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带清废装置的纸板内孔模切机属于瓦楞纸箱的制作设备领域;机架的矩形管架(1)上倒吊式装有气缸(4),其活塞杆(5)及定位导杆(7)的下端固装接块(8),其上装有所需的刀座(10),刀座(10)上装有所需刀具(11);机架的箱体(12)的台面(13)的下侧面上装有支撑板(14),其上装有配套模板(15),台面(13)上还有前挡规(16)和侧挡规(17);箱体(12)中具有纸屑收集箱(18);气缸(4)配有脚踏开关;环保、节能、安全,能按需更换刀座及配装刀具,能满足模切多种纸板内孔排布类型的需要,并能保证冲孔质量,结构简单、便于调整、维护和操作,提高生产效率。 Field of the board making machine with a die-bore stripping devices belonging corrugated equipment; rectangular pipe frame on the chassis (1) provided with hanging inverted cylinder (4), which piston rod (5) and positioning guides ( 7 the lower end) of the fixed attachment block (8), with which the desired blade holder (10), the seat with the required tool (11) (10); cabinet rack (12) of the mesa (13 ) is provided with a support plate (14) on the lower side surface, on which a support template (15), the table (13) as well as front lays (16) and side lays (17); the housing (12) having a paper chip bin (18); the cylinder (4) with a foot switch; environmental protection, safety, energy demand replacement of the tool seat and fitted to meet a variety of paperboard die-cut hole arrangement type needs, and punching can guarantee the quality, the structure is simple, easy to adjust, and maintenance operations, improve production efficiency.


带清废装置的纸板内孔模切机 Band cutting machine stripping hole board apparatus

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明属于瓦楞纸箱的制作设备领域,涉及ー种带清废装置的纸板内孔模切机。 Making art [0001] The present invention belongs to the corrugated box equipment, involving cutting machine ー hole board with stripping device types. 背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 模切机作为模切エ艺最主要的加工机械,在印后加工生产中得到了极其广泛的应用,发展也很迅速,随着电子产品的大量生产,对纸板的模切使用越来越多;现有技术中的模切机大体有两类,一类是自动模切机,一类是手动模切机,虽然均能模切纸板内孔,但并非专用于模切纸板内孔,不足之处在于,均采用油压系统的冲压机,噪音大、污染大,电カ消耗大;刀具与冲孔单一,不能多祥化,不便于纸板内孔多种排布类型的加工,难以保证纸板内孔的加工质量;不带清废装置,需手工随时清除废料,易造成废纸屑掉进机械里,使机械损坏,同时易造成人身伤害。 [0002] As a die-cutting machine Ester Arts and the main processing machinery, has been an extremely wide range of applications, the development is also very fast in finishing production, with the mass production of electronic products, the use of die-cut cardboard more to more; prior art cutting machine generally has two types, one is the automatic cutting machine, one is manual cutting machine, die-cut cardboard while the bore can, but is not specific to the die-cut cardboard hole deficiencies that are used in the press hydraulic system, noise, pollution, power consumption ka; single punching tool and, of no more Cheung, cardboard is not easy to bore the plurality of types of processing arrangements , it is difficult to ensure processing quality cardboard bore; without stripping apparatus to be hand to elimination of waste, wastepaper easily lead to fall in mechanical, mechanical damage, it could easily lead to injury.


[0003] 解决的技术问题: [0003] Technical Problem:

[0004] 提供带清废装置的纸板内孔模切机,以压缩空气为动力源,采用气缸冲压结构,脚踏式开关控制,配套专用刀座及刀具,并具有清废装置,专用于模切纸板内孔,既能满足模切纸板内孔多种排布类型的需要,保证冲孔质量,又环保、节能、安全、提高生产效率,结构简单,便于调整、维护和操作。 [0004] The board provided with the stripping device hole cutting machine, powered by compressed air source, an air cylinder punching structure, foot control switch, and the tool supporting special seat, and having stripping means dedicated to mold hole cut cardboard, paperboard die-cut holes can meet the various needs of the type of arrangement, the punching quality assurance, and environmental protection, safety, improve production efficiency, simple structure, easy adjustment, maintenance and operation.

[0005] 采用的技术方案: [0005] The technical solution adopted:

[0006] 带清废装置的纸板内孔模切机,具有机架、气缸、配套的刀座、刀具及脚踏开关,其特征在于:机架的矩形管架上倒吊式装有气缸,其活塞杆的出头端与接块螺接在一起,矩形管架上还轴承式装有与活塞杆平行且对称分布的两根定位导杆,其下端均与接块螺接在一起;接块上倒吊式可卸性的配装有所需类型的刀座,刀座上位置可调又可卸的规则装有模切纸板内孔所需的刀具;机架的箱体的台面的下侧面上可卸性的装有与台面的模板ロ配套对应的支撑板,其上可换又可卸性的装有模切纸板内孔用的配套模板,台面上还装有位置可调的前挡规和侧挡规;箱体中具有纸屑收集箱。 [0006] with the stripping device board hole cutting machine, having a frame, a cylinder, supporting the seat, a foot switch, and the tool, wherein: the rectangular tube rack with rack hanging down cylinder, the head end of the piston rod attachment block bolted together, a rectangular tube rack further provided with bearing-type parallel with the piston rod and positioned symmetrically distributed two guide rods, which together with the lower end are screwed attachment block; connecting block the tangs of formula detachably fitted with the required type of seat, seat blade unloading position adjustable rules in turn die cut paperboard with desired hole cutter; box under the table of the rack removable front upper side of the mesa with ro template matching the corresponding support plate, the die-cut cardboard template matching holes may be equipped with a transducer which in turn unloading of use, the table is also equipped with adjustable position lays and side lays; paper dust collection box having a box body.

[0007] 有益效果: [0007] beneficial effects:

[0008] 采用气缸冲压结构,以压缩空气为动カ源,脚踏式开关控制,并且有纸屑收集箱,因此,环保、节能、安全,由于能按需更换刀座及配装刀具,并且刀具在刀座上的位置可调又可卸,因此能满足模切多种纸板内孔排布类型的需要,井能保证冲孔质量,结构简单,便于调整、维护和操作,提高生产效率。 [0008] The punching cylinder structure, as a movable compressed air source grades, foot-switch control, paper dust collection box and has, therefore, environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, since the energy needed to replace the seat and the tool fitted, and the position of the tool blade adjustable seat in turn unloaded, it is possible to meet a variety of paperboard die-bore type of arrangement requires the well to ensure punching quality, simple structure, easy adjustment, maintenance and operations, improve production efficiency.


[0009] 图1、总体组装结构示意图; [0009] FIG. 1, a schematic view of an overall structure of the assembly;

[0010] 图2、接块8结构示意图; [0010] FIG. 2, a schematic block 8 connected to the structure;

[0011] 图3、刀座10为一字型结构图;[0012] 图4、刀座10为エ字型结构图; [0011] FIG 3, blade holder 10 is a configuration diagram of a font; [0012] FIG. 4, the seat 10 is shaped configuration diagram Ester;

[0013] 图5、刀座10为十字型结构图; [0013] FIG 5, the seat 10 is a cross-shaped configuration diagram;

[0014] 图6、按图1中所示的放大I图。 [0014] FIG 6, according to an enlarged I 1 shown in FIG.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0015] 结合附图进一歩详加说明; [0015] DRAWINGS into a ho elaborate;

[0016] 如图1〜6所示,机架的矩形管架I通过其上、下托板2、3倒吊式装有气缸4,并配有脚踏开关,气缸4的活塞杆5的出头端与接块8螺接在一起,下托板3上还通过直线运动球轴承6装有与活塞杆5平行且对称分布的两根定位导杆7,其下端均与接块8螺接在一起,定位导杆7能与活塞杆5同步上、下运行,井能保证活塞杆5不能转动;接块8通过其上规则分布的装配孔9倒吊式可卸性的配装所需类型的刀座10,刀座10上位置可调又可卸性的规则固装模切纸板内孔所需的刀具11 ;机架的箱体12的台面13的下侧面上可卸性的装有与台面13的模板ロ37配套对应的支承板14,其上可换又可卸性的装有模切纸板内孔用的配套模板15,支承板14的作用既便于更换模板15,又能増加台面13的強度,台面13上还装有位置可调的前挡规16和侧挡规17,以便于模切纸板的快速定位;箱体12中具有纸 [0016] As shown in FIG 1~6, rectangular tube rack through its I frame, hanging down under the pallet 3 with the cylinder 4, and with a foot switch, the cylinder 5 of the piston rod 4 8 and the ground terminal block head screwed together, the pallet 3 through the linear motion ball bearings 6 with the piston rod 5 provided with parallel and symmetrically distributed two positioning guides 7, which are connected to the lower end of the connecting block 8 spiro together, positioning the guide rod 7 can be synchronized with the piston rod 5, the lower run, to ensure that the well can not rotate the rod 5; tangs of the formula with the desired removable attachment fitting hole 8 through which the block 9 on a regular distribution 10, the position of the seat 10 of the type of removable seat adjustable in turn fixedly mounted rule die cutting tool within the bore 11 of paperboard required; the table on the underside of the casing 13 of the frame 12 of the removable means there template supporting table 13 ro 14 corresponding to the support plate 37, on which the die-cut cardboard template matching holes may be equipped with a turn transducer 15 for unloading of the role of both the support plate 14 to facilitate replacement of template 15, but to increase in the strength of the table 13, the table 13 is also equipped with a position-adjustable front lays and side lays 16 17, in order to quickly locate the die-cut cardboard; case 12 having a paper 收集箱18,随时自动收集模切纸板内孔时切掉的纸屑,定期清走。 Collection box 18, cut off automatically collected at any time during die-cutting bore cardboard scraps of paper, regularly clearing away.

[0017] 如图2所示,接块8为圆板形,其上侧面中心处焊接着与活塞杆5螺接的大螺母20,其径向对称位置上焊接着与定位导杆7螺接的小螺母21,主体19上具有规则分布的装配孔9,通过装配孔9能倒吊式可卸性的配装所需类型的刀座10。 [0017] 2, the connecting block 8 circular plate shape, is welded at the center side thereof with a large nut 5 screwed with the piston rod 20, which is welded to radially symmetrical positions on a threaded positioning rod 7 small nut 21, having a fitting hole regularly distributed on the body 199, through the fitting hole 9 can be inverted hanging of removable fitting desired type of blade holder 10.

[0018] 如图3〜5所示,刀座10的结构为,具有基板22,其上具有整体加工而成的直线刀槽23,其槽底24呈燕尾型,其两槽壁25上分別具有配套对应的条孔26,该孔与固装所需刀具11用的耳朵螺栓及螺母28(见图1)配套对应,基板22上具有规则分布的透孔27,透孔27与接块8的主体19上的装配孔9相互配套,刀座10通过配套的连接螺栓29 (见图1)穿过透孔27及装配孔9倒吊式配装在接块8上;同一个刀座10能按需配装单把或多把刀具11,刀具11均与相应的直线刀槽23适配,并以耳朵螺栓及螺母28在所述刀槽23中位置可调的定位固定;如图3所示,刀座10为一字型结构,即其上只有一条直线刀槽23,便于模切单孔或单排孔;如图4所示,刀座10为エ字型结构,即其上有三条直线刀槽23,组成エ字型;如图5所示,刀座10为十字型结构,即其上有ニ条直线刀槽23,互成十字型,便于一次性 [0018] FIG 3 to 5, the structure 10 is a seat, having a substrate 22, which is integral formed having straight sipes 23, which form a dovetail groove base 24, on which two groove wall 25, respectively, Article having supporting holes 26 corresponding to the hole cutter 11 is fixedly mounted desired ears bolt and a nut (see FIG. 1) corresponding to the support 28, the substrate 22 having through holes 27 regularly distributed on the through hole 27 and contact block 8 body fitting hole 199 in the support each other, by a blade holder 10 supporting the connecting bolt 29 (see FIG. 1) through the through hole 27 and the fitting hole 9 fitted hanging down on the attachment block 8; the same blade holder 10 demand can be fitted to a single or multi-tool 11, the tool 11 are fixed to the blade 28 in the groove 23 of the adjustable positioning of the respective positions of the linear sipe 23 adapted to the ear and a bolt and a nut; Figure 3 , the blade holder 10 is a shaped structure, i.e., a line on which the sipes 23 only, to facilitate the die cutting a single row of holes or hole; 4, the blade holder 10 is Ester shaped structure, i.e. which there are three straight sipes 23, shaped composition Ester; 5, the blade holder 10 is a cross-shaped structure, i.e., straight lines on which Ni sipes 23, mutual cross shape, to facilitate the disposable 切具有几何排布类型的纸板内孔,如矩形、梅花形、圆形等。 Cut type having a geometric arrangement of cardboard hole, such as rectangular, plum-shaped, circular, etc.

[0019] 同型刀座10,配装刀具11的数量、位置不同,则能模切不同排布类型的纸板内孔;不同型刀座10组合应用,则能模切多种排布类型的纸板内孔。 [0019] The same type of blade holder 10, the number of the tool 11 is fitted, the different locations within the die-cut cardboard can be arranged in different types of holes; different types of blade holder 10 in combination, it can be arranged in various types of die-cut cardboard Bore.

[0020] 如图1所示,前挡规16和侧挡规17的结构相同如下,具有挡板30,其下边缘有直角外折边31,其上均布两个连接孔32,台面13上具有两条配套对应的长孔滑道33,锁紧栓34向上穿过长孔滑道33及连接孔32之后拧入带摇杆36的长杆螺母35中;转动摇杆36即能松开并调节挡板30的位置,或者锁紧挡板30。 [0020] As shown, the structure 17 of the front lays and side lays 16 as the same one, having a baffle plate 30, at right angles to the outer edge of the lower flange 31, on which two connection holes 32 uniformly distributed, the mesa 13 having two elongated holes matching the corresponding slide 33, the locking pin 34 upwardly through the elongated hole 33 and the runner after the connecting hole is screwed into the nut 32 with the mast 36 of the rocker 35; 36 i.e. rotation of the rocker can loose and adjusting the position of the shutter opening 30 or the locking flap 30.

[0021] 所述模切纸板内孔用的配套模板15,是指依据模切纸板内孔的需要,其上具有与刀座10上固装的所需刀具11适配的穿孔的功能板,所述穿孔能使被切掉的纸屑顺利通过并自动落入纸屑收集箱18,所述穿孔必须能保证冲孔质量。 The [0021] within the die-cut cardboard template matching hole 15, refers to a die-bore according to the needs of cardboard, which has a function of the desired tool plate 10 fixedly mounted on the seat 11 adapted perforated, and can automatically fall into the perforated paper dust collection bin 18, the perforations must be able to guarantee the quality of the cut punch scraps of paper by smoothly.

Claims (1)

  1. 1.带清废装置的纸板内孔模切机,具有机架、气缸、配套的刀座、刀具及脚踏开关,机架的矩形管架上倒吊式装有气缸,其活塞杆的出头端与接块螺接在一起,矩形管架上还轴承式装有与活塞杆平行且对称分布的两根定位导杆,其下端均与接块螺接在一起;接块上倒吊式可卸性的配装有所需类型的刀座,刀座上位置可调又可卸的规则装有模切纸板内孔所需的刀具;机架的箱体的台面的下侧面上可卸性的装有与台面的模板ロ配套对应的支撑板,其上可换又可卸性的装有模切纸板内孔用的配套模板,台面上还装有位置可调的前挡规和侧挡规;箱体中具有纸屑收集箱;接块(8)为圆板形,其上侧面中心处焊接着与活塞杆(5)螺接的大螺母(20),其径向对称位置上焊接着与定位导杆(7)螺接的小螺母(21),主体(19)上具有规则分布的装配孔(9),通过装配孔(9)能倒吊式 1. With the stripping board hole die cutter apparatus includes a frame, a cylinder, supporting the seat, the tool and the foot switch, the rectangular tube rack with hanging racks inverted cylinder head of its piston rod and the ground terminal block bolted together, a rectangular tube rack further provided with bearing-type parallel with the piston rod and positioned symmetrically distributed two guide rods, which together with the lower end are screwed attachment block; tangs contact block can formula fitted with discharge of a desired type of seat, seat blade unloading position adjustable rules in turn die cut paperboard with desired hole cutter; removable sides of the mesa on the lower rack housing the table is equipped with a corresponding template ro supporting a support plate, which in turn may be removable transducer of the die-cut cardboard template matching with the hole, the counter position is also equipped with adjustable front lays and side gears Regulation; paper dust collecting box having a box body; connecting block (8) is a circular plate-shaped, on its side at the center of the large weld nut (20) with the piston rod (5) is screwed, welded radially symmetrical positions positioning a guide rod (7) screwed small nut (21) having a fitting hole regularly distributed on the body (19) (9), through the fitting hole (9) hanging down can 卸性的配装所需类型的刀座(10);其特征在于:刀座(10)为一字型结构,或者为エ字型结构,或者为十字型结构;刀座(10)的结构为,具有基板(22),其上具有整体加工而成的直线刀槽(23),其槽底(24)呈燕尾型,其两槽壁(25)上分別具有配套对应的条孔(26),该孔与固装所需刀具(11)用的耳朵螺栓及螺母(28)配套对应,基板(22)上具有规则分布的透孔(27),透孔(27)与接块(8)的主体(19)上的装配孔(9)相互配套,刀座(10)通过连接螺栓(29)穿过透孔(27)及装配孔(9)倒吊式配装在接块(8)上。 Unloading of a desired type of fitting seat (10); characterized in that: the seat (10) is a shaped structure, or a Ester shaped structure, or a cross-shaped structure; seat structure (10) is, having a substrate (22), which is integral formed having linear sipes (23), which bottom (24) dovetail type, each having a hole matching the corresponding article (26 on which two groove wall (25) ), the aperture being attached with the required tool (11) (28) matching the corresponding bolt and a nut with the ear, having a through hole (27) regularly distributed on a substrate (22), through holes (27) and the connecting block (8 ) fitting hole (9) on the body (19) supporting each other, the seat (10) (29) through a through hole (27) and the fitting hole (9) is fitted in an inverted hanging attachment block (8 by a connecting bolt )on.
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