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本发明涉及用于产生介质流的设备(1),其具有腔室(4),该腔室(4)包括彼此相对的腔室壁(2,3)以及至少一个用于介质流的介质孔(27,28,29,30),可通过振膜(5)在腔室(4)中产生介质流,在设备(1)处于不活动的操作状态下时,振膜(5)大致松弛地设在腔室(4)中并位于彼此相对的腔室壁(2,3)之间,驱动装置(6)与振膜(5)相关联,并且响应于电驱动信号以用于驱动振膜(5)变形,该驱动装置(6)设计成可在设备(1)处于活动操作状态下时在振膜(5)上强加变形,在该变形过程中,振膜(5)具有机械内张力。 The present invention relates to a device for generating a medium stream (1) having a chamber (4), the chamber (4) comprises a chamber wall opposite to each other (2, 3) and at least one medium orifice for medium flow (27 to 30), medium flow can be generated in the chamber (4) through the diaphragm (5), when the operating state of the device (1) is inactive, the diaphragm (5) substantially loosely provided in the chamber (4) and located in the chamber wall (2, 3) opposite to each other, drive means (6) and the diaphragm (5) is associated, and in response to an electrical drive signal for driving the diaphragm (5) modification of the drive means (6) designed to be in the device (1) is in the active state of operation when the deformation imposed on the diaphragm (5), the deformation process, the diaphragm (5) having an inner mechanical tension .


用于产生介质流的设备 Apparatus for generating the media stream

技术领域 FIELD

本发明涉及用于产生介质流的设备,该设备包括腔室,所述腔室包括彼此相对的腔室壁以及用于介质流的至少一个介质孔,并且装备有振膜装置,该振膜装置设置成且构造成用于产生介质流。 Stream generating apparatus according to the present invention relates to a medium, the apparatus comprising a chamber, said chamber comprising chamber walls opposite to each other and at least one medium opening for the medium stream and is equipped with a diaphragm means, the diaphragm means arranged and configured for generating media streams.

背景技术 Background technique

从美国专利文献2002/0146333 A中已知有这样一种采用泵形式的设备,该泵用于产生泵送的介质流,并且利用这种泵,通过振膜发生类似于前进波或行波的变形,可将流体介质从腔室的一边泵送至腔室的另一边。 From U.S. Patent Document 2002/0146333 A device is known in a form of a pump, the pump for generating a flow of the pumped medium, and the use of such a pump, the forward traveling wave or waves similar to occur through the diaphragm deformed, the fluid medium may be pumped from one side of the chamber to the other side of the chamber. 在这种已知设备的情形下,在两端固定的松驰的可变形振膜具有限定的厚度渐变,并且通过诸如压电元件或磁性系统将流体介质从振膜相对较厚的腔室末端区域传输到振膜厚度最小的腔室相对端,并导致振膜以波动方式振荡。 In the case of this known device, the deformable diaphragm fixed at both ends of the slack defined thickness having a gradient, the diaphragm and the fluid medium from the chamber end of a relatively thick piezoelectric element such as a magnetic system or transmission region to the minimum thickness of the diaphragm opposite ends of the chamber, the diaphragm and cause fluctuations in an oscillatory manner. 振膜上引起的波形对应于振膜的本征模,因此不属于具有可调行进速度和可调频率的受迫振荡。 Waveform corresponding to the diaphragm causing the diaphragm eigenmode, thus not having adjustable frequency and adjustable traveling speed of forced oscillation. 如同所提及的那样,在振膜的进气端对振膜进行这种激励,并且为了产生行波,必须由传输的流体产生极大的阻尼;为了实现流体的高效传输,必须保持激励频率较低, 例如处于40Hz到80Hz的范围内。 As mentioned above, the excitation of the diaphragm for such a diaphragm at the inlet end, and in order to generate a traveling wave, it must have a great damping by a fluid transmission; order to achieve efficient transmission fluid, the excitation frequency must be maintained low, for example in a range of 40Hz to 80Hz. 在这种已知设备的情况下, 一方面, 在相对较大的变动范围内很难实现不同的流速,另一方面,还不可能实现小型化。 In the case of this known device, on the one hand, over a relatively large range of variation is difficult to achieve different flow rates, on the other hand, further miniaturization can not be achieved. 此外,已知设备不适合于气体介质的高效传输,因为缺乏振膜固有共振所要求的阻尼作用。 Furthermore, the known device is not suitable for efficient transmission of a gaseous medium, since the absence of damping effect desired natural resonance of the diaphragm.

然而,用于气体介质的小型化传输设备将来可能变得愈来愈重要, 尤其当要考虑到对流速进行精确计量或准确调整和迅速切换时,例如, However, the size of the transmission apparatus for a gas medium may become increasingly important in the future, especially when taking into account the precise metering of the flow rate adjustment and the accurate or rapid switching, e.g.,

在散发气味物质的情况下。 In the case of odoriferous substances. 因此,尤其为了能够以精确计量的量来传输在对用于产生介质流的设备的生产需求;而且能够以小型化的结构来实现这种i殳备。 Thus, in particular in order to be able to transfer precisely metered amount of production requirements of the apparatus for producing medium stream; and the structure can be miniaturized to achieve this i Shu apparatus.

另一方面,例如,从专利文献DE 4041544A中已知,在具有多个固定式电极的静电扬声器中,引导振膜移动釆用了围绕多个固定式电极来回地弯曲的方式,以便通过这种方式获得更大的扬声器作用表面,以及更大的每单位面积扬声器的振荡面积。 On the other hand, for example, it is known from Patent Document DE 4041544A, the electrostatic speaker having a plurality of fixed electrodes, to guide the diaphragm moving preclude the use of a plurality of fixed electrodes back and forth about a bent manner, in this order embodiment greater active surface of the speaker, and a larger area of ​​oscillation per unit area of ​​the speaker. 振膜的弯曲设置所产生的单个的振膜部分如同在传统静电扬声器中那样地张紧,并定位在由各自的相对腔室壁所形成并具有出声孔的腔室中。 Single diaphragm disposed partially curved diaphragm generated as tensioned as in the conventional electrostatic speaker, positioned in the chamber and being formed by respective opposite chamber walls and having a sound hole. 不管振膜的弯曲设置如何,同相同尺寸的单个振膜相比而言,几乎未增加可移动的空气体积,所以仍将保持较低的声压。 Regardless curved diaphragm set, in terms of a single diaphragm with the same size as compared with almost no increase in the volume of air is movable, so that the sound pressure will remain low. 尤其是,可移动的空气体积相对于产品总体积之比只能达到相对较低的值。 In particular, movable relative to the total volume of air volume ratio of the product can only reach a relatively low value. 而且这种已知的构造不具有小型化能力,因此改善振荡振膜的移动空气体积与总体积之间的比率是必需的。 This known configuration and does not have the ability to compact, thus improving the ratio between the oscillating movement of the diaphragm of the bulk volume of air is required. 此外,高偏移电压足必需的,并且在没有偏移电压的情况下,不可能以理想的参数采操作扬声器。 Further, the offset voltage is high enough to be required, and in the absence of the offset voltage, it is impossible to adopt the ideal operation of the loudspeaker parameters.

因此,在用作扬声器的用于产生介质流的设备的情形下,存在对一种模型的需求,在这种模型中,可实现结构所需要的相对于设备总体积的高有用体积(即,被振膜移动的较大空气体积);另外,没有功率损耗的模块化结构以及设备的小型化都是必需的。 Thus, in the case of the device as a speaker for generating a medium stream, there is a need for a model, in this model, the useful volume can be achieved with high total volume required for the structure of the device (i.e., the diaphragm is larger volume of air movement); in addition, there is no modular structure and miniaturization of the device power loss are required.


如开篇所述,本发明的目的是提供一种用于产生介质流的设备,在这种设备中,可以精确限定和迅速可调的计量来产生介质流,其中用于振膜变形的任何所需频率都应是可能的;而且还可利用更少部件来构造设备,该设备应能够用于小型化结构,例如用作移动电话手持设备用的 As the opening, an object of the present invention is to provide an apparatus for generating a flow of a medium, in such devices, can be quickly and precisely defined to generate an adjustable metering medium flow, wherein any deformation of the diaphragm desired frequency should be possible; but also use fewer parts to construct the device, the device should be used for miniaturized structures, such as a mobile phone handset with

扬声器。 speaker.

因此,根据主要的方面,本发明提供了一种用于产生介质流的设备, 其特征在于以下方式,即: Thus, according to the main aspect, the present invention provides an apparatus for generating a medium stream, characterized by the following ways, namely:

一种用于产生介质流的设备,该设备包括腔室,所述腔室包括设置成彼此相对的腔室壁以及至少一个用于介质流的介质孔,并装备有振膜装置,该振膜装置设置成且构造成用于产生介质流,在设备处于不活动的操作状态时,振膜装置基本上松弛地设置在腔室中并且位于腔室壁之间,振膜装置具有与其相关联的用于响应于电驱动信号来驱动振膜装置的驱动装置,其中振膜装置发生变形,在设备处于活动的操作状态时, 驱动装置设置成可在振膜装置上强加变形,在这种变形过程中,振膜装置具有机械内张力,其中所述设备设置成用于通过所产生的介质流来产生声音。 An apparatus for generating a flow of medium, the apparatus comprising a chamber, said chamber comprising a diaphragm the chamber walls arranged opposite to each other and at least one medium orifice for medium flow, and is equipped with a diaphragm means, means configured and arranged for generating a flow of medium, when the device is operating in an inactive state, diaphragm means disposed in a substantially loosely positioned between the chamber and the chamber wall, the diaphragm means having associated therewith driving means responsive to an electrical drive signal to the diaphragm device, wherein the diaphragm means is deformed when the device is in the active operating state, the drive means is arranged to be imposed on the deformable diaphragm means in which deformation process , the diaphragm means having inner mechanical tension, wherein the apparatus is arranged for generating a sound generated by the flow medium.

根据本发明的设备的巨大优点在于,用于驱动振膜装置的驱动装置优选设于振膜装置和/或腔室的大致整个(有效)长度上,或者在振膜装置和/或腔室的大致整个(有效)长度上是有效的。 Great advantage of the device according to the invention in that the means for driving the diaphragm driving device is preferably disposed substantially throughout the diaphragm means and / or chamber (effective) length, or diaphragm means and / or the chamber substantially the entire (effective) length is effective.

因此,在根据本发明设备的活动操作状态中,振膜装置或振膜在处于本征模时不(或不必)工作,并且可在整个振膜区域上进行振膜的激励或驱动,在这种情况下,可实现相对均匀的性能。 Thus, according to the active state of operation of the present invention, apparatus, device, or the diaphragm diaphragm does not (or may not) when in the working eigenmode, and may be excited or driven diaphragm over the entire diaphragm area, in which the case can be achieved relatively uniform properties. 通过引起振膜装置的变形来实现振膜装置的驱动,因此,之后振膜装置具有或产生了械内张力,并因而赋予振膜装置一定的机械强度,从而使得可产生介质流。 Achieved by deformation of the diaphragm means the diaphragm drive means, therefore, after the apparatus has a diaphragm or the mechanical tension is generated, and thus impart certain mechanical strength of the diaphragm means, so that the medium flow can be generated.

能够将设备轻易地集成起来,即能够小型化,同时不会承受功率损失。 The device can easily integrate that can be miniaturized, and will not bear the loss of power. 因而当构造成扬声器时,能够由单个的小模块来获得扬声器,同时 Thus, when configured as a speaker, the speaker can be obtained by a single small module, while

没有与该区域相关的功率损失;另一方面,在小型化扬声器的情形下, 可以获得例如那些在本领域中只用于较大扬声器的声压。 No power loss associated with the region; on the other hand, in the case of miniaturized speaker, the sound can be obtained in the art such as those used only for large speakers pressure. 当使用根据本发明的设备来构造泵时,可以获得尤其用于气体、理论上还可用于液体的能进行极精确调节的泵。 When using a pump apparatus constructed according to the present invention can be obtained in particular for a gas, a liquid can also be used in theory for a very precise adjustment of the pump. 因而这种泵或泵设备尤其适于散发精确计量的少量气味物质或类似物。 Thus such a pump apparatus or pump particularly suitable for distributing small amounts of odoriferous substances or the like precisely metered.

尤其优选的是,当根据本发明的设备用于实现扬声器时,那么在设备处于不活动操作状态时所提供的松弛或"松懈"的振膜则完全背离所有之前扬声器的系统,在之前的扬声器系统中,即使可选地引导振膜往复运动,但是在扬声器系统活动和不活动的操作状态下,振膜都被机械地张紧。 Particularly preferred is when the device according to the invention for implementing a speaker, then when the device is inactive operating state provided to slack or "slack" of the diaphragm is a complete departure from all previous speaker system, the speaker in the previous system, even when the diaphragm reciprocates alternatively guided, but in the operating state of the speaker system active and inactive and the diaphragm are mechanically tensioned. 然而,同传统扬声器比较而言,根据本发明的带有高度变形振膜装置或振膜的设备能够使较大体积的空气移动,这样可以获得相对于扬声器总体积的极大有用体积。 However, comparison with the conventional speaker, the air moving device with highly deformable diaphragm or diaphragm device enables a greater volume of the present invention, which can be obtained with respect to the maximum volume of the total volume of the speaker is useful. 在传统的电动扬声器系统或静电扬声器系 In conventional electric or electrostatic speaker system speaker system

统的情形下,毫无例外都基于共振,有用体积与总体积之比通常在10% 以下-尤其为大约7%。 Conventional case, without exception, are based on resonance, the useful volume of the total volume ratio of usually 10% or less - in particular from about 7%. 然而,对于根据本发明的设备,可达到70%, 80 %甚至90% (即增加了10倍)的有用体积(相对于总体积)。 However, for the apparatus according to the invention, it can reach 70%, 80% or even 90% (an increase of 10 fold) of the useful volume (total volume). 在这种情况下,可将振膜装置定位在腔室壁上,在这种情况下,根据构造,之后在腔室壁上提供薄绝缘层,腔室壁至少部分地能够用作电极,或者在振膜装置本身上提供绝缘层。 In this case, the diaphragm means may be positioned on the chamber walls, in which case, depending on the configuration, after providing a thin insulating layer on the chamber walls, the chamber walls at least partially be used as an electrode, or providing an insulating layer on the diaphragm device itself. 为了实现这种驱动系统,还可以设想提供带有电荷的振膜装置,在这种情况下,振膜装置的电荷可在几年的时间内保持基本上没有损失(这种带电荷的箔本身是目前的技术水平现状)。 In order to realize such a drive system, it is also conceivable to provide a diaphragm device having an electric charge, in this case, the charge can be kept diaphragm means substantially no loss (such charged foil itself in a few years time It is the current state of the art level). 用于振膜装置结构的另一种可能性包括在振膜装置上提供几个部分,即, 压电部分或涂层,它们彼此之间电绝缘,并且当施加相应的电压时,为了振膜装置的变形目的而施加了机械压力。 Another possibility for a configuration of the diaphragm means comprises a diaphragm provided on several parts of the device, i.e., a coating or a piezoelectric part, electrically insulated from each other, and when the corresponding voltage is applied, to the diaphragm deformation of the destination device applied mechanical stress. 金属箔可用于振膜装置,可相对于设置在腔室壁区域中的电极将电压施加在振膜装置上,这样振膜装置就在电极之间的交变场中发生变形,并因而产生机械内张力。 Metal foil can be used for the diaphragm means, disposed relative to the electrode in the chamber wall region a voltage is applied on the diaphragm means, the diaphragm means so that it is deformed in the alternating field between the electrodes, and thus produce a mechanical the tension. 还可以设想将介电材料箔用于实现振膜装置。 It is also contemplated dielectric material for realizing the foil diaphragm means.

振膜装置可以利用两个间隔开的末端区域而固定在腔室中,在这些末端区域之间,振膜装置具有如上所述的松弛或松懈的结构,并且之后在活动操作状态下可变形以便移动大体积的介质,并产生机械内张力。 Diaphragm means may be fixed in the chamber with two spaced-apart end regions, between the end regions, as described above, the diaphragm means having a relaxed configuration or lax, and can then be deformed to the active state of operation in moving a large volume of medium, and generate mechanical tension within.

为了协助用于使振膜装置发生所需变形的振膜装置驱动装置即机电驱动装置或激励装置,机电驱动元件、尤其如压电机械元件可另外地作用于振膜装置的末端,这种驱动元件通过安装在振膜装置和/或腔室壁上的电极而有助于产生振膜装置的行波。 To assist means for causing the diaphragm and driving means of the diaphragm occurs desired modification, i.e., the excitation means or electromechanical drive means, electromechanical drive element, in particular piezoelectric elements may additionally be mechanically applied to the end of the diaphragm means, such driving by mounting the diaphragm element and / or the chamber wall electrode contributes to a traveling wave diaphragm means.

腔室可以是通道形式,也就是说,在相对的端壁区域中设有用于移动介质、尤其是气体介质的大致立方形孔。 Chamber may be in the form of channels, that is, at the opposite end wall region is provided for moving the medium, in particular a substantially cuboidal hole gaseous medium. 振膜装置还尤其优选地在其长度上具有基本恒定的厚度,由此可实现比较筒单的制造的优点。 Also especially preferred diaphragm means has a substantially constant thickness over its length, whereby a single cylinder to achieve the advantages of the comparison made.

如上文所述,在根据本发明的设备中,通过适当地控制驱动装置, 可对振膜装置采取一些措施,使其在操作中产生对.应于前进波或行波的变形;然而,可以设想,振膜装置可通过将其末端区域固定在彼此相对的腔室壁上来进行固定,并设置在它们之间,这样在操作中或活动操作状态下,行进的过渡部分以相对于腔室壁形成大致直角或略微倾斜的角度而基本上在彼此相对的腔室壁之间延伸。 As described above, in the apparatus according to the present invention, by suitably controlling the driving means, measures can be taken to the diaphragm means to produce corresponding to the forward traveling wave or wave deformation in operation; however, can contemplated by the diaphragm means may be fixed to the end region of the cavity opposite to each other is fixed onto the chamber wall, and disposed between them, so that in operation, or active operating state, the transition portion with respect to the traveling chamber wall forming a substantially right angle or a slightly inclined angle between the chamber walls extending substantially opposite each other. 这种从一个腔室壁延伸到另一腔室壁的过渡部分通过相应设计的驱动装置,可持续地在两端和腔室的至少一个介质孔之间往复移动。 This chamber wall extending from a transition to another portion of the chamber wall, sustainable reciprocated between the at least one medium orifice and the chamber ends by a correspondingly designed drive means. 在这种情况下,腔室最好形成矩形截面的整个立方形通道。 In this case, the chamber is preferably formed on the entire channel cubic rectangular cross section. 然而,由于空气体积的往复移动,这种构造并不 However, due to the reciprocating movement of air volume, this configuration does not

适于泵,但是非常适于其中较大空气体积往复移动的发声器(扬声器)。 Suitable pump, but a larger volume of air which is adapted to reciprocate sounder (speaker). 因为声压与移动的空气体积大致成比例,所以尤其可由单个的小模块装 Since the movement of the sound pressure is approximately proportional to the volume of air, the particular means by a single small module

配成无功率损失的小很多的扬声器。 Dubbed without power loss of a lot of small speakers. 这里必须记住的是,在现有小型化扬声器的情形下,只能移动非常小的空气体积,产生极小的声级,所以这些小扬声器只能用于耳部或其附近。 Here it must be remembered that, in the case of the conventional compact loudspeaker, only a very small movement of air volume, sound level in a very small, these small speaker only to or near the ear. 相比之下,在如上所述的根据本发明的设备的情况下,可移动IO倍大的空气体积,即,可以显著地提高移动的空气体积与部件总体积之比,这样相对较小的扬声器可应用于远离耳朵的应用中,并且以预定的声级和小^f艮多的总体尺寸来实现。 In contrast, as described above in the case of the apparatus of the present invention, the movable IO times larger volume of air, i.e., can significantly increase the volume of the total volume of air moving member ratio, so that relatively small speaker remote application can be applied in the ear and the sound level at a predetermined ^ f and small overall size of the multi-Gen achieved.

在上述行波配置的情况下,可以达到较好的移动空气体积与总体积之比,其中,上述振膜装置产生类似于行波的变形,其频率可处于超声波范围内。 In the case where the traveling wave configurations, can achieve a better total volume of moving air volume ratio, wherein the diaphragm means is deformed like a traveling wave, the frequency may be in the ultrasonic range. 对于这种行波振膜,提供了移动振膜装置的至少一个全波列; 然而,振膜装置最好可产生更长波列的变形,例如对应于lV2或2个波长的变形,这里,通过不同的驱动源也可以导致振膜装置发生预定频率的波动位移,振膜装置的位移产生行波。 For this traveling wave diaphragm, a diaphragm moving device is at least a full wave; however, the diaphragm means is preferably longer wave train may generate deformation, e.g. corresponding to two wavelengths or modification lV2, where, by different driving sources may also lead to fluctuations in the displacement of the diaphragm displacement means occurrence of a predetermined frequency, the diaphragm means to generate a traveling wave. 振膜装置的行波产生随时间单向变化的空气流,其类似于"空气泵",其中可选地包含了滤波作用;在脉沖引起行波的情况下,空气流的强度或振幅可通过行波的速度、即脉冲频率来改变。 Diaphragm means generating a traveling wave time-varying unidirectional flow of air, which is similar to the "air pump", which optionally contains a filter effect; in the case of traveling wave caused by the pulse, the amplitude or intensity of the air flow through the traveling wave velocity, i.e., the pulse frequency is changed. 在单个波列的临界情况下,严格地讲,不能再谈及行波,振膜装置的变形显著地减弱成为带高比例二次谐波和相互固定的相位的振荡。 In the case of a single wave train critical, strictly speaking, we can not talk and traveling wave, the deformation of the diaphragm means to become significantly attenuated with a high proportion of the second harmonic oscillation and mutual fixing phase.

通过非限制性示例并参照以下实施例来阐明本发明的这些和其它方面。 By way of non-limiting example and with reference to the following examples illustrate these and other aspects of the present invention. 附图说明 BRIEF DESCRIPTION

在附图中: In the drawings:

图1示意性地显示了用于产生介质流的扬声器形式的设备的纵剖面, 图中显示了相对于两个彼此相对腔室壁的振膜装置两个末端位置。 FIG 1 schematically shows a longitudinal section of an apparatus for generating a medium stream in the form of a speaker, the two end positions shown with respect to two mutually opposite walls of the diaphragm chamber of the apparatus of FIG.

图2显示了类似扬声器设备的可比纵剖面,但驱动装置相对于图1 的驱动装置已有所修改,图中还显示了操作中的振膜的中间位置。 Figure 2 shows a similar longitudinal section comparable speaker apparatus, but the driving device driving apparatus of FIG. 1 has been modified with respect to the figure also shows the intermediate position of the diaphragm in operation.

图3显示了用于产生介质流的本发明另一实施例,其基于强制行波的原理,并可用作扬声器和泵。 Figure 3 shows another embodiment of the present invention for producing the medium flow embodiment, which is based on the principle of traveling wave force, and is useful as a speaker and a pump.

图4以可比示意性纵剖面图显示了带有行波振膜装置、但带有经修改的驱动装置的相似设备。 Figure 4 shows a traveling-wave device with a diaphragm in a comparable schematic longitudinal sectional view, similar device but with a modified drive means.

图5以局部示意图显示了带压电材料层的振膜装置。 Figure 5 shows the device with a diaphragm in the piezoelectric material layer is a partial schematic view.

图6至9显示了如图3和4所示的另一种带有仅形成半个波列的振膜装置的设备,该振膜装置显示为处于不同的时间点,即不同变形状态下。 6 to 9 show another FIGS. 3 and 4 forming apparatus having only diaphragm half wave train apparatus shown, the diaphragm device is shown in different points of time, i.e., at different deformation states.

图10显示了当根据图3或4的设备来构造例如扬声器时,施加在振膜驱动装置上的脉沖信号以及所引起的声音信号的图。 Figure 10 shows that when the speaker apparatus is constructed, for example, 3 or FIG. 4, FIG pulse signal is applied to the diaphragm driving device and an audio signal caused. 图11显示了用于控制这种设备(根据图10)的框图。 11 shows a block diagram for controlling such a device (in accordance with FIG. 10).

具体实施方式 Detailed ways

图1示意性地显示了用于产生介质流的设备1的构造原理,其中振膜装置5设置在两个相对地定位的腔室壁2, 3之间,这些壁与两个未具体显示的侧壁一起限定了由通道4形成的用于介质流的立方形腔室,侧壁侧向地(即平行图纸的平面)与腔室壁2, 3相连。 FIG 1 schematically shows the principle of the configuration of the device for generating a medium stream, wherein the diaphragm means 5 disposed at two opposite positioned between the chamber 2, wall 3, two walls and not specifically shown in the side walls together define a cuboidal chamber sidewall laterally (i.e., parallel to the plane of the drawing) and the chamber wall 2, 3 is connected to a medium flow passage is formed by 4. 这种振膜装置5 (以后简称振膜5)固定成使得后端区域5.1固定在处于图l所示底部的腔室壁3上,而其相对的另一前端区域5.2固定在另一腔室上壁2上,这样相对于立方形通道4,这两个固定区域沿直径彼此相对。 Such diaphragm means 5 (hereinafter referred to as the diaphragm 5) is fixed so that the rear end region is fixed to 5.1 in the chamber shown in Figure l the bottom wall 3, while the distal region of the opposite fixed to the other chamber 5.2 upper wall 2, so that with respect to the cube channel 4, two fixing regions diametrically opposite to each other. 此外,振膜5相对于腔室壁2,3是电绝缘的,并且提供了用于激励振膜5的通常为机电型的驱动装置6。 Further, the diaphragm 5 relative to the chamber wall 3 is electrically insulating and provides an electromechanical drive device 6 is generally used to excite the diaphragm type 5. 不同于诸如电动扬声器或静电扬声器的传统扬声器,在现有设备1的情形下,尽管末端区域5.1和5.2固定,但振膜5并未张紧,然而,在设备l处于不活动的操作状态下时,振膜5松弛或松开地设置在由通道4形成的腔室内。 Unlike conventional electrodynamic loudspeaker or loudspeakers electrostatic speaker, such as in the case of the conventional apparatus 1, although the fixed end regions 5.1 and 5.2, but not tensioned diaphragm 5, however, the device is in the operating state l inactive under when, the slack diaphragm 5 or releasably disposed within the chamber formed by the channel 4.

根据图1,驱动装置6包括控制信号源7,在设备1处于活动状态时,由控制信号源7产生对应于具体声音的一个电控制信号(或若干控制信号),并且该控制信号施加在振膜5和/或由腔室壁2,3形成的电极上。 According to FIG. 1, the driving device 6 includes a control signal source 7, when the device 1 is active, generates an electrical control signal corresponding to a particular sound (or a plurality of control signals) by a control signal source 7 and the control signal applied to the transducer 5 film and / or on the chamber wall formed by the electrode 2,3. 振膜5例如包括薄金属箔,其具有微米范围至纳米范围的厚度。 5, for example, the diaphragm comprises a thin metal foil having a thickness of microns to nanometers. 介电箔或掺硅材料的箔也是可以的。 Dielectric foil or a foil-doped silicon material is also possible. 如图1中所示,相对曰'、j/比主^s: "力,卩&wt^、ipj h"v&为—r , #頃丄t ,升力-力曙j由才下'6"+" 和接地标志来表示,并对振膜5提供信号电压。 As shown in FIG. 1, the relative said ', j / than the main ^ s: "force, Jie & wt ^, ipj h" v & to -r, # are Shang t, lift - only under the force of Eosin j' 6 "+ "flag to the ground and said diaphragm 5 and the signal voltage. 根据施加在振膜5 上的电压,例如由控制信号源7所提供的电压,可将振膜5拉向腔室壁2或3,并从相应的另一腔室壁3或2中弹回,结果,振膜5根据静电的自然规律而产生变形。 The voltage applied to the diaphragm 5, for example, a voltage control signal provided by the source 7, the diaphragm 5 can be pulled to the wall of the chamber 2, or 3, and the other chamber walls from the corresponding shot back 2 or 3 As a result, the diaphragm 5 being deformed in accordance with the natural law of static electricity. 在振膜5发生如图1所示的变形、 即从所示实线位置变形到由所示虛线位置时,空气体积8发生移位并沿着箭头9的方向而移动。 Modification shown in FIG occurs diaphragm 5, i.e. deformed from the solid line to the position shown by the broken line position shown when the volume of air displaced 8 and 9 to move in the direction of arrow. 在随后变形回到实线所示位置时,在该实施例的设备1中,空气体积的位移方向再次反向。 When subsequently deformed back to the position shown in solid lines, again in a reverse direction of the displacement of the air volume of the apparatus of this embodiment. 振膜5的这种变形,以及由此而产生的往复移动介质流(气体体积)独立于振膜5 的固有共振,而是;^艮据控制信号源7所施加的信号来进行,在任一时刻于两个相对定位腔室2,3之间延伸的那部分振膜5可以称为过渡部分IO,并且同图2所示过渡部分10的中间位置比较而言,过渡部分10随着外加振膜变形而沿箭头9所示方向从后面移动到前面,然后沿着箭头的相反方向而返回。 Such deformation of the diaphragm 5, and reciprocated medium flow (gas volume) of the resulting independent of the natural resonance of the diaphragm 5, but; Gen ^ 7 data signal applied to a control signal source, either a 5 timing to the diaphragm portion 3 extending between two chambers located opposite the IO can be referred to the transition portion, the transition portion 10 and the intermediate position is shown in comparison with FIG. 2, a transition portion 10 with applied vibration deformation of the film 9 is moved in the direction indicated by arrow from the rear to the front, then it is returned in the opposite direction of the arrow. 通过振膜5的过渡部分10的移动, 振膜5 —侧上的相应空气体积可从通道4(在其一端)排出,但在另一侧上被吸纳。 10 moves, the diaphragm 5 through the transition portion of the diaphragm 5 - volume of air on the respective side 4 may be (at one end) is discharged from the passage, but was absorbed on the other side. 通过这种方式,如上所述,空气体积在箭头9的方向上或相反方向上移动,并且随着相应的快速移动的进行,同时产生 In this manner, as described above, or the air volume moved in a direction opposite to the direction of arrow 9, and with the corresponding fast movement will be, while producing

从控制信号源7至电极的相应交变电压,从而导致发出相应的声波。 From the respective alternating voltage control signal to the source electrode 7, resulting in a corresponding sound wave emitted. 最大可移动空气体积由图1所示振膜5的两个才及限位置来限定,也就是说,处于过渡部分10的两个极限位置之间。 The maximum volume of air only and the movable limit position indicated by two diaphragm 5 shown in Figure 1 is defined, that is to say, between two extreme positions in the transition portion 10. 然而,与电动扬声器的情形不同的是,在所示设备1的情况下,最大可移动空气体积以及由此而产生的声波作用于每单位扬声器面积上的声压,可以<又仅取决于空气通道、即通道4的长度d,而非取决于扬声器的两个其它尺寸、即横向于图1图面的方向上的尺寸以及两腔室壁2,3之间的距离。 However, different from the case of an electrodynamic loudspeaker is shown in the case of the apparatus 1, the maximum air volume and the movable insonation in the resulting sound pressure per unit area of ​​the speaker may be <turn depends only on the air channel, i.e., the channel length d 4, rather than depending on the size of the speaker of the other two, i.e. transverse to 2,3 and the distance between the two chamber walls dimension in the direction of the plane of FIG. 1 FIG. 这样,就可以实现用于扬声器的模块化构造原理,其中,根据所需的声级,可将对应于图1的几个模块设置成并列的形式,即平行于图面并上下设置的形式,而且并行地进行控制。 This makes it possible to achieve a modular construction principle of a speaker, wherein, according to the desired sound level, may correspond to several modules arranged side by side in FIG. 1 form, i.e. parallel to the plane of the drawing and in the form of vertically disposed, and controlled in parallel. 然后,这种 Then again, this

若干模块的设置将产生相对于出声孔的马赛克形状的区域,在这种情况下,马赛克形状的区域可包括几乎任何几何形状的区域,例如 Module provided with a plurality of the generation region with respect to the mosaic-shape of the ventilation holes, in this case, the shape of the mosaic region may comprise virtually any region geometry, e.g.

圆形、三角形、矩形的区域或不规则的区域。 Circular, triangular, rectangular or irregular region area. 另外,可将模块彼此偏开地设置,这样最终的设置可具有成层的结构。 Further, the module may be arranged offset from one another, so that the final structure may have a set of layered. 在用作仪表中的扬声器的情况下只有有限区域或体积可用时,例如在移动电话等的情况下,这种设置是有利的。 In a case where a speaker is used as the instrument is only a limited area or volume is available, for example, in the case of a mobile phone or the like, this arrangement is advantageous.

因为振膜5在l喿作时其本身靠在腔室壁2,3上,所以在这些部件之间需要电绝缘,例如,通过腔室壁2,3的绝缘涂层可以实现这种电绝缘,但在图1中出于简化的目的,这只是在上腔室壁2上示意性地显示了绝缘层11。 5 because the diaphragm itself as l Qiao against the chamber walls 3, it is necessary electrical insulation between these components, e.g., the chamber wall 2, 3 by the insulating coating can be achieved such an electrical insulating , but for simplicity, it is only on the upper wall of the chamber 2 in FIG. 1 schematically shows the insulating layer 11. 然而作为备选,振膜5本身可设有相应的绝缘层。 Alternatively, however, the diaphragm 5 itself may be provided with a corresponding insulating layer.

为了抵消任何发生在振膜5和绝缘层11之间的物理作用力(例如范德华力),振膜5和/或这种绝缘层11可以具有粗糙的或结构化的表面。 To counteract any physical forces (e.g. van der Waals forces) occurring between the diaphragm 5 and the insulating layer 11, the diaphragm 5 and / or the insulating layers 11 may have a rough or structured surface.

此外,在图1中还显示了安装装置12,这种安装装置12携带有相对地定位的腔室壁2,3(以及未示出的侧壁),并且主要预期用于实现扬声器的"前面"和"后面"的声音分离。 Further, in FIG. 1 also shows a mounting device 12, which carries a mounting means 12 positioned opposite the chamber wall 3 (not shown and the side wall), and is primarily intended for "in front of the speaker to achieve "and" behind "sound separation. 图2以可比示意图显示了非常类似的设备1,其通过松弛的振膜5产生声音,振膜5又在下腔室壁3的后端和上腔室壁2的前端处固定,上腔室壁2位于腔室壁3对面,这样就在两腔室壁2,3之间形成了在操作时移动的过渡部分10。 Figure 2 shows a very schematic comparable to similar devices 1, which generates sound by the slack diaphragm 5, the diaphragm 5 and the lower chamber wall and the rear wall of the cavity 3 at the front end 2 is fixed, the upper chamber wall 3 2 is located opposite the chamber wall, moving the transition portion 10 is formed in operation between the two walls 2 and 3 so that the cavity. 在图2中,同图1清楚地所示的两个末端位置相比,该振膜5的过渡部分10已经定位在中间位置,并且在图2中通过虚线显示出其处于另一中间位置。 In FIG. 2, compared with the two end positions clearly shown in FIG. 1, the transition portion 5 of the diaphragm 10 has been positioned in the intermediate position, and further showing that it is in the intermediate position by the broken line in FIG.

与图1所示的情形不同,在这种情况下,通过将电极2.1,2.2,2.3... 和3.1, 3.2,3.3...(在各种情况下,仅通过非限制性示例的方式显示了三个电才及)分别安装在两个2,3腔室壁上来实现驱动装置6,并且这两个腔室壁2,3采用绝缘体的形式。 The situation shown in Figure 1 differ, in this case, and by the electrode 2.1,2.2,2.3 ... 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 ... (in each case only by way of non-limiting example and only shows three electrical) are mounted onto the chamber walls to realize the driving device 6 in two chambers 2,3, 2,3 and both the chamber wall in the form of an insulator. 振膜5例如又包括薄的导电材料、 即薄金属箔。 5, for example, includes a thin diaphragm and conductive material, i.e., a thin metal foil. 应该注意,振膜5可由薄的掺硅箔形成,还可由带电荷的薄的介电材料形成。 It should be noted that the diaphragm 5 may be doped with silicon thin foil, it may also be formed of a thin dielectric material charged. 这种带电荷的箔材料例如本身可由传统的聚碳酸酯纤维箔构造而成,其彼此堆叠起来并经过拉拔过程。 This foil material itself can be charged, for example, a conventional foil constructed of polycarbonate, which are stacked with each other and through the drawing process. 这就产生了带空腔的复合箔,并且这些空隙可通过电子轰击进行电离。 This produces a composite foil with cavities and voids can be ionized by electron bombardment. 所得电荷可在室温条件下保持若干年。 The resulting charge can be maintained for several years at room temperature. 这种带电荷的箔本身是已知的,并且也可用于本发明的用途。 Such charged foil is known per se, and may also be of use for the present invention.

电极2.1,2.2,2.3…和3.1,3.2,3.3...(当然,在各种情况下,也可将所示三个以上电极安装在腔室壁2,3上)通过相应的控制线13和14 分别接收来自控制信号源7的相应信号,从而将振膜5部分地周期性地拉向腔室壁2和3,并相应地使其从另一腔室壁3和2弹回。 And electrodes 2.1,2.2,2.3 3.1,3.2,3.3 ... ... (of course, in each case, may be three or more electrodes are mounted as shown on the chamber wall 2, 3) by a respective control line 13 and 14 receive respective signals from the control signal source 7 so as to periodically pull chamber wall 2 and the diaphragm 3 to 5 in part, and accordingly it spring back wall 3 and two from the other chamber. 例如,图2显示了将振膜5(其具有负电势)拉向下腔室壁3上的第一下部电极3.1的情形。 For example, FIG. 2 shows the case where the diaphragm 5 (which has a negative potential) to pull down the chamber wall on the first lower electrode 3 3.1. 其它上部电极2.2和2.3在此时仍然带正电荷, 因此带负电荷的振膜5受到吸引。 Other upper electrode and the diaphragm 5 2.2 2.3 at this point is still positively charged, negatively charged and therefore attracted. 然后在下一相位,中间电极2.2的电势(从+对-)以及电极3.2的电势(从-对+)分别发生变化,因此过渡部分10进一步引导至虛线所示位置,其中通过下部电极3.2在中部区域对振膜5施加吸力。 Then in the next phase, the intermediate electrode potential of 2.2 (from + to -) and the potential of the electrode 3.2 (from - to +) changes, respectively, thus the transition portion 10 is further guided to the position shown in broken lines, wherein by the lower electrode 3.2 applying suction to the central region of the diaphragm 5. 在所有其它相位内进行相似的控制,因此, 振膜5随着相应的控制信号周期性地以所述方式产生变形,过渡部分10往复移动,并因此周期性地排出空气体积并将其吸到设备1的每一侧。 In all other phases similar control, thus, the diaphragm 5 is deformed periodically with a corresponding control signal in the manner described, the transition portion 10 reciprocates, and thus the air volume discharged periodically and breathe each side of the apparatus 1. 通过这种方式,通过振膜5以相应频率发生变形,就可以 In this manner, the diaphragm 5 is deformed by a corresponding frequency, can be

产生所需的声音。 Produce the desired sound. 如果将振膜5构造成带电荷的绝缘体(即振膜5没有电势连接),那么可以利用电排斥力;在这种情况下,来自于信号源7的电信号也可以具有相对较低的电压振幅。 If the insulator is configured as a diaphragm 5 charged (i.e. no potential connection diaphragm 5), then an electric repulsive force can be utilized; in this case, the electric signal from the signal source 7 may also have a relatively low voltage amplitude.

上面参照图1和2所述的设备1可以由若干部件装配而成,其中,所有部件均可以由可集成的固态元件制成。 Above 1 and 2, the apparatus 1 may be assembled from several components together, wherein all parts can be made from solid state components may be integrated. 该结构可以是模块化的,并且根据需要本身可减小基本元件的尺寸。 The structure may be modular, and may substantially reduce the size of the element itself as necessary. 根据功率要求, 可将单个的模块并行地连接起来,所产生的整个声能通量与模块的数量成比例。 The power requirements, individual modules may be connected in parallel, the number of the entire sound energy flux generated by the modules is proportional. 此外,因为系统并不在其固有频率下操作,所以声源的内在特性实际上仍受到环境声音的影响。 In addition, because the system does not operate at its natural frequency, the intrinsic properties of the sound source is actually still affected by ambient sound. 与传统扬声器系统、尤其是电扬声器相比,空气通道的整体长度d(见图l)可用于空气的位移,并且可以产生高4艮多的声压。 The conventional speaker system, especially compared to the electric speaker, the entire length of the air passage D (see FIG. L) can be used for the displacement of air and multi-Gen 4 can produce high sound pressure. 具体地说,如上所述的有用体积(即移动空气的体积)与总体积(整个体积)之比比现有技术大十(10)倍。 Specifically, the useful volume (i.e. volume of air movement) and the total volume (whole volume) of the prior art described above large Bibi ten (10) times. 在整个频率范围内,所产生的声能通量作为频率的函数而言是恒定的, 另外,直接数字控制信号是可能的,例如同之前根据图2所示设备1 的操作模式所述中显而易见。 Over the entire frequency range, the acoustic energy generated in terms of flux as a function of frequency is constant, in addition, direct digital control signal are possible, for example in accordance with the operation mode previously apparent in FIG. 1, the apparatus 2 shown in . 重要的优势在于已经提及多次的模块化原理,即,可以由单个的模块构造成扬声器,同时没有每单位面积上的功率损失。 Important advantage is that the modular principle has been mentioned many times, that is, by a single module can be configured as a speaker, and there is no power loss per unit area. 所产生的声音在振幅上的线性度实际上最终只取决于作为控制信号函数的流速的线性度;如果需要,可以容易地在此处提供电子校正。 Linearity of the generated sound amplitude actually end up on the linearity depends only on the flow rate as a function of a control signal; and, if required, can be easily provided electronically corrected here.

图1或图2所示设备1的腔室末端15',16'最好是开口的,即, 它们形成了用于移动空气或吸入空气的孔。 FIG 1 or FIG 2 the device 15 end of the chamber 1 ', 16' are preferably open, i.e., they form a hole for the air or the intake air.

图3显示了同图1和2相比已经修改过的用于产生介质流的设备i,其具有在设备1在不活动操作状态下时处于松弛或松开的振膜5;在这种情况下,在设备1处于活动操作状态下时,可通过驱动装置6的相应电激励对振膜5外加行波,驱动装置6如下所述并且只显示了其部分。 FIG 2 FIG 3 shows the same device has been modified as compared to the medium flow 1 i for generating, in its relaxed or released at the diaphragm 5 having the device 1 in the inactive operating state; in this case, next, when the apparatus 1 is in the active operating state, by respective electrical drive means 6 for traveling wave excitation applied to the diaphragm 5, as the drive means 6 and shows only portions thereof. 根据图3的设备1同样包括具有上腔室壁2和下腔室壁3的腔室,下腔室壁3位于上腔室壁2的对面("上"和"下"同样如图所示)。 2 having an upper chamber wall and a lower chamber wall 3 of the chamber, the chamber wall 3 positioned on the opposite side of the chamber wall 2 ( "upper" and "lower" As also shown in Figure 3. The apparatus shown also comprises an ).

振膜5在平面图中基本是矩形的,并且设置在这些腔室壁2,3之间,振膜5通过将其末端区域5.1和5.2分别固定在后端壁15和前端壁16上来进行固定,在各种情况下大致设在这两个腔室壁2,3之间的几何中部中。 Diaphragm 5 is substantially rectangular in plan view and disposed between the chamber walls 2 and 3, the diaphragm 5 is fixed by its end regions 5.1 and 5.2 are fixed to the rear end wall 15 and the front end wall 16 up, in each case disposed substantially in the two chamber walls 2, 3 between the geometric middle. 此处,后端区域5.1的振膜5装备有最好采用压电元件形式的驱动元件17,通过类似于摇杆激励的驱动元件17,可导致振膜5从后端开始振荡。 Here, the rear end region of the diaphragm 5 5.1 equipped with a drive element is preferably in the form of piezoelectric elements 17, similar to the drive member by the excitation of the rocker 17, leading to the diaphragm 5 can start to oscillate from the rear end. 这种末端处的优选振荡激励与振膜5中由交变电势引起的行波激励相组合,交变电势由信号源(如同图2至7中所示;在图3中出于简化目的已省略了这种控制)施加在分别位于腔室壁2,3 (还具有绝缘功能)上的电极2.1,2.2,2.3...和3.1,3.2,3.3,.. 上。 Preferably this end of the traveling wave excited oscillation at the diaphragm 5 excitation caused by the alternating potential is combined alternating potential by the signal source (as shown in FIGS. 2 to 7; for the purposes of simplicity in FIG. 3 has this control is omitted) electrodes 2, 3 are located in the chamber wall (further having an insulating function) is applied on and 3.1,3.2,3.3 2.1,2.2,2.3 ..., .. on. 振膜5本身例如还具有同样由控制线所施加的负电势,控制线例如为图2中虚线所示的控制线18。 Diaphragm 5 itself, for example, the same also have a negative potential applied by the control line, the control line for example, a control line shown in a broken line 218 in FIG. 作为备选,同样可从外部给振膜5提供负电荷,这样,施加电势就是不必要的。 Alternatively, the same may be provided externally to the diaphragm 5 negative charges, so that the applied potential is unnecessary. 然而,根椐图3 的压电元件式驱动元件17必须连接到信号源7的相应控制输出上, 以便利用所需频率(与至电极2.1到3.3的信号频率相匹配的频率) 来实现振荡激励。 However, it noted in FIG. 3 of the piezoelectric element type drive element 17 must be connected to the corresponding control output signal source 7, to take advantage of desired frequency (the signal frequency to an electrode of 3.3 to 2.1 to match the frequency) to achieve oscillation exciter .

同样在根据图3的实施例中,振膜5可包括微米或纳米厚度范围内的薄金属箔,并且其具有恒定的厚度。 Also in the embodiment of FIG. 3, the diaphragm 5 may comprise a thin metal foil thickness within the micrometer or nanometer range and which has a constant thickness. 如同图l和2中的情况, 这种用于振膜5的金属例如可以是铝。 As in Figure l and 2, the metal diaphragm 5 for this example, may be aluminum.

通过对电极2.1等施加受控的脉冲形式交变电势,振膜部分再次以类似于图2所示实施例的方式,而分别受到电极的吸引和排斥, 从而产生波形;然而,现在的激活可使得振膜5的波形变化是行进波或行波,在图3中由虚线来表示振膜5的不同极限位置。 By applying a controlled form of a pulse of alternating potential electrode 2.1 and the like, again the diaphragm portion in the manner similar to the embodiment shown in FIG. 2, respectively by attraction and repulsion of the electrodes, thereby generating a waveform; however, it may be activated so that the diaphragm 5 is a waveform change traveling wave or traveling wave, in FIG. 3 to represent the different extreme positions of the diaphragm 5 by a broken line.

在根据图3的实施例中,为了在振膜5上产生行波,相对较高的电场是必要的。 In the embodiment according to FIG. 3, in order to generate a traveling wave on the diaphragm 5, a relatively high electric field is necessary. 为了满足较低电压的要求,振膜5还可由压电元件部分制成,如图4所示,即,振膜5具有带相互间隔开的压电层的结构化表面,与图5相比,其显示了这种振膜5的具有分别设在塑料载体膜5'上的"压电元件"20,21,22和23,24,25的那一部分。 In order to meet the requirements of a low voltage, the diaphragm 5 can also be made of a piezoelectric element portion shown in Figure 4, i.e., the diaphragm 5 having a structured surface of the piezoelectric layer of the belt spaced from each other, as compared with FIG. 5 , showing that this part of diaphragm 5 are provided having a plastic carrier film 5 'is "piezoelectric element" 21, 22 and 23, 24 of. 这些压电区域或压电元件20至25又通过触点和控制线而连接到与图2 所示信号源7相似的信号源上,以便通过施加具有适当相移的交变电势而在振膜5上激励出行波,这些触点和控制线与图2中的控制线13和14相似,但未具体显示出。 The piezoelectric element or piezoelectric region 20 to 25 in turn connected by wires to the contacts and the control signal source similar to the source shown in FIG. 27, so that by applying an alternating potential having a suitable phase shift in the diaphragm 5 traveling wave excitation, control lines 13 and 14 similar to those of the contacts and the control line 2 and FIG., but not specifically show. 在图4中,利用"压电元件"(未具体示出)的特定偏电压的极性正负标志来显示该原理;应该补充的是,交变电势分别导致压电层的正负弯曲,并因此引起振膜5的相应变形。 In FIG. 4, the polarity of the bias voltage positive or negative specific markers "piezoelectric element" (not specifically shown) to display the principle; should be added, alternating potential negative results in bending of the piezoelectric layer respectively, and thus cause a corresponding deformation of the diaphragm 5. 在这种才艮据图4实施例的情况下,腔室本身及其腔室壁2,3、 端壁15,16以及同样存在但未示出的侧壁可包括绝缘材料。 In this case only Gen embodiment according to FIG. 4, the chamber itself and the chamber walls 2,3, end walls 15, 16 and also present but not shown side walls may include an insulating material.

应该注意,在根据图3和4所示实施例的情况下,所讨论的用于设备1腔室的固定装置或安装装置12是存在的。 It should be noted that, in the case of the illustrated embodiment according to FIGS. 3 and 4, a fixing means for the chamber of the apparatus in question or mounting means 12 is there. 在图3和图4中仅示意性地示出的这些固定装置12另外还用于前侧与后侧之间的声音去耦合。 These fixing means in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 only schematically illustrated additionally for sounds 12 between front and rear sides decoupled.

另外,在图3和图4中,分别用箭头26和26'表示振膜5中行波的行进方向。 Further, in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, 'respectively represent the direction of travel of the diaphragm Traveling Wave 5 by arrows 26 and 26.

利用例如图3或图4中所示的设备,可以获得与根据图1和图2 的设备相比而更强的空气位移,即,与根据图1和2的设^^目比而言,有用体积(移动空气体积)与部件容积之比甚至更大(例如80°/0或90%,而非70%)。 Using the apparatus shown in FIG. 3 or FIG. 4, for example, can be obtained more strongly compared to the air displacement apparatus of FIGS. 1 and 2, i.e., provided in accordance with the ratio in terms of mesh ^^ FIG. 1 and 2, the useful volume (volume of air movement) and the ratio of the volume of the member even greater (e.g., 80 ° / 0 or 90% instead of 70%). 换句话说,利用根据图3或图4的设备,通过振膜5可"泵送"更多的介质,其中行波强加在振膜5,例如在发声器的情况下,产生了超声波范围内的行波,而可听声音频率范围内的声音信号通过改变平均产生的整体空气体积来限定。 In other words, using the apparatus according to FIG. 3 or FIG. 4, through the diaphragm 5 can be "pumped" more media, wherein the traveling wave imposed on the diaphragm 5, for example in the case of the sound generator, to generate the ultrasonic range traveling wave, and the sound signal in the audible sound frequency range is defined by the average change the overall volume of air generated.

此外,从图3和图4中还可看出,在靠近端壁15,16的相对腔室壁2,3上,设有分别用于介质流入和介质离开的孔27,28和29,30, 因此,振膜5在随着机电激励而产生变形时就能够抽吸和排出介质(空气)。 In addition, can also be seen in FIG. 3 and FIG. 4, on the opposite wall of the chamber walls 15, 16 close to the end 3, respectively, provided for the medium and the medium flows away from the holes 27, 28 and 29, 30 Therefore, when the diaphragm 5 is deformed as electromechanical excitation can be sucked and a discharge medium (air). 这些孔27,28和29,30的效果分别在于,在其另一边、即在这些孔与相应毗邻端壁15和16之间留下了空腔,其作为阻尼"空腔",以行波方式对振膜5变形所产生的脉冲气流进行滤波,这样,就在设备1外部在所考虑的短时间内形成了大致恒定的气流。 These apertures 27, 28 and 29, 30 respectively, the effect is that, at the other side, i.e., in the holes and the respective adjacent end wall leaving a cavity between 15 and 16, which function as a damper, "cavities", to traveling wave way pulsating flow generated by the deformation of the diaphragm 5 is filtered, so that, in the external device 1 is formed a substantially constant air flow in a short time under consideration. 该气流的振幅可通过行进波、即行波的速度,并因而在行波脉冲激励的情况下通过脉冲频率而发生变化,如图10所示。 The amplitude of the wave traveling through the gas stream, i.e., the line velocity of the wave, and thus vary the pulse frequency by a case where the traveling wave excitation pulse, as shown in FIG. 因此,在高的激励频率或快速传播的行波下,气流的振幅可因此而根据声波的发射而变化。 Thus, at high excitation frequencies, or fast traveling wave propagates, the amplitude of the air flow can thus be varied according to the transmission of acoustic waves.

根据振膜5的激励性质,可以交替地在一个和另一个方向上激励行波,从而获得与图1和图2相似的操作模式;在这种操作模式下, 可以有利地回避气流的恒定部分,^使得只有振幅变化的气流部分用于产生声音。 The excitation properties of the diaphragm 5, may be alternately in one direction and the other traveling wave excitation, so as to obtain a similar mode of operation of Figures 1 and 2; constant part in this mode of operation, the gas flow can be advantageously avoided , ^ so that only the amplitude variations of the gas flow portion for generating a sound.

在显示不同工作相位的图6以及相关的图7、图8和图9中,显示了图3或图4所示设备1的临界情况,即由振膜5形成单个波列的情况。 In the figure showing different phases of the work related to FIG. 6 and 7, FIG. 8 and FIG. 9, FIG. 3 shows the critical case where the apparatus 1 or FIG. 4, i.e., the case of a single wave train formed by the diaphragm 5. 在那种情况下,通过所施加的交变电势(施加在图3所示的电极处或图4所示振膜5本身上的"压电元件"处),振膜5周期性地产生变形,例如参见图6,变形起始于大致正弦波形的结构,其中, 如图7所示,在第一相位中,位于图7左侧的振膜5后部向下拉, 而振膜5的中部向上拉;之后,参见图8,位于图右侧的振膜5前部向上拉,因此就实现了与图6相比相位相反的振膜5位置。 In that case, by alternating potential applied (applied at "piezoelectric element" electrodes of FIG. 3 or FIG. 4 shows the diaphragm 5 itself), the diaphragm 5 is deformed periodically see, for example FIG. 6, the deformation starting from a substantially sinusoidal configuration, which, as shown in FIG. 7, in a first phase, the rear diaphragm 5 located on the left of FIG. 7 is pulled down, while the central diaphragm 5 pull up; then, see Fig. 8 on the right side of the front portion of the diaphragm of FIG. 5 is pulled up, thus achieved in comparison with FIG. 5 diaphragm 6 opposite phase position. 随后, 参见图9,振膜5的左部或更后部再次向上拉,但是中部向下拉,这种根据图9的波形结构5在相位上与根据图7的波形结构是相反的。 Subsequently, referring to FIG. 9, left or rear portion of the diaphragm 5 is pulled up again, but the drop-down central, 5 according to this waveform in phase with the structure of FIG. 7 is a configuration diagram of a waveform opposite to 9. 接下来,再次到达图6所示的状态。 Next, again reaching the state shown in FIG. 6. 因此,与更长波列、例如图3 或图4所示波列相比,就减少了振膜5的这种运动,这对于具有固定相位关系的高比例二次谐波的振荡是必需的。 Thus, the longer the wave train, e.g. wave as shown in FIG. 3 or FIG. 4 as compared to, this reduces the movement of the diaphragm 5, for which a high proportion of the second harmonic oscillation having a fixed phase relationship is required.

对于根据图3至图9的设备,同样只有少量部件是必需的,同样有利的是,此时所有部件也都可由可集成的固态元件制成。 For the apparatus of FIGS. 3 to 9, only the same small number of components are required, are also advantageous, when all components can be made from solid state components may be integrated. 根据需要,同样可以实现大致的小型化以及类似的模块化构造,声通量整体上与单个模块的数量成比例。 If necessary, it can achieve substantially the same size and the like of a modular construction, and the overall number of individual acoustic flux proportional module.

此外,在一直产生单向介质流的情形下,例如在根据图3和图4 中相应箭头26和26'所示的从左至右方向上产生介质流的情况下,可以实现均匀的流动,因此在扬声器的情况下,下限频率是0Hz。 Further, in the case of a unidirectional media flow has been generated, for example, in the 'case of medium flow is generated from the left to the right direction according to the arrows in FIGS. 3 and 4 corresponding to FIGS. 26 and 26, the flow uniformity can be achieved, Therefore, when the speaker is a lower limit frequency 0Hz. 另一方面,这种操作模式可以用于实现一种介质泵,其可以极其迅速且精确地进行调整和测量,并且尤其普遍适用于空气或气体的传输, 而且在理论上还可用于液体介质的传输。 On the other hand, this mode of operation may be used to implement a medium pump, which can be performed very quickly and accurately adjusting and measuring, and in particular is widely used in transmission of air or gas, may also be used in theory, but the liquid medium transmission. 在这里也可使用数字激励信号,并且振幅上的线性度(少量谐波)实际上只取决于作为控制信号之函数的流速的线性度,如果需要,可以可选地提供电子补偿。 Here a digital excitation signal may also be used, and the linearity (harmonic small amounts) substantially only depends on the amplitude as a linear function of the flow rate control signals, if necessary, may optionally be provided electronic compensation. 只要在原理行得通,所产生的声源的声通量(作为频率的函数)在整个频率范围内同样可以是恒定的,并且可以由单个的模块来构造扬声器,同时没有每单位面积的功率损失。 As long as feasible in principle, the acoustic flux (as a function of frequency) sound sources generated in the entire frequency range can also be constant, and the speaker may be constructed by a single module, while no power per unit area loss.

通过生产一种极小厚度(相当于1樣t米)的常用PZT材料,也可以提供压电振膜,例如根据图4的压电振膜,这种PZT材料施加在载体箔片上,或者可以直接用作振膜,其中振膜的单个部分被隔离开。 By producing a minimum thickness (t m corresponding to 1 like) commonly used PZT material, may also provide a piezoelectric diaphragm, the piezoelectric diaphragm e.g. FIG. 4, the PZT material is applied on a carrier foil, or may be It used directly as a single part of the diaphragm, wherein the diaphragm is opened and isolated.

图10示意性地显示了如何可通过脉沖频率变化的相对较短脉冲31,而在振膜、例如图1至图9所示振膜5中产生变形和行波。 FIG 10 shows schematically how the may be relatively short pulses 31 on the pulse frequency, and a traveling wave is generated in the deformation of the diaphragm, the diaphragm 5, for example, as shown in FIGS. 1 to 9. 振膜通过这些脉冲31而产生变形,使得空气体积交替地往复移动,从而产生具有低于脉冲频率的频率的声音信号32。 These pulses generated by the diaphragm 31 deforms such that the volume of air moved reciprocally, thereby generating a sound signal having a frequency lower than the pulse frequency of 32. 同这种处于可听声音频率范围内的声音信号32相比,脉冲31具有超声波频率。 This is the same range of sound frequencies within the audible sound signal compared to 32, 31 has an ultrasonic pulse frequencies.

为了产生这种脉沖31,或者一般而言为控制信号,4艮据图11, 使用了电压-频率转换器33,来自未示出的放大器或可用类似信号电路的电信号提供至转换器33的输入端,该信号反映所需的声音信号(或可选的控制信号,用于测量待传输的介质体积)。 To generate such pulse 31, or in general to a control signal, according to FIG. 4 Gen 11, using the voltage - frequency converter 33, an electrical signal from a signal amplifier circuit or the like can be used (not shown) is provided to the converter 33 an input terminal, an audio signal which reflect the desired signal (or alternative control signal, measuring the volume of a medium to be transmitted). 与电压-频率转换器33相连的是带脉冲整形器和移位寄存器的电极控制单元35,其然后激活或激励振膜5或整个设备1。 The voltage - frequency converter 33 is connected to an electrode control unit with a shift register and a pulse shaper 35, and then activate or excite the diaphragm 5 or the entire device 1.

应该提到的是,就振膜5的变形、尤其是其弯曲而言,附图中的显示只是示意性的,并且有些夸大;实际上,振膜5只会出现更小的弯曲和挠曲,即高度与长度之比更小。 It should be mentioned that, on deformation of the diaphragm 5, especially bending, the drawings show only schematic and somewhat exaggerated; Indeed, the diaphragm 5 will appear smaller bending deflection and , i.e., smaller than the height and length.

Claims (22)

1.一种用于产生介质流的设备(1),所述设备(1)包括腔室(4),所述腔室(4)包括彼此相对的腔室壁(2,3)以及至少一个用于介质流(8)的介质孔(15',16',27,28,29,30),并装备有振膜装置(5),所述振膜装置(5)设置成并构造成用于产生所述介质流(8),在所述设备(1)处于不活动的操作状态下时,所述振膜装置(5)大致松弛地设在所述腔室(4)中并且位于所述腔室壁(2,3)之间,驱动装置(6)与所述振膜装置(5)相关联,所述驱动装置(6)响应于电驱动信号而驱动所述振膜装置(5)变形,所述驱动装置(6)设置成当所述设备(1)处于活动操作状态下时在所述振膜装置(5)上强加变形,在所述变形过程中,所述振膜装置(5)具有机械内张力,其中所述设备(1)设置成用于通过所产生的介质流来产生声音。 An apparatus for generating a medium stream (1), the device (1) comprises a chamber (4), said chamber (4) comprises a chamber wall (2,3) facing each other and at least one holes for the medium flow medium (8) (15 ', 16', 27,28,29,30), and is equipped with a diaphragm means (5), said diaphragm means (5) is arranged and configured with to generate the medium flow (8), when the operating state of the device (1) is inactive, said diaphragm means (5) substantially loosely disposed in said chamber (4) and located in the between said chamber wall (2,3), drive means (6) and the diaphragm means (5) associated with said diaphragm means (6) in response to an electrical drive signal to drive the driver (5 ) variant, the drive means (6) arranged so that when the device (1) is in the active state of operation when the deformation imposed on said diaphragm means (5), in the deformation process, the diaphragm means (5) having inner mechanical tension, wherein the device (1) arranged for generating a sound generated by the flow medium.
2. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(1),其特征在于,所述驱动装置(6 ) 包括电极(2.1, 2.2...3.3),其设置在所述彼此相对的腔室壁(2, 3)上。 2. The apparatus (1) according to claim 1, characterized in that the drive means (6) comprising electrodes (2.1, 2.2 ... 3.3), which is provided to the chamber wall opposite to each other (2 3) on.
3. 根据权利要求2所述的设备(1),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5 ) 包括金属箔。 3. The apparatus (1) according to claim 2, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) comprises a metal foil.
4. 根据权利要求2所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5 ) 包括介电材料制成的箔。 4. The apparatus (1) according to claim 2, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) comprises a dielectric foil made of dielectric material.
5. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5 ) 包括至少一部分压电材料。 5. The apparatus (1) according to claim 1, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) comprises at least a portion of the piezoelectric material.
6. 根据权利要求5所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5 ) 包括电极。 6. The apparatus (1) according to claim 5, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) comprises an electrode.
7. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5 ) 包括两个相互间隔开一定距离的末端区域(5.1, 5.2),所述末端区域(5.1, 5.2)固定在所述腔室(4)中。 7. The apparatus (1) according to claim 1, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) comprises two spaced apart a distance from the end region (5.1, 5.2), the end region (5.1, 5.2) is fixed in the chamber (4).
8. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述驱动装置(6) 包含机电驱动元件(17),所述振膜装置(5)具有连接在所述机电驱动元件(17)上的末端部分(5.1)。 8. The apparatus (1) according to claim 1, characterized in that the drive means (6) comprising electromechanical drive element (17), the diaphragm means (5) having a drive element connected to said electromechanical ( the end portion (5.1) on 17).
9. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(l),其特征在于,所述腔室(4) 具有大致立方形的结构,并且包括两个彼此相对的端壁(15, 16)。 9. The apparatus (l) according to claim 1, wherein said chamber (4) having a generally cuboid configuration, and includes two mutually opposite end walls (15, 16).
10. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述腔室(4) 包括至少两个设置成彼此间隔开的介质孔(27, 28, 29, 30)。 10. The apparatus (1) according to claim 1, wherein said chamber (4) comprises at least two holes arranged medium (27, 28, 29, 30) spaced apart from one another.
11. 根据权利要求l所述的设备(l),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5)具有至少基本恒定的厚度。 11. The apparatus (l) l claim, wherein said diaphragm means (5) having an at least substantially constant thickness.
12. 根据权利要求9所述的设备(1),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5) 固定成使得所述两个相对末端区域(5.1, 5.2)固定在所述大致立方形腔室(4)的端壁(15, 16)上。 12. The device (1) according to claim 9, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) is fixed such that the two opposing end regions (5.1, 5.2) is fixed in said chamber is substantially cuboidal (4) end walls (15, 16).
13. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(l),其特征在于,所述驱动装置(6) 设计成可强加至少具有可预定频率的变形。 13. The apparatus (l) according to claim 1, characterized in that the drive means (6) is designed to be imposed deformation has at least a predetermined frequency.
14. 根据权利要求12所述的设备(1),其特征在于,所述驱动装置(6)设计成可在所述振膜装置(5)上强加行波形式的周期性变形。 14. The apparatus (1) according to claim 12, characterized in that the cyclic deformation means (6) designed to be imposed on the traveling wave form the diaphragm means (5) of the drive.
15. 根据权利要求9所述的设备(1),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5)固定成使得靠近所述立方形腔室(4) 一端的所述末端区域(5.1)固定在所述彼此相对腔室壁(2, 3)中的一个腔室壁(3)上,而靠近所述腔室(4)相对一端的相对末端区域(5.2)则固定在所述彼此相对腔室壁(2, 3)中的另一腔室壁(2)上。 15. The apparatus (1) according to claim 9, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) is fixed so close to the cubic chamber (4) at one end of the end region (5.1) is fixed the chamber walls opposing to each other (2, 3) in a chamber wall (3), whereas close to the chamber (4) is fixed to the chamber opposite to each other in the opposing end regions (5.2) at one end walls (2, 3) in the other chamber wall (2).
16. 根据权利要求15所述的设备(1),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5)包括过渡部分(IO),其在操作中大致垂直于所述彼此相对的腔室壁(2, 3)而延伸。 16. The apparatus (1) according to claim 15, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) comprises a transition portion (the IO), which is substantially perpendicular relative to one another in the operation chamber wall (2 , 3) extend.
17. 根据权利要求15所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述介质孔(15,, 16')设置在所述腔室(4)的两端。 17. The apparatus (1) according to claim 15, characterized in that said medium orifice (15,, 16 ') provided at both ends of the chamber (4).
18. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,在所述设备(1) 中,所述介质流(8)是气体介质流。 18. The device (1) according to claim 1, characterized in that the device (1), the medium flow (8) is a flow of gaseous medium.
19. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述设备(1) 用作所述介质流的泵送设备。 19. The apparatus (1) according to claim 1, characterized in that the device (1) as the medium stream pumping device.
20. 根据上述权利要求中任一权项所述的设备(1),其特征在于, 所述设备(1)中设有多个腔室(4),所述多个腔室(4)设置成一个单元。 20. The device (1) according to any one of claims the preceding claims, characterized in that the apparatus is provided with a plurality of chambers (4) (1), said plurality of chambers (4) provided as a unit.
21. 根据权利要求1所述的设备(l),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5)和/或腔室壁(2, 3)具有绝缘层(11)。 21. The apparatus (l) according to claim 1, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) and / or the chamber wall (2, 3) having an insulating layer (11).
22. 根据权利要求2所述的设备(1 ),其特征在于,所述振膜装置(5)和/或腔室壁(2, 3)具有结构化的表面。 22. The device (1) according to claim 2, characterized in that said diaphragm means (5) and / or the chamber wall (2, 3) has a structured surface.
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