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The present invention relates to a coal-cutting machine which can be traveled and can be turned. Said coal-cutting machine can be used for underground mining coal. It includes machine body, self-traveling device, turning supporting disk, side-tipping device, orientation device, cutter carriage and spiral drill, etc. said invention also provides its working principle and concrete operation method.


Coal-winning machine

Technical field

The present invention relates to a kind of coal-cutting machinery, relate in particular to a kind of coal-winning machine.

Background technology

Now, the coal-winning machine that is used for down-hole coal excavation be because of can't walking, and can not rotate, and uses inconvenient.

Summary of the invention

The purpose of this invention is to provide a kind of energy walking, revolvable coal-winning machine.

For achieving the above object, the technical solution used in the present invention is:

A kind of coal-winning machine comprising fuselage, is characterized in that: fuselage is below by the revolution supporting disk motorized cart that has been rotatably connected relatively, and the forward and backward two ends of motorized cart all are equipped with rolling device; The forward and backward two ends of fuselage all are equipped with directed portion; Horizontally slip by the promotion part above the fuselage and be connected with power rack, the power rack right side spiral drill that has been rotatably connected relatively.

The motorized cart owing to be rotatably connected relatively below the fuselage of the present invention, therefore, the present invention can walk, and can rotate again, and is easy to use.

Description of drawings

Fig. 1 is a structural representation of the present invention;

Fig. 2 is the vertical view of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is the left view of Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is the operation flow sheet of the present invention when starting shooting.

In the accompanying drawing: 1, motorized cart; 2, rolling device; 3, expansion link; 4, support floor; 5, support; 6, crawler belt; 7, telescopic arm; 8, fuselage; 9, directed portion; 10, revolution supporting disk; 11, power rack; 12, air duct; 13, stabilizer; 14, spiral drill; 15, augers; 16, drilling rod adjustment rack; 17, promotion part.

The specific embodiment

Below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments the present invention is further described:

A kind of coal-winning machine, as Fig. 1, Fig. 2, shown in Figure 3, comprising fuselage 8, fuselage 8 is below by revolution supporting disk 10 motorized cart 1 that has been rotatably connected relatively, and motorized cart 1 forward and backward two ends all are equipped with rolling device 2; Fuselage 8 forward and backward two ends all are equipped with directed portion 9; Horizontally slip by promotion part 17 above the fuselage 8 and be connected with power rack 11, the power rack 11 right sides spiral drill 14 that has been rotatably connected relatively.The power rack 11 right sides forward and backward two cover spiral drills 14 that have been rotatably connected relatively, forward and backward two covers are equipped with air duct 12 between the spiral drills 14.In the present embodiment, spiral drill 14 has a joint, two joint or more piece auger stems; In the present embodiment, by stabilizer 13 drilling rod adjustment rack 16 is installed between spiral drill 14 and the fuselage 8; In the present embodiment, motorized cart 1 is comprising support 5, and support 5 and arranged on left and right sides all are connected with crawler belt 6; In the present embodiment, rolling device 2 is comprising left and right expansion link 3, and the support 5 of the upper end of left and right expansion link 3 and motorized cart 1 is hinged, and the lower end of left and right expansion link 3 is hinged with support floor 4 jointly; In the present embodiment, directed portion 9 has telescopic arm 7.

The present invention is applicable to the exploitation of girdle, and coal seam thickness is 0.6~0.9m, has realized solely head coal mining of manless working face, adopts the wide 1.905-2.005m of being, adopts deeply to reach 85m, and the preparatory working net section is not less than 11.2m 2, seam inclination is ± 8 °, ventilates to depending on full mine ventilation negative pressure.

Range of application right and wrong nature of the present invention, the coal seam of gas and coal dust explosion hazard is arranged, the go up a hill direction and direction inclination angle 0~± 15 ° of going down the hill in coal seam, the cutting resistance of coal is not more than 350KN/m.The present invention does not allow to be applied in outburst danger and coal seam spontaneous combustion, equally when containing rock intercalation f〉can not use 6 the time, can not use when not adopting explosion-proof drill head.

Technical performance of the present invention is as follows:

(1) the production capacity t/min when running into the cutting resistance of following coal

Upwards mine, adopt and be deep to 85 meters, the cutting resistance is

200KN/m is with interior 2.0

350KN/m is with interior 1.5

Mine downwards, adopt and be deep to 45 meters, the cutting resistance is

200KN/m is with interior 1.0

350KN/m is with interior 0.75

(2) coal seam thickness 0.6~0.9m

(3) seam inclination 0~± 18 °

(4) explosion-proof drill head diameter 725mm

(5) drill bit quantity is 3

(6) the wheelbase 640mm between the drill bit

(7) adopt wide 2005mm

(8) drill pipe diameter 480mm

(9) the frequency 50r/min of drilling rod rotation

(10) drilling rod fltting speed m/min

Duty advances 0~1.0

Retreat 0~1.7

The speed governing state advances 0~2.0

Retreat 0~3.5

(11) drilling pressure KN

Advance 390

Retreat 290

(12) propulsive mechanism type hydraulic pressure

(13) oil pressure of hydraulic system is not less than 16MPa

(14) effect of control stick is not less than 40N

(15) the total rated power 235KW of motor of the present invention

(16) work rated voltage (three-phase alternating current) 660V

(17) ventilation and dust falling system pressurize

(18) diameter of air chimney is not less than 325mm

(19) injection flow rate is not less than 50L/min

(20) pressure of water hose nozzle is not less than 1.5MPa

(21) appearance and size (length * wide * height) 14840 * 3870 * 2621mm

(22) system weight 66.8t of the present invention

Composition of the present invention is described below (seeing Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3):

(1) main frame uses diameter to be the 725mm augers.

(2) when main frame uses diameter as the 725mm augers, the auger stem of supporting use diameter 670mm, and supporting adjustment drilling rod adjustment rack comes the centering centering.

(3) power-equipment comprises one of power rack, unified of hydraulic pressure system, control instrument, control station, mining pull-switch etc.

(4) to move along the tunnel mainly be by motorized cart in the present invention.

(5) transport and install the hanging device of suspender.

(6) promotion part: comprise each 1 of left promotion part and right promotion part.

(7) directed portion: comprise each 1 in left directed portion and right directed portion.

(8) rolling device links to each other with motorized cart by two hydraulic jack, guarantees that the spiral drill shearer machine is along seam inclination work.

Structure of the present invention and running are described below:

Transfer torque and the pressure of the drill mined for the auger of supporting auger stem in the drilling band when the present invention used diameter as the 725mm augers at main frame, and finished sending of coal mining process and bore and move back brill.Spiral drill two cover auger stems and the air duct in the middle of them left-handed by one and a dextrorotation are formed.

The cutting part of augers is an executing agency, and it is made up of three drill bits.The auger stem on the right is given middle drill bit by the reduction box transfer torque.

By the continual capacity of air duct ground to face-airing, and with the observing and controlling of ATZ-1 type gas surveying device.

Supply water to the shower nozzle of executing agency by the flexible pipe that is placed on the air duct limit, guarantee depositing dust.Adjust to suitable position for sealed with the clutch that has cam that needs auger stem to be connected usefulness that is connected of opening auger stem, align with the switching mechanism that rotation transmission equipment is arranged.

Carry out hydraulic pressure along guiding and advance with being fixed on hydraulic motor on the power rack, motorized cart is arranged below the present invention, utilize motorized cart mobile the present invention in the tunnel.Left-right orientation portion guarantees that the power rack of machine creeps into along the coal seam angle.

The present invention guarantees with hydraulic cylinder the horizontal side thrust of wall.

The present invention has a drilling rod adjustment rack when connecing auger stem and removing auger stem by motor clutch, find auger stem in the drilling band or the air duct that the location need creep into or withdraw from accurately with it, half clutch when having the drilling rod clamping device to be used for predetermined fixed clamping auger stem on it.

The installation of auger stem, dismounting, storage are to be finished by the monorail crane that is installed in the tunnel.

Adopting the coal that gets off by the present invention is to transport by the scratch board conveyor that is placed in the tunnel, transporting route and will decide according to the haulage device of using in the ore deposit afterwards.

Controlling control appliance of the present invention is placed between spiral unit and the power set of the present invention.Spiral drilling machine, operating desk and power set link together, and move together along the tunnel.

Power set of the present invention comprise oil pump station and control station, and oil pump station is to hydraulic system fuel feeding of the present invention; The control instrument group of active station and control instrument are placed on the instrument handling frame together, also have the gas protection on it, connect all consumers of the present invention on control station.

According to the mining geology condition in coal seam, once moving distance of the present invention (i.e. distance between two boring) is 2.6~3.1 meters.

Measurement equipment involved in the present invention, the position of measuring apparatus, purposes and basic technical characterictic are as shown in the table:

Title Quantity Purposes Model The present position The scope of application Pressure meter 1 Pressure measurement MTP-1M-25MPa-25D Operating desk 0~25MPa Pressure meter 1 Pressure measurement MTP-1M-25MPa-25D Fuel tank 0~25MPa

Thermometer 1 Thermometric TKP Fuel tank 0~120° Fuel level indicator ? 1 Measure the level height of pasta Fuel tank Upper and lower scale Measure stock rod ? 2 ? Measure the level height of pasta The reduction box of unit transmission device Upper and lower scale Power indicator 2 Measure the instantaneous power of drive motor Operating desk ???????? 0~110KW Movable sensor ? 1 ? Measure the numerical value that adjustment hydraulic jack and coal petrography sensor move On the housing of executing agency ?????? ?????? ±60mm

Sign of the present invention and lead sealing:

Be marked with the form of following content in the present invention:

(1) factory factory name and trade mark

(2) product is generally acknowledged symbol

(3) sequence number and productive life

Handle on operating desk, button and indicator all have the label of indicating its purposes.The label that its sign is all arranged as the installing component and the part of acknowledgment copy.The electrical equipment assembling parts all has explosion-proof kind and class emblem.The safety valve of hydraulic means of the present invention all transfers to operating pressure state and lead sealing.Under the situation that hydraulic system pressure of the present invention reduces, must carry out the fine setting of safety valve, until being transferred to the normal pressure that meets hydraulic system technical condition of the present invention.Before fine setting, need to open lead sealing, on memo pad, note reason, person liable's name and the post of date, unlatching lead sealing according to the requirement of opening lead sealing.

Will be after carrying out technological service from new lead sealing and record date, fine setting coefficient and person liable's name, post, signature on memo pad.

Carrying out technological service each time and will keep a record after the lead sealing again.

Packing of the present invention, transportation and handling procedure forbid to damage unit equipment.Dismounting parts that comprise the present invention's part and accessory that the present invention prepares to transport also will be packed, and meet assembling catalogue and packing instructions.

Below for the explanation of ingredient of the present invention and operation:

1, structure of the present invention.

Utilize the method for combination that some members large-scale, that function is special (being parts) are combined the present invention.It can satisfy the various requirement of mining equiment, has simplified transportation, installation, debugging, operation and service and repair under the mine condition or the like operation greatly.

The present invention is called ZES0601, is the combination of some members, and mid portion is two hydraulic pressure promotion parts, promptly left promotion part ZES0601.02 and right promotion part ZES0601.03; Both sides are two directed portions, promptly left directed ZES0601.07 of portion and the right directed ZES0601.08 of portion, and these parts link together with pin and bolt.

The hydraulic cylinder of drive disk assembly is housed on the hydraulic pressure promotion part, and hydraulic cylinder moves and is contained in the drive disk assembly that the auger stem on the power rack rotates along the power rack of drive disk assembly and moves together.

Drilling rod adjustment rack ZES0601.06 is a centering part, is installed on the hydraulic pressure promotion part, guarantees the centering centering of the auger stem of auger stem and adjunction afterwards.

Rolling device is connected with two jack of motorized cart and hydraulic pressure, guarantees that the present invention is along seam inclination work.

Orientation portion has used four telescopic arms, and telescopic arm is a supporting cylinder, and two supporting cylinders are arranged in each directed portion, and the present invention is supported on the wall in tunnel with lateral pressure.The bar of supporting cylinder is connected with support arm on being fixed on directed portion framework.Hydraulic fluid flows into the cylinder chamber by connecting rod.The housing of supporting cylinder is movable, is installed on the guiding bushing pipe of support arm, and is fixed on the housing of directed portion.The stroke of supporting cylinder is 1.3m.

Three hydraulic cylinders of transmission mechanism are housed on the framework of each hydraulic pressure promotion part.Advance the link rod (diameter 125 * 70) of central liquid cylinder pressure to be connected with the framework of hydraulic pressure promotion part.The PF cylinder pressure of its housing and two minor diameters (diameter 90 * 56) connects together.With bolted two pressing plates the both sides that are contained in central cylinder of these two cylinder symmetries.Be provided with two bulge loops on the housing of hydraulic cylinder, two circular grooves are arranged on pressing plate, bulge loop can put in the circular groove.The plunger shaft of hydraulic cylinder is communicated with mutually, and all connecting rod chambeies equally also are communicated with.The connecting rod of the PF cylinder pressure of both sides links to each other with the support arm on being fixed on dynamical frame.Working solution flows to by the connecting rod that advances the central liquid cylinder pressure in the cylinder body of both sides of the mobile power rack that links to each other with it.After the housing of central liquid cylinder pressure moved to a length of stroke like this, the connecting rod of both sides hydraulic cylinder began to move.

Under the actual constant condition of propulsive force and speed, select the diameter of hydraulic cylinder.The total kilometres of promotion part are 1.9m.When in the bar chamber of hydraulic fluid being sent to hydraulic cylinder, the same with above-mentioned situation, move in the opposite direction.

For the hydraulic pressure promotion part can be moved along guider, replaceable guider is housed on power rack.A guider all is housed on each hydraulic feed device, and it is that a diameter is 210mm, and length is the thick-walled pipe of 2.555m.Power rack moves along guider.Below the power rack guider, fairlead is contained on the pin, and uses bolt.In the groove of guider and fairlead, brass bush has been installed.In order to reduce friction, guider has adopted oil dripping system lubricated of inner oil-feed.

Two hydraulic motors are housed on power rack control the auger stem of the first from left right rotation.The drilling rod clamping device is housed on the auger stem of the left and right sides.To fix to clamp hydraulic motor.Air duct is being arranged between the rotating part on the power rack, air is being delivered in the airduct of drill bit by its bend pipe that turns to, airduct can move with respect to the air duct axis direction of power rack along drill bit.Its displacement realizes by two hydraulic cylinders, with respect to the axle and the butted line of auger stem of upset, its shift length is+130mm extremely-120mm.

On the machine frame of end of mining a device to the center being arranged, is a drag link mechanism, and this mechanism is made up of three pairs of clamps, and is contained in below the drill bit; Limit portion fairlead is contained in the left and right both sides of spiral pillar; The center clamp is contained in below the air duct.

To the framework at center is two jaws parallel, that connect together with crossbeam.Band pull bar ground fairlead is installed on the axis of framework in couples.In the bottom, the pull bar of fairlead is interconnected by two connecting rods.Each is connected the left side and the right pull bar with a connecting rod.Be to connect between the connecting rod with hydraulic cylinder.The middle parts fairlead ground transmission that hydraulic cylinder is finished is pressed the diameter of drill bit the fairlead of corresponding length is installed on aligning parts.

On the framework of aligning parts,, on the right of coal mining is held and below the auger stem on the left side and below the air duct loading and unloading have been installed and have supported for guaranteeing the drilling of executing agency.Rotation is finished in the supporting of front.

2, the structure of spiral drill.

Spiral drill is made up of the member that some are easy to assemble, dismantle, and is some collection dress and structures in bulk that reach 85m.Spiral drill is two groups of auger stems and air duct, and they all are connected with the present invention, is connected with reduction box between a cover auger stem and the air duct therein, and the bearing support that links to each other with the reduction box housing with push-and-pull rod has been installed on another set of auger stem.Adorned 3 drill bits on the output shaft of the bearing support front of auger stem and reduction box, the distance between the drill bit shaft is 640mm, and the drill bit of both sides adopts the drill bit of 725mm by coal seam thickness.All drill bits have general connection joint, with assurance drill bit are installed on the output shaft of reduction box and bearing support.

The reduction box of executing agency is cylindrical, transmits gear by two of two shaft gears and forms.The rotation of auger stem is passed to center bit.Adorned half clutch that 3 cams are arranged on the axle-gear of reduction box connecting drill bit and drilling rod, and transfer torque.The sealing of reduction box is guaranteed by the sealing ring on the axle.Between half clutch housing and reduction box top cover, fall into coal dust, labyrinth seal has been installed.

Adorned control cabinet at air duct pipeline end on the housing of the reduction box of executing agency, it is a case structure that has flange, utilizes flange to be connected with air duct.Adorned movably column on the housing of control cabinet, stretched out housing, and be connected with housing with hydraulic cylinder.The two ends hydraulic cylinder of coal-rock sensor links to each other with column, and the pull bar of position sensor links to each other with the housing of coal-rock sensor again.

Keep the operation of control cabinet with gear pump.Link to each other with the reduction box of executing agency by the reducer gear pump that boosts.

The element of having adorned some control hydraulic cylinders in the housing of control cabinet is with hydraulic system in the regulation box (fuel tank, safety valve, strainer and pressure distributor) and junction box.

On the housing of control cabinet, also want Packed cable intake.With cable control cabinet and controller are coupled together.

Auger stem links to each other with control cabinet with auger stem with air duct, and the auger stem on the left side is dextrorotation, coating Red.The auger stem on the right is left-handed, is coated with light gray, and auger stem is a pipe, and having welded some diameters on the pipe is the blade of 480mm.The end of pipe has been adorned half-clutch device three cams, that make continuous usefulness.Fixed a center of gravity iron on the half-clutch device of front, docked auger stem with it.On the half-clutch device of back automatic locking is arranged, in order to lock above-mentioned center of gravity iron.On the housing of control cabinet, also have two push rods radially, utilize special arrangement to press push rod lock just to open.

The straightway of ventilation assembly is a pipe that diameter is 320mm, and the flange that locking and butt joint unit are arranged has been welded in its end.Two guide pins are arranged on the flange of front, are the hole of system's guide pin on the other end of flange.On the cylindrical of back flange rotating ring is arranged, it enters the groove on the guide pin during rotation, and these pipes are locked mutually.

The inner chamber of straightway is useful to be soaked with the sail shape blade that rubber fabric is made.Individual otch from rotating cap external energy lid is being arranged on the pipe on valve next door at top.When the pipeline spreading, air flows into by the otch on pipe top.Meanwhile, valve has been shut the air outlet slit of the rear end of opening when pipe docks from the outside, left end along air pipeline, fixed a chest with lid from above, chest is contained on mobilizable connector,, and executing agency and spiral drilling machine connected together by circulation of air circuit (dust falling system pipeline and control cabinet cable) along lid.

Two gatherers are arranged at the pipe bottom, and they are otch of pipe, and are welded near the axle of flange, and its position is on the clip in the middle of the centring device.

In order to keep between two auger stem axis distance to stablize, a stabilizer has been installed.Systems stabilisation is the straightway of an air pipeline, has adorned two cylinders in its side, and it is the twin-feed spiral drilling rod of 550mm that diameter is housed in cylinder.Individual double end moldboard is arranged, in order to the mid portion of cleaning boring below the stabilizer cylinder pipe.

Use of the present invention and maintenance instruction are as follows:

1, hydraulic system general introduction.

This hydraulic system is the dedicated hydraulic system that manufactures and designs for the efficient double-ended shearer of ZKLGS type spiral.The operating principle of hydraulic system sees accompanying drawing for details.The high-quality hydraulic pressure components and parts of main employing have characteristics such as easy for operation, that working stability reliable, adjusting is easy to maintenance.Product meets the every technical requirements among the GB3766-1983 " hydraulic system general technical specifications ", meets GB3836.1-2000 " explosive gas atmosphere electrical installation part 1: general requirement ", meet GB3836.2-2000 " explosive gas atmosphere electrical installation part 2: flame-proof type " d " " and related standards.

Solenoid operated directional valve or electro-hydraulic reversing valve (plug-in mounting) drive; The self-locking relation of part hydraulicdirectional control valve is realized by electrical control.This coal-winning machine is directly driven by low-speed big torque motor, the drill bit coal cutting, and auger stem is drawn coal, thereby has guaranteed that effectively coal-winning machine runs into the protectiveness of rock overload to equipment when mining.

All solenoid operated directional valves all adopt the mine explosion-suppression electromagnet that passes through through the anti-riot check unit authorization of national appointment (coal peace number: 20022049); Drive motors adopt meet coal peace standard anti-(every) quick-fried motor.

Be divided into to fuel tank and the lube purification circulating system, drilling rod motor drive hydraulic system, propelling and auxiliary movement hydraulic system, coal-rock sensor hydraulic system four parts are formed.

Attached liquid is pressed schematic diagram and critical element detailed statement.

1.1 hydraulic medium and fuel tank and the lube purification circulating system

Hydraulic system is suitable for the mineral oil origin antiwear hydraulic oil, owing to 20 ℃-30 ℃ of colliery down-hole ambient temperature, recommends to use the N46 antiwear hydraulic oil, and the dustiness grade is not less than the NAS10 level.

Each live hydraulic system is equipped with oil strainer, filtering accuracy 20 μ m, thus guaranteed the cleannes of system's fluid.

For adapting to requirements on transport under the coal mine, fuel tank is designed to two, volume 1000L (the high 840mm of the wide 800x of the long 1800x of size).Consider that the down-hole dust is bigger, fuel tank adopts closed welded construction, and inner acid washing phosphorization is handled, and external surface is coated with rustproof paint and the outer finish paint of orange colour; And have diameter and be not less than 500mm maintenance manhole, so that fuel tank is cleaned in maintenance.The bottom is a channel-section steel welded type base, and the lube purification circulating system, propelling and auxiliary movement hydraulic system, drilling rod control valve group place fuel tank top, and overall height is no more than 1400mm.Two bench drill bars drive the hydraulic system oil pump group of motors and are positioned on the piston shoes pallet, are arranged between the two table oil casees, and the Oil pump electrical machinery group adopts high-pressure hose to be connected with two fuel tanks, control valve group, so that the dismounting transportation.

Fuel tank has air filter, enters air in the case with filtration.

Fuel tank has special crashproof liquid level gauge, with oil reserve in the inspection box.Have fluid level controller, implement to detect oil reserve, and have low liquid level shutdown and warning function.

Temperature pick up transmits the oil liquid temperature value, and the control oil liquid temperature.When oil liquid temperature reaches 60 ℃, open water cooler or shutdown.

Fuel tank has fluid circularly purifying pumping system, can regularly carry out circularly purifying (every work 24 hours is carried out filtration, purification one time to fluid, each 1.5-2 hour circularly purifying time) to hydraulic oil.The parameter of electric machine: three-phase alternating current 660V/50Hz/1450r/1.1kw, flow system flow: 36L/min.

1.2 the drilling rod motor drives hydraulic system

It is two to overlap independently hydraulic system that the drilling rod motor drives hydraulic system, can start separately, also can start simultaneously, does not disturb mutually each other.Adopt twin-stage straight-tooth conjugate internal-clutch high-pressure gear pump fuel feeding, the unidirectional rotation of the cartridge valve control high low speed of motor; Rotate (50r/min) during operate as normal at a high speed, but crawl low speed rotation (adjustable-speed) when changing drilling rod, to determine the drilling rod position.

System is provided with remote pressure regulating valve, pressure meter and pressure transmitter, can observe and sending pressure signal in console Adjustment System operating pressure easily.

1.3 advance and the auxiliary movement hydraulic system

Advance and auxiliary movement hydraulic system employing twin-stage straight-tooth conjugate high pressure inside engaged gear oil pump feed, with the shared fuel tank of 2# motor, electromagnetic relief valve can avoid the motor band to carry startup, can realize respectively advancing, holding claw (about), end stone holding claw, airduct advance, directed (4), lateral support actions such as (4), and can realize the locking of its optional position, all responsiveness all can be regulated.Advance action request can realize automatically and crawl, all the other actions are crawl; When advancing (moving back) automatically, CD-ROM drive motor must be worked.

System is provided with remote pressure regulating valve, pressure meter and pressure transmitter, can observe and sending pressure signal in console Adjustment System operating pressure easily.

1.4 coal-rock sensor hydraulic system

Coal-rock sensor hydraulic system adopts the high-pressure gear oil pump feed, and it is an independently small-sized hydraulic system, is driven by gearbox by the drilling rod motor, and electromagnetic relief valve can avoid the oil pump band to carry startup, but the drain charge running of inoperative period, to reduce system's calorific value.

2, technical data and technical characterictic.

2.1 the drilling rod motor drives hydraulic system

System's rated pressure: 21MPa, system works pressure: 20MPa, metered flow: 360L/min, the highest output speed of hydraulic motor: 50r/min (adjustable 2-50r/min), specified output torque: 19117N.m

(1) hydraulic motor parameter: (2)

Model: ZJM7000/C rated pressure: 20MPa, spike pressure: 25MPa, rated discharge: 6900ml/r, the range of speeds: 0.5-100r/min, nominal operation torque: 19117N.m, spike operation torque: 23897N.m.

(2) hydraulic pump parameter: (2)

Model: NBT8-G250F, rated pressure: 25MPa, rated discharge: 250ml/r.

(3) fire-proof motor parameter: (2)

Model: three-phase alternating current 660V/50Hz/1450r/132kw/ explosion-proof (coal peace)

(4) plug-in mounting control valve group electromagnetic priority valve control voltage: (totally 6)


2.2 advance and the auxiliary movement hydraulic system

System's rated pressure: 18MPa, operating pressure: 16MPa, metered flow: 36L/min.

(1) hydraulic pump parameter:

Model: NB3-G25F, rated pressure: 25MPa, rated discharge: 25ml/r.

(2) fire-proof motor parameter:

Model: three-phase alternating current 660V/50Hz/1450r/11kw/ explosion-proof (coal peace)

(3) flame proof solenoid operated directional valve control voltage: (totally 15)


2.3 coal-rock sensor hydraulic system

System's rated pressure: 16MPa, metered flow: 1.8L/min.

(1) hydraulic pump parameter:

Model: P101, rated pressure: 16MPa, rated discharge: 1.3ml/r, minimum speed: 600r/min, maximum speed: 2800r/min, weight: 0.82kg

(2) flame proof solenoid operated directional valve control voltage: (totally 3)


(3) volume of fuel tank: 8L

3, hydraulic schematic diagram and electromagnet sequence of movement table (containing the element detailed statement)

(1) hydraulic system principle figure: (seeing accompanying drawing)

(2) electromagnet sequence of movement table: (seeing attached list)

4, hydraulic system installation instructions.

(1) hydraulic system is unpacked after transporting the job site to, and whether scrutiny system each several part satisfies the contract scope of supply, whether meets the design drawing requirement, has or not the damage phenomenon, otherwise should be in time and manufacturer get in touch.

(2) should guarantee all exposed mouth blanking cover or wrappings of each several part after the dismounting of hydraulic system each several part, before equipment is installed pipe arrangement, must not come off, in order to avoid hydraulic system is polluted.

(3) hydraulic system should use bolt firm on the basis it according to the designing requirement of each several part after transporting the installation site to, must not become flexible, in order to avoid influence its functional performance.

A, check whether fuel tank, Oil pump electrical machinery group be fixed.

Whether B, inspection hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, integrated package and hydraulic motor have good positioning.

C, link with the oil-in and the fuel tank of oil suction flexible pipe pump by stop valve or oil suction oil filter.Mounted oil pipe should not have stress to pass to element.

(4) by hydraulic schematic diagram each pipe arrangement is installed correctly, is noted sealing of interface and pipe arrangement and cleaning, after welded steel pipe is to be welded, needs scale removal and carry out pickling and cleaning.

(5) after hydraulic system installation pipe arrangement is finished, please shown in hydraulic system electric hookup or system's plan, carry out correct electrical wiring.

5, electric control operation explanation.

This equipment adopts and exchanges the 660V/50Hz three-phase four-wire power supply.

(1) connect power supply, power supply indicator is bright, illustrates that power supply circuits are normal.

(2) circuit adopts Starting mode respectively to the hydraulic pressure unit.In addition, circuit is equipped with overload protection, overtemperature protection system, and is safe and reliable.

(3) each solenoid operated directional valve control voltage is direct current 24V.

(4) fluid level controller, temperature controller, pressure transmitter supply voltage are direct current 24V, and output signal is 4-20mA.Implement when the too low or temperature of liquid level is too high to report to the police, can not start shooting this moment.

(5) unexpected in the course of work as burst, can promptly press scram button, but the control circuit emergency power off.When fault or after unexpected the eliminating, recover normal as if needing, only this button clockwise direction need be rotated to an angle gets final product.

6, hydraulic system debugging operating instruction.

(1) after hydraulic system installs, at first check according to the schematic diagram of hydraulic system, electrical control figure etc. whether the installation of hydraulic system each several part is correct, whether all pipelines correctly connect and tighten, and whether the electrical equipment wiring is correct, otherwise should in time handle.

(2) clean hydraulic oil is injected fuel tank by air filter, with good conditionsi please with not being higher than the reference mark (more than 2/3) that 20cm oil filter filling fuel tank liquid level should be higher than content gauge.

(3) with the surperficial wiped clean of fuel tank, integrated package and each hydraulic fluid port, so that observe the whether leakage of oil of each interface.

(4) open pressure meter switch, overflow valve is totally released, whether the crawl motor is correct to determine to turn to then.(seeing clockwise) from afterbody

(5) the overflow valve handwheel is unscrewed, open motor, allow system be no less than 5min, see that oil pump has or not abnormal sound in non-loaded operation down.Open hand-operated direction valve then, whether observe oil cylinder steady, slowly screw the overflow valve handwheel then, system pressure is slowly risen, up to reaching service pressure, note manometric reading in whole process, whether normal to determine overflow valve and pressure meter, and observe gauge hand and whether swing back and forth, swing slightly then is considered as normal.

(6) check whether all safety return circuits and protective device be working properly.Below all no abnormal then native system is qualified, can come into operation.

(7) above check normal can be after errorless by Fig. 4 as showing the operating sequence start and devoting oneself to work.

7, the application notice of hydraulic system.

(1) whether the adjusting handle of answering each class component, annex in the check system before the use is in the tram, and whether pasta is in the tram, and each pipeline, trip bolt etc. have non-loosening.

(2) should check the temperature rise of motor, oil pump in the use at any time, the operating pressure of observing system at any time, it is loosening to check at any time whether each high pressure junction has, and to avoid abnormal accident.

(3) this hydraulic system replacing situation, accessory replacing situation, troubleshooting situation of tackling fluid in running made detail record, so that later maintenance, maintenance and accident analysis.

Use of the present invention is described below:

1, Cao Zuo regulation

List operation technical indicator of the present invention in following table, by operation and safe requirement operation, it is unallowed not carrying out these technical indicators.

Sequence number Project name Unit Numerical value 1 The pressure of hydraulic system MPa 16 2 The hydraulic fluid temperature 60 3 The pressure of water spray system MPa 1.5 4 The water consumption of water spray system is no less than L/min 50 5 Ventilation m 3/min 4.5

In addition, also must follow the present invention works under the condition of ventilation having gas density monitoring and exploiting field not to stop.

2, the preparation before the present invention uses

2.1 the safety measure in set-up procedure

In preparation of the present invention and operate as normal, should observe security regulations, down-hole electrical equipment safe construction rule, the industry labour protectig standard of the technical regulation of the safety technics regulation in colliery, mining electrical equipment operation and electric fixtures construction and carrying out in the industry about the exploitation of safety in production with other standard criterion file.

In each link such as transportation of the present invention, installation, use, technical maintenance, repairing and dismounting, all should observe the requirement of safety measure.

Participated in service of the present invention by workman and technician through special training, training program comprises knowwhy, practical knowledge and machine safety regulation in the running.

Attendant's of the present invention training should pass the examination and file in security regulations on be only after the signature and meet the requirements.

Use the mining geology of unit section and the technical condition of mine to want technical feasibility according to the invention.

The present invention does not allow to damage cable in use and moving process.

Hydraulic system will prevent to damage, and should renew immediately if any damaged part.The working solution of hydraulic system of the present invention under high pressure damages operating personnel if any the leakage meeting.

Forbid under pressure, carrying out the repairing of hydraulic system of the present invention.

Forbid under pressure, carrying out the repairing of hydraulic system of the present invention.

Electric fixtures of the present invention is installed will be undertaken by schematic diagram and installation drawing.

The present invention in use will pay special attention to electric fixtures, because the existing dust of its working environment has gas again, under the exigent condition of dirt-gas, works, and to electric fixtures the catastrophe risk that can't avoid.

Pay special attention to normal operating condition machinery and electric blocking device.

When mining high gas coal seam, must pre-establish the preventive action that in crossheading gas gathers the district, and require to detect according to the gas density of gaseous mine, use the methane concentration automatic recorder to detect.

Before motor start-up of the present invention, to check in the hazardous area of equipment and determine there are not personnel.

Close power supply of the present invention and with mining CYB-350AB type electrical control station cut off the electricity supply be connected after.All repair works and inspection of the present invention just can be carried out.

Adopt between mouth and the crossheading at each station of mining, and carry out supporting according to confirmed supporting and protection structure.

Unloading the stop button that the drilling rod stage must press motor of the present invention.

Forbid: forbid work when the safety valve of hydraulic system has started more than two minutes; When hydraulic jack rises or forbids working simultaneously with propelling machinery in support; When having damage, explosion-proof surface forbids work; When lacking bolt, explosion-proof tank and explosion-proof lead-in wire movable port end cap forbid work; When cable inlet place and end cap are not forbidden work closely the time.

After augers stops to advance, the motor at the station that just can switch off the pump;

The work of rising jack is only carried out fixedly the time as yet in the present invention.

When the present invention moved, support was used and the jack of rising usefulness is in contraction state.

Must be under the state that the present invention fixes, to be rotated coal mining and to withdraw from drilling rod.

Transporter should have guard shield in the unit workspace.

At the auger stem duration of work, personnel are definitely forbidden to rest near the rotary drill rod.

The driver must confirm on advancing guide frame and executing agency other nobody the time, could the actuating motor rotating part and advance drilling rod.Promote the top that overhead trolley should not rest on drilling rod.

During the spreading drilling rod, the shift knob of motor of the present invention should be on the stop position, the track hanger of overhead trolley must be balanced arranging in the track of total length, and each strong point must have two fixed points to hang, and in the terminal of hanging device stopping means must be arranged.

When personnel should close from this end equipment when the other end shifts in tunnel by the present invention, and to take safety measures, prevent the startup of equipment motor.

Strictness is forbidden: forbid to change operating circuit net and power line connection figure; When not having the unit circuit diagram of defined, forbid to connect the 36V power supply; The 36V electric wire that spark hazard is arranged when opening of the present invention, is forbidden machine place under repair, cable are connected and dismounting.

At three grades of gassies or be higher than in three grades of gassies and use when of the present invention, forehead lamp must be arranged opportunity and know the gas bearing capacity signal at any time.

Each class of driver must be checked the slit of the subsides lid of operating desk, and its slit should not surpass the numerical value of defined in the table 9.

When the only top news of drilling was with, augers might be partial to top board or a base plate or a side, did not get rid of because the breakage of the effect bar interband protection coal column of ground pressure.Therefore, may gang up and form the band that difficulty determines that the strip width of size is come brill between adjacent ribbons, link to each other with the tunnel again by these bands, we carry out drilling by the tunnel again next.Thus, when the drilling gassy seam, gas may be by the bar carrying space of drilling, and the band mouth by drilling flows to the tunnel.And form the local gas accumulation regions, this district may be in work of the present invention place, also may the tunnel other somewhere.

The probability of gas accumulation will overflow the parameter of ventilating air in the regular slippage, tunnel of gas amount top board and distinguished and admirable the flow direction determined by the coal seam.

The design of drilling gassy seam except that the ventilation of drilling band, also must have removing the measure that the gas accumulation district should take, and checks gas bearing capacity in the coal cutting roadway.

The main way of removing and preventing coal seam or local gas to assemble is the ventilation wind speed that improves in the coal cutting roadway.Gather near the present invention in order to improve wind speed prevention gas, the most reliable method is to adopt ventilation equipment.

In addition, in order to improve the safety of coal mining, suggestion should be opposite with the present invention's direction of mining along the airflow direction of the fresh air in tunnel.

In order to check that gas bearing capacity should have the sensor of checking gas in the driver place of working.

On the height of the external top board of band mouth, should hang the instrument that constantly to survey gas bearing capacity.

In order to guarantee that safety has adopted dust falling system, inspection method is the water supply that the drill bit bank is not directly stopped.

Work of the present invention must be carried out having under the good water spray state, for this reason, must do following work: from mining fire prevention water source or other water source connect the pipeline of feedwater, joint can not percolating water; Check the sealing of water spray system; Confirm that water pipe is water-tight; When the present invention works, observe water consumption and pressure (for dust falling system operate as normal will keep the spraying water pressure of needs) at any time.

The cut-off switch of motor and blower fan is automatic on the mobile substation.

Will check the service behaviour of the automatic switch of mobile substation before each class work, its method is to stop button by accident under the situation that the electric drive system of machine on the unit operation platform is opened.

2.2 transport parts of the present invention to the job site

1, the degree of scatter of parts of the present invention depends on along pit shaft transportation, underworkings traffic condition and user's lifting, handling equipment.Transporting parts of the present invention is divided into lower member:

(1) bearing portion: left directed ZES0601.07 of portion and the right directed ZES0601.08 of portion, totally 2.

(2) hydraulic pressure promotion part: left promotion part ZES0601.02 and right promotion part ZES0601.03, totally 2

(3) drilling rod adjustment rack: ZES0601.06, totally 1.

(4) power rack: ZES0601.01, totally 1.

(5) air duct: 1.

(6) rolling device: ZES0601.09, totally 2.

(7) motorized cart: ZES0601.10, totally 1.

(8) revolution supporting disk: ZES0601.05, totally 1.

(9) spiral drill: ZES0601.04, totally 1.

2, parts of the present invention transfers

Parts of the present invention (device) are transported to well head, and transfer along pit shaft, preferably hydraulic cylinder and the winch of using from hanging device and assembling, mobile the present invention begins to transfer.Transfer assembly (parts) subsequently, thereafter, transfer drilling rod, bit part again.Installing is equipped with and the mine car of packing on platform, uses elevator with corresponding hoisting power, automatic elevator, crane, electric block etc.

In order to draw weight and, to use special-purpose hook or wire rope along the fixed route transportation.For moving heavy object on the loading and unloading frame, under weight, should put steel plate or sleeper.The ingredient of parts of the present invention will be concentrated dress, does not disperse, and assembling is transported object and can not be exceeded container dimensional.Must be fixed when transporting weight.Arranging equipment on the loading and unloading frame will avoid axially or shifted laterally with steel wire or wire rope tension.Only in this way, just can avoid the possibility of platform upset when imbalance.

Transfer parts along pit shaft following provisions are arranged: the work of transferring will be carried out under the supervision of chief engineer nominator on the ore deposit; Loading and unloading frame or mine car will not guarantee to check in the cage when having shoe with the braking facility.

With parts of the present invention be transported to assembling local time no matter be that the parts of transportation can not exceed the appearance and size of vehicle with loading and unloading frame or mine car.Each assembly must firmly be fixed on the vehicle.

It is local that parts are delivered to assembling, have the retinue and then, and the people will be followed in the back during descending, and will there be the people front during upward slope, and in the case, the speed of transportation should not surpass 3~4km/h.Must use lifting appliance during unloading.

All component is transported to the place of assembling, must strict put well by assembling sequence.

Transport must be observed following security regulations: the personnel of equipment are transported in all participation, must understand the service regeulations of rigging; Transport that equipment and elevator need overhaul and corresponding file is arranged; Near pit shaft or in pit shaft the inside, all personnel that participate in this work should have safety belt; Safety belt should be fixed reliably; In transferring process, safety belt can not hook the parts or the part of transferring; The equipment that transports is when the cylinder cage is following, and speed can not surpass 0.3m/s; When pit shaft is transferred equipment, do not allow on the unloading bend, carry out other operation on the derrick, on the wellhead platform or near the well head; Do not allow near stop personnel wellhead platform and pit shaft, do not allow mobile personnel in solar; Not allowing is not having under the situation of observing, and pit shaft is transferred equipment in cylinder cage lower edge; The staff can not leave signal box and give signal by accepting device personnel's instruction when transferring with pit shaft bottom accepting device.

2.3 installation of the present invention

Assemble after the place is ready in the present invention, install mining equipment (ventilation system and ventilation fan, hanging device, hydraulic cylinder or move the water source of cable, dust falling system of winch, scratch board conveyor, the CYB-350AB type equipment of usefulness along the tunnel and other) and install on request, put after assemble energising and test running.

Installation of the present invention is directly carried out in the tunnel that will use.Lifting appliance model in the head-room Yian in assembling place of the present invention dress usefulness is come concrete decision.The supporting in tunnel should be able to allow to hang with 5 tons of electric hoists.

Track, fire-fighting pipeline should be arranged in that the place is installed, circuit will hang, and illumination is arranged, the portable blower that digging laneway is used and move facility of the present invention along the tunnel.

For the equipment and the corresponding instrument that must be ready to install usefulness is installed.

By the requirement of traction and lifting force, by purposes, state and other project, all technical equipments that will use when installation is of the present invention all will meet the safety requirements of installation work.

Installation of the present invention is undertaken by following process sequence: be ready to necessary part and the assembly that assembles; The lubricating grease of very thin one deck GB 4366 will be cleaned and coat to all fitting surface and interface before assembling.

Lay down location of the present invention and loading and unloading place must have communication contact and illumination.

2.4 oiling of the present invention and working solution

Irritating oil in the fuel tank is use handlance, and the flexible pipe of oil pumping is put in the oil vessel, and knob commentaries on classics 90 ° (forward-backward) is begun to pump oil.Taking out working solution indicates up to the upper end of fuel tank liquid level indicator liquid level in fuel tank.

The bonnet of operation part to be opened for the fuel tank to hydraulic system adds working solution, back out the obstruction on the hydraulic oil container top of operation part, can observe oil filter, after the oiling, obstruction be replaced by window.

Oiling to hydraulic clutch is necessary: unclamp the bolt of hydraulic clutch inspection hatch flap, and lid is taken off, the rotating hydraulic clutch faces toward fuel door to check window and plug is taken off; In tank filler sleeve, put the funnel that has screen pack and hydraulic clutch is rotated up the end face of window with funnel, rotate to the end; Add working solution (14 ± 0.2 liters) in container; Take down funnel, careful rotating hydraulic clutch (to own direction) passes through the state before the tank filler sleeve edge arrives oiling; The stopple of rotating hydraulic clutch tank filler sleeve is put the lid of inspection hole and good with bolt.

Must back out the lid of bottom tank filler sleeve when repairing the reducer of spiral drill ZES0601.04 executing agency, and transfer the container that connects oil, lay down the loam cake of tank filler sleeve afterwards and, fill it up with oil by tank filler sleeve by the funnel oiling of strainer is arranged at it.Closing the upper bottom portion tank filler sleeve afterwards earlier, is to shut top tank filler sleeve and corresponding lid then.Before drilling begins, check the pasta in the fuel tank on the gear frame, in fuel tank, add a little oil more in case of necessity.

Check and correction is evenly refueled to adjusting device and is clamped, and will check the lubricating quality that forms oil film on the guiding device during operation.

When requiring to shut down after one is finished the hole or on the technology, must stop supplies lubrication oil, avoid oil to diffuse out.When maintenance is of the present invention, guarantee the cleaning of working solution and lubriation material in accordance with regulations., must remove before maintenance on the tank filler sleeve and dirt and carbon dust on the oil filling pipe of manual pump, must must be clean and in the container of drying by screen pack and the oil of giving mine during oiling for this reason.

2.5 visual inspection of the present invention

Before the present invention is put into operation, to carry out the visual inspection of machine and watching of job site, check each parts of the machine that to devote oneself to work simultaneously.To carry out following inspection for this reason:

(1) each several part that assembles and the Circuits System of transmission do not have mechanical damage.

(2) all electric blocking device, integrality all are ready and through what check, the cable of all inlet wires is all fixed reliably, and their sealing and support all conform with quality requirement.

(3) integrality of cable of the present invention, connection-peg is all right.

(4) the whole series of hydraulic hose of the present invention and integrality.

(5) liquid level of hydraulic fluid and the lubriation material that assembles parts.

(6) the complete situation of hanging device and actuating cable pipeline are tied up state.

(7) will there be ventilation inherent section and monorail crane workplace of placing drilling rod, tunnel.

(8) reliability of the fixing and sealing of depositing dust water pipe.

(9) sealing reliability of feed pipe and union and fixation case.

(10) instrumentation is normal.

2.6 the state description of operating equipment

Changeover switch on the unit operation platform should be on the position of " stopping ", and the operating grip of the hand-operated valve of the hydraulic cylinder of all parts should interjacent position.The external force effect that do not have of the operating grip of all hand-operated valves makes spring get back to the centre position automatically under himself effect.The obsolete situation of booty, foreign matter or valve spring that do not fall in valve takes place.The stop button that emergency button of the present invention and stopping bores motor should be in opening.

2.7 startup of the present invention and test running

After the present invention was by inspection, the running part, hydraulic instrument and the mechanical part of the present invention that begin electricity carried out test running.

Start oil pump and through 3~5 minutes in fuel tank recycle oil to the upper edge of fuel level indicator.In the case, the piston rod of jack should be in the state of retraction.For the hydraulic system operate as normal, must bleed off air, its way is to open hydraulic jack turnover 5~10 times.Opening under the situation of oil pump, the hydraulic operation button of all pipelines should mediate, at the working selecting switch on the operating desk on the position of " pass ".

Check all pipelines, flexible pipe, hydraulic jack, fuel tank, pumping plant, pressure distributor hydraulic pressure coupling part, each tie point does not allow leakage.

Promote extraction and withdrawal with the support hydraulic pressure jack.

30min is carried out in the rotation of machine executing agency drill bit.

15min is carried out in the work of orientation portion.

5min is carried out in the work of hanging device (promote, transfer and moving heavy object).

Claims (7)

1, a kind of coal-winning machine comprising fuselage (8), is characterized in that: fuselage (8) is below by revolution supporting disk (10) motorized cart (1) that has been rotatably connected relatively, and the forward and backward two ends of motorized cart (1) all are equipped with rolling device (2); The forward and backward two ends of fuselage (8) all are equipped with directed portion (9); Horizontally slip by promotion part (17) above the fuselage (8) and be connected with power rack (11), power rack (11) the right side spiral drill (14) that has been rotatably connected relatively.
2, coal-winning machine according to claim 1 is characterized in that: described power rack (11) the right side forward and backward two cover spiral drills (14) that have been rotatably connected relatively are equipped with air duct (12) between forward and backward two covers spiral drills (14).
3, coal-winning machine according to claim 2 is characterized in that: described spiral drill (14) has a joint or a more piece auger stem.
4, coal-winning machine according to claim 3 is characterized in that: by stabilizer (13) drilling rod adjustment rack (16) is installed between described spiral drill (14) and the fuselage (8).
5, coal-winning machine according to claim 4 is characterized in that: described motorized cart (1) is comprising support (5), and support (5) and arranged on left and right sides all is connected with crawler belt (6).
6, coal-winning machine according to claim 4, it is characterized in that: described rolling device (2) is comprising left and right expansion link (3), the support (5) of the upper end of left and right expansion link (3) and motorized cart (1) is hinged, and the lower end of left and right expansion link (3) is hinged with support floor (4) jointly.
7, coal-winning machine according to claim 4 is characterized in that: described directed portion (9) has telescopic arm (7).
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