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本发明涉及多层载波离散多音通信系统和方法。 The present invention relates to multilayer carriers discrete multitone communication system and method. 多址联接通信系统包括:多个无线电发射机,用于发射多个射频载波;多个无线电接收机,用于接收多个射频载波的至少一个子集;连接到多个无线电发射机的扩展器,采用第一数字扩展增益和第一数据独立且冗余地调制多个射频载波的幅值和相位;连接到多个无线电接收机的解扩展器,采用第一数字扩展增益独立地解调所述多个射频载波的幅值和相位,以恢复第一数据;以及连接着无线电发射机、无线电接收机、扩展器和解扩展器的多址联接装置,该多址联接装置被配置为利用空分多址联接SDMA协议、频分多址联接FDMA协议和码分多址联接CDMA协议中的至少一种来提供独立的通信信道。 Multiple access communication system comprising: a plurality of radio transmitter for transmitting a plurality of radio frequency carrier; a plurality of radio receivers for receiving at least a subset of the plurality of radio frequency carrier; expander coupled to a plurality of radio transmitter using a first gain and a first digital expansion redundant data independently and a plurality of modulated RF carrier amplitude and phase; despreader coupled to the plurality of radio receivers, using a first digital demodulating spreading gain independently a plurality of said amplitude and phase of the RF carrier to recover the first data; and a connection with a radio transmitter, a radio receiver, the multiple access de-spreading means expander, the multiple access device is configured to utilize space division SDMA multiple access protocol, a frequency division multiple access FDMA and CDMA protocol to provide at least one separate coupling channel CDMA communication protocol.


多层载波罔散多音通信系统和方法 The multilayer indiscriminately scattered multitone carrier communication system and method

[0001] 本申请是申请号为98814242. 2、申请日为1998年8月18日、发明名称为"多层载波离散多音通信技术"的专利申请的分案申请(申请号为200510125082. 3)的分案申请(申请号为201010109116. 0)的分案申请。 [0001] The present application is a continuation of Application No. 98814242.2, a divisional application filed on August 18, 1998, entitled "Multilayered discrete multi-tone communications carrier" is a patent application (Application No. 200510125082.3 ) of the divisional application (application No. 201010109116.0) of the divisional application.

技术领域 FIELD

[0002] 本发明一般涉及到无线电通信,尤其是涉及到在伴随有动态环境变化的困难和敌对环境中的多址联接通信技术。 [0002] The present invention relates generally to radio communication, particularly with regard to multiple access communication techniques in a hostile environment and difficulties accompanying dynamic changes in the environment.

背景技术 Background technique

[0003] 在1940年代的二次世界大战期间发展起来的通信技术包括用来支持高频(HF) 带业务的"频率分集通信"或"多层载波通信"。 [0003] During World War II 1940 includes a communication technology developed to support a high frequency (HF) band service "frequency diversity communication" or "multi-layer carrier communication." J.Proakis在DigitalCommunications, McGraw-Hill,1989, 7. 4-7. 7段中提出了频率分集通信技术。 In J.Proakis DigitalCommunications, McGraw-Hill, 1989, in 7. 4-7. 7 paragraph sets the frequency diversity communication technique. Proakis是基于在大大衰减的信道例如是深度衰落的信道中接收时会产生误差而提出分集技术的。 Proakis is greatly attenuated based on the channel error is generated, for example, a deep fade in a channel reception diversity technique is proposed. 通过彼此独立衰落的信道为接收机提供原始信号的若干副本有可能连续通信,除非是在所有重复信道都同时发生衰落的不太可能的情况下。 Provided the original signal by channel fading independently of each other a number of copies of the receiver is possible to continuously communicate, unless all the repeated channel fading are unlikely to occur simultaneously case. 可以排除这种概率。 This probability can be ruled out.

[0004] 频率分集是许多分集方案当中的一种。 [0004] The frequency diversity scheme is a diversity among many. 由名义上被各个独立信道的相干带宽隔开的若干个载波信道执行同样的调制。 Modulation performed by the same nominally separated by the coherence bandwidth of the individual channels of a plurality of carrier channels. 按照时间分集,在不同的时隙中发送相同的信息。 In accordance with time diversity, sending the same information at different time slots. 在一种分集方案中可以采用多单元天线。 In a diversity scheme may employ multiple antenna. 可以用若干接收天线接收从单个发射天线发送的信号。 You may receive signals transmitted from a single transmitting antenna with a plurality of receiving antennas. 为了获得最佳效果,接收天线被分开足够远,以改变一组当中不同的多径干扰。 For best results, the receiving antennas are far enough apart to vary among different set of multipath interference. 往往需要名义上独立的十个波长来观测独立的信号衰落。 Often it requires ten wavelengths nominally independent separate signal fading observed.

[0005] 在一种更加成熟的分集方案中采用的信号带宽可以远远大于信道的相干带宽。 [0005] In a more sophisticated signal bandwidth diversity scheme employed may be much greater than the coherence bandwidth of the channel. 这种信号的带宽W能够分解多径分量并且为接收机提供若干个独立衰落的信号路径。 This width W capable of decomposing signal multipath components and provide a number of independent fading for the receiver signal path.

[0006] 其他现有技术的分集方案包括入射角或是空间分集和极化分集。 [0006] Other prior art includes an incident angle diversity scheme or the spatial diversity and polarization diversity.

[0007] 当带宽W远远大于用户可以利用的各个独立信道的相干带宽时,可以将信道进一步细分成许多频分复用子信道,每个独立信道的相干带宽都具有至少一个相互分离的中心频率。 [0007] When W is much greater than the bandwidth of the individual user may utilize the coherence bandwidth of the channel, the channel may be further subdivided into a number of frequency division multiplexed subchannels coherence bandwidth of each individual channel has at least one separated from each other Center frequency. 这样就能通过频分复用的子信道发送相同的信号,按照频率分集工作。 This will send the same signal via the subchannel of the frequency division multiplexing, according to the working frequency diversity. 采用覆盖带宽W的宽带二进制信号也可以获得同样的结果。 Mulching width W wideband binary signal can be obtained the same results.

[0008] GKKaleh在IEEETransactionsonCommunications,Spet. 1994•上发表的一篇文章"Frequency-DiversitySpread-SpectrumCommunicationSystemtoCounter Band-limitedGaussianInterference,"中描述了这种技术。 [0008] GKKaleh in IEEETransactionsonCommunications, Spet. 1994, published an article on • "Frequency-DiversitySpread-SpectrumCommunicationSystemtoCounter Band-limitedGaussianInterference," is described in this technology. 这篇文章概括地描述了一种能够蓄意为敌的信号环境中工作的可靠的装置。 This article generally describes reliable device capable of operating signals deliberate hostile environment.

[0009] J.Proakis在"SpreadSpectrumSignalsforDigitalCommunication,''supra 的第八章中描述了一种频率分集扩展频谱和多址联接的概念。详细描述了一种与跳频扩展频谱相结合的分集传输方式,用来防止多径衰落和局部频带干扰。 [0009] J.Proakis in "SpreadSpectrumSignalsforDigitalCommunication, 'Chapter VIII' supra described a frequency diversity spread spectrum multiple access concepts and the detailed description of the diversity transmission and frequency hopping spread spectrum way combination, to prevent multipath fading and interference partial frequency band.

[0010] 早在1959年就有人提出了适合多元天线阵列的反向天线阵,用来在发送和接收期间提供相同的空间增益模式。 [0010] As early as 1959 it was suggested reverse antenna for multi-element antenna array, to provide the same spatial gain pattern during transmission and reception. 有关这种技术的论述可参见R.Monzingo,T.Miller, IntroductiontoAdaptiveArrays,WileyIntersciencePublications,1980 ;L.Van Atta的1959 年的美国专利2,908,002"ElectromagneticReflection" ;和B.Glance, P.Henrydl983 年5 月10 日的美国专利US4,383,332"HighCapacityMobileRadio System"。 Discussion of this technology can be found in R.Monzingo, T.Miller, IntroductiontoAdaptiveArrays, WileyIntersciencePublications, 1980; L.Van Atta US Patent 1959 2,908,002 "ElectromagneticReflection"; and B.Glance, P.Henrydl983 on May 10 US patent US4,383,332 "HighCapacityMobileRadio System". TDD系统为实现反向天线阵列提供了一种有效的手段,能够减少技术和发送路径之间的信道变化。 TDD system provides an effective means for achieving reverse antenna arrays, the channel variation can be reduced and the transmission path between the technologies.


[0011] 本发明的一个目的是提供一种无线电通信系统,用于通过信道畸变截然不同的大范围分散的频带传播数据,象直接序列扩展频谱所需的那样,在干涉频率之间实际上没有发散信号。 [0011] An object of the present invention is to provide a radio communication system, the channel distortion for dispersing a wide range of distinct band spread data, such as direct sequence spread spectrum, as required, virtually no interference between the frequency divergence signal.

[0012] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种在强窄带干扰条件下通信的无线电通信系统,例如是普通的蜂窝信号波形,在接收机的解扩展器处关闭受影响的频道。 [0012] Another object of the present invention is to provide a radio communication system under strong narrowband interference conditions, for example, normal cellular signal waveform close the affected extender in solution at a receiver channel.

[0013] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种具有简单均衡的线性信道多径畸变的无线电通信系统。 [0013] Another object of the present invention is to provide a radio communication system having a simple linear equalization channel multipath distortion.

[0014] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种无线电通信系统,它能够与离散多音和正交频分复用式信道技术兼容。 [0014] Another object of the present invention is to provide a radio communication system which is capable of a discrete multi-tone and OFDM-based channel compatible with the technology. 为了频率信道化和反信道化,还能够与时间分组多音和正交频分复用式调制/解调技术兼容。 For frequency channel and de-channelization, multiple tones can also be grouped orthogonal frequency division multiplexing and time modulator / demodulator compatible technology.

[0015] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种能够与时分双工系统兼容的无线电通信系统,其中的多层载波扩展频谱调制格式是分组的,例如,如果多层载波扩展频谱信号是用离散多音和/或基于频率信道化和反信道化的正交频分复用产生的。 [0015] Another object of the present invention is to provide a system compatible with a time division duplex radio communication system, wherein the multi-carrier spread spectrum modulation format is a packet, for example, if a multilayer carrier spread spectrum signal is discrete multi-tone and / or frequency channels based on the channel and of the inverse orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing generated.

[0016] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种具有频分多址联接式多址联接能力的无线电通信系统。 [0016] Another object of the present invention is to provide a multiple access frequency division multiple access type radio communication system having capability.

[0017] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种采取多层载波多址联接布局的具有码分多址联接式多址联接能力的无线电通信系统。 [0017] Another object of the present invention is to provide a code division multiple access radio communication system having a multiple access capability formula multilayer carrier multiple access layout taken.

[0018] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种能够与高阶数字调制兼容的无线电通信系统。 [0018] Another object of the present invention is to provide a higher order digital modulation is compatible with a radio communication system.

[0019] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种用于灵活请求式带宽数据速率连接的无线电通信系统。 [0019] Another object of the present invention is to provide a radio communication system is a flexible data rate Bandwidth request for connection.

[0020] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种在代码零位应用中具有空分多址联接式多址联接,干扰排除和信道均衡能力的无线电通信系统。 [0020] Another object of the present invention is to provide a spatial division multiple access multiple access code of Formula zero applications, and to exclude interfering channels in a radio communication system balancing.

[0021] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种配合自适应天线阵列使用的无线电通信系统,采用空间延伸的扩展码利用每个空间信道或是天线束上独立的合成增益来扩展数据,从而控制信道带宽阵列扩散。 [0021] Another object of the present invention is to provide a radio communication system with adaptive antenna arrays, the spatial spreading code extended with a separate synthesis for each spatial channel gain antenna beam or to extend the data to control array diffusion channel bandwidth.

[0022] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种能够与高级阵列适配技术兼容的无线电通信系统,例如是无盲点定向导航,盲点定向数据和其他技术,它利用了基带数据,信道结构或多层载波扩展格式的基本特性的优点。 [0022] Another object of the present invention is to provide a compatible with advanced array adaptation techniques radio communication systems, for example, directional navigation is no blind spots, the blind spot orientation data and other techniques, which utilizes the baseband data, channel structure or layer carrier extension characteristics substantially the format of advantages.

[0023] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种能够与反向通信技术兼容的无线电通信系统。 [0023] Another object of the present invention is to provide a reverse communication technology compatible with a radio communication system.

[0024] 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种能够与常规的码分多址联接,数据触发系统反向兼容的无线电通信系统。 [0024] Another object of the present invention is to provide a coupling with a conventional code division multiple access, the system data trigger backward compatible radio communication system.

[0025] 简而言之,本发明的实施例包括一种"多层载波"扩展频谱通信系统,其中的扩展是在频域中通过将时域形式的基带信号与一组重叠或是多层的复合正弦载波波形相乘而完成的。 [0025] Briefly, embodiments of the present invention includes a "multi-layer carrier" spread spectrum communication system, wherein the expansion in the frequency domain by a time domain representation of the baseband signal and a set of overlapping or multi-layer composite sinusoidal carrier waveform is multiplied accomplished. 实际的扩展是通过直接激励一个大型快速Fourier(FFT)变换库(bins)来完成的。 The actual expansion is a transformation library (bins) by direct excitation of a large fast Fourier (FFT) to complete. 这样就能明显降低计算的复杂性,缓和对输出FFT容量的要求。 This will significantly reduce the computational complexity, easing the requirements of FFT output capacity. 可以用一个0=9的Kaiser-Bessel窗口来填满单音之间的空间,不让这些单音与相邻的单音发生单音之间的干扰。 Kaiser-Bessel window can be a 0 = 9 to fill the space between the tone, to prevent interference between adjacent tones are tones tone occurs. 特别是高值的0会在相邻的单音之间产生干扰,而相隔更远的单音之间的干扰很小。 0 especially a high value causes interference between adjacent tones, and the interference between the spaced farther tone is small. 这种基本技术可以结合时分双工,码分多址联接,空分多址联接,频分多址联接,自适应天线阵列和干扰消除技术。 This basic technique may be combined with a time division duplex code division multiple access, space division multiple access, frequency division multiple access, the adaptive array antenna and interference cancellation techniques.

[0026] 根据本发明的一个方面,提供了一种多址联接通信系统,包括:多个无线电发射机,用于发射多个射频载波;多个无线电接收机,用于接收多个射频载波的至少一个子集; 连接到多个无线电发射机的扩展器,采用第一数字扩展增益和第一数据独立且冗余地调制多个射频载波的幅值和相位;连接到多个无线电接收机的解扩展器,采用第一数字扩展增益独立地解调多个射频载波的幅值和相位,以恢复第一数据;以及连接着无线电发射机、无线电接收机、扩展器和解扩展器的多址联接装置,该多址联接装置被配置为利用空分多址联接SDMA协议、频分多址联接FDMA协议和码分多址联接CDMA协议中的至少一种来提供独立的通信信道。 [0026] In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a multiple access communication system, comprising: a plurality of radio transmitter for transmitting a plurality of radio frequency carrier; a plurality of radio receivers for receiving a plurality of radio frequency carrier at least one subset; expander coupled to a plurality of radio transmitters, digital expansion using the first gain and a first redundant data independently and a plurality of modulated RF carrier amplitude and phase; coupled to a plurality of radio receivers despreader using a first spreading gain independently demodulates digital amplitude and phase of a plurality of RF carrier to recover the first data; and a connection with a radio transmitter, a radio receiver, de-spreading unit spreading multiple access means, coupled to the multi-access means is configured to utilize SDMA space division multiple access protocol, at least one of a frequency division multiple access FDMA protocols and code division multiple access CDMA protocol to provide independent communication channels.

[0027] 根据本方面的另一方面,提供了一种在多址联接通信系统中的方法,该方法包括通过执行以下操作来恢复用多个多层载波信号各自特有的扩展增益扩展并调制到多个多层载波信号的每一个上的数字通信信号:(1)将每个接收的多层载波信号信道化,以识别基带信号,其中接收的多层载波信号每一个都具有能够与多个接收的多层载波信号中的其它多层载波信号的信道带宽相分离的信道带宽;(2)通过应用与应用于每个接收的基带信号的扩展增益不同的解扩展加权,对多个接收的多层载波信号执行解扩展;(3)将接收的基带信号加以组合而获得对干扰进行补偿并且使信噪比最大化的基带信号;以及(4)消除出现在基带信号中的时间畸变或频率畸变,以恢复数字通信信号。 [0027] According to another aspect of the present aspect, there is provided a method in a multiple access communication system, the method comprising performing the following operations be recovered by using a plurality of carrier signals specific to each of the multilayer spreading and modulating the gain expansion digital communication signals on each of a plurality of multilayer carrier signal: (1) each received multi carrier signal of the channel, to recognize a baseband signal, wherein the received multi-carrier signals each capable of having a plurality of channel bandwidth other multilayer multilayer carrier signal received carrier signal phase separation channel bandwidth; (2) extended by applying weighting applied to different spreading gains received baseband signal of each solution, received on a plurality of the multilayer performing despread carrier signal; (3) the received baseband signal obtained by combining the interference and noise ratio maximized compensate baseband signal; and (4) elimination of the baseband signal appears in the time or frequency distortion distortion, to recover the digital communication signals.

[0028] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种无线电通信方法,在用于频谱分集的广泛分散的频带上扩展数据。 [0028] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method, extended data on a frequency band used in a wide diversity of spectral dispersion. 这样就能提供一种能够吸取频率分集优点的有效方式,特别是在频带广泛分散的应用中。 This would provide an effective way of frequency diversity advantage can be drawn, in particular in the band applied widely dispersed.

[0029] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种无线电通信方法,即使是在强烈的窄带干扰下也能通信。 [0029] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method, communication can be even in a strong narrowband interference. 这样就能在出现强烈的窄带频分多址联接(FDMA)和象蜂窝覆盖应用中那样的时分多址联接(TDMA)蜂窝无线电信号时维持一种多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)链路。 This will occur in a strong narrowband frequency division multiple access (FDMA) applications, and as cellular coverage as time division multiple access spread spectrum maintain a multilayer carrier (SCSS) when the link (TDMA) cellular radio signal. 还可以在由于来自带外信号的谐波而出现伪造干扰时维持通信链路。 May also maintain a communication link due to harmonics from the signal band interference occurs forgery.

[0030] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种无线电通信方法,它能够直接均衡线性信道畸变,并且能够使稳态或是准稳态线性信道畸变接近于发射扩展码上的乘法作用。 [0030] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method, it can be directly equalized linear channel distortion, and enables the steady-state or quasi-steady state close to a linear channel distortions transmit spreading code multiplication role. 还可以进一步将信道均衡操作溶入解扩展或扩展操作,除了消除分组内Doppler扩展之外不需要额外的滤波操作。 It may further channel equalization operations despreading dissolved or extended operation than addition to eliminating the need for additional extended packet Doppler filtering operation. 其基本原理是配合着基带,预扩展,电文信号的带宽来均衡多径传播。 The basic principle is combined with the base band, pre-expansion, the bandwidth of the message signal to equalize multipath propagation. 如果电文信号的带宽很窄,这种多径均衡操作会极为简单。 If the bandwidth of the message signal is narrow, this multipath equalizer will be extremely simple operation. 如果预扩展电文信号的带宽足够窄, 例如预扩展电文信号的相关带宽或是反向带宽是传输信道中的最大多径延迟的大乘积,这种均衡操作就能减少到能够自动溶入自适应解扩展操作的综合乘法操作。 If the pre-expanded message signal bandwidth is sufficiently narrow, for example, a pre-correlation bandwidth extended signal message or large return bandwidth product of the maximum multi-path delay of the transmission channel, this balance can be reduced to operate automatically adaptive dissolved despreading operation of the integrated multiplication operation. 它与常规的CDMA 系统的差异在于后者需要额外的均衡操作,除非扩展信号的相关宽度是传输信道中的最大多径延迟的大乘积。 It is conventional CDMA systems is that the latter requires additional difference equalization operation, the relevant width of the spread signal unless the product is large transmission channel maximum multi-path delay.

[0031] 本发明的另一个优点是提供了一种无线电通信方法,它能够兼容离散多音和正交频分复用式频道复用技术。 [0031] Another advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method that is compatible with a discrete multi-tone orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing type channel multiplexing. 这样就能用发射扩展码上的乘法效果精确地模拟稳态和线性信道畸变。 This will accurately simulate steady linear channel distortions and multiplication effect on the transmitter spreading code.

[0032] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种能够兼容时分双工系统的无线电通信方法。 One advantage of the [0032] present invention is to provide a radio communication method capable of time division duplex system is compatible. 例如,如果多层载波扩展频谱信号是用离散多音和/或正交频分复用式频道复用器和反向频道复用器产生的,就能采用时分双工通信格式将多层载波扩展频谱调制格式编组。 For example, if a multilayer carrier spread spectrum signal is a discrete multi-tone and / or orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing multiplexer channel and the reverse channel type produced multiplexer can time division duplex communication format multilayer carrier spread spectrum modulation format grouping. 在通信链路的任何一端都能对发射信道进行"本地"评估,大大简化了信道预加重,发射信道均衡拓扑逻辑和反向传输技术的实施。 Can transmit channel at either end of the communication link "local" evaluation, greatly simplifies pre-emphasis channel, transmission channel equalization embodiment topology logic and reverse transmission techniques.

[0033] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种具有码分多址联接式多址联接功能的无线电通信方法,例如是多层载波多址联接技术。 [0033] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a CDMA radio communication method having a function of multiple access type coupling, for example a multilayer carrier multiple access technique. 点-对-多点通信链路采用扩展增益的线性内部相关(正交或非正交)集在频道的相同子集上发射信号,以便由解扩展器分离这些信号。 Point - to - multipoint linear internal communication links using the associated spreading gain (orthogonal or non-orthogonal) set transmit on the same channel subset, so that the signals separated by the despreader. 因为扩展码可以是非正交的,在结合着空码技术使用时,本发明的首要优点是能够使用非正交扩展码。 Because the non-orthogonal spreading code may, when combined with the space code technique is used, the primary advantage of the present invention is the ability to use non-orthogonal spreading code.

[0034] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种能够兼容"按需带宽"灵活数据速率技术的无线电通信方法。 [0034] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method compatible with "bandwidth on demand" flexible data rate technology. 通过多个时间,频率,或多层载波信道向单个用户发送原始数据,在给定链路上的数据速率可以小幅地增、减。 , Frequency, or multi-carrier channels transmitted by a plurality of times to a single user raw data, the data rate on a given link may be slightly incremented and decremented. 如果用多个多层载波信道来提高数据速率,就能在不增加带宽的情况下调节数据速率。 If a plurality of multilayer carrier channels to increase the data rate, the data rate can be adjusted without increasing bandwidth.

[0035] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种能够兼容高级数字调制的无线电通信方法。 One advantage of the [0035] present invention is to provide a radio communication method capable compatible with advanced digital modulation. 它能够兼容任意的MalT数字基带调制格式,并且能够通过在每个频道上传输更多的位/符号而提高容量。 It MalT be compatible with any digital baseband modulation format, and able to transmit more bits / symbol on each channel capacity is increased. 通过改变每个原始数据中每个符号的位数还可以在多元通信网络中提高重新利用率和"负载平衡"。 It can also improve the re-utilization and "load balancing" polyol in each communication network by changing the original data bits per symbol.

[0036] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种具有空分多址联接,干扰消除及信道均衡能力的无线电通信方法,例如是空码技术。 [0036] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a spatial division multiple access, interference cancellation and channel equalization method radio communication capabilities having, for example, empty code technology. 这种空分多址联接式空码技术是理想或是接近理想的线性干扰消除和信号提取技术,这对于根据频率分集或频谱分集的信号在解扩展器上分离多层载波扩展频谱信号是有用的。 This space division multiple access technique is Code type air over or close to the ideal linear interference cancellation and signal extraction technique, which is useful for a multilayer carrier spread spectrum signal despreader separated on signal frequency in accordance with diversity or diversity spectrum of. 这样就能消除多层载波扩展频谱信号的信元内部的干扰,并且能消除信元外部的干扰,例如是提高重新利用能力。 This will eliminate the multilayer carrier spread spectrum signal interference inside the cell, and can eliminate the external interference in the cell, for example, improve the ability to re-use. 这样就能更加有效地使用在各种扩展格式中普遍采用的空码。 This allows more efficient use of space in a variety of code formats commonly used in spreading. 特别是能够为用于符号调制直接序列扩展频谱格式的空码技术提供一种二倍容量的改进,其中的扩展增益在每一个电文符号的基础上重复一次。 Particular, can provide an improved capacity for twice the technology null code symbol modulator direct sequence spread spectrum format, wherein the spreading gain repeated message on a per symbol basis.

[0037] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种能够配合自适应天线阵列使用的无线电通信方法。 [0037] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method that can be used with the adaptive antenna array.

[0038] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种能够兼容前置阵列自适应技术的无线电通信方法,用来按照空间分集,频谱分集,极化分集以及空间/频谱/极化分集的组合来分离信号。 [0038] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method capable of adaptive array technology is compatible preamble, used in accordance with the combined spatial diversity, frequency spectrum diversity, polarization diversity and spatial / spectral / polarization diversity isolated signal.

[0039] 本发明的一个优点是提供了一种能够兼容反向通信技术的无线电通信方法。 [0039] An advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method capable of reverse-compatible communication technology. 能够把反向通信技术直接扩展到包括单一天线或天线阵列的多层载波扩展频谱系统。 The reverse communication technology can be extended directly to the spread spectrum system comprises a multi-carrier single antenna or antenna array. 并且能够将最复杂的操作集中在点-对-多点通信链路中的基站上,大大降低了整个系统的成本。 And most complex operations can be concentrated in point - to - multipoint communications links on the base station greatly reduces the cost of the entire system.

[0040] 本发明进一步的优点是提供了一种能够向后兼容常规的码分多址联接数据激活技术的无线电通信方法。 [0040] A further advantage of the present invention is to provide a radio communication method for backward compatibility with conventional code division multiple access technology activation data.

[0041] 本领域的技术人员在参照附图阅读了对最佳实施例的具体说明之后就能充分地理解本发明的上述及其他目的和优点。 After [0041] Those skilled in the art with reference to the accompanying drawings in the detailed description of the preferred embodiments can be sufficiently understood from the above and other objects and advantages of the present invention.


[0042] 在附图中 [0042] In the drawings

[0043]图1是本发明实施例的一种通信系统的方框图,图中有若干个远程移动单元分布在一或多个中央基站的空间内; [0043] FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a communication system according to an embodiment of the present invention, there are several FIG remote mobile units distributed within the space of one or more central base station;

[0044]图2A表示本发明一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波扩展频谱发射机组被连接到一个天线阵列上作为点-对点发射机,另一个天线阵列被连接到用于点_对-点接收机的一个多层载波扩展频谱接收机组5 ; [0044] FIG 2A shows a block diagram of an embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG spread spectrum transmitting unit is connected to an antenna array as a point - to-point transmitter, the other antenna array is connected to a point _ to - a multi-carrier spread spectrum receivers in the receiving unit 5;

[0045]图2B表示本发明另一实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波多址联接发射机组被连接到一个天线阵列上作为网络发射机,另一个天线阵列被连接到用于网络接收机的一个多层载波多址联接接收机组; [0045] Figure 2B shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG multiple access transmitter unit is connected to a transmitter antenna array as a network, the other antenna array is connected to a network for receiving a multi-carrier multiple machines coupled receiving unit;

[0046] 图3A表示本发明另一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波扩展频谱发射机被连接到一个时分双工器上作为点-对点发射机,另一个时分双工器被连接到用于点-对-点接收机的多层载波扩展频谱接收机; [0046] FIG 3A shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG spread spectrum transmitter is connected to a time division duplex as a point - to-point transmitter, and the other is a time division duplex connected to a point - to - point receiver multi-carrier spread spectrum receiver;

[0047]图3B表示本发明另一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波多址联接发射机被连接到一个时分双工器上作为网络发射机,另一个时分双工器被连接到用于网络接收机的多层载波多址联接接收机; [0047] Figure 3B shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG multiple access transmitter is connected to a time division duplex network as a transmitter, the other is connected to a time division duplex multilayer carrier multiple receivers coupled to the receiver for the network;

[0048]图4A表示本发明另一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波扩展频谱发射机被连接到一个空码器(codenuller)上作为点-对点发射机,另一个空码器被连接到用于点-对-点接收机的多层载波扩展频谱接收机; [0048] FIG 4A shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG spread spectrum transmitter is connected to a decoder empty (codenuller) on a point - to-point transmitter, another empty decoder It is connected to a point - to - point receiver multi-carrier spread spectrum receiver;

[0049]图4B表示本发明另一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波多址联接发射机被连接到一个空码器上作为网络发射机,另一个空码器被连接到用于网络接收机的多层载波多址联接接收机; [0049] FIG 4B shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG multiple access transmitter is connected to a null code as a network transmitter, the other space is connected to a decoder multilayer carrier multiple access network receiver coupled to the receiver;

[0050] 图5A表示本发明另一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波扩展频谱发射机被连接到一个广泛分散的频道复用器(frequencychannelizer)上作为点-对点发射机, 另一个广泛分散的频道复用器被连接到用于点-对-点接收机的多层载波扩展频谱接收机; [0050] FIG 5A shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG spread spectrum transmitter is connected to a channel multiplexer widely dispersed (frequencychannelizer) on a point - to-point transmitter, and the other a widely dispersed multiplexer is connected to the channel for point - to - point receiver multi-carrier spread spectrum receiver;

[0051]图5B表示本发明另一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波多址联接发射机被连接到一个广泛分散的频道复用器上作为网络发射机,另一个广泛分散的频道复用器被连接到用于网络接收机的多层载波多址联接接收机; [0051] FIG 5B shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG multiple access transmitter is connected to a channel multiplexer as widely dispersed network transmitter, the other channel widely dispersed the multiplexer is connected to the multilayer carrier for multiple access network receiver coupled to the receiver;

[0052] 图6A表示本发明另一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波扩展频谱发射机组被连接到一个同步时分双工器组,后者又在用于点-对-点收发信机系统的多层载波扩展频谱发射机组的控制下通过一个反适配器连接到一个天线阵列和一个多层载波扩展频谱接收机组; [0052] FIG 6A shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG spread spectrum transmitting unit is connected to a synchronous time division duplex group, which in turn is used in the point - of - points to close transmission multilayer carrier extension system under the control of the emission spectrum by means of a counter unit connected to an adapter antenna array and a multi-carrier spread spectrum receiving unit;

[0053]图6B表示本发明另一个实施例的方框图,图中有一个多层载波多址联接发射机组被连接到一个同步时分双工器组,后者又在用于网络系统的多层载波多址联接发射机组的控制下通过一个反适配器连接到一个天线阵列和一个多层载波多址联接接收机组; [0053] FIG 6B shows a block diagram of another embodiment of the present invention, there is a multi-carrier FIG multiple access transmitter unit is connected to a synchronous time division duplex group, which in turn in a multilayer carrier network system under the control of the multiple access transmitting unit are connected by a counter-adapter to an antenna array and a multi-carrier multiple access receiving unit;

[0054] 图7A是一种类似于图2A,3A,4A,5A和6A中所包括的那种多层载波扩展频谱发射机的功能性框图; [0054] FIG. 7A is a similar to FIG. 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A that the multilayer included in the functional block diagram of a carrier spectrum spreading transmitter;

[0055] 图7B是一种类似于图2A,3A,4A,5A和6A中所包括的那种多层载波扩展频谱接收机的功能性框图; [0055] FIG. 7B is a similar to FIG. 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A that the multilayer carrier included in the functional block diagram of the spreading spectrum receiver;

[0056] 图8是图1所示系统中包括的基站的一个框图,并且表示了这样一种可能性,天线阵列能够在空间上鉴别通信系统中的成员。 [0056] FIG. 8 is a block diagram of the system shown in Figure 1 comprises a base station, and represents a possibility to be able to identify members of the array antenna communication system in space. 所表示的各个功能性发射机和接收机线路包括许多信道,能够支持基本的多层载波扩展频谱通信媒介; Various functional transmitter and a receiver comprising a plurality of lines indicated channel to support substantially multi-carrier spread spectrum communication medium;

[0057] 图9是图1所示系统中包括的一个典型的远程单元框图,并且表示了能够支持基本的多层载波扩展频谱通信媒介的自适应信道均衡和预加重功能; [0057] FIG. 9 is a block diagram of a typical remote unit in the system shown in FIG. 1, and shows a substantially capable of supporting multi-carrier spread spectrum communication medium adaptive channel equalization and pre-emphasis;

[0058]图10是一个多元T/R模块的框图,它包括各自具有一个天线的多个独立的T/R模块。 [0058] FIG. 10 is a block diagram of a polyhydric T / R modules, comprising each having a plurality of individual T / R modules of the antenna. 可以随着天线数量而增、减系统的组成规模。 As the number of antennas can be increased, reducing the size of the composition of the system. 空间处理发生在接收过程中的模-数转换(ADC)处理之后和发送过程中的数-模转换(DAC)操作之前。 After digital conversion (ADC) process and the process of sending the number of - - spatial processing mode occurs during reception analog converter (DAC) before the operation. 所有的空间以及频谱扩展操作都是对数字的数据执行的。 All space and spread spectrum operations are performed on the digital data. 系统中的所有关键频率和参考时钟都是从一个公共时钟例如是GPS时钟获得的。 All critical frequency and the reference clock is the system clock, for example, from a common GPS clock obtained. 在图中表示了一种模块校准的机制,它对于TDD系统中的精确反向是必要的。 Calibration module showing a mechanism in the figures, it is necessary for precise reverse TDD system.

[0059] 图11是一种多层载波扩展频谱调制器的框图,在被一个独立的定标器复用的Kspread个独立扩展单元当中复制基带数据,由定标器提供给一种时分复用器组合成一个复合数据矢量; [0059] FIG. 11 is a block diagram of a multi-layered carrier spread spectrum modulator, baseband data copy in Kspread independent extension unit multiplexed a separate scaler which is provided by the scaler to one kind of time division multiplexing combined into a composite data vector;

[0060] 图12是一个全数字完全自适应方式的多层载波扩展频谱解扩展器的框图。 [0060] FIG. 12 is a block diagram of a spectrum despreader a multilayer carrier extensions fully adaptive digital mode. 这种解扩展器包括若干个信道,用来处理多层载波扩展频谱载波媒介中的各个单音; Such despreader comprises a plurality of channels, each for processing a multilayer carrier tones the carrier medium in the spread spectrum;

[0061] 图13表示了一例BPSK多音,它的数据长度为6,扩展系数Kspread是4,而各组之间的间隔是2。 [0061] FIG. 13 shows an example of BPSK multi-tone, its data length is 6, Kspread expansion factor is 4, and the spacing between the groups is 2. 每一组单元gl-g4被表示成具有独立的幅值,可以通过信道均衡和预加重来控制,以便对抗干扰和其它问题; Each group of cells gl-g4 is represented as having a magnitude independent, may be controlled by pre-emphasis and channel equalization, in order of interference and other problems;

[0062] 图14表示用来恢复从一个天线阵列接收的信号x(t)的一个"SCORE"处理器。 [0062] FIG 14 shows a signal to restore the x (t) received from an antenna array "SCORE" processor. 这一处理器的控制包括控制滤波器h(t),频移值a和共辄控制(* ); The control processor includes a control filter h (t), a frequency shift value and common control Noir (*);

[0063] 图15是一个数据流程图,表示一种在两个单元子集当中选通的代码选通SCORE解扩展操作流程; [0063] FIG. 15 is a data flow diagram showing a case in which two cell subsets gated gated SCORE code despreading operation process;

[0064] 图16是一个数据流程图,表示一种在两个单元子集当中选通的代码选通SCORE扩展操作流程,它和图15是对称的; [0064] FIG. 16 is a data flow diagram showing one selected codes SCORE extended through gating operation flow among subsets of two units, and FIG. 15 which is symmetrical;

[0065]图17是用于本发明实施例的时分双工通信系统的一种时间-频率格式; [0065] FIG. 17 is a time-division duplex communication system according to an embodiment of the present invention - frequency format;

[0066]图18是一种基本DMT调制解调器的有效单首格式; [0066] FIG. 18 is effective to form a basic single first DMT modem;

[0067]图19是用来说明发射机/接收机校准方法的一个数据流程图; [0067] FIG. 19 is for explaining a data transmitter / receiver of a flowchart of the calibration method;

[0068] 图20是一种集成的单一天线T/R和离散多音(DMT)调制解调器的示意图,可用来实现本发明实施例的一种DMT式多层载波多址联接(SCMA)系统; [0068] FIG. 20 is a schematic diagram of a single integrated antenna T / R and Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT) modems a multilayer carrier DMT multiple access (the SCMA) may be used to implement embodiments of the present invention, a system;

[0069] 图21笼统地表示了本发明实施例的一种单线代码选通交叉-SCORE扩展器; [0069] Figure 21 generally represents a single line of code embodiment of the present invention, the gate cross -SCORE expander;

[0070] 图22是一个数据流程图,用来表示具有Kspread个单元子集的单线代码选通交叉-SCORE解扩展操作; [0070] FIG. 22 is a data flow diagram used to represent a single line of code units having Kspread subset gating cross -SCORE despreading operations;

[0071] 图23是一个数据流程图,用来表示具有Nframe个分组/适配帧的一种单线交叉-SCORE算法; [0071] FIG. 23 is a data flow diagram for showing a single-wire having Nframe packet / frame cross -SCORE adaptation algorithm;

[0072] 图24是一个数据流程图,用来表示一种单一适配帧自相关统计运算; [0072] FIG. 24 is a data flow diagram that represents one single frame adapted autocorrelation statistical operation;

[0073] 图25是一个数据流程图,用来表示具有Kspread个单元子集的一种交叉-SCORE 本征函数; [0073] FIG. 25 is a data flow diagram that represents one kind of sub-cells having Kspread cross -SCORE eigenfunctions set;

[0074] 图26是一个数据流程图,用来表示具有Kpart〈Kspread个单元子集的一种代码键发生器; [0074] FIG. 26 is a data flow diagram that represents to have a code key generator Kpart <Kspread subset cells;

[0075] 图27是一个数据流程图,用来表示具有Kpart〈Kspread个单元子集的一种等效的代码键发生器; [0075] FIG. 27 is a data flow diagram that represents an equivalent code with the key generator Kpart <Kspread subset cells;

[0076] 图28是一个数据流程图,用来表示具有Kpart个子集的一种交叉-SCORE本征函数; [0076] FIG. 28 is a data flow diagram that represents a subset having Kpart cross -SCORE eigenfunction;

[0077] 图29是一个数据流程图,用来表示具有两个单元子集的一种交叉-SCORE本征函数; [0077] FIG. 29 is a data flow diagram that represents a subset of two units having a cross -SCORE eigenfunction;

[0078] 图30是一个数据流程图,用来表示本发明实施例的一种多线代码选通交叉-SCORE扩展器; [0078] FIG. 30 is a data flow diagram, a multi-line code is used to represent an embodiment of the present invention, the gate cross -SCORE expander;

[0079] 图31是一个数据流程图,用来表示在本发明的一个实施例中采用频率选通和两个单元子集的一种单线代码选通自动-SCORE扩展操作; [0079] FIG. 31 is a data flow diagram, used to denote a single-wire code frequencies and two gating of subset of cells in one embodiment of the present invention, the automatic gate -SCORE spreading operation;

[0080] 图32是一个数据流程图,用来表示采用频率选通和两个单元子集的一种单线代码选通自动-SCORE解扩展操作; [0080] FIG. 32 is a data flow diagram for a single-wire code that represents the frequency of use of gating units and two gate subsets automatically -SCORE despreading operations;

[0081] 图33是一个数据流程图,用来表示采用频率选通和两个单元子集的一种自动-SCORE本征函数; [0081] FIG. 33 is a data flow diagram, used to denote an automatic frequency -SCORE eigenfunctions and two gating of subset of cells;

[0082] 图34是一个数据流程图,用来表示采用时间选通和半速率冗余选通的一种单线代码选通自动-SCORE扩展; [0082] FIG. 34 is a data flow diagram that represents the code using a single-wire half-rate time-gated and gated redundant gating -SCORE automatic extension;

[0083] 图35是一个数据流程图,用来表示采用时间选通和半速率冗余选通的一种单线代码选通自动-SCORE解扩展。 [0083] FIG. 35 is a data flow diagram, used to denote time-gated and gated half-rate redundancy code for a single-wire automatic gate -SCORE despreading.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0084] 图1中用总的标号10表不本发明实施例的一种通信系统,系统10包括一个具有多个远端单元12-17双向无线电通信的基站11。 [0084] FIG 1 by reference numeral 10 in the table does not always present invention, a communication system of this embodiment, the system 10 includes a two-way radio communication base station 12-17 of the plurality of remote units having 11. 如图1所示,基站11周围的远端单元12-17 的位置代表三维空间中的各种不同位置,还可以假设所有或是一或多个远端处在各个时间点上。 Around the remote unit, the base station 11 1 12-17 position represents a three-dimensional space in a variety of positions can also be assumed that all or one or more remote at various time points. 基站11有一个多元天线18。 The base station 11 has a multi-element antenna 18. 每个远端12-17有一的对应的天线19-24,这其中有些也是多元天线,例如21,23和24。 12-17 has a distal end of each corresponding antenna 19-24, some of which are multi-element antenna such as 21, 23 and 24. 天线18-24代表的各种形式有连接到一个收发信机的单一物理天线,隔离的发送和接收天线,以及各自代表差分空间信号灵敏度的天线阵列。 Representative of various forms of antennas 18-24 are connected to a single physical antenna transceiver, the isolation of the transmitting and receiving antennas, antenna arrays and respective spatial signal representative of the difference sensitivity. 另外,有些或是所有天线18-24都可以采用极化分集。 Further, some or all of the antennas 18-24 are polarization diversity. 也就是说,有些天线18-24可以是正测向极化(例如天线20),有些则可以是负测向极化(例如天线22)。 That is, some 18-24 antenna polarization may be a positive finding (e.g., antenna 20), while others may be negative finding polarized (e.g., antenna 22). "正/负"极化测向可以采取"水平/垂直"线性极化,"顺时针/逆时针"圆形极化,"倾斜45/135"极化等等。 "Positive / negative" polarized finding may take the "horizontal / vertical" linear polarization "CW / CCW" circular polarization, "inclined 45/135" polarization and the like. 实际噪声从四面八方侵入系统10,干扰源往往是由来自特定方向的信号所决定的。 Actual noise intrusion system 10 from all directions, the interference source is often determined by the signal from a particular direction. 基站11和远端单元12-17之间的多径信号代表着一种可能造成信道衰落和其它问题的干扰。 12-17 multipath signals between the base station and remote unit 11 may represent a channel fading and interference cause other problems.

[0085] 系统10还可以包括由装备有多元天线26的第二基站25来体现的多点-对-多点和点-对-点的网络拓扑逻辑。 [0085] The system 10 may further include a second base station equipped with a multi-element antenna 26, 25 to be embodied multipoint - to - multipoint and a point - to - point network topology logic. 多点-对-多点网络是图1所示系统的一种升级,可以在相邻的呼叫接口需要控制的单元系统中使用。 Multi-point - to - multipoint network is an upgrade of the system shown in Figure 1, can be used in the interface units of the system needs to adjacent call control. 网络中的每个基站或远端收发信机都可以具有任意不同数量的天线元和扩展系数,例如可以扩展到不同数量的频率单元。 Each base station or remote transceivers in the network may have any number of antenna elements and a different coefficient of expansion, for example, can be extended to different numbers of frequency bins. 空间定位的干扰可能会来自其它多层载波网络和网络内部的单元以及来自其它干扰源,例如是干扰台或者被覆盖的网络的FDMA信号。 Spatial orientation multilayer interference may come from the carrier network and other network elements and internal interference from other sources, for example, a station or the interference signal is covered FDMA network. 实际噪声可能从四面八方平衡或不平衡地侵入系统,在这里"平衡"的意思是各向同性噪声。 Actual noise from all directions may be balanced or unbalanced invasive system, where "balance" is meant isotropic noise.

[0086]系统10的无线电通信基本原理是本文所述的"多层载波扩展频谱"(SCSS),由基站11和各个远端单元12-17同时相互发送本质上具有频率分集的离散的多个单音(DMT)。 The basic principles of radio communication [0086] system 10 is a "multi-layer carrier spread spectrum" herein (SCSS), 12-17 simultaneously transmitted by each base station and remote units 11 each essentially having a plurality of discrete frequency diversity tone (DMT). 在来自一个单元11-17的每一组离散多音传输信号上对一个基带数据符号进行扩展频谱调制。 In one from each set of discrete multi-tone signal transmission means 11-17 to a baseband data symbols are spread-spectrum modulation. 指定的接收机甚至可以通过深度衰落或是受到强烈干扰的离散单音上的个别信道载波信息实现精确的数据恢复。 Carrier information on the individual channel receiver can be specified even by deep fading or strong interference by discrete tones accurate data recovery.

[0087] 还可以进一步用各种方式来体现本发明,例如图2A-6B中所示的各种组合实施例。 [0087] may further be embodied in various ways according to the present invention, various combinations such as the embodiment shown in FIG. 2A-6B. 图2A-6B中采用的各个要素会进一步参照图7-16来描述。 FIGS. 2A-6B using the various elements will be further described with reference to Figure 7-16. 各个阵列中的天线可以采取任意的空间位置,这种阵列不需要有特殊的天线几何形状就能有效地工作。 Individual antennas in the array may take any spatial position, which does not require a special antenna array geometries can work effectively. 另外,这种天线在极化和空间上都可以移动。 Further, the antenna can be moved in space and polarization.

[0088] 图2A表示由连接到一个多元天线阵列(AA)34上的多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)发射机组32构成的一个点-对-点发射机30。 [0088] FIG 2A shows a configuration of a point by the connecting unit 32 to transmit a multi-element antenna array (AA) multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) on 34 - to - point transmitter 30. 点-对-点接收机36包括连接到多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)接收机组40上的一个多元天线阵列(AA) 38。 Point - of - a multi-point receiver antenna array (AA) 38 40 36 on multilayer comprises a connection carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) the receiving unit. 每个天线阵列包括用来发送和接收数据的多个空间上隔离的天线。 Each antenna array comprises a plurality of isolated spaces for transmitting and receiving data over the antenna. 在图2A或是采用多层载波扩展和解扩展的图2B,6A 或6B中没有加进例如是自适应线性组合和/或通过多个空间上分离的天线来传输的自适应天线阵列处理。 In FIG. 2A or using 2B, 6A or 6B adaptive antenna array processing is not added, for example, a linear combination of adaptive and / or by a plurality of spatially separated transmit antennas multi carrier spread and despread FIG. 这种阵列自适应处理被归入了多层载波扩展和解扩展操作。 This adaptive array process is included in the spreading and despreading operation of a multilayer carrier.

[0089] 图2B表示由连接到一个多元天线阵列(AA)46上的多层载波多址联接(SCMA)发射机组44构成的一个网络发射机42。 [0089] Figure 2B represents the emission from the antenna is connected to a multi-array (AA) multilayer carrier multiple access (the SCMA) unit 46 on a network 44 constituting the transmitter 42. 网络接收机组48包括连接到多层载波多址联接(SCMA)接收机组52上的一个多元天线阵列(AA) 50。 Network 48 comprises a receiving unit connected to the multilayer carrier multiple access (the SCMA) receiving a multi-antenna array (AA) 50 on the unit 52.

[0090] 图3A表示由连接到一个时分双工器(TDD) 58上的多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)发射机56构成的点-对-点发射机54。 [0090] Figure 3A shows the dots 56 is connected to a time division duplex (TDD) carrier spread spectrum multilayer (SCSS) the transmitter 58 - to - point transmitter 54. 点-对-点接收机60包括连接到多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)接收机64上的一个时分双工器62。 Point - to - point connections to a receiver 60 comprising a multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) receiver 62 on a time division duplexer 64

[0091] 图3B表示的网络发射机66包括一个连接到时分双工器(TDD) 70上的多层载波多址联接(SCMA)发射机68。 [0091] Figure 3B shows the network transmitter 66 includes a connection to a time division duplex (TDD) multiple access multilayer carrier (the SCMA) 68 on the transmitter 70. 网络接收机72包括连接到多层载波多址联接(SCMA)接收机76 上的一个时分双工器74。 Network 72 includes a receiver connected to a multilayer carrier multiple access (the SCMA) a receiver on a time division duplex 7674.

[0092] 图4A表示由连接到一个空码器82上的多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)发射机80构成的点-对-点发射机78。 [0092] FIG 4A shows a configuration of point 80 by a decoder connected to a space 82 on a multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) transmitter - on - point transmitter 78. 点-对-点接收机84包括连接到多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)接收机88上的一个空码器86。 Point - to - point connections to a receiver 84 comprising a multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) on an empty code receiver 8886.

[0093] 图4B表示由连接到一个空码器94上的多层载波多址联接(SCMA)发射机92构成的网络发射机90。 [0093] FIG. 4B shows a network consisting of a transmitter connected to a multilayer empty carrier multiple access (the SCMA) on the transmitter code 94 92 90. 网络接收机96包括连接到多层载波多址联接(SCMA)接收机100上的一个空码器98。 Network 96 includes a receiver connected to a multilayer carrier multiple access (the SCMA) a receiver on the empty code 10098.

[0094] 图5A表示一个点-对-点发射机102,它包括连接到一个广泛分散的频道复用器106上的多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)发射机104。 [0094] FIG 5A shows a point - to - point transmitter 102, which comprises a connection to a multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) on a widely dispersed transmitter 104 channel multiplexer 106. 点-对-点接收机108包括连接到多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)接收机112上的一个广泛分散的频道复用器110。 Point - to - point connections to a receiver 108 includes a multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) receiver 112 on a channel multiplexer 110 is widely dispersed.

[0095] 图5B表示一个网络发射机114,它包括连接到一个广泛分散的频道复用器118上的多层载波多址联接(SCMA)发射机116。 [0095] FIG 5B shows a network transmitter 114, which comprises a connection to a multilayer carrier multiple access (the SCMA) on a widely dispersed 118 transmitter 116 channel multiplexer. 网络接收机120包括连接到多层载波多址联接(SCMA)接收机124上的一个广泛分散的频道复用器122。 The receiver 120 comprises a network connection to a multilayer carrier multiple access (the SCMA) receiver 124 on a channel multiplexer 122 widely dispersed.

[0096]图6A表示一种点-对-点收发信机系统126,其中的多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS) 发射机组128被连接到一个同步时分双工器(TDD)组130,后者又在多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)发射机组128的控制下通过一个反适配器136连接到一个多元天线阵列(AA) 132和一个多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)接收机组134。 [0096] FIG 6A shows a point - of - points to close the transmitter system 126, wherein the multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) emission unit 128 is connected to a synchronous time division duplex (TDD) group 130, which in turn emission control unit 136 is connected 128 in the multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) next to the adapter by a counter a multi-antenna array (AA) 132 and a multi-carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) the receiving unit 134.

[0097] 图6B表示一种网络系统138,它包括连接到同步时分双工器(TDD) 142上的一个多层载波多址联接(SCMA)发射机140,时分双工器又在多层载波多址联接(SCMA)发射机组140的控制下通过一个反适配器148连接到一个多元天线阵列(AA) 144和一个多层载波多址联接(SCMA)接收机组146。 [0097] FIG 6B shows a network system 138, which includes connected to the synchronous time division duplex (TDD) a multi-carrier multiple access (the SCMA) 142 on the transmitter 140 in turn in a time division duplex multilayer carrier multiple access (the SCMA) under emission control unit 140 is connected via a counter-adapter 148-1 multi-element antenna array (AA) 144 and a multi-carrier multiple access (the SCMA) receiving unit 146.

[0098] 图7A表示一种类似于图2A,3A,4A,5A和6A中所包括的那种多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)发射机150。 [0098] FIG 7A shows a similar to FIG. 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A that included a multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) the transmitter 150. SCSS发射机150包括一个数-模转换器(DAC) 152,用来将输入数字数据转换成用于传输的模拟信号。 The transmitter 150 comprises a number SCSS - converting digital data into analog signals for transmission to analog converter (DAC) 152, is used to input. 用于传输的模拟信息可以不通过DAC152直接输入。 Analog information for transmission may not be directly input by DAC152. 对应着上变换处理中的射频载波的每一次调制包括两个或更多信道(例如1,. ..,k)。 Corresponding to the radio frequency carrier of the conversion processing every modulation comprises two or more channels (e.g., 1 ,. .., k). 例如,每个上变换信道包括一个同相(I)混频器154和连接到90°移相器158和本地振荡器(L0) 160 的一个正交混频器156。 For example, each of the conversion channel comprising an in-phase (I) mixer 154 and connected to a 90 ° phase shifter 158 and a local oscillator (L0) 160, a quadrature mixer 156. 这样就能用调制信息来控制同相位和正交相位的AM载波射频的幅值。 This allows the amplitude modulation information to control the phase and quadrature phase AM radio frequency carrier. 一对增益控制放大器162和164能够在被加法器166重组之前独立地调节各个同相位和正交相位的幅值。 One pair of gain control amplifier 162 and 164 can be independently adjusted amplitude of the respective inphase and quadrature phase before being recombinant adder 166. 用一个带通滤波器(BPF) 168剥离可能会干扰相邻信道的带外信号。 With a band pass filter (BPF) 168 may interfere with the release band signals of adjacent channels. 由一个总加法器170组合来自所有信道的信号,并且产生发射机输出,然后提供给一个天线。 Signals of all channels by a combination of a total 170 from the adder and generates the transmitter output, and supplied to an antenna. 扩展增益发生器172周期性地发出平行的输出,用来控制一组中每一个信道的所有增益控制放大器162和164。 Spreading gain generator 172 periodically sends parallel output, for controlling the gain of each of a set of all control channel amplifiers 162 and 164. 提供给各个增益控制放大器162和164的各个控制信号中包括用于开/关控制的一位信号数字线,用于离散灰色色度设定的多位平行数字控制线,或者是用于连续改变增益设定的一条模拟控制线。 Respective control signals supplied to respective gain control amplifier 162 and 164 includes for opening / closing a control signal of the digital line, digital control lines for the parallel multi-bit gray chromaticity discrete set, or a continuously varying an analog gain setting control line.

[0099] 对图7A和7B所示的用于发射机150和接收机180的模拟电路的一种显而易见的变更是采用全数字复用转换器("transmux")设计,例如是采用离散的数字逻辑或数字信号处理器。 [0099] An obvious changes shown in FIGS. 7A and 7B for analog transmitter 150 and the receiver circuitry 180 are all-digital multiplexing converter ( "transmux") design, for example, a discrete number logic or a digital signal processor.

[0100] 对例如图7A和7B所示的直接或复用转换器扩展和解扩展方案的一种最佳变更方式是本发明的正交频分复用(0FDM)的离散多音(DMT)方法。 [0100] FIGS. 7A, for example, and directly expanded or complex despread a preferred embodiment of the modified mode converter with the present invention is an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing Discrete Multitone (0FDM) as shown in 7B (the DMT) Method .

[0101] 参见图7A,在发射机150工作时,扩展增益发生器172产生的某些扩展增益输出要比用不同的扩展增益获得的输出更容易被指定的接收机接收到。 [0101] Referring to FIG. 7A, the transmitter 150 work, some spreading spread gain gain generator 172 outputs the generated output different than the spreading gain obtained more easily received by the designated receiver. 发射机和接收机之间的介入无线电通信环境对某些相位和频率的衰减或是干扰通常要比对其它相位和频率的衰减或干扰大。 Interventional radio communication environment between the transmitter and receiver typically large attenuation or interference than some of the phase and frequency of the attenuation or phase and frequency interference from the other. 无线电通信环境中包含同波道干扰,网间和网内加性干扰,以及更容易超过扩展码并且在接收机上难以消除的人为干扰/覆盖信号。 The radio communication environment comprising co-channel interference, and the network gateway plus interference, and easier than spreading code and it is difficult to eliminate jamming at the receiver / signal coverage. 扩展增益输出有能力补偿介入无线电通信环境中的信道畸变和同波道干扰的影响。 Spreading gain compensated output ability interventional channel distortion and co-channel radio communication environment interference. 在任何一个时刻应该产生的最佳扩展增益输出可以按照时间或空间用模仿的序列来确定,或者是按照对例如反向信道数据等通信质量的某种测量所获得的结果来调节。 Best spreading gain output at any one time may be determined to be generated in accordance with time or space sequence to imitate, or based on the measurement result, for example, a certain communication quality of the reverse channel data obtained adjusted. 这种扩展码能够补偿同波道干扰源以及信道畸变。 This spreading codes can be compensated for cochannel interference sources and channel distortion.

[0102] 图7B表示一种类似于图2A,3A,4A,5A和6A中所包括的那种多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)接收机180,并且能够与图7A所示的发射机150互补。 [0102] Figure 7B shows a similar to FIG. 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A that included a multilayer carrier spread spectrum (SCSS) receiver 180, and 150 can be complementary to the transmitter shown in FIG. 7A . SCSS接收机180用一个平行驱动若干个独立频道的分离器181接收模拟信号。 SCSS receiver 180 with a plurality of parallel independent drive separator 181 receives an analog signal channels. 一个典型的信道包括带通滤波器182,分离器183,同相增益控制放大器184,正交相位增益控制放大器185,由移相器188和本地振荡器189驱动的一对相位检测器186和187,以及用来将所有接收机信道重新组合成数字信号的一个模-数转换器(ADC) 190。 A typical channel comprises a bandpass filter 182, splitter 183, gain control amplifier 184 in-phase, quadrature phase gain control amplifier 185, a phase shifter driven by the local oscillator 188 and a pair of phase detectors 189 and 186 187, and a receiver for all channels are reassembled into a digital signal an analog - digital converter (ADC) 190. 每个下变换信道中包括同相(I)混频器186和连接到90°移相器188和本地振荡器(LO) 189的正交(Q)混频器187。 Each channel includes a down-conversion phase (I) mixer 186 and connected to the same 90 ° phase shifter 188 and quadrature local oscillator (LO) 189 (Q) of the mixer 187. 再连接一个解扩展加权发生器191,用来控制各个信道中独立的同相和正交放大器184和185。 Despreading a reconnection weight generator 191, for controlling the respective independent channels and quadrature-phase amplifiers 184 and 185.

[0103] 图8表示一个基站230。 [0103] FIG. 8 shows a base station 230. 在最佳实施例中,对于"空码(codenulling)",采用解扩展加权最大限度地增大信号-干扰比和信-噪比;并且根据从适应本地的扩展加权导出的扩展增益在最佳实施例中引入了方向性和反方向性。 In the preferred embodiment, for the "empty code (codenulling)", using despreading weights maximize the signal - to-interference ratio and channel - noise ratio; and locally adapted according to the extended spreading gain weighting derived in the preferred embodiment Example introduced and the anti-directional directivity. 基站230类似于图1的基站11,它包括采用波束成形与远端单元进行定向无线电通信的天线阵列232,发射/接收(T/R)前端234, 一组频道236,数据元变换器238,加权适配算法发生器240,多天线多线路解扩展器242,延迟和Doppler估算器243,延迟和Doppler均衡器组244,和一个符号解码器组246, 例如是输出若干个恢复的基带数据信道的一种Trellis解码器。 11 base station 230 similar to Figure 1, comprising a remote unit using beam forming antenna array 232 of directional radio communication, transmit / receive (T / R) front end 234, a set of channels 236, 238 of data converter element, weighting adaptation algorithm generator 240, a multi-antenna multi-line despreader 242, a delay and a Doppler estimator 243, delay and Doppler equalizer group 244, and a symbol decoder 246, for example, an output number of the recovered baseband data channel a Trellis decoder. 天线阵列232中可以没有, 有些,或者全部都是极化分集的(例如天线233)。 The antenna array 232 may not, some, or all are polarization diversity (e.g., antenna 233).

[0104] 有些输出基带数据信道被连接到一个符号编码器组248,例如是Trellis编码器。 [0104] Some of the data channel output is connected to a baseband encoder symbol group 248, for example, a Trellis encoder. 从此开始的传输线路包括延迟和Doppler预加重组250,多天线多线路扩展器252,天线和频道变换器254,连接到发射/接收补偿算法发生器256的发射/接收补偿组255,以及连接到T/R前端234的一个反向频道复用器组257。 Began transmission line includes a delay and Doppler pre recombinant 250, a multi-antenna multi-line extension 252, and antenna 254 for channel converter, connected to the emitter transmit / receive compensation algorithm generator 256 / receiving compensation group 255, as well as to T / R a distal end 234 of the reverse channel multiplexors 257. 一个发射/接收分组触发器258接收GPS 时间转移信息并且控制T/R前端234中独立的发射和接收时间的交错和持续时间。 A transmit / receive packet transfer time flip-flop 258 receives GPS information and control interleaving duration and independent transmit and receive time T / R distal end 234. 这种基站的天线阵列还可以只有一个天线元。 This base station antenna array may also be only one antenna element. 在一个最佳实施例中,基站采用分组的时分双工DMT 或0FDM调制器和解调器来执行反向频道复用器和频道复用器的工作。 In a preferred embodiment, the base station uses the packet or time division duplex 0FDM DMT modulator and demodulator to perform the work reverse channel multiplexer and a channel multiplexer.

[0105] 关于使用Trellis编码调制的更多信息可以参见Boulle等人在IEEEP頂RC' 94, pp.105-109 上发表的"AnOverviewofTrellisCodedModulationResearchin C0ST231"。 [0105] For more information on using Trellis coded modulation may be found in Boulle et al, published in the top IEEEP RC '94, pp.105-109 "AnOverviewofTrellisCodedModulationResearchin C0ST231".

[0106] 图9中表示一个实施例的远端单元260。 [0106] FIG. 9 represents one embodiment of remote unit 260. 远端单元260类似于图1的远端单元12-17,它包括采用组合的空间和频谱分集与基站进行无线电通信的天线阵列262,发射/ 接收(T/R)前端264, 一组频道266,数据元变换器268,加权适配算法发生器270,多天线解扩展器272,延迟和Doppler估算器273,延迟和Doppler均衡器组274,和一个符号解码器276,例如是输出一个恢复的基带数据信道的一种数据解码器。 Remote unit 260 is similar to the remote unit of FIG. 1 12-17, which comprises using a combination of spectral and spatial diversity antenna array 262 and the base station radio communication, transmit / receive (T / R) front end 264, a channel group 266 the data converter element 268, weighting adaptation algorithm generator 270, a multi-antenna despreader 272, delay and Doppler estimator 273, group delay and Doppler equalizer 274, and a symbol decoder 276, for example, the output of a restored a data decoder baseband data channel. 天线阵列262中可以没有, 有些,或者全部都是极化分集的(例如天线263)。 The antenna array 262 may not, some, or all are polarization diversity (e.g., antenna 263).

[0107] 输出基带数据信道被连接到一个符号编码器278,例如是一个数据编码器。 Data Channel [0107] The baseband output is connected to a symbol encoder 278, for example, a data encoder. 从此开始的传输线路包括延迟和Doppler预加重单元280,多天线扩展器282,天线和频道变换器284,连接到发射/接收补偿算法发生器286的发射/接收补偿组285,以及连接到T/R前端264的一个反向频道复用器组287。 Began transmission line includes a delay and Doppler pre-emphasis unit 280, a multi-antenna extension 282, and antenna 284 for channel converter, connected to the transmit / receive compensation algorithm generator transmit / receive compensation group 285 286, and connected to the T / R a distal end 264 of the reverse channel multiplexors 287. 一个发射/接收分组触发器288接收GPS时间转移信息并且控制T/R前端264中独立的发射和接收时间的交错和持续时间。 A transmit / receive packet transfer time flip-flop 288 receives GPS information and control interleaving duration and independent transmit and receive time T / R 264 in the front end.

[0108] 这种基站的天线阵列可以只有一个天线元。 [0108] The antenna array may be only one such base station antenna elements. 各个远端单元的天线数量可以是不同的。 The number of antennas of each remote unit may be different. 这样就能根据一个具体单元的重要性或是数据速率来更改远端单元的费用。 This will change according to the importance of the cost of the remote unit or the data rate of a particular cell. 远端单元可以采用不同的扩展速率。 Remote unit may use different spreading rates. 它们能够在基站收发信机所使用的频道中不同的子集上扩展自己的数据。 They can expand their data channel in the base transceiver station used in the different subsets. 在一个最佳实施例中,远端单元采用分组的时分双工DMT或0FDM调制器和解调器执行反向频道复用器和频道复用器的工作。 In a preferred embodiment, the remote unit using the packet or time division duplex 0FDM DMT modulator and demodulator reverse channel implementation of the multiplexer and the multiplexer channel. 基站和远端单元之间的区别在于基站是从多个节点上收发信号,也就是多址联接。 The difference between the base station and the remote unit is a base station that send and receive signals from the plurality of nodes, i.e. multiple access. 每个远端单元仅仅是收发自己需要的一个数据流。 Each remote unit transceiver is only one data stream they need. 信道均衡技术和空码对于适应扩展和解扩展加权来说都是有限的方法。 Channel equalization and space for code spreading and despreading weights are limited methods for adaptation.

[0109] 图10表示一种多天线发射/接收模块290。 [0109] FIG. 10 shows a multi-antenna transmission / reception module 290. 模块290包括一个多元天线阵列291, 每个信元连接到对应的一个单信道T/R模块292,例如是四个。 Module 290 comprises a multi-element antenna array 291, each cell connected to a corresponding one-channel T / R module 292, for example, four. 每个T/R模块292被连接到一个分组触发器293,接收机校准发生器294,本地振荡器295和一个系统时钟296。 Each T / R module 292 is connected to a trigger packet 293, receiver calibration generator 294, a local oscillator 295, and a system clock 296. 它们都是由GPS时钟和Doppler校正信号来驱动的。 They are composed and the GPS clock signal to drive the Doppler correction. 每个T/R模块292包括一个T/R开关297,中频(IF)下变换器298,模-数转换器(ADC) 299,数-模转换器(DAC) 300,IF上变换器301 和一个功率放大器(PA) 302。 Each T / R module 292 comprises a T / R switch 297, an intermediate frequency (IF) down-converter 298, an analog - digital converter (ADC) 299, the number of - analog converter (DAC) 300, IF converter 301 and the a power amplifier (PA) 302. 在接收过程中学习接收加权信息,并且在发射过程中用于设定提供给每个天线元的有关发射功率,以补偿信道衰落或是干扰。 Receiving weight information received in the learning process, and for setting a transmit power related to each antenna element in the transmission process, channel to compensate for fading or interference. 需要注意的是,如果基站采用极化分集,发射/接收模块的极化都必须是单独激励的。 Note that, if the base station polarization diversity transmit / receive module of polarization must be separately excited.

[0110] 接收和发射时隙是在特定的时间触发的,可以根据UnitedStatesDepartmentof Defense使用的全球定位系统(GPS)提供的精确通用时间独立来源按照伪随机方式来确定。 [0110] receive and transmit time slots are triggered at a particular time may be provided by the global positioning system used UnitedStatesDepartmentof Defense (GPS) to accurately determine the source of universal time independent pseudorandom manner. 这种GPS时间是由驻留在通信平台的电路板上的导航系统获得的,让每个T/R模块292 的接收机侧都知道一个分组所对应的时隙。 This GPS time is set by the navigation system resides on a circuit board obtained by the communication platform, so that the receiver side of each T / R module 292 knows that a corresponding slot packet. GPS时间还用来获取系统中使用的本地振荡器和ACD/DAC时钟。 GPS time is also used to obtain a local oscillator used in the system and ACD / DAC of the clock. 接收机侧不需要与远端发射源同步。 Receiver side does not need to synchronize with the remote transmission sources. 特别是接收机系统在接收第一个数据分组之前不需要知道通信装置之间的传播延迟和Doppler频移的范围。 In particular the receiver system prior to receiving the first data packet does not need to know the propagation delay between the communication apparatus and the Doppler shift range. 然而,在某些应用中可能需要在一定精度上知道通信装置之间的范围,速度,延迟和Doppler频移。 However, in some applications you may need to know the range between the communication devices, speed, delay and Doppler shift over a certain accuracy. 在接收第一个数据分组之前不需要知道通信装置之间的范围,传播延迟和Doppler频移的范围。 Before receiving the first data packet does not need to know the range between the communication devices, the propagation delay, and Doppler shift range.

[0111] 校准模式仅仅是根据需要选择使用。 [0111] The calibration mode is only need to select. 例如是在一次传输的开头,或者是在内部诊断指示出需要校准时执行。 For example, at the beginning of a transfer, or the need for performing calibration is instructed internal diagnostics.

[0112] 在图12中,镜像地模拟如图11所示的编码,扩展和调制操作来执行解调,解扩展和解码操作。 [0112] In FIG. 12, FIG simulated image encoding shown in FIG. 11, spreading and modulation operations to perform demodulation, despreading and decoding operations. 图11中的数据流可以反映出图12中的数据流,图11和12的数据流是相同的,一个图中的相加在另一个图中就换成了输出。 The data flow in Figure 11 reflects the data flow in FIG. 12, FIG. 11 and the data stream 12 is the same, adding a figure in the drawing on another output replaced. 这种对称性例如有DMT调制器和解调器, 频率变换和反变换操作,扩展和解扩展操作,以及编码选通扩展和解扩展操作。 This symmetry for example, DMT modulator and demodulator, a frequency transformation and inverse transformation operations, spreading and despreading operations, encoding and spreading and despreading operation of the gate. 扩展器的构造镜像解扩展器的构造。 Despreader configured mirror configuration of the expander. 现有技术的CDMA收发信机不具有这样的对称性。 The prior art CDMA transceiver does not have such symmetry. 对称性在本发明的实施例中是一个重要特征。 Symmetry is an important feature in the embodiment of the present invention.

[0113] 图11表示在实施例300中用于频道复用的一种离散多音多层载波扩展频谱(SCSS)调制器。 [0113] FIG. 11 shows a multiplexed channel Discrete multitone spread spectrum multilayer carrier (SCSS) modulator 300 in the embodiment. 来自导航和编码系统302的帧生成指令使一个信号调制器304将天文历, 位置,速度,加速度和其它信息编码成一种Kcell符号数据矢量。 Frame from a navigation system 302 and generates coded instructions cause a signal modulator 304 ephemeris, position, velocity, acceleration, and other information is encoded into a symbol data vector Kcell. 然后用这些符号调制一组基带单音或快速Fourier变换(FFT)bins。 Then modulates a baseband tone or set of fast Fourier transform (FFT) bins with these symbols. 在扩展器306中为Kspraad个独立扩展单元复制这一心^基带单音,乘以一个独立的扩展增益用于天线" 1"和频率单元"h"合成,例如将复合常数对等地乘以信元中的每一个符号,并且提供给一个时间复用器将信元组合成合成数据的一个Ka(:tiTC-长矢量,其中的Ka(:tiTC彡K cell^spread0将这一合成数据矢量提供给一个零衰减反向-FFT算子308将数据矢量直接转换成KFFT彡(1+SF) *Kactlve实时-IF时间采样, 其中的"SF"代表这一系统中从阻带到通带的"形态系数"或是比例。然后将这一时间序列中的第一个Eroll *KFFT采样复制310成一个Kpadret= (1+Erall) *KFFT-长数据序列。乘法器312用来自一个Kaiser-Bessel窗口314的Kpadiet-长数据乘以这一序列,产生最终的采样信号。然后将采样信号提供给数-模转换器产生一个Tpadret*Kpadffit/fs-长数据短脉冲串提供给上变频器和通信信道,其中的fs是DPC/DNC模块的复 Copy expander 306 to the extension unit independently Kspraad heart ^ baseband tones are multiplied by a separate spreading gain antenna for "1" and the frequency unit "h" synthesis, for example, the composite channel multiplied by a constant peer each element symbol and provides a time to a multiplexer Ka cell composition into a composite data (: tiTC- vector length, wherein the Ka (: tiTC San K cell ^ spread0 to provide the synthesized data vector zero attenuation to a reverse -FFT operator 308 directly converted into vector data KFFT San (1 + SF) * Kactlve -IF real time sampling, where "SF" on behalf of the system from the barrier to the passband " form factor "or proportional. then this time series in the first Eroll * KFFT 310 into a sample copy Kpadret = (1 + Erall) * KFFT- long data sequence from multiplier 312 with a Kaiser-Bessel window Kpadiet- length multiplied by the data sequence 314 to produce the final sampled signal is then provided to a number of the sampled signals - analog converter generates a Tpadret * Kpadffit / fs- length data communication channel and the up-converter is supplied to a short pulse sequence , where fs is the DPC multiplexing / DNC module 合采样速率。用来减少发射信号特征的所有参数都和GPS时间一致,使通信网络中的节点同时发射。系统中的每一个天线都重复这一过程。 Closing the sampling rate. All parameters for reduction and the signal characteristics transmitted are consistent with GPS time the communication nodes in the network simultaneously transmit system of each antenna repeats this process.

[0114] 在基线系统300中包括按照基带单音编码的符号。 [0114] In the baseline system 300 comprises a symbol encoded according to the base band tone. 每个Keell数据位调制信号基带中的一个独立单音,如果用来调制单音的数据位等于0或是1,就分别用0或180°对单音进行相位调制。 Each data bit Keell baseband modulated signal independent of a tone if the tone is used to modulate the data bits is equal to 0 or 1, respectively, on the tone of the phase modulated with 0 or 180 °. 这种单音调制在可允许的发射功率下是非常有效的。 This tone modulation at the allowable transmission power is very effective. 它可以弥补无线电辐射检测技术的脆弱性,能够以低达3dB的Eb/N0可靠地解调发射的位序列。 It can make up a radiation detector vulnerability radio technology, can be as low as 3dB of Eb / N0 reliably demodulate the transmitted bit sequence. 在单音相序的共辄自相干的基础上,BPSK格式能够采用有效和完善的方法从解扩展数据中消除定时和载波偏移。 On the basis of the phase sequence of the tone from the co-coherent on noir, BPSK format and can be employed effectively improve the timing and method of eliminating a carrier offset from the despread data.

[0115] 这种运算是用于单一天线的,例如对收发信机采用的每一个频率单元k和天线1 使用不同的合成扩展增益gkl。 [0115] This operation is used for a single antenna, for example, each frequency k of the transceiver unit using different antennas and a synthetic spreading gain gkl. 这一通路在数-模转换操作之前使用分组扩展系数erall和分组采样长度Kpaeket= (l+erall)KFFT采样(在DAC操作之后Tpaeket= (l+eroll)TFFT持续时间)。 The passage number - using the packet and the packet expansion coefficient erall sample length before the analog conversion operation Kpaeket = (l + erall) KFFT samples (DAC operation after Tpaeket = (l + eroll) TFFT duration). 可以根据扩展加权wkl按照电码本,随机,伪随机或是自适应等方式通过平均数量来确定扩展增:gki。 You can follow the code book, a random, pseudo-random or adaptive, etc. to determine the average number of extended by weighting according to the extended wkl: gki.

[0116] 每个数据符号的信息位数是Kbit。 [0116] Information data bits per symbol is Kbit. BPSK是一种简单的编码策略,其中的编码被忽略,而Kbit=l。 BPSK is a simple coding strategy, wherein encoding is ignored, and Kbit = l. 平台天文历,位置,速度,和加速度信息是在某些应用中可以发送的数据的一些例子。 Some examples of platform ephemeris, position, velocity, and acceleration data information in certain applications may be sent. BPSK对于数据速率不是系统主要问题的那些应用是最佳的调制方式。 For those applications BPSK data rate is not the main problem of the system is the best modulation scheme.

[0117] 在其它实施例中有选择地包括了延迟和Doppler预加重操作。 [0117] In other embodiments, there is included a selected delay and Doppler pre-emphasis operations. 在最初编组之后采取这种方式以便在指定的接收机上消除从DMT调制器发射的信号的延迟和Doppler频移的影响。 Following such an approach to eliminate the influence of delayed initial grouping of signals transmitted from the DMT modulation and the Doppler shift at the designated receiver. 这种操作在网络中可以简化收发信机的设计,将延迟和Doppler消除操作集中在基站中完成。 This operation may simplify the design of the network transceiver, the delay and Doppler concentrated canceling operation in the base station is completed.

[0118] 随着对多址联接收发信机的扩展概念的产生,可以在多用户收发信机中用一组独立的扩展增益(gkl(m))来扩展提供给用户m的数据符号。 [0118] With the emergence of the concept of the extension of the associated receiving multiple access transmitter, may be a multi-user transceiver with an independent set of spreading gain (GKL (m)) to extend to the data symbols of user m.

[0119] 图12表示一种全数字完全自适应的解扩展和波束成形接收机320。 [0119] FIG. 12 shows a fully adaptive digital beamforming receiver despread and 320. 这种技术的背景可以参见Tsoulos等人1994年3月在IEEE#l-7803-1927,pp. 615-619上发表的"ApplicationofAdaptiveAntennaTechnologytoThirdGenerationMixedCell RadioArchitectures"。 This technique can be found in the background Tsoulos, who in March 1994 published in the IEEE # l-7803-1927, pp. 615-619 "ApplicationofAdaptiveAntennaTechnologytoThirdGenerationMixedCell RadioArchitectures". 来自一个接收机导航和编码系统322的帧接收指令使得信号解调器324从Ka"ay个阵列天线326上收集一串T_-长发射帧并且执行模-数转换,Tgat^Kgate 个采样占用的持续时间。这其中包括一个Tg_d-长时隙,用来解决发射和接收链路之间未知的传播延迟(Tgate=Tpaeket+TguaJ,其中的Tpaeket是分组的时间跨度,Tg_d是Kg_d个采样占用的时间间隔。从每一个ADC输出一个Kgate-长数字数据帧,然后提供给一个窗口式零衰落稀疏FFT328,用每个被FFT库的整数分开的单音将分组转换到频域。 From a navigation receiver and a frame coding system 322 receives the instruction signal so that the demodulator 324 collected from Ka "ay array antenna 326 T_- string length transmission frame and performing analog - digital conversion, Tgat ^ Kgate occupied samples duration. Tg_d- which comprises a long slot, to solve the unknown link between transmission and reception of the propagation delay (Tgate = Tpaeket + TguaJ, wherein the packet is the time span Tpaeket, Tg_d samples is occupied Kg_d intervals. each ADC output from a digital data frame Kgate- length and then supplied to a windowed zero-fading sparse FFT328, each separated by an integer library FFT tones packet into the frequency domain.

[0120]FFT库被提供给一个多路分解器330,从接收的数据组中消除无用的FFT库,并且将剩下的库编组成KMllX(Kspraad*K_ay)数据矩阵,这其中包含从各个发射的扩展单元接收到的单音,其中的Kspraad是频率扩展稀疏,KMll是每个预扩展数据单元的符号数,而Ka"ay 是天线的数目。各个扩展数据单元通过一组线性合成器332消除覆盖各个单元的同波道干扰,并且对来自接收的数据组的原始基带符号单音解扩展。利用代码选通自相干恢复方法来适配合成器的加权,同时对接收的数据信号解扩展,并且执行按照频率的多天线接收和有用的扩展信号的空间滤波。 [0120] FFT library is provided to a demultiplexer 330, eliminating unnecessary FFT library from the received set of data, and the remaining library grouped KMllX (Kspraad * K_ay) data matrix, which comprises from each transmit received tones expansion unit, wherein the frequency spreading is Kspraad sparse, KMll is the number of symbols for each pre-expansion data unit, and Ka "ay is the number of antennas. extension data unit via a respective set of linear combiner 332 elimination covering the same channel interference of each unit, and the original baseband symbols from the received set of data tones despreading. gated with a code recovery method suitable for self-coherent with the weighting synthesizer, while receiving a data signal despreading, and performing spatial filtering of multi-antenna receive frequency spread signal and useful in accordance with.

[0121] 合成器加权被用来构筑一组可用于后续的反向传输的发射加权。 [0121] Synthesis of weighting is used to construct a set of transmit weighting can be used for the subsequent reverse transmission. 然后将这种单音提供给一个延迟和Doppler均衡单元334来评估和消除来自接收数据组的Doppler频移(非整数FFT库-频移)和线性传播延迟(相位超前)。 This tone is then provided to a delay unit 334 and equalization Doppler to evaluate and eliminate from the Doppler frequency shift of the received data group (non-integer FFT Library - frequency shift) and linear propagation delay (phase advance). 由一个符号解调器336来评估发射的信息符号。 A symbol from the demodulator 336 to evaluate the information transmitted symbols.

[0122] 接着,接收到的由各个用户发射的数据分组被解扩展,并且从接收的干扰环境中提取出来。 [0122] Next, the received data packets transmitted by the respective user is despread, and extracts from the received interference environment. 一直到按照高信号_干扰比和信-噪比对基带信号解扩展之后,即使是在有强烈噪声和同波道干扰的情况下,处理器都不需要与发射机具有精确的定时/载波同步, Until a high signal according to interference ratio and channel _ - noise of the baseband signal after despreading, even in the presence of strong noise and co-channel interference, the processors do not require precise timing of the transmitter / carrier ratio synchronization,

[0123] 在接收机上从信道中提取由用户m发射的KOTll符号,用相同的合成扩展加权Wkl (m)为频率单元k和天线1上接收到的单音逐个加权,然后逐个单音地将这些单元加在一起,让接收到的每个频率单元中的单音q成为系统中使用的所有Kspraad*KalTa/h 频率单元和天线的总和。 [0123] extracted from the channel at the receiver symbol transmitted by the user KOTll m, weighted by the same synthetic expanded Wkl (m) is the by-tone weighting received on an antenna 1 and frequency units k, then one by one to the tone these units together, so that each of the frequency tones q in the receiving unit becomes the sum of all Kspraad * KalTa / h frequency unit and an antenna used in the system.

[0124] 每个多元收发信机最好最小数量的合成空间和频谱自由Kspraad,以便使侵入各个频率单元的非层叠载波干扰源不起作用。 [0124] Each transceiver polyhydric best minimum number of free spectral and spatial synthesis Kspraad, so that the laminated non-invasive respective carrier frequency interference source unit does not work. 剩下的自由度被用来改善解扩展基带信号的SINR或是用来分离层叠的多层载波信号。 The remaining degrees of freedom are used to improve SINR despread baseband signal or a carrier signal for a multi-layer laminate separation. 然后调节单元解扩展器的加权,使解扩展基带信号的功率达到最大。 Then adjusting the weighting unit despreader the despread baseband signal power is maximized. 这样就形成了一种空码解决方案,明显地比常规解扩展方法更加有力。 This forms a solution space code, is significantly more powerful than the conventional method of despreading. 理想的解扩展器调节解扩展加权,使非层叠载波干扰源下降到每个频率单元上的噪声水平而不起作用,同时提高解扩展信号的SINR。 Preferably adjusted despreader despreading weights, the laminated non-carrier interference source down to the noise level at each frequency unit does not work, while improving the SINR despread signal. 多元解扩展器还能够明显地减弱零位,在给定的频率单元内抵御弱无线电信号的干扰源。 Polyhydric despreader can also be significantly attenuated to zero, the source of interference against a weak radio signals within a given frequency unit. 可以用软空码对准在给定频率单元中用微弱功率接收的干扰源。 It can be aligned with a soft null symbol interference source unit faintly power received at a given frequency. 例如,如果干扰源频谱在一些特定频率上具有微弱的值,就可以用较弱的空码对准干扰源通频带的外沿。 For example, if the interference source spectrum has a value in the weak certain frequencies, interference sources can be aligned with the outer edge of the pass band with a weaker code space.

[0125] -般来说,包括自适应天线阵列的解扩展加权能够明显改善信号传输和接收操作的质量和容量。 [0125] - In general, the weighted despread comprises an adaptive antenna array can significantly improve the quality and capacity of signal transmission and reception operation. 对于系统的接收机一侧,可以采用摸索或是非校准方法对准有用信号中接近理想的波束,同时用空码对准干扰信号。 For the receiver side of the system, or may be used to explore a non-aligned method of calibration desired signal close to the ideal beam, while aligned with the interference signal code space.

[0126] -般来说是这样来调节解扩展加权的,使解扩展基带信号例如是估算的数据符号的信号-干扰比和信噪比(SINR)最大。 [0126] - is generally adjusted such that the weighted despread that despread baseband signal is a signal, for example, the estimated data symbols - interference ratio and signal to noise ratio (SINR) is maximized. 这样所产生的一组空码解扩展加权与原先在链路的另一端用来扩展基带信号的扩展增益有明显的不同。 A group of empty code thus produced with the original weighted despread at the other end of the link spread baseband signal to spreading gain significantly different. 特别是这样产生的解扩展加权能够同时消除信道畸变,例如多径传输造成的选择增益和衰落。 Despreading particular weighting is produced while eliminating the channel distortion can be, for example, multipath propagation and fading due to select the gain. 解扩展能够在需要最大信号-干扰比来消除收发信机接收到的干扰和解扩展器需要最大的信噪比(SNR)这二者之间实现一种最佳的折衷。 Despreading required maximum signal possible - to eliminate interference ratio to achieve an optimum between the two transceivers received interference requires despreading the maximum signal to noise ratio (SNR) compromise. 在常规的DSSS和CDMA系统中,解扩展码被设置成等于链路另外一端的扩展码,并且仅仅使解扩展基带信号的SNR最大。 In conventional CDMA and DSSS systems, the despreading code is set equal to the other end of the link spreading code, and only in SNR despread baseband signal maximum.

[0127] 这种操作在本发明的实施例中是摸索着进行的,在解扩展器上不知道发射扩展增益和信道畸变。 [0127] Such an operation in the embodiment of the present invention is carried out groping in the despreader spreading gain and transmitter does not know channel distortion. 这样能简化网络内部使用的协议,允许在网络中的收发信机上使用未知的扩展增益。 This simplifies the use of the internal network protocol, allowing an unknown spreading gain transceivers in the network. 还允许采用适应性确定的扩展增益不断优化地减轻收发信机在传输过程中遇到的噪声,干扰和信道畸变。 Also allows for extension adaptively determined gain to mitigate noise constantly optimize transceiver encountered during transmission, interference and channel distortion.

[0128] 这种方案能够改进采用天线阵列的多元SCMA或SCSS收发信机,不需要对扩展,解扩展,或是增益/加权自适应算法进行任何实质性的修改。 [0128] This embodiment can be improved using an antenna array or polyhydric SCMA SCSS transceiver, do not need to extend, despread, or gain / weighted adaptive algorithm any substantial modification. 不同之处在于多元收发信机的多元扩展和解扩展操作的维数。 Except that the number of dimensions of a plurality of spreading and despreading operation of polyhydric transceiver. 然而,因为自由度比较大,多元收发信机具有更大的容量能够用来分离SCSS信号。 However, because of the relatively large degree of freedom, polyhydric transceiver having a larger capacity can be used to separate SCSS signal. 可以提高被辐射测量检测装置截听的范围和/或抗扰性,因为它能够由网络中的其他发报机控制空间波束。 It can be improved by measuring the radiation detecting device intercepts range and / or immunity, since it is possible to control the beam space by other transmitters in the network. 由于具备了从空间上使干扰信号无效的能力,即使干扰是来自广泛的频率范围,对来自非SCSS信号的干扰的抗扰性也能得到改善。 Provided that the interfering signal since the void space from the ability, even if interference from a wide frequency range, immunity to interference from non SCSS signal can also be improved.

[0129] 对单个数据分组起作用的快速收敛方法也能够与频道复用的有用信号或处理器结构相互组合,对干扰源信号采取频率选择的消除方法,不需要阵列校准数据或是知道或者估算出定向的有用信号或干扰源信号。 [0129] A method of rapid convergence function single data packet can be combined with each other or with the useful signal processor channel multiplexing structure, taking the frequency selection method of eliminating sources of interference signals, array calibration data does not need to know or estimate or a desired signal or interference source signal directed. 系统1〇(图1)能够在分组之间的信道几何结构明显变化的高动态环境下检测和解调数据分组。 1〇 system (FIG. 1) is capable of detecting and demodulating the data packets in the channel between a packet geometry changes significantly high dynamic environment. 这样,处理器就能够在典型的过负荷环境下操作,此时的干扰数量不少于接收机天线阵列中的天线数量。 Thus, the processor can be operated at overload a typical environment, the interference amount at this time is not less than the number of antennas of the receiver antenna array.

[0130] 在系统的发射机一侧可以采用定向或反向自适应方法,用最大功率和/或最小发射无线电信号(定向模式)向发射源定向返回有用信号,或者是连带着在干扰源的方向上用最小的辐射向发射源定向返回有用信号(反向模式)。 [0130] In the transmitter side the system may be employed or reverse orientation adaptive approach, the wanted signal returns to the directional emission sources with maximum power and / or minimum transmit a radio signal (directional mode), or even with the sources of interference directional return useful signal (reverse mode) in the direction with minimal radiation to emission sources.

[0131] 在那些对非SCSS干扰的兼容不是主要问题的发报机的应用中,或者是干扰的发射和接收平台并不处在同一位置的情况下,定向模式是有用的。 In the case [0131] In those applications where the transmitter is not a major problem on the compatibility of non-interference in the SCSS, interference or internet transmission and reception are not in the same position, the orientation mode is useful. 这种模式还可以用于通信平台遭受严重非SCSS干扰的场合,例如是在必须向通信链路的另一端传送最大功率的情况下。 This mode may also be the case for internet communication suffered severe case of non-interference SCSS, for example, the maximum power must be transmitted to the other end of a communications link.

[0132] 可以用处理器精确地测量接收的有用信号控制矢量,即使是在干扰源完全覆盖了有用信号通频带和分组间隔的情况下,也能够将最大波束定向返回通信链路的另一端,不需要知道接收的有用信号来自何方。 [0132] can be measured accurately control vectors useful signal received by the processor, even if the interference source is completely covered useful pass band and the signal of the packet interval, the maximum beam steering can be returned to the other end of the communication link, not need to know from where the received useful signal. 系统1〇(图1)能够向通信链路的另一端传送KaMay* 数大功率,为系统提供对任何干扰的抗扰性。 1〇 system (FIG. 1) can be transmitted KaMay * number of power to the other end of the communication link, to provide immunity to any interference in the system. 即使通信链路的另一端是采用单一天线来发射和接收也能够实现。 Even if the other end of the communication link is to use a single antenna for transmission and reception can be realized. 反之,系统10 (图1)也能用Karaay系数小功率维持通信链路。 Conversely, the system 10 (FIG. 1) can also be used Karaay coefficient of power for the communication link. 这样就能按照系数1(31^来缩小系统能够被敌方检测到的地理范围。 This allows by a factor 1 (^ 31 to narrow the enemy can be detected geographical range of the system.

[0133] 在图6A和6B中由反向-适配器136和148体现的反向模式对于窃听器的位置与干扰源处在同一位置的情况是有用的,例如可用来评估人为干扰策略的有效性。 [0133] In FIGS. 6A and 6B by the inverse - the reverse mode is 148 and the adapter 136 to reflect the position of the bug at the same position of the interference source useful, for example, can be used to assess the effectiveness of the jamming strategy . 这种策略在欠负荷环境下最有用,可以用宽带空信号指向干扰源。 This strategy is most useful in less load on the environment, it can be a null signal point broadband interference source.

[0134] 图13表示一种单帧数字多音(DMT)调制和扩展格式340。 [0134] FIG. 13 shows a single frame of a digital multi-tone (DMT) modulation and 340 extended format. 格式340例如可用于Kraii=6和Kspraad=4的环境,每个扩展单兀被两个FFT库隔开,也就SKspa(;f3=2。首先将需要发送的六个数据位变换成一组土数据符号。在四个扩展单元的FFT库上按照每个单元特有的合成加权gk反复用符号激励六个基带FFT库。这种合成加权就是扩展增益,它对每一个数据分组是按照随机或伪随机方式来设置的。在频域中执行这种扩展,用一组重叠或是层叠的合成正弦波载波波形乘以时域中的基带信号。实际的扩展是通过直接激励一个大型FFT 库而完成的,显著降低了计算的复杂性,使输出FFT具有适度的容量。在本发明中采用0=9 的Kaiser-Bessel窗口来"填满"单音之间的空间,不让这些单音与相邻的单音发生单音之间的干扰。特别是高值的0会在相邻的单音之间产生干扰,而相隔更远的单音之间的干扰很小。 Format 340 may be used, for example, environmental Kraii = Kspraad = 4 and 6, each expansion unit are separated by two FFT Wu libraries, it SKspa (;. F3 = 2 six data bits to be transmitted is first converted into a group of soil data symbols in the library four FFT symbol spreading unit repeats excitation six baseband FFT library specific for each cell GK weighted synthesis. this synthesis is weighted spread gain, each data packet it is a random or pseudo randomly arranged manner. this expansion performed in the frequency domain, the baseband signal is multiplied by a set of overlapping or stacked sinusoidal carrier waveform synthesis domain. the actual extension is accomplished by direct excitation of a large FFT library and significantly reduces the complexity of calculation, FFT output has appropriate capacity. using Kaiser-Bessel window 9 = 0 in the present invention, to "fill" the space between the tones, and to prevent these tones phase tone interference between adjacent tones occur, especially a high value of 0 causes interference between adjacent tones, and the interference between the spaced farther tone is small.

[0135] 非摸索或校准技术使用基带数据序列或信道畸变的知识和扩展增益根据优化的信号评估方法来产生理想的加权;例如是采用最小二乘方技术。 [0135] Non-exploration or calibration techniques using sequences or baseband data channel distortion signal evaluation method of spreading knowledge and optimized to provide the desired gain according to the weight; for example, using least squares techniques. 摸索或非校准技术利用基带信号中更一般的特性来适配解扩展加权。 Using the calibration techniques to explore or more generally the baseband signal to adapt the characteristics of the despreading weights. 也可以采用这些技术的混合用基带信号和/或传输信道的已知和未知成分来构筑一种有效的方案。 These techniques may also be employed mixed with the baseband signals and / or transport channels known and unknown components to construct an efficient scheme. 特别有效的摸索技术的例子包括恒定-模数,复合-模数以及方向确定技术。 Examples of particularly effective exploration techniques include constant - modulus, complex - the modulus and the direction determination techniques. 例如是使用电文符号星群的特性来适配解扩展加权。 For example, the message is a characteristic constellation of symbols to weighted adaptation despreading. 在解调器(图12)中有许多方法可以用来适配多元解扩展加权。 There are many methods can be used to adapt the weighting polyhydric despreading demodulator (FIG. 12). 首先有一种占优模式预测(DMP)方法,它吸取了已知分组到达时间或是离散多音多层载波信号的已知扩展参数的优点。 First, there is a dominant mode prediction (DMP) method, which draws the known advantages of packet arrival time extension parameters known discrete multi-tone or multi-layer carrier signal. 其次还有代码选通自相干恢复(SCORE)方法,它吸取了离散多音多层载波信号中的已知的自相干或是频谱扩展的信号成分之间的非零关系的优点。 Second, there is a coherent code is restored from the gate (the SCORE) method, which draws discrete multi-tone carrier signal multilayer known advantages of self-coherent or non-zero spectral spread relationship between the signal component.

[0136] 在这两类基本方法中,自相干恢复技术对于单一分组探测和离散多音多层载波信号的检测具有最高的利用价值。 [0136] In these two basic approaches, self-coherent technology has the highest recovery of value for the detection of a single packet detection and discrete multi-tone multi-layered carrier signal.

[0137] 常规的频谱和其他类型的自相干恢复吸取了已知频谱和/或共辄自相干特性的优点。 [0137] Conventional spectrum and other types of known self-coherent suction recovery spectrum and / or advantages of the self-coherence property co Noir. 这是一种给定的通信信号的频移和/或共辄成分之间的非零关系。 This is the relationship between a given nonzero communication signal to a frequency shift and / or co-ingredients Noir. 摸索方法不需要预先知道有用信号的内容或者是信号的来源。 Exploration method does not need to know in advance the contents of the useful signal source or signal. 因而不需要用特定的接收机校准信息来训练接收机的天线阵列。 Thus no need to use a particular receiver antenna array calibration information to train the receiver. 摸索方法是采用了自身对有用信号相互关联的特定频移的知识。 Exploration method is the use of its own knowledge of the specific frequency shift of the useful signal interrelated. 参见B.Agee,S.Schell,W.Gardner,"Self-CoherenceRestoral:ANewApproachtoBlind AdaptationofAntennaArrays,"inProceedingsoftheTwenty-FirstAsilomar ConferenceonSignals,SystemsandComputers,1987〇还可以参见B.Agee,S.Schell, W.Gardner,"Self-CoherenceRestoral:ANewApproachtoBlindAdaptativeSignal ExtractionUsingAntennaArrays?,?IEEEProceedings?Vol. 78?No. 4?pp. 753-767?April 1990。还可以参见B.Agee,"ThePropertyRestoralApproachtoBlindAdaptative SignalExtraction,"Ph.D.Dissertation,UniversityofCalifornia,Davis,CA,1989〇 See B.Agee, S.Schell, W.Gardner, "Self-CoherenceRestoral: ANewApproachtoBlind AdaptationofAntennaArrays," inProceedingsoftheTwenty-FirstAsilomar ConferenceonSignals, SystemsandComputers, 1987〇 can see B.Agee, S.Schell, W.Gardner, "Self-CoherenceRestoral : ANewApproachtoBlindAdaptativeSignal ExtractionUsingAntennaArrays, IEEEProceedings Vol 78 No 4 pp 753-767 April 1990. see also B.Agee, "ThePropertyRestoralApproachtoBlindAdaptative SignalExtraction," Ph.D.Dissertation, UniversityofCalifornia, Davis, CA, 1989???.?.?.? 〇

[0138] 在一种双侧频带调幅信号中,由于双侧频带调幅信号的格式,也由于真实-IF表现,任何这种信号处理的真实-IF表现都与其载波频率和DC共轭对称。 [0138] In a double-sided band amplitude modulated signal, since the frequency band of the amplitude modulated signal format bilateral, and because -IF real performance, real -IF show any such signal processing it is its carrier frequency and DC conjugate symmetry. 这些对称是彼此偏移的,致使信号的正、负频率成分彼此相等。 These are symmetrically offset from one another, resulting in a positive signal, the negative frequency components equal to each other. 通过计算双侧频带调幅的有用信号和被频移了二倍载波的自身复制品之间的相关系数可以观测到这种完美的频谱自相干性。 Calculating the useful signal by amplitude modulation of bilateral band is shifted in frequency and twice the correlation coefficient between the carrier itself such a perfect replica can be observed from the coherence spectrum. 频移算子将负频率成分与正频率成分占据的频带相混合,使相关系数拥有非零的值。 A negative frequency shift operator-band frequency component is mixed with the positive frequency component occupied the correlation coefficient has a value other than zero. 仅仅是在这一频移值被用于复制品时才会出现这种非零值。 This is only non-zero appear only when the frequency shift value is used for reproduction. 相关系数小于本例中的整数。 Correlation coefficient is less than an integer in the present embodiment. 通过在原始和频移的双侧频带调幅信号中滤除无关的非层叠有用信号无线电信号就可以获得一个整数相关系数。 Non-laminated useful signal by filtering the radio signal and the original double-sided band amplitude modulated signal in the frequency shift can be obtained regardless of the integer a correlation coefficient.

[0139] 在图14中采用一种交叉自相干恢复(SCORE)处理器350来执行对一个多天线接收的数据信号x(t)的恢复。 [0139] uses a self-coherent cross Recovery (the SCORE) processor 350 to execute restore a multi-antenna reception data signal x (t) in FIG. 14. 处理器350首先通过一系列滤波,频移和共辄算子来处理接收的数据,产生一个仅仅和处理器瞄准的信号有关的信号u(t)。 First processor 350 through a series of filters, and a common shift data, Noir operator processing the received, and the processor generates only a signal related to the targeting signal u (t). 然后令原始和经过处理的信号义(1:)=11(1:)通过一对能够使合成器输出信号7(1:)='\¥"1(1:)和1'(1:)=(3"11(1:)之间的相关系数最大的波束和空码调整器(线性元件合成器)352和354。用来瞄准处理器的控制参数有通常被设置成一个延迟算子的滤波器算子,频移值a和共辄标志(* )。这些处理器参数被设置在没有干扰时能够产生强大的相关系数的值,例如是在向处理器发送有用信号的情况下。 So that the original sense signal, and then treated (1: 1) = 11 (1 :) by a pair of output signal can be synthetic. 7 (1: 1) = '\ ¥ "1 (:) 1 and 1' (1 :) = (3 "correlation coefficient between 11 (1 :) code space and the maximum beam adjuster (linear combiner elements) 352 and 354. the processor used to target control parameters are typically set to a delay operator under the filter operator, a frequency shift value and flag co Noir (*). these parameters are set processor capable of generating a strong correlation coefficient values ​​in the absence of interference, for example in the transmission case a useful signal to the processor.

[0140] 图15和16表示在一般的代码选通SCORE操作中采用的代码选通操作。 [0140] FIGS. 15 and 16 show in general code strobe gating operations SCORE codes employed in the operation. 某些代码选通构造需要明显地修改扩展器和解扩展器数据流及其结构。 Some code gating configuration requires significantly modify the expander despreading data stream and its structure. 本文中描述了可用于代码选通SCORE解扩展器自适应算法的一种方法。 A method described herein may be used for the adaptive algorithm code despreader gate of SCORE. 也存在能够在分组之间或是频率单元内部而不是频率单元之间执行代码选通的其他方法。 Other methods also exist to execute code in the gating frequency between internal units of packets or cells instead of the frequency. 例如是跨着偶数分组的KMll个基带符号用选通代码重复数据符号,而不会影响到通过扩展器和解扩展器的数据流。 For example, the even number packets across KMll baseband data symbol by symbol repetition strobe codes, without affecting the despreading unit by expanding the data stream.

[0141] [0141]

Figure CN102983893BD00181

[0142] [0142]

Figure CN102983893BD00191

[0143] 代码选通自相干恢复吸取了通信系统已经具备了自相干信息的优点,为自适应扩展器带来便利,但是只有取得通信系统中的选通信息才能知道这种信息。 [0143] Code strobe restore learned from coherent communication system has had the advantage of self-relevant information, bringing convenience adaptive expander, but only to obtain information in order to strobe communication system to know such information. 本发明包括了两种代码选通SCORE方法。 The present invention includes both tags SCORE gating method.

[0144] 最适合用于多址联接通信的一种自相干恢复方法包括在扩展操作之前对基带电文信号采取唯一代码选通操作,它对通信系统中的每一个链路都是唯一地确定的。 [0144] The most suitable for a multiple access communication recovery method comprising self-coherent gating operations take unique code message signal to the base charge before the extension operation, its communication system for each link is uniquely determined . 例如,如果将频率单元的各单元分割成偶数和奇数两个子集,而仅仅对奇数子集采用代码键,如图15和16所示。 For example, if the frequency of each unit cell is divided into even and odd two subsets, and using only the subset of odd code key, 15 and 16 as shown in FIG. 在偶数子集上采用图11及有关说明所示的方法扩展数据符号。 Using the method illustrated in FIG. 11 and related description on an even spread data symbol subset.

[0145] 对奇数子集也跨越采用类似的扩展方法。 [0145] The odd subset also span a similar extension method. 然而,首先对用这些单元发送的数据符号执行代码选通操作,将这些单元乘以对网络中每一个用户m都不同的一个恒定模数代码键(3〇11) = [(34(111)]。这种操作在多址联接解扩展器上是相反的。在解扩展操作之后但又在对偶数和奇数频率单元上采用的解扩展器的输出加以组合之前用奇数频率单元乘以共辄的代码键c* (m)。在一个单用户(SCSS)收发信机上,仅仅对这一SCSS收发信机采用的单个代码键执行代码选通操作。在获取单一分组的过程中,在线性组合操作之前将解扩展的(共辄)代码键提供给每个收发信机天线上接收的每个奇数频率单元。 First, however, the data symbols transmitted by these units execute code gating operations, these units multiplied by each user on the network are m different code key a constant modulus (3〇11) = [(34 (111) ]. this operation on multiple access despreader opposite after despreading operations are combined but before using the output of the even and odd frequency unit despreader is multiplied by the odd common frequency units Noir code key c * (m). in a single-user (SCSS) transceiver, only the execution code gating operation on a single code key of the SCSS transceiver employed in obtaining a single packet during the linear combination prior to despread (co Noir) key code is supplied to each of the odd frequency cell received on each antenna transceiver operation.

[0146] 代码选通操作的效果是让用这种代码键发送的信号在奇数频率单元乘以解扩展代码键之后在偶数和奇数频率单元之间具有统一的相关系数。 [0146] Code gating operations so that the effect of such code signal transmitted by the key after the odd frequency bins multiplied by despreading code key with a uniform correlation coefficient between the even and odd frequency unit. 反之,同样的代码选通操作会使采用不同的代码键发送的所有其他信号在偶数和奇数频率单元之间具有很小的相关系数。 Conversely, the same code will gating operations using all other signals transmitted from the different key codes having a small correlation coefficient between the even and odd frequency unit. 除非在接收信号上出现(假设未知的)延迟和Doppler频移,都会保持这种状态。 Unless appears on the reception signal (assuming unknown) delay and Doppler shifts, will remain in this state. 然后跨越将所得的信号直接输入到图14所示的交叉-SCORE算法,在其中用偶数(没有选通的)频率单元代替x(t),而用奇数(选通的)频率单元代替u(t),其中的t代表符号索引q=l,. . .,KOTll而不是时间索引。 The resulting signal is then cross directly input to the FIG. 14 cross -SCORE algorithm, in which even - (no gating) frequency units instead of x (t), but with odd (gated) frequency units instead of u ( t), where t represents the symbol index q = l ,..., KOTll instead of a time index. 解扩展加权能够使施加于偶数和奇数频率单元的解扩展信息合成器的输出之间的相关系数最大。 Despreading weights enable correlation coefficient between the even and odd output applied to a frequency despread unit information combiner is maximized.

[0147] 这种方法仅仅根据一个链路上已知的代码键就能够明确地检测和解扩展网络中的任何链路。 [0147] This method is only one link in accordance with known code key can unambiguously detect despreading any links in the network. 在单用户SCSS收发信机中,收发信机仅仅对与其通信的链路解扩展,不需要额外的操作来获得这一链路以及识别它传送的信号准确与否。 In single-user SCSS transceiver, the transceiver only despreads link communication therewith, no additional operation to obtain its identification signal and transmitting the link accurate or not. 如果由于在长途传输中出现"端口混洗"等不利信道条件而暂时丢失,还能够自动恢复链路。 If, "Port shuffling" unfavorable channel conditions occurs in the long-distance transmission is temporarily lost, it is possible to automatically restore the link. 在多用户SCMA收发信机上,这种方法仅仅根据用节点链接到收发信机时使用的已知代码键就能够明确地检测,解扩展以及识别收发信机所支持的每一条链路,不会随着信道条件的变化出现端口调动或混洗。 In multi-user SCMA transceiver, this method can only be clearly detected in accordance with known code key used by the transceiver to the nodes by links, despreading and identifying transceivers supported by each link, not as channel conditions change or occurrence port mobilization shuffling. 这种代码键可以通过包括代码选通操作在内的扰频而实现保密。 Such code key confidentiality can be achieved by including scrambling codes including the gating operation.

[0148] 还可以用多种方式来概括基本的代码选通SCORE方法。 [0148] can also be summarized in a variety of ways SCORE basic code gating method. 特别是可以对偶数和奇数频率采用代码键,这样就能提高安全性和去除频率单元之间的相关性。 In particular, the even and odd frequency can use a code key, so that we can improve the safety and remove the correlation between the frequency of the unit. 代码选通还可以应用于时间而不是频率,采用偶数分组期间被忽略并且在奇数分组期间在所有频率单元上执行的代码选通在后续的分组上发送数据符号。 Codes can also be applied to the gate instead of the frequency of time, during use of the even-numbered packets are ignored and the code executing on all frequencies cells during odd symbols packet data strobe transmitted on a subsequent packet. 如果将扩展码在这些成对的分组上保持不变,这种方案就能够使用更加有效的自动-SCORE方法来适应解扩展加权。 If the spreading code remains unchanged in these pairs of packets, this approach can be more efficient to use a method to adapt automatically -SCORE despreading weights.

[0149] [0149]

Figure CN102983893BD00211

[0150] 还可以在系统中使用大量的频率或分组子集,每一个子集采用一组独立的代码键。 [0150] may also be used a large number of frequencies or systems in packet subset, each subset using a separate set of key codes. 在这种情况下,解扩展器采用从交叉-SCORE本征方程的超级矢量解释中获得的一种广义的交叉SCORE方法。 In this case, the despreader uses a method of generalized cross SCORE vector obtained from the super cross -SCORE explain the eigen equation. 参见B.Agee,"TheProperty-RestoralApproachtoBlind AdaptiveSignalExtraction,',inProc. 1989CSI-AR0WorkshoponAdvancedTopicsin Communications,Mayl989,Ruidoso,NM;和B.Agee,ThePropertyRestoralApproachto BlindAdaptiveSignalExtraction,',Ph.D.Dissertation,UniversityofCalifornia, Davis,CA,Junel989。收发信机所能支持的多址联接通信的数量随着频率子集数量的增多而下降,但是加权计算的稳定性有所改善,噪声下降,并且这种算法的非多层载波排除能力保持不变。频率子集数量的限制等于扩展系数Ksp_d。 See B.Agee, "TheProperty-RestoralApproachtoBlind AdaptiveSignalExtraction, ', inProc 1989CSI-AR0WorkshoponAdvancedTopicsin Communications, Mayl989, Ruidoso, NM;. And B.Agee, ThePropertyRestoralApproachto BlindAdaptiveSignalExtraction,', Ph.D.Dissertation, UniversityofCalifornia, Davis, CA, Junel989. number of multiple access communication transceiver can support a subset of frequencies with the increase of the number decreases, but has improved stability weighted noise reduced, and a multilayer non-carriers of this algorithm does not preclude the ability to maintain variable frequency subset number limit is equal to the expansion coefficient of Ksp_d.

[0151] 代码选通自相干恢复方法采用多单元自相干恢复本征方程的占优模式直接从信道化数据超级矢量中提取有用的基带信号。 [0151] Code gate self-coherent multi-unit recovery method using a baseband signal to extract useful self-coherent recovery Eigenequation dominant mode from the super channel data vector. 该方法同时执行频率相关的空间滤波,在扩展的有用信号上的每一个单元内部组合天线元,并且对结果的数据信号解扩展,组合成频率单元。 The method of simultaneously performing a frequency dependent spatial filtering, each cell in the useful signal inside the combined spread of antenna elements, and the result of the despread data signals are combined into a frequency unit.

[0152] 只要接收的数据分组可达到的最大解扩展和波束成形SINR是正的,代码选通自相干恢复方法就能在正或负接收SINR上有效地操作。 [0152] As long as the received data packets can reach the maximum SINR despread and beamforming is positive, the code restoration gate self-coherent method can be effectively operated in a positive or negative reception SINR. 该方法可作为一种固有的解扩展,线性组合算子来适应天线阵列。 This method can be used as a unique despreading linear combination operator to adapt an antenna array. 对任意数量的天线,包括K_ay=l的单一天线系统可以采用相同的方法。 Any number of antennas, comprising K_ay = l may be a single antenna system using the same method. 代码选通自相干恢复方法在其任何执行点上不需要预先知道扩展增益或是基础的电文序列。 Code Recovery gate self-coherent method does not require prior knowledge of the message sequence or spreading gain based on any of their execution points. 这种方法不需要对解扩展的电文序列搜索时间或Doppler频移。 This method does not require despread message sequence search time or Doppler shift.

[0153] 代码选通自相干恢复本征方程的占优本征值用来在首次开通通信链路时检测新的信号分组。 [0153] Code gating dominant eigenvalue from the coherent recovery Eigenequation used to detect a new signal packet at the first opening of the communication link. 接收机根据需要工作,在通信信道中发送一个分组时向另一端返回脉冲。 The receiver need to work, the other end of the return pulse to the communication channel when transmitting a packet.

[0154] 也可以采用其他方法在代码选通自相干恢复之后提高或有效地检测离散多音多层载波数据分组。 [0154] Other methods may also be used effectively to improve the multi-tone or multi-layer carrier data packets after the code detector discrete gate self-coherent recovery. 特别是用代码选通自相干恢复本征方程的少数占优本征值来预测最大代码选通自相干恢复本征值的平均和标准偏差,从而大大提高了检测可靠性。 In particular in code recovery self-coherent gating Eigenequation few dominant eigenvalue to the maximum predicted from the code-coherent gating recovery mean and standard deviation of the eigenvalues, thus greatly improving the detection reliability. 然后用预测的平均值减少真实的最大本征值,并且按照预测的标准偏差定标,大大加强了正确检测的统计趋势。 Then reduce the real intrinsic value as mean maximum predicted, and in accordance with standard deviation scaling predictions, greatly strengthened the statistical trends detected correctly.

[0155] 其他方法是在代码选通自相干恢复期间采用下游解扩展和解调算子确保分组检测。 [0155] Other methods are employed downstream of the recovery period from the coherent demodulation and despreading code gating operators ensure packet detection.

[0156] 在获取第一数据分组期间的初始Doppler恢复采用频域模拟的空间分级均衡器, 在全重建的接收地点FFT提取第一数据分组,并且用一种线性内插法对下变换到发射地点频率重建的结果输出信号执行副采样。 [0156] Recovery of the analog frequency domain equalizer spatial scalability acquiring a first data packet during the initial Doppler, an FFT extracting a first data packet in the full reconstruction of the receiving location, and by interpolation of a linear transformation to the emission of Location frequency reconstructed output signal result of performing the sub-sampling. 采用适当的自适应方法对单音中心的数据执行线性组合加权再采样。 Appropriate adaptive method of tone data center performs a linear combination of weighted resampling. 采用最小二乘方特性恢复算法例如是恒定模数法尽量减少解扩展数据符号的模数变化。 Using a least squares algorithm, for example, a constant characteristic recovery method to minimize the modulus modulus change despread data symbols. 最小二乘方恒定模数法吸取了采用BPSK调制格式产生的发射数据单音的特性具有恒定模数的优点,但是,如果发射的信号经历的Doppler频移是单音间隔的非整数倍数,这一特性就被破坏了。 Least squares method draws a constant modulus characteristic generating tones using BPSK modulation format transmitted data constant modulus has the advantage, however, if the signal is subjected to Doppler frequency shift of the transmitted tone is non-integer multiple of the interval, which a characteristic is broken. 最小二乘方恒定模数法为解扩展器输出信号恢复这一特性。 A least squares method to restore the constant modulus property is despreader output signal. 所有这些操作都是在明显的Doppler频移和路径延迟环境下执行的。 All these operations are in the frequency shift path and the next significant delay Doppler environment. 参见B.Agee, "TheLeast-SquaresCMA:ANewApproachtoRapidCorrectionofConstantModulus Signals,"inProc.1986,InternationalConferenceonAcoustics,SpeechandSignal Processing,Vol. 2,pg. 19. 2. 1,Aprill986,Tokyo,Japen〇 See B.Agee, "TheLeast-SquaresCMA: ANewApproachtoRapidCorrectionofConstantModulus Signals," inProc.1986, InternationalConferenceonAcoustics, SpeechandSignal Processing, Vol 2, pg 19. 2. 1, Aprill986, Tokyo, Japen〇.

[0157] 有两种方法可以用来为数据传输产生天线阵列加权。 [0157] There are two methods that can be used to generate weighted data transmission antenna array. 反向传输与共轭接收加权成比例地设置发射加权,而定向模式与共轭分组控制矢量成比例地设置发射加权。 Receiving a reverse transmission conjugated weighted transmit weight is set in proportion, and the directional mode control vectors conjugated packet transmission weight is set in proportion. 反向模式最适合民用电信和军用射程内部通信应用,干扰信号可能是一个多点通信网络中的其他成员。 Reverse mode best suited to a range of civil and military telecommunications internal communication applications, other members of the interfering signal may be a multi-point communications network.

[0158] 定向模式最适合用于发报机主要关心隐蔽性而人为干扰和截听平台并不处在同一位置的应用场合。 [0158] directional mode best suited for the transmitter and the primary concern concealment interception and jamming applications platforms are not in the same position. 这种模式在通信平台遭受强烈干扰的应用中是有用的,为了在存在干扰无线电辐射的情况下通信,必须向通信链路的另一端传送最大的功率。 This mode is useful in applications subject to significant interference in communications platform, to communicate in the presence of interference of radio emissions, maximum power must be transferred to the other end of the communication link. 然而,这种方法对合作通信系统中来自其他干扰的定向能量不具有吸引性质。 However, this does not have the interesting nature of the cooperative communications system of interference from other directed energy.

[0159] 定向模式还提供了一种乘法器适应策略,如果空间链路采用很大的匹配扩展系数,就能够大大简化解扩展器的复杂性。 [0159] further provided a directional mode adaptation strategy multiplier, if the link employs a large spatial expansion coefficient matching, it is possible to greatly simplify the complexity of the despreader.

[0160] 本文中描述了反向传输模式。 [0160] described herein, the reverse transmission mode. 反向模式是将发射机天线阵列加权设置在等于信号接收期间算出的共辄阵列加权。 Reverse mode transmitter antenna array is provided at equal weights calculated during signal reception co Noir array weights. 如果发射和接收算子落在同一个频带上,并且发射和接收路径之间的任何内在差别是均衡的,发射机天线阵列就采用与接收机天线阵列相同的增益图形。 If the operator transmit and receive on the same frequency band falls, and any inherent differences between the transmit and receive paths are equalized, the transmitter antenna array and receiver antenna array to use the same gain pattern. 发射机天线阵列在信号接收期间可能出现干扰的方向上评估无效的方向。 Evaluation direction are invalid array transmitter antenna interference may occur during reception signal. 各个方向上采用的无效深度是根据接收到的干扰强度来确定的。 Invalid depth direction is adopted in accordance with the respective interference intensity of the received determined.

[0161] 在本文中,gk是一个Ka"ayXI矢量,并且代表在通过频率单元"K"发射时采用的多元扩展矢量,接收机通过频率单元"K"接收时采用的多元解扩展矢量用wk代表,它也是一个K_ayXl矢量。 [0161] Herein, GK is a Ka "ayXI vector, and represents the frequency unit" K "Scalable Vector polyol used when transmitting, the receiver unit by the frequency" multiple vectors used when despreading the received K "with wk representatives, it is also a K_ayXl vector.

[0162] 本发明的实施例为频率选择发射加权提供了一种最佳结构,在每个扩展单元上采用不同的一组Ka"ayXl个扩展(gk)加权对发射分组进行扩展。设置一种频率选择反向发射加权,与信号接收期间在每个频率单元上采用的K_ayX1个线性合成器解扩展加权^成比例地设置(多元)扩展增益&,使gk=Awk。这种模式对于受宽带干扰源支配的环境特别有效,因为产生的无效深度会受到在每个频率单元上采用的天线阵列分散的限制。在这种情况下,处理器能够使干扰源在频率和空间上无效。发射机天线阵列仅仅使干扰源所占据的那些频率单元上的各个干扰源无效。这样有利于接收有用信号分组,但是,如果将目标对准在整个分组通频带上远离干扰源位置的分组无线电信号,并不影响发射一个分组。如果局部频带干扰源的数量超过了天线阵列中的天线元数量,任何手段 [0162] Frequency selecting transmit weight configuration provides a preferred embodiment of the present invention is that a different set of Ka on each expansion unit "ayXl expansion (GK) weighted transmit extended packets Set one kind reverse transmission frequency selective weighted linear combiner with K_ayX1 employed at each frequency during the reception signal despread unit weight is set in proportion ^ (poly) & spreading gain, so that gk = Awk. this mode is for receiving a broadband dominant source of interference environment particularly effective because of invalid depth generated by the antenna array will limit dispersion employed at each frequency unit. in this case, the processor can be made invalid in the interference source frequency and space. transmitter each interferer on the antenna array so that the interference source is only those frequencies occupied units invalid. this is conducive to the useful signal received packets, however, if the targeted packet over the entire passband packet radio signal interference away from the source location, and It does not affect the transmit packet. If the number of partial band interference sources exceeds the number of antenna elements in an antenna array, any means 都不能达到这一目的。 We can not achieve this goal.

[0163] 定向传输模式将发射机天线阵列加权设置在等于(共辄的)K_ayX1分组控制矢量。 [0163] directional transmission pattern of the transmitter antenna array disposed at equal weights (the co noir) K_ayX1 packet control vector. 如果发射和接收算子落在同一个频带上,通过适当地均衡以往发射/接收切换过程中在发射和接收路径之间的任何差别而获得的天线阵列就能将最大无线电功率指向通信链路的另一端,或者是用最小发射无线电能量关闭这一链路。 If the transmitting and receiving operator fall on the same frequency band, by appropriately balancing the conventional transmit / receive antenna array handover process any difference between the transmit and receive paths can be obtained by the maximum power point radio communication link the other end, or transmitting radio frequency energy with minimal off the link. 定向天线会忽略干扰源的位置, 例如,它仅仅是假设截听机是处在通信链路范围内的任何位置。 Directional antenna location of the source of interference is ignored, for example, it is assumed that only intercept machine is in any position within the range of the communication link.

[0164] 本发明能够在频率选择的基础上实现定向方法。 [0164] The method of the present invention can be implemented on the basis of the orientation of the selected frequency. 它可以提供一些好处,但是宽带通信;链路例外,因为分组控制矢量在分组通频带上变化的范围很大,有大量的1^_,值,或者是通信信道高度分散。 It may provide some benefits, but the broadband communications; link exception, because the packet in the packet control vectors on the variation range of the pass band is large, a large number of _ 1 ^, values, communication channel or highly dispersed. 然而这并不重要,因为最大功率模式不会受到分组控制矢量中的次要误差的严重损害。 However, this is not important, since the maximum power is not severely impaired packet mode control vectors in secondary error.

[0165] 如果通信链路受到强烈的人为干扰,或者是必须在短通信间隔例如是单个分组内评估分组控制矢量,评估的误差可能会很大。 [0165] If the communication link subject to strong jamming, or a control packet must, for example, evaluate vectors in a single packet, error evaluation can be significant in a short communication distance. 特别是过于简单的方法会造成定向发射机天线阵列指向环境干扰源发射能量的强大波束。 Particularly simple method will cause too strong directivity array antenna beam steering transmitter transmitting energy sources of environmental interference. 定向传输方法或是分组控制矢量评估器应该简单到足以用廉价手段来实现,但是又要完善到足以在人为干扰和传输环境的预期范围内可靠地工作。 The method of controlling packet transmission or directional vector evaluator should be simple enough to be implemented with an inexpensive means, but again sufficient reliably to improve within the expected range and the jamming transmission environment.

[0166] 有三种控制矢量评估方法可供选择。 [0166] There are three control vector evaluating alternative methods. 第一是相关方法,利用接收和评估的分组数据之间的关系来评估分组控制矢量。 The first related method, using the relation between the received packet data to assess and evaluate the packet control vectors. 第二是多元ML-类比方法,采用按照适当的简化条件和存在频道复用(多元)数据的情况下获得的最大似然性(ML)评估器来评估分组控制矢量。 The second is a multi ML- analogy, using maximum likelihood (ML) estimator obtained under the conditions and according to the presence of the appropriate channel to simplify multiplexing (poly) packet data control vectors to evaluate the situation. 第三是参变量方法,采用适当的参变量模型来约束分组控制矢量,从而进一步优化多元评估器。 The third is a parametric method, using the appropriate parametric model constraints packet control vectors, thus further optimizing polyhydric evaluator.

[0167] 相关方法是用来评估分组控制矢量的三种方法当中最简单的方法。 [0167] Related methods are three ways to control vectors packet among the simplest methods to assess. 这种方法的弱点是,考虑到存在单一干扰源的条件下获得的评估,这种评估缩小到按照接收的干扰源和分组信号之间的交叉关联定标的分组控制矢量加上干扰源控制矢量。 Weakness of this method is to evaluate the obtained taking into account the presence of a single source of interference, interference sources is reduced to such evaluation in accordance with the control vector cross-correlation between the received packet signal and the interference source packet control vectors scaled plus . 为了将这一交叉关联减少到零所需的时间-带宽产物(采样)远远大于干扰源信号的1/S,例如,如果干扰源比分组信号强五十dB,就需要1,000,000个采样。 In order to reduce the cross-correlation to the time required to zero - the bandwidth product (sample) is much larger than the interference source signals 1 / S, for example, if the signal is strong interferer group score fifty dB, it is necessary to 1,000,000 samples . 因此,这种方法通常是不可取的。 Thus, this method is generally undesirable.

[0168] 其它两种方法利用优化的最大似然性(ML)评估程序评估分组控制矢量来克服这种限制。 [0168] The other two methods to optimize the use of maximum likelihood (ML) evaluation process for assessing the packet control vector to overcome this limitation. 产生的评估结果能够利用简单(非参变量)或是参变量控制矢量模型在存在宽带或是局部频带干扰源的条件下提供精确的控制矢量评估值。 The result of evaluation with a simple (non-parametric) or control vectors parametric model provides precise control evaluation value vector in the presence of partial band interference or broadband source. 另外还可以用常规的Cramer-Rao边界分析来预测这些评估值的性能。 It also may be a conventional Cramer-Rao boundary analysis to predict the performance of these evaluation values.

[0169] 为多元环境中获得的任何非参变量控制矢量评估推导出有用的性能边界。 [0169] Any non-parametric polyhydric environment evaluation obtained in control vectors useful properties derived boundaries. 将接收的数据分割成Kspread个独立频率单元,每个单元中包含一个按照未知的复合控制矢量定标并且受到额外的复合Gaussian干扰影响的已知(或是估算的)分组基带。 The received data is divided into separate frequency Kspread units, each unit containing a known control vector scaling according to a known compound and is subjected to an additional complex Gaussian interference (or estimated) packets baseband. 用ak=gk来模拟Pe单元中的控制矢量,其中的"a"是(频率独立的)分组控制矢量,而gk是在第Kth 个扩展单元上获得的无矢量接收到的单一天线分组扩展增益。 With ak = gk simulated control vectors Pe unit, wherein "a" is the (frequency independent) packet control vector and gk is the first Kth expansion units obtained by non-vector received by a single antenna grouping extension gain . 假设复合Gaussian干扰对各个单元是独立的,并且在第Kth个单元中暂时写入平均值零和未知的自相关矩阵 Complex Gaussian interference assumed independent of the respective units, and temporarily written and unknown zero average autocorrelation matrix of cells at the Kth

[0170] 假设分组控制矢量a是Karray维的Karray维矢量的一种任意复合体,例如, a不仅局限于任何参变量模型组(例如以方位角和仰角为参变量的矩阵集合)。 [0170] assumed that the packet is a control vector of arbitrary dimension Karray composite Karray dimensional vector, e.g., a parametric model is not limited to any group (e.g. matrix set in azimuth and elevation to the reference variable). 采用这种模型建立起来的控制矢量评估例如有非参变量技术。 Evaluation using control vectors, for example, such a model built with a non-parametric techniques. 参见H.VanTrees,Detection, Estimation,andModulationTheory,PartI,NewYork:Wiley,1968。 See H.VanTrees, Detection, Estimation, andModulationTheory, PartI, NewYork: Wiley, 1968. 米用Cramer-Rao边界理论,就能够获得任何无偏差的评估值,它具有由给定的Cramer-Rao边界所界定的评估精度(均方根误差)。 Cramer-Rao boundary m by theory, it is possible to obtain any unbiased evaluation value having a given estimation accuracy by the Cramer-Rao boundary defined (RMSE). 矩阵R被翻译成干扰自相关矩阵Kyj的广义的"平均",它等于平均的逆自相关矩阵的倒数。 R matrix interference since been translated into generalized "average" correlation matrix Kyj, which is equal to the average of the inverse of the inverse auto-correlation matrix.

[0171] 在最佳实施例中,空间控制矢量和频谱扩展增益(gk)是采用以下公式来计算的 [0171] In the preferred embodiment, the spatial and spectral spreading gain control vectors (GK) is calculated using the following formula

Figure CN102983893BD00241

[0176] 其中的RHKHK是在频谱单元K的一个适配块上测量的数据自相关矩阵,而wk是频谱单元K上采用的解扩展加权的空间分量。 [0176] wherein RHKHK spectrum is measured on a unit of K adaptation block data autocorrelation matrix, and wk is the weighting of the spatial components of the despread spectrum unit K employed. 控制矢量和解扩展增益还可以用来计算改进的解扩展加权wk,然后可以在多级解扩展程序中用来执行空间处理(每个频率单元的线性组合)以及频谱处理(所有频率单元的线性组合)。 Despreading gain control vectors may also compute an improved solution for extended weighting wk, it may then be used to perform spatial processing (linear combination unit for each frequency) and spectrum processing (all frequencies a linear combination unit in a multi-stage despreading procedure ).

[0177]图1-14所示的多层载波扩展频谱无线电通信设备结合了本发明其它实施例提供的空码技术。 Multilayer carrier spread spectrum radio communication device shown in [0177] FIGS. 1-14 of the present invention combines the technical space code provided in other embodiments. 空码干扰消除技术能够与多层载波扩展频谱技术有效地组合。 Null symbol interference cancellation techniques can be effective in combination with a multilayer carrier spread spectrum techniques. 关于空码技术的详情可参见BrianAgee"SolvingtheNear-FarProblem:ExploitationofSpatial andSpectralDiversityinWirelessPersonalCommunicationNetworks,"Wireless PersonalCommunications,editedbyTheodoreS.Rappaport等人,KluwerAcademic Publishers,1994,Ch. 7。 For details on empty code technology can be found in BrianAgee "SolvingtheNear-FarProblem: ExploitationofSpatial andSpectralDiversityinWirelessPersonalCommunicationNetworks," Wireless PersonalCommunications, editedbyTheodoreS.Rappaport et al., KluwerAcademic Publishers, 1994, Ch 7.. 以及参见Sourour等人的"TwoStageCo-channelInference CancellationinOrthogonalMulti-CarrierCDMAinaFrequencySelectiveFading Channel,"IEEEPDffiC'94,pp. 189-193。 And see Sourour et al., "TwoStageCo-channelInference CancellationinOrthogonalMulti-CarrierCDMAinaFrequencySelectiveFading Channel," IEEEPDffiC'94, pp. 189-193. 还可以参见Kondo等人的"MultiCarrierCDMA SystemwithCo-channelInferenceCancellation,"Marchl994,IEEE,#0-7803-1927, pp. 1640-1644。 See also Kondo et al., "MultiCarrierCDMA SystemwithCo-channelInferenceCancellation," Marchl994, IEEE, # 0-7803-1927, pp. 1640-1644.

[0178] 图1-14所示的基本多层载波扩展频谱无线电通信设备可以组合在本发明的多址联接实施例中,同时按照空间,频率和/或代码来分隔独立的信道,例如是空分多址联接(SDMA),频分多址联接(FDMA)和码分多址联接(CDMA)。 Basic multilayer carrier spread spectrum radio communication device shown in [0178] FIGS. 1-14 may be combined in a multiple access of the present embodiment of the invention, at the same time in accordance with the spatial, frequency and / or code to separate independent channels, for example, empty division multiple access (SDMA), frequency division multiple access (FDMA), and code division multiple access (CDMA).

[0179] 在SDMA实施例中采用的天线阵列可以在空间上有选择地定向,例如是建立两个最小区域。 May be selectively oriented in space, for example the establishment of a minimum area two antenna arrays employed in the embodiment [0179] In SDMA. 每一个区域中的发射和接收机对将其对应的天线阵列调谐到仅仅接受其所属的发射机-接收机对中的另一方,排除出现在其它多址联接信道的其它区域中的其它对。 Each region of the emitter and the receiver will be tuned to its corresponding receiving antenna array only a transmitter to which it belongs - to the other receiver, exclude the presence of other regions in other multiple access channel in the other pair. 本发明的实施例通过将SDMA技术与多层载波扩展频谱技术加以组合来进行自身识别。 Embodiments of the present invention is obtained by combining SDMA technique and multilayer carrier spread spectrum techniques to identify itself. 关于SDMA的进一步细节可参见Forssen等人的"AdaptiveAntennaArraysfor GSM900/DSC1800,"Marchl994,IEEE#0-7803-1927,pp. 605-609。 Further details can be found in Forssen SDMA, et al. "AdaptiveAntennaArraysfor GSM900 / DSC1800," Marchl994, IEEE # 0-7803-1927, pp. 605-609. 还可以参见Talwar等人的"ReceptionofMultipleC〇-ChannelDigitalSignalsusingAntennaArrayswith ApplicationstoPCS," 1994,IEEE#0-7803-1825,pp. 790-794。 See also Talwar et al, "ReceptionofMultipleC〇-ChannelDigitalSignalsusingAntennaArrayswith ApplicationstoPCS," 1994, IEEE # 0-7803-1825, pp. 790-794. 还可以参见Weis等人的"ANovelAlgorithmForFlexibleBeamFormingforAdaptiveSpaceDivision MultipleAccessSystems,"IEEEPn®C'94,pp.729a-729e。 See also Weis et al., "ANovelAlgorithmForFlexibleBeamFormingforAdaptiveSpaceDivision MultipleAccessSystems," IEEEPn®C'94, pp.729a-729e. CDMA与天线阵列的组合可参见Naguib等人的"PerformanceofCDMACellularNetworkWithBase-Station AntennaArrays:TheDownlink," 1994IEEE,#0-7803-1825,pp. 795-799。 CDMA and compositions can be found in the antenna array Naguib et al., "PerformanceofCDMACellularNetworkWithBase-Station AntennaArrays: TheDownlink," 1994IEEE, # 0-7803-1825, pp 795-799.. 以及Xu等人的"ExperimentalStudiesofSpace-Division-Multiple-AccessSchemesforSpectral EfficientWirelessCommunications," 1994IEEE,#0-7803-1825,pp. 800-804。 And Xu et al., "ExperimentalStudiesofSpace-Division-Multiple-AccessSchemesforSpectral EfficientWirelessCommunications," 1994IEEE, # 0-7803-1825, pp. 800-804. 还可以参见M.Tangemann的"InfluenceoftheUserMobilityontheSpatialMultiplexGain ofanAdaptiveSDMASystem,"IEEEPDffiC'94,pp.745-749〇 See also "InfluenceoftheUserMobilityontheSpatialMultiplexGain ofanAdaptiveSDMASystem," M.Tangemann of IEEEPDffiC'94, pp.745-749〇

[0180] 在FDMA实施例中,对每个信道采用多个载波的子集,例如是最小的两个子集,各自具有最小的两个频率分集载波用来建立最小的两个信道。 [0180] embodiment, uses a subset of the plurality of carriers for each channel, for example, a minimum two subsets, each having two minimum frequency diversity is used to establish a minimum of two carrier channels in FDMA embodiment. 每一个区域中的发射和接收机对将其对应的载波子集调谐到排除出现在其它多址联接信道的其它载波子集。 Each region of the emitter and receiver to be tuned set of subcarriers corresponding to exclude the presence of other carriers in the other subset of the multiple access channel. 本发明的实施例通过将FDMA技术与多层载波扩展频谱技术加以组合来进行自身识别。 Embodiments of the present invention by a multilayer carrier FDMA technology and spread spectrum techniques are combined to identify itself.

[0181] 在CDMA实施例中采用了多个扩展和解扩展加权,每一组用于各自的信道。 [0181] Examples using a plurality of spreading and despreading weights, each set for a respective channel in the CDMA embodiment. 在全球定位系统(GPS)中的导航接收机就是采用了这种多址联接方式。 Navigation Global Positioning System receiver (GPS) is adopted in this way multiple access. 本发明的实施例将CDMA 技术与图1-14的多层载波扩展频谱技术加以组合而超越了现有技术。 Embodiments of the invention will be 1-14 and CDMA technology multi-carrier spread spectrum techniques are combined and beyond the prior art. 关于CDMA在多载波环境中的应用可以参见Fettweis等人的"OnMulti-CarrierCodeDivisionMultiple Access(MC-CDMA)ModemDesign," 1994IEEE#0-7803-1927,pp. 1670-1674。 On the application in CDMA multi-carrier environment can be found in Fettweis, et al. "OnMulti-CarrierCodeDivisionMultiple Access (MC-CDMA) ModemDesign," 1994IEEE # 0-7803-1927, pp. 1670-1674. 还可以参见DaSilva等人的"MultiCarrierOrthogonalCDMASignalsforQuasi-Synchronous CommunicationSystems,''IEEEJournalonSelectedAreasinCommunication,Vol. 12, No. 5,Junel994。还可以参见Reiners等人的"MultiCarrierTransmissionTechnique inCellularMobileCommunicationSystems,"March1994,IEEE#0-7803-1927, pp. 1645-1649。进一步参见Yee等人的"Multi-CarrierCDMAinIndoorWirelessRadio Networks,"IEEETrans.Comm.,Vol.E77_B,No. 7,Julyl994,pp. 900-904。在信道衰落环境下使用CDMA可以参见StefanKaiser的"OnthePerformanceofDifferentDetection Techniquesfor0FDM-CDMAinFadingChannels,"InstituteforCommunication Technology,GermanAerospaceResearchEstablishment(DLR),Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany,1994。以及参见Chandler等人的"AnATM-CDMAAirInterfaceForMobile PersonalCommunications,"IEEEPIMRC'94,pp. 110-113。关于这种技术的进一步描述还可以参见Chouly等人的"Orthogonalmulticarriertechniquesappliedtodirect sequencespreadspectrumCDMAsy See also DaSilva et al., "MultiCarrierOrthogonalCDMASignalsforQuasi-Synchronous CommunicationSystems, '' IEEEJournalonSelectedAreasinCommunication, Vol. 12, No. 5, Junel994. See also Reiners et al.," MultiCarrierTransmissionTechnique inCellularMobileCommunicationSystems, "March1994, IEEE # 0-7803-1927, pp . 1645-1649. see further Yee et al., "Multi-CarrierCDMAinIndoorWirelessRadio Networks," IEEETrans.Comm., Vol.E77_B, No. 7, Julyl994, pp. 900-904. using CDMA in fading channel environment can be found in StefanKaiser "OnthePerformanceofDifferentDetection Techniquesfor0FDM-CDMAinFadingChannels," InstituteforCommunication technology, GermanAerospaceResearchEstablishment (DLR), Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, 1994. and see Chandler et al. "AnATM-CDMAAirInterfaceForMobile PersonalCommunications," IEEEPIMRC'94, pp. 110-113. further on this technology description see also Chouly, et al. "Orthogonalmulticarriertechniquesappliedtodirect sequencespreadspectrumCDMAsy stems,'' 1993IEEE,#0-7803-0917,pp.l723_1728〇 stems, '' 1993IEEE, # 0-7803-0917, pp.l723_1728〇

[0182] Bar-Ness等人在"SynchronousMulti-UserMulti-CarrierCDMACommunication SystemWithDecorrelatingInterferenceCanceller,"IEEE,PIMRC'94,pp. 184-188 中描述了多载波CDMA和解关联干扰消除技术的结合。 [0182] Bar-Ness et al., "SynchronousMulti-UserMulti-CarrierCDMACommunication SystemWithDecorrelatingInterferenceCanceller," in IEEE, PIMRC'94, pp. 184-188 describes a multi-carrier CDMA interference canceller associated reconciliation bonding technique.

[0183]用于多层载波扩展频谱无线电通信的多址联接方法包括根据多个离散频率信道各自的合成正弦波的合成的幅值和相位增益构成发射的多层载波扩展增益。 Multiple access method [0183] for a multilayer carrier spread spectrum radio communication includes a multilayer carrier gain according to the plurality of discrete frequencies extended channel combined amplitude and phase of the sine wave gain constituting the respective synthesis emitted. 然后在发射机上用一个矢量乘法器和一个反向频道复用器来扩展一个任意的窄带基带数据。 Then at the transmitter by a vector multiplier, and a reverse channel multiplexer arbitrary to extend a narrowband baseband data. 下一步就是在按照多层载波扩展增益扩展到多个离散频率信道上之后从发射机同时发送。 The next step is after the simultaneous transmission from a transmitter to a plurality of discrete extended multilayer carrier frequency channels in accordance with the spreading gain. 接收机利用矢量内部产物线性合成器和频率复用器对多个离散频率信道解扩展,恢复出任意的窄带基带的扩展前信号,免除信道干扰。 Linear receiver using a vector inner product of the synthesizer frequency multiplexer and a plurality of discrete frequency channels despread to restore the narrow band before any extension of the baseband signal, eliminating channel interference. 频道可以是不连续的并且分布在多个频带内。 Channel may be discontinuous and distributed in a plurality of frequency bands. 或者是在发射中采用重叠的频道,并且包括正交频分复用式调制格式。 Or by overlap in transmission channels, and includes a orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing modulator format. 或者是发射分组的数据,对基带数据进行扩展,发送,并且按照正交频分复用式的频道复用器结构对离散的分组解扩展。 Or a packet data transmission, the baseband data expansion, transmission, and in accordance with orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing structure of Formula despread channel multiplexer discrete packets.

[0184] 分组在时间上可以是重叠,连续,或者是不连续的。 [0184] packet may be overlapping in time, continuous, or discontinuous. 在最佳实施例中,在从链路的另一端顺序接收完一或多个分组之后按顺序发送一或多个分组。 In the preferred embodiment, in the order received from the other end of the link after completion of a transmission packet or a plurality of sequential packets or more. 按顺序发送和接收多个分组能够实现不对称的通信,例如是在一个方向上传送比另一个方向上更多的分组,并且能够增加发送和接收之间的防护时间,例如可以用来在蜂窝通信网络中解决基站对基站的干扰问题。 Transmitting and receiving a plurality of packets in order to achieve asymmetric communication, for example, a transfer in one direction than the other direction more packets and can increase the guard time between transmission and reception, for example, it can be used in a cellular a communications network base station to correct the interference base station.

[0185] 离散多音正交频分复用与具有离散多音多层载波和天线阵列处理技术的天线阵列处理技术的组合吸取了离散多音和离散多音多层载波没有扩散的优点。 [0185] Discrete Multitone orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing the advantages of discrete multi-tone draws discrete multi-tone carrier not diffused multilayer antenna array processing technique combined with the discrete multi-tone multi-layer carrier and antenna array processing techniques with. 在任何应用中对自适应天线阵列性能的明显改善都需要能够消除空间干扰,在自适应接收机前面不需要调节静止或准静止的线性扩散(例如是由于前端接收机有缺陷,非零阵列孔径,以及固定的多径散射和反射)。 In any application, significantly improved the performance of the adaptive array antenna needs to be able to eliminate spatial interference, necessary to adjust the static or quasi-static linear diffusion (e.g., due to a defective front-end receiver, a non-zero adaptive array aperture in front of the receiver , and a fixed multipath scattering and reflection). 这一点在蜂窝式点-对-多点通信网络中特别有用,在这种网络中包括用于在同一组频道上供多个用户之间通信的空分多址联接(SDMA)拓扑逻辑,因为每个空间处理器必须在对这一网孔内的用户有干扰的方向上形成深度的无效。 This is the point in a cellular - to - multipoint communications network particularly useful in such a network comprises means for coupling in a spatial division multiple access (SDMA) communication between a plurality of users of the same set of channels for reference topology logic, because each spatial processor invalid depth must be formed in the direction of this user's interference within a cell.

[0186] 码分多址联接(CDMA)采用线性独立(通常是正交)的各组扩展增益在同一组频道上发送多个信号。 [0186] code division multiple access (CDMA) spread gain is independently linear (usually orthogonal) to each group of the plurality of signals transmitted on the same set of channels. 在解扩展器上采用适当的组合加权来分离这些信号。 Appropriate weighting in combination despreader to separate these signals.

[0187] 直接序列扩频系统的优点在于空分多址联接式的多址联接,排除干扰,并且具有信道均衡能力(空码技术)。 Advantages [0187] Direct sequence spread spectrum systems is that space division multiple access type multiple access, eliminate interference, and with channel equalization capability (null code technology). 空码技术已经被应用于符号调制直接序列扩频(M0S-DSSS)或脉冲调制直接序列扩频(M0P-DSSS)格式,扩展增益的周期精确地等于电文符号的一个整数(往往是一个符号间隔)。 Null code technology has been applied to direct sequence spread spectrum modulated symbol (M0S-DSSS), or pulse modulated direct sequence spread spectrum (M0P-DSSS) format, spreading gain is exactly equal to the period of a symbol integer message (often a symbol interval ). 空码技术和多层载波调制格式的组合是有用的,例如可以在HF/VHF跳频截听系统中用来消除频谱冗余干扰。 Code combinations and multiple layers of empty carrier modulation format is useful, for example, can be used to eliminate redundant interference spectrum in HF / VHF frequency hopping intercept system. 在现有技术中,已经配合着模仿对流层散射通信链路的多层载波信号采用了包括空码干扰消除的一般跳频截听技术。 In the prior art, have been combined with the carrier signal multilayer imitation convection scattering layer using the communication link typically includes a null code hopping intercept interference cancellation techniques. 但是本发明则将这种技术扩展到了点-对点和点-对-多点的通信,这其中的发报机和干扰源包括多层载波扩展频谱调制格式。 However, this technique of the present invention will be extended to the point - to-point and point - to - multipoint communication, the transmitter and which comprises a multilayer interference source carrier spread spectrum modulation format. 例如进一步包括了定向数据摸索适应方法,可用于在通信系统发送的业务和导频数据的已知特性的基础上优化解扩展。 For example, targeting data to explore further comprising the adaptation method can be used to optimize the despreading on the basis of business communication system for transmitting and guiding the known frequency characteristics of the data.

[0188] 本发明是将多层载波扩频式通信和基于干扰消除的空码技术组合在一起,提高通信系统的容量,提高对信道畸变的容限,并且更少地依赖扩展增益之间的关系。 [0188] The present invention is a multilayer between the carrier spread spectrum communication and interference cancellation technique with combination code space, increasing the capacity of the communication system, to improve tolerance to channel distortion, and less dependent gain based on the extension relationship. 不需要正交近似性,并且本发明的实施例对窄带干扰或是其它系统成员的多层载波扩展频谱信号不太敏感。 It does not require quadrature approximation, and embodiments of the present invention is less sensitive to the spread spectrum signal multilayer carrier narrowband interference or other members of the system. 如果将用来消除干扰的空码技术和多层载波扩展频谱通信网络相结合,这种效果最好。 If the code space will be used and multiple layers of the spread spectrum communication carrier network to eliminate the interference combined, this effect is best. 特别是,如果给定相同的扩展增益和空码器(线性合成器)组合,包括用来消除干扰的空码技术的多层载波扩展频谱通信链路能够支持的链路数量可以达到符号调制直接序列扩展频谱系统的二倍。 In particular, if given the same spreading code gain and space (linear combiner) composition, comprising a multilayer carrier spread spectrum communication link null code technology to eliminate the interference of the number of links can be supported can be achieved directly modulated symbols sequence spread spectrum systems twice.

[0189] 本发明在网络中组合了用于消除干扰的模块技术和用来适配解扩展器的数据定向方法。 [0189] The present invention is directed a method for combining data module technology is used to eliminate interference and despreader adapted in the network. 这种组合而成的系统比用于点-对-点和点-对多点(多址联接)通信的竞争方法具有明显的优越性。 Such a combination of systems than for point - to - point and the point - multipoint (multiple access) communication method competition has obvious advantages. 这种系统能够吸取通信系统中全带宽时间量的优点,从而缩短系统中的解扩展器的探测和跟踪时间。 This system is able to draw full bandwidth advantage that the amount of time the communication system, thus shortening the despreader system detection and time tracking. 这种系统还能在解扩展器上解扩展和解调有用信号的指定的多层载波扩展频谱信号,不需要知道信号发射机所包括的扩展增益(摸索解扩展特性),从而简化或是省掉在网络中使用代码选通策略,并且能够采用反向技术来优化用于通信信道和网络的扩展增益。 Such a system also despreader solution on the carrier specified spread spectrum signals multilayer expanded and demodulated useful signal, the transmitter need not know the signal included in the spreading gain (groping despread characteristic), thereby simplifying or province Code policy gated off using the network, and can be employed to optimize the reverse spreading technique for a communication channel and gain network. 由解扩展器接收(单元内或是单元外)没有干扰的多层载波扩展频谱信号,不需要知道扩展增益或是干扰信号的程度,这样就能比(典型的非线性)序列方法简单得多,后者需要在接收机上解调和重新调制干扰和有用信号。 Received by the despreader (inner or outer unit cell) without interference multilayer carrier spread spectrum signal, the degree of expansion need not know the gain or the interference signal, it can be much simpler than this (typically nonlinear) sequence method , which requires demodulation and re-modulation interference and useful signals at the receiver. 可以为静态线性信道扩散提供自动补偿,包括在系统前端的内部减少扩散效应,不需要知道或是实际估算信道扩散,这样就能降低解扩展方法以及系统硬件的复杂性。 Can provide automatic compensation for the linear static diffusion channel, including within the system to reduce effects of diffusion front end, no need to know or estimate the actual channel diffusion, so that we can reduce the complexity of despreading method and system hardware.

[0190] 空码技术可以扩展到空间处理技术便于使用反向传输方法,大大提高整体系统的性能价格比。 [0190] Air code technique can be extended to facilitate the use of spatial processing techniques reverse transmission method, greatly enhance the cost performance of the overall system.

[0191] 将空码和空间处理技术与用于波束控制的自适应天线阵列加以组合能够改善普通的天线收发信机无法达到的范围。 [0191] The null code and spatial processing technique used for the adaptive array antenna combining beam control can be improved common transceiver antenna range can not be achieved. 这种组合还能够通过降低相邻单元产生的干扰来提高多元网络的容量。 This combination also interfere to increase the capacity of units derived polyol by reducing the neighboring network can be. 用于消除干扰的无效控制能够用更加紧密的编组来提高通信网络的容量。 Disabling control for eliminating the interference capacity of the communication network can be improved by more closely grouped. 更加紧密的编组能够在单元内部分离吻合的频率,这样就能采用空分多址联接拓扑逻辑。 Grouping can be separated more closely match the frequency of the internal unit, it possible to use spatial division multiple access topology logic. 可以采用直通式方法将天线阵列和空码技术加以组合,增加空码器的维数,例如用来在M0S-DSSS系统中组合空间信道和时间信道,或者是通过增加空码器维数在多层载波扩展频谱系统中组合空间信道和频率信道。 Straight-through method can be employed which will be a combination of the antenna array and space-code technology, increasing the dimension of the space decoder, for example to a combination of spatial channels and time channels M0S-DSSS system, or by the number of dimensions increase space code in a multiple combined spatial channels, and frequency channels spread spectrum systems a carrier layer.

[0192] 多层载波扩频调制格式允许解扩展器随着空间信道数量的增加而降低多层载波扩展频谱扩展增益,以便保持作为天线元数量的函数的空码器常数的复杂性。 [0192] The multilayer-carrier spread spectrum modulation format allows despreader as the number of spatial channels to reduce multilayer carrier spread spectrum spread gain, to maintain the complexity of the number of antenna elements as a function of code space is constant. 这样就能提供稳定的数据定向接收机自适时间。 This will provide a stable orientation data receiver adaptive time. 线性复杂性随着通信网络中天线和用户数量的增加而增长。 Linear complexity increases as a communication network antennas and the number of users increases. 而用户的空间分布随着通信波束的增加而减少。 And the user's communication with the increase of the spatial distribution of the beam is reduced.

[0193] 空码数据自适应定向反向传输技术与多层载波扩频调制的组合提供了一种优越的通信方式。 [0193] Adaptive directional null code reverse transmission data combining technique of the multilayer carrier spread spectrum modulation provides a superior communication. 可以提高点-对-点和点-对-多点通信链路的用户容量,范围,功率,和/ 或成本效率,这些性能都优于全信道预加重方法。 Can improve the point - of - points and the point - to - multipoint communications link user capacity, range, power, and / or cost-effectiveness, these properties are better than full channel pre-emphasis method.

[0194] 多层载波扩展频谱和自适应天线阵列的组合有助于消除空间相干干扰,例如是在蜂窝多层载波扩展频谱网络中,干扰源可以来自网络中其它成员的信号,并且多元天线阵列主要是在网络中的基站上使用。 [0194] The compositions multilayer carrier spread spectrum adaptive antenna arrays and spatial coherence interference helps to eliminate, for example, in the spread spectrum cellular network multilayer carrier, the interfering signal source may come from other members of the network, and a multi-element antenna array It is mainly used in the base station network.

[0195] 图17表示时分双工通信系统的一种时间-频率格式。 [0195] FIG. 17 shows a time-division duplex communication system - frequency format.

[0196] 图18表示一种基本DMT调制解调器的有效单音格式。 [0196] FIG. 18 shows a basic format of a valid tone DMT modem.

[0197] 图19表示一种发射机/接收机校准方法。 [0197] FIG. 19 shows a transmitter / receiver calibration method. 系统的校准和补偿有两种独立的模式。 Calibration and compensation system has two separate modes. SCSScal信号从cal开关注入接收机,测量接收路径扩散。 SCSScal cal switch from the receiver signal injection, measure the received diffusion path. SCSScal信号途经发射调制器到输出接收机,通过转换开关测量合成的发射和接收路径扩散。 SCSScal signal output to transmit modulator via the receiver, by measuring the synthesis of the switch transmit and receive paths diffusion. 发射路径是根据合成的接收和发射cal数据来推导的。 It is synthesized according to the transmission path for receiving and transmitting data derived cal. 在DSP后端中通过发射和处理SCSScal波形来执行补偿。 In the rear end of the DSP is performed by transmitting and processing SCSScal compensated waveform.

[0198] 图20是一种集成的单一天线T/R和DMT调制解调器(基于SCMA的DMT)的示意图。 [0198] FIG. 20 is a single integrated antenna T / R schematic and DMT modem (DMT based on the SCMA) is.

[0199] 图21笼统地表示了一种单线代码选通交叉-SCORE扩展操作的示意图。 [0199] FIG 21 a schematic view generally showing the code for a single wire crossing the gate -SCORE extended operation. 它对于单线处理是最佳的模式。 It is the best treatment for single-line mode. 可以按照最快收敛时间(最低TBP)使用交叉-SCORE算法。 You can use cross -SCORE algorithm in accordance with the fastest convergence time (minimum TBP). 不会受到定时和Doppler频移的影响。 Not affected by the timing and the Doppler shift. 它能够可靠地消除各个单元内部的Karray个干扰。 It is possible to reliably eliminate interfering Karray inside the respective units. 它可以分离Karray个SCSS信号。 It can be isolated Karray a SCSS signals. 它的不足在于不能可靠地分离〉Karray个SCSS信号(不执行空码),并且在频率变化很大的环境中不能相对调节到最大SINR。 The drawback is that it can not be reliably separated> Karray a SCSS signals (null code is not executed), and can not be adjusted relative to the maximum SINR in a large frequency variation environment.

[0200] 图22表示一例具有Kspread个单元子集的单线代码选通交叉-SCORE解扩展操作。 [0200] FIG. 22 shows an example of a single line of code units having Kspread subset gating cross -SCORE despreading operation.

[0201] 图23表示一例具有Nframe个分组/适配帧的一种单线交叉-SCORE算法。 [0201] FIG. 23 shows an example having a single-wire Nframe packet / frame cross -SCORE adaptation algorithm. 解扩展加权是根据多级交叉SCORE本征方程的主模式来计算的。 Despreading weighting pattern is a front multi-stage cross SCORE Eigenequation calculated.

[0202] 图24表示一种单一适配帧自相关统计运算。 [0202] FIG. 24 shows a single frame adapted autocorrelation statistical operation.

[0203] 图25表示具有Kspread个单元子集的一种交叉-SCORE本征方程。 [0203] FIG. 25 shows a cross -SCORE eigen equation has Kspread cells subsets. 解扩展加权是根据多级交叉SCORE本征方程的主模式来计算的。 Despreading weighting pattern is a front multi-stage cross SCORE Eigenequation calculated.

[0204] 图26表示具有Kpart〈Kspread个单元子集的一种代码键发生器。 [0204] FIG 26 represents a Kpart <Kspread cells a subset of code key generator.

[0205] 图27表示具有Kpart〈Kspread个单元子集的一种等效的代码键发生器。 [0205] FIG. 27 shows a key equivalent code generator has Kpart <Kspread cells subsets.

[0206] 图28表示具有Kpart个子集的一种交叉-SCORE本征方程。 [0206] FIG. 28 shows a cross -SCORE eigen equation has Kpart subsets. 解扩展加权是根据多级交叉SCORE本征方程的主模式来计算的。 Despreading weighting pattern is a front multi-stage cross SCORE Eigenequation calculated.

[0207] 图29表示具有两个单元子集的一种交叉-SCORE本征方程。 [0207] FIG. 29 shows a cross -SCORE eigen equation has two subsets of cells. 解扩展加权是根据多级交叉SCORE本征方程的主模式来计算的。 Despreading weighting pattern is a front multi-stage cross SCORE Eigenequation calculated.

[0208] 图30表示一种多链路代码选通交叉-SCORE扩展器。 [0208] FIG. 30 shows a cross-gated multiple link code -SCORE expander. 它是多链路处理的一种改进模式。 It is an improved model of the multi-link processing. 它允许针对SCSS干扰条件修改交叉SCORE收敛时间。 It allows for the interference conditions SCSS modified cross SCORE convergence time. 它不会受到定时和Doppler 频移的影响。 It is not affected by the timing and the Doppler shift. 它能够可靠地消除各个单元内部的Karray个干扰。 It is possible to reliably eliminate interfering Karray inside the respective units. 它可以分离Karray* Kscore个SCSS信号。 It can be isolated Karray * Kscore a SCSS signals. 它的不足在于不能可靠地分离〉Karray*Kscore个SCSS信号(不完全空码),并且在频率变化很大的环境中不能相对调节到最大STAR。 The drawback is that it can not be reliably separated> Karray * Kscore SCSS a signal (not completely empty symbols), and can not be adjusted to the maximum STAR relatively large frequency changes in the environment.

[0209] 图31表示采用频率选通和两个单元子集的一种单线代码选通自动-SCORE扩展操作。 [0209] FIG. 31 shows the frequency use a single line of code and two gating means gating subsets -SCORE automatic spreading operation. 它是高度移动性系统的一种最佳模式。 It is a highly preferred mode of the mobile system. 它可以分离Karray*KsC〇re个SCSS链路。 It can be isolated Karray * KsC〇re a SCSS link. 它能够消除各个单元内部的Karray个非SCSS干扰。 It is possible to eliminate non SCSS Karray respective units internal interference. 它不会受到定时和Doppler频移的影响。 It is not affected by the timing and the Doppler shift. 它的不足在于不能分离〉Kscore个SCSS链路(不完全空码),并且作为解扩展算法的一部分需要(简单的)定时跟踪。 The drawback is that it can not be separated> Kscore SCSS a link (not completely empty symbols), and as part of the algorithm needs to despread (and simplest) timing tracking.

[0210] 图32是采用频率选通和两个单元子集的一种单线代码选通自动-SCORE解扩展操作。 A single-wire Code [0210] FIG. 32 is the use of two frequency gating and gating of subset of cells automatically -SCORE despreading operation.

[0211] 图33表示采用频率选通和两个单元子集的一种自动-SCORE本征方程。 [0211] FIG. 33 shows an automatic -SCORE Eigenequation using frequencies and two gating of subset of cells.

[0212] 图34表示采用时间选通和半速率冗余选通的一种单线代码选通自动-SCORE扩展。 [0212] FIG. 34 shows employ time-gated and gated half-rate redundancy code for a single-wire extension -SCORE automatic gate. 它是低移动性系统的一种最佳模式。 It is a best mode for low mobility system. 它可以分离Karray*Kspread个SCSS链路。 It can be isolated Karray * Kspread a SCSS link. 它能够消除各个单元内部的Karray个非SCSS干扰。 It is possible to eliminate non SCSS Karray respective units internal interference. 它不会受到定时和Doppler频移的影响。 It is not affected by the timing and the Doppler shift. 在解扩展器上提供3dBSNR增益。 Provided 3dBSNR gain on the despreader. 它的不足在于容量减少一半,并且作为解扩展算法的一部分需要(简单的)Doppler跟踪。 Its drawback is that the capacity is reduced by half, and as part of the required (simple) despread Doppler tracking algorithm.

[0213] 图35表示采用时间选通和半速率冗余选通的一种单线代码选通自动-SCORE解扩展。 [0213] FIG. 35 shows use of half-rate time-gated and gated redundancy code for a single-wire automatic gate -SCORE despreading.

[0214] 总之,自适应天线阵列可以用来增加网络系统容量,采用波束控制,无效控制,或者是波束和无效控制的组合。 [0214] In summary, the adaptive array antenna system used to increase network capacity, using the beam control disabling control, or a control beam and the combination is invalid. 这种无效控制或者是波束和无效控制技术的组合在本发明中与作为SCSS扩展器/解扩展器使用的信道化的DMT/0FDM频道复用器组合在一起。 Such control is not valid or invalid combined beam and control technology in the present invention in combination with a spreader SCSS channel / channel despreader use of DMT / 0FDM channel multiplexer.

[0215] 尽管本发明是参照了具体实施例来描述的,应该认识到这一切并不对本发明构成限制。 [0215] Although the present invention with reference to specific embodiments described, it should be appreciated that all this is not a limitation of the present invention. 本领域的技术人员在阅读了说明书之后完全有能力作出各种各样的修改和变更。 Those skilled in the art upon reading the specification is fully capable to make various modifications and changes. 因此,权利要求书的用意是要覆盖属于本发明的原理和范围内的所有修改和变更。 Accordingly, the appended claims are intended to cover all modifications and alterations principles and fall within the scope of the present invention.

Claims (15)

  1. 1. 一种多址联接通信系统,包括: 多个无线电发射机,用于发射多个射频载波; 多个无线电接收机,用于接收所述多个射频载波的至少一个子集; 连接到所述多个无线电发射机的扩展器,采用第一自适应扩展增益和第一数据独立且冗余地调制所述多个射频载波的幅值和相位; 连接到所述多个无线电接收机的解扩展器,采用第一自适应解扩展增益独立地解调所述多个射频载波的幅值和相位,以恢复第一编码数据,其中所述自适应解扩展增益能够关于接收机独立地确定;以及连接着无线电发射机、无线电接收机、扩展器和解扩展器的多址联接装置,该多址联接装置被配置为利用空分多址联接SDM协议、频分多址联接FDM协议和码分多址联接CDM 协议中的至少一种来提供独立的通信信道。 A multiple access communication system, comprising: a plurality of radio transmitter for transmitting a plurality of radio frequency carrier; a plurality of radio receivers for receiving at least a subset of said plurality of RF carrier; connected to the said plurality of radio transmitters extender, using a first adaptive gain and the first data expansion and redundancy independently of said plurality of modulated RF carrier amplitude and phase; coupled to the plurality of radio receivers Solutions expander, using a first adaptive despreading gain of said plurality of independently demodulating the amplitude and phase of the RF carrier to recover the first encoded data, wherein said adaptive despreading gain can be determined independently on a receiver; and a connection with a radio transmitter, a radio receiver, de-spreading unit spreading multiple access means, coupled to the multi-access means is configured to utilize SDM space division multiple access protocol, a frequency division multiple access and code division multiple FDM protocol access protocol coupling at least one of CDM to provide independent communication channels.
  2. 2. 按照权利要求1所述的系统,还包括连接到所述多个无线电发射机和无线电接收机的天线阵列,其中,所述SDM协议在各对发射机和接收机之间按照其相对空间位置实现选择性的数据信道发送和接收。 2. The system of claim 1, further comprising an antenna array coupled to the plurality of radio transmitter and radio receiver, wherein, the SDM protocol between each pair of transmitters and receivers according to their relative spatial Achievement of selective position data channel transmission and reception.
  3. 3. 按照权利要求1所述的系统,其特征在于: 所述FDM协议使用所述多个射频载波中的最小数量的子集,通过匹配射频载波的这些子集,在各对发射机和接收机之间传送附加的数据信道。 3. The system of claim 1, wherein: said FDM protocol uses a minimum number of said plurality of RF carrier subset of these subsets by matching radio frequency carrier, each of the transmitter and receiver transmitting additional data channel between the machine.
  4. 4. 按照权利要求1所述的系统,还包括第二数字扩展增益和第二数据,其中所述CDM 协议通过匹配数字扩展增益的子集,在各对发射机和接收机之间实现第一和第二数据的通{目。 4. The system of claim 1, further comprising a second gain and a second extended digital data, wherein said digital CDM spreading gain by matching protocol subset, between each pair of transmitters and receivers to achieve the first and second data through {mesh.
  5. 5. 按照权利要求2所述的系统,其特征在于:所述天线阵列包括空间上成组分布的正整数"n"个独立的天线,用来提供正整数"n"个空间分布的通信信道。 5. The system according to claim 2, wherein: said antenna array comprises a positive integer spatially distributed groups of "n" separate antenna, for providing a positive integer "n" communication channel spatial distribution .
  6. 6. 按照权利要求5所述的系统,还包括具有连接到所述天线阵列中对应的天线上的独立放大器的一个射频放大器组,其中每个放大器都具有可调的增益,用于实现波束的受控调整,并且使射频信号传输对所述空间分布的通信信道无效。 6. The system of claim 5, further comprising an RF amplifier having a separate set of amplifiers connected to the antenna array corresponding antenna, wherein each amplifier having an adjustable gain for achieving beam controlled adjustment, the RF signal and the transmission of the communication channel is invalid spatial distribution.
  7. 7. 按照权利要求6所述的系统,还包括: 连接到所述射频放大器组的离散多音多层载波扩展频谱发射调制器,用于提供频率分散的多个通信信道;并且所述扩展器具有连接到该发射调制器上的多个输出,以同时在所述空间分布的通信信道上扩展数据。 7. The system according to claim 6, further comprising: a multilayer coupled to discrete multi-tone carrier spread spectrum transmit modulator set the radio frequency amplifier, for providing frequency dispersion of the plurality of communication channels; and the spreader a communication channel extended data output coupled to the plurality of transmit modulator, at the same time to the spatial distribution.
  8. 8. 按照权利要求7所述的系统,还包括连接到所述射频放大器组的调整装置,用来选择所述空间分布的通信信道当中的一个。 8. The system of claim 7, further comprising adjusting means coupled to the radio frequency amplifier group for selecting a communication channel from among the spatial distribution.
  9. 9. 按照权利要求8所述的系统,其中,所述天线阵列的各个独立天线进一步采用极化分布。 9. The system of claim 8, wherein the individual antennas of the antenna array further use polarization distribution.
  10. 10. 按照权利要求8所述的系统,还包括: 连接到所述射频放大器组上的离散多音多层载波扩展频谱解调器,用于提供频率分散的通信信道;并且所述解扩展器具有连接到该解调器的各个输入和一数据输出,以对所有上述频率分散的通信信道上的数据解扩展。 10. The system of claim 8, further comprising: a connection to a discrete multitone spread spectrum demodulators multilayer carrier on said RF amplifier groups, for providing a communication channel frequency dispersion; and said despreader having a respective input coupled to the demodulator and a data output, the data for all of the frequency dispersion of despreading the communication channel.
  11. 11. 一种通过执行以下操作来恢复用多个多层载波信号各自特有的扩展增益扩展并调制到所述多个多层载波信号的每一个上、跨无线介质发送且在接收机处作为多个接收的多层载波信号接收的数字通信信号的方法: (1) 对所述多个接收的多层载波信号中的每个进行下变频,以识别所述多个接收的多层载波信号中的每个的信号,其中所述多个接收的多层载波信号每一个都具有能够与所述多个接收的多层载波信号中的其它多层载波信号的信道带宽相分离的信道带宽; (2) 通过应用与应用于所述多个接收的多层载波信号的扩展增益不同的解扩展加权, 对所述多个接收的多层载波信号执行解扩展; (3) 将经过加权的多个接收的多层载波信号相加而获得与所发送的数字通信信号对应的较强的通信信号,其中干扰被抑制,并且在使信号对噪声和干扰之比最大化的 11. A method to restore the carrier signals with the respective plurality of multilayer unique spreading gain expansion and by doing the following modulated onto each of a plurality of said multi-layer carrier signal, and transmitted across the wireless medium as a plurality at the receiver the method of receiving a multi carrier communication signal received digital signals: (1) a multilayer of the carrier signal received by each of the plurality of down-conversion, to identify the plurality of received multi carrier signal for each signal, wherein each of said plurality of carrier signals received multi-carrier signal having other multilayer multilayer carrier signal can be received with the plurality of separated channel bandwidth channel bandwidth; ( 2) by applying to said plurality of different spreading gains multilayer received carrier signal despreading weights, the plurality of carrier signals received multilayer performing despreading; (3) the plurality of weighted receiving multi-carrier signal obtained by adding a strong communication signal communication with the digital signal corresponding to the transmitted, wherein the interference is suppressed, and a signal to noise and interference ratio is maximized 时出现在所述多个接收的多层载波信号中的时间畸变或频率畸变中的至少一个被消除。 When present in the plurality of multilayer carrier signal received in the time or frequency distortion aberration of the at least one eliminated.
  12. 12. 按照权利要求11所述的方法,其特征在于:所述解扩展的步骤摸索式地解扩展所述多个接收的多层载波信号。 12. The method according to claim 11, wherein: the step of despreading the despread signals of the plurality of received carriers multilayer exploration-like manner.
  13. 13. 按照权利要求12所述的方法,其特征在于:所述摸索式地解扩展的步骤采用一种占优模式的广义本征方程。 13. The method according to claim 12, wherein: said despreading exploration uses a step-like manner in the dominant mode of generalized eigen equation.
  14. 14. 按照权利要求13所述的方法,其特征在于:所述广义本征方程是一种代码选通自相干恢复本征方程。 14. The method according to claim 13, wherein: the generalized eigen equation is a code-gated coherent recovery from eigen equation.
  15. 15. 按照权利要求14所述的方法,其特征在于:在所述摸索式解扩展过程中按照一个预测的平均值缩减所述广义本征方程的最大本征值,并且用一个预测的标准偏差来定标。 15. The method according to claim 14, wherein: the maximum eigenvalue of formula exploration despreading process of reducing the generalized eigen equation according to a prediction of the average value and a standard deviation of prediction to scaling.
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