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The invention discloses a bactericide composite, which consists of active ingredients of fluazinam (A) and rabcide (B), and the mass ratio of A to B is 1:100 to 100:1. The composite has obvious synergy and high prevention effect, and is suitable for controlling diseases on cereal crops, particularly for controlling rice blast.


一种以氟啶胺为主要成分的杀菌组合物 Fluazinam kind as a main component of fungicidal compositions

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种杀菌组合物,尤其涉及一种以氟啶胺和四氯苯酞为主要成分的杀菌组合物。 [0001] The present invention relates to a fungicidal composition, in particular, it relates to a fluazinam and tetrachlorophthalide as a main component of fungicidal compositions.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 稻瘟病是水稻上的三大病害之一,又称稻热病、火烧瘟、叩头瘟。 [0002] Blast is one of the three diseases on rice, also known as rice fever, plague fire, kowtow plague. 中国各稻区均有发生,主要为害叶片、茎杆、穗部。 Chinese rice each have occurred, major damage leaves, stems, spike. 因为害时期、部位不同分为苗瘟、叶瘟、节瘟、穗颈瘟、谷粒瘟。 Because harm period, is divided into different parts seedling blast, leaf blast, Section blast, panicle blast, blast grains. 苗瘟发生于三叶前,由种子带菌所致。 Seedling blast occurred in the first three leaves, caused by contaminated seed. 病苗基部灰黑,上部变褐,卷缩而死,湿度较大时病部产生大量灰黑色霉层,即病原菌分生孢子梗和分生孢子。 Gray base seedling disease, upper browning crimping die, humidity when a large amount of black ash portion disease mold layer, i.e. pathogen conidiophores and conidia. 叶瘟在整个生育期都能发生。 Leaf blast occurred in the whole growth period can be. 分蘖至拔节期为害较重。 Tillering to jointing stage heavy damage. 节温常在抽穗后发生,初在稻节上产生褐色小点,后渐绕节扩展,使病部变黑,易折断。 Thermostat often occurs after heading, early dots on a brown rice section, the expansion section gradually around the black portion disease, easy to break. 发生早的形成枯白穗。 Early blight white head formation occurs. 仅在一侧发生的造成茎杆弯曲。 On one side of the stem causes only bending occurs. 穗颈瘟初形成褐色小点,扩展后使穗颈部变褐,也造成枯白穗。 First panicle blast brown dots are formed, so that the extended neck brown ear, ear also causes dry white. 发病晚的造成秕谷。 Late onset caused blighted valley. 枝梗或穗轴受害造成小穗不实。 Panicle or spikelets cob victims caused untrue. 谷粒瘟产生褐色椭圆形或不规则斑,可使稻谷变黑。 Grain blast a brown oval or irregular spots, black rice can. 有的颖壳无症状,护颖受害变褐,使种子带菌。 Some hull asymptomatic, glume victims brown, the seeds contaminated.

[0003] 稻瘟病病菌以分生孢子和菌丝体在稻草和稻谷上越冬。 [0003] Magnaporthe grisea conidia and mycelia and rice straw in winter. 翌年产生分生孢子借风雨传播到稻株上,萌发侵入寄主向邻近细胞扩展发病,形成中心病株。 The following year conidia spread by wind and rain to the rice plants, germination invade host cells to an adjacent expansion onset, forming a central strain. 病部形成的分生孢子,借风雨传播进行再侵染。 Conidia disease portion is formed, re-infection spread by wind and rain. 播种带菌种子可引起苗瘟。 Contaminated seed sowing can cause seedling blast. 阴雨连绵,日照不足或时晴时雨,或早晚有云雾或结露条件,病情扩展迅速。 Raining, when lack of sunshine or rain and sunshine, or sooner or later there are clouds or condensation conditions, the rapid expansion of the disease.

[0004]目前稻瘟病的防治药剂有多菌灵、三环唑、稻瘟灵等常规药剂,因长期应用已达不到理想的防治效果。 [0004] There are currently Fungicides blast conventional carbendazim, tricyclazole, rice blast and other spirits, because long-term use has reached less than ideal control effect.

[0005] 氟啶胺属2,6_ 二硝基苯胺类化合物,广谱保护性杀菌剂,对链格孢属、葡萄孢属、疫霉属、单轴霉属、核盘菌属和黑星菌属病菌非常有效。 [0005] fluazinam genus 2,6_ dinitroaniline compound, broad spectrum protective fungicide, the genus Alternaria, Botrytis, Phytophthora, Plasmopara viticola genus, Sclerotinia and scab genus of bacteria is very effective.

[0006] 氟唳胺英文通用名:Fluazinam [0006] Li amine fluoro English common name: Fluazinam

[0007] 化学名称:3_氣-N-(3_氣_5_ 二氣甲基_2_批唳基)_ a , a, a-二氣-2,6-二硝基对甲苯胺 [0007] Chemical name: 3_ gas -N- (3_ gas _5_ two gas _2_ batch Li-yl methyl) _ a, a, a- two gas-2,6-dinitro-p-toluidine

[0008]分子式=C13H4Cl2F6N4O4 [0008] Molecular Formula = C13H4Cl2F6N4O4

[0009] 氟啶胺可以防治的具体病害有黄瓜灰霉病、霜霉病、炭疽病、白粉病、番茄晚疫病,苹果黑星病、叶斑病,梨黑斑病、锈病,水稻稻瘟病、纹枯病,燕麦冠锈病,葡萄灰霉病、霜霉病,柑橘疮痂病、灰霉病,马铃薯晚疫病,草坪斑点病等。 [0009] fluazinam preventable diseases are particularly Botrytis, downy mildew, anthracnose, powdery mildew, tomato late blight, apple scab, leaf spot, pear black spot, rust, rice blast , Rhizoctonia solani, oat crown rust, grape gray mold, downy mildew, citrus scab, gray mold, Phytophthora infestans, lawn spot disease. 对抗苯并咪唑类和三环唑的稻瘟病菌也有良好效果,而且氟啶胺耐雨水冲刷,持效期长。 Benzimidazoles against rice blast fungus and tricyclazole have good effect, and rainfastness fluazinam, long duration.

[0010] 但是氟啶胺目前的生产和使用成本均较高,并且长期单独使用也有很大的抗性风险。 [0010] However fluazinam current production and cost are high, and long-term use alone is also a great risk of resistance.

[0011] 将氟啶胺与其它结构的农药有效成分组合进行复配,是解决其单剂应用过程中成本和抗性问题的一种有效的方式。 [0011] The pesticide fluazinam and other structures compounded with an active ingredient combination, is a cost effective way to solve the problem of resistance and its application process in a single dose. 不同结构的农药有效成分混合后,通常表现出三种作用类型,即相加作用、增效作用和拮抗作用。 After mixing the different structures pesticide active ingredient, the type often exhibit three functions, i.e. additivity, synergism and antagonism. 复配增效很好的配方,能提高实际防治效果,降低农药的使用量,还有助于延缓病菌抗药性的产生,是综合防治的重要手段。 Good synergism formula that can actually improve the control effect, reduce the use of pesticides, but also help delay the resistant bacteria is an important means of integrated control. 发明内容 SUMMARY

[0012] 本发明的目的是提供一种增效作用明显,对稻瘟病防治效果好、成本低、抗性风险低的杀菌组合物。 [0012] The object of the present invention is to provide a clear synergistic effect, good effect of controlling rice blast, low cost, low risk of resistance of the germicidal composition.

[0013] 本发明的另一目的是提供该杀菌组合物的应用。 [0013] Another object of the present invention is to provide the use of germicidal composition.

[0014] 为克服现有技术的不足,本发明的技术方案是这样解决的:一种杀菌组合物,含有有效成分氟啶胺(A)与四氯苯酞(B),A与B质量比为I : 100〜100 : 1,优选比例为I : 40 〜40 : I。 [0014] To overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, the technical solutions of the present invention is solved: A fungicidal composition comprising an active ingredient fluazinam (A) and tetrachlorophthalide (B), A and mass ratio B is I: 100~100: 1, preferably in a ratio I: 40 ~40: I.

[0015] 所述四氯苯酞英文名称phthalide化学名称:4,5,6,7 -四氯-2苯并[c]呋喃酮分子式=C8H2Cl4O2四氯苯酞为保护性杀菌剂。 [0015] The phthalide tetrachlorophthalide English name Chemical name: 4,5,6,7 - tetrachloro -2-benzo [c] furan-one of the formula = C8H2Cl4O2 tetrachlorophthalide as protective fungicides. 在稻株表面能有效地抑制附着胞形成,阻止菌丝入侵,具有良好的预防作用,但在稻株体内,对菌丝的生长没有抑制作用,但能抑制病菌的再侵染。 The surface of the rice plants can be effectively suppressed appressorium prevent intrusion mycelium, having a good preventive effect, but the rice plants in vivo, no inhibitory effect on mycelial growth, but it is possible to suppress reinfection of bacteria. 主要用于防治水稻稻瘟病和水稻白叶枯病。 Mainly for control of rice blast and bacterial blight.

[0016] 该组合物的有效成分与助剂和填料可以加工成农业上允许的任意剂型,较好的剂型有悬浮剂、可湿性粉剂、水分散粒剂。 [0016] The active ingredient is mixed with the adjuvants and the filler composition can be processed into any dosage forms allow agriculturally, preferred formulations are suspensions, wettable powders, water dispersible granules.

[0017] 本发明的杀菌组合物中,A与B的累积质量百分含量为5%〜70%。 Fungicidal compositions [0017] In the present invention, the cumulative mass percentage of A and B is 5% ~ 70%.

[0018] 上述杀菌组合物的剂型除包括有效成分A与B之外,还包括助剂和其它有助于药效发挥的物质。 [0018] The germicidal composition comprising an active ingredient other than A and B, further comprising auxiliaries and other substances contribute to the efficacy of play. 悬浮剂包括水、分散剂、增稠剂、防冻剂、润湿剂、消泡剂;可湿性粉剂包括润湿剂、分散剂和填料;水分散粒剂包括分散剂、崩解剂、填料和湿润剂。 Suspending agents include water, dispersants, thickeners, antifreeze agents, wetting agents, defoamers; wettable powders include wetting agents, dispersing agents and fillers; water dispersible granules comprising a dispersant, disintegrant, filler, and humectant. 以上都是农药制剂中常用或允许使用的各种成分,并无特别限定,具体成分和用量根据配方要求通过简单试验确定。 These are commonly used in pesticide formulations or ingredients allowed to be used is not particularly limited, and specific ingredients and amounts determined by simple experiment according to the recipe requirements. 例如: E.g:

[0019] 有机溶剂可选择异丙醇、二甲苯、N,N-二甲基甲酰胺、环乙酮、甲苯、二甲基亚砜、甲醇、乙醇、三甲基环乙烯酮、N-辛基吡咯烷酮、N-甲基吡咯烷酮、丙醇、丁醇、乙二醇、二乙二醇、乙二醇甲醚、丁醚、乙酸乙酯、植物油中的一种或多种。 [0019] Alternatively the organic solvent isopropyl alcohol, xylene, N, N- dimethylformamide, cyclohexanone, toluene, dimethylsulfoxide, methanol, ethanol, ethylene trimethyl cyclic ketone, N- octyl pyrrolidone, N- methylpyrrolidone, propanol, butanol, one or more of ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, ethylene glycol monomethyl ether, butyl ether, ethyl acetate, and vegetable oil.

[0020] 助溶剂可选择N-甲基吡咯烷酮、二甲基甲酰胺、乙醇、丙乙醇、丙酮中的一种或多种。 [0020] Alternatively cosolvents N- methylpyrrolidone, dimethylformamide, ethyl alcohol, propyl alcohol, acetone, one or more.

[0021] 分散剂可选择木质素磺酸钠、木质素磺酸钙、拉开粉、十二烷基苯磺酸钙、聚羧酸盐、烷基苯磺酸钙盐、烷基磺酸钠盐、烷基酚聚氧乙烯醚、脂肪胺聚氧乙烯醚、脂肪酸聚氧乙烯酯、甘油脂肪酸酯聚氧乙烯醚中的一种或多种。 [0021] Alternatively lignin sulfonate dispersing agent, calcium lignosulfonate, opened powder, calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, polycarboxylates, calcium alkylbenzene sulfonate, alkyl sulfonate salts, polyoxyethylene alkylphenol ether, polyoxyethylene fatty amine, polyoxyethylene fatty acid esters, polyoxyethylene glycerol fatty acid esters, one or more vinyl ether.

[0022] 乳化剂可选择农乳600号(苯基酹聚氧乙基醚)、农乳1601号(苯乙基酹聚氧乙基聚丙烯基醚)、农乳500号(烷基苯磺酸钙)、0P系列磷酸酯(壬基酚聚氧乙烯醚磷酸酯)、600号磷酸酯(苯基酚聚氧乙基醚磷酸酯)、苯乙烯聚氧乙烯米硫酸铵盐、烷基联苯醚二磺酸镁盐、三乙醇胺盐、农乳400号(苄基二甲酚聚氧乙基醚)、农乳700号(烷基酚醛树脂聚氧乙基醚)、宁乳36号(苯乙基酚甲醛树脂聚氧乙基醚)、农乳1600号(苯乙基酚聚氧乙基聚丙烯基醚)、环氧乙烷-环氧丙烷嵌段共聚物、OP系列(壬基酚聚氧乙烯醚)、农乳33号(烷基芳基聚氧丙烯聚氧乙烯醚)、农乳34号(烷基芳基聚氧乙烯聚氧丙烯醚)、司盘系列(山梨醇酐单硬脂酸酯)、吐温系列(失水山梨醇脂肪酸酯聚氧乙烯醚)、AEO系列(肪醇醇聚氧乙烯醚)中的一种或多种。 [0022] Alternatively the emulsifier Nongru number (sprinkle polyoxyethylene phenyl ether) 600, 1601 dairy farming (phenethyl sprinkle polyoxyethylated polypropylene ether), dairy farming number (500 alkylbenzenesulfonate calcium), 0P phosphate series (polyoxyethylene nonyl phenyl ether phosphate), phosphoric acid ester 600 (polyoxyethylene phenylphenol ether phosphate), polyoxyethylene styrene meters sulfate ammonium salt, alkyl with phenyl ether disulfonate magnesium, triethanolamine salt, dairy farming number (benzyl xylenol polyoxyethylene ether) 400, No. dairy farming (polyoxyethylene alkyl ether phenol resin) 700, No. 36 rather milk ( phenethyl phenol formaldehyde resin polyoxyethylene ether), dairy farming 1600 (phenethyl polyoxyethylated polypropylene ether), ethylene oxide - propylene oxide block copolymers, OP series (nonylphenyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether), dairy farming number (polyoxypropylene alkyl aryl polyoxyethylene ethers) 33, No. dairy farming (alkylaryl polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene ether) 34, Span series (sorbitan monostearate), Tween series (sorbitan fatty acid esters, polyoxyethylene ethers), one or more series AEO (polyoxyethylene fatty alcohol ether) was added.

[0023] 防冻剂可选择丙三醇、尿素、乙二醇、丙二醇中的一种或多种。 [0023] Alternatively antifreeze, glycerol, urea, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, one or more.

[0024] 湿润剂可选择甲基萘磺酸钠甲醛缩合物、十二烷基硫酸钠、烷基萘磺酸钠、烷基苯磺酸钙、茶枯、皂角粉、蚕沙、无患子粉、月桂醇基硫酸钠、洗衣粉、拉开粉中的一种或多种。 [0024] Alternatively the wetting agent sodium methyl naphthalene formaldehyde condensate, sodium lauryl sulfate, alkyl naphthalene sulfonate, calcium alkylbenzenesulfonate, dry tea, Cassia meal, silkworm excrement, Sapindus Seed powder, lauryl alcohol sulfate, detergent, one or more pull the powder.

[0025] 崩解剂可选择硫酸铵、尿素、膨润土、氯化铝、柠檬酸、丁二酸、碳酸氢钠中的一种或多种。 [0025] Alternatively disintegrants ammonium sulfate, urea, bentonite, aluminum chloride, citric acid, succinic acid, one or more of sodium bicarbonate.

[0026] 增稠剂可选择黄原胶、羟甲基纤维素、甲基纤维素、硅酸铝镁、聚乙烯醇中一种或多种。 [0026] Alternatively thickener, xanthan gum, hydroxymethyl cellulose, methyl cellulose, magnesium aluminum silicate, one or more of polyvinyl alcohol.

[0027] 消泡剂如有机硅类消泡剂。 [0027] antifoams such as silicone antifoams.

[0028] 填料可选择白碳黑、岭土、轻质碳酸钙、滑石、蒙脱土或凸凹棒土、浮石、碎砖、海泡石或膨润土以及非吸附性钙质土或砂中的一种或多种。 [0028] Alternatively the filler white carbon, kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, montmorillonite or punch rod earth, pumice, broken brick, sepiolite or bentonite, and non-adsorptive or calcareous sand soil in a or more.

[0029] 本发明所描述的产物可以成品制剂形式提供,即组合物中各物质已经混合,组合物的成分也可以以单剂形式提供,使用前直接在桶或罐中直接混合,然后稀释至所需的浓 [0029] The product described in the present invention can be formulated in the form of finished product provided that the composition of each substance has been mixed, components of the composition may also be provided as a single agent, mixed directly prior to use directly in the tub or tank, and then diluted to the required concentration

度。 degree.

[0030] 本发明的杀菌组合物可用于防治禾谷类作物上的多种病害,尤其适用于防治稻瘟病。 [0030] The fungicidal compositions of the present invention can be used to control a variety of diseases in cereal crops, especially suitable for controlling rice blast. 本发明的组合物可以按普通的方法施用,如浇注、喷射、喷雾、撒粉、散布或发烟,其施用量随天气条件或作物状态变化。 Compositions of the invention may be administered by conventional methods, such as casting, injection, spraying, dusting, spreading or smoking, the amount of which is administered with the weather conditions or the state of the crop variations.

[0031] 本发明与现有技术相比,其优点是:1、组合物增效作用明显,防效与单剂相比显著提高;2、药效提高后,田间的有效成分用量下降,降低了生产和使用成本,减少了农药残留和环境污染;3、组合物由不同作用机制的有效成分组成,作用位点增加,有利于克服和延缓病菌抗药性的产生。 [0031] Compared with the prior art, the advantages are: 1, obvious synergism composition, significantly improve the control efficiency compared to single dose; 2, increase the efficacy, decreased amount of active ingredient in the field, reducing cost of production and reduce the environmental pollution and pesticide residues; 3, the composition of the active ingredients consisting of different mechanisms of action, increase the site of action, help to overcome the resistance and delay the bacteria. 4、扩大了防治谱。 4, expanding the spectrum of control.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0032] 将不同结构类型的农药有效成分进行复配,是目前解决农药单剂应用过程中成本和抗性等问题的一种有效方式。 [0032] The pesticide active ingredients will be different types of complex structures, is an effective way to solve the current single dose of pesticide application process and cost problems of resistance and the like. 不同结构类型的农药有效成分混合后,通常表现出三种作用类型,即相加作用、增效作用和拮抗作用,但具体为何种作用,无法预测,只有通过大量试验才能知道。 After mixing the pesticide active ingredients of different types of structures, generally exhibit three roles types, namely additive effect, synergy and antagonism, but specifically what role is unpredictable, can only know through extensive testing. 复配增效很好的配方,能提高实际防治效果,降低农药的使用量,有助于延缓抗性的产生,是科学防治病虫害的重要手段。 Good synergism formula that can actually improve the control effect, reduce the use of pesticides, helps to delay the development of resistance, is an important means of scientific pest control.

[0033] 本发明组合物对水稻稻瘟病菌具有明显的协同增效作用,而不仅仅是两种药剂作用的简单相加,这可从下面的毒力测定实验和田间试验的结果中很清楚地看出。 [0033] The compositions of the present invention has obvious synergistic effect against rice blast fungus, rather than simply adding the effects of the two agents, which may be clear from the results of toxicity test experiments and field trials below seen.

[0034] 生物测定实例I :组合物对水稻稻瘟病菌的室内毒力测定 The composition of the Toxicity Determination of rice blast fungus: [0034] Bioassay Example I

[0035] 试验对象为水稻稻痕病菌(Pyricularia oryzae)。 [0035] The test object is a mark in Rice germ (Pyricularia oryzae).

[0036] 试验方法:参照《中华人民共和国农业行业标准NY/T1154. 7-2006》,盆栽法。 [0036] Test Methods: The "People's Republic of China agricultural industry standards NY / T1154 7-2006.", Potted law. 选取生长势一致的三叶一心期水稻苗,每盆2株苗,每个处理选用5盆供试稻苗。 Select clover consistent growth potential as one of rice plants, two seedlings per pot, five pots per treatment chosen for the test rice seedlings. 将稻瘟病菌在番茄汁燕麦琼脂培养基上培养,产孢后用无菌水洗下孢子,制成3 X IO5个孢子/mL的悬浮液,均匀喷雾接种于供试稻苗上,接种后于光照保湿培养箱中黑暗保湿培养24h(湿度100% )0接种24h后,进行药剂处理,每个药剂设置5个浓度梯度,用Potter喷雾塔在50PSI压力下喷雾,每盆大约5mL。 The tomato juice Pyricularia oryzae on oatmeal agar culture medium, with the spore after sporulation sterile water, 3 X IO5 made spores / mL suspension was uniformly sprayed onto the test rice seedlings were inoculated, after inoculation light moisture moisture dark culture incubator 24h (100% humidity) 0 24h after inoculation, the drug for treatment of each drug concentration gradient 5 provided with the Potter tower at a spray pressure of 50PSI, pot about 5mL. 喷药后,将稻苗置于25°C、相对湿度彡90%的光照保湿培养箱中培养,7d后按照稻瘟病的发病分级标准调查整株叶片的病情指数,并计算防治效果。 After spraying, the rice seedlings were placed in 25 ° C, a relative humidity of 90% light moisturizing San incubator, 7d after the onset of grading according to survey whole leaves of rice blast disease index, and calculating the control effect.

[0037] 稻瘟病发病分级标准:0级,没有病斑;1级,出现褐点病斑;3级,出现典型纺锤形病斑,病斑面积占整叶面积的5%以下;5级,典型病斑,病斑面积占整叶面积的6% -25% ;7级,典型病斑,病斑面积占整叶面积的26%-50%;9级,典型病斑,病斑面积占整叶面积的50%以上。 [0037] Blast onset grading: 0, no lesion; Level 1, brown spot lesions appear; 3, the typical spindle-shaped lesion, the lesion area of ​​5% or less of the entire leaf area; grade 5, typically lesion, the lesion area of ​​6% -25% of the entire leaf area; 7, typical lesion, the lesion area of ​​26% -50% of the entire leaf area; 9, typical lesions, lesion area accounting more than 50% of the entire leaf area.

[0038] [0038]

Figure CN101755755BD00061

[0039] [0039]

[0040] 将防效换算成几率值(y),药液浓度(yg/ml)转换成对数值(X),以最小二乘法计算毒力方程和抑制中浓度EC5tl,依孙云沛法计算药剂的毒力指数及共毒系数(CTC)。 [0040] The control effect in terms of the probability value (y), solution concentration (yg / ml) Conversion logarithmic values ​​(X), the least square method to calculate equation toxicity and inhibitory concentration EC5tl, calculated by Sun Yunpei Method agent virulence index and toxicity coefficient (CTC).

[0041] 实测毒力指数(ATI)=(标准药剂EC5tl/供试药剂EC5tl) X 100 [0041] Found toxicity index (ATI) = (standard agents EC5tl / test agent EC5tl) X 100

[0042] 理论毒力指数(TTI) = A药剂毒力指数X混剂中A的百分含量+B药剂毒力指数X混剂中B的百分含量 Percentage [0042] Theoretical toxicity index (TTI) = A germicide index X in mixture of A + B mixture germicide index X is the percentage of agent B

[0043] 共毒系数(CTC)=[混剂实测毒力指数(ATI) /混剂理论毒力指数(TTI)] X 100 [0043] toxicity coefficient (CTC) = [Mixtures Found toxicity index (ATI) / agent mixture Theoretical toxicity index (TTI)] X 100

[0044] 评价标准:CTC ( 80为拮抗作用,80 < CTC < 120为相加作用,CTC彡120为增效作用。 [0044] Evaluation criteria: CTC (80 antagonism, 80 <CTC <120 additive effect, CTC 120 San synergism.

[0045] 从表I可以看出,氟啶胺与四氯苯酞按质量比I : 100〜100 : I混配,对水稻稻瘟病菌有显著的增效作用,尤其是配比在I : 40〜40 : I之间时,增效更显著,共毒系数均在190以上。 [0045] I can be seen from the table, fluazinam and tetrachlorophthalide mass ratio of I: 100~100: I mixed, Pyricularia oryzae on rice a significant synergistic effect, especially in the ratio of I: 40~40: between when I, more significant synergistic co-toxicity coefficient was 190 or more.

[0046] 表I氟啶胺与四氯苯酞混配对水稻稻瘟病菌室内毒力测定结果 [0046] Table I and fluazinam tetrachlorophthalide compounding Bioassay Results of Rice Blast

[0047] [0047]

Figure CN101755755BD00062
Figure CN101755755BD00071

[0048] 为了使本发明的目的、技术方案及优点更加清楚明白,本发明用以下具体制剂实例进行说明,但本发明绝非限于这些例子。 [0048] To make the objectives, technical solutions and advantages of the present invention will become more apparent, the present invention is illustrated by the following specific formulation examples, but the present invention is by no means limited to these examples. 以下所述仅为本发明较好的实施例,仅仅用以解释本发明,并不能因此而理解为对本发明专利范围的限制。 The following descriptions are merely preferred embodiments of the present invention, only intended to illustrate the present invention, and can not therefore be understood as limiting the scope of the present invention. 应当指出的是,凡在本发明的精神和原则之内所做的任何修改、等同替换和改进等,均应包含在本发明的保护范围之内。 It should be noted that any modifications made within the spirit and principle of the present invention, equivalent substitutions and improvements should be included within the scope of the present invention. 因此,本发明专利的保护范围应以所附权利要求为准。 Therefore, the protection scope of the present invention should be subject to the appended claims.

[0049] 悬浮剂实施例 [0049] Example suspension

[0050] 将活性成分、分散齐IJ、消泡齐IJ、增稠剂和水等各组分按配方的比例混合均勻,经砂磨或高速剪切后得到半成品,分析后补加水混合均匀过滤即得悬浮剂。 [0050] The components of the active ingredient, homogeneous dispersion IJ, IJ together defoaming, thickening and water mixed in proportion to the formulation, by sanding or high shear to obtain the semi-finished product, analysis was filtered and water was added uniformly mixed That was suspending agent. [0051] 制剂实施例I、30. 3%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞悬浮剂 Example I [0051] Formulation, 30.3% fluazinam • suspending agents tetrachlorophthalide

[0052] 氟啶胺30%、四氯苯酞0.3%、壬基酚聚氧乙烯醚8% (乳化剂)、丙二醇2% (助溶剂)、黄原胶1% (增稠剂)、有机硅2% (消泡剂)、水补充至100% [0052] 30% fluazinam, fthalide 0.3% nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether 8% (emulsifier), 2% propylene glycol (co-solvent), 1% xanthan gum (thickener), an organic 2% silicon (antifoaming agent), made up to 100% water

[0053] 制剂实施例2、20. 2%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞悬浮剂 [0053] Formulation Example 2, 20. 2% fluazinam • suspending agents tetrachlorophthalide

[0054] 氟啶胺0. 2 %、四氯苯酞20 %、壬基酚聚氧乙烯醚8 % (乳化剂)、二甲基甲酰胺2% (助溶剂)、甲基纤维素1% (增稠剂)、有机硅2% (消泡剂)、水补充至100% [0054] 0.2% fluazinam, fthalide 20% nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether 8% (emulsifier), 2% dimethylformamide (cosolvent), 1% methylcellulose (thickener), 2% silicone (antifoaming agent), made up to 100% water

[0055] 制剂实施例3、20. 5%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞悬浮剂 Example [0055] Formulation 3,20. 5% fluazinam • suspending agents tetrachlorophthalide

[0056] 氟啶胺20%、四氯苯酞0.5%、苯基酚聚氧乙基醚8% (乳化剂)、N-甲基吡咯烷酮2% (助溶剂)、羟甲基纤维素1% (增稠剂)、有机硅2% (消泡剂)、水补充至100% [0056] 20% fluazinam, fthalide 0.5% Polyoxyethylene phenylphenol 8% (emulsifier), N- methylpyrrolidinone 2% (cosolvent), hydroxymethyl cellulose 1% (thickener), 2% silicone (antifoaming agent), made up to 100% water

[0057] 制剂实施例4、12. 3%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞悬浮剂 Example [0057] Formulation 4,12. 3% fluazinam • suspending agents tetrachlorophthalide

[0058] 氟啶胺0.3%、四氯苯酞12%、壬基酚聚氧乙烯醚8% (乳化剂)、丙二醇2% (助溶剂)、甲基纤维素1% (增稠剂)、有机硅2% (消泡剂)、水补充至100% [0058] 0.3% fluazinam, fthalide 12% nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether 8% (emulsifier), 2% propylene glycol (co-solvent), 1% methyl cellulose (thickener), 2% silicone (antifoaming agent), made up to 100% water

[0059] 制剂实施例5、25%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞悬浮剂 5,25% Example fluazinam • tetrachlorophthalide suspending agents [0059] Formulation

[0060] 氟啶胺10%、四氯苯酞15%、苯基酚聚氧乙基醚8% (乳化剂)、丙酮2% (助溶剂)、黄原胶1% (增稠剂)、有机硅2% (消泡剂)、水补充至100% [0060] fluazinam 10%, 15% fthalide, polyoxyethylene phenylphenol ether 8% (emulsifier), 2% acetone (cosolvent), 1% xanthan gum (thickener), 2% silicone (antifoaming agent), made up to 100% water

[0061] 制剂实施例6、5%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞悬浮剂 6,5% Example fluazinam • tetrachlorophthalide suspending agents [0061] Formulation

[0062] 氟啶胺1%、四氯苯酞4%、壬基酚聚氧乙烯醚8% (乳化剂)、丙二醇2% (助溶剂)、甲基纤维素1% (增稠剂)、有机硅2% (消泡剂)、水补充至100% [0062] fluazinam 1%, 4% fthalide, nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether 8% (emulsifier), 2% propylene glycol (co-solvent), 1% methyl cellulose (thickener), 2% silicone (antifoaming agent), made up to 100% water

[0063] 水分散粒剂实施例 [0063] The water-dispersible granules Example

[0064] 将农药活性组分、助剂和填料按比例混合,经气流粉碎,然后加15-20 %的水,经捏合、造粒、干燥、筛分制得水分散粒剂产品。 [0064] The pesticidal active ingredients, additives and fillers mixed in proportion, by jet milling, then adding 15-20% water, kneaded, granulated, dried and sieved to obtain water dispersible granule product. 主要设备:混合机、气流粉碎机、捏合机、挤压造粒机、干燥设备(烘房或流化床)。 Major equipment: a mixer, a jet mill, a kneader, extrusion granulator, drying equipment (drying room or fluidized bed).

[0065] 制剂实施例7、70%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞水分散粒剂 7,70% Example fluazinam • tetrachlorophthalide water dispersible granules [0065] Formulation

[0066] 氟啶胺30%、四氯苯酞40%、十二烷基苯磺酸钠4% (湿润剂)、木质素磺酸钙10% (分散剂)、硫酸铵3% (崩解剂)、高岭土(填料)至100% [0066] 30% fluazinam, fthalide 40%, 4% sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (wetting agent), 10% calcium lignosulfonate (dispersing agent), 3% ammonium sulfate (disintegrant agent), kaolin (filler) to 100%

[0067] 制剂实施例8、50%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞水分散粒剂[0068] 氟啶胺10%、四氯苯酞40%、皂角粉4% (湿润剂)、聚羧酸盐10% (分散剂)、尿素3% (崩解剂)、膨润土(填料)至100% 8.50% Example fluazinam • tetrachlorophthalide water dispersible granules [0067] Formulation [0068] 10% fluazinam, fthalide 40%, 4% saponin powder (wetting agent), polycarboxylates 10% salt (dispersant), urea, 3% (disintegrant), bentonite (filler) to 100%

[0069] 可湿性粉剂实施例 [0069] Example wettable powder

[0070] 将农药活性组分、助剂、填料按比例混合经气流粉碎后再混合制得可湿性粉剂。 [0070] The pesticidal active ingredients, adjuvants, fillers proportionally mixing the gas stream and then pulverized and mixed to obtain a wettable powder. 主要设备:混合机、气流粉碎机。 Major equipment: mixer, jet mill.

[0071] 制剂实施例9、70%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞可湿性粉剂 9,70% Example fluazinam • tetrachlorophthalide wettable powders [0071] Formulation

[0072] 氟啶胺35%、四氯苯酞35%、月桂醇基硫酸钠4% (湿润剂)、烷基磺酸钠盐7%(分散剂)、白炭黑8% (填料)、凸凹棒土(填料)至100% [0072] 35% fluazinam, fthalide 35%, 4% sodium lauryl alcohol (wetting agent), 7% sodium alkyl sulfonate salt (dispersant) 8% silica (filler), soil punch rod (filler) to 100%

[0073] 制剂实施例10、50%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞可湿性粉剂[0074] 氟啶胺30%、四氯苯酞20%、皂角粉4% (湿润剂)、木质素磺酸钙7% (分散剂)、白炭黑8% (填料)、膨润土(填料)至100% Example 10, 50% of fluazinam • tetrachlorophthalide wettable powders [0073] Formulation [0074] 30% fluazinam, fthalide 20%, 4% saponin powder (wetting agent), lignin sulfonate 7% calcium (dispersant) 8% silica (filler), bentonite (filler) to 100%

[0075] 制剂实施例11、60%氟啶胺•四氯苯酞可湿性粉剂 Example 11, 60% of fluazinam • tetrachlorophthalide wettable powders [0075] Formulation

[0076] 氟啶胺40%、四氯苯酞20%、拉开粉4% (湿润剂)、聚羧酸盐7% (分散剂)、白炭黑8% (填料)、陶土(填料)至100% [0076] fluazinam 40%, 20% fthalide, nekal 4% (wetting agent), 7% polycarboxylate (dispersant) 8% silica (fillers), clay (filler) to 100%

[0077] 田间应用实施例 Example [0077] Field Applications

[0078] 田间应用实施例I组合物防治水稻稻瘟病田间试验 Example [0078] I field application composition for controlling rice blast field trials

[0079] 试验安排在稻瘟病常年发病较重的地块,稻苗处于分蘖期。 [0079] In the experimental set-annual incidence of heavy land blast, rice seedlings at tillering stage. 试验处理及用量见表3。 Experimental treatment and amount indicated in Table 3. 在田间刚出现零星病斑时,立即进行第一次喷雾,每个处理4个小区重复,每个小区面积20平方米。 When the field just sporadic lesion immediately after the first spraying, each treatment is repeated four cells, each cell area of ​​20 square meters. 7天后进行第二次施药。 7 days after the second spraying. 于药前和第二次药后10天调查统计发病情况,每个小区5点取样,每点调查5丛水稻。 To prodrugs and a second 10 days after the incidence of drug survey, each cell 5 sampling points, each point of investigation 5 rice plexus. 调查整株水稻上每个叶片的病斑面积占叶片面积的百分率并分级。 On the whole investigations Rice lesion area of ​​each leaf and percentage of leaf area classification. 计算病情指数和防治效果 Calculate the disease index and control effect

[0080] 稻瘟病(叶瘟)分级标准: [0080] Rice Blast (leaf blast) grading:

[0081] 0级:无病斑; [0081] 0: No lesion;

[0082] I级:叶片病斑少于5个,长度小于Icm ; [0082] Class I: lesions less than five blades, a length of less than Icm of;

[0083] 3级:叶片病斑6-10个,部分病斑长度大于Icm ; [0083] Level 3: 6-10 lesions blades, greater than Icm of lesion length portion;

[0084] 5级:叶片病斑11-25个,部分病斑连成片,病斑面积占叶面积的10% -25% ; [0084] 5: 11-25 leaves a lesion, even into the film lesion portion, the lesion area of ​​10% -25% of leaf area;

[0085] 7级:叶片病斑26个以上,病斑连成片,病斑面积占叶面积的26% -50% ; [0085] 7: lesion or more blades 26, even into the film lesion, the lesion area of ​​26% -50% of leaf area;

[0086] 9级:病斑连成片,病斑面积占叶面积的50%以上或全叶枯死。 [0086] 9: lesion even into the film, lesion area more than 50% of the leaf area or withered whole leaf.

Figure CN101755755BD00081

[0089] 由表2可以看出:氟啶胺、四氯苯酞单剂对水稻稻瘟病的防效分别为75.09%、76. 33 %,而本发明实施例杀菌组合物在防效上均有显著提高,最低防效为83. 87 %,最高为88. 21%。 [0089] As can be seen from Table 2: fluazinam, tetrachlorophthalide single dose control effect against rice blast was 75.09%, 76 33%, the sterilizing composition are implemented on the control effect of the present invention. significantly increased, the minimum efficacy was 83.87%, up to 88.21%. 田间试验的结果充分表明,氟啶胺和四氯苯酞复配后对水稻稻瘟病具有显著的协同增效作用,在亩有效成分用量比单剂减少的情况下,防治效果大幅提高。 The results of field trial amply demonstrate significant synergistic effect after fluazinam and tetrachlorophthalide compound against rice blast, in the case of an active ingredient mu single dose reduction ratio, a substantial increase control effect. 田间调查发现,组合物能兼治水稻白叶枯病和水稻猝倒病。 Field investigation found that the composition can be rid of bacterial blight of rice and damping-off disease. 因此,本发明组合物具有降低成本、延缓抗性、扩大防治谱、减少施药次数和农药残留的作用。 Thus, the compositions of the present invention have a reduced cost, delay resistance, expansion control spectrum, and to reduce the number of spraying pesticide residues effect.

[0090] 表2氟啶胺与四氯苯酞复配对水稻稻瘟病的田间试验结果 [0090] Field test results in Table 2 with fluazinam rice blast tetrachlorophthalide Complex as

[0091] [0091]

Figure CN101755755BD00091

Claims (5)

1. 一种杀菌组合物,其特征在于:有效成分为氟啶胺(A)和四氯苯酞(B),A与B的质量比为I : 100〜100 : I。 1. A fungicidal composition, characterized in that: the active ingredient is fluazinam (A) and tetrachlorophthalide (B), A and B mass ratio of I: 100~100: I.
2.根据权利要求I所述的杀菌组合物,其特征在于:A与B质量比例优选为I : 40〜40 : I。 2. The germicidal composition according to claim I, wherein: A and B mass ratio is preferably I: 40~40: I.
3.根据权利要求I所述的杀菌组合物,其特征在于:组合物中A与B累积质量百分含量为5〜70%。 3. The germicidal composition according to claim I, wherein: A and composition B the cumulative mass percentage of 5~70%.
4.根据权利要求I至3任意一项所述的杀菌组合物,其特征在于:剂型为悬浮剂、可湿性粉剂、水分散粒剂。 3 I according to any one of the germicidal composition of claim, wherein: the dosage form of suspensions, wettable powders, water dispersible granules.
5.根据权利要求I所述的杀菌组合物的应用,其特征在于:组合物用于稻瘟病的防治。 The application I germicidal composition according to claim, wherein: compositions for controlling rice blast.
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CN100559945C (en) Bactericide composition containing dimethomorph
CN101755797A (en) Bactericide composition containing boscalid
CN102626099B (en) Bactericidal composition containing cupric nonyl phenolsulfonate and methoxy-acrylate bactericide
CN101822263A (en) Sterilization compound containing ZJ0712
CN102362598A (en) Insecticidal composition containing benfuracarb and neonicotinoid insecticides
CN101248794B (en) Agricultural chemical composition containing carbendazim and kasugamycin
CN101019545B (en) Germicide composition possessing synergism
CN101595887A (en) Bactericidal composition containing prochloraz
CN101816307B (en) Bactericide for preventing and treating fruit diseases
CN101642126A (en) Compound bactericidal composition containing fludioxonil
CN102318627A (en) Innovative high-efficient sterilization composition
CN101822255B (en) Sterilization compound containing ZJ0712
CN101755845B (en) Bactericide composition containing flutolanil
CN101379990A (en) Bactericide agent composition
CN101856026A (en) Pyrimidine nucleotide antibiotic and trifluzamide combined bactericide
CN102771493A (en) Fungicide composition containing prochloraz and imazalil, and application thereof
CN101790987A (en) Disinfection composite containing thifluzamide and hexaconazole
CN101822251A (en) Sterilization compound containing ZJ0712
CN101554170A (en) Chlorantraniliprole and emamectin benzoate insecticidal composition
CN101278675B (en) Fungicide composition containing Polyoxin and Mancozeb

Legal Events

Date Code Title Description
C06 Publication
C10 Request of examination as to substance
C14 Granted