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本发明提供了一种传感设备,该传感设备可以在其相对与某个表面放置或移动时产生方向数据;所述方向数据可以指示传感设备相对于所述表面的方向;所述表面上具有以特定方式排列的编码数据;当所述编码数据被上述传感设备感测时,可以指示方向;所述传感设备包括:一个外壳、配置为使用至少一部分编码数据产生方向数据的方向传感装置、以及配置为把方向数据传送给一个计算机系统的通信装置。 The present invention provides a sensing device, the sensing device can be placed on a surface or opposite to the direction of data movement is generated; the data may indicate the direction of the sensing device relative to the direction of the surface; the surface having the encoded data arranged in a specific manner; when the encoded data is above a sensing device sensing, can indicate the direction; the sensing device comprising: a housing configured to generate directional data using at least part of the encoded data in the direction sensing means, arranged to the conveying direction, and the data to the communication device of a computer system.


取向感测设备 Orientation sensing device

技术领域 FIELD

本发明一般地关于与计算机交互的方法、系统和装置。 Generally relates to a method of interacting with a computer, the system and apparatus of the present invention. 本发明特别关于一种用于在相对于表面被移动或放置时感测其相对于表面的自身取向的感测设备。 The present invention particularly relates to sense when the surface is moved with respect to or placed with respect to its own sensing surface orientation sensing device.

本发明已被发展主要用于允许大量分布的用户通过印刷品和光传感器与联网信息交互,从而通过高速联网彩色打印机按需获得交互的印刷品。 The present invention has been developed primarily to allow a large number of users and the distribution by the print information with an optical sensor network, thereby obtaining printed matter on demand via high-speed networked interactive color printer. 虽然本发明在本文中主要是参考上述用途说明的,但是应该指出的是,本发明不局限于在上述领域中使用。 Although the present invention is herein described primarily with reference to the above uses, it should be noted that the present invention is not limited to use in these areas.

共同未决申请 Co-pending application

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背景技术 Background technique

目前,计算机系统的用户通常使用显示信息的监视器和输入信息的键盘和/或鼠标与系统交互。 Currently, users typically use a computer system to display a keyboard and / or mouse interaction monitor information and the input information to the system. 虽然这种接口很强大,但是它比较庞大, 不便携。 Although this interface is very powerful, but it is relatively large, non-portable. 在纸上打印的信息较容易阅读,也比在计算机监视器上显示的信息更便携。 Information printed on paper easier to read and more portable than information displayed on a computer monitor. 但是,与键盘或鼠标不同的是,纸上的笔通常缺少与计算机软件交互的能力。 However, with the keyboard or mouse is different, pen on paper generally lacks the ability to interact with the computer software.


发明目的 Object of the invention

本发明的一个目的是把纸上的笔和计算机系统的优点组合起来。 An object of the present invention is a computer system and the advantages of the pen on the paper together. 本发明关于一种用于在相对于表面移动或放置时产生取向数据的感测设备,取向数据指示感测设备相对于表面的取向,所述表面具有设置在其上的编码数据,所述编码数据在被感测设备感测时指示取向,所述感测设备包括: 外壳; The present invention relates to a method for generating orientation data with respect to the surface movement or placement of the sensing device, the sensing device orientation data indicating orientation relative to the surface, the surface having disposed thereon the encoded data, said encoding indicates data when the orientation sensing device sensing sensed, the sensing apparatus comprising: a housing;

配置为使用至少一些所述编码数据产生取向数据的取向感测装置; Orientation sensing means configured to generate the orientation data using at least some of the coded data;


配置为把取向数据传送给计算机系统的通信装置。 Means configured to communicate the orientation data to a computer system.

在本发明的优选实例中,取向数据指示外壳相对于所述表面的偏转、 倾斜和/或滚动。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the data indicative of the orientation of the housing relative to the surface of the yaw, pitch and / or roll.

优选地,所述感测设备包括用于在其相对于所述表面移动时产生移动数据的移动感测装置,配置为把移动数据传送到计算机系统的通信装置。 Preferably, the apparatus includes means for sensing its movement sensing means for generating movement data when the surface moves with respect to, and configured to communicate with a mobile device transmits the data to the computer system.

也是优选的,所述感测设备还包括一种区域标识感测装置,该区域标识感测装置被配置为在该设备相对于所述表面的区域移动或放置时使用至少一些编码数据感测指示区域标识的区域标识数据,所述通信装置被配置为向计算机系统传送区域标识数据。 Preferably also, said sensing apparatus further comprising a regional identification sensing device, the sensing region identifying means is configured to use at least some of the coded data indication when the sensing device relative to the surface area of ​​movement or placement area identification data area identifier, said communication device is configured as a region identification data transfer to the computer system.

所述取向感测装置优选地在所述外壳移动时动态地检测外壳相对于所述表面的取向。 Dynamically detect housing orientation relative to the surface of the sensing means when sensing the orientation of the housing is preferably moved. 所述外壳可以为细长形状,其可以被用户握持。 The housing may be elongated shape, which may be gripped by the user. 在本发明的一个实例中,外壳为笔的形状。 In one embodiment of the invention, the housing of pen shape. 所述外壳可以提供有一个标签笔尖,用于标签所述表面,但是这不是必要的。 The housing may be provided with a nib label for the label surface, but this is not essential.

通过同时捕获取向和移动数据,该系统可用于验证个人签名。 By simultaneously capturing orientation and movement data, the system can be used to verify a personal signature. 可替换 Alternatively

地,动态测量的取向信号可以使能所述外壳被用作控制杆(joystick)。 , The orientation signal dynamic measurement may enable the housing is used as a control lever (joystick). 例如, 这种控制杆可用于三维软件应用。 For example, such a lever may be used for three-dimensional software applications. 需要注意的是,所述取向感测装置不必须以所有的三维感测外壳的取向。 It should be noted that the orientation of the sensing device must not be sensed in all three-dimensional orientation of the housing. 只检测倾斜可能是充分的,因为一些应用可能不需要三维取向信息。 Inclination detecting only may be sufficient, since some applications may not require three-dimensional orientation information. 例如,所述外壳可用来线性地控制设备的一个方面,例如通过在0。 For example, the housing can be used to linearly control the device to an aspect, for example, by 0. -90。 -90. 之间改变倾斜来控制光强度或喇叭的音量。 Between the inclined change light intensity or volume controlled loudspeaker.

所述滚动、倾斜和偏转可以通过检测编码数据的透视畸变和旋转来计算。 The roll, pitch and yaw can be calculated by detecting the rotation and perspective distortion of the encoded data.

首先,所述设备可用于确定该装置何时首先施加于所述表面以及何时 First, the device may be used to determine when the device is first applied to the surface and when

8离开表面,在力量施加和力量撤除之间的移动被定义为手绘中的"笔划"。 8 away from the surface, the movement between the force and removal force exerted is defined as the hand-drawn "stroke." 力量数据信息可以加上时间戳。 Force data can be time-stamped.

所述设备优选为包含上述适当装置的独立器具。 The device is preferably suitable as an independent appliance comprising the above-described apparatus. 它可以是任何形状的, 但优选的是触针或笔状。 It can be any shape, but is preferably a pen-like or stylus.

该装置优选地结合一标签尖,用于以手绘信息标签所述表面,但是这不是必须的。 The device preferably incorporates a tip tag, the tag information is used to painted surfaces, but this is not essential.

该装置优选地预期用于与计算机系统交互,所述计算机系统可以被控制并能解释用户通过所述设备输入的手绘信息(可以是图形或文字)。 The device is preferably intended for interacting with a computer system, the computer system may be able to explain and controlled by the hand-drawn information of the user input device (either graphics or text). 优选地,所述感测设备被配置以提供唯一标识所述设备的设备标识信息。 Preferably, the sensing device is configured to provide device identification information for uniquely identifying the device. 因此,所述计算机系统可以使用此信息来标识所述设备。 Thus, the computer system can use this information to identify the device.

从下面的仅为举例的参考附图的本发明实施例的描述,本发明的特征和优点将变明显。 From the following description of embodiments of the present invention of example only with reference to the accompanying drawings, features and advantages of the present invention will become apparent.


现在本文中所述的本发明的优选实例和其它实例是仅通过非限制性的例子,参考附图被描述,其中: And other examples of presently preferred examples of the invention described herein are only by way of non-limiting example, is described with reference to the accompanying drawings, wherein:

图l是采样打印的netpage与其在线页描述之间关系的示意图。 Figure l is a schematic view of the relationship between the sampling netpage and its online page description printed. 图2是netpage笔、netpage打印机、netpage页服务器和netpage应用服务 Figure 2 is a netpage pen, netpage printer, netpage page server and application services netpage

器之间的交互的示意图。 Is a schematic view of the interaction between.

图3显示了通过网络互联的netpage服务器和打印机的集合。 Figure 3 shows a collection of netpage servers and printers via the network interconnection. 图4是打印的netpage和其在线页描述的高级结构的示意图。 4 is a schematic configuration of a high-level netpage and its online page description printing. 图5a是显示netpage标签结构的平面图。 Figure 5a is a plan view of a netpage tag structure of the display.

图5b是显示图5a中所示的一组标签与netpage笔式netpage感测设备的 Figure 5b is a set of tags with the netpage pen netpage sensing device shown in FIG. 5a

视野之间的关系的平面图。 Plan view of the relationship between the field of view.

图6a是显示netpage标签的另一种结构的平面图。 FIG 6a is a plan view of another structure of a netpage tag display. 图6b是显示图6a中所示的一组标签与netpage笔式netpage感测设备的 Figure 6b is a set of tags with the netpage pen netpage sensing device shown in Figure 6a

视野之间的关系的平面图。 Plan view of the relationship between the field of view.

9图6c是显示图6a中的9个标签的排列的平面图,其中的目标在相邻标签 9 is a plan view of the arrangement of FIG. 6c Figure 6a label 9, wherein adjacent target tag

之间共享。 Sharing between.

图6d的平面图显示了图6a中所示标签的4个码字的符号的交错和旋转。 6d shows a plan view of the symbol interleaving and rotation of the four codewords of the tag shown in FIG. 6a.

图7是标签图像处理和解码算法的流程图。 7 is a flowchart tag image processing and decoding algorithm.

图8是netpage笔和其相关的标签感测视野锥体的透视图。 FIG 8 is a perspective view of a netpage pen and its sensing field of view cone sensing tag associated.

图9是图8中所示的netpage笔的透视分解图。 FIG 9 is a netpage pen shown in perspective exploded view of FIG.

图1 O是用于图8和图9中的netpage笔的笔控制器的示意性框图。 FIG 1 O is a schematic block diagram of a netpage pen in FIGS. 8 and 9 strokes controller.

图ll是壁挂式netpage打印机的透视图。 Fig ll is a perspective view of a wall-mounted netpage printer.

图12是通过图11中的netpage打印机的长度的剖面。 FIG 12 is through the length of the netpage printer of Figure 11 cross-section.

图12a是图12的局部放大图,它显示了双工打印引擎和胶轮组件的一部分。 FIG 12a is a partial enlarged view of FIG. 12, which shows a portion of the duplex print engine and tire assembly.

图13是墨盒、墨、空气和胶路径以及图ll和12中的netpage打印 FIG 13 is a cartridge, ink, air and glue paths, and print FIGS ll and 12 netpage

机的打印引擎的详细视图。 Detailed view of the print engine of the machine.

图14是用于图11和12中所示的netpage打印机的打印机控制器的示意 FIG 14 is a schematic of the printer controller netpage printer shown in Figures 11 and 12

性框图。 Block diagram.

图15是与图14中所示的打印机控制器有关的双工打印引擎控制器和MemjetTM打印头的示意性框图。 FIG 15 is a schematic block diagram associated with the printer controller shown in FIG. 14 MemjetTM duplex print engine controller and the printhead.

图16是图14和15中所示的打印引擎控制器的示意性框图。 FIG 16 is a schematic block diagram of the print engine controller shown in FIGS. 14 and 15. 图17是使用于例如图10-12的netpage打印机中的单个MemjetTM打印元 FIG. 17 is used, for example, a single print element netpage printer MemjetTM 10-12 in FIG.

件的透视图。 A perspective view of the member.

图18是MemjetTM打印元件阵列的一小部分的透视图。 FIG 18 is a perspective view of a small portion of the printing element arrays MemjetTM.

图19的一系列透视图显示了图13中的MemjetTM打印元件的工作循环。 FIG 19 is a perspective view of a series of shows the working cycle of the print element 13 MemjetTM FIG.

图20是页宽MemletTM打印头的一短段的透视图。 FIG 20 is a perspective view of a pagewidth printhead MemletTM a short segment.

图21是一个用户类图的示意图。 FIG 21 is a schematic view of a user class diagram.

图22是一个打印机类图的示意图。 FIG 22 is a schematic view of a printer class diagram.

图23是一个笔类图的示意图。 FIG 23 is a schematic view of a pen class diagram.

图24是一个应用类图的示意图。 FIG 24 is a schematic view of an application class diagram.

10图25是一个文档和页描述类图的示意图。 FIG 10 is a schematic view of a document 25 and page description class diagram. 图26是一个文档和页所有权类图的示意图。 Figure 26 is a schematic diagram of a document and page ownership class diagram.

图27是一个终端元素专门化类图的示意图。 FIG 27 is a schematic view of a terminal element specialization class diagram.

图28是一个静态元素专门化类图的示意图。 FIG 28 is a static element specialization class diagram of FIG.

图29是一个超链接元素类图的示意图。 FIG 29 is a hyperlink element class diagram of FIG.

图30是一个超链接元素专门化类图的示意图。 FIG 30 is a schematic view of a hyperlink element specialization class diagram.

图31是一个超链接组类图的示意图。 FIG 31 is a schematic view of a hyperlinked group class diagram.

图32是一个表单类图的示意图。 FIG 32 is a schematic view of a form class diagram.

图33是一个数字墨类图的示意图。 FIG 33 is a schematic view of a digital ink class diagram.

图34是一个字段元素专门化类图的示意图。 FIG 34 is a schematic view of a field element specialization class diagram.

图35是一个复选框字段类图的示意图。 FIG 35 is a schematic view of a checkbox field class diagram.

图36是一个文本字段类图的示意图。 FIG 36 is a schematic view of a text field class diagram.

图37是一个签名字段类图的示意图。 FIG 37 is a schematic view of a signature field class diagram.

图38是一个输入处理算法的流程图。 FIG 38 is a flowchart of an input processing algorithm.

图38a是图38中的流程图的一个步骤的详细流程图。 FIG 38a is a detailed flowchart of a step 38 in the flowchart of FIG.

图39是一个页服务器命令元件类图的示意图。 FIG 39 is a schematic view of a page server command element class diagram.

图40是一个资源描述类图的示意图。 FIG 40 is a schematic view of a resource description class diagram.

图41是一个收藏列表类图的示意图。 FIG 41 is a schematic view of a favorites list class diagram.

图42是一个历史列表类图的示意图。 FIG 42 is a schematic view of a history list class diagram.

图43是订阅递送协议的示意图。 FIG 43 is a schematic diagram of subscription delivery protocol.

图44是超链接请求类图的示意图。 FIG 44 is a schematic view of a hyperlink request class diagram.

图45是超链接激活协议的示意图。 FIG 45 is a schematic view of a hyperlink activation protocol.

图46是表单提交协议的示意图。 FIG 46 is a schematic view of a form submission protocol.

图47是手续费支付协议的一个示意图。 FIG 47 is a schematic view of a commission payment protocol.

图48是一组构成符号的径向楔形的示意图。 FIG 48 is a schematic view of a set of wedge-shaped configuration radially symbols.

图49是环A和环B符号分配方案的示意图。 FIG 49 is a schematic diagram of ring A and ring B symbol allocation scheme.

图50是第一个环C和环D符号分配方案的示意图。 FIG 50 is a schematic view of a first rings C and D symbol allocation scheme. 图51是第二个环C和环D符号分配方案的示意图。 FIG 51 is a second schematic rings C and D symbol allocation scheme. 图52是三角形标签打包的示意图。 FIG 52 is a schematic diagram of the triangular packaging label.

图53是一个二十面体的透视图。 FIG 53 is a perspective view of an icosahedron.

图54是一个频率为3的二十面短程线的透视图。 FIG 54 is a perspective view of a frequency geodesic icosahedron 3.

图55是最小标签间隔的示意图。 FIG 55 is a schematic view of a minimum tag spacing.

图56是可以避免重叠的最小标签间隔的示意图。 FIG 56 is a schematic view of the minimum to avoid overlapping label interval.

图57是第一个标签插入情况的示意图。 FIG 57 is a schematic view of a first label insertion conditions.

图58是第二个标签插入情况的示意图。 FIG 58 is a second schematic diagram of the insertion of the tag.

图59是第三个标签插入情况的示意图。 FIG 59 is a third schematic diagram of the insertion of the tag.

图60是第四个标签插入情况的示意图。 FIG 60 is a fourth schematic view of the insertion of the tag.

图61是相对于表面的笔取向的示意图。 FIG 61 is a schematic diagram of the orientation of the pen relative to the surface.

图62是笔倾斜几何形状的示意图。 FIG 62 is a schematic view of a pen tilt geometry.

图63是笔滚动几何形状的示意图。 FIG 63 is a schematic diagram of the geometry of the pen rolling.

图64是笔坐标空间的示意图,该坐标空间显示了笔的物理轴和光轴。 FIG 64 is a schematic view of the pen coordinate space, the coordinate space of the display a physical axis and the pen's optical axis.

图65是弯曲尖几何形状的示意图。 FIG 65 is a schematic diagram of the geometry of the tip curved.

图66是采样频率和标签频率之间的交互的示意图。 FIG 66 is a schematic view of the interaction between the sampling frequency and the frequency of the tag.

图67是笔的光路的示意图。 FIG 67 is a diagram illustrating an optical path of the pen.

图68是笔划捕获算法的流程图。 FIG 68 is a flowchart of the stroke acquisition algorithm.

图69是原始数字墨类图的示意图。 FIG 69 is a schematic diagram of an original digital ink class diagram.

图70是包含编号为1-10的等式的表。 FIG 70 is an equation comprising a number of tables 1-10.

图71是包含编号为ll-20的等式的表。 FIG 71 comprising the numbered equations in Table ll-20.

图72是包含编号为21-26的等式的表。 FIG 72 is a number of equations containing a table 21-26.

图73是包含编号为27-34的等式的表。 FIG 73 is a number of equations containing a table 27-34.

图74是包含编号为35-41的等式的表。 FIG 74 is a number of equations containing a table 35-41.

图75是包含编号为42-44的等式的表。 FIG 75 is a number of equations containing a table 42-44.

图76是包含编号为45-47的等式的表。 FIG 76 is a number of equations containing a table 45-47.

图77是包含编号为48-51的等式的表。 FIG 77 is a number of equations containing a table 48-51. 图78是包含编号为52-54的等式的表。 FIG 78 is a number of equations containing a table 52-54.

图79是包含编号为55-57的等式的表。 FIG 79 is a number of equations containing a table 55-57.

图80是包含编号为58-59的等式的表。 FIG 80 is a number of equations containing a table 58-59.

图81是包含编号为60-63的等式的表。 FIG 81 is a number of equations containing a table 60-63.

图82是包含编号为64-74的等式的表。 FIG 82 is a numbered equations containing a table 64-74.

图83是包含编号为75-86的等式的表。 FIG 83 is an equation comprising a number of tables 75-86.

图84是包含编号为87-99的等式的表。 FIG 84 is an equation comprising a number of tables 87-99.

图85是包含编号为100-111的等式的表。 FIG 85 is an equation comprising a number of tables 100-111.

图86是包含编号为112-120的等式的表。 FIG 86 is an equation comprising a number of tables 112-120.

图87是包含编号为121-129的等式的表。 FIG 87 is an equation comprising a number of tables 121-129.

图88是包含等式64到71的一组简并形式的表。 FIG 88 is a profile comprising a set of equations 64 to 71 and in the form of tables.

图89显示了包含用于零倾斜和零滚动的条件和特殊处理的表的第一部分。 FIG. 89 shows the first part of the table contains the conditions and special handling for zero pitch and roll zero.

图90是图89中的表的第二部分。 FIG 90 is a second part of the table 89 in FIG. 具体实施方式 Detailed ways

注:MemjetTM是澳大利亚Silverbrook研究有限公司的一个商标。 Note: MemjetTM is a trademark of Silverbrook Research Limited of Australia. 在优选实施例中,本发明被配置为与netpage联网计算机系统一起工作,netpage联网计算机系统将在下文中详细描述。 In a preferred embodiment, the present invention is configured to work with the netpage networked computer system, netpage networked computer system will be described in detail below. 需要理解的是,并不是每个实施都必须采用下述与基本系统有关的所有的或甚至大多数的特定细节和扩充。 We need to understand that not every implementation must be adopted by all or even most of the specific details and expand the following basic systems-related. 但是,在本文中,我们以最完整的方式说明该系统,这样,当读者试图理解其中有本发明工作的优选实施例和方面的上下文时,减少对外部参考的需求。 However, in this article, we described the system, so that in the most complete manner, including when the reader trying to understand the context of embodiments and aspects of the invention, a preferred embodiment of the present work, reducing the need for external reference.

总的来说,netpage系统的优选形式利用一种映射表面形式的计算机界面,也就是说,包含对计算机系统中维护的表面的映射的参考的物理表面。 In general, the preferred form of the netpage system utilizes a mapping surface form of a computer interface, i.e., the reference surface comprising a physical mapping of a computer system to maintain the surface. 映射参考可以由适当的感测设备查询。 Mapping references can be queried by an appropriate sensing device. 依赖于特定的实施,所述映射参考可以被可见地或不可见地编码,并且定义为这样的方式即所述映射表面上 Depending on the particular embodiment, with reference to the map may be encoded visibly or invisibly, and defined in such a manner as the upper surface i.e. the mapping

13射参考。 13 shot by reference. 所述计算机系统可以包含关于映射表面上的特征的信息,这种信息可以根据与映射表面一起使用的感测设备提供的映射参考来检索。 The computer system can contain information about features on the mapped surface, and such information can be retrieved from the map of the reference sensing device used with the mapped surface provided. 因此,检索的信息可以采取由计算机系统代表操作员发起的动作的形式来响应操作员与表面特征的交互。 Thus, the retrieval information may take the form initiated by the computer system on behalf of the operator in response to operation of operator interaction with the surface features.

在一种优选形式中,netpage系统依赖于netpage的产生和人与netpage 的交互。 In one preferred form, netpage system relies on the generation and human interaction with the netpage the netpage. 这些是打印在普通纸上的文本、图形和图像的页,但是其像交互网页一样工作。 These are printing on plain paper, text, graphics and image pages, but its work like interactive web pages. 每个页上的信息使用对肉眼基本不可见的墨编码。 Information on each page is substantially invisible to the naked eye using an ink code. 但是, 墨以及从而所述编码数据可以由一支光学成像笔感测并发送到netpage系 However, the ink and thus the coded data can be sent to an optical imaging by the netpage pen-based sensing concurrency

统。 System. 纸以外的基材可以使用。 A substrate other than paper may be used. 优选实例中的编码信息是一种红外吸收墨实现的,并且因此可以使用一种对红外敏感的光学传感器。 Preferred examples of encoded information in ink is an infrared absorption achieved, and thus may be used an infrared sensitive optical sensor pair. 如有必要,还可以使用其它波长或光学感测以外的感测技术; 一个选择是使用磁墨和传感器。 If necessary, other wavelengths may be used or sensing techniques other than optical measurement; option is to use magnetic inks and sensors.

在本发明的优选形式中,可以使用所述的笔点击每个页上的活动按钮和超链接,以从网络请求信息或者向网络服务器发送优先选择信号。 In a preferred form of the invention, the pen may be used click activity buttons and hyperlinks on each page, or to request information from the network to the network server transmits preference signal. 在本发明的一个实例中,netpage上的手写文本被自动识别和转换为netpage系统中的计算机文本,允许表单被填充。 In one example of the present invention, the handwritten text on a netpage is automatically recognized and converted to computer text in the netpage system, allowing forms to be filled. 在本发明的其它实施例中,在netpage 上记录的签名被自动地验证,允许电子商务交易被安全地授权。 In other embodiments of the present invention, signatures recorded on a netpage are automatically verified, allowing e-commerce transactions to be securely authorized.

如图1所示,打印的netpage 1可以代表由用户在打印的页上物理填充的交互表单或通过笔和netpage系统之间的通信以"电子"填充的交互表单。 As shown in FIG. 1, a printed netpage may be represented by a user on the printed page in a physical form or by filling interactive communication between the pen and the netpage system "e" interactive forms fill. 下述的例子显示了一个包含姓名和地址字段以及一个提交按钮的"请求" 表单。 The following examples show the "Request" form containing name and address fields and a submit button. 该netpage包含使用可见墨打印的图形数据2以及使用不可见墨打印为标签4的集合的编码数据3。 The netpage visible ink includes using pattern data 2 printed using invisible ink, and coded data printed as a collection of tags 4 3. 在netpage网络上存储的对应的页描述5说明了n邻age的各个元素。 On the netpage network corresponding to the stored page description 5 illustrate various elements of the n o age. 特别是,它描述了每个交互元素(即本例中的文本域或按钮)的类型和空间范围(区域),从而允许netpage系统通过netpage正确地解释输入。 In particular, it describes each interactive element (i.e. text field or button in the present embodiment) the type and spatial extent (zone), thereby allowing the netpage system to correctly interpret the input by the netpage. 例如,提交按钮6带有一个区域7,该区域对应于对应的图8相应的空间范围。 For example, a submit button 6 with the region 7, the region corresponding to the respective spatial extent corresponding to FIG. 如图2所示,netpage笔101(该笔的一个优选形式在图8和图9中示出并在下文中详细说明)可以与n邻age打印机601相结合地运作,该打印机是用于家庭、办公室或移动使用的因特网连接的打印设备。 As shown, Netpage pen 101 (a preferred form of the pen shown in Figures 8 and 9, and the detailed description below) may be combined to operate the printer 2 and the age n o 601, which is a home printer, Internet printing device connected office or mobile use. 这种笔是无线的,并能够与netpage打印机通过一条短程无线链路9安全地通信。 This pen is wireless, and can be a short-range radio link 9 to communicate securely by netpage printer. 如果需要,还可以使用线或红外发射器把该笔与所述系统连接起来,尽管两者二中择一地限制可用性。 If desired, the line may be used or the sum of the infrared transmitter connected to the system, although alternatively both of the two limit usability.

N邻age打印机601的一个优选形式在图ll-13中示出并在下文中详细说明。 N o age one preferred form of the printer 601 shown in FIG. Ll-13 and described in detail below. netpage打印机601可以定期地或在需要时传递个性化的报纸、杂志、目录、小册子及其它出版物,这些出版物的以与交互netpage—样高的质量被打印。 netpage printer 601 may periodically or deliver personalized newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures and other publications when you need to interact with netpage- kind high quality of these publications are printed. 与个人计算机不同的是,n邻age打印机是一种例如可以墙-安装到被首先消费的早间新闻区域附近(如在用户的厨房中、早餐桌旁、或每日家务工作的起点位置附近)。 The difference is that with the personal computer, n o age is a printer, for example, can be wall - mounted to the area near the morning news is first consumed (such as the user's kitchen, breakfast table, or a starting position near the daily housework ). 它还有桌面型、台式、便携式和微型等多种形式。 It also has desktop, desktop, portable and miniature and other forms.

在其消费地点处打印的Netpage组合了纸张的易用性和交互媒体的及时性和交互性。 Printed at its consumer site Netpage combination of timeliness and interactivity and ease of use of interactive media paper.

如图2所示,netpage笔101与打印的netpagel上的编码数据交互,还通过短程无线链路9将该交互传送给netpage打印机。 2, encoded data 101 netpage pen interacting with a printed on netpagel, 9 through the short-range wireless link to transmit interactive netpage printer. 打印机601把交互发送给相关的netpage页服务器10用于解释。 The printer 601 is sent to the interaction of the relevant netpage page server 10 for interpretation. 在适当的情况下,页服务器向运行在netpage应用服务器13上的应用计算机软件发送对应的消息。 In appropriate circumstances, the page server sends a corresponding message to application computer software running to 13 netpage application server. 应用服务器可以依次地发送在起源打印机上打印的响应。 The application server may send a response to the printer printing sequentially in origin.

在本发明的优选实例中,通过把所述的netpage系统与基于高速微型机电系统(MEMS)的喷墨(MemjetTM)打印机联用,从而使netpage系统显著地更加方便。 In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the netpage system via the inkjet (MemjetTM) based on the high-speed microelectromechanical system (MEMS) associated with the printer, so that the netpage system is significantly more convenient. 在该技术的一种优选形式中,相对高速和高质量的打印变得更让消费者买得起。 In a preferred form of this technology, relatively high speed and high quality printing becomes affordable leaving consumers. 在其优选形式中,netpage出版物具有传统新闻杂志的物理特性如在双面上以全色彩打印的一组信函大小的光亮页,它们被装订在一起,便于轻易导航和舒适处理。 In its preferred form, Netpage publication has the physical characteristics of a traditional news magazine on both sides as a set of letter-sized pages bright full-color printing, they are bound together, to facilitate easy navigation and comfortable handling.

Netpage打印机利用了宽带互联网接入的增长的可用性。 Netpage printer takes advantage of the availability of broadband Internet access growth. 在美国的95% In the United States 95%

家庭可使用有线服务,提供宽带因特网接入的有线调制解调器服务对于其 Family wired service, provide broadband Internet access to cable modem service for which

15中的20%已经是可用的。 15 20% is already available. Netpage打印机还可以使用较慢的连接,但是这种连接具有较长的传送时间或较低的图像质量或者两者。 Netpage printer can also be used on slower connections, but such a connection has a long transfer time or a lower image quality or both. 实际上,netpage系统可以使用现有的消费者喷墨和激光打印机被使能,尽管所述系统将更慢地操作并且因此从消费者的观点来看将是较不可接受的。 Indeed, Netpage system may use an existing consumer inkjet and laser printers are enabled, although the system operates more slowly and thus from the consumer's viewpoint would be more unacceptable. 在本发明的其它实例中,netpage系统被掌管在专用内部网上。 In other examples of the present invention, netpage system is in charge of private intranet. 还是在另外的实例中,n邻age 系统被掌管在单个计算机上或计算机使能的设备如打印机上。 In still another instance, n is o age control system is on a single computer or a computer such as a printer apparatus so that energy.

N邻age网络上的Netpage发布服务器14被配置为向netpage打印机传送打印质量公布。 Netpage publication servers on the network N o age 14 is configured to be announced to the netpage printer print quality transmission. 周期性公布通过点播和组播互联网协议自动地传递给预订的netpage打印机。 Periodically transmitted to the netpage printer published book by demand and multicast Internet Protocol automatically. 个性化的公布根据各个用户简档被过滤和格式化。 Personalized publishing is filtered and formatted according to individual user profiles.

可以把Netpage打印机配置为支持任意数量的笔,而一支笔可以与任意数量的netpage打印机一起工作。 Netpage printer can be configured to support any number of pens, and a pen can work with any number of netpage printers. 在本发明的优选实现中,每支netpage笔都带有唯一的标识符。 In a preferred implementation of the invention, each netpage pen has a unique identifier. 一个家庭可以拥有有色netpage笔的集合,每支笔分配给家庭的每个成员。 A family can have a collection of colored netpage pens, each pen assigned to each member of the family. 假设被分配的笔只由相应的家庭成员使用,这允许每个用户维护关于netpage公布服务器或应用服务器的不同的简档。 Assuming that the assigned pen is only used by the respective family members, which allows each user to maintain different profiles on netpage publication server or application server. 但是,如下文中所述的,还可以使用其它装置来标识用户。 However, as described herein, and other means may be used to identify the user.

netpage笔还可以向netpage注册服务器ll注册,并与一个或多个支付卡账户链接。 netpage pen can also be registered with the netpage registration server ll, and with one or more payment card accounts link. 这样,允许使用n邻age笔安全地授权电子商务支付。 Thus, allowing the use of n o age pen secure e-commerce payment authorized. N邻age 注册服务器把由netpage笔捕获的签名与以前注册的签名比较,这允许它验证用户对于电子商务服务器的身份。 N o-age registration server to pen signature captured by the netpage compared with a previously registered signature, allowing it to authenticate users for e-commerce server. 其它生物识别也可被用来验证身份。 Other biometrics can also be used to verify identity. 一种版本的netpage笔包括指纹扫描,其由netpage注册服务器以类似的方式验证。 One version of the netpage pen includes fingerprint scanning, which is verified by the netpage registration server in a similar manner.

虽然netpage打印机可以在没有用户介入的情况下传递期刊如早报,它可以被配置为从来都不传递未经请求的垃圾邮件。 Although the netpage printer may deliver periodicals such as the morning newspaper without user intervention, it can be configured to never deliver unsolicited junk mail. 在其优选形式中,其只传递来自预订的或其他授权的来源的期刊。 In its preferred form, it is transmitted only from the book or journal other authorized sources. 在这方面,netpage打印机与传真机或电子邮件账户不同,其对于知道电话号码或电子邮件地址的任何垃圾邮件邮寄者是可见的。 In this regard, netpage printer and a fax machine or a different e-mail accounts, to know that any spam mailers phone number or email address is visible. 二中择一地,也可以使整个系统对外部用户可见, 或者每个用户也可以被提供把自己的打印机暴露给外部用户的能力。 II Alternatively, the entire system may be made visible to outside users or each user may be provided the ability to expose their printer to external users. 这可以通过选择允许发送垃圾邮件的外部用户来实现。 This can be achieved by selecting allow external users to send spam.

1. NETPAGE系统体系结构 1. NETPAGE System Architecture

系统中的每个对象模型使用统一建模语言(UML)类图来描述。 Each object in the system model using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) class diagram is described. 类图由通过关系而连接的对象类的集合组成,这里对两种关系感兴趣:关联和泛化。 FIG class by a set of object classes connected by relationships that, where interested in two kinds of relationships: association and generalization. 关联代表对象(即类的实例)之间的某种关系。 A relationship between (i.e., instance of the class) associated with the representative objects. 泛化与实际的类有关,能 Generalization about actual class, can

够用下列方式理解:如果一个类被认为是该类的所有对象的集合,并且类 Enough understood in the following way: if a class is regarded as a set of all objects of that class, and class

A是类B的泛化,那么B简单地是A的子集。 A is a generalization of class B, then B is simply a subset of A.

每个类被描绘为标注有该类的名称的矩形。 Each class is drawn with a rectangular label is the name of the class. 它包含类的属性列表(与名称之间用一条水平线隔开),和类操作列表(与属性列表之间用一条水平线隔开)。 It contains a list of property class (between names separated by a horizontal line), (separated by a horizontal line between the attribute list) class and action list. 但是,在下面的类图中从未对操作建模。 However, in the following operation class diagram never modeled.

关联被描绘为连接两个类的线条,其可选地在任一端处标注有该关联的多重性。 Association is depicted as a line connecting the two classes, optionally labeled at either end with a multiplicity of the association. 默认的多重性为一。 The default multiplicity is one. 星号(*)指示多重性"若干",即零或更多。 An asterisk (*) indicates a multiplicity of "several", ie zero or more. 每个关联可选地标注有其名称,还可选地在任一端处标注有对应类的角色。 Each association is optionally labeled with its name, and is also optionally labeled at either end with a role of the corresponding class. 开放的菱形表示聚合关联("是…的一部分(is-part-of)"),且被描绘于关联线条的聚合器端处。 Open diamond indicates aggregation association ( "... is part of (is-part-of)"), and is drawn at the aggregator end to the associated line.

泛化关系("是一种…(is-a)")被描绘为连接两个类的实线,在泛化端处具有箭头(开放三角形的形式)。 Generalization relationship ( "is a ... (is-a)") is depicted as a solid line connecting two classes, with an arrow (in the form of an open triangle) at the generalization end.

当类图被分割成多个图时,在所有图中(定义该类的主图除外),被复制的任何类以虚线轮廓示出。 When the class is divided into a plurality FIG view (FIG except the primary class definition) In all the figures, any classes to be copied shown in dashed outline. 其只在被定义处以属性示出。 Which is defined only in the attributes shown imposed. 1.1 NETPAGE 1.1 NETPAGE

Netpages是其上建立netpage网络的基础。 Netpages is the basis on which to establish netpage network. 它们为发布信息和交互式服务提供了一种基于纸张的用户界面。 They provide a paper-based user interface to published information and interactive services.

netpage包含打印页(或其它表面区域),该打印页被不可见地打有对页的在线描述的参考的标签。 netpage page including the print (or other surface region), the printed pages are invisibly with a reference playing online page description tag. 标签可以打印在页的表面上,也可以打印在页的表面中,可以在页的子层中或上,或者可以合并在页中。 Label may be printed on the surface of the page, the page can be printed on the surface, the sub-layers may be in or on the page, or may be incorporated in the page. 在线页描述由netpage页服务器不间断地维护。 Online page description is maintained by the netpage page server without interruption. 页描述说明页的可见布局和内容,包括文本、图形和图像。 Page description describes the visible layout and content of the page, including text, graphics and images. 它还描述页上的输入元素,包括按钮、超链接、以及输 It also describes the input elements on the page, including buttons, hyperlinks, and lose

17入字段。 17 into the field. 虽然netpage(以及相关的页描述)明显不同,不同netpage的页描述可以共享组件,如图像。 Although netpage (and the associated page descriptions) significantly different, different netpage page description may share components, such as images. 每个netpage的页描述可以包括对这些公共组件的引用。 Each netpage page description may include references to these common components. Netpage允许使用netpage笔在其表面上做出的标记被netpage系统同时捕获和处理。 Netpage pen is allowed netpage simultaneously captured and processed to make its mark on the surface of the netpage system.

多个netpage可以共享相同的页描述。 A plurality netpage may share the same page description. 但是,为了允许通过其它相同页的输入被区分,每个netpage被分配有唯一的页标识符。 However, to allow input through otherwise identical differentiated pages, each netpage is assigned a unique page identifier. 这种页ID具有足够的精度,以在设想用于使用环境中的全部netpage之间区分。 This page ID has sufficient precision to netpage between all contemplated for use in the environment of distinction. 如果环境小, 那么所述精度不需要与大环境中的一样大。 If the small environment, then the precision need not be as large as in the environment.

对于页描述的每个引用被编码在打印的标签中。 For each reference to the page description is encoded in a printed tag. 该标签标识了它出现于其上的唯一页,并且从而间接地标识页描述。 The tag identifies the unique page on which it appears, and thereby indirectly identifies the page description. 在优选实例中,所述标签也标识其自身在所述页上的位置。 In a preferred embodiment, the tag also identifies its own position on the page. 所述标签的特性在下文中更详细地说明。 Characteristic of the tag is illustrated in more detail below.

标签是以红外吸收墨打印在红外反射的任何基底,例如普通的纸上。 Tags are printed in infrared absorbing ink of any infrared reflective substrate, such as plain paper. 近红外波长对人眼是不可见的,但是可以由带有适当滤波器的固态图像传感器容易地感测。 Near-infrared wavelengths are invisible to the human eye, but can be easily sensed by a solid-state image sensor with an appropriate filter. 可以使用对相关波长或多个波长敏感的传感器,这种情况下不需要使用滤波器。 You may be used for the relevant wavelength or wavelengths sensitive sensor, without the use of filters in this case. 其它的波长可以与适当的基底和传感器时一起被使用。 Other wavelengths may be used with appropriate substrates and sensors.

标签被netpage笔中的区域(area)图像传感器感测,被解码,并且由所述标签编码的数据被传送到netpage系统(优选地通过最近的netpage打印机)。 Tag is netpage pen area (area) of the image sensor senses, it is decoded, and transmitted to the data encoded by the tag netpage system (preferably via the nearest netpage printer). 笔是无线的,并且通过短程无线链路与netpage打印机通信。 The pen is wireless and short range wireless communication link with the printer netpage. 标签为充分小并且被密集地设置,使得即使在页上单击时所述笔能够地可靠地成像至少一个标签。 Tags are sufficiently small and densely arranged, so that even when the click of the pen on the page can be reliably imaged at least one tag. 重要的是,由于交互是无状态的,在与所示页的每次交互中, 所述笔识别标签、并且提取页ID页以及位置。 Importantly, since the interaction is stateless, at each interaction with the page shown, the pen identification tag, and extract the page ID and position on page. 标签被可纠错地编码,以使它们部分地耐受表面损坏。 Tags are error-correction may be encoded so that they are partially resistant surface damage.

netpage页服务器为每个打印的netpage页维护唯一的页实例,这允许其为每个打印的netpage页的页描述中的输入字段维护用户提供的值的不同的 netpage page server maintains a unique page instance for each printed netpage page, which allows for the maintenance of user-supplied values ​​for the page description for each printed netpage page of a different input field

鱼A 朱no A Zhu no fish

页描述、页实例和打印netpage之间的关系在图4中说明。 The relationship between the page description, the page instance, and prints netpage 4 illustrated in FIG. 在优选实施例中,页实例与打印它的netpage打印机和请求它的netpage用户(如果知道的 In a preferred embodiment, the page instance with the netpage printer and print it netpage user who requested it (if known

话)两者相关。 Words) both related. 对于以其基本形式的本发明的工作,页实例与打印对应物理页的netpage打印机或者与请求页的或所述页为其打印的netpage用户相关 For the operation of the invention in its basic form, the corresponding page instance with the netpage printer prints pages or to request a physical page or the netpage user page for print related

联不是基本的。 United is not essential. 1.2 NETPAGE标签1.2.1标签数据内容 1.2 NETPAGE tag label data content 1.2.1

在优选形式中,每个标签标识它出现于其中的区域,以及标签在区域中的位置。 In a preferred form, each tag identifies the region in which it appears, and the location of the label area. 标签还可以包含与作为整体的区域有关或与该标签有关的旗标(flag)。 Label may also comprise the relevant region as a whole or to the tag associated flag (flag). 一个或多个旗标位可以例如发信号到标签感测设备以提供反馈,该反馈表示关于该标签的紧邻区域相关联的函数,而不需要感测设备参考(referto)该区域的描述。 One or more flag bits may, for example, signal a tag sensing device to provide feedback that indicates a function of the immediate area of ​​the tag associated sense without reference (referto) describing the region sensing device. 例如,当一支netpage笔在一个超链接区域内时,它可以照亮一个"活动区域"LED。 For example, when a netpage pen hyperlink within a region, it can illuminate an "active area" LED.

下文中我们将更详细地解释,在优选实施例中,每个标签包含易于识别的不变结构,该结构可以帮助初始检测,并且有助于最小化由表面或感测过程导致的任何歪曲(warp)的影响。 We will be explained in detail hereinafter, in a preferred embodiment, each tag contains readily identifiable invariant structure, the structure may help initial detection, and help to minimize any distortion caused by the surface or the sensing process ( warp) impact. 该标签优选地平铺(tile)整个页,并且为足够小,并且被密集地设置为:即使在页上单击时,笔仍然能够可靠地将至少一个标签成像。 The tags preferably tile (the tile) the entire page, and sufficiently small and densely arranged is as follows: even when clicking on a page, the pen is still possible to reliably image at least one tag. 重要的是,由于交互是无状态的,在与页的每次交互时,笔识别页ID和位置。 Importantly, because the interaction is stateless, at each interaction with the page, the page ID and position the pen recognition.

在优选实例中,标签所参考的区域与整个页一致,并且编码在标签中的区域ID因此与标签出现在其上的页的页ID是同义的。 In a preferred embodiment, with reference to the label region coincides with an entire page, and the region ID encoded in the tag is thus present in the tag page ID of the page on which are synonymous. 在其它实施例中, In other embodiments,

标签参考的区域可以是页或其它表面的任意一个子区。 The region may be a reference label, or any other sub-surface region of a page. 例如,它可以与交互元素的区域一致,在该情况下区域ID可以直接标识交互元素。 For example, it may coincide with the area of ​​interactive elements, in which case the region ID can directly identify the interactive element.

每个标签通常包含16位的标签ID、至少90位的区域ID,以及许多旗标位。 Each tag typically contains 16 bits of tag ID, at least 90 area ID, and a number of flag bits. 假设最大标签密度为每平方英寸64个,16位标签ID支持多至1024平方英寸的区域大小。 Assuming the maximum tag density of 64 per square inch, 16-bit tag ID supports area size of up to 1024 square inches. 简单地通过使用邻接区域和映射可以连续地映射更大的区域,而不需增加标签ID精度。 It may simply be mapped continuously by using a larger area and the adjacent area map, without increasing the tag ID precision. 区域ID和标签ID之间的差别主要是一种方便。 The difference between the region ID and a tag ID is primarily a convenience. 在大多数情况下,这两者的连接可以视为一种全局唯一标签ID。 In most cases, both can be connected as a globally unique tag ID. 相反 in contrast

19地,其也可以方便地在标签ID中引入结构,例如定义标签的x坐标和y坐标。 To 19, which may conveniently be incorporated in the structure of the tag ID, for example, coordinates x and y coordinates of the tag definitions. 90位区域ID允许2,〜10"或者千万亿万亿)个不同的区域被唯一地标识。标 Region ID allows 2 90, ~ 10 "or billions ten million billion) different regions to be uniquely identified. Landmark

签还可以包含类型信息,并且区域还可以以标签类型的混合被打标签。 Sign may also contain type information, and the play area may also be a mixed tag type of the tag. example

如, 一个区域可以以一组编码x坐标的标签和另一组与所述第一交错的编码y坐标的标签来打标签。 For example, a label area may be a set of tags encoding x coordinates and another set of said first interleaved coded label y coordinates to play. 应该理解的是,根据要使用系统的环境,区域ID 和标签ID的精度可以高于或低于上述的精度。 It should be appreciated that the use of the system according to the environment ID and tag ID precision region may be higher or lower than the above-described accuracy. 1.2.2标签数据编码 1.2.2 tag data encoding

在一个实施例中,每个标签包含120位信息。 In one embodiment, each tag contains 120 information. 120位标签数据使用(15, 5)REED-SOLOMON码被冗余编码。 Tag data 120 using (15, 5) REED-SOLOMON code is redundantly encoded. 这样产生360个编码位,包含每个都是15个4位符号的6个码字。 This results in 360 coded bits, comprising 6 yards are each 15 words of four symbols. (15,5)码支持每个码字多达5个符号的差错被校正, 也就是说,它容许每个码字达33%的符号差错率。 (15,5) codeword symbols of each support up to 5 symbol errors to be corrected, that is, it allows each codeword symbol error rate of 33%.

每个4位符号在标签中以空间相干的方式被表示,而6个码字的符号在标签中被空间地交错。 Each symbol in the label 4 is represented in a spatially coherent way, the reference numeral 6 codewords are interleaved spatially label. 这确保突发错误(影响多个空间相邻位的错误)破坏总体的最小数量的符号和任一个码字中的最小数量的符号,从而使突发错误能够被完全校正的可能性最大化。 This ensures that a burst error (an error affecting multiple bits adjacent spaces) destruction of the minimum number of symbols overall and a minimum number of symbols according to any one codeword, thereby maximizing the likelihood that the burst error can be fully corrected.

可以采用任何合适的错误校正码码代替(15, 5)REED-SOLOMON码, Any suitable error correction code instead of the code (15, 5) REED-SOLOMON code,

例如具有较多或较少冗余,具有相同或不同的符号和码字大小的REED-SOLOMON码,另一分组码(blockcode)、或不同种类的码如巻积码, (见例如,Stephen B. ^Vicker, Error Control Systems for Digital Communication and Storage, Prentice-Hall 1995,其内容通过交叉引用结合在此)。 For example, a more or less redundancy, with the same or different symbol and codeword sizes REED-SOLOMON code, (blockcode), or other different types of codes such as block codes convolving code (see e.g., Stephen B . ^ Vicker, Error Control Systems for Digital Communication and Storage, Prentice-Hall 1995, the contents of which is incorporated herein by cross-reference). 1.2.3物理的标签结构 1.2.3 physical tag structure

图5中所示的标签的物理表示包括固定目标结构15、 16、 17和可变数据区域18。 Physical tag shown in FIG. 5 shows comprising 15, 16, 17 and variable data areas 18 fixed target structures. 固定目标结构允许感测设备(如netpage笔)检测标签并推断其相对于传感器的三维取向。 Fixed target structures allow a sensing device (such as a netpage pen) detection tag and infer its three-dimensional orientation relative to the sensor. 数据区域包含编码的标签数据的各个位的表示。 Tag data region contains encoded data for each bit representation.

为了实现正确的标签再现,以256 X 256点的分辨率对标签进行再现。 To achieve proper tag reproduction, the resolution of 256 X 256 dots is reproduced on the label. 当以每英寸1600点打印时,这产生具有大约直径为4毫米的标签。 When printed at 1600 dots per inch, which is generated having a diameter of about 4 mm label. 在这种分辨率下,标签被设计为由半径为16个点的"静区"环绕。 In this resolution the tag is designed as a radius of 16 points "quiet zone" surround. 由于这种静区也是由相邻标签构成的,因此它只对标签的有效直径增加了16个点。 Since such a dead zone is constituted by adjacent tags, it only adds 16 thus points to the effective diameter of the tag.

标签包含6个目标结构。 Tag includes six target structures. 检测环15允许感测设备初始地检测标签。 Detection ring 15 allows the sensing device to initially detect the tag. 由于这种环是旋转不变的,以及由于其纵横比的简单校正除去大多数透视畸变 Since this ring is rotationally invariant and because a simple correction of its aspect ratio to remove most of the perspective distortion

的影响,所以所述环容易检测。 Effect, it is easy to detect the ring. 由于传感器的偏转,取向轴16允许感测设备确定标签的近似的平面取向。 Due to the deflection of the sensor, the orientation axis 16 allows the sensing device to determine the approximate planar orientation of the tag. 取向轴是倾斜的,以产生唯一的取向。 The alignment axis is inclined to produce a unique orientation. 4 个透视目标17允许感测设备推断标签的准确的二维透视变换,以及由此标签相对于传感器的准确的三维位置与取向。 Four perspective targets 17 allow the sensing device to infer an accurate tag dimensional perspective transform of the tag and hence an accurate three-dimensional position with respect to the orientation of the sensor.

所有目标结构都是冗余地大,以提高它们对噪声的不敏感性。 All target structures are redundantly large to improve their insensitivity to noise. 总体标签形状是圆形的。 The overall tag shape is circular. 在其它物中这支持如包在不规则三角格子上的最佳标签如被需要用于平铺一个任意的非平面表面。 In further support of this was on the package label as best irregular triangular grid, such as tiling is a need for an arbitrary non-planar surface. 但是,也可以把标签排列在带有n个顶点的任意多边形的顶点上,其中的n范围从3到无穷大, 如所需的。 However, the label may be arranged in an arbitrary vertices of a polygon with n vertices, where n ranges from 3 to infinity, as desired. 与圆形检测环15组合,这使得了标签内的数据位的圆形排列最佳。 15 in combination with the circular detection ring, this makes a circular arrangement of data bits within the tag optimal. 如图48所示,为了最大化其尺寸,每个数据位由一个径向楔形510表示, 所述楔形处于以两条径向线512、一条径向内弧514和一条径向外弧516为边界的区域的形式。 As shown in FIG 48, in order to maximize its size, each data bit is represented by a radial wedge 510, the wedge is in two radial lines 512, a radially inner arc 514 and a radially outer arc 516 form area borders. 在1600dpi,每个楔形510具有最小尺寸8个点,并且被设计以使其基底(即其内弧514)至少等于这个最小尺寸。 In 1600dpi, each wedge 510 has a minimum size of 8 points, and is designed to make the substrate (i.e. its inner arc 514) at least equal to this minimum dimension. 楔形510的径向高度始终等于最小尺寸。 The radial height of the wedge 510 is always equal to the minimum size. 每个4位数据符号由2x2个楔形510的阵列518表示,如图48中最好地示出。 Each 4-bit data symbol is represented by a 2x2 array 518 of the wedge 510, the 48 best shown in FIG.

6个码字中的每个码字的15个4位数据符号被配置到四个同心的符号环18a-18d中,如图5所示,处于如图49-51中所示的交错的方式。 6 each codeword in the codeword 4 15 data symbols are arranged into four concentric symbol rings 18a-18d in FIG. 5, 49-51 is shown in FIG interleaved manner . 第一到第六码字520-525的符号在绕所述标签的圆形行进中被交替地配置。 The first to sixth code word symbols 520-525 are arranged around the circular travel of the label alternately.

所述交错被设计以最大化相同码字的任意两个符号之间的平均空间距离。 The interleaving is designed to an average space between any two symbols of the same codeword to maximize distance. 码字或它们的数据符号的其他排列可以被使用。 Other arrangements of the codewords or their data symbols may be used.

标签的物理布局或每个标签内的数据符号的形状和/或排列对本发明的工作不是基本的。 Shape and / or physical layout or arrangement of data symbols within each tag label work is not essential to the present invention. 所必须的仅是每个标签为想要的使用编码足够的信息。 Necessary only for the intended use of each tag encode sufficient information. 标签中冗余的使用是优选的,但是在其基本水平上,对本发明的工作不是真正基本的。 Tags are preferred using redundancy, but in its substantially horizontal, the work of the present invention is not really essential. 同样地可以使用其它的标签排列。 Likewise possible to use other labels are arranged. 其他标签结构的例子被描述于美国专利5,625,412, 5,661,506, 5,477,012和5,852,434以及PCT申请PCT/US98/20597中,其每个的内容以参考方式结合在此。 Examples of other tag structures are described in U.S. Patent No. 5,625,412, in 5,661,506, 5,477,012 and 5,852,434 and PCT application PCT / US98 / 20597, the contents of each of which is incorporated herein by reference.

为了支持通过感测设备与打标签区域的"单击"交互,不管感测设备被定位在区域中的何处或处于什么取向,感测设备必须能够"看到"其视野中的至少一个完整的标签。 To support the "click" cross sensing device to play tag with the region, regardless of the sensing device is positioned in the area where or at what orientation the sensing device must be able to "see" their vision in at least one complete s Mark. 因此,所需要的感测设备的视野的直径必须为标签的尺寸和间隔的函数。 Accordingly, the diameter of the field of view of the sensing device is required to be a function of the size and spacing of the tags.

假设圆形的标签形状,当标签被平铺在等边三角形格上时,可以获得传感器视野的最小直径,如图6所示。 Assuming a circular tag shape, when the label is plated in an equilateral triangle lattice, the minimum diameter of the sensor field of view can be obtained, as shown in FIG. 1.2.4标签图像处理和解码 1.2.4 tag image processing and decoding

图5中所示的标签的标签图像处理和解码由感测设备(如图7所示的netpage笔)进行。 Tag shown in FIG. 5 by a tag image processing and decoding sensing device (netpage pen shown in FIG. 7). 当从图像传感器获得捕获的图像时,图像的动态范围被确定(在20)。 When obtaining an image captured from the image sensor, the dynamic range of the image is determined (at 20). 然后,范围的中心被选为图像21的二进制阈值。 Then, the central area is selected as the binary threshold image 21. 图像随后被定限并且被分割到连接的像素区(即形状23)中(在22)。 The image is then thresholded and segmented into pixel region is connected (i.e., a shape 23) (22). 太小而无法代表标签目标结构的形状被放弃。 Shape too small to be representative of the label of the target structure was abandoned. 每个形状的尺寸和质心(centroid)也被计算。 The size and shape of each centroid (Centroid) was also calculated.

然后,为每个形状计算(在24处)二进制形状矩(moment)25,并且这些为以后定位目标结构提供了依据。 Then, for each shape is calculated (at 24) the binary shape moment (moment) 25, and these provide the basis for the subsequent positioning of the target structure. 中心形状矩由它们的本性决定是与位置无关的,而且可以容易地成为与縮放(scale)、纵横比和旋转无关。 Center shape moments are by their position independent of the nature of the decision, and can be easily scaled and (Scale), and the aspect ratio regardless of the rotation.

环形目标结构15是首先要定位的(在26)。 Ring target structure 15 is the first to be located (at 26). 环形具有当透视畸变时工作良好的优点。 When the annular perspective distortion has good operating advantages. 通过对每个形状的矩进行方位(aspect)标准化和旋转标准化进行匹配。 Standardization Standardization and by matching the rotational orientation of the moment for each shape (aspect). 一旦其二阶矩被标准化,即使透视畸显著,环也容易识别。 Once it is normalized second moment, even if the perspective distortion significantly, cycloalkyl easily recognized. 环的原始方位和旋转27—起为透视变换提供了有用的近似。 Original orientation and rotation of the ring provides a useful starting 27- approximately perspective transformation.

轴目标结构16是下一个要定位的(在28)。 Axis target structure 16 is the next to be located (at 28). 通过把环的标准化应用到每个形状的矩和旋转标准化结果矩进行匹配。 By matching the standardized ring and a rotating torque applied to a standardization of the shape of each moment. 一旦其二阶矩被标准化,轴目标被容易地识别。 Once the second moment which is normalized axis target is easily recognized. 需要注意的是,为了消除(disambiguate)轴的两个可能的取向的歧义,还需要一个三阶矩。 Note that, in order to eliminate (disambiguate) two possible orientations of the axis of ambiguity, but also a third moment. 所述形状被故意向一侧倾斜,以使此成为可能。 The shape is deliberately tilted to one side to make this possible. 还需要注意的是,在已经应用了环的标准化后,只能对轴目标进行旋转标准化,因为透视畸变可能隐藏轴目标的轴。 It is also noted that, after the ring has been applied a standardized, target shaft rotation only standardized as perspective distortion can hide the axis target's axis. 由于笔偏转29,轴目标的原始旋转提供了标签旋转的有用近似。 Since the deflection of the pen 29, the original target rotational axis provides a useful approximation of the tag's rotation.

四个透视目标结构17是最后要定位的(在30)。 Four perspective target structures 17 are the last to be located (at 30). 此时,可以根据它们已知的与环和轴目标的空间关系、环的方位和旋转、以及轴的旋转来计算它们的位置的好的估计。 In this case, based on their known spatial relationship with the target ring and the shaft, and the rotating ring of the bearing, and the rotary shaft to the calculated estimate their locations. 通过把环的标准化应用到每个形状的矩来进行匹配。 Standardization is performed by matching the shape of the ring applied to each moment. 一旦它们的二阶矩被标准化,圆形透视目标容易识别,并且与每个估计位置最近的目标被作为匹配。 Once they are normalized second moment, the circular perspective targets easily recognizable, and is matched to the nearest target as each estimated location. 四个透视目标的原始质心被作为标签空间中已知大小的正方形的透视畸变的转角31,并且基于求解将四个标签空间与图 Four perspective target centroid is used as an original tag space perspective distortion known magnitude square corner 31, and solving the four map based on tag space

像空间点对相关的很好理解的等式进行求解来推断(在32)八自由度的透视变换33(见Heckbert,P.,Fundamentals of Texture Mapping and Image Warping, Master Thesis,Dept.of EECS , U.of California at Berkeley,Technical Report No.UCB/CSD 89/516,June 1989,其内容通过交叉参考结合在此)。 Like the equation solving spatial points related to infer well understood (32) eight degrees of freedom perspective transform 33 (see Heckbert, P., Fundamentals of Texture Mapping and Image Warping, Master Thesis, Dept.of EECS, U.of California at Berkeley, Technical Report No.UCB / CSD 89/516, June 1989, which is incorporated herein by cross-reference).

所推断的标签空间到图像空间的透视变换用于把标签空间中的每个已知的数据位位置投射(在36)到图像空间中,在所示图像空间中,实值(real-valued)位置被用于对输入图像中四个相关的相邻像素进行双线性插入(在36)。 The inferred tag space into image space for perspective transformation to each known data bit position of the projection (36) into the space tag image space, as shown in the image space, the real-valued (real-valued) an input image is used to position the four adjacent pixels associated bilinear insert (36). 以前计算得到的图像阈值21用于对所述结果定限,以获得最终位值37。 Previously computed image threshold 21 is used for the thresholding result, to obtain a final 37-bit value.

一旦以这个方式获得了全部360个数据位37, 6个60位Reed-Solomon码字的每个被解码(在38),以产生20个解码位39,或者全部120个解码位。 Once obtained in this manner all 360 data bits 37, 60 six Reed-Solomon code words each decoded (at 38) to yield 20 decoded bits 39, or 120 decoded bits all. 需要注意的是,码字符号是以码字的顺序被采样的,因此码字在采样过程中被隐含地去交错。 Note that the order of codeword symbols are sampled in codeword, the codeword is thus implicitly de-interleaved during the sampling process.

如上所述,物理标签结构或编码系统对本发明不是基本的,并且可以采用每个标签的其它物理排列。 As described above, the physical tag structure or encoding system is not essential to the present invention, the physical arrangement of each tag and the other may be employed. 将会理解,识别和解码标签图像以检索编码数据的过程取决于标签的物理结构和用于冗余地编码数据的系统。 It will be understood, the process of identifying and decoding label image to retrieve the data encoded depends on the physical structure of the tag, and a system for redundantly encoded data.

环目标15只在图像的子区中被寻找,它与图像的关系能够保证它(如果被找到)是完整标签的一部分。 Ring target 15 is looking at the sub-region of the image, its relationship to the image to ensure it (if found) it is part of a complete label. 如果完整标签没有被找到以及成功地解码, 那么不会为当前帧记录笔的位置。 If a complete tag is not found and successfully decoded, then no pen to record the location of the current frame. 如果有足够的处理能力和理想地非最小视野193,另一种策略涉及在当前图像中寻找另一个标签。 If there is enough processing power and ideally a non-minimal field of view 193, an alternative strategy involves seeking another tag in the current image. 获得的标签数据指示包含该标签的区域的标识和该标签在区域中的位置。 The obtained tag data indicates the region containing the identification tag and the tag location area. 然后,从标签上的观察的透视变换33以及笔的物理轴与笔的光轴之间 Then, the conversion between the physical axis and an optical axis 33 of the pen from the pen as viewed in the perspective view of the label

的己知空间关系推断(在34)笔尖在区域中的精确位置35以及笔的总体取向35。 The known spatial relationship inferred (at 34) in the region of the precise location of the tip 35 and the overall orientation 35 of the pen.

1.2.5另一种标签结构 Another label structure 1.2.5

上述的标签结构被设计成允许平面表面的规则平铺以及非平面表面的不规则平铺两者。 The above-described label structure is designed to allow both the irregularly tiled regularly tiled planar surface and a non-planar surface. 通常在非平面表面上规则平铺是不可能的。 Regularly tiled usually impossible on a non-planar surface. 在标签的规则平铺为可能的较常见的平面表面即如纸张等的表面的情况中,可以使用利用平铺的规则性质的较有效的标签结构。 Tag tiling rules are possible more common planar surface i.e. the surface as in the case of paper or the like may be used in the tiled nature of the rules using more efficient tag structures.

另一种更适合于规则平铺的标签结构在图6a中示出。 Another tag structure more suited to a regular tiling is shown in Figure 6a. 所述另一种标签4 是正方形的,并且带有4个透视目标17。 The other tag 4 is square and has four perspective targets 17. 它在结构上与Bennett等人在美国专利5051746中所述的标签相似。 It is similar to Bennett et al., In U.S. Patent No. 5,051,746 according to the label structure. 该标签代表60个4位Reed-Solomon符号47, 总共为240位。 The tag represents sixty four Reed-Solomon symbols 47, for a total of 240. 该标签把每一个位表示为点48,并且每个零位由对应点的缺少代表。 The tag represents each bit of the point 48, and each zero bit is represented by a corresponding point missing. 所述透视目标被设计为在相邻标签之间共享,如图6b和6c所示。 The perspective targets are designed to be shared between adjacent tags, as shown in 6b and 6c. 图6b显示了16个标签的正方形平铺以及对应的最小视野193,该视野必须跨越两个标签的对角线。 Figure 6b shows a square tiling and a corresponding minimum field of view of 19,316 tags, the tag field of view of two diagonal lines must span. 图6c显示了9个标签的正方形平铺,包含用于说明目的的所有的一个位。 Figure 6c shows a square tiling of nine tags, containing all one bits for illustration purposes.

使用(15, 7)Reed-Solomon码,112位标签数据被冗余地编码,以产生240个编码位。 Using (15, 7) Reed-Solomon code, 112 tag data are redundantly encoded to produce 240 encoded bits. 4个码字在标签内被空间地交错,以使对突发错误的复原力最大化。 4 codewords are interleaved spatially within the tag, so that the restoring force of the burst error is maximized. 假设采用的是如前所述的16位标签ID,这允许达92位的区域ID。 Assuming the previously described 16-bit tag ID, which allows the 92-bit zone ID.

由于标签的数据承载点48被设计为不覆盖相邻点,因此标签组不会产生与目标类似的结构。 Since the data tag bearing points 48 are designed not to cover the adjacent points, so the label is not generated target group similar structure. 这也省墨。 It also save ink. 因此所述透视目标允许检测标签,所以不需要其它目标。 The perspective targets therefore allow detection of the label, so that no further goals. 标签图像处理如上面1.2.4中所述而进行,所不同的是步骤26和28被省略了。 The tag image processing and 1.2.4 for the above, except that steps 26 and 28 are omitted.

虽然可以在标签中包含取向特征以允许消除标签相对于传感器的4个可能的取向的歧义,也可在标签数据中嵌入取向数据。 While the alignment feature may be included in the label allowing the label to eliminate ambiguity with respect to the four possible orientations of the sensor, orientation data may also be embedded in the tag data. 例如,4个码字可以排列为使每个标签取向包含一个放置于该取向上的码字,如图6d所示,其 For example, four codewords may be arranged such that each tag orientation contains one codeword placed on the orientation, shown in Figure 6d, which

24中每个符号都标注有其码字的号(l-4)以及符号在码字中的位置(A-0)。 Each symbol 24 is marked with a number of its codeword (l-4) and a symbol position (A-0) in the codeword. 然后,标签解码包括在每个取向上解码一个码字。 Then, the label decoding includes decoding one codeword at each orientation. 每个码字可以包含指示它是否是第一个码字的单个位,或者包含指示它是哪一个码字的两位。 Each codeword may comprise indicating whether it is a single-bit first codeword, which indicates that it is or contains a two codeword. 后一种方法的优点是:如果,比方说,只需要一个码字的数据内容,那么最多两个码字需要被解码以获得所需的数据。 Advantage of the latter method is: if, say, the data content of only one codeword, then at most two codewords need to be decoded to obtain the desired data. 当在一个笔划中不需要改变区域ID并且因此只在笔划开始处解码该区域ID时,可能出现这种情况。 When no change region ID in a stroke and is thus only decoded at the start of the stroke area ID, this situation may occur. 然后在 Then

一个笔划中只需要包含标签ID的码字。 A stroke only the codeword containing the tag ID. 而且,由于在笔划中感测设备的旋 Further, since the rotation sensing device in the stroke

转变化较慢并且是可预测的,所以对于每个帧,通常只需对一个码字解码。 Transition of the slow and predictable, so for each frame, usually only one codeword decoder pair. 可省去所有透视目标,而依靠自登记的数据表示法。 All targets may be omitted perspective view, showing the method relying on data from the register. 在这种情况下, under these circumstances,

每个位值(或多位值)典型地由一个明确的字形(glyph)代表,即缺位值由缺少 Each bit value (or multi-bit value) is typically comprised of a defined shape (Glyph) represented by a value that is the absence of missing

字形表示。 Glyph representation. 这样保证数据格被良好地填充,因而允许可靠地标识格,并且其透视畸变被检测以及随后在数据采样期间被纠正。 This ensures that the data grid is well filled, thus allowing cells to reliably identified, and it is perspective distortion detected and subsequently corrected during data sampling. 为了能够检测到标签的边界,每个标签数据必须包含标记图案,并且必须把这些冗余地编码以实现可靠的检测。 In order to detect the boundary tag, each tag data must contain a marker pattern, and these must be redundantly encoded to achieve reliable detection. 这种记号图案的开销与明确的透视目标的开销类似。 This pattern overhead sign with clear objectives overhead perspective similar. 一种这样的方案使用相对于格顶点的各种点放置的斑点来代表不同的字形, One such scheme uses with respect to various points of the grid vertices to represent different spot placement glyph

从而代表不同的多位值(见Anoto Technology Description, Anoto April 2000)。 Thus representing a number of different values ​​(see Anoto Technology Description, Anoto April 2000). 1.2.6标签映射 1.2.6 label mapping

对标签进行解码将产生区域ID、标签ID以及相对于标签的笔变换。 Decoding the generated label conversion region pen ID, tag ID, and with respect to the labels. 在标签ID和相对于标签的笔位置能够被转换为标签区域中的绝对位置之前, 必须知道标签在区域内的位置。 Before the tag ID and a pen position relative to the tag can be converted to the absolute position of the label area, you must know the position of the tag within the region. 这由标签映射给出,标签映射是一个把打标签区域中的每个标签ID映射到对应位置的函数。 This mapping is given by the label, the label mapping is a mapping of each of the tagging region is a function of the tag ID to the corresponding position. 标签映射类图在图22中示出,它是netpage打印机类图的部分。 Tag map class diagram is shown in FIG. 22, which is part of the netpage printer class diagram.

标签映射反映以标签平铺表面区域的方案,并且其可以根据表面类型而变化。 Tag map reflects the scheme to label the surface area of ​​the tile, and may vary according to surface type. 当多个打标签的区域共享相同的平铺方案和相同的标签编号方案时,它们也可以共享相同的标签映射。 When the same region sharing a plurality of tiles tagging scheme and the same tag numbering scheme, they can also share the same tag map.

区域的标签映射必须能够通过区域ID检索。 Tag must be able to retrieve the mapping region through the zone ID. 因此,给定区域ID、标签 Thus, a given region ID, tag

25ID和笔变换,可以检索标签映射。 25ID and pen transform, the tag map can be retrieved. 标签ID能够被转换为区域内的绝对标签位置,并且相对于标签的笔位置可以加到标签位置上,以产生区域内绝对的笔位置。 The tag ID can be converted into an absolute tag location within the region, and the position of the pen relative to the tag can be added to the tag location to yield an absolute pen location within the region.

1.2.7打标签方案 1.2.7 tagging program

两种截然不同的表面编码方案是令人感兴趣的,两者都使用本节中先前描述的标签结构。 Two distinct surface coding schemes are of interest, both use the tag structure described earlier in this section. 优选的编码方案使用如已讨论的"位置指示"标签。 The preferred coding scheme uses "location indicates" labels discussed. 另一种编码方案使用"对象指示"标签。 Another encoding scheme uses "object indicating" tags.

位置指示标签包含标签ID,当该标签ID通过与标签区域有关的标签映射被转换时,产生区域内唯一的标签位置。 The position indicating tag contains a tag ID, when the tag ID associated with the label by label mapping region is converted, to generate a unique tag location within the region. 笔相对于标签的位置被加到该标签位置上,以产生区域内笔的位置。 The position of the pen relative to the tag is added to the tag location to yield the location of the pen within the region. 而笔的位置又可用来确定笔相对于用户接口元素的位置,所述用户接口元素在与区域有关的页描述中。 And in turn used to determine the position of the pen position of the pen relative to a user interface element, the user interface elements in the page description associated with the region in a. 不仅用户接口元素本身被标识,而且相对于用户接口元素的位置也被标识。 Not only is the user interface element itself identified, but also with respect to the position of the user interface elements are also identified. 因此,位置指示标签一般地支持在特定用户接口元素的区域中的绝对笔路径的捕获。 Thus, the position indication labels are generally supported capture absolute pen path in the region of a particular user interface element in the.

对象指示标签包含一个标签ID,该标签ID直接标识与区域有关的页描述中的用户接口元素。 Object indicating tag contains a tag ID, a user interface element directly to the tag ID identifies the page description associated region. 用户接口元素的区域中的所有标签都标识用户接口元素,这使它们都相同并因此不能区分开。 All tags in the area of ​​the user interface element identifies a user interface element, making them all identical and therefore can not be distinguished separately. 所以,对象指示标签不支持绝对笔路径的捕获。 Therefore, the object label indicating the capture of an absolute pen path is not supported. 但是,它们的确支持相对笔路径的捕获。 However, they do support the capture of a relative pen path. 只要位置采样频率超出所遇到的标签频率的2倍以上,就可以明确地确定在一个笔划中从一个被采样的笔位置到下一个的位移。 As long as the position sampling frequency exceeds twice or more encountered tag frequency, it can be unambiguously determined in a stroke from one sampled pen position to the next displacement.

在任何一种打标签方案中,标签与netpage上作为用户交互元素的相关视觉元素协同工作,这样,用户可以使用适当的感测设备与打印页交互, 从而通过感测设备读取标签数据并在netpage系统中产生适当的响应。 In either tagging scheme, the tags as user interactive elements associated visual elements on the netpage work, so that the user can use an appropriate sensing device to interact with the printed page, so that by reading a tag sensing device sense data and netpage system to produce the appropriate response. 1.3文档与页描述 1.3 document and page description

在图25和26中显示了文档与页描述类图的一个优选实例。 It shows a preferred example of a document and page description class diagram in FIGS. 25 and 26.

在netpage系统中,文档在三个级别处被描述。 In the netpage system, it is described in the document at three levels. 在最抽象级上,文档836 具有一种层次结构,其终端元素839与内容对象840(例如文本对象、文本风格对象、图像对象等)相关联。 At the most abstract level the document 836 has a hierarchical structure, the terminal elements 839 and its content object 840 (e.g., text objects, text style objects, image objects, etc.) are associated. 一旦文档被以特定页大小并且根据特定用户的縮放因子优选打印到打印机上时,文档被加上页码以及另外被格式化。 Once the document is printed in a particular page size and according to a particular user's scale factor preferably into the printer, the document is added as well as additional page is formatted. 在某些情况下,格式化的终端元素835与内容对象有关,这些内容对象与相关于它们的对应终端元素的内容对象不同,特别是在内容对象为风格有关的情况下。 In some cases, the formatted terminal elements 835 and content-related objects, content objects associated with their corresponding terminal elements of different content objects, particularly in the case where the content object is related to the style. 文档和页的每个打印实例也被分开描述,从而允许通过特定页 Each printed instance document and page is also described separately, to allow a particular page by

实例830捕获的输入与通过相同页描述的其它实例捕获的输入分开被记录。 Examples 830 and the input captured through other instances of the same description page is recorded separately from input captured.

由于在页服务器上存在最抽象的文档描述,允许用户请求文档拷贝, 而不被强迫接受源文档的特定格式。 Due to the presence of the most abstract document description on the page server allows a user copy of the document request, without being forced to accept the source document's specific format. 例如,用户可以通过具有不同页尺寸的打印机来请求拷贝。 For example, a user may request the copy by a printer having a different page sizes. 相反地,在页服务器上的格式化的文档描述的存在允许页服务器有效地解释在特定打印页上用户动作。 Conversely, the presence of the formatted document description on the page server allows the page server to efficiently interpret user actions on a particular printed page.

格式化的文档834包含一组格式化的页描述5,其中的每个页描述包含一组格式化的终端元素835。 Formatted document 834 contains a set of formatted page description 5, wherein each of the page element description 835 contains a set of formatted terminal. 每个格式化的元素在页上有一个空间范围或区域58。 Each formatted element has a spatial extent or zone 58 on the page. 这限定了输入元素(如超链接和输入域)的活动区域。 This defines the input elements (e.g., hyperlinks and input fields) active area.

文档实例831与格式化的文档834对应。 Document instance 831 corresponds to a formatted document 834. 它包含一组页实例830,每个页实例与格式化文档的一个页描述5对应。 It contains a set of page instances 830, each page instance to a page description 5 of the formatted document corresponds. 每个页实例830描述单个唯一的打印的netpagel,并记录该netpage的页ID50。 Each page instance 830 describes a single unique printed netpagel, and records the netpage page ID50. 如果其代表隔离的被请求页的拷贝,那么页实例不是文档实例的部分。 If it is representative of the isolation copy of the requested page, the page instance is not part of a document instance.

一个页实例包含一组终端元素实例832。 Examples of a page 832 contains a set of terminal element instances. 元素实例仅在其记录实例特定信息的情况时存在。 Element instance only exists when their status records instance-specific information. 因此,对于超链接元素存在超链接实例,因为它记录对页实例为特定的事务处理ID55;对于字段元素存在字段实例,因为它记 Thus, for a hyperlink element hyperlink instance exists, it records the page as example of the process for a particular transaction ID55; field instance exists for a field element because it remember

录对页实例为特定的输入。 For instance to a particular page record of input. 但是,对于静态元素(如文本流)不存在元素实例。 However, for static elements (e.g., text flow) element instance does not exist. 一个终端元素可以为静态元素843、超链接元素844、字段元素845、或页服务器命令元素846,如图27所示。 A terminal element can be a static element 843, a hyperlink element 844, a field element 845 or a page server command element 846, shown in Figure 27. 一个静态元素843可以是带有相关的风格对象854的风格元素847、带有相关的风格化文本对象855的文本流元素848、带有相关的图像元素856的图像元素849、带有相关的图形对象857的图形元素850、带有相关的视频剪辑对象858的视频剪辑元素851、带有相关的音频剪辑对象859的音频剪辑元素852、或带有相关的脚本对象860的脚本 Text flow element can be a static element 843 with an associated style style elements 854 of the object 847 with an associated styled text objects 855 to 848, with an associated image element 856 of image elements 849, associated with pattern graphic element 857 of 850 objects, with associated video clip object element 851,858 video clips, and audio clips with 852 elements associated audio clip object 859, 860 or related script object with a script

27元素853,如图28所示。 27 elements 853, as shown in Fig.

页实例可以具有背景字段833,该背景字段用于记录在页上捕获的,不应用于特定的输入元素的任何数字墨。 Examples of page 833 may have a background field, the background field is used to record a captured on the page, and not for any particular digital ink input element.

在本发明的优选形式中,标签映射811被与每个页实例关联,以允许页上的标签可以被转换为页上的位置。 In a preferred form of the invention, the tag map 811 is associated with each page instance to allow tags on the page may be converted into a position on the page. 1.4NETPAGE网络 1.4NETPAGE network

在优选实施例中, 一个netpage网络包含通过网络19如因特网连接的netpage页服务器10、 netpage注册服务器l 1、 netpagelD服务器12、 netpage 应用服务器13、 netpage发布服务器14、以及netpage打印机601的分布设置, 如图3所示。 In a preferred embodiment, a netpage network consists of 10, netpage registration servers l 1, netpagelD server 12 is, netpage application server 13 is, netpage distribution server 14, and the distribution is provided netpage printer 601 via a network 19 such as the netpage page server connected to the Internet, As shown in Figure 3.

Netpage注册服务器ll是一个记录用户、笔、打印机、应用和发布之间的关系以及从而对各种网络活动授权的服务器。 Netpage registration server ll is a relationship between users, pens, printers, applications, and server and publish a variety of network activity so as to authorize the record. 在应用事务处理中,它对用户进行鉴权并作为一个代表己鉴权的用户的签名代理。 In the application of a transaction, it authenticates the user as a user has been authenticated signature of the representative agent. 如果需要,它还提供手写识别服务。 If necessary, it also provides handwriting recognition services. 如上所述,netpage页服务器10维护着与页描述和页实例有关的持久信息。 As mentioned above, netpage page server 10 maintains persistent information about page descriptions and page instances of. Netpage网络包含任意数量的页服务器,每个页服务器处理页实例的一个子集。 Netpage network includes any number of page servers, each handling a subset of page server page instance. 由于页服务器还为每个页实例维护用户输入值, 客户机(如netpage打印机)可以直接向适当的页服务器发送netpage输入。 Since the page server also maintains user input values ​​for each page instance, clients (such as netpage printers) may send netpage input directly to the appropriate page server. 页服务器对与对应的页描述相关的任意这种输入进行解释。 Server for any page associated with a page description corresponding to such input will be explained.

NetpagelD服务器12按照需要分配文档ID51 ,并通过其ID分配方案提供 NetpagelD document distribution server 12 as needed ID51, and by providing its ID allocation scheme

页服务器的负载均衡。 Page server load balancing.

Netpage打印机使用互联网分布式名称系统(DNS),或类似地将netpage 页ID50解析为处理对应页实例的netpage页服务器的网络地址。 Netpage printer uses the Internet Distributed Name System (DNS), or similar analytical ID50 the netpage page to process the corresponding page instance netpage page server's network address.

Netpage应用服务器13是掌管(host)交互netpage应用的服务器。 Netpage application server 13 is in charge of the server (host) interactive netpage applications. Netpage 发布服务器14是一个应用服务器,它向netpage打印机发布netpage文档。 Netpage publication server 14 is an application server, it publishes netpage documents to netpage printers. it

们在第二节中详细讨论。 We discussed in detail in Section II.

Netpage服务器可以被掌管在来自制造商如IBM、 Hewlett-Packard和Sun 的多种网络服务器平台上。 Netpage servers can be on the charge, such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Sun from a variety of network server platforms manufacturer. 多个netpage服务器可以在单个主机上同时运行, A plurality of netpage servers can run concurrently on a single host,

28并且单个服务器也可以分布到多个主机上。 28 and a single server can be distributed to multiple hosts. 由netpage服务器提供的部分或全部功能以及特别是由ID服务器和页服务器提供的功能,还可以在netpage 设备如netpage打印机、计算机工作站中或在局域网上直接提供。 Some or all of the functionality provided by netpage servers, and in particular is provided by the ID server and the page server functionality may also be provided, or directly on the LAN device such as a netpage printer in netpage, the computer workstation. 1.5NETPAGE打印机 1.5NETPAGE printer

Netpage打印机601是注册到netpage系统并按需以及通过预订来打印netpage文档的设备。 Netpage printer 601 is registered with the netpage system and on-demand printing equipment and netpage documents by reservation. 每台打印机有唯一的打印机ID62,并且经由如因特网的网络,理想地是经由宽带连接而被连接到netpage网络。 Each printer has a unique printer ID62, via a network such as the Internet, ideally via a broadband connection is connected to the netpage network.

除了在非易失性存储器中的身份和安全设置外,netpage打印机不需要包含任何永久存储。 In addition to identity and security settings in non-volatile memory, netpage printer need not contain any persistent storage. 就用户而言,"网络是计算机"。 To users, "the network is the computer." 在分布式netpage页服务器10的帮助下,N邻age跨越空间与时间交互地运行,独立于特定的netpage打印禾几。 With the help of the distributed netpage page server 10, N o age across space and time is running interactively, independent of the specific netpage Wo print a few.

Netpage打印机从netpage发布服务器14接收预订的netpage文档。 Publisher Netpage printer receives subscribed netpage documents from 14 netpage. 每个文档被分布在两部分中:页布局以及填充页的实际文本和图像对象。 Each document is distributed in two parts: the actual text and image objects of the page layout, and filled pages. 由于个性化,页布局典型地是特定预订者特有的,并且因而通过适当的页服务器被点播到预订者的打印机。 Because of personalization, page layouts are typically specific to a particular subscriber, and thus to the printer subscribers demand through appropriate page server. 另一方面,文本和图像对象通常是与其他预订者共享的,并且被多播到所有预订者的打印机和适当的页服务器。 On the other hand, text and image objects are typically shared with other subscribers, and is multicast to all subscribers of the printer and the appropriate page servers.

Netpage发布服务器把文档内容的分段优化为点播和多播。 Netpage server to publish segmented document content optimized for on-demand and multicast. 在接到文档页布局的点播后,打印机知道监听哪些多播(如果有的话)。 After receiving on-demand document page layouts, the printer knows which multicast listener (if any).

一旦打印机已经接收到限定待打印文档的完整的页布局和对象时,它就可以打印文档了。 Once the printer has received the complete page layouts and objects defining document to be printed, it can print documents.

打印机栅格化,并且同时在纸张的两侧上打印奇数和偶数页。 The printer rasterizes and prints odd and even pages simultaneously on both sides of the paper. 为此, 它包含双打印引擎控制器760和利用MemjetTM打印头350的打印引擎。 To this end, it includes a print engine controller 760 and the dual-use MemjetTM printhead engine 350.

打印过程包括两个去耦合的阶段:页描述的栅格化,以及页图象的展开和打印。 Printing process consists of two decoupled stages: rasterization page expansion and printing is described, and the page image. 栅格图像处理器(RIP)由一个或多个并行运行的标准DSP 757构成。 Raster image processor (RIP) consists of one or more standard DSP 757 configured to run in parallel. 双打印引擎控制器由客户处理器构成,这些处理器实时地展开、抖动和打印页图像,同步于打印引擎中的打印头的操作。 Dual print engine controller is constituted by the client processor, the processor in real time to expand, dither and print page images, synchronous operation of the print head in the print engine.

未被使能用于不可见IR打印的打印机具有选项以使用IR-吸收的黑墨打印标签,尽管这将标签限制到所述页的其他空白区。 Not enabled for invisible IR printing have the option to the printer to print labels using IR- absorbing black ink, although this will limit the tag to another free area of ​​the page. 虽然这种页比不可 While this page can not be compared

见的IR-打印的页具有更有限的功能性,它们仍然被分类为netpage。 See page IR- print has more limited functionality, they are still classified as netpage.

普通的n邻age打印机在纸张上打印n邻age 。 Common n o n o age age printer on paper. 比较专用的netpage打印机可以在更专用的表面上如球或塑料板上打印。 Comparison of exclusive netpage printer can print on a more specialized surfaces, such as balls or plastic plate. 每个打印机支持至少一种表面类型,并且支持用于每个表面类型的至少一种标签平铺方案以及由此的标签映射。 Each printer supports at least one surface type, and supports at least one of each type of surface tag tiling scheme, and hence tag map. 描述实际用于打印文档的标签平铺方案的标签映射811成为与该 811 label label mapping tile program to print a document describing the actually used to be

文档关联的,从而使所述文档的标签能够被正确地解释。 Associated with the document, so that the tag of the document can be correctly interpreted.

图2显示了netpage打印机类图,该图反映了由netpage网络上的注册服 Figure 2 shows the netpage printer class diagram, reflecting the drawing on the netpage registration server by a network

务器ll维护的、与打印机有关的信息。 Service is ll maintenance information associated with the printer.

在第6节中,我们以图11到16为参考较详细说明了netpage打印机的一 In Section 6, we netpage printer is described in detail with reference to FIGS. 11 to 16 compared to a

个优选实施例。 Preferred embodiment. 1.5.1 MemjetTM打印头 1.5.1 MemjetTM print head

Netpage系统可以使用由很宽范围的数字打印技术包括热喷墨,压电喷 Netpage system may be used by a wide range of digital printing technologies, including thermal inkjet, pressure EFI

墨,激光电子照相以及其他所制造的打印机来操作。 Ink, laser printers and other electrophotographic manufactured to operate. 但是,为了广泛的消 However, in order to eliminate extensive

费者接受,需要netpage打印机具有下列特性: Fees are accepted, the need netpage printer have the following characteristics:

• 照相质量彩色打印 • photographic quality color printing

• 高质量文本打印•高可靠性 • high-quality text printing • High reliability

• 低的打印机成本 • low cost printer

• 低的墨成本 • Low cost of ink

• 低的纸成本•简单操作 • Low cost • Simple paper

• 接近无声打印 • Near silent Print

• 高打印速度 • High print speed

• 同时双面打印 • Meanwhile Duplex

•紧凑的形状因素 • Compact form factor

• 低功耗目前,没有商业可获的打印技术具有所有这些特性。 • Low power consumption at present, no commercial available printing technology has all these characteristics.

为了使能生产具有这些特性的打印机,本申请人己经发明了新打印技 To enable production of printers with these characteristics, the present applicant has invented a new print technology

术,称为MemjetTM技术。 Surgery, called MemjetTM technology. MemjetTM是按需供滴喷墨技术,它结合了使用微机电系统(MEMS)技术制造的页宽打印头。 MemjetTM a drop-on-demand inkjet technology that incorporates microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology to produce a pagewidth printhead. 图17显示了MemjetTM打印头的单个打印元件300。 Figure 17 shows a single printing element 300 MemjetTM printhead. Netpage壁式打印机结合168960个打印元件300,以构成1600dpi的页宽双工打印机。 Netpage printer wall binding 168960 printing elements 300 to form a pagewidth duplex printer of 1600dpi. 这种打印机同时打印青、品红、黄、黑和红外墨、以及纸调节剂(conditioner)和墨固定剂。 This printer simultaneously prints cyan, magenta, yellow, black and infrared inks as well as paper modulator (Conditioner) and ink fixative.

打印元件300大约为110微米长,32微米宽。 Printing element 300 is approximately 110 microns long, 32 microns wide. 这些打印元件的阵列在硅基板301上形成,硅基板301上结合了CMOS逻辑、数据传输、时序以及驱动电路(没有示出)。 The array of printing elements are formed on the silicon substrate 301, a combination of the silicon substrate 301 CMOS logic, data transfer, timing, and drive circuits (not shown).

打印元件300的主要元件是喷嘴302、喷嘴边303、喷嘴室304、流体密封305、墨沟道边306、杠杆臂307、有源激励器梁对308、无源激励器梁对309、有源激励器锚310、无源激励器锚311、以及墨入口312。 The main element of the printing element 300 are the nozzle 302, the nozzle rim 303, the nozzle chamber 304, the fluid seal 305, the ink channel rim 306, the lever arm 307, the active actuator beam pair 308, the passive actuator beam pair 309, the active actuator anchor 310, the passive actuator anchor 311, and an ink inlet 312.

有源激励器梁对308与无源激励器梁对309在接合319处被机械地接合。 The active actuator beam 308 to the passive actuator beam pair 309 is mechanically joined at the junction 319. 两个梁对被锚定在它们相应的锚点310和3U。 Two beam pairs are anchored at their respective anchor points 310 and 3U. 元件308、 309、 310、 311和319 的组合形成悬臂的电热弯曲执行器320。 Elements 308, 309, 310, 311 and the combination of cantilevered electrothermal bend actuator 319 320.

图18显示了打印元件300阵列的一小部分,包括打印元件300的截面315。 Figure 18 shows a small part of an array of printing elements 300, 315 comprising a cross section 300 of the printing element. 截面315被示出为没有墨,以清晰地示出通过硅晶片301的墨入口312。 Cross section 315 is shown without ink, to clearly show the silicon wafer 301 by the ink inlet 312.

图19(a)、 19(b)和19(c)显示了MemjetTM打印元件300的工作循环。 FIG 19 (a), 19 (b) and 19 (c) shows the operating cycle of the printing element 300 MemjetTM.

图19(a)显示了在打印墨滴前墨弯月面316的静止位置。 FIG 19 (a) shows the rest position of the ink meniscus 316 prior to printing an ink droplet. 墨通过在墨弯月面316以及在喷嘴室304和墨沟道边306之间形成的流体密封305处的表面 By sealing the ink at the ink meniscus 305 and the fluid 316 between the nozzle chamber 304 and the ink channel 306 formed on the surface side

张力而被保留在喷嘴室中。 Tension is retained in the nozzle chamber.

在打印时,打印头CMOS电路将来自打印引擎控制器的数据分发到正确的打印元件,锁存该数据,并且缓冲该数据以驱动有源激励器梁对308 的电极318。 When printing, the printhead CMOS circuitry from the print data to the engine controller to the correct printing element distribution, latches the data, and buffers the data to drive the electrodes of the active actuator beam pair 308 318. 这导致电流通过梁对308大约一微秒,引起焦耳加热。 This results in a current through the beam pair 308 for about one microsecond, due to Joule heating. 由焦耳加热产生的温度升高使梁对308膨胀。 Joule heating generated by the temperature increase of the beam expander 308. 由于无源激励器梁对309没有被加热, 其不膨胀,引起所述两个梁对之间的应力差。 Since the passive actuator beam pair 309 is not heated, it does not expand, causing stresses between the difference of the two beams. 通过电热弯曲激励器320的悬臂端弯向基板301,此应力差被部分消除。 Heating the substrate 301 is bent by the curved end of the cantilever actuator 320, this difference is the stress relief portion. 杠杆臂307把此移动传递到喷嘴 This moves the lever arm 307 is transmitted to the nozzle

室304。 Room 304. 喷嘴室304移动大约2微米图19(b)中所示的位置。 Nozzle chamber 304 moves the position of about 2 microns as shown in FIG. 19 (b) is. 这增加了墨压力, 迫使墨321脱出喷嘴302,并导致墨弯月面316凸出。 This increases the ink pressure, forcing ink 321 extrusion nozzle 302, results in the ink meniscus 316 and protrudes. 喷嘴边303可以防止墨弯月面316伸展越过喷嘴室304的表面。 Side nozzle 303 may prevent the ink meniscus 316 extending across the surface 304 of the nozzle chamber.

当所述梁对308和309的温度相等时,激励器320返回到其原始位置。 When the temperature of the beam 308 and 309 are equal, the actuator 320 returns to its original position. 这帮助墨滴317从所述喷嘴室中的墨321断开,如图19(c)中所示。 This helps the ink droplets from the nozzle 317 is disconnected in the ink chamber 321, FIG. 19 (c) in FIG. 所述喷嘴室通过在墨弯月面316处的表面张力作用而被重新填充。 The nozzle chamber is refilled by the action of the surface tension of the ink meniscus 316.

图20显示了打印头350的一段。 Figure 20 shows a segment of the print head 350. 在netpage打印机中,打印头的长度是纸在方向351上的全部宽度(典型210毫米)。 In the netpage printer, the length of the printhead is the full width of the paper 351 in the direction (typically 210 mm). 所示段为0.4mm长(整个打印头的大约0.2%)。 As shown in section is 0.4mm long (about 0.2% of the entire print head). 在打印时,纸在方向352被移动经过所述固定打印头。 When printing, the paper 352 is moved in the direction of the stationary print head. 所述打印头具有6行相互交叉的打印元件300,打印由墨入口312提供的6种色或者类型的墨。 The printhead has 6 rows of interdigitated printing elements 300, printing six kinds of color or type of ink supplied from the ink inlet 312.

为了在操作期间保护打印头的脆弱的表面,喷嘴防护晶片330被附着到打印头基板301。 In order to protect the printhead during operation of delicate surfaces, the nozzle guard wafer 330 is attached to the head substrate 301. 对于每个喷嘴302存在对应的喷嘴防护孔331,墨滴通过它被发射。 For each nozzle 302 exists corresponding nozzle guard hole 331, through which ink droplets are emitted. 为了防止喷嘴护孔331被纸纤维或其它碎片堵塞,在打印过程中, 过滤的空气通过空气入口332抽吸并从所述喷嘴防护孔出来。 To prevent the nozzle guard holes 331 are blocked paper fibers or other debris, during printing, filtered air drawn through the air inlets 332 and out of the nozzle guard holes. 为了防止墨321变干,在打印机空闲时,所述喷嘴防护被密封。 To prevent ink 321 from drying, when the printer is idle, the nozzle guard is sealed. 1.6 Netpage笔 1.6 Netpage pen

Netpage系统的有源感测装置典型地为笔lOl,其使用其嵌入的控制器134,能够通过图像传感器从页捕获和解码IR位置标签。 The active sensing device of the system is typically Netpage pen lOl, using its embedded controller 134, is able to capture and decode IR position tags from a page via an image sensor. 图像传感器是固态的装置,提供有适当的滤波器,以允许仅在近红外的波长处感测。 The image sensor is a solid state device provided with an appropriate filter to permit only sensing the near-infrared wavelength. 如下面更详细的说明,所述系统能够感测何时尖与表面接触,并且所述笔能够以充足的速率感测标签以捕获人的手写(即在200 dpi或者更大和100Hz或者更快)。 As explained in more detail below, the system can sense when the tip in contact with the surface, and the pen can be sensed at a sufficient rate to capture human handwriting tag (i.e., 200 dpi or greater and 100Hz or faster) . 由笔捕获的信息被加密并无线传递到打印机(或基站),所述打印机或者基站解释与(已知的)页有关的数据,或者在优选实施例中,传递所述信息至ljnetpage月艮务器用于解释。 Information captured by the pen is encrypted and wirelessly transmitted to the printer (or base station), the printer or base station interpreting the data with the (known) page concerned, or in a preferred embodiment, transmitting the information to the months that works to ljnetpage for explanation.

所述Netpage笔的优选实施例作为标记墨笔以及作为非标记触针两者 The Netpage pen as a preferred embodiment of both the marker pen and as a non-marking stylus

32来工作。 32 to work. 但是,在把netpage系统作为浏览系统使用时(如当作为互联网界面使用时),标记方面不是必须的。 However, when using the netpage system as a browsing system (such as when used as an Internet interface), its labeling is not required. 每个netpage笔被注册到netpage系统并且具有唯一的笔ID61。 Each netpage pen is registered with the netpage system and has a unique pen ID61. 图23显示了netpage笔类图,反映由netpage网络上的注册服务器ll维护的与笔有关的信息。 Figure 23 shows the netpage pen class diagram, reflecting pen-related information maintained by a registration server ll on the netpage network.

当任一尖触及到netpage时,所述笔确定其相关于所述页的位置和取向。 When any one of tip touched netpage, the pen determines its relevance to the position and orientation of the page. 所述尖被附着到力传感器,并且所述尖上的力被关于一阈值而解释, 以指示笔是"上"或者"下"。 The tip is attached to a force sensor, and the force on the tip is on a threshold value interpretation so as to stylus is "on" or "down." 这允许所述页上的交互元素通过所述笔尖的压而被'点击',以请求比方说来自网络的信息。 This allows a interactive element on the page by pressing the pen tip is 'click', for example to request information from the network. 另外,所述力作为一连续值被捕获,以允许比方说签名的完整动态被检验。 Further, the force is captured as a continuous value to allow, say the full dynamic signature is checked. 当笔尖受到的力高于正常书写所用的力时,笔尖可以移动。 When subjected to a force higher than the force of nib used in a normal writing tip can be moved. 在"点击"时,用户施加的力应足以移动笔尖。 When "click", the force applied by the user should be sufficient to move the pen tip. 与不可移动的笔尖相比,这样可以为用户提供更需要的反馈。 Compared with the non-removable tip, which may provide more desirable feedback to the user.

通过在红外谱中成像所述尖附近中的页区域193,所述笔确定其尖在netpage上的位置和取向。 Near the imaging region 193 via the page of the tip, the tip of the pen determines its position and orientation on the netpage in the infrared spectrum. 它对最接近的标签进行解码,并根据观察到的图像标签的透视畸变和笔的光学装置的已知几何形状计算笔尖相关于标签的位置。 It decodes the nearest tag and computes the position of the pen tip in relation to the known geometry of a tag according to the perspective distortion of the optical means and the image tag pen observed. 虽然标签的位置分辨率可能是低的,因为页上的标签密度与标签大小成反比,调整的位置分辨率相当高,超过准确手写识别所需的最小分辨率。 Although the position resolution of the tag may be low, because the tag density on the page is inversely proportional to the tag size, the adjusted position resolution is quite high, exceeding the minimum resolution required for accurate handwriting recognition.

笔相对于netpage的动作被捕获为一系列笔划。 Netpage pen with respect to the action is captured as a series of strokes. 笔划包含页上的一序列打上时间戳的笔位置,由一下笔事件启动并且由随后的提笔事件完成。 It contains a sequence of strokes on the page marked with pen position timestamp, an event initiated by clicking a pen and completed by the subsequent pen-up event. 笔划也被加上netpage页ID50的标签,而不管所述页ID什么时候改变,其在正常情况下是在所述笔划开始时。 Stroke is also coupled netpage page ID50 label, but whenever the page ID changes, which under normal circumstances is the start of a stroke.

每个netpage笔具有与其相关的当前选择826,允许用户进行拷贝和粘 Each netpage pen has a current selection 826 associated with it, allowing the user to copy and sticky

贴等操作。 Stickers and other operations. 该选择被打时间戳以允许所述系统在规定的时段后丢弃它。 The timestamps are selected to allow the system to discard it after a predetermined time period. 所述当前选择描述了页实例的域。 The currently selected page is described an example of the domain. 它包含通过所述笔捕获的相对于所述页的背景区域的最新近的数字墨笔划。 It comprises a phase digital ink stroke captured through the pen relative to the most recent background area of ​​the page is. 一旦其通过选择超链接激活被提交到一应用,其被以应用特定的方式解释。 Once it is submitted to the activation of a hyperlink by selecting the application, which is interpreted to apply a particular way.

每个笔带有当前尖824。 Each pen tip with the current 824. 这是由所述笔最后通告给系统的尖。 It is pointed to by the pen last advertised system. 在上述默 In the silent

33认netpage笔的情况下,或者是标记的墨尖或者是非标记的触针尖是当前的。 Netpage pen recognize the case 33, or a labeled or non-labeled ink tip of the stylus tip is present. 每个笔也有一当前尖类型825。 Each pen also has a current tip type 825. 这个笔尖类型是由应用例如响应用户从调色板上选择颜色而与笔最后关联的笔类型。 This type of pen is selected by the user, for example, in response to application of the final colors from the palette associated with the stylus pen type. 默认的尖类型是与当前尖相关的尖类型。 The default type is a sharp pointed tip type associated with the current. 通过笔捕获的笔划被加上当前尖类型的标签。 Captured by the pen strokes are added to the current sharp type of label. 当所述笔划随后再现时,它们以它们被加标签的尖类型而再现。 Subsequently, when the stroke reproduce, they are the type of tips that are tagged reproduced.

在所述笔处于与其能够通信的打印机的范围内的任何时候,所述笔缓慢地闪烁其"在线"LED。 The pen is able at any time within its range of the printer communication, the pen slowly flashes its "online" LED. 当笔未能解码关于所述页的笔划时,它立刻激活其"错误"LED。 When the pen fails to decode a stroke on the page, it immediately activates its "error" LED. 当笔成功地解码了关于所述页的笔划时,它立刻激活其"ok" LED。 When successfully decoded pen strokes on the page, it immediately activates its "ok" LED.

一序列被捕获的笔划被称为数字墨。 A sequence of captured strokes is referred to as digital ink. 数字墨是图和手写的数字交换的基础,用于手写的在线识别,和用于签名的在线检验。 The digital ink handwriting and is the basis for the digital exchange of FIG, for online recognition of handwriting, and for online verify the signature.

笔是无线的,并且通过短程无线链路将数字墨传送到netpage打印机。 The pen is wireless and transmits digital ink through a short range wireless link to a netpage printer. 所述传送的数字墨为了隐私和安全而被加密,并且为了高效地传输而被分组。 The transmitted digital ink for security and privacy are encrypted, and in order to efficiently transmit the packet is. 但是,总是在发生提笔事件时刷新,以保证打印机中的及时处理。 However, when the pen is always an event occurs refresh to ensure that the printer timely manner.

当所述笔处于打印机的范围之外时,其在内部存储器中缓冲数字墨, 所述存储器具有超过十分钟的连续书写的容量。 When the pen is out of range of the printer, which buffers digital ink, said memory having continuous writing capacity of over ten minutes in an internal memory. 当笔再次处于打印机的范围内时,其传送任何被缓冲的数字墨。 When the pen is once again in the range of the printer, it transfers any buffered digital ink. 缓冲器可提供或大或小的缓冲器容 Buffer may provide more or less buffer capacity

笔可以注册到任意数量的打印机,但是,由于全部状态数据存在于纸和网络两者上的netpage中,因此在任何特定的时间,与笔通信的是哪个打印机是不重要的。 Pen can be registered to any number of printers, but because all state data exists in both the paper and on the netpage network, therefore at any particular time, which communicate with the pen printer is unimportant.

在第6节中,以图8到10为参考详细说明了所述笔的优选实施例。 In Section 6, to 8 to 10 is described in detail with reference to a preferred embodiment of the pen. 1.7NETPAGE交互 1.7NETPAGE interaction

当笔用于与netpage l交互时,n邻age打印机601从笔101接收与笔划相关的数据。 When the pen is used to interact with a netpage l, n o age printer 601 receives data relating to a stroke from the pen 101. 当笔用于执行移动如笔划时,标签4的编码数据3被标签读取。 When the pen stroke for performing such movement, the tag data encoded tag is read 4 3. 所述数据允许所述特定页和相关交互元素的标识被确定以及笔相对于页的相对定位被获得。 The data allows the identity of the particular page and associated interactive element to be determined and the relative positioning of the pen relative to the page to be obtained. 指示数据被传送到打印机,在该处指示数据被通过DNS将所述笔划的页ID50解析为netpage页服务器10的网络地址,netpage页服务器10维护着对应的页实例830。 Indicating data is transmitted to the printer, where the data is indicated by the strokes of the DNS resolves to the network address of the page ID50 netpage page servers 10, netpage page server 10 maintains the corresponding page instance 830. 其然后把笔划传送到所述页服务器。 Which then transmits the stroke to the page server. 如果页最近在较早的笔划中被标识,那么所述打印机可能在其高速缓存中已经具有所述相关页服务器的地址。 If the page was recently identified in the earlier stroke, then the printer may already have the address of the relevant page server in its cache. 每个netpage包含由netpage页服务器永久维护(见下面)的紧凑的页布局。 Each netpage page layout contains a compact permanent maintenance by the netpage page server (see below). 所述页布局指的是对象如图像、字体和文本条,典型地存储在netpage网络上的其他地方。 The page layout refers to objects such as images, fonts and text section, typically stored elsewhere on the netpage network.

当页服务器从笔接收到笔划时,其检索所述笔划应用到的页描述,并确定所述笔划与页描述的哪个元素相交。 When the page server receives the stroke from the pen, it retrieves the page description to which the stroke application, and determines which element of the page description the stroke intersects. 然后其能够解释所述相关元素的类型的上下文中的所述笔划。 Which is then able to interpret the stroke type of the related elements of context.

"点击"通常是一笔划,下笔位置和随后的提笔位置之间的距离和时间两者都小于一些小的最大值。 "Click" is typically a stroke, both the distance and time between the pen down position and the subsequent pen-up position is less than some small maximum. 由点击激活的对象典型地需要点击以被激活,并且因此较长的笔划将被忽略。 Activated by clicking on the object typically needs to click to be activated, and therefore a longer stroke is ignored. 要记录的笔动作的故障如"散漫的" 点击由缺乏来自所述笔的"ok" LED响应来指示。 Fault operation of the pen to be recorded as "sloppy" click from the pen by a lack of "ok" LED in response to the indication. 但是,如果netpage包含按钮,那么当落笔和提笔位置都在按钮区域内时"点击"会被登记。 However, if netpage includes a button, then when put pen to paper and pen in position within the button area "click" will be registered.

在netpage页描述中有两种输入元素:超链接和表单字段。 There are two kinds of input elements in a netpage page description: hyperlinks and form fields. 通过表单字段的输入也能触发相关超链接的激活。 By entering a form field can also trigger related to activation of a hyperlink. 1.7.1超链接 1.7.1 Hyperlinks

超链接是向远程应用发送消息的一种方法,并且通常引发netpage系统中的打印响应。 Hyperlink is a method for transmitting a message to a remote application, and typically initiated in response to the printing netpage system.

超链接元素844标识处理所述超链接的激活的应用71 、标识所述超链接到所述应用的链接ID54、请求系统把用户的应用别名ID65包含在超链接激活中的"所要求的别名"旗标,以及当超链接被记录为喜好(favorite)或出现在用户的历史中时被使用的描述。 Hyperlink element 844 identifies the application 71 to process the activation of a hyperlink, the hyperlink to the link identifier ID54 of the application, the system requests the user's application alias ID65 contained in the activation of the hyperlink "alias required" flag, and a description of when the hyperlink is recorded as a favorite (favorite) or appear in the user's history of being used. 图29中示出了超链接元素类图。 FIG 29 shows a hyperlink element class diagram.

当超链接被激活时,页服务器向网络上某处的应用发送请求。 When a hyperlink is activated, the page server sends a request to the application somewhere on the network. 应用由应用ID64标识,并且所述应用ID通过DNS以正常方式被解析。 ID64 application by the application identifier, and the application ID is resolved by DNS normal manner. 有三类超链接:普通超链接863、表单超链接865、以及选择超链接864,如图30所示。 There are three types of hyperlinks: general hyperlinks 863, form hyperlinks 865, and selection hyperlinks 864, as shown in FIG. 30. 普通超链接可以执行对链接文档的请求,或者可以简单地将偏好(preference)发信号到服务器。 Hyperlinks can perform ordinary request for a linked document, or you can simply preferences (preference) signal to the server. 表单超链接把对应的表单提交到应用。 Form hyperlink submits the corresponding form to the application. 选择超链接把当前选择提交到应用。 Select the hyperlink to the current selection to the application submitted. 如果当前选择包含例如单字文本条,应用可返回给出它所出现的上下文中该字的意义的单页文档,或者把它翻译为不同的语言。 If the currently selected one-page document containing text such as word article, the application may return meaning context in which it appears the word given, or to translate it into different languages. 每个超链接类型由什么信息被提交到所述应用来表征。 Each hyperlink type by what information is submitted to the application are characterized.

所述对应的超链接实例862记录事务处理ID55,其可以对所述超链接实例出现于其上的页实例为特定的。 Corresponding hyperlink instance 862 records a transaction ID 55, which may be the page instance on which the hyperlink instance appears for a particular. 事务处理ID能够标识到所述应用的用户 Transaction ID can identify the user to the application

特定数据,例如由代表用户的购买应用所维护的未决购买的"购物车"。 Specific data, such as by a representative of the user's purchase application maintained pending purchase of "shopping cart."

所述系统包括选择超链接激活中的所述笔的当前选择826。 The system comprises a selection hyperlink activation of the pen's current selection 826. 系统在表单超链接激活中包含相关的表单实例868的内容,尽管如果所述超链接具有其"提交德耳塔"属性设置,仅有自最后的表单提交以来的输入被包括。 The system is contained in a form hyperlink activation associated form instance 868 of the content, although if the hyperlink has its property set to "submit delta", since only input since the last form submission is included. 所述系统包括所有超链接激活中的有效返回路径。 The system includes an effective return path in all hyperlink activation.

超链接组866是一个组元素838,它带有相关的超链接,如图31所示。 Hyperlink element group 866 is a group of 838, with its associated hyperlink, as shown in Fig. 当通过该组中的任何字段元素进行输入时,与该组有关的超链接844被激活。 When the input through any field element in the group, the hyperlink 844 associated with the group is activated. 超链接组可以被用于将超链接行为与字段如复选框相关联。 Hyperlinks can be used to set a hyperlink behavior with a field such as check boxes are associated. 其也可以与表单超链接的"提交德耳塔"属性结合使用,以向应用提供连续的输入。 It can also be a form with hyperlinks "submit delta" attribute in combination to provide continuous input to an application. 因此,它可用于支持"黑板"交互模式,即在该处输入被捕获并且因此一旦其发生即被共享。 Thus, it can be used to support "blackboard" interaction model, i.e. where input is captured and therefore i.e. once it occurs shared. 1.7.2表单 1.7.2 Forms

表单定义了相关输入字段的汇总,用于通过一个或者更多打印的netpage捕获相关的输入组。 Summary form definition related input fields used by one or more printed netpage capture associated input group. 表单允许用户提交一个或者更多的参数到运行在服务器上的应用软件程序。 Form allows users to submit one or more parameters to the application software programs run on the server.

表单867是文档层次中的组元素838。 Form 867 is a set of elements in the document hierarchy 838. 它最终包含一组终端字段元素839。 It ultimately contains a set of terminal field elements 839. 表单实例868代表表单的打印的实例。 Examples of print form form instance 868 representatives. 它包含一组字段实例870,其对应于所述表单的字段元素845。 It contains a set of field instances 870 which correspond to the field elements 845 of the form. 每个字段实例具有相关的值871,其类型取决于所述对应的字段元素的类型。 Each field instance has an associated value 871, whose type depends on the type of the corresponding field element. 每个字段值通过特定的被打印的表单实例,即通过一个或者更多的被打印的netpage记录输入。 Each instance of a particular form field values ​​are printed, i.e. through one or more printed netpage input record. 所述表单类图被示出在图32中。 The form class diagram is shown in Figure 32.

36每个表单实例具有状态872,其指示所述表单是否为活动的,冻结的, 提交的,空的或者到期的。 36 Each form instance has a status 872 which indicates whether the form is active, frozen, submitted, void or expired. 当第一次被打印时表单是活动的。 When the first print form is active. 一旦表单被签字则其变为冻结的。 Once the form is signed it becomes frozen. 一旦表单的提交超链接之一被激活则其变为提交的, 除非所述超链接具有其"提交德耳塔"属性设置。 Once the form is submitted to one of the hyperlink is activated it becomes a submission, unless the hyperlink has its property set to "submit delta." 当用户调用空的表单、 重置表单或者复制表单页命令时表单变为空的。 When the user invokes empty form, reset form or duplicate form page command form becomes empty. 当所述表单处于活动状态的时间超过所述表单的指定的寿命时表单到期。 When the specified lifetime of the active form of the form than form expires. 当所述表单为活动时,允 When the form is active, allowing

许表单输入。 Xu form input. 通过不活动的表单的输入替代地在相关页实例的背景字段833 By entering the inactive form alternatively background field 833 of the relevant page instance

中捕获。 Captured. 当所述表单为活动或者冻结时,允许表单提交。 When the form is active or frozen, form submission allowed. 当表单不是活动或者冻结时任何提交表单的尝试被拒绝,并且取而代之弓1出一表单状态报 When the form is not active or freeze any attempt to submit the form is rejected, and instead form a bow a state newspaper


每个表单实例优选地与从其导出的任何表单实例相关联(在59),由此 Each form instance is preferably associated with any form instances derived from it (59), whereby

提供版本历史。 Provide version history. 这允许在特定的时间段中除表单的最终版本之外的所有都从搜索中排除。 This allows all except the final version of the form are excluded from the search in a specific time period.

所有输入都被捕获作为数字墨。 All input is captured as digital ink. 数字墨873包含一组打上时间戳的笔划组874,其每个包含一组风格化的笔划875。 Digital ink 873 contains a set of time stamp 874 stamped stroke groups, each of which contains a set of stylized stroke 875. 每个笔划包含一组带有时间戳的笔位置876,其每个还包括笔的取向和尖着力。 Each stroke contains a set of timestamped pen positions 876, each of which further comprises a tip pen orientation and focus. 图33中显示了数字墨类图。 Figure 33 shows a digital ink class diagram.

字段元素845可以是复选框字段877、文本字段878、图字段879、或签名字段880。 Field element 845 can be a checkbox field 877, 878 text fields, drawing fields 879, 880, or signature field. 图34中示出字段元素类图。 FIG 34 shows field element class diagram. 在字段的区域58中捕获的任何数字 Any number field captured in the region of 58

墨将被分配给该字段。 The ink is assigned to the field.

复选框字段有相关的布尔值881,如图35所示。 Checkbox field has associated boolean value 881, shown in Figure 35. 在复选框字段的区域中捕获的任何标记(勾、十字、笔划、填充之字形(fill zigzag)等)导致真值被分配到所述字段的值。 Any mark captured in the area of ​​the check box field (tick, a cross, a stroke, a zigzag filling (fill zigzag), etc.) to cause the true value is assigned the value of the field.

文本字段带有一个相关的文本值882,如图36所示。 Text fields with an associated text value 882, as shown in FIG. 36. 在文本字段的区域 In the area of ​​the text field

中捕获的任何数字墨通过在线手写识别被自动地转换为文本,并且所述文本将被分配给该字段的值。 Any digital ink captured is automatically converted to text via online handwriting recognition, and the text is assigned to the field's value. 在线手写识别是很好理解的(见,例如,Tappert, C., CY Suen and T. Wakahara, "The State of the Art in On-Line Handwriting Recognition", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence,Vol.12,No.8,August 19卯,其内容被结合在这里以供交叉参考)。 Online handwriting recognition is well-understood (see, for example, Tappert, C., CY Suen and T. Wakahara, "The State of the Art in On-Line Handwriting Recognition", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 12, No.8, August 19 d, the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference for cross). 文本字段的专门化包括日期和数字字段。 Specialized text fields including date and numeric fields.

签名字段带有相关的数字签名值883,如图37所示。 Signature field associated with the digital signature value 883, shown in Figure 37. 在签名字段的区域中捕获的任何数字墨关于笔的主人的标识而自动地检验,并且字段为其部分的表单内容的数字签名被产生并且被分配到所述字段的值。 Any digital ink captured in a signature field in the region about the identity of the owner of the pen is automatically tested, and the field is generated for the digital signature form part of the content and is assigned to a value of the field. 所述数字签名是使用所述笔用户的私有签名密钥产生的,所述密钥专门用于拥有该表单的应用。 Is the digital signature using the private signature key of the user of the pen generated, said key specifically for the application form has. 在线签名检验是很好理解的(见,例如,Plamondon, R. and G. Lorette, "Automatic Signature Verification and Writer Identification -The State of the Art", Pattern Recognition, Vol.22, No.2, 1989,其内容被结合在这里以供交叉参考)。 Online signature verification is well understood (see, for example, Plamondon, R. and G. Lorette, "Automatic Signature Verification and Writer Identification -The State of the Art", Pattern Recognition, Vol.22, No.2, 1989, contents of which are incorporated herein by reference for cross).

如果字段元素的"隐藏"属性被设置,则其被隐藏。 If the "hidden" attribute field elements are set, it is hidden. 隐藏的字段元素不具有页上的输入区域,也不接受输入。 Hidden field element does not have an input area on the page, do not accept input. 当包含所述字段的表单被提交时, 其可以具有包括在所述表单数据中的相关字段值。 When the form containing the field is submitted, which may have an associated field value included in the form data.

在表单字段中还可以识别"编辑"命令如指示删除的删去(strike through)。 In the form field can also identify the "edit" command, as indicated by deleting deletion (strike through).

由于手写识别算法"在线"工作(即具有对笔移动的动态访问),而不是"离线"工作(即仅具有对笔标记的位图的访问),其能够以相对高的精度识别进行的离散书写的字符,没有写入者依赖的训练阶段。 Discrete Because the handwriting recognition algorithm "on-line" operation (i.e., having a pen movement dynamic access), rather than "offline" operation (i.e., only having access to the pen mark bitmap), which can be performed at a relatively high accuracy recognition written characters, no writer-dependent training phase. 手写的写入者依赖的模式随时间被自动产生,但是在必要时也可以预先产生。 Writer-dependent model of handwriting is automatically generated over time, but may be generated in advance when necessary.

如已经陈述的数字墨包含一序列的笔划。 As already stated, the digital ink strokes comprising a sequence. 开始于特定元素区域的任何笔划都被附加到该元素的数字墨流,准备用于解释。 Stroke starts at any region of a particular element have been added to the digital elements of the ink stream, ready for interpretation. 任何没有被附加到对象的数字墨流的笔划被附加到背景字段的数字墨流。 Any stroke not appended to an object's digital ink stream is appended to the background field's digital ink stream.

在背景字段中捕获的数字墨被解释为选择姿势。 Digital ink captured in the background field is interpreted as a selection gesture. 一个或多个对象的界限通常被解释为被限制的对象的选择,尽管实际的解释是应用专用的。 Boundaries of one or more objects is generally interpreted as being restricted to selected objects, although the actual interpretation is application-specific.

表2汇总了这些笔与netpage的各种交互。 Table 2 summarizes the various interactions with the netpage of these pens.

表2-笔与netpage的交互的汇总 Table 2 - Summary pen to interact with the netpage

对象 类型 笔输入 动作 Object type pen input action

38超链接 一般 点击 提交动作到应用 38 hyperlink general action to click Submit Application

表单 点击 提交表单到应用 Click to submit the form to the application form

选择 点击 提交选择到应用 Click Select to choose to submit applications

表单字段 复选框 任何标记 分配真到字段 Form fields check any label assigned to the true field

文本 手写 转换数字墨到文本, 分配文本到字段 Converting the digital ink to text handwritten text, assign text to field

绘图 数字墨 分配数字墨到字段 Drawing Digital ink distribution digital ink to field

签名 签名 验证数字墨签名,产生表单的数字签名,分配数字签名到字段 Signature Signature Verify digital ink signature, digital signature generated form, assign digital signature to field

无 — 界限 分配数字墨到当前选择 None - allocated limit the digital ink to current selection

该系统维护用于每个笔的当前选择。 The system maintains a current selection for each pen. 选择简单地包含在背景字段中捕获的最近的笔划。 Select simply include the most recent stroke captured in the background field. 在非活动超时之后所述选择被清除以保证可预知的行为。 After selecting the inactivity timeout is cleared to ensure predictable behavior.

在每个字段中捕获的原始数字墨被保留在netpage页服务器上,当把表单提交给应用时,这种数字墨可以与表单数据一起被可选择地传输。 Raw digital ink captured in every field is retained on the netpage page server, when the form is submitted to the application, the digital ink that can be optionally transmitted with the form data. 这样, 如果应用怀疑最初的转换如手写文本的转换时,允许所述应用询问原始数字墨。 Thus, if the initial application suspected conversion such as conversion of handwritten text, allowing the application to query the raw digital ink. 这能够例如在应用级处引入人的干预,所述应用级用于未能通过某应用专用的一致性检査的表单。 This can, for example, introduction of human intervention at the application level, the application level for a failed application form by specific consistency checks. 作为对此的延伸,还可以把表单的整个背景区域指定为绘图字段。 As an extension to this, the entire background area may also be designated as a drawing field form. 这样,假设用户可能己经将修改指示到那些字段之外的被填充的字段,所述应用随后能够基于所述表单的明确字段之外的数字墨的存在决定路由所述表单到操作员。 Thus, assuming the user may have to modified to indicate other than those filled Field, the application can then be determined based on the presence of digital ink outside the explicit fields of the form to form the route operator.

图38显示了处理相对于netpage的笔输入的过程流程图。 Figure 38 shows the netpage pen input process with respect to the process flow diagram. 该过程包括从笔接收(在884处)笔划;标识(在885处)所述笔划中的页ID50所指的页实例830,检索(在886处)页描述5;标识(在887处)格式化的元素839(其区58与所述笔划相交);确定(在888处)格式化的元素是否与字段元素对应,如果是, The process includes receiving (at 884) a stroke from the pen; page identifying (at 885) the stroke on page 830 of the example referred to ID50, retrieves (at 886) the page description 5; identifying (at 887) format an element 839 (region 58 which intersect the stroke); determining whether the formatted element corresponds to a field elements (at 888), and if so,

39把接收的笔划附加(在892处)到字段值871的数字墨,解释(在893)该字段的累积的数字墨,并确定(在894处)该字段是否是超链接组866的部分,如果是, 激活(在895处)相关的超链接;可选择地确定(在889处)格式化的元素是否与超链接元素对应,如果是,激活(在895处)对应的超链接;可选择地,在缺少输入字段或超链接时,附加(在890处)所接收的笔划到背景字段833的数字墨;并拷贝(在891处)所接收的笔划到当前笔的当前选择826,当前笔的当前选择由注册服务器维护。 39 received stroke attached (at 892) to a field value of the digital ink 871, explained (at 893) the accumulated digital ink of the field, and determining (at 894) whether the field is part of a hyperlink set 866, If so, activating (at 895) the associated hyperlink; alternatively determining (at 889) whether the formatted element corresponds to a hyperlink element and if so, activating (at 895) the corresponding hyperlink; alternatively , in the absence of an input field or hyperlink, additional (at 890) the received stroke to the background field of digital ink 833; and copying (at 891) the received stroke to the current pen's current selection 826 of the current pen the current selection is maintained by the registration server.

图38a显示图38示出的过程中的步骤893的详细流程图,其中所述字段的累积的数字墨按照字段的类型而被解释。 FIG 38a showing the process of step 38 shown in detail flow chart 893, where the accumulated digital ink of the field according to the type field is interpreted. 该过程包括:确定(在896处)所述字段是否是复选框和(在897处)确定数字墨是否代表检査标记,如果是, 那么分配(在898处)真值到所述字段值;可选择地确定(在899处)该字段是否是文本字段,如果是,在适当的注册服务器的帮助下把数字墨转换(在900 处)为计算机文本,并把转换得来的计算机文本分配(在901处)到所述字段值;可选择地确定(在902处)该字段是否是签名字段,如果是,在适当的注册服务器的帮助下检验(在903处)作为笔拥有者的签名的所述数字墨,也在该注册服务器的帮助下,并且使用笔拥有者的私有签名密钥(与相应的应用有关),产生(在904处)所述对应表单内容的数字签名,并把数字签名分配(在905处)到所述字段值。 The process comprising: determining (at 896) whether the field is a checkbox and (at 897) the digital ink is determined whether the representative check flag, if so assigned (at 898) a true value to the field value ; alternatively determining (at 899) whether the field is a text field and if so, the appropriate registration server to help convert the digital ink (at 900) the text for the computer, and the computer converts the text come distribution (at 901) to the field value; alternatively determining (at 902) whether the field is a signature field and if so, test (at 903) as the pen owner's signature with the help of the appropriate registration server the digital ink, also with the help of the registration server and using the pen private signature key owner (related to the corresponding application), generates (at 904) the digital signature corresponding to the content of the form, and the digital signature assigned (at 905) to said field value. 1.7.3页服务器命令 1.7.3 Page Server Commands

页服务器命令是由页服务器本地处理的命令。 Page server command is a command by the page server processed locally. 其直接在表单、页和文档实例上操作。 Which operate directly on form, page and document instances.

页服务器命令卯7可以是空表单命令908、复制表单命令909、重置表单命令910、获取表单状态命令911、复制页命令912、重置页命令913、获取页状态命令914、复制文档命令915、重置文档命令916、或获取文档状态命令917,见图39所示。 7 page server command sockets may be empty form command 908, 909 command to copy the form, reset form command 910, to obtain the form status command 911, 912 Copy Page command to reset page command 913, get page status command 914, the command to copy the document 915 , a reset document command 916, or get document status command 917, as shown in Figure 39.

空表单命令使对应的表单实例为空。 Blank form of the corresponding form instance command is empty. 复制表单命令使对应表单实例为空,并且然后产生字段值被保存的当前表单实例的活动的打印拷贝。 Copy command form of the corresponding form instance is empty, and then generates print copy of the current form instance active field values ​​preserved. 拷贝中包含与所述原始相同的超链接事务处理ID,因此对于应用来说是与所述原始无法区分的。 Comprising a copy of the original with the same hyperlink transaction ID, so for the application are indistinguishable from the original. 重置表单命令使对应表单实例为空,并且然后产生字段值被丢弃的表单实例的活动的打印拷贝。 A reset form command of the corresponding form instance is empty, and then generates print copy field values ​​discarded form instance activities. 拷贝中包含与所述原始相同的超链接事务处理ID。 Comprising a copy of the original with the same hyperlink transaction ID. 获取表单状态命令产生对应表单实例的状态的打印报告, 包括谁公布了它,它是什么时间被打印的、它是为了谁而被打印的、以及表单实例的表单状态。 Gets the status command produces a printed report of the state of the corresponding form instance, including who published it, what time it was printed, for whom it is being printed, as well as examples of forms of state forms. 由于表单超链接实例包含事务处理ID,因此应用必须参与产生新表单实例。 Since the form hyperlink instance contains a transaction ID, so the application must be involved in producing a new form instance. 因此,请求新表单实例的按钮被典型地实施为超链接。 Thus, the button requesting a new form instance is typically implemented as a hyperlink. 复制页命令产生背景字段值被保持的对应页实例的打印拷贝。 Page copy print command generation copies the corresponding page instance field value is maintained in the background. 如果页包含表单或者是表单的部分,那么复制页命令被解释为复制表单命令。 If the page contains a form or is part of the form, then copy page command is interpreted as a command to copy the form. 重置页命令产生背景字段值被丢弃的对应页实例的打印拷贝。 Reset page command produces the print copy the corresponding page instance the background field value discarded. 如果页包含表单或是表单的部分,那么重置页命令被解释为重置表单命令。 If the page contains a form or section of a form, then the reset page command is interpreted as a reset form command. 获取页状态命令产生关于对应页实例状态的打印报告,包括谁发布它、它是什么时间被打印的、它是为谁而打印的、以及它包含的或者它作为部分的任何表单的状态。 Get page status command produces a printed report on the status of the corresponding page instance, including who published it, what time it is printed, it is for whom printed, and it contains any form or as part of the state. 本发明的优选实例中每个netpage上出现的netpage标志通常与复制页元素有关。 Preferred examples of the present invention netpage logo appearing on each netpage is usually associated with the page copy element. 当页实例被以保持字段值被复制时,字段值以它们的自然形式打印, 即,检査标记出现为标准的检查标记图形,并且文本出现为排版文本。 When a page instance is to hold the field value is copied, field values ​​are printed in their native form, i.e., the check mark appears as a standard checkmark graphic, and text appears as typeset text. 只有绘图和签名以它们的原始形式出现,具有优选地由标准图形伴随的签名, 或具有可选择地由标准图形代替的签名,所述标准图形指示成功的签名验证o复制文档命令产生背景字段值被保持的对应文档实例的打印拷贝。 Only drawings and signatures appear in their original form, preferably having a signature associated reference pattern, or an optionally replaced by a signature reference pattern, the reference pattern indicating successful signature verification o duplicate document command produces a background field value print copy of the corresponding document instance is maintained. 如果文档包含任何表单,那么复制文档命令以复制表单命令相同的方式复制所述表单。 If the document contains any forms, then the duplicate document command is a command to copy the form of the copy sheet in the same manner. 重置文档命令产生背景字段值被丢弃的对应文档实例的打印拷贝。 A reset document command produces the print copy of the corresponding document instance background field values ​​discarded. 如果文档包含任何表单,那么重置文档命令以与重置表单命令相同的方式重置表单。 If the document contains any forms, then the reset document command to reset the form and reset form command in the same way. 获取文档状态命令产生对应文档实例的状态的打印报告,包括谁公布了它、它是什么时间被打印的、它是为了谁而被打印的、以及它包含的任何表单的状态。 Print Report get document status command produces a corresponding document instances of state, including who published it, what time it was printed, for whom it is to be printed, and the status of any forms it contains. 如果页服务器命令的"被选择"属性被设置,那么所述命令在由笔的当前选择标识的页上操作,而不是在包含所述命令的页上。 If the page server command's "selected" attribute is set, then the command operates on the currently selected page identified by the pen, rather than on the page containing the command. 这允许页服务器命令的菜单被打印。 This allows the page server command's menu is printed. 如果目标页不包含用于指定的页服务器命令的页服务器命令元素,那么该命令被忽略。 If the target page does not contain a page server command is used to specify the page server command element, the command is ignored. 通过在超链接组中嵌入相关的页服务器命令元素,应用可以提供应用专门的处理。 By embedding hyperlinks in the group relevant page server command element, the application can provide specialized processing applications. 页服务器激活与超链接组有关的超链接,而不是执行所述页服务器命令。 Page server activates the hyperlink associated with the hyperlinked group rather than executing the page server command. 如果页服务器命令元素的"隐藏"属性被设置,那么该元素被隐藏。 If the page server command element "hidden" attribute is set, then the element is hidden. 隐藏的命令元素在页上没有输入区并且因此不能由用户直接激活。 Hidden command element does not enter the area on the page and therefore can not be activated directly by the user. 但是, 如果页服务器命令具有其"被选择的"属性设置,那么其能够通过嵌入在不同页中的页服务器命令被激活。 However, if the page server command has its property set to "selected", which can be activated by then embedded in a different page of the page server command. 1.8 NETPAGE的标准特征在所述优选的表单中,每个n邻age在其底部被打印n邻age标志以指示它是netpage并因此具有交互特性。 1.8 NETPAGE standard feature in the preferred form, each n o n o age age mark is printed at the bottom to indicate that it is a netpage and therefore has interactive properties. 该标志还可作为拷贝按钮。 The flag can be used as the copy button. 在大多数情况下,"点击"该标志可以产生所述页的拷贝。 In most cases, the "click" the flags to produce a copy of the page. 在表单的情况中,该按钮产生整个表单的拷贝。 In the case of a form, the button that the copy of the entire form. 并且在安全文档如票或票据的情况中,该按钮引出解释性的注释或广告页。 And in the case of security documents such as tickets or notes, this button leads to the explanatory notes or advertising pages. 默认的单页拷贝功能由相关的netpage页服务器直接处理。 The default single-page copy function is handled directly by the relevant netpage page server. 特殊的拷贝功能通过把该标志按钮链接到应用来处理。 Special copy function is handled by the application link button to the flag. 1.9用户帮助系统在优选的实施例中,netpage打印机带有一个标注为"帮助"的单个按钮。 1.9 user help system in a preferred embodiment, netpage printer has a single button labeled "Help". 当按下该按钮时,会引出一个包含下列信息的单个页,包括: •打印机连接的状态• 打印机耗材的状态•顶级帮助菜单•文档功能菜单• 顶级netpage网络目录帮助菜单提供如何使用netpage系统的分级的手册。 When the button is pressed, brings up a single page contains the following information, including: • printer status • printer supplies connected state • Top • Document menu Help menu • Help menu top-level netpage network directory provides information on how to use netpage system grading manual. 文档功能菜单包含下列功能: •打印文档的拷贝•打印表单的干净的拷贝•打印文档的状态文档功能通过按所述按钮以及随后接触所述文档的任何页而启动。 Documents menu includes the following features: a clean copy of a copy of the document • Print • Print form • Documents printed documents state functions from any page press the button and then contacted the document and start. 文档的状态指明谁发布了它以及什么时间、它被传递到谁、以及它随后在什么时间被作为表单提交以及提交给谁。 State of the document indicates who published it and what time it is delivered to whom and then submit the form and submit it to whom at what time are as. Netpage网络目录允许用户在网络上操作发布和服务的层次结构。 Netpage network directory allows the user to operate the hierarchy of publishing and services on the network. 另夕卜,用户还可以呼叫netpage网络"900"号码"黄页"并向操作员求助。 Another evening Bu, users can also call netpage network "900" number "yellow pages" to the operator for help. 操作员可以找到所需的文档,并把该文档路由到用户的打印机。 The operator may find the desired document, and the document is routed to the user's printer. 取决于文档类型,发布者或用户需要支付小的"黄页"服务费。 Depending on the document type, the publisher or the user needs to pay small "yellow pages" service fee. 如果打印机无法打印的话,那么显然无法得到帮助页。 If the printer can not print it, they obviously can not get the help page. 在这种情况下, "错误"灯被点亮并且用户可以请求通过网络的远程诊断。 In this case, the "error" light is lit and the user can request remote diagnosis over the network. 2.个性化的发布模式在下面的描述中,新闻被作为规范的发布的例子来说明netpage系统的个性化机制。 2. Personalize the release mode in the following description, news is used as an example to illustrate the specification published personalize mechanism netpage system. 虽然新闻经常以报纸和新闻杂志新闻的有限意义被使用,本上下文中意指的范围是较宽的。 While the news often limited sense of newspaper and newsmagazine news is used in this context means that the range is wide. 在netpage系统中,新闻发布的编辑内容和广告内容被使用不同的机制个性化。 In the netpage system, the editorial content of press releases and advertising content is personalized using different mechanisms. 所述编辑内容按照读者的明确陈述和隐含捕获的的兴趣概貌而被个性化。 The editorial content in accordance with the interest of the reader an overview explicitly stated and implied captured to be personalized. 广告内容按照读者的地点和人口统计而被个性化。 Advertising content according to the reader's location and demographics are personalized. 2.1编辑个性化预订者可以使用两种新闻源:传递新闻发布的新闻源和传递新闻流的新闻源。 2.1 Editing personalized subscriber can use two news source: Passing press release news sources and news feeds deliver news streams. 新闻发布由发行人汇总和编辑,新闻流由新闻发行人或者由专门化的新闻汇总者来汇总。 Press Release Summary by the issuer and editors, news flow from the issuer or to summarize the news aggregator specialized. 新闻发布通常对应于传统的报纸和新闻杂志,而新闻服务的"未加工的"新闻、连环漫画、自由撰稿人的专栏、朋友的公告牌、或者读者自己的电子邮件。 PRESS RELEASE typically correspond to traditional newspapers and news magazines, and the "raw" news, comics news services, freelance writer's column, a friend's bulletin board, or the reader's own e-mail. Netpage发布服务器支持被编辑的新闻发布的发表以及多个新闻流的汇总。 Netpage publication servers support the summary news release edited and published multiple news streams. 通过处理所述汇总和因此由读者直接选择的新闻流的格式化,所述服务器能够将广告放置在页上,它否则没有对其的编辑控制。 By formatting process and therefore the summary by the readers of the direct selection of news flow, the server can place ads on the page, edit it otherwise there is no control on it. 预订者可以选择一个或多个起作用的新闻发布建立日报并建立每个的个性化版本。 Reservations can select one or more acts of daily press releases to establish and build a personalized version of each. 结果的每日编辑被打印并接合在一起成为单个报纸。 Daily edited result is printed and joined together into a single newspaper. 家庭的各种成员通常通过选择不同的每日发布并且然后定制它们,从而表达他们不同的兴趣和品味。 Various members of the family are usually released daily by different options and then customize them to express their different interests and tastes. 对于每个发布,读者可选择地选择特定的节(section)。 For each publication, the reader optionally select a specific section (section). 一些节每天出现, 而其他节每周出现。 Some sections appear daily, while other sections appear weekly. 例如可以从纽约时报在线得到的所述每日节包括"附加页一(Page One Plus)"、"国内的"、"国际的"、"意见"、"商务"、"艺术/生活"、"技术"、以及"运动"。 For example, the daily sections available from The New York Times online include "additional a page (Page One Plus)", "domestic" and "international" and "opinion", "Business", "Art / Life", " technology "and" sport. " 可得到的节的集对于发布是特定的,作为默认的子集。 Set section is available for a particular release, as the default subset. 读者可以通过建立定制节而扩展所述日报,所述定制节的每个提取任意数量的新闻流。 Readers can extend the daily newspaper by creating custom sections, the extraction of any number of customizing each of the news flow. 定制节可以被建立用于电子邮件和朋友的公告("个人的"),或者用于监视特定标题("警报"或"剪辑")的新闻供给。 Custom section can be used to establish e-mail bulletin and friends ( "personal"), or for monitoring a specific title ( "alert" or "clip") of news feeds. 对于每个节,读者可选择地指定其大小,或者定性地(例如短、中、长) 或双量地(即对其页数的限制),以及所需广告的比例,或者定性地(例如高、 正常、低、无)或数量地(即为百分数)。 For each section, the reader optionally specifies its size, or qualitatively (e.g. short, medium, long) or bis quantity ratio (i.e., the limiting of its pages), and the required advertising, or qualitatively (e.g. high, normal, low, none), or the amount (i.e. percentage). 读者也可任选地表达对大量的较短文章或少量的较长文章的偏好。 Readers may also optionally expressed preference for a large number of shorter articles or a small number of longer articles. 每个文章被理想地以短和长两种形式写成(或编辑),以支持此偏好。 Each article is ideally written in short and long two forms (or editor) to support this preference. 文章还可以以不同的版本来写成(或编辑),以匹配预期的读者的复杂性,例如用于提供给孩子的和成人的版本。 The article also can be written in different versions (or editor) to match the expected complexity of the reader, for example to provide a version of the children and adults. 适当的版本根据读者的年龄被选择。 The appropriate version is selected according to the age of the reader. 读者可以指定优先于他们的生理年龄的"阅读年龄"。 Readers can assign priority to their physiological age "reading ages." 构成每个节的文章由编辑者选择和确定优先顺序。 Up each section of articles selected and prioritized by the editors. 并且每个被分配有用的寿命。 And each is assigned a useful lifetime. 默认地它们被按照优先顺序传递到所有相关的预订者,服从于所述预订者版本中的空间限制。 By default they are transmitted in order of priority to all relevant subscribers, subject to the subscriber version of space limitations. 在其为适当的节中,读者可任选地使能协作过滤。 In which an appropriate section, the reader may optionally enable collaborative filtering. 这然后被应用到具有充分长寿命的文章。 This is then applied to the article has a sufficiently long life. 合格用于协作过滤的每个文章在文章的结尾被打印上等级按钮。 Each article qualified for collaborative filtering is printed at the end of the article grade A button. 所述按钮可以提供容易的选择(例如"喜欢的"或"不喜欢的"), 更可能使读者费事给文章分级。 The buttons can provide an easy choice (such as "like" or "dislike"), are more likely to trouble the reader to the article classification. 具有高优先级和短寿命的文章因此有效地被编辑者认为是必读的并且被传递到大多数相关的预订者。 Articles with high priorities and short-lived editors therefore effectively considered essential reading and is delivered to most relevant subscribers. 读者任选地指定一偶然因素,或者定性地(例如使或不使我惊奇)或数量地。 Reader optionally specifies a causal factors, or qualitatively (e.g., cause or not surprise me), or the number of places. 高的偶然因素降低了在协作过滤期间用于匹配的阈值。 High causal factors lowers the threshold used for matching during collaborative filtering is. 高的因素更有可能使对应的节将被填充到所述读者指定的容量。 High factors more likely to the corresponding section will be filled to the reader's specified capacity. 可以为周的不同的天指定不同的偶然因素。 You can specify different causal factors for different days of the week. 读者还可以任选地指定一节中感兴趣的特定标题,并且这改变了由编辑者分配的优先级。 Readers may also optionally specify a specific title of interest, and this changes the priorities assigned by the editors. 读者的互联网连接速度影响传递图像的数量和质量。 Internet connection speed reader affect the quantity and quality of the transfer of the image. 读者任选地指定对较少的图像或者较小的图像或者两者的偏好。 Reader optionally specifies a preference for fewer images or smaller images or both. 如果不减少图像的数量或大小,那么可能以较低的质量传递图像(例如以较低的分辨率或较大的压縮比)。 If the number or size of images is not reduced, then images may be transmitted at a lower quality (e.g., a lower resolution or greater compression ratio). 另外,传递图像的数量、大小和质量都可以调整。 Further, the image transfer quantity, size and quality can be adjusted. 在全球水平上,读者指定数量、日期、时间和货币值如何被本地化。 At the global level, the number of audience-specific, date, time, and how currency values ​​are localized. 这涉及指定单位是英制的还是公制的、本地时区和时间格式、以及本地货币、以及本地化中是否包含就地翻译或注释。 It involves specifying the units are imperial or metric, the local time zone and time format, as well as the local currency, as well as whether to include localization in situ translation or annotation. 这些偏好是通过默认从所述读者的地点得到的。 These preferences are derived from the reader's location by default. 为了减少由不良视力导致的读取困难,读者可任选地指定较大表示的全球偏好。 To reduce reading difficulties caused by poor eyesight, the reader optionally specify a global preference for a larger representation. 文本和图像都两者因此被縮放,并且较少的信息被容纳在每个页上。 Both text and images are thus scaled, and less information is accommodated on each page. 新闻发布被发布的语言以及其对应的文本编码是所述发布的特性,并且不是由用户表达的偏好。 News released language and its corresponding text encoding is the release characteristic, and is not the preference expressed by the user. 但是,所述netpage系统可以被配置以提供各种外观中的自动翻译服务。 However, the netpage system can be configured to provide automatic translation services in various appearances. 2.2 广告本地化和目标化所述编辑内容的个性化直接影响广告内容,因为广告被典型地放置以利用所述编辑的上下文。 2.2 Localization and personalized advertising goals of the authored content directly affects the advertising content, because advertising is typically placed to exploit the editing context. 例如,旅游广告更有可能出现在旅游节而不是其他地方。 For example, tourism advertising is more likely to appear in the travel section and not elsewhere. 到广告者(并且因此到所述发布者)的编辑内容的值存在于其能力中,所述能力用于以正确的人口统计来吸引大量的读者。 The advertiser (and therefore to the publisher) value of the editorial content exists in its ability, the ability to correct demographic to attract a large number of readers. 有效的广告被基于地点和人口统计而放置。 Effective advertising is placed on location and demographics. 地点确定到特定服务、零售商等的接近,以及与本地的社区和环境有关的特定兴趣和关注。 Location is determined to be close to a particular service, such as retailers, as well as the specific interests and concerns of local communities and the environment. 人口统计确定一般兴趣和偏见以及可能的消费模式。 Demographics determine general interests and prejudices and possible consumption patterns. 新闻发布者的大多数有利可图的产品是广告"空间",由发布的地理覆盖、其读者人数的大小、其读者人数的人口统计、以及可用于广告的页区域来确定的多维实体。 Most profitable product news publishers is advertising "space", issued by the geographical coverage, the size of its readership, its readership demographics, and the page area available for advertising to determine multidimensional entity. 在netpage系统中,netpage发布服务器以每节为基础计算发布可销售的广告空间大致的多维尺寸,考虑所述发布的地理覆盖、该节的读者人数、 每个读者的节版本的大小,每个读者的广告比例、以及每个读者的人口统计。 In the netpage system, netpage publication server publishing can be calculated based on the sales of advertising space per section roughly the size of a multi-dimensional, considering geographic coverage of the release, the number of readers of that section, the section size versions of each reader, each advertising proportion of readers, as well as demographic each reader. 与其它媒体比较,netpage系统允许所述广告空间较详细地被限定,并且允许广告空间较小的块被分开卖。 Compared with other media, Netpage system allows the advertising space to be defined in more detail, and allows smaller inventory blocks are sold separately. 其因此允许被以较接近其真实值被卖。 Thus allowing it to be sold in order to be closer to its true value. 例如,相同的广告"间隙"可以以变化的比例出售给几个广告者,且各个读者的页随机地接收一个广告者或者另一广告者的广告,全面保留出售给每个广告者的空间比例。 For example, the same advertising "gap" can be sold in varying proportions to several advertisers, and each reader's advertising pages at random to receive a advertiser or another advertiser's overall proportion reserved space sold to each advertiser's . 该Netpage系统允许广告直接链接到详细的产品信息和在线采购。 The Netpage system allows advertisers to link directly to detailed product information and online purchasing. 因此,提升了广告空间的内在价值。 Therefore, to enhance the intrinsic value of the ad space. 由于个性化和本地化是由netpage发布服务器自动处理的,因此广告汇总者可以提供地理学和人口统计的任意广阔的覆盖。 Because personalization and localization are handled automatically issued by netpage servers, and therefore advertising aggregator can provide arbitrarily broad geographic and demographic coverage. 后续的去汇总由于是自动的所以是有效的。 Subsequent to the summary because it is so automated it is effective. 这使得发布者处理广告汇总者比直接捕获广告成本有效。 This allows the publisher handle ad aggregator effective than direct capture advertising costs. 即使广告汇总者取得了一个比例的广告收入,由于汇总的较高效率, 发布者可发现该变化是利润中性的(profit-neutral)。 Even if the ad aggregator achieved a percentage of advertising revenue, due to the high efficiency of the summary, the publisher can be found that the change is neutral profit (profit-neutral). 广告汇总者担当着广告46者和发布者之间的中介,并且可以在多个发布中布置相同的广告。 Advertising aggregator acts as the intermediary between the advertiser and publisher 46, and may be arranged in the same ad more than one publication. 值得注意的是,netpage发布中的广告布置可能比传统对应形式中的广告更复杂,这是因为发布的广告空间较复杂。 It is worth noting that the advertising arrangement netpage publication may be more complex than traditional forms of advertising correspondence, because the release of advertising space is more complex. 尽管忽略了广告者、广告汇总者和发布者之间的协商的完全复杂度,netpage系统的优选形式为这些协商提供某些自动化的支持,包括对于广告空间的自动化拍卖的支持。 Although completely ignores the complexity of the negotiations between advertisers, advertising aggregators and publishers, the preferred form of these consultations netpage system provides some automated support, including for automated ad space auction support. 自动化对于产生少量收入的广告如小型或高度本地化的广告的布置是特别理想的。 Automation for the production of a small amount of advertising revenue arrangement such as small or highly localized advertising is particularly desirable. 一旦协商好布置,汇总者捕获和编辑广告,并把它记录于netpage广告服务器上。 Once the negotiated arrangement, aggregators capture and edit the ad, and record it on a netpage ad server. 相应地,发布者将在相关的netpage发布服务器上记录广告布置。 Correspondingly, the publisher records the ad is disposed on the relevant netpage publication server. 当netpage发布服务器布置每个用户的个性化发布时,它从netpage广告服务器中拾取相关的广告。 When personalized netpage publication server arrangement of each user's released, it picked up relevant ads from the netpage ad server. 2.3用户简档2.3.1 信息过滤新闻和其它发布的个性化取决于对用户特有简档信息的分类,包括:• 发布定制•协作过滤矢量•联系细节• 呈现偏好发布的定制通常是发布特有的,因此,定制信息由相关的netpage发布服务器维护。 2.3.1 2.3 user profile information filtering news release and other personalized classification depends on user-specific profile information, including: • custom publishing • collaborative filtering vector • Contact details • Rendering Custom preferences are usually issued specific release Therefore, customized information maintained by the relevant netpage publication server. 协作过滤矢量由用户对许多新闻项的评级(rating)构成。 Collaborative filtering vector consists of many user rating (rating) news item. 它用于把不同用户的兴趣关联起来,用于推荐的目的。 It is used to correlate different users' interests up for recommendation purposes. 虽然独立于任何特定的发布而维护单个协作过滤矢量是有益的,但是为每个发布来维护单独矢量较为可行的两个原因是:有可能在相同发布的预订者的矢量之间比在不同发布的预订者的矢量之间存在的更多的重叠;以及发布有可能想要将其用户的协作过滤矢量呈现为在其他地方找不到的其商标价值的一部分。 Although beneficial independent of any particular publishing and maintaining a single collaborative filtering vector, but for each publisher to maintain a separate vector is more feasible for two reasons: there may be between subscribers of the same vector than the release in a different release more overlap between the vectors of subscribers; and there may want to publish their users' collaborative filtering vectors presented as part of the value of their trademarks in other places can not be found. 因此,协作过滤矢量也由相关的netpage发布服务器维护。 Therefore, collaborative filtering vector is also maintained by the relevant netpage publication server. 联系细节,包括姓名、街道地址、ZIP码、州、国家、电话号码,在本质上是全局的,并且由netpage注册服务器维护。 Contact details, including name, street address, ZIP code, state, country, telephone number, is global in nature, and is maintained by the netpage registration server. 呈现偏好,包括数量、日期和时间,同样是全局的,并以相同方式维护。 Rendering preferences, including the number, date and time, the same is global, and maintenance in the same way. 广告的本地化取决于用户的联系细节中指示的地点,而广告的目标取决于个人信息如出生日期、性别、婚姻状况、收入、职业、教育或定性的推导如年龄范围和收入范围。 Localized advertising depending on where the user's contact details indicated, and targeted advertising depends on personal information such as date of birth, gender, marital status, income, occupation, education or qualitative derivation such as age range and income range. 对于那些选择展示个人信息用于广告目的的用户,该信息由相关的netpage注册服务器维护。 For those who choose to show your personal information for advertising purposes, the information maintained by the relevant netpage registration server. 在缺乏这样的信息时,那么可以根据与用户的ZIP 或ZIP+4码有关的人口统计状况来确定广告目标。 In the absence of such information, we can target ads based on the demographics of the user's ZIP or ZIP + 4 codes associated. 每个用户、笔、打印机、应用提供者和应用被分配有其自己的唯一的标识符,并且netpage注册服务器维护着它们之间的关系,如图21、 22、 23 和24所示。 Each user, pen, printer, application provider and application is assigned its own unique identifier, and the netpage registration server maintains the relationships between them, 21, 22, 23 and 24. 为了注册的目的,发布者是特殊种类的应用提供者,并且发布是特殊种类的应用。 For the purposes of registration, the publisher is a special kind of application provider, and issue a special kind of application. 每个用户800可以被授权为使用任何数量的打印机802,并且每个打印机可允许任意数量的用户使用它。 Each user 800 may be authorized to use any number of printers 802, and each printer may allow any number of users to use it. 每个用户有单个默认打印机(在66处),周期性发布被默认地递送到该打印机;同时,按需打印的页被递送到用户通过其正在交互的打印机。 Each user has a single default printer (at 66), are released periodically delivered to the default printer; the same time, demand printing page is delivered to the printer through which the user is interacting. 服务器记住用户已经授权哪些发布者打印到用户默认的打印机。 Remember what the publisher server user has authorized to print to the user's default printer. 发布者并不记录任何特定打印机的ID,而是在需要时解析所述ID。 Publisher does not record the ID of any particular printer, but if desired the ID resolved. 当用户订阅808发布807时,出版商806(即应用提供者803)被授权打印到指定的打印机或用户的默认打印机。 When a user subscribes to release 808 807, the publisher 806 (ie application provider 803) is authorized to print to a specified printer or the default printer users. 用户可以在任何时候撤回这种授权。 The user can withdraw this authorization at any time. 每个用户可以有几个笔801,但是笔对于单个用户是特定的。 Each user may have several pens 801, but a pen is specific to a single user. 如果某个用户被授权使用特定的打印机,那么该打印机识别用户笔的任何一个。 If a user is authorized to use a particular printer, the printer identifies any user of the pen. 笔ID用于通过DNS以正常方式来定位由特定的netpage注册服务器维护的对应用户简档。 Pen ID is used to locate a normal manner maintained by a particular netpage registration server the corresponding user profile through DNS. Web终端809可以被授权在特定的netpage打印机上打印,这样,在Web浏览过程中遇到的Web页和netpage文档被方便地打印于最近的netpage打印机上。 Web terminal 809 can be authorized to print on a particular netpage printer, so that encountered in the process of Web browsing Web pages and netpage documents are conveniently printed on the nearest netpage printer. 对于,netpage系统可以代表打印机提供者收集对通过在提供者的打印机上的打印的发布所赚取的费和佣金。 For, netpage system can collect on behalf of a printer provider for publication printed by the printer provider of earned fees and commissions. 这种收入可以包括广告费、点击(dick-through)费、电子商务佣金、以及事务处理费用。 Such income can include advertising fees, click (dick-through) fee, e-commerce commissions, and transaction fees. 如果打印机由用户所有,那么用户就是打印机提供者。 If the printer, the user is the printer provider owned by the user. 每个用户还有:netpage账户820,该账户用于累积微借和贷(例如上一段中描述的那些);联系细节815,包括名称、地址和电话号码;全局偏好816,包括隐私、递送和本地化设置;任意数量的生物识别记录817,包括用户的编码签名818、指纹819等;由系统自动维护的手写模型819;以及SET 支付卡账户821,利用它可以进行电子商务支付。 Each user also: netpage account 820, for accumulating the account and credit by micro (e.g., those described in the previous paragraph); contact details 815, including name, address and telephone number; global preferences 816, including privacy, delivery and locale; any number of biometric records 817, including the user's encoded signature 818, fingerprint 819 etc; handwriting model 819 automatically maintained by the system; and sET payment card accounts 821, it can take advantage of e-commerce payment. 2.3.2喜好列表netpage用户可以维护"喜好"列表922-到netpage网络上有用文档的链接等。 2.3.2 netpage user can maintain a list of favorites "preferences" link on the list of 922- to netpage network and other useful documentation. 该列表由系统为用户维护。 The list is maintained by the system user. 它被组织为文件夹924的一个分级。 It is organized as a hierarchical folder 924. 图41 中以类图示出了这种分级的一个优选实施例。 FIG 41 illustrates a class hierarchy of this preferred embodiment. 2.3.3历史列表系统优选地为每个用户维护历史列表929,历史列表中包含由用户通过netpage系统访问的文档的链接等。 2.3.3 History List The system preferably maintains a history list for each user 929, the history list contains links to documents accessed by the user through the netpage system and so on. 历史列表是按日期顺序组织的列表,图42以类图示出了历史列表的优选实施例。 History list is organized by date order list, FIG. 42 illustrates a preferred class of embodiments of the history list. 2.4 智能页布局Netpage发布服务器在逐节(section-by-section)的基础上自动布局每个用户的个性化发布的页。 2.4 intelligent page layout Netpage publication servers based on section by section (section-by-section) of the automatic layout on page personalized for each user posted. 由于大多数广告处于预先格式化的矩形的形式, 所以它们在编辑的内容之前被放置于页上。 Since most advertising in the form of pre-formatted rectangles, they are placed on the page before the editorial content. 一节的广告比率可以借助于该节内的各个页上的变化的广告比率来实现,并且广告布局算法利用了这一点。 An advertisement may be achieved by means of the ratio of the ratio change advertisements on the respective pages within the section, and the ad layout algorithm takes advantage of this. 该算法被配置成尝试把联系紧密的编辑和广告内容放在一起,比如由于自助屋顶修理的专门特征,将用于屋顶材料的广告专门布置在发布之内。 The algorithm is configured to attempt to contact the editorial and advertising content closely together, for example, due to the special features of self-repair of a roof, the roof will be used in advertising materials specially arranged within the publication. 49然后,根据各种审美规则来布局为用户选择的编辑内容,包括文本和相关的图像与图形。 49 Then, according to various aesthetic rules to the layout selected by the user to edit content, including text and associated images and graphics. 一旦该布局已经汇聚,整个过程包括广告的选择和编辑内容的选择必须被重复,以试图较为接近地实现用户指定的节大小偏好。 Once the layout has been brought together, the whole process including the selection and choose to edit the content of advertisements must be repeated, in an attempt to more closely achieve the user-specified section size preference. 但是,节尺寸偏好可随着时间被平均地匹配,从而允许相当大的逐日变化。 However, the section size preference can be matched on average over time, allowing a considerable daily variation. 2.5 文档格式一旦文档被布局,则它被编码用于在netpage网络上有效的分发和持久的存储。 2.5 Once the document is stored document format layout, it is encoded for efficient distribution and on the netpage network lasting. 首要的效率机制是把单个用户的版本特有的信息与多个用户的版本之间共享的信息分开。 The primary efficiency mechanism is to separate shared among individual users of version-specific information with multiple users of version. 所述特有信息由页布局构成。 The specific information consists of the page layout. 共享信息由页布局弓l用的对象构成,包括图像、图形和文本条。 Shared information consists of the page layout objects with the bow l, including images, graphics and text of this section. 文本对象包含完全格式化的文本,其采用可扩展样式表语言(XSL) 以可扩展标记语言(XML)表示。 Text object contains fully-formatted text, which uses Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) expressed in Extensible Markup Language (XML). 独立于文本正在被设置到其中的区域, XSL提供了对文本格式化的精确控制,在此情况下其由布局提供。 Independent of the text is being set to an area which, XSL provides precise control over text formatting, which in this case provided by the layout. 文本对象包含使能自动翻译的嵌入式语言码以及用于辅助段落格式化的嵌入式连字号连接提示。 Text object contains embedded language codes can enable automatic translation, and embedded for assisting paragraph formatting hyphen prompt. 图像对象优选地以JPEG2000基于小波的压縮图像格式对图像编码。 Preferably in JPEG2000 image object image encoding format based wavelet compressed image. 图形对象优选地以可縮放矢量图形(SVG)格式对2D图形编码。 Graphical objects preferably in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format graphics encoded 2D. 其它的格式也可用于文本、图像和图形。 Other formats may also be used for text, images and graphics. 布局本身由一系列的所放置的图像和图形对象、链接的文本流对象(文本对象通过它流动)、上述的超链接和输入字段、以及水印区域组成。 Layout itself consists of a series of placed image and graphic objects, linked text stream objects (text objects flow through it), and the aforementioned hyperlink input field, and watermark regions. 这些布局对象总结在表3中。 These layout objects are summarized in Table 3. 该布局使用适合于高效分发和存储的紧凑格式。 This layout is suitable for the use of efficient distribution and storage of the compact format. 图3-netpage布局对象布局对象 属性 链接对象的格式图像 位置 -<table>table see original document page 51</column></row> <table>2.6文档分发如上所述,为了在netpage网络上有效分发和持久存储的目的,用户特有的页布局被与它所引用的共享对象分开。 FIG format image position 3-netpage layout objects Layout object properties link object - <table> table see original document page 51 </ column> </ row> <table> 2.6 document distribution As described above, in order to effectively distribute the netpage network and purpose persistent storage, separate user-specific page layout is shared objects it references. 当预订的发布准备好被分发时,netpage发布服务器在n邻ageID服务器12的帮助下分配每个页的唯一ID、页实例、文档和文档实例。 When booking a release ready to be distributed, netpage publication server assigns a unique ID for each page with the help of n o ageID server 12, page instance, document, and document instance. 服务器计算共享内容的优化子集的集合,并为每个子集创建组播通道,然后用组播通道的名称给每个用户特有的布局打标签,这些通道将承载该布局使用的共享内容。 Set of shared content server computing optimized subset, and creates a multicast channel for each subset is then treated with the name of a multicast channel to each user-specific layout tagging, these channels will carry the shared content used by that layout. 然后,服务器通过适当的页服务器把每个用户的布局点播到用户打印机,并在点播完成时在指定的通道上组播共享内容。 Then, the server via the appropriate page server of each user's layouts to user demand printer, and multicast shared content on the specified channels upon completion demand. 在接收到点播后,每个页服务器和打印机预订在页布局中指定器和打印机从组播流中提取由其页布局引用的那些对象。 Upon receiving the demand, each page server and printer and the printer specified in the book page layout extracted by the page layout objects that referenced by the multicast stream. 页服务器持久地存档收到的页布局和共享内容。 Page layout page servers persistently archive and share content received. 另外,也可以使用其它技术分发数据。 Further, other techniques may be used to distribute data. 一旦打印机已收到由其页布局引用的所有对象,打印机重新创建完全填充的布局,然后栅格化并打印它。 Once the printer has received all the objects referenced by the page layout, printer re-create the layout is completely filled, and then rasterize and print it. 在正常情况下,打印机将页打印得比递送它们更快。 Under normal circumstances, the printer prints pages faster than they deliver. 假设每个页的四分之一覆盖有图像,那么平均页具有小于400KB的大小。 Suppose a quarter of each page is covered with an image, the average page has a size of less than 400KB. 因此,打印机可以在其64MB存储器中存储100个以上这样的页,从而允许临时缓冲等。 Thus, the printer may store more than 100 such pages in its 64MB memory, allowing for temporary buffers and the like. 打印机以每秒一页的速率打印。 The printer prints at a rate of one per second. 这等效于每秒400KB或约3Mbit的页数据,这与宽带网络上递送页数据的最高预期速率相似。 This is equivalent to 400KB per second, or about 3Mbit of page data, which is delivered on the broadband network with the highest expected rate of page data is similar. 即使在异常情况下,如打印机缺纸时,用户将能够在打印机的100页内部存储容量被耗尽之前补充纸供应。 Even under abnormal circumstances, such as when the printer runs out of paper, the user will be able to replenish the paper supply before the printer's 100 internal storage capacity is exhausted. 但是,如果打印机的内部存储器的确填满,那么打印机将无法在组播第一次出现之时使用组播。 However, if the printer's internal memory does fill up, then the printer will not be able to use multicast when the first occurrence of multicast. 因此,netpage发布服务器允许打印机提交对于重新组播的请求。 Therefore, netpage publication server allows the printer to re-submit a request for multicast. 当收到临界数量的请求或出现超时时,服务器重新组播对应的共享对象。 When a critical number of requests is received or a timeout occurs, the server re-multicast the corresponding shared objects. 一旦文档被打印,通过从相关的页服务器中检索其页布局和内容, 打印机可以在任何时间产生准确的副本。 Once the document is printed, by retrieving its page layouts and contents from the relevant page servers, printers can produce accurate copies at any time. 2.7 按需文档当按需请求netpage文档时,它可以与期刊大致相同的方式被个性化和递送。 2.7 Demand documents when requested netpage documents on demand, it can be personalized and delivered much the same way and periodicals. 但是,由于没有共享内容,在不利用组播的情况下直接进行到请求打印机的递送。 However, since there is no shared content, without directly using multicast delivery request to the printer. 当按需请求非netpage文档时,它不被个性化,并通过指定的netpage格式化服务器来递送,该服务器将把该文档重新格式化为netpage文档。 When a non-netpage documents on demand requests, it is not personalized, and delivered by designated netpage formatting server that will reformat the document as a netpage document. Netpage格式化服务器是netpage发布服务器的特定实例。 Netpage netpage formatting server is a special instance of the publisher. N邻age格式化服务器具有各种互联网文档格式的知识,包括Adobe的可移植文档格式(PDF)和超文本标记语言(HTML)。 N o age formatting server has knowledge of various Internet document formats, including Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) and HTML (HTML). 如果是HTML文档,它可使用较高的打印页分辨率,以具有内容表的多列格式来呈现Web页。 If it is an HTML document, it can use a higher resolution of the printed page, multi-column format with a table of contents to render Web pages. 它可以自动地包含直接链接到所请求的页的所有Web页。 It automatically includes a direct link to all pages of the requested Web page. 用户能够通过偏好来调节该行为。 The user can adjust the behavior preference. Netpage格式化服务器进行任何互联网文档上可用的标准netpage行为, 包括交互性和持久性,不管互联网文档的起源和格式。 Netpage server for any formatting standard netpage behavior available on the Internet documents, including interactivity and persistence, regardless of origin and format of the Internet document. 它隐藏来自necpage 打印机和netpage页服务器两者的不同文档格式的知识,也隐藏来自Web服务器的netpage系统的知识。 It hides knowledge of different document formats from both the netpage page server and printer necpage, but also hidden knowledge netpage system from Web servers. 3.安全性3.1密码术密码术被用于在存储中和在传输中保护敏感信息,以及对事务处理的各方进行鉴权。 3. Security 3.1 Cryptography Cryptography is used to store and protect sensitive information in transit, and to authenticate the parties to the transaction. 有两类在广泛使用中的密码术:秘密密钥密码术和公用密钥密码术。 There are two types of cryptography in widespread use: secret-key cryptography and public key cryptography. Netpage网络使用这两类密码术。 Netpage network uses two types of cryptography. 秘密密钥密码术也称为对称密码术,使用相同密钥来加密和解密消息。 Secret key cryptography is also referred to as symmetric cryptography to encrypt and decrypt messages using the same key. 希望交换消息的双方必须首先安排好安全地交换秘密密钥。 We hope the two sides to exchange messages must first arrange to securely exchange the secret key. 公共密钥密码术也称为非对称密码术,使用两个加密密钥。 Public key cryptography is also referred to as asymmetric cryptography, uses two encryption keys. 这两个密钥在这样的方式下在数学上被相关:使用一个密钥加密的任何消息只能使用另一个密钥解密。 These two keys are related in such a manner mathematically: use a key to encrypt any message can be used to decrypt the other key. 然后这些密钥之一被发布,而另一密钥被保持私有。 Then one of these keys are released, while the other key is kept private. 公共密钥用于对打算提供给持有私有密钥持有者的任何消息进行加密。 The public key is used to intend to provide any information held by the holder of the private key is encrypted. 一旦被使用公共密钥加密后,则消息只能使用私有密钥对其解密。 Once the use of public key encryption, the message can only be decrypted using the private key. 这样,双方可以安全地交换消息,而不必首先交换秘密密钥。 In this way, the two sides can exchange messages securely, without first having to exchange a secret key. 为了保证私有密钥是安全的,正常情况下为私有密钥的持有者产生所述密钥对。 To ensure that the private key is secure, under normal circumstances, it is to generate the key pair of the private key holder. 公共密钥密码术可用于产生数字签名。 Public-key cryptography can be used to generate a digital signature. 私有密钥的持有者可以创建己知的消息的散列(hash),然后使用私有密钥加密该散列。 The holder of the private key can create a known hash of a message (hash), and then encrypts the hash using the private key. 然后,任何人可以通过以下关于所述特定消息来检验构成私有密钥持有者的"签名"的加密的散列:利用公用密钥来解密经加密的散列,并对照该消息来检验该散列。 Then, anyone can be tested by the following encrypted message on the particular "signature" of the holder of the private key constitute a hash of: using a common key to decrypt the encrypted hash, and to verify that the message control hashes. 如果签名被附加到该消息,那么消息接收者可以检验消息的真实性,又可以检验该消息在传输中未被更改。 If the signature is appended to the message, the message recipient can verify the authenticity of the message, you can verify that the message has not been altered in transit. 为了使公共密钥密码术工作,必须有一种防止假冒的分发公共密钥的页方式。 To make public-key cryptography work, there must be a way to fake pages to distribute public keys to prevent. 这通常是利用证书和证书权力机构完成的。 This is usually the use of certificates and Certificate Authority completed. 证书权力机构是可信赖的第三方,它对公共密钥和某人的身份之间的关系进行鉴权。 Certificate authority is a trusted third party, its relationship between the public key and someone's identity for authentication. 证书权力机构通过检査身份文档来验证该人的身份,然后建立和签署包含该人的身份细节和公共密钥的数字证书。 Certificate authority to verify the person's identity by examining identity documents, and create and sign a digital certificate containing the person's identity details and public key. 信赖证书权力机构的任何人可在高度确信其是真实时使用证书中的公共密钥。 Anyone trust the certificate authority is highly confident it can be used when the real public key certificate. 他们只需验证证书已真正由证书授权机构签署,所述证书授权机构的公共密钥是公知的。 They only need to verify that the certificate has indeed signed by a certificate authority public key of the certificate authority is known. 在大多数事务处理环境中,公共密钥密码术只用于产生数字签名并安全地交换秘密会话密钥。 In most transaction environments, public-key cryptography is only used to create digital signatures and to securely exchange secret session key. 秘密密钥密码术被用于所有其他目的。 Secret-key cryptography is used for all other purposes. 在下面的讨论中,当提及netpage打印机和服务器之间的安全信息传输时,实际发生的是:打印机获得服务器的证书,参照证书权力机构对证书进行鉴权,使用证书中的公共密钥交换密钥与服务器交互秘密对话密钥, 然后使用秘密会话密钥加密消息数据。 In the following discussion, when referring to the secure transmission of information between the printer and the netpage servers happens is: obtain server certificate of the printer, with reference to the certificate authority certificate authentication using the public key certificate exchange key interaction with the server secret session key, then uses the secret session key to encrypt the message data. 根据定义,会话密钥可以具有任意短的寿命。 By definition, the session key may have any short lifetime. 3.2 NETPAGE打印机安全性每个netpage打印机在制造时被指定有一对唯一标识符,这些标识符被存储在打印机中的只读存储器中和netpage注册服务器数据库中。 3.2 NETPAGE security of each printer is designated netpage printer during manufacture a pair of unique identifiers that are stored in a read only memory in the printer and the netpage registration server database. 第一ID62 是公用的,并唯一地标识netpage网络上的打印机。 The first is common ID62, and uniquely identifies the printer on the netpage network. 第二ID是秘密的,并且当该打印机第一次在网络上注册时被使用。 The second ID is secret and is used when the printer is first registered on the network. 当打印机在安装后第一次连接到netpage网络时,它创建签名公用/私有密钥对。 When the printer for the first time after the installation is connected to the netpage network, it creates a signature public / private key pair. 它把秘密ID和公共密钥安全地传送到netpage注册服务器。 It is the secret ID and the public key is transmitted securely to the netpage registration server. 服务器把秘密ID与记录在其数据库中的打印机的秘密ID比较,如果ID相匹配则接受注册。 The server compares the secret ID printer's secret ID recorded in its database, if the ID matches the registration is accepted. 它然后创建和签署包含打印机的公共ID和公用签名密钥的证书, 并把该证书存储于注册数据库中。 It then creates and signed a certificate containing the printer's public ID and public signature key, and the certificate is stored in the registry database. Netpage注册服务器作为netpage打印机的证书权力机构,因为它具有对秘密信息的访问权,从而允许其验证打印机身份。 Netpage server registered as a certificate authority netpage printer, because it has access to secret information allowing it to verify printer identity. 当用户预订发布时,在netpage注册服务器数据库中创建记录,其授权发布者将发布打印到用户的默认打印机或指定的打印机。 When a user subscribed to the publication, creating a record in the netpage registration server database authorizing the publisher to publish it to your default printer or user specified printer. 通过页服务器发送到打印机的每个文档被指向特定用户,并由发布者使用发布者的私有签名密钥来签署。 Each document sent to the printer by the user is directed to a specific page server by using the publisher's private signature key publisher to sign. 页服务器通过注册数据库来验证发布者被授权将发布递送到指定用户。 Page server to verify that the publisher is authorized to deliver the publication to the specified user through the registration database. 页服务器使用发布者的公共密钥验证签名,发布者的公共密钥从存储在注册数据库中的发布者证书获得。 Page server uses the public key to verify the signature of the publisher, the publisher's public key is available from the publisher certificate stored in the registration database. Netpage注册服务器接受将打印授权添加到数据库的请求,只要这些请求是通过注册到打印机的笔来启动的。 Netpage registration server accepts the print request authorization to add to the database, as long as the request is made by a pen registered to the printer to start. 3.3 NETPAGE笔的安全性每个netpage笔在制造时被指定有唯一标识,其存储于笔内的只读存储器中和netpage注册服务器数据库中。 Security 3.3 NETPAGE netpage pen each pen is designated during manufacture with a unique identification, which is stored in the read-only memory in the pen and the netpage registration server database. 笔ID61在netpage网络上唯一地标识该笔。 ID61 pen on the netpage network that uniquely identifies the pen. netpage笔可以"知道"许多netpage打印机,并且打印机可"知道"许多笔。 netpage pen can "know" a number of netpage printer, and the printer can "know" a number of pens. 每当它处于打印机的范围内时,笔通过射频信号与打印机通信。 Whenever it is within range of a printer, the pen communicates with a printer via a radio frequency signal. 一旦笔和打印机被注册,它们定期地交换会话密钥。 Once a pen and printer are registered, they regularly exchange session keys. 每当笔向打印机传送数字墨时,数字墨总是被使用适当的会话密钥加密的。 Whenever the pen transmits digital ink to the printer, the digital ink is always encrypted using the appropriate session key. 数字墨从不被不受阻碍地(inthe clear)传送。 Digital ink is never unhindered (inthe clear) transmission. 笔为它知道的每个打印机存储会话密钥,由打印机ID索引;而打印机为它知道的每个笔存储会话密钥,由笔ID索引。 Every pen it knows the printer stores the session key, indexed by the printer ID; and the printer it knows the session key for each pen is stored, indexed by the pen ID. 二者具有大的但是有限的用于会话密钥的存储容量,但是在必要时将在最远期使用的基础上忘记会话密钥。 Both have a large but finite storage capacity for session keys, you will forget a session key on the basis of most long-term use, if necessary. 当笔进入打印机的范围之内时,笔和打印机发现它们是否相互认识。 When within range of the pen into the printer, the pen and printer discover whether they know each other. 如果它们互不认识,则打印机确定它是否被假定为认识该笔。 If they do not know each other, the printer to determine if it is assumed to know the pen. 这可能是因为例如该笔属于被注册以使用该打印机的用户。 This may be because, for example, belongs to the pen is registered to use the printer user. 如果打印机想要认识该笔但又并不认识,则它启动自动的笔注册过程。 If the printer you want to know the pen but does not know, it automatically starts the pen registration process. 如果打印机不想要认识该笔, 则它与笔达成一致以忽略它,直到该笔被置于充电杯(chargingcup)中,这时它启动注册进程。 If the printer does not want to recognize the pen, it agreed with the pen to ignore it until the pen is placed in a charging cup (chargingcup) in which case it started the registration process. 除了它的公用ID之外,该笔还包含秘密密钥-交换密钥。 In addition to its public ID, the pen also includes a secret key - the key exchange. 密钥-交换密钥在制造时也被记录于netpage注册服务器的数据库中。 Key - exchange key is also recorded at the time of manufacture to the netpage registration server database. 在注册期间,笔把它的笔ID传送到打印机,并且打印机把笔ID传送到netpage注册服务器。 During registration, the pen transmits its pen ID to the printer, and the printer transmits the pen ID to the netpage registration server. 服务器产生为打印机和笔使用的会话密钥,并将该会话密钥安全地传送到打印机。 Server generates a session key for the printer and pen to use, and securely transmits the session key to the printer. 它还传送使用笔的密钥-交换密钥加密的会话密钥的拷贝。 It also transmitted using the pen key - a copy of the session key exchange key encryption. 打印机内部地存储由笔ID索引的会话密钥,并将加密的会话密钥传送到笔。 Printer stored internally by the session key to index the pen ID, and transmits the encrypted session key to the pen. 笔内部地存储由打印机ID索弓I的会话密钥。 Pen stored internally by the session key index I bow ID of the printer. 虽然赝笔可在笔注册协议中冒充笔,但是只有真笔可解密打印机传送的会话密钥。 Although the pseudo pen can impersonate a pen in the pen registration protocol, but only a real pen can decrypt the session key transmitted by the printer. 当先前未注册的笔第首次被注册时,它的使用受到限制的,直到它被链接到用户。 When a previously unregistered pen is first registered for the first time, its use is restricted, until it is linked to the user. 已注册的但"未被拥有"的笔仅被允许用于请求和填充netpage 用户和笔注册表单,以注册新笔自动链接到的新用户,或者将新笔添加到现有用户。 Registered but "not owned" pen is only allowed for requesting and filling netpage user and pen registration forms, to register the new pen is automatically linked to the new user, or add a new pen to an existing user. 由于笔中的硬件性能约束,笔使用秘密密钥而非公用密钥加密。 Due to hardware performance constraints in the pen, using a pen instead of a public key encryption secret key. 3.4保密文档Netpage系统支持保密文档如票和票证的递送。 3.4 Netpage system supports confidential documents secure documents such as tickets and ticket delivery. Netpage打印机包括用以打印水印的设备,但是仅在被适当授权的发布者的请求时才这样做。 Netpage printer includes a device for printing the watermark, but only when requested to do so publishers are properly authorized. 发布者指示其证书中打印能够由打印机鉴权的水印。 Posted by indicating its certificate printed by the printer can watermark authentication. "水印"打印过程在页的指定"水印"区域中使用可选的抖动矩阵。 "Watermark" printing process specified in the pages of "watermark" using an optional dither matrix area. 背对背的页包含了在打印时重合的镜像水印区域。 Back to back pages contain a watermark image areas overlap when printing. 奇数和偶数页的水印区域中所用的抖动矩阵被设计为在将这些区域一起査看时产生干涉效应,其是由透过所打印的张观看来实现的。 Odd and even pages of the watermark region used in the dither matrix is ​​designed to produce an interference effect when the regions to view them together, which is made through the printed sheets to achieve viewing.该效果与水印的相似之处在于它在仅査看页的一面时是不可见的,并且当该页通过正常手段被拷贝时被丢失。保密文档的页无法利用上面1.9节中所述的内置netpage拷贝机构来拷贝。这扩展到在netpage察觉的影印机上拷贝netpage。保密文档典型地作为电子商务事务处理的一部分来产生。因此,它们可以包含用户的照片,该照片是在用户向netpage注册服务器注册生物识别信息时捕获的,如第2节中所述。当被呈现了保密netpage文档时,接收者可以通过在通常方式下请求其状态来验证其真实性。保密文档的唯一ID仅在文档的寿命期中是有效的, 并且保密文档ID被非邻接地分配,以防止机会主义伪造者对其的预计。可以以有关验证失败的内建反馈来发展保密文档验证笔,以支持容易的呈现点(point-of presentation)文档检验。在密码的意义上,显然水印和用户的照片都不是安全的。它们简单地提供对偶然伪造的显著障碍。特别是使用验证笔的在线文档验证提供了所需的安全性的增加水平,但仍不是对伪造完全免疫的。 3.5不可否认在netpage系统中,用户提交的表单被可靠地传送给表单处理者,并且被持久地存档于netpage页服务器上。因此,接受者不可能否认传送。收款者也不可能抵赖通过如第4节所述的系统进行的电子商务支付。 4.电子商务模型4.1安全电子事务处理(SET)Netpage系统使用安全电子事务处理(SET)系统作为其支付系统之一。已由MasterCard和Visa开发的SET围绕支付卡而被组织,并且这被反映在术语中。但是,系统的大部分独立于所使用的账户的类型。其它的支付系统也可以使用。在SET中,持卡人和商家向证书权力机构注册,并被发给包含其公共签名密钥的证书。证书权力机构适当地验证持卡人向卡发行者的注册细节, 并适当地验证商家向受让方(acquirer)的注册细节。持卡人和商家把各自的私有签名密钥安全地存储在其计算机上。在支付过程中,这些证书被用于相互鉴权商家和持卡人,并将两者均鉴权到支付网关。 SET尚未被广泛采用,部分是因为持卡人认为密钥和证书的维护是麻烦的。维护服务器上的持卡人密钥和证书,并通过口令给予持卡人访问的临时解决方案已经取得了某些成功。 4.2 SET支付在netpage系统中,netpage注册服务器在SET支付事务处理中用作netpage用户(即持卡人)的代理。 Netpage系统使用生物识别对用户进行鉴权并授权SET支付。由于系统是基于笔的,所用的生物识别是用户的在线签名,包括随时间变化的笔位置和压力。尽管有较高的成本,也可通过将指纹传感器设计到笔中来使用指纹生物识别。所用的生物识别的类型只影响生物识别的捕获,而不是系统的授权方面。能够进行SET支付的第一步是向netpage注册服务器注册用户的生物识别。这是在受控环境例如在银行中来完成。在这里可在验证用户身份的同时捕获生物识别。生物识别被捕获并存储到注册数据库中,并被链接到用户的记录。用户的照片也被任选地捕获并链接到所述记录。 SET持卡人注册过程被完成,并且所获得的私有签名密钥和证书被存储在数据库中。用户支付卡信息也被存储,从而给予netpage注册服务器足够的信息以用作任何SET支付事务处理中的用户代理。当用户最终例如通过签署netpage订货单来提供生物识别以完成支付时,打印机将订购信息、笔ID和生物识别数据安全地发送到netpage注册服务器。服务器针对由笔ID标识的用户来验证生物识别,并从那时起用作完成在SET支付事务处理中的用户代理。 4.3微支付Netpage系统包括用于微支付的机构以允许用户为按需打印低成本文档以及拷贝受版权保护的文档而被方便地收费,并且还有可能允许用户被偿还在打印广告材料中发生的费用。后者依赖于已提供给用户的补助的水平。当用户注册电子商务时,合计微支付的网络账户被建立。用户在定期的基础上接收报表,并且可以使用标准的支付机构来结算任何未付的借记结余。网络账户可以被扩展以合计期刊的预订费,其否则也将以各个报表的形式被呈现给用户。 4.4事务处理(Transaction)当用户在特定应用前后关系(context)中请求netpage时,该应用能够在页中嵌入用户特定的事务处理ID55。通过该页的随后输入被用事务处理ID 来打标签,并且所述应用由此能够建立用于用户输入的适当前后关系。但是,当输入通过非用户特定的页而发生时,应用必须使用用户的唯一身份来建立前后关系。典型的例子包括将来自预打印的分类表(catalog) 页的项目添加到用户的虚拟"购物车"。但是,为了保护用户的隐私,netpage 系统已知的唯一用户ID60优选地不被泄露给应用。这是要防止不同的应用提供者容易地关联独立累积的行为数据。相反,netpage注册服务器通过唯一的别名ID65维护用户和应用之间的匿名关系,如图24所示。每当用户激活用"己注册"属性来打标签的超链接时,netpage页服务器请求netpage注册服务器将相关的应用ID64连同笔ID61转化成别名ID65。该别名ID然后被提交给超链接的应用。应用维护由别名ID索引的状态信息,并能够检索用户特定的状态信息, 而不必知道用户的全局身份。系统也维护用于每个用户应用的独立证书和私有签名密钥,从而允许它仅使用应用特定的信息以用户的名义来签署应用事务处理。为帮助系统路由产品条形码(UPC)"超链接"激活,系统针对任意数量的产品类型以用户的名义来记录喜好的应用。每个应用都与应用提供者关联,并且系统以每个应用提供者的名义来维护账户,从而允许它为点击费等而贷记和借记提供者。应用提供者可以是期刊预订内容的发布者。系统记录用户接收预订发布的意愿,以及发布的期望频率。 4.5 资源描述和版权图40显示了资源描述类图的优选实施例。每个文档和内容对象可以由一个或多个资源描述842来说明。资源描述59优选使用Dublin Core元数据元素集,其被设计成便于电子资源的发现。 Dublin Core元数据符合万维网协会(W3C)资源描述框架(RDF)。其它的元数据元素集也可以使用。

资源描述可以标识权力持有者920 。 Resource description may identify rights holders 920. 在用户打印受版权保护的内容时, netpage系统可以自动地从用户向权力持有者传送版权费。 When users print copyrighted content, netpage system can automatically transfer copyright fees from users to rights holders. 5.通信协议 The communication protocol

通信协议限定实体之间的消息的有序交换。 Communication protocol defines an ordered exchange of messages between entities. 在netpage系统中,如笔、 打印机和服务器的实体利用一组限定的协议来合作处理与netpage系统的用户交互。 In the netpage system, entities such as pens, printers and servers utilize a set of defined protocols to cooperate with the netpage user interaction processing system.

每个协议通过顺序图说明,在顺序图中,水平维度被用于表示消息流而垂直维度被用于表示时间。 Each protocol sequence diagram illustrating, in a sequence diagram, the horizontal dimension is used to represent message flow and the vertical dimension is used to represent time. 每个实体由包含实体名称的矩形和表示实体生命线的垂直列来表示。 Each entity by a rectangle containing the name of the entity and a vertical column representing the lifeline of the entity represented. 在实体存在的时间内,生命线被示出为虚线。 Entity exists within the time, the lifeline is shown as a dashed line. 在实体处于活动的时间内,生命线被示出为双线。 In the active entity is the time, the lifeline is shown as a double line. 由于在此考虑的协议不创建或破坏实体,生命线通常是一旦实体停止参与协议时就被中断。 Since the agreement considered here do not create or destroy entity, lifeline usually is discontinued once the entities cease to participate in the agreement. 5.1 预订递送协议 5.1 Reservations delivery agreement

图43中显示了预订递送协议的优选实施例。 FIG 43 shows an embodiment of a preferred book delivery protocols.

大量用户可订阅期刊发布。 Users can subscribe to a large number of journals published. 每个用户的版本(edition)可被不同地布局, 但许多用户的版本将共享共同的内容,如文本对象和图像对象。 Each user's edition (edition) can be differently layout, but many users share a common version of the content, such as text objects and image objects. 预订递送协议因此通过点播来递送文档结构到各个打印机,但是通过组播(multicast) 来递送共享的内容对象。 So book delivery protocol to deliver the document structure to each printer by demand, but to deliver shared content objects via multicast (multicast).

应用(即发布者)首先从ID服务器12获得用于每个文档的文档ID51。 Application (ie publisher) first obtains a document ID51 for each document ID from the server 12. 然后,它向负责文档的新分配ID的页服务器10发送每个文档结构,包括其文档ID和页描述。 Then, the newly assigned ID of the document to be responsible for its 10-page server sends each document structure, including its document ID and page description. 它包括自己的应用ID64、预订者的别名ID65、以及组播通 It includes its own application ID64, subscriber alias ID65, and multicast pass

道名称的相关集。 Road names associated set. 它使用它的私有签名密钥来签署消息。 It uses its private signature key to sign messages.

页服务器使用应用ID和别名ID从注册服务器获得对应用户ID60、用户选择的打印机ID62(其可被明确地选择用于应用,或者可以是用户的默认打印机)、以及应用的证书。 Page server uses the application ID and alias ID to obtain from the registration server the corresponding user ID60, ID62 user selects the printer (which may be explicitly selected for the application, or may be the user's default printer), and a certificate application. 应用的证书允许页服务器验证消息签名。 Certificate application allows the page server to verify the message signature. 如果应用ID和别名ID不一起标识预订808,那么页服务器的到注册服务器的请求失败。 If the application ID and alias ID do not together identify the book 808, then the request to the registration server page server failed.

然后,页服务器分配文档和页实例ID,并把页描述包括页ID50转发给 Then, the page server allocates document and page instance ID, and the page description page includes forwarding to the ID50

打印机。 printer. 它包括用于打印机收听的组播通道名称的相关集。 It includes the relevant set of multicast channel to listen to a printer name.

它然后将新分配的页ID返回到应用以便于将来参考。 It then returns the newly allocated pages to the application ID for reference in future. 一旦应用已通过有关页服务器将所有文档结构分发给预订者的所选打印机,则它在先前所选的组播通道上组播共享对象的各种子集。 Once the application has passed the relevant page server will be distributed to all document structure selected printer subscribers, then it on the previously selected multicast channel multicast various subsets of the shared objects. 页服务器和打印机两者都监视适当的组播通道并接收其所需内容对象。 Both page servers and printers monitor the appropriate multicast channels and receive their required content objects. 然后,它们能够进驻(populate)先前点播的文档结构。 Then, they can be stationed (populate) document structure previously demand. 这允许页服务器将完整的文档添加到其数据库,并且它允许打印机打印文档。 This allows the page servers to add complete documents to their databases, and it allows the printer to print the document. 5.2超链接激活协议 5.2 hyperlink activation protocol

图45显示了超链接激活协议的优选实施例。 Figure 45 shows a preferred embodiment of a hyperlink activation protocol.

当用户使用netpage笔在netpage上点击时,笔把点击传送给最近的netpage打印机601。 When the user clicks using the netpage pen on the netpage, the pen clicks sent to the nearest netpage printer 601. 所述点击标识所述页和页上的位置。 The click identifies the location on the page and page. 打印机己从笔连接协议得知笔的ID61。 Printers that have ID61 pen from the pen connection protocol.

打印机通过DNS确定处理特定页ID50的页服务器10a的网络地址。 The printer determination process by DNS network address of a specific page ID50 page server 10a. 如果用户已在近期与相同的页交互,那么所述地址可能已经在其高速缓存中。 If a user has in recent interaction with the same page, then the address may already be in its cache. 然后,打印机把笔ID、其自己的打印机ID62、页ID和点击位置转发给页服务器。 The printer then forwards the pen ID, its own printer ID62, page ID and click location to the page server.

页服务器加载由页ID标识的页描述5,并确定点击位于哪个输入元素区58,如果有的话。 Page by the page server loads the page description 5 identified ID and determines which input element click zone 58 is located, if any. 假设有关输入元素是超链接元素844,页服务器然后获得关联的应用ID64和链接ID54,并且通过DNS来确定掌管应用71的应用服务器的网络地址。 Assumptions about the input element is a hyperlink element 844, the page server then obtains the associated application and link ID64 ID54, and determines the network address of the application server in charge of the application 71 by the DNS.

页服务器使用笔ID61从注册服务器11获得对应用户ID60,并且然后分配全局唯一的超链接请求ID52,并构建超链接请求934。 Page server uses the pen ID61 ID60 to obtain the corresponding user from the registration server 11, and then assign a globally unique hyperlink request ID52, and builds a hyperlink request 934. 图44中示出了超链接请求类图。 FIG 44 illustrates a hyperlink request class diagram. 超链接请求记录请求用户和打印机的ID,并确定所点击的超链接实例862。 Hyperlink request records request user ID and printers, and to determine clicked hyperlink instance 862. 然后,页服务器向应用发送其自己的服务器ID53、超链接请 Then, the page server sends its own server applications to ID53, hyperlinks, please

61求ID、以及链接ID。 61 request ID, and link ID.

应用根据应用特定的逻辑来产生响应文档,并从ID服务器12获得文档ID51。 Application to generate a response document according to application-specific logic, and obtains the document ID from the server 12 ID51. 然后,它把文档连同请求页服务器的ID和超链接请求ID发送给负责文档的新分配ID的页服务器10b。 Then, put it together with the document ID and the hyperlink request ID page server's request to newly allocated ID page server 10b responsible for the document.

第二页服务器向第一页服务器发送超链接请求ID和应用ID,以获得对应用户ID和打印机ID62。 The second page server sends the hyperlink request ID and application ID, a user ID and to obtain a corresponding first page to the printer server ID62. 如果超链接请求已经到期或者用于不同的应用, 那么第一页服务器拒绝该请求。 If the hyperlink request has expired or used for different applications, then the first page server rejects the request.

第二页服务器分配文档实例和页ID50,将新分配的页ID返回到应用, 把完整文档添加到其自己的数据库,并且最终向请求的打印机发送页描述。 The second page server allocates document instance and page the ID50, the newly allocated page ID is returned to the application, adds the complete document to its own database, and finally sent to the printer is described on page request.

超链接实例可以包含有意义的事务处理ID55,在此情况下第一页服务器包括发送给应用的消息中的事务处理ID。 Examples may include a hyperlink to a meaningful transaction ID 55, in which case the first page server includes the transaction ID in the message sent to the application. 这允许应用建立用于超链接激活的事务处理特定的前后关系。 This allows the application to establish a transaction for the hyperlink activation handle a particular context.

如果超链接需要用户别名,即其"需要别名"属性被设置,那么第一页服务器将笔ID61和超链接的应用ID64两者发送到注册服务器11 ,以不仅获得对应于笔ID的用户ID以及对应于应用ID和用户ID的别名ID65。 If the hyperlink requires a user alias, ie its "alias required" attribute is set, then the first page server sends the pen both ID61 and ID64 hyperlink apply to the registration server 11 to obtain not only correspond to the pen ID and user ID alias ID 65 corresponding to the application ID and the user ID. 它包括发送给应用的消息中的别名ID,从而允许应用建立用于超链接激活的用户特定的前后关系。 It includes the alias ID in the message sent to the application, allowing the application to establish a user activates a hyperlink particular context. 5.3手写识别协议 5.3 handwriting recognition agreement

当用户用netpage笔在netpage上画出笔划时,笔把该笔划传送给最近的netpage打印机。 When a user draws a stroke on a netpage with a netpage pen, the pen transmits the stroke to the nearest netpage printer. 笔划标识所述页和页上的路径。 Identifying the stroke path and page.

打印机以通常的方式将笔ID61、它自己的打印机ID62、页ID50、以及笔划路径转发给页服务器IO。 Printer in the usual manner pen ID61, its own printer ID62, page ID50, and stroke path forwarded to the page server IO.

页服务器加载由页ID标识的页描述5,并确定笔划与哪个输入元素区58 相交,如果有的话。 Page by the page server loads the page description 5 identified ID and determines which input element with the stroke zone 58 intersect, if any. 假设有关的输入元素是文本字段878,那么页服务器将笔划附加到文本字段的数字墨中。 Assuming that the input element is a text field relating to 878, the page server then added to the digital ink strokes to text fields.

在文本字段区不活动一段时间后,页服务器向注册服务器11发送笔ID 和未决的笔划以便于解释。 After a period of inactivity in the text field area, a page server in order to explain to the registration server 11 sends the pen ID and the pending strokes. 注册服务器辨别与笔对应的用户,并使用用户的累积手写模型822把笔划解释为手写文本。 Registration server to identify the corresponding user and the pen, and uses the user's accumulated handwriting model 822 strokes interpreted as handwritten text. 一旦它已将笔划转换为文本, 则注册服务器把文本返回到请求的页服务器。 Once it has converted the strokes to text, the registration server returns the text to the page server requests. 页服务器把该文本附加到文本字段的文本值。 The page server sends the text to the text value of the text field.

5.4 签名验证协议 5.4 signature verification protocol

假设其区与笔划相交的输入元素是签名域880,那么页服务器10将所述 Assuming that the stroke intersects the zone of the input element is a signature field 880, the page server 10 to the

笔划附加到签名字段的数字墨中。 Signature attached to the digital ink strokes field.

在签名字段的区不活动一段时间后,页服务器向注册服务器ll发送笔 After a period of inactivity in the zone of the signature field, the page server sends the pen to the registration server ll

ID61和未决的笔划以便于验证。 ID61 and the pending strokes to facilitate authentication. 它还发送与签名字段是其部分的表单关联的应用ID64以及表单ID56、以及表单的当前数据内容。 It also sends the signature fields are associated with its form part of the application form ID64 and ID56, and the current data content of the form. 注册服务器辨别与笔对应的用户,并使用用户的动态签名生物识别818来将笔划验证为用户的签名。 Identify the registration server the corresponding user with the pen, and uses the user's dynamic signature biometric 818 to verify the strokes as the user's signature. 一旦它已验证所述签名,则注册服务器使用应用ID64和用户ID60来辨别用户的应用特定的私有签名密钥。 Once it has verified the signature, using a server application ID64 and ID60 user to identify the user's application-specific private signature key is registered. 然后,它使用所述密钥产生表单数据的数字签名,并将该数字签名返回到请求的页服务器。 It then uses the key to generate a digital signature of the form data, and returns the digital signature to the requesting page server. 页服务器将该数字签名指定给签名字段,并且将关联表单的状态设置成冻结。 The page server specifies a digital signature to the signature field, and the status of the associated set to form frozen.

数字签名包括对应用户的别名ID65。 ID65 digital signature includes the alias corresponding to the user. 这允许单个表单捕获多个用户的签名。 This allows a single form to capture multiple users signature. 5.5表单提交协议 5.5 Form Submission Agreement

图46示出了表单提交协议的优选实施例。 FIG 46 shows a preferred embodiment of a form submission protocol.

表单提交通过表单超链接激活进行。 Forms submitted through a form hyperlink activation. 因此,它遵循5.2中限定的协议, 有一些表单特定的添加。 Thus, it follows the protocol defined in 5.2, add some specific forms.

在表单超链接的情况下,由页服务器10向应用71发送的超链接激活消息还包含表单ID56和表单的当前数据内容。 In the case of a form hyperlink, the hyperlink activation message sent by the page server 10 to the application 71 also contains the form ID56 and the current data content of the form. 如果表单包含任何签名字段, 那么应用通过提取与对应数字签名关联的别名ID65并从注册服务器11获得对应证书来验证每一个。 If the form contains any signature fields, so each application to verify by extracting corresponding digital signatures associated with the alias ID65 and obtain the corresponding certificate from the registration server 11. 5.6手续费支付协议 5.6 Fee payment agreement

图47显示了手续费支付协议的优选实施例。 Figure 47 shows an embodiment preferably fee payment protocol.

在电子商务环境中,应用提供者可以向发布者支付点击、交易和销售的费和佣金。 In the e-commerce environment, the application provider may pay for clicks to the issuer, trading and sales of fees and commissions. 发布者也可以向打印机的提供者支付关于费的佣金和佣金的佣金。 Publishers can also pay a commission on commission fees and commissions to the provider of the printer.

超链接请求ID52用于把费或佣金账款(credit)从目标应用提供者70a(即商家)传送给源应用提供者70b(即发布者)以及从源应用提供者70b传送给打印机提供者72。 Hyperlinks to request ID52 for fees or commissions receivable (credit) from the target application provider 70a (ie, the merchant) to the source application provider 70b (ie, the issuer) and 70b provided to the printer from the source application provider by 72 .

在第一次激活超链接时,目标应用会从页服务器10接收超链接请求ID, 如5.2所述。 When the hyperlink is first activated, the target application requests ID from the page server receives the hyperlink 10, as 5.2. 当目标应用需要向源应用提供者付款时,它把应用提供者的信用证和超链接请求ID—起发送给原页服务器。 When the target application needs to pay the source application provider, it is the application provider of credit and hyperlink sent to the request ID- from the original page server. 页服务器使用超链接请求ID 标识源应用,并把信用证和源应用ID64、自己的服务器ID53、以及超链接请求ID—起发送给相关的注册服务器ll。 Page server uses the hyperlink request ID to identify the source application and the letter of credit and the source application ID64, their own servers ID53, and hyperlinks to the relevant request ID- sent from the registration server ll. 注册服务器把帐款发送到相应的应用提供者账户827。 Sign up servers to send accounts to the appropriate application provider account 827. 同时通知应用提供者。 At the same time notifies the application provider.

如果应用提供商需要向打印机提供者付款,它把打印机提供者的帐款和超链接请求ID—起发送给原页服务器。 If the application provider needs to provide to the printer's payment, which the printer provider of accounts payable and hyperlinks to the original request sent from ID- page server. 页服务器使用超链接请求ID标识打印机,并把帐款和打印机ID—起发送给相关的注册服务器。 Page server uses the hyperlink request ID to identify the printer, and the printer ID- from the accounts and sent to the relevant registration server. 注册服务器把帐款发送到相应的打印机提供者的账户814。 Sign up servers to send accounts to accounts 814 corresponding printer provider.

源应用提供者任选地被告知目标应用提供者的身份以及源应用提供者的打印机提供者的身份。 Source application provider is optionally been told the identity of the target application provider, and the printer source application providers to provide the identity of persons. 6. Netpage笔描述6.1笔结构 6. Netpage Pen pen structure described in 6.1

参考图8和图9,由参考数字101概括表示的笔包括塑料模件形式的壳体102,其具有限定用于安装笔部件的内部空间104的壁103。 8 and 9, the pen generally indicated by reference numeral 101 comprises a plastic member in the form of a housing 102 having a wall 103 defining an internal space 104 for mounting the pen components. 笔顶部105在工作中可旋转地安装在壳体102的一端106。 Pen top 105 in operation rotatably mounted at one end 106 of the housing 102. 半透明覆盖107被紧固于壳体102 的相对端108。 Translucent cover 107 is fastened to the opposite end 108 of the housing 102. 覆盖107也是由模制塑料的,并且由半透明材料形成以使用户能够观察安装在壳体102内的LED的状态。 107 is covered by a molded plastic, and is formed of a translucent material to enable the user to observe the state mounted within the housing 102 of the LED. 覆盖107包括主要部分109,其基本上围绕壳体102的端108,以及伸出部分IIO,其从主要部分109伸回, 并配合于在壳体102的壁103中形成的对应槽111内。 Cover 107 includes a main portion 109, 108 which substantially surrounds, and the protruding portion IIO end of the housing 102, which extends back from the main part 109, and fit within a corresponding groove 111 formed in the wall 103 of the housing 102. 无线天线112在壳体102 内被安装在伸出部分110之后。 Wireless antenna 112 is mounted behind the projecting portion 110 in the housing 102. 围绕覆盖107上的孔113A的螺纹113被设置 Around the aperture 113A on the cover 107 of the screw 113 is provided

64成接收包括对应的螺纹l 15的金属端件114。 64 includes a corresponding threaded to receive a metal end piece 15 l of 114. 金属端件l 14是可拆卸的以使能墨盒更换。 L 14 metallic end member is removable to enable ink cartridge replacement.

在覆盖107内安装的还有挠性PCB117上的三色状态LED 116。 The cover 107 is mounted in the state where there is a flexible three-color PCB117 LED 116. 天线112 也安装在挠性PCB117上。 The antenna 112 is also mounted on the flexible PCB117. 状态LED116安装在笔101的顶部以便于良好的周围可见性。 State LED116 mounted so visible in the top of the pen 101 good peripheral.

所述笔可以作为正常标记墨笔和作为非标记触针(stylus)两者来工作。 The pen may be used as a normal marking ink pen and (Stylus) operates as both unlabeled stylus. 具有尖119的墨笔盒118和具有触针尖121的触针120被并排安装在壳体102 内。 Pen cartridge 119 having a tip 118 and a stylus 121 having a contact tip 120 is mounted within the housing 102 side by side. 通过旋转笔的顶部105,墨盒尖119或触针尖121可以通过金属端件114 的开口端122而提出。 By rotation of the pen top 105, cartridge or tip 119 of the stylus tip 121 can be made by the metal end member 114 is open end 122. 相应的滑块123和124被分别安装到墨盒118和触针120。 Respective sliders 123 and 124 are mounted to the ink cartridge 118 and stylus 120. 可旋转凸轮桶(rotatablecambarrel)125在工作中被紧固于笔顶部105并且被设置成随其旋转。 Rotatable cam barrel (rotatablecambarrel) 125 is secured to the pen top 105 in operation and arranged to rotate therewith. 凸轮桶125包括凸轮桶的壁181内的槽形式的凸轮126。 The cam barrel 125 includes a slot 181 in the wall in the form of a cam 126 of the cam barrel. 从滑块123和124伸出的凸轮从动件127和128配合于凸轮槽126内。 From the slider 123 and the cam followers 124 and 128 projecting 127 fit within the cam groove 126. 在凸轮桶125旋转时,滑块123或124相对于彼此而移动以将笔尖119或触针尖121通过金属端件114中的孔洞122伸出。 When rotation of the cam barrel 125, the slider 123 or 124 move relative to the tip of the stylus tip 119 or 121 through the holes 122 in the metal end piece 114 projecting from each other. 笔101有三个工作状态。 Pen 101 has three working condition. 通过滚动顶部105经过90。 By scrolling through the top 90,105. 的步骤,所述三个状态是: Step, the three states are:

• 触针120尖121出; • stylus tip 121 120;

• 墨盒118尖119出;以及 • cartridge tip 119 118; and

• 墨盒118尖119不出,触针120尖121也不出。 • no cartridge 118 tip 119, the tip 121 of the stylus 120 is not shown. 在壳体102内的电子底板130上安装有第二挠性PCB129。 On the electronic base 130 within the housing 102 is attached to a second flexible PCB129. 第二挠性 A second flexible

PCB129安装了红外LED131,用于提供红外辐射以便于投射到表面上。 PCB129 mounted infrared LED131, for providing infrared radiation for the projection onto the surface. 在第二挠性PCB129上提供有图像传感器132,用于接收来自所述表面的经反射的辐射。 On the second flexible PCB129 provided with an image sensor 132, for receiving the reflected radiation from the surface. 第二挠性PCB 129还安装射频芯片133,其包括RF发射器和RF 接收器,以及控制器芯片134,用于控制笔的工作。 The second flex PCB 129 also mounted radio frequency chip 133, which includes an RF transmitter and an RF receiver, and a controller chip 134 for controlling the pen work. 光学器件块135(由模制透明塑料形成)坐落在覆盖107内,并且将红外束投射到表面上并且将图像接收到图像传感器132上。 Optics block 135 (formed from molded clear plastics) located in the cover 107, and the infrared beam is projected onto the surface and receives images onto the image sensor 132. 电源线136将第二挠性PCB 129上的部件连接到电池接触137,其被安装在凸轮桶125内。 Power line connecting member 136 on the second flexible PCB 129 to battery contacts 137 which are mounted within the cam barrel 125. 端子138连接到电池接触137和凸轮桶125。 Terminal 138 connected to the battery contacts 137 and the cam barrel 125. 三伏可再充电电池139坐落在凸轮桶125内与电池接触相接触。 Dog day rechargeable battery 139 is located in contact with the battery contacts 125 in the cam barrel. 在第装有感应充电线圈140,以使能通过感应对电池139 的再充电。 In the first charging coil 140 with sensors, so by induction recharge the battery 139. 第二挠性PCB129也安装了红外LED143和红外光电二极管144, 用于在触针120或墨盒118被用于书写时检测凸轮桶125内的移位,以便于使能确定笔尖119或触针尖121施加到所述表面的力。 PCB129 also installed a second flexible LED143 infrared and infrared photodiode 144 for when the stylus 120 or the ink cartridge 118 is used for detecting the writing in the cam barrel shifter 125, so as to enable determination of the stylus tip or nib 119 121 the force applied to the surface. IR光电二极管144检测经由通过安装在滑块123和124上的反射体(没有示出)来自IRLED143的光。 IR photo diode detector 144 via the slider by mounting the reflector 123 and 124 (not shown) from a light IRLED143.

橡胶抓垫141和142向着壳体102的端108而被提供以帮助抓住笔,并且顶部105也包括夹具142,用于把笔夹到口袋。 Rubber grip pads 141 and 142 toward the end 108 of the housing 102 is provided to help catch the pen, and the top 105 also includes a clamp 142 for the clip to the pocket. 6.2 笔控制器 6.2 pen controller

笔101被设置以通过在红外谱中对尖附近的表面区域成像来确定其尖(触针尖121或墨盒尖119)的位置。 Pen 101 is arranged to determine its tip (tip of the stylus tip 121 or the ink cartridge 119) of the surface area imaged by the vicinity of the tip position in the IR spectrum. 它记录来自最近的位置标签的位置数据, 并被设置以利用光学器件135和控制器芯片134计算尖121或119与位置标志(tab)的距离。 It records the location data from the nearest location tag, and is arranged in an optical device 135 and the controller chip 134 calculates the position of the tip marker 121 or 119 (tab) distance. 控制器芯片134根据在所成像的标签上观测的透视变形来计算笔的取向和尖到标签(nib-to- tag)距离。 The controller chip 134 calculates the orientation of the pen tip and the label (nib-to- tag) according to the perspective distortion on the imaged tag from the observed.

来自位置标签的控制数据可以包含指示笔激活其"活动区域"LED的控制位(这实际上是三色LED116的一个模式,当笔根据控制数据确定成像的区域是"活动区域"时,三色LED116将变成黄色)。 Control data from the location tag may contain a stylus to activate its "active area" LED control bit (which is actually a three-color pattern LED116 of the imaging area is determined when the pen is "active areas" in accordance with the control data, three-color LED116 will turn yellow). 因此,可以对表面上与按钮或超链接的活动区域对应的区域进行编码,以便激活此LED,这样,当笔101移过按钮或超链接的活动区域时,可以为笔的用户提供按钮或者超链接处于活动的可视反馈。 Thus, may be an area on the surface of a button or hyperlink active region corresponding coding to activate the LED, so that, when the pen 101 over the button or hyperlink active region may provide a button for the pen users or super link activity in the visual feedback. 控制数据还可以指示笔捕获连续的笔着力读数。 Control data may also be captured stylus pen continuous focus readings. 因此,可以对表面上与签名输入区对应的区域进行编码,以捕获连续的笔着力。 Thus, the region may be encoded on the surface of the region corresponding to the signature input, efforts to capture continuous pen.

笔相对于所述表面的动作可包含一系列笔划。 Pen actions relative to the surface may comprise a series of strokes. 笔划由表面上的一序列带有时间戳的笔位置构成,笔划从落笔事件开始,到提笔事件结束。 Stroke consists of a sequence of timestamped pen positions on the surface, from the pen-down stroke event start to the event end pen. 需要注意的是,可以根据一阈值来解读笔的着力,从而指示笔是"提起"还是"落下",以及还可以根据连续值例如在笔捕获签名时来解读。 It should be noted that it is possible to interpret the focus on pen according to a threshold value, which is a stylus "lift" or "down", and also, for example when capturing a signature pen to interpret based on continuous values. 捕获的笔划序列构成所谓的"数字墨"。 Stroke sequence captured by a so-called "digital ink." 数字墨可由计算系统用来形成绘图和手写的数字交互的基础,以便于手写的在线识别,以及签名的在线检验。 Digital ink forms the basis used by a computing system and digital interactive graphics handwriting to facilitate online handwriting recognition, and verify the signature of the line.

66通过利用RF芯片133和天线112,笔101可以将数字墨数据(其被加密用 66 through 112, the pen 101 may use the digital ink data to the RF chip 133 and an antenna (which is encrypted with

于安全并且被打包以用于高效传输)发送到计算系统。 In security and packaged for efficient transmission) to the computing system.

当笔处于接收器的范围内时,数字墨数据在其形成时被发送。 When the pen is within range of the receiver, the digital ink data is transmitted as it is formed. 当笔移出范围时,数字墨数据被缓冲于笔内(笔电路包括缓冲器,其被设置成存储 When the pen is out of range, digital ink data is buffered within the pen (pen includes a buffer circuit, which is arranged to store

表面上的近似12分钟的笔运动的数字墨数据)并且可在以后被发送。 Approximate surface on the digital ink data for 12 minutes of the pen motion) and can be transmitted later.

控制器芯片134被安装在笔的第二挠性PCB129上。 The controller chip 134 is mounted on the second flexible PCB129 pen. 图10是较详细说明 FIG 10 is described in greater detail

控制器芯片134的体系结构的框图。 A block diagram of the architecture of the controller chip 134. 图10还显示了RF芯片133、图像传感器 Figure 10 also shows the RF chip 133, the image sensor

132、三色状态LED116、 IR照明LED131、 IR力传感器LED143、以及力传 132, three-color status LEDs 116, the IR illumination LED 131, the IR force sensor LED143, and the force transmission

感器光电二极管144的表示。 Sensor photodiode 144 represented.

笔控制器芯片134包括控制处理器145。 Pen controller chip 134 includes a control processor 145. 总线146使能控制器芯片134的 Bus 146 to enable the controller chip 134

部件之间的数据交换。 Data exchange between the components. 闪存147和512KBDRAM148也被包括。 Flash memory 147 and 512KBDRAM148 also included. 模拟-到-数 Analog - to - number

字转换器149被设置成将来自力传感器光电二极管144的模拟信号转换为数 Digital converter 149 is arranged to convert the analog signal from the force sensor future photodiode 144 is several

字信号。 A digital signal.

图像传感器接口152与图像传感器132对接。 The image sensor interface 152 and the image sensor 132 docking. 收发机控制器153和基带电路154也被包括以与RF芯片133对接,所述RF芯片包括RF电路155和与天线112连接的RF共振器和感应器156。 The transceiver controller 153 and baseband circuit 154 also includes a docking with the RF chip 133, the RF chip comprising an RF circuit 155 and RF resonators and inductors 156 connected to the antenna 112.

控制处理器145通过图像传感器132从表面来捕获并解码来自标签的位置数据,监视力传感器光电二极管144,控制LED116、 131和143,并处理通过无线电收发器153的短距离无线电通信。 Control processor 145 captured by the image sensor 132 from the surface and decodes location data from tags, monitors the force sensor photodiode 144, controls LED116, 131 and 143, and handles short-range radio communication via the radio transceiver 153. 它是中等-性能(〜40MHz)通用RISC处理器。 It is a medium - Performance (~40MHz) general-purpose RISC processor.

处理器145、数字收发器部件(收发器控制器153和基带电路154)、图像传感器接口152、闪存147和512KB DRAM 148被集成在单个控制器ASIC中。 The processor 145, digital transceiver components (transceiver controller 153 and baseband circuit 154), image sensor interface 152, flash memory 147 and 512KB DRAM 148 are integrated in a single controller ASIC. 模拟RF部件(RF电路155和RF共振器和感应器156)被提供在分开的RF芯片中。 Analog RF components (RF circuit 155 and RF resonators and inductors 156) are provided in the separate RF chip.

图像传感器是分辨率为215x215像素左右的CCD(这种传感器由Matsushita电子公司制造,它在IEEE Transaction on Electronic Devices, 2000 年l月第l期第47巻的由Itakum, KTNobusada, NOkusenya, RNagayoshi, The image sensor is a 215x215 pixel resolution of approximately CCD (such a sensor is produced by Matsushita Electronic Corporation, which in IEEE Transaction on Electronic Devices, dated in 2000 l of l Volume 47 by Itakum, KTNobusada, NOkusenya, RNagayoshi,

67和M Ozaki合写的"A lmm 50k-Pixel IT CCD Image Sensor for Miniature Camera System"中有所描述,该论文以参考方式综合在此),并带有一个红外滤光器。 67 and M Ozaki co-wrote "A lmm 50k-Pixel IT CCD Image Sensor for Miniature Camera System" has been described in the paper by reference in this comprehensive), and with an infrared filter.

当笔101不接触所述表面时,在不活动一段时间之后,控制器ASIC134 进入静止状态。 When the pen 101 does not contact the surface, after a period of inactivity, the controller ASIC134 comes to a standstill. 它结合了专用电路150,其监视力传感器光电二极管144, 并在下笔事件时,通过电源管理器151唤醒控制器134。 It incorporates a dedicated circuit 150 which monitors the force sensor photodiode 144, and when the pen down event, wake-up via the power manager 151 controller 134.

无线电收发器在正常由无绳电话使用的无执照900MHz带内,或可替换地在无执照的2.4GHz工业、科学和医疗(ISM)带内通信,并使用频率跳动和冲突检测来提供无干扰通信。 Radio transceiver in normal use by unlicensed 900MHz band cordless phone, or alternatively in the unlicensed 2.4GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band communication, and uses frequency hopping and collision detection to provide interference-free communication . 6.3笔的光学器件 Pen optics 6.3

如上所述,笔的光学器件是由模制的光学器件135实现的。 As described above, the optical device is a pen molded optics 135 is implemented. 图67中示意性地显示了由光学器件本体135实现的光学器件。 FIG 67 schematically shows an optical device achieved by the optical device body 135. 该光学器件包含第一透镜157(用于对红外LED 131的发光进行聚焦)、镜158、束分离器159、物镜160、 以及第二透镜161(用于把图像聚焦到图像传感器132上)。 The optical device comprises a first lens 157 (infrared LED 131 for emitting the focus), lens 158, beam splitter 159, objective lens 160, and a second lens 161 (used to focus an image onto the image sensor 132). 轴向射线162显示了光学路径。 162 shows an optical axial ray path.

光学路径被设计为向图像传感器132提供在必要的倾斜范围内与视场锥192相交的成像表面的部分193的清晰图像(见下文)。 The optical path is designed to provide a clear image of the imaging surface portion 193 within the necessary range of tilt and intersecting the field of view cone 192 (see below) to the image sensor 132. 主聚焦元件是物镜160。 Element 160 is a main focusing lens. 该物镜还用于从反向把来自IR照明LED 131的照明投射到视场内的表面上。 The objective is further configured to reverse from the illumination from the IR illumination LED 131 is projected onto the surface of the field of view. 由于无法把图像传感器132和IRLED131同时放在目标的焦点处,所以使用束分离器159分开该路径并且在每个路径中独立的中继透镜157和161分别对图像传感器132和IRLED 131重新聚焦。 Since the image sensor 132 and not simultaneously in focus at the target IRLED131, so use of the beam splitter 159 to separate and independent path 157 and relay lens 161, respectively, and the image sensor 132 IRLED 131 refocused in each path. 这也允许在两个路径上施加不同的孔。 This also allows the application of different holes in the two paths.

图像传感器132的边可作为捕获场的场限制器,并且捕获路径被设计为使得根据需要获得物体空间角视场(即,对于本实例的应用来说,刚好低于20°)。 Side of the image sensor 132 may be a limiter as a field trapping field, and the capture path is designed such that the angle of view is obtained in the object space (i.e., the application of this example, it is just below 20 °) if necessary. 光照路径被设计为产生与捕获路径相同的物体空间视场,使得该照明以最高的功率和均匀性填充物体空间视场。 The light path is designed to produce the same route to capture the object space field of view, so that the highest power and illumination uniformity of filling the field of view in the object space.

IRLED 131的频闪与帧捕获的速度同步。 IRLED 131 strobe with the captured frame synchronization speed. 使用聚焦的照明允许短的曝光时间和小的孔两者,短的曝光时间防止运动模糊(motionblur),从而允许在笔移动过程中捕获位置标签数据。 Illumination using both focus allows shorter exposure times and smaller pores, short exposure time preventing motion blur (MotionBlur), thereby allowing the tag data capture position during movement of the pen. 小孔允许足够的景深用于由倾斜产生的整个范围的表面深度。 Apertures allowing sufficient depth for the entire range of the surface depth produced by the tilt. 该捕获路径包括外在的孔限止器191用于此目的。 The capture path includes external aperture checker 191 for this purpose. 由于图像传感器132对光谱的可见和近红外部分都有较强的响应,所以在捕获路径中,在图像传感器的前面增加红外滤光器163,以便使图像传感器捕获到表面上的标记数据的清晰图像,不会受到表面上的其它图形的干扰,这些其它图形可以采用在近红外下透明的墨打印。 Since the visible image sensor 132 and the spectral response of the near-infrared part has a strong, so the capture path in front of the image sensor is increased in the infrared filter 163, so that the image sensor captures the marker on the surface of the clear data image, will not be interference pattern on the other surface, other patterns may be employed in which a near infrared transparent printing ink. 6.4笔的处理 6.4 pen processing

当笔的触针尖121或墨盒尖119与表面接触时,笔以100Hz确定其相对于表面的位置和取向,从而允许准确的手写识别(见IEEE Transactions on Patent Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 1990年8月第8期第12巻上的"The State of the Art in On画Line Hand Writing Recognition" , l乍者:Tappert , C, CY Suen和T Wakahara,该文章的揭示以互参方式综合在此)。 When the pen stylus tip cartridge tip 119 in contact with surface 121 or pen to 100Hz determine its position and orientation relative to the surface, allowing accurate handwriting recognition (see IEEE Transactions on Patent Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 1990 years. 8 month second 8 on the 12th Volume "the State of the Art in on painting Line Hand Writing Recognition", l who at first glance: Tappert, C, CY Suen and T Wakahara, the article reveals the way to a comprehensive cross-reference this). 力传感器光电二极管144用于相对于阈值指示笔是在"提起"还是在"落下"。 The force sensor photodiode 144 to a threshold value with respect to the stylus in the "lift" or the "drop." 如上所述, 还可以把力作为连续值捕获,以便于例如使签名的整个动态能够被检验。 As described above, the force can also be captured as a continuous value, so that for example the entire dynamic signature can be checked.

通过以红外光谱对尖119、 121附近的表面区域成像,笔能够确定其尖119、 121在表面上的位置和取向。 By infrared spectroscopy to determine its tip 119, 121 on the surface of the position and orientation of the tip 119, near the area of ​​the imaging surface 121, the pen. 它对最近的标签数据进行解码,并根据观察到的成像标签的透视畸变和笔的光学器件135的已知几何形计算尖119、121相对于位置标签的位置(见下文)。 It decodes the nearest tag data, and calculates the tip of the pen 119, 121 according to the perspective distortion of the imaging label and observed known geometric optics 135 relative to the position of the label (see below). 虽然标签的位置分辨率可能较低, 但是调整后的位置分辨率相当高,很轻易地就能超过用于准确的手写识别所需的200 dpi分辨率(见上文中的参考)。 Although the position resolution of the tag may be low, but the adjusted position resolution is quite high, it can easily exceed 200 dpi resolution required for accurate handwriting recognition (see above).

笔相对于表面的动作被捕获为一系列笔划。 Pen actions relative to the surface is captured as a series of strokes. 笔划包含表面上的一序列带有时间戳的笔位置,从落笔事件开始,到随后的提笔事件结束。 Stroke comprises a sequence of timestamped pen positions on the surface, starting from pen-down event, the subsequent pen-up event ends. 每当区域ID改变时,即在正常情况下笔划刚刚开始时,笔划还被标有表面的区域ID。 Whenever region ID changes, i.e., just at the beginning of the stroke, the stroke is also marked surface area ID under normal circumstances. 如上所述,每个位置标签包含指示其在表面上的位置的数据以及指示表面中该标签所位于的区域的区域数据。 As described above, each location area data indicating tag contains data indicating its position on the surface of the surface of the label is located in the region.

图68显示了在笔中进行的位置标签和笔划处理。 Figure 68 shows the location of the stroke and the tag processing performed in the pen. 笔控制器134从空比划开始(在164处)。 Gestures from an empty pen controller 134 starts (at 164). 然后,它通过力传感器光电二极管144不断对尖着力取样(在 Then, by means of which the force sensor photodiode 144 continues to sample the sharp focus (in

165处),以检査落笔状态(在166处)。 At 165), to check the state of pen-down (at 166). 如果笔处于落笔状态,笔控制器134 捕获表面的图像(在167处),定位捕获的图像中的标签(在168处),从该标签解码标签数据(在169处),推断笔相对于表面的位置和取向(在170处),并且把位置数据附加到当前的笔划数据(在171处)。 If the pen is in a pen down state, the pen controller 134 captures an image of the surface (at 167), the positioning image captured in the tag (at 168), the decoded tag data from the tag (at 169), deduce the pen relative to the surface position and orientation (at 170), and the position data is appended to the current stroke data (at 171). 在检测到提笔事件时,即由非空笔划的出现所表示的落笔状态后,检测到的提笔状态(在172处)时,笔控制器134对笔划数据进行加密(在173处),并通过RF芯片133和天线112把笔划数据传送给计算系统(在174处),然后以另一个空笔划开始(在164处)。 When the pen is detected event, i.e., after the pen-down state by the presence of non-empty strokes indicated, pen-up state is detected (at 172), the controller 134 pairs of pen stroke data is encrypted (at 173), and transmitted to the computing system (at 174) by the RF chip 133 and antenna 112 the stroke data, and then starts another empty stroke (at 164).

假设相当快的8位乘法(3循环),那么当处于活动时,该处理算法(见下文)将使用80%左右的处理器的时间。 Suppose fairly rapid multiplication 8 (3 cycles), then it is active when the processing algorithm (see below) will be about 80% of the time the processor.

如果笔超出计算系统的范围来传送,那么它把数字墨缓存在其内部存储器中。 If the pen is out of range of a computing system to transmit, it caches the digital ink in internal memory thereof. 当下一次处于计算系统的范围内时,它传送所有缓存的数字墨。 When the next time in the range of computing systems, which transmit all buffered digital ink. 当笔的内部存储器充满时,笔停止捕获数字墨,并且每当用户试图用该笔来书写时,该笔上的错误LED将闪烁。 When the pen is filled in the internal memory, stopping capture digital ink pen, and whenever the user attempts to write with the pen, the pen on the error LED flashes.

表4列出了从笔向计算系统传送的原始数字墨的成分。 Table 4 lists the components of the original transmitted digital ink from the pen computing system. 图69显示了原始数字墨的结构的图。 69 shows a structure of a raw digital ink. 当笔离线工作时,在笔中缓存的数字墨与传送到所述系统的数字墨以相同的形式储存。 When the pen is working offline, buffered digital ink in the pen transmits digital ink to the storage system in the same form.

表4.原始数字墨的成分 Table 4. The raw digital ink composition

原始数字墨的成分 单位 精度(位) 范围 Precision of the original digital ink component unit (bit) range

笔ID 一 128 — A pen ID 128--

尖ID — 128 — Tip ID - 128 -

绝对时间 ms 64 - Absolute time ms 64 -

最后的系统时间 ms 64 — The final system time ms 64 -

区域ID 一 100 - A region ID 100--

时间偏置 ms 32 49.7天 Time Offset ms 32 49.7 days

标签ID - 16 - Tag ID - 16 -

70X偏置 20 um S9 ±10 mm 70X bias 20 um S9 ± 10 mm

y偏置 20 um S9 ±10 mm y offset 20 um S9 ± 10 mm

x旋转(倾斜) 度 S7 ±90° x rotation (inclination) of S7 ± 90 °

y旋转(滚动) 度 S7 ±90° y rotation (rolling) of S7 ± 90 °

z旋转(偏转) 度 S7 360° z rotation (yawing) of S7 360 °

z力 - 8 255 z force --8255

当笔101连接到计算系统时,控制器134以原始数字墨标题182的形式向系统通知笔ID、尖ID、当前的绝对时间、以及在离线前从系统获得的最后的绝对时间。 When the pen 101 is connected to the computing system, the controller 134 notifies the pen ID, the system ID to the tip in the form of digital ink original header 182, the current absolute time and absolute time before last obtained from the system offline. 这使系统可以计算笔的时钟的任何偏差,并对从笔接收的任何数字墨进行相应的时间偏移。 This allows the system clock to compute any deviation of the pen, and accordingly any time offset from the received digital ink pen. 然后,笔使用系统的准确实时时钟同步其实时时钟。 Then, using the pen accurate real-time clock synchronization system real-time clock. 当有多于一支笔与计算系统操作时,笔ID使计算系统能够标识该笔。 When there is more than one computing system with a pen operation, the pen ID so that the computing system is able to identify the pen. 在例如用笔来标识笔拥有者并且以特定的定向方式与该拥有者交互的系统中,笔ID可能是很重要的。 In systems such as pen holders and pen to identify a particular way directional interaction with the owner, the pen ID may be very important. 在其它实施例中,这可以不被要求。 In other embodiments, this may not be required. 尖ID使计算系统能够标识当前使用的是哪个尖、触笔尖121或墨盒尖119。 Tip ID capable of identifying that the computing system is currently used which sharp, pointed contact tip 121 or 119 cartridges. 计算系统可以根据哪个尖正在被使用来改变其操作。 The computing system may change its operation depending on which the tip is in use. 例如,如果正在使用的是墨盒尖119,那么计算系统可以推迟产生反馈输出,因为即时反馈是由在表面上产生的墨标记提供的。 For example, if the tip of the ink cartridge is being used 119, the computing system may generate a feedback output delayed, immediate feedback as provided by the ink mark is generated on the surface. 如果触针尖121正在被使用,那么计算系统就可以产生即时反馈输出。 If the stylus tip 121 is being used, the computing system may generate immediate feedback output.

在笔划开始时,笔控制器134将从通知到系统的最后的绝对时间以来经过的时间记录在原始笔划标题183中。 At the start of the stroke, the pen will notify the controller 134 to the system since the last time the absolute elapsed time record in the 183 title in the original stroke. 对于笔划中的每个笔位置,控制器134 以原始笔位置177形式记录笔尖119、 12腿当前标签的x和y偏置、笔的x、y、 z旋转、以及尖的着力。 For each stroke position of the pen, the pen point 119 to the controller 134 records the original form of the pen position 177, x 12 and y legs bias current label, pen x, y, z rotation, and sharp focus. 如果标签ID(用来标识区域内的标签)已经改变,那么控制器只会以标签变更178形式记录标签ID。 If the tag ID (identification tags within the region to) have changed, then the controller will only change a label form 178 record labels ID. 由于标签频率比典型的位置取样频率低得多,所以对于若干个连续的笔位置,标签ID是不变的,而且, 如果笔划较短,那么对于整个笔划,标签ID可以是不变的。 Since the label frequency much lower than the typical position of the sampling frequency, so for several consecutive positions of the pen, the tag ID is the same, and, if the stroke is short, then for the entire stroke, the tag ID can be constant.

由于笔以100 Hz对其位置和取向釆样,因此笔划中的笔位置被隐含地 Since the pen 100 Hz to preclude the kind of its location and orientation, and therefore the position of the pen stroke is implicitly

71以100HZ来钟控,不需要明确的时间戳。 71 to 100HZ clock control, no explicit time stamp. 如果笔未能计算笔位置,如因为它未能解码标签,那么笔也必须记录笔位置以便保持隐含的钟控。 If the pen fails to calculate the position of the pen, such as its inability to decode the label, then the position of the stylus pen must be implied in order to maintain clocking. 因此, 笔以未知笔位置179的形式把所述位置记录为"未知",允许计算系统以后在必要时可以根据相邻取样插入该位置。 Thus, the position of the pen as the pen 179 to the unknown location of the record is "unknown", allows, when necessary, according to a position adjacent to the sample after the insertion of the computing system.

由于笔划的32位时间偏置的范围有限(即49.7天),所以笔任选地以时间改变176的形式为笔划记录绝对时间。 Due to the limited 32-bit time offset stroke range (i.e., 49.7 days), the time-varying pen optionally in the form of strokes 176 is recorded absolute time. 这成为绝对时间,以后笔划的时间偏置相对于这个绝对时间来测量。 This is an absolute time after time bias stroke relative to this absolute time to measure.

由于对于若干个连续笔划,区域ID是恒定的,所以笔只在区域ID发生变化时以区域改变180的形式记录区域ID。 Since for several consecutive strokes, the region ID is constant, the area is changed only by the pen 180 in the form of a recording area when the area ID change ID. 这成为与以后的笔位置隐含关联的区域ID。 This became the area ID and the subsequent pen position implicit association.

由于用户可在一个笔划和下一个之间改变尖119、 121,所以笔任选地以尖改变175的形式为笔划记录尖ID。 Since the user can change the tip 119 between one stroke and the next, 121, optionally in the pen tip so that changes in form 175 for recording strokes tip ID. 这成为与以后的笔划隐含关联的的尖ID。 This became sharp after stroke ID and the associated implicit.

笔划的每个成分都有一个按熵编码的前缀,如表5所示。 Each component has a prefix-stroke entropy encoding, as shown in Table 5.

表5.原始笔划成分前缀 Table 5. original prefix stroke component

<table>table see original document page 72</column></row> <table> <Table> table see original document page 72 </ column> </ row> <table>

为期l秒的10mm笔划跨过两个或三个标签,包含100个位置采样,并且因此具有大约5500位的大小。 L sec 10mm stroke period across two or three labels, comprising a sampling position 100, and thus has a size of about 5500. 因此,在线连续数字墨捕获要求5.5Kbps的最高传输速度,离线连续数字墨捕获要求每分钟大约40K字节缓冲存储器。 Thus, line continuous digital ink capture 5.5Kbps the highest transmission speed, continuous digital ink capture offline requires approximately 40K bytes of cache memory per minute. 所以笔的512KBDRAM48可以保持12分钟以上的连续数字墨。 Therefore, the pen allows a continuous digital ink 512KBDRAM48 more than 12 minutes. 时间、区域和尖改变很少发生,因此对所需的传输速度和缓冲存储器的影响可以忽略。 Time, and a tip region changes rarely occur, so the impact on the required transmission speed and buffer memory can be ignored. 笔位置的另外压縮可以进一步降低传输速度和缓冲存储器需求。 Further compression pen position can be further reduced transmission speed and buffer memory requirements.

在被传送到计算系统之前,每个原始笔划都采用Triple-DES算法加密(见Schneier, B, Applied Cryptography, Second Edition, Wiley 1996, 该书的揭示以互参方式综合在此)。 Before being sent to the computing system, each original stroke are encrypted using the Triple-DES algorithm (see Schneier, B, Applied Cryptography, Second Edition, Wiley 1996, in the book disclosed comprehensive way cross reference herein). 为此目的,笔和计算系统在规则的基础上交换会话密钥。 For this purpose, pen and computing systems to exchange a session key in on a regular basis. 按每个加密位50次循环的保守估计, 一秒钟5500位笔划的加密消耗处理器的45时间的0.7%。 According to conservative estimates for each encryption bit 50 cycles, a second encryption stroke 5500 45 0.7% consumption of processor time. 6.5 其它的笔实施例 6.5 Other embodiments pen

在可替换的实施例中,笔结合有红外数据协会(IrDA)接口,用于与基站或netpage打印机进行短程通信。 In an alternative embodiment, the pen incorporates an Infrared Data Association (IrDA) interface for short-range communication with a base station or netpage printer.

在本另一个实施例中,笔101包含一对正交加速度计,该加速度计安装在笔轴的法平面内。 In another embodiment of the present embodiment, the pen 101 includes a pair of orthogonal accelerometers, the accelerometer mounted in the pen holder in the perpendicular plane. 图9和图10中以虚框显示了加速度计1卯。 FIGS. 9 and FIG. 10 shows the accelerometer 1 d in phantom.

加速度计的提供使能这种笔的该实施例感测运动,而不必参考表面位置标签,使位置标签可以以较低的速率被取样。 The accelerometer provides an enable such movement sensing pen according to this embodiment, but without reference to surface location tags, the position of the label can be sampled at a lower rate. 然后每个位置标签ID可以标识关心的对象,而不是表面上的位置。 Each location tag ID can then identify an object of interest rather than a position on the surface. 例如,如果对象是用户界面输入元素(例如命令按钮),那么在该输入元素区域内的每个位置标签的标签ID 可以直接标识输入元素。 For example, if the object is a user interface input element (e.g. a command button), then the tag ID of each location tag input within the element area can be directly identify the input element.

由加速度计在X和Y方向的每个中测量的加速度关于时间被积分以产生瞬时速度和位置。 By the accelerometer in the X and Y directions of each measured acceleration is integrated with respect to time to produce an instantaneous velocity and position.

由于笔划的起始位置是未知的,因此只能计算笔划内的相对位置。 Since the starting position of the stroke is not known, the relative position within the stroke can thus calculated. 虽然位置积分累积在感测的加速度中的误差,加速度计典型地具有高的分辨率,并且笔划的持续时间,即误差累积时间是短的。 Although the cumulative error in the position of integration in the acceleration sensing, accelerometers typically have high resolution, and the duration of the stroke, i.e. the error accumulation time is short. 7Netpage打印机描述7.1打印机的结构 Printer 7.1 Printer Description 7Netpage structure

竖直安装的netpage壁式打印机601在图11中被完全组装而示出。 wall netpage printer 601 is mounted vertically and is shown fully assembled in Figure 11. 它使用双工81/, MemjetTM打印引擎602和603在信函/ A4大小的介质上打印netpage,如图12和12a所示。 It uses duplex 81 /, MemjetTM print engines 602 and 603 on a printed netpage Letter / A4 sized media, 12a and 12 as shown in FIG. 它使用直的纸路径,其中纸604通过双工打印引擎602和603,所述引擎以全色和全出血(fiill fleed)同时打印一张的两面。 It uses a straight paper path, wherein the paper 604 via the duplexer 602 and the print engine 603, the engine in full color and full bleed (fiill fleed) on both sides of a printed simultaneously.

成为整体的装订组件605沿每个所打印的张的一个边缘来应用胶条,从而在对它施压时使它粘附于先前张。 Integral binding assembly 605 along one edge of each sheet of the printed strip applied to it when it is adhered to the previously pressed sheets. 由此产生最终的装订文档618,其厚度范围可以从一张到几百张。 Thereby generating a final document finisher 618, which may range in thickness from one to several hundred sheets.

图13中所示的与双工打印引擎耦合的可更换墨盒627具有囊或室,用于存储固定剂、粘附剂以及青、洋红、黄、黑和红外墨。 13 shown in FIG duplexer coupled to print engine 627 having a replaceable ink bladder or chambers for storing fixative, adhesive, and cyan, magenta, yellow, black and infrared inks. 所述盒也包含基础模件中的微空气过滤器。 The cartridge also contains a micro air filter in a base module. 该微空气过滤器通过软管639与打印机内的空气泵638对接。 The micro air filter in the air pump through a hose 639 and the printer 638 docking. 由此向打印头提供经过滤的空气,以防止微粒进入到MemietTM 打印头350中,否则其可能阻塞打印头喷嘴。 Thereby providing a printhead filtered air, in order to prevent particles from entering the MemietTM printhead 350, which might otherwise clog the printhead nozzles. 通过在所述盒内结合空气过滤器,过滤器的工作寿命被有效地联系(linked)到盒的寿命。 Binding by the air filter cartridge, the working life of the filter is effectively linked (linked) to the life of the cartridge. 墨盒是完全可再循环的产品,其具有打印和粘合3000页(1500张)的能力。 Cartridges are fully recyclable product with the ability to print and adhesive 3000 (1500) a.

参考图12,机动化的介质拾取辊组件626把顶部的张直接从介质托盘从拉过第一个打印引擎602的纸传感器,拉入双工MemjetTM打印头组件中。 Referring to Figure 12, the motorized media pick-up roller top sheet 626 directly from the media tray assembly from pulling through the first paper sensor 602 of the print engine, pull MemjetTM duplex printhead assembly. 两个MemjetTM打印弓(擎602和603沿直的纸路径以相反的线上(in-line)顺序配置被安装。纸604由成为整体的、动力驱动的(powered)拾取辊626拉到第一打印引擎602中。纸604的位置和尺寸被感测并且全出血打印开始。固定剂被同时打印以帮助在最短的可能时间内干燥。 Printing two MemjetTM bow (engine 602 and a paper path 603 along a straight line in opposite (in-line) are mounted sequentially arranged. 604 whole paper, powered (Powered) be picked up by the first roller 626 is pulled position and size of the print engine 602. the paper 604 is sensed and full bleed printing is started. fixative is printed simultaneously to aid in the shortest possible time to dry.

纸通过一组动力驱动的退出钉状轮(spikewheel)(沿直的纸路径对准)退出第一MemietTM打印引擎602,所述钉状轮作用于涂胶的辊。 The paper through a set of powered exit spike wheels (spikewheel) (aligned along the straight paper path) to exit MemietTM first print engine 602, the spike rollers for rotation of the coating. 这些钉状轮接触"湿的"打印表面,并连续将张604馈送到第二MemietTM打印引擎603中。 These spike wheels contact the printing surface "wet", the sheets 604 and continuously fed to the second print engine 603 MemietTM.

参考图12和12a,纸张604从双工打印弓|擎602和603传递到装订器组件605中。 Referring to Figure 12 and 12a, the paper 604 from the duplex print bow | engine transmission 602 and 603 to the stapler unit 605. 所打印的页传递于具有纤维支撑辊的动力驱动的钉状轮轴670和具有钉状轮和瞬间动作胶轮(glue wheel)的另一个可移动轴之间。 Printed page is transmitted between the movable shaft 670 and the other with spike wheels and a momentary action tire (glue wheel) in a fiber having a power-driven supporting rollers nail shaft. 可移动轴/ 胶组件673被安装于金属支撑支架,其在凸轮轴的作用下向前运送,通过齿轮与动力驱动轴670对接。 A movable axle / glue assembly 673 is mounted to a metal support bracket, which is carried along under the action of the cam shaft, a drive shaft 670 through a gear mating with the power. 单独的马达给该凸轮轴提供动力。 Separate motor to provide power to the camshaft.

胶轮组件673包含部分空轴679,其具有用于胶合来自墨盒627的供给软 Tire assembly 673 comprises a hollow shaft portion 679 having a soft glue is supplied from the ink cartridge 627

74管641的旋转耦合。 641 74 rotationally coupled. 轴679与胶轮连接,胶轮通过径向孔洞通过毛细作用来吸收粘附剂。 Connected to the shaft 679 and tire, rubber adhesive agent is absorbed by capillary action through radial holes. 模制壳体682围绕胶轮,其中在前部具有开口。 Molding housing 682 around the tire, wherein the front portion has an opening. 枢转侧模件和支在弹簧上的(spmng)外门被附着于金属支架并且当组件673的其余部分被向前推进时铰转出旁边(sideway)。 Pivoting side modules and branched (spmng) on ​​the outer door is attached to a metal spring carrier and when the rest of the assembly 673 is advanced out of hinging side (sideway). 该动作通过壳体682的前面而暴露胶轮。 This operation is exposed through the front housing 682 of the tire. 张力弹簧关闭组件并有效地在不活动期间内盖住胶轮。 Tension springs close the assembly and effectively cover the tire during a period of inactivity.

当张604传递到胶轮组件673中时,在其被向下运送到装订组件605中时,粘附剂被应用于前面(与文档的第一张远离)上的一个垂直边缘。 When the sheet 604 is transmitted to the tire assembly 673, as it is transported down into the binding assembly 605, adhesive is applied to the front (away from the first sheet of the document) on a vertical edge. 7.2打印机控制器体系结构 7.2 Printer Controller Architecture

Netpage打印机控制器包括控制处理器750、厂家安装或现场安装的网络接口模块625、无线电收发器(收发器控制器753、基带电路754、 RF电路755以及RF共振器和感应器756)、双栅格图像处理器(RIP)DSP 757、双工打印引擎控制器760a和760b、闪存658、以及64MB的DRAM 657,如图14中所示。 Netpage printer controller includes a control processor 750, a factory-installed or field-installed network interface module 625, a radio transceiver (transceiver controller 753, baseband circuit 754, RF circuit 755 and RF resonators and inductors 756), dual-gate grid image processor (RIP) DSP 757, the duplex print engine controllers 760a and 760b, flash memory 658, and DRAM 657 64MB, as shown in FIG 14.

控制处理器处理与网络19和本地无线netpage笔101的通信,感测帮助按钮617,控制用户接口LED613-616,并且馈送和同步RIPDSP757和打印引擎控制器760。 The communication control processor 19 and the network and local wireless netpage pens 101, senses the help button 617, controls the user interface LED613-616, and synchronizing the feeding and the print engine controller 760 and RIPDSP757. 它由介质-性能通用微处理器构成。 It is by the medium - composed performance general purpose microprocessor. 控制处理器750通过高速串行总线659与打印弓1擎控制器760通信。 The control processor 750 through a high speed serial bus 659 communication with the print engine controller 760 a bow.

RIPDSP栅格化和压縮页描述到netpage打印机的压縮页格式。 RIPDSP rasterizing the page description and compress the netpage printer's compressed page format. 每个打印引擎控制器都实时(即以每分钟30页以上)展开、抖动和打印页图像到其关联的MemjetTM打印头350打印页图像。 Each print engine controllers in real time (i.e. at over 30 pages per minute) to expand, dither and print page images to the print head 350 to print the page MemjetTM its associated image. 双工打印引擎控制器同时打印一张的两面。 Duplex print engine controllers print both sides of a the same time.

主打印引擎控制器760a结合主QA芯片665和墨盒QA芯片761来控制纸运送并监视墨使用。 Master print engine controller 760a incorporated master QA chip 665 and the ink cartridge QA chip 761 to control the paper transport and monitors ink use.

打印机控制器的闪存658容纳用于处理器750和DSP757两者的软件以及配置数据。 Flash printer controller 658 and processor 750 for receiving DSP757 both software and configuration data. 其在引导时被拷贝到主存储器657。 It is copied to main memory 657 at boot time.

处理器750、 DSP 757、以及数字收发机部件(收发器控制器753和基带电路754)被集成在单个控制器ASIC 656中。 Processor 750, DSP 757, and digital transceiver components (transceiver controller 753 and baseband circuit 754) are integrated in a single controller ASIC 656. 模拟RF部件(RF电路755和RF共振器和感应器756)被提供在单独的RF芯片762中。 Analog RF components (RF circuit 755 and RF resonators and inductors 756) are provided in a separate RF chip 762. 网络接口模块625是单独的,因为netpage打印机允许网络连接是厂家选择的或者现场选择的。 The network interface module 625 is separate, since netpage printers allow the network connection is selected by the manufacturer or selected site. 闪存658和2X256Mbit(64MB)DRAM 657也是芯片外的。 Flash memory 658 and 2X256Mbit (64MB) DRAM 657 is also off-chip. 打印引擎控制器760被提供在单独的ASIC中。 The print engine controller 760 is provided in a separate ASIC.

各种网络接口模块625被提供,每个都提供了netpage网络接口751和任选的本地计算机或网络接口752。 A variety of network interface modules 625 are provided, each providing a netpage network interface 751 and optionally a local computer or network interface 752. Netpage网络互联网接口包括POTS调制解调器、混合纤一同轴(HFC)线缆调制解调器、ISDN调制解调器、DSL调帝U 解调器、卫星收发器、当前和下一代蜂窝电话收发器以及无线本地环路(WLL)收发器。 Netpage network Internet interfaces include POTS modems, a hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) cable modems, ISDN modems, DSL modem tone U Di, satellite transceivers, current and next-generation cellular telephone transceivers, and wireless local loop (WLL )transceiver. 本地接口包括IEEE1284(并行端口)、 10Base-T和100Base-T 以太网、USB和USB2.0、 IEEE 1394(火线)以及各种新兴的家庭联网接口。 Local interfaces include IEEE1284 (parallel port), 10Base-T and 100Base-T Ethernet, USB and USB2.0, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), and various emerging home networking interfaces. 如果互联网连接在本地网络上可用,那么本地网络接口可被用作netpage网络接口。 If an Internet connection is available on the local network, then the local network interface can be used as the netpage network interface.

无线电收发器753在正常由无绳电话使用的无执照900MHz带内,或者可替换地在无执照的2.4GHz工业、科学和医学(ISM)带内通信,并使用频率跳动和冲突检测来提供无干扰通信。 The radio transceiver 753 in normal use by unlicensed 900MHz band cordless phone, or alternatively in the unlicensed band communication 2.4GHz industrial, scientific and medical (the ISM), and uses frequency hopping and collision detection to provide interference communication.

打印机控制器任选地结合红外线数据协会(IrDA)接口以便于接收从如netpage相机的设备"喷出的(squirted)"数据。 The printer controller optionally in combination with Infrared Data Association (IrDA) interface for devices to receive netpage cameras "(squirted) discharged" as data. 在可替换的实施例中,打印机使用IrDA接口以便于与适当配置的n邻age笔的短距离通信。 In an alternative embodiment, the printer using the IrDA interface for short distance communications with appropriately configured age n o pen. 7.2.1栅格化和打印 7.2.1 rasterize and print

一旦主处理器750已收到并验证了文档的页布局和页对象,它在就运行DSP 757上的适当RIP软件。 Once the main processor 750 has received and verified the document page layout and page objects, and it runs the appropriate RIP software on the 757 DSP.

DSP 757栅格化每个页描述并压縮经栅格化的页图像。 DSP 757 rasterize each page description and compress the rasterized page image. 主处理器在存储器中存储每个经压縮的页图像。 The main processor stores each compressed page image in memory. 负载-平衡多个DSP的最简单方式是让每个DSP栅格化单独的页。 Load - The easiest way to balance multiple DSP is to have each DSP rasterize a separate page. 由于通常可以在存储器中存储任意数量的经栅格化的页,因此DSP可以始终被保持忙碌。 Since the rasterization may be generally any number of pages stored in the memory, the DSP may thus always be kept busy. 当栅格化短文档时,该策略仅导致潜在差的DSP利用。 When rasterizing short documents, this strategy only leads to potentially poor DSP utilization.

页描述中的水印区域被栅格化成连续色调-分辨率双值位图,其被无损 Watermark regions in the page description are rasterized into contone - resolution of the binary bit map, which is lossless

76地压縮到可忽略的大小并且其形成经压縮的页图像的部分。 76 may be compressed to negligible size and which form part of the compressed page image.

打印页的红外(IR)层包含处于大约每英寸6个的密度的经编码的 Infrared (IR) layer of the printed page contains coded at a density of about six per inch of

netpage标签。 netpage tag. 每个标签都编码页ID、标签ID和控制位。 Each tag code page ID, tag ID, and control bits. 并且每个标签的数据内容是在光栅格化期间被产生并被存储在经压縮的页图像中。 And the data content of each tag is generated and stored in the compressed page image in the raster during tessellation.

主处理器750把背对背页图像传递到双工打印弓1擎控制器760。 The main processor 750 is transmitted back to back page images to the duplex print engine controller 760 a bow. 每个打印引擎控制器760都在其本地存储器中存储经压縮的页图像,并且开始页展开和打印流水线。 Each print engine controller 760 are stored in the compressed page image in its local memory, and starts the page expansion and printing pipeline. 页展开和打印是流水线化的,这是因为在存储器中存储全部114MB双值CMYK+IR页图像是不实际的。 Page expansion and printing is pipelined because all stored in a memory 114MB binary CMYK + IR page image is not practical. 7.2.2打印引擎控制器 7.2.2 print engine controller

打印引擎控制器760的页展开和打印流水线包括高速正EE 1394串行接口659、标准JPEG解码器763、标准Group 4传真解码器764、定制半色调器/合成器单元765、定制标签编码器766、行加载器/格式器单元767以及到MemjetT,T印头350的定制接口768 。 Page print engine controllers 760 and print pipeline deployment positive EE 1394 includes high-speed serial interface 659, a standard JPEG decoder 763, a standard Group 4 Fax decoder 764, a custom half-tone / compositor unit 765, a custom tag encoder 766 , line loader / formatter unit 767, and to MemjetT, print head 350 T custom interface 768.

打印引擎控制器360以双缓冲方式工作。 The print engine controller 360 operates in a double buffered manner. 在一个页通过高速串行接口659加载到DRAM 769中时,先前加载的页从DRAM 769被读取并被传递通过打印引擎控制器流水线。 In a high speed serial interface 659 through the page loaded into 769 when DRAM, the previously loaded page is read from a DRAM 769 and passed through the print engine controller pipeline. 一旦所述页已打印完成,刚刚加载的页被打印, Once the page has completed printing, the page just loaded is printed,

同时另一个页被加载。 While another page is loaded.

流水线的第一阶段(在763)展开JPEG压縮的连续色调CMYK层,(在764 The first stage of the pipeline (at 763) the contone CMYK layer expand JPEG compression, (764

处)展开Group4传真压縮的双值黑层,并且根据在第1.2节中限定的标签格式来再现(在766)双值netpage标签层,全部都是并行的。 At) Group4 fax expand compressed binary black layer, and reproduced (766) binary netpage tag layer, they are all in parallel according to the defined label formats in Section 1.2. 第二阶段(在765) 抖动连续色调CMYK层并(在765)在所得到的双值CMYK层上合成双值黑层。 The second stage (at 765) the contone CMYK layer and jitter (765) Synthesis of binary black layer on the binary CMYK layer obtained. 所获得的双值CMYK+IR点数据通过一组行缓冲器来缓冲并格式化(在767)以便于在MemjetTM打印头350上打印。 The obtained binary CMYK + IR dot data is buffered and formatted (at 767) for printing on MemjetTM printhead 350 via a set of line buffers. 大多数这些行缓冲被存储在芯片夕卜DRAM中。 Most of these line buffers are stored in the DRAM chip Xi Bu. 最后阶段通过打印头接口768向MemjetTM打印头350打印6个通 The final stage of 768 to print six through MemjetTM print head 350 by the print head interface

道的双值点数据(包括固定剂)。 Channel binary dot data (including fixative).

当如在双工配置中,几个打印引擎控制器760被联合使用时,它们通过共享的行同步信号770来同步化。 When as in a duplex configuration, several print engine controllers 760 are used in combination, they are synchronized via a shared line sync signal 770. 通过外部主/从针脚771选择的仅一个打印弓I擎760产生行同步信号770到共享线上。 By external master / slave pin 771 bow only one print engine 760 to generate I selected line synchronization signal 770 to the shared line.

打印引擎控制器760包含低速处理器772,用于同步页展开和再现流水线,通过低速串行总线773来配置打印头350,并控制步进马达675, 676。 The print engine controller 760 contains a low-speed processor 772 for synchronizing the page expansion and reproduction of the pipeline, by low-speed serial bus 773 to configure the print head 350, and controls the stepping motor 675, 676.

在netpage打印机的8i/2"版本中,两个打印引擎每个都沿页的长尺度(ll") 打印每分钟30个信函页,从而在1600dpi给出8.8kHz的行速率。 In 8i / 2 netpage printer "version, two print engines each along the long dimension (LL page") per minute print letters page 30, line whereby the rate of 8.8kHz given 1600dpi. 在netpage 打印机的12"版本中,两个打印引擎每个都沿页的短尺度(8i/2")打印每分钟45个信函页,从而给出10.2kHz的行速率。 In 12 netpage printer "version, two print engines each along the short dimension of the page (8i / 2") per minute print letters page 45, to give a line rate of 10.2kHz. 这些行速率完全在MemjetTM打印头的工作频率内,其在当前设计中超过30kHz。 These line rates are well within the operating frequency MemjetTM printhead, which in the current design exceeds 30kHz.

8. Netpage标签 8. Netpage tag

8.1标签平铺 8.1 Label Tile

8丄1平面标签平铺 1 8 Shang plane tag tiling

为了支持通过感测设备与打标签区域的"单击"交互,不论感测设备定位的区域或取向如何,感测设备必须能够看到其视野中的至少一个完整的标签4。 To support the "clicking" and playing tag sensing device interaction region, regardless of the region or the orientation of the sensing device is positioned, the sensing device must be able to see the field of view of at least one complete label 4. 因此,所需要的感测设备的视野直径为标签4的尺寸和间隔的函数。 Thus, the sensing device field of view diameter required for the function of the spacing and size of the label 4.

如果标签形状是圆形的,如早些描述的优选标签4,那么当在等边三角格上平铺直径为k的标签500时,可以获得传感器视野的最小直径m,如图52所示并且定义于等式1中。 If the label is circular in shape, preferably the label 4 as described earlier, then when plated on a diameter of an equilateral triangular lattice k tag 500, the sensor field of view can be obtained the minimum diameter m, shown in Figure 52 and It is defined in equation 1. 当中心-到-中心标签间隔与标签直径k相同时, When the center - to - center distance tag label k is the same diameter,

可以实现这种情况。 This situation can be achieved.

对于256点的标签直径k(在1600dpi为大约4毫米),m因此为552点(〜8.8 毫米)。 For tag diameter k 256 points (about 4 mm in 1600dpi), m is therefore 552 dots (~8.8 mm). 对于16点的静区,即有效标签直径k为272点(〜4.3毫米),m增加到587点(〜9.3毫米)。 16 points for quiet zone, i.e. a valid tag diameter k of 272 dots (~4.3 mm), m increases to 587 points (~9.3 mm).

当标签4被移开距离s时(s至少与k一样大),则最小视野由公式2给出。 When the tag 4 is removed from s (s least as large as k), the minimum field of view is given by Equation 2. 当不希望在水平方向的连续行的标签500之间存在重叠时(例如为了使标签再现较容易),那么必须把标签移开至少由公式3给出的距离。 While not wishing to label 500 between successive rows overlap in the horizontal direction (e.g., in order to make easier the reproduction label), the label must be removed from at least a given by equation 3. 对于256 点直径的标签,u因此为40点(在1600dpi为〜0.6毫米)。 The diameter of the label 256, u is thus the point 40 (as in 1600dpi ~0.6 mm). 由于这超过了标签所需的静区,如果标签行被再现为不重叠,那么可以忽略静区。 Since this exceeds the desired label dead zone, if the label is reproduced as not to overlap the row, then the dead zone can be ignored.

78在等式2中设置s = k + u可得等式4。 78 is provided in the equation s = k 2 + u Equation 4 can be obtained. 对于256点直径的标签,s因此为296点(在1600 dpi为〜4.7毫米),并且m为598点(〜9.5毫米)。 The diameter of the label 256, s 296 therefore points (~4.7 mm to 1600 dpi), and m is 598 points (~9.5 mm). 8丄2球面标签平铺 8 Shang 2 spherical label tile

通常采用规则二十面体作为基础用于产生球的近似规则三角形平铺。 Usually approximately regular triangular tiles icosahedral rule as a basis for generating the ball. 一个规则二十面体如图53中的二十面体526由20个大小相等的等边三角形面528构成,这些三角形面共享30个边530和12个顶点532,其中有5个边530 在每个顶点532上相交。 Icosahedral 526 53 20 equilateral triangular faces of equal size like a regular icosahedron 528 in FIG., These edges 30 triangular faces share vertices 530 and 12 532, of which there are five in each of the sides 530 vertices 532 intersect.

为了实现所需的平铺,需要把二十面体526内接(inscribe)在目标球面中,而二十面体526的每个三角形528被细分为相等数量大小相等的等边细分(subdivision)三角形,以产生所需总数量的三角形。 To achieve the desired tile, the need to contact the inner icosahedral 526 (inscribe) in the target sphere, 528 and 526 of each triangle is subdivided into an equal number of equal-sized equilateral subdivision (Subdivision) icosahedron triangle, to produce the desired total number of triangles. 如果把二十面体的每个边530分为v个相等的线段,沿每个边限定一组vl个点,沿任何两个相邻边的每对对应点由平行于另一个共享的相邻边的线连接,那么这样绘出的线在所需的大小相等并且等边细分三角形的顶点上相交,从而在二十面体526的每个三角形面528上将产生VM^三角形,或者总共20¥2个三角形。 If each side is divided into 530 icosahedral v equal line segments, defining a set of points along each edge vl, in any two adjacent edges of each pair of corresponding points shared by the other parallel to the adjacent side line, then this line drawn equal to the desired size and the like on the side segments intersect the vertices of the triangle, resulting in a triangular VM ^, or a total of 20 in each of the icosahedral triangles 528 on the surface 526 ¥ 2 triangles. 在结果的10V^2个顶点中,有五个三角形面在二十面体526的12个原始顶点的每个处相交,并且六个三角形面在其余的每个顶点上相交。 10V results in ^ 2 vertices, five at each of the triangular face 12 of the original vertices 526 intersect icosahedron, and six triangular faces meet at each vertex remaining. 12个原始顶点532已经处于球面上,而其余的顶点位于球内。 12 532 already in the original vertex sphere, while the remaining vertex lies inside the ball. 每个产生的顶点因此被中心地投影(project)到球面上,给出所需的平铺。 Each vertex is thus centrally generated projection (Project) sphere to give the desired tile.

由正多面体采用上述方式逼近的球面称为短程线(geodesic),并且参数v称为短程线的频率。 Regular polyhedron by the above-described manner is called a geodesic sphere approximation (geodesic), and referred to as frequency parameter v geodesic. 图54显示了二十面的短程线534,其中^=3, g卩,有180 个面528。 Figure 54 shows the geodesic icosahedron 534, wherein ^ = 3, g Jie, faces 180 528.

细分三角形与二十面体526的面中心越近,它与球面越远,因此,在投影到球面时也就越大。 Subdivision triangular face center 526 of the icosahedron closer, the farther it is spherical, therefore, the greater when projected onto the sphere. 为了使投影的细分三角形的尺寸的变化被最小化, 在投影前,细分顶点可以被系统地移位(Tegmark, M.,"An Icosahedron-Based Method for Pixelizing the Celestial Sphere" , ApJ Letters, 470, L81, October 14,1996)。 In order to change the projected triangular segment size is minimized, the front projection, vertices can be broken down systematically shifted (Tegmark, M., "An Icosahedron-Based Method for Pixelizing the Celestial Sphere", ApJ Letters, 470, L81, October 14,1996). 如果vl,那么不会产生顶点,而在一个定点上,三角形面对着的角仍为60。 If VL, then no vertices, and on a point, the facing angle of the triangle 60 remains. . 但是,随着v的增加,由围绕每个原始定点的5个三角形面限定的表面变得越来越平,并且每个三角形面的顶角集中在72。 However, with the increase of v, about five triangular faces each defined point of the original surface becomes more flat and the apex of each triangular face 72 is focused on. (即360°/5) 上。 (I.e., 360 ° / 5) on. 这限定了球面上标签平铺的最坏情况。 This defines the worst case tag tiling sphere. 在一个72。 In one 72. 的等腰三角形中,底边长度是两侧边长度的1.18倍。 Isosceles triangle, the base length is 1.18 times the length of both sides. 因此,用于计算传感器视野的最大标签间隔s接近于1.18k。 Thus, a sensor for calculating a maximum tag spacing s field of view is close to 1.18k. 当标签直径为256点而静区为16点时,即有效标签直径k 为272点(〜4.3毫米),根据等式2, m因此为643点(〜10.2毫米左右)。 When the label having a diameter of 256 points is 16 points quiet zone, i.e. a valid tag diameter k of 272 dots (~4.3 mm), according to Equation 2, m is therefore 643 dots (about ~10.2 mm). 位于外接球面中心的二十面体的每个边所对的角由等式5给出。 Each corner edge positioned external icosahedral the center of the sphere is given by Equation 5. 对于半径为r的球面,每个中心投影边的弧长为r 0 。 The radius r of the spherical surface, the center of the arc length of each projection side is r 0. 假设标签直径K与r的单位相同,那么覆盖球面所需的标签数量n由等式6给出。 K and assuming the same diameter r label units, then the number of tags needed to cover a spherical n is given by equation 6. 对于给定的n,r由等式7限制。 For a given n, r restricted by Equation 7.

如果n被限制到216,为了允许使用16位标签ID而不必用多个区域覆盖球面,并且K取为上述的4.3mm,那么r限制到〜310毫米。 If n is limited to 216, in order to allow the use of 16-bit tag ID instead of a plurality of areas covered with a spherical surface, and K is 4.3mm as described above, then r is limited to ~310 mm.

通常的地球仪(globe)的半径为160毫米。 Typically the radius of the globe (Globe) is 160 mm. 其〜177毫米的投影弧长以可忽略的附加间隔配合41个均匀间隔的标签。 ~177 mm arc length of its projection at negligible additional spacer 41 with the label uniformly spaced. 这样一个地球仪总共使用16812 个标签。 Such a globe using a total of 16,812 tags. 8丄3任意曲面标签平铺 3 8 Shang any surface tag tiling

采用三角网格可以逼近任意外形和拓扑结构的表面,而不会引入不连续或奇点。 Triangular mesh surface shape and arbitrary topology can be approached without introducing discontinuities or singularities. 网格的局部比例(local scale)取决于表面的局部曲率和误差范围。 The ratio of the local grid (local scale) depending on the local surface curvature and the error range.

假设存在用于特定表面的三角网格,那么只要每个网格三角形注意最小顶角和最短边长度的要求,就可以实现标签的有效不规则平铺。 Assumed that there triangular mesh for a particular surface, as long as each grid triangle apex and the minimum attention required length of the shortest side, can be achieved effectively irregularly tiled label. 如果感测设备的视野被保证包括处于所述表面上所述感测设备的任意位置的至少一个完整的标签,那么关于特定感测设备的平铺被认为是有效的。 If the field of view of the sensing device comprises at least be guaranteed a complete label on the surface of the sensing device sensing an arbitrary position, it is considered to be effective on a particular sensing device tile.

平铺过程从在网格的每个顶点上放置标签开始,这样最短边长度与标签直径k相同。 Tile process from place labels on each vertex of the mesh start, so that the same length of the shortest side tag diameter k. 平铺过程通过在长度超过最大标签间距s的所有边的中点处插入标签而进行。 By tiling process is longer than the maximum tag spacing s is inserted at the midpoint of the edge is performed for all labels. 如图9所示,最大标签间距s被计算,以使如果两个相邻标签4a和4b之间的距离是s+e ,那么在它们之间有用于另一个标签4c的空 As shown in FIG. 9 s maximum tag spacing is calculated, so that if the distance between two adjacent tab 4a and 4b are s + e, then there is space for another tag 4c therebetween

间,即等式8。 Between, i.e. Equation 8.

但是,如果两条长度为s+e的边之间的项角小于60。 However, if the length between two sides is s + e apex angle less than 60. ,那么插入的标 Then insert the standard

80签将重叠。 Sign 80 will overlap.

为了防止插入的标签重叠,引入最小标签间距t,其中t^k。 In order to prevent the insertion of the label overlap, the minimum tag spacing introduction t, where t ^ k. 于是最小顶角a成为k和t的函数,如等式9中所示。 Thus a minimum vertex angle becomes a function of k and t, as shown in Equation 9.

很明显,当tk时,P被约束为60。 Obviously, when tk, P 60 is constrained. ,即网格被约束为等边的。 That is constrained to the grid of equilateral. 但是 but

如图56所示,当t〉k时,P可以为小于60。 As shown in FIG 56, when t> k time, P may be less than 60. 而没有插入标签重叠。 Without an intervening label overlap.

根据公式IO,最大标签间距s必须基于新的最小标签间距t。 According to the formula IO, the maximum tag spacing s must be based on the new minimum tag spacing t.

当考虑特定的网格三角形时,有四种不同的标签插入情况。 When considering a particular triangle mesh, there are four different tag into the case. 通过假设最小顶角不小于30。 By assuming a minimum vertex angle of not less than 30. (即60。的一半),我们可以发现,每当网格三角形有至少一个其长度小于或等于s的边时,其余两个边的长度小于2s。 (I.e. half 60.), we can find that whenever a triangular grid has a length less than or at least equal to the side of s, the remaining two sides of length less than 2s. 实际上, 最小顶角通常是至少45。 In fact, the minimum apex angle is typically at least 45. .

在第一种情况下(图57),三角形546没有长度超过s的边。 In the first case (FIG. 57), the triangle side is longer than 546 s, no. 所以三角形的打标签已经完成。 So triangular tagging has been completed.

在第二种情况下(图58),三角形550的一个边548的长度超过s, 在边548的中点插入标签552以完成三角形550的打标签。 In the second case (FIG. 58), the length of one side of the triangle 550 exceeds 548 s, at the midpoint of the edge 552 is inserted into the label 548 to complete the tagging of the triangle 550.

在第三种情况下(图59),三角形558的两个边554和556的长度超过s, 在两个长边554, 556的每个的中点插入标签560和562,并且这可以完成三角形558的打标签。 In the third case (FIG. 59), two triangular sides 554 and 558 exceeds the length 556 s, at the midpoint of each of the two long sides 554, 556 of labels 560 and insert 562, and this can be done triangle 558 playing tag. 两个插入标签560和562的中心以及原始三角形558 的短边568的两个顶点564, 566构成一个梯形。 Insert two labels 560 and 562 of the triangle and the original center of the short side 558 of the 568 two vertices 564, 566 form a trapezoid. 如果所述梯形的任何一条对角线的长度超过s,那么在所述梯形的中心插入一个最终标签570以完成所述三角形的打标签。 If the length of the trapezoid any one diagonal exceeds s, then a final label 570 inserted in the center of the trapezoid to complete the tagging of the triangle.

在第四种情况下(图60),三角形573的所有三个边572的长度都超过s。 In a fourth case (FIG. 60), the length of all three sides of the triangle 573 are more than 572 s. 打标签的顶点574被插入在每边572的中点并且所述三个新顶点574边576 连起来。 Tagging vertices 574 are inserted at the midpoint of each side 572 and 574 new vertex 576 to link the three sides. 所述打标签程序循环应用到四个结果的三角形577、 578、 579和580的每个。 The tagging program loop is applied to each of four triangular results 577, 578, 579, and 580. 需要注意的是,新的三角形遵守最小项角,因为它们具有与原始三角形573相同的形状。 Note that, to comply with the new minimum apex angle triangle, because they have the same shape as the original triangle 573.

标签平铺变量总结在表4中。 Tile label variable summarized in Table 4.

表4.标签平铺变量<table>table see original document page 82</column></row> <table> Table 4. Variable tile tag <table> table see original document page 82 </ column> </ row> <table>

8.2标签感测8.2.1笔取向 8.2 8.2.1 pen label sensing orientation

为了允许笔类感测设备被用作舒适的书写工具,必须支持笔取向的一范围。 In order to allow pen-based sensing device is used as a writing instrument comfortable, we must support a range of pen orientation. 由于笔尖被约束为与所述表面接触,笔取向的特征在于偏转(z 旋转)、倾斜(x旋转)和滚动(y旋转),如图61所示。 Since the tip is constrained to contact the surface, characterized in that the orientation of pen deflection (z rotation), tilt (x rotation) and roll (y rotation), shown in Figure 61. 虽然笔的偏转必须是不受限制的,但是在限制笔的倾斜和滚动以及由倾斜和滚动的组合导致的笔的总体倾斜是合理的。 Although the pen deflection must be unrestricted, but the overall tilt limit pen and pen tilt and roll and roll by the tilt caused by a combination is reasonable.

偏转通常是在倾斜后被应用,以使例如在笔设备的情况下其限定围绕物理轴而不是表面中的一方向的扭转。 Usually inclined deflection after application, so that a torsional direction in the case of, for example, the pen device defining a physical axis rather than around the surface. 但是,在具有标记尖的笔中, 图像传感器离开笔的轴被安装,因此,除非笔被保持近似垂直的状态, 否则笔的图像感测能力(以及其偏转感测能力)因此将受到限制,如下文所述。 However, the pen having a marking tip, the shaft of the image sensor leave the pen is mounted, and therefore, unless the pen is held approximately vertical state, otherwise the pen image sensing capability (and deflection sensing capability) will therefore be limited, as described below. 因此偏转应在倾斜之前被应用,允许通过相对于所述表面旋转笔来指定其整个偏转范围同时保持倾斜和滚动不变。 Thus deflection should be applied prior to the inclination, it allows rotation of the pen relative to the surface to specify the entire deflection range of pitch and roll while maintaining unchanged.

倾斜和滚动通常分别定义为y旋转和x旋转。 Pitch and roll rotation is typically defined as y and x of rotation. 由于它们是相对于表面的xy坐标系统定义的,其中当被用户观看时,y轴是自然的纵轴,x轴是自然的横轴,因此倾斜和滚动在此分别被定义为x旋转和y旋转。 Because they xy coordinate system is defined with respect to a surface, wherein when the user viewed, y-axis is the longitudinal axis of natural, natural x-axis is the horizontal axis, pitch and roll thus are herein defined as x and y rotation rotation. 在右手3D坐标系中,当逆时针时滚动通常被定义为正,当顺时针时倾斜和偏转通常被定义为正。 In the right-handed 3D coordinate system, when the rolls counterclockwise generally defined as positive, pitch, and yaw is generally defined as positive when clockwise. 这里当逆时针时所有旋转都被定义为正。 Here when the counterclockwise rotation are defined as all positive.

根据等式ll,笔的总倾角(e )与其倾斜(4))和滚动(V )有关。 According to Equation ll, total tilt of the pen (e) and its inclination (4)) and the scroll (V) relevant. 笔的倾角影响视野中不同点上的表面特征的成像比例,因此影响图像传感器的分辨率。 Dip pen impact imaging scale surface features on different points in the field of view, and therefore affect the resolution of the image sensor. 由于感测直接在笔尖下方的区域是不实际的,因此笔的倾角还影响尖到成像区域中心的距离。 Since the sensing area directly below the tip is not practical, and therefore the inclination of the pen tip to further influence the distance of the center of the imaging region. 为了允许精确的尖位置从由标签确定的位置导出,这个距离必须是已知的。 In order to allow accurate tip location derived from the location determined by the tag, this distance must be known. 8.2.2 图像感测 8.2.2 image sensing

当光轴是垂直的时,视野可以模型化为一个由实半角a(给出2a的角形视野)和所述表面上的顶点高度D确定的圆锥体(cone)。 When the optical axis is vertical, a visual field can be modeled by a solid half angle a (2a given angular field of view) and a cone apex height D determined on the surface (cone). 虽然图像传感器通常是矩形的,只有所述图像传感器的最大椭圆分区有关于保证所述表面的足够大部分被成像,如前面量化的。 Although the image sensor is generally rectangular, elliptical only the maximum partition of the image sensor are sufficiently assure the most of the imaging surface, as previously quantized.

视野圆锥与所述表面的相交确定了表面上的椭圆窗口。 View the intersection of the conical surface of the window determines the upper surface of the ellipse. 当光轴为垂直时,这个窗口是圆形的。 When the optical axis is vertical, the window is circular.

图62显示了对于笔光轴的给定与倾斜有关的倾角e ,笔的尖(A点)、 笔的光轴(CE)、以及窗口视野(FH)之间的几何关系。 Figure 62 shows a given inclination angle e and associated pen tip (A point), the geometric relationship between the pen's optical axis (the CE), and the field of view window (FH) for the optical axis of the pen. 倾角被定义为从所述垂直沿顺时针为正。 Is defined as the angle from the vertical in a clockwise is positive. 下列等式适用于正倾角和负倾角两者。 The following equation applies to the positive and negative inclination angle of the two.

当笔没有被倾斜时,窗口直径(即I BD I )由等式12给出。 When the pen is not tilted, the diameter of the window (i.e., I BD I) is given by Equation 12.

当笔没有被倾斜时,如果笔尖到窗口的边的距离(即I AB I )为T,那么笔尖到窗口中心的距离(即I AC I )S由等式13给出。 When the pen is not tilted, the edge window if the distance to the tip (i.e., I AB I) is T, then the distance from the nib to the center of the window (i.e. I AC I) S is given by Equation 13.

当笔的倾角为9时,沿光轴从视点到表面的距离被减小到d(艮叫GE I ),由等式14给出。 When the inclination angle of the pen 9 is, along the optical axis from the surface to the viewpoint distance is reduced to D (Burgundy called GE I), is given by Equation 14.

所述窗口的宽度(即I FH I )随后由等式15给出。 Width (i.e. I FH I) of the window is then given by Equation 15.

D和a必须被选择以使在全部被支持的倾角范围内足够大的区域被成像。 And a D must be selected so that in the entire range of tilt angles supported area large enough to be imaged. 所述区域所需的最小直径m由等式4给出,而实际成像区域的宽度由等式15给出。 The minimum diameter of the desired region is given by Equation 4 m, and the width of the actual image area is given by Equation 15. 这随后给出等式16。 This then gives Equation 16.

一旦D和a被确定,必须选择图像传感器分辨率以使成像区域被足够地采样,即,最大特征频率以奈奎斯特速率或更高而被采样。 Once D and a are determined, the resolution of the image sensor must be selected so that the imaging area is sampled sufficiently, i.e., wherein the maximum frequency or higher at the Nyquist rate is sampled.

成像时,表面的比例随着从所述视点的距离的增加以及随着相对于观测光线的倾斜度的增加而减小。 When imaging, the ratio of the surface with increasing distance from the viewpoint with respect to increases and as the inclination of the observation light is reduced. 对于正倾角,这两个因子的影响在点F For a positive angle, the impact of these two factors at point F

83达到最大;对于负倾角,它们的影响在点H达到最大,也就是说,在窗口中距视点最远的点处。 83 maximum; for negative rake angle, the influence thereof is maximized at point H, that is, in the window at the point furthest away from the viewpoint. 需要注意的是,当倾角为负时,下列讨论中对F的 Note that, when the inclination is negative, the following discussion of the F

参考应用到H。 Reference Application to H.

点F到视点的距离(即I EF I )由等式17给出。 From the view point F to point (i.e. I EF I) is given by equation 17.

因相关于通过F(EF)的观测光线的表面的倾斜导致的縮放由等式18 给出。 Due to the inclined surface in relation to the observation by light F (EF) is caused by a scaling equation given 18.

如果表面的特征频率为f,那么因两个因子导致的在F的角形表面特征频率co (即相对于视野)由等式19给出。 If the surface characteristic frequency is f, characterized in that the angled surface F due to the two factors of the frequency co (i.e., with respect to the field of view) given by equation 19.

当没有物面倾角时(S卩9=0),这变为等式20。 When there is no object plane tilt (S Jie 9 = 0), it becomes Equation 20.

通过定义,图像传感器必须至少对整个角形视野成像。 By definition, you must be at least the image sensor to image the entire angular field of view. 由于图像传感器的像素密度是均匀的,因此它必须以最高频率对整个视野成像。 Since the pixel density of the image sensor is uniform, it must image the entire field of view at the highest frequency. 假设角形视野在2a '的图像空间中,相关于光轴的图像传感器倾角(即图像平面倾角)为6 ',采样率为n(其中根据奈奎斯特定理,n>2),最小图像传感器分辨率q由等式21和等式22给出。 Suppose angular field of view 2a 'image space, the image sensor angle (i.e., inclination of image plane) in relation to the optical axis is 6', the sampling rate n (wherein according to the Nyquist theorem, n> 2), the minimum image sensor resolution q given by equation 21 and equation 22.

等式22中的分子的余弦平方项从与等式19的分母的余弦平方项的相同推理而得到。 Cosine squared term in the numerator in Equation 22 is obtained from the same reasoning and cosine squared term in Equation 19 denominator.

当没有图像平面倾角(即9 ' =0),并且像空间和物空间的角形视野相等(即a' = a),这变化归纳到等式23和等式24。 When no image plane tilt (i.e., 9 '= 0), and image view space and object space angular equal (i.e. a' = a), which changes grouped into Equation 23 and Equation 24.

当没有物面倾角时(即9=0),这进一步变化为等式25。 When there is no object plane tilt (i.e., 9 = 0), which is further changed to equation 25.

当像面倾角和物面倾角相等(即e' = e ),且像空间和物空间的角形 When the inclination angle is equal to the image plane and the object plane tilt (i.e., e '= e), and the image space and object space angular

视野相等(即a , = a ),等式22变为等式26。 Field of view are equal (i.e. a, = a), Equation 22 becomes Equation 26.

因此,与固定为O的图像传感器倾角相比,使像平面倾角与物平面倾角匹配因此产生较小的所需的图像传感器尺寸,并且从捕获图像消除透视畸变。 Thus, as compared with the fixed image sensor inclination O of the image plane and object plane inclination matching inclination thus producing a smaller size required for the image sensor, and eliminates perspective distortion from the captured image. 但是,在实际中,可变图像传感器倾角是相对昂贵的选项,而且要求较大的景深。 However, in practice, the variable angle image sensor is a relatively expensive option, and requires a large depth of field.

图63显示对于所述笔的光轴的给定的滚动-相关的倾角e ,笔的尖(点A)、笔的光轴(CE)、以及视野窗口(FH)之间的几何关系。 Figure 63 shows the optical axis of the pen for a given rolling - related angle e, the pen tip (point A), the geometric relationship between the pen's optical axis (CE), and the field of view window (FH). 所述倾角仍被 The angle of inclination is still

84定义为从所述垂直顺时针为正。 84 is defined as positive clockwise from the vertical. 除公式13外,上述公式同等地应用到滚动产生的倾角。 Equation 13 In addition, the above formula apply equally to rolling angle generated. 对于因滚动而产生的倾角,笔尖与窗口中心的距离S(即I AC I )为0,而不是由等式13确定。 For the rolling angle generated by the pen tip from the center of the window S (i.e. I AC I) is 0, it is determined by the equation 13 instead.

对于因倾斜导致的倾角,通过选择具有相同图像传感器要求的最小(负)倾角和最大(正)倾角,所述倾角范围的大小被最大化。 Inclination angle due to the inclination caused by selecting the minimum (negative) and a maximum angle of inclination (positive) angle sensors require the same image, the size of the inclination angle range is maximized. 因为对于倾斜导致的倾角,所述表面对于负倾角比对于同样大小的正倾角要远,所述最小值具有比所述最大值小的数量。 Because the inclination angle due to the inclination of the surface for positive than for negative tilt angle is much the same size, having a minimum value less than said maximum number. 对于因滚动导致的倾角,它们具有相同的大小。 For the dip caused by the rolling, they have the same size.

如上所述,标签4的最小特征是编码数据位的结构,并且这些结构具有8个点的最小直径。 As described above, the smallest feature tag 4 is the structure of coded data bits, and these structures have a minimum diameter of 8 points. 这给出了在1600dpi处每mm大约7.9的最大特征频率f。 This feature gives the maximum frequency of about 7.9 per mm at 1600dpi f.

如根据上述等式4的计算,在连续标签行之间没有重叠的256点直径标签的等边三角形平铺要求表面上的最小视野窗口直径至少为598点,或在1600 dpi为大约9.5mm。 As the calculation of the above equation 4, between successive label line 256 does not overlap the diameter of an equilateral triangle tag field of view requires a minimum window tiling on a surface of a diameter of at least 598 points, or 1600 dpi is approximately 9.5mm.

大多数人以大约+30。 Most people at about +30. 倾斜和0。 Tilt and 0. 滚动握笔。 Scroll hold a pen. 在所述表面超过大约+50° 倾斜时(即从所述水平的40。),圆珠笔尖的出墨珠(inking ball)失去与所述表面的有效接触。 When the surface is inclined more than about + 50 ° (i.e., from the level 40.), the ballpoint pen tip of the beading (inking ball) loses contact with the active surface. 合理的目标倾斜范围因此为-10°到+50°,并且合理的滚动范围为-30°到+30°,应当记住的是,对倾斜和滚动的组合的较高的限制如等式ll给出。 Thus a reasonable target tilting range of -10 ° to + 50 °, and the rolling reasonable range of -30 ° to + 30 °, it should be remembered that the higher limit of the inclination and roll combination as in Equation ll given.

高度紧凑的(1.5 mm2)Matsushita CCD图像传感器(Matsushita电子公司,并且被描述在Itakura, KTNobusada, NOkusenya, RNagayoshi禾口M Ozaki的论文"A lmm 50k-Pixel IT CCD Image Sensor for Miniature Camera System "IEEE Transactions on Electronic Devices, Volt 47,number 1, January 2000)适合于用在紧凑设备如笔中。 Highly compact (1.5 mm2) Matsushita CCD image sensor (Matsushita Electronic Corporation, and is described in "System A lmm 50k-Pixel IT CCD Image Sensor for Miniature Camera" IEEE Transactions on Itakura, KTNobusada, NOkusenya, RNagayoshi Wo mouth M Ozaki paper on Electronic devices, Volt 47, number 1, January 2000) suitable for use in a compact device such as a pen. 其具有大约215X215像素的可用分辨率。 Having about 215X215 pixel resolution available. 假设相等的像和物空间角形视野,没有像平面倾角,且笔到窗口的距离T为4mm,使用等式16和等式24最佳化所述几何形状以实现所需的上述倾斜和滚动范围,产生具有视距D为30mm,角形视野为18.8。 As was assumed to be equal angular space and a field of view, no image plane tilt angle, and the distance to the pen window T is 4mm, optimizing the use of Equation 16 and Equation 24 geometries to achieve the desired range of the pitch and roll , having a line of sight to produce D is 30mm, the angular field of view is 18.8. (a = 9.4°) (A = 9.4 °)

85的-16。 85 -16. 至lJ+48。 To lJ + 48. (64。)的倾斜范围和-28。 (64.) and tilt range -28. 至IJ+28。 To IJ + 28. (56。)的滚动范围。 (56.) scrolling range. 可用的倾斜范围实际为-21°到+43。 Actually available tilt range -21 ° to +43. ,并且其通过把光轴相对于物理轴倾斜-5。 And which is inclined with respect to the optical axis by -5 physical axis. 被映射到接近所需的范围。 It is mapped to a range near the desired. 需要注意的是,通过最佳化像平面的非零倾角, 可以稍稍扩展倾角范围。 Note that, by optimizing the inclination of the image plane of the non-zero, angle range can be slightly extended.

因此,总的笔倾角限制在一个椭圆形圆锥内,其在倾斜平面中的优角为64。 Thus, the total angle limited within a pen elliptical cone angle of which preferably is in the inclined plane 64. 并且其在滚动平面中的劣角为56。 And which angle is inferior to the rolling plane 56. .

图像感测变量总结在表5中。 The image sensing variables are summarized in Table 5.

表5.图像感测变量 The image sensing variable table

<table>table see original document page 86</column></row> <table>8.3标签解码 <Table> table see original document page 86 </ column> </ row> <table> 8.3 decoded tag

8.3.1标签图像处理和解码 8.3.1 tag image processing and decoding

标签图像处理较早在1.2.4节中被描述。 Label image processing is described earlier in Section 1.2.4. 其在标签上的二维透视变换 In which the two dimensional transform on the label

以及解码的标签数据的知识方面达到顶点。 And a knowledge of tag data decoding reached its peak.

8.3.2推断笔变换 8.3.2 infer pen transform

如上所述, 一旦说明捕获的图像中的标签的透视畸变的二维透视变换被得到,相关于笔的光轴的对应的离散3D标签变换能够被推断,如下面8.4节所述。 As described above, once the two dimensional perspective transformation distortion of the captured image tag is obtained, corresponding to the optical axis of the pen in relation to discrete 3D tag transform can be inferred, as described in Section 8.4 below.

一旦离散3D标签变换被知道,可以推断对应的3D笔变换,g卩,笔的物理轴相关于所述表面的变换。 Once the transformation is a discrete 3D tag known, can be inferred that the corresponding 3D transformation pen, g Jie, the physical axis of the pen in relation to the surface of the conversion. 笔的物理轴是嵌入在笔的形状内的轴, 并且由笔的用户体验。 Physical axis of the pen shaft is fitted in the shape of a pen, and the pen by the user experience. 其通过所述尖。 By the tip. 物理轴和光轴之间的关系在图64 中示出。 The relationship between the physical axis and the optical axis 64 shown in FIG.

定义三个坐标空间是方便的。 Defines three coordinate space is convenient. 在传感器空间中,与Z轴以及所述视点重合的所述光轴位于原点。 In the sensor space, and the Z axis coincides with the optical axis of the viewpoint at the origin. 在笔空间中,与Z轴和所述尖重合的物理轴位于原点。 Pen space, and the physical and Z axes coincident at the origin of the tip. 在标签空间中,标签4位于xy平面内,其中心在所述原点。 Space in the label, the label 4 in the xy plane, in which the center of origin. 标签变换把标签4从标签空间变换到传感器空间。 Converting the tag from the tag label 4 transform space to the sensor space.

传感器空间在图64中示出。 Sensor space 64 is shown in FIG. 在图64中点的标注与图62的标注一致。 FIG consistent labeling midpoint 64 denoted in FIG. 62. 视点在E,感测点在G,并且尖在A。 Viewpoint E, the sensing point G, and the tip A. 光轴和表面之间的交点G称为感测点。 G intersection between the optical axis and the surface is called the sensing point. 与图62中所示笔尖被视为点的几何形状大不相同,这里所述尖被视为小球。 The pen tip shown in Figure 62 is considered very different geometry of the point where the tip is considered pellets. 如果尖是弯曲的,那么物理轴的倾角会影响感测点与笔尖和表面之间的接触点之间的偏移。 If the tip is curved, then the offset between the contact point between the sensing points and angles on the tip and the surface of the shaft may physically. 所述物理轴围绕其枢转的所述球状尖的中心点K The physical axis of the spherical tip about its pivot center point K

被称为枢转点。 It is referred to as the pivot point.

当光轴为垂直时,所述尖在A点与表面进行标称的接触。 When the optical axis is perpendicular to the contact tip at the point A to the nominal surface. KA定义为与光轴平行。 KA is defined to be parallel to the optical axis. 但是,当笔被倾斜时,接触在点L,如图65中所示。 However, when the pen is tilted, a contact point L, 65 as shown in FIG. 假设尖的半径为R,那么枢转点K与所述表面的距离,例如在A或L,始终为R。 Suppose tip radius R, then the distance from the pivot point K to the surface of, for example, A or L, always R.

离散标签变换包括所述标签中心从所述感测点的平移(translation)、3D标签旋转、以及所述感测点从所述视点的平移。 Discrete transform comprises the tag label central translation (Translation) from the sensing point, 3D tag rotation, and the sensing point from the viewpoint translation.

在离散标签变换中,假设所述感测点从视点的平移为d,并且根据等式14,所述感测点由等式27给出。 In the discrete tag transform, assuming that the translation from the viewpoint sensing point is d, and according to the equation 14, the sensing point is given by Equation 27.

由于物理轴只与光轴相差y平移和X旋转(即倾斜),所以物理轴位于yz平面内。 Because of the physical difference between the optical axis and y-axis only translation and rotation of X (i.e. inclined), the physical axes lie in the plane yz. 请参考图64,其中I AC I -S和I EC I ^D(与图62相同)。 Please refer to FIG. 64, where ^ (same as FIG. 62) I AC I -S and I EC I D. 很明显,在传感器空间内,所述枢转点的位置由等式28给出。 Obviously, in the sensor space, the location of the pivot point is given by equation 28.

因此,从感测点到枢转点的矢量由等式29给出。 Thus, from the sense point to the pivot point of the vector is given by equation 29.

从枢转点到接触点的矢量定义为长度R的表面法线(surfacenormal)。 Vector is defined from the pivot point to the contact point of the length R of the surface normal (surfacenormal). 其通过对标签空间表面法线施加3D标签旋转M,对结果进行标准化,并且以R縮放而被建立,如等式30和等式31中所示。 3D tag rotation by applying to the surface normal label space M, the results were normalized and scaled to be established R, as in Equation 30 and Equation 31 shown in FIG.

从感测点到接触点的所述矢量随后根据等式32得出。 From the sense point to the contact point of the vector is then derived according to Equation 32.

根据等式33,该矢量通过施加逆向标签变换3D旋转被变换到标签空间中,并且随后被添加到从标签中心到感测点的所述矢量,以产生标签空间中(即表面上)从标签中心到接触点的矢量。 According to Equation 33, by applying the inverse vector transform 3D tag label space is transformed into rotation, and is then added to the vector from the tag center to the sensing point to produce (i.e., upper surface) of the label from the label space vector center to the contact point.

其最后被添加到如由其标签ID所暗示的标签的绝对位置,以在打标签的区域内产生所述尖的所需绝对位置:见等式34。 Finally, it is added to the absolute position of the tag ID as its label implies, to produce the desired absolute position of the tip within the tagger region: see equation 34.

最后的步骤是从标签的3D取向推断笔的3D取向。 The last step is inferred from the 3D orientation of the pen tag 3D orientation. 笔的离散旋转简单地是标签的离散旋转的逆,笔的倾斜也包括光轴相关于笔轴的倾斜(4) w》效果,如等式35、等式36和等式37中所定义的。 Discrete rotational pen is simply the inverse discrete rotational tag, tilt of the pen also includes an optical axis is inclined in relation to the pen shaft (4) w "results, as shown in Equation 35, Equation 36 and Equation 37 defined . 8.4推断标签变换 8.4 inference tag transform

由图像传感器捕获的标签4的图像包含由图像传感器相关于标签的位置和取向所产生的透视畸变。 The image captured by the image sensor 4 comprises a tag associated position and orientation of the label by the image sensor of the generated perspective distortion. 一旦标签的透视目标在像空间中被发现, 基于求解将四个标签空间与像空间点对相联系到很好理解的方程,八自由度的透视变换被推断。 Once the target is a perspective view of the label found in the image space, the four tag-based solution to the space and the image space points to the associated equations is well understood, the perspective transformation is inferred eight degrees of freedom. 产生标签的像的离散变换步骤以符号方式连接起来,并且通过使在连接变换和透视变换中对应的项相等可以获得一组联立的非线性方程。 The step of generating tag discrete transform image at a symbol connected together, and by making the term of nonlinear equations can be obtained is equal to a corresponding set of simultaneous transformation and perspective transformation in connection. 对这些方程进行求解产生所述离散变换步骤,其中包含所需的从所述尖的标签偏移、3D标签旋转、以及从所述表面的视点 These equations were solved step of generating said discrete transform, which contains the desired offset from the tip of the label, the label 3D rotation, and from the viewpoint of surface

88偏移。 88 offset.

8.4.1对标签变换建模 8.4.1 Modeling label conversion

标签4从标签空间到像空间的变换可以模型化为下列变换步骤的连 4 from the tag label transform space to the image space may be modeled as the following transformation step even

接: Contact:

• xy平移(通过标签到视点的偏移) • xy translation (through the label to shift the viewpoint)

• z旋转(通过标签偏转) • z rotation (deflection by tag)

• x旋转(通过标签倾斜) • x rotation (tilt by tag)

• y旋转(通过标签滚动) • y rotation (rolling by tag)

• z平移(通过标签到视点的偏移) • z translation (through the label to shift the viewpoint)

• 透视投影(采用特定的焦距) • perspective projection (the use of specific focal length)

• xy縮放(到视口大小) 这些以符号方式被连接以产生影响标签变换的单个变换矩阵。 • xy scale (the viewport size) which are connected in a manner to influence the tag symbol converting single transformation matrix. 表7中总 Table 7 Total

结了用于下列部分的离散变换变量以及每个变量的范围。 Knot discrete transform variable and used for the following portion of the range of each variable.

表7.离散变换变量和它们的范围 Table 7. discrete transform variables and scope thereof

體 縮写 意义 单位变换 范围 Body Abbreviation Meaning Unit conversion range

Y - 偏转 0 0《Y《2 h Y - deflecting 0 0 "Y" 2 h

o - 倾斜 0 -:n /2< 4> <兀/2 o - inclination 0 -: n / 2 <4> <Wu / 2

- 滚动 0 -ji /斗< ij; < ji /斗 - Scroll 0 -ji / bucket <ij; <ji / Bucket

A 标签到视点的x偏移 0 - A tag to the viewpoint of the offset x 0 -

ty B 标签到视点的y偏移 0 - ty B y offset of the label to the viewpoint 0 -

COS Y C 偏转的余弦 1 COS Y C 1 deflected cosine

sin Y D 偏转的正弦 0 sin Y D sinusoidal deflection 0

cos① E 倾斜的余弦 1 0<E《1 cos① E inclined cosine 1 0 <E "1

F 倾斜的正弦 0 -1<F<1 F inclined sinusoidal 0 -1 <F <1

89滚动的余弦 1 0<G《1 Cosine roll 89 1 0 <G "1

sinW H 滚动的正弦 0 -1<H<1 sinW H rolling sinusoidal 0 -1 <H <1

tz I 标签到视点的z偏移 - I<0 tz I tag to shift the viewpoint z - I <0

1 /入 焦距的倒数 - J>0 Reciprocal 1 / focal length of the - J> 0

S - 视区比例 - S>0 S - viewport ratio - S> 0

在xy平面中根据等式42平移tx和ty(其中A=tx以及B—》。 根据等式43(其中dos( Y )以及D峭n( Y ))绕z旋转Y ,给出等式44。 根据等式45(其中E^os(05)以及F-sin(O》绕x旋转O,给出等式46。 根据等式47(其中G^os(W)以及H—n(W》绕y旋转W,给出等式48,其 Z in the xy plane about the rotated Y according to equation 43 (where DOS (Y) n-steep and D (Y)) in accordance with equation translation tx and TY 42 (where A = tx and B- "., Given in equation 44 according to equation 45 (where E ^ os (05), and F-sin (O "rotation about the x-O, is given in equation 46. The equation 47 (wherein G ^ os (W) and H-n (W" rotation about the y-W, given by equation 48, which

中K和L由等式49和等式50确定。 K and L are determined by Equation 49 and Equation 50.

根据等式51(其中I—J沿z平移t"给出等式52。 According to Equation 51 (wherein z translation along I-J t "given by Equation 52.

根据等式53(其中戶l/人)以焦距入和在zO处的投影平面透视投影,给出等式54。 The projection perspective projection plane equation 53 (where p l / person) and the focal length at the zO, Equation 54 is given.

根据等式55以S縮放到视口(viewport),给出等式56。 According to Equation 55 S zoom viewport (viewport), Equation 56 is given. 根据等式57变换在xy平面(^0)中的点,给出等式58。 According to Equation 57 converted in the xy plane (^ 0) of the point, Equation 58 is given. 最后,扩展K和L,给出等式59。 Finally, the extended K and L, the equation 59 is given. 8.4.2 2D透视变换 8.4.2 2D perspective transform

假设所推断的8个自由度的2D透视变换矩阵如等式60中所定义的,乘以一个未知的i以获得通常的9个自由度形式的矩阵,如等式61中所示。 Assuming an inferred eight degrees of freedom of the 2D perspective transform matrix as shown in Equation 60 defined, i multiplied by an unknown matrix 9 is usually obtained in the form of degrees of freedom, as shown in Equation 61.

根据等式62变换2D点,给出等式63。 2D point conversion according to Equation 62, Equation 63 is given. 8.4.3推断标签变换8.4.3.1配平系数 8.4.3 inferred tag trim transform coefficients

使用等式63中的系数配平等式59中的系数产生等式64到等式72,它们是带有1 l个未知中的9个非线性方程。 Coefficients using equation 63 with coefficients equal formula 59 in Equation 64 to Equation 72 is generated, which is the 9 unknown nonlinear equations with a 1 l.

这些等式如由与角的正弦和余弦(即偏转、倾斜和滚动中任意一个的正弦和余弦)相关的三角恒等式(trigonometric identity)的要求被扩充,如等式73中所示。 These equations as indicated by the sine and cosine of the angle (i.e., yaw, pitch and roll of any one of the sine and cosine) associated trigonometric identities (trigonometric identity) required to be expanded, as shown in Equation 73.

给定角的正弦和余弦后,使用如等式74中所示的两个变量的反正切可以获得对应的角。 After a fixed angle of sine and cosine, using the two variables as shown in equation 74 can be obtained in a corresponding arctangent angle.

8. 4. 3. 2求解XY偏移 8. 4. XY offset Solution 3.2

使用等式64和等式65可以把等式66简化而给出等式75和随后的等式76。 Using Equation 64 and Equation 65 can be simplified to Equation 66 is given in equation 75 and equation 76 subsequently.

使用等式67和等式68可以把等式69简化而给出等式77和随后的等式78。 Using Equation 67 and Equation 68 can be simplified to Equation 69 is given in equation 77 and equation 78 subsequently.

使用等式70和等式71可以简化等式72以给出等式79和随后的等式80。 Using Equation 70 and Equation 71 can be simplified to give Equation 72 Equation 79 Equation 80 and subsequent. 等式76可以重写为等式81,等式78可以重写为等式82。 Equation 76 can be rewritten as Equation 81, Equation 78 can be rewritten as Equation 82. 对等式81和等式82配平(equate)并求解B产生等式83到等式85,并且最 Equation 81 and Equation 82 of trim (the equate) and solving the equation 83 to equation generating B 85, ​​and most

终产生限定B的等式86。 Generating a final equation defined B 86.

把B的值代入等式82并简化产生等式87到等式90,并且最终产生限定A The B value is substituted into equation 82 and equation 87 simplifies to equation 90 is generated, and ultimately produce defining A

的等式91。 Equation 91.

这给出了标签4距视点的xy偏移,原因是A^x, B=ty。 This gives the tag 4 from the viewpoint of the xy offset, because the A ^ x, B = ty. 8. 4. 3. 3求解倾斜 Solution 4 3.3 8. inclined

从等式68中可获得等式92。 Equation 92 is obtained from equation 68.

从等式67中可获得等式93。 Obtained from the equation equation 6793.

从等式64、等式92和等式93可获得等式94。 From Equation 64, Equation 92 and Equation 93 Equation 94 is obtained.

从等式65、等式92和等式93可获得等式95。 From Equation 65, Equation 92 and Equation 93 Equation 95 is obtained.

从等式70、等式92和等式93可获得等式96。 From Equation 70, Equation 92 and Equation 93 Equation 96 is obtained.

从等式71、等式92和等式93可获得等式97。 From Equation 71, Equation 92 and Equation 93 Equation 97 is obtained.

从等式94可获得等式98。 From Equation 94 Equation 98 is obtained.

从等式95可获得等式99。 Equation 95 is obtained from Equation 99.

从等式96可获得等式100。 Equation 100 can be obtained from equation 96.

从等式97可获得等式101。 101 can be obtained from Equation 97 Equation.

从等式98和等式99可获得等式102和随后的等式103。 From Equation 98 and Equation 102 and Equation 99 is obtained subsequent equations 103.

91从等式100和等式101可获得等式104和随后的等式105。 91105 from Equation 100 and Equation 104 and Equation 101 obtained subsequent equations. 从等式103和等式105可获得等式106和随后的等式107。 From Equation 103 and Equation 106 and Equation 105 obtained 107 subsequent equations. 如果G和H都是非零的,等式107只有有效的基础。 If G and H are non-zero, the equation 107 only effective basis. 由于|叫< :n / 2, 因此滚动的余弦(G)始终为正值,并且因此为非零。 Since | called <: n / 2, thus rolling cosine (G) is always positive, and therefore non-zero. 如果滚动为非零,那么滚动的正弦(H)仅为非零。 If scrolling is non-zero, then scroll sine (H) only non-zero. 用于零倾斜和滚动的特殊处理描述在第6. 7. 3. 10 节中。 Special handling for zero pitch and roll are described in section 6. Section 7. 3.10 in.

根据等式108,这因此给出所述倾斜的正弦的大小,由于F^in(小),并且从而所述倾斜的余弦(E)由等式73给出。 According to equation 108, which thus gives the magnitude of the sine of the inclination, since F ^ in (small), and thus the cosine of the inclination (E) is given by Equation 73.

由于|叫< Jt /2,倾斜的余弦(E)始终为正,因此,在取平方根时没有不确定性。 Because | called <Jt / 2, tilt cosine (E) is always positive, so there is no uncertainty at the time of taking the square root. 但是,正弦(F)的符号必须由其它方法确定,如第6. 7. 3. 9节所述。 However, a sinusoidal symbol (F) must be determined by other methods as described in Section 6. 7. 3.9.

根据等式109,给定E和F后,随后获得所述倾斜。 According to equation 109, Given E and F., The then obtained inclination. 8. 4. 3. 4求解滚动 8. 4. Scroll 3.4 Solution

从等式103可获得等式110。 110 103 can be obtained from Equation Eq. 从等式73可获得等式111和随后的等式112。 112 obtained from Equation 73 Equation 111 and subsequent equations.

根据等式1B,这因此给出了滚动的正弦的大小,因为HNsin(v),并且从而滚动的余弦(G)可由等式73给出。 According to the equation. IB, which thus gives a rolling sinusoidal size because HNsin (v), and rolling to give the cosine (G) by the equation 73.

由于|"< at /4,滚动的余弦(G)始终为正值,因此在取平方根时没有不确定性。但是,正弦(H)的符号必须由其它方法确定,如第6. 7. 3. 9节所述。 Since | "<at / 4, rolling cosine (G) is always positive, so there is no uncertainty, but when taking the square root, sine symbol (H) must be determined by other methods, such as the 6. 7.3. section 9 of the.

给定了G和H,根据等式114随后获得所述滚动。 Given the G and H, the rolling according to the equation is then obtained 114. 8. 4. 3. 5求解偏转 8. 4. Solution 3.5 deflection

从等式73、等式92和等式93,可获得等式115和随后的等式116。 From Equation 73, Equation 92 and Equation 93, Equation obtained 116 115 and subsequent equations. 从等式92和等式116,可获得等式117和随后的等式118。 From Equation 92 and Equation 116, Equation 117, and obtained the following equation 118. 从等式92和等式116,可获得等式119和随后的等式120。 From Equation 92 and Equation 116, Equation 119, and obtained the following equation 120. 在等式116、以及等式118和等式120中,平方根的符号由可从等式80 的确定的i的符号确定,给出等式121。 In Equation 116 and Equation 118 and Equation 120, the square root is determined by the sign of the symbol may be determined from Equation 80 i given equation 121. 由于,I(tz)为负,J(l/入)为正,并且IJ〈-l(因为ig〉 A),等式122保持。 Since, I (tz) is negative, J (l / in) is positive, and IJ <-l (since ig> A), the equation 122 remains.

给定C和D,根据等式123可以随后获得偏转。 Given C and D, then obtained according to equation 123 may deflect. 8. 4. 3. 6求解视口比例 8. 4. Solving the viewport scale 3.6

根据定义,偏转的余弦(C)和正弦(D)永远不会同时为O。 By definition, the deflection cosine (C) and sine (D) never simultaneously O. 由于倾斜的余弦(E)始终不为O,那么始终可以采用等式67或等式68确定视口比例(S)。 Since the cosine of the inclination (E) is not always is O, then always be used in Equation 67 or Equation 68 to determine the viewport scale (S).

如果D为非零,那么可从等式67得到等式124。 If D is non-zero, then the equation can be obtained from Equation 67 124.

否则,如果C为非O,那么可以从等式68获得等式125。 Otherwise, if the non-C O, then Equation 125 can be obtained from equation 68. 8. 4. 3. 7求解焦距 8. 4. Solution focal 3.7

类似地,由于滚动的余弦(G)永远不为O,所以只要倾斜或滚动为非零, 就可以使用等式70或等式71来确定焦距的倒数(J)。 Similarly, due to the rolling of the cosine (G) never is O, so long as the non-zero tilt or rolling, it can use Equation 70 or Equation 71 to determine the reciprocal of focal length (J). 但是,倾斜和滚动的正弦的符号(F和H)可能是未知的。 However, pitch and roll of sinusoidal symbols (F and H) may be unknown. 但是所述倾斜和滚动的正弦的积(FH)的符号由等式103给出,如等式126中所示。 However, the sinusoidal pitch and roll product (FH) is given by Equation symbols 103, as shown in equation 126.

所述符号可被任意地分配到F,因为J的符号被已知为先验的。 The symbol can be arbitrarily assigned to F, since the symbols are known as J priori. 如果gi 为非,那么可以从等式70获得等式127。 If non-gi, it may be obtained from Equation 70 Equation 127.

如果hi为非零,那么可以从等式71获得等式128。 If hi is non-zero, then the equation 128 can be obtained from equation 71.

在实际情况下,等式127和等式128之间的选择是基于gi和hi的哪个具有较大的量。 In reality, the selection between equations 127 and 128 are based on the equation gi and hi which has a larger amount. 如果gi和hi两者都为O,即如果倾斜和滚动都为O,那么焦距的倒数是未知的。 If both gi and hi are O, that is, if the pitch and roll are O, then the reciprocal of the focal length is unknown. 8. 4. 3. 8求解z偏移 8. 4. Solution 3.8 z offset

一旦焦距的倒数(J)为己知,根据等式129,可以从等式80获得z偏移(1)。 Once the reciprocal of focal length (J) is known, according to equation 129, z offset may be obtained (1) from Equation 80.

此外,如果焦距的倒数(J)是未知的,即如果倾斜和滚动两者都为O,那么z偏移(I)是未知的。 Further, if the reciprocal of focal length (J) is unknown, i.e., if both the pitch and roll is O, then z offset (I) are unknown. 8. 4. 3. 9确定倾斜和滚动的方向 8. 4. 3.9 to determine the direction of the pitch and roll

倾斜和滚动的正弦的积(FH)的符号由等式126给出。 Sinusoidal pitch and roll product (FH) is given by equation 126 symbols. 由于-k / 4< V it /4, +it /4的滚动调整可以被引入以保证所述滚动始终为正,而不会使任何其它假设无效。 Since -k / 4 <V it / 4, + roll adjustment it / 4 may be introduced to ensure that the rolling is always positive, without causing any other assumptions invalid. 一旦所述滚动调整被引入,等式126单独给出所述倾斜的 Once the roll adjustment is introduced, a separate equation is given the slanted 126

93正弦(F)的符号。 93 sine (F) symbol.

滚动调整被引入如下。 Scroll adjustment is introduced as follows. 视口比例(S)、焦距的倒数(J)、以及Z偏移(I)都 Viewport scale (S), the reciprocal of the focal length (J), and Z offset (I) are

如所述而计算。 As calculated. 3D变换矩阵是从2D透视变换矩阵产生的。 3D 2D perspective transform matrix from the transform matrix is ​​generated. 按相反顺序把视口比例的倒数、焦距投影和z平移应用到3D矩阵。 In reverse order of the reciprocal of the ratio of the viewport, the focal length of the projection and z translation applied to 3D matrix. 然后,通过在该矩阵上预乘(pre-multiplying)—个k / 4 y旋转矩阵而施加所述滚动调整。 Then, on the pre-multiplication matrix (pre-multiplying) - a k / 4 y rotation matrix is ​​applied to the roll adjustment. 滚动、倾斜和偏转被如所述而计算。 Roll, pitch and yaw are calculated as described. 由于滚动为正,倾斜的方向现在为已知的。 Since rolling is positive, the tilt direction is now known. 最后,所述n /4滚动调整被从所述滚动减去,以给出实际的滚动。 Finally, the n / 4 from the rolling roll adjustment is subtracted to give actual scrolling.

当滚动和倾斜两者都为O时,焦距和z偏移两者都如上所述是未知的。 When both roll and tilt is O, both the focal length and z offsets as described above are unknown. 但是在这种情况下没有必要调整滚动,因为倾斜和滚动为已知的。 But there is no need to adjust the scroll in this case, because the pitch and roll are known.处理零倾斜和零滚动 deal with zero tilt and zero rolling

当倾斜或滚动为O时,基于等式107的一般解决方法变为无效的。 When the inclination or roll is O, based on the general solution of Equation 107 becomes invalid. 图85中的表显示了等式64到等式71的12个退化形式,其为所述偏转不同地在O(或n)、 it /2(或3it /2)以及为非零,并且倾斜和滚动不同地为O和非零)时的结果。 FIG 85 Table 12 shows the degradation of form of the equation 64 to equation 71, which are deflected differently in the O (or n), it / 2 (or 3it / 2), and non-zero, and the tilt It is O and the results of non-zero) and rolling differently. 图86和87的表给出了用于检测和处理其中倾斜和/或滚动为O的情况所需要的逻辑,每个情况由出现在图85的表中的0激发。 Table 86 and FIG. 87 shows the process for detecting and wherein the tilt and / or roll where O is the logic required in each instance by the presence of excitation in the table of FIG. 85 0. 图85 的表中的各种情况标有图86和图87的表的情况号。 Table of FIG. 85 in a variety of situations where marked with numbers 86 and 87 of the table of FIG.

总结 to sum up

本发明已参考一个优选实施例和许多可选的特定实施例而被描述。 The present invention has been described with reference to one particular embodiment and that many alternative embodiments are described with preferred embodiments. 但是,熟悉相关领域的人将会理解,与本文中被具体描述的那些不同的许多其它实施例也将落在本发明的精神和范围内。 However, people familiar with the art will appreciate, will be within the spirit and scope of the invention are different from those of many other embodiments are specifically described herein falls. 因此,需要理解的是, 本发明并非旨在限制到本说明书(包括作为适当通过交叉参考所结合的文献)中所述的特定实施例。 Accordingly, it is understood that the present invention is not intended to limit the present specification (including as appropriate by cross-referencing the incorporated therein) in the specific embodiments. 本发明的范围只受所附的权利要求的限制。 The scope of the present invention is limited only by the appended claims.

Claims (24)

1.一种用于在相对于表面而定位或移动时产生取向数据的感测设备,该取向数据指示该感测设备相对于该表面的取向,该表面具有设置于其上的多个编码标签,每个编码标签包括取向轴、透视目标结构、旋转不变的环形目标结构以及编码数据区,该取向轴和该透视目标结构被相关配置以在被该感测设备感测时指示该取向,该感测设备包括: 壳体; 取向感测装置,配置为通过感测该编码标签的至少之一的取向轴和透视目标结构来产生该取向数据,该取向数据表示该壳体相对于该表面的偏转和倾斜中的至少一个,并且该取向感测装置被布置为通过感测该至少一个编码标签的该旋转不变的环形目标结构来感测该至少一个编码标签的取向轴和透视目标结构;以及通信装置,配置为把该取向数据传送给计算机系统以便知道该感测装置相对于该表面的取向。 1. A method for surface positioned with respect to generating or sensing device orientation data is moved, data indicative of the orientation of the sensing device relative to the orientation of the surface, the surface having disposed thereon a plurality of coded tag , each comprising a coded tag orientation axis, perspective view of the target structure, target structures annular rotation invariant and encoded data region, and the orientation axis of the target structure is a perspective view indicating the configuration, when measuring the orientation sensing apparatus, the sensing apparatus comprising: a housing; orientation sensing means configured to measure at least one of the orientation axis of the tag encoded by the sense and perspective target structures to generate the orientation data, data representing the orientation of the housing relative to the surface the deflection and tilting at least one, and the orientation sensing means is arranged to by sensing the rotation of the at least one coding invariant target tag annular sensing structure senses the orientation axis of the at least one coded tag and a perspective target structures ; and a communication device configured to transmit the orientation data to the computer system in order to know the orientation of the surface sensing device with respect to.
2. 如权利要求l所述的感测设备,其中该取向数据指示该外壳相对于该表面的滚动。 L sensing apparatus according to claim 2, wherein the data indicative of the orientation of the housing relative to the rolling surface.
3. 如权利要求l所述的感测设备,进一步包括用于在该感测设备相对于该表面移动时产生移动数据的运动感测装置,该通信装置配置为把该移动数据传送给该计算机系统。 3. The sensing apparatus according to claim l, further comprising a motion sensing device for generating movement data when the sensing device moves relative to the surface, the communication device configured to transmit the data to the mobile computer system.
4. 如权利要求3所述的感测设备,进一步包括区域标识感测装置,其配置为在该感测设备相对于该表面的区域而定位或移动时使用所感测的编码标签的至少一些的位置的预定信息来感测指示该区域的标识的区域标识数据,该通信装置被配置为把该区域标识数据传送给该计算机系 4. At least some of the sensing apparatus according to claim 3, further comprising a sensing region identification apparatus, which is configured to use the sensed coded tag when the sensing device relative to the surface area positioned or moved predetermined information indicating the position sensed area identification data identifying the region of the communication device is configured to transmit the identification data to the region-based computer
5. 如权利要求4所述的感测设备,其中该运动感测装置配置为使用该编码标签的至少一些来产生该移动数据。 5. A sensing apparatus according to claim 4, wherein the motion sensing means is configured to use at least some of the coded tag to generate the movement data.
6. 如权利要求5所述的感测设备,其中该编码标签还指示该区域的多个标签位置,该运动感测装置配置为根据该感测设备相对于至少一个所述标签位置的移动而产生该移动数据。 6. The sensing apparatus according to claim 5, wherein the coded label further indicates a plurality of tag positions in the region, the motion sensing device is configured to move to at least a position of the tag according to the sensing device relative to the generating the movement data.
7. 如权利要求6所述的感测设备,其中该运动感测装置配置为对于该感测设备相对于该至少一个标签位置的位置进行取样,从而产生该移动数据。 7. A sensing apparatus according to claim 6, wherein the motion sensing device is configured to perform sampling for the sensing device relative to the position of the at least one location tag to generate the movement data.
8. 如权利要求7所述的感测设备,进一歩包括控制器,其配置为从该至少一个标签位置估算该感测设备的尖端距离。 8. The sensing apparatus according to claim 7, into a ho includes a controller configured to estimate the sensing device from the at least one location tag tip distance.
9. 如权利要求8所述的感测设备,其中该通信装置配置为向该计算机系统发送距离数据,该距离数据指示该距离。 9. A sensing apparatus according to claim 8, wherein the communication device is configured to transmit distance data to the computer system, the distance data indicative of the distance.
10. 如权利要求8所述的感测设备,其中该运动感测装置配置为使用由该控制器估算的距离来求解比由该至少一个标签位置独自指示的更为准确的感测设备位置。 10. The sensing apparatus according to claim 8, wherein the motion sensing apparatus is configured using the distance estimated by the controller to solve more accurate than the position of the sensing device by the at least one position indication label alone.
11. 如权利要求3所述的感测设备,其中该运动感测装置包括至少一个加速度感测装置,该加速度感测装置配置为在该感测设备相对于该表面区域而移动时通过跟踪所感测的编码标签来感测其加速度,该运动感测装置配置为通过定期对加速度取样来产生该移动数据。 11. The sensing apparatus according to claim 3, wherein the motion sensing means comprises at least one acceleration sensing means, the acceleration sensing device configured to track when the sensing device is moved relative to the surface area sensed measured its coded tag to sense acceleration, the motion sensing means configured to generate periodically sampling the acceleration of the movement data.
12. 如权利要求ll所述的感测设备,其中该加速度感测装置配置为感测至少两个基本正交的加速度分量。 12. The sensing apparatus of claim ll wherein the sensing acceleration sensing means arranged to sense at least two substantially orthogonal components of acceleration claim.
13. 如权利要求4所述的感测设备,进一步包括计时器装置,其配置为当该感测设备相对于该表面区域移动时产生时间戳。 13. The sensing apparatus according to claim 4, further comprising a timer means, configured to generate a time stamp when the sensing device moves relative to the surface area.
14. 如权利要求13所述的感测设备,其中该通信装置配置为向该计算机系统发送时间数据,该时间数据表示如该计时器装置产生的移动数据的时间戳。 14. The sensing apparatus according to claim 13, wherein the communication device is configured to send the time data to the computer system, the data representing the time stamp as the movement data generated by the timer means.
15. 如权利要求lBff述的感测设备,其中该通信装置是无线通信装置。 15. The sensing apparatus of claim lBff described, wherein the communication device is a wireless communication device.
16. 如权利要求l所述的感测设备,进一步包括力感测装置,其配置为感测由该感测设备施加到该表面的力。 16. The sensing apparatus according to claim l, further comprising a force sensing device, which is configured to sense a force exerted by the surface to the sensing device.
17. 如权利要求16所述的感测设备,其中该通信装置配置为向该计算机系统传送力数据,该力数据指示该力。 17. The sensing apparatus according to claim 16, wherein the communication device is configured to transmit force data to the computer system, the data indicates that the force of the force.
18. 如权利要求16所述的感测设备,进一步包括笔划检测装置,其配置为通过该力来检测该感测设备何时施加到该表面和从该表面离开,从而确定该感测设备向表面施加的笔划的持续时间。 18. The sensing apparatus according to claim 16, further comprising a stroke detecting means configured to detect when the sensing device is applied to the surface and away from the surface by the force to the sensing device to determine applied to the surface of the duration of the stroke.
19. 如权利要求4、 5或11所述的感测设备,进一步包括用于标记该表面的标记尖端。 19. The sensing device 4, or 5 according to claim 11, further comprising a marking tip for marking the surface.
20. 如权利要求19所述的感测设备,其中该感测设备是触针或笔的形式。 Sensing apparatus according to claim 20. 19, wherein the sensing device is in the form of a stylus or pen.
21. 如权利要求l所述的感测设备,其中该编码标签对于肉眼是基本不可见的。 L sensing apparatus according to claim 21, wherein the coding tag is substantially invisible to the naked eye of.
22. 如权利要求21所述的感测设备,其中该编码标签是使用红外墨打印的,该感测设备对红外光谱有响应。 22. The sensing apparatus according to claim 21, wherein the tag is encoded using infrared ink printing, the sensing device responsive to infrared spectroscopy.
23. 如权利要求6所述的感测设备,其中每个编码标签指示该标签所在区域的标识以及该区域中的标签位置,该区域与该表面相关联,该标签位置指示该标签在该区域内的位置。 23. The sensing apparatus according to claim 6, wherein each of the coding region of the tag label indicating the position of the identification tag is located in the region and the region of the surface associated with the tag indicates the location of the tag in the region location within.
24. 如权利要求l所述的感测设备,其中该取向感测装置配置为从该编码标签的至少一些的透视畸变来推断该取向。 L sensing apparatus according to claim 24, wherein the orientation sensing apparatus is configured to at least some of the perspective distortion of the tag to infer the coding orientation.
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CN2007101952505A CN101187839B (en) 1999-05-25 2001-11-26 Sensing apparatus for interacting with code tag for produce orientation data

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