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The invention discloses special dietary seafood special for hyperuricemia patients. The seafood is characterized by being prepared by taking food-derived marine bioactive polysaccharides as main raw materials, adding algae powder and mixing the food-derived marine bioactive polysaccharides and the algae powder with the auxiliary materials including nutritional amino acids, oligosaccharides, vitamins and minerals. The seafood can be powdery or granular and is eaten after being dissolved in warm water. The seafood is easy to dissolve, has maximum biological absorbance and maximum bioavailability in human bodies, provides marine active factors and nutritional components for human bodies, supplements various vitamins and minerals essential to human bodies, is beneficial to improving the nutritional status of the hyperuricemia patients and can assist in reducing the uric acid level and controlling the hyperuricemia level, improving the immune of the human bodies and preventing gout through synergy of such factors as bioactive components in the food-derived marine bioactive polysaccharides, the algae powder, the nutritional amino acids and the like, thus being suitable for the hyperuricemia patients.


The special meals product in the ocean of a kind of high lithemia patient special use

Technical field

The present invention relates to a kind of special meals product, especially relate to and a kind ofly can replenish the needed by human nutrient, improve the body nutrition condition, and utilize the function factor in the marine active polysaccharide to regulate body function, be fit to the special meals product in ocean of high lithemia edible for patients.

Background technology

Gout is the second largest metabolism class disease that is only second to diabetes, is because purine metabolic disturbance in the body, uric acid excretion disorder, the blood uric acid caused one group of syndrome that raises.When the uric acid content in the blood surpasses certain amount, uric acid blood flow in vivo precipitates than slow or the big position of vascular bending, such as joint, subcutaneous, kidney tube wall etc., precipitation occurs in joint part and will cause urarthritis, and precipitation occurs in kidney and will cause gouty nephropathy.Gout has had a strong impact on patient's quality of life, causes serious injury for patient's psychosomatic health.Gout is common chronic disease, and patient's normal life is affected, and has also increased country and patient's household economy burden simultaneously.

The generation of gout mainly is relevant with hyperuricemia in the body, cause that the reason that uric acid increases mainly is that uric acid generates too much and the minimizing of RE uric acid in the body, alkaline matter helps acid-base value in the control agent, it can only be micro-pinch getting alkaline matter from normal meals, preparation is the special meals product of primary raw material with the alkaline matter, but just in the capacity and the uric acid in the body, promotes the metabolism of uric acid, reduce blood uric acid concentration, produce the effect of antigout.

Abroad, there are clear and definite regulation and perfect standard criterion in American-European developed country to food for special foods, and generally accepts for people.China has worked out " Chinese residents dietary guidelines " at present, and this guide was revised in 2007, is main regulatory documents with " packing food for special foods label general rule GB 13432-2004 in advance ".In this general rule, special diet is defined as: " be the physiological requirements of satisfying some special population, or some disease patient's nutritional need, press the food of the special processing of special formulation ".The science essence of special population diet regulation and control is: the control regular diet, replenish special diet, and strengthen at nutrition, reduce the metabolism burden, promote health strong.

Marine organisms are in the so special enclosed environment of seawater for a long time, metabolic system different and body defending system have been produced during evolution with terrestrial life, therefore it is special to contain many functions in the marine organisms, the physiological activator that structure is special, at high salt, high pressure, anoxic, in the unglazed special ecological environment, the polysaccharide that marine organisms produce will born important physiological function, it is the important active material of a class, proved to have various physiological regulation functions from the isolated polysaccharide of various marine organisms, some is for improving the comprehensive physique of body, regulate uric acid level and have important function.Utilize marine bioactivity polysaccharide scientifically and rationally, have positive effect improving body condition.

At present, seldom seeing on the China market with the marine active polysaccharide is the food of primary raw material, does not find all also that in patent documentation and non-patent literature with food source property marine bioactivity polysaccharide and seawood meal be primary raw material is made, the record of the special meals product of confession high lithemia edible for patients specially.

Summary of the invention

The objective of the invention is deficiency at high lithemia patient's physilogical characteristics, nutritional need and conventional meals thereof, the special meals product in ocean of a kind of high lithemia patient special use are provided, this food has the body of improvement nutrition condition, and realization help body, reduction uric acid, conditioning body function of intestinal canal are waited until effect.

For reaching above-mentioned purpose, the special meals product in the ocean of a kind of high lithemia patient provided by the invention special use, be to be primary raw material, add seawood meal, be aided with nutrition amino acid, compound sugar, vitamin and mineral matter again and be mixed with and form with food source property marine bioactivity polysaccharide.

The weight portion proportioning of the raw material of the special meals product in the ocean of high lithemia patient provided by the invention special use is:

Marine bioactivity polysaccharide 4.5-5.5

Seawood meal 1.5-2.5

Nutrition amino acid/11 .0-2.0

Compound sugar 1.0-2.0

Vitamin 0.01-0.10

Mineral matter 0.1-0.5.

The special meals product in ocean of the present invention can be made powdery or granule state