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The invention belongs to the technique field of town ecological greening engineering. The employed straw seed for lawn is the mixture of perennial cold-season straw seed of high grade: Lingzhi fescue, Jiaozhan fescue and Gaodijianguying, and the warm-season straw seed: normal hybrid Gouyagen with a certain proportion, producing the greensward reel without soil and screening; the ability of over-winter and over-summer of the reel is good and the green period is as long as 10 months; the time for reel production is about 40 days, the breeding speed is high and the production cycle is short. The principle that the method based is the technology of cultivation without soil: applying the rice husk deserted in the countryside as lawn-forming base material, applying the farm manure-pig fecal as fertilizer, not screening, covering with saw powder; employing the lawn straw with strong root-growing potential as main body for the lawn establishment, curing for a short period and producing greensward reel rapidly which is facilitating for transportation and bed-planting.


Soiless netless evergreen mixed-seedling turf and production method thereof and application
One, technical field
The invention belongs to town ecological afforestation project technical field.
Two, background technology
By retrieval the national patent net ( obtain relevant patent of invention of producing no carpet soil formula lawn and have: on October 15th, 1997 ground " method of blanket formula lawn soilless culture " such as Zhang Jiali; Jiangsu Province on the 22nd Jurong aggie Yu Lusheng etc. November in 2000 " soilless lawn blanket and the mode of production thereof "; Not " carpet type does not have the mating system on native environmental lawn " of inventions such as the Wang Xiang of Fudan University on the 10th honor in October calendar year 2001; Opening on August 28th, 2002 must bright " carpet turf " of grey hair; " soilless lawn blanket and the cultivation method thereof " of invention such as Ningde City Inst. of Agricultural Sciences You Yun osmanthus on April 7th, 2004 etc.; " the organic soilless lawn blanket and the quick production methods thereof " of invention such as Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Science on the 14th Golden Customs honor April in 2004 etc. are all produced according to cultivation technique without soil and principle, and its common technical problem that exists has:
1. lawn planting all is single variety sowing: from organic soilless lawn blanket of no carpet soil formula lawn to the 2004 year flourish invention of Golden Customs in April of Zhang Jiali in 1997 etc., it all is a kind of grass seeds of choosing, be that cold-season turfgrass is (as Yu Lusheng etc., 2000), be warm season turf (as in April, 2004 You Yungui etc.), all not with cold season and warm season grass seeds mixed seeding, and lawn or the careless blanket produced all are single grass seeds plantings, its lawn growth good growing weather or be suitable for the northern cold cold weather, be suitable for southern tropical temperature climate, and be not suitable for the subtropics transitional climate.Therefore, be badly in need of producing a kind of subtropical climate that is suitable in the production, can heat resistanceheat resistant also can be cold-resistant inferior pattern of fever dual-purpose lawn or careless blanket product.
2. non-bent grass level ground, the dark green phase is short: above disclosed patent according to the retrieval and analyze, its innovation point or add at screening and to spin cloth and help lawn intensity and increase, be convenient to transportation (as Yu Lusheng etc., Golden Customs honor etc.), different (as Zhang Bihua in the configuration of host material, invention such as Wang Xiangrong and Zhang Jiali), and grass seeds of selecting for use such as Festuca Arundinacea, single grass seeds such as annual bluegrass and Bermuda grass, in the subtropical zone such as Yangtze River Delta Region plant, its dark green phase all can not keep evergreen in the subtropical zone below 9 months throughout the year.Therefore, be badly in need of producing a kind of subtropical zone that can be suitable for and grow, keep evergreen lawn or careless blanket throughout the year.
3. select matrix cost height for use, mode of production complexity, be difficult for promoting the use of: in the production as the no carpet soil formula lawn of Zhang Jiali production in 1997 needs to add in the matrix fabric of adhesive glue, starch adhesive, add gauze again, though firmly, but the cost height is difficult for large tracts of land production, and its matrix generally also is difficult to obtain; The soilless lawn blanket that Yu Lushengs in 2000 etc. are produced, though matrix be simple and easy to obtain, add special plantation net after, be difficult for making the lawn to be cut into shape easy to use and size etc.; And organic soilless lawn blanket that Golden Customs honor in 2004 etc. are produced, the one, producing must planting in plastic greenhouse, site requirements and cost height, the 2nd, lawn blanket is to be made of the grass seeds organic non-woven fabric different with upper and lower two layers of thickness, produce turf though be convenient to batch production, but the production cost height, the technology that is not easy to is promoted.Therefore, urgent need is developed into the local simple and easy host material that is easy to obtain of utilization, nets the carpet turf volume of no cloth land for growing field crops production in nothing soil nothing, and low-cost and pollution-less, is convenient to the turf production technology and the method for popular popularization.Under above background, our seminar tackled key problems through effort in 4 years from calendar year 2001, had overcome above-mentioned technological deficiency, had succeeded in developing the evergreen mixed seeding turf volume of the four seasons that is suitable for subtropics transitional climate planting.
Three, summary of the invention
(1) goal of the invention: the problem that the present invention need solve is that a kind of subtropics, middle and lower reach of Yangtze River transitional climate that is suitable for of invention is grown, be applicable to that all kinds of sports grounds and afforestation lawn are required, production cost is low, selection is easy to get, method is simple, is suitable for the evergreen lawn of the four seasons of popular production.The prior art problem that it will solve:
1. kind is single, the problem that suitable growth season is short: at present existing no native turf production, multiselect clean culture cold-season turfgrass such as kinds such as Festuca Arundinacea, alta fascue and kentucky blue grass, or warm season turf such as Korea lawn grass, meadow fescue etc., kind is single, generally can not survive the winter well or summer more, and short being easy to of life-span degenerated.Do very well in the winter time as cold-season type lawn, and be withered and yellow state in summer, warm season turf is Xia Xinghao and wintering habit is poor more then, reaches 5 months in the winter time and is withered and yellow state.For solving this technical problem, we by cold, the careless combination matching of warm season grassplot, produce dual-purpose type mixed seeding turf by selecting optimum kind, can survive the winter well, also can get over the summer well, and of many uses.Select and collocation by kind, improve the resistance on lawn and prolong the dark green phase;
2. the dark green phase is short, can not form evergreen throughout the year turf: existing turf production technology, cold season that more options are single or warm season turf, its turf annual growth season and the time that keeps dark green are many below 9 months, and we are by the combination sowing, select best turfgrass prescription, its turf tool dual-purpose characteristic, the general dark green phase can remain on more than 10 months, if maintenance also can keep dark green throughout the year meticulously;
3. produce and use the material costliness, the production method complexity, be difficult for promoting: the existing higher host material of the turf reasonable cost of method more options of producing, and production method and program complexity are difficult for popular promoting the use of, and the selected matrix of turf that we produce is rice husk and the sawdust that the rural area can extensively obtain, and the cost cost is low, production process is simple, and maintenance technology is easy, and 1 square metre of its production cost of lawn of every production is about 2 yuan.
4. screening, breeding cycle is long, speed of production is slow: become piece in order to make the production turf, firm, be convenient to the level ground, existing production method is added net, and add fibrous substances such as spinning cloth, thereby the cost up of making is not easy to stripping and slicing and laying, and the environment permeability of producing and controlled poor, the general lawn production cycle of producing is 1 year 2-3 season, and turf grass growing time is many about 2 months, and the turf that we produce screening not, make full use of and select strong turfgrass such as the Lexus Festuca Arundinacea of taking root property, highland bent grass etc., and the place in the land for growing field crops spaciousness produces, and illumination condition is good, and used matrix is rice husk, its permeability is good, total porosity reaches more than 60%, and microorganism is active, and used in addition farmers' pig manure and sawdust are as matrix and cladding material, its water imbibition and good water-retaining property, create good condition for the turfgrass growth, make the turfgrass growth of sowing fast, generally can become the level ground to produce with interior at 40 days.
(2) technical scheme of the present invention is:
1. adopt mixed seeding: prior art is many often to be single kind of grass seeds at matrix, screening upper seeding wheel, and we then select the improved seeds mixing planting of changes in temperature season for use, Lexus Festuca Arundinacea+belligerent Festuca Arundinacea+highland bent grass+common bermudagrass prescription mixed seeding;
2. screening not: prior art is produced and will be spread husky net in the above more than the no native turf or the bottom pad spins cloth, we then select to be easy to take root by breed breeding, and the kind of easily knotting, as highland bent grass and Festuca Arundinacea kind etc., because of these kinds horizontal root that is easy to grow, and well developed root system is easily knotted, thereby plays the effect of the solid native Cheng Ping of screening;
3. matrix is cheap, easily obtain, the mode of production is simple: through the contrast of multiple matrix and the multiple mode of production, we are chosen in the Changjiang river, a large amount of discarded object-rice husks in rural area, area, downstream are as bottom substrates, easily obtain because of it is inexpensive, there is awns to be easy to dish joint and decomposition in addition, contaminated soil not, its fertilizer is mainly used rural area vast farmers family expenses pig manure, applies after becoming thoroughly decomposed, its mode of production is simple, is easy to grasp and promote;
4. the dark green phase prolongs, produce fast: owing to selected the turf of two season of good changes in temperature turfgrass production for use, its Xia Xinghao that survives the winter, growth homogeneous, color is attractive in appearance, weeds are few, the cover degree height, and it is fast to emerge, as Festuca Arundinacea, can emerge in general 7-10 days, its dark green phase is more than 10 months, if curing condition can reach well and keep evergreen throughout the year.
(3) production method of evergreen mixed seeding turf volume of the present invention is:
At first, on planning of science activities and well-designed, experimental basis, utilize cultivation technique without soil and principle, smooth good soil is ready to the level ground bed earlier; Then, lay 1 layer of thickening mulch film, cover the thick rice husk of 2cm in the above, after sprinkling the thick good pig manure that becomes thoroughly decomposed of 1cm, after raking with wooden rake, the artificial broadcast mixes the mixed lawn grass-seed (Lexus Festuca Arundinacea (40%)+belligerent Festuca Arundinacea (30%)+highland bent grass (10%)+common bermudagrass (20%)) of fertilizer, and evenly the diagonal angle broadcasts sowing 3 times; The 3rd, the sawdust that uniform broadcasting 1cm is thick, suppression then, water spray imposed chemical fertilizer (amount of executing 15kg/ mu) after emerging in 7 days; At last, impose once-combined fertilizer (amount of executing 15kg/ mu) after seedling all sprouts again, after planting after pruning, manually roll about 40 days, can load and transport to sell and use.
(4) beneficial effect of the present invention is:
Belligerent Festuca Arundinacea that a, the kind of selecting good stress resistance for use such as common bermudagrass and Lexus Festuca Arundinacea and cold resistance are good and highland bent grass be scientific formula by a certain percentage, mixed seeding, its turf strong stress resistance, can survive the winter and also can get over the summer, the turfgrass kind is various, and quality is good, is applicable to gardens floor space and sports ground floor space;
B, dark green phase are long, produce fast: do not have the no net lawn roll of soil and generally can keep 1 year viridescent more than 10 months, its production process need 45 days planting Cheng Ping, can produce 4-5 in 1 year to criticize, and is with short production cycle;
C, screening not: whole process of production is screening not all, cost is significantly reduced and becomes the level ground to be convenient to cutting, sods floor space;
D, without dedicated fertilizer: the general existing turf of producing uses dedicated fertilizer more, is difficult on the one hand buying, and costs an arm and a leg on the other hand, and we are then with the farmers''s pig manure that easily obtains, be sprinkled into the level ground bed after becoming thoroughly decomposed, and are cheap and easy to get;
E, the prosperity of root layer, anti-the trampling property of stepping on is strong: because of select usefulness in the turf wide in variety be that taking root property is strong and take root soon, have more turfgrass such as the highland bent grass and the hybrid bermuda of stolon, and the turf of producing easily plants work, anti-stepping on trampled, and makes turf of many uses.
Therefore, the no net mixed seeding turf of nothing soil of the present invention is rolled up the turf ratio of producing with prior art, and one, floor space matrix are easily obtained, and cost is low, 2.6 yuan of 1 square metre of turf investments of every production, and the production routine simplification requires not strict to site condition; Two, mixed seeding, floor space production is fast, but planting Cheng Ping about 40 days is easy to the summer of surviving the winter, and 1 year dark green phase reached more than 10 months; Three, this turf volume both can be used for viewing and admiring greening floor space usefulness, also can be used for the planting sports ground and laid; Four, sod quality is good, produces attractive in appearance, the homogeneous of turf, and cover degree reaches more than 95%, and resistance and anti-stepping on are trampled, and weeds are few, is easy to commercialization production and standardization production, and the turf volume is gently little, is convenient to transportation and sods.This product can be produced 4-5 in 1 year and criticize, and the production cycle has shortened 2-3 month, can cut randomly into required shape, is laid to the motility rate height, reach more than 90%, and thickness is even, and the planting sod quality is excellent.
Four, description of drawings
1. Fig. 1: be soiless netless evergreen mixed-seedling turf production site and turf establishment quality schematic diagram, as can be seen from Figure 1 lawn vegetation is even, rational in infrastructure and grow fine, and sod quality is excellent.
2. Fig. 2: be soiless netless evergreen mixed-seedling turf root system and turf quality schematic diagram, as can be seen from Figure 2 root system dish knot is intensive, well-grown, not screening and nothing ± upgrowth situation.
3. Fig. 3: be soiless netless evergreen mixed-seedling turf Root Distribution and big volume product schematic diagram, as can be seen from Figure 3 turf clove hitch net is good, is easy to rolling and root growth prosperity, shows that the turf volume produces successfully.
4. Fig. 4: be the sports turf schematic diagram that utilizes soiless netless evergreen mixed-seedling turf to set up, situation such as long and elasticity is good from fine, even, the dark green phase of sports turf quality that as seen Fig. 4 utilizes this product to set up.
Five, embodiment
Having under equipment of sprinkler irrigation and the smooth field condition, at first, after soil suppression and smooth processing, lay 1 layer of thickening mulch film, after evenly laying the thick rice husk of 2cm, spread fertilizer over the fields 1 layer of the pig manure that the thick farmers' of 1cm becomes thoroughly decomposed, will be mixed with mixing grass-seed (the Lexus Festuca Arundinacea (40%)+belligerent Festuca Arundinacea (30%)+highland bent grass (10%)+common bermudagrass (20%) of N, P, K composite chemical fertilizer (every mu by the 15kg amount of executing) then, by germination rate is 85%, and the clean culture seeding quantity is 35g/m 2Meter calculates actual sowing rate), adopt the repeatedly reciprocating type by artificial seeding's method sowing of intersection, last artificial evenly lay the thick sawdust of 1cm after, after raking with wooden rake, water spray maintenance rapidly, sooner or later respectively spray water 1 time every day, manually imposed urea 1 time after emerging in 7-10 days, the amount of executing is by annual 15kg, manually spreads fertilizer over the fields urea 1 time after emerging entirely by 30 days, the amount of executing is the same, distance after planting about 40 days, after artificial pruning and roll extrusion, can be transported and sod floor space and use after rolling.

Claims (1)

1. the production method of a soiless netless evergreen mixed-seedling turf, it is characterized in that with 2 kinds of Festuca Arundinaceas, 1 kind of bent grass and a kind of common bermudagrass turf grass species, mixed seeding is by rice husk, pig manure mixes with sawdust in the cultivation matrix that constitutes, produce evergreen throughout the year turf volume, wherein 2 kinds of Festuca Arundinaceas are the belligerent Festuca Arundinacea composition that accounts for the Lexus Festuca Arundinacea of total seeding quantity 40% and account for total seeding quantity 30%, bent grass is the common bermudagrass that accounts for the highland bent grass of total seeding quantity 10% and account for total seeding quantity 20%, its type of seeding is to spread the thick rice husk of 2cm on mulch film earlier, after manually spreading the thick pig manure that becomes thoroughly decomposed of shop 1cm, sowing is mixed with nitrogen, phosphorus, the mixing grass-seed of potash composite fertilizer or rake after broadcast sowing the mixing grass-seed that is mixed with fertilizer, repave the thick sawdust of one deck 1cm then, carry out maintenance management.
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