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The invention relates to water purifying agent, which contains the following components in parts by weight: 650-700 parts of aluminum oxide, 80-120 parts of calcium hydroxide, 30-70 parts of polyacrylamide, 20-50 parts of sulfur, 20-50 parts of sodium carbonate and 10-30 parts of carbon black. After the components are mixed, about 5 percent of water by weight percent is added. After the mixture is mixed and crushed by a ball mill and a mixer, the obtain product is dried, is dehydrated and passes through an 80-mesh sieve, and white powder which is purifying agent is obtained. The water purifying agent has high bridging adsorption performance, integrates the functions of adsorption, flocculation and coagulation, and can substitute for the traditional coagulant, flocculant, decolorant, deodorant and the like. The water purifying agent is suitable for the treatment of urban domestic sewage and all kinds of industrial waste water. After treatment, the water can reach B, I-grade and A, I-grade, national discharge standard.


A kind of water quality cleansing agent

One, technical field

The present invention relates to a kind of water conditioner, the water quality cleansing agent that specifically a kind of WWT is used.

Two, background technology

China will administer that water pollutes, the protection water resources, keep ecological balance and Sustainable development as the most important thing of energy-saving and emission-reduction work.Current water technology relatively lags behind, and still there is not qualified discharge so far in most of areas.

Be implement scientific view of development, numerous scientific and technical personnel in research and development water treatment materialization technology, though aspect physics, bigger breakthrough is arranged, still make slow progress aspect chemicals at present.China is still using in water treatment at present: iron(ic)chloride, sodium hydroxide, Poly aluminum Chloride (PAC), aluminium chlorohydroxide, nonionic gather propionic acid amide, positively charged ion gathers coagulating agent, flocculation agent and various filtrates such as propionic acid amide, poly aluminium chloride iron.Though these chemicals effects are fine, have limitation and specific aim (as coagulating agent can only coagulation, flocculation agent can only flocculate, discoloring agent can only decolour, remove other pollutent all will select auxiliary agent targetedly for use).

Three, summary of the invention

The present invention aims to provide a kind of water quality cleansing agent for avoiding above-mentioned existing in prior technology weak point, and technical problem to be solved is that the water purification agent compsn of selecting has strong effect property and broad spectrum.

This water purification agent is processed by the raw material of following weight part:

650~700 parts in aluminum oxide, 80~120 parts in calcium hydroxide,

30~70 parts of SEPIGEL 305s, 20~50 parts of Sulfurs,

20~50 parts in yellow soda ash, 10~30 parts of carbon blacks.


680 parts in aluminum oxide, 100 parts in calcium hydroxide,

50 parts of SEPIGEL 305s, 35 parts of Sulfurs,

35 parts in yellow soda ash, 20 parts of carbon blacks.

Add after each raw materials mix with the said ratio amount to mix in the water release mill mixing machine about 5% and pulverize, drying and dehydrating is crossed 80 mesh sieves and is obtained white powder and be water purification agent then.Proportion is about 1.2, solubleness≤3.Every cube of waste water uses 50~200g.

The beneficial effect of this water purification agent is embodied in:

1. to all types of industries sewage, when Applied Physics equipment such as solid-liquid separating machine, air supporting machine etc. are disposed of sewage, adopt scavenging agent of the present invention; Can in 3-10 minute, make the sewage solid-liquid separation; Liquid liquid separates (referring to oily water separation and other waste liquid and water sepn), output clear water, efficient quick.

2. the present invention not only handles general turbidity sewage, high-turbidity sewage (SS>1000) also can not must be diluted (like high density leather, chemical fibre, chemical industry, ooze drop liquid waste water) just can directly handle.

3. water treatment procedure of the present invention no longer need be provided with elementary deposition according to traditional waste water treatment process; Each road technology such as the filtration of lattice canopy, second pond, equalizing tank, aeration, biochemistry or oxidation; Simplify flow process; Reduce facility investment and land area, shorten treatment time of water, thereby reduce cost of water treatment significantly.This water purification agent has stronger bridge formation absorption property, in hydrolytic process, follows cohesion, and physical and chemical processes such as absorption and deposition have realized that solid-liquid separation separates with liquid liquid.The coagulating agent that instead is traditional, flocculation agent, decolouring and deodorizing agent and other degraded remove the medicament of pollutent.

4. scavenging agent of the present invention is white powder, mainly is made up of inorganics, and is nuisanceless, do not form secondary pollution, can be widely used in the processing of city domestic sewage and various trade effluents; The clearance of very high COD, BOD, heavy metal ion and each pollutant is arranged, and dephosphorization and denitrification effect is remarkable, and the SS clearance can reach 99.9%.Water after the processing can reach country's discharging one-level B mark and one-level A mark, and the recyclable former factory industrial production that is used further to circulates.

5. scavenging agent of the present invention is used for water treatment, and the glue plumage that sewage forms suspended substance after the agent reaction compacts, and is so the sludge quantity that solid-liquid separation thoroughly produces is few, few to follow-up sludge treatment expense.

This scavenging agent is used the clearance that shows COD between 99.7-99.92% in following three engineerings.See the following form:

Four, embodiment

Send into together to mix in the ball mill mixing machine to pulverize and dried 80 mesh sieves then and promptly get product adding 5% water after each raw materials mix of said ratio amount.

Claims (2)

1. water quality cleansing agent is characterized in that: after mixing, add 5% water by each raw material of following weight part and carry out ball milling, dryly cross the white powder that 80 mesh sieves obtain
Aluminum oxide 650-700 part, calcium hydroxide 80-120 part,
SEPIGEL 305 30-70 part, sulphur 20-50 part,
Yellow soda ash 20-50 part, carbon black 10-30 part.
2. scavenging agent according to claim 1 is characterized in that: each parts by weight of raw materials does
680 parts in aluminum oxide, 100 parts in calcium hydroxide,
50 parts of SEPIGEL 305s, 35 parts in sulphur,
35 parts in yellow soda ash, 20 parts of carbon blacks.
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