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The invention discloses production equipment for a rosin modified resin. The equipment comprises a reaction vessel of rosin modified resin, a rosin melting vessel and a maleic anhydride melting vessel, and is additionally provided with a filtration device, a cooling device and an adsorption tower. The filtration device is communicated with a material outlet of the reaction vessel of rosin modified resin through a pipeline, and is equipped with a product outlet and a steam outlet. The product outlet is communicated with the cooling device by a pipeline, and the steam outlet is communicated with the adsorption tower through a pipeline. With the equipment of the invention, energy losses during rosin melting, transmission and reaction processes can be substantially reduced, thus holding the temperature of the reaction vessel. Various waste water, exhaust gases and waste residues generated in the process undergo proper treatment by the equipment, thus reducing environmental pollution. And the final products have high purity, stable quality and good performance, with the color and purity all achieving the first grade or a superfine grade.


松香改性树脂生产设备 Rosin-modified resin production equipment

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明属于松香树脂生产领域,具体涉及一种松香改性树脂生产装置。 [0001] The present invention belongs to the field of the production of a rosin resin, rosin-modified resin in particular to a production plant. 背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 松香改性树脂主要通过松香与顺丁烯二酸酐(简称顺酐)熔融后先进行加成反应,再与季戊四醇在催化剂作用下进行酯化反应制备。 [0002] The first major rosin-modified resin by the addition reaction of rosin with maleic anhydride (abbreviated maleic anhydride) melted, prepared by esterification reaction was carried out with pentaerythritol in the catalyst. 该松香改性树脂具有耐光、耐氧化和软化点高等优点,常用于造纸工业中的强化施胶剂,也是油漆、油墨、粘合剂等生产的重要原料,也可广泛用于混凝土超泡剂、胶粘剂、拔水剂以及其他化工产品的制备。 Important raw material for the rosin-modified resin having light resistance, oxidation resistance and softening point advantages, commonly used in the paper industry enhanced sizing agent, are paints, inks, adhesives and other production can also be widely used in concrete ultra-foaming agents preparation, adhesives, pull agent and other chemical products.

[0003] 但现有的松香改性树脂的生产设备多采用间歇式为主,生产效率较低。 [0003] However, conventional production equipment more rosin-modified resin mainly batchwise production efficiency is low. 在生产过程中也容易产生废气和废水,如酯化反应时产生大量轻组分,如不及时处理会对环境产生污染。 In the production process is also prone to air and water, a large amount of light components such as the esterification reaction, if not in time on the environment pollution. 现有生产设备缺少对反应后产品的后处理,容易造成产品质量的不稳定。 The lack of existing production equipment after processing of the reaction products, product quality is likely to cause instability. 在松香改性树脂制备过程中的加成反应与酯化反应温度较高,在160〜210°C左右,熔融釜与反应釜如不进行特别处理,热损失较大。 An addition reaction with the esterified rosin-modified high temperature during the preparation of the resin, about 160~210 ° C, and a melt tank reactor without special treatment such as heat losses.


[0004] 本发明的目的是在现有设备的基础上进行改造,从而提供一种产生的污染物少、 节能环保、产品性能稳定的松香改性树脂整套生产设备。 [0004] The present invention is based on the transformation of existing equipment, thereby providing a contaminant produces less, energy saving, stability of the product rosin-modified resin production equipment package.

[0005] 本发明的目的可以通过以下措施达到: [0005] The object of the present invention can be achieved by the following measures:

[0006] 一种松香改性树脂生产设备,包括松香改性树脂反应釜、松香熔融釜和顺酐熔融釜,还设有过滤装置、冷却装置和吸附塔,所述过滤装置通过管路与所述松香改性树脂反应釜的物料出口相通,所述过滤装置设有产品出口和蒸汽出口,所述产品出口通过管路与所述冷却装置相通,所述蒸汽出口通过管路与所述吸附塔相通。 [0006] A rosin-modified resin production apparatus, comprising a rosin-modified resin kettle, the kettle of molten rosin and maleic anhydride melting kettle, provided with further filter means, cooling means and adsorption tower, said conduit through said filter means rosin-modified resin kettle outlet communicating material, said filter means outlet and the steam outlet a product, said product outlet in communication through a line with the cooling device, through the steam outlet conduit in communication with said adsorption column .

[0007] 在松香改性树脂反应釜顶部设有松香入口和顺酐入口,松香熔融釜的物料出口通过松香输送管路与所述松香入口相通,顺酐熔融釜的物料出口通过管路与所述顺酐入口相通。 [0007] The reactor is provided with a top inlet and a maleic anhydride inlet rosin, rosin molten rosin-modified resin in the autoclave by the rosin material outlet in communication with the delivery line inlet rosin, maleic anhydride melted material outlet of the reactor through the line maleic anhydride entrance connected. 松香熔融后直接通过管路通入反应釜中会造成松香热量的损失,因此在松香熔融釜和松香输送管路外分别设置保温装置,如保温套等,可以最大程度上避免能量损耗。 After melting the rosin directly into the kettle via line will rosin heat loss, and therefore the molten rosin and rosin vessel conveying line are provided outside the holding device, such as a sleeve like insulation, energy loss can be avoided to the maximum extent. 在松香改性树脂反应釜外也设置保温装置可以保障反应釜内部温度控制。 Rosin-modified resin in an outer reactor may also be provided to protect the holding device internal temperature of the reactor.

[0008] 该设备还设有冷却塔,在松香改性树脂反应釜顶部设有气体出口,该气体出口通过管路与所述冷却塔相通。 [0008] The apparatus is also provided with a cooling tower, a rosin-modified resin kettle at the top a gas outlet, through which the gas outlet conduit in communication with the cooling tower. 在松香改性树脂反应釜的气体出口与所述冷却塔之间的管路上还可以设有真空泵。 Line between the rosin-modified resin in the autoclave gas outlet of the cooling tower may be provided with a vacuum pump. 在进行酯化反应后期,通过真空泵可以直接将产生的轻组分抽入冷却塔内进行冷却分离,收集各组分以及工艺生成水,分别回用或者集中进行焚烧处理。 Carrying out post-esterification reaction, the light fraction may be directly produced by the vacuum pump separated into a cooling tower for cooling, collecting the components to generate and process water, respectively, reuse or incineration concentrated.

[0009] 本设备中的过滤装置可以对反应后的产品进行精细化后处理,除去产品中的大部分杂质,然后再经过冷却装置即可直接得到成品。 [0009] The filter means of the present apparatus can be fine post-treatment of the product after the reaction, the product is removed most of the impurities, and then through a cooling means to directly obtain a finished product. 过滤装置优选采用硅藻土过滤器。 Filter means is preferably filtered using diatomaceous earth. 硅藻土过滤器产生的废渣收集后集中处理。 Centralized treatment waste collected by the filter through celite.

[0010] 吸附塔用以除去过滤装置过滤过程中产生的或反应釜内产生的蒸汽中的污染物, 吸附塔优选采用活性炭吸附塔,吸附后的气体可直接排放,废活性炭收集后集中处理。 [0010] adsorber for contaminant vapor generated in the filtration apparatus or generated during the reaction kettle was removed by filtration, activated carbon adsorption column is preferably adsorption tower, the gas can be directly discharged after adsorption, the activated carbon collected waste focus. [0011] 本发明可以大幅减少松香熔融、输送以及反应过程中能量的损耗,保持反应釜的温度;该设备将工艺产生的各种废水、废气和废渣均进行了适当处置,减少了对环境的污染。 [0011] The present invention can significantly reduce the molten rosin, transport and energy loss during the reaction, maintaining the temperature of the reaction vessel; the device will process all kinds of waste generated, both gas and waste residue are appropriately disposed of, reducing the environmental Pollution. 最终制备出的产品纯度高、质量稳定、性能好,其色泽和纯度均达到了一级或特级。 The final product is prepared with high purity, stable quality, performance, and its color purity reached or a premium.


[0012] 图1是本设备的结构示意图。 [0012] FIG. 1 is a schematic view of the present apparatus.

[0013] 1-松香熔融釜,2-松香改性树脂反应釜,3-顺酐熔融釜,4-松香输送管路,5-冷却塔,6-泵,7-硅藻土过滤器,8-冷却装置,9-活性炭吸附塔,W-轻组分和工艺生成水,G-排气,Sl-硅藻土废渣,S2-活性炭废渣。 [0013] 1- rosin melting pot, rosin-modified resin kettle 2-, 3- molten maleic anhydride reactor, transfer line rosin 4-, 5- cooling towers, pumps 6-, 7- Celite filter, 8 - cooling means 9- activated carbon adsorption tower, W- process generated water and light components, G-exhaust, SL- celite waste, waste activated S2-.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0014] 本松香改性树脂生产设备的结构如图1所示。 [0014] The constitution of rosin-modified resin production apparatus 1 shown in FIG. 在松香改性树脂反应釜2的顶部分别设有松香入口、顺酐入口和气体出口,松香入口通过松香输送管4与松香熔融釜1相通, 顺酐入口通过管路与顺酐熔融釜3相通;在反应釜2、松香输送管4和松香熔融釜1外均设有保温套。 Rosin-modified resin in the top of the reactor 2 are respectively provided an inlet rosin, maleic anhydride inlet and a gas outlet, a rosin inlet feed pipe 4 by a rosin melting tank 1 communicates with a rosin, maleic anhydride and the maleic anhydride melt conduit inlet through the tank 3 communicates ; in reactor 2, the delivery tube 4 rosin and rosin melting vessel 1 has an outer insulation sleeve. 气体出口通过管路与冷却塔5相通,在该管路上还设有真空泵6。 Through the gas outlet conduit 5 communicates with the cooling tower, the pipeline vacuum pump 6 is also provided.

[0015] 松香改性树脂反应釜2的底部设有物料出口,该物料出口与硅藻土过滤器7相通。 [0015] The rosin-modified resin of the bottom of the reactor 2 is provided with material outlet, the outlet material through Celite filter 7 is connected. 硅藻土过滤器7有产品出口和蒸汽出口,产品出口通过管路与冷却装置8相通,蒸汽出口通过管路与活性炭吸附塔9相通。 Celite filter 7 with a steam outlet and an outlet product, the product through the outlet conduit in communication with the cooling means 8, the steam outlet through a line 9 communicating with the activated carbon adsorption column.

[0016] 该装置的生产流程如下:将松香和顺酐分别装入松香熔融釜1和顺酐熔融釜3中, 熔融至液体程度后分别通过管路加入反应釜2。 [0016] The production process of the device is as follows: rosin and rosin maleic anhydride were charged and the maleic anhydride melt melting vessel 1 in the autoclave 3, the molten liquid to a degree were added to the kettle through line 2. 液体松香和顺酐在反应釜2中于180°C左右进行加成反应,加成反应后,再向反应釜2中投入季戊四醇和催化剂继续在200°C左右进行酯化反应,在酯化反应后期,开启真空泵7,抽出反应釜内的气体至冷却塔5内,进行冷却分离出轻组分和工艺生成水W,收集后集中处理。 Liquid rosin and maleic anhydride addition reaction at around 180 ° C in the reaction vessel 2, after the addition reaction, to the reaction vessel and the catalyst 2 into pentaerythritol esterification reaction continued at about 200 ° C, the esterification reaction at a later stage , the vacuum pump 7, the gas in the reactor is drawn into the cooling tower 5, is cooled and the separated light component processes the generated water W, to focus collected. 酯化反应结束后,打开反应釜2底部的物料出口,将反应物通过硅藻土过滤器7内进行过滤,过滤后产生的硅藻土废渣Sl收集后集中处理,过滤后的产品通入冷却装置8中冷却后即得到成品,过滤过程中以及反应过程中产生的蒸汽通入活性炭吸附塔9中进行吸附处理,活性炭废渣S2收集后集中处理,吸附后的气体可直接热排放。 After completion of the esterification reaction, the material outlet opening at the bottom of the reactor 2, the reaction was filtered through celite and the filter 7, Sl centralized processing waste produced through celite collected after filtration, the filtered product into a cooling 8 after the cooling apparatus to be finished, the filtration process and the steam produced during the reaction is passed into the activated carbon adsorption tower 9 adsorption treatment, activated carbon treatment centralized S2 waste collection, gas adsorption heat directly discharged.

Claims (7)

1. 一种松香改性树脂生产设备,包括松香改性树脂反应釜(2)、松香熔融釜(1)和顺酐熔融釜(3),其特征在于还设有过滤装置(7)、冷却装置(8)和吸附塔(9),所述过滤装置(7)通过管路与所述松香改性树脂反应釜(2)的物料出口相通,所述过滤装置(7)设有产品出口和蒸汽出口,所述产品出口通过管路与所述冷却装置(8)相通,所述蒸汽出口通过管路与所述吸附塔(9)相通。 A production equipment rosin-modified resin, rosin-modified resin comprising a reaction vessel (2), a rosin melting tank (1) and maleic anhydride melt tank (3), characterized in that the apparatus further provided with a filter (7), a cooling device (8) and the adsorption column (9), said filtration means (7) through the outlet conduit in communication with the reactor rosin-modified resin (2) of material, said filtration means (7) and a product outlet steam an outlet, through said product outlet line and the cooling means (8) communicates, via the steam outlet conduit communicating with the adsorption column (9).
2.根据权利要求1所述的松香改性树脂生产设备,其特征在于松香改性树脂反应釜(2)顶部设有松香入口和顺酐入口,松香熔融釜(1)的物料出口通过松香输送管路与所述松香入口相通,顺酐熔融釜(3)的物料出口通过管路与所述顺酐入口相通。 The rosin-modified resin production apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the rosin-modified resin reactor (2) is provided with a top inlet and a maleic anhydride inlet rosin, rosin melting vessel (1) through the material outlet of the delivery tube rosin an inlet passage communicating with the rosin, maleic anhydride melt tank (3) through the material outlet of the inlet conduit in communication with said maleic anhydride.
3.根据权利要求2所述的松香改性树脂生产设备,其特征在于在所述松香改性树脂反应釜(2)、松香熔融釜(1)和松香输送管路(4)外分别设有保温装置。 The rosin-modified resin production apparatus according to claim 2, characterized in that are provided outside the reactor rosin-modified resin (2), a rosin melting tank (1) and rosin conveying line (4) holding device.
4.根据权利要求1所述的松香改性树脂生产设备,其特征在于在还设有冷却塔(5),所述松香改性树脂反应釜(2)顶部设有气体出口,该气体出口通过管路与所述冷却塔(5)相ο The rosin-modified resin production apparatus according to claim 1, further characterized in that a cooling tower (5), the rosin-modified resin reactor (2) at the top provided with a gas outlet, the gas outlet by line and the cooling tower (5) with ο
5.根据权利要求4所述的松香改性树脂生产设备,其特征在于在松香改性树脂反应釜(2)的气体出口与所述冷却塔(5)之间的管路上还设有真空泵(6)。 The rosin-modified resin production apparatus according to claim 4, characterized in that the gas outlet line between the rosin-modified resin in the reaction vessel (2) and the cooling tower (5) is also provided with a vacuum pump ( 6).
6.根据权利要求1所述的松香改性树脂生产设备,其特征在于所述过滤装置(7)为硅藻土过滤器。 According to claim rosin-modified resin production apparatus of claim 1, wherein said filter through Celite filter means (7).
7.根据权利要求1所述的松香改性树脂生产设备,其特征在于所述吸附塔(9)为活性炭吸附塔。 The rosin-modified resin production apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the adsorption column (9) of activated carbon adsorption towers.
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