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实施例描述利用基于时间的信息来改进无线网络中的通信。 Example embodiments described for improving communications in a wireless network using a time-based information. 一种方法可包含从至少一个接入点接收信标信息,以及利用与所述信标信息相关联的时间戳信息来确定是否越区切换与第二接入点的通信。 A method may comprise determining whether a communication from a handoff to the second access point of the at least one access point receives the beacon information, and using the time stamp information associated with the beacon information. 根据其它实施例,所述方法可进一步包含检测信标质量在阈值水平以下,以及传输差信标质量消息。 According to other embodiments, the method may further comprise detecting the beacon quality threshold level, and a transmission differential beacon quality message. 可响应于所述传输的差信标质量消息而接收关于多个交替接入点的信息。 In response to a difference between the beacon quality of the message transmission and receiving information about a plurality of alternative access points.


用于无线广域网和无线局域网或无线个域网的交互工作的方法和装置 A method and apparatus for inter-working wireless wide area networks and wireless local area network or a wireless

[0001] 相关_请案的交叉参考 [0001] Please _ Related Case Cross Reference

[0002] 本申请案根据35U.SC§ 119 (e)主张基于2005年7月7日申请的题为METHODSAND DEVICES FOR INTERWORKING OF WIRELESS WIDE AREA NETWORKS ANDffIRELESSLOCAL AREA NETWORKS OR WIRELESS PERSONAL AREA NETWORKS 的第60/697,504 号美国临时专利申请案以及2005年8月29日申请的题为METHODSAND DEVICES FOR INTERWORKINGOF WIRELESS WIDE AREA NETWORKS ANDffIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORKS OR WIRELESSPERSONAL AREA NETWORKS的第60/712,320号美国临时专利申请案的优先权,所述申请案全文以引用的方式并入本文中。 [0002] The present application is based on 35U.SC§ 119 (e) of 60/697 entitled advocate July 7, 2005 filed METHODSAND DEVICES FOR INTERWORKING OF WIRELESS WIDE AREA NETWORKS ANDffIRELESSLOCAL AREA NETWORKS OR WIRELESS PERSONAL AREA NETWORKS-based, US provisional Patent application entitled METHODSAND DEVICES FOR August 29, 2005 filed INTERWORKINGOF WIRELESS WIDE AREA NETWORKS ANDffIRELESS LOCAL AREA NETWORKS OR WIRELESSPERSONAL AREA NETWORKS No. 60 / 712,320 No. 504 US provisional patent application priority , which application is incorporated by reference in its entirety herein.

技术领域 FIELD

[0003] 以下描述内容大体上涉及无线网络,且尤其涉及无线广域网(WffAN)、无线局域网(WLAN)和/或无线个域网(WPAN)之间的通信的无缝交互工作。 [0003] The following description relates generally to wireless networks, and more particularly to a wireless wide area network (WffAN), seamless communication between the interworking wireless local area network (WLAN) and / or wireless personal area network (WPAN).

背景技术 Background technique

[0004] 电子装置可包含多个通信协议。 [0004] The electronic device may comprise a plurality of communication protocols. 举例来说,移动装置已成为多功能装置,其频繁地提供电子邮件、因特网接入以及传统的蜂窝式通信。 For example, mobile devices have become multifunctional devices, providing email, Internet access as well as traditional cellular communication frequently. 移动装置可(例如)利用以下技术中的任一者或两者而配备有广域无线连接性:第三代无线或蜂窝式系统(3G)或电气和电子工程师协会(IEEE)802.16 (WiMax)以及其它待界定的WffAN技术。 The mobile device may be (e.g.) and is equipped with wide area wireless connectivity using any one of the following techniques or both of: (3G) or Association (IEEE) third generation wireless or cellular systems Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.16 (WiMax) WffAN and other techniques to be defined. 同时,基于IEEE 802.11的WLAN连接性也被安装于移动装置中。 Meanwhile, based on IEEE WLAN connectivity to 802.11 it is also mounted on the mobile device. 超宽带(UWB)和/或基于蓝牙的WPAN局域连接性也即将可在移动装置中使用。 Ultra wideband (UWB) and / or Bluetooth-based WPAN connectivity to a local area will soon be used in a mobile device.

[0005] 电子装置中的多个通信协议的其它实例包含膝上型计算机,其可包含用于将所述膝上型计算机连接到无线鼠标、无线键盘等的WPAN。 [0005] Other examples of multiple communication protocols in electronic devices include laptop computers, which may include means for connecting the laptop computer to a WPAN wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard or the like. 另外,膝上型计算机可包含在任何当前界定的IEEE 802.11协议(IEEE 802.lla/b/g/i/e)或IEEE 802.11系列中其它待界定的协议(例如,IEEE 802.lln/s/r/p)上操作的装置。 Further, a laptop computer may include any IEEE 802.11 protocol (IEEE 802.lla / b / g / i / e) defined in the current IEEE 802.11 protocol or other series to be defined (e.g., IEEE 802.lln / s / r / p) on the operation of the device. WLAN已变得流行,且(例如)正出于个人和商业目的而建立于家庭和企业中。 WLAN has become popular, and (for example) being for personal and commercial purposes established in homes and businesses. 另外,咖啡店、网吧、图书馆和公共及私人机构也利用WLAN。 In addition, coffee shops, Internet cafes, libraries and public and private organizations also use WLAN.

[0006] WffAN技术以广域(普遍存在的)覆盖和广域部署而著名。 [0006] WffAN technology to a wide area (ubiquitous) coverage and wide area deployments famous. 然而,其可能遭受建筑物穿透损耗、覆盖空洞,且与WLAN和WPAN相比具有有限的带宽。 However, it may suffer from building penetration losses, coverage holes, and compared with the WLAN and WPAN has a limited bandwidth. WLAN和WPAN技术提供非常高的数据速率,接近几百兆位秒,但覆盖在WLAN的情况下通常限于几百英尺且在WPAN的情况下通常限于几十英尺。 WLAN and WPAN technologies deliver very high data rates, approaching hundreds of megabits seconds, but in the case of WLAN coverage is typically limited to hundreds of feet and is typically limited to tens of feet in the case of WPAN.

[0007] 网络和协议的数目由于对于与独特用户需求和分散协议相关联的功能性的需求的缘故而迅速增长。 Number [0007] and network protocols due to the rapid growth of demand for the sake of functionality and unique user demands and dispersion associated with the protocol. 用户在此类完全不同的网络和协议之间切换较费力,且在许多情况下,用户被困在ー网络中而不考虑在给定时间对于所述用户最佳的网络可能是什么。 User between such disparate networks and more laborious protocol switching, and in many cases, users ー trapped in a network without regard to what might be best at a given time for the network users. 鉴于以上内容,需要提供网络和/或协议之间的无缝转换以优化并集中于对于用户最佳的通信协议。 In view of the foregoing, a need to provide a seamless transition between networks and / or protocols to optimize and focus on the best communication protocol for the user. 发明内容 SUMMARY

[0008] 以下提供对ー个或ー个以上实施例的简化概述,以便提供对此类实施例的ー些方面的基本理解。 [0008] The following provides ー ー or more of the above embodiments simplified summary in order to provide a basic understanding of such embodiments ー embodiments of such aspects. 该概述不是所述ー个或ー个以上实施例的广泛综述,且既不希望鉴别实施例的关键或重要元素,也不希望描绘此类实施例的范围。 This summary is not the ー ー or more extensive overview of the above embodiments, and is intended to neither identify key or critical elements of all embodiments nor delineate the scope of such embodiments. 其唯一目的是以简化的形式提供所描述的实施例的ー些概念,作为稍后提供的较详细描述的序言。 Its sole purpose is to provide a simplified form some concepts of the described embodiments ー, described in more detail in the preamble presented later.

[0009] 由于个体迁移穿过多种不同类型的网络和协议,所以本文的实施例提供用户穿过各种网络和协议的无缝转换以便有助于平稳、无缝通信。 [0009] Since the individual migration through a plurality of different types of networks and protocols, the embodiments herein provide a seamless transition through various networks and user protocols to facilitate a smooth, seamless communication. 实施例提供各种优化技术以在各种网络和协议之间转换,且这种转换可基于用户偏好、用户位置、信号強度和/或其它标准。 Example embodiments provide a variety of optimization techniques to convert between the various networks and protocols, and this conversion may be based on user preferences, user location, signal strength and / or other criteria. 这种无缝转换对于用户可为透明的或者可由用户启始。 Such a seamless transition may be transparent to the user starts the user or may be started.

[0010] 根据ー特征,是ー种利用基于时间的信息来改进无线网络中的通信的方法。 [0010] According ー feature is ー species using the method for improving communications in a wireless network based on the information on the time. 所述方法包含从至少一个接入点接收信标信息,以及利用与所述信标信息相关联的时间戳信息来确定是否对与第二接入点的通信进行越区切換。 The method comprises receiving a beacon time stamp information point information, and using the information associated with the beacon from the at least one access to determine whether the communication with the second access point performs handover. 根据另ー特征,所述方法可包含检测信标质量在阈值水平以下,传输差信标质量消息,以及响应于所述传输的差信标质量消息而接收关于多个交替接入点的信息。 According to another feature ー, the method may include detecting a beacon quality threshold level, the difference between the transmission beacon quality message and differential beacon quality message transmitted in response to the received information about a plurality of alternating access points.

[0011] 根据另ー特征,是ー种在无线网络中执行越区切换的方法。 [0011] According to another feature ー it is ー kind of method of performing a handover in a wireless network. 所述方法可包含检测WffAN接入点和WLAN接入点的存在,以及使信标定时与从每ー接入点接收的多个信标相关联。 The method may comprise detecting the presence WffAN access point and WLAN access points and a plurality of time that the beacon associated with the received beacon from each access point ー. 所述方法还可包含至少部分基于相关联的信标定时来确认是否在WffAN与WLAN之间转移。 The method may further comprise the associated beacon based at least in part to confirm whether the transferred between WffAN and WLAN. 确认是否在WWAN与WLAN之间转移可进ー步包含确定WffAN或WLAN的带宽是否足以适应移动装置的应用。 Confirm that transfer may further comprise determining whether the intake ー WffAN or WLAN bandwidth sufficient to accommodate the application of the mobile device between the WWAN and WLAN.

[0012] 又一特征是一种移动装置,其包含存储与装置应用有关的要求的存储器,和分析存储在存储器中的信息并部分基于信标定时来确定网络是否满足装置应用要求的处理器。 [0012] Yet another feature is a mobile device, based beacon claim comprising means storing the application-related memory, and analyze information stored in memory to determine whether the network part, and the processor means to meet application requirements. 可推荐WLAN与WffAN之间的越区切換。 Recommendable handoff between the WLAN and WffAN handover. 所述移动装置可进ー步包含WLAN组件,其经配置以产生与移动装置处接收的多个信标相关联的时间戳。 Feed means may further comprise ー WLAN components, configured to generate a plurality of beacon associated with a mobile device receives a time stamp at the mobile. 移动装置中还可包含与WLAN组件耦合的WffAN组件。 The mobile device may also comprise WffAN assembly coupled to the WLAN components. 所述WffAN组件可经配置以产生向WffAN指示WLAN组件处接收的信标的定时的信号。 The WffAN assembly may be configured to generate a signal indicative of the component of the WLAN beacon to WffAN received timing.

[0013] 根据又ー特征,是ー种用于通过基于时间的信息来增强网络通信的设备。 [0013] According to yet another feature ー, ー kind is time-based information through a device to enhance communication network. 所述设备可包含用于产生与从至少一个接入点接收的多个信标相关联的时间戳的装置,以及用于至少部分基干与所接收的多个信标相关联的时间戳来决定是否切換到第二接入点的装置。 The apparatus may include means for generating a time stamp is determined from at least one of the plurality of devices associated with the received beacon, and at least a portion of the plurality of beacon backbone with a timestamp associated with an access point for the received whether to switch to a second access point. 根据另ー特征,所述设备可包含用于管理越区切换调度以适应所述设备的应用的装置。 According to another feature ー, the apparatus may comprise means for managing applications scheduled handoff to accommodate the device.

[0014] 根据又一方面,是ー种上面存储有计算机可执行指令的计算机可读媒体,所述媒体可包含从ー个或ー个以上接入点接收信标信息,以及利用全球定位系统(GPS)功能性使到达时间戳与所述信标信息相关联。 [0014] According to another aspect, there is ー kind of computer-executable instructions stored thereon a computer-readable medium, which may comprise from more than ー ー or access point receives the beacon information, and the use of a global positioning system ( GPS) functionality so that the beacon timestamp information associated arrival. 所述媒体可进ー步利用时间戳信标信息来确定WWAN、WLAN或WPAN之间的越区切换管理调度。 The feed medium may further be determined ー handover between WWAN, WLAN or WPAN handover management information scheduled beacon time stamp.

[0015] 又一方面是ー种执行用于在WffAN与WLAN之间进行无缝切换的指令的处理器。 [0015] Yet another aspect is a kind ー instructions executed by the processor for performing the seamless handover between WLAN and the WffAN. 所述指令可包含从接入点接收信标,使接收时间与信标相关联,以及检测信标质量水平。 The instructions may include receiving a beacon from an access point, the reception time associated with the beacon, the beacon and detecting the quality level. 所述信标质量水平可与相关联的接收时间一起传输到管理系统,且可响应于所传输的信标质量水平和相关联的信标接收时间基于从管理系统接收的信息来决定是否在WffAN与WLAN之间进行切換。 The beacon transmission and the reception quality level may be associated with the time management system, and in response to the quality level of the transmitted beacon of the beacon reception time and the associated based on information received from a management system to determine whether the WffAN and switching between WLAN. [0016] 为了实现以上和相关目的,ー个或ー个以上实施例包括下文充分描述以及权利要求书中明确指出的特征。 [0016] To achieve the foregoing and related ends, one or ー ー embodiment comprises features hereinafter fully described and particularly pointed out in the claims above embodiment. 以下描述内容和附图详细陈述所述ー个或ー个以上实施例的某些说明性方面。 The following description and the annexed drawings set forth in detail ー ー or more illustrative aspects of certain embodiments of the above embodiments. 然而,这些方面仅指示各个实施例的原理可被使用的各种方式中的几种方式,且所描述的实施例希望包含所有这些方面及其等效物。 However, these aspects are indicative of the various ways the principles of various embodiments may be used in, and the described embodiments are intended to embrace all such aspects and their equivalents.


[0017] 图1说明根据本文提供的各个实施例的无线通信系统。 [0017] Figure 1 illustrates a wireless communication system in accordance with various embodiments provided herein.

[0018] 图2是根据ー个或ー个以上实施例的多址无线通信系统的说明。 [0018] FIG. 2 is a ー ー or more multiple access wireless communication system according to the above embodiment.

[0019] 图3是移动装置的一实施例的框图。 [0019] FIG. 3 is a block diagram of an embodiment of a mobile device.

[0020] 图4说明确定移动装置应连接到的网络的类型的方法。 [0020] Figure 4 illustrates a mobile device to determine the type of network to be connected to the method.

[0021] 图5是移动装置的另ー实施例的简化框图。 [0021] FIG. 5 is a simplified block diagram of another mobile device ー embodiment.

[0022] 图6说明定位从利用GPS功能性组件的移动装置的用户接收的呼叫的方法。 [0022] FIG. 6 illustrates a method for locating a call received from the user of the mobile device using GPS function of the assembly.

[0023] 图7说明定位不利用GPS接收器的移动装置(例如,移动电话)的另一方法。 Another method [0023] Figure 7 illustrates the positioning of the GPS receiver without using a mobile device (e.g., mobile phone).

[0024] 图8说明利用WWAN、WLAN和/或WPAN网络内的接入点的方法。 [0024] Figure 8 illustrates the use of WWAN, WLAN and / or WPAN access point within a network.

[0025] 图9说明利用位置信息在WffAN与WLAN/WPAN之间无缝地切换移动装置的方法。 [0025] FIG 9 illustrates a method using the position information and the WffAN between the WLAN / WPAN seamless handover of the mobile device.

[0026] 图10说明利用位置信息来自动增强移动装置的服务的方法的另ー实施例。 Another ー Example [0026] Figure 10 illustrates the use of the location information to automatically enhance the services of the mobile device methods.

[0027] 图11说明在没有可用的接入点的情形下提供ad-hoc网络的方法。 [0027] Figure 11 illustrates a method of providing ad-hoc network is not available in the case of an access point.

[0028] 图12说明可利用WLAN和WffAN技术构造的示范性自配置ad-hoc网络。 [0028] Figure 12 illustrates the use of available WLAN technologies and WffAN exemplary configuration of the self-configuring ad-hoc networks.

[0029] 图13说明利用WLAN和WffAN技术来构造自配置ad_hoc网络的方法。 [0029] Figure 13 illustrates the use of WLAN technologies and construction methods WffAN ad_hoc self-configuring network.

[0030] 图14说明初始化WffAN控制信道上的邻接方列表以有助于接入终端的同步的方法。 [0030] FIG. 14 illustrates the neighbor list to facilitate channel initialization WffAN method of synchronizing access terminal.

[0031 ] 图15说明WLAN网络中的对等通信。 [0031] FIG. 15 illustrates a WLAN network in the peer to peer communications.

[0032] 图16说明在独立基本服务集(IBSS)网络中注册和/或验证的方法。 [0032] FIG. 16 illustrates a method of registering in an independent basic service set (IBSS) network and / or verified.

[0033] 图17说明示范性ad-hoc网状网络。 [0033] FIG 17 illustrates an exemplary ad-hoc mesh networks.

[0034] 图18说明根据本文提供的ー个或ー个以上实施例协调无线通信环境中多个通信协议之间的通信的系统。 [0034] Figure 18 illustrates a ー ー or more embodiments in a wireless communication environment coordinate system for communicating between a plurality of communication protocols in accordance with provided herein.

[0035] 图19说明根据各个方面协调无线通信环境中的通信的系统。 [0035] FIG. 19 illustrates the coordinate system of a wireless communication environment in accordance with various aspects of the communication.

[0036] 图20说明可结合本文描述的各种系统和方法使用的无线通信环境。 [0036] FIG. 20 illustrates a wireless communication environment using various systems and methods described herein may be combined.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0037] 现參看附图描述各个实施例。 [0037] now be described with reference to the accompanying drawings of various embodiments. 在以下描述内容中,出于阐释的目的,陈述大量特定细节以便提供对ー个或ー个以上方面的详尽理解。 In the following description, for the purposes of explanation, numerous specific details in order to provide a thorough understanding of one or ー ー more than respect. 然而,显然可在没有这些特定细节的情况下实践此类实施例。 Clearly, however, such embodiments may be practiced without these specific details. 在其它例子中,以框图形式展示众所周知的结构和装置以便有助于描述这些实施例。 In other instances, well-known structures and devices are shown in block diagram form in order to facilitate describing these embodiments.

[0038] 如本申请案中所使用,术语“组件”、“系统”等希望指代计算机相关实体,其为硬件、固件、硬件与软件的组合、软件或执行中的软件。 [0038] As used in this application, the terms "component," "system," and the like are intended to refer to a computer-related entity, either hardware, firmware, a combination of hardware and software, software, or software in execution. 举例来说,组件可以是(但不限干)在处理器上运行的过程、处理器、对象、可执行程序、执行线程、程序和/或计算机。 For example, a component may be (but not dry) process running on a processor, a processor, an object, an executable, a thread of execution, a program, and / or a computer. 以说明的方式,在计算装置上运行的应用和所述计算装置两者均可以是组件。 By way of illustration, and the computing device application running on a computing device can be a component both. ー个或ー个以上组件可驻留在过程和/或执行线程内,且组件可位于ー个计算机上和/或分布在两个或两个以上计算机之间。ー ー more or more components may reside within a process and / or thread of execution and a component may be located on a ー computer and / or distributed between two or more computers. 另外,这些组件可自上面存储有各种数据结构的各种计算机可读媒体执行。 Further, these components may have stored thereon from various computer readable media having various data structures performed. 组件可借助本地和/或远程过程,例如根据具有ー个或ー个以上数据包(例如,来自借助信号与本地系统、分布式系统中的另ー组件交互的和/或在网络(例如,因特网)上与其它系统交互的一个组件的数据)的信号来通信。 Assembly can be by way of local and / or remote processes such as in accordance with one or ー ー or more data packets (e.g., by means of a signal from a local system, distributed system, ー other interacting components and / or a network (e.g., Internet ) with a data component of the other systems) to a communication signal.

[0039] 所掲示的实施例可包含与所使用的动态变化的网络或通信协议结合的各种启发式和/或推断方案和/或技木。 [0039] kei illustrated embodiment may comprise various heuristics and / or inference schemes and / or techniques in combination with wood used dynamically changing network or communication protocols. 如本文所使用,术语“推断”大体上是指从通过事件和/或数据俘获的一组观察资料中推出或推断系统、环境和/或用户的状态的过程。 As used herein, the term "inference" refers generally to the process of state from a set of observations Release via events and / or data or inferring capture system, environment, and / or user. 可使用推断来识别特定的情境或动作,或者(例如)可产生关于状态的概率分布。 Inference may be used to identify a specific context or action, or (e.g.) can generate a probability distribution. 推断可以是概率性的,即关于所关注的状态的概率分布的计算基于对数据和事件的考虑。 The inference can be probabilistic calculation of the probability of that is concerned about the state of the distribution based on a consideration of data and events. 推断还可指用于从ー组事件和/或数据中构成较高级事件的技木。 Technology also concluded that wood used to construct higher-level events from ー set of events and / or data. 此类推断导致从一组所观察的事件和/或所存储的事件数据中构造新的事件或动作,不管所述事件是否在时间接近度上紧密相关,且不管所述事件和数据来自一个还是若干个事件和数据源。 Such inference results from a set of observed events and / or stored event data in the construction of new events or actions, regardless of whether the event is closely related to the degree of temporal proximity, and whether the events and data come from one or several event and data sources.

[0040] 因此,预期根据本文描述的实施例,用户可自动移位或离开以及进入不同通信区。 [0040] Thus, it is contemplated according to embodiments described herein, a user may enter and leave the auto shift or a different communication area. 自动动作(例如,用户在通信会话期间从WWAN无缝地转变到WLAN)可认为是随着推断用户相对于处理通信会话以及第三级通信、被动式/后台通信和即将到来的会话的意图而变化。 Automatic operation (e.g., during a user to seamlessly transition from WWAN communication session to WLAN) may be considered as processing to infer user intent with respect to the communication session and a third-level communication, passive / background communication session and the upcoming changes . 相对于采取自动动作,可实施机器学习技术以有助于执行自动动作。 Automatic actions taken with respect to, machine learning techniques can be implemented to facilitate automatic operation. 此外,可将基于效用的分析(例如,将采取正确的自动动作的益处与采取不正确动作的代价进行因子分解)并入到执行自动动作的过程中。 Further, the utility-based analysis (e.g., the right to take the benefit of the automatic operation and the costs of taking an incorrect action by factoring) into the automatic operation of the process. 更明确地说,这些基于人工智能(Al)的方面可通过任何适宜的基于机器学习的技术和/或基于统计的技术和/或基于概率的技术来实施。 More specifically, these can be any suitable machine-learning based technique and / or statistical-based techniques and / or probabilistic-based techniques to implement based on artificial intelligence (Al) through. 举例来说,预期使用专业系统、模糊逻辑、支持向量机、贪婪搜索算法、基于规则的系统、贝叶斯(Bayesian)模型(例如,贝叶斯网络)、神经网络、其它非线性训练技术、数据融合、基于效用的分析系统、使用贝叶斯模型的系统……,且希望这些落入此处所附的权利要求书的范围内。 For example, the intended use of professional systems, fuzzy logic, support vector machines, greedy search algorithms, rule-based systems, Bayesian (the Bayesian) model (e.g., Bayesian networks), neural networks, other nonlinear training techniques, data fusion, utility-based analytical systems, systems using a Bayesian model ......, and desired within the scope of those claimed herein fall within the scope of the appended claims.

[0041] 此外,本文结合订户站描述各个实施例。 [0041] Further, the subscriber station is described herein in connection with various embodiments. 订户站也可称为系统、订户単元、移动台、移动装置、远程站、接入点、基站、远程終端、接入終端、用户终端、用户代理或用户设备。 Subscriber station can also be called a system, subscriber radiolabeling element, mobile station, mobile, remote station, access point, base station, remote terminal, access terminal, user terminal, user agent, or user equipment. 订户站可以是蜂窝式电话、无绳电话、会话启始协议(SIP)电话、无线本地环路(WLL)站、个人数字助理(PDA)、具有无线连接能力的手持式装置或连接到无线调制解调器的其它处理装置。 A subscriber station may be a cellular telephone, a cordless telephone, a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone, a wireless local loop (WLL) station, a personal digital assistant (PDA), a handheld device having wireless connection capability, or connected to a wireless modem other processing device.

[0042] 此外,本文描述的各个方面或特征可使用标准编程和/或工程技术实施为方法、设备、或产品。 [0042] Moreover, various aspects or features described herein using standard programming and / or engineering techniques implemented as a method, apparatus, or product. 本文使用的术语“产品”希望涵盖可从任何计算机可读装置、载体或媒体存取的计算机程序。 As used herein, the term "product" is intended to encompass a computer program accessible from any computer-readable device, carrier, or media. 举例来说,计算机可读媒体可包含(但不限干)磁性存储装置(例如,硬盘、软盘、磁条……)、光盘(例如,紧致盘(CD)、数字多用途盘(DVD)……)、智能卡和快闪存储器装置(例如,卡、棒、……键驱动器)。 For example, computer-readable media may include (but not dry) magnetic storage devices (e.g., hard disk, floppy disk, magnetic strips ......), optical disks (e.g., compact disk (CD), digital versatile disk (DVD) ......), smart cards, and flash memory devices (e.g., card, stick, key drive ......).

[0043] 现參看附图,图1说明根据本文提供的各个实施例的无线通信系统100。 [0043] Referring now to the drawings, a radio communication system according to various embodiments presented herein 100 according to FIG. 系统100可包括ー个或ー个以上接入点102,其彼此和/或向ー个或ー个以上移动装置104接收、传输、重复(等)无线通信信号。 The system 100 may include one or ー ー one or more access points 102 and / or receiving ー ー or more mobile device 104, transmit, repeat, (etc.), wireless communication signals to one another. 接入点102可表示无线系统100与有线网络(未图示)之间的接ロ。 The access point 102 may represent a wireless connection between ro system 100 and a wired network (not shown).

[0044] 每ー接入点102可包括发射器链和接收器链,其每ー者又可包括与信号传输和接收相关联的多个组件(例如,处理器、调制器、多路复用器、解调器、多路分用器、天线……)。 [0044] Each access point 102 may ー include a transmitter chain and a receiver chain, each of which can in turn comprise ー signal transmitting and receiving a plurality of components associated with (e.g., processors, modulators, multiplexers , demodulators, demultiplexers, antennas ......). 移动装置104可以是(例如)蜂窝式电话、智能电话、膝上型计算机、手持式通信装置、手持式计算装置、卫星无线电设备、全球定位系统、PDA和/或用于在无线系统100上通信的其它适宜的装置。 The mobile device 104 may be (e.g.), cellular phones, smart phones, laptops, handheld communication devices, handheld computing devices, satellite radios, global positioning systems, PDA, and / or 100 for communicating over a wireless system other suitable means. 在无线系统100中,来自接入点102的小数据包(通常称为信标)的周期性传输可使得知道无线系统100的存在井向系统100传输信息。 In wireless system 100, the small packets from the access point 102 (commonly referred to as a beacon) may be transmitted periodically such that the presence of the well known wireless system information 100 to transmission system 100. 移动装置104可感测信标并试图建立到达接入点102和/或到达其它移动装置104的无线连接。 The mobile device 104 can sense the beacons and attempt and / or to the other mobile device 104 to establish a wireless connection 102 arrive at the access point.

[0045] 系统100有助于穿过各种网络和/或协议的无缝转变以向使用移动装置104的用户提供利用可用的网络和协议的能力。 [0045] The system 100 helps through the various networks and / or protocols to provide seamless transition to the ability to utilize the available networks and protocols to a user using the mobile device 104. 在给定所述用户以及其他网络用户的当前位置或数据使用情况的情况下,系统100还自动为用户提供利用最佳网络和/或协议的机会。 In the case of a given user and the other user's current location or network usage data, system 100 also automatically provides the best opportunity to use the network and / or protocol for the user.

[0046] 位于移动装置104中的组件可连同一个或ー个以上接入点102 —起操作以有助于监视哪一用户在每ー网络中,且可通过GPS组件和/或与移动装置104相关联的WffAN组件而得到帮助。 [0046] The assembly is located may be mobile device 104 along with one or more access points or ー 102-- to help monitor the operation from the user at which each ー network, and by the GPS unit and / or mobile device 104 WffAN associated components and get help. 作为替代或另外,可从WLAN接入点将位置信息提供到与不包含GPS或其它定位组件的移动装置相关联的WLAN组件。 Alternatively or in addition, may be provided from a WLAN access point location information is not associated to a GPS or other positioning components comprise a mobile device WLAN components. 可通过经由处于接入点104附近或与接入点104通信(包含接收和传输信标)的GPS或WAN允用多模式接入终端获得的位置信息,将所述位置信息提供到不具有定位能力的移动装置。 May be obtained by the position information of an access terminal with a multi-mode via a GPS or WAN allowed in the vicinity of the access point 104 or access point 104 communicate (receive and transmit a beacon containing), and the positional information to the positioning does not have the mobile device capability.

[0047] 位置信息可用于预测哪ー用户最适于向第二网络进行透明越区切換。 [0047] The location information may be used to predict which user is best suited ー transparent handover to the second network. 举例来说,在开放区商业中心,用户可使用连接到通常宽带网络的移动装置104。 For example, in the commercial center open area, the user may use the mobile device 104 is connected to a broadband network generally. 随着用户走近特定商户,移动装置104可无缝地切换到蓝牙、较窄带等。 As the user approached a particular merchant, the mobile device 104 may seamlessly switch to Bluetooth, the narrower band and the like. 移动装置所切換到的网络可随着用户希望推进或牵拉到移动装置104的内容而变化。 Switching the mobile device to the network may vary with the user desires to advance or pull the mobile device 104 to the content.

[0048] 因为商业网络可能由于购物中心的动态特性而重叠,所以移动装置104可在没有来自用户的交互的情况下自发地在各个商业网络之间无缝切換。 [0048] Because the business may be due to the dynamic characteristics of the network shopping centers overlap, the mobile device 104 may seamlessly switch between spontaneously various commercial networks without interaction from the user's situation. 系统100允许网络彼此协作并将移动装置104从ー个网络越区切换到另一网络。 Network system 100 allows the mobile device 104 cooperate with each other and from the switching network ー handoff to another network. 这可利用GPS组件来实现,所述GPS组件监视用户的位置和待推进/牵拉到装置的所需内容。 This may be achieved by using the GPS unit, the GPS unit monitoring user location and the desired content to be advancing / pulled into the device.

[0049] 图2是根据ー个或ー个以上实施例的多址无线通信系统的说明。 [0049] FIG. 2 is a ー ー or more multiple access wireless communication system according to the above embodiment. 所说明的系统200包含与有线局域网(LAN)相关联的WLAN。 The illustrated system 200 comprises the WLAN and the wired local area network (LAN) is associated. 接入点102可与移动装置104通信。 The access point 102 may communicate with the mobile device 104. 接入点102连接到用于LAN的以太网集线器或接线器202。 The access point 102 is connected to an Ethernet hub or connector 202 for a LAN. 以太网集线器202可连接到一个或ー个以上电子装置204,所述电子装置204可包含个人计算机、外围装置(例如,传真机、复印机、打印机、扫描仪等)、服务器等。 Ethernet hub 202 may be connected to one or more electronic devices ー 204, the electronic device 204 may include personal computers, peripheral devices (e.g., facsimile machines, copiers, printers, scanners, etc.), servers and the like. 以太网集线器202可连接到路由器206,所述路由器206将数据包传输到调制解调器208。 Ethernet hub 202 may be connected to the router 206, the router 206 the data packet transmission to the modem 208. 调制解调器208可将数据包传输到广域网(WAN) 210,例如因特网。 Modem 208 can transmit data packets to a wide area network (WAN) 210, such as the Internet. 系统200说明单一、简单的网络配置。 The system 200 illustrates a single, simple network configuration. 包含替代性电子装置的系统200的许多额外配置是可能的。 Alternatively the electronic device comprises a number of additional configuration system 200 are possible. 尽管已參考LAN说明和描述了系统200,但有可能系统200可利用単独或同时包含WffAN和/或WPAN的其它技术。 Although illustrated and described with reference to the LAN system 200, it is possible to utilize the system 200 may comprise WffAN radiolabeling alone or simultaneously and / or other techniques WPAN.

[0050] 系统200可有助于移动装置104在当前正由移动装置140利用的接入点与和系统200相关联的接入点102之间无缝切換。 [0050] The system 200 may contribute to the mobile device 104 seamlessly switching between an access point 102 associated with the 200 currently being utilized by the mobile device 140 and access point system. 这种向接入点102以及向接入点102所支持的网络的转移可经选择以向移动装置104的用户提供所找寻的功能性,且可随着移动装置104位置或用户希望接入或上载到移动装置104的数据而变化。 This transfer to the network access point 102 and access point 102 may be supported by looking to provide functionality to the user of the mobile device 104 is selected, and may vary with the position of the mobile device 104 or the user desires access or uploaded data mobile device 104 varies. 举例来说(且无限制),无线装置可耦合到电子装置204以利用通过电子装置204可用的WffAN和/或WLAN功能性。 For example (and without limitation), the wireless device may be coupled to the electronic device 204 to the electronic device 204 by using the available WffAN and / or WLAN functionality. 这种转变可由用户启始或由系统200自发执行。 This transformation can be performed by the user or initiate spontaneous system 200.

[0051] 图3说明移动装置300的一实施例的简化框图。 [0051] FIG 3 illustrates a simplified block diagram of a mobile device 300 of the embodiment. 移动装置300可包含WffAN (例如,码分多址(CDMA),其是利用扩展频谱技术的技术)、WLAN(例如,IEEE 802.11)和/或相关技木。 The mobile device 300 may comprise WffAN (e.g., code division multiple access (CDMA), which uses spread spectrum techniques in the art), the WLAN (e.g., IEEE 802.11) and / or related technology of wood. 移动装置300可用作基于因特网协议的语音(VoIP)电话。 The mobile device 300 may be used as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone. VoIP包含通过因特网和/或通过IP网络传输语音电话通话。 VoIP includes the Internet and / or IP network transmission of voice phone calls. VoIP可由移动装置300在家利用,或者当其处于连接到提供VoIP服务的宽带网络的无线接入点(WAP)附近时利用。 VoIP home use by the mobile device 300, or when using near (WAP) which is connected to a broadband network to provide VoIP service to the wireless access point. 在其它情形下,移动装置300可在提供通信服务的同时作为常规无线移动电话工作。 In other instances, the mobile device 300 may also provide communication service work as a regular wireless mobile phone.

[0052] 在一实施例中,提供WffAN功能性的WffAN组件302和提供WLAN功能性的WLAN组件304定位在一起且能够通过总线306或其它结构或装置与收发器308通信。 [0052] In one embodiment, the component functionality provided WffAN WffAN 302 providing WLAN and the WLAN functionality component 304 can be positioned together and communicate via a bus 306 or other structures or devices with a transceiver 308. 应了解,除总线以外的通信装置也可用于所掲示的实施例。 It should be appreciated, a communication device other than the bus can also be used in the illustrated embodiment kei. 收发器308耦合到ー个或ー个以上天线310以允许移动装置300进行传输和/或接收。 The transceiver 308 is coupled to one or ー ー or more antennas 310 to allow the mobile device 300 for transmission and / or reception. WLAN组件304可产生提供到收发器308以用于通信的语音数据。 WLAN component 304 can generate provided to transceiver 308 for communicating voice data. 在一实施例中,WWAN功能性组件302和/或WLAN功能性组件304可包含在移动装置300的处理器中。 In one embodiment, WWAN functionality component 302 and / or the WLAN functionality component 304 can be included in the processor 300 of the mobile device. 在另ー实施例中,WffAN功能性和WLAN功能性可由不同的集成电路提供。 In another embodiment ー embodiment, WffAN functionality and WLAN functionality may be provided by different integrated circuits. 在又一实施例中,WWAN功能性和WLAN功能性可由包含由两者利用的功能性的ー个或ー个以上集成电路提供。 In yet another embodiment, WWAN functionality and WLAN functionality may contain functional ー utilized by both or one or more integrated circuits providing ー. 移动装置300配备有对于广域(WffAN)和局域(WLAN和WPAN)的连接性选择以实现服务与用户体验的丰富组合。 The mobile device 300 with respect to the wide area rich composition (WffAN) and local area (WLAN and WPAN) to enable selection of connectivity services and user experience.

[0053] WLAN功能性组件304可包含可选的WPAN功能性组件312。 [0053] WLAN functionality component 304 can include an optional WPAN functionality component 312. 移动装置300可基于与移动装置的功能有关的ー个或ー个以上标准而连接到WffAN或WLAN和WPAN或同时连接到两者。 The mobile device 300 may be based on more than ー ー or connected to a standard or WffAN WLAN and WPAN, or to both simultaneously connected to the mobile device related to the function. 所述标准可存储在移动装置的存储器中,且处理器可基于所存储的标准对网络进行分析。 The standard may be stored in memory of the mobile device, and the processor may analyze a network based on the stored criteria. 參看图4描述这些标准和相关连接确定,图4说明用于确定移动装置应连接到的网络的类型的方法400。 Referring to FIG. 4 described determination criteria and relevant connection, Figure 4 illustrates a mobile device for determining the type of network to be connected to the 400 method. 虽然出于阐释的简单性的目的将方法展示和描述为一系列动作,但应了解并理解,所述方法不受动作的次序限制,因为根据这些方法,一些动作可按与本文展示和描述的次序不同的次序和/或与其它动作同时发生。 While for purposes of simplicity of explanation, the methodologies are shown and described as a series of acts, it is to be understood and appreciated that the process order of operation is not limited, since according to these methods, some acts may herein shown and described in in different orders and / or concurrently with other acts. 举例来说,所属领域的技术人员将了解并理解,或者可将方法表示为ー系列互相关联的状态或事件,例如在状态图中。 For example, those skilled in the art will understand and appreciate that the method or state may be represented as a series of interrelated ー or events, such as in a state diagram. 此夕卜,可能并非需要所有说明的动作来实施以下方法。 Bu this evening, you may not need to implement all of the actions described in the following method.

[0054] 所述方法开始于402,移动装置请求接入网络。 [0054] The method begins at 402, the mobile device requests access to the network. 所述网络可以是WWAN、WLAN和/或WPAN。 The network may be a WWAN, WLAN and / or WPAN. 当发送请求时,与网络相关联的ー个或ー个以上接入点可接收所述请求并以可包含每ー网络的特性的网络信息进行响应。 When a request, associated with the network or ー ー or more access points may receive the request and may include network information to each ー characteristics of the network responds. 举例来说,移动装置可接收网络类型信息、带宽信息、服务成本、可用应用、信号強度、所识别的接入点数目等。 For example, the mobile device may receive a network type information, bandwidth information, service cost, available applications, signal strength, number of the identified access point.

[0055] 大约在接收网络信息的同时,移动装置可在406处分析某一标准以便确定关于什么网络连接将为移动装置的用户提供最佳結果。 [0055] At about the same receiving network information, the mobile device may be of a standard analysis at 406 to determine about what network connection for the mobile device user to provide the best results. 举例来说,所述标准可包含基于移动装置所利用的应用或待下载到移动装置的应用的带宽必要条件,移动装置可用的带宽。 For example, the standard bandwidth which may comprise essential applications of the mobile device, the mobile device may be based on application of the mobile device to be downloaded or utilized. 在其它实施例中,所述标准可以是对WWAN和/或WLAN的移动装置的用户造成的成本(例如,最低成本服务提供商)。 In other embodiments, the criterion may be a cost (e.g., lowest cost service provider) to the mobile device user WWAN and / or WLAN caused. 在另一实施例中,所述确定可基于使用WffAN和/或WLAN可用的应用。 In another embodiment, the determination may be based on the use WffAN and / or WLAN applications available. 在额外的实施例中,所述标准可以是移动装置处于其当前位置时可用的最佳覆盖范围(例如,基于针对WWAN和/或WLAN的信号強度或所识别的接入点数目)。 In additional embodiments, the criteria may be a mobile device in the best coverage available when its current position (e.g., based on the number of access points for WWAN and / or WLAN signal strength or identified). 其它实施例可将上文指出的标准以及可由移动装置的用户或由服务提供商界定的其它标准中的一者或ー者以上进行组合。 Other embodiments other criteria noted above criteria and a user or the mobile device may be defined by a service provider in one or more of ー can be combined. 所述标准可嵌入在WWAN功能性组件、WLAN功能性组件、WffAN功能性组件和WLAN功能性组件两者或驻留在移动装置中的另ー控制器中。 The standard may be embedded in both the functional components WWAN, WLAN functional components, WffAN WLAN functional components and functional components residing in the mobile device or another ー controller.

[0056] 基于在406处分析的标准,移动装置可在408处单独连接到WffAN或WLAN和WPAN。 [0056] Based on the analysis of the criteria, at 406, mobile device 408 may be connected separately to the at WffAN or WLAN and WPAN. 在另ー实施例中,移动装置可同时连接到WffAN以及WLAN和WPAN。 In another embodiment ー embodiment, the mobile device may be connected to the WLAN and WPAN WffAN and simultaneously. 关于单独还是同时连接的确定基于所分析的标准和满足所述ー个或ー个以上标准的可能的最佳连接。 About alone or simultaneous connection is determined based on the analysis criteria and meet the best possible connection ー ー or more than the standard. [0057] WffAN与WLAN(和WPAN)之间的交互工作可依据位置或其它异构网络拓扑而涉及多个无线连网提供商、多个服务提供商和可用连接性选择的数据库。 [0057] WffAN and interworking between the WLAN (and WPAN) or other position isomers can be based on network topologies involving a plurality of wireless networking providers, service providers and a plurality of connectivity options available to the database. 举例来说,随着网络服务提供商或私人实体针对WLAN和/或WPAN功能性添加新的接入点(例如,由私人公司等提供的接入点),WWAN服务提供商可依据位置而维持可用连网和服务的最新数据库。 For example, with a network service provider or a private entity to add new access points (eg, provided by private companies and other access points) for WLAN and / or WPAN functionality, WWAN service provider can be maintained according to the position the latest available database and networking services. 此外,在一些实施例中,WWAN可通过利用并非由服务提供商建立的WLAN和/或WPAN多跳网状网的存在来延伸其连接性。 Further, in some embodiments, WW may be extended by the use of its connectivity service provider is not established by the WLAN and / or WPAN presence of a multi-hop mesh network. 在多跳网状网络中,可安装充当简单路由器的小节点。 In the multi-hop mesh network, you can install a small node acts as a simple router. 每ー节点接着传输可到达其它附近节点的低功率信号。 Each node then ー low power signal transmission may reach other nearby nodes. 这些附近节点向处于附近的另ー节点进行传输。 These nearby nodes transmit to the other in the vicinity ー node. 此过程可重复直到数据到达其最終目的地为止。 This process may be repeated until the data reaches its final destination so far.

[0058] 移动装置中这些技术的组合实现不可个别地从每种技术(WWAN、WLAN和/或WPAN)获得的新的类型的使用模型和服务。 [0058] The mobile device combinations of these techniques to achieve a new type of service is not available and the model used individually obtained from each technique (WWAN, WLAN and / or WPAN). 通过WffAN与WLAN技术之间的交互创建的这些应用可分类为若干区域。 These applications created by the interaction between the WffAN and WLAN technology can be classified into several regions. 举例来说,这些技术可分类为基于位置的服务、基于定时的服务和/或基于拓扑的服务。 For example, these techniques may be classified as location-based services, the service based on the timing and / or topology-based services. 基于位置的服务可包含移动装置用户的位置需要经确认以提供此类紧急服务的紧急情形,然而本文描述的实施例不限于紧急服务。 Service based on a position of the mobile device may comprise the user's needs confirmed to provide such an emergency situation the emergency services, as described herein, however embodiments are not limited emergency services. 举例来说,移动装置的用户(最終用户)可能需要基于位置的记帐服务。 For example, the user (end user) may require the mobile device location based billing service. 这些类型的服务包含其中依据用户的位置以不同费率对用户进行记帐的那些服务。 These types of services which include different rates for users of those services billing based on the user's location. 举例来说,用户可能当其在家时具有一种费率,且当其在办公室(或其它工作地点)或在因特网信息站或网吧时具有不同的费率。 For example, a user may have one rate when it is at home, at the office and when it (or other work) or have a different rate when an Internet cafe or kiosk. 在另ー实施例中,可利用位置信息来提供可下载到移动装置的多媒体内容。 In another embodiment ー embodiment may be utilized to provide location information of the multimedia content may be downloaded to the mobile device. 此多媒体内容可依据位置而定,其基于用户在体育场还是购物中心,可提供不同的多媒体内容。 This multimedia content can be determined according to the position, based on the user in the stadium or shopping center, providing different multimedia content.

[0059] 现參看图5,其说明移动装置500的另ー实施例的简化框图。 [0059] Referring now to FIG 5, a simplified block diagram illustrating a mobile device 500 ー another embodiment. 在一实施例中,提供WffAN功能性的WffAN组件502和提供WLAN功能性的WLAN组件504位于移动装置500内且能够通过总线506或其它结构或装置与收发器508通信。 In one embodiment, the component functionality provided WffAN WffAN 502 providing WLAN and WLAN functionality component 504 can communicate the mobile device 500 is located within and through a bus 506 or other structures or devices with a transceiver 508. 收发器508耦合到ー个或ー个以上天线510以允许移动装置500进行传输和接收。 Transceiver 508 is coupled to one or ー ー or more antennas 510 to allow the mobile device 500 for transmission and reception. WLAN功能性组件504可包含可选的WPAN功能性组件512。 WLAN functionality component 504 can include an optional WPAN functionality component 512. 另外,可提供全球定位服务(GPS)功能性组件514以实现基于定位和/或定时的功能性。 In addition, global positioning service (GPS) functionality 514 to implement the functions of the components based on the location and / or timing. 可提供许多利用基于定位或位置信息和定时的功能性的应用。 Many applications may be provided using location-based information and timing or location of functionality.

[0060] 举例来说,在零售商业中心或购物中心(室内和/或室外),零售机构可具有由相同或不同服务提供商維持的接入点。 [0060] For example, in retail centers or shopping center (indoor and / or outdoor), retail organizations can have the same or different maintained by the service provider access points. 当用户在商业中心附近到处走动时,不同的接入点可同时拾取用户。 When the user walks around in the vicinity of the commercial center, different access points can be simultaneously picked user. 因为WLAN由于零售机构的位置的缘故而可能存在某一程度的重叠,所以可通过GPS组件或其它定位装置建立用户的精确或近似位置。 Because the WLAN and a certain degree of overlap may exist due to the position of the retail establishment, so that the user can establish a GPS or other positioning means assembly or near exact position. 如果用户靠近音乐商店或视频信息站等,那么用户可接收来自零售机构的要约而购买电影或音乐。 If the user is close to the music store or video kiosk, etc., the user can purchase movies or music to receive an offer from a retail establishment. 零售机构可通过利用用户的位置来推荐要约,因为系统知道用户位于何处。 Retail establishments can be recommended offer by using the user's location, because the system knows where the user is located. 所述要约也可基于先前由用户建立的用户偏好(在移动装置内部或在外部通过服务提供商)。 The offer may also be based on previously established user preferences by the user (internal or external to the mobile device by the service provider). 用户可选择利用所述要约或拒绝所述要约。 The user may select or reject an offer by using the offer. 应了解,如果用户偏好是已知的,那么可防止某些零售机构向用户提供不需要的服务。 It should be understood, if the user preferences are known, can prevent some agencies do not need retail services to users.

[0061] 如果用户选择(例如)下载电影,那么用户可接入WAN并用信用卡和/或预先确定的支付方法(例如,电子钱包)为电影支付费用。 [0061] If the user selects (for example) to download movies, then the user can access and WAN with a credit card and / or payment methods (eg, electronic purse) predetermined pay for the film. 在确认支付之后,用户可接收选定的电影连同与拥有特定电影相关联的权利、管理和其它特征。 Together with the right to have a particular movie associated with the management and other features after confirming the payment, the user can receive the selected movie. 可使用不同的网络来传递权利和内容。 Different networks can be used to deliver content and rights. 在一种情况下,可使用WffAN来传递权利,而通过WLAN接入内容本身。 In one instance, may be used to transfer WffAN claim, through a WLAN access content itself. 可依据要求通过WLAN或WffAN接入实际服务(例如,电影)。 Requirements can be based on actual access via WLAN or WffAN service (eg, movies). 举例来说,可通过WLAN(由于数据处理量的缘故)将DVD下载到移动装置。 For example, through the WLAN (since the amount of data processing because of) the mobile device to download the DVD. 利用哪一功能性来上载数据的确定可由提供WffAN功能性的WffAN组件、提供WLAN功能性的WLAN组件或WffAN组件与WLAN组件两者的组合決定。 WffAN component provides functionality WffAN, provide a combination of both decisions WLAN or WLAN functionality component WffAN assembly which assembly utilizes WLAN functionality may be used to determine the upload data. 所述确定还可由与移动装置相关联的控制器或处理器作出。 The determination may be made by a mobile device associated with the controller or processor.

[0062] 图6说明定位从利用GPS功能性组件的移动装置的用户接收的呼叫的方法600。 [0062] FIG. 6 illustrates a method for locating a call received from the user of the mobile device using GPS function of the assembly 600. 所述方法开始于602,此时移动装置的用户启始呼叫。 The method begins at 602, then the user of the mobile device starts a call start. 此呼叫可以是紧急电话呼叫(例如,911呼叫)或者其可以是非紧急呼叫。 This call may be an emergency telephone call (e.g., 911 calls) or it may be non-emergency call. 在一实施例中,当在602处启始呼叫时,基于会话启始协议(SIP)的信令消息可携载由GPS功能性组件供应的位置信息。 In one embodiment, when initiating the call at 602, a signaling message based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) may carry the location information from the GPS carrier supply functional components. SIP是可用于启始、修改和终止可包含可选的多媒体元素(例如,因特网会议、电话、事件通知、视频、瞬时消息收发、在线游戏和/或虚拟现实)的交互式用户会话的信令协议。 SIP is a signaling interactive user session that can be used to initiate, modify and terminate multimedia elements can include an optional (for example, Internet conferencing, telephony, event notification, video, instantaneous messaging, online gaming and / or virtual reality) of protocol. 位置信息可在604处携载到(例如)VoIP呼叫代理。 Location information may be carried in the 604 to (e.g.) the VoIP call agent. 因此,如果发生紧急情形,那么VoIP呼叫代理具有位置信息并知道呼叫者的位置。 Therefore, if an emergency situation occurs, then the VoIP call agent with location information and know the location of the caller. VoIP呼叫代理可在606处将此信息供应给适当的代理。 VoIP calls to the appropriate proxy agent may at 606 supplies this information. 这在呼叫者不知道呼叫位置和/或无法将此信息传送到呼叫接受方时是有用的。 This does not know the location of the call and / or unable to convey this information to the call recipient is useful in the caller.

[0063] 在另ー实施例中,可在用户的本地网络/WLAN的覆盖区域以外进行呼叫。 [0063] In another embodiment ー embodiment, a call may be outside the coverage area of ​​the user's local network / WLAN capabilities. 举例来说,WLAN AP可位于用户家中,且用户可能正在该用户的后院用移动电话进行交谈。 For example, WLAN AP may be located in a user's home, and the user may be the user's back yard to talk with a mobile phone. 当用户交谈时,用户可能到处走动和徘徊(有意和/或无意地)到由不同WLAN服务的覆盖区域上。 When you talk, you might walk around and wander around (intentionally and / or unintentionally) to the coverage area by a different WLAN services. 在另ー实施例中,用户可将移动电话带到较远位置(例如,朋友家中、亲戚家中、学校)。ー In another embodiment, a user can move the phone to the remote location (for example, a friend's house, relatives, the school).

[0064] 在另ー实施例中,在602处启始呼叫。 [0064] In another embodiment ー, initiating a call at 602 embodiment. 如果移动装置处于实现通过无线接入点(WAP)的宽带接入的位置,那么移动装置在608处利用此宽带接入。 If the mobile device is in a broadband access through a wireless access point (WAP) a position, the mobile device using the wide band access at 608. 可在610处通过可传输利用装置的WWAN接ロ获得的位置信息的收发器提供呼叫期间移动装置的位置。 Movement position of the device may be provided during a call transceivers 610 at the position information can be transmitted through the WWAN using the bonding apparatus ro obtained. 可将由WLAN功能性产生的语音数据提供到收发器以用于与位置信息一起发送的通信。 It may be provided by the voice data generated to the WLAN functionality transceiver for communication with the location information transmitted together. 此方法可在(例如)儿童可使用手持机进行紧急(或非紧急)呼叫的学校或教育环境中利用。 This method can be an emergency (non-urgent) in (for example) the child can use the handset school or educational environment calls in use. 手持机可利用由学校和/或其它机构提供的用于定位用户(儿童)的宽带接入,并将信息提供给呼叫接受方(例如,警察、消防部门)。 Handset may use the broadband access provided by the school and / or other mechanisms for locating the user (child), and the information provided to the call recipient (e.g., police, fire department). 因此,可对儿童(或其他人)进行定位,而不需要该儿童传送位置信息。 Therefore, the positioning of the child (or other person), without the need to transmit location information to the child.

[0065] 现參看图7,说明定位不利用GPS接收器或提供GPS功能性的GPS组件的无线装置(例如,移动电话)的方法700。 Referring now to the method of [0065] FIG. 7, described positioning without using a GPS receiver or GPS component provides GPS functionality of a wireless device (e.g., mobile telephone) 700. 单ー模式接入终端是具有例如WLAN或WPAN的单一功能性的那些接入終端。 Single-mode access terminal ー e.g. those access terminals having a single function of a WLAN or WPAN. 举例来说,在家中处理VoIP的移动电话通常不利用嵌入式GPS技木。 For example, home processing VoIP mobile phones often do not use embedded GPS technology of wood. 然而,在一些情形(例如,紧急情況)中,确定不具有GPS技术的移动装置的位置可能仍然很重要。 However, in some circumstances (eg, emergencies), determining the position does not have GPS technology for mobile devices may still be very important. 甚至当因为用户将装置携帯到不同位置(例如,教育机构、朋友家中)所以装置离家较远时,仍可确定装置的位置。 Even when the user of the device because Bands carry to a different location (for example, educational institutions, a friend's house) so the device far away from home, you can still determine the location of the device. 此确定可基于处于不利用GPS技术的移动装置附近的其它装置的已知位置。 This determination may be based on the known position of the mobile device in the vicinity of other means without using the GPS art. 所述附近地区可包含由不具有GPS技术的移动电话利用的接入点的某一地理区域内的相同接入点和/或多个接入点。 The vicinity may comprise the same access point within a geographic area having no GPS enabled mobile phones using an access point and / or more access points.

[0066] 位置确定开始于702处,此时不具有GPS技术的移动装置的用户启始呼叫。 [0066] determining the position starts at 702, when the user does not have a GPS enabled mobile device starts call art. 移动装置联系接入点以进行呼叫。 Contact the access point to the mobile device call. 接入点可具有列表或同时从双模式装置(例如,利用WLAN、WPAN和/或GPS功能性的装置)接收信息。 Have a list or access point may simultaneously receive information from the dual-mode device (e.g., using a WLAN, WPAN and / or device functionality GPS). 双模式装置可依据操作模式(基础结构或ad-hoc)通过控制或管理消息将其位置信息提供到接入点或提供到其它WLAN站(用户终端)。 Dual-mode device may be based on the operating mode (infrastructure or ad-hoc) control or management message by its location information to provide to the access point or other WLAN station (user terminal). 具有来自双接入终端的位置信息的接入点可在基础结构网络中广播此信息。 With location information from the dual access terminal an access point may broadcast this information in an infrastructure network. 在708处,接入点附近的其它用户終端可使用所述信息进行位置管理。 At 708, other users may be close to the access point using said terminal position management information. 在710处,VoIP接入終端可使用SIP信令消息中的位置信息来指示位置信息。 At 710, VoIP access terminal may use the location information in the SIP signaling message to indicate the location information. 在712处,位置信息可用于基于位置的服务和/或用于将营销和/或销售消息提供到移动装置。 At 712, the location information may be provided to a mobile device for location based services and / or for the marketing and / or sales message. 如果用户在零售店(例如,室外或室内商业中心)中,那么位置信息还可用于向移动装置的用户提供关于特定零售信息的信息。 If a user at a retail store (e.g., outdoor or indoor commercial center), then the location information may be used to provide information about a particular retail information to a user mobile device. 应了解,营销和/或广告是可选的(如虚线所示),且可能不用于所掲示的实施例。 It should be appreciated, marketing and / or advertising is optional (shown in phantom), and may not be used in the embodiment shown kei.

[0067] 可大致约计处于建筑物内部的用户的位置,因为用户从特定地点进入建筑物,所述特定地点是用户的最近已知坐标。 [0067] The user may be substantially approximately in a position inside a building, as the user enters the building from a specific place, a specific location is the user's last known coordinates. 所述最近已知坐标可由接入终端锁存或维持,直到例如用户离开建筑物的时间为止,且可利用GPS功能性和/或其它定位装置来建立新的位置。 The last known coordinates of the access terminal may be latched or maintained until the time the user leaves the building, for example, and the new location can be established using the GPS function and / or other positioning device. 当用户离开建筑物或房屋结构时,接入終端将通过GPS或其它定位装置来获取其当前位置。 When the user leaves a building or building structures, the access terminal acquires its current location via GPS or other positioning device. 另外,可能有多个用户进入建筑物,且每ー用户的最近已知坐标可经组合以构成针对特定接入点(WLAN)和/或基站(WAN)的范围确定。 Further, there may be multiple user enters the building, and each ー last known coordinates of the user may be combined to form ranges for specific access point (WLAN) and / or base station (WAN) is determined. 接入点(WLAN)可确定其相对于基站(WAN)和/或相对于将位置信息反馈给接入点的任何装置的位置。 An access point (WLAN) can be determined with respect to the base station (WAN) and / or in any position with respect to the position feedback device to the access point. 因此,尽管接入点可能不具有用于确定其自身位置的装置,但通过接入所述接入点的移动装置提供位置信息。 Thus, although the access point may not have a means for determining its own position, but the position information provided by the mobile device to access the access point.

[0068] 图8说明利用WWAN、WLAN和/或WPAN网络内的接入点的方法800。 [0068] Figure 8 illustrates the use of WWAN, WLAN and / or WPAN networks, access points within the method 800. 具有WffAN和WLAN和/或WPAN功能性的移动装置可从(例如)可位于移动装置上的GPS接收器或通过WffAN的导频信令来接收准确的网络定吋。 And having WffAN WLAN and / or WPAN functionality of the mobile device may be set inch from (e.g.) a GPS receiver may be located on the mobile device or by turning WffAN received pilot signaling accurate network. 此定时可用于服务质量(QoS)和/或越区切换管理。 This may be a timing for Quality of Service (QoS) and / or handoff management. 在802处,热点或多个接入点的区域中和/或附近的移动装置可从接入点接收信标。 In the region 802, a plurality of access points or hot spots and / or in the vicinity of the mobile device may receive a beacon from an access point. 接收信标之后,在804处,移动装置可利用内部GPS功能性或相对于通过WffAN接ロ获得的WWAN定时而对信标的到达时间加时间戳。 After receiving the beacon, at 804, the mobile device may utilize the GPS function or internal with respect to the timing WffAN connected via WWAN ro obtained while timestamped beacon arrival time. 信标信息可包含接入点识别符、接入点位置、WLANAP处的当前网络负载等。 Beacon information may comprise an access point identifier, an access point location, current network load, etc. at WLANAP. 在806处,加戳记的到达时间和其它信息可由移动装置通过(例如)WWAN链路发送到网络管理(NM)系统。 At 806, the arrival time stamp added and other information via the mobile device may be (e.g.) WW link to the network management (NM) system. 在808处,匪系统维持接入点和/或到达时间的列表。 At 808, the system maintains the bandit access point and / or the arrival time of the listing. 此信息可由与NM系统相关联的数据库或存储器維持。 This information may be maintained with a database or memory associated with the NM system. 针对WffAN和/或WLAN的NM系统(例如)维持WLAN/WPAN的区域中检测到的接入点、接入点正使用的信道和/或其信标传输时间以及每ーAP处的当前负载的列表。 For WffAN and / or WLAN systems NM (e.g.) WLAN holding area / detected in a WPAN access point, the access point channel current load in use and / or the beacon transmission time, and at each of the AP ーlist. 用户可利用此信息来选择要加入的适当AP和/或网络。 The user can use this information to select an appropriate AP and / or to join the network.

[0069] 在810处,NM系统可将移动装置可连接到的区域中的接入点的列表发送到移动装置。 List area access points [0069] At 810, NM system may be connected to the mobile device to the mobile device. 接入点列表可包含相应信道和/或信标传输时间及接入点处的当前负载,以及在808处由匪系统收集和维持的其它信息。 List can contain access points at the respective channels and / or the beacon transmission time and the current load of the access point, and other information collected and maintained by the system at 808 bandit.

[0070] 在另ー实施例中,移动装置(例如,接入終端)可在信标时间调谐到接入点的每ー者,并测量所接收的信道质量信息(例如,SNR)。 [0070] In another embodiment ー embodiment, the mobile device (e.g., an access terminal) may be tuned to each ー's access point in the beacon period, and measuring channel quality information (e.g., the SNR) received. 移动装置可与当前AP共享关于当前网络和其它网络的链路质量的信息。 The mobile device may share information about the link quality of the current network and other networks with the current AP. 此信息可在808处传递到NM系统,且可使此信息可由其它用户接入。 This information can be passed to the NM system 808, and can access this information by other users. 以此方式,可提供针对WLAN/WPAN的越区切换管理。 In this way, it provides for the handover management area WLAN / WPAN's. 另外或作为替代,此信息可由姆ー接入点通过特定信令和/或通过信息元素信标进行广播。 Additionally or alternatively, this information may be specific signaling Farm ー access point and / or via broadcast information element through the beacon. 所述信息元素信标可由接入点附近的移动装置利用以更新匪系统或邻域网络信息。 The beacon information element may be close to the mobile device using an access point to update the system, or bandit neighbor network information.

[0071] 在另ー实施例中,可利用位置信息在WffAN与WLAN/WPAN之间无缝地切换移动装置,如图9的方法900中所说明。 [0071] In another embodiment ー method 900 may be utilized between WffAN position information and the WLAN / WPAN seamless handover of the mobile device, as illustrated in FIG. 9 embodiment. 所述方法开始于902处,其中可通过GPS功能性组件或其它定位方法(例如,三角測量、附近区域中的其它装置的定位……)使移动装置的位置信息可用。 The method begins at 902, wherein the information of the position of the mobile device through the available functional components or other GPS positioning methods (e.g., triangulation, positioned in the vicinity of the other devices ......). 在904处,可将通过WffAN可用的信号质量差的指示发送到移动装置。 At 904, may be sent to the mobile device by a differential signal indicating the quality of WffAN available. 举例来说,移动装置可指示特定带宽和/或信号强度应可用于实行特定功能和/或满足对于所述装置的特定链路的要求/服务质量,且如果链路条件不满足这些要求和/或服务水平,那么可将消息发送到移动装置,和/或由移动装置产生消息。 For example, the mobile device may indicate a specific bandwidth and / or signal strength should be used to carry out a specific function and / or to meet the specific requirements of the device link / quality of service, and if the link condition is not met these requirements and / or the level of service, then the message may be sent to the mobile device, and / or messages generated by the mobile device. 关于系统要求(例如,带宽、信号強度……)的信息可存储在移动装置的存储器中,且可基于由服务提供商和/或用户提供的信息,因为其与ー个或ー个以上装置应用有夫。 For the system requirements (e.g., bandwidth, signal strength ......) may be stored in memory of the mobile device, and may be based on information provided by the service providers and / or users, and because it means more than one application or ー ーthere husband. 与移动装置相关联的处理器可分析所存储的信息并确定是否满足系统要求。 Associated with the mobile device processor may analyze the stored information and determines whether the system requirements. 如果满足要求,那么装置可连接到当前网络。 If it is satisfactory, then the device may be connected to the current network. 如果不满足要求,那么装置可搜索满足装置要求的网络。 If the requirement is not met, then the device can search the network device requirements are met.

[0072] 举例来说,在906处,WLAN功能性可检测信标并确定WLAN接入点处可用的信号强度和/或带宽。 [0072] For example, at 906, WLAN functionality may be determined and detected beacon signal strength and / or bandwidth available at a WLAN access point. 在908处,此信息可由移动装置通过WffAN和/或WLAN功能性组件利用(例如)以当带宽和/或信号强度在WLAN上比在WffAN上优良时确定从WffAN切换到WLAN。 At 908, this information may be the mobile device through WffAN and / or use of WLAN functional components (e.g.) to when the bandwidth and / or signal strength of the WLAN is superior in determining when the WffAN than to switch from WffAN WLAN. 所述信息还可用于从WLAN切换到WWAN。 The information may also be used to switch from the WLAN to WWAN. 应了解,从WLAN到WffAN和/或从WffAN到WLAN的转换是无缝的,且此装置的用户可能意识不到已进行网络类型的切換。 It should be appreciated, to be seamless from the WLAN WffAN and / or from WffAN to the WLAN, and the user may not be aware of such a device has been switched network type.

[0073] 在另ー实施例中,在910处,在906处确定的信号强度和/或带宽可用于与其它装置耦合。 [0073] In another embodiment ー, at 910, at 906 the determined signal strength / and or bandwidth coupling means may be used with other embodiments. 举例来说,如果移动装置允许与其它装置的连接性,那么移动装置可耦合到那些其它装置。 For example, if the mobile device allows connectivity with other devices, the mobile device that may be coupled to other devices. 以此方式,移动装置利用通过WLAN提供的连接。 In this manner, the mobile device by using WLAN connection provided. 举例来说(且无限制),移动装置可率禹合到计算机以利用通过计算机可用的WffAN和/或WLAN功能性。 For example (and without limitation), may be the mobile device to a computer and Yu rate by using a computer usable WffAN and / or WLAN functionality.

[0074] 图10说明利用位置信息来自动增强移动装置的服务的方法1000的另ー实施例。 Method [0074] Figure 10 illustrates the use of the location information to automatically enhance the services of the mobile device 1000 ー another embodiment. 举例来说,可通过WWAN在接入终端上开始视频电话呼叫。 For example, the WWAN can start a video phone call on the access terminal. 通过(例如)WffAN上的不足带宽,视频和/或图形分辨率可能或变得较差。 By (e.g.) insufficient bandwidth on WffAN, video and / or graphics, or the resolution may become poor. 作为替代或另外,用户可在办公室开始会议,且在会议期间可能需要移动到另一位置(例如,家中、咖啡店、图书馆……)。 Alternatively or additionally, the user can begin meeting in the office, and may need to be moved to another location during the meeting (eg, home, coffee shop, library ......). 这包含进行深夜呼叫以适应处于不同时区的呼叫者的情形。 This includes late-night calls to adapt to circumstances in different time zones of the caller. 所述呼叫可在ー个位置处开始且在通话期间任一方或双方可移动到不同位置。 The call may be initiated and ー at either position, or both may be moved to different positions during a call. 呼叫可在用户改变位置时继续而不中断,且移动装置可在其移动穿过不同接入点和/或网络时被无缝地验证。 Verification seamlessly continue the call without interruption when a user changes position, and the mobile device may pass through various access points and / or network as it moves.

[0075] 当在1002处移动装置移动到接入点(例如,WffAN接入点)的附近区域中吋,由移动装置的GPS组件或其它定位装置提供的位置信息可发送到网络管理(匪)系统。 [0075] When the movement of the mobile device 1002 to the access point (e.g., WffAN access point) in the vicinity inches, the position information provided by GPS or other components of the mobile device positioning means may be sent to the network manager (bandit) system. 在1004处,匪系统可提示接入終端寻找接入点,并提供关于所述区域中存在的WLANAP的信息、其操作信道和信标定时以及其它信息。 In 1004, the system may prompt the bandit find an access point an access terminal, providing information about the area of ​​the present WLANAP, its operating channel and beacon timing, and other information. 在1006处,接入終端接着可捜索接入点并可锁定到信标,其可以是由匪系统提供的信标定吋。 At 1006, the access terminal may then Dissatisfied cable access point can be locked to the beacon channel which may be provided by the system calibration bandit inch. 在1008处,可执行越区切换以(例如)将装置从WWAN切换到WLAN和/或从WLAN切换到WWAN。 In 1008, in order to perform the handover (e.g.) the device is switched from the WLAN to the WWAN and / or WLAN to WWAN handover. 由于WLAN通常连接到宽带网络,所以如果呼叫传输重定向到WLAN则可显著改进呼叫质量。 Since the WLAN is typically connected to a broadband network, if the call is redirected to transmit WLAN call quality can be significantly improved. 可大大改进视频和图形的分辨率,且移动装置(例如,接入終端)可附接到计算机显示器以利用高分辨率视频呼叫。 Can greatly improve the resolution of the video and graphics, and the mobile device (e.g., an access terminal) may be attached to the computer using a high-resolution display to a video call. 这使增强的服务成为可能,例如增强的性能或先前不可实现接入的区域中的性能。 This makes it possible to enhanced services, such as performance enhancing or areas previously unavailable performance achieved in the access.

[0076] 作为替代或另外,在IEEE 802.1ln WLAN标准中,可发生基于时间的调度。 [0076] Alternatively or in addition, the IEEE 802.1ln WLAN standard, time-based scheduling may occur. 举例来说,接入点可宣告用于向接入終端传输包和/或从接入終端接收包的调度。 For example, the access point may announce packet for transmission and / or scheduling of packets received from the access terminal to the access terminal. 接入終端可在预定时间接收包并接着可在发送包的时间出现时发送包。 The access terminal may receive a packet and then transmits the packet at a time can be transmitted packet occurs at a predetermined time. 这些调度可由NM系统通过WffAN信令链路传送和协调。 The scheduling and uplink transmission by a NM system coordinated through WffAN signaling. NM系统可将不同的接入终端连同适当调度信息一起分配到不同的接入点。 NM system may be assigned different access terminals together with the scheduling information to the appropriate different access points.

[0077] 在另ー实施例中,某些应用可能具有苛刻的抖动需要,且可能需要从网络接收定吋。 [0077] In another embodiment ー embodiments, some applications may need to have severe jitter, and may need to receive from the network a given inch. 举例来说,在VoIP中,抖动是各包到达之间的时间变化,且可由网络拥塞、定时漂移和/或路线改变引起。 For example, in VoIP, jitter is the variation between the time the packet arrives, and the network may be congested, timing drift, and / or route change causes. 可针对具有抖动需要的应用利用移动装置处可用的准确定吋。 Inch may be applied using a given accuracy for a mobile device having available at the required jitter. 可依据网络时钟来驱动接入点和移动装置。 It is based on a network clock to drive the access point and the mobile device. 如果接入点不具有准确的时钟,那么移动装置可将定时(例如)通过提供GPS功能性的GPS组件提供到接入点。 If the access point does not have an accurate clock, the timing of the mobile device may be (e.g.) to the access point by providing GPS functionality GPS unit. 接入点可使从移动装置接收的此定时可由非双模式和/或不具有定时功能性的接入終端使用。 This allows the timing of the access point received from the mobile device used by non-dual mode and / or the access terminal does not have the timing functionality. [0078] 在另ー实施例中,可利用WffAN和WLAN技术来构造自配置ad-hoc网络。 [0078] In another embodiment ー embodiment, WLAN technology may be utilized to construct WffAN and self-configuring ad-hoc networks. ad-hoc网络可在利用接入点的基础结构模式下操作,或者可以是仅包括站(例如,移动装置)但不具有接入点的无线网络,或利用基础结构模式(接入点)和对等模式两者的网络。 ad-hoc network may operate in the infrastructure mode using access points, or may include only a wireless network stations (e.g., mobile device), but does not have an access point, or using the infrastructure mode (access point) and both peer network model. ad-hoc网络也可称为独立基本服务集(TBSS)网络。 ad-hoc network may also be referred to as an Independent Basic Service Set (TBSS) network.

[0079] ad-hoc网络依据应用情况而定可具有不同特性。 [0079] ad-hoc network according to the given application may have different characteristics. 举例来说,在某些紧急情况(例如,灾难)中,不同机构(例如,消防、警察、安全……)可能利用不同频率以便能够以最少的中断維持通信。 For example, in certain emergency situations (eg, disaster), the different institutions (eg, fire, police, security ......) may use different frequencies in order to be able to maintain communication with minimal interruption. 因此,这些机构可能不能有效作出响应,或可能难以彼此通信。 Thus, these bodies may not be effectively respond, or may be difficult to communicate with each other. 双模式接入終端可提供低成本商业系统,其可解决紧急(和日常)情形期间多个机构的需要。 Dual-mode access terminal may provide a low cost commercial systems, which solve the urgent (and daily) during situations require multiple mechanisms.

[0080] 现參看图11,说明在没有可用的接入点的情形下提供ad-hoc网络的方法1100。 [0080] Referring now to FIG 11, illustrates a method of providing ad-hoc network in case of no available access point 1100. 这在应急人员(例如)具有双模式接入终端的建筑物内部可能是有益的。 This emergency personnel (for example) inside a building having a dual-mode access terminal may be beneficial. 所述方法开始于1102处,其中位于建筑物或其它所包含区域内的终端处于WLAN模式下。 The method begins at 1102 wherein the terminal located within a building or other region is included in the WLAN mode. 当在终端处启始消息时,終端将其所具有的所有信息中继到其附近区域内的接入終端。 When initiation message at the terminal, it has the terminal relays the information to all access terminals in its vicinity. 在1104处,接收信息的每ー终端将所具有的(来自终端用户以及来自其它终端的)信息中继到其各自附近区域内的終端。 At 1104, each ー The terminals which receive information relayed to the terminal having in their respective vicinity (from an end user as well as from other terminals) information. 在1106处,終端之间的这种信息中继形成IBSS网络。 In 1106, this information of the relay terminal is formed between the IBSS network. 在1108处,所述信息最终前进到一也可具有WWAN连接的接入終端。 In 1108, the information may finally proceeds to a WWAN connection with the access terminal. 因此,可为接入終端形成快速变化的紧急环境中的简单实施方案以广播其从终端用户以及其附近区域中的其它接入終端接收的信息。 Thus, a simple embodiment may be formed rapidly changing environment, the emergency information it receives from other access terminals in its vicinity and the end-user in the broadcast area of ​​an access terminal. 虽然这可产生带宽的非最佳利用,但其还提供足够的冗余,从而允许最终将信息传输出建筑物并由适当接收方接收。 While this may produce a non-optimal use of bandwidth, but it can also provide sufficient redundancy to allow transmission of information out of the building will eventually be properly received by the receiving side.

[0081] 在替代实施例中,较复杂的实施方案可使用开放式最短路径优先(OSPF)类型的协议用于路线构造,如1110处所指示。 [0081] In an alternative embodiment, more complex embodiments may use the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol is used to route type configuration, as indicated at 1110. OSPF是最初针对IP网络开发的内部网关路由协议。 OSPF is initially Interior Gateway Routing Protocol for IP network development. 所述协议基于路由器可使用以将路由信息发送到网络中的节点的最短部分优先或链路状态算法。 The protocol part to send the shortest routes to the nodes in the network link state algorithm or a priority based on a router may be used. 可基于包含节点的地形来计算到达每ー节点的最短路径。 Topographic node may comprise calculating the shortest path to each node ー. 然而,应注意,这些协议可能花费ー些时间来会聚,且可能不适于拓扑持续变化的环境。 However, it should be noted that these agreements may take some time to converge ー, and may not be suitable topology constantly changing environment.

[0082] 图12说明可利用WLAN和/或WffAN技术构造的示范性自配置ad-hoc网络1200。 [0082] Figure 12 illustrates available WLAN and / or the exemplary configuration of the self-configuration WffAN art ad-hoc network 1200. 举例来说,大城市区可由针对应具有高带宽但不要求高移动性的应用的WLAN节点群集服务。 For example, for a metropolitan area may be, but not with high bandwidth applications requiring high mobility of WLAN service node cluster. 一般来说,将来自光纤链路上的每个LAN节点的业务回传到WAN是ー项昂贵的提议,因此,自配置ad-hoc网络可提供较便宜的替代方法。 In general, the LAN traffic from each node on the optical fiber link back to the WAN is expensive proposition ー term, therefore, self-configuring ad-hoc network may provide a less expensive alternative.

[0083] 如所说明,移动装置1202可以无线方式与WLAN节点1204、1206、1208群集通信。 [0083] As illustrated, the mobile device 1202 may wirelessly communicate with WLAN node cluster 1204,1206,1208. 几个节点1204、1206可能连接到光纤回传设备1210,而其它节点1208不连接到光纤回传设备1210。 Several nodes 1204, 1206 may be connected to the fiber optic backhaul device 1210, 1208 and the other nodes not connected to the fiber optic backhaul device 1210. 应了解,虽然展示一个设备1210,但网络可包含ー个以上设备。 It should be understood, although showing a device 1210, but the network can contain more than ー equipment. 可利用WLAN节点1204、1206、1208将业务从移动装置1202和/或源节点(例如,节点1208)中继到光纤传输设备所连接的节点(例如,节点1204和1206)。 1204,1206,1208 available WLAN node relaying traffic from 1202 and / or the source node (e.g., node 1208) to the mobile device nodes (e.g., nodes 1204 and 1206) optical transmission device is connected.

[0084] ー个或ー个以上节点可以是经配置以同时在多个WLAN信道上操作的热点节点,例如节点1208。 [0084] ー ー or more than one node may be configured to simultaneously focus a plurality of nodes in the WLAN channel operation, such as node 1208. 可利用信道1212中的一者从与节点相关联的站拾取业务。 Channel 1212 may be utilized in one of the pickup service from the station associated with the node. 可利用另ー个(或ー个以上)信道1214来执行中继功能。 Another ー available (or more ー more) channels 1214 to perform the relay function. 或者,单个信道1216可与热点节点1204相关联,且可利用单个信道1216来拾取业务和执行中继功能性。 Alternatively, single channel 1216 may be associated with the hot node 1204, and 1216 may be utilized to pick up a single channel service and execution of the relay function.

[0085] 应通过WLAN节点1204、1206、1208之间的控制、 协调和通信来实现配置网络拓扑、将信道分配到不同节点和/或作出路由决策。 [0085] The network topology configuration should be realized by control, coordination and communication between 1204,1206,1208 WLAN node, the channel is assigned to a different node and / or to make routing decisions. 为了实现此功能性,ー个或ー个以上WLAN节点可具有节点1206处所说明的内置到其中的WffAN功能。 To achieve this functionality, or built ー ー or more WLAN nodes described herein may have a node 1206 into which WffAN function. 双功能性实现可用于控制目的的带外信道。 It can be used to achieve bifunctional band channel control purposes.

[0086] 网络管理(NM)系统1218可与ad-hoc网络1200相关联以创建初始地形。 [0086] Network Management (NM) system 1218 ad-hoc network 1200 can be associated with to create the initial topography. 匪系统还可决定使用1212、1214、1216中哪些信道。 Bandit system may also decide which channels to use in 1212,1214,1216. NM系统的另一功能可以是确定节点1204、1206、1208之间的路由。 Another function NM system may be determined 1204,1206,1208 route between nodes.

[0087] 举例来说(且无限制),可通过WAN向手持机提供(或者手持机可获得)第一接入点在某ー时间并以哪ー频率处于其峰值或正使用其资源的大部分的信息。 [0087] For example (and without limitation), may be provided to a handset (or handset available) a first access point at a time and ー ー frequency at which at its peak or its resources being used by a large WAN information section. 紧密邻近于第一接入点的不同接入点可在不同时间和/或以不同频率到达其峰值。 Closely adjacent to the first access point access points may be different at different times and / or different frequency reaches its peak value. 利用此信息,手持机不必连续调谐到第二接入点所利用的信道或频率,因为其已经可供应有关于第一和第二接入点两者的信息。 Using this information, the handset need not be continuous or tune to the channel frequency used by the second access point, because it may have been supplied with information on both the first and the second access point. 以此方式,手持机知道何时调谐和收听任一接入点的信标。 In this way, a handset and listen to any tune to know when an access point beacon. 其还可利用位置和定时信息两者来确定其是否可移动到不同接入点和/或频率。 It may also determine whether it can be moved to different access points and / or frequency of use of both the position and timing information.

[0088] 现參看图13,说明利用WLAN和/或WffAN技术来构造与參看图12展示和描述的类似的自配置ad-hoc网络的方法1300。 Method analogous self-configuration of the ad-hoc network Referring now [0088] FIG. 13, described the use of WLAN and / or configuration as WffAN techniques shown and described with reference to FIG. 12 of 1300. 所述方法开始于1302处,其中每ー节点利用WffAN信道来指示其GPS坐标,所述GPS坐标可传送到匪系统。 The method begins at 1302, where each node utilizes WffAN ー channel to indicate its GPS coordinates, GPS coordinates may be communicated to the bandit system. 在1304处,得知每ー节点的位置的匪系统可创建初始拓扑。 At 1304, the system that the location of each ー bandit node may create an initial topology. 所述拓扑经设计以实现节点之间的丰富连接性和从所述节点到通过光纤连接到WAN的节点的相异路线。 The topology is designed to achieve the rich connectivity node connected to a WAN line distinct from the node through the optical fiber between the nodes. 在1306处,NM系统还可决定待使用的信道以及路由。 In 1306, NM system may also be determined using the channel and routing. 在1308处,与每ー节点有关的信息可下载于WffAN上。 In 1308, information relating to each of the nodes can be downloaded from the ー WffAN. 一旦激活无线热点,就可在1310处收集另外的測量值。 Once activated wireless hotspot, additional measurements can be collected at 1310. 在1312处,可将所接收的信号强度发送到匪系统,所述匪系统可利用初始拓扑和路由来估计实际现场条件。 In 1312, may transmit the received signal strength to the gang system, the system may utilize bandit initial topology and routing to estimate the actual field conditions. 另外,接入点可利用由WffAN产生的定时信息来使其本身同步。 Further, the access point may utilize the timing information generated by themselves so as to synchronize WffAN.

[0089] 上文描述的方法和系统是集中式方法且可用于具有强烈QoS要求的热点的大型网络。 [0089] The methods and systems described above and may be a centralized approach for large networks with a strong hot QoS requirements. 可使网络的容量最大化,同时使干扰最小化。 Can maximize the capacity of the network, while minimizing interference.

[0090] 图14说明初始化WffAN控制信道上的邻接方列表以有助于接入终端的同步的方法1400的另ー实施例。 [0090] FIG. 14 illustrates the neighbor list to facilitate channel initialization WffAN method of synchronizing access terminal 1400 ー another embodiment. 所述方法可用于自配置无线网状网络中。 The method may be used for self-configuration of a wireless mesh network. 所述方法开始于1402处,此时WLAN节点初始化。 The method begins at 1402, when WLAN node initialization. 在与节点初始化大体上相似的时间,其在1404处交换WffAN控制信道上的邻接方列表。 In the initialization of the node is substantially similar time, the neighbor list of the exchange on the control channel at 1404 WffAN. 这些邻接方列表可包含关于周围区域中的接入点和/或正利用那些接入点的移动装置的信息。 The Neighbor List may contain information about the access point in the surrounding area and / or mobile device that is using the access point. 举例来说,邻接方列表可包含由移动装置响应于WWAN上的通信而传输的定时信号。 For example, the neighbor list may include a timing signal transmitted by the mobile device in response to communications over the WWAN. 可利用例如开放式最短路径优先(OSPF)的协议来交换邻接方列表并以分布式方式创建最短路径。 Neighbor lists may be exchanged in a distributed manner and create a shortest path using protocols such as Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is. 1404处定时列表的交换可包含通过WLAN传输的并基于响应于WffAN上的通信发送的定时信号的第二定时信号。 1404 at the timing of switching the list may comprise WLAN transmission by the timing signals and transmit the response to a communication WffAN second timing signal. 在1406处,移动装置或接入終端可利用由WffAN产生的定时信息来进行自身同歩,以用于基于第二定时信号通过WLAN与一个或ー个以上其它接入終端通信。 At 1406, mobile device or access terminal may use the timing information generated by itself to the same WffAN ho, based on a second timing signal to the WLAN with one or more communication ー more other access terminals. 这可直接通过接近度已知的(例如,根据邻接方列表或直接通过其自身的WffAN功能)最近WffAN或WLAN接入点来完成。 This can be directly known (e.g., according to the Neighbor List or directly by its own WffAN function) or WLAN access point WffAN recently accomplished by proximity. 或者,其可从具有组合WWAN与WLAN功能性的接入終端接收此信息。 Alternatively, it may receive this information from a combination of WWAN functionality and WLAN access terminal. 举例来说,定时信号的传输可包含将定时信号从第一接入终端发送到与第一接入終端同步的ー个或ー个以上其它终端。 For example, the timing signal may comprise a transmission timing signal transmitted from the first access terminal ー synchronized with the first access terminal or ー or more other terminals.

[0091] 图15说明WLAN网络中的对等通信1500。 [0091] FIG. 15 illustrates a WLAN network in the peer to peer communications 1500. 在某些情情况下,个别接入终端1502和1504可使用ー个或ー个以上WLAN接入点1506、1508彼此通信。 In some cases, the individual access terminals 1502 and 1504 may use one or more ー ー a WLAN access point 1506 communicate with each other. 为了改进此通信,可利用来自WffAN接入点1508、1510的定时信息使接入终端时钟同步。 In order to improve the communication, may utilize the access point WffAN timing information from access terminal 1508, 1510 of the clock synchronization. 将了解,一些接入点可仅包含WLAN功能性1506或WffAN功能性1510,或WLAN功能性与WffAN功能性两者的组合1508。 It will be appreciated, some of the WLAN access point may comprise only functionality 1506 or 1510 WffAN functional, or a combination of both functionality and WLAN functionality WffAN 1508.

[0092] 如果装置具有WffAN功能性1512、1514或得知WffAN接入点,那么可通过WLAN接入点提供定时信息。 [0092] If the device 1512 has WffAN functionality that WffAN or access point, the timing information may be provided via the WLAN access point. 或者,可利用任一个或两个接入終端上的WWAN功能性将此信息提供到接入終端,所述接入終端接着可使用所述信息在WLAN上通信。 Alternatively, or may utilize any of a WWAN functionality on this information provides two access terminals to the access terminal, then the access terminal may use the information communication WLAN.

[0093] 图16说明在独立基本服务集(IBSS)网络中注册和/或验证的方法1600。 [0093] FIG. 16 illustrates the network registered in the independent basic service set (IBSS) and / or verified 1600. IBSS网络是不具有中枢基础结构的基于IEEE 802.11的无线网络。 IBSS network that does not have an IEEE 802.11 based wireless network backbone infrastructure. IBSS网络由至少两个无线站组成。 IBSS network consisting of at least two radio stations. IBSS网络可称为ad-hoc网络,因为其可利用极少规划或不规划而快速构造。 IBSS network may be referred to as ad-hoc networks, because it can use planning little or no programming quickly constructed. 可利用驻留在接入終端或WLAN接入点处的WffAN功能性进行接入终端的注册和/或验证,以用于通过WLAN接入点进行的通信或服务接入。 May be utilized resident registration and / or authentication access terminal or an access terminal at a functional WffAN WLAN access point, or service access for communication performed by the WLAN access point.

[0094] 所述方法开始于1602处,其中接入终端处的WffAN功能性可指示装置识别信息或注册消息(例如,驻留在订户身份模块上的装置识别)。 [0094] The method begins at 1602, WffAN functionality wherein the access terminal or device identification information registration message (e.g., residing on a subscriber identity module identification device) may be indicated. 第一注册消息可包含加密密钥。 First registration message may comprise an encryption key. 可通过来自第一接入终端的WffAN来验证装置识别信息或注册消息。 Verification means may be identification information or the registration message by the access terminal from a first WffAN. 在1604处,可将第二注册消息或装置识别传输和提供到WLAN接入点或其它服务。 At 1604, a second register or a device identification message and transmitted to the WLAN access point or provide other services. 第二注册消息可基于第一注册消息。 Second registration message may be based on a first registration message. 到达WLAN的消息可通过回传或通过经由所述接入终端的WffAN获得的空中令牌或空中接ロ来传输。 The WLAN messages arrive by air or return air through WffAN token or via the access terminal to transmit the obtained contact ro. 这还允许利用可通过WWAN系统或WLAN系统验证的装置特定加密密钥。 This also allows the use of the system may be verified by the WWAN or WLAN system device-specific encryption key.

[0095] 所述注册/验证方法在接入终端的用户与具有WLAN功能性但缺乏到达网络(例如,因特网)的宽带或完全回传连接的信息站进行无线通信的情形中是有益的。 [0095] The registration / authentication method in the broadband user access terminal feedback information or the situation is completely stations connected wireless communication arrives at the network (e.g., Internet) to be beneficial but lacks a WLAN enabled. 在此情形中,可通过WffAN提供针对销售情况的验证或记帐信息(例如,音乐、视频或其它信息)。 In this case, the authentication or billing information may be provided (e.g., music, video, or other information) for the sales through WffAN. 举例来说,可在WWAN中交换是装置还是用户特定的用户识别(例如,密码或加密密钥)。 For example, the WWAN may be a switching device or a user identification of a particular user (e.g., password or encryption key). 这使接入終端能够在1606处获得令牌或其它验证码。 This enables the access terminal to obtain a token or other codes at 1606. 在1608处,所述令牌或其它验证码可无线传输到信息站,从而允许接入终端访问视频、歌曲或其它多媒体内容。 In 1608, the token codes or other information may be transmitted to the radio station, to allow the access terminal to access the video, a song or other multimedia content. 以此方式,向接入終端准予通过WLAN的接入。 In this manner, to grant access to the WLAN by the access terminal. 应了解,在通过WffAN将第二注册消息传输到接入終端之后,可将基于第二注册消息的第三注册消息从接入终端发送到WLAN接入点。 It should be appreciated, after the second registration message to the access terminal through WffAN, the access terminal may be sent from the access point to the WLAN registration message based on the third message in the second register. 此第三注册消息可通过包含空中接ロ的各种媒体来发送。 This third registration message may be transmitted through a variety of media containing the air interface ro.

[0096] 还可基于移动装置的位置来提供此多媒体内容。 [0096] Based on the position of the mobile device may also be provided for this multimedia content. 举例来说,在商业中心,可基于用户位置以及用户偏好从ー个或ー个以上零售商店或其它零售机构提供多媒体内容。 For example, in the commercial center, it may be based on user location and user preferences provide ー ー or more retail store or other retail establishment, or from a multimedia content. 用户偏好可以是先前由用户传送并存储在移动装置的存储器中的偏好。 The user preferences may be previously transmitted and stored by the user preferences in the memory of the mobile device. 与移动装置相关联的处理器可分析存储在存储器中的信息,并确定应接受多媒体内容并将其传送给用户还是忽略且不传送给装置的用户。 Associated with the mobile device processor may analyze information stored in the memory, and determines multimedia content should be accepted and sent to the user or to ignore the user without transmitting means. 在另ー实施例中,可将用户偏好传送到維持所述信息的服务提供商。ー In another embodiment, the user preferences may be transmitted to the service provider information maintained embodiment. 举例来说,如果用户在运动商品店附近且先前说明此用户不需要关于运动和/或运动商品的任何信息(例如,当前销售或降价、活动……),那么可防止将由所述特定商店广播的信息传输到用户的移动装置。 For example, if the user is in the vicinity of sporting goods stores, and the user does not need the previously described motion and / or motion information of any item (e.g., currently marketed or reduced, activity ......) about a particular store may be prevented by the broadcast transmitting information to the user's mobile device. 应了解,多媒体内容是可选的,且可在不使用多媒体内容的情况下利用所掲示的实施例。 It should be appreciated, the multimedia content is optional, and may be shown using the kei embodiments without the use of the multimedia content.

[0097] 根据另ー实施例,可通过WffAN耦合ad-hocWLAN网络。 [0097] According to another embodiment ー embodiment, may be coupled by WffAN ad-hocWLAN network. 举例来说,如果发现ー个或ー个以上IBSS网络,那么可通过由WWAN提供的回传对其进行耦合。 For example, if it is found more than ー ー or IBSS network, it can return to its coupling provided by the WWAN. 这在给定的IBSS中的ー个或ー个以上WLAN节点/站已发现或已由WffAN的接入点发现时可能实现。 This ー ー or more than a given WLAN nodes in the IBSS / or station has been found possible to achieve WffAN access point found. 这允许通过可能具有较大带宽或可能具有对改进的服务的接入的WffAN回传来连接来自不同IBSS的WLAN站。 This allows a larger bandwidth may have or may have access to services of an improved back WffAN coming from different stations connected to the IBSS WLAN. 所述不同IBSS可提供可能相对于彼此为非连续的不同区域中的无线电覆盖。 The different IBSS may be provided with respect to the non-continuous radio coverage in different regions from each other.

[0098] 根据另ー实施例是在IBSS网络中多播和/或广播的能力。 [0098] According to another embodiment is ー and / or the ability to broadcast in the IBSS network multicast. 可通过WffAN回传提供广播和多播消息。 It provides broadcast and multicast messages via WffAN return. 这可有助于基于位置信息提供广播或多播消息或数据。 This may help to provide location information or data broadcast or multicast message based. 此外,这可提供基于通过WffAN可用的定时信息来传输同步的广播或多播消息的能力(例如,可出于定时目的利用来自相邻WffAN接入点的定时信号)。 In addition, this may provide the timing information based on the available WffAN transmitted synchronized broadcast or multicast message capability (e.g., available by using the timing signal for timing purposes neighboring access points from WffAN).

[0099] 图17说明示范性ad-hoc网状网络1700。 [0099] FIG 17 illustrates an exemplary ad-hoc mesh networks 1700. 网络1700被说明为利用四个接入点或基站1” 1702、1” 1704、“(:” 1706 和“0” 1708 的ad-hoc 网络。ad-hoc 网状网络1700 可使用任何数目的接入点,且仅出于说明的目的而选择四个接入点。应了解,ad-hoc网状网络1700可以是处于利用接入点的基础结构模式(未图示)下的网络、不利用接入点的对等网络,或利用基础结构模式(接入点)和对等模式两者的网络。 Network 1700 is illustrated as an access point or base station using four 1 "1702,1" 1704 "(:" 1706 and "0" of the ad-hoc network 1708 .ad-hoc mesh network 1700 may be any number of contact point, and only for purposes of illustration of four selected access point. It should be appreciated, ad-hoc mesh networks 1700 may be in the infrastructure mode using access points of the network (not shown) in, without using like a network access point, or using the infrastructure mode (access point) and both peer to peer mode network.

[0100] 网络1700的拓扑说明接入点A1702通过无线通信连接到接入点B1704、接入点C1706和/或接入点D1708。 Access point topology described A1702 [0100] 1700 is connected to the network by wireless communication to an access point B1704, C1706 access point and / or access point D1708. 应针对接入点建立关于有效链路的决策。 Should establish an effective decision-making on the link for an access point. 此决策可通过广域控制信道来执行,在所述广域控制信道中,每ー接入点将其GPS坐标(或其它定位手段)发送到中央网络管理(NM)系统1710。 This decision may be performed by a wide area control channel in the wide area control channel, each access point ー its GPS coordinates (or other positioning means) to the central network management (NM) system 1710. 具有网络1700中所有接入点1702、1704、1706、1708的位置的NM系统1710确定网络拓扑和接入点1702、1704、1706、1708之间的通信链路。 NM 1700 system having the position of all network access points 1702,1704,1706,1708 1710 determines a communications link between the access point and the network topology 1702,1704,1706,1708. 举例来说,匪网络1710可能确定:在所述拓扑中,接入点A1702应与接入点B1704通信,接入点B1704应与接入点C1706通信,且接入点C1706应与接入点D1708通信。 For example, network 1710 may determine bandit: in the topology, the access point A1702 should access the communication, the access point should B1704 B1704 and C1706 point of communication with the access point, the access point and the access point should C1706 D1708 communications. 匪系统1710还可确定依据频率管理每ー接入点应使用哪一信道。 Bandit system 1710 may also determine a frequency based on the access point management for each ー which channel should be used. 举例来说,匪系统1710可确定接入点A1702应使用信道A或20MHz信道,且接入点B1704应使用不同的信道,例如不同的20MHz信道等。 For example, the system 1710 may determine bandit A1702 access point should use the channel A or channel 20MHz, B1704 and the access point should use a different channel, for example, different channels of 20MHz and the like.

[0101] 在ad-hoc网络中,可在任意时间删除或添加接入点。 [0101] In the ad-hoc network, the access point may be added or deleted at any time. 然而,接入点之间的通信应保持恒定以提供流畅的通信传输。 However, the communication between the access points should be kept constant to provide smooth communication transmission. 当发生重大事件(灾难等)时,可能需要改变整个拓扑。 When major events (disasters, etc.) occur, you may need to change the entire topology. 因此,控制信道应经配置以提供适当连接性而不产生过多干扰。 Accordingly, the control channel should be configured to provide the appropriate connectivity without excessive interference. 每ー接入点可配置有WLAN功能性,其自动为每ー接入点配置一许可信道,从而允许任ー者通过所述网络管理信道通信。 Each ー WLAN access point may be configured with functionality that automatically configure a grant channel for each access point ー, allowing any network ー channel through which a communication management channel. 此许可信道减轻了与缺乏控制信道的可用性相关联的问题。 This license channel to alleviate the problems associated with the lack of availability of the channel. 信道将其坐标传送到匪系统1710。 The channel is transmitted to the coordinate system 1710 bandit. 这可通过任何级的带宽建立,且窄带WAN信道可足以用于此目的。 This stage may be established by any bandwidth, WAN and narrowband channel may be sufficient for this purpose. 一旦接收位置信息,就可重新配置ad-hoc网络或建立新的ad-hoc网络。 Upon receipt of the location information, you can reconfigure the ad-hoc network or create a new ad-hoc network.

[0102] NM系统1710还可提供特定包的路由。 [0102] NM system 1710 may also provide a particular packet routing. NM系统1710可接入每ー接入点1702、1704、1706、1708并向每一接入点1702、1704、1706、1708提供或下载路由表。 NM system 1710 may access for each access point ー 1702,1704,1706,1708 1702,1704,1706,1708 each access point to provide or download routing tables. 路由表可提供针对特定包或特定类型的包的路由信息。 Routing table provides routing information for a particular packet type or a particular packet. 举例来说,如果将路由语音包,那么匪系统1710(通过路由表)可指示接入点:语音包将被路由到接入点B1704,接着路由到接入点C1706,接着路由到接入点D1708等,直到语音包到达其最終目的地为止。 For example, if the route voice packets, then the bandit system 1710 (via the routing table) may indicate an access point: the voice packets will be routed to the access point 1704, then routing to the access point C1706, and then routed to the access point D1708 and so on, until the voice packet reaches its final destination. 如果包是数据包,那么路由可能从接入点D1708到接入点B1704到接入点A1702。 If the packet is a data packet, the routing from the access point may D1708 B1704 to the access point to the access point A1702. 视频包可能采取不同路线。 Video packets may take different routes. 以此方式,NM系统1710确定ad-hoc网络1700的拓扑或配置,以及如何实时地路由包。 In this manner, NM 1710 the system determines ad-hoc network topology or configuration 1700, in real time and how to route the packet. 因此,WffAN网络可提供強大的控制和信令能力来管理ad-hoc网络1700,且可提供数据路径以弥补WLAN网络中的连接性间隙。 Thus, WffAN network may provide powerful control and signaling capabilities to manage the ad-hoc network 1700, and may provide data connectivity path to compensate for gaps in the WLAN network. 应了解,所论述的路由和/或拓扑是出于举例的目的,且不意图限制所掲示的实施例。 It should be appreciated, as discussed routing and / or topology for purposes of example, and not intended to limit the embodiments shown kei.

[0103] NM系统1710可考虑业务敏感性来确定包路由。 [0103] NM system 1710 may be considered to determine the sensitivity of packet routing traffic. 举例来说,可在一天、一周等的某些时间期间重新建立链路。 For example, can one day during the week to re-establish the link, etc. some time. 匪系统1710可监视潜在峰值时间(例如,早晨高峰时间、傍晚高峰时间……)的业务。 Bandit 1710 system can monitor potential peak time (for example, in the morning rush hour, evening rush hour ......) business. 在此类时间期间, 可能存在某ー业务流,且可视需要以高度的灵活性建立和/或改变路由或链路。 During such time, there may be a ー traffic stream, and optionally to establish and / or change routing or link with a high degree of flexibility.

[0104] 在正在对等模式(无接入点)或基础结构模式与对等模式的组合中操作的网络中,利用手持机来建立网络或网络的一部分。 [0104] network is operating in peer to peer mode (No Access Point) or a combination of an infrastructure mode and a peer mode, the use of a handset to establish a network or network portion. 在此情形中,可能不利用匪系统,因为网络的配置可快速变化。 In this case, the system may not use bandit, since the network configuration may change rapidly. 在此情形中,每一手持机广播其信息,且接收信息的手持机将把信息转播到其它手持机。 In this case, each handset broadcasts its information, and the information receiving handset will relay information to the other handset. 这种信息的传递或转播将持续直到信息到达其目的地为止。 This transfer or broadcast information will continue until the message reaches its destination so far. 在此对等ad-hoc网络中,第一手持机A可能利用WLAN向手持机B通信。 In the peer ad-hoc network, the first portable unit A may use the WLAN communications handset B. 手持机B可能利用WffAN与手持机C通信。 B may use the handset to communicate with the handset WffAN C. 手持机可利用混合模式或设置来通信,只要手持机具有WWAN、WWAN, WPAN、W1-Fi等功能性。 Handset may utilize mixed or arranged to communicate, as long as the handset having a WWAN, WWAN, WPAN, W1-Fi, and other functions.

[0105] 现參看图18,说明根据所掲示的实施例的一者或一者以上有助于无线通信环境中多个通信协议之间的协调通信的系统1800。 [0105] Referring now to FIG. 18, according to one embodiment kei shown embodiment one or more system helps to coordinate communications between the wireless communication environment 1800 in the plurality of communication protocols. 系统1800可驻留在接入点中和/或用户装置中。 System 1800 can reside in an access point and / or user devices. 系统1800包括接收器1802,其可从(例如)接收器天线接收信号。 System 1800 comprises a receiver 1802, which may (for example) receives the signal from the receiver antenna. 接收器1802可在其上对所接收的信号执行典型动作,例如滤波、放大、降频转换等。 The receiver 1802 can perform typical actions on the received signal thereon, such as filtering, amplification, frequency down conversion. 接收器1802还可使经调节的信号数字化以获得样本。 The receiver 1802 can also digitize the signal to obtain samples conditioned. 解调器1804可获得每一符号周期的所接收的符号,并且将所接收的符号提供到处理器1806。 Demodulator 1804 received symbols obtained for each symbol period, and provides received symbols to a processor 1806.

[0106] 处理器1806可以是专用于分析由接收器组件1802接收的信息和/或产生信息以供发射器1816传输的处理器。 [0106] Processor 1806 can be a processor dedicated to analyzing information received by receiver component information 1802 and / or generating information for transmission by a processor 1816 transmission. 处理器1806控制用户装置1800的ー个或ー个以上组件,且/或分析由接收器1802接收的信息的处理器1806产生信息以供发射器1816传输并控制用户装置1800的ー个或ー个以上组件。 The processor 1806 controls a user device 1800 or ー ー or more components, and / or analyze information by the receiver processor 1802 generates information 1806 received by the transmitter 1816 for transmitting control and user device 1800 ー one or more ーthe above components. 处理器1806可包含能够协调与额外用户装置的通信的控制器组件。 The processor 1806 may include a controller component capable of coordinating communications with additional user devices.

[0107] 用户装置1800可另外包括存储器1808,其可操作地耦合到处理器1806并存储关于协调通信的信息和任何其它适宜的信息。 [0107] User device 1800 can additionally comprise memory 1808 that is operatively coupled to processor 1806 and stores information, and any other suitable information about the coordination of communications. 存储器1808可另外存储与协调通信相关联的协议。 Memory 1808 can additionally store protocols and coordinating communications associated. 将了解,本文描述的数据存储装置(例如,存储器)组件可以是易失性存储器或非易失性存储器,或者可包含易失性和非易失性存储器两者。 It will be appreciated, the data storage means described herein (e.g., memories) components may be volatile memory or nonvolatile memory, or can easily comprise both volatile and nonvolatile memory. 以说明而非限制的方式,非易失性存储器可包含只读存储器(ROM)、可编程ROM(PROM)、电可编程ROM(EPROM)、电可擦除ROM (EEPROM)或快闪存储器。 Way of illustration and not limitation, nonvolatile memory can include read only memory (ROM), programmable ROM (PROM), electrically programmable ROM (EPROM), electrically erasable ROM (EEPROM), or flash memory. 易失性存储器可包含随机存取存储器(RAM),其充当外部高速缓冲存储器。 Volatile memory can include random access memory (RAM), which acts as external cache memory. 以说明而非限制的方式,RAM可以许多形式利用,例如同步RAM(SRAM)、动态RAM (DRAM)、同步DRAM (SDRAM)、双倍数据速率SDRAM (DDR SDRAM)、增强SDRAM (ESDRAM)、Synchlink DRAM(SLDRAM)和直接Rambus RAM(DRRAM)。 Way of illustration and not limitation, RAM is available in many forms utilized, such as synchronous RAM (SRAM), dynamic RAM (DRAM), synchronous DRAM (SDRAM), double data rate SDRAM (DDR SDRAM), enhanced SDRAM (ESDRAM), Synchlink DRAM (SLDRAM), and direct Rambus RAM (DRRAM). 本系统和/或方法的存储器1808希望包括(不限干)这些和任何其它适宜类型的存储器。 The system memory and / or methods is intended to include 1808 (not dry), these and any other suitable types of memory. 用户装置1800更进一歩包括符号调制器1810和传输经调制信号的发射器1812。 User device 1800 goes ho 1810 and a transmitter transmitting the modulated signal comprises a symbol modulator 1812.

[0108] 图19是根据各个方面有助于协调通信协议的系统1900的说明。 [0108] FIG. 19 is coordinated in accordance with various aspects of the help protocol description 1900 system. 系统1900包括基站或接入点1902。 The system 1900 includes a base station or access point 1902. 如所说明,基站1902通过接收天线1906从ー个或ー个以上用户装置1904接收信号,并通过传输天线1908传输到ー个或ー个以上用户装置1904。 As illustrated, base station 1902 received by the antenna 1906 from ー ー or user device 1904 receives the above signals, and transmitted through the transmit antennas 1908 to user device 1904 ー ー months or more.

[0109] 基站1902包括接收器1910,其从接收天线1906接收信息并可操作地与对所接收的信息进行解调的解调器1912相关联。 [0109] The base station 1902 includes a receiver 1910 that receives information and operatively associated with a demodulator for demodulating the information received from the receiving antenna 1912 is associated 1906. 经解调的符号由耦合到存储器1916的处理器1914分析,存储器1916存储与代码群集、用户装置指派、与其相关的查找表、唯一扰频序列等有关的信息。 Demodulated symbols are analyzed by a processor coupled to the memory 19141916, the memory 1916 stores the code clusters, user device assignments, information about its associated lookup tables, unique scrambling sequences and the like. 调制器1918可通过传输天线1908将供发射器1920传输的信号多路复用到用户装置1904。 The signal modulator 1918 may be by a transmitter 1908 through transmit antennas 1920 multiplexing transmission to the user device 1904.

[0110] 图20说明示范性无线通信系统2000。 [0110] FIG 20 illustrates an exemplary wireless communication system 2000. 无线通信系统2000为了简洁起见描绘ー个基站和ー个终端。 The wireless communication system 2000 is depicted for sake of brevity ー ー base stations and terminals. 然而,应了解,系统2000可包含ー个以上基站或接入点和/或ー个以上終端或用户装置,其中额外的基站和/或終端可与下文描述的示范性基站和终端实质上类似或不同。 However, it should be appreciated that system 2000 may include ー more base stations or access point and / or more ー terminals or user device, wherein additional base stations and / or terminals exemplary base station and terminal described below may be substantially similar or different. 另外,应了解,基站和/或終端可使用本文描述的系统和或方法来帮助进行其间的无线通信。 Further, it should be appreciated that the base station and / or the terminal can employ the systems and methods described herein or to assist a wireless communication there between.

[0111] 现參看图20,在下行链路上,在接入点1905处,传输(TX)数据处理器2010接收、格式化、编码、交错和调制(或符号映射)业务数据并提供调制符号(“数据符号”)。 [0111] Referring now to FIG 20, on a downlink, at access point 1905, transmit (TX) data processor 2010 receives, formats, codes, interleaves, and modulates (or symbol maps) traffic data and provides modulation symbols ( "data symbols"). 符号调制器2015接收并处理数据符号和导频符号且提供符号流。 A symbol modulator 2015 receives and processes the data symbols and pilot symbols and provides a stream of symbols. 符号调制器2015多路复用数据和导频符号并获得ー组N个传输符号。 A symbol modulator 2015 multiplexed data and pilot symbols and obtains ー set of N transmit symbols. 每ー传输符号可以是数据符号、导频符号或零信号值。 Each ー transmission symbol may be a data symbol, a pilot symbol or a signal value of zero. 导频符号可在每ー符号周期连续被发送。 Pilot symbols may be sent continuously in each symbol period ー. 导频符号可经频分多路复用(FDM)、正交频分多路复用(OFDM)、时分多路复用(TDM)、频分多路复用(FDM)或码分多路复用(CDM)。 Pilot symbols can be frequency division multiplexed (FDM), orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), time division multiplexed (TDM), frequency division multiplexing (FDM), or code division multiplexed multiplexing (CDM).

[0112] 发射器単元(TMTR)2020接收符号流并将其转换为ー个或ー个以上模拟信号,且进ー步调节(例如,放大、滤波和上变频)模拟信号以产生适于在无线信道上传输的下行链路信号。 [0112] radiolabeling transmitter element (TMTR) 2020 receives and converts the stream of symbols into one or ー ー or more analog signals, and further into ー conditions (e.g., amplifies, filters, and upconverts) the analog signals to generate a suitable radio a downlink signal transmission over the channel. 下行链路信号接着通过天线2025传输到终端。 Downlink signal is then transmitted through an antenna 2025 to the terminals. 在终端2030处,天线2035接收下行链路信号并将所接收的信号提供到接收器单元(RCVR) 2040。 At terminal 2030, an antenna 2035 receives the downlink signal and supplies the received signal to a receiver unit (RCVR) 2040. 接收器单元2040调节(例如,滤波、放大和下变频)所接收的信号并使经调节的信号数字化以获得样本。 Receiver unit 2040 conditions (e.g., filters, amplifies, and downconverts) the received signal and digitize the conditioned signal to obtain samples. 符号解调器2045获得N个所接收符号并将所接收的导频符号提供到处理器2050以用于信道估计。 A symbol demodulator 2045 obtains N received symbols and received pilot symbols to a processor 2050 for channel estimation. 符号解调器2045进ー步从处理器2050接收用于下行链路的频率响应估计值,对所接收的数据符号执行数据解调以获得数据符号估计值(其是所传输的数据符号的估计值),并将数据符号估计值提供到RX数据处理器2055,所述RX数据处理器2055对数据符号估计值进行解调(例如,符号解映射)、解交错和解码以恢复所传输的业务数据。 Symbol demodulator 2045 further into ー processor 2050 receives the downlink frequency response estimate, performs data demodulation on the received data symbols to obtain data symbol estimates (which are estimates of the transmitted data symbols value), and provides the data symbol estimates to an RX data processor 2055. RX data processor 2055 the data symbol estimates demodulates (e.g., symbol demaps), deinterleaves, and decoded to recover the transmitted traffic data. 符号解调器2045和RX数据处理器2055所进行的处理分别与接入点2005处符号调制器2015和TX数据处理器1910所进行的处理互补。 The processing by symbol demodulator 2045 and RX data processor 2055, respectively, performed by the access point 2005 with a symbol modulator 2015 and TX data processor 1910 is complementary to perform.

[0113] 在上行链路上,TX数据处理器2060处理业务数据并提供数据符号。 [0113] On the uplink, TX data processor 2060 processes traffic data and provides data symbols. 符号调制器2065接收并多路复用数据符号与导频符号,执行调制,并提供符号流。 A symbol modulator 2065 receives and multiplexes the data symbols with pilot symbols, performs modulation, and provides a stream of symbols. 发射器単元2070接着接收并处理符号流以产生上行链路信号,所述上行链路信号由天线2035传输到接入点2005。 Radiolabeling transmitter element 2070 then receives and processes the stream of symbols to generate an uplink signal, the uplink signal transmitted by the antenna 2035 to the access point 2005.

[0114] 在接入点2005处,来自终端2030的上行链路信号由天线2025接收并由接收器单元2075处理以获得样本。 [0114] At access point 2005, the uplink signal from terminal 2030 is received by the antenna 2025 by a receiver unit 2075 to obtain samples. 符号解调器2080接着处理样本并提供用于上行链路的所接收导频符号和数据符号估计值。 A symbol demodulator 2080 then processes the samples and provides symbol estimates for the received data symbols and the uplink pilot. RX数据处理器2085处理数据符号估计值以恢复由終端2030传输的业务数据。 RX data processor 2085 processes the data symbol estimates to recover the traffic data transmitted by the terminal 2030. 处理器2090针对正在上行链路上传输的每ー现用终端执行信道估计。 The processor 2090 is estimated for each of the uplink transmission link ー active terminal performs channel.

[0115] 处理器2090和2050分别引导(例如,控制、协调、管理等)接入点2005和終端2030处的操作。 [0115] Processor 2090 and 2050 direct (e.g., control, coordinate, manage, etc.) operation of the access point 2005 and the terminal 2030. 各个处理器2090和2050可与存储程序代码和数据的存储器单元(未图示)相关联。 Respective processors 2090 and 2050 can be used with memory cells that store program codes and data (not shown) is associated. 处理器2090和2050还可分别执行计算以导出用于上行链路和下行链路的频率和脉冲响应估计值。 Processor 2090 and 2050 can also perform computations to derive frequency and impulse for the uplink and downlink response estimated value.

[0116] 对于多址系统(例如,FDMA, OFDMA, CDMA, TDMA等),多个终端可同时在上行链路上传输。 [0116] For a multiple-access system (e.g., FDMA, OFDMA, CDMA, TDMA, etc.), multiple terminals can transmit concurrently on the uplink. 对于此类系统,可在不同終端之间共享导频子帯。 For such a system, the pilot sub-Bands may be shared among different terminals. 在用于每ー终端的导频子带跨越整个操作频带(可能除频带边缘以外)的情况下可使用信道估计技木。 A guide for each of the pilot subbands ー terminal span the entire operating band (possibly except for the band edges) may be used in the case where channel estimation technology of wood. 此导频子带结构将理想地用于获得每ー终端的频率分集。 Such a pilot subband structure would be desirable to obtain frequency diversity for each terminal ー. 本文描述的技术可通过各种方法来实施。 The techniques described herein may be implemented by various methods. 举例来说,这些技术可实施在硬件、软件或其组合中。 For example, these techniques may be implemented in hardware, software, or a combination thereof. 对于硬件实施方案,用于信道估计的处理单元可实施在ー个或ー个以上专用集成电路(ASIC)、数字信号处理器(DSP)、数字信号处理装置(DSro)、可编程逻辑装置(PLD)、场可编程门阵列(FPGA)、处理器、控制器、微控制器、微处理器、经设计以执行本文描述的功能的其它电子単元或其组合内。 For a hardware implementation, the processing units used for channel estimation may be implemented in one or ー ー or more application specific integrated circuits (ASIC), a digital signal processor (DSP), digital signal processing devices (DSro), programmable logic devices (PLD ), field programmable gate arrays (the FPGA), processors, controllers, micro-controllers, microprocessors, designed to perform the functions described herein, or other electronic element combinations within radiolabeling. 对于软件,实施方案可通过执行本文描述的功能的模块(例如,过程、函数等)来实现。 For software, embodiments may be implemented by modules (e.g., procedures, functions, etc.) to perform the functions described herein. 软件代码可存储在存储器单元中并由处理器2090和2050执行。 The software codes may be stored by the processors 2090 and 2050 execute the memory cell.

[0117] 应了解,本文描述的实施例可由硬件、软件、固件、中间件、微码或其任何组合来实施。 [0117] It should be appreciated, embodiments described herein may be hardware, software, firmware, middleware, microcode, or any combination thereof. 当系统和/或方法实施在软件、固件、中间件或微码、程序代码或代码段中时,其可存储在机器可读媒体(例如,存储组件)中。 When the systems and / or methods are implemented in software, firmware, middleware or microcode, program code or when the code segments which can be stored in a machine-readable medium (e.g., a memory component). 代码段可表示过程、函数、子程序、程序、例行程序、子例行程序、模块、软件包、种类,或指令、数据结构或程序语句的任何组合。 A code segment may represent any combination procedure, a function, a subprogram, a program, a routine, a subroutine, a module, a software package, type, or instructions, data structures, or program statements. 代码段可通过传递和/或接收信息、数据、自变量、參数或存储器内容而耦合到另一代码段或硬件电路。 A code segment may be coupled to another code segment or a hardware circuit by passing and / or receiving information, data, arguments, parameters, or memory contents. 可使用包含存储器共享、消息传递、令牌传递、网络传输等任何适宜的方法来传递、转发或传输信息、自变量、參数、数据等。 May be used including memory sharing, message passing, token passing, network transmission, any suitable method etc. may be passed, forwarded, or transmitted information, arguments, parameters, data and the like.

[0118] 对于软件实施方案,本文描述的技术可用执行本文描述的功能的模块(例如,过程、函数等)来实施。 [0118] For a software implementation, the techniques described herein may be modules (e.g., procedures, functions, etc.) to perform the functions described herein implemented. 软件代码可存储在存储器单元中并由处理器执行。 The software codes may be stored in the memory executed by a processor unit. 存储器単元可实施在处理器内或处理器外部,在后一情况下其可通过此项技术中已知的各种方法以通信方式耦合到处理器。 The memory may be implemented in radiolabeling element within the processor or external to the processor, in the latter case it can be communicatively coupled to the processor by various methods known in the art.

[0119] 上文已描述的内容包含ー个或ー个以上实施例的实例。 [0119] has been described above includes examples of one or more embodiments ー ー or more. 当然,不可能出于描述以上提及的实施例的目的而描述组件或方法的可构想出的每种组合,但所属领域的一般技术人员可认识到,各种实施例的许多另外的组合和排列是可能的。 Course, not possible for purposes of describing the aforementioned embodiments of components or methodologies described every conceivable combination may be, but one of ordinary skill in the art may recognize that many further combinations and various embodiments of the permutations are possible. 因此,所描述的实施例希望包含落在所附权利要求书的精神和范围内的所有此类改动、修改和变化。 Accordingly, the described embodiments are intended to embrace all such alterations, modifications and variations that fall within the spirit of the appended claims and scope. 此外,就术语“包含”用于具体实施方式或权利要求书中来说,所述术语希望以与术语“包括”类似的方式为包括界限的(inclusive),因为在权利要求中“包括”在使用时被解释成过渡词汇。 Furthermore, the term "comprising" used in the detailed description or the claims, such term is desired to the term "comprising" in a similar manner as included limits (Inclusive), as in the claims, "comprising" It is interpreted as a transitional word use.

Claims (32)

  1. 1.一种用于利用基于时间的信息来改进无线网络中的通信的方法,其包括: 在第一移动装置处且从第一接入点接收对应于第二接入点的信标信息,其中所述信标信息包括时间戳信息,所述时间戳信息代表与所述信标到达第二移动装置相对应的所述第二移动装置上的时间;以及利用与所述信标信息相关联的时间戳信息来确定是否将所述第一移动装置的通信越区切换到所述第二接入点。 1. A method of improving communications in a wireless network using a time-based information, comprising: a beacon and receiving information corresponding to a second access point from a first access point a first mobile device, wherein the beacon information comprises time stamp information, time information representing the time stamp on the second mobile device corresponding to the second mobile device and the beacon arrival; and using the information associated with the beacon time stamp information to determine whether to handoff the communication of the first mobile device is switched to the second access point.
  2. 2.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其进一步包括: 检测与所述通信的系统要求相关联的质量在阈值水平以下; 传输差信号质量消息;以及响应于所述传输的差信号质量消息而接收关于多个交替接入点的信息。 2. The method according to claim 1, further comprising: detecting the communication system of the quality requirements associated with the threshold level; difference signal quality message transmission; and a difference signal in response to the quality message and the transmission receiving information about a plurality of alternative access points.
  3. 3.根据权利要求2所述的方法,其进一步包括: 至少部分依据移动装置的应用在所述多个交替接入点之间进行选择。 3. The method according to claim 2, further comprising: at least partially based on the application of the mobile device to select between said plurality of alternative access points.
  4. 4.根据权利要求2所述的方法,其进一步包括: 选择具有在阈值以上的信标质量水平的所述多个交替接入点中的一者,其中所述多个接入点包括无线广域网WWAN、无线局域网WLAN或无线个域网WPAN中的至少一者。 4. The method according to claim 2, further comprising: selecting said at least having a threshold level of the beacon quality of the access points in a plurality of alternating one, wherein the plurality of access points include a wireless wide area network WWAN, WLAN wireless Local Area network WPAN wireless Personal Area network, or at least one.
  5. 5.根据权利要求2所述的方法,其进一步包括: 通过WffAN或WLAN功能性确定在WffAN与WLAN之间切换以实现优良的带宽或信号强度。 5. The method according to claim 2, further comprising: determining a handover in order to achieve good signal strength or bandwidth between WffAN with a WLAN or WLAN functionality by WffAN.
  6. 6.根据权利要求2所述的方法,其中所述关于所述多个交替接入点的信息包含各自的信道或信标传输时间。 6. The method according to claim 2, wherein the information regarding the access points comprises a plurality of alternating respective channel or beacon transmission time.
  7. 7.根据权利要求1所述的方法,其中所述时间戳信息由GPS功能性来提供或相对于WffAN定时来提供。 The method according to claim 1, wherein the time stamp information provided by GPS functionality or timing with respect WffAN provided.
  8. 8.根据权利要求1所述的方法,进一步包括: 由第一移动装置发送界定所述第一移动装置的位置的位置信息; 其中接收信标信息进一步包括基于所述位置信息,从WffAN接入点获得针对接近所述第一移动装置的WLAN接入点的所述信标信息;以及至少部分基于所述信标信息来确认是否在所述WWAN与所述WLAN之间转移所述第一移动装置。 8. The method according to claim 1, further comprising: transmitting information defining the position of the first mobile device to the first mobile device; wherein further comprising receiving beacon information based on the location information from the access WffAN the beacon information points obtained for the first WLAN access point closer to the mobile device; and at least in part on the beacon information to confirm whether the transfer of the first movable between the WLAN and the WWAN device.
  9. 9.根据权利要求8所述的方法,其中确认是否在所述WffAN与所述WLAN之间转移进一步包括: 确定所述WffAN或所述WLAN的带宽是否足以适应移动装置的应用。 9. The method according to claim 8, wherein further comprising a verify transfer between the WLAN and the WffAN: determining whether the bandwidth of the WLAN WffAN or sufficient to accommodate the application of the mobile device.
  10. 10.根据权利要求8所述的方法,其进一步包括: 如果带宽或信号强度在所述WLAN上比在所述WffAN上优良,则从所述WffAN切换到所述WLAN0 10. The method of claim 8, further comprising: if the bandwidth or signal strength than switching on the WLAN is superior in the WffAN, from the WffAN to the WLAN0
  11. 11.根据权利要求8所述的方法,其进一步包括: 如果带宽或信号强度在所述WffAN上比在所述WLAN上优良,则从所述WLAN切换到所述WffAN0 11. The method according to claim 8, further comprising: if the bandwidth or signal strength than switching on the superior WffAN on the WLAN, from the WLAN to the WffAN0
  12. 12.—种移动装置,其包括: WLAN组件,其经配置以与一个或多个WLAN通信; WWAN组件,其经配置以从WffAN接收与一个或多个WLAN相关联的一个或多个信标信息,其中每个WLAN信标信息由第二移动装置提供至所述WWAN,所述每个WLAN信标信息包括表示与相应的信标到达第二移动装置相对应的第二移动装置上的时间的时间戳信息; 存储器,其存储与装置应用有关的要求;以及处理器,其分析存储在所述存储器中的信息并部分基于相应的WLAN信标信息的时间戳信息来确定至少一个WLAN是否满足所述装置应用要求,且推荐WLAN和WffAN之间的越区切换。 12.- kinds of mobile device, comprising: WLAN component configured to communicate with one or more WLAN; WW assembly configured to receive from a WffAN with one or more WLAN associated or more beacons information, wherein each WLAN beacon provided by the second mobile device to the WW, each of the WLAN beacon information includes information indicating a time on the second mobile device a second mobile device corresponding to the respective beacon arrival time stamp information; a memory means storing the application-related requirements; and a processor that analyzes information stored in the memory part and time stamp information based on the corresponding WLAN beacon information is determined to satisfy the at least one WLAN the device application requirements, and the recommended handover between WLAN and WffAN handover.
  13. 13.根据权利要求12所述的移动装置,其进一步包括到计算机的耦合,以通过所述计算机利用所述WffAN组件或所述WLAN组件。 13. The mobile apparatus as claimed in claim 12, further comprising coupling to a computer, using said WLAN WffAN assembly or assembly by the said computer.
  14. 14.根据权利要求12所述的移动装置,其中与所述一个或多个WLAN相关联的至少一个信标信息的时间戳信息由所述处理器用来确定越区切换管理调度。 14. The mobile device as claimed in claim 12, wherein the one or more WLAN stamp information associated with the at least one beacon information by the processor to determine a handover management scheduling.
  15. 15.根据权利要求14所述的移动装置,其中所述越区切换管理调度至少部分基于信道质量信息。 15. The mobile device of claim 14, wherein the handover management schedule based at least in part the channel quality information.
  16. 16.根据权利要求14所述的移动装置,其中所述越区切换管理调度部分基于在相应信标时间处调谐到所述一个或多个WLAN的每一者,并测量从所述一个或多个WLAN的每一者接收的所接收的信道质量信息。 16. The mobile device of claim 14, wherein said scheduled handover management part based on the one or more of each tuned to respective WLAN beacon at a time, and the measured or from a channel quality information received by each of a WLAN received.
  17. 17.一种用于通过基于时间的信息来增强网络通信的设备,其包括: 接收装置,其用于从WWAN接入点接收时间戳,所述时间戳代表与对应于一个或多个WLAN接入点的一个或多个WLAN信标到达移动装置相对应的所述移动装置上的时间,其中所述设备与所述移动装置不同;以及决定装置,其用于至少部分基于与所述WLAN接入点的所述信标相关联的所述时间戳来决定是否将所述设备从所述WffAN接入点越区切换到WLAN接入点。 17. A method for time-based information to enhance the network communication device, comprising: receiving means for receiving the time stamp from the WWAN access point, represents the time stamp corresponding to one or more WLAN access means on said moving time point of a WLAN beacon arrival or more corresponding mobile device, wherein the device different from the mobile device; and decision means for at least partially based on the WLAN access the point of the time stamp associated with a beacon to decide whether to switch the device from the access point WffAN handoff to the WLAN access point.
  18. 18.根据权利要求17所述的设备,其进一步包括: 用于管理越区切换调度以适应所述设备的应用的装置。 18. The apparatus according to claim 17, further comprising: a scheduler for managing a handover to suit the application means of the device.
  19. 19.一种用于在无线网络中管理通信的方法,包括: 在移动装置处检测WffAN接入点和WLAN接入点的存在; 从至少一个WLAN接入点接收信标; 确定与所述信标相对应的时间戳信息,其中所述时间戳信息表示与所述信标到达所述移动装置相对应的所述移动装置上的时间; 将所述时间戳信息传输到WWAN接入点以发送到其他移动装置,以至少部分基于相应信标的所述时间戳信息来确认是否在WffAN和WLAN之间转移。 19. A method for managing communications in a wireless network, comprising: detecting the presence of the mobile device WffAN access point and WLAN access point; at least one WLAN from the access point receives a beacon; determining the channel standard corresponding to the time stamp information, wherein the time stamp information indicates the mobile device of the mobile device corresponding to the beacon arrival; the time stamp information transmitted to the access point to transmit WWAN to other mobile devices, at least in part based on the respective beacon information to confirm whether or not the time stamp is transferred between WffAN and WLAN.
  20. 20.根据权利要求19所述的方法,进一步包括:使用所述移动装置上的GPS组件来确定所述时间戳信息。 20. The method of claim 19, further comprising: using the GPS component on the mobile device determines the time stamp information.
  21. 21.如权利要求19所述的方法,其中所述移动装置使用WffAN组件来确定所述时间戳信息,所述WWAN组件可操作以接收网络信号,其指示相对于网络定时的所述信标的到达时间。 21. The method according to claim 19, wherein said moving means using WffAN assembly determining the time stamp information, the WWAN network component operable to receive a signal, indicating that the beacon with respect to the network timing arrives time.
  22. 22.一种用于在无线网络中管理通信的设备,其包括: 用于在移动装置处检测WffAN接入点和WLAN接入点的存在的装置; 用于从至少一个WLAN接入点接收信标的装置; 用于确定与所述信标相对应的时间戳信息的装置,其中所述时间戳信息表示与所述信标到达所述移动装置相对应的所述移动装置上的时间; 用于将所述时间戳信息传输到WWAN接入点以发送到其他移动装置,以至少部分基于相应信标的所述时间戳信息来确认是否在WffAN和WLAN之间转移的装置。 22. A management device for communicating in a wireless network, comprising: means for detecting the presence WffAN access point and WLAN access point for the mobile device; means for receiving signals from the at least one WLAN access point target means; means for determining the time stamp information corresponding to the beacon, wherein the time stamp information indicates the mobile device of the mobile device corresponding to the beacon arrival; for transmitting the time stamp information to the WWAN access point to transmit to other mobile devices, at least in part on the respective beacon time stamp information to confirm whether the device between the WLAN and the metastasis WffAN.
  23. 23.如权利要求22所述的设备,进一步包括:用于使用所述移动装置上的GPS组件来确定所述时间戳信息的装置。 23. The apparatus according to claim 22, further comprising: means for using a GPS device components on the mobile device determining the time stamp information.
  24. 24.如权利要求22所述的设备,其中,所述用于确定与所述信标相对应的时间戳信息的装置使用WWAN组件来确定所述时间戳信息,所述WffAN组件可操作以接收网络信号,其指示相对于网络定时的所述信标的所述到达时间。 24. The apparatus according to claim 22, wherein the means for determining and using WWAN component corresponding to the beacon time stamp information to determine the time stamp information, operable to receive the assembly WffAN network signal, which is indicative of the timing of the network with respect to the beacon arrival time.
  25. 25.一种用于执行越区切换的方法,包括: 从一个或多个接入点接收信标和对应于所述一个或多个接入点的每一者的位置信息; 基于所述信标到达移动装置的到达时间,利用全球定位系统GPS功能性的定时将时间戳与信标信息相关联; 通过WffAN功能性,将所述时间戳和其他信息传输到网络管理系统; 基于对应于所述信标信息的所述位置信息,在所述移动装置上从所述网络管理系统接收本地接入点和相对于所述GPS功能性的所述定时的相应信标到达时间的列表;以及基于所述列表来确定WWAN、WLAN或WPAN之间的越区切换管理调度。 25. A method for performing a handoff, comprising: location information from one or more access points and receive the beacon corresponding to each of the one or more access points; based on the channel standard arrival time of the mobile device, using the timing GPS functionality GPS time stamp information associated with the beacon; WffAN by functional, the time stamp and other information transmitted to the network management system; based on the corresponding the position information of the beacon information, receiving a list of local access points and the corresponding relative time of arrival of the beacon with respect to the timing of the GPS functionality from the network management system on the mobile device; and based on the said list to determine handover between WWAN, WLAN or WPAN handover management scheduling.
  26. 26.如权利要求25所述的方法,进一步包括: 当信标质量已下降到阈值水平以下时发送差信标质量消息; 其中接收所述本地接入点的列表是对发送所述差信标质量消息的响应;以及在WWAN、WLAN或WPAN之间切换以实现处于或高于所述阈值水平的信标质量。 26. The method according to claim 25, further comprising: transmitting differential beacon when the beacon quality message quality has dropped below a threshold level; wherein receiving the list of local access point is transmitting the beacon difference in response to the quality message; and a signal quality standard in order to achieve switching at or above the threshold level is between WWAN, WLAN or WPAN.
  27. 27.如权利要求25所述的方法,进一步包括: 通过WffAN或WLAN功能性确定在WffAN网络与WLAN网络之间切换以实现优良的带宽或信号强度。 27. The method according to claim 25, further comprising: determining switching between the network and the WLAN network through WffAN WffAN or WLAN functionality to achieve excellent signal strength or bandwidth.
  28. 28.如权利要求25所述的方法,进一步包括: 获得与装置应用有关的要求;以及至少部分基于所述相应信标到达时间来确定所述列表中的至少一个接入点满足所述装置应用要求,且推荐向所述至少一个接入点越区切换。 28. The method according to claim 25, further comprising: obtaining requirements relating to the application means; and at least in part on the respective time of arrival of the beacon in the list to determine at least one access point satisfies the application means requirements, and to recommend the at least one access point handoff.
  29. 29.一种用于执行越区切换的设备,包括: 用于从一个或多个接入点接收信标和对应于所述一个或多个接入点的每一者的位置信息的装置; 用于基于所述信标到达移动装置的到达时间,利用全球定位系统GPS功能性的定时将时间戳与信标信息相关联的装置; 用于将所述时间戳和其他信息传输到网络管理系统的装置; 用于基于对应于所述信标信息的所述位置信息,在所述移动装置上从所述网络管理系统接收本地接入点和相对于所述GPS功能性的所述定时的相应信标到达时间的列表的装置;以及用于基于所述列表来确定WWAN、WLAN或WPAN之间的越区切换管理调度的装置。 29. An apparatus for performing a handoff, comprising: device location information for each of the beacons received from one or more access points corresponding to the one or more access points for; beacon based on the arrival time of the mobile device, the beacon timestamp device using the timing information associated with the functionality of the GPS global positioning system; means for transmitting the time stamp and other information to the network management system means; based on the location information corresponding to the beacon information received from the network management system on the local access point and the mobile device relative to the respective channel GPS functionality of the timing means a list of standard arrival time; and means for determining a handover between the WWAN, WLAN or WPAN device management scheduling based on the handover list.
  30. 30.如权利要求29所述的设备,进一步包括:用于当信标质量已下降到阈值水平以下时,发送差信标质量消息的装置; 其中接收所述本地接入点的列表是对发送所述差信标质量消息的响应;以及用于在mm、WLAN或WPAN之间切换以实现处于或高于所述阈值水平的信标质量的装置。 30. The apparatus according to claim 29, further comprising: when the beacon quality has dropped below a threshold level, the difference between a beacon device transmits a quality message; wherein receiving a list of the local access point is to transmit the marked difference signal in response to the quality message; and means for switching between mm, WLAN or WPAN device to achieve at or standard quality of the channel is higher than the threshold level.
  31. 31.如权利要求29所述的设备,进一步包括通过WffAN功能性或WLAN功能性确定在WWAN网络和WLAN网络之间切换以实现优良的带宽或信号强度的装置。 31. The apparatus as claimed in claim 29, further comprising determining means to achieve good signal strength or bandwidth of the network between the WWAN and WLAN networks by switching WffAN functional or WLAN functionality.
  32. 32.如权利要求29所述的设备,进一步包括: 用于获得与装置应用有关的要求的装置;以及用于至少部分基于所述相应信标到达时间来确定所述列表中的至少一个接入点满足所述装置应用要求,且推荐向所述至少一个接入点越区切换的装置。 32. The apparatus according to claim 29, further comprising: means for obtaining related requirements for the application means; and at least one access at least in part based on the respective beacon arrival time to determine the list point meet the application requirements of the device, and to recommend at least one device access point handoff.
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