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The invention relates to an insecticidal composition containing metaflumizone, which takes metaflumizone and abamectin or emamectin benzoate as effective compositions, wherein the mass ratio of the metaflumizone to the abamectin is 50:1-1:1, and the mass ratio of the metaflumizone to the emamectin benzoate is 50:1-1:1. The application formulations of the preparation in the actual application comprise missible oil, microemulsion, aqueous emulsion, suspending agent, wettable powder or water dispersion particles, and the accumulated weight percentage of the effective compositions in the preparation is 1 to 60 percent. The insecticidal composition containing the metaflumizone is used for preventing and controlling agricultural insects and particularly is used for preventing and controlling rice leaf roller, vegetable diamondback moth and the like.


含有氰氟虫腙的杀虫组合物 Metaflumizone containing pesticidal compositions

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及的农药组合物,是以氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素或甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐为有效成分,用于防治农业上的害虫,尤其用于防治水稻稻纵卷叶螟、蔬菜小菜蛾等。 [0001] The present invention relates to pesticidal compositions, and is metaflumizone abamectin or emamectin benzoate as an active ingredient for controlling pests in agriculture, in particular for the control of rice rice leaf roller, diamondback moth and other vegetables.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 阿维菌素(abamectin),它是一种大环内酯双糖类化合物。 [0002] avermectin (abamectin), which is a macrolide compound disaccharides. 是从土壤微生物中分离的天然产物,对昆虫和螨类具有触杀和胃毒作用并有微弱的熏蒸作用,无内吸作用。 Microbial isolated from natural products, with contact and stomach action of insects and mites, and a weak fumigation, no systemic action. 但它对叶片有很强的渗透作用,可杀死表皮下的害虫,且残效期长。 But it has a strong penetration of the blade, the skin can kill pests and Vinca long. 其作用机制与一般杀虫剂不同的是它干扰神经生理活动,刺激释放r-氨基丁酸,而r-氨基丁酸对节肢动物的神经传导有抑制作用,若螨和昆虫与幼虫与药剂接触后即出现麻痹症状,不活动不取食,2-4天后死亡。 The mechanism of which is different from the general insecticides it interferes neurophysiological activity, stimulate the release r- aminobutyric acid, r- aminobutyric acid and inhibit the nerve conduction arthropods, insects and mites if contact with an agent larvae after having paralysis symptoms, no activities are not feeding, 2-4 days after the death. 但对捕食性和寄生性天敌虽有直接杀伤作用,但因植物表面残留少,因此对益虫的损伤小。 But predatory and parasitic natural enemies, although direct killing effect, but the little plant surface residue, therefore less damage to beneficial insects. · ·

[0003] 甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐(emamectin benzoate),高效、广谱、残效期长,为优良的杀虫杀螨剂,其作用机理阻碍害虫运动神经信息传递而使身体麻痹死亡。 [0003] Emamectin benzoate (emamectin benzoate), high efficiency, broad spectrum, Vinca long as excellent insecticidal acaricidal, its mechanism impede the transmission of information pests motor nerve paralysis Death Body . 作用方式以胃毒为主触杀作用,对作物无内吸性能,但能有效渗入施用作物表皮组织,因而具有较长残效期。 In the main mode of action of stomach contact action, systemic properties of non-crop, but the application of crop can effectively penetrate the epidermal tissue, and thus it has a long residual period. 对鳞翅目,螨类、鞘翅目及同翅目害虫有极高活性,且不与其它农作物产生交叉,在土壤和中易降解无残留,不污染环境,在常规剂量范围内对有益昆虫及天敌、人畜安全,可与大部分农药混用。 Lepidoptera, mites, Coleoptera and Homoptera has high activity, and do not intersect with other crops to produce, easily degradable in soil and residue-free, does not pollute the environment, within the usual dosage range of beneficial insects and natural enemies, human and animal safety, can be mixed with most pesticides.

[0004] 由于阿维菌素和甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐已在我国广泛使用多年,长年连续单独使用已经使害虫抗药性不断增强,即使不断加大施药剂量,也难以有效杀灭害虫。 [0004] Since the avermectin and emamectin benzoate has been widely used for years in our country, it has for many years of continuous use alone growing resistance to pests, even increasing the dose administration, it is difficult to effectively kill pests.

[0005] 氰氟虫腙(metafIumizone)是一种全新作用机制的杀虫剂,通过附着在钠离子通道的受体上,阻碍钠离子通行,与菊酯类或其他种类的化合物无交互抗性。 [0005] metaflumizone (metafIumizone) is a new mechanism of action of pesticides, by adhering to the ion channel of the receptor, hinder the passage of sodium ions, and other kinds of pyrethroid compound or no cross-resistance . 该药主要是通过害虫取食进入其体内发生胃毒杀死害虫,触杀作用较小,无内吸作用。 The drug mainly by insects feeding into its dead body of gastric poison pests, small contact action, systemic action None. 该药对于各龄期的靶标害虫、幼虫都有较好的防治效果,昆虫取食后该药进入虫体,通过独特的作用机制阻断害虫神经元轴突膜上的钠离子通道,使钠离子不能通过轴突膜,进而抑制神经冲动使虫体过度的放松,麻痹,几个小时后,害虫即停止取食,I〜3d内死亡,可以有效地防治各种鳞翅目害虫及某些鞘翅目的幼虫、成虫,还可以用于防治蚂蚁、白蚁、蝇类、蝉螂等害虫。 For each drug target pests instar larvae have a good control effect, the drug into the feeding insect parasites, insects block axon membrane sodium channels through a unique mechanism of action, sodium ions can not pass through the axonal membrane, thereby inhibiting the nerve impulses that the worm excessive relaxation, paralysis, after a few hours, i.e. to stop pests feeding, the I~3d death, can effectively control a variety of Lepidoptera pests and certain Coleoptera larvae and adults, can also be used against ants, termites, flies, cockroaches and other pests. 对哺乳动物无神经毒性,对鸟类的急性毒性低,对蜜蜂低危险,由于在水中能迅速地水解和光解,对水生生物无实际危害。 No neurotoxicity mammal, low acute toxicity to birds, bees low-risk, since the hydrolysis can be quickly and photolysis in water, no practical harm to aquatic organisms.

[0006] 不同农药品种的混配,是防治农业抗性害虫的常见方法。 [0006] different varieties of mixed pesticides is a common method for controlling agricultural pests resistant. 通过农药配方筛选,筛选出合理的配方,可有效提高实际防治效果,减少用药量,降低成本,延缓害虫抗药性的产生,是害虫综合治理的重要手段。 By pesticide formulation screening, screening out a reasonable formula, can effectively improve the practical control effect, reduce the dosage to reduce costs and delay the pest resistance is an important means of integrated pest management. 本发明人对氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素或甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐的混配进行了深入研究,发现氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素或甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐进行混配,在一定的混配比例范围对害虫具有明显的增效作用,经进一步研究,完成了本发明。 The present invention is of metaflumizone and abamectin or emamectin benzoate mixed salt conducted intensive studies, and found that metaflumizone abamectin or emamectin benzene formate compounded, a significant synergistic effect against pests at a certain mixing ratio range, further research, completed the present invention.


[0007] 本发明的目的在于解决现有技术中对害虫产生抗药性问题及实际防治效果较差,提供一种高效、低毒、速效性好且持效期长,有利于害虫综合治理的杀虫组合物。 [0007] The object of the present invention is to solve the problem of poor resistance and practical controlling effect, provide an efficient, low toxicity, good fast-acting and long duration, is conducive to IPM to kill pests generated prior art insect composition.

[0008] 本发明的另一目的是提供将该杀虫组合物用于农业上杀虫的用途。 [0008] Another object of the present invention is to provide pesticidal compositions for agricultural insecticide.

[0009] 技术方案:为实现上述目的,本发明提供一种有效成分由氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素或甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐组成的杀虫组合物,氰氟虫腙与阿维菌素的质量份数比为50 : 1-1 : 1,氰氟虫腙与甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐的质量份数比为50 : 1-1 : I。 [0009] Technical Solution: To attain the above object, the present invention provides an effective ingredient of metaflumizone and abamectin or emamectin benzoate salts pesticidal composition, metaflumizone and the parts by mass ratio of avermectin 50: 1 to 1: 1, parts by mass metaflumizone with emamectin benzoate ratio is 50: 1-1: I.

[0010] 本发明提供的杀虫组合物在实际应用时制成包括乳油、微乳剂、水乳剂、悬浮剂、可湿性粉剂或水分散粒剂的应用剂型,制剂中有效成分的累积重量百分比为1_60%。 [0010] The present invention provides pesticidal compositions made in the practical application forms include application emulsifiable concentrates, microemulsions, aqueous emulsions, suspensions, wettable powders or water dispersible granules, the cumulative weight percent of the formulation of the active ingredient 1_60%.

[0011] 本发明提供的杀虫组合物中使用的助剂包括溶剂、乳化剂、润湿剂、稳定剂、分散齐U、增稠剂、PH调节剂、消泡剂、防冻剂、去离子水、填料等,都是农药制剂加工中常用的各种助剂,具体成分和用量根据配方要求通过简单的试验进行确定。 [0011] The pesticidal compositions of the invention aid provided for use include solvents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, stabilizing agents, dispersing Qi U, thickeners, PH adjusting agents, antifoaming agents, antifreeze agents, deionized water, fillers, etc., are commonly used in pesticide formulation and processing various adjuvants, specific ingredients and amounts determined by simple experimentation depending on the formulation requirements.

[0012] 本发明提供的杀虫组合物各种应用剂型的生产工艺均属现有已知技术,在此不再赘述。 [0012] The dosage forms of various applications of the present invention to provide pesticidal compositions is known in the prior art belong to the production process, are not repeated here.

[0013] 本发明提供的杀虫组合物,通常采用喷雾的方法使用,也可以根据需要采用农业上应用的其他使用技术。 [0013] The pesticidal compositions provided by the invention, typically using a spray method can be employed using techniques other agricultural applications as needed. 例如常用的农药使用方法:喷雾法、毒饵法、种子处理法、种子包衣法、土壤处理法、熏蒸法、熏烟法、涂抹法等。 Such as conventional pesticide application methods: spraying, bait method, seed treatment method, seed coating method, soil treatment, fumigation, fumigation method, painting method or the like.

[0014] 本发明提供的杀虫组合物,在应用时应注意在害虫卵孵化高峰期至低龄幼虫期用药。 [0014] The present invention provides a pesticidal composition, care should be applied to the pest eggs hatching young larvae of peak drug.

[0015] 本发明的技术来源及效果: [0015] Technical sources and effects of the present invention:

[0016] 为进一步了解氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素或甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐混配对害虫的毒力,本发明人对氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素或甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐混配进行了大量的配方筛选试验。 [0016] To better understand metaflumizone and abamectin or emamectin benzoate mixed virulence pests, the present inventors metaflumizone or methylamino avermectin A ivermectin benzoate a lot of mixed formulation screening test.

[0017] 试验采用《农药室内生物测定试验准则》(NY/T1154. 1-2006)推荐的点滴法进行测定,生物试材为稻纵卷叶螟2代3龄幼虫、甘蓝小菜蛾2代3龄幼虫,采用孙云沛法计算混配组合物的共毒系数(CTC值)。 [0017] The test uses "Pesticides laboratory bioassay Test Guidelines" (NY / T1154. 1-2006) recommended bit determination method, the biological material is a sample of 3 - leafroller larvae, Plutella xylostella of 3 - instar larvae using the co-toxicity coefficient (CTC value) calculating process Sun Yunpei compounded composition. 按照NY/T11547. 7-2006杀虫剂联合作用划分标准:共毒系数(CTC值)彡120表现为增效作用;共毒系数(CTC值)(120表现为拮抗作用;120 <共毒系数(CTC值)< 120表现为相加作用。 According NY / T11547 7-2006 division standard insecticide combined effects: toxicity coefficient (CTC value) showed 120 San synergism; toxicity coefficient (CTC value) (120 were antagonistic; 120 <Co-toxicity coefficient (CTC value) <120 showed an additive effect.

[0018] 试验结果如表I、表2所示,氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素或甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐混配组合物在质量份数比为50 : 1-1 : I之间,共毒系数(CTC值)均大于120,即均表现出明显的增效作用。 [0018] The test results in Table I, shown in Table 2, metaflumizone and abamectin or emamectin benzoate compounded composition in parts by mass ratio 50: 1-1: between I, the co-toxicity coefficient (CTC value) greater than 120, i.e., all showed significant synergism.

[0019] 表I、氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素及不同配比对水稻稻纵卷叶螟毒力测定结果 [0019] Tables I, metaflumizone avermectin and different ratio measurement result on rice leafroller Toxicity

[0020] [0020]

供试药剂 毒力回归方程 相关LCm (mg/L) 共毒系数 Test agent toxicity regression equation related LCm (mg / L) Co-toxicity coefficient

(有效成分重量比) y = a+bx 系数(95%置信限) (CTC值) (Active ingredient weight ratio) y = a + bx Coefficient (95% confidence limits) (value CTCs)

氰氟虫腙 3. 1621+1. 4701x 0.9965 ~17. 76(12.63 〜25. 77) ~ Metaflumizone 3. 1621 + 1. 4701x 0.9965 ~ 17. 76 (12.63 ~25. 77) ~

阿维菌素 3.8541+1.8003x 0.9447 4.33(3.01 — 5.41) ~ Abamectin 3.8541 + 1.8003x 0.9447 4.33 (3.01 - 5.41) ~

Figure CN101564038BD00051

[0021] 表2、氰氟虫腙和甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐及不同配比对甘蓝小菜蛾的毒力测定结果 [0021] Table 2, metaflumizone and emamectin benzoate and virulence of different proportions of measurement results Plutella xylostella

Figure CN101564038BD00052
Figure CN101564038BD00061

[0023] 本发明提供的杀虫组合物有如下有益效果: [0023] The present invention provides pesticidal compositions have the following advantages:

[0024] I.本发明提供的杀虫组合物,在一定配比范围内表现出明显的增效作用,组合物的杀虫效果比单剂有了明显提高,降低了农药的使用剂量,降低了成本。 [0024] I. The present invention provides pesticidal compositions, within a certain range of the ratio exhibit a significant synergistic effect, insecticidal effect than a single dose of the composition has been significantly improved, reducing the use of pesticides doses, reduced costs.

[0025] 2.本发明提供的杀虫组合物的有效成分作用机制不同,组合物的应用能延缓或克服害虫抗药性的产生,有利于害虫的综合治理。 [0025] 2. The effect of an active ingredient of the present invention provides a pesticidal composition different mechanisms, application of the composition can delay or overcome pest resistance generated, facilitate the integrated pest management.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0026] 本发明通过以下具体实施例进行说明,但本发明不限于以下具体实施例。 [0026] The present invention is illustrated by the following specific examples, but the present invention is not limited to the following specific examples. 在这些实施例中,除另有说明外,所有百分比均为重量百分比。 In these examples, unless otherwise indicated, all percentages are percentages by weight.

[0027] 制剂实施例一: [0027] Formulation Example I:

[0028] 氰氟虫腙14.7%,阿维菌素0.3%,非离子型的聚氧乙烯醚4%,环氧化豆油1%,对氨基苯甲酸0. 5%,乳化剂1601#10%,乳化剂500#5%,余量为乙醇和二甲苯。 [0028] The metaflumizone 14.7%, 0.3% Avermectin, nonionic polyoxyethylene ethers 4%, 1% epoxidized soybean oil, 0.5% p-aminobenzoic acid, 10% emulsifier # 1601 , # 500 5% emulsifier, the balance being ethanol and xylene. 将上述配方按比例依次加入混合釜中,搅拌均匀后即制得15%氰氟虫腙•阿维菌素乳油。 The above formulation were added in proportion to the mixing vessel, after stirring uniformly to prepare a 15% metaflumizone • Abamectin.

[0029] 制剂实施例二: [0029] Formulation Example Two:

[0030] 氰氟虫腙19. 5 %,阿维菌素0. 5 %,润湿剂拉开粉3 %,分散剂NNO 10 %,滑石粉5%,余量为高岭土。 [0030] Metaflumizone 19.5%, 0.5% Avermectin, opened powder 3% wetting agent, dispersing agent NNO 10%, talc 5%, the balance kaolin. 将上述配方按比例粗粉碎后进入混合器中混合均匀,再经气流粉碎后即制得20%氰氟虫腙•阿维菌素可湿性粉剂。 The above formulation according to the proportion of coarse pulverized uniformly mixed into the mixer, and then after jet milling to obtain 20% of metaflumizone • avermectin wettable powder.

[0031] 制剂实施例三: [0031] Formulation Example III:

[0032] 氰氟虫腙14.5%,甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐0. 5%,乳化剂1601#12%,润湿剂LS5 %,分散剂S0PA-270 3 %,膨润土2 %,黄原胶0.1%,有机硅消泡剂0.4%,丙三醇5 %,余量为去离子水。 [0032] 14.5% metaflumizone, emamectin benzoate 0.5%, 1601 # 12% emulsifier, wetting agent LS5% dispersant S0PA-270 3%, 2% bentonite, xanthan gum 0.1% silicone defoamer 0.4%, 5% glycerol, the balance being deionized water. 将上述配方按比例进行预先粉碎,再加入砂磨机中研磨,经高剪切混合后调配制得15%氰氟虫腙•甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐悬浮剂。 The above formulation was scaled previously pulverized, ground in a sand mill and then added, after high shear mixing formulation was prepared of 15% metaflumizone • emamectin benzoate suspension.

[0033] 制剂实施例四: [0033] Formulation Example 4:

[0034] 氰氟虫腙19%,甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐1%,十二烷基硫酸钠6%,聚羧酸盐4 %,氯化钠2 %,聚乙二醇3 %,余量为高岭土。 [0034] 19% metaflumizone, emamectin benzoate 1%, 6% sodium dodecyl sulfate, polycarboxylates 4%, 2% sodium chloride, polyethylene glycol 3 %, the remainder being kaolin. 将上述配方按比例干法粉碎、造粒、干燥、筛分制备制得20%氰氟虫腙•甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐水分散性粒剂。 The above formulation proportion of dry pulverization, granulation, drying, sieving prepared to obtain 20% metaflumizone • emamectin benzoate brine dispersible granules.

[0035] 制剂实施例五: [0035] Formulation Example 5:

[0036] 氰氟虫腙9 %,甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐I %,N-甲基吡咯烷酮8 %,十二烷基苯磺酸钠6 %,聚乙烯醇4%,乳化剂500#5 %,有机硅消泡剂0. 4%,余量为去离子水。 [0036] 9% metaflumizone, emamectin benzoate I%, N- methylpyrrolidone 8%, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate 6%, 4% polyvinyl alcohol, emulsifier # 5 500% silicone defoamer 0.4%, the balance being deionized water. 将上述配方中原药、溶剂、乳化剂溶解成均匀油相;将上述配方中水溶性组分和去离子水混合制得水相;在高速搅拌下,将油相和水相混合制得10%氰氟虫腙•甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐水乳剂。 The above formulation was dissolved Plains drug, solvent, emulsifying agent to form a homogeneous oil phase; mixing the above formulation of deionized water and water soluble components to obtain an aqueous phase; under high speed stirring, the oil phase and water phase mix prepared 10% • metaflumizone emamectin benzoate brine emulsions. [0037] 制剂实施例六: [0037] Formulation Example VI:

[0038] 氰氟虫腙2. 5%,甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐0. 5%,乳化剂602 5%,乳化剂NP-105%,木质素磺酸钠10%,环乙酮5%,二甲苯5%,余量为去离子水。 [0038] Metaflumizone 2.5%, emamectin benzoate 0.5% emulsifier 6,025% emulsifier NP-105%, 10% of sodium lignosulfonate, ring B -one 5%, 5% xylene, balance deionized water. 将上述配方中原药、溶齐U、乳化剂溶解成均匀油相,在搅拌下缓慢加入去离子水中,再经搅拌加热迅速转相,冷至室温制得3%氰氟虫腙•甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐微乳剂。 The above formulation Plains drugs, homogeneous solution U, dissolved emulsifiers to form a homogeneous oil phase under stirring slowly added to deionized water, and then heated rapidly stirred phase inversion, cooled to room temperature to obtain a 3% metaflumizone methylamino • A ivermectin benzoate microemulsion.

[0039] 生物测定实施例一:氰氟虫腙和阿维菌素混配组合物对水稻稻纵卷叶螟的田间药效试验 Example [0039] a bioassay: metaflumizone composition and abamectin field efficacy trials on Rice Leaf Roller

[0040] 供试药剂: [0040] Sample Agent:

[0041] (I) 15%氰氟虫腙•阿维菌素乳油(14. 7%氰氟虫腙:0. 3%阿维菌素)(1#); [0041] (I) 15% metaflumizone • Abamectin (. 14.7% metaflumizone: 03% abamectin) (# 1);

[0042] (2) 20%氰氟虫腙•阿维菌素可湿性粉剂(19. 5%氰氟虫腙:0. 5%阿维菌素)(2#);对照药剂: [0042] (2) 20% metaflumizone • avermectin wettable powder (19.5% metaflumizone: 05% abamectin) (# 2); Control agent:

[0043] (I) 2%阿维菌素乳油(3#); [0043] (I) 2% Abamectin (# 3);

[0044] (2) 24 %氰氟虫腙悬浮剂(4#)。 [0044] (2) 24% metaflumizone suspension (# 4).

[0045] 施药时间:在水稻稻纵卷叶螟卵孵化高峰期兑水均匀喷雾。 [0045] application time: at the peak of paddy rice leaf roller eggs hatch watered evenly spray.

[0046] 试验结果:见表3,从试验结果可以看出:施药后3天,本发明的杀虫组合物对水稻稻纵卷叶螟的防治效果都在89%以上,明显好于单剂;施药后7天和14天,本发明的杀虫组合物对水稻稻纵卷叶螟的防治效果都在93%以上,也明显好于单剂,说明本发明的杀虫组合物在速效性和持效性方面均优于单剂,且成本大大降低。 [0046] Test Results: Table 3, it can be seen from the test results: 3 days after application, the pesticidal composition of the present invention controlling effect on rice leafroller are more than 89%, significantly better than single agent; 7 days and 14 days after spraying, the pesticidal composition of the present invention controlling effect on rice leafroller are more than 93%, significantly better than the single dose, the pesticidal compositions of the invention described in fast-acting effect and are superior in terms of holding a single dose, and the cost is greatly reduced.

[0047] 表3、防治水稻稻纵卷叶螟的田间药效试验结果 [0047] Table 3, the control of rice leaf roller field experiments

[0048] [0048]

Figure CN101564038BD00071

[0049] 生物测定实施例二:氰氟虫腙和甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐混配组合物对甘蓝小菜蛾的田间药效试验 Example [0049] The biometric II: metaflumizone and emamectin benzoate field efficacy trials compounded composition brassicae Plutella xylostella

[0050] 供试药剂: [0050] Sample Agent:

[0051] (I) 15%氰氟虫腙_甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐悬浮剂(14. 5%氰氟虫腙:0. 5%甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐)(1#); [0051] (I) 15% metaflumizone _ emamectin benzoate suspension (14.5% metaflumizone: 05% emamectin benzoate) (1#);

[0052] (2)20%氰氟虫腙•甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐水分散性粒剂(19%氰氟虫腙:1%甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐)(2#); [0052] (2) 20% metaflumizone • emamectin benzoate brine dispersible granules (19% metaflumizone: 1% emamectin benzoate) (# 2 );

[0053] (3) 10%氰氟虫腙•甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐水乳剂(9%氰氟虫腙:1%甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐)(3#);[0054] (4)3%氰氟虫腙•甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐微乳剂(2. 5%氰氟虫腙:0. 5%甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐)(4#); [0053] (3) 10% metaflumizone • emamectin benzoate emulsion brine (9% metaflumizone: 1% emamectin benzoate) (# 3); [ 0054] (4) 3% metaflumizone • emamectin benzoate microemulsion (2.5% metaflumizone: 05% emamectin benzoate) ( # 4);

[0055] 对照药剂: [0055] The control agent:

[0056] (1)1%甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐乳油(5#); [0056] (1) 1% emamectin benzoate EC (# 5);

[0057] (2) 24 %氰氟虫腙悬浮剂(6#)。 [0057] (2) 24% metaflumizone suspension (# 6).

[0058] 施药时间:在甘蓝小菜蛾卵孵化高峰期兑水均匀喷雾。 [0058] application time: at the peak of cabbage diamondback moth eggs hatch watered evenly spray.

[0059] 试验结果:见表4,从试验结果可以看出:施药后3天,本发明的杀虫组合物对甘蓝小菜蛾的防治效果都在87%以上,明显好于单剂;施药后7天和14天,本发明的杀虫组合物对甘蓝小菜蛾的防治效果都在95%以上,也明显好于单剂,说明本发明的杀虫组合物在速效性和持效性方面均优于单剂,且成本大大降低。 [0059] Test Results: Table 4, it can be seen from the test results: three days after the application, the pesticidal composition of the present invention controlling effect on Plutella xylostella are more than 87%, significantly better than a single dose; application 7 days and 14 days after treatment, the insecticidal composition of the present invention controlling effect on Plutella xylostella in more than 95%, significantly better than single agent, indicating that quick and persistent action of the pesticidal composition of the present invention It is better than a single dose, and the cost is greatly reduced.

[0060] 表4、防治甘蓝小菜蛾的田间药效试验结果 [0060] Table 4, Plutella xylostella prevention of field experiments

[0061] [0061]

Figure CN101564038BD00081

Claims (3)

1. 一种含有氰氟虫腙的杀虫组合物,其特征在于有效成分由氰氟虫腙与甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐组成,氰氟虫腙与甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐的质量份数比为50 : 1-1 : I。 A pesticidal composition comprising metaflumizone, characterized in that the active ingredient metaflumizone with emamectin benzoate salts, metaflumizone with emamectin benzene formate parts by mass ratio of 50: 1-1: I.
2.根据权利要求I所述含有氰氟虫腙的杀虫组合物,其特征是氰氟虫腙与甲氨基阿维菌素苯甲酸盐混配,在实际应用时制成包括乳油、微乳剂、水乳剂、悬浮剂、可湿性粉剂或水分散粒剂的应用剂型。 The I containing metaflumizone pesticidal composition, wherein metaflumizone with emamectin benzoate mixed to prepare an emulsifiable concentrate comprising in practical applications, micro claim emulsions, aqueous emulsions, suspensions, wettable powders or water dispersible granules application of formulations.
3.根据权利要求I或2所述的含有氰氟虫腙的杀虫组合物,其特征是用于防治农业上的害虫。 3. A pesticidal composition according to claim I containing metaflumizone or claim 2, characterized in that for controlling pests in agriculture. · ·
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