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一种创伤敷料,该创伤敷料包括具有多个按图案布置的贯穿延伸的孔的不连续的粘着皮肤的弹性体凝胶层。 A wound dressing, the wound dressing comprises an elastomeric gel layer having a plurality of apertures arranged in a pattern extending therethrough discontinuous adhesion of the skin. 弹性体凝胶层固定在吸收性核心的表面上并且可具有可变的皮肤粘着性。 Elastomer gel layer is fixed on the surface of the absorbent core may have a variable and skin adhesion. 一种弹性体凝胶层的制备方法,所述方法包括以下步骤:将未固化的弹性体凝胶施用到穿孔装置上并且在将弹性体凝胶施用到吸收性核心上之前使弹性体凝胶至少部分固化。 Method for preparing elastomeric gel layer, said method comprising the steps of: uncured elastomer gel and applied to the piercing means before the elastomer gel is applied to the absorbent core so that the elastomer gel at least partially cured.


创伤教科发明背景 Background of the Invention trauma UNESCO

1. 发明領域 1. Field of the Invention

本发明涉及一种铜伤教料,更特iW是涉及具有改善的皮腴錄着牲 The present invention relates to a teaching material injury copper, iW More particularly it relates to an improved skin having a rotund lu sacrifice

以及吸收能力的錄构的创伤象料,以及其产生方法. Absorption capacity and configuration of a recording material as wound, and a generating method thereof.

2. 相关执水的讨谗 2. The enforcement of water-related discussion slander

历史上,使用各种来錄的很多不两的材科通过采用一些类嫿的吸收材料吸收来自饬口处的飭口流体以及组织(在下文中称之为渗出物)来处理伤口.最近几年,日益流行使用基于聚合物的伤口护理产品,来控制伤口处的环境离素例如水蒸气、氣气渗透性、细錄不透过性以及吸收渗出物.这些伤口护理产品被特制以满足特殊的需求包括与身体部分的适应性(conformab鹏ty)、选挣性粘附到伤口层以及对 Historically, many of the various not to record two families of materials (hereinafter referred to as exudate) wound treated by the use of absorbing material absorbing classes tranquil ordered fluid and tissue from the ordered port at the mouth. Recent years, the increasingly popular use of polymer-based wound care products, to control the environment at the wound from factors such as water vapor, gas vapor permeability, impermeability, and fine recording absorb exudate. the wound care product is tailored to meet the special requirements include adaptability (conformab Peng ty) of the body part, make the election of the adhesive layer to the wound as well as

两銑伤口处的皮肤的錄着性. Recorded with two milling skin at the wound.

最近,闭合教料或保湿教料在处理伤口,特JN是祷疮和清疾方面逐渐被接受.本领域6知多种类型的錄构可用于或作为闭合教^K遢常包括接收、吸收以及保曹渗出物的成分.典藝地,这些伤口护理产品包括聚合物泡涞材料、聚合物薄廣、顆粗以及纤维状聚合物、水凝胶以及水状胶体(liydnK:olloid).具有上述至少一种成分的教料通过提供湘湿环境、并除去过重渗出物以及有毒成分来促进伤口禽合,并进一步作为屏陣保护伤口免于鍵发細菌感染.虽然这些已知的闭合创伤敷料能有效地处理伤口,但是发现很多闭合教料具有一些局限性或缺点. Recently, a closed teaching material or humectant teach materials have been gradually accepted in the treatment of wounds, Patent JN is prayer sores and cleared disease aspect skilled 6 known various types of recording configuration may be used in or as close to teach ^ K messy typically includes receiving, absorbing and ingredient Paul Cao exudates Code arts, these wound care product comprises a polymeric foam material Lai, a polymer thin wide, thick and fibrous polymer particles, hydrogels, and hydrocolloid (liydnK: olloid) having. said at least one component material taught by Gordon providing a wet environment, and removal of exudates and toxic heavy component to promote wound birds together, and further protect the wound from a front panel keys with bacterial infection. Although these known closure the wound dressing can effectively treat the wound, but found that many materials have some limitations closed teach or disadvantages.

在伤口护理方面,创锈敦科的一个主要的轉的是増加、提离或是最大限度地利用教料的吸收能力,从而减少或消除漫软,促进伤口的禽合过程.如果要保持伤口的小环境,头等重要的是控制渗由物.不幸的是,发现很多创伤教料除去了伤口产生的所有的渗出物,从而产生一个"干"伤口,这在伤口禽合过租中是不希望有的,或者发现这种创伤款料不能充分地吸收或控制渗出物,从而导致渗出物汇集起来,这就增加了細俯肇脈的危隆以及导致感染. In wound care, creating a major rust Duike turn to increase in the lift-off or maximize the absorption capacity of the teaching material, to reduce or eliminate soft diffuse, promote wound avian lamination process. If you want to keep the wound small environment, the first important thing is to control the infiltration by the substance. Unfortunately, a lot of trauma was found to remove all of the teaching material wound exudate produced, resulting in a "dry" wound, which together had rented in poultry is wound unwanted, or found that trauma material shall not fully absorb exudate or control, resulting in a pooled exudate, which increases the risk of fine veins overlooking the Chao Lung and lead to infection.

现有技术的很多创伤教料包括具有吸收性能的吸收层.典型地, Many prior art wound teaching materials include absorbent layer typically has absorption properties,

吸收层含有亲水材料,该亲水材料錄吸收渗出物并使邻伤教料在其往 Absorbent layer comprising hydrophilic material, the hydrophilic material absorb exudate and recorded ortho material wound thereon to teach

置保留几天时间.该吸收屋可以含有非织造材料或含有水状胶!Mfc^ Set retention days. The absorbent nonwoven material may contain a house or contain aqueous gum! Mfc ^

的泡沐材料,例如美鹏专利4j373,S19和6,566,576中描述的教料,或亲水泡沫屋,例如美鹏专利5,409,472、 S,7M,787、 6,0柳,492 、 6,051,747 以及6,486,378中鏞迷的教料. Mu bubble material, for example, U.S. Patent No. Peng 4j373, S19 and 6,566,576 teach materials described, or hydrophilic foams house, for example, U.S. Patent No. Peng 5,409,472, S, 7M, 787, 6,0 Liu, 492, 6,051,747 and 6,486,378 in Yong fans teach material.

虽然吸收簾教料被设计成吸收伤口渗出物,但它们通常具有能吸收的渗出物的量有限的缺点.吸收性泡沫材料的最大吸收限度暹常与它们在吸收液体曾的几何大小直接相关.例如亲水泡沫材料只能扩大为原始大小的12-15%.另一缺点是由于差的液体保留性,己经发现 Although the curtain teach absorbent material is designed to absorb wound exudate, but they typically have a limited amount of energy absorbed exudates disadvantages maximum absorption limit Siam absorbent foam material is often geometric in which they had direct absorption liquid related. such as hydrophilic foams expanded only 12-15% of the original size. another disadvantage is due to the difference in liquid retention, we have found

一定量的渗出物被"桥出"吸收性泡沫材料救料.渗出物从泡沐层被桥出,从而从教料本身被桥出的可能性具有引起感染的危险,以及妨碍伤口禽合. Amount of exudate is "a bridge" absorbent foam materials save material. Mu exudate from the blister layer is a bridge, so that a risk due to the possibility of infection from the teaching material bridge itself, and hinder wound birds together .

已知的教料其有的另一缺点是通过与伤口接触的吸收层吸收渗出物,导致使用的教料的中夹部分膨胀并推压伤口.持续的雄脒能引起粘着皮肤的屉与伤口区城外面的皮肤分离,特刺是在创伤教料釣边界处,在此会产生"巻边"效应.创伤敷*的过度»胀进一步导歃渗出物从教料的外S渗漏,从而为致病樣生物的入侵提供通道,并进一步促使伤口处漫软. Teach any known material which is obtained by further disadvantage absorbing layer in contact with the wound exudate absorbed, resulting in the folder material used to teach partially expanded and pushes the wound. Amidine male sustained drawer can cause adhesion of the skin with outside the city area separated from the skin wound, trauma taught in Laid-stab material catch at the boundary, this will produce a "side Volume" effect. excessively wound dressing * »bulge further outer guide suck exudate leakage teaching materials from S, thereby providing a passage for the invasion of pathogenic organisms like, and further to promote wound diffuse soft.

传统上,提供有背村层,该背村层包括附着到吸收屋以眯止渗出物从教料渗漏的不透液体薄農.在吸收流体过程中产生困难,闳为当吸收性核心膨胀时,背村层必須客纳吸收层的脚胀而不导致教料巻边.美頃专利4,738»257中梯迷了一种试爾解决该问趙的方法,该专利公开了由薄弹性板构成的背衬层,当吸收性核心雄胀时,它能够弯曲.然而已经发现不透液体的褒料燧不能充分地伸展,以与吸收层的膨胀保持一致,錄果阻碍吸收层膨脉的薄廣就在教料的边缘产生上迷的舂边.美頃专利6,040,492提出了另一种解决方法,该专利公开一种创伤教料,该教料包括附着到吸收性泡沫材料核心的背衬层,并且背村层包括多个補缺,当泡沫材料核心雄胀时,褶缺基本上变平.虽然背衬屉能容纳泡沫材料核心的雄胀,但该创伤教料的流体吸收受到 Conventionally, there is provided a back village layer, the backing layer comprises a village housing attached to the absorbent to exudate impermeable blind stopper from leakage of liquid feed teachings thin AGRICULTURAL difficulties arise in the course of absorbing fluid, the absorbent core expands when Xiahong , the backing layer must foot swelling village off satisfied absorbing layer without causing side Volume teachings material. US Patent No. 4,738 are »ladder fans 257 a method of solving this test Seoul Zhao Q, which discloses a thin elastic plate composed of the backing layer, the absorbent core when the male inflation, it can be bent. However, it has been found praise liquid impervious material Sui not sufficiently stretched, expanded to conform to the absorbent layer, the absorbent layer recording fruit hinder expansion veins thin broad teaching material on the edge side Chung generating fan. US Patent No. 6,040,492 are proposed another solution, which discloses a wound teaching material, the teaching material is attached to a core comprising an absorbent foam material backing layer, and the backing layer comprises a plurality of filled villages, the foam core when the male swelling, lack of substantially flattened pleats. while backing tray to accommodate expansion foam core male, but the wound fluid absorbing material taught by

泡沫材料核心本身的膨胀性限制.a此,由于泡沫材料中心部有限的 Foam core itself expandable .a this limit, due to the limited central portion of the foam material

吸收能力,需要经常更換教料. Absorption capacity, the need for frequent replacement of teaching materials.

理想的是,刮伤教料本廣上必须是,錄性的,a此它可以附着到 Ideally, the scratch teach this material must be widely recorded of, a this it can be attached to

伤口处,并且是无毒以及只是引发最低限度的过敏反应.此外,创伤教料应该具有防止細禱从周國环境进入伤口的能力,两时提供速宜的水分传输速率. Wound, and is non-toxic and caused only minimal allergic reactions. In addition, the material should have the ability to teach trauma fine prayer into the wound from the environment to prevent Zhou, should provide moisture-speed transmission rate of two o'clock.

然而,已经发现,很多已知的闭合教料的缺点是只是依靠用于将款料爾定到皮肤上的压教箱附层,例如具有离特异粘着性的丙錄酸瞎胶.典型的,当从伤口上被除去时,只具有錄合粥的,伤教料具有从伤口剩掉教料的中夹都分的趙势,闳此可能類害禽合组织. However, it has been found that many materials known drawback is that the closure taught merely to rely on models for a given material to the press Seoul teach tank attachment layer on the skin, for example, a plastic blind propionic acid recorded from specific tackiness. Typically, when removed from the wound, only recorded together with the porridge, teaching material wound off from the left with a wound clip teaching materials are divided potential Zhao, Hong this class may harm avian SCO.

创伤教料&经可以商购获得,该,伤款料包括具有伤口接触表面的吸收性泡沫材料核心部,该伤口接触表面涂有一条砼氣统凝鼓.硅氣就凝鼓沿吸收性泡涞材料的部分孔壁随机布置,形成多个随机形成的錄咪.当没有爾化的碰氣就凝狡施加到泡沫材料核心部时,暹过毛细管作用形成所述錄昧.该方法的一个缺点在于硅氣就凝胶可以封闭一些孔,另一缺点在于这些孔是酸机形成的,这可能导致局部区域抑 & Taught by trauma materials are commercially available, which, wound section comprises an absorbent foam material core portion having a wound contacting surface of the wound contacting surface is coated with a concrete air system condensate drum on a silicon gas condensate drum of the absorbent foam Lai portion of the hole wall material randomly arranged to form a plurality of recording microphone formed at random when no touch of Seoul gas condensate to be applied to the foam core cunning portion by capillary action is formed Siam ignorant of the recording. a method of silicon dioxide is disadvantageous in that some of the gel pores can be closed, another disadvantage in that the acid of the holes are formed, which may lead to local area suppression

4W泡沫材料核心部吸收渗出物.虽然在一些应用中想要提供一种创伤教料,在其选定的区械内具有更大浓度的縫昧,从而增加该区域对渗出物的吸收,但是该方法不适和这种形成预定田案的錄據.此外,该方法的另一缺点在于硅氣就在的表面粗棘度很大程度上取决于待涂袭的泡沫材料表面,在想要得到一种贴在皮肤上的光滑硅氣烷层的情况下,该方法不能得到逸种先滑的磁氣坑层. 4W foam absorbent core exudates. While desirable to provide a wound material taught in some applications, having a greater concentration of ignorant slits in its armed selected region, thereby increasing the absorption of the exudate region , but the method is not formed and recorded according to a predetermined field of this case. Furthermore, another disadvantage of this method is that the surface roughness of the silicon dioxide is in the ratchet depends largely on the foam surface to be coated of the passage, thinking to obtain a smooth lower alkoxy silicon layer of one gas attached to the skin of the case, the method can not obtain a magnetic layer pit Yi to slippery species.

硅氣就生产领域的itJL已引导Reykavik* Icela纖ii的Ossur hf以 Silicon dioxide is produced booted art itJL ii Reykavik * Icela the fiber to Ossur hf

及本发明的受让人生产出适于与皮肤接触的破氣就产品,该产蟲能提供极好的乘软、桑和的皮肤接触,并且可以包括独特的皮肤护理成分. 特別是,这种硅氣坑生产技术导致修复悉浮衬塾在改进的舒适度和緩冲性方面的发展,使用Ossur hf所有的硅氣坑生产技术,它们具有极好的耐夂性和舒逸感.ei经发现,使用Ossar lif的砝氧烷生产技术生产超薄、多孔的粘磕氣就片材,可以生产一种对伤口部位具有优越的、温和粘着性的碰氣坑屋,而不会罔为单次或重复除去砝氣乾层而教害皮肤和伤口屋. Assignee of the present invention and adapted to produce a break contact with the skin on the product gas, which provides excellent productivity by insects soft, mulberry and skin contact, and may include a unique skin care ingredient. In particular, this silicon species gas pit repair techniques result in the production of floating liner Sook noted in improved comfort and cushioning aspects of development, the use of all silicon Ossur hf pit gas production technology, they have excellent resistance to Wen Yi and Shu by flu .ei We found that the use of Fa Ossar lif alumoxane production technology to produce thin, porous air to knock sticky sheet can be produced having superior mild touch tackiness pit house gas to the wound site, and not indiscriminately single Fa removed or repeated teaching air dry layer damage skin and wounds housing.

尽f可以得辨备种吸收嚇伤教科,但仍雷要和需求一种改进的, 伤歉料,当剩伤象科更換时其雠餘止伤口賴伤,提离嚇锈教料翁耐用性和使用寿命,解拥学上錄顺应伤口并且具有增戮的Slt体吸收、保曹和去除特性.最重要的是,想要生产一种具有釉合祸屋的创伤教料, F you can get the best resolution prepared to absorb kinds of textbooks injury scare, but still mine and needs to be an improved, apologized material injury, when the injured left as families replace their feud over the wound only rely injury, lifted off the rust scare teach Weng durable material and service life, pro-learning solution on the record conform to wound and kill the Slt have increased body absorption, Paul Cao and removal characteristics. the most important thing is, you want to teach the manufacture of wound material having a glazed co evil house,

该粘合浙屋波有已知禁合艄屋的缺点,取而代之的是在提供优應的ilt The adhesive has the disadvantage of known wave Zhejiang house engagement stern cut-house, it is instead to provide superior corresponding ilt

体吸收的两时,麁a和地錄着并从伤口处分离.此外需要和需求一种改进的形成所述改进的,伤象料的方法,该方法简单而有效. It absorbs the two o'clock, and to record a Cu with and separated from the wound. Further needs and requirements for an improved form of the improved process injury like material, which method is simple and effective.

发明概迷 Almost invention fans

本发明涉及具有t括提离的流体吸收和增强的保留性能的优异吸收性能的改进创伤教料.在本发明的一个实施方案中,创伤款料包括具有相对的近表面和逸表面的吸收性核心和爾定到吸收性核心的近表面上的不连埃粘着皮蚨的萍性体aj坎在.萍性体凝鼓层具有多个按鹏案布置的貫穿延伸的孔. The present invention relates to improved wound material having a t teach comprises lifting off fluid retention properties and enhanced absorption excellent absorption properties. In one embodiment of the invention, the wound section comprises an absorbent material having a near surface and the opposing surface Yat core and sheath are not connected beetle Ping angstroms sticking of the body to the absorbent core Seoul given aj surface near the ridge. Ping condensate drum layer of material having a plurality of holes arranged in the case by Peng extending therethrough.

在一个优逸的实施方案中,弹性体凝胶屋为硖氣就凝胶.弹性体 In a preferred embodiment of Yi, elastomer gels housing for the gas to Kip gel. Elastomer

凝胶屋沿其i(Ml面基本上是平面的• Gel housing along its i (Ml substantially planar face •

在本发明的另一个实施方案中,创伤敷料包括粘着皮肤的端面层,所迷端面屋包括具有接鹏案布置的多个預成形孔的不连续硅氣就凝胶层.在又一个实施方案中,端面在包括至少两个不同的不连续硅 In another embodiment of the present invention, the wound dressing comprises an adhesive skin layer end faces, the end faces of the fan housing includes a gas having a discontinuous bonding silicon Peng pattern disposed on a plurality of holes preformed gel layer. In a further embodiment embodiment, the end face comprises at least two different discontinuous silicon

氣统凝胶在. Gas gel system.

本发明的不两实施方案包括各种构蹇的孔鹏案,例如其中孔根振端面条宽度的不两区械,变換尺寸和不同的间隔布置而具有不同形状、密度的田案. No two embodiments of the present invention includes various configurations of apertures Jian Peng case, for example two regions in which no mechanical end noodles Kong Genzhen width, transform size and arrangement of the different intervals having different shapes, densities text field.

在本发明的另一个实施方案中,创伤教料包括限定相对的近表面 In another embodiment of the present invention, the wound teaching material defining opposed proximal surface comprising

和远表面的吸收性核心和连接到吸收性核心的^ML面的不透浪体而能渗透蒸汽的背村屋,所迷吸收性核心包括中心部分和边缘部分.背村层限定了延伸到吸收性核心的外爾之外的边缘都分.将粘合刑簾施用到背村层的逸緣部分的至少近铜郵分上.在所述实施方案中,背衬屋的边缘部分与吸收性核心的近表面基本上平行并且沿吸收性核心的外爾边缘延伸.将多孔、粘着皮肤的端面层困定到吸收性核心的近表面, 其中背衬A的熬合祸屋比端面层具有更离的皮肤粘着性. The absorbent core and connected to the distal surface of the absorbent core and the surface of the impermeable ^ ML body waves and vapor permeable backing Village, the absorbent core comprises a central portion and an edge portion of the fan. Village backing layer extends to define the beyond the edges of the absorbent core are Weyl points. Penalty curtain adhesive applied to at least partial back village near the copper layer Post Yi edge portion. in the illustrated embodiment, the backing edge portion of the absorbent housing near the surface of the core and extending substantially parallel along the edges of the absorbent core Weyl the porous end surface of the adhesive layer of the skin to a predetermined trapped near the core surface of the absorbent, wherein the backing boil a disaster engagement end surface of housing skin-adhesive layer having more isolated.

在本发明的另一个实施方案中,创伤敷料fc括定义相对的近表面和远表面的吸收性核,困定到吸收性核心的近表面上的粘着皮肤的多孔端面屋和连接到吸收性核心的远表面上的不透液体而能渗透蒸汽的背衬层,所迷吸收性核心包括中心部分和逸缘部分.背村层限定了延伸到吸收性核心的外爾之外的边緣都分.将粘合祸屋施用到曹村簾的边缘部分的至少近拥部分上,并且粘合剩屋具有比壤面屋更离的皮肤粘着性.端面屋港吸收性核心的整个进面和外围边缘延伸以与背衬层结合, 背衬层基本上与吸收性核心的iML面平行. In another embodiment of the present invention, the wound dressing comprises fc defined near opposing surface and the distal surface of the absorbent core, a porous skin on the end face of the housing adhered to the absorbent core predetermined trapped near the surface and connected to the absorbent core much liquid impervious surface on the vapor permeable backing layer, the absorbent core comprises a central portion and a rim portion Yi fans. village backing layer defines an outer edge beyond the absorbent core extends into Seoul are divided the adhesive applied to the edge portion of the housing disaster Caocun least nearly blind hold portion, and the adhesive remaining housing having a skin adhesion more than the soil surface from the housing. the absorbent core of the housing end surface and the peripheral surface of the intake port of the entire the backing layer extends to the edge of binding, the backing layer is substantially parallel to the surface of the absorbent core iML.

在本发明的另一个实施方案中,,创伤敷料包括具有相对的近表面和远表面的吸收性核心,不连续的粘着皮趺的佯性体凝胶端面层,所述吸收性核心包括中心和速缘部分,所迷端面层具有固定到吸收性核心的近表面上的远表面和按图案布置的多个贯穿延伸的孔.在相对于其远表面的至少都分近表面上将压敏粘合剂层施用到端面层上.黏合剂层具有比端面层的弹性体凝胶更高的皮趺粘着性. In another embodiment of the present invention ,, having opposing wound dressing comprising the absorbent core proximal surface and distal surface, a discontinuous paradox of pregelatinized end surface skin layer adhered instep, the absorbent core comprises a central and immediate edge portions, the fan having a distal end surface of the surface layer of the absorbent core secured to the proximal surface and a plurality of apertures extending therethrough arranged in a pattern. pressure at least with respect to its near-surface points are on the far surface sensitive adhesive layer is applied to the end face layer than the adhesive layer has an elastomeric end face of the gel layer is higher instep skin adhesion.

在本发明的又一个实施方案中,创伤教料包括具有相对的近表面和远表面的吸收性核心和具有固定到吸收性核心的近表面上的远表面的不连续粘着皮肤的多孔端面层.壤面层限定为沿近表面具有不两皮趺粘着性.在所迷实施方案中,端面屋的中心部分的皮趺粘着度小于沿邻近中心都分的速缘部分的皮肤粘着度. In yet another embodiment of the invention, the wound teaching material comprises a proximal surface and opposed distal surface of the absorbent core end surface and a porous layer having a discontinuous adhesive on the skin distal surface of the absorbent core secured to the proximal surface . in the soil near the surface layer is defined as a surface having no skin two tablets tack. in an embodiment of the fan, the center portion of the skin of the instep adhesion housing end surface is smaller than the skin adhesion level adjacent to the center are divided along the edge portion of the speed.

根振本发明,舍有吸收性核心和弹性体凝鼓A的,伤敷料的制备 Root resonator of the present invention, an absorbent core and homes elastomer condensate drum A, the wound dressing prepared

方法包括以下步尊:将未爾化的萍性体朗R沉积到穿孔装置上以在其上形成不连续的萍性体凝胶屋;使弹性体凝胶层困化至部分鹏化状态;和将吸收性核心施用到部分圃化的凝鼓层的表面上.穿孔装置包括具有多个从该处延伸的不连续穿孔元件的大致平面,其中穿孔元件 The method comprises the steps SIM: Er of the non-member of the Long Ping R deposited onto perforating device to form discrete gel bodies of Ping on its housing; the elastomer to the portion of the gel layer trapped Peng state; the absorbent core and applied to the nursery of the drum surface portion of the condensate layer. perforating means comprises a plurality of substantially planar perforated discrete elements extending therefrom, wherein the piercing element

穿过未团化的萍性体JUt屋,在其中形成多个孔. Group of non-through of Ping JUt housing body, a plurality of holes formed therein.

在另一个实施方案中,穿孔装置具有多个孔洞和可滑动地设置在该孔洞中的多个不连续穿孔元件. In another embodiment, the punching device having a plurality of holes and a plurality of discrete perforating element slidably disposed in the bore.

在根据本发明的另一种方法中,包括弹性端面屋和吸收性核心的 In another method according to the present invention, it comprises a resilient housing and the end face of the absorbent core

创伤教料通过下迷方法w备:将未两化的萍性体aj貌沉积到栽体表面 W prepared by the method of fans trauma teaching material: two of the non-Ping aj appearance of the deposited plant body surface

上以在其上形成不连棲的萍性体凝肢层;使萍性体凝鼓屋困化至部分闺化的状态;使具有多个穿孔元件的扭装置在萍性体凝胶层上转动, 以形成多个按爾案布置的孔;和将吸收性核心施用到萍性体凝默部分國化的表面上. To form a discontinuous habitat Ping coagulation of body layer on its limb; Ping cause coagulation of the body portion to the drum housing difficulties of Gui of state; means that the torsion elements having a plurality of perforations on the body of the gel layer Ping rotated to form a plurality of apertures are arranged in Seoul case; and on the absorbent core of the country applied to the surface of the body portion Ping coagulation silent.

不连续的粘着皮肤的弹性凝胶体层使用Ossur hf的硅氧烷技术和专门技术.弹樣体凝统屋具有使mj&乘和地釉着到在伤口部位处的周 Discontinuous adhesive skin layer is formed using an elastic gel Ossur hf silicone technology and expertise. Projectile-like body has a housing coagulation system by mj & enamel and to the periphery at the wound site to the

围。 Wai. 弹性凝胶层本质上触感柔和鞋感乘和并且部分流入微孔穴中,并且当将其在皮肤上施用时在皮肤内破裂,从而在伤口部位上产生大的接触面. Essentially shoes by tactile softness and elastic gel layer and partially flows into the microcavities, and the rupture in the skin when it is applied to the skin, resulting in large contact area over the wound site.

通过以下对本发明的详细描述、所附实施方案、附图以及权利要求,本发明的许多其它优势和特征将更加显而易见。 The following detailed description of the present invention, the following embodiment, the drawings and the claims, a number of other advantages and features of the invention will become more apparent.


图l是本发明创伤敷料的一个实施方案的透视图; Figure l is a perspective view of a wound dressing according to the present invention embodiment;

图2是图1中的创伤敷料沿nn线的截面图; FIG 2 is a sectional view nn line wound dressing of Figure 1 along;

图3是本发明创伤敷料的一个实施方案的透视图; FIG 3 is a perspective view of a wound dressing according to the present invention embodiment;

图4是显示本发明端面层的一个实施方案的平面图; FIG 4 is a plan view of one embodiment of the present invention, the end face of the display layer;

图5是图2中的创伤敷料的另一个实施方案的部分放大图; FIG 5 is a section of the wound dressing of FIG. 2 an enlarged view of another embodiment;

图6-8是显示图1-2的创伤敷料在伤口处逐渐膨胀的截面图; FIG. 6-8 is a sectional view of the wound dressing 1-2 gradually expanded in the wound;

图9是图8的创伤敷料的部分放大图; FIG 9 is a wound dressing of FIG. 8 a partially enlarged view;

图IO是显示本发明的端面层的一个实施方案的平面图; FIG IO is a plan view of one embodiment of the present invention, the end face of the display layer;

图11是显示本发明的吸收性核心的插孔的一个实施方案的平面 FIG 11 is a display plane jack embodiment of an absorbent core of the present invention.

图; Figure;

图12是显示本发明的端面层的一个实施方案的平面图; FIG 12 is a plan view of one embodiment of the present invention, the end surface of the display layer;

图13是显示本发明的接受器和端面层的另一个实施方案的正视 FIG 13 is a front view of another embodiment of the receptacle and the end face layer of the present invention.

图; Figure;

图14-16为表示本发明的具有不同皮肤粘着度的区域的端面层的实施方案的平面图; 14-16 is a plan view of the embodiment of the end face regions having different layer of skin adhesive of the present invention;

图17-18为表示本发明的具有粘着皮肤的边缘部分的背衬层的实 17-18 is a solid backing layer having adhesive edge portion of the skin of the present invention.

施方案的正视图; FIG. Shi elevational scheme;

图19为本发明的用于在端面层中形成孔的穿孔板的实施方案的 FIG 19 used in embodiments of the present invention, the perforated plate forming a hole in the end face layer

透视图; perspective;

图20为表示图19的穿孔板的正视图。 FIG 20 is a front view of a perforated plate 19 of FIG.

图21-23为表示本发明的用于在端面层中形成孔的布置的示意图。 21-23 is a schematic arrangement of holes formed in the end surface of the layer of the present invention.

图24为图23的用于在创伤敷料的端面层中形成孔的布置的透视图。 FIG 24 FIG 23 is a perspective view of the hole formed in the end surface of the wound dressing layers are arranged for.

优选实施方案的详细描述如图1和2中所示,本发明的创伤敷料10优选包括多孔的疏水的粘着皮肤的端面层12,吸收性核心l4,以及不透液体而能渗透蒸汽的背衬层16。 Detailed Description of the Preferred Embodiments Figures 1 and 2, wound dressing 10 of the present invention preferably comprises adhesive end surface of the skin layer 12 is a hydrophobic porous absorbent core L4, and a liquid impervious vapor permeable backing and lining 16. 图1中描述的创伤敷料处于干燥的状态,基本上没有水分。 In FIG 1 a wound dressing described in a dry state, substantially no moisture. 如图2中更充分的举例说明,吸收性核心14限定了用来面 As shown in FIG. 2 more fully illustrate the absorbent core 14 to define a surface

向伤口表面w的mt面p,以及与j^4t面p相对、逸离伤口表翁的逸 Mt to the wound surface of the surface of the p w, j ^ 4t and the opposite surface of the p, Yi Yi from the wound table Weng

表面d.在基本构造中,教料10包舍圃定到吸收性核心14的逸表面p上的端面屋12,以及附着到并密封至少部分吸收性核心14的逸表面d的背衬层16. Surface d. In the basic configuration, the teaching material 10 fixed to the end face bag house garden houses the absorbent core 14 P Yi surface 12, and is attached and sealed to at least a portion of the absorbent core backing Yi surface 14 d 16 .

在一个优选的实施方案中,吸收性核心14限定以预定田案设置的多个插孔18,其中插孔18被限定为一系列重复的鹏柱形塞.如國2所示,插孔18在吸收性核心14的H4L面d上开口,向吸收牲核心H延伸距离t,,比吸收性核心的整个厚度t要短.插孔可以采取多种飨构,可以为ll柱形,沿着吸收性核心的至少部分逸表面橫向延伸, 或者采取下面将要讨论的其它可能的錄构.多个插孔18含有吸收材料20的不连续部分,该吸收材料吸收伤口的渗出物并且在吸收该渗出物时从插孔18朝著背村层16移动. In a preferred embodiment, the absorbent core 14 defines a plurality of jacks 18 disposed in a predetermined field case, wherein the insertion hole 18 is defined as a series of repeating Peng cylindrical plug as shown in State 2, the receptacle 18 surface of the absorbent core H4L opening d 14, extends a distance t to the absorbent core sacrifice H ,, t is shorter than the entire thickness of the absorbent core. Xiang receptacle may take many configurations, it may be a cylindrical ll, along Yi surface of the absorbent core at least partially extends laterally, or take other possible configurations will be discussed below record the plurality of receptacle 18 containing discrete portions of the absorbent material 20, the absorbent material absorbs the wound exudate absorbed and from the receptacle toward the back 18 16 village mobile layer exudate.

如田2所述,吸收性核心14暹常限定中心、、中阀以及速缘部分22、 23、 24.优逸的,背村层16被圃定到吸收性核心14的逸缘部分24 上,并沿其外周密封.边缘部分24优逸包括靠近或港其外周边缘限定的斜面28,其用于将插孔18的任何;Mk的吸收材料保敏在教料10 中.如下面将更全面的讨论,当敷料10处于干燥状态时,背村层16 优逸紧密地粘附到吸收性核心14的中心部分22上. As the field 2, the absorbent core 14 defines a central Siam constant speed,, and the valve rim portion 22, 23, 24. The preferred Yi, village backing layer 16 is set to the absorbent core garden Yi edge portion 14 of the upper 24 ., and the edge portion 24 preferably comprises Yi sealed along its periphery close to an outer peripheral edge defining a port or bevel 28, 18 for any of the jack;. Mk teaching of Bao-absorbing material 10 as will be materials a thorough discussion, when the dressing 10 is in a dry state, the backing layer 16 preferably village Yat adhered closely to the absorbent core 14 of the central portion 22.

教料10的背村层16优选包括置于吸收性核心14的中心和边缘都分22、 24之闳的廣应元件(compliant ele鹏ent) 26.顧应元件26 通常与中心部分22两心,并包含部分背村层16,该部分背村展在教料10处于千燥状态时,不粘附到吸收性核心14上.优选,類应元件26包括至少一个闳心脊状物.困2显示敷料10的顺应元件26只具有一个同心脊状物.困3屋示教料10具有多个脊状物,其中内部和外部脊状物31、 32从吸收性核心14的远表面d向外延伸,并通常构成類应元件26的内部和外部速界. Feed back taught village 10 preferably comprises a layer 16 at the center and edges of the absorbent core 14 are points 22, 24 should be wide of Hong element (compliant ele Peng ent) 26. Gu element 26 should generally central portion 22 and two heart and contains portions of backing layer 16 village, the back portion 10 villages in developing teaching material was dry state, does not adhere to the absorbent core 14. preferably, element 26 comprises at least class should a heart Hong ridges. trapped 2 shows a dressing 10 is compliant element 26 having a concentric ridges. teaching material trapped housing 3 having a plurality of ridges 10, wherein the inner and outer ridges 31, 32 away from the absorbent core to the surface 14 d outwardly extending, and generally constitute a class of inner and outer circles 26 speed should element.

应理解剩飭教料可以采取备种錄构.例如,可以将创伤教料定位在各种方向,例如脊状物在从一叛与创伤教料速缘部分锎面上的吸收性核心平行到一舭与,伤歡料的中心部分锎面上的吸收性核心相平行的方向范,内延伸. It should be understood that the remaining material may take the teachings ordered species recording apparatus configuration. For example, the material may be wound teach positioned in various directions, for example, parallel ridges from the absorbent core and wound betray a feed speed surface edge portion CF to teach and a bilge, an absorbent core material injury Huan CF surface portion parallel to the center Fangxiang Fan, extending inside.

田S中示意显示,壤应元件26并不限于一4t要港着吸收槺核^ 的中间部分进衧设置.顺应元件26可以被设置在铜箱教料的速缘或 Tian S, shown schematically, soil should element 26 is not limited to a middle portion 4t is provided to the intake port of the Yu Kang absorbent core ^ The compliant member 26 may be provided at the edge speed of a copper material or teach box

中心部分上,其中順应元件26可以在创伤教料的边緣或中心都分的至少一个上包括至少一个脊状物30或其区秋,销饬教朴的逸种适应, 即在,伤教料的速緣或中心却分的至少一个上的顧应元件,可增强衬层相对于吸收性核心iMt面的膨胀性以及延伸. The central portion, wherein the compliant member 26 may be the center or the edge points are taught wound on at least one material comprises at least one ridge 30, or in autumn, teach Pu Yi ordered pin adapted species, i.e., injury teach edge or center feed speed points, but care should be at least one of the elements, can be enhanced relative to the expandable liner and the absorbent core extending iMt surface.

端面层12优选圃定到吸收性核心14的近表面P上.端面层12 包括在将壤面屋12固定到吸收性核心14之裔以一定困案预先形成的多个孔34.如图2和4中示意显示,所述多个孔34以预定的圃案进行设置.多个孔34可以构速成与靠近或位于吸收性核心14的多个插孔18处的区域相应,从而将伤口处的渗出物传送到吸收性核心14. 端面层12优选仅國定到吸收性核心14的近表面p上,以及优选未袭益靠近近表面p限定的吸收性核心14的孔或洞蹇.然而,可以理解, 部分端面层可以填充沿着吸收性核心的近表面或吸收性核心的孔布置的不规則处,从而增攝壤面屋向吸收性核心的困定. The end face layer 12 is preferably set to a garden near surface of the absorbent core 14 of the P end face layer 12 comprises a plurality of apertures 34. As the housing 12 is fixed to the soil surface of the absorbent core 14 of the American case certain difficulties previously formed 2 and FIG. 4 schematically shows a plurality of holes 34 in a predetermined pattern set garden plurality of holes 34 may be configured at the region near or at the instant of the absorbent core with a plurality of sockets 18 14 corresponding to the wound exudate to the absorbent core at the transmitting end surface 14. the layer 12 is preferably given country only to the absorbent core 14 near the surface of the p, and preferably close to the absorbent core does not benefit the passage p defined by the proximal surface 14 of the hole or holes Jian. However, it is understood that part of the end face layer may fill irregularities arranged along the absorbent core or the absorbent core near-surface pores, thereby increasing perturbation to the soil surface of the absorbent core housing trapped given.

虽然不希望被特殊的操作机理所限制,但当教料施加到渗褒的皮趺伤口上后,作为本发明的教料10以田6至8所描迷的方式发挥作用.可以理解在本发明的上下文中,对于伤口和创飭教料,术语流体、 水分以及渗出物可以亙換使用.敷料10放置在饬口处w上,其端面层12朝向伤口层b.端面在12可以粘着到伤口处w周两未受教伤的皮趺以及伤口层b上.通过进入吸收性核心14的渗出物的毛细管作用以及通过端面层12,教料10保持部分与伤口层b紧密并列. While not wishing to be bound by a particular mechanism of operation, but the teaching material is applied to the bleeding wound praise instep skin, as a teaching material 10 of the present invention to 6-8 described function in a manner fans field. It will be appreciated in the present in the context of the invention, for creating a wound and ordered teaching materials, the term fluid, exudate and moisture can change interactive use. dressing 10 is placed on the mouth ordered w, the end face 12 toward the wound layer B layer. in the end face 12 can be w adhered to the periphery of the wound two injuries and not taught wound layer leather instep b. Thoroughly into the capillary action of the absorbent core 14 and exudates through an end face layer 12, and the teaching material holding portion 10 b tightly wound layer side by side.

如困6中所迷,伤口层b渗出的流体通过孔34朝吸收性核心14 移动,吸收材料20包含在吸收器18中,当施用到伤口处w持续一段时间后,所施用的救料看上去如困7中显示,具有在吸收性核心14 的中心部分上延伸的稍徵增大的鹏益形俯液審結构36.储液器36由已经从插孔18中吸收了期望重的渗出物的吸收材料20产生,其不连续部分膨胀并从插孔转移,从而导致背衬层膨胀.膨胀并充满渗出物的吸收材料20的不连续都分导致背衬层16以可预测的方式从A收性核心14的远表面d分开,并向上扩展以进一步允许教料10继飨在伤口处w吸收和雄膝.另外,吸收性核心14在橫向和歉向上伸展或増大,吸收性核心14的范,通常随着流体吸收的增加而增加. As trapped fan 6, the wound exudation fluid layer b through the aperture 34 to move toward the absorbent core 14, the absorbent material 20 contained in the absorber 18, the wound w when administered after a period of time, to save material administered as appears trapped display 7, having an increased intrinsic Peng Yi slightly bow-shaped fluid reservoir 36. a trial structure extending on the central portion 14 of the absorbent core 36 has absorbed a desired weight from the receptacle 18 exudate absorbing material 20 is generated, which expands and discontinuity transferred from the receptacle, thereby causing the backing layer to swell. inflated and filled with exudate absorbing material results in a discontinuous backing layer 16 are divided in a predictable 20 manner separated from the a yield of core distal surface D 14, and to extend further allow teaching material 10 following satisfy w absorption and male knee in the wound. in addition, the absorbent core 14 extends upwardly to or greater enlargement of the lateral and sorry absorbent on Fan of the core 14, the fluid-absorbent generally increases as increases.

当背村A16沿着教料10的逸缘郵分保持密封,成形储液器36, 使得它被限定在背村层16和吸收性核心14的远表面d之间,并沿着 When the back village A16 points along the taught holding sealing material 10 Post Yi edge, forming the reservoir 36, so that it is defined between backing layer 16 and the absorbent core village distal surface d 14 and along

边缘舞分24密封.*液審36允许雄胀的泉收材科20的不连禁部分从插孔18中移动,大大增加了对来自伤口廉b的流体的保留.由于吸收材料20的脚脒,通过允许背村A 16壤外膨胀以提供背祌层16 壤外的弹性和脚胀,順应元件26有效地用作一种用于背村层16的桑性连接.如圉8所示,教料10几乎达到它的雄账麁力,背衬层16已经脚胀到它的袭大限度.袭显箸的是,在脚胀的该发展阶段,由于提供了顺应元件26,该元件抵消了吸收性核心14和吸收材料20的膨账和增大、以及背村屋16的扩展,教料10的边缘部分24保持附着在伤口处w.此外应该注意的是,相对于邻近都分的背材层16,脊状物30通常不完全展平,通常从吸收性核心14的远表面d并相对于由顺应元件26限定的背村层16的扩展郵分至少部分地向外延伸. Not even ban partial edge dance points 24 sealed. * Liquid Unexamined 36 allows the male expansion springs closing member Section 20 moves from the receptacle 18, greatly increasing the retention of fluid from the wound inexpensive b, Since the absorbing material foot amidine 20 , by allowing the back 16 outside the village a soil and expanded to provide an elastic expansion legs 16 outside the layer of soil backing Chong, compliant element 26 is effectively used as a method for backing layer Sang village connection 16. as shown in FIG. 8 prince Yu teach material 10 almost reached its male account Cu force, the backing layer 16 has been hit pin to its large expansion limit. chopsticks passage is significant, at this stage of development foot swelling, due to the provision of the compliant element 26, the element the absorbent core 14 and the offset absorbent material expansion and increased accounts 20, and a back extension 16 Village, teaching material 24 of the edge portion 10 remains attached to the wound w. Moreover, it should be noted that, with respect to all the adjacent points the backing layer 16, ridges 30 generally is not completely flattened, generally from the distal surface d of the absorbent core 14 and extends outwardly with respect to the extension by a postal sub-compliant backing member 26 defined village layer 16 at least partially.

可以理解,优选的端面层12也具有适宜的萍性特征,以便当吸收性核心14橫向膨腺时,使其能伸展. It will be appreciated, the end surface of layer 12 preferably has characteristics suitable Ping, the absorbent core 14 so that when the lateral expansion gland, so that it can stretch.

当教料10已经»胀到最大容重时,被定义为充满了渗出物或完全她和的教料,射希望除去并脊換教料10.当处于抢和或完全充满渗出物的阶段,尽管吸收了过重的渗出物,延着款料10的边缘部分24 的拐角通常保持附着在伤口处w,如田9所示例,这是由于端面层12 提供了对圃錄伤口处w的皮肤足够的粘著力.通过現察与吸收性核心吸收的流体程度相关的教科库胀的租度以及通过现察吸收材料,能够 When the material 10 has been taught »swelling to a maximum density, is defined as a completely filled with exudate or her teaching material, and the land is desirable to remove shot material 10. When the transducer is taught and grab or completely filled exudate stage , although the absorbed heavy exudate, paragraph Along the corner edge portion 24 of the material 10 generally remains attached to the wound w, as an example of nine fields, due to the end surface of layer 12 is provided at the wound recording po w sufficient adhesion to the skin by the extent of the absorbent core and the fluid is now observed absorption of textbooks related to rent database and by now observed expansion absorbing material, can be

从視觉上确定何时速合去除教料. Determining when teaching material is removed from engagement speed visually.

如田10示例,教料10可以包括设置在壤面层12上的另外的粘合剂19.优逸的,粘合刑19沉积在端面屋12位于或靠近与吸收性核心14的边缘部分相应的部分上.压敏粘合剂19优选为创伤教科领域 The exemplary fields 10, 10 may include a material provided to teach additional adhesive 19. Yi preferably on soil surface layer 12, the adhesive 19 deposited on the end face criminal housing 12 at or near the respective edge portions of the absorbent core 14 on the part of pressure sensitive adhesive 19 is preferably wound field UNESCO

已知的肢箱压敏磁氣坑或丙蜂酸ii粘合荆. Known magnetic limb pit or tank pressure sensitive bee propionic acid Jing ii adhesive.

在优逸的实施方隶中,吸收性核心l4优选含有适应人体表面并能吸收流体的亲水合成聚合物.希望吸收性核心能迅速地吸收渗出物从而增强本发明教料的有效性,特別是将流体吸收到舍有吸收材料的插孔中.除了吸收,想得到一种有效的毛细作用,也就是吸收性核心能迅速地引导浪体离开吸收性核心的近表面到用于储存的更逸区城(即含有吸收材料的不连续部分的插孔),从而将局部饱和降到袭低并使吸收性核心的效能达到最大. In a preferred embodiment of Yi Li, the absorbent core l4 preferably containing a hydrophilic synthetic polymer and a surface adapted to absorb body fluids. The absorbent core can be desirable to rapidly absorb exudate to enhance the effectiveness of teaching materials of the present invention, in particular the fluid-absorbent with an insertion hole to house the absorbent material. in addition to the absorbent, want an efficient capillary action, i.e. the absorbent core can be quickly guided wave member away from the absorbent core for storage near surface to more Yi City area (i.e. jack comprising discontinuous portions of the absorbent material), so that the local saturation of the absorbent core down and the passage of low performance is maximized.

优选的吸收性核心由至少稍樣亲水的乘性开孔泡沫材料构成.适 The absorbent core preferably consists of an open cell foam material by at least slightly hydrophilic like. Suitable

宜的泡沫材料的开孔尺寸为滩至7柳槺米,优逸开孔尺寸为邻到3脚徵米.开孔允许将流体和细應碎片传逃到泡沫材料中并在泡沫材料中传送,优选泡沫材料区域的开孔尺寸具有足够的大小,从而促进毛细管作用并促进流体传送. Hole size of the foam is desirable to beach 7 meters Liu Kang, Yi opening size preferably is adjacent to pin 3 characterized meters apertures allow fluid and small debris pass should escape the foam in the foam conveying and , hole size region foam material preferably of sufficient size to facilitate capillary action and facilitate fluid transfer.

当被流体铯和时,吸收性核心可以库雎原有大小的大约135^. 当与本发明的表面屋和背村条相錄合时,当充满渗出物时,吸收性核心仅可以膨胀到其千尺寸的大约110%. When cesium is about 135 and the fluid when the absorbent core can library Ju ^ original size. When the surface of the housing and the back bars of the present invention village with timely recording, when filled with exudate, the absorbent core can expand only its size one thousand to about 110%.

根据本发明的一个实施方案,在吸收性核心犀度的方向上吸收泡沫材料包含有开孔尺寸梯度,使得开孔尺寸在远表面和吸收性核心的方向上减小.由于开孔尺寸在以及靠近吸收性核心的近表面上较大, According to one embodiment of the present invention, in the direction of the absorbent core of the absorbent foam material rhino with hole size gradient, such that the opening size decreases in the direction of the distal surface and the absorbent core. Since the opening size and near the surface of the absorbent core close to a larger,

毛细管力更理,困此靠近吸收性核心的近表面排除流体并朝插孔移动该流体.另外,吸收性泡沫材料可以包括朝向插孔的开孔尺寸梯度, 从而在吸收性泡沫材料中提供被设计成朝着插孔具有增欲的毛细管力的局部区域,用于朝其引导流体. More capillary force management, this near trapped near the surface of the absorbent core and negative fluid movement toward the fluid receptacle. Additionally, absorbent foam material may comprise a gradient towards the opening size of the jack, thereby providing absorbent foam materials are toward the insertion hole is designed to have a local region of a capillary force to be increased, for directing fluid towards the.

泡沫材料可以由,例如聚A糖、纤雉素、欺化丁二烯-笨乙蜂樣鼓、 聚醋泡沫材料、亲水性环氣泡沫材料或聚丙鋒酸瞎构成.在优选的实施方案中,泡沫材料由亲水性聚A糖泡沫材料构成,例如由Reynel Inc.(Bootliliay,ME)生产的产品标号为L00562-B的聚IMtt泡沫材料. 由于上迷泡沫材料本身是亲水的,此外考虑到含有吸收材料的插孔的应用,在优选的实施方案中不需要处理该泡沫材料以使其更亲水. Foam material may be formed, for example, poly A sugar, fiber prime pheasant, bullying butadiene - bee-like drum Ben acetate, polyester foams, hydrophilic or polypropylene foam ring gas front blind acids constituting a preferred embodiment of the the foam material is made of hydrophilic poly a sugar foam, for example Reynel Inc. (Bootliliay, ME) products designated IMtt polyethylene foam L00562-B Since the above-foamed material itself is hydrophilic, Further consideration of the application to the jack comprising absorbent material, in a preferred embodiment does not need to process the foam to make it more hydrophilic.

在另一实施方案中,如果需要,可以对泡沫材料进行处理使其更亲水,从而增强渗出物在泡沫材料中更迅速凝结的趁势,而仅达到泡沫材料不能太亲水以致泡沫材料的亲水性阻碍滲出物传逸到吸收性材料中的程度.在该实施方案中,可以设计吸收性泡沫材料亲水性的水平,使得表面张力最小,从而允许流体容易进入泡沫材料孔.当伤口处保持相对离的湿度的同时,流体能这样保留在吸收泡沫材料中. In another embodiment, if desired, may be treated to make it more hydrophilic foam material, thereby enhancing exudates more rapidly in the foam condensation taking advantage of, and only reach a foam material that can not be too hydrophilic foams obstruction hydrophilic exudate to pass Yi extent of the absorbent material. in this embodiment, the level may be designed hydrophilic absorbent foam material, such that the minimum surface tension, allowing fluid to readily enter the foam pores. when wound while maintaining the relative humidity from, so that the fluid can be retained in the absorbent foam material.

可以理解,吸收性核心不限于由泡沫材料构成.在另一实施方案中,吸收性核心可以是使用本领城技术人贝可得到的已知材料通过很多方法生产的多孔织造或非织造材料.例如,吸收性核心可以作为一种由非常短的纤维素纤维以建机或非建机布置构成的宽大、柏素成形的织物,纤維素薄片垫,或聚合物原纤維基廣而存在. It will be appreciated, is not limited to the absorbent core consists of a foam material. In another embodiment, the absorbent core may be a material known in the art to use the city the art many shell obtainable by a process for producing a porous woven or nonwoven material. E.g. , the absorbent core may be made as a very short cellulose fibers in construction machinery or construction machinery arrangement composed of large, Baisu Cheng shaped fabric sheet pad cellulose, or fibrillated polymer is present yl wide.

吸收性核心的厚度为OS至20mm,优选为3m西至5mm. The absorbent core of the OS to a thickness of 20mm, preferably 3m west 5mm.

吸收性核心可以fc括在其中形成的一排插孔,并可以以任何途重的预先选捧的鹏案进衧限定,其可舍有期望体积或数量的吸收材料的 The absorbent core may be enclosed in a row fc insertion hole formed therein, and Yu can enter text limiting in any way Peng holding the preselected weight, which may have rounded desired volume or quantity of absorbent material

不连续部分,阀时保持迭合于本发明教料的足够的攝度和弹性.在B Discontinuity, held together in laminated material of the present teachings and flexibility sufficient intake valve in B

l显示的优逸实施方案中,插孔18的田案是一种网掩結构.优选,所 L Yi preferred embodiment shown, the receptacle 18 of the field case cover structure is a web. Preferably, the

迷插孔具有均匈的、預先确定的形状和大小,并延伸横穿吸收樣核心 Hungarian receptacle having both fans of a predetermined size and shape, and extend across the absorbent core comp

的远表面d.在该实施方案中,以矩形鹏案定位插孔,插孔之闳通常间痛Smni (从每个插孔的中心轴测童).通常每个插孔的深度为各Smni,距离壤面层至少0.5mm.在该实施方案中,该田案被修玫成在 Distal surface d. In this embodiment, a rectangular case Peng positioning socket, the socket is generally between Hong pain Smni (isometric child from the center of each jack). The depth of each jack is generally for the Smni , the surface soil layer from at least 0.5mm. in this embodiment, the case of the field to be rounded in Mei

教料的特定区域比其它区械包括更多的插孔. Teach a specific area other than the material region comprises additional mechanical jack.

困11显示的嚇伤教料的一个实施方案中,吸收性核心14的中心部分比教料10边缘部分24附近具有更离密度的插孔18.吸收槺核心的任何特定区城的插孔的数量取决于局部会有更大量的流体的可察竟区域,例如在中心都分,以使流体吸收最大化,此外限制在吸收性核心的特定区域内,例如逸缘都分吸收流体. 11 threatened a storm damage embodiment shown in teaching material, the central portion of the absorbent core 14 having any particular density region from the city more receptacles 18. Kang absorbent core material than teaching receptacle portion 10 near the edge 24 depends on the local number will be a greater amount of fluid actually observed region, for example, are divided in the center, in order to maximize the absorption of fluid, in addition to limiting the absorbent core in a specific area, e.g. Yi edge points are absorbing fluid.

如田2所示,将插孔18设置成在吸收性核心14的iML面上开口, 并向整个厚度延伸一定距离.在优选的实施方案中,插孔延伸聚离t, 比吸收性核心18的整个犀度t要短,优选插孔延伸的距离为吸收性核心14的总厚度的709C-90%.然而可以理解,在创伤教料的一个实施方案中,插孔可以延伸穿过吸收性核心的整个厚度. As shown in field 2, the jack 18 is arranged on the surface of the absorbent core 14 iML opening and extends a distance the entire thickness. In a preferred embodiment, the receptacle extending from poly t, than the absorbent core 18 t of the entire rhino shorter, extending from the receptacle is preferably 709C-90% of the total thickness of the absorbent core 14. It will be appreciated, however, in one embodiment the wound teaching material, the receptacle may extend through the absorbent the entire thickness of the core.

在创伤教料的另一实施方案中,插孔18可以被设直成,如困13 所示,根振它们的位置以及局都存在的来自伤口处的流体渗出物,向吸收性核心14的厚度延伸不同的距离.在该实施方案中,更靠近教料10中心的插孔18向吸收性核心14的厚庋延仲得更深,而更靠近吸收性核心边缘24的插孔18比中心部分22的插孔18向吸收性核心14的厚度延仲的距离要浅.由此更深的插孔18比更浅的插孔18含有更多的吸收材料20,从而提供更大的局,吸收区域. In another embodiment of the wound teaching material, the receptacle 18 may be set to a straight, as shown, the root of their position transducer 13 and trapped there bureau fluid exudate from the wound to the absorbent core 14 thickness extending different distances. in this embodiment, the teaching material is closer to the center of the insertion hole 10 of the absorbent core 18 to the thickness 14 of the extension Gui secondary deeper, and closer to the absorbent core edge 24 of the receptacle 18 than the center 18 of the socket portion 22 extending from the thickness of the secondary absorbent core 14 to be shallower. jack 18 thus deeper than the lighter receptacle 18 to contain more absorbent material 20, thereby providing greater Bureau, absorbent region.

由于优选插孔只是部分延伸至吸收性核心的总厚度,困此将通过吸收材料传送并吸收渗出物.这种結果使没有插孔的吸收性核^的近表面处于理想的湘湿环境,渗出物不会过量铯和,从而允许敷科在伤口处保持更长的时阀. Since the insertion hole preferably extending only partially to a total thickness of the absorbent core, the difficulties of this exudates absorbed by the absorbent material and transfer. This result is not the absorbent core jack ^ near-surface in humid environment over Xiang, not in excess exudate and cesium, thereby allowing the valve is maintained for a longer branch cladding at the wound.

在田1和2墓示的优逸实施方案中,每个插孔18的形状都是均一的,通常为B柱形.至少却分选择插孔的形状,使容納的吸牧材料 In the field a preferred embodiment Yi and 2 shown in the tomb, the shape of each insertion hole 18 is uniform, generally cylindrical B., But at least partial shape select jack, so that the material contained absorbing animal husbandry

的不连续部分达對最大,并且当通过流体而雄樣时睢僳进其移嚇.插 The discontinuous portion of maximum, and when the fluid by the time the intake Su Sui like male shift scared. Interposed

孔不限于國柱形錄构;插孔可以采用的形状为侓体、沟橫、半球、鷉锥体、块状以及我领变体及其组合.此外,插孔可以fc括从其开口延伸至其基底部分的雄形,使得插孔开口附近的宽度比基底部分大.逸种錄构能有利于靡胀的、充满水分的吸收材朴的不连埃都分从插孔中移动,使得它们能更自由地从插孔中移动.另一逸择,插孔可以沿着教料iML面的橫向以Bt机田案进行设里• Any aperture configuration recorded in the country column; shape may be employed as the jack body Lu, horizontal grooves, hemispheres, cones Grebe, massive collar and I variants and combinations Further, fc jack may include an opening extending therefrom. its base to male-shaped portion, such that the width of the receptacle near the opening is larger than the base portion. Yi recorded species extravagant configuration can facilitate the expansion, moisture-laden absorber Pu discontinuous points are moved Å from the jack, so that they can move more freely from the jack. another optional Yi, Bt receptacle may be provided in the text field machine • the lateral surface of the teaching material iML

在吸收性核心的一个实施方案中,插孔可以舍有多个至少部分湣吸收性核心的逸倒面橫向延伸的沟栅.在该实施方案中,沟橫具有齿状或波浪状橫截面轮廊.该实施方案在这样一种创伤敷料中是有用的,其中吸收性核心太薄而不能包括具有例如前迷的B柱形插孔形状的插孔. In one embodiment of the absorbent core embodiment, the receptacle may have rounded grooves extending transversely of the gate at least partially the plurality of the absorbent core Yi Zhimin down surface. In this embodiment, the groove having a transverse cross-section wavy or toothed wheel Gallery. this embodiment is useful in a wound dressing which comprises an absorbent core having, for example, too thin a cylindrical receptacle jack B shape of a front fan.

每个插孔的尺寸可以是任何适宜的尺寸,该尺寸能容纳适宜量的能充分吸收伤口处的渗出物的吸收材料.通常,插孔的尺寸为大約5抑至5,000徵米,优逸横截面为大约100(^3000徵米(独立的高廈和宽度尺寸).呈优选困案的插孔具有S00至S,OOO樣米重复的距离,优选为大约IOO(MSOO徵米,该重复距离被定义为一个插孔到另一插孔、 中心轴到中心轴的距离. The size of each receptacle may be any suitable size, which can accommodate a suitable amount of absorbent material can sufficiently absorb wound exudate Typically, receptacle size of about 5 meters characterized suppression to 5,000, preferably Yat cross-section of about 100 (3000 intrinsic ^ m (independent high buildings and width dimension). trapped case was preferred to S00 having a receptacle S, OOO meters like repeat distance, preferably about IOO (MSOO characterized meters, the repeated distance is defined as the distance from one receptacle to another receptacle, the central axis to the central axis.

虽然在优逸的实施方案中,插孔在穿过,锈教料的橫向上具有相同的体积,但取决于在吸收性核心远表面上的开口位置,插孔可以具有臾化的体积.如与具有可臾深度的插孔相关的实施方棄中,位于或靠近吸收性核心的中心部分的插孔与靠近吸收性核心的逸缘部分的插孔相比,具有更大的体积容重.由此具有可变体积的插孔岡样舍有可变体积量的吸收材料的不连飨部分. Although the preferred embodiments Yat, passing through the insertion hole, with the same volume of the transverse rust teaching material, but depending on the surface of the absorbent core distal open position of the receptacle may have a volume of Yu As the embodiment can be abandoned Yu receptacle associated with the depth, as compared with the receptacle jacks Yi edge portion of the absorbent core near the central portion of the absorbent is located at or near the core, has a higher volume density. of Gang this jack having a variable volume of sample with a rounded portion of the absorbent material does not satisfy even the volume of the variable.

本发明敷料中使用的吸收材料优选含有趙吸收性聚合顆粒、薄片或粉末,它们暴露于水会雄胀并通过吸收大量的水形成水合凝歉(水凝胶).这里将超吸收浙被限定为显示出能吸收大量液体能力的材料, 即,每份能吸收超过10至1S份液体.这些超吸收性材料通常分成三类,也就是淀粉接技的共聚物,交联的羧甲基纤维素衍生物以及改性的亲水聚丙蜂酸糖.这种吸收性聚合物的例子为水解的淀itK丙蜂棘接枝共聚物、中和的淀粉-丙蜂酸接扶共聚物、皂化的丙蜂酸,-&蜂基錄酸瞎共聚物、水解的丙蜂踏共聚物或丙蜂晚躭共聚物,改性交联聚 Absorbing material used in the dressing of the invention preferably contains Zhao absorbent polymer particles, flakes or powders, they are exposed to water will swell and form a hydrated male apology condensate (hydrogel) by absorbing large amounts of water. Zhejiang superabsorbent herein defined to exhibit a liquid material capable of absorbing a large amount of capacity, i.e., each capable of absorbing more than 10 parts liquid to 1S. these superabsorbent materials generally fall into three classes, namely starch graft copolymers, and crosslinked carboxymethyl cellulose derivatives and modified hydrophilic polyacrylic acid sugar bee examples of such absorbent polymers are hydrolyzed starch itK propan bee ratchet graft copolymers, neutralized starch - propionic acid binding bee Rotary copolymers, saponified bee propionic acid, - bee & blind yl recording acid copolymers, hydrolyzed copolymers or propoxy propoxy depression bee bee late Dan copolymers, modified crosslinked poly

6緯醉、中和的幽交联聚丙蜂酸、文联聚丙鋒酸盐、歡化纤维素以及中和的交联异丁蜂-马来醉共聚物.超吸收性粒状亲水聚合物也在美鷉 6 weft drunk, and the quiet crosslinked polyacrylic acid bee, Federation of polyacrylic acid Feng, Huan cellulose and crosslinked isobutoxy and bee - maleic copolymers drunk superabsorbent particulate hydrophilic polymers also US ruficollis

专利No.4,102340中进行详細描迷.该专利公开了吸收材料例如交联聚丙烯it胺.优选在本发W教料中使用的超吸收性徵粗优选由交联聚丙蜂酸构成. Described in detail in Patent No.4,102340 fan. This patent discloses an absorbent material, such as crosslinked polyacrylic amines it is preferred the superabsorbent constitutes crude intrinsic preferably a crosslinked polyacrylic acid present bee compound used teachings W .

超吸收性徵粗可以有购得到,例如淀粉接枝聚丙緯酸赠水凝胶粉 The superabsorbent may have an intrinsic crude commercially available, for example, starch grafted polyacrylic acid presented weft hydrogel powder

末可以从Portemou他,VA的Ho枕hst-Cetonese得到•其它超吸收性樣粒以商标SANWET (由Sanyo Kasd Kogyo Kab鹏hiki Kaisha提供),SUMIKA GEL(由Sumitomo Kagaku Kabushiki Kai,ha提供, 其为球状聚合乳液,而非聚合的研廉顆粒的溶液浙),和FAVOR (由樣鹏Dusseldorf的Dugussa AG生产)进行出售. He can end, VA Ho of pillow hst-Cetonese obtained from Portemou • Other superabsorbent particles like the trademark SANWET (supplied by Sanyo Kasd Kogyo Kab Peng hiki Kaisha), SUMIKA GEL (ha supplied by Sumitomo Kagaku Kabushiki Kai,, which is Zhejiang Institute inexpensive solution polymerization emulsion particles spherical, not polymeric), and FAVOR (manufactured by Peng comp Dugussa AG in Dusseldorf) for sale.

超吸收性徵粒优选为類粗或薄片的形状,以提供更大有效表面积的水状肢体.干燥后典型的超吸收性徵粒的尺寸是1到1000樣米. 优选吸收性樣耝的粗径为100到900徵米.这些徵粒在伤口环境中不溶解,吸收能力大于每克千樣粒OS水. Characterized superabsorbent particles is preferably based thick sheet shape or to provide a larger effective surface area of ​​the aqueous limb. Typical symptoms after dry superabsorbent particles size from 1 to 1000 m comp. Comp preferably the absorbent Chu crude intrinsic diameter of 100-900 m. these particles do not dissolve in the wound intrinsic environment, the absorption capacity is greater than one thousand samples per gram tablets OS water.

在另一实施方案中,吸收性材料为与水接触会»脈的亲水凝腚. 亲水凝胶通常不具有多孔或孔状内部結构,并且是圃体或半鬭体形状.亲水凝鼓被解释为意拥水状胶体、水凝鼓及其组合,只要该材料是生理上容许的和^床上可以接受的.拔予Stfckels等的美国6,S66,S7S In another embodiment, the absorbent material is in contact will »pulse affinity with water Ding hydrogel. The hydrophilic gel typically does not have a porous or porous internal structure, and a garden or semi Dou shape. Hydraulically pro It is intended to hold the drum to be construed as hydrocolloids, hydrogels and combinations drum, as long as the material is physiologically tolerable and acceptable bed ^. Stfckels like to pull U.S. 6, S66, S7S

中描迷了适宜的亲;Mi默,这些aj&是可以商购得到的. Suitable described in lost pro; Mi Mo, which are commercially available aj & obtained.

在创伤教料的另一实施方案中,吸收性核心可以包括多个嵌入吸收性核心内的吸收材料的不连续部分.该吸收材料的不连续部分可以是不连续的超吸收性聚合物樣粒、薄片或粉末,它们自由沉积在吸收性核心中,使得它们可以在吸收性核"内移动,优选朝向其远表面移动.而在创伤敷料的另一实施方案中,吸收性核心包括嵌入其中的唳收材料以及舍有吸收祸材料的不连縿部分的插孔. In another embodiment of the wound teaching material, the absorbent core may comprise a plurality of discrete portions embedded in the absorbent material within the absorbent core. Discontinuous portion of the absorbent material may be discontinuous superabsorbent polymer particles comp , flakes or powder, is deposited in the absorbent core are free so that they can move in the absorbent core ", preferably moving towards its distal surface. in yet another embodiment of the wound dressing, the absorbent core comprises embedded therein Li and homes receiving material with an insertion hole portion nonunion Xiao disaster absorbent material.

总之,在迄今讨论的每个吸收性核心的实施方案中,值得注意的是,在靠近或位于近部分的吸收性核心上,流体吸收最小化,通过插孔内或之外的吸收材料的吸收,流体吸收最大化.这种方法与背村屋的錄构相結合使象料能吸收的流体量最大化,此外由于流体不与皮肤相接触,从而能允许病人较长时间银带. In summary, in each embodiment of the absorbent core discussed so far, it is worth noting that the absorbent core near or at the portion near the fluid minimize absorption, the absorption material outside through the inner receptacle or , to maximize fluid uptake. this method of recording Village back configuration so that the combination of materials can absorb an amount of fluid as is maximized, in addition since the fluid is not in contact with the skin, which can allow the patient a long time with the silver.

背衬层可以在本发明款料的所有实施方案中存在.优选背材屋速 The backing layer may be present in all embodiments of the present invention under the material. Preferably the backing speed housing

合动物(包括人)的解剖学表面,不能透过液体,而能透过蒸汽.如上面讨论的,背村屋与吸收牲核心、相錄合,其可被构造成当教科处于膨胀、充满豕气的状悉时,在它们之闳限定了俯液器.豕然曹村屉不允许液体或渗出物通过,但吸收的渗出物中的水分以蒸汽形式穿过背村条进入空气. Together animal (including human) anatomical surfaces, impermeable to liquid, but can. As discussed above, vapor permeable, back Village absorbent core sacrifice, together with record, which may be configured such that when in the expanded textbooks, filled hog-like gas when noted, the bow defining therebetween Hong liquid. Caocun hog then allowed drawer or a liquid exudates from passing through, but absorb exudate moisture vapor through the back bar to form village intake air .

背村屋的优逸实施方案为薄聚合萍性或槺性薄農涂屋,提供了细錄屏陣,由能透过水蒸汽的乘软萍性体材料形成.该薄膿是连埃的, 波有孔或洞橫貫薄農层.这种类歪的薄瓶是&知的,通常是余水聚合物材料,水褰气能够扩散穿过该薄膜. Yi preferred embodiment of a thin polymeric backing Village ping or agricultural Kang thin coating of the house, provided a record fine screen array, formed by a soft material capable of ping-vapor permeable. This is even angstroms thin pus , waves traversing a hole or holes aGRICULTURAL thin layer of this kind is crooked bottle & known thin, typically polymer material remaining water, the water can be lower garments gas diffusion through the film.

背村屋錄合辨吸收性核心的近表面上,在优逸的实施方案中,背村层只结合到吸收性核心的逸表面上,没有穿透其中的任何孔、洞或 Yi upper surface of the upper surface of the back near the absorbent core Village recorded engagement identified in Yi preferred embodiment, the backing layer village incorporated into the absorbent core only, which does not penetrate any hole, cavity, or

空腔.薄漢的厚度通常为1S至45槺米,优逸厚度为大的30徵米. 背衬层可以包含聚A豳,例如从InteliCoat Tecknologie《Sou他Hadley, MA)可得到的、产品标号为INSPIRE的聚A醋薄褒,弹性聚糖,聚氨AT和聚tt的混合物,聚氣乙蜂以及聚酸-醜麽嵌段共聚物. 在本发明中优选使用的背衬屋为聚A醋薄漢,因为它显示出回萍性特征,这允许薄胜具有良好的适应性,此外具有很离租度的伸展性. Cavity. Thickness is usually Chinese 1S Kang to 45 meters, preferably 30 Yi large intrinsic thickness meters. The backing layer may comprise poly A Bin, for example, from InteliCoat Tecknologie "Sou he Hadley, MA) is obtained, the product INSPIRE labeled poly a thin vinegar praise, elastic glycan mixture, tt poly aT and the polyurethane, polyethylene and poly-acid gas bee acetate - ugly house it in the block copolymer of the present invention, the backing preferably used poly a thin Han vinegar, because it exhibits characteristics Ping back, allowing good adaptability thin wins, it also has rented from the stretch degree.

优选本发明的背村层至少是半透明的,更优选为足够透明,从而使得能通过歡料能覌察到貼有款料的伤口处.不必除去敷料而通过观察来评价伤口及其禽合是有利的,从而能避免不必要的对敷料的处理以及遊免将伤口暴露到环境中,这减少了污染的可能性. Village backing layer of the present invention is preferably at least translucent and more preferably sufficiently transparent so that the material can Guan Huan observed by the wound material affixed paragraph. Necessary to remove the dressing and the wound was evaluated by observing the birds together is advantageous, treatment can be avoided and the possibility of the wound dressing is exposed to run free environment, which reduces unnecessary pollution.

适宜的连续的速应性背村层使背衬层在38tl时只具有1500至14600g/m2/24far的水蒸汽传搶速率(MVTR),优选为2S00至2700 g/mV24hr.背村条厚度优选为10到1000槺米,更优选为100到500 樣米.本发明的端面屋优逸为結合到吸收性核心的近表面上的不透液体和水分的疏水层.在优选的实施方案中,端面层是交联的砝氣坑萍性体凝胶,例如,NuSil Tecfanology(Carpenteria, CA)生产的、产品标号为的交联碰氣坑(聚二甲基磁氣统凝狡).端面层优选具有O.OS鹏m至O.Smm的厚度,更优选为(Umm.款料对饬口的适应性有些取决于组分的厚度,从而当款料胜到身体部分上,即使表面被移动它能适应该表面.当表面,曲接着又回到没有弯曲的位里时,端面层伸展以适应接合处的弯曲,并且当表面遥田其没有弯曲的状态时,鴆面展具有足够的两萍性能连繞速应表面. Suitable continuous speed should backing layer so that the backing layer has a village only grab a water vapor transmission rate of 1500 to 14600g / m2 / 24far of (the MVTR) when 38tl, preferably 2S00 to 2700 g / mV24hr. The thickness of the back section preferably village Kang of 10 to 1000 m, more preferably 100 to 500 meters like end face of housing of the present invention is preferably Yat liquid impervious and moisture bonded to the hydrophobic layer on the near surface of the absorbent core. in a preferred embodiment, the end face layer is a crosslinked gas hole Fa of pregelatinized Ping, e.g., NuSil Tecfanology (Carpenteria, CA) production of crosslinked products designated pit collision gas (dimethicone magnetic cunning coagulation system). end O.OS surface layer preferably has a thickness of m to O.Smm Peng, more preferably (Umm. adaptability ordered feed opening paragraph is somewhat dependent upon the thickness of the component, so that the upper feed section when the body part to win, even if the surface it is adapted to move the surface. when the surface, and then curved back in position when no bending, stretching to accommodate the curved end surface layer at the junction, and when the surface away from the field which is not bent, having a show face poison Ping sufficient performance even about two surface speed should be.

硅氣就壤面屋对于依靠狻壤錄合祸将敷科圃定到伤口上的创伤數 Silicon dioxide is to rely on the soil surface for house engagement disaster recorded Suan soil will apply to a given number of branch garden trauma wounds

秤具有JL著的益处.特剩是,粘牲硅氧就凝歉錄提供优趙的不粘附到伤口上、但对周國皮趺非常釉的涂屋.此外,这种凝胶完全,定,不 Scales having the benefit of the JL. Laid left, the silicone adhesive to sacrifice condensate apology catalog provides excellent Zhao does not adhere to the wound, but very Zhou glaze coated tablets transdermal house. In addition, the gel completely, Determined not

受热或身体渗出物的彩响.这意味着即使它们已经在途当位置保持相当长的时期之后,例如几天,根振本发明的獻料也能保持它们的非祐 Heat or body exudates color response. This means that even after they have in the way when the holding position for a long period of time, for example several days, root material offering resonator of the present invention can maintain their non-woo

着特性. The characteristics.

硅氣就凝鼓屋温和地錄着到周國皮肤上,由于它本廣上触鍵桑软并部分流入皮狭中的歡小空孔和缝糠中,从而在伤口处产生大的接錄面积.錄果,与&知的包括具有歉的粘附A的教料相比,需要更小的粘着力将硅氣就屋爾定到伤口处.由于硅氣就屋更充分地分散其粘着力,所以当从伤口处除去教料时,其剩离理度不会剩去表皮细胞.西此可以再次施用款科而不会類伤伤口处的皮肤和伤口.此外,由于是就水性的,所以硅氣就屋錄防止水分在所迷在下聚积,此外由于吸收性核心的毛細管力将渗出物引入教料,这使得能将教料升高离开皮肤,而不会使创飭教軒的使用者产生痛苦. Silicon gas to condensate drum housing gently lu to Zhou skin, since it is this wide on the touch-key Sang soft and partially flows into the sheath slot in Huan small pores and slits bran, whereby a large contact recorded at the wound area. If recorded, and compared to & known comprising apology teachings material a is adhered, the adhesion requires less silicon dioxide is given to house Seoul wound. Since the silicon dioxide is dispersed more fully house its adhesion force when the teaching material is removed from the wound, which is not left from the left to the management of the epidermal cells. West Branch this paragraph may be administered without classes again wound of skin and wound at. Further, since it is the aqueous , the silicon gas to the lower housing to prevent moisture from accumulating in the record of the fans, since the addition of the absorbent core introduced into the capillary force exudates teaching material, which makes it possible to increase teaching material away from the skin, without the teachings creating ordered Hin the user-generated pain.

用作本发明教料中的端面屋的硅氣烷优选具有小于1的Skore A 硬度,最优逸具有不可拥得的SlioreA乾良. As a transverse housing teachings of the present invention is a silicon compound gas is preferably alkoxy having Skore A hardness of less than 1, and most Yi has not hold good dry SlioreA obtained.

当通过交联两种或多种磕氣就的混合物形成碰氣统时,各种组分的分子量以及反应基國取代的租度可以是不两的.这允许仅仅通过改变所i^L分的比例形成具有不同物理性廣的aJ!L When the collision gas system is formed by crosslinking a mixture of two or more tap on the gas, and a reaction group substituted States molecular weight of the various components can not rent of the two. This allows simply by varying the points i ^ L aJ formed having a ratio of widely different physical! L

复合材料端面屋也可以包括混合到硅氣就萍性中的一种或几种皮肤处理刑,例如凡士林油以及芦荟.在优选的实施方案中,复合材料弹性屋的最离达20重量X,优选为11.9重量%为凡士林油,并且最离达3重量%,优选0.1重重%为第二皮蚨处理刑僻如芦荟.可以理解,可以使用不同的或另外的皮肤处理剂,这取决于待通过皮肤处理祸处理的皮肤状况. Composite materials may also include a housing end surface of the silicon dioxide is mixed into the ping one or more of the skin treatment sentence, such as petrolatum oil and aloe vera. In a preferred embodiment, the composite elastic material 20 houses most of the weight from X, preferably from 11.9% by weight petrolatum, and from the most up to 3 wt%, preferably 0.1% to a second heavy leather beetle secluded criminal process such as aloe vera. it will be appreciated, different or additional skin treating agents, depending be skin conditions treated by skin treatment disaster.

在优逸的实施方案中,硅氣就壤面在被成形为具有预定孔鹏案的硅氣就凝鼓片材,在将磁氧!ltmJ8t片材錄合对吸收性核心之前就形成上述孔.典蹇的,孔具有0.05至l.Omm的直径,每<:鹏2大约有银3邻个孔.虽然在鹏2的优逸实族方案中显示了孔34以輛两的驕像进軒 In a preferred embodiment, Yi, soil gas on the silicon surface is shaped silicon gas having a predetermined aperture pattern Peng condensate drum on a sheet, in the magnetic oxide! LtmJ8t recording sheet bonded to the absorbent core before the hole is formed . Code Jian, the hole having a diameter of 0.05 to l.Omm per <: silver Peng2 about 3 o Although a bore hole in the preferred embodiment Peng Yi solid group 2 34 to pride two vehicles into an image. Xuan

布直,但端面屋n不限于这种布置. Straight cloth, but it is not limited to this end surface n house arrangement.

碰氣艉壤面簾港着其iML面基本上是平面.然而,碰氣统壤面簾可以穿透或充鴻吸收槺核心的不规到表面,所迷不规IN表面被眼定为港着表面的开口、錄糠或局部孔. Collision gas port stern soil surface with a curtain which is substantially planar surface iML However, conventional collision air curtain can penetrate the soil surface or hung charge Kang absorbent core to the surface irregularities, the irregularities fans IN port surface as eye with openings, holes or topical bran recording surface.

在图13示僻的另一实施方案中,与教料10的中心、都分22相应的端面层12中的孔34密度更高,而靠近或诺;f教料的速缘部分孔34 密度较低或没有孔34.另一选捧是,款料的速緣部分上,更特劂的是在与吸收性核心的斜面部分相应的区域,端面屋完全没有孔.逸将减援在教料的特定区域内的流体吸收,从而更有效地引导渗出物在能更有效地吸收渗出物的区域进行吸收.此外,在另一实施方案中,在或靠近具有插孔的吸收性核心孔更密集,从而增强朝着上迷插孔吸收渗出物. In another embodiment secluded embodiment shown in FIG. 13, the center 10 of the teaching material, points are corresponding holes 12 in the end face 22 of the layer 34 a higher density, or close to the Connaught; teachings speed f hole edge portion of the material 34 low density or no pores 34. another option is holding the upper edge portion of the speed of the feed section, is more specialized in respective chisel with the ramp portion of the absorbent core area, there is no end surface of the housing bore. Save Yi will aid in fluid-absorbent material within a specific region of the teachings, directed to more effectively absorb the exudate region can be more effectively absorbing exudate. Further, in another embodiment, at or near the insertion hole having an absorbent the core hole is more dense, thereby enhancing the fan toward the jack absorb exudate.

值得注意的是,壤面A只錶合到吸收性核心的近表面上,可以穿透吸收性核心的距离为其厚度的大约邻X.通过在錄合到吸收槺核心之前形成孔,槺面屋不会堵塞这些孔或徵基吸收性核心的孔的内壁. 闳此优选通过提供具有预先形成的、以速宜布置设置的孔的端面屋, 使得端面层具有速宜的渗透性,相应的,能很好地控制流体通过硅氣就凝狡在进行传逸. Notably, only the soil surface A laminating the absorbent core near the surface, the absorbent core can penetrate from its neighbor a thickness of about X. recorded before a hole is formed by the absorbent core is bonded to Kang, Kang surface housing inner wall without clogging the pores or intrinsic base absorbent core hole. this Hong preferably by providing a pre-formed hole in a housing end surface speed setting arrangement should be such that the end surface layer should have a permeability rate, the corresponding of well control fluid by making the silicon dioxide is cunning condensate Yi Chuan.

端面屋的厚度在其长度上可以变化.例如,端面屋可以包括具有较大厚度的区城,该区城靠近与中"部分相对的嚇银教料的速缘部分,从而在具有较厚壤面屋的该区域为端面屋提供较大的d度. The thickness of the end face of the house can vary over its length. For example, the end face may comprise a housing having a large thickness region city, city region near a portion opposed to scare silver teachings edge portion of the feed speed ", so with a thicker soil the region is an end face of the housing to provide a greater degree d house.

在另一实施方案中,壤面屉包括至少两个具有不两特性的不两层.例如提供直接部近伤口处使用的较乘软的屋,该屋能紧密地貼合伤口处;同时提供置于较柔软层和吸收中心屋之闳的较瑷层,以向教料提供耐用性和理度.多屋或更适当的双层硬度计(durometer)端面层采用了2000年10月24日拔权的美興专利6,136,039中描迷的原理,该专利由这里描迷的本发明的受让人所拥有,在此结合其公开内容. In another embodiment, the surface soil drawer comprises at least two layers having such characteristics does not provide a direct two portions of relatively soft housing by using near the wound, the housing can fit tightly wound; while providing relatively softer layer positioned Ai Hong absorbing layer and the center of the house, in order to provide durability and processing of the materials taught. Taya double or more suitable hardness (durometer) layer using the end face on October 24, 2000 fans in the description of the principle of the right to pull the United States and Japan Xing patent 6,136,039, which patent is described here by the fans of the assignee of the present invention have, the disclosure of which is hereby incorporated.

在另一实施方案中,本发明的壤面展私舍上迷类蹇的硅氧就展, 并用嵌入的多孔加爾屋进^f加困.所迷加爾簾可以包括非织造,针织或织遶的织物材料,或聚会物薄奥,例如由聚A磨构成的薄爽.在该实施方案中,硅IUI展中的孔通常与加爾簾中的孔相应. In another embodiment, the soil surface development of the present invention, private homes on silica fans based Jian on exhibition, and a porous embedded Gal housing into ^ f plus trapped. The fans Gal curtain may comprise a nonwoven, knitted or woven about fabric material, or a thin gathering thereof Austria, for example, a thinning of poly a cool. in this embodiment, the silicon IUI generally show apertures corresponding to the apertures Gal curtain.

可以理解,可以在本发稱的教科中使用非硅氣就壤面层而不会偏 It will be appreciated, may be used in the present non-silicon gas in known textbooks on the soil surface layer without bias

离其范围.优选,所迷壤面屋应该是乘软、有萍性、貼合、不刺激并且不致教.该款料可以包括端面层,该端面层电舍由多种聚合物,铜 From the scope thereof. Preferably, the soil surface of the housing by the fans should be soft, Ping, fit, and will not teach without stimulation. Subsection material layer may comprise end faces, the end faces by a layer of electrically homes more polymers, copper

如聚氛麻、聚乙烯、聚丙烯、聚ib胜或聚,材料与压教雜合祸构成的多孔基胰.此外,壤面A可以是能透过水蒸气的薄漢、多孔胜、扭造-, 非织造-或针织织物或平故棉麻织物的形式.粘合祸可以是具有较低掘伤性并对湖湿皮跌具有良好粘着力的徵球或幹维錄合剂.可以理解, 可以仅仅在部分壤面层上涂覆粘合祸,例如仅圃錄教料的边缘郵分涂復粘合浙,而中心部分没有箱合刑.优选,端面层可以被穿孔,从而允许液体传送到吸收性核心. Hemp atmosphere such as polyethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene or polyethylene ib wins, pancreas porous matrix material composed of pressed teach heterozygous disaster Furthermore, soil surface A may be a water vapor permeable thin Han, porous wins, twist made - nonwoven - or knitted fabric or a flat form so that the adhesive scrim having an intrinsic evil may be a ball or stem-dimensional recording material mixture and lower leg injuries of the skin down Lake in a good adhesion can be understood. , evil may only be applied on a portion of the adhesive surface soil layer, for example, only an edge-mail recording nursery teaching material coated adhesive Zhejiang division, while the center portion is not engaged penalty box. preferably, the end face layer may be perforated, so as to allow conveying a liquid to the absorbent core.

本发明的教料可以包括备种成分的组合而不镇离本发明的范闺, 包括,例如麴物、皂、消毒和杀錄M、除臭浙、止血浙、蛋白廣、• 以及核酸.优选,这些试湘直接結合或分散在吸收性核心内,或用吸收祸材料进行^Hfc.另一选择是,可以通过任何速宜的方法将逸些成分結合在教料中,包括能錄合上迷成分的錄合到吸收性核心的附加层. Teachings of the present invention may include a material prepared without the combination of ingredients from the town Gui scope of the present invention, including, for example, yeast was soap, disinfecting and kill recorded M, deodorant Zhejiang, Zhejiang hemostasis, proteins wide, and • a nucleic acid. preferably, these samples Gordon directly or dispersed within the absorbent core, or absorbent material disaster ^ Hfc. Alternatively, the method can be by any appropriate speed of the teaching Plaza ingredients were combined compound comprising bonding can record recording the above-component laminated to additional layers of the absorbent core.

适宜的«物、皂、消毒和杀菌祸、蛋白廣、A是可宵购的.优选所迷药物包括抗真菌锎、批细苗祸、血管生长促进粥以及其它速合的试剂. Suitable «was soap, disinfecting and sterilizing disaster, broad protein, A is available night. The preferred drugs include antifungal californium fans, small batch of seedlings disaster, angiogenesis promoting agents, and other porridge speed engaged.

如上所述現審鹏10,端面层12可以包括靠近或在端面在踌外周边缘部分提供的耜合锎.优选该粘合剂为压敏磕氣煉,例如NuSil Technotogy(Carpeiiteria, CA)生产、产品标号为MED-1356的錄合浙破氣就或是Nu Sil T枕hnology(Carp战teria, CA)生产、产品标号为MED^634S的非常錄的碰氧坑.当械面层爾化后,将粘合刑硅氣坑涂到碰氣统端面层上,使得当其处于部分困化状态时,将粘合浙硅氣坑涂到端面层上,接着当其在雄面层上时完成闺化.另一逸择是,粘合刑可以是釆用用于将錄合祸涂到基底上的传统方法涂到端面层上的丙蜂酸瞎鼓或热缘欣. Peng trial described above is now 10, the end face 12 may include a layer near or at the end face Chou CF plow engagement peripheral edge portion is provided. Preferably, the pressure-sensitive adhesive knock gas refining, e.g. NuSil Technotogy (Carpeiiteria, CA) production , product designations as MED-1356 was recorded on or bonded Zhejiang broken gas Nu Sil T pillow hnology (Carp war teria, CA) production, designated MED ^ 634S very touch oxygen recorded pit. Tours of the surface layer when the mechanical after the adhesive coated pits criminal silicon gas to the gas system to touch the end face layer, such that when it is partially trapped state, the adhesive-coated pits gas Zhejiang silicon layer on the end face, and then the surface layer when the males when the completion of the Inner another optional Yi, the criminal may preclude the use of an adhesive for bonding record disaster coated on a substrate coated with a conventional method to bee propionic acid layer on the end surface of the drum or the hot edge Hin blind.

在本发明优选的方法中,采用双组分硅氣就浙备錄性磁氣就凝胶.僻如NuSil Teciiiwtogy(C»rpeiiteria, CA)生产的MED>6340 A和B部份.A和B两部份中##份都包括相两的基料,6蜂基取代的聚(二甲基硅氣就).另外,A部分fe括柏催化剁,以便当都分A和部分B进行混合时,促进它们之间的反应.B部分包括交联、含氣化物 In the present invention, a preferred method, a two-component silicon dioxide is Zhejiang exemplary magnetic recording apparatus on a gel. Secluded as NuSil Teciiiwtogy (C »rpeiiteria, CA) produced MED> 6340 A and B, and Part B .A in two parts with ## parts comprises two of the base material, bee 6-substituted poly (dimethyl silicone on the gas). Further, a part fe catalyst comprises Bo cut, so that when the points a and B are mixed when promoting the reaction .B portion therebetween comprises a crosslinked, containing vapors

的硅氣就.A和b部分都容易进行混合,并分开处理,不反应或固化. Gas on a silicon .A and b parts are easily mixed and processed separately, do not react or cure.

以1:1的比例充分混合A和b部分生成粘性硅氧烷凝胶,从而能够通过催化剂和含有氢化物的硅氧烷活性乙烯基取代的硅氧烷中的乙烯基。 1: 1 ratio mixed siloxane A and the portion b generates a viscous silicone gel, can be substituted by a catalyst activity and a silicone hydride containing vinyl vinyl group. 这将导致硅氧烷交联,使得其开始固化。 This will result in a crosslinked siloxane, that it began to solidify. 影响固化所需时间的一个因素是A部分和b都分混合组合的湿度.速宜的温度范围为50-150C优选为100-130C;.影响固化时间的另一因素是a部分和b 部分的組合中使用的催化剂的量,然而催化剂也会令人不希望地影响 One factor that affects the cure time required for Part A and b are points of humidity mixed composition. Speed ​​should 50-150C temperature range is preferably from 100-130C ;. Another factor affecting the curing time and is part of a section b the amount of catalyst used in the combination, but also undesirably affect catalyst

硅氧烷凝胶的粘性.典型的,在本发明中,在100C固化O.lmm厚的硅氧烷凝胶端面层,固化时问大约为l分钟,当A部分和b部分在混合后的3-12秒范围,内处于半固化状态时,硅氧烷凝胶端面层通常会移动到吸收性核心. Viscous silicone gel. Typically, in the present invention, the end surface of the silicone gel cured O.lmm layer thickness 100C, when asked about l min cure, when part A and part b after mixing when the range of 3-12 seconds, the semi-cured state, silicone gel is moved to the end face of the absorbent layer is typically the core.

可以理解,为了举例示范的目的提供了上述用于制备粘性硅氧烷凝胶的步骤,不意味着本发明局限于所述步樣.可以使用任何适合的用于制备部分固化的粘性端面层的步壤,而这仍在本发明的范围内. It will be appreciated, for purposes of demonstration provides the above steps for the preparation of tacky silicone gel, is not limited to the step-like means of the present invention may be used for preparing any sticky end faces of the partially cured layer of suitable soil in the step, which is still in the scope of the present invention.

在本发明的上下文中,"部分固化"的硅氧烷表示硅氧烷没有完全固化,因此硅氧烷没有完全交联.典型的,关于所使用的凝胶混合物和吸收剂材料,根据经验建立用于生产部分固化的硅氧烷层的参数.虽然生产"部分固化"的硅氧烷层的参数可以变化,但可使用硅氧烷凝胶完全固化所需时间的比例来确定硅氧烷层是否部分固化.特別是,在本发明中,硅氧烷层在固化硅氧烷凝胶所需总时间的5^70% 之间部分固化.由此得出結论,将端面层施加到吸收性核心的时间间隔为5"40X,或更优选为5-20%. In the context of the present invention, the term "partially cured" represents the siloxane silicone is not fully cured, thus not completely crosslinked silicone. Typically, the absorbent material on the gel mixture and used to establish empirically parameters for producing a partially cured silicone layer. Although the production of "partially cured" parameter silicone layer may vary, but the ratio of the time required for complete cure of the silicone gel may be determined using a silicone layer whether partially cured. in particular, in the present invention, the silicone layer is between 5 to 70% partially cured silicone gel cured total time required ^. It follows that the layer is applied to the end surface the absorbent core interval is 5 "40X, or more preferably 5 to 20%.

当固化硅氧烷层时,使用催化剂来加速固化时间,并降低破硅氧烷凝胶的粘性.从NuSil Technology(Carpenteria, CA)商购硅氧烷催化剂产品标号为CAT-50. When the cured silicone layer, a catalyst to accelerate the curing time, and reduces the viscosity of the silicone gel breaking. Commercially available silicone catalyst from the product designations NuSil Technology (Carpenteria, CA) is commercially CAT-50.

本发明的端面层的另一个优选特征是沿其表面的可变粘性.根振所迷特征,在端面屋的不两区域可设定不两的端面层粘性.例如,在边缘部分W近或之处的端面屋区域可提供比端面层的中心部分更离的粘性.祐性可沿端面屋的半刮面从在端面A的边缘部分之处或附近 Another preferred feature of the present invention, the end face layer is variable along its sticky surface. The fans root vibration characteristics, in the region of two end faces of housing without the tackiness layer may be set not to the end faces of the two. For example, at an edge portion W or near the end face area of ​​the housing may provide the end face than the center portion of the layer from a more viscous. scraped surface or near semi-woo along the end face of the house from the end surface at the edge portion of the a

袭大值变到端面屋的中心部分之处或附近的最小值的方式按梯度布 Passage end surface is changed to a large value at the central portion of the housing or near the minimum value of a gradient distribution manner

置.具有帶有可变粘性的端面屋的嚇伤教料的实施方案在困14中举例说明.如爾所示,端面屋12可具有通常具有均一粘性的不连埃的多个,分中提供,例如比端面层12的中心部分37和中闳部分3S具有更离粘性的逸缘部分33.粘性从中心部分37向速缘部分33逐渐升高,或粘性可在每个不连续部分33、 3S、 37中保持相对恒定. Set. Scared embodiment injury taught material has an end housing with a variable viscosity in 14 trapped exemplified. As shown in Seoul, the end face may have a housing 12 having a plurality of generally uniform viscosity nonunion angstroms points in the provided, for example, the end face than the center layer 12 and a portion 37 having a more 3S Hong portion 33. the portion adhesive portion 33 gradually increases from the edges to the speed viscous Yi edge from the central portion 37, or may be tacky in each discontinuous portion 33, 3S, 37 remains relatively constant.

端面条并不限于速缘舞分具有均一粘性.端面屋可包括至少一桐比其另一铜具有更离粘性的速缘部分.例如,如困1S中所示,如果教料具有大致正方形或矩形錄构,到相应于端面层12的边缘郵分的两个相对铜39比端面层其余相对倒41具有更高的錄性.另一逸择是, 在教科具大致B形錄构或其变体的情况下,如田16中所示,相应于其边缘部分的壤面屋12的郵分43可比端面展12的边缘部分的其它部分具有更离的粘牲. Noodles are not limited to end points has a uniform velocity edge dance sticky end face may comprise at least one housing having a more Kazuto speed from the edge portion of the other viscous than copper. For example, as shown in trapped 1S, if the material has a substantially square or teach rectangular configuration record, corresponding to the two opposite edges of the copper-mail sub-layer end face of the end face 39 of layer 12 is inverted relative to the rest of the 41 recorded having a higher resistance. another optional Yi is generally a B-shaped configuration record with the UNESCO or a case of the variant, as shown in field 16, the respective edge portion thereof Post house soil surface of 12 than other portions of the end face 12 of the edge portion of the show 43 having a viscosity of from more offerings.

根振不錄銅表面的90°樹离測试,相应于硅氣统端面层的申心部分的祐性通常为0.05N-1.0N,且优选为0.1N-0.4N.相应于碰氣就端面层的边缘部分的錄牲通常为0.SN-5.0N,且优选为0.8N-3.0N. Vibration is not recorded in the root surface of the copper from the test tree 90 °, corresponding to the end face of the silicon layer woo gas system of the central portion of the application is typically 0.05N-1.0N, and preferably 0.1N-0.4N. Corresponding to touch the gas recorded on the edge portion of the end surface of the sacrifice layer is usually 0.SN-5.0N, and preferably 0.8N-3.0N.

具有可吏錄牲的壤面在可如下获得:形成其中其区减含有不同的硅氧坑組分混合物的端面屋、是否存在或存在不同量的碌氧就镶化祸或其它組分、暴雾于不同的圃化条件例如压力或湿度、或在硅氣烷基材中获得不两粘性的凝城中的技术人员已知的任一种其它方法.此外,在诸如困14-16所示的实施方案中,可制备具有不同粘性的不连续离散部分并且将其羊独施用到吸收性核心上;或可采用具有不同粘性的不连续部分的不连续端面在形成壤面层. Officials having soil surface can be recorded in the available offerings: forming region where it houses the end face comprises Save different silicone component mixture pit, the presence or amount of different inserts on busy oxide or other components of the disaster, storm fog example, pressure or humidity, or two not get sticky in the silicon material gas in the alkyl group to a different city garden coagulation conditions known in the art any of the other methods. Further, as shown trapped 14-16 embodiment, may be prepared discontinuous discrete portions having different viscosity and applied to sheep only to the absorbent core; discontinuous or discontinuously end surface portions having different viscosities may be employed in the soil surface layer is formed.

在田17中所示的,伤歉料的另一个实施方案中,可对背村层16 进行构造以便限定边缘部分45,所迷边缘部分45延伸出吸收性核心14和在其上设置的端面屋12.背村层16的边缘部分4S优选,嫌吸收性核心14和编面层12的外鹏边缘.背村层16的边缘部分4S可拥有优选比端面屋12更錄的錄着皮肤的粘合刑或弹性体凝胶.背村產16 In another embodiment of injury apology material shown in field 17, in the village can be configured for backing layer 16 so as to define an edge portion 45, an edge portion of the fan 45 of the absorbent core 14 and extending out of the end face disposed thereon 12. village house backing layer edge portion 16 preferably 4S, suspected of the absorbent core 14 and the outer Peng eds facing edge 12 of the edge village backing layer 16 preferably has a portion 4S can record more than 12 housing end surface skin lu sentence or elastomeric adhesive gel. yield 16 back village

的iAJMF分4S的牧戮琳着性使得教料10牢矚保留在镌口部位上的速当位置处.在所迷实施方案中,端面在12优选具有乘和的粘着性, 这使得在将其从伤口处除去时蓬免了伤口賴伤. The iAJMF sub 4S shepherd kill Lin significant that teach material 10 firmly visions speed in an engraved introitus reserved when the position. In the embodiment of the fans, the end face having a multiplication and adhesiveness to 12 preferred, which makes the it is removed from the wound Peng Lai-free wound injury.

在困18中所示的又一个实施方案中,将背村屋16箱着到吸收性核心14上,以便吸收性核心从背村层16延伸出来.对端面层12进行构逡以在吸收性核心14倒面的周两延伸,并且通常延伸到与背村层16相交.背村层16包括边緣部分45,所迷逸缘部分4S可以具有比鏽面层12更戮的粘性. In yet another embodiment shown trapped in 18 in the back box 16 with Village to the absorbent core 14, the absorbent core so as to extend from the backing layer 16 village. End face layer 12 to shrink in the absorbent structure the core 14 of the inverted two circumferential extending surface, and typically extends to intersect with the backing layer 16 village. village backing layer 16 comprises an edge portion 45, the edge portion Yi 4S fans may have more than kill rust layer 12 tack.

在田17和18中所示的实施方案中,背村屋可拥有或没有食迷顺应元件,并且吸收性核心可拥有或没有包括吸收性材料的不连維部分的插孔. In the fields 17 and 18 in the embodiment shown, the back or without food Village fan can have compliant elements, and the absorbent core may have no or not even dimensional receptacle comprising a portion of the absorbent material.

邻近吸收性核心的背村屋的整个W面包括用于逸缘,分4S的熬着皮肤的熬合翔或萍性体親默.但是,在上述实施方案中,粘着皮肤的粘合祸或萍性体凝JR优逸置于背村屋之上以便其不押制湿气铮移. 在备选的实施方案中,在将背祌屋施用到吸收性核心上之后,施用置于背村l的逸缘部分之上的粘着皮肤的粘合锎或萍性体凝肢,例如喷涂或刮涂到背村屋的速缘郵分上. The absorbent core adjacent the back surface of the entire W Yi Village comprises a rim, the sub 4S boil boil Cheung of the skin or of body affinity Ping Mo. However, in the above embodiment, the adhesive bonding the skin or evil Ping coagulation of body JR Yi preferably placed on the back so that it does not charge village moisture Zheng shift system. in an alternative embodiment, after the rear housing Zhong applied to the absorbent core, placed in the back administration village the adhesive bonding the skin or CF Ping limb of the body above the coagulation l Yi edge portion, such as spraying or knife coating to the backing Village speed postal edge points.

可使用一种在此处所迷用于将背村展施用到吸收性核心上的方法实施上述实施方案的制逡方法.另一选挣是,在面对吸收性核心的一例上,将不连续的鵜合祸或萍性体凝歉涂歲到背村屋的一祸上.从而将背村层置于吸收性核心上以便背村屋在其整个表面上延伸,其中部分背村屋延伸到吸收桂核心的外頃边缘之外以限定边缘部分.在将背村层施用到吸收性核心上之前,将底漆施用到部近背村层的吸收性核心的倒面,以使底漆按不连续方式施用,使得施用到吸收性核心上时底漆不押制湿气通过背村层. The method of the above-described embodiment can be made shrink embodiment of the methods described herein for the fan applied to the back village show the absorbent core using one embodiment. Earn Another option is that in one case the face of the absorbent core, discontinuous pelican disaster or the engagement member of coagulation Ping apology coated onto a disaster years back village houses. village backing layer so that the absorbent core back to village extends over its entire surface is disposed, wherein the back portion extending into village Gui beyond the absorbent core to define an outer edge are edge portion. village before backing layer is applied to the absorbent core, a primer is applied to the portion near the back layer of the absorbent core village face down, so that by primer administered in a discontinuous manner, such that when applied to the absorbent core primer are not encumbered by backing village layer made of moisture.

在一个优逸的方法中,端面层及其孔在将其錄着到吸收性栅心上之前形成.优速使用穿孔装里42形成壤面屋及其孔.如田19和20 所示,穿孔装置42 fe括具有多个针状穿孔元件44的大致平面鱗栽体 In a preferred method of Yi, and the end face layer in which the hole is formed prior to the recording of the absorbent gate heart. Excellent speed in the piercing means 42 and the housing hole formed soil surface. As shown in fields 19 and 20 perforation means having a plurality of needles 42 fe piercing element comprises a substantially planar body 44 scale plant

表面47,所迷穿孔元件从我体表面延伸一定錄离.将私括栽体表面43 和穿孔元件44的穿孔装里42选择性加热到磕氣就的圃化湿度.栽体表面47和穿孔元件44上可涂屋有释放薄膜,僻如TEFLON. Surface 47, the perforating element fans extends a recording surface away from me. The plant comprises a private perforation means 43 and the surface 44 of the piercing element 42 is selectively heated in air to knock on the humidity of the nursery. Planted surface 47 and perforations the housing member 44 may be coated with a release film, such as a secluded TEFLON.

在一个优逸的实施方案中,穿孔元件延伸比碰氣就屋厚度壙徵长的一段距离,并且长度变化为0.02-l.Omm,优选长度为0.1-0.2miii. 尽管在所迷实施方案中,穿孔元件具有大致國形橫截面,但穿孔针并不限于上迷结构.例如,穿孔针或者可具有构造成三角形、正方形、 矩形或任何其它适合的形状或其组合的橫截面.穿孔装置具有密度为5«300个/«112的穿孔元件,且优选存在100个穿孔元件/cm2. In a preferred embodiment, Yi, the piercing member extends over some distance collision gas thickness to house sign tomb long, and the length is changed to 0.02-l.Omm, preferably with a length 0.1-0.2miii. Although in the embodiment of the fan perforation element having a substantially shaped cross-country, but is not limited to the above-piercing needle structure. for example, the punch pin may have a cross-section or configured as a triangular, square, rectangular, or any other suitable shape or a combination thereof. perforation means having density of 5 «300 /« perforating element 112, the piercing element 100 and the presence / cm2 is preferred.

当形成壤面层时,将未鬮化的砝氣垅凝胶的不连续展置于穿孔装置的栽体表面上以便穿孔元件貫穿硅氣烷凝鼓层.未鬭化的硅氣坑层通常具有的厚度为O.OS"O.SniiB.在将碰氣就劇坎置于穿孔装置上之前 When forming the surface layer of the soil, the gas non-Fa lot of gel discontinuous ridge plant development at the surface of the perforating means for perforating element alkoxy gas condensate drum through silicon layer of non-Dou silicon layer is generally air pit having a thickness of O.OS "O.SniiB. before the collision gas to the punching device plays Hom

或之后,将穿孔装置加热至预定湿度,约ioox:或加热至任何其它适 Or after perforation means heated to a predetermined humidity of about ioox: or to any other suitable heating

合的硅氣坑凝鼓的爾化湿度.当使其在栽体表面上臾平滑时,硅氣坑凝狡沿其邻近栽体表面的内铜部分开始國化.但是,应该理解,不希望使与硅氣坑凝胶的内铜相对的硅氣就凝鼓的外倒完全頃化.逸使得外桐部分具有足够的粘性,以在其受到挤压时粘着到吸收性核心上, 并困此使得磁IUKJI鼓在置于吸收性核心上时完成爾化. Seoul silicon bonded humidity of air pits condensate drum. When the plant body Yu smoothed surface of a silicon pit condensable gas along the inner copper portion cunning plant adjacent to the surface of beginning States. However, it should be understood that undesirable the air pits so that the silicon gel in copper relative to silicon gas condensate outside of the drum are completely inverted. Yi Tong such that an outer portion having a sufficient viscosity, when it is pressed to adhere to the absorbent core, and storm this completed the drum so that the magnetic IUKJI Seoul placed on the absorbent core of time.

将吸收性核心置于端面层与邻近栽体表面的锎面相对的倒面上. 由于硅氣统凝鼓至部分闺化状态,硅氣就凝鼓将圃化并粘着到吸收性核心的表面上.当硅氣就凝肢完全困化时,将磁氣就屋与吸收性核心一起从穿孔装置中取出.可向吸收性核心和端面A施加压力以使端面层更彻底地箱着到吸收性核心上. The absorbent core layer disposed adjacent the end face surface of the CF face planted inverted opposite surfaces. Condensate drum system since the silicon gas to the Inner part of the state, the silicon gas condensate to the drum and adhered to the nursery of the absorbent core on the surface. when the silicon dioxide is completely trapped condensate of limbs, with the magnetic to remove the absorbent core from the housing with the perforating unit may be applying pressure to the absorbent core A and the end face to end face layer more completely the tank to the absorbent core.

硅氣就屋可在将其施用到吸收性核心上之前从穿孔装置中取出. 在这种情况下,当其处于部分圃化状态时,硅氣就在可从穿孔装置上剩离下来,从而形成不连飧的部分圃化的硅氣就展,可将所述部分圃化的硅氣號屋施用到特印農或基材上用以进一步施用到吸收性核心上或直接施用到身体審官上.转印鹿可以是可渗透空气的妖或类锢类蜜 Silicon dioxide is removed from the housing can be perforation means prior to applying it to the absorbent core. In such a case, when it is partially garden state, silicon in the gas may be left off from the perforation means, whereby supper discontinuous portion is formed of silicon dioxide is garden show, may be of the silicon gas partial garden house numbers applied to the agricultural or special printing substrate to further applied to the absorbent core or applied directly to the body Laid Shangguan the transfer may be air-permeable deer demon class or classes indium honey

易于施用硅氧烷层并且在其基本上或在完全固化时可将其除去的薄膜或纸。 Ease of administration and the silicone layer substantially or fully cured at the time of the film can be removed or paper.

考虑到以上提供的描述,可对穿孔装置改进。 Taking into account the description provided above, may improve perforation means. 具体地说,穿孔装置的栽体表面可包括多个从其中延伸的孔洞,其中多个不连续穿孔元件可滑动地设置在所述多个孔洞中,使用上述穿孔装置的方法包括以 Specifically, plant surface perforation means may include a plurality of holes which extend from, the method wherein a plurality of discrete perforating element slidably disposed in said plurality of holes, by using the perforating means comprises

下步骤:将穿孔装置的平面表面和穿孔元件加热;和将未固化的硅氧烷凝胶层置于穿孔装置的平面表面上, 一旦置于平面表面上,驱动穿孔元件穿过硅氧烷层。 The steps of: perforating means and the planar surface of perforated heating element; and an uncured silicone gel layer disposed on a planar surface of the perforating means, once placed on the planar surface, the drive element through a perforated silicone layer . 在硅氧烷层至少部分固化之后,使穿孔元件从硅氧烷凝胶层抽回。 After the silicone layer at least partially cured, so that the piercing element is withdrawn from the silicone gel layer. 然后当硅氧烷层固化时将吸收性核心施用到硅氧烷层上„另一选择是,可使硅氧烷层在穿孔装置上完全固化,随后将硅氧烷层取出;或在完全固化之前将硅氧烷层取出。 Then, when the cured silicone layer of the absorbent core will be applied to the silicone layer "Alternatively, the silicone layer can be fully cured on the perforating means, then the silicone layer was removed; or completely cured before the silicone layer was removed.

在本发明中,在将端面层施用到吸收性核心上的另一个方法中, 将部分固化的硅氧烷层12沉积到转印膜上,通过在转印膜上旋转的机械辊46在硅氧烷层12中形成孔。 In the present invention, another method of the end face layer is applied to the absorbent core, the partially cured silicone layer 12 is deposited to a transfer film, the transfer film by mechanical rotation of the roller 46 the silicone layer 12 formed in the hole. 如图21所示,机械辊46具有图案化的表面,所述表面在结构上类似于前述在图19-20中所述的穿孔装置42的载体表面43和穿孔元件44.在形成孔的过程中,将机械辊46的穿孔元件44加热至约IOOTC或加热至硅氧烷层的固化温度。 As shown, a patterned surface 46 of the roller machine, similar to the surface 21 on the structure of the perforating apparatus 19-20 in FIG. 42 of the support surface 43 and the perforated member 44. In the process of forming the hole , the perforating element 44 mechanically roller 46 is heated to about IOOTC temperature or heated to cure the silicone layer. 机械辊46 可在将珪氧烷层12已施用到吸收,性核心14上之后对部分固化的珪氧烷层施用或在将硅氧烷层粘着到吸收性核心之前对硅氧烷层施用,同时将其粘着到转印膜上。 Mechanical roller 46 may have been applied to the 12-gui siloxane absorbing layer, after the core 14 pairs of partially cured Gui alumoxane or a silicone layer is applied to the silicone layer is applied before the adhesive layer into the absorbent core, while being adhered to the transfer film.

机械辊可包括可滑动的穿孔元件,如在有关穿孔装置的实施方案所述并且通常采用相同的方式起作用。 Mechanical perforating roll may comprise a slidable element as in the embodiment of the perforating means and generally about the same mode of action.

在另一种方法中,可将未固化的硅氧烷凝胶直接挤压到以预定速度旋转的加热的机械辊上,该机械辊类似于上述类型。 In another method, the uncured silicone gel extruded directly onto the machine rolls at a predetermined speed of rotation of the heating roller which is similar to the above-described mechanical type. 一定长度的吸收性核心材料由运输表面支撑并且位于机械辊之下。 A length of the absorbent core material and supported by the transport surface located below the mechanical roller. 当机械辊旋转时, 通过使机械辊旋转将部分固化的硅氧烷凝胶沉积到吸收性核心材料上,所述机械辊施加至少轻微的压力在吸收性核心上。 When the mechanical rotation of the roller, at least a slight pressure is applied on the absorbent core by mechanical rotating roller partially cured silicone gel material is deposited onto the absorbent core, the mechanical roller. 对机械辊进行 Mechanical roller

构造或布置,使其在足够的速度下旋转,以使硅氧烷凝胶在其离开 Constructed or arranged to rotate at a sufficient speed, so that the silicone gel away from its

我体表面并施用到吸收性核心上时几乎或完全爾化. Fall of little or I and applied onto the surface of the absorbent core.

可使用硅氣统底漆,例如由NuSil T枕baWo欧(C:arp棚teria, CA) 制速的产品标号为CFfl3S的碰氣就底漆银进破氣坑屋粘着到氣收牲核心上. Primer system may be a silicon gas, for example, from European baWo pillow NuSil T (C: arp shed teria, CA) manufactured products designated CFfl3S speed collision gas to the intake primer broken gas pit silver adhered to the housing to close the air core offerings .

如田22中所示,在将壤面屋施用到吸收性核心上的又一个方法中,可将部分爾化的举穿孔磁氣统层12施用到转印膜38上.然后将带有娃氣就屋12的薄漢38定向倒特,以便薄襄38限定了上表面并且硅氣坑屋12限定了下表面.然后,将磕氣就屋12緩慢置于到唳收性核心14的上表面上.在将硅氣统层12桑和地压到吸收性核心14 上之后,将帶有多个穿孔元件44的穿孔装置42置于吸收性核心14 的下表面上,上迷穿孔装置42具有与田19和20中所述的前迷穿孔装置42类似的結构.但是,所迷穿孔装置42不两于田19和20的穿孔装置的地方在于,每个穿孔元件44包括不连飧的空气通道并且通常可由此变得更大. As Tian, ​​in a further method applied to the soil surface of the housing in the absorbent core, a portion of Seoul perforations 22 in the move magnetic layer 12 is applied to the conventional transfer film 38 is then with the baby gas on the housing 38 is oriented thin Chinese Patent 12 inverted, so that the thin Xiang 38 defines an upper surface and a silicon gas pit housing 12 defines a lower surface thereof. then, the knock on the housing 12 on the air was slowly placed to the core 14 of the closing Li on the surface in the gas system after the silicon layer 12 and pressed into the absorbent mulberry core 14, the perforating apparatus with a plurality of perforating elements 44, 42 disposed on the lower surface of the absorbent core 14, the perforating means 42 fans local and having a similar structure to the front of the fans 20 in field 19 of the perforating means 42. However, the perforation means 42 does not Oda two fans 19 and 20, the perforating apparatus is characterized in that each perforation element 44 comprises a discontinuous air supper channel and thus generally become larger.

将穿孔元件44插入到吸收性核心14的至少部分厚度中,并且通过针状物44将空气吹向硤氣就12的各个都分.通过穿孔元件44吹出的空气使硅氣就屋爾化,并进一步形成通过硅氣疣层12的孔.在足够时间之后并且形成孔时,将,有针状物44的装直42从吸收性核心14中抽出.随后将薄« 38从硅氣就层12上取下.如上所迷,可将硅氣就底漆施用到吸收性核心14上以在其上施用碰氣坑层12,用以改进碰氣就层对吸收性核心的粘着性• The piercing element 44 is inserted into the absorbent core 14 has a thickness of at least a portion, and by blowing air toward the needle 44 to the respective air Kip 12 are divided by the air blown out of the perforated member 44 to house the silicon gas of Seoul, and further a hole is formed by a silicon gas warts layer 12. after a sufficient time, and when a hole is formed, will have direct loading of the needle 44 is withdrawn from the absorbent core 42 14 then a thin «gas to the silicon layer 38 from remove the top 12. as fans, may be silicon dioxide is applied to the primer of the absorbent core 14 to the collision gas applied layer on the pit 12, for improving adhesion layer on collision gas for the absorbent core •

在田23和24中所示的将端面屋12施用到吸收性核心14上的又一个方法中,提供覉案化的負表面幼,所迷表面48带有最终硅氣就层12的负印痕.田案化的表面48包括一系列相应于破氣就层12的孔的最终鹏案的奪起和曰谷S0、 52.将夯分爾化的硅氣就凝欣S4施用到困案化的表面幼上,困此碰氣就《鼓里于西谷52中,同时奪起邻的至少上部分延伸穿过破氣就凝鼓.随后将吸收性核心14里于硤氣统凝胶S4上,奪起50的上部分插入吸收性核心14.然后,将磕氣坑«胜S4祐着到吸收性核心14上,并且从如此形成的磕氣錄屋12 上将鹏案化的表面幼除去.除去鹏案化的表面幼在磁氣烷在12上赋予预定鹏案的孔,所迷孔相应于爾案化的表面48的奪起50. Yet another method of administration of the end surface 12 of the housing shown in fields 23 and 24 to the absorbent core 14, there is provided a negative pattern of surface Ji Young, the fan 48 with the surface of the final layer of silicon dioxide is negative impression 12 Tian patterned surface comprises a series of 48 corresponding to the final text Peng broken gas layer on the hole 12 of said trough and robbed from S0, 52. the ram Seoul points of silicon dioxide is trapped Ningxin S4 applied to the case of at least the upper surface of the upper portion extending young, this trapped air can touch "in the drum 52 in West Valley while wins from adjacent through broken gas to condensate drum is then the absorbent core 14 in the air system to Xia gel S4 , won from the insertion portion 50 of the absorbent core 14. then, the air pit knock «S4 Yu Sheng the absorbent core 14 to the upper, and the gas tap housing is formed from such a record 12 on the patterned surface of immature Peng removed removal of the patterned surface of immature Peng impart a predetermined Peng hole 12 on the case of magnetic alkoxy, it corresponds to the Seoul fans hole patterned surface 50 from 48 wins.

在将壤面屋施用到吸收性核心的又一个方法中,使硅氣就凝胶在容器中几乎完全圃化.在硅氣统凝歉已达到速合稱的辆度时,将磕氣就以系统方式喷涂到吸收性核心上以便粘着到其上.当将硖氣统喷涂到吸收性核心上时,沿凌氣就层形成多个孔.采用允许孔洞按非随机、 预定田案形成的可控方式进行硅氣就的喷涂.可将硅氣就展喷涂到吸收性核心上以便包括波状表面. In yet another method applied to the soil surface of the housing in the absorbent core, the silicon dioxide is almost completely gel in a nursery of the container. When the silicon-condensable gas system has reached apology collectively the vehicle speed of the gas to knock in a systematic manner in order to be sprayed onto the absorbent core adhered thereto. when Kip gas is sprayed onto the absorbent core system, Ling gas along a plurality of holes formed on the layer. void formation by allowing use of a non-random, predetermined field case controllably spraying on the silicon gas may be silicon dioxide is sprayed so as to show the absorbent core comprises a corrugated surface.

在将端面层施用到吸收性核心的每一个前述方法中,必要的是硅氧就不羞益吸收性核心的孔眼或孔JPI的孔壁.目的是提供基本上自由流动的液体或渗出物通过吸收性核心的近表面.此外,优选通过本发明的硅氣统壤面A形成的孔洞以預定圃案布里,以便对在将本发明的创伤教料施用到伤口部位上时通过磁氣就端面A的流体提供更好的控制. In each of the aforementioned method is applied to the end face of the absorbent core layer, the silicone is not necessary for the absorbent core shame beneficial JPI perforations or holes in the wall of the hole. Object is to provide a substantially free flowing liquid or exudative purified by the absorbent core near the surface. Further, the holes are preferably formed by a silicon gas system soil surface a of the present invention in the case of garden Bridgend predetermined order when passing through the magnetic material wound teachings of the present invention is administered to a wound site gas to provide better control of the end faces a of the fluid.

在前迷方法的任一种中,将璣面屋和吸收性核心港其相对鼠域救此基本上均匀粘着.此外,在每个前迷方法中,壤面条的孔在将端面屉施用到吸收性核心上之前或之后形成.如果在将端面屋置于穿孔装置上的两时将吸收性核心施用到端面屋上,JN穿孔元件或奪起可以延伸到吸收性核心中一定距离或可以不延伸到吸收性核心中一定簾离• 应该理解,优选端面屋在施用到吸收性核心上时部分圃化,以便具有足够錄性以粘着到吸收性核心上;还基本上圃化得不会通过吸收性核心的孔限或孔洞的毛细管作用形成另外的孔. The method of any one of the front fan, the housing and the surface of the absorbent core chi port opposite the murine domain substantially uniform save this adhesion. Furthermore, in each of the front fan method, the pores in the soil noodles applied to the end faces of the drawer the absorbent core is formed prior to or after the end faces of the housing if the two o'clock is placed on the absorbent core of the perforating means is applied to the housing end surface, JN wins or perforated element from the absorbent core may extend into or may not extend a distance into the absorbent core from certain curtain • should be understood that the end face is preferably applied to the housing when the absorbent core portion of the garden, in order to have sufficient adhesion to the recording of the absorbent core; also not obtained substantially by absorption of Pu of additional holes or hole of said core holes formed capillary action.

可以理解,上面描迷的本发明的实施方棄可以釆取多种不两的形状、大小以及鍤构,而不会镇离本发明的范爾. It will be appreciated, the above described embodiment of the present invention fans abandoned may not preclude the two take various shapes, sizes and spade configuration, without departing from the invention in Vail town.

可以理解,上面椭迷的本发明的实施方案本廣上是说明性的,本领域技术人员可以对其改进,困此,本发明不应被认为受限于这里公开的实施方案,而仅应被附加的权辨要求所限定. It will be appreciated, the above-oval fan of the present embodiment of the invention is illustrative and the wide skilled in the art may be made thereto improved difficulties of this, the present invention should not be limited to the embodiments disclosed herein, but merely additional weights were identified as defined in claim.

Claims (13)

1.一种创伤敷料,该创伤敷料包括: 具有相对的近表面和远表面的吸收性核心,所述吸收性核心为用于吸收流体并具有多个开孔的亲水泡沫材料;和沿吸收性核心的近表面固定的不连续的粘着皮肤的硅氧烷凝胶层,所述硅氧烷凝胶层具有多个独立于吸收性核心的开孔的按预定图案布置的贯穿延伸的孔。 1. A wound dressing, the wound dressing comprising: an absorbent core having a proximal surface and opposed distal surface of the absorbent core for absorbing fluid and having a plurality of open cell hydrophilic foams; absorbent and along near the surface of the stationary core discontinuous adhesive silicone gel layer of skin, the silicone gel layer having a plurality of holes independent of the absorbent core extending through openings arranged in a predetermined pattern.
2. 根据权利要求1的创伤敷料,其中硅氧烷凝胶层的近表面为平面的。 2. A wound dressing according to claim 1, wherein the silicone gel layer near the surface is planar.
3. 根据权利要求1的创伤敷料,其中硅氧烷凝胶层沿吸收性核心的近表面桥接表面不规则处。 3. A wound dressing according to claim 1, wherein the silicone gel layer of the absorbent core near the surface of the bridging surface irregularities.
4. 根据权利要求l的创伤敷料,其中硅氧烷凝胶层包含选自,荟和凡士林的皮肤处理剂。 4. The wound dressing of claim l, wherein the silicone gel layer comprises a skin treatment agent is selected from petrolatum and Hui.
5. —种创伤敷料,该创伤敷料包括:具有相对的近表面和远表面的吸收性核心,所述远表面包括中心和边缘部分,所述吸收性核心为用于吸收流体并具有多个开孔的亲水泡沫材料;具有固定到吸收性核心的近表面上的远表面的不连续的粘着皮肤的硅氧烷凝胶端面层,所述端面层具有独立于吸收性核心的开孔的按预定图案布置的多个贯穿延伸的孔;和施用到端面层的近表面的至少一部分上的不连续压敏粘合剂层,其中粘合剂沉积在端面层位于或靠近与吸收性核心的边缘部分相应的部分上。 5. - kind of wound dressing, the wound dressing comprising: a proximal surface and opposed distal surface of the absorbent core, the distal surface comprising a central portion and an edge, said absorbent core for absorbing fluid and having a plurality of open the hydrophilic foam material pores; having a distal surface of the absorbent core secured to the proximal surface of the discontinuous adhesive silicone gel end face of the skin layer, the end face of the absorbent core layer has independent openings a plurality of apertures extending therethrough arranged in a predetermined pattern; and a discontinuous layer of pressure sensitive adhesive applied to an end face on a portion near the surface layer is at least, wherein the adhesive is deposited at or near the end face of the absorbent layer corresponding portions of the edge portion of the core.
6. 根据权利要求5的创伤敷料,其中粘合剂层比端面层的硅氣烷凝胶具有更高的皮肤粘着性。 6. A wound dressing according to claim 5, wherein the adhesive layer has a higher adhesiveness than the skin alkoxy silicone gel end face of the air layer.
7. —种创伤敷料,该创伤敷料包括:具有相对的近表面和远表面的吸收性核心,所述吸收性核心为用于吸收流体并具有多个开孔的亲水泡沫材料;和具有固定到吸收性核心的近表面上的远表面的不连续的粘着皮肤的硅氧烷凝胶端面层,其中端面层沿其近表面包括具有不同皮肤粘着度的部分,所述端面层具有独立于吸收性核心的开孔的按预定图案布置的多个贯穿延伸的孔。 7. - kind of wound dressing, the wound dressing comprising: a proximal surface and opposed distal surface of the absorbent core, the absorbent core for absorbing fluid and having a plurality of open cell hydrophilic foams; and having a fixed discontinuous adhesive to the skin surface on the distal surface of the absorbent core near the end surface of the silicone gel layer, wherein the end face comprises a layer in which the near-surface portion having a different degree of adhesion of the skin layer having said end face the absorbent core independent openings arranged in a predetermined pattern a plurality of apertures extending therethrough.
8. 根据权利要求7的创伤敷料,其中相应于端面层的大致中心部分的皮肤粘着度小于接近其中心部分的边缘部分的皮肤粘着度。 8. A wound dressing according to claim 7, wherein the skin layer corresponding to the end surface of a substantially central portion of the adhesive is less than the adhesion of the edge portion close to the skin of the central portion thereof.
9. 根据权利要求7的创伤敷料,其中端面层包括至少两个位于距离创伤敷料的中心轴不同距离处的同心部分,上述同心部分具有不同的皮肤粘着性。 9. A wound dressing according to claim 7, wherein the end face layer comprises at least two concentric portions located at different distances from the central axis of the wound dressing of the concentric portions having different adhesion on the skin.
10. —种包括吸收性核心和粘着到其上的硅氧烷凝胶端面层的创伤敷料的制备方法,所述吸收性核心为用于吸收流体并具有多个开孔的亲水泡沫材料,所述方法包括以下步骤:将未固化的硅氧烷凝胶沉积到穿孔装置上以在其上形成不连续的硅氧烷凝胶层;使硅氧烷凝胶层固化至部分固化的状态;和将吸收性核心施用到部分固化的硅氧烷凝胶层的表面上, The hydrophilic foam comprises an absorbent core preparation methods and adhered to the end face of the silicone gel layer thereon wound dressing, the absorbent core for absorbing fluid and having a plurality of openings - 10 , said method comprising the steps of: depositing uncured silicone gel to the perforating device to form a discontinuous layer on the silicone gel; curing the silicone gel layer to the partially cured ; the absorbent core and the silicone gel layer applied to the surface of the cured portion,
11. 根据权利要求10的方法,其中穿孔装置包括多个按图案限定的穿孔元件,所述穿孔元件在硅氧烷凝胶层中形成多个孔。 11. The method according to claim 10, wherein the perforating means comprises a perforating element pattern defined by a plurality of the perforated member are formed a plurality of holes in the silicone gel layer.
12. 根据权利要求10的方法,进一步包括在将吸收性核心施用到部分固化的硅氧烷凝胶上时保持加热穿孔装置的步骤。 12. The method of claim 10, further comprising the step of heating the perforating holding device when the absorbent core is applied to the partially cured silicone gel.
13. 根据权利要求ll的方法,进一步包括向与接触硅氧烷凝胶层的表面相对的吸收性核心的表面上施加压力的步猓。 13. The method according to claim ll, further comprising applying pressure to the absorbent core on the surface opposite the surface in contact with the silicone gel layer Guo step.
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