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The present invention relates to a system for producing mechanical energy from electrical energy. The system has a source of electrical current (24, 26); a boiler device (30) for producing hot vapor from an electrically-conductive liquid (94) directly from the electrical current, the boiler device comprising at least two electrodes (90) that are electrically coupled to the source of electrical current (24, 26) and boil the liquid (94) into a vapor (92) by passing the current between the electrodes (90) through the liquid (94); and an engine (50) that produces mechanical energy from the hot vapor (92).


用于由电能产生机械能的系统 A system for generating electrical energy from mechanical energy

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及发动机动力领域,明确说,涉及介电蒸汽混合发动机系统。 [0001] The present invention relates to the field of power of the engine, specifically, to a dielectric steam hybrid engine system. 背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 能够满足和甚至超过现代机动车性能要求的蒸汽发动机至少从20世纪20年代中期和20世纪30年代早期,Abner Doble开展了对用于操作几种机动车蒸汽发动机的机构(锅炉、鼓风机、活塞、齿轮、阀、等等)的改革时就已经知道。 [0002] at least meet and even exceed the mid 1920s and early 1930s, Abner Doble performance requirements of modern motor vehicles steam engines carried out on several means for operating the steam engine of the motor vehicle (boiler blower when reform pistons, gears, valves, etc.) are already known. 他还在20世纪50年代早期的几年研制了“Paxton Phoenix Project”蒸汽赛车,该蒸汽赛车由McCulIochMotors Corporation(当今以链锯等而闻名)开发。 He also developed a few years earlier "Paxton Phoenix Project" steam car in the 1950s, the steam car (at today's known for chain saws, etc.) developed by the McCulIochMotors Corporation. 然而,在ftx)jectPhoenix(也使用汽油作为其燃料源)中强调的是生产高性能赛车,该高性能赛车可超过现有内燃机设计;做功涉及比20世纪30年代的汽车高得多的发动机压力和温度,甚至比生产当今一般使用的车辆所必需的大得多。 However, in ftx) jectPhoenix (also uses gasoline as its fuel source) is highlighted in the production of high-performance car, the car may be a high-performance over existing engine design; relates work vehicle 20 is much higher than 1930's engine pressure and temperature, even more than today's vehicle production is generally necessary to use much larger.

[0003] Blau的美国专利6,379,962描述了一种蒸汽发动机,其中,蒸汽由高频无线电波能量和机动车辆的电池电气驱动系统产生。 [0003] Blau U.S. Patent No. 6,379,962 describes a steam engine, wherein the steam generated by the battery electric drive system and the high-frequency radio wave energy of the motor vehicle. 它描述到,机动车辆驱动系统部分地包括:蒸汽发动机、非燃烧高频无线电波生成装置,主要是来自磁力仪的无线电微波,用于加热水以产生供给所述蒸汽发动机的蒸汽;电源装置,用于将电力提供给所述非燃烧高频无线电波加热装置;及另外的电气发动机驱动装置,在由所述蒸汽发动机推进之前,为所述机动车辆提供初始推进。 It is described that, in part, a motor vehicle drive system comprising: a steam engine, a high-frequency radio wave non-combustion generating means mainly from microwave radio magnetometer for heating water to generate steam supplied to the steam engine; power supply device, It means for providing power to the non-burning high-frequency radio wave heating device; and a further electric motor drive means by said steam prior to advancing engine, to provide an initial propulsion of the motor vehicle. Blau提出的方法在其启动与它可将足够的“工作蒸汽”提供给蒸汽发动机的点之间具有显著的时间滞后,因此它要求补充电动机的使用以填补这些间隙。 Blau proposed method has a significant time lag between the point at which it can be sufficient to start the "working steam" supplied to the steam engine, it requires the use of supplemental motor to fill these gaps.

[0004] Fasanello 的美国专利申请公布2003/0230446A1 和2004/006M99A1 描述了一种电气-蒸汽推进系统。 [0004] Fasanello US Patent Application Publication 2003 / 0230446A1 and 2004 / 006M99A1 describes an electric - steam propulsion system. Fasanello采用他称作“闪蒸”型加热元件锅炉的用于煮沸液体的装置。 Fasanello using he called "flash" type boiler heating element means for boiling a liquid. Fasanello描述的“闪蒸”型锅炉包括盘绕管系统,并且具有固有限制和危害,这些固有限制和危害不是本发明的限制。 "Flash" boiler Fasanello described herein includes coiled tubing system, and has inherent limitations and hazards, these limitations are not inherent limitations and hazards of the present invention. 例如,这些“闪蒸”型锅炉完全依赖于电阻加热元件的使用, 这些电阻加热元件必须利用在比希望蒸汽温度显著高的温度下的热传递表面,这是不希望的。 For example, "flash" boiler completely dependent on the resistance heating element, which resistance heating elements must be used in higher than desired hot steam temperature at a temperature significantly higher transfer surface, which is not desirable. 这样的单元的效率取决于热传递效率,热传递效率又高度取决于热传递表面,并且随着水流增大而急剧减小,这又要求大量电力以继续加热过程。 Efficiency of such a cell depends on the heat transfer efficiency, heat transfer efficiency and highly dependent on the heat transfer surface and decreases rapidly as the flow increases, which in turn requires a lot of power to continue the heating process. 随着增加的使用,由于水闪蒸成蒸汽,矿物质被留下并且按烧固“水垢”的形式沉积在热的热传递表面上。 With the increasing use of flash to steam because the water, and minerals is left in the form of baked "scale" is deposited on the heat transfer surface of the heat. 这些沉积物进一步降低热传递效率。 These deposits further reduce the heat transfer efficiency.

[0005] 发动机专家已长期地认识到,蒸汽发动机比汽油发动机简单,并且在性能特性方面在机动车中是优越的,这些性能特性包括:离开静止位置的巨大按需转矩、低得多的发动机转速、少得多的热、几乎没有噪声、高巡航速度、在低速下的较大功率和牵引力、快速和平稳的加速(这免除了对于齿轮或传动装置的需要)、少得多的运动零件、简单得多的设计、 较便宜的材料、及不严格得多的公差。 [0005] engine experts have long recognized that the steam engine is simpler than a gasoline engine, and is in a motor vehicle in superior performance characteristics, these performance features include: a huge demand torque of a resting position, much lower engine speed, much less heat, little noise, high cruising speed, higher power at low speed and traction, rapid and smooth acceleration (which eliminates the need for gears or gearing), much less movement parts, much simpler design, less expensive materials, and far less stringent tolerances. 然而,即使当在20世纪50年代进行较多努力以复兴和发展蒸汽动力赛车时,蒸汽汽车发动机设计(它们毫无疑问是一流的)简单地不能克服与它们的复杂汽油燃烧器和锅炉相关的基本问题。 However, even when carried out many efforts in the 1950s to the revival and development of steam power when racing, automotive steam engine design (which no doubt is superb) simply can not overcome the complexities associated with their petrol burner and boiler fundamental issue. 在过去90年期间,蒸汽汽车发动机设计的底线一直是:它们仍然需要汽油向它们的高温火焰燃烧器供给动力,并且在使它们现代化时的每次尝试都以锅炉机构为基础。 During the past 90 years, the steam automobile engine design has been the bottom line is: they still need gasoline to power their high-temperature flame to the burner, and make every attempt to modernize their institutions are based in a boiler.

[0006] 相应地,需要这样的系统,在这些系统中,可使既不使用汽油也不使用其它化石燃料的蒸汽发动机更加实用、可负担和高效,以用于向诸如汽车和卡车的现代车辆供给动力, 以及用于目前由内燃机进行的其它用途。 [0006] Accordingly, a need for a system, in these systems, can neither petrol nor other fossil fuels steam engines more practical, affordable and efficient, such as for cars and trucks to modern vehicles power supply, and other uses currently used by the engine.


[0007] 相应地,本发明提供这样的系统,通过这些系统,蒸汽发动机的优越特性(该蒸汽发动机被现代材料、制造技术、及其间几年的发动机革新更新)可按能量高效和实用方式利用和使用,以用于向诸如汽车和卡车的现代车辆供给动力。 [0007] Accordingly, the present invention provides such a system, the superior properties of these systems, the steam engine (the steam engine is updated range of modern materials, manufacturing techniques, and the engine a few years) can be energy efficient and practical manner using and using, for the modern vehicles such as powered cars and trucks. 通过将电源切换到可充电电池并用电气蒸汽发生器替换旧式燃烧器和锅炉手段(该电气蒸汽发生器煮沸介电液体以产生蒸汽并维持工作蒸汽储量),同时保持蒸汽发动机的简单性、原始动力及高性能,本发明提供所述优点的唯一组合,以提供一种实用和高效的介电-蒸汽混合发动机。 By switching the power to the rechargeable battery and replace the old burner and boiler by means of an electrical steam generator (electric steam generator to boil the dielectric liquid to produce steam and the steam reserve sustain operation), while maintaining the simplicity of the steam engine, the original power and high-performance, the present invention provides a unique combination of advantages, to provide a practical and efficient dielectric - steam hybrid engine.

[0008] 本发明涉及一种新颖和非显而易见的设计,该设计组合三种根本不同技术的元件,以便产生一种具有优于较早机动车蒸汽发动机设计的改进性能的介电-蒸汽混合发动机。 [0008] The present invention relates to a novel and unobvious design that a combination of three elements fundamentally different techniques to produce an improved dielectric performance than earlier designs of the steam engine of the motor vehicle - steam hybrid engine . 本发明消除来自车辆的污染,因为它不要求化石燃料的使用,效率高,及通用性强。 The present invention eliminates pollution from the vehicle, because it does not require the use of fossil fuels, high efficiency, and versatility.

[0009] 本发明提供了对于如下在20世纪20年代和30年代早期的蒸汽汽车发展所遭遇的主要问题的解决方案:固有燃料低效和与蒸汽车辆中的“燃烧器”和“锅炉”组件两者相关的技术维护困难。 [0009] The present invention provides a solution to the main problems are as follows in the early steam car development in the 1920s and 1930s encountered: the inherent inefficiency and fuel "burners" steam vehicle and "Boiler" component both related technical and difficult to maintain. 另外,本发明提供一种介电-蒸汽混合发动机,该介电-蒸汽混合发动机相对于i^asanello描述的手段大大地改进,提供用于生成蒸汽的较安全、较清洁及较高效的装置。 Further, the present invention provides a dielectric - steam hybrid engine, the dielectric - steam hybrid engine with respect to the means described i ^ asanello greatly improved, providing a safer, cleaner and more efficient means for generating steam. 通过克服这些困难,本发明第一次使得实际使用蒸汽发动机组件来向有用的现代车辆供给动力成为可能,这些现代车辆是如汽车、运输公共汽车、重型商用卡车、及施工设备的车辆。 By overcoming these difficulties, the present invention is the use of steam for the first time that the actual power is supplied to the engine assembly useful in modern vehicles becomes possible, these modern vehicles are vehicles such as automobiles, transport buses, heavy-duty commercial trucks, and construction equipment.

[0010] 本发明的发动机设计趋向于在各种各样的不同应用中代替现有内燃机,但主要商业价值最可能是其对于机动车发动机的使用。 [0010] The engine design of the present invention tends to replace the existing internal combustion engine in a variety of different applications, but the commercial value of a most likely use for the automotive engine. 在本发明中描述的介电-蒸汽混合将允许常规汽车或卡车的大部分或全部正常性能特性被保持,而消除对于运行发动机的汽油或其它化石燃料的需要。 Dielectric described in the present invention - steam mixture will allow most or all of the normal performance characteristics of a conventional car or truck is maintained, and eliminate the need for a gasoline engine running or other fossil fuels.

[0011] 在本发明中,化石燃料的消除可通过将闭环水凝结和再循环机动车蒸汽发动机(例如,Doble型的发动机,它在20世纪20年代后期和20世纪30年代被短暂但非常成功地制造)放到由(比如,被用于向如最近修改的Toyota Prius的“插入式混合动力”供给动力的)可充电电池或电池阵列供给动力的车辆中来实现。 [0011] In the present invention, the elimination of fossil fuels can be prepared by condensation of water and recycling of the vehicle closed-loop steam engine (e.g., the Doble type engine, which is short but very successful in the late 1920s and 1930s produced) into a vehicle (for example, to be used as "plug-in hybrid" recent modifications of powered Toyota Prius) a rechargeable battery or a battery powered arrays be achieved. 也可使用开环蒸汽发动机。 It may also be used an open loop steam engine. 因此,不使用以前被用于生成蒸汽的化石燃料点火燃烧器和锅炉装置、或由Fasanello设想的“闪蒸”型加热元件锅炉(其需要通过“焦尔加热”或“欧姆加热”利用电阻煮沸水的加热元件),本发明将电流变换器(转换电池DC-AC)和电气蒸汽发生器装置插入在电池组与蒸汽发动机之间。 Thus, without the use of fossil fuels, the boiler burner and ignition means previously used to generate steam, or by the envisaged Fasanello "flash" boiler-type heating element (which is required by the "power Jai hot" or "Ohmic heating" a resistance boil water heating element), the present invention is a current transformer (conversion cells DC-AC) electrical steam generator and means interposed between the battery pack and the steam engine. 电气蒸汽发生器采用使用直接通过偶极导电液体的交流电(介电加热)的原理来快速煮沸水,以便通过在水、或能够产生工作“蒸汽状”热蒸汽的任何其它偶极分子流体中的各个分子中引起快速分子偶极转动而产生工作量的蒸汽,从而蒸汽是立刻可得到的,并且按能够维持实际蒸汽发动机的操作的方式连续地产生。 Electrical generator using direct steam to rapidly boiling water through the principle of AC dipole conductive liquid (dielectric heating), so that the water, or can have work "vaporous" any other dipole molecules in the fluid by the heating steam in the cause rotation of each molecular dipole molecules quickly workload to generate steam, the steam is thus immediately available, and can be maintained continuously generated by the actual mode of operation of the steam engine.

[0012] 介电加热由偶极转动引起。 [0012] dielectric heating caused by the rotation of the dipole. 当在电气蒸汽发生器中使用水时,必须添加电解液,因为纯水是不导电的。 When water is used in an electrical steam generator, the electrolyte must be added because the water is not electrically conductive. 分子偶极子转动发生在包含具有电极矩的极性分子的物质中,这些极性分子在电场存在的情况下通过转动将它们本身对齐。 Molecular dipole rotation occurs in the electrode material comprises molecules having a polar moment, these polar molecules in the presence of an electric field by rotating them to align themselves. 当由交流电引起的电场交变时,分子颠倒方向,并且进一步加速各个分子的运动。 When the electric field induced by an alternating current alternating, reverse the direction of the molecule, and further acceleration of the individual molecules. 热量通过相对于彼此转动的分子的摩擦而迅速地产生。 Rapidly heat generated by friction with respect to the rotation of the molecules each other.

[0013] 目前介电加热装置的优选例子是在本发明的方案中立即想到的装置,该装置是任何介电电极-电解质型“电气蒸汽发生器”单元,该单元基于浸没在电解质(诸如矿物盐) 已经饱和的水或其它偶极工作流体中的电极之间交变的电流,使用“介电加热”将工作流体加热到沸点,来产生蒸汽。 [0013] Preferred examples of devices are currently dielectric heating apparatus in the embodiment of the present invention is immediately conceivable, which means that any dielectric electrode - electrolyte "Electrical steam generator" unit which is immersed in an electrolyte based (such as mineral salt) alternating current between saturated aqueous working fluid or other dipolar electrodes, using the "dielectric heating" the working fluid heated to boiling temperature, to generate steam. 介电电气蒸汽发生器由车辆的可充电电池组提供的电力运行。 The dielectric steam generator electrical power supplied by the rechargeable battery pack of the vehicle operation.

[0014] 在传统燃烧器/锅炉装置被介电电极-电解质型电气蒸汽发生器淘汰的情况下, 以分子级直接产生热,所以不需要将锅炉的任何部分加热到比产生的蒸汽的温度高的温度。 [0014] In a conventional burner / boiler apparatus is a dielectric electrode - electrolyte case of the steam generator out of the electrical, thermal direct molecular level, there is no need of any part of the steam boiler is heated to a temperature higher than that produced temperature. 较低的操作温度大大地减小了水垢形成的趋势,并且消除了热冲击问题。 Lower operating temperatures greatly reduces the tendency for scale formation, and eliminates the problem of thermal shock. 它也降低了由于超热表面的存在,或由于如果水位降低而暴露加热元件所导致的爆炸或危险发生的可能性。 It also reduces the possibility of the presence of hot surfaces, or due to the risk of explosion or if the level is lowered to expose the heating element caused to occur.

[0015] 使用诸如介电电极-电解质型“电气蒸汽发生器”的介电加热装置,允许本发明的介电-蒸汽混合系统解决在过去90年困扰这种否则是优良的机动车发动机概念的主要设计和效率问题。 [0015] Using such a dielectric electrode - electrolyte "Electrical steam generator" dielectric heating apparatus, the present invention allows the dielectric - excellent automotive engine concept to solve the problems of this system is mixed with steam in the past 90 years otherwise The main design and efficiency.

[0016] 在本发明的优选实施例中使用的电气蒸汽发生器具有几种固有特性,这些特性改进锅炉安全性、效率、及对于车辆蒸汽发动机的适用性。 [0016] Electric steam generator used in the embodiment preferably has several inherent characteristics of the present invention, these characteristics improve the boiler safety, efficiency, and applicability of the steam engine of the vehicle.

[0017] 其中之一,对于任何给定电压的蒸汽输出与浸没在水中的电极部分之间的电流流动成比例。 One [0017] For the steam output current between any given voltage to the electrode partially immersed in the water is proportional to the flow. 所以,如果水位升高,使得被水覆盖的电极增大为两倍,则该瞬时所产生的蒸汽量也将加倍。 So, if the water level rises, so that the electrode is covered by water is increased twice, the amount of the steam instantaneously generated will be doubled.

[0018] 并且,ESG是完全的水-和-蒸汽处置压力容器系统,该压力容器系统不仅产生蒸汽,还在安全备用储备情形下容纳该蒸汽,直到蒸汽发动机需要它(在其它较旧的机动车发动机设计中,这种功能由叫做“热井”的分离设备件执行)。 [0018] and, the ESG is complete water - and - Disposal steam pressure vessel system, the pressure vessel system not only to generate steam, the steam accommodating the safety backup storage case also, the steam engine until it is needed (in other older machine motor car engine designs, such functions are performed by separate pieces of equipment called "hot well"). ESG实现该功能是因为其压力容器包含两个内部腔室(一个腔室嵌套在另一个内部,但底部敞开),被称作“生成腔室” 和“调节腔室”。 ESG implement this function because it is a pressure vessel comprising two internal chambers (one chamber is nested inside another, but open at the bottom), it is referred to as "generation chamber" and "regulating chamber." 通过一系列阀、管、量表、电气传感器及继电器开关,ESG自动地平衡所生成的蒸汽量和进给到电极的水量,并且保持平衡的情形,正如它不断地适应在输出侧对于蒸汽的需要的增加和减小。 Through a series of valves, pipes, gauges, sensors and electrical relay switch, the amount of steam generated automatically balance the ESG and the water fed to the electrodes, and the balance of the case, as indicated by its output side adapted for steam the need to increase and decrease. 因而,ESG自动地维持恒定的自调节蒸汽压力、稳定的温度、以及到单元的自动平衡的电气输入。 Thus, the ESG automatically self-adjusting to maintain a constant steam pressure, temperature stability, and electrical input to the automatic balancing unit.

[0019] 由于ESG内的相对较低的温度,在ESG中,水垢形成比在电阻闪蒸锅炉中发生的可能性要小得多,这些电阻闪蒸锅炉具有极高温度的内部表面。 [0019] Due to the relatively low temperature in the ESG, in the ESG, the possibility of scale formation than in the resistor is much smaller in the flash boiler, the boiler having an interior surface resistivity flash very high temperatures. ESG没有比水或蒸汽本身更热的部分。 ESG is no hotter than the part of the water or steam itself.

[0020] 在闪蒸锅炉,如Fasanello使用的闪蒸锅炉中,水垢的快速形成大大地降低了热传递效率,并因而降低了采用这种装置来生成用于蒸汽发动机的蒸汽的系统的效率。 [0020] In the flash boiler, such as a flash boiler Fasanello in use, rapid scale formation significantly reduces the heat transfer efficiency, and thus reducing the efficiency of the use of such an apparatus to generate steam for the steam system of the engine. 相反, 在ESG中,即使当有限量的水垢最终形成的电极末端上时,它也既不导致锅炉效率的损失, 也不对人员或设备呈现危险。 In contrast, in the ESG, even when the electrode has a limited amount of scale formed in the final end of the time, it also results in a loss of boiler efficiency is neither nor dangerous to personnel or equipment present. 与在闪蒸锅炉中发现的烧固水垢不同,在ESG中形成的这种水垢可以在定期维护期间用金属丝刷从电极末端迅速和容易地除去。 And baked in the flash boiler scale found different, such scale may be formed in the ESG from the electrode tip quickly and easily removed with a wire brush during routine maintenance.

[0021 ] 而且,在ESG中,如果电极末端(从单元的顶部朝水向下下去,水从底部向上填充) 由于某种原因由水位的突然降低而暴露,那么电极之间的电流不再能通过。 [0021] Further, in the ESG, if the electrode terminal (slave unit continues toward the top of the water down, water is filled from the bottom up) is exposed for some reason by the sudden drop in water level, the current between the electrodes can no longer by. 因此,不发生低水位损害。 Therefore, low water damage does not occur. [0022] ESG比其它锅炉类型冷却和重新启动得快,减小了维护停机时间。 [0022] ESG cooling than other boiler types and restarted quickly, reducing maintenance downtime.

[0023] ESG比其它锅炉类型简单,并且使所需控制和安全装置的数量最小。 [0023] ESG simpler than other types of boilers, and the required minimum number of control and safety devices.

[0024] 因为没有像在闪蒸锅炉中那样,在将热传递到水以产生另外的蒸汽时有延迟,所以ESG对于突然负载变化反应迅速。 [0024] Because no like that, when the heat transfer to the water to generate additional steam boiler there is a delay in the flash, the ESG sudden load changes for rapid response.

[0025] 关于ESG,没有可能的“冷水”冲击危险,而如果水位下降到某最小点以下,则常规燃料燃烧锅炉和浸没电阻加热元件型的电气闪蒸锅炉经受具有潜在灾难性结果的失效。 [0025] For the ESG, not possible "cold" shock hazard, and if the water level drops to a minimum point, the conventional fuel combustion boiler and the immersion type electrical resistance heating element is subjected to flash boiler having a potentially catastrophic failure results. 在ESG中没有不安全的水位,如果由于任何原因水供给中断,使压力容器中的水下降到正常液位以下,则电极末端将被完全暴露。 Not the ESG unsafe level, if for any reason the water supply is cut off, the pressure reduced to normal underwater vessel below the liquid level of the electrode tip is fully exposed. 一旦该情况发生,电流将停止在电极之间流动,并且将不产生蒸汽,所以危险的温度爬升不能发生。 Once this occurs, a current flows between the electrodes is stopped, and the steam is not generated, there is no risk of temperature climb not occur.

[0026] 在ESG中,基本上百分之百的电能被转换成热。 [0026] In the ESG, substantially one hundred percent of the electrical energy is converted into heat. 没有排气烟道,没有火焰,没有烟炱,没有污染,没有加热元件烧毁,及没有能量用于处置燃料或空气。 No exhaust stack, no flame, no soot, no pollution, no heating element is burned, and no energy is used to handle fuel or air. 热仅按两种方式失去: 通过热辐射,或有意吹出蒸汽以供使用。 Only the loss of heat in two ways: by heat radiation, blowing steam or intended for use.

[0027] 与!^仰1^110详细说明的闪蒸型锅炉不同,ESG被设计成是固有地自调节的,并且具有几个冗余安全特征,以保证对于水或蒸汽压力的突然变化(或甚至压力容器本身的灾难性破坏)导致电力、表面加热、及蒸汽生成的立即切断。 [0027] and! ^ ^ 110 1 Yang flash boiler different detailed description, the ESG is designed to be inherently self-regulating, and having several redundant safety features to ensure that the water or steam for a sudden change of pressure ( or even catastrophic failure of the pressure vessel itself) power leads, surface heating, and steam generation is cut off immediately.

[0028] 尽管本发明具有大量潜在用途,但想到的是,本发明的最显著优点在于,消除了车辆发动机对于汽油或任何其它液体燃料的需要。 [0028] Although the present invention has a number of potential uses, it is contemplated that the most significant advantage of the invention is to eliminate the need for a gasoline engine vehicle or any other liquid fuel. 在现有地理政治、经济及环境条件下,减小或消除对于用于动力和运输的化石燃料的依赖性的价值是不可估量的。 Under the current geopolitical, economic and environmental conditions, to reduce or eliminate the dependence of the value of fossil fuels for power and transport are immeasurable.

[0029] 在本发明中元件的唯一组合产生一种没有任何内部燃烧的介电-蒸汽混合发动机系统,并且消除了对化石燃料的需要,所述化石燃料用于驱动使用内燃机的汽车或其它车辆系统。 [0029] The unique combination of elements in the present invention without any dielectric produce an internal combustion - steam hybrid engine system, and eliminates the need for fossil fuels, the use of fossil fuels for an internal combustion engine driving an automobile or other vehicle system. 因此,它也消除了与所有化石燃料内燃机相关联的一氧化碳毒害的致命威胁。 Therefore, it also eliminates the threat of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning associated with all fossil-fuel internal combustion engine.

[0030] 本发明的ESG或其它蒸汽发生器可由任何电能源供给动力,诸如由车载电池、岸用电力充电(例如,如在通过w驟.CalCars. org可得到的“Prius Plus”中使用的过夜充电) 及新开发的电力生成技术(例如:在汽车或卡车顶部上的太阳能电池)的组合供给动力。 [0030] ESG or other steam generator of the present invention may be powered by any source of electrical energy, such as a vehicle battery charged by the electric power, the land (e.g., as in step .CalCars by w. Org available in "Prius Plus" using overnight charging) of the power generation and the development of new techniques (e.g.: on top of the car or truck solar cell) powered combinations. 使用本发明系统的车辆也可以装有蓄能器装置,以回收另外的机械能并且再生地将其进给回电池,一种对于机动车工程技术领域的技术人员容易得到的方案,并且目前这样的装置可安装在现有汽油-电气混合车辆设计中。 Vehicle using the inventive system may also be provided with the accumulator apparatus, to recover additional mechanical energy to be regenerated and fed back to the battery A vehicle for engineering technical field art readily available programs, and such current device may be mounted in an existing gas - electric hybrid vehicle design. 由于汽油和化石燃料的高价格和有限供给,目前存在对于这样的新动力生成技术的发展的重大激励,并且本系统足够通用以致适应多种这样的技术的使用,只要它们能够运行诸如这里描述的介电蒸汽发生器的介电加热装置。 Because of the high price and limited supply of fossil fuels and gasoline, there is now a major incentive for the development of technology to generate such new dynamic, and versatile enough that the system accommodate a variety of use of such technology, as long as they can be run as described herein dielectric heating means of the dielectric steam generator.

[0031] 本发明允许相对轻和小的发动机系统代替与内燃相关联的比较大和重的发动机、 传动及排气系统。 Invention allows a relatively small and relatively large light and heavy engine, transmission and the exhaust system [0031] The present system is replaced with an internal combustion engine associated. 它也在小封装中提供巨大量的转矩。 It also provides a great amount of the small package torque. 这些因素用于推翻当前设计范例, 当前设计范例倾向于越来越小的车辆,以便利用“可替换燃料”源。 These factors for the overthrow of the current design paradigm, the current design paradigm tend to smaller and smaller vehicles, in order to take advantage of "alternative fuel" source. 即使世界上的汽车正在变得越来越小,应清楚,当给定机会时,公众一致地表现出对于较大车辆(大型汽车、SUV、 及轻型客货两用车)的强烈偏好。 Even if the car world is becoming smaller and smaller, it should be clear that, when given the opportunity, consistent public demonstration for larger vehicles (large car, SUV, van and light) is a strong preference. 这种公众偏好在最近几十年已经招来环境保护运动方的大量批评,但研究表明,较大汽车是较安全的汽车,并且当车辆变得较小时,发生不成比例的伤亡量。 This public preferences in recent decades has attracted a lot of criticism of movement of the environmental protection, but studies have shown that the larger car is a safer car, and when the vehicle becomes smaller, the amount of casualties disproportionate. 汽车越小,当碰撞发生时,乘员越可能残废或死亡。 The smaller the car, when a collision occurs, the more likely the crew disability or death. 本发明的介电-蒸汽混合发动机系统使得有可能再次建造具有真实希望的道路动力特性的大型汽车、SUV、及卡车,而不必担心损害紧邻的环境。 The dielectric of the invention - the steam hybrid engine system makes it possible to build dynamic characteristics of a road with a real hope of once again a large car, SUV, and truck, without having to worry about damage to the immediate environment. 本发明将促进在驾驶员和乘客空间以及行李和货物容量方面的全尺寸车辆的回归。 The invention will facilitate the return of full-size driver and passenger vehicles and cargo space and luggage capacity of. [0032] 本发明因而提供极为通用的技术,并且通过简单地增加蒸汽发动机汽缸的数量和/或尺寸,和/或电气蒸汽发生器的数量和/或尺寸,并且/或者增大电气输入的容量,例如通过增大电池、电容器、燃料电池、其它电气输入源的数量或尺寸,该技术可从小型发动机扩大规模,小型发动机是如可能用于向推式割草机或清雪机、机动车辆,直到卡车、拖运车、 施工车辆、草坪用拖拉机、公共汽车、摩托车和小型摩托车、农用机械、铲车、工业和采矿设备、军用车辆、以及甚至到列车机车、轻轨自动车、船舶等供给动力的那些发动机。 [0032] The present invention thus provides a very versatile technology, and by simply increasing the number of cylinders of the steam engine and / or size and / or number and / or size of the electrical steam generator, and / or increase the capacity of electrical input , for example by increasing the battery, a capacitor, a fuel cell, the number or size other electrical input source, the technology can scale up from small engines, as may be used in small engine is to push the lawn mower or snow blowers, motor vehicle until the trucks, haulage trucks, construction vehicles, lawn tractors, buses, motorcycles and scooters, farm machinery, forklifts, industrial and mining equipment, military vehicles, and even to train locomotives, automatic light rail vehicles, ships those and other engine powered. 电气输入可包括新开发的技术,如某些实施例中的太阳能电力,特别是对于具有大表面面积(这些表面面积使它们自己被太阳能电池覆盖)的那些车辆,如大型卡车、火车、船舶、及一些类型的有人驾驶或无人驾驶飞行器,如靶机或飞船。 Electrical input may include the development of new technologies, such as solar power certain embodiments, particularly for having a large surface area (surface area of ​​which lend themselves to be covered with solar cells) of those vehicles, such as large trucks, trains, ships, and some types of manned or unmanned aircraft, or drones, such as spacecraft.

[0033] 除消除在车辆中使用内燃机的需要之外,本发明也允许从车辆中消除许多汽油关联系统中的一些或全部,诸如点火、计时系统、汽化器、冷却系统、离合器、变速器、消声器及催化式转换器。 [0033] In addition to eliminate the need to use an internal combustion engine in a vehicle outside, the present invention also allows for the elimination of some or all of the many gasoline associated system of the vehicle, such as ignition timing system, the evaporator, the cooling system, clutch, transmission, muffler and catalytic converters. 因而,对于这些高成本和复杂系统的制造和修理的需要将大大地减少或消除。 Thus, the need for manufacture and repair cost and complexity of these systems will be greatly reduced or eliminated.

[0034] 而且,由于机动车蒸汽发动机以比内燃机低得多的RPM操作-甚至在高达120mph 的速度下操作,所以由本发明的介电-蒸汽混合发动机系统供给动力的车辆更容易设计, 因为将大大地减小或消除振动缓冲、噪声减少、及热烟雾的潜在问题。 [0034] Further, since the steam engine of the motor vehicle at a much lower RPM than the engine operation - even operate at speeds up to 120mph, so that a dielectric of the present invention - the steam hybrid engine system powered vehicle easier to design, since the greatly reduce or eliminate vibration damping, noise reduction, and potential problems of hot smoke. 因为操作蒸汽发动机所需的较低RPM,本发明可能减少操作对于发动机的磨损,并因此延长车辆和发动机两者的使用寿命。 Because the operation of the steam engine required lower RPM, the present invention is possible to reduce the wear on the engine operation, and thus extend the life of the vehicle and both the engine.

[0035] 除使用本发明生产斩新车辆之外,想到的是,本发明可用于改装目前使用内燃机的许多现有车辆和各种用途的多种其它系统。 [0035] In addition to using the present invention for producing cut new vehicle, it is contemplated that the present invention may be adapted for a variety of other systems currently used in many existing vehicles and internal combustion engines for various uses. 本发明的介电-蒸汽混合发动机系统足够小,从而它可容纳在许多现有车辆的车体和底盘内。 The dielectric of the present invention - the steam hybrid engine system is small enough so that it may be housed within many existing vehicle body and chassis of the vehicle. 这样的改装进行相对简单,并且这样的改装过程可使用本领域的技术人员容易得到的工具、方法及知识进行。 Such a relatively simple modification, and such modified tools may be used during this art readily available in the art, methods and knowledge. 为了进行这样的改装,人们将除去内燃系统、燃料箱等等,并且安装具有其唯一驱动机构的蒸汽发动机、运行它的介电蒸汽发生器、以及运行介电蒸汽发生器必需的电气系统和/或电池组。 To perform such a modification, it will remove the combustion system, the fuel tank and the like, and is mounted with a steam engine of its unique drive mechanism, run dielectric steam generator, steam generator and run the necessary dielectric and the electrical system / or battery. 在某些情况下,车辆的底盘和/或车体的改变可能必需适应不同的改装系统。 In some cases, and / or the chassis of the vehicle body changes may be necessary to accommodate different retrofit system. 同样,进行这样的改变的方法、工具及知识对于本领域的技术人员是容易得到的。 Similarly, the method for such changes, tools and knowledge of those skilled in the art are readily available.

[0036] 本发明的一个另外清楚的优点是,蒸汽发动机,诸如Doble型蒸汽发动机,十分小、简单、相对轻量、且极耐用(已知Doble发动机可维持几十万英里,常常仅具有正常发动机维护)。 [0036] A further advantage of the invention is clear that the steam engine, the steam engine, such as a type Doble, is very small, simple, relatively lightweight, and very durable (Doble known engine may be maintained several hundred thousand miles and often having only normal engine maintenance). 在本发明中使用的技术和材料可被适应使得本发明的发动机可以能够在相对标准的设施或制造厂,如在目前由汽车制造商运营的那些制造厂中,以相对适度的改变和修改制造。 Techniques and materials used in the present invention may be adapted such that the engine according to the present invention may be capable of relatively standard or manufacturing facilities, such as those present by the automobile manufacturer manufacturing operations in order to relatively modest changes and modifications manufacturing .

[0037] 相应地,目前有可能生产具有重大耐用性的汽车,并且这添加了使用基本模块式元件生产本发明的发动机的能力,这些模块式元件可被回收加工、换出、并且从车辆到车辆移动。 [0037] Accordingly, it is now possible to produce significant durability car, and this adds the ability to use the basic modular element production engine of the present invention, these modular elements can be recovered processing, swapped out, and from the vehicle to the vehicle is moving. 关于基本是独立元件的、在某些情况下具有大约随身携带的手提箱尺寸的蒸汽发动机,保持现有发动机并且每数年升级发动机或车辆车体和/或内部要容易和便宜得多。 About substantially independent element, having a size of about carry suitcase of the steam engine in some cases, maintaining and upgrading existing engines every few years engine or vehicle body and / or to the interior much easier and cheaper.

[0038] 相应地,本发明在允许发动机、车体及其它元件的重新使用和再循环方面,可以提供显著的经济和生态优点,而不是当前做法,即,更换整个车辆,常常最终导致当一个或另一个仍然可使用时,整个车体和/或发动机突然被发送到废料场。 [0038] Accordingly, the present invention allows to reuse and recycle the engine, body and other elements, can provide significant economic and ecological advantages, rather than the current practice, i.e., replacement of the entire vehicle, as often resulting in a or the other can still be used when the entire body and / or the engine suddenly being transmitted to the scrap yard.

[0039] 在其中正在更换内燃机的某些应用中,本发明可应用于其中动力输入与正在使用的电源直接连接的系统,如在工厂地板上运行某件设备的蒸汽-电气混合电动机。 [0039] In certain applications in which the internal combustion engine being replaced, the present invention is applicable to systems in which the power supply input being connected directly used, such as steam to run a piece of equipment on the plant floor - Hybrid electric motor. 相应地, 本发明可用在非车辆应用中,如向工厂和工业设备或相关压缩空气或液压动力系统提供机械转矩。 Accordingly, the present invention can be used in non-vehicular applications, such as providing a mechanical torque to the plant or industrial equipment and associated compressed air or hydraulic power system.

[0040] 本发明表征了用于由电能产生机械能的系统,该系统包括:电流源;锅炉装置,用于直接通过电流从导电液体产生热蒸汽,锅炉装置包括至少两个电极,这至少两个电极电气耦接到电流源,并且通过使电极之间的电流通过液体而将液体煮沸成蒸汽;以及发动机, 它从热蒸汽产生机械能。 [0040] The present invention features a system for generating electrical energy from mechanical energy, the system comprising: a current source; means a boiler for generating steam from the heat conductive liquid directly by the current, the boiler device comprising at least two electrodes, the at least two an electrode electrically coupled to a current source, and by passing a current between the electrodes through the liquid to boil the liquid into a vapor; and an engine that produces mechanical energy from the hot vapor.

[0041] 发动机优选地从锅炉装置吸入热蒸汽,并且以较低温度排放蒸汽。 [0041] The engine is preferably sucked from the boiler apparatus hot steam, and a lower temperature of the exhaust steam. 发动机可以是蒸汽发动机。 The engine may be steam engine. 蒸汽发动机可以用于向车辆供给动力。 It may be used to power the steam engine to the vehicle. 车辆可以是汽车或卡车。 The vehicle may be a car or truck. 系统可以进一步包括蓄能器系统,该蓄能器系统回收来自车辆的机械能。 The system may further comprise energy storage system, the energy storage system recovered from the mechanical energy of the vehicle. 该系统可以是可使用内燃机的类型的装置的一部分。 The system may be part of a device type of the internal combustion engine may be used. 系统可以进一步包括再循环冷凝器,该再循环冷凝器吸入已经由发动机排出的较低温度蒸汽,将蒸汽冷凝成液体,并存储液体,所以它可返回到锅炉装置。 The system may further comprise recycling a condenser, the lower temperature condenser, the suction of the recycle steam has been discharged from the engine, steam is condensed to a liquid, and storing the liquid, so that it can be returned to the boiler device.

[0042] 导电液体可以限定电解质导体。 [0042] The conductive liquid electrolyte can define a conductor. 电解质导体可以包括含电解质的水。 Electrolyte containing an electrolyte conductor may comprise water. 导电液体可以包括偶极分子。 The conductive liquid may include dipolar molecules. 电流源可以包括电力存储系统。 The current source may include a power storage system. 电流源还可以进一步包括用于从存储电力产生交变电流(AC)的装置。 The current source may further comprise means for alternating current (AC) power generated from the storage. 电力存储系统可以包括一个或多个可充电电池和电容器。 The power storage system may include one or more rechargeable batteries and capacitors. 电流源可以提供交变电流(AC)。 Current source may provide alternating current (AC).

[0043] 发明的系统可以进一步包括从蒸汽或发动机回收能量的系统;该系统可以发电。 [0043] The system of the invention may further comprise an energy recovery system from the vapor or the engine; the system can generate electricity. 发明的系统可以进一步包括用于将蒸汽加热到较高温度的次级加热器。 The system of the invention may further comprise a steam heated to a higher temperature of the secondary heater. 次级加热器可以是电气操作的。 The secondary heater may be electrically operated.

[0044] 系统可以进一步包括用于将润滑剂添加到热蒸汽中的系统,在该情况下,系统可以进一步包括用于将润滑剂从发动机排出的蒸汽中除去的系统。 [0044] The system may further comprise means for adding lubricant to the hot steam, in which case the system may further comprise a system for removing lubricant from the vapor discharged from the engine. 系统可以进一步包括用于保持被供给到锅炉装置的液体的储箱。 The system may further comprise a holding means is supplied to the boiler of the liquid tank. 系统可以进一步包括用于在热蒸汽被供给到发动机之前保持热蒸汽的热井。 The system may further include a thermal steam prior to being supplied to the engine to maintain hot well hot steam. 系统可以进一步包括液体加热器,该液体加热器包括运送液体的管路或管子,该管路或管子暴露于热蒸汽。 The system may further include a fluid heater, the heater comprising a fluid conveying pipe or pipes of the liquid, the pipe or tube exposed to the hot steam.

[0045] 还表征了用于使用电能向车辆供给动力的系统,该系统包括:一个或多个可充电电池或电容器,用于存储电力;用于从存储的电力产生交变电流(AC)以实现交流源的装置;导电液体,包括含电解质的水;锅炉装置,用于直接通过AC从导电液体产生热蒸汽,锅炉装置包括至少两个电极,所述至少两个电极电气耦接到交流源,并且通过使电极之间的电流通过液体,将液体煮沸成蒸汽;以及蒸汽发动机,它从热蒸汽产生机械能,其中,发动机吸入来自锅炉装置的热蒸汽,并且以较低温度排出蒸汽,其中,蒸汽发动机用于向车辆供给动力。 [0045] The further characterization system for a vehicle using electrical energy to the power supply, the system comprising: one or more rechargeable batteries or capacitors for storing power; means for generating an alternating current (AC) from the stored power to means to achieve the alternating current source; electrically conductive liquid comprising water containing an electrolyte; boiler arrangement, for producing an electrically conductive liquid directly from the AC hot steam, the boiler comprising at least two electrodes, at least two electrodes electrically coupled to alternating current source and by passing a current between the electrodes through the liquid, the liquid to boil into a vapor; and a steam engine that produces mechanical energy from the hot vapor, wherein the engine intake hot vapor from the boiler device and at a lower temperature of the exhaust steam, wherein for supplying power to the steam engine of the vehicle.

[0046] 进一步表征了使用电能向车辆供给动力的系统,该系统包括:一个或多个可充电电池或电容器,用于存储电力;用于从存储电力产生交变电流(AC)以实现交流源的装置; 导电液体,包括含电解质的水;锅炉装置,用于直接通过AC从导电液体产生热蒸汽,锅炉装置包括至少两个电极,所述至少两个电极电气耦接到交流源上,并且通过使电极之间的电流通过液体将液体煮沸成蒸汽;蒸汽发动机,它从热蒸汽产生机械能,其中,发动机吸入来自锅炉装置的热蒸汽,并以较低温度排出蒸汽,其中,蒸汽发动机用于向车辆供给动力;再循环冷凝器,吸入发动机已经排出的较低温度蒸汽,将蒸汽冷凝成液体,并存储液体,使得它可返回到锅炉装置;蓄能器系统,从车辆回收机械能;以及从蒸汽或发动机回收能量的系统。 [0046] Further characterization of the vehicle using electrical energy to the powered system, the system comprising: one or more rechargeable batteries or capacitors for storing power; means for generating an alternating current (AC) power from a storage source to effect exchange means; conductive liquid comprising water containing an electrolyte; boiler arrangement, for producing an electrically conductive liquid directly from the AC hot steam, the boiler comprising at least two electrodes, at least two electrodes electrically coupled to the alternating current source, and by passing a current between the electrodes through the liquid to boil the liquid into a vapor; steam engine that produces mechanical energy from the hot vapor, wherein the engine intake hot vapor from the boiler device and at a lower temperature of the exhaust steam, wherein the steam engine for supplying power to a vehicle; recycle condenser, low suction temperature of the steam has been discharged from the engine, the vapor is condensed into a liquid, and storing the liquid, so that it can be returned to the boiler means; energy storage system, recovering mechanical energy from the vehicle; and the steam engine or energy recovery system. 附图说明 BRIEF DESCRIPTION

[0047] 对于本领域的技术人员,从本发明的某些优选实施例的如下描述及附图,将想到其它目的、特征及优点,在这些附图中: [0047] those skilled in the art, the following description and from the accompanying drawings of certain preferred embodiments of the present invention, will occur to other objects, features and advantages, in the drawings:

[0048] 图1是本发明的混合电气-蒸汽发动机系统的实施例的简化版本的示意图; [0048] FIG. 1 is a hybrid electric present invention - a schematic view of a simplified version of the embodiment of the steam engine system;

[0049] 图2是本发明的混合电气-蒸汽发动机系统的可替换实施例的更详细示意图;以及 [0049] FIG. 2 is a hybrid electric present invention - the steam engine system more detailed schematic diagram of an alternative embodiment of the embodiment; and

[0050] 图3A和;3B是用于本发明某些实施例的电气蒸汽发生器的简化示意剖视图。 [0050] and FIGS. 3A; 3B are a simplified electrical steam generator used in some embodiments of the present invention is a schematic cross-sectional view. 具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0051 ] 如以上描述的那样,在较早类型的蒸汽-动力汽车中,蒸汽由如汽油-动力文丘利(Venturi)燃烧器的化石燃料装置产生。 [0051] As described above, in the earlier types of steam - powered vehicle, such as a gasoline vapor - fossil fuel assembly power generating Venturi (Venturi) burner. 文丘利燃烧器将火焰正好吹到盘旋管型锅炉上,在该盘旋管型锅炉中,循环水立即转化成蒸汽,以向蒸汽发动机供给动力。 Venturi burner flame is blown exactly the spiral tube boiler, in which the spiral tube boiler circulating water is immediately converted to steam, steam is supplied to the engine power. 蒸汽发动机将热能转换成机械能,以提供动力来推进汽车。 Steam engine converts thermal energy into mechanical energy to provide power to propel the car. 从蒸汽发动机的活塞汽缸排出的蒸汽在水箱中被冷凝和收集,以便返回到锅炉重新使用。 Steam discharged from the steam engine piston cylinder is condensed and collected in the water tank, to return to the boiler for reuse.

[0052] 在本发明的优选实施例中,初始动力由电气装置,诸如岸用电源和/或太阳能提供,并且用于向可充电电池和/或电容器阵列充电。 [0052] In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the initial power, such as shore power supply and / or solar energy provided by the electrical means, and for charging a rechargeable battery and / or capacitor array. 存储的直流电力通过变换器供给,该变换器将存储的直流电力转移成交流电流,以便向诸如介电蒸汽发生器的介电加热装置供给电力。 DC power is supplied by the storage converter which transfers the stored DC power to alternating current in order to heat a dielectric such as a dielectric steam generator means supplied with electric power. 介电蒸汽发生器提供热加压蒸汽以向蒸汽发动机供给动力,该蒸汽发动机又产生推进汽车的机械动力。 The dielectric steam generator to provide pressurized steam to heat the steam engine in turn generates mechanical power to propel the automobile engine powered steam. 剩余的机械能可用于为电气装置提供一些再生动力,并且/或者可以存储在可选的机械能蓄能器中并且以后使用。 The remaining mechanical energy may be used to provide some regenerative power of the electrical device, and / or may be stored in alternative mechanical energy accumulator and later use. 来自蒸汽发动机的蒸汽被冷凝,然后或者作为水收集在保持箱中以返回到介电蒸汽发生器重新使用,或者立即用管路引回蒸汽发生 Steam from the steam engine is condensed and then collected as the water or in the holding tank to return to the re-use of the dielectric steam generator, or a steam conduit leads back immediately occur

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[0053] 在某些实施例中,本发明包括电气-蒸汽混合发动机系统,该电气-蒸汽混合发动机系统包括电气加热装置,该电气加热装置包括浸没在含电解质的流体中的两个或更多个电极,并且电流在电极之间通过。 [0053] In certain embodiments, the present invention comprises an electrical - steam hybrid engine system, the electric - steam hybrid engine system comprises an electrical heating means, the electric heating means comprises a fluid immersed in the electrolyte containing two or more of electrodes, and a current between the electrodes. 电流快速地煮沸流体以产生蒸汽。 Current rapid boiling fluid to produce steam.

[0054] 电源提供初始能量,该初始能量用于提供用于运行本发明的介电-蒸汽混合发动机的动力。 [0054] The initial energy power supply, energy for the initial operation of the present invention to provide a dielectric is used - the power of the steam hybrid engine. 本发明中使用的电源可以包括任何已知系统,该系统能够生成和/或存储足够的电力,以将初始能量提供给蒸汽发生器。 Power supply in the present invention may include any known system which is capable of generating and / or storing sufficient power to provide the initial energy to the steam generator. 因而,可以使用一个或多个电池、电容器、燃料电池、飞轮、发电机、悬空电线、岸用电源连接、太阳能电池或其它系统,包括以上的组合,只要电源能够提供操作在本发明中使用的蒸汽发生器的足够能量。 Accordingly, it is possible to use one or more batteries, capacitors, fuel cell, a flywheel generator, dangling wires, connected to the shore power, a solar cell or other system, including combinations of the above, as long as the operating power can be provided for use in the present invention sufficient energy to the steam generator. 另外,电源可以包括任何直接输入,如AC或DC电气连接,或其它产生源。 Further, the power source may comprise any direct input, such as an AC or DC electrical connections, or other generating source. 在蒸汽发生器已经开始操作之后,由发动机本身或离开发动机的蒸汽生成的能量、或从运动车辆捕获的机械能,可以用于部分地维持蒸汽发生器的操作,以向电力存储源再充电、和/或运行辅助系统。 After the steam generator has started operation, generated by the engine itself or the steam exiting the engine power, or the movement of the vehicle from the captured mechanical energy, it may be used to partially maintain the operation of the steam generator to re-charge the power storage source, and / or operation of auxiliary systems. 并且,可以存储由发动机产生的多余能量。 And it may store excess energy produced by the engine. 目前想到的是,可充电电池提供了将动力供给到本发明中的蒸汽发生器的最好模式。 Currently contemplated that a rechargeable battery to provide the best mode of the power supplied to the steam generator of the present invention.

[0055] 本发明进一步包括用于介电地产生工作蒸汽的外部动力装置或系统。 [0055] The present invention further comprises a dielectric for generating an external power device or system working steam. 优选地,装置被供给电力。 Preferably, the device is supplied with electric power. 在优选实施例中,装置通过激励水分子(或包括偶极分子的另一种工作流体)来产生蒸汽,以立即产生并连续地维持足以向蒸汽-利用发动机供给动力的工作蒸汽。 Embodiment, steam is generated by energizing means water molecules (or another molecule including dipolar working fluid) in the preferred embodiment, to produce immediate and sufficient to continuously maintain the steam - operating steam powered by the engine. 用于本发明的介电装置优选地包括电极-电解质电气蒸汽发生器。 The dielectric means preferably used in the present invention includes an electrode - electrolyte electric steam generator. 在某些优选实施例中, 介电装置将快速地加热水或其它流体,以产生蒸汽。 In certain preferred embodiments, the dielectric heating apparatus will rapidly water or other fluids, to generate steam. 本发明的介电装置必须能够快速产生足够的蒸汽,以向蒸汽-利用发动机供给动力。 The dielectric device of the present invention must be able to quickly generate sufficient steam to the steam - powered by the engine.

[0056] 优选介电装置的例子包括电气蒸汽发生器,如由密歇根州的Electric Steam Generator Corporation of Buchanan 制造的那些电气蒸汽发生器,如ESG Automatic Balance SPEEDYLECTRIC™。 [0056] Preferred examples of the dielectric steam generator comprises an electrical apparatus, such as manufactured by Michigan Electric Steam Generator Corporation of Buchanan those electrical steam generators, such as ESG Automatic Balance SPEEDYLECTRIC ™. (见例如www, esgcorp. com)。 (See for example www, esgcorp. Com).

[0057] 在某些优选实施例中,电源,如电池或电容器,可以定位成使得它或它们可以容易地除去并且用新充电电池或电容器替换。 [0057] In certain preferred embodiments, the power source, such as a battery or capacitor, may be positioned such that it or they can be easily removed and replaced with a new rechargeable battery or capacitor. 在这些优选实施例中,将有用的是,汽车装有备用电源,如辅助电池或电容器,该备用电源可在运输时随汽车携带,如人们可能保持备用轮胎或汽油桶那样。 In these preferred embodiments, it would be useful, car has an auxiliary power source such as a capacitor or the secondary battery, the backup power supply can be carried with car transport, such as a spare tire, or it may remain as barrels of gasoline. 在这样的优选实施例中,介电装置或蒸汽-利用发动机可以装有可用于向备用电源再充电的闭环电路。 In such a preferred embodiment, dielectric or steam means - by the engine may be equipped with closed circuit may be used to recharge the backup power supply.

[0058] 在本发明中有用的蒸汽-利用发动机可以包括任何发动机,该发动机能够由蒸汽或另一种热蒸汽供给动力。 [0058] The present invention is useful in the vapor - by the engine may include any engine which can be steam or another thermal powered by steam. 蒸汽发动机是显著通用和有力的,并且可按宽范围的尺寸和布置生产,包括往复和涡轮构造。 Steam engines are significantly common and powerful, and can be a wide range of dimensions and arrangement of production, and a turbine including a reciprocating configuration. 已经用于向汽车和车辆供给动力的蒸汽发动机的一些例子在书籍Oldtime Steam Cars, John Bentley, Arco Handi-BooksPublishing/Fawcett Publications, Inc.,纽约(1953)中被进一步描述。 Some examples have been used to the steam engine powered automotive vehicle and in a book Oldtime Steam Cars, John Bentley, Arco Handi-BooksPublishing / Fawcett Publications, Inc., New York, are further described in (1953). 该出版物的公开内容通过引用而并入本文。 The disclosure of which publication is incorporated herein by reference.

[0059] 在1894年,波士顿的M^hen Roper完成了一种正常尺寸的自行车,该自行车具有测量尺寸仅为16X6X6英寸的150psi蒸汽发动机,该蒸汽发动机按60mph推进自行车。 [0059] In 1894, Boston M ^ hen Roper completed a normal size of the bicycle, the bicycle having a size of only 150psi steam engine measurement 16X6X6 inch, the steam engine according to propel the bicycle 60mph. 几家公司成功地制造出基于蒸汽运行的城市公共汽车,包括在1拟6年生产了对座公共汽车的BakerMotors of Cleveland,该公共汽车重7,800磅,并且使用五缸旋转蒸汽发动机, 该发动机在l,600rpm下产生90马力,并且在失速负载下发出1,800英尺-磅的转矩。 Several companies successfully produced steam operation based on a city bus, including in the production of a 6 1 intended to seat bus BakerMotors of Cleveland, 7,800 pounds of weight to the bus, and the use of five-cylinder rotary steam engine, the 90 horsepower engine produces l, 600rpm under 1,800 feet and issues a stall load - lbs of torque. 它具有600psi的工作蒸汽压力和50mph的最大速度。 It has a 600psi working steam pressure and maximum speed of 50mph.

[0060] ^t 1928 ip, Curran Steam Commercial Vehicle Company ^/^7^ίΗί^^ΐ» 该试验卡车使用在eoopsi下工作的三缸水平单流蒸汽发动机,该蒸汽发动机将Ii吨负载拖拉到纽约外的山上。 [0060] ^ t 1928 ip, Curran Steam Commercial Vehicle Company ^ / ^ 7 ^ ίΗί ^^ ΐ »The test trucks triplex single horizontal flow steam engine working under eoopsi, the steam engine to drag the load Ii ton New York the mountains outside. 然而,他们没能够得到足够的生产资金。 However, they were not able to get enough production funds.

[0061] 1926年,Convertible Doble具有四缸、双作用、复合、水平发动机,该发动机具有两个高压缸(二又八分之五英寸乘五英寸)和两个低压缸(四又二分之一英寸乘五英寸), 具有3,490cc的排量,在937rpm下发出120hp。 [0061] In 1926, Convertible Doble having a four-cylinder, double-acting, compound, level of the engine, the engine having two high pressure cylinders (two and five-eighths inches by five inches) and two low-pressure cylinders (four and one-half one inches by five inches), has a displacement of 3,490cc, 120hp at 937rpm at issue. 锅炉中的工作压力是710psi,并且这使重4,256磅的汽车以60mph,仅以900rpm沿道路前进。 Boiler operating pressure is 710psi, and this makes heavy 4,256-pound car to 60mph, only 900rpm along the road ahead. 发动机直接用齿轮连接到后轴上,并且最大速度超过95mph。 The engine is directly connected to the gear on the shaft, and the maximum speed of more than 95mph. 当时,评论者关于1拟6年的Doble写到,“如果全部机械操作道路运输可由某种没有启动噪声,没有轰鸣的发动机,没有齿轮箱的原动机(如这种蒸汽发动机) 驱动,并且可几乎没有声音的开走,则对于城市生活将是多大的恩惠,并且我们的城市将会多么舒适! ”,他们补充到,“这种蒸汽汽车的低发动机速度免于磨损并使得维护容易,这是重大的优点。” At the time, commentators on Doble 1 proposed six years wrote, "If all the mechanical operation of road transport by some kind of noise does not start, no roar of the engine, the gearbox is not the prime mover (such as the steam engine) driven, and may be almost no sound away, then for urban life will be much grace, and how our city will be comfortable! ", they added," this low engine speed steam car from wear and makes maintenance easy, It is a major advantage. "

[0062] Doble 蒸汽发动机本身在The Model Engineer and PracticalElectrician, 1930 年2月6日,第123-127页中被更详细地描述;该出版物的公开内容通过引用并入本文。 [0062] Doble steam engine itself The Model Engineer and PracticalElectrician, 1930 2 years 6, pp. 123-127 are described in greater detail; the disclosure of which publication is incorporated herein by reference.

[0063] 蒸汽发动机优于内燃机的优点包括如下:没有保持蒸汽发动机运行需要的最小怠速,只要水保持加热(当今借助于现代隔热技术和材料应该是更容易的事情)即可。 Advantage of [0063] superior to the steam engine of an internal combustion engine comprising: a steam engine idle not maintain the minimum required for the operation, as long as the water kept heated (by means of today's modern insulation techniques and materials it should be easier to do) to.

[0064] 当蒸汽汽车停止时,发动机变为零rpm,但保持全转矩(在Doble的情况下超过一千英尺磅),该全转矩当驾驶员准备再次行驶时(甚至在数小时以后)是立刻可得到的。 When the [0064] When the steam car is stopped, the engine becomes zero rpm, but keep the full torque (more than one thousand feet of pounds in the case of Doble), the full torque when the driver is ready to drive again (even after hours ) is immediately available.

[0065] 此外,转矩按增大速度的平稳模拟流输送到轴,或者减少或者完全消除对变速器、 自动装置或其它装置的需要;使换档和磨损齿轮作废。 [0065] Further, according to the torque increase simulation speed steady stream to the shaft, or to reduce or completely eliminate the need for transmission, an automatic device, or other device; and the shift gear wear abolished.

[0066] 蒸汽发动机是真正可逆的。 [0066] steam engine is truly reversible. 它们可如向前那样良好地全速后退,仅取决于蒸汽被引导到活塞的哪个端部中,因而它们不需要任何类型的复杂离合机构。 They may as well as astern forward, depending on the steam is directed only to which the end of the piston, so that they do not require any type of complex clutch mechanism.

[0067] 蒸汽发动机安静。 [0067] The steam engine quieter. 尽管普通的印象是排放蒸汽的噪声蒸汽火车,但使其蒸汽通过冷凝器循环的汽车在它们的发动机上不要求任何消声器或隔板,因为基本上最初不产生噪声。 Although the general impression is venting steam steam train noise, but it steam circulating through the condenser does not require any silencer automobiles or their engine separator as initially substantially no noise is generated.

[0068] 如“Old Time Steam Cars”的作者John Bentley所指出的,内燃机的热效率可以达到百分之三十五,而蒸汽发动机的热效率高达到百分之九十。 [0068] as "Old Time Steam Cars" author John Bentley pointed out, the engine thermal efficiency can reach 35 percent and the high thermal efficiency of the steam engine than 90 percent. 这意味着,每加仑汽油中只有小部分在推进内燃机动力汽车时做一些实际功;该加仑汽油的大部分被转化成无用热, 这又使得复杂和消耗功率的冷却系统是必要的,以便防止过热。 This means that a gallon of gasoline in only a small part of the advance made in the internal combustion engine powered cars practical work; most of the gallon of gasoline is converted into useless heat, which in turn makes the cooling system complexity and power consumption are necessary in order to prevent overheat.

[0069] 另外,即使多缸汽油发动机的低速转矩(牵引动力)也是非常低效的;并且因为这个原因,有必要先发展滑动齿轮和同步啮合变速器,然后,通过“改进”来发展各种昂贵、复杂且沉重的转矩变换器,这些转矩变换器在情况需要时,通过将速度转化成能量(反之亦然)来(在一定程度上)弥补这种缺点。 [0069] Further, even when the multi-cylinder gasoline engine speed torque (traction force) is very inefficient; and for this reason, it is necessary to develop the sliding gear and the synchromesh transmission, and then, through the "improvement" to the development of various expensive, complex and heavy torque converter, the torque converter case when required, by converting velocity energy into (or vice versa) to make up for this drawback (to some extent).

[0070] 相反,具有少于四十个运动零件的两缸、双作用蒸汽发动机提供与堆满大量混乱机件的八缸内燃机一样多的功率脉动每曲轴转;并且蒸汽发动机既不需要离合器,也不需要任何类型的转矩变换器。 [0070] Conversely, with less than forty two moving parts cylinder, double-acting steam engines filled with as many eight-cylinder internal combustion engine inordinate mechanical power pulsations per revolution of the crankshaft; neither the steam engine and the clutch, It does not require any type of torque converter. 它可用齿轮直接连接到汽车或车辆的轴上。 It can be directly connected to a gear shaft of a car or vehicle.

[0071] 在评估当今汽车的效率时(特别是提到赛车或跑车时),通常想到两个高度希望的标准。 (Especially mention racing or sports car) [0071] In assessing the efficiency of today's vehicles, typically think of two highly desirable standard. 第一个是300bhp每吨重量的魔力数据(用非超动力的发动机),并且这用内燃机很难实现。 The first is a magic 300bhp per ton weight data (with a non-supercharged engine), and this is difficult to achieve with the internal combustion engine. 第二个是IOObhp每升(61立方英寸)排量的输出,至今未由任何正常吸气的内燃机实现。 The second output IOObhp per liter (61 cubic inches) displacement, has not implemented by any of a normally aspirated engine.

[0072] 借助于适当设计的蒸汽发动机,这些目标都不会呈现任何困难;的确,在1906年, Fred Marriot的Florida Stanley Racer,在127. 66mph下创造新世界记录的所谓的“怪胎”,非常接近这些理想值。 [0072] by means of appropriate design of the steam engine, these goals will not present any difficulty; indeed, in 1906, Fred Marriot in Florida Stanley Racer, a new world record in the 127. 66mph under the so-called "freak" these values ​​are very close to the ideal. 它对于小于2,200磅的重量和206立方英寸的排量产生250bhp。 It produces 250bhp weight and 206 cubic inch displacement of less than 2,200 pounds. 这是在几乎一个世纪以前,并且蒸汽动力汽车不需要多个汽缸、顶置凸轮轴、驱动齿轮系、 多个汽化器或错综复杂的点火系统。 This is almost a century ago, and steam-powered cars do not need more cylinders, overhead camshaft, drive gear train, the more intricate the carburetor or ignition system.

[0073] 相对于日常驾车需要,如加速、灵活性、速度、可靠性、运行经济性、安静或维护/ 维修成本,现代蒸汽汽车在实际上任何条件下可胜过常规内燃机汽车。 [0073] with respect to the daily driving needs, such as acceleration, agility, speed, reliability, operational economy and quiet or maintenance / repair costs, modern steam car in any condition can actually be better than the conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. 此外,借助于高效的生产方法,由根据本发明的介电-蒸汽混合发动机系统供给动力的汽车,可按比平均汽油动力汽车的价格显著低的价格批量制造和销售。 Further, by means of efficient production method of a dielectric according to the present invention - hybrid system steam powered automobile engine, can significantly lower price than the price of mass production and sale of gasoline-powered cars average.

[0074] 在优选实施例中使用的本发明的其它可选元件 [0074] Other optional components of the present invention used in the preferred embodiment

[0075] 如这里进一步讨论的那样,对于本发明的元件,特别是对于电源和对于蒸汽-利用发动机,有大量可用设计。 [0075] As further discussed herein above, for the device of the present invention, particularly for steam supply and for - using the engine, with a large number of available designs. 本发明想到,许多这些设计可以按新颖和创造性的方式与本发明的介电蒸汽源系统组合,以便提供本发明的介电-蒸汽混合发动机系统的多个不同形式,这些不同形式的介电-蒸汽混合发动机系统可用于向包括新设计汽车及改装汽车的大量工具、车辆及系统供给动力,该改装汽车以前使用依靠液体燃料运行的内燃机。 The present invention contemplates, many of these designs may be novel and inventive manner by the combination of the dielectric steam supply system of the present invention to provide a dielectric of the present invention - a plurality of different forms of steam hybrid engine system, the different forms of dielectric - steam hybrid engine system may include a number of tools to be used, the system is powered vehicles and new vehicle design automobiles and modification, the modified car rely on previously used liquid fuel internal combustion engine is running. 在下面更详细地描述许多可选元件中的一些元件。 Some elements in the number of optional elements described in more detail below.

[0076] 冷凝器和/或冷凝装置:在大多数优选实施例中,本发明将进一步包括冷凝装置, 如蒸汽冷凝器,以在蒸汽向发动机供给动力并冷却之后利用蒸汽,从而流体可被重新使用。 [0076] condenser and / or a condensing means: In the most preferred embodiment, the present invention further comprises a condensing means, such as a steam condenser, and after cooling to the engine to supply power using steam in the steam, so that the fluid can be re- use. 从1918年起,所有的Doble蒸汽发动机设计都具有再循环蒸汽冷凝器,因此所使用的术语"Doble型”发动机可以包括冷凝装置作为在本发明的优选实施例中呈现的可选元件。 From 1918 onwards, all engine designs have Doble steam recycle steam condenser, so the term is used, "Doble type" engine may include a condensing means as an optional element in the preferred embodiment of the present embodiment of the present invention. 冷凝装置也可以包括隔热,作为用于保持发动机热并将其保持在蒸汽循环中的方法(关于某些早期发动机设计,隔热可能无效,或者关于文丘利气体燃烧器,它无重点地过于起作用)。 Condensing means may include heat, as a heat engine and a method of holding in a steam cycle (with respect to certain early engine designs, heat may be ineffective, or on a gas burner Venturi holding it without too focused kick in). 然而,借助现代材料,隔热装置可以在贯穿系统循环的几个点处有效地使用,并且促使本发明的系统更高效。 However, with modern materials, thermal insulation means can be effectively used at several points throughout the circulation system, and causes the system according to the present invention is more efficient.

[0077] 用于蒸汽生成的含电解质介质:在优选实施例中,本发明可以包括一个或多个容器或腔室,这些容器或腔室包含用于蒸汽生成的水和/或其它流体。 [0077] for generating steam-containing electrolyte medium: In a preferred embodiment, the present invention may comprise one or more containers or chambers, these chambers or containers containing water for steam generation and / or other fluids and. 在某些优选实施例中, 可以使用包括含电解质介质,特别是含电解质流体的一个或多个单个腔室。 In certain preferred embodiments, the electrolyte-containing medium may be used include, in particular one or more single chamber containing the electrolyte fluid. 在这样的单个腔室实施例中,含电解质流体将在腔室内被介电地激励,使得至少一些流体将迅速和连续地被转化成蒸汽。 In such embodiments, a single chamber, the electrolyte containing a dielectric fluid will be energized in the chamber, such that at least some of the fluid will be continuously and rapidly converted to steam. 蒸汽将为蒸汽发动机的操作提供能量。 Operating steam for the steam engine to provide energy. 在优选实施例中,蒸汽将被冷凝并且返回,以便在腔室内重新使用。 In a preferred embodiment, the steam is condensed and returned for reuse in the chamber. 在其它优选实施例中,腔室可以被连续地供给新流体, 以代替作为蒸汽损失的任何流体。 In other preferred embodiments, the chamber may be continuously fed fresh fluid to replace any fluid lost as steam. 在这样的实施例中,优选的是,监视电解质水平,并且通过添加含有或不含有电解质的流体来维持这样的水平。 In such an embodiment, it is preferred that the electrolyte level monitor, and with or without the addition of electrolyte fluid to maintain that level. 在其它实施例中,除了作为含电解质介质的流体之外,或代替它,含电解质介质可以包括非液体,诸如粘性胶,气体及固体,悬浮液,和液体、气体和固体介质的混合物。 In other embodiments, in addition to the fluid as the electrolyte-containing medium, or in place of it, the electrolyte-containing medium may include non-liquid, such as a mixture of a viscous gel, gas and solids, suspensions, and liquid, gas and solid medium.

[0078] 在其它优选实施例中,将使用多个容器或腔室,这些容器或腔室包括:(a)至少一个第一容器或腔室,包含含电解质流体,该含电解质流体被介电地激励,并且将生成热或能量,该热或能量被提供给(b)至少一个第二容器或腔室,包含将被转化成蒸汽的水或其它流体。 [0078] In other preferred embodiments, the use of multiple chambers or containers, these containers or chamber comprising: (a) at least a first vessel or chamber containing the electrolyte-containing fluid is a dielectric fluid containing electrolytes excited, and the generated heat energy or the thermal energy is provided to, or (b) at least a second vessel or chamber, to be converted to contain water or other fluid vapor. 在这样的多腔室蒸汽发生器的实施例中,第一腔室将包含含电解质流体,该含电解质流体被介电地激励,并将由此变热。 In such an embodiment of the multi-chamber of the steam generator, comprising a first chamber containing an electrolyte fluid, the electrolyte-containing dielectric fluid is excited, and thereby heats. 加热的含电解质流体(或其热蒸汽)将接触流体的第二腔室的表面,该流体优选地是蒸馏水或纯水或具有较低沸点的工作溶液,如与氨水相混合的水,该流体由此将转化成提供给蒸汽发动机的蒸汽。 Heating the surface of the second chamber containing an electrolyte fluid (or hot steam) contacting the fluid, the fluid is preferably distilled or pure water or working solution having a lower boiling point, such as ammonia mixed with water, the fluid thereby converted to steam supplied to the steam engine. 典型地,蒸汽然后冷凝并且返回到第二腔室以供重新使用。 Typically, the steam is then condensed and returned to the second chamber for reuse. 在优选的多腔室实施例中,具有蒸馏水或纯水的一个或多个第二腔室可以“嵌套”在一个或多个第一腔室内,使得纯水将连续地通过第二腔室。 In a preferred embodiment of the multi-chamber embodiment having a plurality of distilled or pure water or a second chamber can "nest" in one or more of the first chamber, such that water will be continuously passed through the second chamber . 在其它实施例中,纯水的盘旋管可以穿过电解质腔室延伸。 In other embodiments, the water spiral tube may extend through the electrolyte chamber. 各种尺寸和构造的容器和腔室的多种变化和变更是可能的,并且将构成本发明的一部分。 Many variations and modifications of the container and the chamber of various sizes and configurations are possible, and which will form part of the invention.

[0079] 使用蒸汽发生器的再加热或预加热: [0079] steam generator or reheated preheating:

[0080] 在一些实施例中,可能希望的是,使蒸汽或水(或在具体系统设计中利用的任何其它工作蒸汽或化学溶液)沿一定路线到管路中,该管路将它通过介电蒸汽发生器的内部送回,以便在蒸汽或液体在发动机、辅助涡轮机、或其它交流发电机状装置中完成某种其它功能之前,升高蒸汽或液体的温度。 [0080] In some embodiments, it may be desirable that the steam or water (or utilized in any particular system design working steam or other chemical solutions) along a given route to the line, the line will be mediated by it before internal electrical steam generator back to perform certain other functions of the engine, an auxiliary turbine, alternator, or other like device in a vapor or liquid, raising the temperature of the vapor or liquid.

[0081] 在旧式蒸汽汽车中进行了类似的事情,其中,从较大汽缸排出的蒸汽在沿一定路线穿过Venturi燃烧器的红热内部的小管路中循环出来,以便在蒸汽被复合发动机布置中的下个较小汽缸使用之前,使蒸汽过热。 [0081] Cars in the old steam in a similar thing, wherein the steam discharged from the larger cylinder cycle out in a small red-hot pipe passes through the interior of the Venturi burner along a certain route, the compound engine so as to be disposed in the vapor prior to the next use of smaller cylinders, the steam superheating. [0082] 使用这种原理,通过使管路通过介电蒸汽发生器内的调节或生成腔室的蒸汽或水区域以拾取另外的热能,由整个电气-蒸汽混合发动机系统的不同级使用的蒸汽或水的温度可以在环路中的某些点处可选择性地升高。 [0082] Using this principle, by passing steam or water through the line regulator region or generated within the chamber of the dielectric steam generator in order to pick up additional heat from the entire electrical - steam used in different stages of the steam hybrid engine system or water temperature may be at some point in the loop may be selectively increased. 一个或多个管路也可盘绕或弯曲成不同的构造,这些构造允许它通过蒸汽发生器的内部内的一些或甚至所有不同区域和腔室。 One or more lines may be coiled or bent into different configurations, these configurations allow it to pass some or even all of the different regions and the interior chamber of the steam generator.

[0083] 基于所采取的具体设计实施例,这种方法也可用于预加热将要返回到可选的水保持箱、或直接返回到介电蒸汽发生器本身的内部的水。 [0083] Based on the specific design taken embodiments, this method can also be used to preheat the water to be returned to an optional holding tank, or directly back to the water inside the dielectric steam generator itself.

[0084] 辅助液压电动机和其它蓄能器:在其它优选实施例中,蒸汽发动机,代替直接连接到直接对车辆发出机械动力的驱动轴,可代替地使用其活塞加压液压流体或类似的蓄能器方案,这些方案又可采用液压电动机向实际驱动轴供给动力,或者在需要时采用发动机的其它机械输出。 [0084] motors and other auxiliary hydraulic accumulator: embodiment, the steam engine in the other preferred embodiments, instead of directly connected to the shaft is directly emitted mechanical power to the vehicle, which may be used instead of the piston or the like pressurized hydraulic fluid accumulator transducer programs, which can be a hydraulic motor and other mechanical output powered by an actual drive, or with the engine when needed. 使用像液压和压缩空气的方法向车辆的主推进装置和/或其它车载设备供给动力的这种分级蓄能器技术,对于重型车辆和施工设备制造领域的技术人员是熟知的, 并且在某些实施例中是希望的。 The method of using a hydraulic and compressed air as the primary propulsion means of the vehicle and / or other techniques such a hierarchical accumulator powered vehicle device for manufacturing of heavy construction equipment and vehicles are well known in the art, and in certain Example embodiments are desirable.

[0085] 辅助涡轮机和其它交流发电机状装置:在某些实施例中,可能希望的是,将小型电动机或涡轮机放置在生成蒸汽的点与将蒸汽变回流体冷凝器之间的蒸汽路径中,以便向辅助装置提供动力。 [0085] and the other auxiliary alternator turbine-like device: In certain embodiments, it may be desirable that the small electric motor or a turbine is placed at the point to generate steam and the steam back into the fluid path between the vapor condenser in order to provide power to the auxiliary device. 在具有小型涡轮机的旧式蒸汽汽车中是这样做的,以向给水泵提供动力, 并且运行交流发电机状装置,以向车辆的头灯和其它功能供电。 In the old car with a small steam turbine is done so as to provide power to the pump, and operates like the alternator means to supply power to the headlights of the vehicle, and other functions. 尽管可能的是,这样的功能将主要被设计成由(在本发明的实施例中想到的)车辆上的大型电池电源直接运行,但期望在一些构造中希望使用蒸汽环路中的蒸汽向这样的辅助涡轮机和其它装置供电。 While it is possible that such a function will be designed by the main (occur in the embodiment of the present invention embodiment) a large battery power on the vehicle run directly, it is desirable desirable to use steam to the steam loop so that some configurations turbine auxiliary power supply and other devices.

[0086] 尽管不是理想的,但在某些实施例中,可能优选的是,可以使用少量可燃燃料来向发动机提供另外的能量;例如,作为辅助动力产生装置。 [0086] Although not ideal, in some embodiments, it may be preferred that a small amount of combustible fuel may be used to provide additional energy to the engine; e.g., as an auxiliary power generator. 在其它实施例中,本发明可以包括一个或多个备用电气/电容系统,如备用电池,如果初始能量装置低运行,则可以使用所述系统。 In other embodiments, the present invention may comprise one or more standby electrical / capacitance system, such as battery backup, if the initial low energy device operation, the system may be used. 其它实施例可以包括用于将本发明的电气和/或介电装置附接到外部电源的装置, 如附接到AC电气插座、或诸如外部电池或发电机的DC电压源。 Other embodiments may comprise an electrical device of the present invention and / or dielectric means for attaching an external power source, such as attached to the AC electrical outlet, or a DC voltage source such as a battery or an external generator. 这些元件可以用于允许发动机的更高效或快速启动,或允许本发明的电源装置的充电。 These elements can be used to allow a more efficient or rapid engine start, or allow the charging power supply device according to the present invention.

[0087] 转到附图,图1示意地描绘本发明的混合电气-蒸汽发动机系统的实施例的简化样式。 [0087] Turning to the drawings, FIG. 1 schematically depicts a hybrid electric present invention - simplified version of an embodiment of the steam engine system. 在这个实施例中,到该混合电气-蒸汽发动机系统的主要输入是可来自现在或将来供电的任何电源20的电力。 In this embodiment, to the hybrid electric - input main steam engine system is now in the future from the power supply 20, or any of. 电源线22或类似充电装置插入到电源20中,并且电力流入电力存储阵列M中的可充电电池和/或电容器,并向其充电,并且在一些实施例中,这些电池和/或电容器可在阵列中包括已经单独充电的交换电池或电容器(如在紧急情形下或在要求电池的立即快速更换的其它情形下)。 Power line 22 or similar means is inserted into the charging power supply 20, and the power flowing into the power storage array M is a rechargeable battery and / or capacitor, and its charged, and in some embodiments, these batteries and / or capacitors may be exchange array comprising a charged battery or a capacitor alone (e.g., in an emergency situation or other circumstances in the rapid exchange of immediate requirements of the battery).

[0088] 一旦电力在车辆上,并且存储在电力存储阵列M中,它就流到变换器沈,变换器26将它(具有轻微损失)从直流变换成可由介电蒸汽发生器30使用的交流。 [0088] Upon power on the vehicle, and the power storage array M, the memory converter sink it flows, it converter 26 (with a slight loss) is converted from direct current to the steam generator 30 may be formed using a dielectric AC . 介电蒸汽发生器30通过将电流从一个浸没电极直接穿过混合有电解质(通常是矿物盐)的水发送到接收电极,来使用AC电流迅速地煮沸水。 The dielectric steam generator 30 by the current passing through the electrodes immersed directly from a mixed electrolyte (usually a mineral salt) in water to a receiving electrode, AC current is used to boil water quickly. 由于电解质的存在和水分子本身的偶极性质,在两个(或更多个)电极之间的电场使水分子按受激方式反应,该受激方式产生分子摩擦和热,直到水(或具有较低沸点的其它适当偶极工作化学溶液)煮沸成蒸汽或类似工作蒸汽的点。 Due to the presence of water and electrolytes dipolar molecule itself, in two (or more) electric field between the electrodes by the reaction of water molecules excited manner, the running mode is generated by molecular friction and heat, until the water (or other suitable dipolar working chemical solution having a lower boiling point) to the boiling point of the working steam or the like steam. 介电蒸汽发生器30也使用由变换器沈供给的AC电流,以基于型号和设计来操作其小型给水泵和任何其它辅助电气设备。 The dielectric steam generator 30 also uses the AC current supplied by the inverter sink to operate to its small electric water pump and other auxiliary equipment based on any type and design.

[0089] 一旦在介电蒸汽发生器30中被生成,工作蒸汽通过至少一个阀40用被管路弓I出,阀40响应于来自车辆70的驾驶员的节流阀输入而操作,并且也根据蒸汽压力安全性、和机动车蒸汽发动机50基于它此刻正被如何驱动的需求条件而调节。 [0089] Once generated the dielectric steam generator 30, the working vapor through the at least one valve 40 with the line I bow out, the throttle valve 40 in response to input from the driver of the vehicle 70 is operated, and also 50 based on the demand conditions on how it is being driven at the moment is adjusted according to the vapor pressure of the safety, and the steam engine of the motor vehicle. 蒸汽发动机50可以是以前、现有、及潜在设计的蒸汽发动机的任一种,这些蒸汽发动机是往复的、涡轮的、混合液压的或能够将机械运动动力直接提供给任何类型的车辆70 (特别是当前使用内燃机的那些车辆)的其它蒸汽发动机。 Before the steam engine 50 may be any one of a conventional steam engine, the design and potential, which are reciprocating steam engines, turbines, hydraulic or mixed mechanical motive power can be directly supplied to any type of vehicle 70 (particularly an internal combustion engine that is currently using the vehicle) of the other steam engine.

[0090] 不管蒸汽发动机设计是一个汽缸、十二个汽缸或根本没有汽缸,一旦发动机50中的原动机利用了热蒸汽或其它工作蒸汽,它就从管路阳排出到冷凝器单元60,冷凝器单元60完成剩余温度降低,以将它恢复成液体,该液体然后经一定路线到可选的水保持箱62, 或者直接回到介电蒸汽发生器30。 [0090] Regardless of the steam engine is a cylinder design, twelve cylinders, or no cylinders, the engine once the prime mover 50 using steam or other hot working steam, it is discharged from the condenser means to the male conduit 60, condensed unit 60 complete the remaining temperature is lowered to restore to a liquid that then after a certain route to an optional water holding tank 62 or directly back to the dielectric steam generator 30.

[0091] 也可能的是,将可选的机械蓄能器系统72添加到这个实施例中,以便回收由制动、转弯、下坡等等消耗的一些机械和惯性能量,车辆在行驶的同时消耗这些能量。 [0091] it is also possible, optional mechanical energy storage system 72 is added to this embodiment, and to recover some of the mechanical energy by the inertia brake, turning, etc. consumed downhill, the vehicle while driving these energy consumption. 存在许多不同类型的这些系统,并且每年都在发明更多这种系统,这些系统的范围从相对简单的弹簧、活塞、及飞轮到用于大型卡车的复杂计算机控制的液压和压缩空气蓄能器系统。 There are many different types of these systems, and every year in the invention, such a system more complex computer systems range from relatively simple these springs, piston, flywheel, and to control for large trucks and compressed air hydraulic accumulator system.

[0092] 图2扩展了一些选项和不同实施例,所述选项和实施例是作为该基本改进的混合电气-蒸汽手段在未来几年如何定制和扩大的例子而想到的。 [0092] FIG. 2 extend some options and different embodiments, and embodiments of the option as the hybrid electric substantially improved - means of steam how to customize and expand in the coming years and examples contemplated.

[0093] 例如,在某些实施例中,可能有利的是,当蒸汽或热化学蒸汽循环通过蒸汽发动机的各个汽缸或涡轮机部分时,向蒸汽或热化学蒸汽添加另外的过热。 [0093] For example, in certain embodiments, it may be advantageous, when the thermal chemical vapor or steam is circulated through the individual cylinders or part of the steam turbine engine, additional heat or superheated steam to the chemical vapor. 这可通过下述方式实现:在蒸汽刚初始到达发动机50之前,或者在它从各个汽缸排出时,在它到达下个汽缸或涡轮机之前的重新加热阶段中,使可用电力26中的一些经一定路线通过电动过热器56。 This may be accomplished in the following manner: Before the engine 50 in the steam just initial arrival, or when it is discharged from each cylinder, it reaches the re-heating stage before the next cylinder or turbine so that the available electricity in 26 some after a certain route 56 by an electric superheater.

[0094] 在某些实施例中,可能有利的是,使保存量的热蒸汽可用,该保存量的热蒸气可能比通常由介电蒸汽发生器30实时提供的量大。 [0094] In certain embodiments, it may be advantageous that the heat storage amount of steam available, the stored amount of the superheated vapor is greater than might normally provided in real time by the dielectric steam generator 30. 为了实现此目的,“热井” 33蒸汽箱可添加到系统,以允许建立额外的工作蒸汽以供操作节流阀40或其它发动机控制件的任何人当需要时立即使用。 To achieve this, "hot well" steam box 33 may be added to the system, to allow steam to create additional work for immediate use when operating the throttling valve 40 or any other engine control member when required. 具有这种在热井33中可用的应急蒸汽能力也可允许车辆设计人员在一些设计中使用较小的更高效的介电蒸汽发生器,而不牺牲紧急情况下的安全边际。 Having such emergency steam capacity of the heat available in the well 33 may also allow vehicle designers to reduce the more efficient the dielectric steam generator in some designs, without sacrificing the safety margin in case of emergency.

[0095] 尽管优选实施例使用饱和蒸汽以相对低的温度操作,但在某些实施例中有利的是,在较高压力和温度下操作蒸汽发动机,以获得一定功率和性能效率。 [0095] Although the preferred embodiment with saturated steam at a relatively low temperature operation, in certain advantageous embodiments, the operation of the steam engine at higher pressures and temperatures, to achieve a certain performance and power efficiency. 过了饱和蒸汽点以后,当将向工作蒸汽添加了足够的过热时,重要的是能够将润滑剂添加到蒸汽环路中,从而将必须添加润滑注入装置58,并且还将必须添加润滑储槽装置57,以便在蒸汽或蒸气重新冷凝成液体之前除去润滑剂。 After a point of saturated steam after working steam will be added when sufficient superheat, important to be able to add the lubricant to the steam loop, so that the injection means 58 have to add lubrication, and also must be added to the lubricating sump 57, in order to remove the lubricant prior to re-condensed to a liquid in a steam or vapor.

[0096] 在某些实施例中,可能希望回收在蒸汽或工作蒸汽已经从蒸汽发动机50排出并且正在其到冷凝器60的路途上之后,仍然包含在蒸汽或工作蒸汽中的大部分剩余残余能量。 [0096] In certain embodiments, it may be desirable to recover the steam has been discharged or the operating steam from the steam engine 50 and is on the way after it into the condenser 60, most of the remaining residual energy still contained in the working steam or steam . 这可通过用小型涡轮机80或抽取残余能量的类似装置截获返回的蒸汽流而实现,然后,该残余能量可立即变回成电力,并且用于向在车辆70本身上的辅助系统82供电,或者它可直接返回84到电力存储阵列。 This may be a small turbine 80, or extraction steam flow like residual energy intercepted returns achieved by, then the residual energy immediately back into electricity and for supplying power to the auxiliary systems in the vehicle 70 itself, 82, or it can be returned directly to the power storage array 84.

[0097] 图3A和;3B是剖视图,示出了介电蒸汽发生器的核心功能,为了清楚起见已经除去多个管路、阀、量表、安全装置、及加压供水泵,它们组成这些装置的实际商业版本。 [0097] and FIGS. 3A; 3B are sectional views illustrating a dielectric core functions of the steam generator, a plurality of lines for clarity, valves, gauges, safety devices have been removed, and a pressurized water feed pump, which form the the actual commercial version of the device.

[0098] 在发明的混合电气蒸汽发动机系统的优选实施例的方案中,AC电流沈被供给到电极90,电极90包含在嵌套的内部腔室91内,该嵌套内部腔室91部分地填充有混合了电解质94的再循环水62或某种类似的化学溶液,其在电场存在的情况下当电流在电极93的浸没末端之间通过并且使流体煮沸成蒸汽或蒸气92时,将直接煮沸成工作蒸汽。 [0098] In a preferred embodiment hybrid electric embodiment of the system of the steam engine to the invention, the AC current is supplied to the sink electrode 90, the electrode 90 contained within the interior chamber 91 of nested, nested inside the chamber part 91 filled with a mixture of recirculating water 62, or some similar chemical electrolyte solution 94, which when in the presence of an electric field between the immersion end of the current through the electrode 93 and the fluid vapor or boiled into steam 92, will directly boiled into steam work. 然后,该工作蒸汽包含在各个嵌套腔室92的上部部分中,直到它在节流阀40系统的需要和来自驾驶员和发动机的其它输入时用管路引出。 Then, the working steam contained in the upper portion of each nesting chamber 92, the conduit until it leads and if necessary other input from the driver 40 and the engine throttle system.

[0099] 在图IBB所示的实施例是相同的介电蒸汽发生器,该介电蒸汽发生器具有完全穿过容器的一个或多个管路99,以便允许蒸汽或液体水(或基于具体设计实施例的另一种工作流体的蒸汽)或者在继续到发动机内的某一级之前被重新加热(比如,蒸汽在它在汽缸之间通过时被循环回来并重新加热、或者排出蒸汽在它通过在图2所示的辅助涡轮机80之前被短暂地重新加热),或者作为再冷凝水或其它工作流体的预加热方法,该再冷凝水或其它工作流体返回到可选水箱62或直接到介电蒸汽发生器30本身的进口,作为再循环水或在这种系统中实施的流体环路的一部分。 [0099] In the embodiment illustrated in FIG IBB is the same as the dielectric steam generator, the steam generator having a dielectric or more containers completely through conduit 99, so as to allow water vapor or liquid (or based on a particular steam another embodiment of the working fluid designed embodiment) or to be reheated before continuing into the engine a certain (for example, steam is circulated back and reheated as it passes between the cylinders, exhaust steam in it or an auxiliary turbine shown in FIG. 2 is briefly reheated before 80), or as a condensed water pre-heating or other method and then the working fluid, which then returns the condensed water or other working fluid into the tank 62 or alternatively directly into the dielectric electric steam generator inlet 30 itself, or as a portion of the fluid recirculating water loop implemented in such systems.

[0100] 在这些实施例中的一个或多个管路99可直接延伸通过介电蒸汽发生器30的仅一个内部腔室的蒸汽或水区域,或者延伸通过内部和外部腔室两者,或者它可基于采取的重新加热要求和具体设计,比在图3B中示出的甚至更密集地穿过多个内部腔室的蒸汽和水区域两者盘绕。 [0100] In these embodiments, one or more lines 99 may extend directly steam or water only a region inside the chamber by a dielectric steam generator 30, or may extend through both the inner and outer chambers, or it can take reheated on specific design requirements and coiled than shown even more densely through both chambers of the plurality of internal steam and water areas in Figure 3B.

[0101] 根据某些优选实施例描述了本发明。 [0101] According to certain preferred embodiments of the present invention is described. 然而,通过阅读说明书和本文的描述,显而易见,本发明是非常通用的,并且本领域的技术人员将容易明白,本发明的方法和材料能够按多种方式,对于各种各样的用途而变更、适应及修改,而不会与所描述的本发明的本质不同。 However, upon reading the specification and description herein, be apparent, the present invention is very general, and those skilled in the art will readily appreciate that the methods and materials of the present invention can be in various ways, for various purposes changed , adaptation and modification without essentially different from the present invention as described. 这样的变更、适应及修改被想到,并且认为是本发明的一部分,在由附属于本发明的权利要求书所限定的本发明的范围和教导内。 Such changes and modifications are contemplated to adapt, and are considered part of the invention within the scope and teachings of the invention by the appended claims of the present invention in defined in the appended claims.

[0102] 在本说明书中提到的全部文献和全部网站由此通过引用并入本文,并且参考的文献或网站的信息将被认为是说明书的一部分,就像它在这里被完全重述那样。 Information [0102] All publications and all sites mentioned in this specification are hereby incorporated by reference herein, and with reference to the document or site will be considered part of the specification, just as it is completely restated here.

Claims (26)

1. 一种用于由电能产生机械能的系统,包括: 电流源;锅炉装置,用于直接通过电流从导电液体产生热蒸汽,所述锅炉装置包括至少两个电极,所述至少两个电极电气耦接到电流源,并且通过使电极之间的电流通过液体而将液体煮沸成蒸汽;以及发动机,由热蒸汽产生机械能。 1. A method for generating electrical energy from the mechanical energy of the system, comprising: a current source; means a boiler for generating steam from the heat conducting current directly through the liquid, the boiler comprising at least two electrodes, at least two electrodes electrically is coupled to a current source, and by passing a current between the electrodes through the liquid to boil the liquid into a vapor; and an engine, mechanical energy produced by the hot steam.
2.根据权利要求1所述的系统,其中,所述发动机从所述锅炉装置吸入热蒸汽,并且以较低温度排放蒸汽。 2. The system according to claim 1, wherein the heat engine is sucked from the steam boiler arrangement, and a relatively low temperature of the exhaust steam.
3.根据权利要求1所述的系统,其中,所述发动机是蒸汽发动机。 3. The system of claim 1, wherein said engine is a steam engine.
4.根据权利要求3所述的系统,其中,所述蒸汽发动机用于向车辆供给动力。 4. The system of claim 3, wherein said steam engine is used to power the vehicle.
5.根据权利要求4所述的系统,其中,所述车辆是汽车或卡车。 5. The system according to claim 4, wherein said vehicle is a car or truck.
6.根据权利要求4所述的系统,进一步包括蓄能器系统,所述蓄能器系统从车辆回收机械能。 6. The system as claimed in claim 4, further comprising energy storage system, the accumulator system from the vehicle recovering mechanical energy.
7.根据权利要求2所述的系统,其中,所述系统是可使用内燃机的类型的装置的一部分。 7. The system according to claim 2, wherein the system is part of an internal combustion engine of the type of device may be used.
8.根据权利要求2所述的系统,进一步包括再循环冷凝器,该再循环冷凝器吸入已经被发动机排出的较低温度蒸汽,将蒸汽冷凝成液体,并存储液体,使得它可返回到锅炉装置。 8. The system of claim 2, further comprising a recycle condenser, the condenser intake has been recycled a lower temperature of the steam discharged from the engine, the vapor is condensed into a liquid, and storing the liquid, so that it can be returned to the boiler device.
9.根据权利要求1所述的系统,其中,所述导电液体限定电解质导体。 9. The system according to claim 1, wherein the conductive liquid electrolyte defined conductor.
10.根据权利要求9所述的系统,其中,所述电解质导体包括含电解质的水。 10. The system according to claim 9, wherein said conductor comprises aqueous electrolyte containing an electrolyte.
11.根据权利要求1所述的系统,其中,所述导电液体包括偶极分子。 11. The system according to claim 1, wherein said conductive liquid comprises a dipolar molecule.
12.根据权利要求1所述的系统,其中,所述电流源包括电力存储系统。 12. The system according to claim 1, wherein said current source comprises a power storage system.
13.根据权利要求12所述的系统,其中,所述电流源进一步包括用于从存储的电力产生交变电流(AC)的装置。 13. The system according to claim 12, wherein said current source means further includes means for generating an alternating current (AC) from the stored power.
14.根据权利要求12所述的系统,其中,所述电力存储系统包括一个或多个可充电电池和电容器。 14. The system according to claim 12, wherein the power storage system comprises one or more rechargeable batteries and capacitors.
15.根据权利要求1所述的系统,其中,所述电流源提供交变电流(AC)。 15. The system according to claim 1, wherein said current source provides alternating current (AC).
16.根据权利要求1所述的系统,进一步包括从蒸汽或发动机回收能量的系统。 16. The system according to claim 1, further comprising a system for recovering energy from the engine or steam.
17.根据权利要求16所述的系统,其中,所述回收能量的系统由回收的能量发电。 17. The system according to claim 16, wherein the energy recovery power generation system from the recovered energy.
18.根据权利要求1所述的系统,进一步包括用于将蒸汽加热到较高温度的次级加热器。 18. The system according to claim 1, further comprising a steam heated to a higher temperature of the secondary heater.
19.根据权利要求18所述的系统,其中,所述次级加热器是电气操作的。 19. The system according to claim 18, wherein the secondary heater is electrically operated.
20.根据权利要求2所述的系统,进一步包括用于将润滑剂添加到热蒸汽中的系统。 20. The system according to claim 2, further comprising a system for adding lubricant to the hot vapor.
21.根据权利要求20所述的系统,进一步包括用于将润滑剂从发动机排出的蒸汽中除去的系统。 21. The system according to claim 20, further comprising a system for removing lubricant from the vapor discharged from the engine.
22.根据权利要求1所述的系统,进一步包括用于保持被供给到锅炉装置的液体的储箱。 22. The system according to claim 1, further comprising a holding tank to the boiler means are supplied liquid.
23.根据权利要求1所述的系统,进一步包括热井,所述热井用于在热蒸汽被供给到发动机之前保持该热蒸汽。 23. The system according to claim 1, further comprising a heat well, the said hot well for holding hot vapor before it is supplied to the engine in hot steam.
24.根据权利要求1所述的系统,进一步包括液体加热器,该液体加热器包括输送液体的管路或管子,所述管路或管子暴露于热蒸汽。 24. The system according to claim 1, further comprising a fluid heater, the heater comprising a fluid conduit or pipe transporting the fluid, the conduit or tube exposed to the hot steam.
25. 一种用于使用电能向车辆供给动力的系统,包括: 一个或多个可充电电池和电容器,用于存储电力;用于由存储的电力产生交变电流(AC),以实现交流源的装置; 导电液体,包括含电解质的水;锅炉装置,用于直接通过AC由导电液体产生热蒸汽,所述锅炉装置包括至少两个电极,所述至少两个电极电气耦接到交流源,并且通过使电极之间的电流通过液体将液体煮沸成蒸汽;以及蒸汽发动机,由热蒸汽产生机械能,其中,所述发动机吸入来自锅炉装置的热蒸汽,并且以较低温度排出蒸汽;所述蒸汽发动机用于向车辆供给动力。 25. A system for use in electric power to the vehicle power supply, comprising: one or more rechargeable batteries and a capacitor for storing electric power; means for generating an alternating current (AC) from the stored power to achieve the alternating current source means; conductive liquid comprising water containing an electrolyte; boiler arrangement, for producing an electrically conductive liquid directly from the AC hot steam, said boiler comprising at least two electrodes, at least two electrodes electrically coupled to alternating current source, and by passing a current between the electrodes through the liquid to boil the liquid into a vapor; and the steam engine, the mechanical energy produced by the hot steam, wherein the steam from the boiler heat engine suction means, and a lower temperature of the exhaust steam; the steam an engine for supplying power to the vehicle.
26. 一种用于使用电能向车辆供给动力的系统,包括: 一个或多个可充电电池或电容器,用于存储电力;用于由存储的电力产生交变电流(AC),以实现交流源的装置; 导电液体,包括含电解质的水;锅炉装置,用于直接通过AC由导电液体产生热蒸汽,所述锅炉装置包括至少两个电极,所述至少两个电极电气耦接到交流源,并且通过使电极之间的电流通过液体将液体煮沸成蒸汽;蒸汽发动机,由热蒸汽产生机械能,其中,所述发动机吸入来自锅炉装置的热蒸汽,并且以较低温度排出蒸汽,其中,所述蒸汽发动机用于向车辆供给动力;再循环冷凝器,吸入由发动机排出的较低温度蒸汽,将蒸汽冷凝成液体,并存储液体, 使得它可返回到锅炉装置;蓄能器系统,从车辆回收机械能;以及从蒸汽或发动机回收能量的系统。 26. A method for using the system power to the vehicle power supply, comprising: one or more rechargeable batteries or capacitors for storing power; means for generating an alternating current (AC) from the stored power to achieve the alternating current source means; conductive liquid comprising water containing an electrolyte; boiler arrangement, for producing an electrically conductive liquid directly from the AC hot steam, said boiler comprising at least two electrodes, at least two electrodes electrically coupled to alternating current source, and by passing a current between the electrodes through the liquid to boil the liquid into a vapor; steam engine, mechanical energy produced by the hot steam, wherein the steam from the boiler heat engine suction means, and a lower temperature of the exhaust steam, wherein said the steam engine is used to power the vehicle; recycle condenser, low suction temperature of the steam discharged from the engine, steam is condensed to a liquid, and storing the liquid, so that it can be returned to the boiler means; energy storage system, the vehicle recovered from mechanical energy; and a system for recovering energy from the engine or steam.
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