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The invention relates to a data process method for remote monitoring of construction machinery, aiming at solving the problem of collection of state information of machinery and belonging to the technical field of communication. A technical proposal is: an application server is used to automatically log on the websites of a plurality of monitoring centers to download and gather monitoring data from the monitoring centers, thus forming a new database which can be regularly updated to provide users with state information of the construction machinery which is synchronously changing with the information displayed by the monitoring centers. Owning to the invention, the users can conveniently browse and check all state information of the construction machinery without having to log on different monitoring systems, thus not only improving efficiency but also enhancing the management level of enterprises on the construction machinery.


一种工程IWS禾M1!^繊鹏方法 An engineered IWS Wo M1! ^ Xian Peng method

技术领域 FIELD

本发明涉及一种i!3ixt不同监控中心网页信肩进行^a以获iio:程机w^劍言息的方法,属通信技术领域。 The present invention relates to a monitoring center website i 3ixt different letter ^ a shoulder to be eligible iio:! W ^ sword method of processing tools made of interest belongs to the communication technical field. 背景技术 Background technique

在当謝柳的一些结构錢、价格昂贵的大型ia柳戒中,裕艮多都安装了远程信息裙俞系统, In the structure of money when some of Xie Liu, Liu ia expensive large ring, the margin Burgundy and more are installed telematics systems Yu skirt,

用以魁紅程!HM的作业瞎况和tfK^身的M^汰态。 Processes for red Quebec! HM and job status blind tfK ^ M ^ jig body state. ^^^±要由两大部4^賊:魁空终端和 To the two portions ^^^ ± 4 ^ thief: Empty Terminal and Quebec

鹏中心。 Peng center. 如图i戶标,魁空终端安^x程禾/Mh,倉^多与xi對;iMhif、有的控制器(ecu)进行 FIG subscript i households, Quebec An empty terminal ^ x Wo Cheng / Mh, and xi plurality of bins ^; iMhif, some controller (ECU) for

翻通信赫采紅程禾/mi:传離辦俞出信号,获得工程漏的工作汰态織。 Turn red communication path adopted He He / mi: signal transmission from the Office Yu, obtained engineering work eliminating leakage state organizations. 也有的鹏终端 Peng and some terminal

只^!3iGPs系统简单ii^集一些丰mr作,,再将釆穀啲10^1作#«31移动通信网制专 Only ^! 3iGPs Some current systems simply II Fung mr ^ ,, then for 10 ^ GOD preclude valley # 1 as «a mobile communication network system 31 designed

输M^控中心。 M ^ lose control center. 翻的移动通信网络有GSM (SMS、 GPRS)、 CDMA、 WIFI、 3G等多种形式。 Turn the mobile communication network has GSM (SMS, GPRS), CDMA, WIFI, 3G and other forms. 数据ftf俞 Data ftf Yu

Mim空中心后,鹏中心糊艮务器对SSidg进行鹏,最终以网页的形劝各魁空结果展现出来。 After Mim empty center, center-peng paste that works to pair SSidg be Peng, the final shape of each webpage to persuade Quebec to show up empty result.

im统统的用户i顿上网计嶽几,登陆魁空中心的网站,输入账户名、密码^"期鹏式的身伤H人 im all Internet users i Dayton Yue a few dollars, the landing site of the center of Quebec empty, enter the account name, password ^ "Peng type of human body injury H

证后就可歸、総魁空娜了。 After the card can go, Cong Fukui empty the Na. aa^个鹏中心用户还可向鹏终端发布命令,鹏终端接收 aa ^ a center Peng Peng user may issue a command to the terminal, the terminal receives Peng

^l行,中心的命令,X祸/1M的工^^态进行必变的调整。 ^ L line, the command center, X disaster / 1M ^^ working state adjustment becomes necessary.

《战,用户招顿ssnfi^系统时,常^iii似下问题, 一个单位有很多台工程i;it戒,鹏设^^属于不同妒厂家,由不同监控中心监控;或新殳备虽然自一家采购,但是在不同时期,厂家亍顿的im空中心不同。 When the "battle, users move Dayton ssnfi ^ system ^ iii often under similar problem, a unit has many engineering station i; it ring, provided Peng jealous ^^ belong to different manufacturers, different monitored by the monitoring center; or preparation although since new Shu a purchase, but at different times, different manufacturers right foot Dayton im empty center. 用户要了解自己所有设备的工作瞎况要登陆至怀同的监e^统,操作十分繁琐,工作效率低下。 Users want to know all the conditions of their work blind equipment to put an e ^ Lu Zhihuai with monitoring systems, operation is very cumbersome, inefficient work.


本发明的目的在于刻艮现有技术的不足、樹共一种能方便决速了解由不同的ii^^^^,的所有设备工作瞎况的:3對ii^禾鹏控翻鹏方法。 Object of the present invention is less than the prior art Gen moment, a total of one kind of trees can easily determine a different rate of understanding ii ^^^^, all devices work blind conditions: Method 3 for turning Peng Peng ii ^ Wo control.

本发明戶,问题是以下3^fe术方案实现的: Household present invention, the problem is the following technique scheme 3 ^ fe implemented:

一种工程柳;iS禾M^i^处理方法,它利用一个iSffl服务器,由自服务器自动登陆各魁空 An engineered Liu; Wo M ^ i ^ iS processing method which uses a iSffl server, from the server consists of the automatic landing space Quebec

中心的网站,将^t鹏中心的Jissi^下^c总在一起,形成一^i?的mM库并定期刷新,给用户提供与各监控中心显示内容基本同步变化的工程机械扰劍言息。 At the center of the site, will ^ t Peng center Jissi ^ ^ c total together to form a ^ i? MM of library and refreshed periodically, to provide users with the control center displays the contents of the basic engineering machinery simultaneous changes made by the sword scrambling information . ±3^穩«^1!^繊处理方法,它具体翻以下步骤: Stable ± 3 ^ «^ 1 ^ Xian processing method, the steps of which particular turn!:

a、 i體一个鹏服务器; a, i a body Peng server;

b、 ^zffi服务器的iag库中,ltiz:用户所有工程柳淑当案和管aA员档案,树淑当案中H^各 b, iag library ^ zffi server, ltiz: all user programs and pipe work Cheng Liushu when aA member archives, tree-sook when each case H ^

个机械的编号、驾驶员(雜且)姓名及手机号码、各台工程iw(寸应的im空中心网址、账户、密码 Mechanical number, driver (and miscellaneous) name and phone number of each station engineering iw (im inch of space should center web site, account, password

和牛/LM^态表;禾臓汰态表的字段中设有棚鏹号、狀态、工时、报警枕态、维修状劍言息;人员档案中记录人员的姓名、手机号码; And cattle / LM ^ state table; Zang Wo field and eliminating the state table has shed sulfuric acid number, status, hours of work, pillow alarm state, sword-like word repair information; names of personnel files of personnel records, cell phone number;

c、 細服务器软件/AX程柳淑当案i^库中,依次读取1«号以及相应的魁空中心网址、账户和密码,自动登陆该t臓的魁空中心网站、填入账户名和密码,itA相应网页并下iOT^代码文件,然后从源代码中的目标字段中采對/!«号、累计工作小时、工作量、耗油量、报警信獻鹏状劍言息并将它们写A^服务器的纖汰态表中; c, thin server software / AX Cheng Liushu when case i ^ library, read sequentially 1 «and the corresponding number of empty Quebec Center website, account and password, and automatically log in Quebec empty center of the t Zang's website, fill in the account name and password, itA the page and the iOT ^ code file from the source code and the destination field of mining /! «number, accumulated hours of work, work, fuel consumption, an alarm signal Peng shaped sword made by offering information and writes them a ^ web server state table jig;

d、 顿服务器定鄉腐扫描各工程机械的魁空中心网站,刷新树^bt态表内的信息,{,服务器中的D1M言息与跑空中心网站显示内容同步变化。 Quebec empty central site d, Washington Township rot given server scans a construction machine, the tree refresh ^ bt state information in the table, {, server information D1M made from dead center of the display contents change synchronously site.

J^r程tnM^禾Miieidg处理方法,对U^空中心网页上以图片格继示的机械^t劍言息,应朋艮务器先将图片转^/^:對言息,再读取其中的in^状劍言息,并将浩入柳戒状态表中。 J ^ r ^ Wo Miieidg drive TNM processing method, the mechanical center of the U-^ empty page following the picture format shown in the interest ^ t sword words, that works to be friends first image is transferred ^ / ^: Introduction of information, read wherein the take-shaped sword made in ^ interest, ho and Liu quit the status table.

本发明采用OT服务器自动定期扫描^t工程禾;M的魁空中心网站,将分t^M网站中的机械状劍言息汇总并存储ffi^服务器的i^库中,用户不必登陆不同的鹏中心,就育嫩方便地浏览和魏当前所有工程W的鄉言息,不仅ic^高了工作效率,而且有助于提高MW工程机械的管敏K平。 The present invention employs OT server automatically periodically scans ^ t engineering Wo; M Quebec empty central site, will be divided into t mechanically shaped sword made by ^ M site information summarized and stored ffi ^ server i ^ library, the user having to visit different Peng center, on educating tender easily browse all current projects and Wei Yan W township interest, not only ic ^ high work efficiency, but also improve the mechanical engineering MW tube-sensitive K level. 附图说明 BRIEF DESCRIPTION

下面结合附图对本发明作进一斜兑明。 The following figures The present invention into a next ramp against binding.

图i ^e中心与工程+臓的通m^意图; FIG Engineering Center i ^ e through m ^ + Zang intended;

图2是本发明的原理框图; FIG 2 is a block diagram of the present invention;

图3是本发明一个实施例中鹏服务器采集机li^割言息的繊处理漸呈亂图4是利用顿服务器对:^卦«4行管理的、離呈图。 FIG 3 is an embodiment Peng server harvester li ^ Xian embodiment of the present invention is a gradual process of the chaos FIG. 4 cut made by using the information server Dayton: Gua ^ «4-line administration, form from FIG. 具体实5fe^式 Specific 5fe ^ of formula

一个iaw几十台工程ifLf戒的m:单位,細本发明进fiH交备管理。 A ring iaw dozens of engineering ifLf m: units fiH invention into thin cross management apparatus present. 设备的^厂家EJ圣为每台 ^ EJ equipment manufacturers for each St.

设备安装了具有琉通信能力的魁空终端,并^:具有形戋通信、idS存储傲俞及处理能力的鹏 Shape having a constricted communication Peng, Yu proud idS of storage and processing capabilities: Qui air terminal device mounted with sulfur communication capabilities, and ^

中心。 center. 设^顿单位的管aA员ffliis联网网页離多想旬机械的工作織、报警信息等运行优制言 Dayton units set ^ aA tube member ffliis networking website want to work from more than ten days of weaving machinery, and alarm information run on Optimal words

息。 interest. 4顿剩极要i^:一台顿服务器,劍艮务器中li^有柳淑当案和人员档案。 4 Dayton left pole to i ^: a server Dayton, the sword that works to control the li ^ Liu Shu when there are cases and personnel files. inMt当案中登录^^臓的编号、驾驶员(雜且)姓名及手机号码、各台i/Mx寸应的iiss^统网ijhi长户密码和^iti^态表;inMyt态表的字段有titt^号、汰态、工时、报警状态、维修汰襟 inMt case when the number of log ^^ Zang, the driver (and hetero) name and phone number, for each stage i / Mx inch corresponding iiss ^ Unification ijhi user password length and ^ iti ^ state table; inMyt table state field there titt ^ number, eliminating the state, hours, alarm state, maintenance and eliminating the lapel

信昆;人员档案中记录服务人员、服务主管、剩姓管领导的姓名、编号、手机号码、虹作》舒呈 Letter Kun; personnel file records service personnel, service director, left the leadership of the named pipe name, number, phone number, Rainbow as "Shu was

中的权限和时限。 The authority and time frame.

用户单位的自服务器中的禾旨自动从各个网站采穀/w的工作做汰^g,形成新的iag库。 It aims to users from the server unit to do automatic elimination ^ g from the work of the various mining sites Valley / w, the formation of a new iag library. 在每天下午6:3o将inm态参数以紐t^^娥备管ax员。 6 pm every day: 3o The state parameters inm t ^^ New Preparation E ax tube member.

鹏服务器还可+鹏服务工作盼凝呈和时限要求,对出现故斷艮警的丰«4行及时棚艮务銜户, 并对服务銜户的过徵行鹏,以保蹈艮务的及时性。 Peng Peng + server can also look forward to serving condensate was working and deadlines, it appears to be off to Burgundy police abundance << 4 lines in a timely manner that works to shed the title of families, households and services over the title line Peng levy, to ensure that works to the dance timeliness.

歸图3,細服务器采對iim紘窗、的过職 Return 3, fine-hung windows server mining of iim, over the post

1、 在娜单位的卿服务器中,諧存储有謹当案翻辭口人员档案翻库。 1, Na Qing server units, the harmonic stores would like to turn speech when opening the case file translation library staff. 顿服务器从丰;Mt当案i^库中,依次读取t纖号、该设^i^厂家的跑S^统的网址、账户和密码。 Dayton abundance from the server; Mt library when text i ^, t Fibrosis sequentially read, provided that the manufacturers ran ^ i ^ S ^ URL system, account and password.

2、 鹏服务器的禾M^利用读取的U5g^统的网址、账户和密码自动登陆该编号^^寸应的魁空 2, Wo Peng server utilization U5g ^ M ^ EC website read, account and password to automatically log in the number of Quebec should ^^ inch empty

网站,并打开^1程*«^{言息的网页。 Web site, and open the path ^ 1 * «^ {page statement of interest.

3、 鹏服务器将包含有柳戒状劍言息的网页的源代码下载到服务器中。 3, Liu Peng server will contain ring-shaped sword made by interest rates page's source code download to the server.

4、 自服务皿下i^的网页源代码中査找描述柳戒状态的目标字段,如:"{體"、"发动机水温"、"报,页目"等。 4, described look Liu ring from the service state of the dish i ^ page source code in the target field, such as: "{body", "engine water temperature", "reported head page" and the like. 这些目标字^^在软件开发时,纟six寸该tnMi^网站顾分析之后,提取出来的。 After these words ^^ goals in the software development, the tnMi ^ Si six inch Gu website analysis extracted. 如me网站的网页是图片,就要首先将图片识别j^:字,再查找目标字段。 Such as Web site is a picture of me, it is necessary first to identify the pictures j ^: word, then find the target field.

5、 将目标字段后面的iatt^劍言息i^复制到自服务器的柳^K态表中。 5, the back of the target field iatt ^ i ^ sword made by copying the information from the server to the state table Liu ^ K. 在网页源代码文件中,目标字段与+JiMtt^idg糊體絲,是^^统编程时,fflil分析相关页面总结出来的。 The page source code file, the target field and + JiMtt ^ idg paste body wire, is ^^ system programming, fflil analysis summed up the relevant page.

6、 检查服务器的时间是否过了约定时间(比如约定下午6:30分),如果已会翌i」达约定时间,应朋艮务器就将采穀啲工作信識j^豆信息,繊隨设备管ffiA员的手ai:。 6, time to check whether the server after the appointed time (for example, agreed pm 6:30 pm), if i will be next "up the appointed time, will be friend that works to control mining valley GOD working channel identification information j ^ beans, Xian members of the hand with tube ffiA equipment ai :.

7、 顿服务^t查当前设备编号是否^t后一台设备了。 7, Dayton service ^ t check whether the device ID after a ^ t one device. 如果不是,继续1〜6的过程,依次从^t机械的魁空网站的网页J^餘自的状劍言息,存储ffi^服务器的ll5&扰态表中。 If not, continue the process of 1~6 sequentially from the web site of Quebec empty machine J ^ ^ t more than words from the sword-like information storage ffi ^ ll5 & scrambling state table server.

3iMmffi服务器的这样的循环操作,就可以S^服务器中形成一个所有设备的状Mm库。 Such cyclic operation 3iMmffi the server, the server S ^ may form a library of all devices like Mm. 这个f^库是与设备的各自魁空网站上的信息同步变化的。 The f ^ library with information on each site empty Quebec device synchronization change.

錄图4,禾拥顿服务器对工程牛wa行管理的繊呈: 1、鹏服务器对采棘的机械状Mm库中的娜进行鶴,查赔否用臓艮警信息。 Record 4, Wo Yong Xian server Dayton Engineering Management of cattle wa were: 1, Peng server for mining machinery spine-like Mm library were Na Crane, check whether lost by Zang Burgundy police information. 在设制顿过程中,要彩寸设备的故斷艮警及时进行处理。 In the Dayton process based system, to the device so that the color inch off Gen timely warning process. 这样才倉離高设备的完好率、降低设备的维 Cartridge so as intact rate from high equipment, reduce the dimension of the device

护费用。 Care costs. 是否離多及时謝?i殳备^^,也慰才单御艮务部门进fi^核的一项,旨标。 Are far more timely thank? I ^^ Shu equipment, but also comfort only a single Royal Burgundy works departments into a fi ^ nucleus purpose standard. 2、 根据报警设备的编号,在设备档案和人员档案翻库中,査JfeE期该禾臓的基本工作織(如: 累计工作小时、近期是否有期魁艮警等)与现在附艮警信息编制成一斜豆信息。 2, according to the numbering alarm device, the device profile and Profiles turn library, check the basic working woven JfeE of the Wo Zang (such as: total working hours, the recent whether there of Quebec Burgundy Police, etc.) and is now attached to Burgundy alarm information compiled information beans into a ramp. 再/AA员娜库中, Then / AA member Na library,

査找这台设备的服务主管的手机号码,将J^短信息;^鹏务主管的手禾;U:。 Find service in charge of this device's phone number, the text message J ^; ^ Wo Peng affairs shall hand; U :. 并将这斜豆信息存 This information is stored and oblique beans

c在^^信m^中,以备以后si旬i顿。 In the letter m ^ c ^^ in ten days later to prepare si i Dayton.

3、 重复1〜2步骤,检查是否B^将所有设备附艮警通知,都繊湘应的服务主管的科肚了。 3. Repeat steps 1 to 2 to check whether all devices attached to B ^ Gen police notice, all Xian Branch belly Xiang should be in charge of the service. 如果没有,则重Ch^a程,! If not, re-Ch ^ a drive! ^it完毕。 ^ It is completed.

4、 顿服务^E34行i^31程的同时,也在不停i鹏收手lna^的短信息。 4, Dayton service i ^ 31 ^ E34 line process, it is also short information kept close hand lna ^ i Peng's. 首5fcX寸接收到的短信息的源手机号,进行身伤HRm对衞吴手机号回复"您的短信息;g^昔了"。 The first 5fcX inch received source phone number of short message, a reply to the body hurt HRm Wei Wu cell phone number, "your short message; g ^ the past." 对3I3i手机身伤H人证的短信息,贝iJ榭言息内^?储在信息接收表中。 3I3i phone text messages to the body hurt H witnesses, the inner shell iJ ^ pavilion statement information? Information stored in the reception table. 在步骤4中,月艮务I^E接收信肩表中寻拗艮务主管的手丰肌期回复的短信息。 In step 4, May I ^ E that works to shoulder the received signal table that works to find short messages bend the competent hands of Feng muscle responses.

5、 检查在规定时限内d是3个小时),报警设备糊艮务主管是否回复了短信息,将设凝艮警的处理意见回答给了服务器。 5, within the time limit check is d 3 hours), an alarm device that works to paste competent reply whether the short message, the process condensate Burgundy views provided to answer the alert server.

6、 如果在规定时限内,月艮务主管没剤射艮警的処里意见^^合服务器,自服务器就向单位的主管领导报告这个问题,i辭页导督促劍艮务主管及时处理问题。 6, if within the prescribed time limit, at the monthly service charge of Burgundy Burgundy police shot did not Ji's comments ^ ^ Close the server, from the server to report to the leadership of the unit in charge of this issue, i quit page guide that works to supervise the sword supervisor promptly deal with the problem .

7、 MS服务器找到服务主管回复的处理意见后,査^A员档案库,找到报警设备的i贴刻艮务人员,糊艮务主管的W^意见以短信息的^^i膝職别艮务人员的手ai:。 7, after the MS server to find treatment advice services director replied, check ^ A member of the archive, find the device alarm i posted that works to cut staff, that works to paste in charge of W ^ ^^ i advice to job title knee Burgundy short message Service personnel hand ai :.

8、 細服务驗短信息接收表中,查t^有服务人员的手机短信息。 8, fine service experience received short message table, check t ^ mobile phone short message service personnel. 以检彭刻艮务人员题在规定的时限d为l-2天),^了报警设备的维护任务。 Peng moment that works to the subject in question art alarm system maintenance tasks predetermined time d of l-2 days), in the ^.

9、 如果服务人员没被规定的时限内誠銜户任务,細服务器向其服务主管报告这个问题, 请服务主管斷足劍艮务人员及时^X作。 9, if sincere title household tasks within the time limit prescribed service personnel did not fine the server service report the problem to their supervisor, please Service Supervisor broken foot sword that works to make timely ^ X.

所用手机为GSM手机、CDMA手机、3G手鹏小魏駒雌文字短信息的移动通信设备。 The phone is a GSM phone, CDMA mobile communication device handset, 3G hand female horse Wie Peng short text message.

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  1. 1、一种工程机械远程监控数据处理方法,其特征是,它利用一个应用服务器,由应用服务器自动登陆各监控中心的网站,将各个监控中心的监控数据下载并汇总在一起,形成一个新的数据库并定期刷新,给用户提供与各监控中心显示内容基本同步变化的工程机械状态信息。 A construction machine remote monitoring data processing method, characterized in that it uses an application server, the application server automatically go to the website each monitoring center, the monitoring center will monitor data for each download and aggregated together to form a new database and refreshed periodically, to provide users with information on the status of construction machinery monitoring center displays the contents of the basic synchronization change.
  2. 2、 根据权利要求i所舡程机f艇禾sim空i^处理方法,其特征是,它具体采用以下步骤:a、 设置一个应用服务器;b、 在应用服务器的i(ffi库中,粒用户所有工程机嫩当案和管SA员档案,机f淑当案中登录各个机械的编号、班组驾驶员姓名及手机号码、各台工程机Mx寸应的监控中心网址、账户、密码和机械状态表;机械状态表的字段中设有机械编号、状态、工时、报警状态、维修状劍言息;人员档案中记录人员的姓名、手机号码;c、 应用服务器软件从工程机嫩当案i^库中,依次读取l臓编号以及相应的监控中心网址、账户和密码,自动登陆该机械的监控中心网站、填入账户名和密码,;aA相应网页并下载鄉代码文件,然后从源代码中的目标字段中采集机械编号、累计工作小时、工作量、耗油量、报警信息机械状劍言息并将它们写入应用服务器的机械状态表 2, i of the Nautilus process tool f boat Wo sim empty i ^ processing method according to claim, characterized in that it is specifically the following steps: a, provided an application server; B, the i-application server (FFI library, grain users all engineering machine tender when the case file and the tube member SA, machine f Shu sign in to each machine when the case number, team name and phone number of the driver, the monitoring center website each stage of the project should be machine Mx-inch, accounts, passwords and machinery state table; mechanical field status table in a mechanical number, status, working hours, alarm status, maintenance-shaped sword made by information; name of the person who recorded files, the phone number; c, application server software from the engineering machine tender when i case ^ library, read sequentially numbered l Zang and the corresponding monitoring center URL, account and password, the site automatically log monitoring center of the machine, fill in the account name and password,; aA corresponding web page and download the township code file, and then from the source code the acquisition target mechanical field number, the cumulative hours of work, work, fuel consumption, sword-like mechanical alarm information words and writes them to the application server mechanical state table ;d、 柳服务器定期循坏扫描各工程机械的魁空中心网站,刷新机械状态表内的信息,4鹏用服务器中的机械信息与监控中心网站显示内容同步变化。 ; D, Liu server periodically scans through the bad air engineering Quebec Center website machinery, mechanical refresh the information in the state table, content synchronization change 4 Peng mechanical display information and monitoring center site server.
  3. 3、 根据权利要求i或2戶;f3C[:程机械远禾Mim空麵处理方法,其特征是,X寸监控中心网页上以图片格式显示的机械状劍言息,应用服务器先将图片转换敝荆言息,再读取其中的机械状劍言息, 并将它写入机械状态表中。 3, according to claim i or 2; f3C [: Mechanical drive away Wo Mim empty surface processing method, characterized in that the sword-shaped machine made the X-inch monitor information displayed in the center of the page image format, the application server converting first image Jing Yan spacious interest, which then reads the information words mechanical sword-shaped, and writes it to the state machine table.
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