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A multi-chassis network device (120) includes a plurality of nodes (128A-D) that operate as a single device within the network and a switch fabric (125A-D) that forwards data plane packets between the plurality of nodes (128A-D). The switch fabric (125A-D) includes a set of multiplexed optical interconnects coupling the nodes (128A-D). For example, a multi-chassis router (120) includes a plurality of routing nodes (128A-D) that operate as a single router within a network and a switch fabric (125A-D) that forwards packets between the plurality of routing nodes (128A-D). The switch fabric (125A-D) includes at least one multiplexed optical interconnect coupling the routing nodes (128A-D). The nodes (128A-D) of the multi-chassis router (120) may direct portions of the optical signal over the multiplexed optical interconnect to different each other using wave-division multiplexing.


具有多路光互连部件的多机架路由器 Multi-chassis router having multiplexed optical interconnects member

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及计算机网络,更具体而言,涉及计算机网络之中的路由包。 [0001] The present invention relates to computer networks and, more particularly, to routing packets within computer networks.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002] 计算机网络为一组可以交换数据并共享资源的互连的计算机装置的集合。 Computer apparatus set [0002] as a set of computer network may exchange data and share resources interconnected. 在基于包的网络(如以太网)中,通过将数据分成可变长度的被称为包的块以在这些计算装置之间传递该数据,这些块经由网络单独地从源装置路由到目的装置。 In the packet-based network (such as Ethernet), the block is called a packet to transfer the data between the computing devices by dividing the data into variable length, these blocks via a network route from a source apparatus to a destination apparatus separately . 该目的装置从包中提取数据并将该数据汇编成其初始形式。 The destination device extracts the data from the data packets and compiled into its original form.

[0003] 被称为路由器的某些装置维护以网络拓扑结构表示的路由选择信息。 [0003] Some devices are known as maintenance of the router to the routing network topology represented by the selection information. 这些路由器交换路由选择信息以便维持通过网络的可用路由的精确表示。 The routers exchange routing information so as to maintain an accurate representation of available routes through the network. “路由”通常被定义为网络中两个位置之间的路径。 "Routing" is generally defined as a path between two network locations. 在接收到来的数据包时,路由器就检验包中的常被称为“密钥”的信息,以根据路由选择信息来选择适当的下一跃距(next hop)来转发包。 Upon receiving the incoming data packet, the router is often referred to as test information "key" package, in order to select an appropriate next hop (next hop) according to the routing information to forward the packet.

[0004] 通常,服务提供商,诸如在互联网核心中提供网络服务的互联网提供商,一直在努力满足不断增长的带宽需求。 [0004] Typically, the service provider, such as providing network services in the Internet core Internet provider, has been working to meet the growing demand for bandwidth. 一种满足不断增长的带宽需求的方式就是使用“多机架,,(“multi-chassis”)路由器。多机架路由器是多个路由节点在其中物理连接并被配置成作为单个路由节点操作的路由器。多机架路由器的一个实例包括:多个线卡机架(linecard chassis,简称LCC,其包括一个或多个用于发送和接收包的接口卡(IFC)),以及中央交换控制机架(central switchcontrol chassis,简称SCC,其提供对所述LCC的自顶向下的管理)。这种类型的多机架路由器常常被称为单头多机架路由器,即,所有路由计算都在被指定为路由系统的主机中的单个路由引擎里完成的路由系统。对于网络上的同级路由器来说,多机架路由器显示为单个路由节点。因为多机架路由器结合多个路由装置的资源,所以,这些多机架路由器就具有比单机路由器更高的带宽性能。例如,使用多机架路由器可通过在更少的路由 Which satisfies the increasing demand for bandwidth is to use "multi-chassis ,, (" multi-chassis ") router is a plurality of multi-chassis router routing nodes physically connected therein and configured to operate as a single routing node router of an example multi-chassis router comprising: a plurality of line card chassis (linecard chassis, referred to as the LCC, which includes one or more interface cards and for transmitting (IFC) of the received packet), and a central switch control chassis (central switchcontrol chassis, referred to the SCC, which is supplied from the top-down management of the LCC). this type of multi-chassis router is often referred to as a single-headed multi-chassis router, i.e., all routes are to be calculated routing system designated as a host in a single routing system routing engines completed for peer routers on the network, the multi-chassis router appears as a single routing node. since a plurality of resources in conjunction with multi-chassis router of the routing device, Therefore, the multi-chassis router to a router having a higher bandwidth than a single performance. For example, the use of fewer multi-chassis router may route by 上合并路由功能来简化和改进服务提供商网络上的路由。 Merge routing capabilities to simplify and improve routing on the service provider's network.


[0005] 总的来说,本文描述了多机架路由器,其中,通过使用多路光互连部件(multiplexed optical connection)来I禹合(couple,连接)多机架路由器中多个路由节点。 [0005] In general, multi-chassis router is described herein, wherein, using multiplexed optical interconnects (multiplexed optical connection) to I and Yu (couple, connected to) a plurality of routing nodes of multi-chassis router. 多级交换结构,诸如3级Clos交换结构,在这些路由节点之间中继包。 Multi-stage switch fabric, such as a grade 3 Clos switch fabric, the relay packets between the routing nodes. 交换结构的各级可被分布给多机架路由器的单独路由节点,而多路光互连部件在这些节点之间转发包。 Levels alone routing node of the switch fabric may be distributed to multi-chassis router, and the multiplexed optical interconnects forward the packets between the nodes.

[0006] 例如,多机架路由器可包括多个线卡机架(LCC),它们相互合作以便在网络中作为单个路由器进行操作,而无需包括完全不同的、集中式交换结构。 [0006] For example, multi-chassis router may include a plurality of line card chassis (the LCC), which cooperate with each other in order to operate as a single router in a network, including without completely different, centralized switch fabric. 多级交换结构的实施可被分布到LCC,而这些LCC可在光互连部件上使用多路通信来进行通信。 Embodiment of the multi-stage switch fabric may be distributed to the LCC, which may be used LCC multiplex communication on an optical interconnection member to communicate. 另外,一个或多个中央交换节点,诸如中央交换控制机架,可被并入多机架路由器。 Additionally, one or more central switch nodes, such as a central switch control chassis, may be incorporated into the multi-chassis router. 在任一情形中,使用多路通信都可减少实施交换结构所需的光缆总长度,并可减少在每个LCC上所要求的光缆接口数。 In either case, the use of multiple communications may reduce the total length of cable required embodiment the switch fabric, and may reduce the number of cable interfaces required on each LCC. 其结果是,可更容易地伸缩(scaled)多机架路由器来合并所增数量的路由节点,而无需达到或超过在多机架路由器将配置于其中的环境里的任一物理尺寸的限制。 As a result, may more easily stretch (Scaled) merging the multi-chassis router to increase the number of routing nodes without the need to reach or exceed the multi-chassis router arranged to limit in any environment in which a physical size. [0007] 在一个实施例中,本发明被引入到多机架多机架路由器,该路由器包括:多个在网络中操作为单个路由器的路由节点,以及一个在所述多个路由节点之间转发包的交换结构。 [0007] In one embodiment, the present invention is introduced into a multi-chassis multi-chassis router, the router comprising: a routing between nodes operate as a single router in the network, and the plurality of routing nodes in a plurality of forward switching architecture of the bag. 该交换结构包括至少一个耦合这些路由节点的多路光互连部件。 The switch fabric includes multiplexed optical interconnects coupling the at least one routing node.

[0008] 在另一实施例中,本发明被引入到多机架多机架路由器,该路由器包括:多个在网络中作为单个路由器进行操作的N个路由节点,以及一个具有M级的、在所述多个路由节点之间转发包的多级交换结构。 [0008] In another embodiment, the present invention is introduced into a multi-chassis multi-chassis router, the router comprising: a plurality of operating as a single router in a network of N routing nodes, and having M stages, between the plurality of routing multistage switching node forwards the package structure. 多机架路由器还包括NX (MI)个经由该交换结构来耦合路由节点的数据平面的多路点对点数据互连部件。 Further comprising a multi-chassis router interconnecting member multiplexed data point data plane NX (MI) is coupled via a switch fabric routing node.

[0009] 在另一个实施例中,本发明被引入到用于在多机架路由器中连接多个路由节点的光缆。 [0009] In another embodiment, the present invention is introduced into the fiber optic cable for connecting a plurality of routing nodes in a multi-chassis router. 该光缆包括:用于从所述多个路由节点的第一路由节点中接收光信号的一个光缆输入,以及用于将一部分所述光信号输出到所剩余的路由节点中的每一个的多个光分路器(optical tap)。 The optical fiber cable comprising: a plurality of each of the input cable for receiving optical signals from a first routing node of the plurality of routing nodes, and routing node for the portion of the optical signal to be used in the remaining an optical splitter (optical tap). 所述多个光分路器在多个路由节点所剩余的节点中基本等份地分割该光信号的光能。 The plurality of optical splitter routing nodes in the plurality of node remaining energy divided substantially aliquots of the optical signal.

[0010] 在又一实施例中,本发明被引入到用于互连N个网络装置的一组光缆,该组光缆包括N个光缆,其中N是大于或等于2的整数。 [0010] In yet another embodiment, the present invention is incorporated into a cable for interconnecting the N set of network devices, the set of fiber optic cable includes N, where N is an integer greater than or equal to 2. 该N个光缆之中的每一个都包括:用于从所述N个网络装置的第一个中接收光信号的一个输入,以及用于将光信号输出到所述NI个剩余网络装置的NI个光分路器。 Among the N optical cables each comprising: means for receiving an input optical signal from a first of the N network devices, and for the NI NI optical signal to the remaining network devices an optical splitter. 该NI个光分路器分割光信号以把该光信号的基本等份输出到该NI个剩余网络装置中。 The NI optical splitter splitting the optical signal to substantially equal parts of the optical signal is output to the remaining network devices NI.

[0011] 在进一步的实施例中,本发明集中于一种方法,该方法包括:在多机架路由器中的多个路由节点之一处接收包、基于该包中的信息来选择波长(其中,该波长对应于在该多机架路由器中的一个路由节点)、以及把经由具有所选波长的光信号的该包从该多机架路由器中的路由节点之第一路由节点经由具有光互连部件的交换结构传输到路由节点之第二路由节点。 [0011] In a further embodiment, the present invention focuses on a method, the method comprising: a plurality of routing nodes of multi-chassis router receives a packet at one to select the wavelength (wherein the packet based on the information this wavelength corresponds to a routing node in the multi-chassis router), and via the optical signal having the selected wavelength routing node routing packets from a first node of the multi-chassis router via interaction with light even the switch fabric to a second transfer member routing node routing nodes.

[0012] 在又进一步的实施例中,本发明被引入到一种网络装置,该装置包括多个转发节点和一组耦合这些转发节点的多路光互连部件。 [0012] In yet a further embodiment, the present invention is to be introduced to the one network device, the apparatus comprising a plurality of multiplexed optical interconnects coupling the forwarding nodes and a set of these forwarding nodes. 该网络装置在网络上连接其它装置。 The network device is connected to other devices on the network.

[0013] 在更进一步的实施例中,本发明被引入到多个被耦合到网络上的网络装置,以及一个连接在该网络上的多个网络装置的多机架网络装置。 [0013] In a further embodiment, the present invention is introduced into a plurality of multi-chassis network device coupled to a network device on the network, and a plurality of network devices connected to the network. 该多机架网络装置包括:在该网络中作为单个装置进行操作的多个节点,以及在所述多个节点之间转发数据平面包的交换结构。 The multi-chassis network device comprising: a plurality of operating nodes, and a switch fabric for forwarding data plane packets between the plurality of nodes in the network as a single unit. 该交换结构包括一组耦合这些节点的多路光互连部件。 The switch fabric includes a set of multiplexed optical interconnects coupling the nodes in the member.

[0014] 本发明的实施例可提供一个或多个的有益效果。 Example [0014] The present invention may provide one or more benefits. 例如,所描述的技术提供对多机架路由器(包括在专用机架之中的集中式交换结构)的选择。 For example, the techniques described herein provide a selection of multi-chassis router (including centralized switch fabric in a dedicated rack) a. 无需有包含集中式交换结构的专用机架,在多机架路由器中的每个机架也都可包括外部网络接口。 Without a dedicated chassis containing centralized switch fabrics, each rack in the multi-chassis router may also include an external network interface. 所说明的技术允许伸缩多机架路由器而无需限制中央定位的交换结构的带宽容量以及无需限制能在单个中央机架上物理合适的光缆连接器插孔的数量。 Techniques described herein allow a telescopic multi-chassis router without limiting bandwidth capacity and switching fabric without restricting the number can be centrally located in a single physical central rack suitable cable connector jacks. 多路技术在多机架路由器的LCC中合并多个逻辑连接,从而减少电缆连接器插孔的数量和相互连接LCC所需的光缆数量。 Multiplexing a plurality of logical connections LCC combined multi-chassis routers, thereby reducing the number of cable connector jacks and the number of interconnections required cable LCC. 这就减少了多机架路由器的物理复杂性并增加了可用于诸如外部网络接口等其它用途的物理空间。 This reduces the physical complexity of multi-chassis router and increases the physical space available for other uses, such as external network interface and the like.

[0015] 在下面的附图和说明书中将描述本发明的一个或多个实施例的细节。 [0015] The present invention is described in the accompanying drawings and the description below details of one or more embodiments. 本发明的其他特点、目的、优点将从说明书和附图,以及权利要求书中变得清楚起来。 Book Other features, objects and advantages of the present invention from the description and drawings, and from the claims will become apparent up.

附图说明[0016] 图I是服务提供商网络之中含有多机架路由器的计算环境的实例框图; BRIEF DESCRIPTION [0016] Figure I is a block diagram of an example of a service provider network in a computing environment comprises a multi-chassis router;

[0017] 图2是示出了一种示例性多机架路由器的框图; [0017] FIG. 2 is a block diagram illustrating an exemplary multi-chassis router;

[0018]图3是包括把含有多个通道的多路信号从某一交换结构加载到其它交换结构的光缆的系统的示意图; [0018] FIG. 3 is a schematic diagram of the system configuration of the cable other switch multiplex signal comprising a plurality of channels from one switch fabric to a load;

[0019] 图4是更详细示出了具有一个路由引擎和多个线卡的示例性线卡机架的框图; [0020] 图5是示出了三级网络的框图; [0019] FIG. 4 is shown in more detail a block diagram of an exemplary line card chassis having a routing engine and a plurality of line cards; [0020] FIG. 5 is a block diagram illustrating three network;

[0021] 图6是包括被配置成等分光输入信号的多个光分路器的光缆的示意图; [0021] FIG. 6 is a schematic view of a plurality of optical cable optical splitter is configured like the spectroscopic input signal comprises;

[0022] 图7是示出了包括在圆形布局中被安排的十六个线卡机架的示例性多机架路由器的框图。 [0022] FIG. 7 is a diagram illustrating a block diagram of a circular layout are arranged sixteen line card chassis of an exemplary multi-chassis router.

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

[0023] 图I是示出了服务提供商网络6之中含有多机架路由器4的网络环境2的实例的框图。 [0023] Figure I is a diagram illustrating a service provider network 6 a block diagram of a network environment in Examples 4 2 containing multi-chassis router. 为了示例性的目的,本发明的原理根据图I中简化了的网络环境2进行说明,其中,多机架路由器4与边缘路由器5A和5B( “边缘路由器5”)进行通信以提供客户网络8A〜8C( “客户网络8”)来对网络6进行访问。 For exemplary purposes, the principles of the invention according to a simplified network environment 2 in Figure I will be described, wherein the multi-chassis router 4 communicates with edge routers 5A and 5B ( "edge routers 5") to provide customer networks 8A ~8C ( "customer networks 8") to access the network 6. 多机架路由器4可与边缘路由器5交换路由选择信息以便来保留网络环境2的拓扑结构之准确表示。 Selected multi-chassis router 4 may exchange routing information with edge routers 5 in order to maintain accurate topology of the network environment 2 of FIG. 多机架路由器4可由在服务提供商网络6之中操作为单个节点的多个协作路由部件构成。 Multi-chassis router 4 by a plurality of cooperative routing components operating as a single node configuration in the service provider network 6.

[0024] 虽未示出,但服务提供商网络6可连接由其他提供商所管理的一个或多个网络,并因此可组成如互联网等大规模公共网络基础结构的一部分。 [0024] Although not illustrated, service provider network 6 may be connected by other providers managed by one or more networks, and thus form part of a large-scale public network infrastructure such as the Internet. 进而,客户网络8可视为互联网的边缘网络。 Furthermore, the customer network edge 8 can be regarded as a network of the Internet. 服务提供商网络6可在访问互联网的客户网络8中提供计算装置,并可允许客户网络8中的计算装置相互通信。 Service provider network 6 may provide computing devices in the customer network access to the Internet 8, the communication network may allow the client computing device 8 with each other. 在另一实例中,服务提供商网络6可在互联网的核心中提供网络服务。 In another example, a service provider network 6 may provide network services in the core of the internet. 在上述任一实例中,服务提供商网络6可包括各种网络装置(未示出)而不是多机架路由器4和边缘路由器5,诸如附加的路由器、交换机、服务器或者其它装置。 In any instance, service provider network 6 may include a variety of network devices (not shown) rather than multi-chassis router 4 and edge routers 5, such as additional routers, switches, servers, or other devices.

[0025] 在所示的实例中,边缘路由器5A经由访问链路9A来耦合于客户网络8A,而边缘路由器5B经由访问链路9B和9C分别耦合于客户网络8B和8C。 [0025] In the illustrated example, edge router 5A is coupled via the access link to the customer networks 9A. 8A, the edge router via the access link 5B 9B and 9C are respectively coupled to customer networks 8B and 8C. 客户网络8可为用于地理上分离的企业站点的网络。 Network Client 8 Network can be separated geographically as on a corporate site. 客户网络8可包括一个或多个的计算装置(未示出),诸如:个人电脑、便携式电脑、掌上电脑、工作站、服务器、交换机、打印机、客户数据中心或其它装置。 Customer networks 8 may include one or more computing devices (not shown), such as: personal computers, portable computers, handheld computers, workstations, servers, switches, printers, customer data centers or other devices. 图I所示的网络环境2的结构仅仅是示例性的。 Network architecture I shown in FIG 2 is merely exemplary. 例如,服务提供商网络6可耦合于任意数量的客户网络8。 For example, service provider network 6 may be coupled to any number of customer networks 8. 然而,为了便于描述,在图I中仅示出了客户网络8A〜SC。 However, for convenience of description, in FIG I shows only the customer network 8A~SC.

[0026] 与本发明的原理相一致,多机架路由器4包括多个路由节点(未在图I示出),它们物理上被耦合并构造来作为单个路由节点进行操作。 [0026] consistent with the principles of the present invention, a multi-chassis router 4 includes multiple routing nodes (not shown in the figures the I), which are physically coupled and configured to operate as a single routing node. 即,对于网络环境2的同级边缘路由器5,多机架路由器4显示为单个路由装置。 That is, a network environment similar to edge router 52, the multi-chassis router 4 appears as a single routing device. 例如,虽然多机架路由器4包括多个路由节点,但从同级边缘路由器5的角度来看,多机架路由器4具有单个网络地址并保留单个同级路由会话以用于保留与每个边缘路由器5的同级路由会话的每个路由协议。 For example, although multi-chassis router 4 includes a plurality routing nodes, but from the perspective of peer edge routers 5 of view, multi-chassis router 4 has a single network address and keep a single peer routing sessions for each edge retention each peer routing protocol routing session router 5.

[0027] 如下进一步说明,多机架路由器4的多个路由节点通过使用多路光互连部件在多机架路由器4的数据平面上转发包,S卩,网络流量。 [0027] further described below, the plurality of routing nodes multi-chassis router 4 using multiplexed optical interconnects forward the packets on the data plane of multi-chassis router 4, S Jie, network traffic. 在多机架路由器4的多个路由节点之间的控制面通信也可通过使用多路光互连或者通过其它方式发生。 Control plane communications between the multiple routing nodes of multi-chassis router 4 may also occur through optical interconnection or other means by using multiple path. 多机架路由器4包括多级交换结构,诸如3级Clos交换结构,其在通过使用多路通信经由光互连部件在这些路由节点之间中继(relay)包。 Multi-chassis router 4 includes a multi-stage switch fabric, such as a grade 3 Clos switch fabric, that relay (Relay) packets between the routing nodes via the optical interconnects using multiplexed communications. 本文所用的术语包指的既是定长又是变长数据单元。 The term packet as used herein, refers to both fixed-length and variable length data unit. 在不同的结构中,仅定长数据单元、仅变长数据单元、或者既定长又变长数据单元都可在这些路由节点之间进行中继。 In a different configuration, only the fixed-length data units, only variable-length data units, or a predetermined length and variable-length data units may be relayed between the routing nodes.

[0028] 在某一示例性结构中,交换结构的各级可以非集中的方式在多机架路由器的单独路由节点中进行分布。 [0028], a non-centralized manner levels can be distributed switch fabric in a separate routing nodes of multi-chassis router in one exemplary configuration. 例如,多机架路由器可包括多个线卡机架(LCC),其相互协作以便于操作为网络中的单个路由器,而无需包括截然不同的、集中式交换结构。 For example, multi-chassis router may include a plurality of line card chassis (the LCC), which cooperate with each other so as to operate as a single router in the network, without including a distinct, centralized switch fabric. 多级交换结构的实现可分布于LCC,而LCC可通过使用多路通信来进行通信。 Multi-stage switch fabric may be distributed to the LCC, the LCC may communicate using multiplexed communications. 另外,一个或多个中央交换结构节点,诸如交换控制机架(SCC),可并入多机架路由器。 Additionally, one or more central switching node structures, such as the switching control rack (the SCC), may be incorporated into multi-chassis router. 在任一情形中,这些路由节点之间的多路通信的使用可提供某些有益效果。 In either case, use of multiplexed communications between the routing nodes may provide certain benefits. 例如,多路通信的使用减少了为实现互连节点的交换结构所需的光缆总长度。 For example, using the multi-communication reduces the overall length of cable necessary to implement the switch fabric interconnecting the nodes. 此外,多路通信可减少每个路由节点上所需的光缆接口的数量。 In addition, multiplex communication can reduce the number of cable interfaces required on each routing node. 其结果就是,多机架路由器4可更方便进行伸缩来合并增加的路由节点数量,而无需达到或超过多机架路由器将被配置于其中的有关环境方面的任何物理尺寸限制。 The result is that the number of routing nodes, multi-chassis router 4 may more easily be scaled to incorporate an increased without meet or exceed the multi-chassis router is to be arranged in any physical size restrictions on the environment therein.

[0029] 图2是示出了一种示例性的经由网络在网络装置之间路由数据包的多机架路由器120的框图。 [0029] FIG. 2 is a block diagram illustrating an exemplary multi-chassis router via a network between a network device 120 to route packets. 多机架路由器120例如可更详细地示出图I的多机架路由器4的实例。 For example, multi-chassis router 120 of FIG. I shows an example of the multi-chassis router 4 in more detail.

[0030] 如图2所示,多机架路由器120包括多个操作为网络之中单个节点的合作的路由部件。 [0030] As shown in FIG 2, comprises a plurality of multi-chassis router 120 operates as a single node routing component cooperation among network. 在该实例中,多机架路由器120包括四个基本相同的LCC 128A〜128D(“LCC 128”)。 In this example, multi-chassis router 120 comprises four substantially identical LCC 128A~128D ( "LCC 128"). 在其它实例中,多机架路由器可包括更多或更少的LCC,并还可包括连接这些LCC的中央路由节点。 In other examples, the multi-chassis router may include more or fewer LCC, and may also include a central routing node to connect the LCC.

[0031] LCC 128之中的每一个都可用一组线卡134A〜134D(“LC134”)进行构造,其中的每一个都包括包转发引擎(PFE)以及一组一个或多个独立接口卡(IFC)(未示出)以用于到来的和离去的网络通信。 [0031] LCC 128 in each of a set of line cards available 134A~134D ( "LC134") is constructed, each of which includes a packet forwarding engine (the PFE) and a set of one or more individual interface cards ( the IFC) (not shown) for incoming and outgoing network traffic is. 在该实例中,LCC 128之中每一个都还包括:路由引擎130A〜130D( “路由引擎130”)之一,以及用于实施交换结构125A〜12®( “交换结构125”)其中的多个部分的电子器件。 In this example, in the LCC 128 each further comprising: one of the routing engine 130A~130D ( "routing engines 130"), and a switch fabric for 125A~12® embodiment ( "switch fabric 125"), wherein the plurality a portion of the electronic device.

[0032] 交换结构125提供在LCC 128之间转发包的多级交换机。 [0032] The switch fabric 125 provides a multi-stage switch to forward packets between the LCC 128. 如本文所述,交换结构125包括多路光互连部件136,其互连分布于独立的LCC 128的交换结构125A〜12®其中的那些部分。 As described herein, switch fabric 125 includes multiplexed optical interconnects 136 that interconnect distributed in those portions wherein 125A~12® independent switch fabric 128 of LCC. 在该实例中,多路光互连部件136由互连LCC 128的两组N个光缆构成,其中N表示LCC的数量,S卩,在此例中,N = 4。 In this example, multiplexed optical interconnects 136 is constituted by two sets of N fiber optic cables interconnected LCC 128, where N represents the number of LCC, S Jie, in this embodiment, N = 4. 也就是说,在此例中,每组光缆都包括四个光缆,这四个光缆之一连接于每个LCC128上的多路光输出。 That is, in this embodiment, each set comprises four fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable connected to one of these four multiplexed optical output on each LCC128. 在一个实例中,交换结构125为三级交换结构,而每一个LCC 128都包括这三级之中每一个的一部分。 In one example, switch fabric 125 is a three-stage switch structure, and each LCC 128 comprises a portion of each of the three in this. 多机架路由器120中的第一组光缆将每个LCC 128A的级I都连接到每个LCC的级2。 A first set of multi-chassis router of each cable 120 Class I LCC 128A are connected to each LCC stage 2. 在多机架路由器120中所用的第二组光缆将每个LCC128的级2都连接到每个LCC的级3。 The second group of cable in multi-chassis router 120 used in each stage LCC128 2 are connected to stage 3 of each LCC. 如下进一步说明,对于该交换结构的每一级,给定的LCC 128,诸如LCC 128A,可通过使用单个光缆来输出多路通信方式来与其它LCC(如LCC 128B〜128D)之中的每一个都进行通信。 Further described below, for each stage of the switch fabric, a given LCC 128, such as LCC 128A, may output multiplex communication using a single cable by the LCC to the other (eg LCC 128B~128D) in each of all communicate. 以这种方式,不是用2N2个光缆,而是仅用2N个光缆就可提供互连多机架路由器120中的N个路由节点(LCC 128)的3级交换结构。 In this manner, not by 2N2 fiber optic cables, but only 2N optical fiber cables can be interconnected to provide three-stage multi-chassis router of N switch fabric routing node (LCC 128) of 120. 在其它实施例中,或多或少的光缆都可用于连接交换结构125的不同部分。 In other embodiments, more or less may be used to connect the cable to exchange the different parts of the structure 125.

[0033] 继续用图2的实例,多路光互连部件136总共包括八个光缆。 [0033] continue to use the example of Figure 2, multiplexed optical interconnects 136 include a total of eight fiber optic cables. 例如,这八个光缆之中每一个都可基本类似于图3中的光互连部件136A。 For example, among the eight fiber optic cable may each be substantially similar to optical interconnect 136A of FIG. 3. 用于每个LCC 128的交换结构125都包括两个多路光输出,即,一个输出是用于从交换结构的第一级到第二级的通信,而另一个输出是用于从第二级到第三级的通信。 Switching fabric 125 for each LCC 128 includes two multiplexed optical outputs, i.e., one output for communications from the first stage to the second stage of the switch fabric, and the other is an output from the second stage to the third stage of the communication. 用于四个LCC 128的八个多路光输出之中的每一个都连接到八个光互连部件136之中的不同一个。 LCC for four eight multiplexed optical outputs among 128 are each connected to a different among the eight optical interconnects 136. LCC 128每个都还有六个输入以从其它LCC128接收信号。 Each LCC 128 there are six inputs to receive signals from other LCC128. 每个光缆都包括三个光分路器,它们将光信号分布到其它LCC 128的输入。 Each cable includes three optical splitter, the optical signals are distributed to the other input 128 of the LCC. 在一些实施例中,光缆的光分路器被构造来在连接于该光缆的所有光分路器之中输出基本等份的光信号。 In some embodiments, the cable optical splitter is configured to output light signal is substantially equal parts among all the optical taps connected to the cable. 在一实施例中,LCC 128通过传输相同光信号的不同波长通道来输出多路通信。 In one embodiment, LCC 128 outputs the multiplex communication channel optical signals of different wavelengths through the same transmission. 发往特定一个LCC 128的波长通道在这一个LCC 128之处被光学隔离,以从用于其它LCC 128的光通道中把相关通道分离。 A channel destined for a specific wavelength LCC 128 is isolated at the one of the optical LCC 128, to another LCC for light from channel 128 of the associated separation channel. 也可使用其它形式的多路技术,诸如时分多路技术(TDM)。 Also use other forms of multiplexing, such as time division multiplexing (TDM).

[0034] 路由引擎130A〜130D( “路由引擎130”)控制通过多机架路由器120转发的包。 [0034] Routing Engine 130A~130D ( "routing engines 130") control by the multi-chassis router forwarding packets 120. 单独的光缆137可被用来在路由引擎130之间共享控制面信息。 The individual cables 137 can be used to share control plane information between routing engine 130. 例如,路由引擎可经由光缆137相互进行通信以交换路由选择信息、状态信息、结构数据以及其它信息。 For example, the routing engine 137 can communicate with each other via a cable to exchange routing information, state information, configuration data, and other information. 例如,该路由选择信息可包括:描述经由该网络的各种路由的路由数据,还有在用于每个路由的网络中指示合适相邻装置的下一跃距数据。 For example, the routing information may include: data describing the various routing via the routing network, as well as indicating the appropriate next hop neighboring devices in a network data for each route. 路由引擎130更新路由选择信息来准确反映当前的网络拓扑结构。 Routing engine 130 updates the routing information to accurately reflect the current network topology. 类似于光互连部件136,其用于在LCC 128之间中继数据平面流量,光缆137也可为多路光互联。 Similar to the optical interconnection member 136, which is for relaying data plane traffic, fiber optic cable 137 may also be multiplexed optical interconnects between 128 LCC.

[0035] 路由引擎130还使用路由选择信息来导出转发信息库(forwarding informationbases简称FIB)。 [0035] The routing engine 130 also uses routing information to derive a forwarding information base (forwarding informationbases referred to as FIB). 路由引擎130在每个LCC128之中都安装FIB。 Routing Engine 130 are installed in each LCC128 FIB. 用于LCC 128之一的FIB可相同或不同于其它LCC 128的FIB。 128 FIB for one of the LCC may be the same or different from the other LCC 128 of FIB. 路由引擎130可经由光缆137进行通信来协调FIB安装。 The routing engine 130 may communicate via cables 137 to coordinate FIB installation. 因为光缆137提供专用连接,即从在LCC 128之间由多路光互连部件136所提供的数据包转发连接中分离出来的连接,所以,路由引擎130之中的FIB无需中断执行多机架路由器120的包转发就可进行更新。 Because cables 137 provide a dedicated connection, i.e., from the connection between separated in the LCC 128 by the packet multiplexed optical interconnects 136 provided in the connector, so that, among the FIB without interrupting the routing engine 130 performs the multi-chassis forwarding the packet router 120 can be updated.

[0036] 下例示出了多机架路由器120的包转发操作。 The [0036] Example illustrates a multi-chassis router 120. The packet forwarding operations. 到来的包首先由例如LC 134B的LC134的一个IFC从网络中接收,该LC 134将其引入到其PFE之一,后文称为所接收的PFE。 LC arrival of the packet a first example of LC134 134B is received by the IFC from the network, the LC 134 which is incorporated into one of the PFE, hereinafter referred to as the received PFE. 所接收的PFE然后就通过使用在LCC上的如路由引擎130B的路由引擎所提供的FIB来确定用于数据包的下一跃距。 The receiving PFE then determines a next hop for the data packet from the FIB by using the routing engine on the LCC, such as routing engine 130B is provided. 如果该数据包在与初始接收该包的IFC相同的一个LCC 128上被发往一条离去的链路,所接收的PFE就转发该包到所述离去的链路。 If the packet at the same IFC initially received the packet is sent on a link leaving a LCC 128, the receiving PFE forwards the packet to the leaving link. 以此方式,在已被该网络所接收的相同PFE上发出的包就绕过交换结构125。 In this manner, packets sent on the same PFE has been received by the network switch fabric 125 bypassing.

[0037] 否则,所接收的PFE将该数据包发送到交换结构125,其中,它被分布到正确的离去的LCC之中,即LCC 128之一。 [0037] Otherwise, the PFE the received data packet is sent to the switch fabric 125, where it is distributed into the correct leave the LCC, i.e. one LCC 128. 在LCC 128所离去的LCC中,该数据包就被转发到离去的PFE。 In the LCC Suo leave the LCC 128, the packet is forwarded to leave PFE. 在一些实施例中,数据包在所接收的PFE之处被分成更小的定长数据单元。 In some embodiments, the packets are divided into smaller fixed-length data units at the receiving PFE. 然后,这些定长数据单元就可被分别地发送给所述离去的PFE,其中,它们被重新汇编成原始的、更大的数据包。 Then, these fixed-length data units can be separately sent to the leaving of the PFE, where they are reassembled into the original, larger packet. 这些更小的定长数据单元并不是每个都沿着所接收的PFE和所述离去的PFE之间的相同路径。 These smaller fixed length data unit is not the same along each path between the receiving PFE and the leaving of PFE. 这些实施例可提供比在交换结构125上进行转发之前未被分割的更大数据包的实施例对交换结构125更有效的利用。 These embodiments may provide a larger ratio in Example data packet is not divided prior to forwarding over switch fabric 125 in a more efficient utilization of switch fabric 125. 离去的PFE经由某一个LC 134上的IFC之一将数据包输出到适当的下一跃距。 IFC via one outgoing PFE on one LC 134 outputs the packet to the appropriate next hop. 因此,由LCC 128之一所接收的、到来的包就可被另一个LCC 128沿着该包的最终目的之路由而发送到下一跃距。 Thus, one received by the LCC 128, arrival of the packet can be transmitted to another LCC 128 along the route to the final object of the next hop of the packet. 以与本发明的原理一致的方式进行操作的其它多机架路由器可使用不同的交换和路由机构。 Other multi-chassis router to operate consistent with the principles of the present invention may use different switching and routing mechanisms.

[0038] 多机架路由器120,尤其是LCC 128可包括硬件、固件和/或软件,并可包括处理器、控制单元、离散的硬件电路或者用于执行从计算机可读介质中所提取的指令的其它逻辑电路。 [0038] The multi-chassis router 120, in particular LCC 128 may include hardware, firmware and / or software, and may include processors, control units, discrete hardware circuitry for executing instructions or extracted from a computer-readable medium other logic circuits. 这些介质的实例包括:硬盘、闪存、随机存取存储器(RAM)、只读存储器(ROM)、非易失性随机存取存储器(NVRAM)、电可擦除可编程只读存储器(EEPROM)等等。 Examples of these media include: a hard disk, a flash memory, a random access memory (RAM), a read only memory (ROM), nonvolatile random access memory (NVRAM), electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM), etc. Wait.

[0039] 在多机架路由器120被描述为具有四个节点且每个节点都拥有三级交换结构的一部分的同时,其它实施例也可包括或多或少的节点,和/或具有比位于多于一个节点之上的大约三级的交换结构。 Node [0039] In the multi-chassis router 120 is described as having four nodes and each node has a portion of the three-stage switch structure, while other embodiments may comprise more or less, and / or positioned than on more than one node switch fabric of approximately three. 在这些实施例之任一个中,成组的光缆可用于在多机架路由器的不同节点之中连接交换结构的不同级。 In any of these embodiments, the cable group can be used to connect different stages of the switch fabric among different nodes of multi-chassis router. 例如,在具有N个节点的多机架路由器中,包括用于N个节点之每一个的某一个光缆的第一组N个光缆可被用于将该交换结构的第一级耦合到第二级。 A first set of N fiber optic cables for example, in a multi-chassis router having N nodes, including one cable for each of the N nodes may be used in the first stage of the switch fabric coupled to the second level. 包括用于N个节点之每一个的某一个光缆的第二组N个光缆可被用于将该交换结构的第二级耦合到第三级,从而使得2N个光缆在多机架路由器120的数据平面中执行三级交换结构。 A fiber optic cable comprising one of each of the N nodes of the second set of N fiber optic cables may be used for the exchange coupling structure of the second stage to the third stage, so that the 2N optical cables of the multi-chassis router 120 three plane structure data exchange is performed. N个光缆中的每一个都可包括:用于从N个节点之第一个中接收光信号的单个输入,以及用于将该光信号输出到所剩余的节点之中的NI个光分路器。 The N fiber optic cables may each comprising: a single input for receiving an optical signal from a first of the N nodes, and a node in an optical signal to the remaining optical taps NI device. 扩展这一结构到任何包括M级的交换结构,其中M至少是2,这就提供了MI组光缆或者更具体来说,总共NX (MI)个光缆。 Extending this configuration to any switch fabric including M stages, where M is at least 2, which provides the MI cable or, more specifically, a total of NX (MI) fiber optic cables.

[0040] 图3是更详细示出了图2 —部分的示意图,并示在光互连部件136A上把多路信号240输出到交换结构125B〜12®的交换结构125A。 [0040] FIG. 3 is a more detailed diagram showing a 2 - a schematic section, and illustrating the optical interconnection member 136A in the multi-channel signal 240 is output to the switch fabric of the switch fabric 125A 125B~12®. 光互连部件136A经由光分路器283A〜283C( “光分路器283”)将多路信号分布给交换结构125B〜12®。 Optical interconnect 136A ( "optical taps 283") the multiplexed signal is distributed to the switch fabric via the optical splitter 125B~12® 283A~283C.

[0041] 交换结构125A包括光信号发射器281。 [0041] The switching fabric 125A includes optical signal transmitter 281. 光信号发射器281发射含有具备不同波长的多个通道的光信号。 An optical signal emitter 281 emits an optical signal comprising a plurality of channels with different wavelengths. 例如,光信号发射器281可使用用于每个不同波长的激光。 For example, the optical signal transmitter 281 may be used for each of the different laser wavelengths. 在图3所示的实例中,光信号发射器281能够发射包括高达三个波长的光信号-其对应于每一个交换结构125B〜125D0 In the example shown in FIG. 3, the optical signal transmitter 281 capable of transmitting an optical signal including up to three wavelengths - which corresponds to each of the switch fabric 125B~125D0

[0042] 在多路转换器282中多个波长被物理组合成单个光信号240。 [0042] are combined in a plurality of physical wavelength multiplexer 282 into a single optical signal 240. 从多路转换器282中,光信号240经由光缆连接器237而进入光缆236。 From multiplexer 282, optical signal 240 via a fiber optic cable connector 237 into the cable 236. 光信号240毫无妨碍地穿过光纤239直到光信号240到达光分路器283A。 Without prejudice to the optical signal 240 through the optical fiber 239 until optical signal 240 reaches the splitter 283A. 为了允许毫无妨碍的通过,光纤239例如可由具有适合光通信特征的玻璃或塑料制成。 In order to allow without hindrance by, for example, an optical fiber 239 made of glass or plastic having suitable characteristics of optical communication.

[0043] 光分路器283A从光纤239重新导入光信号240的第一部分241A。 [0043] The optical splitter 239 re-introduced into the optical fiber 283A from the optical signal of the first portion 241A 240. 光信号240的第一部分241A相同于初始光信号240,除了光信号240的第一部分241A具有比初始光信号240更低的密度之外。 Optical signal 240 is identical to the first portion 241A initial optical signal 240, the optical signal 240 in addition to the first portion 241A has a density lower than the original optical signal 240 outside. 光信号240的第一部分241A穿过波长滤波器284A,其过滤出对应于通信通道但不被导入到交换结构125B的波长以隔离含有企图发往交换结构125B的信息的光通道。 A first portion of the optical signal 240 passes through the wavelength filter 241A 284A, which corresponds to the filtered communication channels, but not the wavelength is introduced into the switch fabric 125B to isolate containing structure intended for switch light channel information 125B. 含有所企图发往交换结构125B的信息的波长可保持相同,从而使滤波器284A总是隔离相同的波长而不管光信号240的内容如何。 Containing the attempt to exchange information sent to the wavelength of the structure 125B may remain the same, such that filter 284A always the same wavelength isolation regardless of how the contents of the optical signal 240.

[0044] 检测器285A检测所滤波的、光信号240的第一部分241A。 [0044] Detector 285A detects the filtered optical signal of the first portion 241A 240. 例如,检测器285A可为:P通道的、固有的(intrinsic)、n通道检测器(PIN检测器),雪崩光电二极管(avalanchephotodiode简称APD)或者其它检测器。 For example, detector 285A may be: P channel, the inherent (intrinsic), n-channel detector (PIN detector), an avalanche photodiode (avalanchephotodiode abbreviated APD) or other detector. 检测器285A将所滤波的、光信号240的第一部分241A转换成电信号,检测器285A将其与交换结构125B进行通信。 Detector 285A converts the filtered optical signal 240 of the first portion 241A into an electrical signal, which detector 285A communicates to switch fabrics 125B.

[0045] 在分接点241A之后,光信号240沿着光纤239继续向前直到光信号240到达光分路器283B。 [0045] After the tapping point 241A, optical signal 240 continues along optical fiber 239 until optical signal 240 reaches the forward optical splitter 283B. 光分路器283B使第二部分241B从光信号240转向。 Optical splitter 283B of the second portion 241B from optical signal 240 turn. 第二部分241B由波长滤波器284B进行滤波。 The second part 241B is filtered by wavelength filter 284B. 类似于波长滤波器284A,波长滤波器284B隔离含有企图发往交换结构125C的信息的通道。 Similar wavelength filter 284A, wavelength filter 284B attempt to isolate containing the channel information sent to the switch fabrics 125C. 一般来说,波长滤波器284B隔离不同于波长滤波器284A和284C的通道。 In general, different from the wavelength separator filter 284B and the channel wavelength filters 284A to 284C. 所滤波的第二部分241B由检测器285B进行检测,然后检测器285B把对应的电信号转发到交换结构125C。 The filtered second portion 241B is detected by detector 285B, the detector 285B then forwards a corresponding electrical signal to switch fabrics 125C.

[0046] 在光分路器283B之后,241C部分是光纤239中光信号240所有剩余部分。 [0046] After the optical splitter 283B, 241C all of the remaining portion of portion 240 is the optical signal fiber 239. 整个241C部分都由光分接点283C采集并由波长滤波器284C滤波。 The entire portion 241C 283C acquired by the optical tapping point by filtering the wavelength filter 284C. 所滤波的第二部分241C由检测器285C进行检测,然后,检测器285C把对应的电信号转发到交换结构12®。 The filtered second portion 241C is detected by detector 285C, and detector 285C corresponding to the electrical signal is forwarded to the switch fabric 12®.

[0047] 在示例性实施例中,光分路器283被构造以基本相等地分割光信号240。 [0047] In an exemplary embodiment, an optical splitter 283 is configured to substantially equally divide the optical signal 240. 在此例中,光分路器283A去除三分之一的光信号240而光分路器283B又去除所剩三分之二光信号240中的一半。 In this embodiment, the optical splitter 283A and 283B is removed and half of the remaining two-thirds of optical signal 240 in the third optical splitter 240 is removed optical signal. 这就留下三分之一光信号240给光分路器283C,其全部消耗掉作为241C部分的、所剩余的三分之一光信号240。 This leaves one-third of optical signal 240 to optical splitter 283C, all of which consume a portion 241C, the remaining third optical signal 240.

[0048] 滤波器284A〜284C以及检测器285A〜285C可或为光互连部件136A的一部分或为交换结构125的一部分,或这两者的组合。 [0048] 284A~284C filter and a detector 285A~285C structure 125 may be part of the exchange, or a combination, or as part of optical interconnect 136A, or to both. 类似地,多路转换器282既可是光互连部件136A的一部分也可为交换结构125A的一部分,或这两者的组合。 Similarly, multiplexer 282 may be either part of the structure may exchange 125A, or a combination of both a part of optical interconnect 136A.

[0049] 图4是示出了包括线卡机架(LCC) 328A的详细视图的示例性多机架路由器320的框图,其表示多机架路由器的一个路由节点。 [0049] FIG. 4 is a block diagram illustrating an exemplary multi-chassis router 320 including a detailed view of a line card chassis (LCC) 328A of which represents one routing node of the multi-chassis router. 其它路由节点,即,LCC 328B〜LCC 328D都通常类似于LCC328A。 Other routing nodes, i.e., LCC 328B~LCC 328D are generally similar LCC328A. 进一步来说,多机架路由器320可类似或相同于图2的多机架路由器120。 Further, multi-chassis router 320 may be similar or identical to the multi-chassis router 120 of FIG. 2. 为了简洁,有关与多机架路由器120相同的多机架路由器320所描述的细节不在图4中详细说明。 For brevity, the details relating to the same multi-chassis router 120 of the multi-chassis router 320 is not described in detail in FIG. 4.

[0050] 在此实例中,LCC 328A包括路由引擎330A和四个线卡(LC)SSAA1〜334A4( “LC334A”)。 [0050] In this example, LCC 328A includes routing engine 330A and four line cards (LC) SSAA1~334A4 ( "LC334A"). 在LCC 328A中的每个LC 334A都包括包转发引擎(PFE) 332A。 Each LC 334A in LCC 328A includes a packet in the forwarding engine (PFE) 332A. 每个LC 334A都进一步包括一组接口卡(IFC) 368A,其提供用于接收包和发送包到外部网络的物理接口。 Each LC 334A further comprises a set of all interface cards (IFC) 368A, which provides for the received packet and send the packet to the physical interface to the external network. 每个LC 334A还都包括LC控制器366A,其根据来自于路由引擎330A的指令而在LC 334A中执行控制功能。 Each LC 334A further comprises a LC controller 366A, which performs control functions in the LC 334A according to instructions from routing engine 330A in the.

[0051] 当LC 334Ai上的IFC之一368Ai接收到来的数据包时,IFC 368Ai就转发所述到来的数据包给PFE 332A10 PFE 332A:就确定所到来的数据包是否具有要求该数据包转发到LCC 328A的IFC之一368Ai的目的,或者要求该数据包根据路由引擎330A所提供的FIB转发到在多机架路由器320中的另一IFC。 [0051] When one of the IFC LC 334Ai 368Ai receiving incoming packets, IFC 368Ai forwards the incoming data packet to PFE 332A10 PFE 332A: determines whether the incoming data packet having the packet is forwarded to the requirements one IFC LCC 328A 368Ai of the object, or require the packet is forwarded to another IFC in multi-chassis router 320 according to the FIB provided by routing engine 330A. 如果所到来的数据包将由LCC 328A的IFC之任一368Ai输出,PFE 332Ai就转发该数据包到IFC之一个适当368Alt)如果不这样的话,PFE3324就转发该数据包到交换结构部分325A以经由多路光互连部件而中继到不同的LCC328。 If the incoming data packets by any IFC of LCC 328A to a 368Ai output, PFE 332Ai forwards the packet to a IFC of suitable 368Alt) if not so, PFE3324 forwards the data packet to switch fabric portion 325A via a multiple optical interconnects and the relay to a different LCC328.

[0052] 交换结构部分325A及其驻留在LCC 328B〜328D中的类似交换结构部分构成三级交换结构。 Switching portion 325A and similar moieties resident in the LCC 328B~328D [0052] structure composed of three exchange switch fabric. 例如,该三级交换结构可为每级中都包括多个纵横交换机的Clos网络。 For example, the structure may be exchanged for each three stage Clos network comprises a plurality of crossbar switches. LCC328A〜328D (LCC 328)中的每一个都包括这三级中每一个的一部分。 LCC328A~328D in (LCC 328) each include a portion of each of the three stages. 如交换结构部分325A所示,将从LC 334仏关联的数据包首先被发送到级I交换机372A以传输到级2交换机。 As shown in the switch fabric portion 325A, from the LC 334 Fo associated data packet is transmitted to the first stage I the switch 372A for transmission to a stage 2 switch. 级I交换机372A可为纵横交换机或者其它交换机。 Class I switch 372A may be a crossbar switch or other switches. 在其它实施例中,LCC 328A上的级I的一部分可包括一个以上纵横交换机。 In other embodiments, a portion of the stage I on LCC 328A may comprise more than one crossbar switch. 该交换结构的级I的其它NI个部分类似地位于LCC328B 〜328D。 Class I NI other portions of the switch structure is located LCC328B ~328D similarly.

[0053] 一旦由级I交换机372A接收,包就被导入到多机架路由器320的LCC 328之一中的交换结构的第二级。 [0053] Upon receiving the I-stage switches 372A, packet is introduced into a second-stage switch fabric in one of LCC 328 of multi-chassis router 320. 例如,该数据包可被导入到级2交换机374A,其位于LCC 328A的交换结构部分325A的内部,在此情形中,该包并不经由多路光通信而被中继到LCC 328之不同的一个。 For example, the packet may be introduced to stage 2 switch 374A, which is located inside the switch fabric portion 325A of LCC 328A is, in this case, the packet is not multiplexed optical communications via relayed to a different LCC 328 of the One. 否则,该数据包由发射器381A作为光信号进行加密并由多路转换器382A传输到LCC 328B〜328D之一中的级2交换结构部分。 Otherwise, the packet by a transmitter encrypts 381A as an optical signal by the multiplexer is transmitted to one of the LCC 328B~328D stage 2 switch fabric portion 382A. 控制发射器381A来使用对应于该数据包企图发往的LCC 328B〜328D之一上的下游波长滤波器的波长。 LCC 381A is used to control transmitter corresponding to the data packet destined for a wavelength attempt downstream wavelength filter on the one 328B~328D.

[0054] 如图4所示,级2交换机374A不仅从交换机372A接收包,而且从位于LCC 328B〜328D之上的类似于级I交换机接收包。 [0054] As shown, stage 2 switch 374A not only receives packets from switch 372A 4, and positioned above the LCC 328B~328D received from the packet switch similar level I. 输入384A〜384C( “输入384”)经由光缆接收来自于位于LCC 328B〜328D之上的级I部分的包。 Input 384A~384C ( "inputs 384") via an optical cable to receive packets from the stage located above the LCC 328B~328D I portion. 每个输入384都耦合于不同光缆的光分路器并从LCC 328B〜328D中的不同一个接收光信号。 Each input 384 is coupled to a different optical splitter and an optical cable receive optical signals from the various LCC 328B~328D. 光信号在输入384之处进行滤波以隔离对应于企图发往级2交换机374A的数据包的波长。 To isolate the optical signal is filtered at the input 384 of a wavelength corresponding to attempt packet sent to the 2-stage switch 374A. 在级2交换机374A之处接收的数据包或是直接转发到级3交换机376A,或是经由发射器381B和多路转换器382B而被中继到位于LCC 328B〜328D的级3交换机。 Received at stage 2 switch 374A of the packet or forwarded directly to stage 3 switch 376A, or 381B via the transmitter and multiplexer 382B is relayed to an LCC 328B~328D stage 3 switch.

[0055] 输入385A〜385C( “输入385”)经由光缆从位于LCC328B-328D的级2交换机接收包。 [0055] Input 385A~385C ( "inputs 385") receives a packet via a cable located LCC328B-328D from the level 2 switches. 类似于输入384,每个输入385都耦合于不同光缆的光分路器并从LCC 328B〜328D中的不同一个接收光信号。 Similar to the input 384, 385 are coupled to each input optical splitter and a fiber optic cable different receive optical signals from the various LCC 328B~328D. 这些光信号在输入385处进行滤波以隔离对应于企图发往级3交换机376A的数据包的波长。 The optical signal is filtered to isolate the input 385 corresponding to the wavelength level to attempt to send the packet switch 376A 3.

[0056] 级3交换机376A包括连接到在LC 334A上的每个PFE 332A的离散输出(未示出)。 [0056] stage 3 switch 376A includes a connection to each LC 334A PFE 332A on the discrete output (not shown). 级3交换机376A所接收的包对应于该包目的所要求的一组IFC 368A而被导入到PFE332A。 Stage 3 switch 376A corresponding to the received packet of the packet group IFC 368A requested object is introduced into PFE332A. 举例来说,如果包被PFE 332Ai所接收,则PFE 332Ai根据该包目的来转发该包到这一组IFC 368A中的一个。 For example, if the packet is received by PFE 332Ai, the PFE 332Ai to forward the packet to the packet according to a purpose of this group IFC 368A.

[0057] 图5是示出了三级交换网络470的逻辑表示的框图。 [0057] FIG. 5 is a block diagram illustrating a three-stage switch network 470 logical representation. 例如,三级网络470可逻辑表示图2的交换结构125。 For example, three network 470 may represent a logical switch fabric 125 of FIG. 2. 如由虚线425A〜425N所表示,网络470的这三个级通过多机架路由器的路由节点(“路由节点425”)进行分布。 425A~425N As indicated by a broken line, the three stages of the network 470 is distributed by the routing nodes of multi-chassis router ( "routing nodes 425"). 网络470的这三级包括:由纵横交换机(crossbar switch) 472A〜472N(统称“交换机472”)构成的级1,由纵横交换机474A〜474N(统称“交换机474”)构成的级2,以及由纵横交换机476A〜476N(统称“交换机476”)构成的级3。 Network 470 comprises three stages: a crossbar switch (crossbar switch) 472A~472N (collectively "switches 472") constituting a stage, by the crossbar switch 474A~474N (collectively "switches 474"), stage 2 consisting of, and the the crossbar switch 476A~476N (collectively "switches 476") composed of three stages. 交换机472经由输入478A〜478N(统称“输入478”)接收数据包。 Switch 472 via an input 478A~478N (collectively "inputs 478") receive the data packet. 交换机476经由输出480A〜480N(统称“输出480”)中继该数据包。 Switch 476 (collectively, the "output 480") via the output 480A~480N relay the data packet. 如图5所示,三级网络470的每一级都包括相同数量的纵横交换机。 5, each of the three networks 470 comprise a same number of crossbar switches. 在其它实施例中,这些级可包括不同数量的纵横交换机。 In other embodiments, the stages may include a different number of crossbar switches. 例如,级2可包括比级I或级3更多的纵横交换机以减少或消除输入478中的开放输入能被输出480的开放输出所阻碍的这种可能性。 For example, stage 2 may include more than three or more Class I crossbar switch input to reduce or eliminate the input opening 478 can be output in an output 480 that open the possibility of obstruction. 在级2中的这些额外的纵横交换机可位于交换结构425或其它地方之中。 These extra crossbar switches in stage 2 switch fabric 425 may be located elsewhere in or.

[0058] 为了建立通过网络470从输入478之一到所需的输出480的路径,与所接收的输A 478相关的交换机472之一确定可用的级2交换机,其允许路径连接到包括所需输出480的级3交换机476。 [0058] In order to establish via network 470 from the input 478 to the output of one of the desired path 480, 478, one associated with the received input A switch 472 determines an available stage 2 switch that allows a connection path to the required comprising the output stage 3 switch 480 476. 例如,假设由交换机472A所接收的包被中继到在交换机476A上的输出480之一。 For example, the switch 472A is assumed to be relayed by the received packet to one of the output switch 480 on the 476A. 交换机472A利用到交换机472A和交换机476A这两者的开放连接来选择任一交换机474。 Switch 472A selects any use of a switch 474 is connected to the opening 476A that both switch 472A and switch. 假设交换机472A选择交换机474B。 Suppose select switch 472A switches 474B. 一旦交换机474B接收到数据包,交换机474B就确定到交换机476A的可用路径并转发该数据包到交换机476A。 Once switch 474B receives the data packet, switch 474B determines to switch 476A available path and forwards the packet to the switch 476A. 例如,交换机474B可具有多于一个到交换机476A的开放路径。 For example, switch 474B may have more than one open path to switch 476A is.

[0059] 如本文所述,在多个级之间的这些连接利用光多路技术,并且源自相同交换机的多个(如,源自交换机472A的NI个路径)到级2交换机474A-N的路径,表示由相同光互连部件携带的不同波长所定义的NI个通道。 [0059] As described herein, these connections using optical multiplexing among a plurality of stages, and from a plurality of identical switches (e.g., switch 472A from the paths NI) to stage 2 switches 474A-N path, represented carried by the same optical interconnect different wavelength channels defined by the NI. 网络470中的每个交换机都可确定可用于包的路径。 Network switch 470 may determine a path for each packet may be used. 以此方式,由级I中的交换机472所接收的数据包可穿过将被级3中所需交换机、476所接收的、级2中的任一交换机474。 In this manner, the I-stage 472 switches the received packet may be required to traverse the switch stage 3, any received 476, a stage 2 switch 474.

[0060] 交换结构被描述为包含三级交换网络的同时,在其它实施例中的交换结构也可包含不同的交换结构。 [0060] At the same time the switch fabric is described as comprising three switching network, a switch fabric in other embodiments may also comprise different switching structure. 例如,在三级网络中的第二级可被另一个三级网络所替代,从而组成五级网络。 For example, in a three-stage network it may be replaced by a second three other networks, thereby constituting five network. 还有可能是其它的构造的交换结构。 There may be other configurations of the switch fabric.

[0061] 图6是示出了用于具有十六个路由节点(即,N= 16)的多机架路由器的单个光缆536的示意图。 [0061] FIG. 6 is a diagram for illustrating a route having sixteen nodes (i.e., N = 16) of the multi-chassis router 536 is a schematic view of a single cable. 在此实例中,光缆536具有十五个光分路器592A〜5920 (“光分路器592”),这对于光缆整体来说是必备的。 In this example, the cable 536 has fifteen optical taps 592A~5920 ( "optical taps 592"), which is essential for the overall cable. 光分路器592在光缆536上被构造来等分从发射器581和多路转换器582所接收的光信号的光能。 Optical splitter 592 on the cable 536 is configured to equally divide the optical signal from the light emitter 581 and received by multiplexer 582. 光缆536图示成耦合于波长滤波器和检测器组合件584A-5840( “组合件584”)。 536 illustrates a fiber optic cable to be coupled to wavelength filter and detector assemblies 584A-5840 ( "assemblies 584"). 组合件584隔离含在该光信号中的数据的通道,并转发所隔离的通道到诸如多机架路由器中的节点等网络装置。 Isolation assembly 584 comprising the optical channel data signal and forward the isolated channel to a multi-chassis router as other nodes in the network device. 在此实例中,因为有十五个光分路器592来等分光信号,所以,每个光分路器592都被设计来去除由发射器581传输的初始光信号的整个信号强度的十五分之一。 In this example, because there are fifteen optical taps 592 to other spectral signals, so that each optical tap 592 is designed to remove the entire signal strength of the original optical signal transmitted by the transmitter 581 fifteen one points.

[0062] 实现等分光信号的结构如下。 Structure [0062] The realization of the spectroscopic signals as follows. 光分路器592A去除其所接收的信号的十五分之一。 Optical splitter 592A remove one-fifteenth of the signal it receives. 然而,因为每个所剩余的光分路器592的信号强度都降低了,所以每个后续的光分路器592都去除更大一部分的所剩信号强度。 However, since each of the remaining light intensity signal splitter 592 are reduced, each subsequent optical tap 592 removed the remaining part of the larger signal strength. 具体来说,每个光分路器592都按公式I去除一定比例的所剩信号强度: Specifically, each optical tap 592 is removed according to the formula I a certain proportion of the remaining signal strength:

[0063] P = I/Nr, (公式I) [0063] P = I / Nr, (Formula I)

[0064] 其中,P等于偏向该光分路器的光能之比例,而队等于该光缆的剩余分接点的数量。 [0064] wherein, P is equal to the ratio of the light deflecting the optical splitter, and the number of remaining teams is equal to the tapping points of the cable.

[0065] 公式I说明了上游光分路器在确定任一光分路器处去除的光信号比例的过程中并不需要被考虑。 [0065] Formula I illustrates the upstream optical splitter does not need to be taken into account when determining the ratio of the optical signal at any of the optical splitter are removed. 相反,仅仅重点考虑剩余下游光分路器的个数。 Instead, only the key consideration the number of remaining downstream optical splitter. 这就意味着,在光缆536上的光分路器可从最接近于发射器581的光缆536的末端中去除,而无需干扰剩余的光分路器592的平均的分布。 This means that optical taps on the cable 536 may be removed from the end closest to the transmitter 581 in cable 536, without disturbing the even distribution of the remaining optical splitter 592. 类似地,附加的光分路器可被添加到最接近于发射器581的光缆536的末端,而同时维持在光分路器592和任一新光分路器之间平均的分布。 Likewise, additional optical taps may be added to the end closest to the emitter 536 of the cable 581, while maintaining the even distribution between a Sunbeam splitter 592 and the optical splitter of any. 作为实例,被添加到最接近于发射器581的光缆536末端的第一光分路器会需要用光分路器592去除信号强度的十六分之一以具有平均的分布。 As an example, it is added to the cable 536 581 closest to an end of the first emitter optical splitter optical splitter 592 may require the removal of one-sixteenth of the signal strength to have an average distribution.

[0066] 随后,如上例所示,可以更小的子部制造光缆536。 [0066] Subsequently, as shown, may be smaller subsections manufacturing an optical cable 536 in the above example. 这可用于多机架路由器的升级,其中,新的节点被添加到预先存在的系统之中。 This can be used to upgrade the multi-chassis router, wherein the new node is added into the pre-existing system. 例如,包括四个节点的多机架路由器可使用仅包括如图6的光分路器592M〜5920的三个光分路器的光缆。 E.g., including four nodes using the multi-chassis router may include only three optical splitter optical splitter 6 of FIG 592M~5920 cable. 如果该多机架路由器被扩展到包括八个节点,则要求有具备七个光分路器的光缆。 If the multi-chassis router were expanded to include eight nodes, it requires seven optical fiber cable comprising an optical splitter. 包括如光分路器5921〜592L的更多四个光分路器的光缆的部会被添加到光缆的上游侧以生成具有七个光分路器的光缆,从而提供到如光分路器5921〜5920的这些光分路器的平均的信号分布。 The portion of the cable including four more optical splitter optical splitter 5921~592L will be added to the upstream side of the cable to generate a seven optical splitter cable, thereby providing the optical splitter 5921 the average distribution of the light signal splitter of ~5920. 只要光信号强度仍然适合的话,这一技术能用于扩展光缆以包括任意数量的光分路器,而同时维持在该光缆上的所有光分路器之间的光信号的平均分布,从而便于多机架路由器的伸缩。 As long as the optical signal strength is still appropriate, this technique can be used to extend the cable to include any number of optical splitter, while an optical signal is evenly distributed between the cable is maintained at all of the light splitter, to facilitate multi telescopic chassis router.

[0067] 图7是示出了包括被安排在圆形布局中的十六个LCC 628A〜628P(LCC 628)于其中的多机架路由器640实施例的俯视图。 [0067] FIG. 7 is a top view illustrating the arrangement comprising a circular layout in FIG LCC 628A~628P sixteen multi-chassis router 640 in which an embodiment (LCC 628). 多机架路由器640以基本类似于图2的多机架路由器120的方式进行操作。 Multi-chassis router 640 operates in a manner as multi-chassis router 120 is substantially similar to FIG. 2. 为了简单起见,有关于与多机架路由器120相同的多机架路由器640的描述细节并不在图7中进行详细讨论。 For simplicity, about the same as the multi-chassis router 120 describes the details of multi-chassis router 640 are not discussed in detail in FIG.

[0068] LCC 628利用具有多路光互连部件的三级交换结构。 [0068] LCC 628 using a three-stage switch structure having a plurality of optical interconnects. 例如,该三级交换结构可类似于图5的三级网络470。 For example, the three-stage switch configuration may be similar to the three network 470 of FIG. 该三级交换结构包括多路光互连部件636以用于连接在LCC 628上三级交换结构的不同部分。 The structure comprises three switching means 636 multiplexed optical interconnects for the LCC 628 is connected to the switch fabric of three different portions. 在此实例中,每个LCC 628都包括两个发射器:一个发射器发射多路光信号以从级I转发数据包到级2,而另一发射器发射多路光信号以从级2转发数据包到级3。 In this example, each LCC 628 includes two transmitters: one emitter emits a multiplexed optical signal for forwarding data packets from stage I to stage 2, while the other emitter emits a multiplexed optical signal from the second transfer stage packet to level 3. 每个LCC 628也都包括三十个光信号输入-其一一对应于在其它所有十五个LCC 628上的两个发射器。 Each LCC 628 also includes thirty optical signal inputs - which correspond to the two emitters on all the other fifteen of LCC 628.

[0069] 每个LCC 628都具有梯形机架,以便LCC 628可轻易放置在类圆形结构之中。 [0069] Each LCC 628 has a trapezoidal frame, so LCC 628 can be easily placed in the round structure. 如本文所述进行生产的多路光缆可被安排在多机架路由器640的内圆之中,以互连LCC 628的交换结构。 As used herein the production of multi-channel fiber optic cable may be arranged in a circle among the multi-chassis router 640 to interconnect the switch fabric 628 of the LCC. LCC 628的梯形形状还可在LCC 628的暴露侧654A〜6540上提供相对更大的表面积。 LCC trapezoidal shape 628 may also provide a relatively larger surface area on the exposed side 654A~6540 628 of the LCC. 暴露侧654A〜6540的大的表面积可被用来定位大量的插槽以插入具有物理网络接口的接口卡。 Large surface area exposed side 654A~6540 may be used to locate a large number of slots for inserting a physical network interface card interface. LCC 628的梯形形状又限制多机架路由器640的整体接触面积。 LCC 628 of trapezoidal shape and limit the overall contact area of ​​the multi-chassis router 640. 具体来说,在此实例中,LCC628的梯形形状允许十七个LCC 628以圆形紧紧放置在一起。 Specifically, in this example, trapezoidal shape LCC628 LCC 628 allows seventeen placed tightly together in a circle. 然而,多机架路由器640仅利用十六个有效的(active) LCC 628。 However, the use of multi-chassis router 640 only sixteen valid (active) LCC 628. 这一小于整圆的结构提供了间隙660,其允许管理员方便例如在维修服务期间可能需要的、对多机架路由器662中心的访问。 This structure provides less than a full circle of the gap 660, which allows administrators to easily such as during service may need access to the router 662 multi-center rack. 具有梯形节点的多机架路由器的其它结构也是可能的,例如,多机架路由器可包括两组被分别安排在单独圆形结构之中的且由光缆连接的节点。 Other configurations of multi-chassis router having trapezoidal nodes are also possible, for example, multi-chassis router may include two sets of nodes being in a separate circular configuration and is connected by a cable arrangement, respectively. 作为另一实例,多个节点可彼此叠加以构成相邻的圆形结构。 As another example, the plurality of nodes may be superimposed on each other in a circular configuration adjacent to the structure.

[0070] 已经说明了本发明的各种实施例。 [0070] have been described various embodiments of the present invention. 然而,对所述实施例进行的修改仍在本发明范围内。 However, modifications of the described embodiments are still within the scope of the present invention. 例如,在已经参考通过使用波分多路技术来利用多路光互连部件的非集中式多机架路由器进行了说明的同时,本发明的实施例也包括单头或多头的多机架路由器。 For example, at the same time has been described with reference to by using a wavelength division multiplexing technique using a decentralized multi-chassis router multiplexed optical interconnection member, embodiments of the present invention also include single or multiple multi-chassis router . 此外,诸如时分多路技术(TDM)的其它多路技术还可用于多机架路由器的交换结构之中。 Further, other multiplexing techniques such as time division multiplexing (TDM) switch fabric may also be used in multi-chassis router. 另外,这些技术可用于除了光之外的其它点对点通信介质,假设该点对点通信介质具有基本超过常规铜传导的带宽时延(bandwidth-delay)的产品。 Further, these techniques can be used product having substantially the point to point communication media bandwidth over conventional copper conduction delay (bandwidth-delay) in addition to other point to point communication medium other than light, it is assumed. 术语“带宽时延”指的是连接容量(以每秒位数为单位)乘以其首尾相连的时延(以秒为单位)的产品。 The term "bandwidth-delay" refers to a connection capacity (in bits per second) multiplied by the delay (in seconds) is connected to the product end to end thereof. 其结果,以位(或字节)为单位所测量的数据量等于在任一给定时刻的“空中”数据量,即,已经被传输但未被接收的字节数。 As a result, in bits (or bytes) of data units in an amount equal to any of the measured amount "air" data of a given time, i.e., the number of bytes has been transmitted but not received. 光的带宽时延产品例如可由在数百米距离进行传输的IOGHz带宽计算出来。 The light may be, for example, bandwidth-delay product IOGHz transmission bandwidth calculated in hundreds of meters. 这些及其它实施例在所附的权利要求书所述的范围之中。 These and other embodiments within the scope of the appended claims of the book.

Claims (7)

1. 一种用于在多机架路由器中连接多个路由节点的光缆,包括: 光缆输入,其从所述多个路由节点中的第一路由节点接收光信号;以及多个光分路器,其把所述光信号的一部分输出到所剩余的路由节点中的每一个路由节点,其中,由所述多个光分路器输出的分割的光信号的每一部分与来自所述第一路由节点的所述光信号相同,除了由所述多个光分路器输出的分割的光信号的每一部分具有比来自所述第一路由节点的所述光信号低的密度; 其中,所述多个光分路器在所述多个路由节点所剩余的路由节点之中把所述光信号的光能基本分成等份。 An optical fiber cable for connecting a plurality of routing nodes in a multi-chassis router comprising: a cable input, which receives an optical signal from said first plurality of routing node routing node; and a plurality of optical splitters that the portion of each routing node of the optical signal output to the rest of the routing node, wherein each of the plurality of portions of the signal light divided with the splitter output from the first routing the optical signal of the same node, in addition to each part of the optical output signal divided by the optical splitter having a plurality of lower than the optical signal from the first routing node density; wherein said plurality optical taps among said plurality of routing nodes routing node remaining energy of the optical signal to substantially aliquoted.
2.根据权利要求I所述的光缆,进一步包括位于所述多个光分路器下游的多个波长滤波器,用于过滤由所述多个光分路器所分割的光信号的一部分, 其中,对于各个光分路器中的每一个,所述多个波长滤波器之一位于所述各个光分路器和与所述各个光分路器相关的所述路由节点的交换结构之间, 其中,所述多个波长滤波器中的每一个波长滤波器过滤出对应于通信通道但不被导入所述多个路由节点中的相关路由节点的交换结构的波长,所述相关路由节点的所述交换结构位于其相关波长滤波器的下游。 Optical fiber cable according to claim I, further comprising a plurality of wavelength filters located downstream of the plurality of optical splitters, for filtering a portion of said plurality of optical signals by optical splitter divided, wherein, for each one of the optical splitter in each of a plurality of said wavelength filter is located between the switch fabric and the respective optical splitter routing node associated with the respective optical splitter wherein said plurality of wavelength filters each filter filtering out a wavelength corresponding to the routing node associated communication channels, but not the plurality of wavelengths is introduced into the switch fabric of the associated routing node routing node, said the switching structure is positioned downstream of its associated wavelength filters.
3.根据权利要求2所述的光缆,其中,所述多个波长滤波器的每一个都隔离不同的波长。 3. The optical fiber cable according to claim 2, wherein said plurality of wavelength filters each isolate different wavelengths.
4. 一组用于互连N个网络装置的光缆,该组光缆包括: N条光缆,其中,N是大于或等于2的整数, 其中,所述N条光缆中的每一个都包括:用于从所述N个网络装置的第一个来接收光信号的一个输入,以及用于将所述光信号输出到NI个剩余网络装置的NI个光分路器, 其中,由所述NI个光分路器输出的分割的光信号的每一部分与由所述输入所接收的所述光信号相同,除了由所述NI个光分路器输出的分割的光信号的每一部分具有比由所述输入所接收的所述光信号低的密度; 其中,所述NI个光分路器分割所述光信号以把所述光信号的多个基本相等部分输出到NI个所述剩余网络装置。 4. a set of fiber optic cables to interconnect N network devices, the set of optical fiber cable comprising: N optical cables, where N is an integer greater than or equal to 2, wherein said each of the N optical cable are included: with to receiving an input optical signal from a first of the N network devices, and for outputting the optical signal to the optical splitter NI NI remaining network devices, wherein one of said NI each portion of the optical signal output from the optical splitter to split the optical signal received by the input except that each part of the optical signal from the optical splitter output NI divided than that by the the optical input signal received by said low density; wherein the NI optical splitter splitting the optical signal output to the plurality of the optical signal is substantially equal to NI portion of said remaining network devices.
5.根据权利要求4所述的一组光缆,其中,所述N条光缆中的每一条光缆都进一步包括位于所述NI个光分路器下游的多个波长滤波器,用于过滤由所述NI个光分路器所分割的光信号的一部分, 其中,对于NI个光分路器的各个光分路器中的每一个,所述多个波长滤波器之一位于所述各个光分路器和与所述各个光分路器相关的NI个剩余网络装置中的网络装置的交换结构之间, 其中,所述多个波长滤波器中的每一个波长滤波器过滤出对应于通信通道但不被导入所述NI个剩余网络装置中的相关网络装置的所述交换结构的波长,所述相关网络装置的所述交换结构位于其相关波长滤波器的下游。 A set of optical cable according to claim 4, wherein said N optical cables each cable comprising a plurality of wavelength filters are further located downstream NI optical taps for the filtering by the NI portion of said optical signal divided by the optical splitter, wherein, for each one of the optical splitter NI optical splitters each one of said plurality of optical wavelength filters located at the respective points between the multiplexer and switch fabric NI remaining respective network device associated with said optical splitter in the network device, wherein said plurality of wavelength filters each filter filtering a wavelength corresponding to the communication channel However, the wavelength is not introduced into the switch fabric NI remaining network devices associated network device, the network device related to the switch fabric located downstream of its associated wavelength filter.
6.根据权利要求5所述的一组光缆,其中,在所述N条光缆中的一条光缆中的多个波长滤波器中的每一个波长滤波器都隔离不同的波长。 A set of fiber optic cable according to claim 5, wherein the plurality of wavelength filters an optical cable in said N optical cables in each of the wavelength filter is isolated from a different wavelength.
7.根据权利要求4所述的一组光缆,其中,N选自于4、16或32。 The cable set according to claim 4, wherein, N is selected from 4, 16 or 32.
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