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Method and apparatus for awarding a bonus on a network of electronic gaming devices during a pre-determined time period

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    • G07F17/00Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services
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    • G07F17/32Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles; Coin-freed facilities or services for games, toys, sports or amusements, e.g. casino games, online gambling or betting
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本发明提供了一种基于时间的奖励系统,其能够被预先配置来通过某一时间期间奖励一定量奖励给网络游戏设备玩家。 The present invention provides a time-based bonus system that can be pre-configured to award a certain amount during a certain time by the bonus game device to the network player. 该基于时间的奖励系统可包括多种网络游戏设备和设置参与以使得多种游戏设备中的每一个在奖励池中有适当的代表的方法。 The time-based bonus system may include a plurality of participation in a network game device and arranged so that each game has a variety of suitable means represented in the bonus pool device. 在奖励池中的奖励的数额由游艺场所或其他游戏网络操作人员预先设定。 The amount of the bonus award pool preset by the casino or other gaming network operator. 另外地,特定奖励池的奖励总数可被分成多个较小的奖励,这些可通过奖励池运行的时间期间被分给很多玩家。 Additionally, the total number of a particular bonus award pool may be divided into a plurality of smaller award, which may be run during the time of the bonus pool is divided by to many players.


用于电子游戏设备网络中预定时间期间内授予奖励的方法和装置 Method and apparatus for awarding a prize electronic game device during a predetermined time network

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及网络游戏设备,并且更具体地,涉及一种不依赖设备自身的获胜支付表而为网络游戏设备提供奖励的系统。 [0001] The present invention relates to a network game device, and more particularly, to an apparatus itself does not depend on the winning pay tables of the system to provide incentives for the network game device.

[0002] 发明背景 [0002] Background of the Invention

[0003] 游戏设备为用户提供在游戏机上玩各种大众游戏的机会,例如投币类型游戏、如扑克和二十一点等的标准视频适配纸牌游戏,以及很多其他类型的游戏。 [0003] gaming device provides the public the opportunity to play a variety of games on the gaming machine to the user, such as a slot type games such as poker and blackjack and other standard video adapter card games, as well as many other types of games. 现代游戏设备能通过计算机网络将在游戏设备上所发生的事件发送给中央系统的主机或主控制器。 Modern gaming devices via a computer network events that occur on the gaming device is transmitted to a central system host or master controller. 这样事件的例子包括输入到机器内的硬币或其他等值、由玩家作出的按钮选择及其他动作、以及机器归给或发给玩家作为奖品的量。 Examples of such events include input into coins or other equivalent within the machine, the amount of players as prizes button and select other actions taken by the players, as well as to return the machine or distributed. 当游戏机配置合适时,中央系统还可以控制该游戏设备的至少一部分。 When the gaming machine configuration suitable, the central system can also control at least a portion of the gaming device.

[0004] 能够由该中央系统控制的其他系统,或与该中央系统相关的处理,为用于该游戏设备的奖励系统,具体地来说是高于和超过供游戏设备用的标准获胜支付平台的奖励系统。 [0004] Other systems can be controlled by the central system, or a process associated with the central system, is a bonus system for the gaming device, and in particular is higher than the standard equipment for the game winning payment platform the reward system.

[0005] 因为游艺场所中存在游戏设备用得不像其它时期那么多的时期,所以为了让玩家更乐意在不景气的时期玩游戏,需要能够修改游戏设备的有效回报。 [0005] because there is a casino gaming equipment in use so much time was unlike other times, so in order to allow players more willing to play the game in the bad times, you need to be able to modify the effective return of gaming devices. 因为奖励被添加到来自游戏设备的标准获胜中,玩家实际上有更高的机会来赢得比没有给出额外奖励时更多的奖励。 Because the bonus is added to the standard equipment from winning the game, players actually have a higher chance to win more awards than not given a bonus. 因此,更多的玩家被吸引来在有游戏设备连接到有额外奖励的游戏网络的游艺场所玩,而不去没有使用这样的奖励系统的游艺场所。 Therefore, more players are attracted to playing casino games have additional devices connected to the network bonus game, not to not use such a casino bonus system.

[0006] 管理支付额外奖励的通常方法是每次玩参与的游戏设备之一时累积奖励池。 [0006] management methods usually paid extra bonus is that every time the jackpot pool game while playing one of the participating devices. 一旦达到最低奖励池级别,分配给或者使得最低池级别达到的游戏设备,或者另外的工作的游戏设备。 Once you reach the minimum bonus pool level allocated to the pool or making the minimum level to achieve the gaming device, or other work-game consoles. 其教导特定地以其整体合并入本文的美国专利6,375,569B2,说明了该奖励方法。 Which teaches specifically incorporated herein in its entirety US Patent 6,375,569B2, it describes the reward method. 然而,因为奖励级别和能够支付奖励的总时段依赖于多少游戏设备参与分配奖励池,以及依赖于这样的设备的使用率,所以游艺场所会难于向其顾客明确说明通过参与他们的奖励系统而给予他们的实际利益。 However, since the number of gaming devices bonus levels and total time able to pay the reward depends on the participation bonus pool allocation, and utilization depend on such devices, so the casino will be difficult to give a clear explanation to its customers and by participating in their reward system their actual interests.

[0007] 因为游艺场所对提供一整套游戏体验给玩家感兴趣,所以需要游艺场所通过多种游戏平台提供这样的奖励方法。 [0007] because of the casino offers a complete gaming experience to interested players, so the casino needs to offer incentives such methods in a variety of gaming platforms. 然而,通过提供具有可用于各种游戏平台的集中池的奖励,游艺场所也必须考虑公平地将奖励支付与多个游戏机中的每个所提供的金钱份额相联系的提供方案。 However, by providing incentives have a centralized pool can be used for a variety of gaming platforms, entertainment venues must also be considered fair share of the money will be provided with each of the plurality of gaming solutions provide contact with bonus payout.


[0008] 本发明的实施方式考虑到了这些和其他现有技术中的不足。 Embodiment [0008] The present invention takes into account these and other deficiencies in the prior art.

[0009] 本发明的实施方式提供了一种基于时间的奖励系统,其能被预先配置来通过某一时间期间将一定量奖励给网络游戏设备的玩家。 [0009] Embodiments of the invention provide a time-based bonus system that can be used to reward the amount of the player game device to the network during a certain time by a pre-configuration. 奖励系统包括很多单独的奖励池,每一个奖励池可在电子游戏机(EGM)上在具体时间处运行给定的持续时间。 The system comprises a number of individual bonus award pool, bonus pool can each run a given duration at a particular time on the electronic gaming machine (EGM). 奖励池中的奖励额由游艺场所或其他游戏网络操作者预定确定。 A predetermined amount of incentive bonus pool is determined by the casino or other gaming network operator. 另外地,特定奖励池中的奖励总额可被分成多个小的奖励,其可通过奖励池运行的时间期间被分给很多玩家。 In addition, the total bonus pool of specific incentives can be divided into multiple small reward, during which time you can run through the award pool is distributed to many players.

[0010] 基于时间的奖励系统允许游艺场所具体规定每一奖励期间:奖励总额、在分配奖励的情况下的奖励分配方式、奖励期间的持续时间、在奖励期间内何时将作出支付、哪些连接到游戏网络的游戏设备有资格参与奖励支付、如何做出奖励支付,以及如何发信号通知游艺场所顾客已经做出奖励支付,等等。 [0010] time of reward-based system allows casino bonus for each specified period: total rewards, reward distribution in the case of the distribution of rewards, the duration of the period of the award, during the period when the award will be made to pay, which is connected network gaming device to the game are eligible to participate in bonus pay, how to make the reward payment, and how to signal a casino customers have already made bonus payments, and so on. 另外,游艺场所可调度特定奖励池期间发生的时间和频率。 Further, the casino may schedule the time and frequency of occurrence during a particular bonus pool. 例如,游艺场所可将奖励池调度为每周日的每隔一小时运行。 For example, a casino can be scheduled to run every Sunday bonus pool every hour. 甚至还有,游艺场所可配置多类型的奖励池,每个在上述变量的任何一个上不同,并且预先调度它们用于日、星期、以及月的不同时间,以及用于特定假期或促销。 Even, entertainment venues can configure multiple types of bonus pool, each different in any of the above variables, and schedule them in advance for different times of day, week, and month, and for specific holidays or promotions.


[0011] 通过参考附图阅读本公开文本可以最大限度地理解本说明书。 [0011] The present description may best be understood by reading the present disclosure with reference to the accompanying drawings.

[0012] 图1为其上执行本发明的实施方式的计算机游戏网络的原理图。 [0012] FIG principle embodiment of the present invention performs a computer gaming network on its FIG.

[0013] 图2为说明可用于建立具体奖励系统的方法的示例流程图。 [0013] FIG 2 is a specific example may be a method for establishing a flowchart reward system.

[0014] 图3为显示示例奖励池的支付表的图表。 [0014] FIG. 3 is a graph showing a payout table of an example bonus pool.

[0015] 图4为说明可用于实现特定奖励池的方法的示例流程图。 [0015] Example 4 is a flowchart illustrating a method may be used to implement a particular bonus pool of FIG.

[0016] 图5A、5B、5C和为显示从潜在的获胜时隙(timeslot)中选定的获胜时隙。 [0016] FIGS. 5A, 5B, 5C and display selected from the potential winning timeslot (timeslot) winning slot.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0017] 按照本发明实施方式的奖励系统在游戏计算机网络上运行。 [0017] The game runs on a computer network in accordance with an embodiment of the reward system of the present invention. 图1示出了现代游戏网络的实例。 FIG 1 shows an example modern gaming network. 图1与转让给本发明受让人的US6,245,483B1的图1相同,其教导以其整体合并入本文。 FIG 1 to FIG US6,245,483B1 and transfer the same assignee as the present invention 1, the teachings of which are incorporated herein in its entirety. 在图1中,通常以10标明的为示出电子游戏机(EGM)的方框图,例如通过计算机网络互连的EGM 12、14、20。 In Figure 1, generally indicated as illustrating electronic gaming machine (EGM) is a block diagram 10, interconnected by a computer network, for example, EGM 12,14,20. 在游戏网络10中所示的为三组EGM,一般以16、18和20标明。 Shown in the gaming network 10 three EGM, generally indicated 16, 18 and 20. 每个独立EGM经由类似连接22的网络连接而连接至组控制器24。 Each separate EGM is connected to the set controller 24 is connected via a network connection 22. Similarly. 在本发明的实施方式中,每个组控制器24包括处理器,其有助于其相关组中的EGM和网络上其它组件之间的数据通信。 In an embodiment of the present invention, each group controller 24 includes a processor that facilitates data communication between other components on its associated group and EGM network. 组控制器24还包括音频功能,例如连接到音频板或声卡上的⑶或DVD ROM驱动,用于响应通过网络发布给组控制器的指令传送例如音乐等的数字化音效给扬声器26。 The controller 24 further comprises a set of audio functions, such as connection to ⑶ or DVD ROM on an audio board or sound card driver for the controller in response to an instruction issued to the group transmitted over a network, for example, digitized music sound to the speaker 26. 组控制器24还被连接到电子标识或屏幕28,其显示消息,例如表明累积奖励数量等的滚屏、闪标或其他类型的消息,这些消息可被组16上的机器玩家所看到。 The controller 24 is also connected to a set of electronic identification or screen 28, which displays a message, for example, indicates that the cumulative quantity of reward scrolling, flashing, or other types of standard messages, which can be set on the player machine 16 seen. 这些消息显示28的产生和变化响应通过网络10发布给组控制器24的指令。 These messages are generated and displayed in response to a change of 28 sets of instructions issued to the controller 24 through the network 10. EGM的其他组18,20中的每一个包括相关的组控制器、扬声器、以及作为显示的标识,这些以基本上相同的方式运行。 18,20 EGM other groups in each of the relevant group includes a controller, a speaker, as well as the identification of the display, which operate in substantially the same manner.

[0018] EGM可包括传统的转轴投币机、视频扑克机、基于计算机的视频投币机、以及类似的已知游戏设备。 [0018] EGM may include a conventional shaft slot machine, video poker machines, computer based video slot machines, and similar gaming devices known. EGM可进一步为基于终端的机器,这里包括随机数生成和结果确定的实际游戏在远程游戏服务器48上执行。 EGM may further be terminal based machines, where a random number generator and including the actual game result of the determination on the remote game server 48. 在这个实施方式中,EGM终端可显示在游戏服务器上玩的游戏结果,并包括硬件以接受按照现金、非现金票单、或其他提供投币的方法的形式的投币。 In this embodiment, EGMs terminal may display the results of the game played on the gaming server and include hardware to accept the form of cash, cashless ticket, or other methods of providing the coin slot.

[0019] 另外,各种其他游戏平台可连接到游戏网络10以参与网络范围的奖励系统。 [0019] In addition, various other gaming platforms may be connected to the game network 10 to participate in network wide bonus systems. 如图1所示,这些类型的替代游戏平台可包括无线设备52以及移动电话54,其通过无线接收网络集线器50连接到游戏网络10。 As shown in FIG. 1, these types of alternate gaming platforms may include wireless devices 52 and mobile telephone 54, which is connected through a wireless network hub 50 to the receiver 10 the gaming network. 无线设备52可包括便携式终端,其由游艺场所借出给顾客,用于在游艺场所的其他区域,如旅馆客房、饭店、娱乐场所等使用。 The wireless device 52 may include a portable terminal, which lend to the customer by the casino, a casino in other areas, such as hotel rooms, restaurants, entertainment and the like. 无线设备52还可包括例如膝上电脑或PDAs的便携设备,其可直接与无线接收网络集线器50通信。 The wireless device 52 may further include a device such as a portable laptop or PDAs, and 50 which communicate directly with the wireless receiving hub. 有了无线设备52和蜂窝电话54,游戏自身可在游戏服务器48上玩以遵照当地游戏法律,而无线设备52或蜂窝电话54可用作终端,这里玩家可观察具体游戏的结果,进行投币,以及与基本游戏或奖励特征相合。 With wireless devices 52 and a cellular telephone 54, can play their games on the gaming server 48 to comply with local gaming laws, while the wireless device 52 or the cellular phone terminal 54 may be used, where players can observe the results of specific game, a slot for and consistency with the base game or bonus features.

[0020] 游戏网络10还可通过通信网络集线器60与因特网连接,并因此允许远程设备62参与网络范围的系统奖励。 [0020] The gaming network 10 via a communication network hub 60 may also be connected to the Internet, and thus allow remote devices 62 to participate in network wide bonus systems. 通过允许远程设备62参与奖励池,游艺场所可以提供实际上更多的奖励,这是因为来自非站点上的游戏机的增加的贡献。 By allowing the remote device 62 to participate in bonus pools, a casino can actually provide more incentives, because the increase in gaming machines on contributions from non-site. 这些远程设备62可包括其他游戏机位于游艺场所地产外的其它游戏机,或者可以包括站点外的计算机。 These remote devices 62 may include other gaming machines located outside of the casino gaming machines other property, or may include a computer outside of the site. 另外,远程设备62可进一步用作终端游戏机,由游戏服务器48控制游戏的实际运转,游戏服务器48可位于游艺场所内。 Further, the remote terminal device 62 may further be used as a game machine, a game is controlled by the actual operation of the game server 48, game server 48 may be located within the casino.

[0021] 游艺场所还可将智能游戏台连接到游戏网络10。 [0021] casino gaming table can also be connected to the intelligent network 10 games. 智能游戏台被公开在共有申请11/154,833中,该申请以参考方式合并入本文。 Smart game station is disclosed in commonly owned application 11 / 154,833, which application is incorporated herein by reference. 智能游戏台76可包括传统的游戏台,例如二十一点、双骰儿、扑克,等等,每个被配备有硬件,以能够让玩家在玩的期间使用玩家跟踪卡,以及能让游艺场所掌握玩家投币方式和游戏频率。 Intelligent gaming table 76 can include traditional table games such as blackjack, craps children, poker, etc., each of which is equipped with hardware to allow players to use player tracking cards during play, and make recreation places the player to master the game and the way the coin frequency. 该配备的硬件设备可包括用于识别玩家识别芯片的可嵌入到由玩家携带的设备中的芯片识别系统,如玩家跟踪卡,信用卡,蜂窝电话,或任何其他类型的识别别装置。 The apparatus may comprise hardware equipped for recognizing a player identifying chip identification system may be embedded into the chip by the player apparatus carried, such as player tracking card, a credit card, a cellular phone, or any other type of identification means respectively. 智能游戏台76可为有组织的类型或物理位置,这里每个在具体组织组74中的这些智能游戏平台76被连接到台控制器72。 Smart gaming tables 76 may be organized type or physical location, where each of these smart gaming platform 74 in particular organizational group 76 is connected to the station controller 72. 台控制器72,随后可被连接到以太网网络集线器70以和游戏网络10通信。 Stage controller 72, may then be connected to the communication hub 70 to an Ethernet network 10 and the gaming network.

[0022] 出于参考目的,上述每个游戏平台,包括无线设备,通过因特网连接的远程设备,以及智能游戏台可被称为EGM。 [0022] For reference purposes, each of said game platform, including a wireless device, a remote device connected through the Internet, and the smart gaming tables may be referred to as EGM.

[0023] 网络连接器,如以太网网络集线器30将与EGM组16、18、20关联的组10控制器中的每个连接到集中器32。 [0023] The network connector hub 30 associated with the group 16, 18, EGM group such as an Ethernet controller 10 connected to each concentrator 32. 另外的以太网网络集线器34将其中每个与另外的EGM(也未示出)组关联的类似的组控制器(未示出)连接到集中器32。 Further Ethernet hub 34 and further wherein each of EGMs (also not shown) similar to the group associated with the group controller (not shown) is connected to the concentrator 32. 集中器32作为将数据从每个组发送到转换器36的数据据控制开关。 Data concentrator 32 sends to each group from the data converter 36 as a data control switch. 转换器36包括在集中器32和专有帐户系统38之间的兼容缓冲器。 Converter 36 includes a compatibility buffer between the concentrator 38 and a proprietary accounting system 32. 转换器36用于将所有从每个组控制器收集的数据设置到与帐户系统38兼容的形式。 Converter 36 is used to set all data collected from each group controller 38 to form compatible with the System account. 转换器36可通过包括如运行Mcirosoft Window NT4.0的英特尔奔腾微处理器和操作系统的微机实现。 Converter 36 may be implemented by including a running Mcirosoft Window NT4.0 as Intel Pentium microprocessor and operating system of the microcomputer.

[0024] 另外的以太网网络集线器39被连接到配置工作站40、玩家服务器42以及到奖励服务器44、46。 [0024] Further Ethernet hub 39 is connected to a configuration workstation 40, a player server 42, and to bonus servers 44, 46. 网络集线器39推进数据流入或流出工作站40和服务器42、44、46。 Advance Data network hub 39 into or out of the workstation 40 and servers 44, 46.

[0025] 配置工作站40具有允许部分网络10和服务器42、44、46建立和修改的用户界面。 [0025] The configuration workstation 40 has a portion allowing a network server 42, 44 and 10 to create and modify the user interface. 配置工作站40可包括具有键盘,监控器,微处理器,存储器和操作系统的个人电脑,以及连接到以太网网络集线器39的网卡。 Configure the workstation 40 may include a keyboard, monitor, microprocessor, memory and operating system of a personal computer, and a network card connected to an Ethernet hub 39.

[0026] 玩家服务器42包括用来跟踪使用EGM的玩家的数据的微机。 [0026] The player 42 includes a server computer can be used for tracking the player EGM data. 玩家服务器42的其他功能是控制显示在与各EGM关联的显示器上的消息。 Other features player server 42 is a message on a display associated with each of the EGM to control the display. 玩家服务器42可被嵌入在包括如英特尔奔腾处理器,微软操作系统以及将服务器连接到以太网网络集线器39的网卡的微机中。 Players may be embedded in the server 42 includes a microcomputer such as the Intel Pentium processor and the Microsoft operating system to connect the server to an Ethernet network card of the hub 39.

[0027] 奖励服务器44、46各自被微机嵌入并被用来控制游戏网络10上的奖励应用或奖励系统。 [0027] The bonus server 44, 46 is embedded in each microcomputer is used to control bonus applications or bonus gaming network system 10. 每个奖励系统包括一组用于奖励超过由各EGM获胜支付表设立的累积奖励的规贝1J,某些奖励可能是随机作出的,而其他奖励可能联系到在累进累积奖励模式中操作的EGM组而作出。 Each reward system includes a set of rules for the award of more than 1J Bay by the EGM winning the jackpot payout table set up, some of the rewards may be made randomly, and other incentives may be linked to the EGM operating in the progressive jackpot mode the group made. 这样的奖励和用来实现它们的网络的实例包括那些在美国专利6,319,125和5,655,961中描述的那些,这两者均被转让给本发明的受让人,并且两者的教导为了所有目的以其整体并入本发明。 Examples of such rewards and networks used to implement them include those, both of which are assigned to the assignee of the present invention are described in U.S. Patent No. 6,319,125 and 5,655,961, and both the teachings of the present invention are incorporated for all purposes in its entirety.

[0028] 图2是显示用来配置奖励系统的元件以在图1中的游戏网络10上实现的方法的流程图实例。 [0028] FIG. 2 is a reward system for configuration element to a method implemented on the gaming network 10 of FIG. 1 in a flowchart of an example. 该方法可在游戏网络10中的任何位置实现。 The method may be implemented anywhere in the gaming network 10. 在某些实施例中图2中所示的方法由在图1中的配置工作站40上运行的计算机程序实现。 In certain embodiments the method shown in FIG. 2 embodiment is implemented by computer program running on the workstation 40 in the configuration of FIG.

[0029] 如上所述,奖励系统包括一个或多个奖励池。 [0029] As described above, the system includes one or more bonus award pools. 一般地,在发明的实施例中,奖励池是一个具体奖励处理的例子,该处理具有预设的奖励总额,以被通过奖励池运行的预设持续时间支付。 Generally, in embodiments of the invention, the bonus pool is one particular example of reward process, the process having a predetermined total award to preset duration is executed by paying bonus pool. 奖励池的收集和操作独立奖励池的实现组成整个奖励系统。 Collect bonus pool and independence of operation of the entire bonus pool consisting reward system.

[0030] 流程100开始于由经认证而访问奖励系统设立的用户的步骤110。 [0030] The process begins at step 100 by a user authenticated to access the bonus system 110 established. 这样的步骤可以是,例如,在配置工作站40上运行的计算机程序的登录功能。 Such a step may be, for example, in a workstation configuration log function of the computer program running on 40. 一旦认证,在步骤120中,用户选择奖励服务器44、46中的哪个来运行奖励系统。 Once authenticated, in step 120, the user selects which bonus server to run the bonus system 44, 46. 如上所述,可能由几个单独的奖励服务器在单个游戏网络10中运行。 As described above, it may be operated by several separate bonus servers 10 in a single gaming network. 步骤120决定奖励服务器44、46中的哪个将实现设定在流程100中的特定奖励池。 Step 120 determines which of the bonus server 44, 46 is set to implement process 100 in a particular bonus pool.

[0031] 在方法110中认证的用户在方法130中通过提供奖励池名称,确定多少奖励将在池中,以及指定多少不同奖励(如果超过一个的话)将是部分奖励池。 [0031] In the user authentication process 110 in the method 130 by providing a bonus pool name, will determine how many bonus pool, and how many different bonus specify (if more than one) will be part of bonus pool. 命名奖励池使得用户能在奖励系统中容易的识别个人奖励池。 Naming bonus pool so that the user can easily identify individual bonus pools of the bonus system. 定义奖励池的细节在下面参考图3论述。 Bonus pool defined in detail with reference to FIG. 3 discussed below.

[0032] 接下来,在步骤140中用户确定哪个EGM将参与奖励池。 [0032] Next, in step 140 the user will be involved in determining which EGM bonus pool. 参考图1,奖励池可包括连接到游戏网络10的每个EGM,或可仅包括建在单个组16,18,20中的EGM。 Referring to FIG 1, bonus pool may include every EGM coupled to the gaming network 10, or may include only a single group 16, 18 built in the EGM. 用户甚至可仅选择在一个或多个组16、18、20中的一些EGM,或者在某些情形下甚至仅选择单个EGM。 The user can even select some EGM in one or more groups of 16, 18 only, or in some cases even select only a single EGM. 一般地,游艺场所希望有很多的EGM参与特定的奖励池,这样很多玩家能有获奖励的资格。 In general, we expect a lot of entertainment venues EGM participate in a particular reward pool, so a lot of players to be eligible for rewards. 在某些实施例中,预定义的群可出现在运行在配置服务器40上的处理窗口以便容易选择。 In certain embodiments, the predefined group window may occur in the process running on the configuration server 40 for easy selection. 例如,一个显示的群可包括所有在一个组16、18、20中的EGM,或者一个群可包括所有在游艺场所具体地点的所有EGM,而不论EGM属于哪个组。 For example, a group may include all EGM display in a group of 16, 18, a group can include all or all EGM specific locations in a casino, no matter which group belongs EGM. 另外地,一个群可仅包括现在正被使用玩家跟踪卡或上述其他识别设备的玩家进行游戏的EGM,或者可仅包括上述定义的群中的现在正被使用识别设备的玩家进行游戏的EGM。 Additionally, a group may include only now being used or the above-described player player tracking card other identification device carried EGM game, or may include only a player is now being used to identify the device as defined above group is EGM game. 如果EGM群被预先定义,那么用户仅需要选择预先定义的群中的一个来参与奖励池,而不是单独选择每一个EGM参与特定的奖励池。 If the group is EGM pre-defined, so users only need to select a pre-defined group to participate in the bonus pool, rather than selecting each individual participating in a particular bonus pool EGM.

[0033] 奖励系统中的某些实施例可被构建成当确定有资格的EGM时允许游艺场所的活动至少部分被代管。 [0033] Reward system in some embodiments may be constructed to allow casino when determining eligible EGM activity is at least partially hosted. 例如,如果奖励被预定在给定日子的下午6:00激活,当前的游艺场所游戏等级可被用来确定哪些EGM被激活或者乃至被用来确定是否在预定时间完全激活奖励池。 For example, if the reward is predetermined activation given day at 6:00 pm, the current level of casino gaming can be used to determine which EGM is activated or even be used to determine whether to fully activate the bonus pool at the scheduled time. 这可能允许游艺场所在奖励池被设定开始时,仅在某些游戏平台或游戏可能以低速率进行的地点激活,乃至在游艺场所活动到达所需水平的情况下完全取消奖励池。 This may allow a casino in the bonus pool is set to begin, only activated in certain locations or game platform game may be at a low rate, completely abolished reward pool and even in the case of casino activity reaches the desired level.

[0034] 在选择哪些EGM参与步骤140中的奖励池后,系统在步骤145中选择参与设置。 [0034] After the step which is selected to participate in EGM bonus pool 140, in step 145 system involved in the select set. 可需要贡献步骤,以使得不同面额或以不同投币水平玩的机器或游戏平台能公平参与同一奖励池。 Steps may need to contribute, so that different coin denominations or different levels of play or game machine platform can participate in the same fair reward pool. 公平参与可包括使特定游戏机的贡献水平与奖励的几率或数量成比例。 Equitable participation may include the contribution level and the probability of a particular game console or proportional to the number of award. 例如,如果第一个玩家按照每分钟约5个游戏的速率以每条线一个硬币玩20线5分镍币视频投币机中的所有20线,并且第二个玩家在智能二十一点台上以每分钟约一手的速率玩$10.00每手,玩家I有约每分钟$5.00的速率的硬币,而玩家2有大约$10.00每分钟的速率的硬币。 For example, if the first player at a rate of about 5 games per minute for each line of a coin to play all 20 lines 20 lines 5 a nickel video slot machine, and the second player in the smart blackjack table on the one hand and play at a rate of about $ 10.00 per minute per hand, a player I rate of about $ 5.00 per minute, coins, and players have about $ 2 per minute rate of 10.00 coins. 从玩家的角度,玩家2平均起来相对玩家I冒更多钱的风险。 From the perspective of the player, the player 2 on average relative to the player I take more money risks. 因而,玩家2可能会觉得两个玩家都参与的游戏平台的累积奖励池表现不公平。 Thus, the player may feel 2 jackpot pool players are involved in the performance of two gaming platform injustice.

[0035] 有很多方法来实现奖励参与设置以补偿在参与累积奖励池中参与的可察觉不平等之间的差异。 [0035] There are many ways to achieve participation in incentive provided to compensate for the difference between the involved participation of the jackpot pool perceptible inequality. 在某些实施例中,参与设置可构建来使得玩家以较低硬币速率玩游戏时可具有对奖励池的增加贡献来补偿可察觉的差异。 In certain embodiments, provided participating players that may be constructed to have a difference increased reward for contribution to the pool to compensate for perceptible coins while playing a game at a lower rate. 因而,在上述例子中,由玩家I所玩的视频投币机可对于每个游戏贡献两分到奖励池(也就是说十分每分钟),而游戏玩家2所玩的智能二十一点台可对于每个游戏贡献五分(也就是说五分每分钟)。 Thus, in the above example, by the players I play the video slot machine game can contribute for each assigned two bonus pool (That is per minute), and two gamers play smart blackjack table for each can contribute a fifth game (that is to say in five per minute).

[0036]另一个奖励参与设置的实施例包括对于贡献更多奖励池的游戏平台,增加接收奖励的几率。 [0036] Another embodiment includes incentives to participate in setting the bonus pool to contribute more gaming platform, increase the chance of receiving the award. 这可通过具有接收奖励的每个游戏平台的概率权重表来实现。 This can be achieved by having the right to re-table the probability of each game platform receives the reward. 在上述例子中,假定玩家I所玩的视频投币机和玩家2所玩的智能二十一点台是选来参与步骤140中的奖励池的仅有的两个EGM,概率权重表可包括三个投币口。 In the above example, assume that the players I play video slot machines and two players to play smart blackjack table are the only two options to participate in the EGM in step 140 bonus pool, the probability weights table may include three coin slot. 其中两个可能被分配给智能二十一点台并且一个投币口被分配给视频投币机。 Two of which may be assigned to the smart nine p.m. station and a coin slot is allocated to the video slot machine. 奖励服务器44可随机选择投币口来接收来自三个投币台的奖励。 Bonus server 44 may randomly select the slot to receive the award from the three coin station. 因而,玩家2会有两倍于玩家I的接收奖励的机会,其与每个玩家的硬币速率成比例(即,与玩家I相比,玩家2每分钟投两倍的数目)。 Thus, the player will have twice the chance to receive 2 awards the player I, which is proportional to the rate of coins each player (ie, compared with the players I, player 2 vote twice per minute number).

[0037] 另一个奖励参与设置的实施例包括允许在具有低硬币速率的所选EGM游戏平台上的玩家依据分配参与奖励的额外投币来参与累积池奖励。 [0037] Another embodiment reward comprises allowing players to participate provided on selected EGM gaming platforms having a low rate of participation of the coin based on the allocated additional incentive to participate in a slot cumulative bonus pool. 在上述例子中,这可通过要求玩家I投$1.05币(也就是说$1.00用来以五分每个玩20线并且$0.05作为直接参与奖励的贡献,或者总数21款额)。 In the above example, which require the player I can be administered by credits $ 1.05 (that is $ 1.00 to play the 20 lines to each of the fifth and $ 0.05 as a direct contribution to participate in the bonus, or the amount of the total number of 21). 该额外投币将补偿以高硬币速率的玩家2所增加的贡献。 This will compensate for the extra coin coins high rate of increase in the contribution of two players to.

[0038] 奖励参与设置也可基于除硬币速率外的不同测量工具。 [0038] Reward can also be provided based on the participation of different measurement tools except coins rate. 例如,在某些实施例中,游戏理论的或估算的获胜预算可用来确定奖励参与设置。 For example, in certain embodiments, game theory or estimated budget used to determine the award winner is set to participate. 游戏理论计算包括游艺场所用于特定游戏平台的计算概率,可能随着游戏平台类型改变。 Game theory calculations include a casino calculate the probability of a particular game platform for the game may vary with the type of platform. 估算的获胜计算可能基于玩家投币的总数减去玩家赢得的总数。 It may calculate the estimated total number of winning players based on the total number of players to win the coin minus. 因为估算的获胜计算可应用于比理论计算更普遍的应用于游戏平台,所以基于估算的获胜计算的奖励参与设置可更容易调节来适合包括游戏平台甚至是未来的游戏平台。 Since winning the estimated calculation can be applied to more general than theoretical calculations used in gaming platform, so winning is calculated based on the estimated bonus can participate more easily adjust settings to suit even includes a game platform is the future of gaming platforms.

[0039] 其他的单独使用或与上述的测量工具联合使用的测量工具可包括玩家分布统计、玩家跟踪状态、游戏持续时间、及其他现有技术中已知的玩家测量工具。 [0039] Other used alone or in combination with the above-described measuring instrument may include measuring instrument player distribution statistics, player tracking status, the duration of the game and other players known in the prior art measurement tool. 另外,奖励参与设置可依据例如被选择EGM的类型和面额由游艺场所预设,或者可以是在接收关于哪些选择EGM被选择参与奖励池的数据时在步骤145中执行的动态设置。 Further, reward participation may be dynamically set when the setting is selected, for example, the type and denomination EGM preset by the casino, or may be received which is selected to participate in the data selection EGM bonus pool on the implementation in accordance with step 145. 该参与设置可在奖励池为活动的持续时间过程中被进一步修改,以说明EGM变停止,活动,或在奖励池激活的时间过程中投币方式有显著地改变。 During this duration can be set active participation in the bonus pool are further modified to account for variations stop EGM, activity, or significant change in the bonus pool activation time mode during the slot.

[0040] 然而本发明不局限于上述实施例,相反其他现有技术已知的参与设置可在不脱离本发明范围的情况下被实现。 [0040] However, the present invention is not limited to the above embodiments, but known in the prior art involved in other settings may be implemented without departing from the scope of the invention. 另外,参与设置的类型可由系统厂商在制造或安装过程中设置。 Further, the type of participation provided by system vendors provided during manufacture or installation. 另外地,游艺场所可设定参与设置的类型。 Further, the casino may set the type of participation provided. 游艺场所可选择在奖励晋级的全部将来情况下实行特定类型的参与设置,或者可以选择在设置每个奖励期间中的特定设置。 Alternatively casino implement a particular type of participation is provided in the case of all future bonus promotion or may select a specific set during set up of each bonus. 在简单的游戏网络中,参与设置可仅包括确认各机器的贡献等级。 In the simple game network settings may include only confirmed participation in the contribution level of each machine.

[0041] 在步骤150中,用户选择当特定奖励池在相关EGM上运行时的日期和开始和结束时间。 [0041] In step 150, the user selects the date and time of start and end at a particular bonus pool is running on the associated time of EGM. 这个信息被传送给执行奖励系统的特定奖励服务器44、46。 This particular bonus server information is transmitted to the implementation of incentive systems 44, 46. 然后在合适日期的开始时间,奖励服务器44、46执行由图2中流程100定义的特定奖励池。 Then the appropriate date at the beginning time, bonus server 44, 46 that perform particular bonus pool defined by the flow chart in 2100. 下面参考图4说明奖励系统的奖励池的实现。 4 described below with reference to FIG achieve bonus award pool system.

[0042] 发明的实施例包括默认主调度功能,其允许授权用户安排在任何给定时间将哪些奖励系统的独立奖励池在具体游艺场所内激活。 Example [0042] The invention includes a default master scheduling function that allows an authorized user to schedule which reward system independent bonus pool activation in particular casino at any given time. 例如,奖励池“A”,其包括在游艺场所中的所有EGM,可被预定在给定的日子的上午6:00和上午7:30运行。 For example, the reward pool "A", which includes all of the EGM in a casino, can be scheduled to run on a given day of 6:00 am and 7:30 am. 其次,奖励系统“B”,其仅包括来自组16的EGM,可被预定在该天下午4:30到下午7:30运行。 Secondly, the reward system "B", which includes only the set 16 from the EGM can be scheduled to run at 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm the day. 在奖励调度步骤的更多的改进实施例中,默认奖励调度可被建立来使得上述奖励系统调度每周日重复。 Embodiment, the default schedule can be established to reward such bonus system schedule above is repeated in every Sunday bonus scheduling step further improvements embodiment. 例如,奖励池“A”可被默认以在每周日早晨运转而奖励池“B”可被默认以在每周日下午运转。 For example, the reward pool "A" may be in default to run every Sunday morning and reward pool "B" may be in default to run every Sunday afternoon. 如果没有做出调度变化,默认的程序将在准点由游戏网络10中的奖励服务器44、46进行。 If you do not make scheduling changes, the default program will be carried out by the 10 awards in the gaming network server 44, 46 in punctuality. 否贝1J,默认程序可被定制的调度取代。 No shellfish 1J, the default program can be customized scheduling replaced. 例如,可以运转其他奖励池,奖励池“C”,用于特定的碰巧是周日的7月4日奖励。 For example, you can run other incentives pool, award pool "C", for a particular happens to be Sunday July 4th award.

[0043] 图3显示奖励池的简单支付表。 [0043] Figure 3 shows a simple pay table bonus pool. 尤其是,资料栏210显示这是用于由如上参考图2中所述的用户定义的奖励池A的支付表。 In particular, columns 210 displays pay tables which are used by the bonus pool A user defined above with reference to FIG. 2 above.

[0044] 支付表200包括用来指明由奖励池A奖励什么数量的指标编号。 [0044] payout table 200 includes what used to specify the number of bonus pool A reward index number. 各指标显示排在表200中。 Each index table 200 displayed in rows. 尽管没有对特定奖励池可能有的指标数目的理论限制,但是还是有实际限制。 Although there is no index number theory may have restrictions on specific reward pool, but there are practical limits. 支付表200包括九个指标位置。 Payout table 200 includes nine indicators position.

[0045] 各独立指标被分为“η”个支付数目的不同可能性。 [0045] each independently indicators are divided into a number of possibilities of pay "η". 在数目“η”上没有限制,但在某些实施例中,为了方便起见“η ”限于十个不同的支付数目。 There is no limit in the number of "η", but in certain embodiments, for convenience "η" is limited to ten different number of payments. 在操作中,这意味着有十个支付奖励数目的特定奖励池经过特定奖励池在EGM上运行的时间时可以支付十个独立的奖励。 In operation, this means that the number of paid ten specific incentive bonus pool elapsed time special bonus pool running on the EGM can pay ten independent reward.

[0046] 指标O被定义为没有支付。 [0046] O index is defined as not paid. 提供该选择权允许奖励系统管理人员能容易地通过选择指标O来禁止该奖励池。 This option provides a reward system allows administrators to easily disable this bonus pool by selecting indicators O. 尽管不是所有指标使用所有“η”个支付数目,但是其他指标有支付数目。 Although not all indicators of all a number of pay "η", but other indicators are the number of payments. 例如,指标“I”有三个$1500的支付数目,并且剩下支付数目各为$100。 For example, the indicator "I" there are number three pay $ 1500, and the number of remaining payments of $ 100 each. 指标“3”仅有单一支付数目$25,000。 Index "3" is just a single number to pay $ 25,000.

[0047] 本发明的某些实施例在给定的奖励池中按照数目进入奖励表200的顺序分配单独的奖励,而其他实施例随机分配独立奖励。 [0047] Certain embodiments of the present invention in a given bonus pool in accordance with the order number into the bonus table 200 assigned individual awards, while other embodiments assign independent random reward. 例如,假定奖金池“Α”包括十个不同的支付数目并且指标“4”被选中。 For example, suppose the bonus pool "Α" includes ten different pay and the number of indicators of "4" is selected. 在实施例中奖励的数目依次显示在表200中,前九个奖励每个为$100,最后的奖励为$25,000。 In an embodiment the number of awards are sequentially displayed in the table 200, each of the first nine award of $ 100, $ 25,000 for the final reward. 在随机奖励数目的实施例中,$25,000可为十个奖励池提供的奖励中的任一个。 In the random number of bonus embodiment, any reward may provide a $ 25,000 for the ten bonus pool. 为符合中国法律要求,这些与金钱有关的奖励可以用如下所述各种类型奖励中的等值非金钱奖励、如假期、免费餐或免费住宿来代替。 To comply with Chinese laws and requirements, which may be related to money reward with the equivalent non-monetary awards in the following various types of incentives, such as vacations, free meals or free accommodation instead.

[0048] 本发明实施例允许完全控制多少总支付奖励在特定的奖励池内,以及在这样分配的的情况下如何将总支付分成单独的奖励。 [0048] The embodiments of the present invention allow complete control of how much total reward paid to how the total paid into individual bonus pool in a particular incentive, as well as in the case of such dispensing. 除了保持所有“O”支付域的指标“O”外,其被认可的用户能增加,修改和删除在支付表200中指定的指标。 In addition to maintaining all "O" indicator pay domain of "O", its approved user can add, modify and delete indicators 200 specified in the pay table.

[0049] —旦奖励池被设定并且按计划运行,将实施奖励池的奖励服务器44、46将仅等待直至合适的时间到达才开始。 [0049] - Once the bonus pool is set and run according to plan, the implementation of incentive bonus pool server 44 will wait until the right time to reach only just begun. 在奖励时间开始前,游艺场所可使用与组控制器24连接的消息屏28和或音响装置26 (图1)显示音频和视频消息给其顾客。 Before the start bonus time, casino may use the audio device 28 or the message screen and controller 24 is connected to the group 26 (FIG. 1) shows the audio and video messages to its customers. 另外地,或作为替代,各EGM可包括其自有的音频和视频设备来显示消息。 Additionally, or alternatively, each EGM may include its own audio and video device to display a message. 消息可被存储在组控制器24自身内,或被连同特定奖励池存储在在奖励服务器44、46中的一个上。 Message itself may be stored in the group controller 24, or that a particular bonus pool stored on the bonus server 44, 46 on a. 一个显示在EGM上的这样的消息可为是否特定EGM为有资格赢得奖励的EGM中一员的显示。 A display on the EGM of such a message may be whether a particular EGM to be eligible to win the award in a display of EGM. 换句话说,指示消息,例如光或荧光屏,允许玩家容易确定是否他们玩的EGM是有资格赢得奖励。 In other words, the indication message, such as light or screen, allowing players to easily determine whether they play EGM is eligible to win prizes.

[0050] 一旦奖励期间开始,奖励服务器44或46执行奖励系统。 [0050] Once started during a bonus, bonus server 44 or 46 performs reward system. 图4为显示由奖励服务器44、46使用的方法实例的流程图。 FIG 4 is a flowchart showing an example of the bonus server 44, 46 by the method used. 流程300开始于确定激活的且有资格参与奖励的机器的数目的步骤310。 The number of machine-step process 300 begins by determining active and eligible to participate in bonus 310. 回想不是游戏网络10中所有的EGM都可被选择来参与奖励,并且有资格的EGM的列表是奖励池的体系的一部分。 Recall that not all of the gaming network 10 may be selected to participate in the EGM reward, and a list of qualified EGM is part of the reward system of the pool. 步骤310确定有资格的EGM中哪些被使用。 Step 310 determines which of the eligible EGM be used. 一个执行该步骤的方法是确定最后一次硬币或其他货币值进入EGM的时间。 A method of performing this step is to determine the last time a coin or other monetary value into the time of the EGM. 如果硬币是最近进入的,顾客仍然在该EGM上玩游戏,因此该EGM会被认为是“激活的”。 If the coin is the latest entry, the customer still play games on the EGM, so that the EGM would be considered "active." 另外地,在某些实施例中,EGM仅在其被使用玩家跟踪卡或上述其他识别设备的玩家玩的情况下变成激活的。 Additionally, in certain embodiments, EGMs becomes active only in the case where it is played using the player tracking card or other identification device of the above-described player. 这有助于鼓励玩家加入游艺场所跟踪服务。 This helps to encourage players to join the casino tracking service.

[0051] 步骤310可以是在奖励期间总是操作的持续处理。 [0051] Step 310 may be a continuous process always during the operation of the reward. 例如,没有人玩的机器就不会是激活的游戏。 For example, no one is playing the machine will not activate the game. 当顾客开始在EGM上玩游戏时,该机器才变成激活的。 When customers started to play games on the EGM, the machine only becomes active. 在实施例中,玩家必须利用识别设备以使得EGM变成激活的,这可进一步鼓励玩家快速地加入游艺场所跟踪服务以有获得当前激活的奖励池的资格。 In an embodiment, the player must use the identification device to enable the EGM becomes active, which may further encourage players to quickly join the casino are eligible for a tracking service to the currently active bonus pool. 在本发明的某些实施例中,在奖励期间开始时不激活的EGM永远不能变成激活的游戏,即使顾客开始在EGM上玩。 In certain embodiments of the present invention, the inactive period at the start of reward EGM will never be able to activate the game, even if customers start to play on the EGM. 在其他实施例中,EGM可变成激活而无论合适游戏开始,即使奖励期间已经开始。 In other embodiments, EGM may become active and start the game regardless of the right have begun even during reward. 这些实施例可允许玩家在没有失去资格的奖励期间玩几个不同的EGM或者甚至几个不同类型的EGM。 These embodiments may allow a player to play several different EGM or even several different types of EGM during the award is not disqualified. 如上所述,EGM可有例如指示灯、屏幕消息、或荧光屏的指示器以显示给玩家是否该特定EGM是有资格参与奖励池的工作游戏。 As mentioned above, EGM may have, for example, lights, screen messages, or screen indicator to show whether the particular EGM to the player is eligible to participate in the work of award pool game.

[0052] 在某些实施例中,步骤310建立存储在游戏网络10上的激活游戏列表,例如在奖励服务器44、46上。 [0052] In certain embodiments, step 310 is activated to establish the list of games stored on the gaming network 10, for example on the bonus server 44, 46. 当玩家开始玩EGM或离开他们玩的EGM时,步骤310主动从工作的游戏列表中增加和除去EGM。 When players start playing EGM or leave them to play the EGM, step 310 initiative to increase EGM to remove from the list and work in the game. 该更新可例如实时执行或准实时进行。 The update can for example be performed in real time or near real-time.

[0053] 在步骤320中奖励池为激活的持续时间可从存储在奖励服务器44、46上的调度记录数据取回。 [0053] In step 320 the bonus pool for the duration of the activation record may be retrieved schedule data stored on the bonus server 44, 46 from. 然而,在步骤330中,持续时间被分成很多单独的时隙。 However, in step 330, the duration is divided into a number of individual timeslots. 例如如果激活的奖励池的持续时间是一个小时,那么步骤330可建立3600个每一个持续一秒的单独时隙。 For example, if the duration of the active bonus pool is one hour, then step 330 may establish 3600 a duration of one second each time slot separately.

[0054] 因而,关于定义用于具体指标(图3)的支付数目的数字现被选择来用于激活的奖励池,很多获胜时隙在步骤340中被选则。 [0054] Thus, the number of the payment for a particular definition of index (FIG. 3) is now a digital selection bonus pools for activation, a lot of winning timeslots are selected in step 340. 该获胜时隙可随机生成或预先确定。 The slot may randomly generate winning or predetermined. 例如,参考图5A,为了说明假定有期间30个奖励池激活的单独时隙。 For example, referring to Figure 5A, to illustrate a single slot 30 assumes during the bonus pool activation. 还假定奖励池A的指标6现被选中,这样在现被选择的指标中有五个支付数目。 A bonus pool is also assumed that the index is now 6 was selected, this will be paid in five the number of indicators now being selected. 在这个例子中,步骤340可平均分配获胜时隙,即每六个时隙。 In this example, step 340 may be evenly distributed slots wins, i.e. every six timeslots. 或者,参考图5B,时隙可分配来使得更多获胜者在奖励池持续时间的末端。 Alternatively, 5B, the slot may be such that additional dispensing end of the winner of the bonus pool duration.

[0055] 进一步,参考图5C,获胜时隙可在所有时隙中随机分配。 [0055] Further, referring to Figure 5C, the winning timeslots can be allocated randomly in all time slots. 随机处理可发生在奖励服务器44,46上。 Processing may occur on a random bonus server 44, 46. 所有随机处理有超过一个的选择,必须作出决定是否替换先前选中作为获胜时隙退回到潜在获胜时隙中的时隙。 All randomized treatment have more than one choice, must make a decision whether to replace the previously selected as the winning slot returned to the potential of winning slots slot. 如果没有使用替换,将有正好一样多的获胜时隙作为奖励奖出。 If no replacement will be just as much of a prize winning slot as a reward. 例如如果有五个奖励可用,那么正好五个独立时隙可被选来作为获胜时隙。 For example, if there are five bonus is available, just five separate time slots may be selected as the winning slot. 然而,如果获胜时隙被替换回到潜在获胜时隙的奖励池,那么特定时隙可被多次选择作为获胜时隙。 However, if the winning slot is replaced by a potential winning back slot bonus pool, so many times a particular time slot may be selected as the winning slot. 例如,参考图5,假定在奖励池中有五个奖励。 For example, with reference to FIG. 5, it is assumed that the pool has five bonus award. 时隙4、6、11和17是随机选择来作为获胜时隙并且时隙17可被随机选择两次作为获胜时隙。 4,6,11 and 17 slots are randomly selected to slot 17 and may be randomly selected as the winning slot two as the winning slot. 在这样的情况下,一个解决方案是奖励与选择时隙的次数一样多的奖励。 In such a case, one solution is to reward and choose the number of time slots as much reward. 例如,一个奖励可被在时隙4、6和11处给出,并且在时隙17处给出两次。 For example, an award may be given at 4, 6 and 11 slots, and the slot 17 is given twice. 然而,较容易的实施是限定在所有给定时隙的奖励数目为一个,即,没有替换被随机选择来作为获胜时隙的时隙后退回到潜在获胜时隙的奖励池中。 However, the embodiment is easier to define the potential winning timeslots back bonus award pool of all the number of slots for a given, i.e., no replacement were randomly selected as the winning slot by backward.

[0056] 如上面例子所述,步骤340可选择在步骤330中建立的任何时隙作为获胜时隙。 [0056] As the above example, step 340 can select any timeslot established in step 330 as the winning slot.

[0057] 回到图4,那么奖励服务器44、46等待获胜时隙。 [0057] Returning to Figure 4, the award winning server to wait 44, 46 slot. 步骤350继续循环直到达到获胜时隙。 Step 350 continues to loop until the winning slot. 当达到获胜时隙,按照现有技术中所知,在步骤330中来自激活的奖励池的特定指标的支付数目被授予有资格EGM中的任意一个。 Upon reaching the winning time slot, according to the prior art knowledge, in step 330 the number of payments from specific indicator of activation of the bonus pool to be awarded any of a qualified EGM. 例如,步骤360可从“激活EGM列表”中选择任意一个,该列表如上述是实时更新的。 For example, step 360 may be selected from any one of "active EGM list", the list is updated in real time as described above. 该方法奖励系统相对确定由玩家正在玩获胜EGM。 This method is determined by the relative reward system players are playing to win EGM. 在一个实例系统中,在获胜EGM被选中后,直到玩家在EGM上开始新的游戏才分配奖励。 In one example system, after winning EGM is selected, until a player starts a new game on the EGM was assigned reward. 游戏的开始必须发生在例如几秒的短时间内在选中的EGM内,否则另一个EGM会被选择作为获胜EGM。 Play must occur in a short period of time such as a few seconds in the selected EGM, otherwise another EGM will be selected as the winning EGM.

[0058] 如现有技术中所知,有很多方式来在步骤360中实际奖出奖励。 [0058] As known in the prior art, there are many ways to actually award the bonus in step 360. 例如,奖励可作为被设置在EGM中的信用的形式被送到获胜EGM。 For example, rewards can be sent to the winning EGM in EGM are provided as a form of credit. 或者,奖励服务器44可自动锁定获胜EGM并以移动支付传送奖励。 Or, bonus server 44 may automatically lock the winning EGM and transfer payments to mobile reward. 另外地,如果获胜EGM的玩家被先前自身识别过的那个EGM的玩家的玩家服务器42(图1)所知,那么玩家帐户可被自动记入信用而不用曾经在EGM上设置信用。 Additionally, if the winning player is the player's EGM had previously self-identification that EGM player server 42 (Figure 1) is known, then the player automatically credited to the account can be used to set up credit without credit on the EGM.

[0059] 奖励自身不需要限定为具体类型的奖励,而是可以为任何类型的奖励。 [0059] Reward itself does not need to define specific types of bonus, but may be any type of reward. 例如,假期可以被授予玩家,这像例如汽车的商品。 For example, the holiday may be granted to players, such as merchandise like this car. 其他类型的奖品可以包括补充服务,如免费餐或免费住宿。 Other types of prizes may include supplementary services, such as free meals or free accommodation.

[0060] 如上述,在步骤360处作出的支付奖品可按照它们出现在图3的支付表200中的顺序,或者以另外的顺序出现,例如随机顺序。 [0060] As described above, the prize payment made at step 360 may occur in the sequence payout table 200 of FIG. 3 in accordance with them, or appear in another order, such as a random order. 另外地,奖品可在分配之前由奖励服务器44、46分类。 Additionally, the prizes 44, 46 can be classified by the bonus server before dispensing. 例如,奖品可被奖出以使每个后续的奖励大于一个先前的。 For example, the prize award may be such that each subsequent reward is greater than the one previous. 在另外的实施例中,奖励系统可向获胜者显示奖励的选择并允许玩家选择想要的奖励。 In another embodiment, the reward system can be displayed to the winner's choice award and allows the player to select the desired reward. 这通过按按钮或从显示在EGM上的触摸屏上的奖励列表中选择。 This choice award listing on the touch screen on the EGM by pressing a button or from the display. 还是在其他实施例中,奖励系统可向获胜的玩家显示所有奖励池中剩下的可选的奖励的列表,并随机选择这些奖励之一作为玩家获胜的奖励。 In still other embodiments, the reward system can display all the remaining optional bonus pool to the list of award winning player, and randomly choose one of these rewards as the player wins the reward. 因此,有可能实施一个奖励系统,其随机选择时隙作为获胜时隙,随机选择EGM作为获胜EGM,并随机选择先前选择或先前确定的一组奖励中的一个作为奖励授予获胜玩家。 Thus, it is possible to implement a bonus system that randomly selected time slot as the winning timeslot, randomly selected as the winning EGM EGM, and randomly select a previously selected or previously determined as a set of bonus prize is awarded to the winning player.

[0061] 最后,步骤370执行检验以对确定是否在奖励池中的最后付费量已被奖出,如果这样,那么流程300终止并且奖励池不再工作。 [0061] Finally, step 370 check is performed to determine whether a prize has been paid in the final amount of the bonus pool, and if so, then the process is terminated and 300 bonus pool is no longer working.

[0062] 参考图4,单独的方法300不必被以图表中设定的顺序执行。 [0062] Referring to FIG 4, a method 300 need not be separately performed in the order set in the chart. 例如,确定哪些EGM工作的步骤310,可实际上直接发生在先前,或者作为奖出奖励支付的步骤360的一部分。 For example, the work of which is determined in step 310 EGM, in fact take place directly before, or as a part of award bonus payout step 360. 另外地,在流程300中至少某些步骤可在游艺场所中奖励期间开始之前执行。 Begin before the addition period, at least some of the steps may reward casino 300 in the process. 例如,一旦奖励期间的长度和被使用在分配奖励池的指标是已知的,奖励服务器44,46可甚至在奖励期间开始前而计算获胜时隙。 For example, once the length of the period and is used in the assigned bonus pool bonus indicator is known, bonus server 44, 46 may be calculated even during a bonus winning slot before starting.

[0063] 尽管已经在本文中讨论了游戏网络的例子,但是奖励系统可以不同类型的系统上操作。 [0063] Although an example gaming network has been discussed herein, but the reward system may operate on different types of systems. 这样的奖励系统的一个好处是它们可被在奖励时间前面自我调度,因而允许在奖励系统中设计精选参数和细节。 One advantage of such a reward system is that they may be self-scheduled time in front of the reward, thus allowing selection of design parameters and details of the reward system. 另外地,因为参数是可被定义的,所以能容易向顾客说明它们。 Additionally, because the parameters that may be defined, so that they can be easily explained to the customer.

[0064] 根据上述说明,该奖励系统的实施是易懂的。 [0064] According to the above description, embodiments of the reward system is straightforward. 一如既往,实现的细节被留给系统设计者。 As always, the implementation details are left to the system designer. 很多方法可实现奖励系统,并且在本文中描述的仅为很多可被使用的方法中的一些。 Many methods may be implemented reward system, and herein only some of many methods that can be used are described. 用来奖励奖出的程序可被以任何方式,用任何组件实现。 Bonus award for a program may be realized in any manner with any component. 游戏设备或游戏网络控制器的描述的概括或功能的包括不是决定该功能位于那或必须在那执行。 Summarize or function described gaming device or gaming network controller includes the function is not determined or located that must be performed there. 该奖励系统可在甚至没有所有图1游戏网络中所示的组件时工作。 Assembly work can not even all shown in FIG. 1 the reward system in the gaming network. 例如,在本发明的某些实施例中,组控制器24不是绝对的必需,并且系统可没有它们运行。 For example, in certain embodiments of the present invention, the group controller 24 is not absolutely necessary, and the system can run without them.

[0065] 因而,尽管已经讨论了用于奖励系统的具体实施例,但是其不是想要说明这样的具体参考被认为是作为本发明的范围的限制,而是说由下面的权利要求及其等同物确定本发明的范围。 [0065] Thus, although specific embodiments have been discussed for the reward system, but it is not intended to indicate that a specific reference be considered as limiting the scope of the present invention, but that by the following claims and their equivalents It was to determine the scope of the present invention.

Claims (18)

1.在包括多个游戏设备的游戏网络中,一种授予奖励的方法包括: 选择有资格获得奖励的多个游戏设备; 为选定的多个游戏设备选择参与设置; 确定有可能用于授予奖励的时间期间的持续时间; 将该持续时间分成多个时隙; 选择多个时隙中的一个作为获胜时隙,在该获胜时隙期间将作出预先确定的奖励;基于在所述时间期间多个游戏设备中每个游戏设备上玩家投币的总数减去玩家赢得的总数,在所述时间期间修改所述参与设置;以及在获胜时隙已到达之后,基于修改的参与设置授予预先确定的奖励。 1. In the gaming network includes a plurality of gaming devices, a grant award include: selecting eligible for a bonus of more gaming devices; choose to participate in multiple settings for the selected game device; determining possible for grants during the time duration of the reward; the duration into a plurality of time slots; selecting one of the plurality of time slots as the winning time slot, the winning timeslot during which a predetermined bonus made; during the time-based a plurality of gaming devices in the total number of players on each coin minus the total number of players to win the game device, modifying the settings involved during the time; and after winning the time slot has been reached, based on the modified grant to participate in pre-determined set It rewards.
2.权利要求1的方法,其特征在于,授予预先确定的奖励包括将奖励授予多个游戏设备中的一个的玩家。 The method of claim 1, wherein the predetermined reward awarded the prize is awarded to the player comprises one of the plurality of gaming devices.
3.权利要求1的方法,其特征在于,该多个游戏设备包括至少一个来自包括转轴投币机、视频扑克机、基于计算机的视频投币机、无线游戏设备、移动电话、连接到因特网的远程设备以及游戏台的群组中的游戏设备。 The method of claim 1, wherein the plurality of gaming devices includes at least one slot comprises a shaft from the machine, video poker machines, computer based video slot machine, a wireless gaming device, a mobile phone, connected to the Internet remote device and the group stage of the game in the gaming device.
4.权利要求1的方法,其特征在于,第一多个游戏设备从多个游戏设备中被选定,该第一多个游戏设备包括至少两种不同类型的游戏设备。 The method of claim 1, wherein the first plurality of gaming devices is selected from the plurality of gaming devices, the gaming device includes a first plurality of at least two different types of gaming devices.
5.权利要求4的方法,其特征在于,为该选定的第一多个游戏设备选择参与设置包括调整各个选定的第一多个游戏设备的贡献等级。 The method of claim 4, wherein setting comprises adjusting selected to participate in the respective selected first plurality of gaming devices selected first contribution level for the plurality of gaming devices.
6.权利要求4的方法,其特征在于,为选定的第一多个游戏设备选择参与设置包括调整特定游戏设备将被选定来接受奖励的概率。 6. The method as claimed in claim 4, wherein setting comprises adjusting selected to participate in a specific gaming device will be selected to receive the bonus probability is selected first plurality of gaming devices.
7.权利要求4的方法,其特征在于,为选定的第一多个游戏设备选择参与设置包括需要在部分选定的第一多个游戏设备上的玩家调整每次游戏投币的数目。 The method of claim 4, wherein a selected number of coin each game requires players participate in setting comprises adjusting a first plurality of gaming devices on a selected portion of the selected first plurality of gaming devices.
8.权利要求1的方法,其特征在于,进一步包括在授予预先确定的奖励前调整参与设置。 The method of claim 1, characterized in that, further comprising adjusting the participation disposed before the grant of a predetermined reward.
9.在包括多个游戏设备的游戏网络中,一种准备授予奖励的方法包括: 批准用户作为有资格准备奖励的用户; 接受有资格获得奖励的多个游戏设备的选择; 接受用于选定的多个游戏设备的参与设置; 接受奖励时间期间的开始时间; 接受奖励时间期间的结束时间; 接受一个或多个奖励的识别; 将奖励时间期间分成多个时隙; 识别所述多个时隙中的一个或多个作为获胜时隙,获胜时隙的数目等于识别的奖励的数目; 基于在所述奖励时间期间多个游戏设备中每个游戏设备上玩家投币的总数减去玩家赢得的总数,在所述奖励时间期间修改所述参与设置;以及在达到每个获胜时隙后,基于修改的参与设置授予一奖励。 9. In the gaming network includes a plurality of gaming devices, a preparation grant awards include: the approval of the user as the user qualified to prepare rewards; acceptance qualify for selecting a plurality of gaming devices rewards; acceptance for the selected a plurality of participating gaming devices is provided; start time receiving bonus time period; receiving end time bonus time period; identifying one or more receiving reward; divided into a plurality of time slots during a bonus; identifying said plurality a slot or a plurality of time slots as the winning, the winning timeslots equal to the number of identification reward; based on the total number of the plurality of times during the bonus game devices on each gaming device subtracts the player wins the player a slot total, amended during the time of the bonus participation is provided; and each winning timeslot is reached, based on the modified settings involved in granting a reward.
10.权利要求9的方法,其特征在于,该多个游戏设备包括至少一个来自包括转轴投币机、视频扑克机、基于计算机的视频投币机、无线游戏设备、移动电话、连接到因特网的远程设备以及智能游戏台的群组中的游戏设备。 10. The method of claim 9, wherein the plurality of gaming devices includes at least one slot comprises a shaft from the machine, video poker machines, computer based video slot machine, a wireless gaming device, a mobile phone, connected to the Internet remote intelligent devices and a group stage game of the gaming device.
11.权利要求9的方法,其特征在于,第一多个游戏设备从多个游戏设备中被选定,该第一多个游戏设备包括至少两种不同类型的游戏设备。 11. The method as claimed in claim 9, wherein the first plurality of gaming devices is selected from the plurality of gaming devices, the gaming device includes a first plurality of at least two different types of gaming devices.
12.权利要求11的方法,其特征在于,接收用于选定的第一多个游戏设备的参与设置包括调整各个选定的第一多个游戏设备的贡献等级。 12. The method as claimed in claim 11, wherein the selected first plurality of receiving devices participating in the game set comprises a first plurality of gaming devices contribution level of each selected adjustment.
13.权利要求11的方法,其特征在于,接收用于选定的第一多个游戏设备的参与设置包括调整具体游戏设备将被选定来接受奖励的概率。 13. The method as claimed in claim 11, wherein the selected first plurality of receiving devices participating in the game settings comprises adjusting the specific game device will be selected to receive the bonus probability.
14.一种奖励系统,包括: 多个连接到游戏网络的游戏设备;和连接到游戏网络的奖励服务器,该奖励服务器包含: 第一选择器装置,用于从多个游戏设备中选择至少一个游戏设备有资格获得奖励; 第二选择器装置,用于为选定的游戏设备选择参与设置,并且用于基于在奖励时间期间多个游戏设备中每个游戏设备上玩家投币的总数减去玩家赢得的总数,在所述奖励时间期间修改所述参与设置; 调度表装置,用于预先选择何时奖励池被激活,该奖励池有预先确定的在一个或多个奖励中的奖励值; 时间计算器装置,用于确定奖励池激活的持续时间; 分配器装置,用于将该持续时间分成多个时隙; 第三选择器装置,用于识别所述多个时隙中的一个时隙作为获胜的时隙;以及随机发生器装置,用于在所述获胜时隙经过后从有资格的游戏设备中选择获胜游戏 14. A reward system, comprising: a plurality of network connected to the game of a game device; and a network connected to the bonus game server, bonus server comprises: a first selector means for selecting at least one gaming device from the plurality of gaming devices are eligible for incentives; second selector means for selecting participate settings for the selected game device, and for the total number of bonus time during multiple gaming devices on each gaming device based player coin minus the total number of the player wins, the amended during the time involved in the reward is provided; schedule means for pre-selecting when a bonus pool is active, the bonus pool has a plurality of rewards or bonus value predetermined; third selector means for identifying one of said plurality of time slots; time calculator means for determining the duration of the active bonus pool; dispenser means for the duration into a plurality of slots slot as the winning slot; and a random generator means, for game device after the winning timeslot has elapsed from the selected eligible to win the game 备。 Equipment.
15.权利要求14的奖励系统,其特征在于,第三选择器装置被构建为随机选择一个时隙作为获胜时隙。 15. A reward system as claimed in claim 14, wherein the third selector means is structured to randomly select a time slot as the winning slot.
16.权利要求14的奖励系统,其特征在于,进一步包括调整器装置,其用于在传送奖励中的一个给获胜的游戏设备前调整参与设置。 16. A reward system as claimed in claim 14, characterized in that, further comprising adjusting means for transmitting a reward in the winning game device prior to participating in the adjustment setting.
17.权利要求16的奖励系统,其特征在于,用于为选定的第一多个游戏设备选择参与设置的第二选择器装置包括用于调整每个选定的第一多个游戏设备的贡献等级的调整器目.ο 17. The bonus system according to claim 16, characterized in that the means for setting selected to participate in a first plurality of selected game device comprises a second selector means for adjusting each of the selected first plurality of gaming devices contribution level regulator head .ο
18.权利要求16的奖励系统,其特征在于,用于为选定的第一多个游戏设备选择参与设置的第二选择器装置包括用于调整特定游戏设备将被选定来接收奖励的概率的调整器目.ο 18. The reward system as claimed in claim 16, wherein, for adjusting the probability of a particular game device will be selected to receive the bonus second selector means to select a first plurality of selected game device comprises means for participating provided the adjuster mesh .ο
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