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Pressure foot device (11) for a drilling head for printed circuit boards including a body (19) that defines an axial seat (21) where the drilling spindle (15) can slide, closed by a base (23) with an opening (25) for the passage of the drilling tool (17), in which at least two revolving shafts (35,37) are associated with corresponding drilling inserts (43, 45) can move from a working configuration, in which a drilling insert is brought into the opening (25) to a rest configuration in which said opening (25) is not associated with any drilling insert and vice versa.


用于印刷电路板的钻头的压力脚装置技术领域[0001] 本发明涉及一种用于印刷电路板的钻头的压力脚装置,尤指涉及一种被安装于用于印刷电路板的钻床上的钻头上的压力脚装置。 BACKGROUND pressure foot means to drill printed circuit boards [0001] The present invention relates to a pressure foot A drill for a printed circuit board, especially relates to a drilling machine mounted on the printed circuit board for the pressure foot on the drill bit. 背景技术[0002] 已知在本特定技术领域中,印刷电路板可由经玻璃纤维强化的环氧树脂制成,并涂布有铜层,每一内层是由光化学制作工艺制成。 [0002] In this particular technique known in the art, the printed circuit board may be made of fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin, and coated with a copper layer, each of the inner layer is made of a photochemical fabrication process. [0003] 印刷电路板上许多位置会进行钻孔以进行接下来的不同电路层的连接以及电子元器件的装配。 [0003] Many positions the printed circuit board to be drilled for the next connection and an electronic component mounting various circuit layers. [0004] 当今,印刷电路板制作工艺需要能提供更高的操作灵活度及高产率的加工机器。 [0004] Nowadays, the printed circuit board manufacturing process requires a processing machine provides higher operating flexibility and high yield. 为达到这个目的,曾提议将一系列的钻头装备在典型配备六个钻头的钻床上以同步地钻一相应的印刷电路板堆栈。 For this purpose, it has proposed a series of equipment in a typical drill bit with a drill bit to six drilling a stack of printed circuit board corresponding synchronization. [0005] 该印刷电路板堆栈通常通过堆栈一些完全相同的印刷电路板在一个电木或硬纸板所组成的备份面板上且覆盖一层薄铝箔或类似的盖材(entry material)所获得。 [0005] The backup panel and covers the printed circuit board through the stack number of stack of generally identical printed circuit boards in a Bakelite or cardboard consisting of a thin layer of aluminum foil or the like cover material (entry material) are obtained. 该印刷电路板堆栈被限制在一起且通过两个基准销以及胶带置于加工盘上。 The printed circuit board stacked together and is limited by two reference pins disposed on the machining disc and tape. [0006] 目前用于印刷电路板的钻床通常包括一沿着第一方向(Y轴)移动的工作台,一个沿着第二方向(X轴)移动的台车,该第二方向与第一方向相互正交,该台车支撑数个能沿着第三方向(Z轴)移动的钻头,该第三方向与第一及第二方向相互垂直。 [0006] It's drill for the printed circuit board comprises a generally along a first direction (Y axis) of the table, along a second direction (X-axis) of the vehicle, the second direction to the first mutually orthogonal directions, the trolley can support a plurality of drill moving along a third direction (Z axis), the third direction and the first and second directions perpendicular to each other. [0007] —般而言,现有技术中的钻头包括一线性马达或旋转马达以实现钻头沿着Z轴移动,一个挠性联轴器,一个线性弓I导装置或静态气压轴衬用以弓I导钻头沿着ζ轴移动,一个配有钻具且通常由异步马达所驱动的主轴,以及一个压力脚装置,该压力脚装置通常包括一个能为印刷电路板堆栈提供一力的气动系统且尽可能的靠近被钻的点。 [0007] - In general, the prior art drill bit comprises a linear motor or a motor to effect rotation of the drill bit along the Z-axis, a flexible coupling, a linear guide device or I bow lining for pneumostatic I bow drill guide moving along the ζ-axis, with a drill string and is typically driven by an asynchronous motor spindle, and a pressure foot, which generally includes a pressure foot means provides a force to the printed circuit board stack pneumatic system and as close as possible to the point to be drilled. [0008] 压力脚装置必须具备的最理想特征主要有:[0009] ——在印刷电路板堆栈上施加压力的能力,使压力脚装置尽可能的接近被钻的点ο[0010]—调节施加于印刷电路板的压缩压力的能力。 [0008] The best characterized in the pressure foot means must have are: [0009] - the ability to apply pressure on the stack of the printed circuit board, so that the pressure foot means to be drilled as close to the point ο [0010] - adjusting the applied compression pressure in the ability of a printed circuit board. [0011]—清除钻屑的能力,尤其在进行微钻孔(microdrilling)时。 [0011] - when scavenging cuttings, especially during the micro-drilling (microdrilling). [0012] ——能提供至少两组不同的插件来进行钻孔,更明确地说,一个正常尺寸的第一插件以及一个具有较小直径的第二插件,例如,该第一插件具有一个直径为7. Omm的穿孔, 适合使用直径最大达6. 35mm的钻具来钻孔,该第二插件具有一个直径为2. 0-3. Omm的穿孔,适合使用直径小于1. Omm的钻具来钻孔。 [0012] - providing at least two different plug-drilling, and more specifically, a first plug and a second plug normal size having a smaller diameter, for example, the plug having a first diameter 7. Omm perforation is suitably used up to the maximum diameter of the drill to bore 6. 35mm, the second plug having a diameter of 2. 0-3. Omm perforation, suitable drill diameter less than 1. Omm to drilling. [0013] 本发明的第一个目的在于提供一种压力脚装置,该压力脚装置以相对于现有技术更加可靠的最理想方式满足上述的条件。 [0013] A first object of the present invention is to provide a pressure foot, the pressure foot relative to the prior art a more reliable manner satisfies the above ideal conditions. [0014] 本发明更进一步的目的在于提供一种压力脚装置,该压力脚装置能被连结在现有的钻头上。 [0014] A further object of the present invention is to provide a pressure foot, the foot pressure device can be coupled to the conventional drill bit. [0015] 本发明的另一个目的为提供一种类型的钻头用压力脚装置,该类型简单且经济并能够以相对低的价格进行工业制造。 [0015] Another object of the present invention to provide a type of drill pressure foot, which is simple and economical type industrial manufacturing and enables a relatively low price. 发明内容[0016] 根据各权利要求项中记载的该用于印刷电路板的钻头的压力脚装置能达到这些或其它目的。 SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION [0016] According to claim pressure foot described in terms of the drill for the printed circuit board can reach these or other purposes. [0017] 根据本发明所产生的第一个优点为,能将压力脚装置与至少两个不同的插件合为一体以应需求而使用。 [0017] According to a first advantage of the present invention is produced, the pressure foot means capable of at least two different plug-in as one needs to be used. [0018] 本发明另一个优点为具有将这些插件存放于比压力脚装置的底座平面更高位置的能力,因此可以避免与加工面上的任何突出物产生干涉或碰撞的风险,这些突出物可能是基准销或是固定印刷电路板堆栈的系统。 [0018] Another advantage of the present invention to have a risk of these plug-ins stored in the capacity than the base plane pressure foot higher position, thus avoiding any interference or collision with the working surface of the protrusion, the protrusions may reference pin is fixed to a printed circuit board or stack system. [0019] 本发明另一个优点为该两个插件能移出加工范围,因此能允许自动换钻具及控制钻具的尺寸,这是现存的压力脚装置所无法作到的。 [0019] Another advantage of the present invention, two inserts can be removed machining range, it is possible to allow the tool changer and the tool for the control of the size, which is the existing pressure foot means can not be done. 附图说明[0020] 下面将结合附图示例性的描述根据本发明而完成的用于印刷电路板的钻头的压力脚装置的一种较佳的实现形式。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION [0020] A pressure foot below in conjunction with apparatus for a printed circuit board drill exemplary description of the drawings The present invention has been completed according to the preferred form of realization. [0021] 图1 :为本发明的压力脚装置的仰视透视图。 [0021] Figure 1: a perspective bottom view of the pressure foot device of the present invention. [0022] 图2 :为本发明的压力脚装置沿着图1实施例垂直面的剖面图。 [0022] FIG 2: a cross-sectional view of a vertical pressure foot along embodiment of the present invention. FIG. [0023] 图3 :为本发明的压力脚装置根据图1实施例的仰视局部剖面图,表示第一操作配置。 [0023] FIG. 3: pressure foot means according to the present invention is a bottom view of a partial sectional view of the embodiment showing a first operational configuration. [0024] 图4 :为本发明的压力脚装置根据图1实施例的顶视图,表示第二操作配置。 [0024] FIG. 4: pressure foot means according to the present invention, a top view of an embodiment showing a second operational configuration. [0025] 图5 :为本发明的压力脚装置的根据图1实施例的后视局部剖面图。 [0025] Figure 5: a partial cross-sectional view of the embodiment of FIG pressure foot rear view of the apparatus of the present invention. 具体实施方式[0026] 参照附图,根据本发明的压力脚装置被编号11整体标示,该压力脚装置11如图所示装设于一用在印刷电路板的钻头13上。 DETAILED DESCRIPTION [0026] Referring to the drawings, the number 11 generally designated pressure foot according to the invention, the pressure foot 11 is mounted on the drill bit used in a printed circuit board 13 shown in FIG. [0027] 该钻头13包括一个带有电动马达的钻削主轴15,在一较佳的实施例中,该电动马达为异步型电动马达,该钻削主轴15相对钻头13的固定支撑结构在Z方向移动并装设一刀具17,例如,钻具。 [0027] The drill bit 13 includes a drill spindle with the electric motor 15, in a preferred embodiment, the electric motor is an asynchronous electric motor, fixed support structure of the drill bit 13 relative to the spindle 15 in the Z- direction and a cutter 17 is mounted, for example, drilling. [0028] 按已知技术,该钻头13设于一个固定支撑结构上(未示出),该固定支撑结构为用于印刷电路板的钻床的一部分。 [0028] according to known techniques, the drill 13 is provided on a fixed support structure (not shown), which is part of fixed support structure for the drilling of printed circuit boards. [0029] 该压力脚装置11包括一本体19,该本体19定义了一个轴向机座21,该轴向机座21大致上呈圆柱状且能令钻削主轴15在其内滑移,轴向机座21还具备一个真空系统,该真空系统产生一负压以清除加工碎屑。 [0029] The pressure foot 11 comprises a body 19, the body 19 defines an axial base 21, the base 21 is substantially axial and cylindrical drilling spindle 15 make slipping therein, the shaft the base 21 further includes a vacuum system, the vacuum system produces a vacuum to remove the chips. [0030] 该本体19设有一个底座23,该底座23为轴向机座21的底端且于底座23的中央部位开设一个通孔25,当钻削主轴15靠近底座23时,钻具17可穿过该通孔25。 [0030] The body 19 has a base 23, the base 23 is an axial base and the bottom end 21 defines a through hole 25 in the central portion of the base 23 when the drilling spindle 15 near the base 23, the drill 17 25 may pass through the through hole. [0031] 该轴向机座21更设有与一个真空管四连接的一个径向孔27,用以清除加工碎屑。 [0031] The base 21 further axially provided with a radial aperture connected to a vacuum line 27 four, for removing the chips. [0032] 该压力脚装置11的本体19内设有轴向引导通道31、33,旋转轴35、37穿设于各自的轴向引导通道31、33中并可相对轴向引导通道31、33自由旋转。 Body 19 equipped with [0032] The pressure foot 11 has an axial guide channels 31, 33, 35, 37 through the rotation shaft disposed in a respective axial guide channels 31, 33, 31, 33 and the relative axial guide channels free rotation. [0033] 一对摆动片状物39、41安装于底座23上,摆动片状物39、41上分别设有一钻削插件穿孔43、45。 [0033] The pair of swinging flaps 39 and 41 are mounted on the base 23, the pivot 39, 41 are respectively provided with a sheet drilling insert perforation 43, 45. [0034] 在范例中描绘出了该第一插件43具有一个穿孔43a,该穿孔43a以直径7. Omm为例,适合使用直径最大达6. 35mm的钻具来钻孔,该第二插件45具有一个较小的穿孔45a,该穿孔45a以直径2. 0-3. Omm为例,适合使用直径小于1. Omm的钻具来钻孔。 [0034] In the depicted example the first insert 43 having a perforation 43a, the through-hole 43a with a diameter of 7. Omm an example, for the maximum diameter of the drill to bore 6. 35mm, the second plug 45 having a smaller perforation 45a, the through hole 45a having a diameter 2. 0-3. Omm example, a diameter less than 1. Omm suitably used to drill the borehole. [0035] 该摆动片状物39、41的与设有钻削插件43、45的一侧相对侧的边缘结合于相应的旋转轴35、37上。 Edge [0035] 39, 41 of the oscillating sheet and the opposite side is provided with drilling insert 43, 45 is bonded to the side of the respective rotary shaft 35, 37. [0036] 该底座23具有针对该摆动片状物39、41设置的止动面47、49。 [0036] The base 23 has a stop surface 39, 41 provided for swinging the sheet 47, 49. [0037] 该旋转轴35、37的转动是通过具有两个控制位置的一对气动装置51、53来控制的,一个气动装置对应一个旋转轴,一对气动装置51、53均固定在钻头13的支撑结构上且分别设有使各自与压缩空气回路连接的接头51a、53a。 Rotation [0037] The rotation shaft 35, 37 is by means of a pneumatic control means 51, 53 having two positions to control a pneumatic device corresponds to a rotational shaft, a pair of pneumatic device 51, 53 are fixed on the drill bit 13 the support structure and are each provided with the joint 51a with the compressed air circuit are each connected, 53a. [0038] 本体19的内部具有活塞室59、61,该活塞室59、61内分别设有连接于相对应的旋转轴上的旋转活塞阳、57。 Internal [0038] The body 19 has a piston chamber 59, 61, 59, 61 within the piston chamber are provided connected to the axis of rotation of the corresponding rotary piston male, 57. [0039] 有利的是,该气动装置51、53装配公接头51b、5!3b来传送压缩气体至活塞室59、 61,且与在压力脚装置的本体19内加工完成的母管59a、61a共同动作。 [0039] Advantageously, the pneumatic means 51 and 53 mounting a pin 51b, 5! 3b to transmit the compressed gas to the piston chamber 59, 61, 59a and the main pipe 19 in the finished body of the pressure foot, 61a common action. [0040] 由气动装置驱动的压缩空气脉冲引发在活塞室59、61内各自的旋转活塞55、57以及其所连结的旋转轴相对应的进行约180°的旋转(图5的方向F)。 [0040] driven by a pulse of compressed air the pneumatic device initiated 55, 57 and a respective rolling piston rotary shaft coupled to its corresponding rotation of approximately 180 ° (direction in FIG. 5, F) within the piston chamber 59, 61. [0041] 径向杠杆63、65被固定在旋转轴35、37的与设置旋转活塞55、57的一侧相对侧的边缘上,且被用来连接于弹性组件67、69的一端,该弹性组件67、69以一个螺旋弹簧为例, 该弹性组件67、69的另一端被固定在本体19上。 [0041] The radial lever 63, 65 is fixed to the edge of the rotating shaft 35, 37 is provided opposite side of the rotational side of the piston 55, 57, and is used to connect to one end of the resilient assembly 67, 69, the resilient a coil spring assembly 67, 69 to, for example, the other end of the resilient assembly 67, 69 is fixed to the body 19. [0042] 该弹性组件67、69允许相对应的钻削插件43、45保持在关联于各自的旋转活塞55,57的加工位置或是休息位置上,即使在缺乏气动装置回路里的压缩空气时也是这样,在需要的时候仍然有布置在本体19外的径向杠杆63、65允许手动旋转该旋转轴35、37。 When [0042] the flexible element 67, 69 allows drilling insert 43, 45 corresponding to the respective rotary piston held in the working position or rest position 55, 57 on the associated, even in the absence of compressed air in the pneumatic circuit means the same way, when there is still a need in the body 19 is disposed radially outside of the lever 63, 65 allows manual rotation of the rotary shaft 35, 37. [0043] 该压力脚装置11的工作循环流程描述如下:[0044] a)在循环的一开始,两个钻削插件43、45优选均位于加工范围外,此为开放状态(图4);[0045] b)该微钻削插件45通过与该插件45连接的旋转轴37的旋转运动被带至加工位置,该旋转运动是被气动装置53压缩而达成(图1,图2,图5):[0046] c)该微钻削插件45通过与该插件45连接的旋转轴37的旋转运动被带至范围外的位置以更换钻具17,该旋转运动是被气动装置53压缩而达成(图4)。 Process duty cycle [0043] The pressure foot 11 is described as follows: [0044] a) at the beginning of the cycle, preferably two drilling insert 43, 45 are located outside the machining range, this open state (FIG. 4); [0045] b) the micro-drilling insert 45 by rotation of shaft 45 is connected with the rotational movement of plug 37 is brought to the machining position, the rotary motion is pneumatically compressed apparatus reached 53 (FIG. 1, FIG. 2, FIG. 5 ): [0046] c) of the micro-drilling insert the rotary shaft 45 through the plug 45 connected to a rotational movement 37 is brought to a position outside the range of 17 to replace the drill, the rotary motion is pneumatically compressed apparatus reached 53 (Figure 4). [0047] d)如果需要具有一个较大直径的钻具(通常是直径大于1. Omm)进行加工,标准钻削插件43通过与其连接的旋转轴35的旋转运动被带至加工位置,该旋转运动是被气动装置51压缩而达成的。 [0047] d) If the drill is required to have a large diameter (typically 1. Omm) for processing a diameter greater than, the standard drilling insert 43 by the rotational movement therewith connected to the rotary shaft 35 is brought to the machining position, the rotary compressed motion is achieved pneumatic device 51. [0048] e)以相反顺序重复先前循环的步骤将该钻削插件43带回至范围外的区域。 [0048] e) repeated in reverse order of the previous cycle in step 43 back to the drilling insert to a region outside the range. [0049] 有利的是,根据本发明,旋转轴35、37的旋转是通过设置于钻头13的固定部位上的控制装置来操控的。 [0049] Advantageously, according to the present invention, the rotary shaft 35, 37 is provided by the control means on the stationary portion of the drill bit 13 to manipulate. 用这种方法能避免将移动管连接到压力脚装置。 This method can be avoided by moving the tube is connected to the pressure foot. 这是有利的,因为在市场上现有的解决方案中,压力脚装置每分钟进行接近数百次的短程运动,这可能在一段时间后造成空气供应管的劣化。 This is advantageous because existing solutions in the market, the pressure foot device close to the hundreds of short-range movements per minute, which may cause deterioration of the air supply pipe after a period of time.

Claims (9)

  1. 1. 一种用于印刷电路板的钻头的压力脚装置(11),包括一由底座所封闭的本体(19),该本体(19)具有供一钻削主轴(1¾在内滑移的一轴向机座(21),该底座设有一通孔0¾以供一钻具(17)从中通过;其特征在于:包括至少一对旋转轴(35、37),该对旋转轴(35、37)分别连结于相对应的钻削插件03、45),该旋转轴(35、37)可从一加工配置改变至一休息配置,于该加工配置,一钻削插件被带至该通孔05)处,于该休息配置,所述通孔05)不与任何钻削插件连结,反之亦然。 A pressure foot means (11) for the drill bit of a printed circuit board, comprising a body closed by a base (19), the body (19) having a spindle for a drilling (including slip 1¾ axial base (21), the base is provided with a through hole for a drill 0¾ (17) therethrough; characterized in that: at least a pair of rotational shafts (35, 37), the rotating shaft (35, 37 ) are connected to the corresponding drilling insert 03,45), the rotary shaft (35, 37) may be configured to change from a configuration of rest to a processing at the processing configuration, a drilling insert is brought into the through hole 05 ) at rest configuration in which the through hole 05) is not associated with any drilling insert, or vice versa.
  2. 2.如权利要求1的压力脚装置,其中,该压力脚装置的本体(19)中设有轴向引导通道(31、33),旋转轴(35,37)穿设于与各自对应的轴向引导通道(31,33)内并能够在各自相关联的轴向引导通道(31、33)内自由旋转。 2. The pressure foot of claim 1, wherein the body (19) of the pressure foot in an axial guide channel (31, 33), the rotary shaft (35, 37) disposed through the axis of the respective corresponding and capable of freely rotating guide channel (31, 33) into the guide channel (31, 33) respectively associated axially within.
  3. 3.如权利要求1或2的压力脚装置,其中,该底座03)设有一对摆动片状物(39、41), 钻削插件穿孔(43、45)分别设于与各自相对应的摆动片状物(39、41)上。 3. The pressure foot as claimed in claim 1 or 2, wherein the base 03) is provided with a pair of swing flaps (39, 41), drilling insert perforations (43, 45) are provided corresponding to each of the wobble sheet (39, 41) on.
  4. 4.如权利要求3的压力脚装置,其中,一第一钻削插件G3)具有一直径约为7. Omm的穿孔G3a),一第二钻削插件05)具有一直径约为2. 0-3. Omm的用于进行微钻孔的穿孔(45a)。 Pressure foot as claimed in claim 3, wherein a first drilling insert G3) having a diameter of about 7. Omm perforations G3 a), drilling a second plug 05) having a diameter of about 2.0 -3. Omm for drilling micro perforations (45a).
  5. 5.如权利要求3的压力脚装置,其中,该摆动片状物(39、41)的与设有钻削插件43、45 的一侧相对侧的边缘结合至相对应的旋转轴(35、37)上。 5. The pressure foot as claimed in claim 3, wherein the swinging flap (39, 41) bonded to the side edge of the rotary shaft (35 corresponding to the side 43, 45 of the drilling insert is provided with opposite, 37).
  6. 6.如上述权利要求中任一项的压力脚装置,其中,该底座具有针对该摆动片状物(39,41)设置的止动面(47,49)。 The pressure foot 6. The apparatus according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the base has a stop face (47, 49) for swinging the flap (39, 41) provided.
  7. 7.如上述权利要求中任一项的压力脚装置,其中,该旋转轴(35、37)的转动通过具有两个控制位置的一对气动装置(51、5;3)控制,且一个气动装置对应一个旋转轴;该气动装置(51、53)均固定在该钻头(13)的支撑结构上。 And a pneumatic control; 7. The pressure foot according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the rotation of the shaft (35, 37) of the (51,5 3) by a pair of pneumatic device having two control positions means corresponds to a rotational axis; said pneumatic means (51, 53) are fixed to the drill bit (13) of the support structure.
  8. 8.如上述权利要求中任一项的压力脚装置,其中,该压力脚装置的本体(19)中具有活塞室(59、61),该活塞室(59、61)内分别设有一连接于相对应的旋转轴上的旋转活塞(55、 57),由气动装置(51、5;3)所驱动的压缩空气脉冲引发在该活塞室(59、61)内各自的旋转活塞(55、57)以及各自连接的该旋转轴进行约180°的旋转。 8. The apparatus as claimed in any one of the pressure foot preceding claims, wherein the body (19) of the pressure foot has a piston chamber (59, 61), the inner piston chamber (59, 61) are respectively provided with a connection to the corresponding to the rotary piston rotating shaft (55, 57), by a pneumatic means (51,5; 3) driven by compressed air pulses trigger each rotary piston in the piston chamber (59, 61) (55, 57 rotation of about 180 °) and is connected to a respective rotation shaft.
  9. 9. 一种根据权利要求1至8中任一项的用于印刷电路板的钻头的压力脚装置(11)的控制方法,其包括如下步骤:a)将一第一和第二插件(43、45)带至加工范围外,即,带至一开放位置;b)通过与该插件0¾连接的该旋转轴(37)的旋转运动将该第一插件带动至加工位置;c)通过与该插件0¾连接的该旋转轴(37)的旋转运动将所述第一插件带动至加工范围外;d)如果需要搭配不同的钻具加工,则通过与该插件G3)连接的该旋转轴(35)的旋转运动将第二插件^幻带动至加工位置;e)依相反顺序重复先前循环的步骤将该第二插件带回至范围外的区域。 A control method according to any one of the pressure foot means for the drill bit of a printed circuit board 8 (11) as claimed in claim, comprising the steps of: a) a first and second inserts (43 , 45) to a processing zone outside the range, i.e., brought to an open position; b) driven by the rotary shaft connected to the plug 0¾ (37) a first rotational movement of the plug to the machining position; c) by the the rotational movement of the rotary shaft (37) is connected to the plug 0¾ first insert outer driven to a processing range; D) if desired with a different drill machining, through which the rotary shaft is connected to the plug G3) (35 ) rotational movement of the second plug ^ phantom drive to the machining position; E) by repeating the previous steps in reverse order of the cycle back to the second insert region outside the range.
CN 201080031826 2009-07-14 2010-01-04 Pressure foot device for a drilling head for printed circuit boards CN102497954A (en)

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