluminium substitution copper, so aluminium alloy becomes the focus of research as cable conductor.
Aluminium alloy power cable substitutes copper cable becomes a kind of trend gradually, and is widely applied.Aluminum-alloy conductor material of the prior art, comparatively excellent at aspects such as electrical property, corrosion resistance nature and mechanical propertys, but aspect anti-fatigue performance or poor, thereby quality problems easily appear, affect the work-ing life of aluminum alloy materials or bring potential safety hazard, therefore, the aluminium alloy power cable over-all properties is still relatively poor.
Summary of the invention
Aluminium alloy that provides a kind of over-all properties to be used for preferably power cable and preparation method thereof is provided the technical problem that the present invention solves.
In view of this, the invention provides a kind of Al-Fe-C-RE aluminium alloy, comprising:
0.01 the Fe of ~ 1.6wt%; 0.001 the Cu of ~ 0.3wt%; 0.001 the Mg of ~ 0.3wt%; 0.001 the Co of ~ 0.3wt%; 0.001 the Be of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.001 the Ca of ~ 0.3wt%; 0.001 the Zn of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.001 the Sr of ~ 0.3wt%; 0.001 the Zr of ~ 0.3wt%; 0.002 the Li of ~ 0.25wt%; 0.001 the Na of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.002 the K of ~ 0.25wt%; 0.001 the Ti of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.001 the V of ~ 0.15wt%; 0.001 the Cr of ~ 0.12wt%; 0.001 the Mn of ~ 0.12wt%; 0.001 the Ni of ~ 0.15wt%; 0.001 the Ga of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.003 the Ge of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.001 the Rb of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.001 the Nb of ~ 0.15wt%; 0.001 the Mo of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.001 the Tc of ~ 0.25wt%; 0.001 the Ru of ~ 0.15wt%; 0.002 the Rh of ~ 0.1wt%; 0.001 the Pd of ~ 0.12wt%; 0.001 the Ag of ~ 0.1wt%; 0.002 the Cd of ~ 0.13wt%; 0.003 the In of ~ 0.18wt%; 0.001 the Sn of ~ 0.08wt%; 0.001 the Sb of ~ 0.3wt%; 0.001 the Cs of ~ 0.2wt%; 0.001 the Ba of ~ 0.08wt%; 0.001 the Hf of ~ 0.22wt%; 0.002 the Ta of ~ 0.16wt%; 0.001 the W of ~ 0.08wt%; 0.002 the Re of ~ 0.18wt%; 0.002 the Os of ~ 0.08wt%; 0.001 the Ir of ~ 0.15wt%; 0.002 the Pt of ~ 0.08wt%; 0.001 the Au of ~ 0.05wt%; 0.002 the Tl of ~ 0.15wt%; 0.001 the Pb of ~ 0.05wt%; 0.001 the Bi of ~ 0.25wt%; 0.0001 the C of ~ 0.05wt%;