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本发明涉及一种光学记录介质,其中在基材上顺序地形成至少一个记录层和一个光传输层,并且其中光从光传输层侧照射用于记录和/或再现信息信号,所述基材包括注塑部件,并且所述基材具有根据ASTM? The present invention relates to an optical recording medium, in which at least a recording layer and a light transmitting layer are sequentially on a substrate, and wherein the light irradiated from a light transmitting layer side for recording and / or reproducing information signals, said substrate It means including injection molding, according to ASTM and the substrate has a? E? E? 756-05?05在25℃、2000? 756-05? 05 25 ℃, 2000? Hz下测量的至少2.15? At least 2.15 Hz measured? GPa的杨氏模量E和低于160的Q因子,和>85%的凹点/凹槽结构的可录制性。 GPa Young's modulus E and the Q factor of lower than 160, and> 85% of the available recording pit / groove structure.


圆盘形高密度记录介质 High-density disc-shaped recording medium

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种圆盘形高密度记录介质,其具有特殊的结构用于记录各种信息信号,例如适宜于近场光学拾波器头(Near Field Optical Pick up Heads)的数字数据。 [0001] The present invention relates to a high-density disc-shaped recording medium, which has a special structure for recording a variety of information signals, for example, suitable for near field optical pickup head (Near Field Optical Pick up Heads) digital data .

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 用于记录和再现信息信号,例如用于音频或视频的信息信号的记录介质中,有已知的圆盘形光学记录介质和圆盘形磁性记录介质。 [0002] for recording and reproducing information signals, the information signal recording medium, for example, audio or video, there are known disc-shaped optical recording medium and a disc-shaped magnetic recording medium.

[0003] 这些记录介质中,有光盘,信息信号在其上例如借助于凹点和凹槽以微凹凸(micro-irregularities)的形式写入,相变光盘、磁-光盘,利用记录胶片的光磁效应,和用于磁性写入信号的硬盘。 [0003] The recording medium, an optical disc, information signals, such as by means of pits and grooves in the form of micro-writing irregularities (micro-irregularities) thereon, the phase change optical disk, a magneto - optical disk, optical recording film magnetic effect, a hard disk and a magnetic write signal.

[0004] 为了在光学记录介质上形成记录层,具有与信息信号,例如数据信息或跟踪伺服信号相关的微凹凸,例如位相凹点或预凹槽的这些记录介质中,通常使用塑料材料基材的注塑。 [0004] In order to form a recording layer on the optical recording medium, having information signals, such as data information or tracking servo signal related to micro-irregularities, such as a recording medium which phase pits or pre-grooves, a plastic material commonly used substrates injection. 特别地,使用注塑设备、金属模具和模压机形成圆盘形基材,此时由模压机转录信息信号。 In particular, using an injection molding apparatus, mold and molding machine are formed disc-shaped substrate, then transcribed by the molding machine information signal.

[0005] 为对这种光盘进行信息读取和记录,通常通过给定数值口径NA的简单物镜使波长A的激光束经由厚度d>> A的光传输层和在物镜和光传输层表面之间的工作距离WD >> A下聚焦到记录层上。 [0005] For information on such an optical disk reading and recording, and generally between the objective lens and the surface of the light transmitting layer is formed by a simple objective lens of given numerical aperture NA of the wavelength A of the laser beam via the light transmission layer of thickness d >> A work focused on the recording layer at a distance WD >> a. 聚焦的激光束的光斑直径D在此以D= A/NA的形式给出。 Focusing the laser beam spot diameter D is here in the form of D = A / NA is given. 市售光盘,例如压缩光盘(CD,A=780 nm,NA=0. 45,d=1.2 mm),数字通用光盘(DVD,A=650 nm, NA=O. 60,d=0. 6 mm),高清晰度数字多用途光盘(HD-DVD,A =405 nm,NA=O. 65,d=0. 6 mm) 或蓝光光盘(BD,A=405nm,NA=0. 85,d=0. lmm)使用这一远场光学原理。 Commercially available optical disks, such as a compact disc (CD, A = 780 nm, NA = 0. 45, d = 1.2 mm), a digital versatile disk (DVD, A = 650 nm, NA = O. 60, d = 0. 6 mm ), high-definition digital versatile disc (HD-DVD, A = 405 nm, NA = O. 65, d = 0. 6 mm) or Blu-ray disc (BD, A = 405nm, NA = 0. 85, d = 0. lmm) using the far-field optics. 通过降低A和提高NA,光斑直径D可以降低,因此数据密度可以提高。 A by decreasing and increasing NA, the spot diameter D can be reduced, and therefore the data density can be increased.

[0006] 但是在这种远场光学系统(d和WD >> X )中,物镜的NA被限制在< I. 0的值。 [0006] However, in this far-field optical system (d and WD >> X), the NA of the objective lens is limited to values ​​<I. 0's. 为进一步提高数据密度,NA必须变得大于1.0,这可以通过近场光学系统(NFR)实现。 To further increase the data density, NA must become greater than 1.0, which can be achieved by a near field optical system (NFR). NFR 的一种实施方法可以利用所谓的固体浸没透镜(SIL) (SM Mansfield,WRStudenmund, GS Kino,和K. Osato,''High-numerical_aperture lens system for an optical storage head (用于光学存贮器头的高数值口径透镜系统)",Opt. Lett. 18,305页以下(1993))。 例如在由NA < I. 0的远场透镜和由具有折射指数的材料制成的半球形透镜组成的透镜系统中,有效数值孔径嫩#由NA • n I给出,如果n %足够大,其将超过1.0。另一种实施方法可以借助于直径DAP<< A的小孔,其可以通过具有非常窄的末端孔口的光纤实现(H.BrUckl,Physik in unserer Zeit,28, Jahrgang 1997 Nr. 2, p67 以下)或由光学非线性响应薄掩模层(所谓的超级分辨率增强近场结构(Super Resolution Enhanced Near Field Structure),参见:J. Tominaga 等人,Advanced Physics Letters, Vol 73 (15) 1998)实现。 NFR method of implementation may utilize a so-called solid immersion lens (SIL) (SM Mansfield, WRStudenmund, GS Kino, and K. Osato, '' High-numerical_aperture lens system for an optical storage head (head for an optical memory a high numerical aperture lens system) ", Opt. Lett. 18,305 following pages (1993)). For example, in a lens system NA <I. far field 0 of the lens and a hemispherical lens made of a material having a refractive index of a composition , the effective numerical aperture is given by the tender # NA • n I, n% if large enough, it will exceed 1.0. another embodiment of the method by means of DAP << a pore diameter, which can have a very narrow achieve fiber end aperture (H.BrUckl, Physik in unserer Zeit, 28, Jahrgang 1997 Nr. 2, p67 or less) or enhanced near-field structure (super resolution by an optical nonlinear response of thin masking layer (so-called super-resolution Enhanced Near Field Structure), see:. J Tominaga et al., Advanced Physics Letters, Vol 73 (15) 1998) to achieve.

[0007] NFR在透镜系统或孔口表面和光盘或记录层表面之间的WD << A下使用电磁场。 [0007] NFR using an electromagnetic field at a WD << A between the lens system or aperture and the surface of the disc or the surface of the recording layer. 例如在K. Saito 等人,Technical Digest ISOM 2001,p 244 以下中,表明在WD << 405 nm 的工作距离下,可以将SIL的衰逝波的足够的光偶合进光盘中,使得SIL的NArff可以升高超过1.0 的远场限制。 For example, in K. Saito et al., Technical Digest ISOM 2001, p 244 below, indicate that at 405 nm working distance WD <<, sufficient optical coupling of the evanescent wave into the SIL may be optical disc, such that the SIL NArff It can be raised more than 1.0 far-field limit. 同样表明WD的精确性必须控制到几nm的水平,以便获得稳定的再现信号。 WD also shows that the accuracy must be controlled to several nm level, so as to obtain a stable reproduction signal. 这一点可以理解为衰逝波的强度随着与透镜表面的距离按指数衰减。 This evanescent wave can be understood as the intensity with distance from the lens surface by exponential decay. 为确定这种控制机理,T. Ishimoto 等人,Technical Digest ISOM/ODS 2002, WC3, p 287 以下建议和介绍了活性反馈伺服回路。 To determine this control mechanism, T. Ishimoto et al., Technical Digest ISOM / ODS 2002, WC3, p 287 describes the activity of the following recommendations and feedback servo loop. 这一伺服回路还能够抵消由旋转光盘的模态振荡形成的WD的波动(JI Lee等人,Technical Digest ODS 2006 MC4,p 43以下)。 This servo loop is able to also counteract fluctuations in the rotation of the optical disc WD modal oscillations formed (JI Lee et al., Technical Digest ODS 2006 MC4, p 43 or less). 但是由于伺服回路的带宽限制,这种补偿仅在较低的光盘转速下和对于低频模态振荡工作良好。 However, due to bandwidth limitations of the servo loop such compensation only at lower disk rotation speed and work well for low frequency modal oscillations. 因此由于例如具有120 mm直径的LI mm厚整体聚碳酸酯光盘的高频模态振荡幅度,数据传输速率方面存在限制。 For example, there is a limitation due to the high frequency modal oscillation amplitude of the overall LI mm thick polycarbonate disc having a diameter of 120 mm, a data transmission rate. 其中公开的基材不满足本发明基材的要求。 Substrate does not satisfy the requirements of the present invention wherein a substrate is disclosed. 为了改善同样在高光盘转速下的间隙伺服控制操作,必须特别改进光盘的高频模态振荡性能。 Also in order to improve the gap servo control operation of high-speed optical disk must be particularly improved high frequency modal oscillation performance of the optical disc.

[0008] 模态振荡由其模态频率/"表征,所述模态频率/"与光盘的几何结构和杨氏模量方与质量密度P的比率有关,与(泣P) 115成正比(也参见公式1)。 [0008] The oscillation mode by the modal frequency / "to characterize the modal frequency /" and the geometry and the ratio of the Young's modulus and mass density of the P side of the relevant optical disc, 115 is proportional to (P weeping) ( see also formula 1). 质量因子0 (参见公式2)借助于炉3/tan S,与tan S有关。 Quality factor 0 (see Equation 2) by means of a furnace 3 / tan S, and tan S related. 就这点而论,例以用作阻抑,例如tan S的量度。 As such, for example, to serve as a repressor, for example, a measure of tan S. 低Q意味着高阻抑,因为tan S高。 Low Q means high repression, because of the high tan S. 通常,方与6对频率/显示明显依赖性。 Typically, side and six pairs of frequency / show a significant dependence.

[0009] US 6, 908, 655 B2关注调节在120 mm直径、通常I. I mm厚的整体聚碳酸酯光盘上发生的约140 Hz的低频(第一)模态振荡,以及还涉及远场光学拾波器头。 [0009] US 6, 908, 655 B2 concerns adjustable diameter 120 mm, and 140 Hz about the occurrence of low overall polycarbonate discs usually I. I mm thick (first) oscillation mode, and also to a far-field The optical pickup head. US 6908655 B2公开利用标准IK注塑,并非可以同时平衡或优化所有关键参数,例如劲度、阻抑、平面性和特别是光盘的凹点/凹槽结构的可录制性。 US 6908655 B2 discloses using standard injection molding IK, can be balanced or not all critical parameters to optimize the same time, e.g. stiffness, repressor, can record pits of flat and in particular an optical disc / groove structure. 因此建议一种复杂的夹层结构,具有现有技术光盘级聚碳酸酯的表层。 Therefore it proposed a complex sandwich structure, having a surface layer of the prior art grade polycarbonate disc.

[0010] 因此理想的是制造由简单的IK注射模塑基材组成的光盘,其具有增强的劲度或增强的阻抑或两者,并且显示凹点/凹槽结构的高可录制性。 [0010] It is therefore desirable optical disc manufactured by a simple injection molding IK base composition having enhanced repressor or enhanced stiffness, or both, and the display pits / grooves of high recordable structure.

[0011] WO 00/48172关注于光盘的第一模态频率(< 300 Hz)性能,据说第一模态频率应优选设置在光盘的旋转工作范围外。 [0011] WO 00/48172 concerns the first modal frequency of the optical disc (<300 Hz) performance of said first modal frequency should preferably be disposed outside the working range of the rotary disc. 就高频模态振荡(>=2000 Hz)性能而论,没有公开解决方案。 High-frequency oscillation mode to (> = 2000 Hz) in terms of performance, does not disclose a solution. 本申请实验部分中给出的对比例3基于WO 00/48172的实施例2,表明就阻抑而论满足低频要求的解决方案不满足本发明的高频要求。 This application given in the experimental section 3 Comparative Example 2 based on WO 00/48172, show the high-frequency requirements to meet in terms of suppressing the low frequency does not satisfy the requirements of the solution of the present invention.

[0012] WO 2003/005354A1描述特殊的共聚碳酸酯,获得改善的光盘阻抑。 [0012] WO 2003 / 005354A1 describes special copolycarbonates, improved disc repressor. 就聚合物的化学结构而论,该实施方案不同于本发明,或者就阻抑而论该实施方案描述低(第一)模态频率要求,但是没有描述本发明的高频要求。 Respect to the chemical structure of the polymer, this embodiment differs from the embodiment of the present invention or the embodiment will be described in terms of suppressing the low (first) modal frequency requirements, but does not describe a high-frequency requirements of the invention.

[0013] 在低频(I Hz-16 Hz)下获得改善的阻抑,但是不足以达到本发明的高频模态振荡要求的其它解决方案在US 6,391,418 B1、EP 1 158 024 Al 和US 2004/0265605 Al 中公开。 [0013] In the low frequency (I Hz-16 Hz) under the repressor improved, but not enough to achieve the present invention other solutions required for oscillation mode frequency in US 6,391,418 B1, EP 1 158 024 Al and US 2004/0265605 Al disclosed. US 6, 391,418 Bl描述信息记录介质的基材,由包括粘均分子量为10, 000至40, 000并基于联苯、三苯化合物或其混合物的聚碳酸酯的聚碳酸酯组合物制成。 US 6, 391,418 Bl substrate described information recording medium, and a polycarbonate-based composition 000 made of polycarbonate biphenyl, triphenyl, or mixtures thereof include viscosity average molecular weight of 10, 000 to 40, to make. EPl 158 024 Al描述一种振动-阻抑热塑性树脂组合物,包括a) 50至90 wt%的损耗tan S为〇. 01至〇. 04 和载荷挠曲温度不低于120°C的无定形热塑性树脂和b) 50至10 wt%的甲基丙烯酸甲酯树月旨,其中由其模塑的制品具有某些物理性能。 EPl 158 024 Al describes a vibration - Inhibitory thermoplastic resin composition, comprising a) 50 to 90 wt% of loss tan S is 01 billion to 04 billion, and deflection temperature under load of not less than amorphous to 120 ° C. a thermoplastic resin and b) 50 to 10 wt% methyl methacrylate purpose tree months, molded article therefrom which have certain physical properties. US 2004/0265605 Al描述一种振动阻尼数据存储介质,包括基材、包括至少一种聚酰亚胺的物理部分和基材上的至少一个数据层。 US 2004/0265605 Al describes a vibration damping data storage medium comprising a substrate, comprising at least one data portion and the physical layer on the substrate at least one polyimide. 其与第一模态(低频)振荡有关。 For the first oscillation mode (low frequency).

[0014] NFR的另一个重要特征是经由WD << A将来自渐逝场的光偶合进入记录介质表面,以充分利用SIL的嫩#用于降低D至A/NAeff的能力。 [0014] Another important feature of NFR, via WD << A coupling light from the evanescent field into the recording medium surface, in order to make full use of the SIL for reducing D to tender # A / NAeff of capacity. 为此,记录介质最上面的光传输层的折射率实部n必须大于NA rff。 For this reason, the real part of the refractive index n recording uppermost dielectric layer must be greater than the light transmission NA rff. 可以由高折射率层(HRI涂层)获得这样一个层,根据本发明,所述高折射率层可以形成记录介质的最上层并允许将渐逝场中的光偶合进入记录介质中。 Such a layer can be obtained by a high refractive index layer (HRI coating), according to the present invention, the high refractive index layer may form the uppermost layer of the recording medium and allows the coupling of light in the evanescent field into the recording medium. HRI涂层也可以用作两个或多个再现层或记录层之间的间隔层。 HRI coating may also be used as a spacer layer between two or more reproducing layers or recording layers. 为使存储密度提高至少二倍,与最相关的远场光学(NA < 1. 0)相比,NArff应至少> 1. 41,因此HRI层的折射率的实部n应至少> 1.41。 In order to increase the storage density at least twice, with the most relevant optical far-field (NA <compared to 1. 0), NArff should be at least> 1.41 and therefore the real part of the refractive index n of the HRI layer should be at least> 1.41. 关注于远场光学器件的现有技术不必考虑这一点。 Art focuses on the far-field optics do not have to take this into account.

[0015] US 6,875,489 B2或EP 1,518,880 Al关注于厚度d > 3 ym的光传输层,因为这些实施方案与远场光盘,例如BD有关。 [0015] US 6,875,489 B2 or EP 1,518,880 Al interest thickness d> 3 ym light transmission layer, since these embodiments and far-field optical disk, such as a BD related. 就象NFR,有效NAeff大于1. 0,关键的是将光传输层厚d限制到较小值(例如< =3 ym),因为其更易于补偿例如像差(Zijp等人,Proc. of SPIE,5380 卷,p209 以下)。 Like the NFR, the effective NAeff is larger than 1.0, the light transmission is critical to limit the layer thickness d to smaller values ​​(e.g. <= 3 ym), for example, because it is easier to compensate aberrations (Zijp et al., Proc. Of SPIE , volume 5380, p209 or less).

[0016] 除了HRI层的上述光学性能之外和由于NFR光学拾波器头的非常小的WD,这种HRI层也将作为保存在记录介质中的信息的保护层和在偶然磁头碰撞的情况下,作为光学拾波器头的保护层。 [0016] In addition to the optical properties of the HRI layer and due to the very small NFR optical pickup head WD multiplexer, such HRI layer also as a protective layer information stored in the recording medium and the magnetic head in the case of accidental collision next, the protective layer as the optical pickup head wave. 因此当WD只有几十nm时,HRI层应具有高抗划性和低表面粗糙度R a。 Therefore, when only a few dozen WD nm, HRI layer should have a high scratch resistance and low surface roughness R a. HRI层的折射率的吸收或虚部k也应较低,以使来自由可由HRI层组成的间隔层分隔的多个叠层记录层的反射能够足够高以及获得高读取稳定性。 Refractive index of the HRI layer of the absorption or imaginary part k should also be low, so that reflection may be freely plurality of recording layers laminated spacer layer HRI layers separated, and can be high enough to obtain a high read stability. 现有技术同样不必考虑这种光盘结构的复杂性能概况。 Also the prior art regardless of the complexity of such performance profile of the disc structure.


[0017] 因此本发明的目的是提供一种用于间隙伺服控制的NFR光盘的光学记录介质,其中在基材上形成至少一个记录层和一个光传输层,并且其中光从光传输层侧照射用于记录和/或再现信息信号,并且所述基材在2000 Hz的高频下满足杨氏模量和阻抑(Q因子)的特殊要求。 [0017] Therefore object of the present invention is to provide an optical recording medium NFR gap servo control for the optical disc, wherein the at least one recording layer, and forming a light transmitting layer on the substrate, and wherein the light irradiated from the light transmitting layer side for recording and / or reproducing information signals, and the substrate satisfies at a frequency of 2000 Hz and the Young's modulus repressor (Q factor) of the special requirements. 本发明的另一个目的是提供一种如上所述的光学记录介质,其包括至少一个记录层和一个光传输层,具有折射指数、抗划性和表面粗糙度的特殊要求。 Another object of the present invention is to provide an optical recording medium as described above, comprising at least a recording layer and a light transmitting layer having a refractive index, scratch resistance and surface roughness of the special requirements. 记录层和光传输层在基材上顺序地形成,并且其中光从光传输层侧照射用于记录和/或再现信息信号,其中所述基材可以由注塑部件组成,并且所述基材具有根据ASTM E 756-05,在25 °C、2000 Hz下测定的至少2. 15 GPa的杨氏模量E和低于160的Q因子,以及凹点/凹槽结构的可录制性> 85%〇 The recording layer and the light transmitting layer are sequentially formed on a substrate, and wherein the light irradiated from a light transmitting layer side for recording and / or reproducing information signals, wherein the substrate may be formed of injection molded components, and according to the substrate having ASTM E 756-05, at 25 ° C, as measured at 2000 Hz of at least 2. 15 GPa Young's modulus E and the Q factor of lower than 160, and a pit / groove structure of the recordable> 85% square

[0018] 发明概述 [0018] Summary of the Invention

[0019] 在间隙伺服控制的近场记录和近场读取中,透镜和光盘表面的工作距离WD必须降低到远低于激光的波长A,以及必须控制在严格限度内。 [0019] In the near-field near-field recording and reading gap servo control, the lens and the disc surface working distance WD must be reduced to far below the wavelength of the laser A, and must be controlled within strict limits. 因此对于光盘的高频模态振荡性能以及对于光传输层的厚度、光学和机械性能存在严格要求。 Thus there are strict requirements on the performance of the high frequency modal oscillations of the disc and the light transmission layer thickness, the optical and mechanical properties. 本发明显示一种特殊的光盘构造的选择,其利用合适的材料来实现这一点,从而解决上述问题。 The present invention shows a special selection of disc configuration, which with a suitable material to achieve this, so as to solve the above problems.

[0020] 因此本发明涉及一种光学记录介质,其中在基材上顺序地形成至少一个记录层和一个光传输层,和其中光从光传输层侧发射用于记录和/或再现信息信号,所述基材包括注塑部件和所述基材具有根据ASTM E 756-05在25°C、2000 Hz下测量的至少2. 15 GPa的杨氏模量E和低于160的Q因子,和> 85%的可录制性。 [0020] Thus, the present invention relates to an optical recording medium, in which at least a recording layer and a light transmitting layer are sequentially on a substrate, and wherein the light emitted from the light transmitting layer side for recording and / or reproducing information signals, the injection molded part and comprises a substrate having a substrate according to the ASTM E 756-05 at 25 ° C, measured at 2000 Hz of at least 2. 15 GPa Young's modulus E and the Q factor of lower than 160, and> 85% of recordable.

[0021] 优选本发明为根据权利要求1的光学记录介质,特征在于基材在>Tg (玻璃化转变温度)-30°C的模具温度,优选在> Tg (玻璃化转变温度)-20°C的模具温度下模塑。 [0021] Preferably the present invention is an optical recording medium according to claim 1, characterized in that the base material> Tg (glass transition temperature) Mold Temperature -30 ° C, preferably> Tg (glass transition temperature) -20 ° C at a mold temperature of a molding.

[0022] 本发明还涉及一种制备作为根据权利要求1的光学记录介质基础的基材的方法, 其中基材在> Tg (玻璃化转变温度)-30°C的模具温度下相对于包括凹点和/或凹槽的压模进行模塑,通过所述方法,所述凹点和/或凹槽被复制到基材中,可录制性> 85%。 [0022] The present invention further relates to a method for preparing a substrate as an optical recording medium according to claim 1 base, wherein the base material> mold temperature Tg (glass transition temperature) -30 ° C relative to the recess comprises or compression point and / molding groove, the pits and / or grooves are copied into the substrate by said method, can record of> 85%.

[0023] 优选实施方案的说明 DESCRIPTION [0023] Preferred embodiments

[0024] 改变高频下光盘的模态振荡的方法是提高其杨氏模量E (劲度),其使模态振荡向更高频率偏移,由此降低给定阻抑下的幅度,或降低其质量因子Q (提高其阻抑)以减少振荡幅度。 [0024] The method of changing the frequency of the oscillation mode of the optical disc is to increase the Young's modulus E (stiffness), which causes the oscillation mode is shifted to higher frequencies, thereby to reduce the amplitude at a given repressor, or reducing the quality factor Q (increase its repressor) to reduce the oscillation amplitude. 为克服该问题,可以以单一参数的形式改进劲度或阻抑,或同时改进两者。 To overcome this problem, in the form of a single parameter may be improved stiffness or suppression, while improving, or both.

[0025] 光传输层的厚度优选为I nm至低于3000 nm,更优选为200 nm至低于2000 nm以及特别为500 nm至低于1500 nm。 [0025] The thickness of the light transmission layer is preferably from I nm to less than 3000 nm, more preferably from 200 nm to 2000 nm and in particular less than 500 nm to less than 1500 nm.

[0026] 基材材料的说明 [0026] Description of the substrate material

[0027] 形成基材的合适基材材料的实例为聚合物、共混物和配混物(填充的热塑性树脂组合物),只要基材满足杨氏模量E和Q因子的要求。 [0027] Examples of suitable substrate material is formed as a base polymer, and the blend was compounded (filled thermoplastic resin compositions), as long as the substrate satisfies the Young's modulus E and the Q factor requirements. 但是,用于所述基材的本发明的聚合物树脂不局限于以下实例。 However, the polymer resins of the present invention is not limited to the substrate for the following examples.

[0028] 除了关于杨氏模量E和Q因子的要求之外,热塑性树脂、共混物或配混物应具有低吸水性、高耐热性,以及应可用常用的方法,例如注塑、注射压缩模塑等加工为光盘。 [0028] In addition to the requirement of Young's modulus E and the Q factor the thermoplastic resin, blend or compounded composition should have a low water absorption, high heat resistance, and should be available conventional methods, such as injection molding, injection compression molding and other processing of the optical disc.

[0029] 除了关于杨氏模量E和Q因子的要求之外,热塑性树脂、共混物或配混物应具有低吸水性、高耐热性,以及应可用常用的方法,例如注塑、注射压缩模塑等加工为光盘。 [0029] In addition to the requirement of Young's modulus E and the Q factor the thermoplastic resin, blend or compounded composition should have a low water absorption, high heat resistance, and should be available conventional methods, such as injection molding, injection compression molding and other processing of the optical disc.

[0030] 这种热塑性树脂可以选自聚碳酸酯树脂、丙烯酸树脂、聚苯乙烯树脂和无定形聚环烯烃以及氢化聚苯乙烯。 [0030] Such a thermoplastic resin may be resin, acrylic resin, polystyrene resin and amorphous polycycloolefin is selected from hydrogenated polystyrene and polycarbonate. 热塑性树脂也可以为由不同热塑性树脂组成的共混物,以及为一种或多种热塑性树脂与填料和/或添加剂的配混物。 The thermoplastic resin may be a thermoplastic resin by different blends, and blends of one or more thermoplastic resins with fillers and / or additives with.

[0031] 聚碳酸酯树脂 [0031] The polycarbonate resin

[0032] 聚碳酸酯树脂通常通过芳族二羟基化合物和碳酸酯前体的溶液聚合或熔体聚合来获得。 [0032] The polycarbonate resin solution polymerization or melt, typically by the front aromatic dihydroxy compound and a carbonate precursor to obtain polymerization. 可接受任何芳族二羟基化合物,只要其满足上述条件。 Any aromatic dihydroxy compound is acceptable, so long as it satisfies the above conditions.

[0033] 优选的芳族二羟基化合物为式(1)的化合物: [0033] Preferred compounds of the aromatic dihydroxy compound of formula (1):

[0034] HO-Z-OH (1) [0034] HO-Z-OH (1)

[0035] 其中Z表示式(Ia)的基团, [0035] wherein Z represents a formula (Ia) group,

[0036] [0036]

Figure CN102576557BD00071

[0037] 其中 [0037] in which

[0038]R1和R2彼此独立地表示H或C「Cs-烷基,优选为H或C1-C4-烷基,特别是氢或甲基,和 [0038] R1 and R2 independently of one another denote H or C "Cs- alkyl group, preferably H or C1-C4- alkyl, in particular hydrogen or methyl, and

[0039] X表示单键、C「C6_亚烷基X2-C 5-烷叉基或(:5_(:6环烷叉基,其可以由C「C6-烷基, 优选甲基或乙基取代,条件是如果X表示3, 3, 5-三甲基环己叉基,则R1和R 2表示氢。 [0039] X represents a single bond, C "C6_ X2-C 5- alkylene group or alkylidene (: 5 _ (: 6 cycloalkylidene group, which may be made of C" C6- alkyl, preferably methyl or ethyl substituent group, with the proviso that if X represents 3, 3, 5-trimethyl-cyclohexylidene group, then R1 and R 2 represent hydrogen.

[0040] 最优选X表示单键、亚甲基、异亚丙基或环己叉基或3, 3, 5-三甲基环己叉基,特别是X表示异亚丙基或3, 3, 5-三甲基环己叉基。 [0040] Most preferably, X represents a single bond, methylene, isopropylidene or cyclohexylidene group or a 3, 3, 5-trimethyl-cyclohexylidene, particularly isopropylidene or X represents 3, 3 , 5-trimethyl-cyclohexylidene.

[0041] 芳族二羟基化合物通常是已知的,或者可以根据通常已知的方法制备。 [0041] The aromatic dihydroxy compounds are generally known or can be prepared according to generally known methods.

[0042] 芳族二羟基化合物的实例包括氢醌、间苯二酚、4, 4'-二苯酚、1,1-双(4-羟苯基) 乙烷、2, 2-双(4-羟苯基)丙烷、2, 2-双(4-羟苯基)丁烷、1,1-双(4-羟苯基)-1-苯乙烷、1,1-双(4-羟苯基)环己烷、2, 2-双(4-羟苯基)戊烷、4, 4'-(对-亚苯基二异亚丙基)一酸、9, 9-双(4-轻苯基)荷、1,I-双(4-轻苯基)异丙基环己烧、2, 2-双(3-甲基-4-羟苯基)丙烷、1,1-双(4-羟苯基)环己烷、1,1-双(4-羟苯基)-3, 3, 5-三甲基环己烧、9, 9-双(3-甲基轻苯基)荷和a,a ' -双(4-轻苯基)间-一异丙苯。 [0042] Examples of the aromatic dihydroxy compound include hydroquinone, resorcinol, 4,4'-biphenol, 1,1-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) ethane, 2,2-bis (4- hydroxyphenyl) propane, 2,2-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) butane, 1,1-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) -1-phenylethane, 1,1-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl yl) cyclohexane, 2,2-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) pentane, 4, 4 '- (p - phenylene diisopropylidene) an acid, 9, 9-bis (4- light phenyl) Netherlands, 1, I- bis (4-light) isopropyl cyclohexyl burning, 2, 2-bis (3-methyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) propane, 1,1-bis (4 - hydroxyphenyl) cyclohexane, 1,1-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) -3, 3, 5-trimethyl cyclohexyl burning, 9, 9-bis (3-phenyl light) charge and a, a '- bis (4-phenyl light) between - a cumene. 优选的二羟基化合物为2, 2-双(4-羟苯基)丙烷(双酚A)、4, 4'-(间-亚苯基二异亚丙基)二酚和1,1-双(4-羟苯基)-3, 3, 5-三甲基环己烷。 Preferred dihydroxy compound 2,2-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) propane (bisphenol A), 4, 4 '- (Inter - phenylene diisopropylidene) diphenol and 1,1-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) -3, 3, 5-trimethyl cyclohexane.

[0043] 聚碳酸酯树脂可以为通过均聚上述芳族二羟基化合物获得的均聚碳酸酯,或通过共聚两种或多种芳族二羟基化合物获得的共聚碳酸酯。 [0043] The polycarbonate resin may be a homopolycarbonate by homopolymerizing the above aromatic dihydroxy compound obtained by, or obtained by copolymerization of two or more aromatic dihydroxy compound copolycarbonates. 此外,其可以为通过聚合上述芳族二羟基化合物和一种或多种其它二羟基化合物获得的共聚碳酸酯。 Further, it may be a copolycarbonate obtained by polymerizing the above aromatic dihydroxy compound and one or more other dihydroxy compounds obtained.

[0044] 借助于溶液方法的反应通常为二元酚和光气之间的反应,并且通常在酸偶联剂和有机溶剂存在下进行。 [0044] The method by means of the reaction solution is generally a reaction between a dihydric phenol and phosgene, and is usually carried out in the presence of an acid coupling agent and an organic solvent. 作为酸偶联剂,使用碱金属氢氧化物,例如氢氧化钠或氢氧化钾,或胺化合物,例如吡啶。 As the acid coupling agent, alkali metal hydroxides, such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, or amine compounds, such as pyridine. 作为有机溶剂,使用卤代烃,例如二氯甲烷或氯苯。 As the organic solvent, halogenated hydrocarbons such as methylene chloride or chlorobenzene. 为了促进反应,也可以使用催化剂,例如叔胺、季铵化合物或季化合物,其示例分别为三乙胺、N-乙基-哌啶、四-正丁基溴化铵,或四-正丁基溴化'鱗。 To promote the reaction, a catalyst may be used, for example tertiary amines, quaternary ammonium compounds or quaternary compounds, examples of which are triethylamine, N- ethyl - piperidine, tetra - n-butylammonium bromide, or tetra - n- bromide 'scale. 优选,反应温度通常为〇至40°C,反应时间为10分钟至5小时,反应期间的pH为不小于9。 Preferably, the reaction temperature is generally square to 40 ° C, the reaction time is from 10 to 5 minutes, pH during the reaction is not less than 9.

[0045] 在聚合反应中,通常使用末端封闭剂。 [0045] In the polymerization reaction, a terminal blocking agent is generally used. 使用的这些末端封闭剂可以为单官能酚。 These terminal blocking agents may be a monofunctional phenol. 这些单官能酚通常用作调节分子量的末端封闭剂。 The monofunctional phenol is generally used as a terminal blocking agent to adjust the molecular weight. 获得的聚碳酸酯树脂具有由单官能酚基基团封闭的末端,使得其在热稳定性方面优于未如上所述获得的聚碳酸酯树脂。 The polycarbonate resin obtained has a closed monofunctional phenolic terminal groups, such a polycarbonate resin which is superior in thermal stability is not obtained as described above. 单官能酚通常为酚或低级烷基取代酚,例如苯酚、对-叔丁基苯酚、对-枯基苯酚、异辛基苯酚或长链烷基酚,例如癸基苯酚、十二烷基苯酚、十六烷基苯酚、十八烷基苯酚、二十烷基苯酚、二十二烷基苯酚和三十烷基苯酚。 The monofunctional phenol is generally a phenol or substituted phenol is a lower alkyl group, such as phenol, p - tert-butylphenol, p - cumylphenol, isooctylphenol or long-chain alkylphenols, such as decyl phenol, dodecyl phenol , hexadecyl phenol, octadecyl phenol, eicosyl phenol, di-dodecyl phenol and thirty-alkyl phenol.

[0046] 末端封闭剂以获得合适的分子量的量引入。 [0046] The amount of the terminal blocking agent to obtain a suitable molecular weight is introduced. 末端封闭剂可以单独使用,或以组合的形式使用。 Terminal blocking agents may be used alone or in combination thereof.

[0047] 聚碳酸酯或共聚碳酸酯的平均分子量由二氯甲烷中的聚合物溶液的相对溶液粘度表征,使用Ubbelhode毛细管粘度计,毛细管类型0C。 [0047] The polycarbonate or copolycarbonate average molecular weight of a relative solution viscosity of the polymer solution, characterized in dichloromethane, using a capillary viscometer Ubbelhode capillary type 0C. 聚合物浓度为5 g/1,测量在25°C 下进行。 A polymer concentration of 5 g / 1, measurements are made at 25 ° C. 相对溶液粘度为1. 15至1. 30,优选为1. 18至1. 25,特别优选为1. 19至1. 23。 Relative solution viscosity of 1.15 to 1.30, preferably 1.18 to 1.25, particularly preferably 1.19 to 1.23.

[0048] 借助于熔融方法的反应通常为二元酚和碳酸酯之间的酯交换反应,并且通过在加热下在惰性气体存在下混合二元酚和碳酸酯,和馏出产生的醇或酚的方法进行。 [0048] by means of a melt reaction method is generally an ester exchange reaction between a dihydric phenol and a carbonate, and by mixing the dihydric phenol and the carbonate ester in the presence of an inert gas, and an alcohol or phenol produced is distilled off under heating the methods. 虽然反应温度基于例如产生的醇或酚的沸点而不同,但是其通常为120至350°C。 Although the reaction temperature on the boiling point of alcohol or phenol produced, for example, differ, but it is generally 120 to 350 ° C. 在反应的后一半期间,反应体系压力降低至大约I. 33X 103至13. 3 Pa,以促进产生的醇或酚的蒸馏。 During the latter half of the reaction, the reaction system pressure is reduced to about I. 33X 103 to the 13. 3 Pa, to facilitate distillation of the generated alcohol or phenol. 反应时间通常为1至4小时。 The reaction time is usually 1 to 4 hours.

[0049] 碳酸酯中,有例如C6至ClO芳基或芳烷基或C1-4烷基的酯,其有时可以被取代, 特别是碳酸二苯酯、碳酸双(氯苯基)酯、碳酸二萘基酯、碳酸双(联苯基)酯、碳酸二甲酯、 碳酸二乙酯和碳酸二丁酯。 [0049] carbonates, for example C6 to ClO aryl or aralkyl or C1-4 alkyl ester which may be substituted, especially diphenyl carbonate, bis (chlorophenyl) carbonate dinaphthyl carbonate, bis (diphenyl) carbonate, dimethyl carbonate, diethyl carbonate and dibutyl carbonate. 其中碳酸二苯酯是最优选的。 Wherein diphenyl carbonate is most preferred.

[0050] 为了促进聚合,也可以使用聚合催化剂。 [0050] In order to facilitate polymerization, a polymerization catalyst may be used. 作为这些聚合催化剂,可以使用通常用于酯化或酯交换反应的那些催化剂,例如碱金属化合物,例如氢氧化钠、氢氧化钾,或二元酚的钠或钾盐,碱土金属化合物,例如氢氧化钙、氢氧化钡或氢氧化镁,含氮碱性化合物,例如氢氧化四甲基铵、氢氧化四乙基铵、三甲胺或三乙胺,碱金属或碱土金属的醇盐,含磷碱性化合物,例如四苯基I霉酚盐或碱金属或碱土金属的有机酸盐,锌化合物、硼化合物、铝化合物、硅化合物、锗化合物、有机锡化合物、铅化合物、锇化合物、锑化合物、锰化合物、钛化合物或锆化合物。 As these polymerization catalysts, those catalysts generally may be used for esterification or transesterification reactions, such as alkali metal compounds, such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or sodium or potassium salts, alkaline earth metal compound of a dihydric phenol, such as hydrogen calcium oxide, barium hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide, nitrogen-containing basic compounds such as tetramethylammonium hydroxide, tetraethylammonium hydroxide, trimethylamine or triethylamine, alkoxides of alkali metals or alkaline earth metals, phosphorous basic compounds, e.g. tetraphenyl I mycophenolate, or alkali metal or alkaline earth metal organic acid salts, zinc compounds, boron compounds, aluminum compounds, silicon compounds, germanium compounds, organotin compounds, lead compounds, osmium compounds, antimony compounds , a manganese compound, titanium compound or zirconium compound. 这些催化剂可以单独或以组合的形式使用。 These catalysts may be used alone or in combination thereof. 这些催化剂以对于作为起始材料的一摩尔二元酚,优选IX 10 8至IX 10 3当量,更优选IX 10 7至5 X 10 4当量的量使用。 The amount of catalyst to one mole of the dihydric phenol as the starting material, preferably through IX 10 8 IX 10 3 equivalents, more preferably IX 10 7 to 5 X 10 4 equivalents of use.

[0051]芳族聚碳酸酯树脂可以包含三-或更高官能的芳族化合物或者在聚合物中包含支化组分作为聚合中异构化反应的结果。 [0051] The aromatic polycarbonate resin may contain three - or higher functional aromatic compounds or contain branched components in the isomerization reaction as a polymerization results in a polymer. 三-或更高官能的芳族化合物的实例优选包括间苯三酸(phlorogrucin)、五羟基联苯(phlorogrucide)、三苯酸,例如4, 6-二甲基-2, 4, 6-三(4-羟苯基)庚烯-2, 2, 4, 6-三甲基-2, 4, 6-三(4-羟苯基)庚烷、1,3, 5-三(4-羟苯基)苯、1,1,1-三(4-羟苯基)乙烷、1,1,1-三(3, 5-二甲基-4-羟苯基)乙烷、2,6-双(2-羟基-5-甲基苯甲基)-4-甲酚和4-(4-[1,1-双(4-羟苯基)乙基] 苯)-a,a-二甲基苯甲基苯酚、四(4-羟苯基)甲烷、双(2, 4-二羟苯基)酮、1,4-双(4, 4-二羟基三苯基甲基)苯、苯偏三酸、苯均四酸、二苯甲酮四羧酸和其酸亚氯酸盐。 Three - Examples of preferred aromatic or higher functional compound include m trimellitic acid (phlorogrucin), five hydroxybiphenyl (phlorogrucide), triphenyl acids, for example 4, 6-dimethyl-2, 4, 6-trimethyl (4-hydroxyphenyl) -2-heptene, 2, 4, 6-trimethyl-2, 4, 6-tris (4-hydroxyphenyl) heptane, 1,3,5-tris (4-hydroxyphenyl phenyl) benzene, 1,1,1-tris (4-hydroxyphenyl) ethane, 1,1,1-tris (3, 5-dimethyl-4-hydroxyphenyl) ethane, 2,6 - bis (2-hydroxy-5-methylbenzyl) 4-methylphenol and 4- (4- [1,1-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) ethyl] benzene) -a, a- two benzyl methyl phenol, tetrakis (4-hydroxyphenyl) methane, bis (2,4-dihydroxyphenyl) ketone, 1,4-bis (4,4-dihydroxy-triphenylmethyl) benzene, trimellitic acid, pyromellitic acid, benzophenone tetracarboxylic acid and acid chlorites thereof. 其中,1,1,1_二(4_轻苯基)乙烧和1,1,1_二(3, 5_二甲基_4_轻苯基)乙烧是优选的。 Wherein 1,1,1_ bis (4_ light phenyl) acetate 1,1,1_ burning and bis (3, 5_ _4_ light dimethyl phenyl) acetate burning are preferred.

[0052] 磷基热稳定剂可以加入到热塑性树脂中。 [0052] The phosphorus-based heat stabilizer may be added to the thermoplastic resin. 合适的磷基热稳定剂例如是亚磷酸、磷酸、亚膦酸(phosphonous acid)、膦酸和其酯。 Suitable phosphorus-based thermal stabilizers such as phosphorous acid, phosphoric acid, phosphonous acid (phosphonous acid), phosphonic acids and esters thereof. 特别地,可以提及亚磷酸酯化合物,例如亚磷酸三苯酯、亚磷酸三(壬基苯)酯、亚磷酸三(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)酯、亚磷酸三癸基酯、亚磷酸三辛酯、亚磷酸三(十八烷基)酯、亚磷酸二癸基单苯酯、亚磷酸二辛基单苯酯、亚磷酸二异丙基单苯酯、亚磷酸单丁基二苯酯、亚磷酸单癸基二苯酯、亚磷酸单辛基二苯酯、二亚磷酸双(2, 6-二-叔丁基-4-甲基苯基)季戊四醇酯、亚磷酸2, 2-亚甲基双(4, 6-二-叔丁基苯基)辛酯、二亚磷酸双(壬基苯基)季戊四醇酯和二亚磷酸双(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)季戊四醇酯,和磷酸酯化合物,例如磷酸三丁酯、磷酸三甲酯、磷酸三甲苯酯、磷酸三苯酯、磷酸三氯苯酯、磷酸三乙酯、磷酸二苯基甲酚酯、磷酸二苯基单邻联苯(orthoxeny 1)酯、 磷酸三丁氧基乙酯、磷酸二丁酯和磷酸二异丙酯。 In particular, there may be mentioned a phosphite compound such as triphenyl phosphite, tris (nonylphenyl) phosphite, tris (2, 4-di - tert-butylphenyl) phosphite, tridecyl group phosphite, trioctyl phosphite, tris (octadecyl) phosphite, didecyl monophenyl phosphite, dioctyl monophenyl phosphite, diisopropyl monophenyl phosphite, monobutyl diphenyl phosphite, monodecyl diphenyl phosphite, monooctyl diphenyl diphosphite, bis (2,6-dimethyl - tert-butyl-4-methylphenyl) pentaerythritol diphosphite, phosphite, 2, 2-methylene-bis (4, 6-- tert-butylphenyl) octyl diphosphite, bis (nonylphenyl) pentaerythritol diphosphite, bis and (2, 4-di - tert-butylphenyl) pentaerythritol diphosphite, and phosphate compounds, such as tributyl phosphate, trimethyl phosphate, tricresyl phosphate, triphenyl phosphate, phosphate, trichlorophenyl phosphate, triethyl phosphate, diphenyl cresyl phosphate, diphenyl mono-ortho-biphenyl (orthoxeny 1) tributyl phosphate group, ethyl dibutyl phosphate and diisopropyl phosphate. 另外的磷基热稳定剂例如是二亚膦酸四(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)-4, 4' -亚联苯酯、二亚膦酸四(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)-3, 3' -亚联苯酯和亚膦酸双(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)-4-亚联苯酯。 Additional phosphorus-based thermal stabilizers, for example, tetra-diphosphonite (2, 4-di - tert-butylphenyl) -4, 4 '- biphenylene, bis phosphonous acid tetra (2, 4-di - tert-butyl-phenyl) -3, 3 '- biphenylene phosphinate ester, and bis (2, 4-di - tert-butylphenyl) -4-biphenyl ester. 其中,亚膦酸三(壬基苯)酯、 二亚磷酸二硬脂基季戊四醇酯、二亚磷酸双(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)季戊四醇酯、亚磷酸三(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)酯、磷酸三苯酯、磷酸三甲酯、二亚膦酸四(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)-4, 4' -亚联苯酯和亚膦酸双(2, 4-二-叔丁基苯基)-4-亚联苯酯是优选的。 Wherein the phosphonous acid tris (nonylphenyl) diphosphite, distearyl pentaerythritol diphosphite, bis (2, 4-di - tert-butylphenyl) pentaerythritol diphosphite, tris (2, 4 - di - tert-butylphenyl) phosphite, triphenyl phosphate, trimethyl phosphate, dimethylene phosphonic acid tetra (2, 4-di - tert-butylphenyl) -4, 4 '- biphenylene ester and phosphonous acid bis (2, 4-di - tert-butylphenyl) -4-biphenyl esters are preferred. 这些热稳定剂可以单独或以混合物的形式使用。 These heat stabilizers may be used singly or as a mixture. 这些热稳定剂的量优选为〇. 0001至〇. 5重量份, 更优选为〇. 0005至0. 2重量份和最优选为0. 002至0. 2重量份,相对于100重量份的热塑性树脂组合物。 The amount of these thermal stabilizers is preferably square. 0001 billion to 5 parts by weight, more preferably square. 0005 to 0.2 parts by weight and most preferably from 0.002 to 0.2 parts by weight with respect to 100 parts by weight of The thermoplastic resin composition.

[0053]可以将通常已知的抗氧剂加入到本发明的热塑性树脂中以防止氧化。 [0053] The generally known antioxidant may be added to the thermoplastic resin of the present invention to prevent oxidation. 抗氧剂的实例为酸基抗氧剂。 Examples of antioxidants antioxidant acid groups. 抗氧剂的量优选为〇. 0001至〇. 05 wt%,基于热塑性树脂。 The amount of the antioxidant is preferably square. To 0001 billion. 05 wt%, based on the thermoplastic resin.

[0054]-元醇或多元醇的高级脂肪酸酯可以任选加入到本发明的热塑性树脂中。 [0054] - higher fatty acid esters of monohydric or polyhydric alcohols may be optionally added to the thermoplastic resin of the present invention. 通过共混一元或多元醇的高级脂肪酸酯,模塑热塑性树脂时由模具剥离的可剥离性得到提高,盘基材模塑中的剥离载荷变小,由此可以防止由剥离破坏引起的盘基材变形和凹点错位。 By blending a higher fatty acid esters of mono- or polyhydric alcohols, when the thermoplastic resin molding by a mold release improved peelability, the peeling disc substrate molding load becomes small, whereby the disk can be prevented from damage caused by peeling deform the substrate and pit dislocation. 热塑性树脂的熔体流动性也得到提高。 Melt fluidity of the thermoplastic resin is also improved.

[0055] 醇和高级脂肪酸的酯的量为0. 01至2 wt%,优选为0. 015至0. 5 wt%,更优选为0. 02至0. 2 wt%,基于热塑性树脂。 [0055] The amount of the higher fatty acid ester of an alcohol and 0. 01 to 2 wt%, preferably 0. 015 to 0. 5 wt%, more preferably 0. 02 to 0. 2 wt%, based on the thermoplastic resin.

[0056] 添加剂,例如其它热塑性树脂、光学稳定剂、色料、抗静电剂和润滑剂可以加入到本发明光盘基材的树脂中,条件是模塑盘的湿气吸收和湿气解吸步骤中的可录制性和减少翘曲的效果不受损害。 [0056] Additives such as other thermoplastic resin, optical stabilizer, colorant, antistatic agents and lubricants may be added to the resin disc substrate of the present invention, provided that the moisture absorbing and moisture molded disc desorption step the effect of reducing warpage can be recorded and will not be harmed.

[0057] 在本发明的树脂组合物的制备中,可以设想在聚合物溶液或模制品,例如颗粒或粒料的阶段进行聚碳酸酯树脂的混合和/或聚碳酸酯树脂与其它树脂的混合。 [0057] In the preparation of the resin composition of the present invention, it is contemplated that the polymer solution or a molded article, e.g. phase grains or granules is mixed in the mixing polycarbonate resin and / or polycarbonate resin and other resin . 这并没有特别的限制。 This is not particularly limited. 就混合手段而论,在聚合物溶液阶段,主要使用装有搅拌器的容器,在模制品,例如颗粒或粒料的阶段,可以使用滚筒、双筒混合器、Nauter混合器、Banbury混合器、捏合辊或挤出机。 Respect to the mixing means, the polymer solution phase, a container equipped with a stirrer is mainly used, in the molded article, e.g. phase grains or granules may be used rollers, twin shell blender, a Nauter mixer, Banbury mixer, kneading roll or an extruder. 在两种情况下,可以使用任何技术,并且没有特别的限制。 In either case, any technique may be used, and is not particularly limited.

[0058] 在上述树脂组合物中,各种填料可以作为附加组分添加,以提高劲度和振荡阻尼性能。 [0058] In the resin composition, various fillers can be added as an additional component to increase the stiffness and oscillation damping properties. 填料可以列举玻璃纤维、玻璃片、碳纤维、研磨纤维、硅灰石晶须、炭黑、碳纳米管、二氧化硅颗粒、氧化钛颗粒、氧化铝颗粒、滑石、云母和其它无机材料。 The filler may include glass fiber, glass flakes, carbon fibers, milled fibers, wollastonite whiskers, carbon black, carbon nanotubes, silica particles, titanium oxide particles, alumina particles, talcum, mica and other inorganic materials. 也可以使用耐热有机填料,例如芳族聚酰胺纤维、聚芳酯(polyarylate)纤维、聚苯并噻唑纤维和芳族聚酰胺粉末。 It may also be used heat-resistant organic fillers, such as aramid fibers, polyarylate (a polyarylate) fibers, polybenzothiazole fibers and aramid powders. 在使用此类组分的情况下,滑石填料和石墨填料是优选的。 In the case where such components, graphite and talc filler are preferred fillers. 这种组分的添加量优选为1至30 wt%,基于树脂组合物重量。 This component is preferably added in an amount of 1 to 30 wt%, based on the weight of the resin composition.

[0059] 热塑性树脂组合物可以通过借助于捏合机,例如滚筒、V-混合机、Nauta混合器、 Banbury混合器、捏合机辊或挤出机,混合热塑性树脂组合物的各组分来制备。 [0059] The thermoplastic resin composition may, for example, the components of the drum, V- blender, Nauta mixer, Banbury mixer, kneader roll or an extruder, mixing the thermoplastic resin composition is prepared by means of a kneader. 更优选,各组分借助于挤出机,特别是双螺杆挤出机一起熔融和捏合。 More preferably, the components by means of an extruder, melting and kneading with a twin screw extruder, in particular.

[0060] 丙烯酸树脂 [0060] The acrylic resin

[0061] 丙烯酸树脂包括聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯或甲基丙烯酸甲酯和一种或多种其它共聚单体的共聚物。 [0061] The acrylic resins include polymethyl methacrylate or methyl methacrylate copolymer and one or more other comonomers. 这种共聚单体的实例为丙烯酸烷基酯,例如丙烯酸甲酯、丙烯酸乙酯、丙烯酸丙酯、丙烯酸异丙酯、丙烯酸丁酯、丙烯酸戊酯、丙烯酸己酯、丙烯酸辛酯、丙烯酸2-乙基己酯、丙烯酸环己酯、丙烯酸十二烷基酯、丙烯酸十八烷基酯、丙烯酸苯酯和丙烯酸苄酯,甲基丙烯酸烷基酯,例如甲基丙烯酸乙酯、甲基丙烯酸丙酯、甲基丙烯酸异丙酯、甲基丙烯酸丁酯、甲基丙烯酸戊酯、甲基丙烯酸己酯、甲基丙烯酸辛酯、甲基丙烯酸2-乙基己酯、甲基丙烯酸环己酯、甲基丙烯酸十二烷基酯、甲基丙烯酸十八烷基酯、甲基丙烯酸苯酯和甲基丙烯酸苄酯,及其共聚物。 Examples of such comonomers are alkyl acrylates, such as methyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, propyl acrylate, isopropyl acrylate, butyl acrylate, amyl acrylate, hexyl acrylate, octyl acrylate, 2 ethyl hexyl acrylate, cyclohexyl acrylate, dodecyl acrylate, octadecyl acrylate, phenyl acrylate and benzyl acrylate, alkyl methacrylates such as ethyl methacrylate, propyl methacrylate, methacrylate, isopropyl methacrylate, butyl methacrylate, pentyl methacrylate, hexyl methacrylate, octyl methacrylate, 2-ethylhexyl methacrylate, cyclohexyl methacrylate, methacrylate, lauryl methacrylate, stearyl methacrylate, phenyl methacrylate and benzyl methacrylate, and copolymers thereof. 也可以使用丙烯酸树脂的混合物。 The mixture of the acrylic resin may also be used. 聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯是最优选的丙烯酸树脂。 Polymethyl methacrylate is the most preferred acrylic resin.

[0062] 丙烯酸树脂的分子量Mw (重均)优选为50, 000至2, 000, 000 g/mol,更优选为60, 000 至1,000, 000 g/mol,最优选为70, 000 至500, 000 g/mol 和特别是80, 000 至300, 000 g/mol,由光散射测量。 [0062] The molecular weight Mw of the acrylic resin (weight average) is preferably 50, 000 to 2, 000, 000 g / mol, more preferably 60, 000 to 1,000, 000 g / mol, and most preferably 70 to 000 500, 000 g / mol and in particular 80,000 to 300, 000 g / mol, measured by light scattering.

[0063] 这些丙烯酸树脂也可以以与以上聚碳酸酯的共混物的形式使用。 [0063] These acrylic resins may also be used as the above polycarbonate blends. 在这种情况下, 丙烯酸树脂的量优选低于50 wt%,更优选低于20 wt%,特别优选低于10 wt%,基于全部组合物。 In this case, the amount of acrylic resin is preferably less than 50 wt%, more preferably less than 20 wt%, particularly preferably less than 10 wt%, based on the total composition.

[0064] 在与聚碳酸酯的共混物中,丙烯酸树脂也可以为丙烯酸弹性材料。 [0064] In blends with polycarbonate, an acrylic resin may be an acrylic resilient material. 在这种情况下, 其由以下组成:作为必需组分的丙烯酸酯橡胶组分、甲基丙烯酸甲酯、具有Cl至C8烷基的丙烯酸烷基酯和根据需要可与其共聚的乙烯基单体作为共聚物组分。 In this case, consisting of the following components: as acrylate rubber component, methyl methacrylate essential component, an alkyl group having Cl to C8 alkyl acrylate and if necessary a vinyl monomer copolymerizable therewith as a copolymer component. 在这种丙烯酸弹性材料中,在100 wt%的弹性材料中,甲基丙烯酸甲酯的量为15至65 wt%。 In such acrylic resilient material, the elastomeric material 100 wt%, the amount of methyl methacrylate is 15 to 65 wt%.

[0065] 丙烯酸酯橡胶包含丙烯酸C2至ClO烷基酯,和根据需要,作为可与其共聚的组分的苯乙烯、甲基丙烯酸甲酯或丁二烯。 [0065] The acrylate rubber contains C2 to ClO alkyl esters of acrylic acid, and if necessary, as components copolymerizable therewith, styrene, methyl methacrylate or butadiene.

[0066] 作为丙烯酸C2至ClO烷基酯,丙烯酸2-乙基己酯和丙烯酸正丁酯是优选的。 [0066] As a C2 to ClO alkyl esters of acrylic acid, acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate and n-butyl are preferred. 这种丙烯酸烷基酯优选以50 wt%的量包含在100 wt%的丙烯酸酯橡胶中。 This alkyl acrylate is preferably present in an amount of 50 wt% is contained in 100 wt% of the acrylate rubber. 同样优选,丙烯酸酯橡胶是至少部分交联的。 Also preferably, the acrylate rubber is at least partially crosslinked. 用于交联的交联剂可以例如列举二丙烯酸乙二醇酯、二丙烯酸丁二醇酯、二甲基丙烯酸乙二醇酯、甲基丙烯酸烯丙酯和聚丙二醇二丙烯酸酯。 A crosslinking agent for crosslinking may include, for example, ethylene glycol diacrylate, butanediol diacrylate, ethylene glycol dimethacrylate, allyl methacrylate and polypropylene glycol diacrylate. 优选,丙烯酸酯橡胶中使用〇. 01至3 wt%的这些交联剂。 Preferably, acrylate rubbers used in square 01 to 3 wt% of these crosslinking agents.

[0067] 作为丙烯酸弹性材料的优选形式,其可以优选为核壳结构和多层结构,其基于丙烯酸酯橡胶组分、甲基丙烯酸甲酯、具有Cl至C8烷基的丙烯酸烷基酯、苯乙烯和可与其共聚的乙烯基单体在根据需要的多个层中聚合获得。 [0067] As a preferred form of the acrylic resilient material, which may preferably be a core shell structure and a multilayer structure, which is based on acrylate rubber component, methyl methacrylate, alkyl acrylate having a Cl to C8 alkyl esters, benzyl ethylene and a vinyl monomer copolymerizable therewith in accordance with a plurality of polymeric layers need thereof. 丙烯酸弹性材料可以由任何已知的方法,例如嵌段聚合、悬浮聚合、嵌段-悬浮聚合、溶液聚合或乳液聚合来制备。 Acrylic elastomer material may be, for example, of any known block polymerization method, suspension polymerization, block - suspension polymerization, solution polymerization or emulsion prepared. 多层结构也可以包含在多步聚合中未接枝在接枝基体上的组分。 The multilayer structure may be included in a multistage polymerization of ungrafted on the graft base component.

[0068] 当以与以上聚碳酸酯的共混物的形式使用时,这些弹性丙烯酸树脂优选以低于全部组合物的10 wt%使用。 [0068] When used as above with a blend of polycarbonate, an acrylic resin which is preferably less than the elastic 10 wt% of the total composition used. 更优选它们的含量低于5 wt%。 More preferably their content is less than 5 wt%.

[0069] 聚苯乙烯树脂 [0069] polystyrene resin

[0070] 根据本发明合适的苯乙烯树脂为苯乙烯均聚物、苯乙烯共聚物或苯乙烯热塑性弹性体或共混物,例如聚苯乙烯和聚苯醚的共混物。 [0070] The styrene homopolymer according to the present invention, suitable styrene resins, styrene copolymer or a styrene thermoplastic elastomer or a blend of such a blend of polystyrene and polyphenylene oxide. 那些材料以若干形式存在,但是大部分包括包含苯乙烯、异戊二烯和丁二烯的共聚物。 Those material is present in several forms, but most comprise a copolymer comprising styrene, isoprene and butadiene. 共聚物包括三嵌段,例如SBS、SIS、S-EB_S 和S-EP-S ;交替嵌段共聚物,例如(SI);支化嵌段共聚物,例如(SB)和(SI)和三嵌段/ 二嵌段共混物(例如SBS/SB)。 Triblock copolymers include, for example SBS, SIS, S-EB_S and S-EP-S; alternating block copolymers such as (SI); branched block copolymers, for example, (SB), and (SI) and tris block / diblock blends (e.g. SBS / SB).

[0071] 这些苯乙烯树脂可以根据已知的聚合规则和已知的步骤来制备。 [0071] These styrene resins can be prepared in accordance with known rules of polymerization and known procedures. 苯乙烯聚合物例如可以由Houben Weyl,Methods of Organic Chemistry (有机化学方法),第4 版,XIV/1 卷,761-841页,Georg Thieme-Verlag (1961)的方法制备。 Styrene polymers can be prepared from, for example, Houben Weyl, Methods of Organic Chemistry (Methods of Organic Chemistry), 4th edition, XIV / 1 Volume, pages 761-841, Georg Thieme-Verlag (1961) method. 它们也以合适的形式商购。 They are also commercially available in a suitable form. 自由基方法是优选的,但是也可以使用离子聚合方法。 Radical is preferred, but ionic polymerization methods can also be used. 按照本发明使用的聚合物的分子量M w 通常高于2000,优选为5000至5, 000, 000,特别优选20, 000至200, 000道尔顿。 Molecular weight M w of the polymer according to the present invention is generally higher than 2000, preferably from 5000 to 5, 000, 000, particularly preferably 20, 000 to 200, 000 daltons. (由光散射测定;参见Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry (Ullmann 工业化学百科全书),第4 版,15 卷,285-387 页,Verlag Chemie 1978)〇 (Measured by light scattering; cf. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry (Ullmann Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry), 4th edition, volume 15, pages 285-387, Verlag Chemie 1978) square

[0072] 均聚物和共聚物也可以由已知的方法制备。 [0072] The homopolymers and copolymers may be prepared by known methods. (参见H. Rauch Puntigam,Th. Volker, Acrylic and Methacrylic Compounds (丙稀酸和甲基丙稀酸化合物),Springer-Verlag 1967)。 (See H. Rauch Puntigam, Th. Volker, Acrylic and Methacrylic Compounds (acrylic acid and meth acrylic compound), Springer-Verlag 1967). 尽管原则上可以由阴离子聚合或基团转移聚合制备它们(也参见OW Webster等人,J. Am. Chem. Soc,105, 5706 ( 1983)),不过制备的优选形式为自由基聚合。 Although in principle it is anionic polymerization or group transfer polymerization thereof (see also OW Webster et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc, 105, 5706 (1983)), but is preferably prepared in the form of free-radical polymerization.

[0073] 苯乙烯热塑性弹性体的分子量Mw(重均)通常高于2000,通常为10,000至2, 000, 000,优选为20, 000至200, 000道尔顿,由光散射测量。 [0073] The molecular weight Mw of the styrene thermoplastic elastomer (weight average) is usually higher than 2000, usually from 10,000 to 2, 000, 000, preferably from 20, 000 to 200,000 daltons, measured by a light scattering.

[0074] 更详细地,以上嵌段共聚物的实例可以为: [0074] In more detail, examples of the above block copolymer may be:

[0075] 基于乙烯基芳族化合物,优选聚苯乙烯(S-嵌段),和通过聚合1,3-二烯烃制造的聚合物嵌段,优选例如丁烯、异丁烯、乙烯-丁烯共聚物嵌段、乙烯-丙烯共聚物嵌段或异戊二烯单元的共聚物。 [0075] Based on the vinyl aromatic compound, preferably a polystyrene (-S- block), and by polymerization of 1,3-diene polymer block produced, preferably such as butene, isobutylene, ethylene - butene copolymer block, an ethylene - propylene copolymers or block copolymers of isoprene units. 根据本发明,均聚和共聚物嵌段是可用的。 According to the invention, homo- and copolymer blocks are available. 所得嵌段共聚物可引入相同或不同的弹性体嵌段。 The resulting block copolymer may be introduced into the same or different elastomer block. 弹性体嵌段,例如B-嵌段,必须完全或几乎完全水合。 Elastomeric block, e.g. B- blocks, must be completely or almost fully hydrated. 该嵌段共聚物优选显示例如SBS结构的线性结构。 The block copolymer is preferably a linear structure, for example, a display configuration of SBS. 可用的还有具有辐射结构或星形结构或由线性多嵌段共聚物组成的嵌段共聚物。 Also useful are radiation having a structure or a star structure, or a multiblock copolymer consisting of a linear block copolymer. 还包括二嵌段共聚物,例如SB聚合物。 Further comprising a diblock copolymer, such as the SB polymers. 所有所述聚合物可以单独或以组合的形式使用。 All the polymers may be used alone or in combination thereof. 特别优选的是苯乙烯-乙烯/丁烯-苯乙烯三嵌段共聚物(S-EB-S)、苯乙烯-乙烯/丙烯-二嵌段共聚物(S-EP)和苯乙烯-乙烯/ 丁烯-二嵌段共聚物(S-EB)。 Particularly preferred is a styrene - ethylene / butylene - styrene triblock copolymer (S-EB-S), styrene - ethylene / propylene - copolymer diblock (S-EP) and styrene - ethylene / butylene - diblock copolymer (S-EB).

[0076] 以上共聚物的其它实例包括 Other examples [0076] The above copolymer comprising

[0077] 上述嵌段共聚物的嵌段共聚物,其中弹性体嵌段或至少一部分弹性体嵌段用马来酸酐官能化。 [0077] The block copolymer of the block copolymer, wherein the elastomeric block or at least a portion of the elastomeric block with maleic anhydride functionalized. 马来酸酐含量优选为0.2至4 wt%,基于全部嵌段共聚物。 Maleic anhydride content is preferably 0.2 to 4 wt%, based on the total block copolymer. 特别优选的是酸酐含量为〇. 5至2%。 Particularly preferred are acid anhydride contents billion. 5-2%.

[0078] 根据本发明,包含有用的共聚物的其它实例为 [0078] According to the present invention, comprise Other examples of useful copolymers are

[0079] 烯烃共聚物,例如乙烯/丙烯橡胶或乙烯/辛烯共聚物,优选用马来酸酐官能化。 [0079] The olefin copolymers, such as ethylene / propylene rubber or ethylene / octene copolymers, preferably functionalized with maleic anhydride. 优选的是马来酸酐含量为1至4%。 Preferred is maleic anhydride content of 1-4%.

[0080] 上述化合物的市售共聚物的非限制实例为马来酸酐官能化的乙烯共聚物,例如ExxonMobil Chemical 的Exxelor VA 1801、Exxelor VA 1803 或Exxelor VA 1840。 [0080] Non-limiting examples of commercially available copolymers of the above compounds is maleic anhydride functionalized ethylene copolymer, e.g. Exxelor VA 1801 ExxonMobil Chemical's, Exxelor VA 1803 or Exxelor VA 1840. 基于苯乙稀和乙稀/ 丁稀共聚物的线性官能化三嵌段-共聚物,例如Kraton Polymers的Kraton FG 1901 X和Kraton FG1924X。 Styrene-based and ethylene / butyl dilute linear functionalized triblock copolymer - copolymers such as Kraton Polymers of Kraton FG 1901 X and Kraton FG1924X. 线性三嵌段共聚物,例如Kraton Polymers 的Kraton G1651 和Kraton G1652。 Linear triblock copolymers, such as Kraton G1651 and Kraton Polymers of Kraton G1652. 基于乙稀-辛稀共聚物的聚稀经弹性体,例如Dow Chemical的Engage 8411、8440、8842。 Based ethylene - octene copolymer dilute by thin poly elastomer, e.g. Dow Chemical's Engage 8411,8440,8842.

[0081] 聚碳酸酯或共聚碳酸酯的实例为Bayer Materialscience AG的Makrolon或Apec0 [0081] Examples of the polycarbonate or copolycarbonate is the Bayer Materialscience AG Makrolon or Apec0

[0082] 根据本发明,优选的树脂组合物或共混物由如上所述聚碳酸酯和/或共聚碳酸酯和0. 2至30 wt%和优选1至15 wt%的以上嵌段共聚物组成。 [0082] According to the present invention, the preferred resin composition as described above or a blend of a polycarbonate and / or copolycarbonate of 0. The block copolymer and the above 2 to 30 wt% and preferably 1 to 15 wt% of composition.

[0083] 此外也可以使用来自无定形聚烯烃的聚合物。 [0083] Further the polymer may be used from amorphous polyolefins. 这种聚合物由环烯烃聚合、环烯烃开环聚合以及特殊的氢化聚烯烃,例如氢化聚苯乙烯基聚合物产生。 Such polymers by polymerization of cyclic olefin, cycloolefin ring-opening polymerization as well as special hydrogenated polyolefins, such as hydrogenated polystyrene-based polymers produced.

[0084] 聚环烯烃树脂 [0084] polycycloolefin resin

[0085] 环烯烃的聚合物例如可以为来自具有降冰片烯结构的烯烃,例如降冰片烯本身、 四环十二碳烯、乙烯基降冰片烯或降冰片二烯的聚合产物。 [0085] The polymers of cycloolefins, for example, may be derived from a norbornene structure having an olefin, such as norbornene itself, tetracyclododecene, vinylnorbornene or norbornadiene polymerization product. 其也可以为具有降冰片烯结构的这种烯烃与烯烃的共聚物,例如乙烯和降冰片烯以及乙烯和四环十二碳烯的共聚物。 Which may be reduced such olefin copolymer with an olefin having a norbornene structure such as a copolymer of ethylene and norbornene and ethylene and tetracyclododecene are. 这种产物例如在日本专利申请Kokai (专利申请公开)292, 601/86、日本专利申请Kokai (专利申请公开)26, 024/85、日本专利申请Kokai (专利申请公开)19, 801/87和19,802/87 以及EP-A 317 262 和EP-A 532 337 中描述。 Such products, for example, in Japanese Patent Application Kokai (Patent Application Publication) 292, 601/86, Japanese Patent Application Kokai (Patent Application Publication) 26, 024/85, Japanese Patent Application Kokai (Patent Application Publication) 19, and 801/87 19,802 / 87 and EP-A 317 262 and EP-A 532 337 are described.

[0086] 氢化聚苯乙烯树脂 [0086] hydrogenated polystyrene resin

[0087] 氢化聚苯乙烯基聚合物可以具有线性或星形支化结构。 [0087] hydrogenated polystyrene-based polymers may have a linear or a star-branched structure. 线性类型例如在JP-B 7-114030中描述,具有星形支化结构的聚合物例如在WO 0148031中描述。 Linear type such as described in JP-B 7-114030, the structure having star-branched polymers are described for example in WO 0148031.

[0088] 作为基材树脂,也可以使用以上聚合物的共混物。 [0088] As the base resin, may be used a blend of the above polymers. 合适的添加剂,例如热稳定剂、 脱模剂等以及填料也可以加入到丙烯酸树脂、聚苯乙烯树脂、聚环烯烃树脂和氢化聚苯乙烯树脂中。 Suitable additives such as heat stabilizers, mold release agents and fillers may be added to an acrylic resin, a polystyrene resin, a polycycloolefin resin, and hydrogenated polystyrene resins.

[0089] 光传输层的概述 [0089] Overview of the light transmission layer

[0090] 光传输层通常为可UV固化和可旋涂的树脂,具有在405 nm下测定的至少1. 41的折射率的实部。 [0090] The light transmitting layer is typically UV-curable and spin-coatable resin with a real part of the refractive index of at least 1.41 measured at 405 nm. 树脂可以由基料和反应性降粘分子(thinner molecule)和其它添加剂,例如UV引发剂或溶剂组成。 And a binder resin may be a reactive molecule Viscosity (thinner molecule) and other additives, such as UV initiator or solvents. 典型的光引发剂(UV引发剂)为a-羟基酮,例如1-羟基-环己基-苯基-酮(Irgacure® 184, Ciba)或例如2-羟基-2-甲基-1-苯基-1-丙酮(Darocur 1173®,Ciba),或单酰基膦,例如2, 4, 6-三甲基苯甲酰基-二苯基-氧化膦(Darocur® TP0, Ciba)。 Typical photoinitiators (UV initiators) of a- hydroxy ketones, such as 1-hydroxy - cyclohexyl - phenyl - ketone (Irgacure® 184, Ciba) or such as 2-hydroxy-2-methyl -1-propanone (Darocur 1173®, Ciba), or monoacyl phosphine, e.g. 2, 4, 6-trimethyl benzoyl - diphenyl - phosphine oxide (Darocur® TP0, Ciba). 基料分子可以例如选自聚氨酯丙烯酸酯或聚醚丙烯酸酯。 Binder molecule may be selected, for example, urethane acrylates or polyether acrylates. 反应性降粘剂可以选自乙氧基化丙烯酸烷基酯、乙氧基化丙烯酸苯基酯、脂环族丙烯酸酯和杂环丙烯酸酯。 The reaction of the reducing agent can be selected from ethoxylated alkyl acrylates, ethoxylated phenyl acrylate, alicyclic acrylate and heterocyclic acrylic.

[0091] 光传输层作为高折射指数层涂层A的概述(HRI) [0091] Overview of the light transmission layer as the high refractive index layer of the coating A (HRI)

[0092] 涂层A可得自流延溶液A*,该流延溶液A*施涂于基材⑶或信息和记录层⑶并交联。 [0092] A coating available gravity casting solution A *, the casting solution A * applied to the substrate or the information recording layer ⑶ ⑶ and crosslink.

[0093] 组分A* (流延溶液) [0093] Component A * (casting solution)

[0094] 根据本发明的流延溶液A*包含以下组分: [0094] The casting solution A * according to the present invention comprises the following components:

[0095] Al :包含纳米颗粒和水与至少一种有机溶剂的混合物的悬浮液, [0095] Al: suspension containing nanoparticles and a mixture of water and at least one organic solvent,

[0096] A2:基料 [0096] A2: binder

[0097] 和任选 [0097] and optionally

[0098] A3:其它添加剂。 [0098] A3: further additives.

[0099] 在本发明范围内,纳米颗粒理解为平均粒度(d5。)低于100 nm,优选为0. 5至50 nm,特别优选为1至40 nm,非常特别优选为5至30 nm的颗粒。 [0099] within the scope of the present invention, nanoparticles are understood to mean particle size (d5.) Is less than 100 nm, preferably 0.. 5 to 50 nm, particularly preferably from 1 to 40 nm, very particularly preferably of 5 to 30 nm particles. 优选的纳米颗粒另外具有低于200 nm,特别是低于100 nm,特别优选低于40 nm,非常特别优选低于30 nm的d9。 Preferred nanoparticles additionally have less than 200 nm, in particular below 100 nm, particularly preferably less than 40 nm, very particularly preferably less than 30 nm is d9. 值。 value. 纳米颗粒优选为悬浮液中的单分散形式。 Monodisperse nanoparticles are preferably in the form of a suspension. 平均粒度d5。 The average particle size d5. 是一种直径,在超过和低于该直径的情况下都存在50 wt%的颗粒。 It is a diameter, in the case where the diameter above and below 50 wt% of the particles are present. d9。 d9. 值为一种直径,在低于该直径的情况下存在90 wt%的颗粒。 Is one diameter, 90 wt% of the particles present at less than the diameter. 激光散射,或优选使用分析超离心(AUC),适合于测定粒度和表征单分散性。 Laser light scattering, or preferably using analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC), is adapted to measure the particle size and monodispersity characterization. AUC是本领域技术人员已知的,例如在"Particle Characterization (颗粒表征)",Part. Part. Syst. Charact.,1995,12,148-157 中描述。 AUC is known to the skilled person, for example, in "Particle Characterization (particle characterization)", Part. Part. Syst. Charact., Described in 1995,12,148-157.

[0100] 为制备组分Al (包含纳米颗粒和水与至少一种有机溶剂的混合物的悬浮液), A1203、Zr0 2、ZnO、Y203、Sn02、Si02、Ce0 2、Ta205、Si3N4、Nb 205、Nb02、HfO2S TiO 2的纳米颗粒水悬浮液是合适的,CeO2纳米颗粒的水悬浮液是特别合适的。 [0100] For the preparation of Component Al (a mixture comprising nanoparticles and water and at least one organic solvent suspension), A1203, Zr0 2, ZnO, Y203, Sn02, Si02, Ce0 2, Ta205, Si3N4, Nb 205, Nb02, HfO2S TiO 2 nanoparticles aqueous suspensions are suitable, an aqueous suspension of CeO2 nanoparticles are particularly suitable. 特别优选,纳米颗粒的水悬浮液包含一种或多种酸,优选羧酸RC(O)OH,其中R=H、可以任选被卤素,优选氯和/或溴取代的c# C 18-烷基,或者各自可以任选被c# C 4_烷基和/或卤素,优选氯、溴取代的(:5至C6-环烷基工6至C 2。-芳基或(:7至C 12-芳烷基。R优选为甲基、乙基、丙基或苯基,特别优选为乙基。纳米颗粒悬浮液也可以包含矿物酸作为酸,例如硝酸、盐酸或硫酸。纳米颗粒的水悬浮液优选包含0. 5至10重量份,特别优选1至5重量份的酸,基于酸和水的重量份总和。 例如,购自Nyacol NanoTechn.,Inc.,USA 的纳米颗粒悬浮液NanoCeria® CeO2-ACT (用乙酸稳定的&02纳米颗粒的水悬浮液,pH值=3. 0)和CeO 2-NIT (用硝酸稳定的CeO2纳米颗粒水悬浮液,pH值=1. 5)是合适的。 Particularly preferably, the aqueous suspension of nanoparticles comprising one or more acids, preferably carboxylic acids RC (O) OH, where R = H, may be optionally substituted by halogen, preferably chlorine and / or bromine c # C 18- alkyl group, each of which may optionally be substituted, or c # C 4_ alkyl and / or halogen, preferably chlorine, bromine (: 5 to C6- cycloalkyl group having 6 to C 2.- station or an aryl group (: 7 to C 12 - aralkyl .R preferably methyl, ethyl, propyl or phenyl, particularly preferably ethyl nanoparticle suspension may also contain as the acid mineral acid, such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid aqueous suspension of nanoparticles. solution preferably contains 0.5 to 10 parts by weight, particularly preferably 1 to 5 parts by weight of acid, based on the sum of the parts by weight of acid and water, for example, available from Nyacol NanoTechn., Inc., USA in NanoCeria® CeO2 nanoparticle suspension the -act (stabilized with acetic acid & 02 nanometers aqueous suspension of particles, pH value = 3.0) and CeO 2-NIT (stabilized with nitrate CeO2 nanoparticle suspension, pH value = 1.5) is suitable.

[0101] 来自这些水悬浮液的一部分水被至少一种有机溶剂替代。 [0101] part of the water from these aqueous suspensions is at least one organic solvent substitution. 这种部分溶剂替换通过蒸馏或薄膜过滤,优选通过超过滤,例如根据"横向流动(cross-flow)"法来进行。 This partial solvent exchange via distillation or membrane filtration, preferably by ultrafiltration, for example according to "lateral flow (cross-flow)" method. 横向流动超过滤是一种工业规模的超过滤形式(M. Mulder :Basic Principles of Membrane Technology (膜技术基本原理),Kluwer Acad. Publ.,1996,第一版),其中要过滤的溶液(料液)成切线地流动经过薄膜。 Cross flow ultrafiltration is a form of ultrafiltration on an industrial scale (M. Mulder:.. Basic Principles of Membrane Technology (Basic principles of membrane technology), Kluwer Acad Publ, 1996, first edition), in which the solution to be filtered (feed solution) flows tangentially through the film. 对于这种溶剂替换优选使用至少一种选自醇、酮、二酮、 环醚、二醇、二醇醚、二醇酯、N-甲基吡咯烷酮、二甲基甲酰胺、二甲基亚砜、二甲基乙酰胺和碳酸亚丙酯的溶剂。 For this alternative preferred to use at least one solvent selected from alcohols, ketones, diketones, cyclic ethers, glycols, glycol ethers, glycol esters, N- methylpyrrolidone, dimethylformamide, dimethyl sulfoxide , dimethylacetamide and propylene carbonate solvent. 优选使用至少两种上述溶剂的溶剂混合物,特别优选使用1-甲氧基-2-丙醇和二丙酮醇(DAA)的溶剂混合物。 Preferably at least two of the above solvent mixture of solvents, particularly preferable to use 1-methoxy-2-propanol and diacetone alcohol (DAA) solvent mixture. 特别优选使用比率优选为95 :5至30 :70,特别优选为90 :10至50 :50的1-甲氧基-2-丙醇(MOP)和二丙酮醇的溶剂混合物。 Particularly preferred ratio is preferably 95: 5 to 30: 70, particularly preferably 90: 10 to 50: 1-methoxy-2-propanol (MOP) 50 and a solvent mixture of diacetone alcohol. 水可以存在于使用的溶剂中,量优选为至多20 wt%,更优选为5至15 wt%。 Water may be present in the solvent used, preferably an amount up to 20 wt%, more preferably 5 to 15 wt%.

[0102] 在本发明的另一个实施方案中,通过在至少一种上述有机溶剂中溶剂替换,然后添加另一种溶剂来制备纳米颗粒的悬浮液,这种另一种溶剂选自醇、酮、二酮、环醚,例如四氢呋喃或二氧杂环己烷,二醇、二醇醚、二醇酯、N-甲基吡咯烷酮、二甲基甲酰胺、二甲基亚砜、二甲基-乙酰胺、丙酮缩甘油(solketal)、碳酸亚丙酯和乙酸烷基酯,例如乙酸丁酯。 [0102] In another embodiment of the present invention, by replacing the organic solvent of at least one solvent and then preparing a suspension of nanoparticles addition of another solvent, such another solvent selected from alcohols, ketones , diketones, cyclic ethers, such as tetrahydrofuran or dioxane, glycols, glycol ethers, glycol esters, N- methylpyrrolidone, dimethylformamide, dimethyl sulfoxide, dimethyl - acetamide, solketal (Solketal), propylene carbonate and alkyl acetate, for example butyl acetate. 同样在该实施方案中,水可以存在于使用的溶剂中,量优选为至多20 wt%,更优选为5至15 Wt°/〇o Also in this embodiment, water may be used in the presence of a solvent, the amount is preferably at most 20 wt%, more preferably 5 to 15 Wt ° / 〇o

[0103] 优选使用由聚醚聚砜制成的超滤膜,其优选具有低于200, 000 D,优选低于150,000 D,特别优选低于100, 000 D的截止性(cut-off)。 [0103] preferably using an ultrafiltration membrane made of polyether polysulfone, which preferably have less than 200, 000 D, preferably less than 150,000 D, particularly preferably less than 100, the cut-off of 000 D (cut-off). 薄膜的截止性定义如下:截留相应尺寸(例如200, 000 D和更大)的分子,同时较小尺寸的分子和颗粒能够通过("Basic Principles of Membrane Technology(膜技术基本原理)",M. Mulder,Kluwer Academic Publishers,1996,第一版)。 Cutoff film is defined as follows: cutoff corresponding dimension (e.g. 200, 000 D and larger) molecules, while molecules and particles of smaller size through ( "Basic Principles of Membrane Technology (Membrane Technology Fundamentals)", M. Mulder, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996, first edition). 这种超滤膜甚至在高流量下截留纳米颗粒,同时使溶剂通过。 Such ultrafiltration membranes nanoparticles trapped even at high flow rates, while the solvent through. 根据本发明,溶剂替换通过连续过滤进行,通过的水被相应量的溶剂或溶剂混合物替代。 According to the present invention, the solvent was replaced by continuous filtration through a corresponding amount of water is the solvent or solvent mixture is replaced. 作为聚合物薄膜的替代,也可在溶剂替换工序中使用陶瓷薄膜。 As an alternative to the polymer film, a ceramic thin film can also be used in the solvent substitution step.

[0104] 本发明的方法特征在于由上述有机溶剂或溶剂混合物替代水不低于所得纳米颗粒悬浮液(组分Al)中的5 wt%的极限值。 [0104] The method of the present invention is characterized in that the organic solvent is replaced by water or a solvent mixture of not less than 5 wt% limit particle suspension (component Al) the resulting nm. 优选,由有机溶剂或溶剂混合物替代水使得所得纳米颗粒悬浮液(组分Al)具有5至50 wt%,优选7至30 wt%,特别优选10至20 wt% 的水含量。 Preferably, the organic solvent or solvent mixture instead of water so that the resulting nanoparticle suspension (component Al) 5 to 50 wt%, preferably 7 to 30 wt%, particularly preferably 10 to 20 wt% water content. 所得纳米颗粒悬浮液优选包含1至50 wt%,更优选5至40 wt%,特别优选15至35 wt%的纳米颗粒(在下文中称为纳米颗粒固体分数)。 Resulting nanometer particle suspension preferably comprises 1 to 50 wt%, more preferably 5 to 40 wt%, particularly preferably 15 to 35 wt% nanoparticles (referred to nanoparticle solids fraction hereinafter).

[0105] 如果长时间在薄膜池中进行纳米颗粒悬浮液的溶剂替换,使得导致水含量低于5 wt%,则发生颗粒聚集,使得所得涂层不满足单分散性和高透明度的条件。 [0105] If a long time to replace the solvent nanoparticle suspension in the thin film cell, such that the resulting in a water content below 5 wt%, particle aggregation occurs, so that the resulting coating does not meet the conditions of monodispersity and high transparency. 另一方面,如果有机基纳米颗粒悬浮液中的水含量大于50 wt%,用于后续步骤中的基料不再可溶于含水悬浮液来产生透明溶液,使得在这两种情况下,即对于聚结的纳米颗粒或对于并未溶解产生透明溶液的基料,所得涂层不同时满足高折射率n和高透明度的要求。 On the other hand, if the water content of the organic-based nanoparticles in the suspension is greater than 50 wt%, the subsequent step in the base material is no longer soluble in aqueous suspension to produce a clear solution, so that in both cases, i.e., for coalesced nanoparticles or dissolved to produce a clear solution is not a base material, the resulting coating does not meet the requirements of a high refractive index n and high transparency at the same time.

[0106] 作为基料(组分A2),可以使用非反应性热干燥热塑性塑料,例如聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯(Elvacite®,Tennants)或聚乙酸乙稀酯(Mowilith 30®,Synthomer),和涂布之后可以借助于化学反应或光化反应进行反应产生高度交联聚合物基质的反应性单体组分。 [0106] as a binder (component A2), can use non-reactive hot drying thermoplastics, for example polymethyl methacrylate (Elvacite®, Tennants) or a polyvinylacetate ethylene acetate (Mowilith 30®, Synthomer), and the reaction can be carried out to produce a reactive monomer component is a highly crosslinked polymer matrix by means of chemical or photochemical reaction after coating. 例如, 交联由UV辐射完成。 For example, crosslinking is done by UV radiation. 考虑到提高抗划性,借助于UV辐射的交联是特别优选的。 View of improving scratch resistance, crosslinking by means of UV radiation is particularly preferred. 反应性组分优选为UV-可交联丙稀酸酯体系,如PG Garratt 在"Strahlenhartung",1996, C. Vincentz VIg.,汉诺威中描述的。 UV- reactive component is preferably crosslinkable acrylic ester systems, such as PG Garratt in "Strahlenhartung", 1996, C. Vincentz VIg., Described in Hannover. 基料(组分A2)优选选自聚乙酸乙烯酯、聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯、聚氨酯和丙烯酸酯的至少一种。 Binder (component A2) is preferably selected from polyvinyl acetate, at least one of polymethyl methacrylate, polyurethane and acrylate. 基料(组分A2)特别优选选自二丙烯酸己二醇酯(HDDA)、二丙烯酸三丙二醇酯、五丙烯酸二季戊四醇酯、六丙烯酸二季戊四醇酯(DPHA)、四丙烯酸二三羟甲基丙烷酯(DTMPTTA)、三-(2-羟乙基)-异氰脲酸酯三丙烯酸酯、三丙烯酸季戊四醇酯、 三-(2-羟乙基)-异氰脲酸酯三丙烯酸酯和二丙烯酸己二醇酯(HDDA)的至少一种。 Binder (component A2) is particularly preferably selected two hexanediol diacrylate (of HDDA), tripropylene glycol diacrylate acrylate, dipentaerythritol pentaacrylate, dipentaerythritol hexaacrylate (DPHA), ditrimethylolpropane tetraacrylate ester (DTMPTTA), three - (2-hydroxyethyl) - isocyanurate triacrylate, pentaerythritol triacrylate, tris - (2-hydroxyethyl) - isocyanurate triacrylate and the diacrylate hexanediol diacrylate (HDDA) at least one.

[0107] 在流延溶液中用作其它添加剂的组分(组分A3)优选为选自光引发剂和热引发剂的至少一种添加剂。 [0107] as component of other additives (component A3) in the casting solution is preferably selected from photoinitiators and thermal initiators at least one additive. 基于流延溶液的各组分的重量份总和,使用至多3重量份,优选0. 05 至1重量份,特别优选0.1至0.5重量份的添加剂(组分A3)。 Parts by weight based on the sum of the components of the casting solution, the use of up to 3 parts by weight, preferably from 05 to 1 parts by weight 0.5, particularly preferably 0.1 to 0.5 parts by weight of additives (component A3). 典型的光引发剂(UV引发剂)为a-羟基酮(Irgacure® 184,Ciba)或单酰基勝(Darocure® TPO,Ciba)。 Typical photoinitiators (UV initiators) of a- hydroxy ketone (Irgacure® 184, Ciba) or monoacylglycerol wins (Darocure® TPO, Ciba). 引发UV 聚合所需的能量值(UV辐射的能量)为大约0. 5至4 J/cm2的涂布表面,特别优选为2. 0至3.0 J/cm2的涂布表面的范围。 UV polymerization initiator required for the energy value (the energy of UV radiation) is applied to a surface. 5 of 0. The approximately 4 J / cm2, particularly preferably in the range 0 to 2. The coated surface 3.0 J / cm2 of. 作为其它添加剂同样合适的是所谓的涂料添加剂,如由Byk/ Altana (46483 Wesel,德国)以名称BYK 提供的,例如BYR 344®。 Also suitable as further additives are so-called coating additives, as indicated by Byk / Altana (46483 Wesel, Germany) under the name BYK provided, for example BYR 344®.

[0108] 根据本发明,用于高折射率涂层的流延溶液A*通过在可以包含水的有机溶剂或溶剂混合物中溶解至少一种基料(组分A2)和任选其它添加剂(组分A3)来制备。 [0108] According to the present invention, the casting solution A * for the high refractive index coating layer by dissolving at least one binder (component A2) in an organic solvent or solvent mixture may comprise water and optionally other additives (group points A3) was prepared. 所得溶液(在下文称为基料溶液)与组分Al混合,和任选过滤和脱气。 The resulting solution (hereinafter referred to as the binder solution) is mixed with the components Al, and optionally filtered and degassed. 在优选的实施方案中,组分Al包含相同的有机溶剂或溶剂混合物作为基料溶液。 In a preferred embodiment, the Al composition containing the same organic solvent or solvent mixture as the binder solution.

[0109] 流延溶液A*优选具有以下组成: [0109] casting solution A * preferably has the following composition:

[0110] • 12至30重量份,优选13至25重量份,特别优选14至19重量份的纳米颗粒固体分数, [0110] • 12 to 30 parts by weight, preferably 13 to 25 parts by weight, particularly preferably 14 to 19 parts by weight of the solid fraction of the nanoparticles,

[0111] • 2至8重量份,优选2. 5至5重量份的基料, [0111] • 2 to 8 parts by weight, preferably 2.5 to 5 parts by weight of the base material,

[0112] • 0至3重量份,优选0.05至1重量份,特别优选0. 1至5重量份的其它添加剂(组分A3), [0112] • 0 to 3 parts by weight, preferably 0.05 to 1 part by weight, 0.1 to 5 parts by weight of other additives, particularly preferably (component A3),

[0113] •7至28重量份,优选15至27重量份,特别优选20至26重量份的水,和 [0113] • 7 to 28 parts by weight, preferably 15 to 27 parts by weight, particularly preferably 20 to 26 parts by weight of water, and

[0114] • 32至79重量份,优选42至70重量份,特别优选50至63重量份的有机溶剂, [0114] • 32 to 79 parts by weight, preferably 42 to 70 parts by weight, particularly preferably 50 to 63 parts by weight of an organic solvent,

[0115] 各组分的重量份的总和标准化至100。 [0115] parts by weight of the sum of the components normalized to 100.

[0116] 流延溶液A*通常具有10至50 wt%,优选14至28 wt%的固体含量。 [0116] casting solution A * generally having from 10 to 50 wt%, preferably from 14 to a solids content of 28 wt%. 流延溶液A* 的固体含量为组分A2、A3和纳米颗粒固体分数的总和。 The casting solution A * is the sum of the solids content of components A2, A3 and nano-particulate solid fraction. 流延溶液中基料(组分A2)对纳米颗粒固体分数的比率优选为40 :60至7 :93,特别优选为26 :74至12 :88。 Casting a solution of binder (component A2) the ratio of the solid fraction of nano-particles is preferably from 40: 60-7: 93 and particularly preferably 26: 74-12: 88

[0117] 涂层A的层厚为I nm至3000 nm,优选为200 nm至2000 nm,特别优选为500 nm 至1500 nm。 Layer thickness [0117] A coating is I nm to 3000 nm, preferably from 200 nm to 2000 nm, particularly preferably from 500 nm to 1500 nm. 层厚可以由流延溶液的固体含量调节,特别是在旋涂法的情况下。 The layer thickness may be adjusted by the solids content of the casting solution, particularly in the case of the spin coating method. 如果需要涂层的层厚高,则使用较高的流延溶液固体含量;如果需要较薄的涂层,则使用低流延溶液固体含量。 If desired thickness of coating is high, a high solids content of the casting solution is used; if desired a thin coating, casting solution flow is low solids content is used.

[0118] 涂布产品的涂层A的性能测定如下:复数折射率的实部n和虚部k在400至410 nm的波长(即在蓝色激光器的波长范围内)下测量。 A measurement of the properties of the coating [0118] The coated product is as follows: real part n and the imaginary part k of the complex refractive index measured at a wavelength of 400 to 410 nm at (i.e. in the wavelength range of blue laser). 表面粗糙度借助于AFM (原子力显微术)以Ra值的形式测量。 The surface roughness by means of AFM (atomic force microscopy) measured in the form of Ra value. 为了测定抗划性,在涂层上以1.5 cm/s的前进速率以及40 g的施加重量移动具有50 ym尖部半径的钻石针,测量所得划痕深度。 To determine the scratch resistance, the rate of advance of the coating to 1.5 cm / s and 40 g applied to the diamond needle having a weight of 50 ym moving the tip radius, measuring the resulting scratch depth. 在与生产和测试涂布产品有关的部分中给出各测量方法的细节。 It gives details of the measuring method in the production and testing related to products coated portion.

[0119]基材S [0119] substrate S

[0120] 基材⑶为圆盘形制品,由上述聚合物树脂和下述方法制造。 [0120] ⑶ disk-shaped substrate article produced by the above method and the following polymer resin. 通过向基材顺序地施加至少一个记录层和一个光传输层,形成光学记录介质。 At least a recording layer and a light transmissive layer are sequentially applied to a substrate, the optical recording medium is formed.

[0121] 生产光学记录介质的基材的工艺说明 [0121] substrate production process described optical recording medium

[0122] 为由上述树脂生产光学记录介质的基材,使用装有光盘模具和具有满足光学记录介质所需规格的凹点和凹槽以及具有足够低表面粗糙度的相应压模的注塑机(包括注射压塑机),通过注塑形成光盘基材。 [0122] by the above-described base resin for producing an optical recording medium, using a mold with an optical disc having pits and grooves to meet the required specifications of the optical recording medium and has a sufficiently low surface roughness of the stamper corresponding to an injection molding machine ( including injection compression molding machine), the optical disc substrate formed by injection molding. 盘基材的厚度为0.3至2.0 _。 Thickness of the disk substrate is 0.3 to 2.0 _. 注塑机可以是通常使用的设备,但是优选为由一定的材料制造的机器,其机筒和螺杆具有对树脂的低粘合性、耐腐蚀性和耐磨性,以抑制碳化物的产生和提高盘基材的可靠性。 Injection molding machine may be a device generally used, but preferably a machine made of a material constant, which barrel and screw have low adhesion to resins, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, and to suppress the generation of carbides improved the reliability of the disk substrate.

[0123] 考虑到本发明的目的,模塑步骤的环境优选尽可能的干净。 [0123] For the purposes of the present invention, the molding step is preferably as clean environment. 同样重要的是要模塑的材料应充分干燥以去除水,和应避免可能导致熔融树脂分解的停留。 Equally important is the material to be molded should be fully dried to remove water, and may cause the molten resin to avoid decomposition of residence.

[0124] 本发明的光盘基材的树脂优选具有足够高的流动性,这样有利于注塑或注射压缩模塑期间的可录制性。 [0124] The optical disk substrate of the present invention is preferably a resin having a sufficiently high flowability, it is a good injection molding or injection compression molding period of recordable.

[0125] 光学记录介质可以通过在本发明基材的至少一侧上形成至少一个反射薄膜来制造。 [0125] The optical recording medium by forming at least a reflection film on at least one side of the substrate of the present invention is manufactured. 反射薄膜的材料为元素金属或复合金属。 Material of the reflective film is elemental metal or composite metal. 使用单独的Al或Au,或优选使用包含0. 5至10 wt%,优选3. 0至10 wt%的Ti的Al合金,或包含0. 5至10 wt%的Cr的Al合金。 Al used alone or Au, or, preferably, include 0.. 5 to 10 wt%, preferably from 3. 0 to 10 wt% of Ti, an Al alloy, or an alloy containing Al of 0. The. 5 to 10 wt% and Cr. 反射薄膜可以通过物理汽相沉积、离子束溅射、DC溅射或RF溅射形成。 Reflective film may be by physical vapor deposition, ion beam sputtering, the DC sputtering or RF sputtering. 仅该金属薄膜(反射层)足以满足本发明的预录制的光学记录介质,但是除反射层之外,可以形成一个记录层(例如在可重复写入或可记录的情况下的相变薄膜和染料,和可记录光学记录介质,以及在磁-光光学记录介质的情况下的磁-光记录薄膜)和一个光传输层,以获得本发明的可重复写入或可记录光学记录介质。 Only this metal thin film (reflection layer) is sufficient for a prerecorded optical recording medium of the present invention, but in addition to the reflective layer, a recording layer may be formed (e.g. a phase change film in the case of rewriteable or recordable and dyes, and recordable optical recording medium, and the magnetic - in the case of the optical magnetic recording medium, the optical - film) and a light transmitting layer of the optical recording of the present invention to obtain a rewriteable or recordable optical recording medium.

[0126] 相变薄膜记录材料层由单独的硫族元素或硫族元素化合物制成。 [0126] phase-change film recording material layer is made from chalcogen alone or a chalcogen compound. 特别地,可以使用Te、Se 或硫属化合物基材料,例如Ge-Sb-Te、Ge-Te、In-Sb-Te、In-Se-Te-Ag、In-Se、 In-Se-Tl-Co、In-Sb-Se、Bi 2Te3、BiSe、Sb2Se3或Sb 2Te3。 In particular, the use of Te, Se, or chalcogenide-based materials such as Ge-Sb-Te, Ge-Te, In-Sb-Te, In-Se-Te-Ag, In-Se, In-Se-Tl- Co, In-Sb-Se, Bi 2Te3, BiSe, Sb2Se3 or Sb 2Te3.

[0127] 具有包括Kerr效应或Faraday效应的磁-光性能的垂直磁化薄膜,例如Tb-Fe-Co 的无定形合金薄膜用作磁-光记录薄膜层。 [0127] comprising a magnetic Kerr effect or Faraday effect - a perpendicular magnetization film optical properties, such as an amorphous alloy thin film of Tb-Fe-Co is used as magneto - optical recording film layer.

[0128] 光传输层在记录层上形成。 [0128] a light transmission layer formed on the recording layer. 光传输层由传输激光的材料制成,并且在光传输层的概述部分和作为高折光指数层涂层a (HRI)的光传输层的概述中更具体地描述。 Light transmitting layer made of a material transmitting the laser light, and more specifically described in the Summary Summary section and a light transmitting layer as the high-refractive index layer coating a (HRI) in the light transmission layer.

[0129] 形成光传输层的方法在制造光传输层的方法和制造光传输层作为高折射率层的方法部分中更具体地描述。 Methods Method [0129] forming a light transmission layer in the manufacturing method of manufacturing the light transmissive layer and the light transmitting layer as the high refractive index layer is more specifically described. 此外,光传输层的厚度被限制在I nm至3000 nm,优选200 nm 至2000 nm,特别优选500 nm至1500 nm,以便抑制球面-和色彩像差。 Further, the thickness of the light transmitting layer is limited to I nm to 3000 nm, preferably from 200 nm to 2000 nm, particularly preferably from 500 nm to 1500 nm, in order to suppress the spherical - and color aberrations.

[0130] 以上已经描述了本发明的光学记录介质的基本构成。 [0130] The basic configuration has been described above according to the present invention, the optical recording medium. 可以将介电层加入到上述构成中,以控制光学记录介质的光学性能和热性能。 The dielectric layer may be added to the above-described configuration, in order to control optical properties and thermal properties of the optical recording medium. 在这种情况下,可以以提及的顺序在基材上形成光反射层、第一介电层、记录层、第二介电层和光传输层。 In this case, the order may be mentioned light-reflecting layer is formed on a substrate, a first dielectric layer, recording layer, second dielectric layer and the light transmission layer. 另外上述本发明的光学记录介质不局限于基材上唯一的由上述不同的层组成的一个层的叠层。 Also the optical recording medium of the present invention is not limited to only one layer by the stack of different layers on the substrate. 其也可以具有各自由间隔层分隔的多层叠层,所述间隔层由也可以用于光传输层的材料制成。 It may also have a multilayer stack are each separated by a spacer layer, the spacer layer is also a light-transmitting material layer is formed may be used.

[0131] 单组分注塑法(1-K模塑)(如实施例中使用的) [0131] Single component injection molding process (1-K molding) (as used in Example embodiment)

[0132] 以下描述本发明光学记录介质的标准IK模塑基材的制造,所述方法在实验部分中使用,并且并不限制本发明的范围,只要基材满足杨氏模量E和Q因子的要求。 [0132] The following criteria of manufacturing an optical recording medium of the invention IK molded substrate, the method used in the experimental section, and do not limit the scope of the present invention as long as the substrate satisfies the Young's modulus E and the Q factor requirements. 使用装有模具AWM5237和BD-ROM压模的Sumitomo SD 40E注塑机,由各粒料注塑直径为120 mm和厚度为1.2 mm的盘基材。 Sumitomo SD 40E using an injection molding machine equipped with a mold and AWM5237 BD-ROM stamper, the respective pellets were injection molded on 120 mm and diameter = 1.2 mm thick disc substrate. 另外,使用装有Philips⑶模具和BD-ROM压模的Arburg 420 C Allrounder 1300-350 注塑机。 Further, Arburg 420 using a mold and with Philips⑶ BD-ROM stamper C Allrounder 1300-350 injection molding machine.

[0133] 为形成相应的光学记录介质,通过物理汽相沉积(Leybold A1100)或DC派射(Reuter LP 800)在IK模塑基材上形成反射层(50 nm Ag)。 [0133] To form the respective optical recording medium, by physical vapor deposition (Leybold A1100) or DC to send outgoing (Reuter LP 800) forming a reflective layer (50 nm Ag) on ​​a molding substrate IK. 根据上述方法在反射层上形成HRI型光传输层。 HRI type light transmitting layer formed on the reflective layer according to the method described above.

[0134] 为形成用于根据ASTM E 756-05测量杨氏模量E和质量因子Q的测试杆,从相应的光学记录介质基材,或用记录层叠层覆盖的基材或用记录层叠层和光传输层覆盖的基材切下该杆,或由用于本发明基材的相应树脂直接IK注塑测试杆。 [0134] To form a rod test ASTM E 756-05 measured Young's modulus E and quality factor Q according to the respective optical recording media substrate, or covered with a substrate or a recording layer laminated with the recording layer stack and the base layer covered with the light transmission cut the stem, or from the respective resin used for the substrate of the present invention is directly injection molded test bars IK.

[0135] 9•制造光传输层的工艺说明 [0135] 9 • process of manufacturing the light transmissive layer

[0136] 通过旋涂将树脂施涂于基材表面或信息和记录层表面。 [0136] by spin coating or the resin applied to the surface and the surface of the recording layer base material information. 可以在例如UV曝光设备上进行树脂的后续交联:为此,将涂布的基材放在以约I m/min的速度移动经过UV光源(Hg 灯,80 W)的传送带上。 May be performed, for example, UV resin on subsequent exposure apparatus crosslinking: For this purpose, the coated substrate is placed on the moving speed of about I m ​​/ min through a UV light source (Hg lamp, 80 W) of the conveyor belt. 也可以重复该方法,以改变每cm2的福射能。 The method may also be repeated in order to change the emission energy per cm2 blessing. 至少IJ/cm2,优选2 至10 J/cm2的辐射剂量是优选的。 At least IJ / cm2, preferably 2 to a radiation dose of 10 J / cm2 is preferred. 涂布基材然后可以经历热后处理,优选利用热空气,例如在60 °C至120 °C下持续5至30分钟。 Then the coated substrate may be subjected to heat treatment, preferably using hot air at 60 ° C for example, to 120 ° C for 5 to 30 minutes.

[0137] 10.制造光传输层作为高折射率层(HRI)的工艺说明 [0137] 10. The process of manufacturing the light transmissive layer as the high refractive index layer (HRI) of

[0138] 通过以下步骤可获得涂层(A): [0138] Coating obtained (A) by the following steps:

[0139] i)用至少一种有机溶剂替代水性纳米颗粒悬浮液中包含的一部分水,使得所得纳米颗粒悬浮液(组分Al)具有5至50 wt%的水含量, [0139] i) replace part of the water contained in the aqueous nano-particle suspension with at least one organic solvent, so that the resulting nanoparticle suspension (component Al) having a water content of 5 to 50 wt%, and

[0140] ii)向纳米颗粒悬浮液(组分Al)中添加至少一种基料(组分A2),产生流延溶液(A*), [0140] ii) adding to the nanoparticle suspension (component Al) at least one binder (component A2), to produce the casting solution (A *),

[0141] iii)将流延溶液(A*)施涂到基材(S)或信息和记录层(B)上,和 [0141] iii) The casting solution (A *) is applied to a substrate (S) or information and recording layer (B), and

[0142] iv)借助于热或光化学方法交联流延溶液(A*)。 [0142] iv) by thermal or photochemical crosslinking the casting solution (A *).

[0143] 优选,步骤iii)之后,将剩余溶剂从用流延溶液(A*)覆盖的基材(S)完全或部分去除,和/或步骤iv)之后向获得的涂层施加热后处理。 After [0143] Preferably, step III), remaining after the solvent from the substrate (S) is completely or partially removed, and / or step iv) is covered with a casting solution (A *) is applied to the coating obtained after heat treatment of .

[0144] 流延溶液A*任选用超声波处理至多5分钟,优选10至60秒,和/或经由优选具有0.2 ym薄膜(例如RC薄膜,Sartorius)的过滤器过滤。 [0144] casting solution A * is optionally sonicated at most 5 minutes, preferably from 10 to 60 seconds, and / or preferably via a filter having a 0.2 ym membrane (e.g. RC film, Sartorius) filter. 如果存在,可以施加超声波处理以破坏纳米颗粒聚结物。 If present, the ultrasonic treatment may be applied to destroy nanoparticle agglomerates.

[0145] 流延溶液施涂于基材表面或信息和记录层表面。 [0145] casting solution applied to the substrate surface or the surface information and recording layer. 优选通过旋涂去除过量流延溶液之后,流延溶液的残余物保留在基材上,残余物的厚度取决于流延溶液的固体含量和在旋涂的情况下,取决于旋涂条件。 After the excess is preferably removed by spin casting solution, casting the solution residue remains on the substrate, the thickness of the residue depends on the solids content of the casting solution and in the case of spin coating, spin coating, depending on conditions. 流延溶液中包含的一些或全部溶剂可以优选通过热处理任选地加以去除。 Some or all of the solvent contained in the casting solution may preferably be removed by heat treatment, optionally. 流延溶液或残余物的后续交联通过热法(例如使用热空气)或光化学法(例如UV光)进行。 Casting the solution or subsequent cross-link residues superheat method (e.g., using hot air) or photochemical methods (e.g., UV light). 可以在例如UV曝光设备上进行光化学交联:为此,将涂布的基材放在以约I m/min的速度移动经过UV光源(Hg灯,80 W)的传送带上。 Photochemical crosslinking may be performed on a UV exposure apparatus, for example: To this end, the coated substrate is placed on the moving speed of about I m ​​/ min through a UV light source (Hg lamp, 80 W) of the conveyor belt. 也可以重复该方法,以改变每cm2的辐射能。 The method may also be repeated in order to change the radiation energy per cm2. 至少IJ/cm2,优选2至10 J/cm2的辐射剂量是优选的。 At least IJ / cm2, preferably 2 to a radiation dose of 10 J / cm2 is preferred. 涂布基材然后可以经历热后处理,优选利用热空气,例如在60°C至120°C下持续5至30分钟。 Then the coated substrate may be subjected to heat treatment, preferably using hot air at 60 ° C for example, to 120 ° C for 5 to 30 minutes.

[0146] 本发明因此进一步提供一种制造光传输层的方法,包括以下步骤: [0146] The present invention therefore further provides a method of manufacturing a light transmitting layer, comprising the steps of:

[0147] i)从水性纳米颗粒悬浮液开始在至少一种有机溶剂中制备单分散纳米颗粒悬浮液,去除水性纳米颗粒悬浮液中存在的水,同时用至少一种有机溶剂替代,使得纳米颗粒悬浮液具有5至50 wt%的水含量, [0147] i) starting from an aqueous nanoparticle suspension in at least one organic solvent to prepare a monodisperse nanoparticle suspension, the water is removed in the aqueous nanoparticle suspensions present, while at least one organic solvent Alternatively, such nanoparticles the suspension has a water content of 5 to 50 wt%, and

[0148] ii)向纳米颗粒悬浮液(组分Al)中添加至少一种基料(组分A2)和任选其它添加剂(组分A3),产生流延溶液(A*), [0148] ii) adding to the nanoparticle suspension (component Al) at least one binder (component A2) and optionally further additives (component A3), to produce the casting solution (A *),

[0149] iii)将来自ii)的流延溶液施涂到基材或信息和记录层(B)上, Casting solution [0149] iii) from ii) are applied to a substrate or the information recording layer (B),

[0150] iv)优选通过热处理,任选去除流延溶液中包含的一些或全部溶剂,在基材上产生残余物, [0150] iv) preferably by heat treatment, optionally removing some or all of the solvent contained in the casting solution, a residue on the substrate,

[0151] V)通过热或光化学法交联流延溶液或残余物,和 [0151] V) by thermal or photochemical crosslinking methods casting solution or residue thereof, and

[0152] vi)优选在60至120°C下任选热处理该涂层。 [0152] vi) optionally heat treating the coating is preferably 60 to 120 ° C.

[0153] 测试程序的说明 Description [0153] test program

[0154] 杨氏模量雜!质量因子咖测量 [0154] Young's modulus heteroaryl! Coffee quality factor measurement

[0155] 为测定约10 Hz至10 KHz频率范围内的材料的杨氏模量府叩且尼相关因子0 (质量因子),使用与ASTM E 756-05中描述的相似装置(图1)。 [0155] To determine the Young's modulus of the material in the house about from 10 Hz to 10 KHz frequency range 0 rapping and Nigeria correlation factor (quality factor), ASTM E 756-05 using a similar apparatus (FIG. 1) is described. 测量原理基于评价所关心材料的摆动杆的共振频率/"。为激励共振频率,将杆固定在由范围扩展至I mHz至10 KHz的模拟白噪声信号驱动的压电_振动器的一侧。记录杆对激励的响应,例如利用激光-多普勒-振动计(LDV)在未固定在压电-振动器上的杆尖端测量的速度对频率函数,上述速度对频率函数标准化为例如固定在压电-振动器上的杆末端上的速度对激励频率函数。根据该响应曲线,按照以下计算府PG Measuring principle based on the evaluation of the resonance frequency of the material of interest pivot rod /. "Excitation resonance frequency of the rod extended from one side to the range I mHz to 10 KHz analog white noise signal drives a piezoelectric vibrator is fixed _. in response to excitation of the recording lever, for example by a laser - Doppler - vibrometer (the LDV) is not fixed to the piezoelectric - vibrator rod tip on the measured speed of the frequency function, a function of the velocity of the normalized frequency is fixed, for example, piezoelectric - speed on the rod end of the vibrator excitation frequency according to a function of the response curve, calculated as follows House PG

Figure CN102576557BD00181

[0158]其中: [0158] wherein:

[0159]方=杆材料的杨氏模量,以Pa计, [0159] Party = Young's modulus of the rod material, in Pa,

[0160] /" =模式n的共振频率,以Hz计, [0160] / "n = mode resonance frequency, in Hz,

[0161] A /" =模式n的全带宽下的半功率(FWHM),以Hz计, [0161] A / "= half power (FWHM) in the full bandwidth mode of n, in Hz,

[0162] G=未固定(均一)杆的模式n的系数, [0162] G = coefficient mode is not fixed (uniform) n of the rod,

[0163]"=振荡方向中的杆厚度,以米计, [0163] "= rocking beam thickness direction, in meters,

[0164] J =杆的长度,以米计, [0164] J = bar length, in meters,

[0165] /?=模式数:1、2、3...... ? [0165] / = number of modes: 1,2,3 ......

[0166]0=杆材料的质量因子,无量纲, [0166] 0 = mass of rod material factor, dimensionless,

[0167]0=杆的质量密度,以kg/m3计。 Mass density [0167] 0 = bar, in kg / m3 meter.

[0168] 例如,杆可以从根据上述步骤制造的光盘中切下,或者可以注塑。 [0168] For example, the rod can be manufactured from the optical disk according to the above step cut, or may be injection molded. 本说明不限制制造杆的方式,至少在杆厚度方向中观察到的层状结构是相同的。 This description does not limit the manufacturing manner of the rod, at least a layered structure observed in the thickness direction of the rod is the same. 选择杆的宽度03 0. 013 m,选择长度J使得共振频率较好地与10 Hz至10 kHz的测定频率范围匹配。 The width of the lever 03 0. 013 m, a length selected so that the resonance frequency J is preferably matched to the measuring frequency range from 10 Hz to 10 kHz can. 使用在低于2000 Hz的测定/"和高于2000 Hz的测定下,由公式1和公式2提取的相应值,通过线性插值法计算2000 Hz下的府卩切I。 Used in the assay of less than 2000 Hz / "and is higher than 2000 Hz was measured, calculated from the corresponding values ​​extracted 2 Equations 1 and by linear interpolation Jie Fu at 2000 Hz cut I.

[0169] 基于AFM的凹点高度测量 [0169] Based on the AFM height measurement pit

[0170] 通过原子力显微镜以穿刺(tapping)模式测量凹点高度。 [0170] microscopy puncture pit height (tapping) mode atomic force.

[0171 ] 基于AFM的表面粗糙度 [0171] Based on the AFM surface roughness

[0172] 表面粗糙度以Ra给出,根据ASTM E-42. 14 STM/AFM,通过原子力显微镜以穿刺模式测量。 [0172] In the surface roughness Ra is given, in accordance with ASTM E-42. 14 STM / AFM, measured in puncture mode atomic force microscopy.

[0173] 质量密度 [0173] mass density

[0174] 质量密度P用Mettler密度设备Mettler AT 250 H66765,在室温下,使用乙醇作为浸渍液体在从光盘中切下的试样上测量。 [0174] P measured with Mettler density mass density equipment Mettler AT 250 H66765, at room temperature, ethanol is used as the immersion liquid in the sample from the measured optical disc excised. 或者,从光盘中切下已知宽度r、已知高度辨口已知长度J的矩形光盘切片。 Alternatively, the optical disk is known from the cut width r, a known height identified port known slicing length J of the rectangular disc. 用天平(例如Mettler AT 250)称量测定矩形光盘切片的质量m,通过=m/ (J •灼计算/?。 With a balance (e.g. Mettler AT 250) measuring the mass m weighed disc rectangular slices by = m / (J • calculating ignition / ?.

[0175] 复数折射指数汁i々的测量 [0175] a plurality of measuring the refractive index of the juice i々

[0176] 从涂层的透射和反射光谱获得涂层的复数折射指数讲的实部/7和复数折射指数的虚部A (在下文也称为吸收常数幻。为获得这些光谱,通过旋涂由稀释溶液向石英玻璃载体施涂约100至300 nm厚的涂层薄膜。借助于购自STEAG ETA-Optik的分光光度计, CD-测量系统ETA-RT测量这一层状结构的透射和反射光谱,然后使涂层层厚和/7和袖勺光谱依赖性与测定的透射和反射光谱匹配。使用分光光度计的内部软件完成匹配,其需要预先在空白测量中测定的石英玻璃基材的和々的光谱依赖性,如下所示,々与衰变常数a有关: [0176] The coating is obtained from a plurality of transmission and reflection spectra of the refractive index of the coating speaking real / imaginary part 7 and A is the complex refractive index (hereinafter also referred to as phantom absorption constant. To obtain these spectra by spin-coating the solution was diluted to a coating film made of quartz glass support was applied of about 100 to 300 nm thick. by means of a spectrophotometer available from STEAG ETA-Optik of, CD- measurement system ETA-RT measuring the transmittance and reflectance of a layered structure spectrum, then the coating layer thickness and transmission and reflection spectra match / spoon sleeve 7 and the spectral dependence of the measurement using the internal software of the spectrophotometer matching is completed, the quartz glass substrate which requires pre-measured blank measurement and spectral dependence 々 follows, related to a decay constant and 々:

[0177] [0177]

Figure CN102576557BD00191

[0178] i为光的波长。 [0178] i is the wavelength of light.

[0179] 抗划性的测量 [0179] anti-scratch resistance measurement

[0180] 为了测定光盘基材上涂层的抗划性,使用尖部半径为50 ym的钻石针,以I. 5 cm/ s的前进速率和40 g的施加重量,在涂布基材的径向从内至外进行刻划。 [0180] To determine the scratch resistance a coating on the optical disc substrate, using the tip radius of 50 ym diamond needle, at a rate of advance I. 5 cm / s and 40 g of weight is applied, the coated substrate scribed radially from the inside to the outside. 使用购自Tencor 的Alpha Step 500台阶剖面仪(step profiler)测量刻划深度。 Using commercially available from Tencor Alpha Step 500 is a step profiler (step profiler) measured scribe depth. 刻划深度作为抗划性的量度。 Scored as a measure of the depth of the scratch resistance. 刻划深度值小意味着相应的涂层的抗划性高。 Scoring depth value means that a small scratch resistance of the respective coatings is high.

[0181] 涂层溶液的水含量的测量 [0181] Measurement of water content of the coating solution

[0182] 通过Karl Fischer法测定涂层溶液的水含量。 [0182] Water content of the coating solution measured by Karl Fischer method.

[0183] 光传输层厚度的测量 [0183] measuring the light transmission layer thickness

[0184] 对于I nm至1500 nm的厚度范围,利用与施加于本发明光学记录介质的基材相同的方法将光传输层施加在透明的BPA-聚碳酸酯CD-基材上,所述基材用空白压模(不存在凹点和凹槽)模塑。 [0184] For the thickness range of I nm to 1500 nm, the substrate using the same method applied to an optical recording medium according to the present invention, the light transmission layer is applied on a transparent substrate CD- BPA- polycarbonate, the group timber blank stamper (no pits and grooves present) molding. 借助于购自STEAG ETA-Optik的分光光度计,CD-测量系统ETA-RT 测量这一层状结构的透射和反射光谱,然后使涂层层厚与测定的透射和反射光谱匹配。 The aid available from STEAG ETA-Optik spectrophotometer, CD-Measurement System ETA-RT measured transmission and reflection spectra of the layered structure, and then the transmission and reflection spectra match the thickness of the coating determined. 使用分光光度计的内部软件完成匹配,其需要预先在空白测量中测定的聚碳酸酯基材的和々的光谱依赖性,和根据复数折射指数讲=MiA的测量中的说明测定的光传输层的和々。 Internal software using a spectrophotometer matching is completed, which requires the spectral dependency polycarbonate substrate previously measured blank measurement and the 々, and refractive index according to a plurality of speaking = light transmissive layer measurements described in the assay MiA and 々. 对于1500 nm至150000 nm的厚度范围,借助于CD-测量系统ETA-RT,使用模数"ETA-DVR Measuring System for Blu-ray/Digital Video Recording (DVR) Disks (用于蓝光/ 数字视频记录(DVR)盘的ETA-DVR测量系统)"测量施加于光学记录介质基材的光传输层的厚度。 For the thickness range of 1500 nm to 150000 nm by means of CD- measurement system ETA-RT, using modulo "ETA-DVR Measuring System for Blu-ray / Digital Video Recording (DVR) Disks (for Blu-ray / Digital Video Recording ( DVR) disk ETA-DVR measuring system) "is applied to measure the thickness of the light transmission layer of the optical recording medium substrate. 为此需要光传输层的复数折射指数的实部〃,其根据复数折射指数讲=MiA的测量中的说明进行测定。 This requires a plurality of the light transmission layer refractive index 〃 real part of the complex refractive index according to the measured stresses = MiA described in measurement.

[0185] 可录制性的测量 [0185] Measurement of recordable

[0186]用AFM以穿刺模式测量具有复制凹点结构的注射模塑基材的凹点深度dR。 [0186] AFM measurements with a pit depth of injection molding a substrate having a dR replicated pit structure in the piercing mode. 压模的凹点深度4以同样的方式测量。 Pit depth of the stamper 4 measured in the same manner. 然后通过以下计算可录制性t : It is then calculated by the recordable property t:

[0187] t = dR/ds *100% [0187] t = dR / ds * 100%

[0188] 径向偏差的测量 [0188] measure the radial deviation

[0189] 径向偏差测量光盘表面与基准面的角度偏差。 [0189] radial deviation angle deviation measuring optical disc surface and the reference surface. 其定义为垂直于基准面的入射光与反射光之间在径向测定的角度。 Which is defined as an angle between incident light and reflected light in a radial direction perpendicular to the plane of the assay. 使用购自Dr. Schenk Prometheus MT 200的离线光盘扫描仪测量光盘的径向偏差。 Purchased from Dr. Schenk Prometheus MT 200 offline scanner disc measuring the radial deviation of the optical disc.

[0190] 基于动态力学分析(DMA)的Tg的测量 [0190] Tg is measured based on dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) of

[0191] 根据比(:1006,使用尺寸为80\10\4臟3的测试试样,在0°(:至260°(:的温度范围内测量剪切中的储能模量G'和损耗模量G''。加热速率设置为20 K/min,振动频率设置为I Hz。Tg从对数-对数尺度曲线中的G'的最陡下降的点取得。 [0191] The ratio (: 1006, using test specimens of size 80 \ 10 \ 3 4 dirty, at 0 ° (: measuring the shear storage modulus within a temperature range G 'and: to 260 ° ( a loss modulus G ''. the heating rate is set to 20 K / min, the vibration frequency is set to I Hz.Tg from logarithmic - logarithmic scale curve G 'made of steepest descent point.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0192] 实施例 [0192] Example

[0193] 本发明现在根据一些基于实验结果的数值实施例加以说明。 [0193] The present invention will now be described in accordance with some embodiments based on the numerical results. 但是,形成光学记录介质的本发明的基材不局限于以下实施例,只要该基材满足光学记录介质的杨氏模量E和Q因子的要求。 However, the present invention is a substrate for forming an optical recording medium is not limited to the following embodiments, as long as the substrate satisfies the requirements of the optical recording medium of the Young's modulus E and the Q factor.

[0194]基材材料 [0194] The substrate material

[0195]用滑石填充的基材材料,实施例号1至7 [0195] The substrate material filled with talc, Example No. 1-7

[0196] 配混物1至7由溶液粘度为1. 202的双酚A (BPA)-聚碳酸酯(Makrolon OD 2015®,Bayer MaterialScience)、聚甲基丙稀酸甲酯(PMMA 6N®,Degussa)、根据莫氏硬度的硬度为1的滑石(Finntalc M05SL®,Mondo Minerals,Helsinki/芬兰)、甘油单硬脂酸酯(Dimodan,Danisco/德国)和任选其它添加剂,例如双(2-乙基己基)磷酸酯(CAS号298-〇7_7,Alfa Aesar GmbH & Co KG,Karlsruhe/德国),以根据以下表1 的wt% 制成。 [0196] 1-7 was compounded from a solution viscosity of bisphenol A 1. 202 (BPA) - polycarbonate (Makrolon OD 2015®, Bayer MaterialScience), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA 6N®, degussa), depending on the hardness Mohs hardness of talc (Finntalc M05SL®, Mondo Minerals, Helsinki / Finland) 1 glyceryl monostearate (Dimodan, Danisco / Germany) and optionally other additives, such as bis (2- ethylhexyl) phosphate (CAS No. 298- 〇7_7, Alfa Aesar GmbH & Co KG, Karlsruhe / Germany), prepared according to the following table 1% wt. 各材料通过ZSK 25/4挤出机(Coperion Holding GmbH,Stuttgart/德国)配混,并将恪体线料在水浴中冷却之后造粒。 Each material through a ZSK 25/4 extruder (Coperion Holding GmbH, Stuttgart / Germany) blended, and Ke body strand pelletized after cooled in a water bath.

[0197] 表1:实施例1至7的配方 [0197] Table 1: Formulation Examples 1 to 7

[0198] [0198]

Figure CN102576557BD00211

[0199] 用石墨填充白勺基材材料,实施例号8至13 [0199] white spoon filled with graphite substrate material, Example No. 8-13

[0200] 配混物8至13由溶液粘度为1. 202的BPA-聚碳酸酯(Makrolon OD 2015®, Bayer MaterialScience)、聚甲基丙稀酸甲酯(PMMA 6N®,Degussa)、根据莫氏硬度的硬度为1-2 的石墨Cond 5/99 (Graphit Kropfmlihl AG,Hauzenberg/德国)和甘油单硬脂酸酯(Dimodan,Danisco/德国),以根据以下表2的wt%制成D各材料通过ZSK 25/4挤出机(Coperion Holding GmbH,Stuttgart/德国)配混,并将溶体线料在水浴中冷却之后造粒D [0200] 8-13 was compounded from a solution viscosity of 1.202 BPA- polycarbonate (Makrolon OD 2015®, Bayer MaterialScience), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA 6N®, Degussa), in accordance with Mo hardness hardness is 1-2 graphite Cond 5/99 (Graphit Kropfmlihl AG, Hauzenberg / Germany) and glyceryl monostearate (Dimodan, Danisco / Germany), in accordance with table D made wt 2% of each material through a ZSK 25/4 extruder (Coperion Holding GmbH, Stuttgart / Germany) blended, and melt feed line D pelletized after cooled in a water bath

[0201] 表2 :实施例8至13的配方 [0201] Table 2: Formulation Examples 8 to 13 was

[0202] [0202]

Figure CN102576557BD00221

[0203] 用气相二氣化硅填充的基材材料,实施例号14和15 [0203] The substrate material with the gasifier fumed silica filled, Examples 14 and 15

[0204] 配混物14和15由溶液粘度为L202的BPA-聚碳酸酯(Makrolon OD 2015®, Bayer Material Science)、聚甲基丙稀酸甲酯(PMMA6N®,Degussa)、Aerosil® R 9200 (Degussa,Hanau,德国)和甘油单硬脂酸酯(Dimodan,Danisco/德国),以根据以下表3的wt%制成。 [0204] 14 and 15 was compounded from a solution viscosity of L202 BPA- polycarbonate (Makrolon OD 2015®, Bayer Material Science), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA6N®, Degussa), Aerosil® R 9200 (Degussa, Hanau, Germany), and glyceryl monostearate (Dimodan, Danisco / Germany), in accordance with the following table 3 wt% is made. 使用的初级气相二氧化娃颗粒的粒度分布(值)具有13111]1的(15。值和17 nm的d90值的特征。各材料通过ZSK 25/4挤出机(Coperion Holding GmbH,Stuttgart/德国) 配混,并将熔体线料在水浴中冷却之后造粒。 The particle size distribution of the primary gas baby dioxide particles used (value) having 13111] 1 (characteristic value 15 and a d90 value of 17 nm. Each material through a ZSK 25/4 extruder (Coperion Holding GmbH, Stuttgart / Germany ) compounding, and then pelletizing the melt strands cooled in a water bath.

[0205] 表3 :实施例14和15的配方 [0205] Table 3: Formulation Examples 14 and 15 embodiment

[0206] [0206]

Figure CN102576557BD00222

[0207] 用硫酸钡填充的基材材料,实施例号16 [0207] The substrate material filled with barium sulphate, embodiments Example No. 16

[0208] 配混物16由95. 0 wt%的溶液粘度为L 202的BPA-聚碳酸酯(Makrolon OD 2015®,Bayer MaterialScience)、聚甲基丙稀酸甲酯(PMMA 6N®,Degussa)和5.0 wt% 的根据莫氏硬度,在本体试样中测定的硬度为3的硫酸钡纳米粉(Solvay Infra,Bad HSnningen/德国)制成。 [0208] with a blend of 16 to 95. 0 wt% solution viscosity of 202 L BPA- polycarbonate (Makrolon OD 2015®, Bayer MaterialScience), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA 6N®, Degussa) and 5.0 wt% according to the Mohs hardness, hardness measurement sample in bulk barium sulfate nano powder (Solvay Infra, Bad HSnningen / Germany) 3 made. 使用的硫酸钡初级纳米颗粒的粒度分布(值)具有42 nm的d50 值的特征。 A primary particle size of barium sulfate used in the distribution of nanoparticles (value) characteristic having a d50 value of 42 nm. 各材料通过ZSK 25/4挤出机(Coperion Holding GmbH,Stuttgart/德国)配混,并将熔体线料在水浴中冷却之后造粒。 Each material through a ZSK 25/4 extruder (Coperion Holding GmbH, Stuttgart / Germany) compounding and pelletizing the melt strands after cooling in a water bath.

[0209] 其它基材材料,实施例号17至23 [0209] Other base materials, 17 to 23 Example No.

[0210] 材料17包括相对溶液粘度为1. 20的由50 mol%的4, 4' -(间-亚苯基二异亚丙基)二酚和50 mol%的1,1-双(4-羟苯基)-3, 3, 5-三甲基环己烷制备的共聚碳酸酯。 [0210] 17 material comprises a relative solution viscosity of 50 mol% of 4, 4 'of 1.20 - (m - phenylene diisopropylidene) diphenol and 50 mol% of 1,1-bis (4 - hydroxyphenyl) -3, 3, 5- trimethyl cyclohexane polycarbonate were prepared.

[0211] 材料18包括购自Degussa的聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯PMMA6N®。 [0211] 18 comprises a material commercially available from Degussa polymethyl methacrylate PMMA6N®.

[0212] 材料19包括相对溶液粘度为1,225的由13 wt%的1,1-双(4-羟苯基)-3, 3, 5-三甲基环己烷和87 wt%的双酚A制备的共聚碳酸酯。 [0212] material 19 comprises a relative solution viscosity of from 1,225 to 13 wt% of 1,1-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) -3, 3, 5-trimethyl cyclohexane and 87 wt% of bis copolycarbonates prepared phenol a.

[0213] 材料20包括溶液粘度为1,202的由双酚A制备的聚碳酸酯。 [0213] 20 comprising a material prepared from a solution having a viscosity of 1,202 of bisphenol A polycarbonate.

[0214] 材料21包括溶液粘度为1,24的由双酚A制备的聚碳酸酯。 [0214] 21 comprises a material having a viscosity of a solution prepared from a bisphenol A polycarbonate, 24. 该材料用12 wt%的二氧化钦(2230, Kronos,Dallas)填充。 12 wt% of the material Chin dioxide (2230, Kronos, Dallas) filled with.

[0215] 材料22包括相对溶液粘度为1,294的由70 mol%的4, 4' -(对-羟基二苯基)和30 mol%的双酚A制备的共聚碳酸酯。 [0215] 22 material comprises a relative solution viscosity of from 1,294 to 70 mol% 4, 4 '- copolycarbonate prepared - (hydroxy-diphenyl-p) and 30 mol% of bisphenol-A.

[0216] 材料23包括材料20的配混物以及20 wt%的碳纤维(碳纤维Tenax-U型号234, Toho Tenax Europe GmbH Wuppertal Germany)〇 [0216] 23 material was compounded material comprising 20 and 20 wt% of carbon fibers (carbon fiber Tenax-U model 234, Toho Tenax Europe GmbH Wuppertal Germany) square

[0217] 聚合物共混物,实施例24至26 [0217] Polymer blends, Examples 24 to 26

[0218] 在以下,Makrolon 2808表不购自Bayer Materialscience AG的基于双酸A的芳族聚碳酸酯,熔体体积速率为10 gAl〇min)(根据ISO 1133 ;300°C,1.2 kg测定)。 [0218] In the following, Makrolon 2808 is not available from the table based on Bayer Materialscience AG aromatic polycarbonate, a melt volume rate of 10 diacid gAl〇min A) (according to ISO 1133; 300 ° C, 1.2 kg assay) . Apec 1895 表不购自Bayer Materialscience AG 的双酸A/l,l_ 双-(4-轻苯基)_3,3, 5-三甲基环己烷共聚碳酸酯,熔体体积速率为18 (根据ISO 1133 ;330°C,2, 16 kg测定)。 Table Apec 1895 not available from Bayer Materialscience AG acid bis A / l, l_ bis - (4-phenyl light) _3,3, 5-trimethyl cyclohexane copolycarbonate melt volume rate of 18 (according to ISO 1133; 330 ° C, 2, 16 kg assay). Apec 2095 表不购自Bayer Materialscience AG 的双酸A/l,l_ 双-(4-轻苯基)_3,3, 5-三甲基环己烷共聚碳酸酯,熔体体积速率为8 (根据ISO 1133 ;330°C,2, 16 kg测定)。 Table Apec 2095 not available from Bayer Materialscience AG acid bis A / l, l_ bis - (4-phenyl light) _3,3, 5-trimethyl cyclohexane copolycarbonate melt volume rate of 8 (according to ISO 1133; 330 ° C, 2, 16 kg assay). Kraton 1652G表示购自Kraton Polymers的苯乙稀-乙稀/ 丁稀-苯乙稀的线性三嵌段共聚物。 Kraton 1652G available from Kraton Polymers represented in the styrene - ethylene / but-lean - the styrene linear triblock copolymer. Sibstar 073T表示购自Kaneka Corp.的苯乙稀和异丁稀的嵌段共聚物。 Represents Sibstar 073T available from Kaneka Corp. of the styrene block copolymer and iso-lean. 各共混物通过ZSK 25/4挤出机(Coperion Holding GmbH,Stuttgart/德国)配混,并将恪体线料在水浴中冷却之后造粒。 Each blend was extruded through ZSK 25/4 extruder (Coperion Holding GmbH, Stuttgart / Germany) blended, and Ke body strand pelletized after cooled in a water bath.

[0219]材料24包括95 wt%的Makrolon® 2808,1 wt%的Apec®2095和4 wt%的Kraton G1652〇 [0219] 24 material comprising 95 wt% of the Apec®2095 Makrolon® 2808,1 wt% and 4 wt% on Kraton G1652〇

[0220]材料25包括96 wt%的Apec® 1895和4 wt%的Sibstar® 073T。 [0220] material 25 comprising 96 wt% of Apec® 1895 and 4 wt% on Sibstar® 073T.

[0221]材料26包括95 wt%的Apec® 1895,1 wt%的Apec® 9379和4 wt%的Kraton® 1652G〇 [0221] 26 material comprising 95 wt% of Apec® 1895,1 wt% of Apec® 9379 and 4 wt% on Kraton® 1652G〇

[0222] 光盘樽塑方法A [0222] A method of molding an optical disc bottles

[0223] 使用装有模具AffM 5237和BD-ROM压模的Sumitomo SD 40E注塑机,由上所述材料注塑直径为120 mm和厚度为I. 2 mm的盘基材。 [0223] Using a mold with AffM 5237 and BD-ROM stamper injection molding machine of Sumitomo SD 40E, the diameter of the injection material on 120 mm and a thickness of a disc substrate I. 2 mm. 使用以下模塑参数,参见表4 : Following molding parameters, Table 4:

[0224] 表4 :用于不同实施例的根据光盘模塑方法A的模塑参数 [0224] Table 4: The molding parameters for the molding method of the optical disk A of different embodiments

[0225] [0225]

Figure CN102576557BD00241

[0226] 光盘模塑方法B [0226] The method of molding an optical disc B

[0227] 另外,使用装有Philips CD 模具和BD-ROM 压模的Arburg 420 C Allrounder 1300-350注塑机。 [0227] Further, Arburg 420 C Allrounder 1300-350 injection molding machine equipped with a die and a Philips CD BD-ROM stamper. 使用以下模塑参数,参见表5 : Following molding parameters, see Table 5:

[0228] 表5 :用于不同实施例的根据光盘模塑方法B的模塑参数 [0228] Table 5: Parameters for molding an optical disk molding method according to different embodiments of B

[0229] [0229]

Figure CN102576557BD00251

[0230] 表6中,描述测试杆的杨氏模量测量和质量因子Q的结果。 [0230] In Table 6, the test rod described in Young's modulus and the quality factor Q of the measurement results. 测试杆通过直接IK 模塑或通过将其从IK模塑光盘基材中切下来制造。 Test bars molded directly or IK by IK to cut from a molded disc substrate manufacturing.

[0231] 表6:测试棒 [0231] Table 6: Test Stick

[0232] [0232]

Figure CN102576557BD00252

[0233] 表7中的所有以下光盘基材(S)和表10中的涂布光盘实例基于轨迹间距为320 nm的信息层的凹点结构。 [0233] The following table all disc substrates (S) in Example 7 and coating the optical disk based on the track pitch of 10 to 320 nm layer of information pits table structure. 实施例中描述的所有光盘也显示极低的径向偏差值,完全在-0. 8° 至+0.8°的BD规格内。 All described embodiments of the optical disk also shows a very low radial deviation, well within the BD standard -0. 8 ° to + 0.8 ° in.

[0234] 表7 :1_K模塑基材(S) [0234] Table 7: 1_K molded substrate (S)

[0235] [0235]

Figure CN102576557BD00261

[0236] 对比例20不满足所需低Q值,尽管可录制性高,因为玻璃化转变温度和模具温度之间的差值小于30°C。 [0236] 20 does not meet the required Q value is low proportion, although recording can be high, since the difference between the glass transition temperature and the mold temperature is less than 30 ° C.

[0237] 对比例13具有足够低的Q值,但是不满足可录制性要求,因为玻璃化转变温度和模具温度之间的差值大于30°C。 [0237] Q has a sufficiently low value of Comparative Example 13, but does not meet the requirements can be recorded as the difference between the glass transition temperature and a mold temperature of greater than 30 ° C.

[0238] 通过DC派射(Reuter LP 800)在基材⑶上形成50 nm Ag的反射层(B) 〇 [0238] is formed 50 nm Ag reflective layer (B) on the substrate ⑶ square sent by the DC exit (Reuter LP 800)

[0239] 由以下组分和步骤获得在基材(S)上的反射层之上的光传输层: [0239] to obtain the light transmission layer over the reflective layer on a substrate (S) by the following steps and components:

[0240] 组分A. 0 [0240] Component A. 0

[0241] 二氧化铈Ce02-ACT® :Ce02的水悬浮液:20 wt% CeO2纳米颗粒在77 wt%水和3 wt% 乙酸中,悬浮液的pH值:3. 0,悬浮&02纳米颗粒的粒度:10-20 nm,比重:1. 22 g/ml,粘度: 10 mPa.s,制造商:Nyacol Inc.,Ashland,MA,美国。 [0241] ceria Ce02-ACT®: Ce02 aqueous suspension: 20 wt% CeO2 nanoparticles in 77 wt% water and 3 wt% acetic acid, pH value of the suspension: 30, 02 & nanoparticle suspension particle size: 10-20 nm, specific gravity:. 1 22 g / ml, viscosity: 10 mPa.s, manufacturer: Nyacol Inc., Ashland, MA, USA.

[0242]组分A. 2-1 [0242] Component A. 2-1

[0243] 基料:五/六丙烯酸二季戊四醇酯(DPHA,Aldrich)。 [0243] Base: Five / dipentaerythritol hexaacrylate (DPHA, Aldrich).

[0244]组分A. 2-2 [0244] Component A. 2-2

[0245] 基料:二丙稀酸己二醇酯(HDDA,Aldrich)。 [0245] Base: two acrylic hexanediol diacrylate (HDDA, Aldrich).

[0246]组分A. 2-3 : [0246] Component A. 2-3:

[0247]基料:DesmoluxU100(聚氨酯丙稀酸酯,Bayer Materialscience)。 [0247] Base: DesmoluxU100 (urethane acrylic acid ester, Bayer Materialscience).

[0248] 组分A. 3 [0248] Component A. 3

[0249] UV 光引发剂:Irgacure®184 (1_ 羟基-环己基苯基酮),Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc.,Basel,瑞士。 [0249] UV photoinitiator: Irgacure®184 (1_ hydroxy - cyclohexyl phenyl ketone), Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc., Basel, Switzerland.

[0250] 以下组分用作实施例中的有机溶剂: [0250] The following components were used as organic solvents in the embodiment examples:

[0251] 1-甲氧基_2_ 丙醇(MOP),制造商:Aldrich [0251] _2_ 1-methoxy-propanol (MOP), manufacturer: Aldrich

[0252]二丙酮醇(DAA),制造商:Aldrich。 [0252] diacetone alcohol (DAA), manufacturer: Aldrich.

[0253] 借助于如下所述横向-流动超过滤将水性&02纳米颗粒悬浮液(组分A. 0)转变为含水和MOP的纳米颗粒悬浮液(组分A. 1): [0253] The lateral means of the following - & flow ultrafiltration of the aqueous nanoparticle suspension 02 (Component A. 0) and MOP into the aqueous nanoparticle suspension (component A. 1):

[0254]购自PALL (Centramate 0S070C12)的膜组件以及UF 薄膜盒(PES,Mff 100,000)用于横向-流动超过滤(UF)。 [0254] available from PALL (Centramate 0S070C12) UF membrane module and the film cassette (PES, Mff 100,000) for laterally - flow ultrafiltration (UF). 渗透在2. 5巴的压力下进行,丢弃含水渗出物,用醇溶剂1-甲氧基-2-丙醇(MOP)替代减少的渗余液。 Penetration at a pressure of 2.5 bar, discarding the aqueous exudate, 1-methoxy-2-propanol (MOP) of the alternative reduced retentate with an alcoholic solvent. 使用6. 5升组分A.0。 Using 6.5 liters component A.0. 如以下表格中示出的,三个不同长度的循环之后结束过滤,如此获得有机溶剂MOP和水的混合物中的纳米颗粒悬浮液(组分A. 1)。 The mixture was then shown, three cycles of different lengths in the following table end of the filtration, thus obtained organic solvent MOP and water in the nanoparticle suspension (component A. 1).

[0255] 表8:组分A. 1的组成和性能 Composition and properties of component A. 1: [0255] TABLE 8

[0256] [0256]

Figure CN102576557BD00271

[0257] 1)借助于Karl Fischer滴定测定 [0257] 1) by means of a Karl Fischer titration

[0258] 2)包含3 wt%乙酸 [0258] 2) containing 3 wt% acetic acid

[0259] 通过混合溶液A和溶液B获得具有10 wt%水含量的流延溶液(组分A**): [0259] obtained casting solution (component A **) having a water content of 10 wt% by mixing Solution A and Solution B:

[0260] 溶液A:在搅拌下,在108 g的溶剂DAA中溶解12. 4 g的组分A. 2-1和3. I g的组分A. 2-2和15. 6 g的A. 2-3。 [0260] Solution A: Under stirring, dissolved in 12. 4 g of a solvent component DAA 108 g of A. 2-1 and 3. I g of component A. 2-2 and 15. 6 g of A 2-3. 然后添加2. 35 g的组分A. 3,于是形成透明溶液。 Was then added 2. 35 g of component A. 3, thus forming a clear solution.

[0261 ] 溶液B:在玻璃烧杯中,向435 g的组分A. 1中添加54 g的溶剂DAA,搅拌混合物, 于是获得透明的黄色悬浮液,用超声波处理30秒。 [0261] Solution B: In a glass beaker, was added to 435 g of component A. 1 DAA 54 g of solvent, the mixture was stirred, thereby obtaining a transparent yellow suspension was treated with ultrasound for 30 seconds. 期间添加32.5 g的水。 Add 32.5 g of water during.

[0262] 混合溶液A和B,然后再次用超声波处理30秒,在0. 2 ym过滤器(Minisart RC 薄膜)上过滤。 [0262] a mixed solution of A and B, then treated again with ultrasound for 30 seconds, filtered 0. 2 ym filter (Minisart RC film). 流延溶液(组分A*)的计算组成如下: Calculation casting solution (component A *) was as follows:

[0263] 表9:流延溶液组分A**的组成和性能 [0263] Table 9: Composition and properties of casting solution component A ** in

[0264] [0264]

Figure CN102576557BD00281

[0265] 1)由组分A. 1产生的纳米颗粒固体分数(这里为CeO2) [0265] 1) a solid fraction of nanoparticles produced by the component A. 1 (here, of CeO2)

[0266] 2)各流延溶液的标明固体含量为组分A. 2-1+组分A. 2-2+组分A. 3+纳米颗粒固体分数(CeO2)的总和。 [0266] 2) indicated solids content of each casting solution is the component A. 2-1 + 2-2 + the sum of components A. A. 3+ nanoparticles solid component fraction (of CeO2) of.

[0267] 复数折射率的实部n测定为405 nm下为1. 84,复数折射率的虚部k测定为405 nm 下为0.004。 [0267] n is the real part of the complex refractive index is measured at 405 nm is 1.84, the complex refractive index imaginary part k is measured at 405 nm was 0.004.

[0268] 为将涂层溶液(组分A*)施涂于圆盘形基材(S)上的反射层(B),通过以下过程旋涂组分A* :通过注射器经2. 1秒将组分A*配给到240 RPM低转速的固定基材的内径,经3. 5秒将组分A*分布在750 RPM下的光盘的全部面积上,经40秒调理10 RPM下的分布的组分A*,通过在20秒内使旋转从10 RPM增至2000 RPM去除过量组分A*,保持高转速恒定另外14秒。 [0268] The coating solution for the reflective layer (B) (component A *) is applied to a disc-shaped substrate (S) on, by a spin coating process the following components A *: 2.1 seconds via syringe over the inner diameter of the component a * dispensing low speed fixed base 240 RPM, 3.5 seconds after the components a * distributed over the entire area of ​​the optical disc at 750 RPM, via 10 RPM for 40 seconds conditioning distribution component A *, in 20 seconds by 2000 RPM rotational increased removal of excess component A *, maintain a high speed constant additional 14 seconds from 10 RPM. 涂层用萊灯以5. 5 J/cm2交联。 Levin lamps 5. 5 J / cm2 with a crosslinked coating. 光传输层的残留层厚为950 nm。 The residual thickness of the light transmission layer is 950 nm.

[0269] 表10:来自IK模塑基材⑶的涂布光盘 [0269] Table 10: coating an optical disc substrate molded from IK the ⑶

[0270] [0270]

Figure CN102576557BD00291

Claims (14)

1. 一种光学记录介质,其中在基材上顺序地形成至少一个记录层和一个光传输层,并且其中光从光传输层侧照射用于记录和/或再现信息信号,所述基材包括注塑部件,并且所述基材具有根据ASTME756-05在25°C、2000Hz下测量的至少2. 15GPa的杨氏模量E 和低于160的Q因子,和> 85%的可录制性,并且所述基材为包含填料的聚碳酸酯,其中所述填料基于平均粒度d5。 An optical recording medium, in which at least a recording layer and a light transmitting layer are sequentially on a substrate, and wherein the light irradiated from a light transmitting layer side for recording and / or reproducing information signals, said substrate comprising injection molded parts, and the substrate has at ASTME756-05 according to 25 ° C, 2000Hz measured the Young's modulus E of at least 2. 15GPa and a Q factor less than 160, and> 85% of recordable and the substrate is a polycarbonate comprising a filler, wherein the filler average particle size based on d5. 低于100nm的初级纳米颗粒。 Below 100nm primary nanoparticles.
2. 根据权利要求1的光学记录介质,特征在于基材在>玻璃化转变温度Tg-30°C的模具温度下模塑。 2. The optical recording medium according to claim 1, characterized in that the substrate is molded at a> mold temperature of the glass transition temperature of Tg-30 ° C.
3. 根据权利要求2的光学记录介质,特征在于模具温度>玻璃化转变温度Tg-20°C。 3. The optical recording medium according to claim 2, characterized in that the mold temperature> The glass transition temperature of Tg-20 ° C.
4. 根据权利要求1的光学记录介质,其中所述基材具有根据ASTME756-05,在25°C、 2000Hz下测量的至少2. 93GPa的杨氏模量E和低于160的Q因子。 4. The optical recording medium of claim 1, wherein said substrate has according ASTME756-05, at 25 ° C, 2000Hz measured the Young's modulus E of at least 2. 93GPa and a Q-factor is less than 160.
5. 根据权利要求1的光学记录介质,其中所述填料具有根据莫氏硬度,低于或等于5的硬度,基于本体试样测量。 The optical recording medium 1, wherein the filler having a Mohs hardness according to claim less than or equal to a hardness of 5, based on the body measurement sample.
6. 根据权利要求1的光学记录介质,其中所述基材具有沿着螺旋形轨迹排列的凹点, 和或轨迹间距低于350nm的螺旋形凹槽。 6. The optical recording medium according to claim 1, wherein said substrate has pits arranged along a spiral track, and the track pitch or less than 350nm in the helical grooves.
7. 根据权利要求1的光学记录介质,其中所述光传输层为具有至少1. 41的折射率实部n的UV可固化和可旋涂树脂。 The optical recording medium according to claim 1, wherein said light transmissive layer having a refractive index of at least 1.41 of the real part n of UV curable and spin-coatable resin.
8. 根据权利要求1的光学记录介质,其中所述光传输层为UV可固化和可旋涂树脂,其具有(i)复数折射率,其中实部n为至少1. 70和其中虚部k为至多0. 016,(ii)低于20nm 的表面粗糙度Ra,和(iii)不大于0.75ym刻划深度的抗划性,所述实部n和虚部k在400 至410nm波长下测量,并且所述表面粗糙度Ra由原子力显微镜方法测定,所述刻划深度通过在40g的施加重量下以1. 5cm/s的前进速率使尖部半径为50ym的钻石针在聚碳酸酯基材上的涂层上移动来测定。 8. The optical recording medium of claim 1, wherein said light transmitting layer is a UV curable and spin-coatable resin having (i) the complex refractive index wherein a real part n is at least 1.70, and wherein the imaginary part k up to 0. 016, (ii) less than 20nm surface roughness Ra, and (iii) not more than 0.75ym scratch resistance scribe depth, said real part n and the imaginary part k measured at a wavelength of 400 to 410nm , and the surface roughness Ra determined by atomic force microscopy, the depth by scoring at 40g weight is applied at a rate of advance 1. 5cm / s causes the radius of the diamond tip portion of the needle in the polycarbonate substrate 50ym moving the coating on the measured.
9. 根据权利要求1或权利要求7的光学记录介质,其中所述光传输层为UV可固化和可旋涂树脂,其包括平均粒度d5。 According to claim 1 or claim The optical recording medium of claim 7, wherein said light transmitting layer is a UV curable and spin-coatable resin comprising an average particle size of d5. 低于100nm的纳米颗粒。 Nanoparticles less than 100nm.
10. 根据权利要求1或权利要求7的光学记录介质,其中光传输层的厚度为1nm至低于3000nm。 10. The optical recording medium of claim 7 or according to claim 1 wherein the thickness of the light transmission layer is less than 1nm to 3000nm.
11. 根据权利要求1或权利要求7的光学记录介质,其中光传输层的厚度为200nm至低于2000nm。 11. The optical recording medium of claim 7 or according to claim 1 wherein the thickness of the light transmission layer is below 200nm to 2000nm.
12. 根据权利要求1或权利要求7的光学记录介质,其中光传输层的厚度为500nm至低于1500nm。 The optical recording medium of claim 7 or according to claim 1 wherein the thickness of the light transmission layer is below 500nm to 1500nm.
13. 根据权利要求1的光学记录介质,其中基材包括聚碳酸酯树脂,其中芳族二羟基单体衍生自式(1)的芳族二羟基化合物HO-Z-OH(1) 其中Z表示式(la)的基团 13. The optical recording medium according to claim 1, wherein the substrate comprises a polycarbonate resin, wherein the aromatic dihydroxy monomer derived from the formula (1) of aromatic dihydroxy compounds HO-Z-OH (1) wherein Z represents of formula (La) is a group
Figure CN102576557BC00031
其中R1和R2彼此独立地表示H或C「Cs-烷基和X表示单键、Q-Qr亚烷基、C2-C5-烷叉基或C5_C6-环烧叉基,其可以被QQ;-烷基取代, 条件是如果X表示3, 3, 5-三甲基环己叉基,R1和R2表示氢。 Wherein R1 and R2 represent independently from each other H or C "Cs- alkyl, and X represents a single bond, Q-Qr alkylene, C2-C5- or alkylidene group C5_C6- burning-ring, which may be QQ; - substituted alkyl, with the proviso that if X represents 3, 3, 5-trimethyl-cyclohexylidene, R1, and R2 represent hydrogen.
14.制备作为根据权利要求1的光学记录介质基础的基材的方法,其中基材在>玻璃化转变温度Tg-30°C的模具温度下相对于包括凹点和/或凹槽的压模进行模塑,借助于该方法,所述凹点和/或凹槽被复制到基材中,可录制性> 85%。 14. As a method for preparing an optical recording medium based substrate of claim 1, wherein the base material> mold temperature of the glass transition temperature of Tg-30 ° C for a stamper comprising a lower phase pits and / or grooves molding, by means of which the pits and / or grooves into the substrate to be copied, the recording of> 85%.
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