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在零售商场进行产品展览的展示信息显示系统包括一个向远程显示模块(18)传输显示信息的通讯器(12),远程显示模块(18)以预设定的方式首先转化为低功率模式,然后周期性地转化为高功率模式,与通讯器(12)通讯,该系统(10)配置为能够确定通讯器(12)与显示模块(18)之间的周期性通讯的同步精确自动化修正,而显示模块(18)在操作的第一和第二模式之间持续转换,以使该显示模块(18)的整体能量消耗降低,并且该显示模块(18)适应于在从通讯器(12)接受同步发生的信号和显示信息信号之间进行第一和第二电源模式转换。 Display product information in retail exhibition display system comprising a display to the remote module (18) to transmit the display communication unit (12) information, the remote display modules (18) in a preset manner is first converted into a low power mode, then periodically into the high power mode, the communication configuration (12) communications, the system (10) for the automatic correction accurate synchronization between the cyclic communication can be determined communicator (12) and the display module (18), and display module (18) for switching between a first and a second mode of operation, so that the display module (18) to reduce the overall energy consumption, and the display module (18) is adapted to receiving from the communication unit (12) a first and second mode conversion between the signal power and the display information signal is generated.


显示系统 display system

技术领域[0001] 本发明涉及一种显示系统,能够使用无线通讯进行远程更新,并且该系统包括低功耗双稳态或多稳态显示器,有时也被称为电子纸张。 Technical Field [0001] The present invention relates to a display system can be updated remotely using wireless communication, and the system includes a low power bi-stable or multi-stable displays, sometimes referred to as electronic paper. 该显示系统可用于零售商店的销售项目的展示,或通过电池组供电的一个或多个显示单位的信息长期展示。 The display system can be used to show a retail store selling items, or powered by a battery pack or more information display unit of a permanent display. 本发明的目的是提供一种用电消耗最小化的方式,并尽可能长地保持电池寿命。 Object of the present invention is to provide a way to minimize power consumption and preserve battery life as long as possible.

背景技术[0002] [0002]

[0003] 据了解,在销售点提供商品展示的显示器与商业广告性质的大型显示器一样复杂,具有较高的电力需求,并往往需要主电源供电。 [0003] It is understood that, as complex as a large display provides display of goods at the point of sale displays and commercial properties, with high demand for electricity, and often require the main power supply. 甚至目前可用的大型显示器和电池供电显示系统仍然需要大量电力,因此,如果没有主电源供电,那么则需要频繁更换电池。 Even currently available large display and battery-powered display system still needs a lot of power, so if there is no main power supply, then you need to frequently replace the battery. 此外, 这种新型显示屏的更新方式是复杂繁重的和/或可以要求用户个别的处理显示单元来局部更新组建中的显示信息。 In addition, this new way of updating the display is complex and burdensome / or may require the user to display individual processing units update local display information in the form.

[0004] 人们还知道电子的产品信息可以使用大量自控的现实模块或电子货架标签(ESLs)来现实,见专利US4888709和US5313659。 [0004] It is also known to use electronic product information may be reality module or electronic shelf labels (ESLs) a lot of self-control to reality, see patent US4888709 and US5313659. 在此,每个电子货架标签(ESL)是由一个电池供电的,以与中央处理器(如,红外)连接的方式,将正确的商品信息与正确的标签连接。 Here, each of the electronic shelf label (ESL) powered by a battery, to be connected to a central processor (e.g., infrared), and the correct product information connected to the correct label. 人们已经认识到有关电子货架标签(ESL)的一个关键问题是电力消耗必须能够保持图像。 It has been recognized on electronic shelf label (ESL) A key issue is the power consumption must be able to maintain an image. 有专利也已提出使用期间的电池充电方式(例如专利US5548282)。 There has also been proposed in Patent charging the battery during use (e.g., Patent No. US5548282). 通过使用双稳态显示器(例如专利US 2001/0020935A1和US 2003/0156090A1)将功率保持在低水平,其中双稳态显示器的主要优点是消除了每个设备对昂贵的显示驱动软件的需要,允许通过无线传输把信息直接传输至显示器。 By use of bi-stable display (for example, patent US 2001 / 0020935A1 and US 2003 / 0156090A1) power is kept low, which is the main advantage of bi-stable display eliminates the need for expensive display driver software of each device, allows the information transmitted via the wireless transmission directly to the display. 也就是说,微控制器和驱动软件都位于一个单一的控制单元中,而不是位于众多的显示单位里,从而节约了成本。 That is, the microcontroller and the driver software are located in a single control unit, rather than in a large number of display units, the cost saving.

[0005] 这些显示系统的共同点是有限的信息可以由每一个显示单元或电子货架 Common [0005] These display systems is limited information can be displayed by each unit or an electronic shelf

[0006] 标签(ESL)显示。 [0006] Label (ESL) display. 例如,信息类型往往局限于数字信息(例如,价格和/或数量), 结合图标有关信息(例如:"促销"、"优惠价"等等)。 For example, the type of information is often limited to digital information (eg, price and / or quantity), in conjunction with the icon information (for example: "promotion", "price" and so on). 这种显示系统中,存在能够显示的信息量和更新与维持这些信息所需的电力之间的平衡。 Such a display system, and update the presence information to maintain a balance between the power required for these information can be displayed.

发明内容[0007] SUMMARY [0007] The invention

[0008] 本发明旨在寻求对显示器和显示系统的改进,特别是在零售环境中;特别是提供需要不需频繁更换电池的低功耗的货架显示器,例如数年更换一次电池。 [0008] The present invention seeks to improve on the display and the display system, particularly in the retail environment; especially frequent battery replacement without the need to provide low-power display shelf, for example, several years to replace the battery. 这种货架显示器能够提供有用的消费者信息,例如,价格、协议价、制造商、产品规格、产品名称、品牌信息、 库存量、重量、有效期、产品条码等此类信息,并能够以高效的低功耗方式,通过一个中央系统进行更新远程。 This shelf displays can provide useful consumer information, such as prices, price agreements, manufacturers, product specifications, product name, brand information, inventory, weight, expiration date, product bar code and other such information, and the ability to efficiently low-power mode, the remote is updated through a central system. 与众不同的是,本发明允许使用较目前可用的更高的信息频带宽度进行显示,同时保持最有效的电力消耗,从而延长电池的使用寿命。 Uniquely, the present invention allows the use to display higher than the current available bandwidth information, while maintaining the most efficient power consumption, thereby extending battery life.

[0009] 本发明一方面提供了一种用于零售商店展示商品信息的显示系统,该显示系统包括一个通讯器、一个远程显示模块,该通讯器可将显示信息传送至远程的显示模块,进而显示模块以低能耗的模式显示信息,并以预定的周期性的以高能耗的模式与通讯器通讯,从而获得更新的显示信息,该显示模块在通讯器之间进行第一和第二操作模式转换,从而实现显示模块总的低功耗。 [0009] In one aspect the present invention provides a display system for a retail store product information display, the display system comprising a communications device, a remote display module, the communication device may display information to a remote display module, and further with low power consumption display module displays information about the model, and a predetermined periodic pattern with a high energy Communicator communication, so as to obtain updated display information, the display module of the first and second modes of operation between Communicator conversion, thereby achieving low power consumption display module overall.

[0010] 另一方面,本发明提供了一个用于空间规划应用的显示系统。 [0010] In another aspect, the present invention provides a display system for spatial planning applications.

[0011] 本发明的其他方面和功能将在所附的权利要求和说明书的其他部分体现。 [0011] Other aspects and features of the present invention will appear in the rest of the appended claims and the specification.

附图说明[0012] BRIEF DESCRIPTION [0012]

[0013] 仅以例子的方式,参照所附图示对本发明的实施例进行描述,其中: [0013] way of example only, with reference to the accompanying illustration of an embodiment of the present invention will be described, wherein:

[0014] 图1是本发明显示系统的原理框图; [0014] FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a display system of the present invention;

[0015] 图2是图1中所示系统的通讯器12组成部分的原理框图; [0015] FIG. 2 is a block diagram of components of the system shown in FIG 1 the communication unit 12;

[0016] 图3是图1中所示显示模块组成部分的原理框图; [0016] FIG. 3 is a schematic block diagram of a portion of the display module shown in FIG. 1 composition;

[0017] 图4是在分配时间空当中,数据传递相关的原理框图; [0017] FIG. 4 is a time allocated space among the data related to the transmission block diagram;

[0018] 图5是显示同步数据包的原理框图; [0018] FIG. 5 is a block diagram of a display synchronization packets;

[0019] 图6是图1中所示的系统中通过通讯器12进行叫醒讯息封包和有效载荷传输的原理框图; [0019] FIG. 6 is a block diagram and a wake-up message packet payload transmission system shown in FIG. 1 by the communication unit 12;

[0020] 图7是低比特误码率(BER)相关的时序示意图; [0020] FIG. 7 is a low bit error rate (BER) associated schematic timing;

[0021] 图8是中比特误码率(BER)相关的时序不意图; [0021] FIG. 8 is the bit error rate (BER) associated timing not intended;

[0022] 图9是1¾比特误码率(BER)相关的时序不意图; [0022] FIG. 9 is 1¾ bit error rate (BER) associated timing not intended;

[0023] 图10是显示向记录显示模块进行数据传输的时序示意图; [0023] FIG. 10 is a timing diagram of a display module for data transmission to the recording;

[0024] 图11是从显示模块到通讯模块进行数据传输相关的时序示意图; [0024] FIG. 11 is a timing diagram of a data transmission related to the communication module from the display module;

[0025] 图12是时序节奏重新调整的原理框图; [0025] FIG. 12 is a timing rhythm readjust schematic block diagram;

[0026] 图13是不同频率上的时序节奏重新调整的时序示意图; [0026] FIG. 13 is a timing diagram of the timing rhythm readjusted different frequencies;

[0027] 图14是即时和/或标准更新过程的原理流程图; [0027] FIG. 14 is a principle immediate and / or standard update process flowchart;

[0028] 图15是组更新过程的原理流程图; [0028] FIG. 15 is a schematic flow chart of the group update process;

[0029] 图16是定时的组更新过程的原理流程图; [0029] FIG. 16 is a flowchart showing the principle of a timing set update procedure;

[0030] 图17是微分图像更新过程的原理流程图; [0030] FIG. 17 is a schematic flow diagram of the differential image update process;

[0031] 图18是显示模块定时的图像更新过程的原理流程图; [0031] FIG. 18 is a flowchart showing the principle of image update process timing module;

[0032] 图19是库存控制商业规则示例的原理流程图; [0032] FIG. 19 is a flowchart of exemplary inventory control principle of business rules;

[0033] 图20是包括多台显示器的显示通信模块的原理框图; [0033] FIG. 20 is a block diagram of a display monitor comprising a plurality of communication modules;

[0034] 图21是图20所示的显示通讯模块和多台显示器组件的原理框图; [0034] FIG. 21 is a block diagram of a display communications module and a plurality of display assembly 20 shown in FIG;

[0035] 图22是理论电池寿命与polling off持续时间的示意图; [0035] FIG. 22 is a schematic diagram of the duration of the battery life and Theory polling off;

[0036] 图23是几年内的电池寿命与4寸QVGA显示的每天更新数的示意图; [0036] FIG. 23 is a schematic diagram of the number of updates per day in a few years and the battery life of 4 inch QVGA display;

[0037] 图24是几年内的电池寿命与2寸IXD每天更新数的示意图; [0037] FIG. 24 is a schematic diagram of battery life in years, and the number 2 inch IXD updated daily;

[0038] 图25是分组更新过程中的步骤流程图; [0038] FIG. 25 is a step in the update process flow diagram of a packet;

[0039] 图26是根据本发明的另一方面显示空间规划信息的显示系统的原理框图; [0039] FIG. 26 is a block diagram of a display system in accordance with another aspect of the spatial planning information display of the present invention;

[0040] 图27是一个展示空间规划信息的显示器的例子。 [0040] FIG. 27 is a display example of a display space planning information.

具体实施方式[0041] DETAILED DESCRIPTION [0041]

[0042] 参考图1是一个显示系统10的整体示意图。 [0042] Referring to FIG. 1 is a schematic view of the overall system 10 is shown. 在显示系统10的中心有一个通讯器12,该通讯器12包括一个控制器14 (有时也指RF子系统)、一个将显示信息传输到一个或多个显示模块18的通讯模块16。 There is a communication system 10 in the center of the display 12, the communication unit 12 comprises a controller 14 (also sometimes referred to as RF subsystem), a display information transmitted to one or more display modules 18 of the communication module 16. 有益的是,该通讯器12位于零售商店等经营场所的中央位置,具有一个或多个通讯模块16,用于与遍及整个经常场所的一个或多个显示模块通讯18通讯。 Advantageously, the communication device 12 located in the center of a retail store premises and the like, having one or more communication modules 16, often used throughout the one or more display properties of the communication modules 18 communication. 该显示系统10还包括一个通讯数据库20,与控制器14和显示网络管理模块22 通讯。 The display system 10 further includes a communications database 20, the communication controller 14 and the display network management module 22. 显示网络管理模块22可使用户控制通讯器12,并接收来自产品图像数据库24和产品管理引擎26的信息。 Display network management module 22 allows the user to control the communicator 12, and receives information from the product item image database 24 and 26 of the management engine. 事实上,显示网络管理模块22可以安装在计算机27内的计算机软件包的形式存在,例如标准的办公室计算机系统,包括微处理器和各种记忆存储设备,例如RAM和硬盘驱动器,以及与用户交互的外设,例如显示器和键盘鼠标,安装有各种应用,以发挥显示网络管理模块22的作用,产品管理引擎26等等。 In fact, the display network management module 22 may be installed in the form of computer software packages in the computer 27, such as a standard office computer system comprising a microprocessor and various memory storage devices, such as RAM and a hard disk drive, and interaction with a user peripherals, such as a display and a keyboard, mouse, various applications are mounted, in order to play the role of the display network management module 22, the engine 26 and the like of product management. 该产品管理引擎26包括一个图像渲染功能28、图像模板30和模板设计模块32。 The product management engine 26 includes an image rendering features 28, 30 and the template image template design module 32. 产品管理引擎26与系统管理引擎34通讯, 使管理规则通过商业管理数据库36进行通讯。 Product management engine management system 26 34 engines and communications, the management rules for communication by business management database 36. 该系统管理引擎34与一个或多个数据库通讯,例如与产品信息相关的零售商数据库,或外部网络40,例如因特网和万维网。 The engine management system 34 with one or more database communication, such as product-related information database of retailers, or 40 external network such as the Internet and the World Wide Web.

[0043] 参考图2是一个通讯器12 (RF子系统)的原理框图,包括具有一个通讯驱动器42 的控制器14,驱动通讯模块16,其中通讯模块16包括一个微型控制器44,例如一个微处理器,一个RF收发器46,用于与显不模块18通讯,一个晶体48和一个存储器50。 [0043] Referring to FIG 2 is a communicator 12 (RF subsystem) of the block diagram, it includes a controller 42 having a communications driver 14, driving the communication module 16, wherein the communication module 16 includes a microcontroller 44, for example a micro processor, a RF transceiver 46 for communication with the module 18 is not significant, a crystal 48 and a memory 50. 本发明中的一个显示系统10中可以包括一个或多个通讯模块16,相应地,控制器14通过通讯驱动器42与每个通讯模块16进行通讯。 A display system 10 according to the present invention may comprise one or more communication modules 16, respectively, the controller 1416 communicate via the communication driver 42 and each communication module.

[0044] 所有的各个组件可另外包括本地接口连接或输入与输出端口,从而使用户能够通过本地显示键盘和鼠标直接与每个组件(如控制器14、通讯模块16或显示模块18)通讯。 [0044] all of the various components may additionally include a local interface or input and output ports, thereby enabling the user to direct the keyboard and mouse to display each of the components (e.g., the controller 14, the communication module 16 or the display module 18) through a local communication. 这种用户界面的具体说明不是必需参考以下对本系统10组分的直接相关描述。 DETAILED DESCRIPTION such a user interface is not directly related to the required reference to the following description of the components of the system 10.

[0045] 通讯数据库20 [0045] communications database 20

[0046] 通讯器12与显示网络管理模块22之间共享通讯数据库20。 [0046] The shared database 20 the communication 22 between communication device 12 and the display network management module. 命令和状态信息的共享队列用于在通讯器12与显示网络管理模块22之间传递信息。 Shared command and status information in a queue for transmission of information with the communication unit 12 to display network management module 22.

[0047] 通讯器服务 [0047] Communications Service

[0048] 通讯器服务包括控制器14上执行的软件,用于通过通讯协议,例如RF协议,将命令和数据传送至适当的显示模块18。 [0048] Communication services include software executing on the controller 14, the communication protocol used by, for example, RF protocol, transmits commands and data to the appropriate display module 18. 通讯器服务监视通讯数据库20中的已添加自显示网络管理模块22的新命令共享队列。 Communication service monitors communications database 20 have been added since the new command displays the network management module 22 of the shared queue. 当一个命令检测到通信器服务时,即从通讯数据库20 收回该命令,向通讯驱动器42发出相应的命令,以传递至显示模块18。 When a command is detected communication service, i.e. is retracted from the database 20 the communication command, sends the appropriate commands to the communication driver 42 to 18 is transmitted to the display module.

[0049] 通信服务保证了通信协议被尽可能有效地使用,向多重显示模块18发送命令以填补时隙将在以后讨论。 [0049] The communication service is to ensure that the communication protocol used effectively as possible, to send commands to the multi-display module 18 to fill the slot will be discussed later. 通过分析序列命令,通讯器服务可以确保是否有可用数据来填补每个时隙,从而最优化数据吞吐量。 By analyzing the sequence of command, communication service can ensure that if there is data available to fill each slot, thereby optimizing data throughput.

[0050] 当收到来自显示模块18的致意,相应的数据库队列的命令则随着状态信息进行更新。 [0050] Upon receiving the compliments from the display module 18, the corresponding command queue database is updated with status information. 通讯器服务利用显示模块通讯会话,允许多个命令和其数据传送到单一会话的显示模块18。 Communication service module communication session with the display, which allows a plurality of commands and data to the display module 18 of a single session.

[0051] 通讯驱动器42 [0051] Communication driver 42

[0052] 通讯驱动器42包括通讯器服务应用与通讯器软件12之间的连接软件和通讯器硬件12。 [0052] The communication driver 42 comprises a communication service application and communications software 12 is connected between the software and the communication hardware 12. 当通讯器服务发出命令,并传送至通讯模块16,以安排和传输至适当的显示模块18。 When the communication service issuing command, and transmits to the communication module 16, to arrange the display and transmitted to the appropriate module 18. 通讯驱动器42负责通讯器12与计算机或控制器14之间的硬件界面的管理。 Communication driver 42 is responsible for communication with a computer or controller 12 is the hardware interface between the management 14. 在通讯器12 硬件添加到系统或从系统移除时进行通知,并控制必需的系统资源,以保证交流的进行。 12 communications hardware is added to a notification system or removed from the system, and control system resources necessary to ensure the exchange.

[0053] 通讯模块16 [0053] The communications module 16

[0054] 通讯模块16包括一个微控制器44,存储器50, 一个精确的晶体48和一个RF收发器46。 [0054] The communications module 16 includes a microcontroller 44, a memory 50, a crystal 48 and a precise RF transceiver 46. 它接收来自通讯驱动器42的命令和数据,使用通讯器(RF)协议进行处理并通过RF 收发器46输出。 It receives commands and data from the communication driver 42, the output of the RF transceiver 46 through the use of communication devices (RF) and protocol processing. 管理通讯器服务于显示模块18之间的多个会话,在相应的时隙内向显示模块发送数据,处理接收到的致意。 A plurality of service management communication session between the display module 18, a display module data transmission process compliments received within respective slots. 通讯模块16还负责保证同步信号74或SYNC画面的定期发送,以保持同步。 Communication module 16 is also responsible for ensuring that periodically transmits the synchronization signal SYNC or screen 74, to maintain synchronization.

[0055] 同步信号或SYNC画面包括多重数据包或同步数据包82。 [0055] The screen includes a synchronization signal SYNC or multiple data packet or an isochronous packet 82. 每个数据包包括来自同步时期的中央补偿,从而保证显示模块能够重新调整计时,并在收到最后的SYNC画面后即处理任何可能发生的漂移。 Each data packet includes compensation from a central synchronization period to ensure the timing display module can be readjusted, the processing and any drift that may occur after the last received SYNC screen. SYNC画面还包括一个时隙识别器,并可能有一个编号,最多两个,显示模块18指明哪些显示模块18需要接受他们的下一个命令。 SYNC screen further comprises a time slot identifier, and there may be a number, at most two, the display module 18 indicating which display modules 18 need to receive their next command.

[0056] 数据和命令在每个时隙内传输到相应的显示模块18。 [0056] The transfer of data and commands to the appropriate display modules 18 in each time slot. 命令可能需要多个时隙来完成。 Command may be required to complete a plurality of slots. 通讯器12根据命令和由通讯器服务发出的数据来控制每个时隙的内容。 Communicator 12 according to the command and data issued by the communication service controlling content of each time slot.

[0057] 显示模块18 [0057] The display module 18

[0058] 显示模块18包括一个低功耗的多显示器54,例如专利US6249332和US6456348中所描述的英国马尔文ZBD显示器有限公司的双稳态LCD。 [0058] The display module 18 comprises a low-power multi-display 54, for example, a bistable LCD displays ZBD Malvern UK Patent US6249332 and US6456348 described Limited. 该显示器54能够以多种尺寸显示矩阵数列,特别是320 X 240,400 X 160或224 X 90像素,其中像素构成介于60与200dpi的图形图像。 The display 54 can display the number of columns in a matrix of various sizes, in particular 320 X 240,400 X 160 or 224 X 90 pixels, wherein the pixels constituting between 60 and graphic image of 200dpi. 通常,这意味着该显示器的尺寸在25至80毫米高,70至100毫米宽,能够显示IOOdpi的高分辨率图像。 Typically, this means that the size of the display in the 25 to 80 mm high, 70 to 100 mm wide, high-resolution image can be displayed in IOOdpi. 本发明的关键之处在于图像无需任何电力就能保持在显示器上, 其中电力只用于更新显示的图像。 The key point of the present invention is that an image can be maintained without any power on a display, wherein the power used only to update the displayed image. 因此,这种显示器中的电池寿命可长达数年。 Thus, such a display battery life of up to several years. 也可使用其他双稳态显示器,包括电泳显示墨、双稳态胆固醇、双稳态扭曲向列、铁电液晶和/或电铬显示器。 May also be used other bi-stable display comprises an electrophoretic ink display, a bistable cholesterol, bistable twisted nematic, ferroelectric liquid crystal and / or electrochromic displays. 所有这些显示器的共同点是适用于长期保持图像,无需任何供电;尽管有震动也可保持图像(例如,由于敲打或按压显示器带来的机械震动,或与环境突然改变相关的热击)。 All these displays have in common is suitable for long-term image, without any power; despite the shock can keep the image (for example, due to the knock, or press the display brought mechanical shock, or sudden changes in environment-related heat shock).

[0059] 显示器54与一个电子线路相连,包括一个微控制器52、存储器58、一个RF收发器56,例如半双工收发器、一个温度传感器66和一个电压转换模块68。 [0059] The display 54 is connected to an electronic circuit, comprising a microcontroller 52, a memory 58, an RF transceiver 56, such as a half-duplex transceiver, a temperature sensor 66 and a voltage conversion module 68. 显不模块18还包括一个电源供应器60,由两种不同显示模块18操作模式的电力形式。 No significant module 18 further includes a power supply 60, two different modes of operation the display module 18 in the form of electricity. 电源供应器60包括一个太阳能电池、电池或电池组62,例如锂-二氧化锰电池,以确保显示模块18的全面运作,例如确保与通讯模块16的铜须,保证低功耗(睡眠)的运作模式,以在RC振荡器64的帮助下实现模块同步化,在低耗能(例如,单纯展示)和高耗能操作模式之间切换。 The power supply 60 includes a solar cell, a battery or battery pack 62, such as a lithium - manganese dioxide battery, to ensure the full functioning of the display module 18, for example, the communication module 16 to ensure that the copper must ensure low power (sleep) of mode of operation, in order to implement the module with the help of synchronization RC oscillator 64, energy (e.g., the simple display) and the low power consumption operation mode is switched between a high energy. 在高耗能模式下,显示模块18通过RF收发器56接受命令和数据,执行命令要求,在完成指令后做出回应。 In the high energy consumption mode, the display module 1856 accepts commands and data via the RF transceiver, Run required to respond after the completion of the instruction.

[0060] RF收发器56用来接收指令和数据。 [0060] RF transceiver 56 for receiving instructions and data. 一般情况下,收发器56处于低功耗待机状态。 In general, the transceiver 56 is in a low power standby state. 在很短的时间内定期通电进入接收模式。 In a very short period of time periodically energized into receive mode. 在此期间,同步数据包或SYNC数据包82收到数据,微控制器使用SYNC数据包82中的数据,以利用微控制器52重新校准内部系统唤醒钟, 保证与主要的通讯器12保持同步。 During this period, the isochronous packet or a data packet 82 received SYNC data, the microcontroller use the SYNC data packets 82 to 52 using internal recalibrate the wake-up system microcontroller clock, synchronized to ensure the communication with the primary 12 . 如果SYNC数据包82也包括显示模块18的网络地址, 那么它将保持接收随后命令和数据包的电力。 If the SYNC packet 82 also includes a display module network address of 18, then it receives the subsequent commands to maintain the power and data packets. 当完成一个命令时,发送包括命令状态信息的命令执行确认。 Upon completion of a command, the command includes transmitting a command execution status information confirmation. 如果SYNC数据包82不包含显示模块18的网络地址,那么它将会立刻返回到低耗能状态,直到收到下一个SYNC数据包82。 If the SYNC packet 82 does not contain the network address of the display module 18, then it will immediately return to the low power state until it receives the next SYNC packet 82. 当收到一个命令或任何相关数据时,发送确认信息,微控制器52将使RF收发器56转换至低耗能待机状态,直到收到下一个SYNC 数据包82,并执行命令。 Upon receiving a command or any associated data, sending an acknowledgment message, the microcontroller 52 will convert the RF transceiver 56 to the low power standby mode until it receives the next SYNC packet 82, and executes the command.

[0061] 显示更新包括一个将图像下载到储存器58中的命令,随后是一个更新IXD显示器54的命令。 [0061] comprising a display update download images to the reservoir 58 command followed by a command 54 to update the display IXD. 显示更新要求不同的电压和时序,基于LCD显示器54的温度。 Display update requirements different voltages and timing, the LCD display 54 based on the temperature. 在显示器54更新期间,微控制器52获得来自温度传感器66的温度读数,通过电压转换模块68产生相应的显示更新电压,将预先确定的波形应用到IXD显示器54上,从而进行更新。 During update the display 54, the microcontroller 52 obtains a temperature reading from the temperature sensor 66, generates a corresponding display refresh voltage by the voltage conversion module 68, a predetermined waveform to be applied to the display 54 IXD, thereby performing the update. 在更新之前, 微控制器52关闭温度传感器66的电源。 Before the update, the microcontroller 52 a temperature sensor 66 off the power. 更新后,电压转换模块68断电,随后微控制器52 进入非常低功耗的待机状态。 After the update, the voltage conversion module 68 off, then the microcontroller 52 enters a standby state in a very low power consumption. 在待机模式下,微控制器52处于一个非常低功耗的状态,以节省电池电量。 In standby mode, the microcontroller 52 is a very low power state to conserve battery power. 在RF通讯期间,向微控制器52和RF收发器56供电。 During RF communications, the power supply to the microcontroller 52 and the RF transceiver 56. 在显示更新期间,向微控制器52、温度传感器66、电压转换模块68和显不器68供电。 During display updates, 52, temperature sensors 66, 68 and a voltage conversion module 68 without significant power to the microcontroller.

[0062] 通讯(RF)协议 [0062] Communications (RF) protocols

[0063] 参考图4是一个由通讯模块16向多个显示模块18传送信号70的示意图,其中信号70包括一系列不连续的时间分隔元件72 ;每个元件72包括一个同步或唤醒组件74, - 个数据或负载组件76,并与特定的时隙78相关。 [0063] Referring to FIG 4 is a schematic diagram of the communication module 16 to a plurality of display modules 18 transmits a signal 70, which signal 70 comprises a series of discrete time-division element 72; element 72 each comprise a wakeup or synchronization component 74, - data or load components 76 and 78 associated with a particular time slot. 这里使用了四个时隙78,每个时隙有一系列的标记信号元件72,方便与其组件显示模块18联系利用低电能和高频带宽度的同学协议。 As used herein, the four slots 78, each slot has a series of signal elements labeled 72, to facilitate their assembly module 18 contact the display protocol students using a low power and high frequency bandwidth degrees. 该通讯协议利用由通讯模块16发送的同步脉冲82的周期数列80,以使时间分隔的多路数据发送至目标显示模块18。 The communication protocol utilized by the cycle sync pulses 16 transmitted from the communication module 82 of the columns 80, so that the time-division multiplexed data is transmitted to the target display module 18.

[0064] 唤醒或同步组件74包括显示模块18和通讯模块16在时隙78中相互通讯的相关信息,以及精确测定显示模块18的唤醒时隙。 [0064] The wakeup or synchronization assembly 74 includes a display module 18 and communication module 16 communicate with each other information, and accurate determination of the slot 78 in the display module wakeup slots 18. 这正如图5所示那样,可以看出一系列80的同步数据包82可包括所有均匀分组的有关中心或基本数据包标签0的数据包82总和。 As shown in Figure 5, as it can be seen that a series of the isochronous packet shown in FIG. 80 about the center 82 may comprise the sum of all the packets uniform or substantially packet label data packet 0 82. 未来与显示模块18的相对时隙78同步化,显示模块18应进入高功耗模式,启动RF收发器56, 适当的接收基本的数据包标签0。 Future opposite slot 18 and the display module 78 of synchronization, the display module 18 should enter the high power mode start RF transceiver 56, the appropriate label receiving packets substantially 0. 如图5所示,收发器打开的时间比一个数据包略长(即大约4毫秒),相应地接收所有同步数据包82标签为-3 (即3个同步数据包82远离基本的同步数据包标签〇)。 As shown, the transceiver ON time is slightly longer than one packet (i.e., approximately 4 ms), thereby receiving all of the isochronous packet tag 5 82 -3 (i.e. 3 remote from the isochronous packet 82 substantially isochronous packet label billion). 因此,微控制器52能够校准显示模块18里的时钟,进而能够更精确地在合适的时间内在低功耗和高功耗操作之间进行转换。 Accordingly, the microcontroller 52 to calibrate the clock in the display module 18, and thus be able to convert between the right hours at low power and high power operation, more accurately. 因此,每个显示模块18中的时钟管理可以是相对较低的公差,其主要的时钟机制中包括位于通讯模块16内的晶体48,其具有较严的公差,容易受到自身低漂移的影响。 Thus, each display clock management module 18 may be a relatively low tolerances, which mainly includes a crystal clock mechanism located within the communication module 1648, which has a tighter tolerance, itself susceptible low drift. 在这种方式下,单个显示单元的成本可保持在最小水平,同时保证所耗电能尽可能保持在最低限度(因为同步化过程中出现的大量错误可能会来自使用低耐性时钟,可能会引起大量非必要的电能损耗)。 In this manner, the cost of a single display unit may be maintained at a minimum level, while ensuring that the power consumption can be kept as a minimum (since the number of errors that occur during synchronization may be come from the use of a low resistance clock may cause a large number of unnecessary power loss). 图5所示的显示模块18 的开关操作中可见第一漂移D补偿为-3到0,第二漂移补偿为+2到0。 The display module 5 shown in FIG. 18, the switching operation can be seen in the first drift compensation D -3 to 0, the second drift compensation of +2 to 0.

[0065] 在同步脉冲组件74之间的时期,显示模块18处于深度睡眠状态,或处于低能耗模式,掀起了低功耗RC振荡器64。 [0065] In the period between the sync pulse component 74, the display module 18 is in the deep sleep state, or in a low power mode, off a low power RC oscillator 64. 这一特性有助于延长电池寿命。 This feature helps extend battery life.

[0066] 数据包86的串联84在每个同步化脉冲组件74之后播放,具有每个信号元件72 的最大组合时间,或同步脉冲/数据包进发,不超过预定的时间,例如1秒。 [0066] The packet 8486 is connected in series after each play sync pulse component 74, having a maximum aggregate time of each signal element 72, or sync pulse / data packet burst, not more than a predetermined time, for example, one second. 此外,发前听(LBT)在时隙78(或信号元件72)之间生效,以减少图6所示的工作比限制的影响。 Further, before the hair listen (LBT) effect between slots 78 (or signaling element 72) to reduce the impact operation shown in FIG. 6 than of limitation. 数据包分组告知,以提高协议效率。 Packet to inform a packet, in order to improve the protocol efficiency. 所有的数据包有一个唯一ID,如果因干扰而不能通过的话则会反复。 All packets have a unique ID, if due to interference, then it will not pass repeatedly.

[0067] 显示模块18根据其位置位于不同的时隙78,允许延长查询时间。 [0067] The display module 18 is located in a different time slot 78 depending on its position, allows extended query time. 这是为了确保在商店货零售商店的显示器分布。 This is to ensure the distribution of goods in shops and retail store displays.

[0068] 在数据传输阶段,传输协议利用一个滑动窗口协议,使用选择性重复。 [0068] In the data transfer phase, a transmission protocol using a sliding window protocol using selective repeat. 发送者和接收者都保持一个可接受序列号的窗口,仅回应那些没有错误的数据包。 Both the sender and receiver maintain a window of acceptable sequence numbers, only those error-response packet. 在单个的时隙78期间,该协议允许与最大数量和两个显示模块18进行通讯。 During a single time slot 78, the communication protocol allows a maximum number of 18 and two display modules.

[0069] 与显示模块18的通讯以会话的形式完成。 [0069] communication with the display module 18 is completed as a conversation. 每个会话可以包含任何数量的命令及其关联的数据。 Each session data may contain any number of commands and their associated. 在相关时隙中,会话可横跨多个传输元件72。 In a related slot, the session may span a plurality of transmission elements 72. 典型的图像和数据更新命令可能需要2个到4个元件72来完成。 A typical image data and update command may take 2-4 member 72 is accomplished.

[0070] 通讯协议采用了一系列定期的同步脉冲,由通讯模块16传输至可行的时间分配多路技术,从而发送到目标显示器。 [0070] The protocol uses a series of periodic synchronization pulses, transmitted by communications module 16 to a feasible allocation of time multiplexing, to transmit to the target display.

[0071] 频率分配 [0071] The frequency allocation

[0072] 在欧洲,中心频率869. 85MHz用作初始控制通道。 [0072] In Europe, the center frequency is used as the initial control channel 869. 85MHz. 数据通道位于频率范围在868. 0-868. 6MHz 和868. 7-869. 2MHz。 Data channels are located in the frequency range 868. 0-868. 6MHz and 868. 7-869. 2MHz.

[0073] 在美国,中心频率927.5MHz用作初始控制通道。 [0073] In the United States, the center frequency of 927.5MHz used as the initial control channel. 数据通道位于频道范围为902-928MHZ。 Data channels are located in the range of 902-928 MHz channel.

[0074] 其他地区的适当频率可以分配给相应的法规规定。 [0074] Other suitable frequency region can be allocated to the respective regulations.

[0075] 显示时隙 [0075] slot display

[0076] 每个系列显示模块18根据显示模块的位置和其位置的LSB确定探寻时隙78。 [0076] Each module 18 determines the display range 78 according to the seek time slot LSB position of the display module and its position. 时隙的确切数量可在初始安装过程中由显示配置控制传输,默认设置可以是8时隙。 The exact number of time slots may be configured to control transmission by the display during the initial installation, the default setting may be 8 slots. 时隙数量最好是2的次方。 Number of slots is preferably a power of two. 时隙中的显示分组可遵守以下规则:时隙=显示地址&(n_l)(其中n 表示时隙数目)。 Packet slots may display the following rules: slot = display address & (n_l) (where n denotes the number of time slots). 图4中使用的是4个时隙。 Used in Figure 4 are four slots.

[0077] 标准轮询 [0077] The standard poll

[0078] 单个的显示模块18适合与具有一个匹配网络ID的通讯模块16关联。 [0078] The display module 18 is adapted to the individual associated with a matching network having communication module ID 16. 一旦该显示器与通讯模块16关联,它即会唤醒每个适当的轮询周期,并试图寻找一个同步数据包82。 Once the display 16 associated with the communication module, i.e., it will wake up each appropriate polling cycle, and try to find a synchronization packet 82. 如果没有找到同步数据包82的话,它将重新回到休眠状态,并将在下一个预定的时隙78中被唤醒。 If the isochronous packet 82 is not found, then it will return to the sleep state and the wake-up 78 at the next scheduled time slot. 该过程中具有可编程的次数,例如10,如果没有找到一个有效的同步数据包82的话,该显示模块18将试图重新同步化。 Programmable number of times the process has, for example, 10, if not find a valid sync packet 82, then the display module 18 will attempt to re-synchronize.

[0079] 同步脉冲组件74之间的时间最好大于I. 1秒+10毫秒(见图4)。 74 between the time [0079] synchronization pulse component is preferably greater than +10 seconds I. 1 millisecond (see FIG. 4). 在初始标签配置期间,此设置是可以被配置的。 During the initial label configuration, this setting can be configured. 在图5所示的同步脉冲期间,同步脉冲组件74实际上包含背对背的同步数据包82串联广播。 During synchronizing pulse shown in FIG. 5, the sync pulse component 74 actually includes a synchronous serial data packet 82 broadcast back to back. 该同步脉冲数据包82包含三个主要信息集,即: The sync pulse packet 82 contains three main sets of information, namely:

[0080] 测量同步脉冲时期中心时间的场地88,允许显示器弥补其自身的振荡器漂移, [0080] The space center sync pulse measurement period of time 88, allows the display to compensate for its own oscillator drift,

[0081] 最好只有两个地址的显示模块18清单90,其通讯模块16可在时隙期间通讯, [0081] The display module 18 is preferably only two address list 90, which may be the communication module 16 in communication during the time slot,

[0082] 一个"时隙ID"92,且由该同步脉冲组件74的时隙针对,这使显示模块18能够更快地进行重新同步化。 [0082] a "slot ID" 92, and the synchronizing pulse by the slot 74 for the assembly, which causes the display module 18 can be quickly re-synchronized.

[0083] 唤醒周期94的长短取决于数据包结构中的显示模块18唤醒。 Length [0083] 94 wake-up period is dependent on the display module 18 wake-up packet structure. 作为最大的显示模块18,保持两个数据包82的清醒,最小为1个数据包。 As the largest display module 18, awake two data packets 82, the minimum of one packet. 如果一个有效的或完整的数据包82 已被处理,那么RF收发器56则会立即断电保护,最好是所有电器组件都是必不可少的,从而使同步化转换到显示模块16,以在预定的时间接受来自通讯器12的数据。 If a valid or complete packet 82 has been processed, then the RF transceiver 56 will immediately power protection, preferably all electrical components are necessary, so that the synchronized transition to the display module 16 to receiving data from the communication unit 12 at a predetermined time.

[0084] 该系统10最好配置为具有操作LBT特征,以处理同一无线频道的RF干扰。 [0084] The system 10 is preferably configured to have an operating characteristic LBT to process RF interference in the same wireless channel. 如果该发射器(通讯模块16)检测到频道上的干扰,则不会在预定的时间内消失,通讯模块16 跳过该时隙。 If the transmitter (communications module 16) detects interference on the channel, it will not disappear within a predetermined period of time, the communication module 16 skips the slot. 这是为了确保其余的显示模块18能够与同步组件74保持同步。 This is to ensure that the remaining 74 display module 18 can be synchronized with the synchronization component.

[0085] LBT周期被定义为:tL = tF+tPS,其中tF的固定值为5ms,tPS以假随机的方式以0.5ms的差异在0-5ms间变化。 [0085] LBT period is defined as: tL = tF + tPS, tF wherein the fixed value is 5ms, tPS in a pseudorandom manner the 0-5ms differences vary between 0.5ms. 如果固定时期没有该频道的干扰,则设为0。 If the fixed period not interfere with the channel, set to 0. 这在图6中显/Jn 〇 This substantially square in FIG. 6 / Jn

[0086] 数据传输 [0086] Data transfer

[0087] 传输协议采用修订的滑动窗口协议,使用选择性重复。 [0087] The transport protocol is revised sliding window protocol using selective repeat. 根据标准的滑动窗口协议, 定向的数据传输使两个部件间的数据发射器从根本上限定窗口大小,以限定数据包的数量,所有的数据包传送到另一个接收部件。 The standard sliding window protocol, the data transmission so that the data transmitter orientation between the two parts defining the window size from the root to define the number of packets, all packets to another receiving means. 发射器并不进一步发送数据包,直到收到来自接收部件接收到第一个数据包的回应。 The transmitter does not transmit further data packets, until the receiving means receive a response from the received first packet. 根据接收部件回应的数据包数目,发射器将进一步发送数据包,总数将达到但不会超过发送到接收部件的限定的窗口大小,接收部件并不发出回应或接受。 The number of packets received response component, the transmitter further transmits the data packet, adds up to but not beyond the receiving member is sent to the defined window size, the receiving part does not issue a response or acceptance. 因此,随着接收部件回应一个个数据包,数据包窗口发送渐进的幻灯片。 Accordingly, as a response to a receiving member packet, the packet transmission window progressive slides. 然而, 这里的变化是描述发送方和接受方维持一个可接受的序列数目窗口。 However, changes described here is the sender and receiver maintain a window of acceptable sequence numbers. 设置了最大的窗口尺寸,并且每个数据包具有唯一的5比特(16独特的数据包)ID,以便接收方能够清楚地分辨出重复数据包和新发送的数据包。 The maximum window size is set, and each packet has a unique 5-bit (16 distinct packets) ID, order receiving side can clearly distinguish duplicate packets and packets of a new transmission. 只有八个未公开的数据包可在任何情况非常出色。 Only eight unpublished data packets can be very good in any situation. 传输窗口从最老的未公开数据包ID(例如,最杰出数据包)中扩展8个数据包。 Extended transmission window 8 packets from the oldest unpublished data packet ID (e.g., the most outstanding packets). 因此,接收方保持8个数据包的接收缓冲区。 Thus, the receiver holding the receiving buffer 8 data packets.

[0088] 该确认数据包由一个16比特长的位图组成,对于显示器接收缓冲区的位置。 [0088] The acknowledgment data packet consists of a 16 bit length bitmap composition ratio, to the display position of the receiving buffer. 一个" 1"意指一个数据包被成功加载到该位置,而"〇"则表示该时间段没有接收到数据。 A "1" means that one packet is successfully loaded into the location, and the "square" indicates that the time period fails to receive data.

[0089] 数据传输有一个预定义的数目,每个时隙78中有两个显示模块18。 [0089] Data transmission has a predefined number, each slot 78 has two display modules 18. 假设单个显示模块18地址匹配,将发生以下过程: Suppose a single display module 18 matches the address, the following process occurs:

[0090] 1)根据轮询日程78唤醒显示模块18,设置一个同步数据包82,找到一个地址匹配(在区域90)。 [0090] 1) according to the polling schedule wakeup module 78 display 18, 82 is provided a synchronous packet, to find an address match (at region 90).

[0091] 2)显示模块18处于休眠状态,直到同步数据包74期满,然后唤醒准备在负载组件76中处理数据。 [0091] 2) the display module 18 in the sleep state until the expiration of the isochronous packet 74, then the wakeup preparation 76 processing data in the load assembly.

[0092] 3)以达到设定数目的方式将数据传输至显示模块18,这里是8个数据包86。 [0092] 3) to reach a set number of ways to transmit data to the display module 18, where 86 is the 8 packets. 如果这是在一段时间内的第一个数据包,那么适当的指令比特将重设数据包数目。 If this is the first packet in a period of time, then the appropriate command bit resets the number of packet data. 每个数据包86最好包括以下信息:网络ID,软件地址,数据包ID,命令信息,负载。 Each packet 86 preferably includes the following information: Network ID, software address, packet ID, command information loaded.

[0093] 4)如果接收到8个数据包,或者显示模块18收到最后一个数据包,那么它将立刻传送一个ACK数据包。 [0093] 4) If the received 8 data packets, or the display module 18 receives the last packet, then it immediately transmits an ACK packet. 在该时隙78内的最后一个数据包具有一个命令比特设置说明了这一事实。 In the last packet in this slot has a 78-bit command set illustrates this fact. 如果显示模块18检测到超过3ms至5ms的清晰频道,还将发送一个ACK,这意味着发送方停止了传送。 If the module 18 detects more than 3ms to 5ms clear channel, the ACK will send a, which means that the sender stops transmitting display (当发送方达到其窗口最高极限时出现这种情况)。 (This occurs when the sender window reaches its maximum limit).

[0094] 5)回应数据包包括一列需要重新发送的数据包。 [0094] 5) includes an echo packet of data packets need to be resent. 这在数据包结构中详细介绍。 This packet structure is described in detail.

[0095] 6)通信模块16重复发送发送失败的数据包,用更多可发送的数据填补剩余的数据包时隙,直到达到其传送窗口的上限。 [0095] 6) The communication module 16 repeatedly transmits transmitted data packet, data can be transmitted more fill the remaining time slots of the data packet, until the transmit window has reached its limit.

[0096] 7)重复此过程,直到发送了所有数据(时间段比特设置结束),或超过时间时隙78 〇 [0096] 7) Repeat this process until all the data transmission (the end bit is set period), or more than 78 billion time slot

[0097] 8)如果在所有数据发送到通讯模块16之前就已超过了时间时隙,则将通知微控制器44去排列剩余的数据,在随后的时隙中发送。 [0097] 8) If prior to the communication module 16 transmits all the data had exceeded the time slot, it will notify the microcontroller 44 to the arrangement of the remaining data, transmitted in the subsequent time slot. 这将从回应的最后一个数据包ID重新开始。 This is the last packet ID will respond to the start again. 该通讯模块16跟随最后一个数据包ID给所有开放的通讯会话。 The communication module 16 following the last packet ID to open all communication sessions.

[0098] 通讯模块16位于数据传送交换开始处的"会话起始"比特(例如,一种所谓的发送数据包)。 [0098] Communication module 16 is located at the exchange of data transfer start "session start" bits (e.g., a so-called packet transmission). 这将在连接两端重置数据包ID。 This resets the packet ID in the ends of the connection.

[0099] 通讯模块16位于命令数据包的"会话末端"比特,当没有更多的数据被发送到当前数据会话的显示器中。 [0099] Communication module 16 is located in the command packet "session end" bit, when no more data is sent to the display data of the current session. 在这一点,通讯模块16保持数据通道向显示器开放,直到接收到具有"会话末端"比特设置的数据包。 At this point, the communication module 16 remains open to the display data channel until receiving a packet having a "session end" bit set. 该比特的发送也将导致数据包ID在联系的两端重设。 The transmitted bit packet ID will also result in both ends of the link reset.

[0100] 即使没有更多要发送至特定显示模块18的来自通讯模块16的数据,如果没有接收到返回的"会话末端"数据包,那么通讯模块16将在下一个时隙中唤醒显示模块18。 [0100] 16 even if no more data from the communication module 18 to be transmitted to a particular display module, if not received "end session" data packet returns, the communications module 16 in the next slot 18 in the wake of the display module. 这是为了处理仍然有效但超过时隙的返回数据。 This is to remain effective but more than time slots return data.

[0101] 来自显示器的返回数据包应在回应数据包期间进行传输。 [0101] return packet should be transmitted from the display during the response packet.

[0102] 数据包之间的死空间最好不超过4. 5ms。 [0102] dead space between packets is preferably not more than 4. 5ms. 这是为了确保在另一个通道上竞争的发射器无法启动数据传输。 This is to ensure competition in the other channel transmitter can not start the data transfer.

[0103] 如果通过应用程序,数据包不从显示器接收缓存中移除,那么显示器将会发送一个(NYET)回应数据包。 [0103] If through the application, the packet receiving buffer is not removed from the display, then the display will send a (NYET) response packet. 这将强制通讯模块16重试该数据包,直到显示器能够回应该数据。 This will force the retry communication module 16 of the data packet, until the display responds to the data is possible. 在传输器12标出一个错误之前,将有一个可编程的重试次数。 Before the transmitter 12 indicated an error, there will be a programmable number of retries. 该通讯模块16在完成每个数据包传输时会先去倾听。 The communications module 16 will go to listen at the completion of each packet transmission. 如果在进发结束的预定时期它没检测到运输工具,那么它将假设先前的数据包丢失,并重新传输有效载荷。 If the end of the predetermined period marching transport it is not detected, then it is assumed that the previous packet loss, and re-transmitting the payload. 这又会防止该渠道被占用,这是系统流程控制的一个重要组成部分。 This will prevent the channel is occupied, which is an important part of the process control system.

[0104] 在恶劣的通道条件下,该协议回落到每个数据包接收回应。 [0104] Under adverse channel conditions, down to the protocol of each received response data packet. 然而,如果通道质量较好,八个数据包82将会逐个进发。 However, if the channel quality is good, eight packets 82 will be marching one by one. 图7中所示的是优化低BER的通道吞吐量(误码率)。 Optimize channel throughput, low BER (Bit Error Rate) as shown in FIG. 7.

[0105] 显示模块接收缓冲区只拥有窗口大小的许多位点。 [0105] The display module receives the buffer window size has only a number of sites. 这降低了协议内存总开销。 This reduces the protocol overhead of memory.

[0106] 图7,8,9详细描述了不同BER数据传输时隙的起始。 [0106] FIGS. 7,8,9 BER described in detail with different initial data transmission slot. 在这种情况下,假设没有数据从显示器返回。 In this case, it is assumed that no data is returned from the display. 参照图7,8,9,显示出同步数据包82串联80形成来自通讯模块16的信号70同步组件74,以及作为显示模块18中RF收发器56状态示意图。 Referring to FIG. 8, 9, 82 show a synchronous serial data packet 80 is formed from the signal 70 of communication module 16 synchronization component 74, and a schematic view of a display module 56 in the state of the RF transceiver 18. 收发器状态96显示, 在传输器或元件72的负载阶段日期期间,当同步数据包的串联80的一个地址匹配时,模块18进入接收模式,并受到数据包86串联84中的8个数据包86的进发。 Transceiver state 96 displays, during the load phase date transmitter or element 72, when an address serial synchronization packets 80 matches the module 18 goes into receive mode, and by the data packet 86 series 84 8 packets 86 marching. 在显示模块内存, 例如缓存区中存储的内容载于98。 The memory in the display module, such as the content stored in the buffer 98 is contained in. 回应数据包100是对通讯模块16的回应。 100 response packet is a response to the communication module 16. 图7具有一个低比特错误率,该回应数据包100回应所有前面的8个数据包作为一个整体被接收。 7 having a low bit error rate, the response packet 100 to respond to all of the eight preceding packet is received as a whole. 尽管具有一个中等的比特错误率,回应数据包1〇〇需要损坏数据包的重复,例如数据包3,该数据包会被重新发送。 Although having a moderate bit error rate, in response to repeated, for example 3 data packet, the packet will be re-transmitted packet needs 1〇〇 corrupted packets. 在较高的比特错误率情况下,显示模块18适应回复已成功接收并存储在当地存储器或缓冲区的单独数据包,因此执行一个标准的幻灯协议。 At higher bit error rate, the display module 18 has been adapted to respond successfully received and stored in a separate data packet or the local memory buffer, and therefore the implementation of a standard protocol slide.

[0107] 为了提高数据通道的利用,通讯模块16能够列出两个显示器,用于在一个时隙内的数据传输。 [0107] In order to improve the utilization of the data channel, communication module 16 can display two lists for data transmission in one time slot. 图10显示了这一过程。 Figure 10 shows this process. 该显示器位于本列表的第二位,定期唤醒以检测数据包是否正发送至主要显示器。 The display list is located in this second position, it wakes up periodically to detect whether the packet is being sent to the primary display.

[0108] 当通讯模块16完成向主要显示模块18的数据包传送时,显示模块18对已接收到数据的回应即刻发送给本列表中的第二个显示模块18。 [0108] When the communication module 16 completes the packet transfer module 18 to the main display, the display module 18 have been received the data sent to the immediate response of this second list 18 display modules. 这阻止了另一个系统夺取该通道。 This prevents another system to capture the channel. 这些数据包86在进发之间的4. 75ms空隙中是反复的。 These packets 86 are repeated at 4. 75ms in the gap between the marching.

[0109] 在一个进发期间的某一点,第二个显示模块18被唤醒,见图10第102行,发送一个回应,然后起始一个标准的数据传输。 [0109] wakes up at some point, the second display module during a marching 18, Figure 10 on line 102, sends a response, and then starting a data transmission standard. 这等同于数据进发的末端,通过扫描数据包的控制比特或检测没有数据传输的短暂时期。 This is equivalent to the end of the data marching, by controlling the bit scan data packet or detects a brief period of no data transmission. 数据储存在图10中所示的局部缓冲区104。 Data stored in the local buffer 104 shown in FIG. 10.

[0110] 回复数据包 [0110] reply packet

[0111] 回复数据包106是"捎带"至回复回应的。 [0111] reply packet 106 is "piggybacked" response to the reply. 图11呈现出可变长度的数据包。 Figure 11 presents the variable-length packets. 在这种情况下,第一个三个数据字节是回应,随后的四个字节是有效负载。 In this case, the first three data bytes are to respond, followed by four bytes of the payload.

[0112] 如果数据列队于显示器传输缓冲区,这将在下一个回应数据包中发回。 [0112] If the data transmission queued in the display buffer, which will be the next response packet sent back. 然后,该数据包由通讯模块16回应。 Then, the response packet by the communication module 16. 对该回复路径没有滑动窗口协议。 The return path is not sliding window protocol. 在制定的数据包外将产生一个"BAD",并终止现存的通讯时段。 Outside the established packet data will generate a "BAD", and terminates the existing communication session.

[0113] 如果来自通讯模块16的回应没有发送到显示器,该数据则将在下一个显示器到通讯模块16的回应期间重新发送。 [0113] If the response from the communications module 16 is not transmitted to the display, then the next display data to the communication module 16 responded during retransmission.

[0114] 初始同步化和重新同步化过程 [0114] initial synchronization and re-synchronization process

[0115] 如果显示模块没有与通讯模块16同步,则需要与发送器(通讯模块16)的轮询间隙重新同步化。 [0115] If the module is not synchronized with the communication module 16, the gap need to display the polling transmitter (communications module 16) of the resynchronization. 重新同步的要求发生在以下四种途径之一:通讯模块16不再发送同步数据包,通讯模块16不再以相应频率发送同步数据包,显示模块18的轮询期间在容忍度之外(例如,超过同步脉冲74的时间,接收到一个有效的数据包82),和/或在初始设置之后,当显示模块18试图定位一个有效的通讯模块16。 Resynchronization request is generated in one of four ways: the communication module 16 is no longer transmitting sync packets, the communications module 16 is no longer sent to the respective frequency synchronization packets, the display module 18 polling period outside tolerance (e.g. over time synchronization pulse 74 received a valid packet 82), and / or after the initial setting, when the display module 18 attempts to locate a communication module 16 effectively.

[0116] 通讯模块16最初尝试扫描本列表中的第一频率。 [0116] communication module 16 tries to scan a first frequency of the first list. 该扫描包括唤醒、执行运输检测或在频率通道上进行CD扫描。 The scanning includes a wake, or performing detection CD transport frequency channel scans. 如果没有传输器,显示模块16将恢复到休眠状态,其时间长度短于同步数据包进发长度。 If there is no transmission, a display module 16 will return to the sleep state, the length of time which is shorter than the sync packet burst length data. 如果显示模块18检测到一个传输器信号,它将保持两个同步数据包82的唤醒状态,并试图处理数据。 If the module 18 detects a transmission signal, it will keep the awake state two isochronous packet 82 and attempts to process the data. Display 如果它不能在数据包期间确保唤醒,则会回复到休眠状态,其长度短于同步数据包的进发长度。 If it can not be ensured during the wake-up packet will return to the dormant state, which is shorter than the length of the synchronization packet marching.

[0117] 如果有效的同步数据包82被处理,那么显示模块18知道哪些时隙与同步数据包82相关,以及同步数据包进发的时间补偿。 [0117] If a valid sync packet 82 is processed, the display module 18 knows which time slot 82 associated with the isochronous packet, a data packet burst and a synchronization time compensation. 这使之保持休眠,直到下一个轮询期间,期间显示模块18进入正常的操作期间。 This makes it remains dormant until the next polling period, the display module 18 enters the normal operation during the period.

[0118] 如果显示模块18不能在可编程的完成周期数后将一个有效的同步数据包82定位在初始频率,即少于5且最好为2,尝试定位同步脉冲到可用频率,在初始设置期间进行程控。 [0118] If the display module 18 is not valid after a programmable number of cycles to complete an isochronous packet 82 positioned at the initial frequency, i.e. preferably less than 5 and 2, attempts to locate the sync pulse frequency to be used, provided the initial during programmed.

[0119] 以同样的方式执行在一个频率上的扫描。 [0119] scanning is performed at a frequency in the same manner. 然而,显不器在一个略长的时期内保持唤醒状态,在列表中的每个唤醒时间的所有频率上执行CD。 However, no significant keeps awake for a slightly longer period, CD be performed on all frequencies each wake-up time in the list.

[0120] 如果在延伸时期进入睡眠的时间点上,显示模块18不能与通讯模块16同步化,例如尝试再次定位通讯模块16之前的15秒。 [0120] If the period extends into the sleep time point, the display module 18 can not be synchronized with the communication module 16, for example, previous attempts communication module 16 positioning again for 15 seconds. 这延长了电池寿命,并提供已储存的元件事例。 This extends battery life, and provides examples of saved elements.

[0121] 成组访问 [0121] Access group

[0122] 成组访问有两个方面,第一是将显示器分配为一组,第二是将数据发送到那一组。 [0122] There are two aspects of the access group, the first display is assigned to a group, and the second is to send data to that group.

[0123] 分配显示器 [0123] assigned a display

[0124] 有两种方法可用于分配显示器到一个特定组: [0124] There are two methods available for allocation to display a specific group:

[0125] •单一配置(回应):通讯模块16正常唤醒显示模块18,但其中一个数据包具有一个命令比特设置,随后一个命令将指派该模块发送到一个组ID。 [0125] • a single configuration (responded): the communication module 16 displays a normal wake-up module 18, but a command packet having a bit is set, then a command is sent to the module will assign a group ID. 这些数据包作为每个正常的数据传输协议而回复。 Each data packet as normal data transmission protocol reply.

[0126] •分组配置(不回应):这允许通讯模块16在轮询分组中同时分配给一套显示模块18。 [0126] • grouping configuration (not responded): This allows the communications module 16 in the polling packet while assigning to a display module 18. 在发送SYNC数据包82和特殊命令之后,例如显示器位置1位于一个预先决定的形式,显示器位置2位于另一个预先决定的形式,该轮询分组的所有显示器将被唤醒并处理数据包。 After transmitting the SYNC packet 82 and a special command, such as the display position of the 1 in a predetermined form, the display 2 in another position a predetermined form, all of the polling packet monitor wakes up and process the packet. 通讯模块16随后发送显示模块预期的具有预定结构的数据包,从而使得显示模块分组通过单一的数据传输而分配接收,并且被该组中的所有显示模块处理。 Communication module 16 then sends the display module expected data packet having a predetermined structure, the display module so that the received packet is allocated a single data transmission, and is processed all the display modules in the group.

[0127] 向一个分组发送数据 [0127] transmits data to a packet

[0128] 当通讯模块16能够与显示分组通讯时,它传送一系列特定的同步数据包。 [0128] When the communication module 16 capable of packet communication is displayed, it transmits a specific set of synchronization packets. 这些具有位置1场地以一种预期的方式设置,位置2场地被设置为可与通讯模块16通讯的分组。 These positions have a site in a desired manner, the position of the site is set to be 2 packet communication with the communication module 16. 此时,数据流向相关分组中的所有显示器,即使没有ACK数据包回应。 In this case, all the display-related data flow packets, even if there is no ACK packet response. 传送的数据包ID最好随每个传输数据包增加,取决于显示模块18确定是否收到正确的数据。 Preferably ID packet transmitted with each data packet transmission increases, depending on the display module 18 determines whether it has received the correct data.

[0129] 如果显示器位置1设置为OxFFF,显示器位置2设置为0x0001,那么下一个数据包将预定仅在组1中标记。 [0129] If the display position is set to 1 OxFFF, the display position is set to 2 0x0001, then the next data packet to a predetermined flag in the group 1 only. 重要的是它与时隙分组(在显示器位置的LSB基础上)不同。 It is important that the packet time slots (on the basis of a display position on the LSB) are different. 有必要在不同时隙重复几次该过程,以确保所有的显示器完成更新。 Necessary to repeat the process several times in different time slots to ensure that all of the display update. 一个分组位置,例如OxOOOO能够保留,并用作所有显示器的播放位置。 A packet location, e.g. OxOOOO can be reserved and used as a playback position of all displays.

[0130] SYNC数据包最好产生于先前描述相似的数据结构,包括数据包长度的确定信息, SYNC数据包进发中的同步数据包数目和/或剩余的SYNC数据包数目,以及应对的相关显示分组信息应完全贯穿第一显示位置和第二显示位置。 [0130] SYNC is generated in the data packet is preferably the previously described similar data structures, including packet length determining information, the number of synchronization data SYNC packet data packet burst and / or the number of packets remaining SYNC, and display related response information packet should extend completely through the first display position and the second display position. 信息最好根据时间时隙提供,确认瞄准SYNC进发。 The time slot information is preferably provided, aiming SYNC confirmation moving. 数据包最好在基本位置和显示器之间进行传输,包括相应的位置信息和在一个特定数据包进发中的相关数据包的序列信息。 Preferably data packets transferred between the basic position and the display, including the sequence information of the corresponding location information and associated data packet in a data packet burst in particular. 例如,一个数据包可能包括480比特,包括一个命令元件,一个"数据包剩余"元件和实际数据(例如以472比特的顺序)。 For example, a data packet may comprise 480 bits, including a command element, a "remaining packets" and the actual element data (e.g. in the order of 472 bits). 该命令字节可能包括一个命令比特、起始时期、起始时间时隙、结束时期和一个数据包ID。 The command byte may include a command bit, start time, starting time slot, and the end of a period of a packet ID. 一个数据包最好由显示器产生,回复到基础位置,包括位置、时隙等相关信息,以及一个本身含有一个命令字节和/或回应数据的数据包。 Preferably a data packet generated by the display and returns to the base position, including position, time slot and other related information, and a command byte itself comprising a and / or response data packet. 特别的是,该显示器适应于成功回应接收到的数据, 并以前面所述的方式进一步要求可能已乱码的数据。 In particular, the display is adapted to respond to the success of data received, and in the manner described above may have further requirements of garbled data.

[0131] 在不可恢复连接错误事件发生时,显示器18超时并进入睡眠,其中信息回馈到通讯模块16。 [0131] When connected to an unrecoverable error event occurs, the display 18 times out and goes to sleep, in which the information back to the communication module 16.

[0132] 显示器重新编程 [0132] Display reprogramming

[0133] 至少每15s,在方便的时刻,显示器设置一个预定的地址,例如其H/W位置,一个预定值,例如0x00,并利用一种预定的协议扫描该控制频率。 [0133] Each of the at least 15s, at a convenient time, a predetermined display is provided to address such that H / W position, a predetermined value, for example, 0x00, and utilizes a predetermined protocol controls the scanning frequency. 这可能发生在同步脉冲组件74 之间,而显示器不与通讯模块16通讯。 This may occur between the sync pulse component 74, and the display 16 does not communicate with the communication module. 这可使显示器很容易的重新编程。 This allows the monitor to be easily reprogrammed.

[0134] 多重通讯模块16 [0134] multiple communication module 16

[0135] 多重通讯模块16能够通过在商店分派额外的发射器处理该系统10到不同的频率。 [0135] multiplex communications module 1610 to a different frequency by the dispatch system to handle the additional transmitter in the store.

[0136] 显示器与任何有效的通讯模块16相关,该通讯模块能够在任何频率上找到匹配的网络ID,在初始的配置步骤期间进行下载。 [0136] a display associated with any active communication module 16, the communication module ID to find the matching network at any frequency, download configuration during the initial step.

[0137] 这取决于PC应用软件反过来利用不同的通讯模块16试图与显示器通讯。 [0137] This in turn depends on the PC application using different communication module 16 attempts to communicate with the display. 一旦显示器成功通过一个通讯模块16发送数据,它将作为该设备的首要发射器。 Once the display 16 transmits data via a communication module successfully, the device will serve as the primary transmitter.

[0138] 显示器网络管理模块22 [0138] The network management module 22 displays

[0139] 显示器网络管理模块22包括一个数据库,一个数据库应用程序界面20和一个图解的用户界面。 [0139] Display module 22 includes a network management database, a database application interface 20, and a graphic user interface.

[0140] 数据库20 [0140] Database 20

[0141] 在通讯器12与显示器网络管理模块22之间分享数据库20。 [0141] 20 database shared between the communicator 22 and the display network management module 12. 该数据库20包括显示模块18相关信息,这些显示模块与产品、显示模块统计信息、产品图像、命令和状态列队,以及审计记录表相联系。 The database includes 20 18-related information display modules, display modules and products, the display module statistics, product image, command and status queue, and audit records table-bound.

[0142] 应用程序界面(API) [0142] Application Program Interface (API)

[0143] 应用程序界面(API)包括提供第三方应用与通讯系统之间的主要界面。 [0143] Application Program Interface (API), including providing primary interface between third-party applications and communication systems. 在该API 中提供有一个全面的命令库,以使第三方应用可行,例如图像渲染模块28联合图像到产品上,并推进显示模块18上的图像更新。 In this API provides a comprehensive library of commands, so that a viable third-party applications, such as image rendering module 28 to the Joint Photographic products, and promote the updated image on the display module 18. API还提供了管理产品创造和删除功能,显示模块18与产品联合,补偿状态和统计信息。 API also provides management products to create and delete functions, the display module 18 product information and joint compensation status and statistics.

[0144] 在系统10安装期间,API用于在数据库20中创造产品和显示模块。 [0144] During installation of the system 10, API is used to create products and display module 20 in the database. 在创造后,API 常用于将显示模块18(或多重显示模块)与产品结合。 After creation, API used in the display module 18 (or multiple display module) binding the product. 一旦该联系建立起来,API可保证随时的产品更新要求,适当的显示模块与产品连系,发送图像更新。 Once the link is established, API ensures product updates at any time request the appropriate display module product line, send the image update.

[0145] 在系统10安装后,当图像渲染模块28有产品的新图像时,API被访问。 [0145] After the system 10 is installed, the image rendering module 28 when a new image of the product, the API was accessed. 在图像更新收到时,在将显示模块更新至通讯器服务队列之前,需要API验证图像的大小和格式,以实现向与产品相关的显示模块18传输。 When an image update is received, the display will be updated prior to the communication service module queue, API authentication required image size and format to achieve transmission to the display module 18 associated with the product. API等待来自通讯器服务的回应,并将之返回至访问应用。 API waits for a response from the communication service, and return it to access the application. 如果检测到失败,API也可进行更新重试。 If a failure is detected, API may be updated retry.

[0146] 图解用户界面(⑶I) [0146] Graphical User Interface (⑶I)

[0147] ⑶I包括一个软件应用,它可以为用户提供一个安装和配置API与数据库20的途径。 [0147] ⑶I comprises a software application, it can provide users with a way to install and configure the database 20 API.

[0148] Gn提供了一个创建和删除产品与显示模块的途径,联合显示模块与产品,用于以图解的形式显示使用统计和审计信息。 [0148] Gn provide a way to create and delete products and display modules, display modules and joint product for use in the form of graphic display statistics and audit information.

[0149] 产品规则引擎26 [0149] product rules engine 26

[0150] 产品规则引擎26包括一个软件应用,其能够控制产品更新,呈现出一个用户界面,以显示更新统计和状态信息。 [0150] product rules engine 26 includes a software application that can control product updates, showing a user interface to display statistics and update status information.

[0151] 当系统规则引擎34确定了产品需要的新图像时,它将安排产品规则引擎26的运行。 [0151] When the system rules engine 34 to determine the new image of the product needs, it will arrange the product rules engine 26 runs. 产品规则引擎26从系统规则引擎数据库38中收回产品数据,并安排图像渲染器28产生一个产品的新图像。 Product rules engine 26 to recover the data from the product database system rules engine 38 and arrange image renderer 28 produces a new image of a product. 这在图14中的步骤120至124中表示出来。 This step is represented in FIG. 14 to 120 124.

[0152] -旦图像提供了一个产品更新命令,包括通过API向显示器网络管理模块22提供新的图像。 [0152] - Once the image update command provides a product, including new image to the display network management module 22 through the API. 随后,该图像被传送至适当的显示模块18,并在步骤132显示。 Then, the image is transferred to the appropriate display module 18, and displayed in step 132. 另外,通讯器12 从显示单元18重新回到更新状态,如步骤134,并且显示器网络管理模块22监测更新队列, 并在数据库中的审计表格中储存状态,如步骤136。 Further, the communicator 12 back to the display unit 18 from the update status, in step 134, and the display network management module 22 monitors the update queue, and the status of audit table stored in the database, as in step 136. 重复该循环以维持完整的数据库审计表格,并且该产品规则引擎138通过API定期地回复状态,直到该过程完成,见图14中的步骤140。 This cycle is repeated to maintain the integrity of the audit database tables, and the product rules engine 138 through the API recovered state periodically, until completion of the process, see Step 14140.

[0153] 根据图15,如果一个分组产品更新需求如步骤142所要求的,那将有一个组更新过程,在那里确定商业规则引擎34。 [0153] According to FIG. 15, if a packet needs to update the product as required in step 142, that there will be a group update process, where the business rules engine 34 is determined. 例如,一组显示模块18可能会根据邻近和/或产品类型进行分组,需要一个分组更新,从而改变显示图像(见后面的讨论)。 For example, a display module 18 may be set according to adjacent and / or product type packet, a packet needs to update to change the display image (see discussion below). 在步骤144,产品规则引擎要求提供产品图像,并且图像渲染器28提供步骤146的图像。 In step 144, the product rules engine request product images, and the image renderer 28 providing an image of step 146. 产品规则引擎26向显示网络管理模块22发送"开始/结束分组"命令,对于每个产品,产品规则引擎26向显示器网络管理模块22发送一个下载图像命令。 Product rules engine 26 to the display network management module 22 transmits the "Start / End packet" command, for each product, product rules engine 26 sends a download network management module 22 to the display image command. 产品规则引擎26进一步项显示器网络管理发送一个末端分组命令,D匪22创立分组,并列出通讯器12的下载图像命令,在步骤154所示的分组中,使显示器18与产品联系。 Product rules engine 26 further entry display terminal to send a network management command packet, D 22 bandit creation packet, and download the image communications command lists 12, as shown in the packet in step 154, causes the display 18 to contact with the product. 该通讯器12向各组指派显示器,并为之下载图像, DW22监视图15中的步骤158所示的更新队列。 The communication unit 12 is assigned to each group of monitors for, and download the images, as shown in step 158 in FIG. 15 DW22 monitoring update the queue. DW22进一步发出分组更新命令,以完成步骤162所示的所有图像下载。 DW22 further issuing update command packet, to complete all the downloaded images shown in step 162. 如步骤164所示,该组中的所有显示器更新其下载的图像, 通讯器12收回该组中显示器18的更新状态。 As shown in step 164, all the displays in the group of images downloaded update, communication unit 12 in the retracted state of the group to update the display 18. 1)匪22向产品规则引擎26发送一个全组的更新状态,产品规则引擎通过步骤170所示的API收回状态。 1) to the product rules engine 22 bandit 26 sends an update status of the whole group, the product rules engine API retracted state shown by step 170.

[0154] 对于定时的分组更新来说,图16中显示了一个在系统规则引擎34中确定一个定时的分组产品更新要求,如步骤174所示,并且该产品规则引擎26要求图像渲染器28渲染产品图像。 [0154] For the update timing of the packet, Figure 16 shows a product update request packet determines the timing in a rules engine system 34, as shown in step 174, and the product rules engine 26 required to render the image renderer 28 product image. 产品规则引擎26进一步向1)匪22发送一个起始分组命令,包括一个步骤180所示的更新时间。 Further product rules engine 26 to 1) bandit 22 sends a start command packet, including updating a time step 180 shown. 每个产品的产品规则引擎26向1)匪22发送下载图像命令。 Each product's rules engine 26 sends a command to download images 1) 22 bandit. 随后,PRE26向D匪发送末端分组命令,如步骤184所示。 Subsequently, PRE26 command packet sent to the D terminal bandit, as shown in step 184. DW22创造分组和队列,并向通讯器12下载图像命令,使显示器18与步骤186所示的相应分组中的产品相连。 Creating a packet queue and DW22, download image command to the communication unit 12, and causes the display 18 is connected to the product of the corresponding packet in step 186 in FIG. 通讯器12指派显示器18到各组,并下载图像,D匪22监视更新队列。 Communicator 12 the display 18 is assigned to each group, and download the images, D bandit 22 monitors the update queue. 如图16所示重复这些步骤,以确保所有图像被渲染,所有更新传送到相应的显示器18。 These steps are repeated as shown in Figure 16, to ensure that all images are rendered, all updates to the respective display 18. 当所有图像下载完成时,DNM22发送分组更新命令, 到达步骤190所示的适当时间。 When all the image download is complete, DNM22 update command packet transmission, the appropriate time to step 190 shown in FIG. 通讯器12向所有显示器18播放命令,显示器以步骤194所示更新下载的图像。 Communicator 12 displays the command to all the display 18, as shown in step 194 to update the display downloaded images. 通讯器12从分组中的所有显示器18中收回更新状态,D匪22向PRE26 发送一个分组更新完成状态。 Communicator 12 retracted state update packets from all the display 18, D is a bandit 22 sends to the packet completion status update PRE26.

[0155] 参考图17,其中显示了一个提供不同图像更新的流程。 [0155] Referring to Figure 17, there is shown a process providing different image update. 而且,该SRE34确定步骤214要求的产品更新要求,产品规则引擎26要求图像渲染器28渲染产品图像。 Moreover, the update request SRE34 step 214 determines the product requirements, the product rules engine 26 in claim 28 rendered image rendering product image. 产品规则引擎26向DW22发送下载图像命令,DW将图像与步骤212所示的先前图像更新相比较。 Product rules engine 26 sends a command to download the image DW22, DW previously shown image update step 212 is compared with the image. 如果图像相同,DMM22将图像更新状态标记为完成,并监测更新队列和数据库审查表格中的储存状态,如步骤218所示。 If the same image, DMM22 image update state flag is completed, and monitoring the status queue and update the database stored in the review table, as shown in step 218. 产品规则引擎26通过API认可状态,该过程以步骤224的方式完成。 Product rules engine 26 via the API approval status, as to the process of step 224 is completed. 然而,在步骤214,如果图像不相同,那么1)匪22则质疑是否图像差异是细小到中等的。 However, at step 214, if the image is not the same, 1) bandit 22 questioned whether the image difference is small to moderate. 如果是小到中等,D匪22创立差异序列,以步骤228发送差异更新命令。 If it is small to medium, D 22 bandit difference creation sequence to step 228 transmits the difference update command. 通讯器12向显示器18发送差异更新。 Communicator 12 transmits the difference to update the display 18. 随后,显示器18用下载的图像更新其显示内容,并以步骤232回复状态信息。 Subsequently, the image display 18 by the downloaded update its display, and step 232 to return the state information. 通讯器12从显示器18回复更新状态,并相应地通知1)匪22和PRE26。 Communicator 12 from the display 18 update the status reply, and to inform a) and 22 bandit PRE26.

[0156] 如果在步骤226,图像差异不是微小或中等,那么如步骤236所示,图像差异将在此阶段显示较大,D匪22发出图像更新命令238,从而通讯器12向步骤240所示的相应显示器18发送图像更新。 [0156] If, at step 226, the image difference is not slight or moderate, then as shown in step 236, the difference image will be displayed at this stage larger, D bandit 22 issues an image update command 238 to the communication unit 12 proceeds to step 240 shown in FIG. the corresponding displays 18 sends the image update.

[0157] 在步骤232,显示器18用下载的图像更新器显示的内容,并回复其状态至通讯器12,反过来分别通知DW22与PRE26。 [0157] In step 232 the contents of the display 18 is updated to display the downloaded image, and the return status to the communication unit 12, and in turn notifies DW22 PRE26.

[0158] 图18详细描述了显示器18上图像更新的进一步过程。 [0158] FIG. 18 is described further in detail the process of updating the image on the display 18. 在此,SRE34确定了步骤242所示的产品更新需求。 Here, SRE34 product update determination step 242 shown demand. PRE26要求渲染产品图像,图像渲染器28渲染该图像。 PRE26 required to render the product image, the image renderer 28 to render the image. 而且随着更新时间,PRE26向DW22发送一个下载图像命令。 And with the update time, PRE26 send a command to download images DW22. DW22随着更新时间向通讯器12排列图像更新命令,显示器18与产品连接。 DW22 updated with image updating 12 to the communications arrangement, a display 18 is connected to the product. 通讯器12下载图像到显示器18,发出如步骤252 所示的图像更新命令。 Communicator 12 to download the image display 18, image update command is issued in step 252 as shown in FIG. 显示器18接收新图像,回到254状态。 Receiving a new image display 18, back to state 254. 定期唤醒显示器18,如果到达指定时间,那将在步骤252用下载的图像信息更新显示器。 18 periodically wake up the display, if the specified time, then in step 252 with the downloaded image information to update the display.

[0159] 图像渲染模块 [0159] The image rendering module

[0160] 图像渲染模块包括一个模板设计器32和一个图像渲染器28。 [0160] The image rendering module 32 includes a template designer 28 and an image renderer.

[0161] 模板设计器32 [0161] Design Template 32

[0162] 模板设计器32包括一个软件应用,向用户提供用于显示模块18创建模板30的方式。 [0162] Design of the template 32 includes a software application, the user 18 provides for the display module 30 create templates. 该模板30允许不同图解元素的布局,从而制造显示模块图像,并限定一系列规则,将图解元素应用到图像。 The template 30 allows the layout of the different elements illustrated to manufacture an image display module, and define a set of rules, applied to the image elements illustrated.

[0163] 模板设计器32呈现给用户一个数据元素目录,来自系统规则引擎的输出。 [0163] template designer 32 data elements presented to a user a directory, the system output from the rule engine. 该数据元素能够应用到一张图像中,还可建立另外的规则来限定字体、字体大小、布局位置和其他格式信息。 The data element can be applied to an image, you can also create additional rules to define the font, font size, layout position information, and other formats.

[0164] 图像渲染器28 [0164] The image renderer 28

[0165] 图像渲染器28包括一个软件应用,由产品规则引擎26设定运行,在图像模板30 的基础上使用模板设计器32渲染显示模块图像。 [0165] 28 includes an image rendering software application, run by the rules engine 26 to set the product, the template used in the design template 30 on the basis of the image display module 32 to render the image.

[0166] 该应用使用由系统规则引擎34提供的数据,根据相关模板所提供的规则设置信息格式,并输出适用于传送至显示模块18的产品图像。 [0166] This application using the data provided by the system rules engine 34, provided the relevant information format according to the rules provided by the template, and outputs adapted to transmit the image to the display module 18 products.

[0167] 系统规则引擎34 [0167] system rules engine 34

[0168] 系统规则引擎34的一种形式是软件应用,能够执行一系列特殊任务,以确定显示模块设备显示正确的图像。 A form of [0168] the system rules engine 34 is a software application, a series of special tasks can be performed to determine the device display module displays a correct image. 该规则引擎执行以下操作: The rules engine does the following:

[0169] •合并多个不同的数据源到一个单一的输出终点。 [0169] • merging a plurality of different data sources into a single output destination.

[0170] •应用计算数据源的事件或条件,建立单一的"衍生"数据元件输出。 [0170] • computing event or condition of the application data sources, to create a single "derived" data element output.

[0171] •使用来自数据源的信息,确定如何应用数据元件,调动输出终点。 [0171] • using the information from the data source, the application data element to determine how to mobilize the output destination.

[0172] •使用"倾听者"检测数据状态,等待预期的条件发生,创造执行动作,应对确认条件。 [0172] • Use "listener" test data state, waiting for the expected conditions occur, creating implementation of action to deal with the recognition criteria.

[0173] 用户限定上述操作的任何编号,在控制数据内容的基础上,检测他们的数据源和起始事件。 Any number [0173] limited to the above operation the user, based on the control data of the content, the detection of their data sources and start event. 这些事件可以是正常的,但不受限制,致使图像渲染器28产生新的产品图像,向API发生图像更新命令。 These events can be normal, but not limited, resulting in an image renderer 28 produces a new product image, image update command to occur API.

[0174] 系统规则引擎34的示例可用于执行: [0174] Example system rules engine 34 may be used to perform:

[0175] •显示模块图像的创作关联着从一个产品到另一个产品的数据,例如交叉销售。 [0175] • creation module displays an image associated with the data from one product to another product, such as cross-selling.

[0176] •使用规则进行产品价格促销,通过特定的数量降低产品的标准价格,使图像渲染为利用交替的图像模板来促进该下降。 [0176] • Use rules for product price promotions, reduce the standard price of the product by a specific amount, the image rendering for the use of alternate image templates to facilitate the fall.

[0177] •产品价格随着存货清单的水平发生改变。 [0177] • Product prices vary depending on how the level of inventory. 可建立规则来监测零售商的存货目录数据库,提示相应于顾客的存货水平。 Rules can be set to monitor the catalog retailer's inventory database, suggesting that corresponds to the customer's inventory levels. 规则也能够在商店存货水平的基础上调整价格,或交替参考顾客来替代没有库存的产品。 Rules can also be adjusted on the basis of the price of the store inventory levels, or alternatively refer the customer to replace the no stock of products.

[0178] •清扫网络40并询问竞争者的价格。 [0178] • 40 network and cleaning asking price competitors. 实时自动地调整商店产品信息,显示那些竞争者的价格,来突出商店能够实现最优势的价格。 Automatically adjust in real-time store product information, price display those competitors to be able to achieve the most prominent shop price advantage.

[0179] •根据最迟销售日期,自动更新价格信息。 [0179] • According to the latest date of sale, price information is automatically updated.

[0180] •根据存货水平和存货水平变化率,自动更新价格信息。 [0180] • inventory levels and inventory levels based on the rate of change is automatically updated price information.

[0181] 参见图19,显示了如何利用发明控制系统维持商业规则。 [0181] Referring to Figure 19, it shows how the control system of the invention to maintain the business rules. 这里的系统规则引擎(SRE34)监测数据库38,包括步骤226所示的产品价格和储存信息。 Here the system rules engine (SRE34) monitoring database 38, including price and product information stored in step 226 shown in FIG.

[0182] SRE34查询步骤268中的存货变化,在无变化时继续监测数据库38,通过询问过程形成回路。 The inventory changes 268 [0182] SRE34 inquiry step to continue monitoring database 38 when no change in the loop formed by the interrogation process. 然而,在库存变化时,系统规则引擎34如272所示设置一个交叉电池领域为零。 However, changes in the inventory, the system rules engine 34 is provided as shown in a cross-cell field 272 is zero. 在询问步骤274,如果库存大于或与预定的高限制相等时,设置库存为步骤276所示的"有现货",图像渲染器28能够在产品和价格的基础上创造一个图像,数据库信息储备和交叉电池从适当的惯例数据库38抽取数据,从而产生图19中图像I中所示的图像。 In inquiry step 274, if the stock is greater than or equal to a predetermined high limit set for the inventory "stock" as shown in step 276, the image renderer 28 to create an image on the basis of products and prices, and database information storage cROSS cell extract data from database 38 the appropriate routine, thereby generating an image shown in FIG. 19 in image I. 产品规则引擎26进入产品更新,确保新图像呈现在相应的显示模块18上。 Product rules engine 26 into product updates to ensure that the new image is presented on the appropriate display module 18.

[0183] 当库存高于或等于询问阶段286上预设的"中等"存货水平时,库存则设置为"有限的"库存,如步骤288,并且步骤278中的过程将在随后进行描述。 [0183] When the stock than or equal to the predetermined interrogation stage 286 "medium" stock level, inventories set to "limited" inventory, step 288, and step 278 will be described in a subsequent process.

[0184] 如果存货不认为是高水平或中等水平时,在询问步骤219,商业规则引擎SRE34查询库存是否大于〇,如果大于〇,那么库存则设置2 "低水平库存",使用图像渲染器28和产品规则引擎26创造适当的图像。 [0184] If the stock is not considered to be high or medium level, in inquiry step 219, the business rules engine SRE34 check stock is greater than the square, if more than billion, the stock is set 2 "low inventory", using the image renderer 28 and product rules engine to create the right image 26.

[0185] 然而,如果确定步骤290时有0个库存,那么库存设置为"无存货",交叉电池配置为步骤278所示的相关产品的适当图像。 [0185] However, if step 290 determines when 0 inventory, the inventory is set to "no inventory" cross-cell configuration suitable image related to the product shown in step 278.

[0186] 显示模块18定时更新 [0186] The display module 18 updates the timing

[0187] 显示模块18定时更新提供了一个实现分组更新的可选方法。 [0187] The display module 18 updates the timing provides an alternative method of implementing the packet update. 利用这种方法,显示模块将在某一时刻显示出图像更新,独立于通讯器12和显示网络模块。 With this method, the display will show the image update module at a time, independently of the communications network 12 and a display module. 这排除了分组更新广播的需要。 This eliminates the need to update the broadcast packet. 如图18所示。 18.

[0188] 多显示模块 [0188] the multi display module

[0189] 根据图20,其中显示了一个单独的显示通讯模块57和多显示器54i,54i i,54i ii, 54iv的结合,它们共同组成了一个架子边缘系统:提供了一种更新沿架子边缘上的多个显示器的简单有效的方式,通过共享单一的通讯模块降低架子边缘整个系统的成本。 [0189] According to FIG. 20, which shows a multi-monitor display separate 54i, 54i i, 54i ii, combined communications module 57 and 54iv, which together form a shelf edge of the system: a method of updating the provided along the edge of the shelf simple and efficient manner a plurality of displays, the cost by sharing a single edge of the shelf module reduces the overall communication system.

[0190] 显示通讯模块57 [0190] shows the communication module 57

[0191] 显不通讯模块57包括一个微控制器52',一个RF收发器56',一系列信心通路界面58和一个电力供应60'。 [0191] does not substantially comprise a communication module 57 microcontroller 52 ', an RF transceiver 56', via an interface 58 and a series of confidence a power supply 60 '. 多个显器54共享一个单一的显通讯模块57,向更新每个显示器54提供所需数据。 A plurality of substantially 54 substantially share a single communication module 57, to provide the necessary data to the display 54 to update each.

[0192] 显示通讯模块57包括一个通过通讯协议运行软件应用的微控制器52 ',与通讯模块16连接。 [0192] Display module 57 comprises a communications microcontroller by one application communication protocol software running 52 ', 16 connected to the communication module. 它接收来自通讯器12的命令和数据,处理这些命令,在完成每个显示器54i至54iv后返回回应。 It receives commands and data from the communication unit 12, processes the commands and returns responses after completion of each display 54i to 54iv.

[0193] 在处理更新命令时,微处理器52'选择适当的显示器54(基于命令提供的地址), 通过一系列总线接口59应用电力并向显示器54'发送命令和数据。 [0193] When processing an update command, the microprocessor 52 'to select the appropriate display 54 (based on a command supplied address), the application of power through a series of bus interface 59 and a display 54' to send commands and data. 一旦该命令完成,微控制器52'使显示器54断电,并通过RF收发器56'返回回应。 Once the command is completed, the microcontroller 52 causes the display 54 off, and the RF transceiver 56 'to return a response.

[0194] 显不器54' [0194] 54 is not significant '

[0195] 显示模块54'包括一个IXD显示器,一个具有连续总线接口的整合1C,一个电压转换模块,一个温度传感器和IXD更新算法。 [0195] The display module 54 'includes a display IXD, having a continuous integrated bus interface 1C, a voltage conversion module, a temperature sensor and IXD update algorithm.

[0196] 当空闲的显示器54'处于低功耗的待机模式。 [0196] idle mode when the standby display 54 'is in a low power consumption. 显示器54'仅当个别应对时供电, 以确保电能使用最小化。 Display 54 'is only powered when individual response, to ensure that the power usage is minimized.

[0197] 当连续总线接口59收到来自显示通讯模块57的更新命令,显示模块供电温度传感器66'使之读数,然后利用该读值调整电压转换模块,从而产生更新所需的电压。 [0197] When the continuous bus interface 59 receives from the display update command communication module 57, display module supply temperature sensor 66 'so that the reading, the read value is then used to adjust the voltage converter module to generate a voltage required for the update. IXD更新算法应用正确的开关波形更新显示器。 IXD updating algorithm correct switching waveform display updates.

[0198] 显示器更新一旦完成即向连续总线界面59发送回应,并回到非常低的功耗状态。 [0198] Upon completion of the Display Update namely the continuous bus interface 59 sends a reply, and return a very low power state.

[0199] 产品18'被设定完全适合架子的边缘。 [0199] Product 18 'is set to be entirely suitable for the shelf edge. 该结构包括一个单独的显示通讯模块和多显示器,提供了一种控制大量显示器的低成本途径。 The structure includes a single display communications module and multiple monitors, provides a low cost way of controlling a large display. 产品18'由单独的电力供电,最好是电池组,仅显示通讯模块在其正常的标准模块中起作用;当显示更新是必需的时候向显示器54'供电。 Product 18 'by a single power supply, preferably a battery, the display module only communication functions in its normal standard module; when the display time is required to update the display 54' supply.

[0200] 电力计算 [0200] Power Calculation

[0201] 利用一个或多个系统特征,以及上述方法中的一步或多步,实现低电力损耗,提供了随后的电力消耗数据。 [0201] using one or more system features, as well as the above method one or more steps, to achieve low power consumption, and then provides the power consumption data. 在这一点,一个单一的电池承担供应1.53Ah的能量(例如,大约电池组总电量的90%)。 Energy supply 1.53Ah assume at this point, a single cell (e.g., about 90% of the total charge of the battery pack). 电池的放电将依赖于温度。 Discharge of the battery will depend on the temperature. 假定恒量23degC。 Assumed constant 23degC.

[0202] 每个显示模块18的电力使用包括表1中所示的下列典型组成: [0202] Each of the display module 18 comprises a power usage shown in Table 1 in the following typical composition:

[0203] 表1不同操作模块中的电力损耗 [0203] Table 1 various operating modules of the power loss

[0204] [0204]

Figure CN102165411BD00221

[0205] 上面计算了一个4" QVGA显示单元需要5. 7mJ进行更新,同时需要额外的18. 3mJ 用于DC到DC转换器,提供驱动该显示器的电压。行电压为30V,柱压为5V,DC-DC转换器功率假定为这些计算的85%。显示单元的有效负载为33kQ。1-bit显示的图像更新时间是最差情况使用时间(每个图像1. 578秒),RF接收时间为6. 373秒。 [0205] The above calculation of a 4 "QVGA display unit 5. 7mJ need to be updated, while the need for an additional 18. 3mJ DC to DC converter, a voltage for driving the display. Row voltage is 30V, 5V pressure column , DC-DC power converter is assumed to be 85% of the calculated display unit is a payload 33kQ.1-bit image update time displayed is the worst case time (1.578 seconds per image), RF reception time to 6.373 seconds.

[0206] 图22是一个显示利用本发明系统的电池寿命(数年中)理论计算图解,其中每天图像更新几次(1到50次)。 [0206] FIG. 22 is a display system using the present invention, battery life (in years) illustrates a theoretical calculation, wherein the image update several times a day (1 to 50).

[0207] 清楚地看到,驱动显示器是耗电的主要方面:每天只不过更新图像50次。 [0207] clearly seen, the driving power of the main aspects of the display: the image is only updated 50 times per day. 这表明使用双稳态显示器的重要性。 This demonstrates the importance of bi-stable display use. 如果显示模块需要恒定的电力,那么即使是最低功耗的单稳态类型或目前可用的放射型显示器,其电池寿命最多也就是数天。 If the display module requires a constant power, even if it is the lowest power of monostable type currently available or emission displays, battery life that is up to several days.

[0208] 典型零售应用中,显示器每天最多更新2到5次。 [0208] In a typical retail application, updating the display up to 2-5 times per day. 对于每天更新5次来说,电池的理论寿命大约为9年,如果轮询时间约为20秒。 For updated five times per day for the theoretical lifetime of the battery is about 9 years, if the polling time is about 20 seconds. 减少轮询时间8秒,降低5%的电池寿命, 大约为8. 5年。 Reducing polling 8 seconds, a 5% decrease battery life of about 8.5 years. 提高轮询时间的规律性到每2秒一次,将对电池寿命有显著作用,减少40% 的使用寿命。 Polling time to improve the regularity of once every 2 seconds, the battery life would have a significant effect, a 40% reduction of the service life. 这在图23中描述。 This is illustrated in FIG. 23.

[0209] 实际的电池寿命将不会达到理论值,因为电池的保质期是有限的。 [0209] The actual battery life will not reach the theoretical value, since the shelf life of the battery is limited. 例如,用于计算的典型电池有7年的保质期。 For example, a typical battery is used to calculate the seven-year shelf life. 因此,没有优化轮询时期以延长电池寿命的方法。 Thus, no polling period to prolong battery life optimization method. 对于每天平均更新6次图像来说,轮询时间最好在4至8秒之间,最好是8秒。 Average image is updated six times per day, preferably in the polling time between 4-8 seconds, preferably 8 seconds.

[0210] 在零售应用中,存在单个通讯设备更新的元件数目与轮询时间之间的权衡。 [0210] In retail applications, there is a tradeoff between the number of individual communications device updates the polling time element. 如果零售商要求改变1000个标签,那么这将在一晚上完成。 If the retailer is required to change the 1000 labels, then this will be completed in one night. 通常,零售商可能需要在长达8小时的期间更新所有标签。 In general, retailers may need to update all tags during up to 8 hours. 更新所有标签所需的时间将在轮询时间指令。 Update instructions required for all tags in the polling time. 如果是8秒,那么1000个标签将在2. 2个小时内完成连续的更新,这是非常令人满意的,同时确保电力使用最小化。 If 8 seconds, then the 1000 label is completed within 2.2 hours of continuous updating, which is very satisfactory, while ensuring that the power usage is minimized.

[0211] 其他应用可能具有不同的使用率。 [0211] Other applications may have different usage. 例如,如果应用包括选择显示器将预存的图像加载到闪存,这些图像之间有一个由观看者转换的界面,那么显示器每天可更新50到100 次。 For example, if the application comprises selecting the display of the stored image into the flash memory, converted by a viewer interface between these images, the display can be updated 50 to 100 per day. 在这种情况下,保持更长的轮询时间没有优势(由于轮询时间的电力是独立的--见图22)。 In this case, the holding time is not longer advantage polling (polling time since the power is independently - see FIG. 22). 该应用的关键在于最小化更新图像所需的电力和/或最大化来自电池的能量供应。 The key to this application is to minimize the power required to update the image and / or maximize the energy supply from the battery. 例如,减少更新显示器所需的时间,显示器装载量(电容和轨道电阻),以及使用的电压都是降低显示能耗的有效手段。 For example, to reduce the time required to update the display, the display load rate (track resistance and capacitance), and the voltage used is an effective means of displaying the energy consumption is reduced.

[0212] 已经计算了小型显示器需的最佳SYNC或轮询时间。 [0212] small display have been calculated for an optimal SYNC or polling time. 假设Vied = 15V,Vd = 3V, 有效负载仅为15k Q,即一个2"寸的120X 160显示设备。该显示更新时间为0.6秒,RF接收时间为图像内容的1/4,为1. 59秒。随着本发明中的RF系统的应用,我们能够获得图24 中所示的电池寿命与轮询时间的关系。 Suppose Vied = 15V, Vd = 3V, payload only 15k Q, i.e., a 2 "120X 160-inch display device. The display update time is 0.6 seconds, the RF reception time of 1/4 of the image content, is 1.59 sec. with the application of the RF system of the present invention, the relationship between battery life and we are able to polling time is obtained as shown in FIG. 24.

[0213] 显而易见的是,由于在写入时期,显示器和RF的负载量较小,该规格的(1.7Ah)电池将可使用相当长的时间。 [0213] will be apparent that, since the write period, smaller displays and RF loading, the specification (1.7Ah) battery will be used for a long time. 轮询时间将可设置为2秒,电池寿命为5到7年,且每天更新5 次。 The polling period may be set to 2 seconds, the battery life of 5-7 years, and updated five times a day. 另一种方案是相同的显示器每天可平均更新15次(SYNC时期为8秒),同时保持5至7年的电池寿命。 Another solution is the same display can be updated 15 times per day on average (SYNC period is 8 seconds), while maintaining 5 to 7 year battery life.

[0214] 另一种重要的设计考虑可考虑到小型显示设备中:也就是成本和大小。 [0214] Another important design consideration may take into account the small display device: i.e. cost and size. 通常都考虑减少的方法。 Usually consider reducing method. 例如,3个扣式电池可向4"QVGA提供I. 7Ah的电力,而仅用2个电池就可供2"小型显示器。 For example, three button cell may "provide power I. 7Ah the QVGA, and only for two batteries 2" to 4 small display. 因此,小型显示器的能力供应总量大约为l.OAh。 Therefore, the total supply capacity of a small display about l.OAh. 也就是说图24的分析趋向于图23的分析。 That analysis Trend Analysis 24 Figure 23 in. 在这种情况下,最佳的SYNC时期(轮询时间)也是介于4至16秒之间,最好接近于8秒。 In this case, SYNC optimum period of time (polling time) is between 4-16 seconds, preferably close to 8 seconds.

[0215] 总之,最佳的轮询时间(SYNC时期)与显示器的大小和图像、平均更新的次数和电池的总电量供应(即保质期、温度作用和电流排出)有关。 [0215] In summary, the best time polling (SYNC period) and the size of the display image, the total power supply battery and the average number of updates (i.e. shelf-life, the effect of temperature and current discharge) related. 最佳轮询时间介于2至16秒: 低于2秒,RF SYNC需要更多的电力,限制显示器到最佳的最低能耗;高于16秒,更新大量显示器的时间超过最小的额外收益(因为电池的保质期和相对高的重要性与显示器的更新有关)。 Best polling time is between 2-16 seconds: less than 2 seconds, RF SYNC more power is needed to limit the display to the optimal minimum energy; than 16 seconds, the display update time exceeds a minimum lot of additional revenue (because of relatively high importance and the shelf life of the battery and display related updates). 实际应用中,8秒被认为是最合适的。 Practical applications, eight seconds is considered to be the most appropriate.

[0216] 分组更新 [0216] Update packet

[0217] 该系统的一个方面是利用分组更新来同时或并联地更新一些或所有的组件。 One aspect [0217] of the system is to use packet update or parallel update simultaneously some or all of the components. 在一天的过程中,通过使用预存的图像完成加载到每个组件(显示模块18),并储存在闪存中, 且直到该组件收到分组更新要求才会显示。 In the course of the day, through the use of pre-stored images loaded into each completion assembly (display module 18), and stored in the flash memory, and the assembly until the update request packet is received it will be displayed.

[0218] 分组更新过程可见于图25中的流程图。 [0218] packet update procedure may be found in the flowchart in FIG. 25. 实际操作中,一些标签不会在第一次尝试中成功更新,因为他们受到来自环境的影响,或比大多数标签位于与传输器更远的距离。 In practice, some labels will not successfully updated at the first attempt, because they are affected from the environment, or than most labels and transmitter located farther away. 为了最大化更新的表情数量,分组更新命令重复三次,以减少损失。 In order to maximize the number of updates of expression, a group update command is repeated three times to reduce losses.

[0219] 实际操作中,在典型的超市中,该系统标签成功率为97%,距离传输器IOOm远。 [0219] In practice, in a typical supermarket, the label system success rate of 97%, far from the transmitter IOOm. 如果随机事件引起3%的损失(例如,来自顾客的干扰),那么重复的分组更新将可确保100(1-0. 033) %的标签不能正确更新:即在100000个显示器中有3个。 If the random event causes loss of 3% (e.g., from the customer's interference), then the duplicate packets 100 will ensure that the update (1-0033.)% Of the label are not updated correctly: i.e., there are three displays at 100,000.

[0220] 实际操作中,这种损失不是随机的,它更可能发生于某些标签。 [0220] In practice, this loss is not random, it is more likely to occur in some labels. 在这种情况下,第二次和第三次分组更新的成功啦将会降低。 In this case, the second and third groups successfully updated it will be reduced. 在这种情况下,显示器将会以传统的方式,随着分组更新进行逐个更新。 In this case, the display will in a conventional manner, as by-update update packet. 但这需要一些时间。 But it will take some time. 本发明的另一方面是减少了分组更新后的选择连续更新序列的时间,那些组件最常发生更新困难,因此最可能在分组更新序列中失败。 Another aspect of the present invention is to reduce the time of selecting the packet sequence updated continuously updated, difficult to update those components most often occurs, therefore most likely to fail in the update packet sequence. 控制通讯系统的软件将获得哪些标签最易更新失败的信息,例如,每个组件的局部环境或距离传输器某组件的距离。 Tag information which is most likely to fail to update e.g., a component of the distance from the transmitter or the local environment of each component of the control software of the communication system will be obtained.

[0221] 其他功能 [0221] Other features

[0222] 在零售部门,显示系统10能够适于提供以下一个或多个功能,特别是使用一台计算机来驱动通讯器,以向零售商店中多个毗邻产品的显示模块转播显示数据,计算机最好有来自外部数据源的数据输入,例如零售商店中的产品库存水平,适用于运行至少一个; [0222] In the retail sector, the display system 10 can be adapted to provide one or more functions, particularly the use of a computer to drive a communicator to relay display module adjacent to the product to retail stores a plurality of display data, most computer good data input from an external data source, such as a retail store product inventory levels, suitable for running at least one;

[0223] 创建显示模块图像,将来自一个产品的数据连接至另一个产品,从而使产品交叉销售可行; [0223] Creating an image display module, the data from one product connected to the other product, so that the cross-selling of products feasible;

[0224] 利用规则进行产品价格促销,通过具体的总量降低产品的标准价格,通过显示模块引起显示器可用图像模块的使用,从而促进减价; [0224] product price promotion using rules to reduce the standard price of a product by a specific amount, causing an image using the display module is available through the display module, thereby promoting Clearance;

[0225] 建立计算机操作规则来监测零售商店的存货清单数据库,并用于为顾客标识有关的库存水平,例如"仅XXX有剩余存货";"有库存"等,根据商店的库存水平为顾客展示改变的价格和/或存货水平的变化率,和/或如果没有存货的话,为顾客提供可选的其他产品参考,显示脱销通知,例如转换成黑底白字的"售完"; [0225] build computer operating rules to monitor retail store inventory database, and for inventory levels related to customer identification, such as "XXX only have surplus stocks"; "stock" and so on, according to the inventory level store display changes to the customer price and / or rate of change in inventory levels, and / or if not in stock, then, to provide customers with an alternative to other reference products, display out of stock notifications, for example, converted to white on black "sold out";

[0226] 审讯竞争者售价,例如通过互联网,最好是自动调整为隔壁商店产品的显示信息, 最好是实时进行的,显示出那些竞争者的价格,例如突出强调本店里的价格最具优势; [0226] trial priced competitors, such as via the Internet, the best is automatically adjusted to display product information store next door, preferably in real time, showing the price of those competitors, such as highlighting the most of this shop price Advantage;

[0227] 根据商品的"最晚出售日期"自动更新邻近的显示模块上的价格信息; [0227] The "date of sale at the latest" items automatically update the price information on the adjacent display module;

[0228] 由显示模块显示特别提供,例如"买一送一"; [0228] In particular display provided by the display module, such as "buy one get one";

[0229] 由显示模块显示详细的产品信息,例如一个或多个邻近产品的组成部分,原产国、 自由贸易、脂肪含量、审查意见(例如,酒类)、健康交通信号灯、出售截止日、使用截止日和最佳使用日期等信息; [0229] by the display module displays detailed product information, such as one or more adjacent part of the product, country of origin, free trade, fat content, review comments (eg, alcohol), healthy traffic lights, the sale deadline, and using the best-before date deadline information and the like;

[0230] 利用与显示模块相关的温度传感器进行温度监测,使显示模块让顾客确信某一时期,例如前些天冰箱或冷却器的最高温度,显示模块最好包括一个温度传感器,适用于将温度信息传回通讯器,从而提高有误的温度区域; [0230] using the display module with temperature sensor associated temperature monitoring, the display module allows the customer to believe that a period of, for example, the maximum temperature of a refrigerator or a cooler the other day, the display module preferably includes a temperature sensor for the temperature information back to the communication device, thereby enhancing the wrong temperature zones;

[0231] 显示模块显示日期,在比较相关产品的"出售截止日"时,提醒使用者日期; [0231] The display module displays the date, when comparing related products "sold deadline" to remind users to date;

[0232] 显示模块显示日期一一小时和分钟最好能够随每个SYNC脉冲和库存进行更新(由于显示器未唤醒而没有显示)。 [0232] The display module displays the date the best eleven hours and minutes can be updated (since the display does not wake up and not shown) with each SYNC pulse and inventory. 当到达改变SYNC时期(轮询时期)时,所有的显示器将能够在适当的时间缩小SYNC时期,并在完成时重新提高; When reaching change SYNC period (polling period), all of the displays will be able to reduce the SYNC period at the appropriate time, and increased again upon completion;

[0233] 显示出推销商品的颜色,例如红角显示器的图像自动由黑角(非特供)转换为红角(特供应用); [0233] sell goods exhibit a color, such as red corner of the display image automatically by Noire (for nonspecific) is converted to a red corner (Laid-supply use);

[0234] 显示模块的干预检测包括一个干预明显的传感器,例如一个倾斜的开关,包括一个加速表,可检测到未经授权的尝试将显示模块从架子上移开,这种尝试最好能够显示在该部件上,和/或通过通讯器与中央办公室通讯; [0234] Display tamper detection module comprises a tamper evident sensor such as a tilt switch, comprising an accelerometer can detect an unauthorized attempt to remove the display module from the rack, is preferably capable of displaying such an attempt on the member, and / or communication with the central office through the communication device;

[0235] 在顾客返回隔间的显示模块上显示任何可供应的相邻产品条目,例如相邻的试衣间或顾客服务部,这些存货条目最好是全体职员用户可识别的系统输入设备,例如一个激光扫描仪,来鉴别产品和远离显示器位置(架子)的地点; [0235] Display entries adjacent product supplied on any compartment return customer display module, for example, customer service or the adjacent portion of the fitting room, the system inventory entry input device is preferably the user can recognize the entire staff, e.g. a laser scanner to identify the product and location remote from the display position (shelf); and

[0236] 两个或更多通讯器的三角关系适用于确定显示模块的位置,并通过一个计算机和/或一个显示模块向用户显示三角关系信息; [0236] triangular relationship between two or more communication devices is adapted to determine the display position of the module, and by a computer and / or display module displays a triangular relationship information to a user;

[0237] 运行一个显示器,能够服务顾客,例如形成列队,特别是在目录零售商处随意列队,例如阿格斯或IKEA,和/或快餐零售店; [0237] a display operation, the customer service can be, for example, a queue, especially random lined up in the directory retailer, or IKEA e.g. Argus, and / or retail snack;

[0238] 显示模块为员工显示用法说明;和/或 [0238] The display module displays instructions for employees; and / or

[0239] 显示模块上显示更新次数和/或显示模块电池需要更换的剩余天数。 [0239] Display remaining number of days the number of updates and / or display module battery needs to be replaced on the display module.

[0240] 显示模块可包括一个触摸屏和/或一个能使用户翻阅详细的信息,例如产品说明、使用手册等信息的开关,该显示模块最好包括一个通过默认的方式向用户呈现主要的显示图像,和一个从属图像,用户能够基于在显示模块滚动选择阅读信息,此外,主要图像首先写入显示器,而从属图像则在一天中的空闲时间写入,在一个固定的时间段后,例如4-10秒会自动回到主要图像。 [0240] The display module may comprise a touch screen and / or a main image display enables the user to scroll through detailed information, such as product descriptions, and other information using the manual switch, the display module preferably includes a default presented to the user by way of and a slave images, the user can scroll through the display module based on the read information, in addition, the main image is first written to the display, while the dependent image is then in the idle time of day is written, after a fixed period of time, such as 4- 10 seconds will automatically return to the main image.

[0241] 同时,还可在选择期间提供一个库存盘点模式,例如在商店停止营业期间,显示器转换到库存模式,在显示模块上显示一个或多个架子上的布局图,从而代替产品信息。 [0241] Meanwhile, may also be provided a selection mode during inventory, such as during shop is closed, the display mode is switched to the stock, or display a plurality of shelves on a layout view on the display module, thereby replacing the product information.

[0242] 图26显示了一个用于空间计划实例中的显示系统示意图。 [0242] FIG. 26 shows a schematic example of a display system for program space. 其中显示了一个具有编号的显示系统10特征的空间计划显示系统300,参照图1进行了详细的描述。 Which shows a feature space program display system 10 having a number of display system 300, with reference to FIG. 1 has been described in detail. 还显示了一个X线断层照片的空间计划数据库302的附属图像,一些ID标签306附加至库存。 The image also shows the space program database a subsidiary of X-ray tomogram 302, some of the ID tag 306 attached to the stock.

[0243] 在零售环境中,X线断层照片是一个显示产品和固定装置的图解,以实现顾客购买的最大化。 [0243] In a retail environment, X-ray tomographic photograph is a graphical display of products and fixtures to maximize the customer to buy. 通过跟踪顾客的购物习惯,X线断层照片允许零售商优化他们在商店中的产品摆设。 By tracking customers' shopping habits, X-ray tomographic pictures allow retailers to optimize their product furnishings in the store.

[0244] 该实施例包括显示元件18的多重图像能力,以及RF系统的14快速更新显示单元18分组的能力。 [0244] This embodiment includes the ability to display multiple image element 18, and an RF system 14 the ability to quickly update packet display unit 18. 在优先实施例中,该空间计划系统300使用与显示系统10 -样的结构,并在商店的打烊期间使用。 In the preferred embodiment, the spatial planning system 10 and the display system 300 used - like structure, and is used during the store is closing. 这可能是在商店向顾客关闭或在没有或只有很少的顾客活动期间进行,例如在24小时营业商店营业期间的早上1点至6点的这段时间里。 This may be close to the customer in the store or in the absence of or only be a few customers during the event, for example, during that time in the morning 1:00 to 6:00 during the 24-hour shop in business.

[0245] 空间计划系统300具有一个附加的空间计划数据库302,与零售商的数据库38结合,输入系统规则引擎34来制定系统规则36。 [0245] Space Program system 300 has an additional space program database 302, combined with the retailer database 38, an input system rules engine 34 to develop the rules of the system 36. 在主要零售商产品和价格数据库38的实施例中,重新获得预定时期的数据,并利用模板30转化为每个产品的图像,用于模板设计器32的产品定价,发送至显示组件的主要图像储备。 In an embodiment of the main products and retail price database 38, the data retrieve predetermined period, and using the template image 30 into the main image of each product, product pricing template for the design 32, to the display assembly reserve. 这些主要产品定价/描述图像24随即显示。 The main product pricing / 24 describes the image is displayed. 在另一个实施例中,计算机27使用一个命令来重新获得产品信息,这允许零售商利用商店里的意外时期。 In another embodiment, the computer 27 using a command to retrieve product information, which allows retailers to take advantage of the store's unexpected times.

[0246] 来自空间计划数据库302的数据利用模板30转化为每个产品的图像,用于模板设计器32中设计产品布局或架子摆设位置。 [0246] using the data template 30 from the spatial database program 302 is converted into an image of each product, a template designer 32 designs the layout or product shelf decoration position. 这些图像发送至显示元件的第二图像储存304, 直到发送特定更新命令时才会显示出来。 The image to the second image display storage element 304, will be displayed until a specific update command transmission.

[0247] 优先实施例中的系统规则36用于向所有的显示组件18发送分组更新命令,以在特定的时间和日期显示第二图像304(例如,X线断层照片)。 [0247] Example rule system in preferred embodiment 36 for transmitting a packet command to update all of the display assembly 18 to display a second image 304 (e.g., X-ray tomography pictures) at a specific time and date. 通过进一步实施例中的分组更新命令在做出一些变通的基础上发出。 By a further embodiment of the group update command to make some modifications based on the issued.

[0248] 第二图像304显示X线断层照片,使商店员工决定如何补充或重新摆放货架上的商品。 [0248] The second X-ray tomographic image display 304 photographs, the store employees to decide how to supplement or rearranging the merchandise on the shelves. 在该实施例中,系统规则36确定王要图像24显不在显不兀件18上的时间。 In this embodiment, the system 36 determines rule 24 King image to be not significant not significant 18 time Wu member. 在另一个实施例中,显示元件18通过输入,可以在主要图像(例如,商品图像)和第二图像(X线断层照片)之间进行转换。 In another embodiment, the display 18 may be (e.g., a commodity image) by converting the input element between the primary image and the second image (X tomogram). 该输入可以是由商店员工控制的;例如如果其中一名员工在商店营业期间整理货架时,一个顾客走进正在显示第二图像304的显示单元,那么该员工可以手动转换该显示单元18,使之显示主要图像24,从而便于在顾客走过期间为顾客服务。 The input can be controlled by the store employees; for example, if one of the staff stacking shelves during store hours, a customer walked into the second image is displayed on the display unit 304, then the employee can manually convert the display unit 18, the the main image display 24 to facilitate customer came during customer service.

[0249] 在另一个实施例中,该显兀件18还包括一个扬声器,例如一个压电的扬声器, 当图像由主要图像变为第二图像308时进行指示,或者当显示元件18在通常改变显示时指示。 [0249] In another embodiment, the substantially Wu member 18 further includes a speaker, for example, a piezoelectric speaker, an instruction by the main image when the image to a second image 308, or when the display element 18 is normally changed indication is displayed. 声音可通知货架整理者可见更新的X线断层照片信息。 Sound may notify finishing shelves are visible updated X-ray tomographic photo information. 本领域的技术人员将会想到引入扬声器到显示元件中并不局限于货架整理实施例中,还可用于该显示系统10的所有实施例和本说明提到的不同的方面。 Those skilled in the art will envision a speaker incorporated into the display elements in various aspects is not limited shelf finishing embodiments, may also be used in all embodiments of the display system 10 and the present description mentioned.

[0250] 图27显示了一个应该显示第二图像的例子。 [0250] FIG. 27 shows an example of a second image to be displayed. 典型的X线断层照片显示了包括整个显示器和/或整个的商店货架摆放的信息。 A typical X-ray tomographic information includes photographs showing the entire display and / or the entire store shelf display. 这些信息不适宜在显示系统10或空间设计系统300中显示,因为受到零售店中使用本发明的具体实施例的屏幕大小的限制。 This information is not appropriate for the display system 10 or the system 300 displays design space because of limitations in retail outlets using specific embodiment of the present invention, the screen size. 图27显示了一个显示元件18,包括一个显示器54,它分为三部分310,312,314。 Figure 27 shows a display element 18, comprising a display 54, which is divided into three parts 310, 312. 每部分显示信息316,318,320 和322。 Each section 316, 318 and 322 display information.

[0251] 在所示的示例中,基于货架上的商品数量、显示器54的尺寸和显示元件18的位置,显示器分为三个部分310, 312, 314,且其所分部分的数目可以有所不同。 [0251] In the example shown, based on the number of goods on the shelves, the size of the display 54 and the display position of the element 18, the display is divided into three sections 310, 312, 314, and their number can vary in portions different. 在该显示器54 的优先实施例中,显示器相关的项目位于部分310中央,其条目堆放于部分312的左侧和部分314的右侧。 In the preferred embodiment of the display 54, the display related items located in the central portion 310, which is stacked on the right side of the entry portion 312 and a left side portion 314.

[0252] 在显示元件18的示例中,外围部分312, 314可供货架堆垛机参考,显示主要图像的单一项目。 [0252] In the example of the display device 18, the peripheral portions 312, 314 for the reference stacker shelves, displays a single item of the main image.

[0253] 在该实例中,每个部分310, 312, 314包括库存产品316的相关信息,例如汽水,品牌318,库存产品320的质量和例如产品库存风格322之类的任选信息,例如金字塔形堆叠、 个别存放等。 [0253] In this example, each portion 310, 312, 314 includes information 316 related to the stock, for example soda, brand 318, 320 and stock quality information, for example, product inventory optionally Style 322 or the like, for example, pyramids shaped stack, the individual storage and the like. 如果货架仅堆放一种单一产品,则不需要外围部分312, 314即可显示更多库存产品的细节信息。 If only shelves stacked one single product, you do not need a peripheral portion 312, 314 to display more detailed information about product inventory. 在另一个实施例中,外围部分312,314只包括有关产品316和/或品牌318的信息,以供摆放者参考,因此需要更少的显示空间,允许有更多的信息显示在中央部分310。 Embodiment, only the peripheral portion 312, 314 includes information about the product 316 and / or 318. In another brand, for display by reference, thus requiring less display space, allowing more information is displayed in the central portion 310. 在另一个实施例中,显示器显示货架上和/或显示元件18下的产品存货信息。 In another embodiment, the display on the display shelves and / or product inventory information in the display element 18. 第二图像中显示的信息完全由模板设计器32和模板30控制。 The second image information displayed is completely controlled by the template designer 32 and template 30.

[0254] 为了避免混淆中央部分310,或在该部分强调产品库存信息。 [0254] In order to avoid confusion the central portion 310, or emphasis on product inventory information in this section. 这包括使用黑体文本、其他颜色、更大的字体等。 This includes the use of bold text, other colors, larger fonts and so on.

[0255] 由于显示元件18-般较小,80mm高,70mm宽,所有优先使用文本的显示方式。 [0255] Since the display element 18 as small, 80mm high, 70mm wide, all of the text display precedence. 在另一个实施例中,也可使用一个基于X线断层照片的图像,以图解的形式展示产品。 In another embodiment, the image may be used based on a tomogram of X, as illustrated in display products.

[0256] 在另一个实施例中,显不系统10还包括一系列RF收发器56和标签306 (图26), 还有库存的RFID标签。 [0256] In embodiments, the system 10 is not significant in another embodiment further includes a series of RF transceiver 56 and the tag 306 (FIG. 26), as well as the RFID tag stock. 每个显示元件18有一个RF收发器56,它能够进一步促进检测预定范围内的所有RFID标签,例如2米。 Each display element 18 has an RF transceiver 56, it is possible to further facilitate the detection of all the RFID tags within a predetermined range, for example 2 meters. RFID标签位于每个库存条目上,允许显示元件18检测到来自库存条目的信号,后者位于一系列元件中。 RFID tags located on each stock entry, allowing the display element 18 detects a signal from the entry of the stock, which is located a series of elements. 位于显示元件18中的微控制器52能够比较检测到的RFID标签306,它可传送信息标识符,允许所附的产品确定,将信息显示在显示元件上。 Product RFID tag located in the display element 18 in the microcontroller 52 is capable of comparing the detected 306, which may transmit information identifier, allowing the appended determining, displaying information on a display device. 因此,设置范围内的存货水平的测量和存货类型可轻松获得。 Thus, the level of inventory in the specified range and the measurement type can easily be obtained inventory. 当显示元件18 处于下一个唤醒状态,它向计算机27传递回货架上的实际产品数目,并且计算机27能够比较货架剩余数目与系统规则36确定是否需要补充。 When a display element 18 is in the awake state, it is passed back to the actual number of products on the shelf 27 to the computer, and the computer 27 can compare the number of remaining shelf system 36 determines whether the rules need to be supplemented. 如果微控制器52确定存货水平,那么将向计算机27发送信息,以提升存货水平。 If the microcontroller 52 determines inventory levels, then the computer 27 will send information to improve inventory levels.

[0257] 此外,为了节约电量,SYNC脉冲包括一个唤醒传感器和扫描命令。 [0257] Further, in order to save power, the SYNC pulse and a scanning sensor comprising a wake-up command. 唤醒传感器和扫描命令为RFID收发器56供能,检测预定范围内的具有RFID标签306的所有产品,通过RFID的识别信号确定该范围内的差篇,向计算机27传输信息,并使RF收发器56回到睡眠模式。 Wake-up sensor and scanning command RFID transceiver 56 energizing all products having the RFID tag 306 is detected within a predetermined range, determining a difference within the range published by RFID identification signal, the transmission of information to a computer 27, and an RF transceiver 56 back to sleep mode. 为了进一步节约电能,唤醒传感器和扫描命令的定时是以时间为依据的。 To further save power, wake-up sensors and the timing of the scanning commands is time-based. 例如,在购物的最高峰时间内,唤醒传感器和扫描命令将有规则的启动,例如每10分钟,在较低的顾客量时期,甚至是数小时内,库存有可能维持在近似恒定水平。 For example, in the peak shopping hours, wake-up sensor and scan command a regular starting, for example, every 10 minutes, at a lower amount of time customers, or even within a few hours, it is possible to maintain the stock at approximately constant level.

[0258] 该领域技术人员可能会想到传感器的使用并不仅仅局限在RFID标签和RF收发器56。 [0258] skilled in the art might think of using the sensor is not confined to the RFID tag and the RF transceiver 56. RFID标签306的使用允许轻松整合现有结构,其中RF收发器56已然存在于该显示元件18中。 RFID tag 306 is used to allow easy integration of the existing structure, wherein the RF transceiver 56 is already present in the display element 18. 重量传感器用于测量货架上库存的当前重量,库存剩余总数与所检测到的重量成正比。 A current sensor for measuring the weight of the weight of the stock on the shelf, the remaining stock is directly proportional to the total number of the detected weight. 光线传感器用于检测货架上库存的高度,这将指出库存水平。 Light sensor for detecting the height of the stock on the shelves, which will indicate the level of inventory. 在优先实施例中,该传感器能够提供库存类型相关信息。 In the preferred embodiment, the sensor can provide information about inventory type. 这些信息与库存类型有关,允许在单独的唤醒传感器和扫描命令下,监测多条目的库存水平 The information related to the type of stock, allowing the individual sensors and the scanning wakeup command, a multiple-entry monitoring inventory levels

[0259] 除了在零售部门,显示系统还可用于饭店,例如显示订单相关信息,例如手动传输的无线显示模块,顾客能够使用具有序号的显示模块及其购买的条码,包括顾客选择的表格以告知服务于相应订单的位置。 [0259] In addition to the retail sector, the system also displays the bar for the hotel, for example, display order information, such as a manual transmission in a wireless display module, the display module can be used with the customer number and purchase, including a table selected by the customer to inform services in the appropriate order of position.

[0260] 以下部分能够提供其他功能: [0260] The following sections provide additional features:

[0261] 在医疗环境下显示系统的使用,例如告知储备的一个或多个医院床位;现任的医疗细节;位置认识和规定的显示位置;即将进行手术的时间、位置和医生姓名;用药频率和服用禁药水平;登记号(例如,婴儿吊床)、手术设备和药物储备。 [0261] use in the medical environment display system, such as a reserve inform or more hospital beds; current medical details; recognize and display position specified; upcoming surgery time, location, and the doctor's name; and frequency of administration doping level; registration number (e.g., hammocks baby), surgical equipment and drug reserves.

[0262] 军事环境下显示系统的使用,例如向本机命令发送命令和控制信息,本机命令最好能够向200m半径范围内的人员发送(编码的)命令、地图。 [0262] command to the system, such as sending command and control information to command the machine, the machine is preferably able to send commands to a person within a radius of 200m (encoded) under military environment map.

[0263] 仓库中的显示系统的使用,例如在仓库中的条目入库期间显示其位置、库存水平、 本地指令(例如,命令、地址等)。 Indicating its location, stock level, local instructions (e.g., command, address, etc.) during the [0263] display system used in a warehouse, for example, the entry in the storage warehouse.

[0264] 最后,值得注意的是,现有系统为各个ESL元件(显示模块18)使用多个时隙,从而大大减少能力损耗。 [0264] Finally, it is worth noting that the existing system elements for each ESL (display module 18) using a plurality of time slots, thus greatly reducing the capacity loss. 例如,见图4使用了4时隙。 For example, Figure 4 uses 4 slots.

[0265] RF协议通过使用SYNC数据包和时间分隔多路技术(时隙)的结合来优化现有的消耗和频带宽度。 [0265] RF protocol by using the SYNC packet and time division multiplexing (time slot) to optimize the combination of existing and bandwidth consumption. 通讯器在每个时隙(I. Is)传送多个SYNC数据包。 Communication transmits a plurality of packets in each slot SYNC (I. Is). 根据RF地址,将每个显示器分配给一个时隙。 The RF address, assigning a time slot to each display. 该方案允许100%的可利用频带宽度,但每个显示器只能唤醒其分配的时隙。 This scheme allows 100% of the available bandwidth, but each display can only wake up its assigned time slot. 时隙数量是2的倍数。 2 is a multiple number of slots. 增加时隙数目可降低显示器的能量消耗,从而得到更长的回应时间。 Increasing the number of slots may reduce the energy consumption of the display, to thereby obtain a longer response time.

[0266] 在每个时隙开始时,发送包含有奇数个SYNC数据包的区块。 [0266] at the beginning of each time slot, transmits SYNC blocks with an odd number of packets. 每个SYNC数据包含有来自中部SYNC数据包补偿(例如,t = -2, t = -1,t = 0, t = 1,t = 2等),允许显示器与中部SYNC数据包(t = 0)重新同步化,通过在收到的第一个SYNC数据包的基础上调整时钟。 Each SYNC from a central data with compensation SYNC packet (e.g., t = -2, t = -1, t = 0, t = 1, t = 2, etc.), allowing the display to the middle SYNC packet (t = 0 ) re-synchronization, on the basis of the first clock by adjusting a sYNC packet received on. 这使得该协议依靠较少的准确性和成本相对较低的晶体振荡器而具有时刻漂移的弹性。 This makes the protocol relies on a relatively low cost and low accuracy crystal oscillator drift time has elasticity. 保持显示器与通讯器的同步通常需要一个低容忍力32KHz时钟晶体,但也具有微控制器的内部RC振荡器的功能,进一步节约成本。 Holding display and synchronization of the communication device typically requires a low tolerance crystal force 32KHz clock, but also having an internal RC oscillator functions of the microcontroller, further cost savings.

[0267] 发明者发现,如果每个显示模块大约每8秒被唤醒一次的话会非常节能。 [0267] The inventors found that, if each display module approximately every eight seconds, then wakes up a very energy-efficient. 然而,在一个特定的环境中,特定的模块可能会因为热闹的超市中的RF干扰而无法收到一些SYNC 脉冲的同步化信号。 However, in a particular environment, a particular module may be due to RF interference busy supermarket and can not receive some of the synchronization signal SYNC pulse. 使用我们现在的系统,在每个SYNC脉冲中传送多个SYNC数据包。 We now use the system, a plurality of transmitting data packets in each SYNC SYNC pulse.

[0268] 如果使用5个SYNC数据包,在失去与通讯器的同步化之前,显示器的时间可趋于3 个SYNC数据包(t = 0, t = 1,t = 2),例如在每个唤醒时期之间,时钟可漂移至11. 25ms。 [0268] Using 5 SYNC packets, before they lose their synchronization with the communicator, the display time may tend to three SYNC packet (t = 0, t = 1, t = 2), for example, in each between the wakeup period, the clock can drift to 11. 25ms. 每个组件具有一个晶体振荡器,其精确性达百万分之20 :这意味着该振荡器可漂移至每个唤醒时期间的0. 16ms,在指导重新同步化扫描之前,使显示器放松最大70SYNC脉冲,或616 秒(70*唤醒时期)。 Each component has a crystal oscillator accuracy of 20 parts per million: This means that the oscillator may drift to the period when the wake-up each 0. 16ms, before guiding resynchronization scan, the display maximum relaxation 70SYNC pulse, or 616 seconds (70 * wake-up period).

[0269] 如果发送单一的SYNC数据包,那么该漂移需要精确到3ms内。 [0269] If the transmission of a single SYNC packet, then the drift is accurate to within 3ms. 因此,液态的晶体模块可能在18个SYNC脉冲之后需要一个再同步化扫描,仅有158秒。 Thus, the liquid crystal module 18, possibly after a SYNC pulse needs resynchronization scan, only 158 seconds.

[0270] 如果该组件在某个时段(例如50至100个时隙)没有收到SYNC脉冲,那么显示模块必须进行重新扫描来寻找SYNC脉冲。 [0270] If the component does not receive SYNC pulse in a certain period (e.g. 50 to 100 slots), the display module is to be re-scanned to find the SYNC pulse. 除了在高功耗下的3ms进发,该过程需要一个高功耗下Is的完整时隙。 In addition to 3ms embarked at a higher power, the process requires complete timeslots Is the next high power consumption. 也就是说,如果因RF干扰损失了SYNC脉冲,那么需要消耗333多倍的能量。 That is, if lost due to RF interference SYNC pulse, you need to consume 333 times more energy. 这种干扰可能来自周围物体的电干扰,改变显示模块的局部环境(例如,金属物体、电车和超市营业时期的其他局部变化)。 This interference may come from the local environment around the object to electrical interference, change the display module (e.g., metal objects, trams and other local supermarket sales period change). 为了消解这一问题,发送一系列的SYNC脉冲, 包括先前和随后的预期平均时间脉冲。 To this digestion problem, sending a series of SYNC pulse, including previous and subsequent expected average time pulse. 这大大提高了元件接收SYNC脉冲的精确度,并保证电力保持在最小水平。 This greatly improves the accuracy of the SYNC pulse receiving element, and to ensure that the power level is maintained at a minimum.

[0271] 零售环境有数千个液态晶体模块,与单独的通讯器相连。 [0271] There are thousands of retail environment liquid crystal module, connected with the separate communication device. 不仅成本低、具超低电压,而且是可靠的。 Not only low cost, with ultra-low voltage, and is reliable. 本发明一方面使用多种SYNC脉冲数据包,有助于确保超低电力消耗,同时确保较少发送再次同步化扫描,并且该系统是可靠地。 In one aspect of the present invention using a variety of SYNC pulse packet, help ensure low power consumption, while ensuring that fewer scans synchronized retransmission, and the system is reliable.

[0272] 申请人还使用两项附加过程,优化了显示模块18与通讯器12同步化过程: [0272] Applicants also used two additional process to optimize the synchronization of the display module 12 and communication device 18 process:

[0273] 多点传送(再同步): [0273] Multicast (resynchronization):

[0274] 在设置为"再同步"命令字节时,"唤醒"数据包的连续流在配置通道(不属于LBT(发前听)规则)上传送。 [0274] When set to "resynchronize" the command byte, "wake up" a continuous stream of data packets arranged in the channel (not LBT (listen before the onset of) rules) on the conveyor. 这大约传送15秒(例如,长于所有时隙的总时间),以确保可在此时期唤醒所有的显示器。 This transfer is about 15 seconds (e.g., longer than the total time of all timeslots) to ensure that all of the displays can wake up during this period. "再同步"命令通知显示模块18能够在等候15秒后是同再同步,允许通讯器12定时启动再次发送SYNC数据包。 "Re-synchronization" command instructs the display module 18 can be the same resynchronization after waiting 15 seconds, allowing the timing to start transmitting communicator 12 SYNC packet again. 只有可听从配置通道的显示模块18将接受该命令。 You can only listen to the channel display module 18 configured to accept the command. 也就是说,可使用一个默认通道,其中任何显示模块18不再与通讯器12 进行再同步,等待"再同步"命令,随之而来的是显示模块18开始听从适当的同步化信号通道,用于其适当的时隙。 That is, use a default channel, the display module 18 is no longer any re-synchronization and communication unit 12, waits for "re-synchronization" command, followed by the display module 18 begins to listen proper synchronization channel signal, for its appropriate time slot.

[0275] 同步风暴: [0275] Synchronization storm:

[0276] 在正常的操作中,通讯器12在时隙起点发送一系列同步数据包(通常是5个)。 [0276] In normal operation, the communication unit 12 sends a series of synchronization packets (typically 5) at a slot starting point. 在"同步风暴"模式下,通讯器12发送连续的同步数据包(在标准的通讯通道,服从LBT规则),允许不同步的显示模块18重新同步,无需必须进行全部重新扫描。 In the "synchronous storm" mode, the communicator 12 sends successive synchronization packets (in the standard communication channel, subject to the rules LBT), allowing the display module 18 are not synchronized resynchronization without having to re-scan for all. 同步风暴持续多数,最好是3个完整的时隙,因为一些显示模块18可能不同步程度较高,抵消同步化数据包以提供足够的信息使他们再核算正确的同步化时间。 Most synchronous storm continued, preferably three entire time slot may be higher because some display module 18 not synchronized extent, offset the synchronization data packets to provide enough information to enable them to re-synchronize the correct accounting period. 该同步通讯风暴在每个显示模块18 分组的每个时隙内最好包括一系列同步化数据包。 The synchronous communication storm preferably includes a series of synchronization packets in each time slot of each display module 18 packets. 最好以相似于标准的5个同步信号(例如,标记分隔率)的方式联系整个时隙的始末。 Preferably similar to the standard 5 sync signal (e.g., the partition labeled rate) manner to contact the whole story of the entire slot. 每个信号最好根据时隙(显示模块18分组)包括一个标签,一个相对位置或时隙内的次数,从而确保显示模块转换至不同时隙的唤醒时刻,或至一个时隙内的不同次数。 Preferably each signal in accordance with a relative position of the number of time slots within a slot (packet display module 18) comprises a label or to ensure that the display module is switched to a different wake-up time slots, or to a different number of times within a slot . 而且,该"风暴"最好发送至3个完整的连续时隙。 Further, the "storm" is preferably transmitted to the complete three consecutive time slots.

[0277] 尽管本发明的内容已经通过上述优选实施例作了详细介绍,但应当认识到上述的描述不应被认为是对本发明的限制。 [0277] While the present invention have been described in detail by the above preferred embodiments, it should be appreciated that the above description should not be construed as limiting the present invention. 在本领域技术人员阅读了上述内容后,对于本发明的多种修改和替代都将是显而易见的。 After the skilled artisan reading the foregoing, various modifications and alternatives to the present invention will be apparent. 因此,本发明的保护范围应由所附的权利要求来限定。 Accordingly, the scope of the invention be defined by the appended claims.

Claims (53)

1. 显示系统(10),其特征在于,所述的显示系统(10)包括一个通讯器(12)和若干个远程显示模块(18),该通讯器(12)用于向远程显示模块(18)发送显示信息,每个远程显示模块可以低功耗模式来显示信息,并定期地以高功耗模式与通讯器(12)通讯,以获得更新的显示信息,每个显示模块(18)可自动地在高功耗和低功耗的操作模式间转换,使显示模块(18)实现整体低功耗,每个远程显示模块(18)在与通讯器(12)通讯的时隙中指定二选一个或更多时隙; 其中,通讯器采用一个处理器,其传输一个两组分信号(70),包括一个同步组分(74), 其中包含与显示模块(18)同步通信的信息,以及一个数据组分(76),其中包括更新显示模块(18)显示信息, 其中,同步组分(74)包括两个或多个同步数据包(82),其中包括同步数据包(82)位置的相关数据,从而使显示模 1. The display system (10), characterized in that said display system (10) comprises a communicator (12) and a plurality of remote display modules (18), the communication unit (12) for displaying to the remote module ( 18) transmits the display information, each remote display module may be a low power mode to display information, and periodically in communication with the high power mode (12) communication to obtain updated display information, each display module (18) may be automatically between the operation mode of the high power and low power conversion, the display module (18) to achieve the overall low power consumption, each of the remote display modules (18) specified in the communication time slot (12) in communication two or more selected from a slot; wherein the communication uses a processor that transmits a two-component signal (70), comprising a synchronization component (74), wherein the synchronization information comprises communicating with the display module (18) , and a data component (76), wherein updating a display comprises a module (18) to display information, wherein the synchronization component (74) comprises two or more synchronization packets (82), which includes a synchronization packet (82) position related data, so that the display mode 块(18)确定将远程显示模块切换到更高功耗模式的同步化的精确度,使远程显示模块接收来自通讯器(12)的传输,所述同步化的精确度基于两个或多个同步数据包(82)中的一个与两个或多个同步数据包(82)中的另一个之间位置的补偿,以及, 所述显示模块(18)通过基于所述补偿确定显示模块(18)的时刻漂移,来自动纠正与通讯器(12)通讯的同步性。 Block (18) determines the switching module to the remote display synchronization accuracy higher power consumption mode, so that the accuracy of the remote display module receives the transmission from the communicator (12), the synchronization based on two or more a synchronization data packet (82) with two or more synchronization packets (82) in a position between the other compensation, and the display module (18) determines that the display module (18 based on the compensation by ) moments drift to automatically correct the communicator (12) of the synchronous communications.
2. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中在通讯器和显示模块之间的通讯根据事先确定的时间进度进行同步,配置显示模块(18),以确定在通讯器(12)与显示模块(18)之间进行定期通讯同步的精确度。 The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein the display system in the communication between the communication and display module according to pre-determined schedule synchronization, configuration of the display module (18), to determine regular communication accuracy of synchronization between the communication device (12) and the display module (18).
3. 如权利要求2所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示模块(18)能够在收到至少部分同步组分(74)后,在高功耗和低功耗模式之间转换,特别是在此期间,该显示模块(18)处于高功耗模式,取决于同步组分(74)的内容,仅足以确保接收到基本信息,优先转回到低功耗模式。 The display system according to claim 2, wherein said display module (18) can be at least partially in synch after receiving component (74), between the high and the low power consumption mode conversion , especially during this time, the display module (18) in a high power mode, depending on the content of the synchronization component (74), just enough to ensure the basic information is received, the priority back to low power mode.
4. 如权利要求3所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的通讯器(12)可向两个或多个显示模块传送数据,其中有一个单独的信号(70)数据组分,还有一个显示模块(18)能够定时转换成高功耗模式,以检查在数据组分(76)方面是否对数据进行传递,以维持至少部分数据组分(76)处于低功耗模式。 4. The display system of claim 3, (70) data, characterized in that the display system in the communication device (12) may be two or more display data to a transmission module, which has a separate signal component, and a display module (18) can be converted to the timing of the high-power mode, to check whether the data transfer in the data component (76) to maintain at least a portion of the data component (76) is in a low power consumption mode.
5. 如上述任意项权利要求所述的显示系统,其特征在于,每个所述的数据包在同步组分(74)传输期间包括同步数据包(82)位置的相关数据。 5. A display system as claimed in any of the above claim, wherein each said data packet includes sync data packet (82) position during the synchronization component (74) transmission.
6. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的同步组分(74)包括一系列同步数据包(82),其中每个数据包包括关于具有同步组分(74)的主要数据包的数据包传输相关数据,其中主要数据包是一系列数据包中的主要数据包,其中在主要数据包两侧包括三个或更多,在显示模块(18)收到的同步数据包(82)的相对位置基础上,显示模块(18)可随着在低功耗和高功耗模式间转换而重新同步。 6. The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein said display system in a synchronization component (74) comprises a series of isochronous packet (82), wherein each packet comprises a synchronization component having about data packet transmission (74) of the main data packet, wherein the primary data packet is the main data packet in a series of packets, wherein the primary data packet comprises three or more sides, (18) received in the display module the relative positions of the isochronous packet to the base (82) on the display module (18) as between the low and high-power mode conversion resynchronization.
7. 如权利要求6所述的显示系统,其特征在于,在所述的主要数据包两侧包括七个数据包。 The display system according to claim 6, characterized in that, on both sides of the main data in the packet comprises seven packets.
8. 如权利要求6或7所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的显示模块在正常使用中可切换到一个更高功耗模式,以接收至少一个同步数据包(82),不超过两个同步数据包,然后回复到低功耗状态,或等待下一个同步信号或为显示模块(18)分配的数据信号。 8. The display system of claim 6 or claim 7, wherein the display system in the display module can be switched to normal use a higher power mode to receive at least one isochronous packet (82 ), not more than two synchronized packets, and then return to the low power state, or wait for the synchronization signal or a data signal to the display module (18) assigned.
9. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的通信器(12)可用于在预设通道上传输再同步信号,任何不再与通讯器(12)同步的显示模块(18)可倾听预设通道上的再同步信号,在多点传送再同步之后,随后显示模块(18)再评估倾听两个包括同步唤醒组件(74)的组分信号(70)。 9. The display system as recited in claim 1, characterized in that the communication unit (12) in the display system can be used on a predetermined channel to transmit re-synchronization signals, no longer any communication device (12) synchronized display module (18) can be re-listen to the synchronization signal on a predetermined channel after multicast resynchronization, and then the display module (18) re-evaluation of listening component signal (70) comprises two synchronizing wakeup assembly (74) .
10. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的通讯器(12)在延伸时期向显示模块(18)发送同步信号,在这种同步风暴中,全部时隙序列中的大多数,且最好是3个这样的系列。 10. The display system of claim 1 in which the synchronization storm, when all the preceding claims, characterized in that the display system in the communication device (12) transmits a synchronization signal to the display module (18) extending in the period, most of the gap in the sequence, and preferably three such series.
11. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统具有一个指定的唯一标识符,代表通讯器传送的信号组分,其中由通讯器在显示更新命令传输到显示器时进行传输,并且在通讯器向显示模块传输更新的图像日期之前,该显示器回应接收到唯一的识别符信号组分。 11. The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein said display system having a unique identifier designated representative signal component transmitted by the communication device, wherein in the communication from the display update command transmitted to the display for transmission, and transmitted to the display module before the date of the updated image, the display to respond to the received unique identifier signal component in the communication device.
12. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统包括两个或多个显示模块,且通讯器(12)用于在两个或多个时隙中传输数据,而时隙数据随着相应时隙传输给显示模块(18)。 12. The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein said display system comprises two or more display modules, and a communication device (12) for two or more slots to transmit data, the corresponding time slot as the slot data transmitted to the display module (18).
13. 如权利要求12所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中每一个显示模块(18)包括一个唯一的地址,并根据地址,在地址关键位点指派一个与通讯器(12)通讯的时隙。 13. The display system of claim 12, wherein the display system according to each of the display module (18) comprising a unique address, and the address, the address is assigned a key with the site communicator ( 12) slot communication.
14. 如权利要求12所述的显示系统,其特征在于,在每个时隙期间,显示系统中的通讯器(12)传输时隙ID,使显示模块确定与通讯器(12)的同步是否正确。 If the synchronization is 14. The display system of claim 12, wherein, during each time slot, a display (12) in the transmission slot ID of the communication system, a communication module determines the display unit (12) correct.
15. 如权利要求12所述的显示系统,其特征在于,在每个时隙期间,显示系统中的通讯器(12)传输一个同步化数据包,其中包括一个或多个时隙ID,代表时间的数据,预先确定同步脉冲时期的中心位置,以及每个通讯模块接收时隙剩余信息的位置。 15. The display system of claim 12, wherein, during each time slot, the display system of the communicator (12) transmits a synchronization packet, which includes one or more slots ID, representatives the time data, sync pulse center position of the predetermined period, and the position information of each of the remaining communication module receiving slot.
16. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,在预定信号持续期间的预期重复时期,或不止在正常使用期间,在预定的信号时期,如果不能成功处理通讯器(12)传输的预期同步信号,那么显示系统中的显示模块(18)将于与通讯器(12)的再同步,随后转换至高功耗模式,旨在检测一个或部分的同步信号,同时在不能检测到同步信号后,再次转换回低功耗模式,并在预定的重复时期内维持低功耗模式,然后重新转换到高功耗模式来检测同步信号。 16. The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein the expected duration of a predetermined repetition period signal, or more than during normal use, in the predetermined signal period, if the communication can not be successfully treated (12) of the transmission synchronizing signal is expected, then the display module (18) will correspond with (12) a resynchronization system, then converted to high power mode, intended to detect a synchronization signal or a portion, while the synchronization signal can not be detected after again converted back to the low-power mode and low power mode is maintained within a predetermined repetition period, and then re-converted to a high power mode to detect the synchronization signal.
17. 如权利要求16所述的显示系统,其特征在于,在显示系统中,当显示模块不能检测到有效的同步信号时,在预定的显示模块(18)扫描不同频率或不同频率范围的尝试次数后,如果通讯器(12)转换到传输频率, 且显示模块在随后在预定频率范围列表内选择的频率范围扫描, 此外,显示系统具有一个指定的唯一标识符,代表通讯器传送的信号组分,其中由通讯器在显示更新命令传输到显示器时进行传输;在通讯器向显示模块传输更新的图像日期之前,显示器回应接收到唯一标识符的前提下,显示模块来检测在显示模块检测到来自通讯器(12)的有效信号的频率上的同步信号。 17. The display system according to claim 16, wherein, in the display system, when the display module does not detect a valid synchronization signal, try different frequencies or in different frequency ranges of scanning a predetermined display module (18) after the number of times, if the communication device (12) into a transmission frequency, and the frequency range of the scanning display module is then selected in the list within a predetermined frequency range, in addition, a display system having a unique identifier assigned, transmits a signal representing the communication group points, wherein the communication in the transmission display update command transmission to the display; before transmitting the communication module updates the image to display the date, display the received response to the premise of the unique identifier, the display module to the display module detected by the detector the frequency of the synchronizing signal on the valid signal from the communication unit (12).
18. 如权利要求16所述的显示系统,其特征在于,在转换到低功耗状态维持一定时期之前,显示系统中的显示模块(18)根据预定的次数尝试检测有效的同步信号,在指定的两次或三次同步信号重复时期,之后重新启动再同步过程。 18. The display system according to claim 16, characterized in that, before transitioning to the low power consumption state is maintained for a certain period, the display module (18) systems attempt to detect a valid synchronization signal in accordance with a predetermined number of times, the specified the synchronization signal is repeated two or three times, and then restart the resynchronization process.
19. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统包括一个数据传输协议,该协议基于修订的滑动窗口协议,在该协议规定下,以确定接收的未经改变协议为基础,但并不是显示模块传输的所有数据包,通讯器(12)只传输另外根据限定的最大数据尺寸的数据包,但在该协议规定下,数据包分组回应,而不是独自或依次回应,其中显示模块传输回应信号,其中包括一组识别各个接收到的数据包数据,非连续的数据包可以不被回应,并需要重新发送,此外,该系统能够根据比特错误率的水平适应回应协议,并为低、中、 高BER提供三个可能的协议。 19. The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein the display system comprises a data transfer protocol based on a sliding window protocol amendment, in the protocols to determine the protocol received unaltered basis, the display module but not all packets transmitted, the communication unit (12) only transmitting additional data in accordance with a defined maximum size of data packets, but this agreement, the data packet response packet, rather than respond alone or sequentially wherein the display module to transmit the response signal, wherein a data packet including a set of data identifying each received non-consecutive packets may not be respond to, and need to be retransmitted, in addition, the system can be adapted to respond to the protocol in accordance with bit error rate level and for the low, medium and high BER provides three possible agreement.
20. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统包括多个显示模块, 该系统适用于分组两个或多个显示模块,并与同一数据传输期间的分组显示模块通讯,一个分组更新重复两次,且最好重复三次以尝试该组的所有显示器能够精确更新,任何不能精确接收更新数据的单个显示器可由通讯器逐个定位,其图像数据在一个时期内传输至分组中的显示模块,并储存在每个显示模块中,该组中的显示模块可基于来自通讯器的分组更新命令转变显示器的储存图像。 20. The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein said display system includes a plurality of display modules, the system is applicable to two or more display modules packet, and a packet during the same data transmission display module communications, a packet update was repeated twice, and is preferably repeated three times to try all of the display update can be accurately set, a single display any updated data can not be accurately received by the communication device one by positioning that image data to packets in a period of display module, and stored in each of the display module, the display module group may be converted to store image display update command from the packet-based communicator.
21. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的通讯器适用于在一个或多个预定的时隙中,定期传输显示信息到两个或多个分组显示模块,每个时隙与显示模块组群联系,该通讯器适用于使用时间分隔多路技术协议,在四个或八个时隙中传输给显示模块的不同分组。 21. The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein, in the display system is adapted to correspond in one or more predetermined time slots, the periodic transmission of the display information to display two or more packets module, the display module each slot group link, the communication is adapted to use time division multiplexing protocol, different packet transmission to the display module in four or eight time slots.
22. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的通讯器适用于传输图像更新命令,包括一个定时组分,以在时间安排命令的基础上更新显示图像。 22. The display system as recited in claim 1, wherein said display system is adapted to correspond in the image update command transmission, comprising a timer component, at the timing based on the command to update the display image.
23. 如权利要求22所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的定时组分包含:延迟或具体制定显示模块的时间。 23. The display system according to claim 22, wherein said timing component comprises: a delay time or to develop specific display module.
24. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的显示模块适用于在三个或更多的电力模块间转换,其中包括一个低功耗模块,可简单地将图像显示在显示器上,此外,该显示模块处于待机模式,第一高功耗模式中的显示模块适合接收来自通讯器的同步化信号,第二高功耗模式中的显示模块接收写入存储器或显示器的数据。 24. The display system according to claim 1, wherein said display system applicable to the display module transitions between three or more power module, wherein the module comprises a low power consumption, may simply the image displayed on the display, in addition, the display module is in standby mode, a first high-power mode of the display module is adapted to receive the synchronization signal from the communication device, the second high-power mode of the display module receives a write memory or the display data.
25. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,该显示系统可用于在零售商店的产品展示处显示相关信息。 25. A display system as claimed in claim 1, wherein the display system can be used to display information in the product display at a retail store.
26. 如权利要求25所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统或独自包括一个适用于驱动通讯器转播显示数据到零售店里多个邻近商品的显示模块的计算机,该计算机具有一个来自外部数据源的数据输入,该数据输入为零售商店中的商品库存水平,并该计算机适合展示至少一个库存水平信息; 创立从一个产品到另一个产品的相关数据的显示模块图像,从而进行产品的交叉销售; 利用规则展示产品价格促销,通过具体的数量降低产品的标准价格,引起可选择的图像模板的使用,由一个显示模块显示,以促进降低; 建立计算机操作规则,以监测零售商的存货清单数据库,并适用于向顾客指示相应的库存水平,并可以根据商店的库存水平或库存水平的变化率改变显示给顾客的价格,如果库存为零时,可建议顾客选择其他备选商品,或显示脱销通知; 26. The display system according to claim 25, wherein said display system comprises alone or in a suitable relay driver communicator computer display data to the display module adjacent to retail stores a plurality of items, the computer having a data input from an external data source, the data input of a retail store product inventory levels, and the at least one computer adapted to show inventory levels; creation module displays the image data from one product to another so as to perform cross-selling of products; product price promotion using rules to show, reducing the price of the standard product by specific numbers, selectable image caused by use of the template, displayed by a display module to promote the reduction; computer operating rules established to monitor retailers the inventory database, and adapted to indicate the appropriate inventory levels to the customer and can change the display according to the rate of change in inventory levels or inventory levels to customers of the store price, if the stock is zero, may recommend customers to choose other options merchandise , notification, or displaying stock; 通过网络,询问竞争者价格,并自动调整商店中商品旁边的显示信息,并实时显示那些竞争者价格,强调在本商店可获得最具优势的价格; 根据"出售截止日期"自动更新邻近商品的显示模块上的价格信息; 由显示模块显示特价供应; 由显示模块显示详细的产品信息; 温度监控器使用一个与显示模块连接的温度传感器,通过显示模块使顾客对前些天的冰柜或冷却器的最高温度放心,显示模块包括一个温度传感器,可以将温度信息传送回通讯器,警报不合格的温度区域; 通过显示模块显示日期,从而提醒用户与相关产品的"销售截止日期"相比较; 通过显示模块显示时间,小时和分钟可随每个SYNC脉冲同步更新和储存,直到显示器没有被唤醒时才显示;当到达改变SYNC时期,即轮询功能关闭期间时,所有的显示器将能够在正确的时间减少SYNC时期,并在完 Through the network, asking competitors prices and automatically adjust the display information next to the merchandise store, and real-time display those competitor prices, emphasizing the store available in the most advantageous price; according to "sell cut-off date" is automatically updated neighboring goods price information on the display module; special supply of display by the display module; display detailed product information by the display module; temperature monitoring using a temperature sensor connected to the display module, the display module so that customer through other day freezer or cooler the highest temperature assured, the display module comprises a temperature sensor, the temperature information may be transmitted back to the communication device, the alarm failure temperature range; date displayed by the display module, thereby alerting "sales deadline" user comparing with the related product; through a display module to display time, hours and minutes can be stored and updated with each sync pulse sYNC, until the display is not awake when displayed; when reaching change sYNC period, i.e. during the polling is disabled, all displays will be able to correct SYNC period of time is reduced, and finished 成时重新提高; 具有促销颜色的显示器,其中图像自动从黑角,即正价销售转换为红角,即特供商品; 显示模块的干预检测中,显示模块包括一个干预明显传感器,可检测到未经批准地在从货架移去的显示模块上显示,该尝试显示在元件上,并通过通讯器向中央办公室通讯; 任何邻近产品目录的显示模块的显示可用于顾客返回隔间,员工用户成员使用系统输入设备确定该库存目录,来鉴定产品和远离显示位置,即架子; 三角测量法中有两个或更多的通讯器,用于确定显示模块的位置,通过计算机或显示模块向用户显示三角测量信息; 执行一个服务顾客的显示; 由显示模块向员工成员展示说明;和/或在显示模块上显示更新次数和/或显示模块电池需要更新的剩余天数。 Increased again when so; a display having a promotional color, wherein images are automatically Noire, i.e. positive valence converted sales red angle, i.e., special for the product; display tamper detection module, the display module comprises a tamper evident sensor may detect without approval from the shelf in the removal of the display module displays the attempt to display on the device, and communication to the central office through the communication device; a display module of any neighboring product catalog can be used to return the customer compartment, staff members user the input device using the system determines that the directory stock, to identify the product and location remote from the display, i.e. the rack; triangulation there are two or more communication devices, for determining the position of the display module, displayed to the user via the computer or display module triangulation information; the implementation of a customer service display; the display module to show the staff member explained; and / or display the number of updates and / or display the number of days remaining battery modules need to be updated on the display module.
27. 如权利要求26所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述向顾客指示相应的库存水平的信息包含:库存仅剩某商品,或都有库存。 27. The display system according to claim 26, wherein the indication information corresponding to the customer inventory levels comprising: a remaining stock merchandise, inventory, or both.
28. 如权利要求26所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述显示脱销通知采用:转换为显示黑底白字的"售完"。 28. The display system according to claim 26, wherein said display a notice in stock: black and white into a display of "sold."
29. 如权利要求26所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述产品信息包含:一个或多个邻近商品的成分、原产国信息、自由贸易、脂肪含量、审查意见、健康交通灯、出售截止日、使用截止日和最佳使用期。 29. The display system according to claim 26, wherein the product information includes: one or more components of neighboring goods, country of origin information, free trade, fat content, review comments, healthy traffic lights, for sale deadline, deadline and use the best use of.
30. 如权利要求29所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述审查意见为:酒类。 30. A display system as claimed in claim 29, wherein said review comments is: liquor.
31. 如权利要求26所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述具有促销颜色的显示器为红角显示器。 31. The display system as claimed in claim 26, wherein said color display having red promotional display angle.
32. 如权利要求26所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述干预明显传感器为:包括一个加速器的倾斜转换。 32. A display system as claimed in claim 26, wherein said sensor is a significant intervention: comprising converting a tilted accelerator.
33. 如权利要求26所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述顾客返回隔间为邻近的试衣间或顾客服务处。 33. A display system as claimed in claim 26, wherein said return compartment adjacent the customer or customer service at the dressing room.
34. 如权利要求26所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述系统输入设备为激光扫描仪。 34. A display system as claimed in claim 26, wherein said system input device is a laser scanner.
35. 如权利要求26所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述服务顾客的显示包含:在零售商店内形成队列。 35. A display system as claimed in claim 26, characterized in that the service customer display comprising: forming a queue in the retail store.
36. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中的显示模块包括一个触摸屏和/或开关,使用户能够在显示器上滚动看到详细信息;该显示模块包括一个以默认方式向用户展示的主要显示图像,以及一个第二图像,通过后者,用户能够审查显示模板上的滚动选项,特别是主要图像首先写入显示器,第二图像随机写入,或在固定的时间后,自动返回主要图像。 36. A display system as recited in claim 1, wherein said display system comprises a display module in a touch screen and / or switches, enabling the user to see the details of scrolling on the display; the display module comprises a in default mode mainly displays image presented to the user, and a second image, through the latter, the user can review the template scrolling options on the display, in particular, the main image is first written to the display, the second random write image, or the fixed after a time, automatically return to the main image.
37. 如权利要求36所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述固定的时间为4至10秒。 37. A display system as claimed in claim 36, characterized in that the fixed time of 4-10 seconds.
38. 如权利要求36所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述详细信息包含:商品说明、指南。 38. A display system as claimed in claim 36, wherein said detailed information includes: description of goods, guide.
39. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统还包括一个存储器, 用于存储可以显示的多个图像。 39. A display system as claimed in claim 1, wherein the display system further comprises a memory for storing a plurality of images can be displayed.
40. 如权利要求39所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统中储存的第一图像是一个产品信息图像,第二图像是空间计划图形。 40. A display system as recited in claim 39, wherein said first image display system is stored in a product information image, the second image is a pattern plan space.
41. 如权利要求39所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统包括一个库存报告模式,在所选择的期间,显示器转换到库存模式,空间设计图像加载到显示模块,取代产品信息。 41. The display system according to claim 39, wherein said display system comprises a stock reporting mode, the selected period, the display mode is switched to inventory, space design image onto the display module, substituted products .
42. 如权利要求41所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述所选择的期间为商店停止营业期间。 42. A display system as recited in claim 41, wherein, during said selected period for the store stopped operating.
43. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的显示系统用于医疗环境中,显示剩余的一个或多个医院床位;在职的医药信息;已知地点和要求地点;即将手术的时间、 地点和医生姓名;用药频率和掺杂级;ID号,手术设备和药物储备。 43. A display system as recited in claim 1, wherein the display system is used in a medical environment, to display the remaining one or more of hospital beds; medical information service; known location and location requirements; will time of the operation, the location and name of the doctor; doping level and frequency of dosage; ID number, surgical equipment and drug reserves.
44. 如权利要求43所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述的ID号包含婴儿床的ID号。 44. A display system as claimed in claim 43, wherein said cot comprising ID number ID number.
45. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,用于军事环境下的显示系统可传送命令和控制信息到本机命令,本机命令可在200m的半径范围内向员工发送编码的命令导图。 45. The display system according to claim 1, characterized in that the system for displaying the environment military command and control information may be transmitted to the native commands, commands to send native commands encoded within a radius of 200m employees maps.
46. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,用于仓库中的显示系统可用于显示地点、存货水平、本机指令,贯穿仓库的库存条目。 46. ​​A display system as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that the display system can be used for a warehouse location, inventory levels, the native instructions throughout the warehouse inventory entries.
47. 如权利要求46所述的显示系统,其特征在于,所述本机指令包含:订单、地址。 47. The display system according to claim 46, wherein said native instructions comprising: order address.
48. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,用于饭店中的显示系统中,在每个手动传输无线显示模块上显示饭店编号,顾客能够使用显示订单编号的显示模块,通过顾客选择所选桌子的购买条目,来指令该处的服务员根据相关指令工作。 48. A display system as recited in claim 1, wherein, in the hotel system for displaying, the display at each manual transmission wireless display module hotel number, customer order number can be displayed using the display module, the customer choose to buy the selected entry of the table, where the staff to work in accordance with the instruction related instructions.
49. 用于零售商店的产品展示处显示信息的显示模块,其特征在于,该显示模块能够与远程操作的通讯器通讯,从而向显示模块传输显示信息,首先以低功耗模式显示信息,然而定期以较高功耗的模式,以预定的方式与通讯器通讯,从而获得更新的显示信息,该显示模块进一步在通讯器间的第一和第二操作模式之间进行转换,使得显示模块的整体功耗较低; 所述通讯器采用一个处理器,其传输一个两组分信号(70),包括一个同步组分(74), 其中包含与显示模块(18)同步通信的信息,以及一个数据组分(76),其中包括更新显示模块(18)显示信息, 其中,同步组分(74)包括两个或多个同步数据包(82),其中包括同步数据包(82)位置的相关数据,从而使显示模块(18)确定切换到更高功耗模式同步化的精确度,接收来自通讯器(12)的传输,基于两个或多个 49. The display of the products for retail store display module information, wherein the display module is capable of communication with a remote communication operation, thereby to display information to the display module to transmit first information displayed in low power mode, however, a higher power mode periodically, in a predetermined way communication communicator, to thereby obtain updated display information, the display module further converts between the first and second modes of operation between communications device, such that the display module overall low power consumption; said communication employs a processor that transmits a two-component signal (70), comprising a synchronization component (74), wherein the synchronization information comprises communicating with the display module (18), and a data component (76), wherein updating a display comprises a module (18) to display information, wherein the synchronization component (74) comprises two or more synchronization packets (82), which includes a synchronization packet (82) position data, so that the display module (18) determines switching to higher accuracy power mode synchronization, receive transmissions from a communication unit (12), based on two or more 同步数据包(82)中的一个与两个或多个同步数据包(82)中的另一个之间位置的补偿,以及, 所述显示模块(18)通过基于所述补偿确定显示模块(18)的时刻漂移,来自动纠正与通讯器(12)通讯的同步性。 A synchronization data packet (82) with two or more synchronization packets (82) in a position between the other compensation, and the display module (18) determines that the display module (18 based on the compensation by ) moments drift to automatically correct the communicator (12) of the synchronous communications.
50. 如权利要求49所述的显示模块,其特征在于,所述的显示模块可与权利要求1中的系统整合。 50. The display module according to claim 49, wherein, the display module can be integrated in the system as claimed in claim 1.
51. 如权利要求1所述的显示系统,其特征在于,该系统中使用的多个显示模块包括显示通讯模块(57)和两个或多个物理连接的显示元件(54'),其中显示通讯模块可无限接收一个或多个显示元件的显示数据。 51. The display system according to claim 1, wherein the plurality of display modules used in the system comprises a display communication module (57) and a display element two or more physical connections (54 '), wherein the display unlimited communication module may receive one or a plurality of display elements of display data.
52. 显示系统(10),其特征在于,该系统包括一个通讯器(12)和多个远程显示模块(18),该通讯器(12)可用于传输显示信息(76)到每个远程显示模块(18),其中每个模块以低功耗的模式显示信息,同时定期以高功耗的模式与通讯器(12)通讯,已获得更新的显示信息(76),每个远程显示模块(12)可自动在高功耗和低功耗操作模式间转换,在通讯器间使显示模块(18)的整体功耗较低,其中每个远程显示模块(18)可自动纠正与通讯器(12) 通讯的同步化; 所述通讯器采用一个处理器,其传输一个两组分信号(70),包括一个同步组分(74), 其中包含与显示模块(18)同步通信的信息,以及一个数据组分(76),其中包括更新显示模块(18)显示信息, 其中,同步组分(74)包括两个或多个同步数据包(82),其中包括同步数据包(82)位置的相关数据,从而使显示模块(1 52. A display system (10), characterized in that the system comprises a communicator (12) and a plurality of remote display modules (18), the communication unit (12) for transmitting display information (76) to each remote display module (18), wherein each module is displayed in low-power mode information, and periodically to a high power mode and a communicator (12) communications, has received the display information (76) is updated, each of the remote display modules ( lower 12) automatically between high power and low power operating mode switch, the display device between the communication module (18) overall power consumption, wherein each of the remote display modules (18) automatically corrects the Communicator ( 12) synchronized communication; said communication employs a processor that transmits a two-component signal (70), comprising a synchronization component (74), wherein the synchronization information comprises communicating with the display module (18), and a data component (76), wherein updating a display comprises a module (18) to display information, wherein the synchronization component (74) comprises two or more synchronization packets (82), which includes a synchronization packet (82) position data, so that the display module (1 8)确定切换到更高功耗模式同步化的精确度,接收来自通讯器(12)的传输,基于两个或多个同步数据包(82)中的一个与两个或多个同步数据包(82)中的另一个之间位置的补偿,以及, 所述显示模块(18)通过基于所述补偿确定显示模块(18)的时刻漂移,来自动纠正与通讯器(12)通讯的同步性。 8) determines switching to the higher power mode synchronization accuracy, receives transmissions from communications unit (12), based on two or more synchronization packets (82) in a two or more synchronization packets compensation position between the other (82) of, and the display module (18) by determining the display module (18) time drift, and to automatically correct the communication device based on the compensation synchronism (12) of the communication .
53. 如权利要求52所述的显示系统(10),其特征在于,所述的显示系统(10)中的同步化组件(74)包括两个或更多的同步化数据包(82),其中每个同步化数据包(82)包括其在同步化组件(74)传输中的位置相关数据,从而使显示模块(18)能够确定向高功耗转换同步化的精确性,以接受来自通讯器(12)的传输数据。 53. The display system as recited in claim 52 (10), characterized in that said display system (10) synchronized assembly (74) comprises two or more synchronization packets (82), wherein each of the synchronization packet (82) including its associated position data (74) synchronized transmission assembly, such that the display module (18) to the high-power converter capable of determining synchronization accuracy to receive communications from data transmission device (12).
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