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CNA200810068025XA 2008-06-25 2008-06-25 Interaction control method and system based on touch screen Pending CN101308440A (en)

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CNA200810068025XA CN101308440A (en) 2008-06-25 2008-06-25 Interaction control method and system based on touch screen

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CNA200810068025XA CN101308440A (en) 2008-06-25 2008-06-25 Interaction control method and system based on touch screen

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CN101308440A CN101308440A (en) 2008-11-19
CN101308440K1 true CN101308440K1 (en) 2008-11-19



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CNA200810068025XA Pending CN101308440A (en) 2008-06-25 2008-06-25 Interaction control method and system based on touch screen

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CN101308440A (en) 2008-11-19

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