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本发明涉及通过诸如IP、ATM、STM、PLMN等网络的多个通信网络的数据通信,尤其涉及连接的网络选择。 The present invention relates to data communication via a communication network such as a plurality of IP, ATM, STM, PLMN network and the like, in particular, relates to a network connection selected. 在第一网络内提供一个系统,用于接收和保存来自第二网络与所提供的业务、服务质量和成本有关的信息,并用于从第一网络向第二网络传送相应的信息,以便可以根据在第一网络内定义的诸如所希望的服务质量和成本等标准来执行用于数据传输的第二网络的选择。 Providing a first network in a system for receiving and storing, information and quality of service from the second network costs associated with the service provided, and for transferring the corresponding information from a first network to a second network, according to such as the desired quality of service and cost defined criteria within the first network selects the second network is performed for data transmission.


连接的网络选择技术领域本发明涉及通过诸如IP、 ATM、 STM、 PLMN等网络的多个通信网络的数据通信,尤其涉及连接的网络选择. 背景技术直到最近,网络运营商建立和配置它们的网络以仅承栽语音业务.每个居住用户最多需要一条电话线路,它用于语音.在二十世紀末期,闺定和移动电话以及数据通信已经在独立的网络世界内大重地出现.这些网络共享相同类型的传输设备,电话业务的不断增长的部分由拨号互联网接入构成.寬带接入主要作为大公司的高速数据电路出现.这些4^知网络内的每个网络具有它自己的管理系统、它自己的用于文抶、传输和接入的资源以及它自己的终端类型.每个运营商负责供应链商的所有事务,从用户接入到在完全拥有的网络基础设施上的业务建立及发送.然而,网络运营商正在受到不断增长的终端用户需求的挑战.终端用户希望 Connected network selection BACKGROUND The present invention relates to a plurality of communication networks such as IP, ATM, STM, PLMN, etc. of the data communication network, particularly to a connection network selection BACKGROUND Until recently, network operators to set up and configure their network Cheng planted with only voice service. each user needs to live up to a telephone line for voice it. in the late twentieth century, boudoir fixed and mobile telephony and data communication has been great powerhouse appear in a separate online world. these networks share part of the same types of transmission equipment, telephone service is constituted by growing dial-up Internet access. occur primarily as a broadband high-speed data circuits of large companies. these 4 ^ known within the network each network has its own management system its own resources for text flog, transport and access and its own terminal type. each operator is responsible for all matters of supply chain provider, built from the user access to services on the network infrastructure is fully owned and sending. However, the network operators are challenged by the growing end-user demand. hope to end users 一天的所有时间内并且同时打电话、电子邮件、冲浪、 下栽、数据流和会议.同时,运营商的数量在増加,运营商之间的竟争也在加剧.当用户希望建立通信信道时,例如进行电话呼叫、执^f視頻会议、现看电影、玩游戏、聊天和技索数据库等,用户通常请求它作为客户的网络,在下文中称作笫一网络,的运管商在该用户和在所请求的网络会话中所希望的其它参与者之间建立并雏持通倌倌道.然而, 特定的运营商可以通过其它的运营商网络,在下文中称作指定的笫二网络,来^^路发送通信数据.典型地,笫一网络的运营商根据通倌麥与者的地理位置、业务类型、所希望的服务质量和成本来选择第二网络.在每个两络运管商的多种业务和费率的情况下,竟争是显然的.费率不仅在目标之间,而且根据用户和运营商之间所签合约的性质、 一天内的时间、通传 When all times of day and at the same time to call, e-mail, surfing, tilted downward and crashed, data flow, and conferences. At the same time, the number of operators to increase in competition between operators is also increasing. When the user wishes to establish a communication channel , for example, a phone call, hold ^ f videoconferencing, now watch movies, play games, chat and technical cable database, the user typically requests as the customer's network, referred to as Zi network hereinafter, the transportation management provider the user and other participants in the network session between the requested and the establishment of the desired support through young groom groom channels. However, certain carriers may be in other carrier networks, referred to in the second network Zi specified hereinafter, to ^^ channel transmits communication data. typically, Zi operator of the network based on location on wheat and groom's service type, a desired quality of service and cost of selecting a second network transport pipe network in each of two commercially in the case of multiple services and rates, competition is obvious. not only between the target rate, and according to the nature of signing a contract between the user and the operator, time of day, pass through 持续时间、数据速率、传输的数据量、数据类型、付费方法和促销等而变化.因而,运营商、业务、复杂的费率结构和不同等級的服务质量的不断增长的数量已经形成了一种需要,即一种自动选择网络以合适地路由选择所请求的通信会话的数据或信息的系统.逸营商在商业麥数,诸如成本、质重、业务、互连协议和要全性等方面进行竟争.运营商的^JfcA通过多个不同的资源生成.来自连接层的收入通过媒体流,例如所发逸的数据流和必须资源的预约等,的收费而生成.通过根据商业参数慎重地选择笫二网络的连接,运营商可以提高它的利润.在W0 00/02400中,公开了一种在电信网络内使用的路由选择网络,它包括多个网络,其中所迷路由选择网络包括至少一个交換机,用于根振路由选择表将业务通过另一网1»#路发送给所要求的貝标.路由选择网络具有呼叫路 Duration, data rate, the amount of data transmission, data types, payment methods and promotions and the like. Thus, a growing number of operators, business, complex rate structures and different levels of quality of service has become a required, i.e., an automatic system to properly select network information or data communication session requested route selection. in commercial wheat Yi business number, such as cost, quality is more important, operational, and to the whole interconnection agreement, etc. be competitive. ^ jfcA carriers generated by generating a plurality of different resources. revenue from the connection layer, e.g. Yi data stream and resources must be made by the other media stream reservation, charge by careful the business parameters selecting a second network connected to Zi, the operator can increase its profits in W0 00/02400 discloses a route for use within a telecommunications network selection network comprising a plurality of networks, wherein the network selection comprises labyrinth at least one switch for routing table to a root vibration service through another network 1 »# path to a required standard shell. routing network has a call path 选择数据管理装置,包括:装置,用于监視与电倌网络内的其它两络相关的多个参数;装置,用于根据所监視的参数确定用于所述网络内每个交換机的路由选择表;和装置,用于根据所确定的路由选择表来控制一台或多台交換机.困1示禽性地困示现有技术的用于通倌会话的通信倌道的建立.在这个例子中,通倌会话是电话通话.网络1-5是IP网络或ATM网络.在会话开始时,建立会话控制通信倌道6,例如包括编译码的协商和连接点的交換.接着,作为媒体流传输的栽体,建立数振有效负栽通信倌道7或连接路径7.驻留在相应网络边沿上的奇宿单元8建立栽体7.可以使用最大努力(best effort)方法,或者可以人工地配置用于标签交換路由器的路由选择表.在多协议标筌交換(MPLS)结构中,将田1的寄宿单元8視为输入/输出节点.网络l-5包含多个标签交換路由器,使用标签 Selecting the data management apparatus, comprising: means for a plurality of parameters related to the other two in the network monitors the electrical network groom; means according to the monitored parameters determined for each switch within the network routing table; and means for controlling one or more switches according to the determined routing table 1 shows trapped trapped avian schematically illustrates the prior art for establishing a session via groom groom communications path. in this example, the session is a phone call through the groom. 1-5 network is an IP network or ATM network at session start, to establish a session control communication channel 6 groom, for example, including the exchange and negotiation of the connection point codec. Next, as the plant body of media streaming, establish a number of vibration payload plant groom communications channel or connection paths 7 7. odd sink unit resides on the corresponding edge of the network 8 may be used to establish plant body 7. best effort (best effort) method, or may be manually configured for the label switch router routing tables in a multi-protocol standards Quan switching (MPLS) architecture, the host unit 8 is regarded as a field input / output node. l-5 network comprising a plurality of label switching router, using labels 配协议(LDP)来交換路由选择信息.在MPLS网络内基于约束的路由选择可确保中继线的带宽或其它的业务等銷_特性,但是它不能确保各个通信会话的相应资源.此外,MPLS并不提供根振笫一网珞内定义的标准选择网络的装置.发明内容因而,在第一两络内需要一种系统,用于接收和^来自第二网络的与所提供的业务、服务质量和成本有关的信息,并用于将来自笫一网络的相应倌息发送给第二网络,以便可以根据在第一两络内定义的标准,例如所希望的服务质重和成本等,来执行用于数振传输的第二网络的选棒.如田1所示,在数据通倌网络内,可以划分会话控制和数据有效负栽,以便可以由不同的网络来承栽M控制和数据有效负栽.这意味着在用于建立所请求的数据有效负栽通信倌道7的选定网络内需要的资源在通过该信道通信的实际时间上可能是不可用的,或 Hotels Protocol (LDP) to exchange routing information. Constraint-based routing within a MPLS network can ensure that the pin _ bandwidth or other characteristics of the trunk services, etc., but it can not ensure that the resources of each respective communication session. In addition, MPLS is not inner network means for providing vibration Zi Luo define the root network selection criteria. SUMMARY oF tHE iNVENTION Accordingly, a need for a network system in the first two, and for receiving and ^ from a service provided by a second network, quality of service, and information about the costs and groom for the respective information from the network Zi sent to the second network, according to the standard definition of the first two in the network, for example, quality of service desired weight and cost, to be performed number of vibration transmission rod selected from the second network. as shown in field 1, in a data communication network groom, the session can be divided into control and data payload plant, so that M may be planted bearing control and data payload by different network plant this means that resources within the plant payload communications channel 7 is selected groom network data needed for establishing the requested channel by the actual time of the communication channel may be unavailable, or ,在通信M部分的过程中可能丢失资源,所以经历数据丢失或延迟.本发明的另一个目的是提供一种系统,它能够确保在整个通信会话过程中建立和维护具有所希望的服务质量的通信信道需要的资源.根据本发明的笫一方面,上述和其它的目的通过一种网络选择系统来实现,该系统用于在独立于会话控制和数据有效负栽的路由选择的情况下在第一两络内的笫二网络的网络选择,用于与第一网络连接以进行数据传输,该系统包括网络选择器,具有一个对等设备,它包括用于保存从第二网络到笫一网络传输的表征笫二两络的网络麥数值和从笫一两络到第二网络传输的表征第一网络的网络麥数值的存储器,该网络选棒器适合于根据所迷麥数值和在第一两络内定义的选择策略来生成网络选择信息,即选择策略是由笫一网络的运营商来定义的,并可以由两络选择 , M may be lost during a communication portion of the resources, the experienced data loss or delay. Another object of the present invention is to provide a system which can ensure the establishment and maintenance of the desired quality of service with the communication session throughout the process communications channel resources in accordance with an aspect of the present invention, Zi, the above and other objects are achieved by a network selection system is used in a case where the first session is independent of the control and data payload routing planted network selection in the second network undertaking of twelve network for connection with a first network for data transmission, the system comprising a network selector having one peer device, which comprises means for saving a second network from a network to Zi Characterization of wheat transmission network twenty-two envelope values ​​Zi and Zi from two to a complex network characterized by a first memory of the second network transmission network wheat values, the network is selected in accordance with the rod being adapted to a first value and a fan wheat selection policy defined in the two envelope generating network selection information, i.e. the selection policy is a network operator Zi defined, and may be selected by two envelope 系统来访问.网络选择系统还可以包括网络选择信息单元,它接收网络选棒倌息,并生成专用选择信息,例如根振所需要的业务、服务质重和成本与在该系统的对等设备内保存的可用业务、服务质量和成本之间的比较.罔此,专用逸^HT息可以包括满足参与所请求通倌的要求的笫二网络的标识.将专用选择倌息转发给驻留在第一网络边沿上的寄宿单元,并将数据从笫一网络棒珞发送给其它网络.根据专用选棒倌息,寄宿羊元选择笫二网络,并在笫一网络和第二网络之间发送数据有效负栽.根据本发明的第二方面,提供一种在独立于务洽控制和数据有效负栽的路由选择的情况下在第一网络内网络选择第二网络以与第一网络连接进行数据传输的方法,包括步稞:定义笫一网络的选择策略;接收和^M"从第二网格到第一网络传输的表征第二两络的麥数; 和根振该M和 System to access the network selection system may further comprise a network selection information unit that receives the network selected from the rods groom the information and generates dedicated selection information, such as a root vibration required service, quality of service weight and cost of the system and other equipment saved in the available services, the comparison between the cost and quality of service. this indiscriminately, Yi ^ HT specific information may include a through-groom meet requirements involved in the requested network identification undertaking of two. groom forwarding information to the selected dedicated resident in host cells on the first edge of the network, and data transmitted from a network Zi Luo stick to other network. the network selection Zi two special interest selected from the groom rod, sheep boarding element and transmitted between a network and a second network Zi data payload plant. according to a second aspect of the present invention, to provide a consistent independently of the control and data traffic payload plant routing network selects the second network to the first network in connection with the first network a method of data transmission, comprising wheat steps: selecting a network policy defines Zi; receiving and ^ M "from the second grid to the first network number characterizing wheat two second transmission network; and a root of the vibration and M 棒策略生成网络选择倌息.该方法还可以包括根椐网格选棒倌息生成专用选择信息的步骤.该方法还包括根据专用选择倌息选棒笫二两络,并将数据有效负栽从第一网络发送给第二网络的步樣.表征网络的麥数包括服务质重44t •有效的两络传输速度或带宽显然是最重要的服务质量参数之一.其它的重要服务质量麥ibt佶元(ATM网络)或分组丢失(IP两络)、时延、有时称作等待时问(等待时间是信元或分组抵达接收站所需要的时两測量值)、不稳定性(不同信元或分组等待时间上的变化)、优先级、安全性、等等.至少一个网络麥数可以涉及可用的数振传输性能,例如通过服务质量麥数所定义的.诸如路由选择表的专用选择倌息的生成和网络倌息的分配基于由运营商设置的玫策.在网络边沿上处理选棒的实体称作奇宿羊元, 例如在IP网络内,边沿路由器是寄宿单 Generating network selection policy rod groom the information. The method may further comprise the step of generating dedicated selection information noted in selected grid bars groom the information. The method further comprises information selected based on the dedicated selection groom rod Zi twenty-two network, and the data payload plant step samples sent from the first network to the second network. the network comprises a number of wheat characterizing the quality of service of two heavy 44t • effective network transmission speed or bandwidth is obviously one of the most important quality of service parameters. other important quality of service wheat ibt yuan Ji (ATM networks) or packet loss (IP two networks), time delay, sometimes ask (wait time is two cell or packet arrival time measurements required for the receiving station) is referred to as a waiting instability (different channels cells or packets waiting temporal change), priority, security, etc. At least one network involving several wheat number vibration transmission performance can be available, for example, quality of service as defined by the number of wheat., such as a dedicated routing selection table generation and distribution network groom groom the information based on the information provided by the policy Mei operator. entity handling options bar at the edge of the network known as the odd sheep sink element, for example in the IP network, edge router single boarding .优选地,自动地执行由寄宿羊元使用的专用选择倌息的发送.根据本发明的具有网络选择系统的网络可以是任意一种类型的,例如IP、 ATM、 STM、 PLMN、等等.它们交換与可抵达的网络和它们的寄宿单元的相关倌息.根据所接收的网^依息,相应的系统自动地生成由寄宿羊元使用的专用网络选择侑息,该网络信息将被发送给其它网络,优选地,相应网络的对等设备.将网络信息发送给另一网络称作通告.聚集、生成和传播网络信息的处理是动态处理,因为网络的成本和质量等随着时间而改变.因而,对等设备可以根据在笫一网络内定义的通告策略将^t传送给笫二网络内的相应对等设备.可以响应于接收到来自第二网络的对等设备的已改变麥数来更新网络选^HT息.可以响应于选择策略上的改变来更新网络选择信息.在诸如全球互联网等网络上的实时多媒体通信的成本 Preferably, the selection is performed automatically transmits dedicated groom the information used by the host membered sheep. The network has a network selection system of the present invention may be any type, such as IP, ATM, STM, PLMN, and the like. they exchange with walk related to groom the information network and their host cells. the mesh according to the received ^ according to the information, the respective systems automatically generate the dedicated network selection Yoo information used by the host sheep element, the network information is sent to other networks, preferably, the corresponding network equipment. transmits network information to another network referred advertisement. gathering, generation and processing network information dissemination process is dynamic, because the cost and quality of the network over time change. Accordingly, the peer device can be transmitted according to the advertisement policy defined in a network Zi ^ t to the corresponding peer in the second network device Zi. in response to receiving from the second peer network has changed wheat number of network option ^ HT updated information can be selected in response to a change in strategy to update the network selection information. costs in real-time multimedia communications over networks such as the global Internet 经臾得比在公用交换电话网上的多媒体通倌更低.然而,诸如语音质量和視頻质贵的通传质量取决于选定网络的类型和在网格上的业务量.在现有技术中,根据特定服务质量的要求逸择第二网格,并根振在处理请求时的条件建立相应的连接.然而,在a过程中,业务重可能显著改变,服务质童可能降低到所请求的等級之下.因而,在本发明的优选实施例中,两格选择系统适合于建立具有保证服务质重的连接,即所需要的服务质量在整个通信会话的过程中是不变的.罔此,在本发明的优选实施例中,寄宿单元8还适合于执行栽体建立协议,用于具有诸如数据速率、等待时间、不穗定性和数据丢失等所希望的数据传输性能的数振有效负栽的传输路径的建立,从而在整个通倌会话的持续时间内保证数据有效负栽传输路径内存在指定的数振传榆性能.因而,在相邻网 By Yu than in public switched telephone network through a multimedia groom lower. However, the quality such as voice quality and video quality pass through expensive depending on the type of the selected network and traffic on the grid in the prior art the requirements of a particular quality of service Plaza optional second grid, and to establish the corresponding connection root vibration condition when processing the request. However, in a process, service weight may significantly change the quality of service children may be reduced to the requested under the level. thus, in a preferred embodiment of the present invention, two cell selection system is adapted to re-establish the quality of service with guaranteed connection, i.e. the required quality of service during the whole communication session is constant. this indiscriminately , the number of vibration data transfer performance in a preferred embodiment of the present invention, host unit 8 is further adapted to perform establishment protocol plant body, such as having a data rate, latency, and no data loss ear qualitative desired payload establishing a transmission path planting of the plant to ensure that the data payload transmission path memory specified number elm vibration transmission performance through the duration of the whole session groom thus, the neighboring 络的寄宿单元8之间使用栽体建立协议以建立栽体.协议消息包括通信会话的建立、确定或否定响应以及释放.根据本发明, 一种网络选择系统,用于从多个网络中逸择将和电信网络系统内的笫一网络通倌的笫二网络,其中所述第一网络具有将与所迷两络系统内的其它网络通偉的独立会话控制倌道和数据有效负栽信道,其中第一两络内的所迷网络选择系统的特征还在于:网络选择器,用子存储从第二网iMHi给第一网络的表征第二网络的笫二网络参数值,其中所迷两络选棒器还存储表征笫一网络以传送给笫二网络的第一网格麥数值;商业逻辑单元,用于生成网络选择策略,并可由所述网络选棒器访问;网络选择信息库,用子使用所生成的网络选摔策略和所存镛的网络麥数生成专用的选择偉息,该信息将所述多个网络中的一个特定网络标识为满足与所迷网 The host cell used between the envelope body 8 planted establishment protocol to establish a plant body. Agreement message comprises establishing a communication session, determining, or negative response and a release present invention, a network selection system according to the network from a plurality Yi the selection and Zi in a network through a telecommunications network system Zi groom the second network, wherein the first network having two fans within the other network through the network system Wei groom independent session control channel and the data channel payload plant wherein the network selection system wherein the fan within the first two network further comprising: a selector network, stores the second sub-network to the sleeping mat iMHi second network parameter values ​​characterizing the second network to the first network, wherein two fans selected rod envelope further stores data characterizing the network for transmission to a Zi first web Gemai value Zi of the second network; business logic unit for generating the network selection policy, and is selected by the network access bar; network selection information base, generated by using the selected sub-network policy and stored throwing Yong number generator wheat dedicated network selection information Wei, the information identifying a particular network to a plurality of networks that satisfy the network fans 选择策略有关的服务质量要求的所述第二网络.根据本发明在两间通信炮洛中,用于从多个网络中选择一个笫二网络的方法,其中在笫一网络和所迷笫二网络之间的所迷数振传输包括一个分立的^"控制信道和数据有效负栽倌道,其中在所迷第一网络和所迷笫二网络之间建立数据有效负栽倌道,其特征在于以下步稞:在所迷第一网络中定义一个两络选幹策略;由所迷笫一网洛根据在第一网络中定义的广告策略,向所述多个网络发iUL征所迷第一网络的网络麥数;从多个网络接收并存储网络l^t,所迷麥数至少包括与所迷多个网络中每个相关的可用数据传输能力;根据与所迷多个网络相关的麥数和与所述第一网络相关的所述网络选择策略,产生网络选棒倌息,并且选幹所迷多个网络中特定的一个作为符合与所迷网格选棒策略相关的要求的所迷笫二网络;和从 Selection policy requirements regarding the quality of the second network service. The method of the present invention in two guns in Los communication, for selecting a second network from a plurality of network Zi, where Zi in the network and the second network fans Zi the number of the vibration transmission between the fan comprises a discrete ^ "plant control and data payload channel groom, wherein establishing a first data network between the fans and the fans Zi plant groom second network payload channel, wherein wheat the following steps: definition of a complex selected from the two fans a first dry the policy network; Zi of the fans according to the advertisement Los network policy defined in the first network, the plurality of networks to send the fans a first intrinsic iUL wheat network number of the network; receiving and storing the plurality of networks l ^ t, wheat including at least the number associated with each of the available data transmission capacity of the network, a plurality of fans fans; the fans associated with the plurality of network wheat and the number associated with the first network of said network selection policy, generate network information selected from the groom rod, and is selected from the plurality of dry particular one of the network as required to comply with the selected grid bar fans fans strategy fans undertaking of two networks; and from 迷笫一网络发送所迷歉据有效负栽到所迷选择的第二网络.根据本发明在网间通信链路中,用于从多个网络中选择一个笫二网络的方法,其中在笫一网络和所迷笫二网^t间的所迷数据传输包括一个分立的M控制倌道和数据有效负栽信道,其中在所迷笫一网络和所述笫二网络之间建立数据有效负栽信道,其特征在于以下步樣:在所述第一网络中定义一个网络选择策略;由所迷第一网络根据在第一网络中定义的广告策略,向所述多个网络发iH^征所迷第一网络的网络麥数;从多个两络接收并存储网络麥数,所迷参数至少包括与所迷多个网络中每个相关的可用数振传输能力;根据与所迷多个网络相关的参数和与所迷笫一网络相关的所迷网络选择策略,产生网络选棒倌息,并且选棒所迷多个网络中特定的一个作为符合与所述网络选择策略相关的要求的所迷笫二 Zi fans network transmits a data payload fans apology plummeted to the second network fan selected. In accordance with the present invention, the inter-network communication link, for selecting a second network from a plurality undertaking of the network, wherein the sleeping mat and a network of the fans of the fan ^ Zi two network data transmission between M t includes a separate control channel and groom plant data payload channels, and wherein said network between Zi Zi in the second network to establish a data payload fans plant channel, characterized by the following steps like: a network defined in the first network selection policy; the fans by the network in accordance with a first advertisement policy defined in the first network, the plurality of networks to send iH ^ characterized wheat network number of the fans of the first network; received from the network and storing a plurality of two complex numbers wheat, the fans and the parameters include at least the fans associated with each of the plurality of network the number of available transmission capacity transducer; a plurality of fans according to the network-related parameters and the fans with the network-related Zi fans network selection policy, generate network information selected from the groom rod, and is selected from the plurality of rods of a particular network is selected as the network policy compliance requirements associated fans Suomizier 络;和从所述第一网络发送所迷数据有效负栽到所迷选择的第二网络,其中所迷从所迷第一网络发送所述数据有效负栽到所述笫二网络的步聚进一步包括,从所述第一两络中的第一边界单元发逸所迷数据有效负栽到所述第二网络中的笫二边界单元的步樣,其中所迷笫二边界单元由所迷网络选择信息确定;其中,所迷笫一和笫二边界单元适于执行一个承我建立协议,用于为具有所需数据传输能力的数据有效负栽建立一个传输路径,从而确保在有效负栽传输路径中存在特定的数据传输能力. 附困说明为了更好地理解本发明,现在将通过例子麥考附田,在附田中: 田1示意性地田示现有技术的用于建立通传倌道的网络逸捧; 困2示意性地困示根据本发明的具有网格选择的多媒体网络; 困3示意性地田示根据本发明的具有栽体建立协议的连接建立;困4示禽性 Network; sending from the first network and the fans of the fan data payload plummeted selected second network, wherein the fan from a first network to transmit the data payload Buju fans undertaking of the two network plummeted further comprising a first boundary cell Yi sent as data from the first two fans in the payload envelope plummeted Zi two step-like boundary cells of the second network, the boundary cells by the undertaking of the two fans of the fan wherein determining network selection information; wherein the two boundary Zi and Zi is adapted to carry a fan bearing establishment protocol I, for the establishment of a plant payload data having a transmission path for a desired data transmission capability, so as to ensure the payload plant a particular data transmission capabilities exists in the transmission path is attached trapped for a better understanding of the present invention, will now be made by way of example fields mycophenolic attached, is attached in Tanaka: field 1 schematically illustrates a prior art field establishing transfer pass groom Yi holding channel network; trapped trapped 2 schematically illustrates a multimedia network according to the selected grid with the present invention; trapped field 3 schematically illustrates the connection establishment protocol established plant body according to the present invention having; trapped 4 illustrates exemplary avian 地田示根据本发明的网络选棒系统的建立棋块, 具体实施方式在附闺中实线表示会话控制,虚线表示连接性路径,BE表迷边界单元,SSM服务器.困2示意性地困示网格1-5的选择,每个网格都具有根据本发明的两络选择系统,用于建立所希望的通传倌遣.在相应的两格选择器之间诸如网络麥数值等网格信息的交抶通过网络选择器通侑信道10来执行.交換网络倌息的协议称作两络选#^议(ONSP).网络选择通信信道10代表网络运营商之间的商业关系.两络选择器具有用于每个通倌倌道10的通告策略,它是在相应两络的两个运营商之间商业关系的使用.网络选择系统生成将由寄宿羊元8用于棒路发送媒体流的网络选择倌息.网络选脊倌息的生成基于由笫一网络l的运营商设置的路由选择策略.该路由选择策略是寄宿单元8建立连接所基于的一组标准.寄宿羊元8使用网络选#"1*议的 The field shown in accordance with established dragon network selected from the rod system of the present invention, DETAILED DESCRIPTION In the attached apartment in a solid line indicates a session control, a broken line indicates the connectivity path, BE table fans boundary cell, the SSM server. Trapped 2 schematically trapped 1-5 shows the selection grid, each grid having two network selection system according to the invention, for establishing the desired transmission through removal groom the mesh network such as wheat values ​​between two respective cell selector post flog cell information performed by the network selection via-yor channel 10. the protocol switching network groom the information is referred to as two network selected from the group # ^ protocol (ONSP). network selecting a communication channel 10 represents a business relationship between the network operators. two each selector has a network advertisement policy groom groom through channel 10, which is generated in the relationship between two commercial operators two respective network the network selection system is used by the host cell 8 sheep sending the media stream channel bars network selection groom the information network is selected from ridge groom information generating selection policy routing provided by Zi network l operator based on the routing policy boarding unit 8 to establish a set of standard connection based. boarding sheep unit 8 using network option # "1 * proposed 子条来通告它们的性能.由寄宿单元8使用的ONSP的子集称作用于寄宿单元8的网络选#协议(0NSP-BB).寄宿羊元性能包括特定寄宿单元8所连接到的运管商和服务质量等级的相关倌息.在田2中未田示ONSP-BB连接.奇宿单元8将它们的性能通告给它们所驻留的两络的网络选择器.优选地,寄宿羊元8和网络路由器能够保证所希望的用于通倌会话的资源.这通过可以实现为公知标签分紀协议(LDP)的扩展的新协议栽体建立协议来实现.栽体建立协议保存与所需要的网络资源有关的信息以确保羊个媒体流的完整性.各个LSH (标签交換路由器)必须将所需要的两络资源用于单个媒体流以选择合适的中继线和预约资源.栽体建立协议必须在端点之间使用以建立栽体,正如会话初始化协议(SIP)进行控制.下文是使用栽体建立协议的例子.当在MPLS两络内使用基于约束的路由选择或使用IPSEC时, Sub-strips to advertise their properties. 8 by a subset of host cells used for the host cells referred ONSP network protocol selected from the group # (0NSP-BB) 8 of sheep element performance includes specific host cell for host 8 is connected to the transport tube and service quality levels associated groom information. field not shown ONSP-BB 2 is connected in the field. the two network selector odd network sink unit 8 to advertise their properties they reside. preferably, sheep membered boarding 8 and network routers can guarantee the desired resources through groom session. this extension will be realized as a well-known label points Ji protocol (LDP) a new protocol plant body established protocol. planted body establishment protocol retains required . plant body to establish the necessary protocol information relating to network resources to ensure the integrity of media streams sheep each LSH (label switching router) must be two network resources required for a single media stream to select a suitable trunk and reserve a resource between endpoints used to establish the plant body, as a session Initiation protocol (SIP) control. the following is an example of using plant bodies establishment protocol. when used in the MPLS network when selecting two or constraint-based routing using IPSEC, 可以改变中继线的大小.中继线的容量降低到低于当前在使用的等級应当被拒绝,罔为它将危及所保证的所建立连接的质量.在困3中,中继线16的负栽为9. 5M比特/秒,中继线的容量必须不能降低到低于这个等级.9. 5M比特/秒的负栽是当前值,它可以低于例如^ 比特/秒,此时中继线的容量可以降低到化比特/秒.在田3中,寄宿羊元8是输入和输出标莶交扶珞由器.使用标签分配协议和基于约束的标签交換路由器的建立,已经建立了寄宿单元8之间的中继线,在这个例子中,所保证的中继线带宽是10M比特/ 秒.当主叫方18进行需要1M比特/秒带究的梘頻呼叫时,BE(2)和BE (5)之间中继线16的负栽是9. 5M比特/秒.呼叫开始于在視頻呼叫内使用SIP在两个麥与者18和20之间控制路径6的初始化.来自主叫方18的遨请消息将在用于规則协商的LDP保存倌息内.被叫方20使用OK 200应答,并在LDP Can change the size of the trunk. Trunk capacity is reduced to below the current level in use should be rejected, as it would be ignored jeopardize the guaranteed quality of the connection established in the storm 3, the trunk 16 of the plant is negative 9. 5M bits / sec, the capacity of the trunk must not decrease below this level .9. 5M bits / second current value is negative planted, for example it may be below ^ bits / second, this time can be reduced to the capacity of the trunk of bits / sec. in the field 3, 8-membered boarding sheep standard input and output device by the Luo Fu Siegesbeckiae deposit using label distribution protocol exchange between routers and constraint-based label, the trunk has been established between the host unit 8, in this example, guaranteed bandwidth trunk 10M bit / sec. when the calling party 18 requires 1M bits / sec with a study of the soap video call, between bE (2) and bE (5) 16 is planted trunks negative 9. 5M bits / sec. initialized using SIP call start between the wheat and two control paths 20, 18 and 6 within the video call. Please excursion message from the calling party 18 will in the negotiated rules for LDP groom the information stored. 20 uses the called party answer OK 200, and LDP 分内包括必要的信息以完成規則协商.在困3中,通过网络5择路发送会话控制.SIP或LDP包含与数据有效负栽的路由选择有关的所有信息.然后,使用栽体建立协议建立用于数据有效负栽的栽体连接即媒体流.主叫终端18将所希望的服务质量发送给第一网络1以完成呼叫.可以将所希望的服务质量指定为所希望的袭小级別的服务质量和每发送百万比特的最大成本.栽体建立协议逐链路地建立连接路径, 因为在每个标签交換路由器(LSR)上必须保证所需要的资源.例如, 在输出LSRBB(2)上,不能选择从BE(2)到BB(5)的中继线16,罔为未用带寬的数童不足以满足建立连接路径的要求.BB (2)选择到BB (4) 的中继线14,用于承栽媒体流.与连接建立有关的栽体建立协议的搮作对应于与会话控制路径的建立有关的务法初始化协议的操作.寄宿羊元8还可以使用公知的Radius协议为了收费目的将 Fair share includes the information necessary to complete the negotiation rules. 3 trapped in, or transmitted .SIP LDP session control and data payload plant comprising routing all the information about the road network by selective 5. Then, using established protocols established plant body a data payload planted plant body connected i.e. the media stream. calling terminal 18 transmits the desired quality of service to a first network to complete the call may specify a desired quality of service desired for the passage of small level service quality and the maximum cost per transmitted million bits. planted body connection path setup protocol by establishing a link, since each label switching router (LSR) must ensure that the resources required. For example, the output LSRBB (2 a) can not be selected from the BE (2) to BB (5) of the trunk 16, the neglect of children the number of unused bandwidth sufficient to meet the requirements to establish a connection path .BB (2) to select the trunk BB (4) 14 , Li as for supporting planting media stream. connection establishment related plant body establishment protocol corresponding to the operation Initiation protocol traffic law and establishing a session control path associated. boarding sheep element 8 may also be known Radius protocol to charge the purpose 计费数据输出给AAA服务器(筌权、授权和记帐(AAA) ) •为了识別呼叫,栽体建立协议必须承栽在寄宿单元8的计费输出内包括的全局唯一标识.该全局唯一标识可以由会话控制协议(SCP)承栽,以便AAA服务器可以将所有记录组合成一个计费记录.在困3中未困示AAA 服务器和来自寄宿单元8的连接.寄宿单元8将使用寄宿单元8所在网络的AAA服务器.应当指出根据运管商设置的策略自动地执行汇集、生成和传播网络信息,困4示意性地困示根据本发明的网络选择系统的建立棋块.该网络选择系统包括四个子系统:网络选择器22、网络选择信息单元24、 商业逻辑26和管理系统28.运营商可以手工地设Jt策略或者使用芮业迷辑26来生成策略.网络选择信息单元24生成专用的网络选择信息.两络选择倌息单元"可以访问不同寄宿单元8的特征,并根据相应特征生成用于羊个寄宿羊元8 Accounting data to the AAA server (Quan right, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)) • In order to identify the call establishment protocol must be planted bearing body planted globally unique identifier comprises a host cell in the charging output 8. This globally unique identification may be planted by the session control protocol bearing (SCP), so that the AAA server may combine all records into one charging record. trapped not shown AAA server and the connection from the host unit 8 in 3 trapped. host unit 8 using the host cell 8 where the network AAA server. It should be noted automatically executed together based on policies transport tube commercially provided, generating and propagating information trapped 4 schematically trapped illustrates establishing dragon network selection system according to the invention. the network selection system comprises four subsystems: the network selector 22, the network selection information unit 24, the business logic 26 and the management system 28. the operator may manually or using a policy provided Jt Rui fan 26 to generate a series of business policy of network selection information unit 24 generates specific. the network selection information. groom two network selection information unit "different host can access unit 8, and generates corresponding features in accordance with sheep sheep element 8 boarding 专用网络选择信息.从网络选择器22接收所迷两络选择信息.从管理系统28接收不同寄宿羊元8的特征.用于将路由选棒表下栽到寄宿羊元8的协议可以基于LDAP或亂.网洛选择器2 2根振通告倌息交換网W息,并根振选幹策略生成网络选^Ht息.如已经描述的,在网络选^i^议ONSP上执行网络信息的交換.网络选择倌息和通告的生成基于运营商的策略.从商业逻辑26或管理系统28接收策略.将所生成的网络选^^信息发送給网络选择信息单元24.网络选择器22具有用于保持到其它的网络选择系统的连接的数据.存在安全机制以确保仅连接已授权的两络选择系统.网络选择器22连接到执行网络选棒的寄宿羊元8.寄宿羊元8 将它们的性能通知给网络选择器22.寄宿单元8的性能可以使用管理系统28来手工地建立.通过管理系统28执行网络选择系统的配置.商业逻辑26用于生成通告策略和两络选择策 A dedicated network selection information. The fan 22 receives the network selection network selection information from the two reception characteristics different from the host unit 8 sheep management system 28 bar for routing table tilted downward and crashed to 8-membered sheep host protocol may be based on LDAP or disorder. web Los selector 2 two vibration advertisement groom Clearinghouse web W interest, and root transducer selected from dry policy generation network is selected from ^ Ht information. as already described, the selected execution networks ^ i ^ proposed ONSP information network exchange and generating network selection information advertised groom. 28 receives from the business logic 26 or the policy management system. the generated network information selected from the group ^^ transmitted to the operator's policy based on the network selection information unit 24. the network selector 22 has a holding a data connection to other network selection systems. two security mechanisms to ensure that the network selection system is connected only authorized network selector 22 is connected to the network performs the selected host sheep rod element 8. 8 membered their host sheep notify the performance properties of the network selector 22. the host unit 8 may be used to establish a management system 28 manually by the configuration management system 28 performs the network selection system. business logic 26 for generating advertisement policies and network selection policies two 略.商业逻辑26 具有它自己的用户接口30.使用用户接口,运管商可以设置生成通告策略和网络选择策略的条件.将所生成的通告策略和网络选择策略发送给相应的网络选择器22.管理系统28是到网络选择系统的运营商接口.管理系统"用于配置网络选择器22和网络逸择信息羊元24.当寄宿单元8和相邻网络都支持网络选择时,下面列出的网络选择系统的配置是正确的.运营商必须定义用于连接相邻网络的网络选择系统的对等设备.运营商必须定义与与策略自动生成有关的^lfc.运营商必须定义寄宿单元8的路由选择性能的特征,当相邻网络并不支持网络选择时,运营商必须定义可通过所迷相邻两备沐达的域.对于不支持ONSP-BB的奇宿羊元8来说,运管商必须定义所支持的城和/或路由逸择个数.在不存在商业逻辑"的情况下,笫一网络的运营商还必须定义生成网络选#^信息的策 Slightly. Business logic 26 has its own conditions of use of the user interface 30. The user interface may be provided transportation management providers generate advertisement policies and network selection policies. The generated advertisement policies and network selection policies transmitted to the respective network selectors 22 the management system 28 is a system to select a network operator interface management system "is used to configure the network selector 22 and the network selection information Yi Yang element 24. when the host unit 8 and neighboring networks supports network selection, are listed below configuration of a network selection system is correct. operator must define a peer for connecting the neighboring networks network selection system of the device. operator must define the automatic generation and related ^ lfc strategy operator must define the host unit 8 routing performance characteristics, when the neighboring networks do not support network selection, the operator must define the domains fans of the two adjacent prepared by Mu. ONSP-BB do not support sink odd sheep unit 8, the transportation management must define supported by the city and / or routing Yat select the number. in the absence of commercial logic, "the undertaking of a network of operators must also define a generation network option # ^ policy information 和将网络倌息通告给其它运营商的策略.寄宿单元8处理栽体的建立.根据从网络选择传息单元24接收到的网络选^^信息,寄宿羊元8将查找用于处理该栽体的合适的i^L 寄宿单元8.远程寄宿单元8的选择是先前提到的商业;Ngt.当寄宿单元8已经选择远程寄宿单元8时,使用栽体建立协议(BEP )向远程寄宿羊元8发送建立请求.根振它是否可以符合要求, i^边界单元8接受或拒绝该请求. 一旦拒绝,寄宿单元8将选择另一个远程寄宿单元.使用网络选^W议OHSP在网络选择系统之间交換网络信息.网络选W议是一个推进(push)协议,即在没有倌息请求的情况下发送信息.当运营商在使用网络选择系统时,运管商仅必须为连接到相邻网络的寄宿羊元8定义相邻网络,并建立到相邻运营商的网络选择系统的对等设备.将作为通告在对等设备上接收通过这个相邻网络可到达的所有网络.当存 And groom network information is advertised to other operator's policies established for host plant processing unit 8 thereof. ^^ selected according to the network information transmission unit 24 receives the network selection information from the host sheep element 8 will look for processing the plant suitable host i ^ L unit body 8. select the remote host unit 8 are commercially previously mentioned;. Ngt 8 when the host cell has been selected remote host cell 8, using the plant body establishment protocol (BEP) to the remote host sheep element 8 transmits a request to establish whether it can meet the requirements of the root vibrator, i ^ boundary unit 8 to accept or reject the request. Once rejected, the host unit 8 to select another remote host cell. ^ W is selected from the network using the network selection system proposed OHSP exchange network information between network selected from the group W is a proposed propulsion (push) protocol, i.e. information is transmitted without information requests groom the case when the operator when using the network selection system, transportation management providers only have to be connected to an adjacent Yang 8 boarding defined network neighboring network element, and establishes an adjacent operator's network peer selection system. as will be advertised on the peer network device receives the neighboring network through all reachable when the memory 相邻网络之间的连接/商业协议时,运营商必须定义在他自己的两络内的连接点.在没有物理互连的情况下在网络之间不应当建立连接.本发明的一个重要的优点在于在由包舍本发明的网络选择系统的多个网络组成的网络环境下,运营商从它们的相邻网络接收连接信息,罔而不必手工地配置寄宿单元8.使用网络选捧系统的笫一运营商获得在寄宿羊元8内的路由选择表的自动配置.当前,由运管商手工地定幻备由选择表.网络选择系统必须使用通过给定的寄宿单元8可抵达的网络的相关知识来配置.使用网^MIT息,网络选择信息单元24可以生成用于寄宿单元8 的专用网络选棒倌息.如果仅一个运营商使用网络选择系统,則运营商必须手工地为所有的寄宿单元8定义可抵达的所有网络.第一运营商必须管理大型网络,从而从该系统获益.如果笫一逸管商在世界上具有多个 When connecting / business agreements between neighboring networks, the operator must define in his own network is connected to two points. In the case where no physical interconnection should not establish a network connection between An important aspect of the invention selecting a plurality of network system is advantageous in that the network of homes by the packet network environment of the present invention, the operator receiving the connection information from their neighboring networks, without having to manually configure ignored host using a network selected from the holding unit 8. system Zi operators in host sheep membered auto-configuration of the routing table within 8 currently, the transportation management provider manually set magic prepared from the selection list. network selection system must be used by a given host cell 8 can be reached network relevant knowledge to configure. ^ MIT using network information, the network selection information unit 24 may generate host cell is selected from a private network information groom rod 8. If only one operator using the network selection system, the operators must manually for all All network host unit 8 may be defined arrive first operator must manage large networks to benefit from this system. If Yi Zi a tube having a plurality of providers in the world 格,运营商将很可能也具有多个域.如果运管商可以获得所连接的不同域的网络选择系统,則运营商具有在世界上路径和连接点的自动更新.网络连接是IP域还是PSTN AiUi对传输的唯一限制.PSTN将最可能仅支持64K比特/秒或语音. Grid operators will likely have multiple domains. If the transport pipe network selection system providers can obtain different domains are connected, the operator has an automatic update path and the connection point in the world. A network connection is IP or domain the only restriction on the PSTN AiUi .PSTN transmission will most likely only support 64K bit / s or speech.

Claims (6)

1. 一种网络选择系统,用于从多个网络中选择将和第一网络通信的第二网络,其中所述第一网络具有将与一个电信网络系统内的其它网络通信的独立会话控制信道(6)和数据有效负载信道(7),以便分别传送控制数据和负载数据,其中所述网络选择系统的特征在于: 网络选择器(22),用于存储从第二网络传送给第一网络的表征第二网络的第二网络参数值,所述第二网络参数值基于作为有效的网络传输速度、带宽、信元或分组丢失、时延、等待时间、不稳定性、优先级或安全性的服务质量,其中所述网络选择器还存储表征第一网络传送给第二网络的第一网络参数值,所述第一网络参数值基于作为有效的网络传输速度、带宽、信元或分组丢失、时延、等待时间、不稳定性、优先级或安全性的服务质量; 商业逻辑单元(26),用于生成网络选择策略,并由所述网 A network selection system for selecting a communication network and a first network from a plurality of the second network, wherein said first network has a network within a telecommunications system independent session control channel communications with other networks (6) and a data payload channel (7), in order to control data and payload data are transmitted, wherein the network selection system is characterized in that: the network selector (22) for storing a first transmitted to the network from the second network the second network parameter values ​​characterizing the second network, the second network parameter value based on an effective transmission speed of the network bandwidth, cell or packet loss, delay, latency, instability, priority or security quality of service, wherein the network selection is further characterized by a first storage network to the first network parameter values ​​of a second network, the first network parameter value based on an effective transmission speed of the network, bandwidth, packet loss or cell , the delay quality of service, latency, instability, priority or security; business logic unit (26) for generating the network selection policy, by the network 络选择器访问; 网络选择信息库(24),用于使用所生成的网络选择策略和所存储的网络参数生成专用的选择信息,该信息将所述多个网络中的一个特定网络标识为满足与所述网络选择策略有关的服务质量(QoS)要求的所述第二网络。 Selecting access network; network selection information base (24), the network selection policy and generated using the stored network selection parameters to generate specific information which identifies the particular network a plurality of networks to meet the selection policy relating to the quality of service (QoS) required by the network to the second network.
2. 权利要求1的网络选择系统,还包括所述第一网络内的第一寄宿单元(8)和所述第二网络的第二寄宿单元,其特征还在于所述第一寄宿单元根据所生成的专用选择信息,将所述数据有效负栽从所述第一网络发送给所述第二网络内的所述第二寄宿单元。 2. The network selection system as claimed in claim 1, further comprising a second host cell a first host unit (8) within the first network and the second network, which is further characterized in that said first means in accordance with the boarding generating dedicated selection information, the plant data payload from the first network to a second network in the second host cell.
3. 权利要求l的网络选择系统,其中所述网络参数至少包括可用的数据传输性能。 l network selection system as claimed in claim 3, wherein the network parameters comprise at least data available for transmission performance.
4. 权利要求l的网络选择系统,其中所述第一网络根据在商业逻辑单元(26 )内定义的通告策略将所述第一网络参数传送给其它网络。 l network selection system as claimed in claim 4, wherein the first network to transfer the first network to another network in accordance with parameters defined in the policy advertised business logic unit (26).
5. 在网间通信链路中用于从多个网络中选择一个第二网络(2) 的方法,其中在第一网络和所迷笫二网络之间的负载数据传输采用一个分立的会话控制信道(6 )和数据有效负栽信道(7 ),其中在所述笫一网络(1)和所述第二网络(2 )之间建立网间通信链路,其特征在于所述方法包括以下步骤:在所述第一网络(l)中定义一个网络选择策略;由所述第一网络根据在第一网络中定义的广告策略,向所述多个网络发送表征所述第一网络的网络参数,所述网络^IL^于作为有效的网络传输速度、带宽、信元或分组丢失、时延、等待时间、不稳定性、优先级或安全性的服务质量;从多个网络接收并存储网络参数(10),所述网络参数基于作为有效的网^#输速度、带宽、信元或分组丢失、时延、等待时间、 不稳定性、优先级或安全性的服务质量;根据存储的网络参数(10) The session control for selecting a second network (2) from a plurality of inter-network communication method in the network link, where the load in data transmission between the first network and the second network using a fan Zi separate the method of channel (6) and the plant data payload channel (7), wherein said link establishing inter-network communication network Zi (1) and between said second network (2), characterized by comprising step: a defined network of the first network (l) in the selection policy; advertisement by the first network in accordance with the policy defined in the first network, the transmission network characterized by the first network to the plurality of network parameters, the network ^ IL ^ as an active in the network transmission speed, bandwidth, cell or packet loss, delay, latency, instability, priority or quality of service security; receiving and storing a plurality of networks from network parameters (10), based on the network as an active parameter ^ # network transmission speed, bandwidth, cell or packet loss, delay, latency, instability, priority or security service quality; according to a stored network parameters (10) 与所述第一网络(1)相关的所述网络选择策略,产生网络选择信息(24),并且选择所述多个网络中特定的一个作为符合与所述网络选择策略相关的要求的所述第二网络(2);和从所述第一网络(1)发送所述数据有效负栽到所述选择的第二网络(2)。 Associated with the first network (1) the network selection policy, generate network selection information (24), and to select the particular one of the plurality of network selection as the network policy compliance requirements associated a second network (2); and a transmission from said first network (1) said second data payload planted to the selected network (2).
6.在网间通信链路中用于从多个网络中选择一个第二网络(2) 的方法,其中在第一网络和所述第二网络之间的负载数据传输采用一个分立的会话控制信道(6 )和数据有效负栽信道(7 ),其中在所述第一网络和所述第二网络(2)之间建立网间通信链路,其特征在于所述方法包括以下步骤:在所述第一网络(1)中定义一个网络选择策略;由所述第一网络根据在第一网络中定义的广告策略,向所述多个网络发送表征所述第一网络的网络参数,所述网络参氣基于作为有效的网络传输速度、带宽、信元或分组丢失、时延、等待时间、不稳定性、优先级或安全性的服务质量;从多个网^#"收并存储网络参数(10),所述网络参lt^于作为有效的网络传输速度、带宽、信元或分组丢失、时延、等待时间、不稳定性、优先级或安全性的服务质量;根据与所述多个网络相关的参 6. session control for selecting a second network (2) from a plurality of inter-network communication method in the network link, where the load in data transmission between the first network and the second network uses a separate channel (6) and the plant data payload channel (7), wherein establishing the link between the inter-network communication (2) of the first network and the second network, characterized in that said method comprises the steps of: the first network selection policy defines a network (1); and by the first network according to the advertisement policy defined in the first network, the transmission network parameters characterizing the first network to the plurality of networks, the said network-based gas as an active reference network transmission speed, bandwidth, cell or packet loss, delay, latency, instability, priority or quality of service security; # ^ from a plurality of networks "the network receives and stores parameter (10), to the network reference lt ^ as an effective network transmission speed, bandwidth, cell or packet loss, delay, latency, instability, priority or quality of service security; in accordance with the a plurality of network-related parameters 数和与所述第一网络(1)相关的所述网络选择策略,产生网络选择信息(24),并且选择所述多个网络中特定的一个作为符合与所迷网络选择策略相关的要求的所述笫二网络(2);和从所述第一网络(1)发送所迷数据有效负栽到所述选择的第二网络(2 ),其中所述从所述第一网络(1)发送所述数据有效负栽到所述笫二网络(2)的步骤进一步包括,从所述第一网络中的笫一寄宿单元发送所述数据有效负栽到所述第二网络中的第二寄宿单元(8 ) 的步骤,其中所述第二寄宿单元(8)由所述网络选择信息确定;其中,所述笫一和第二寄宿单元适于执行一个承载建立协议,用于为具有所需数据传输能力的数据有效负栽建立一个传输路径,从而确保在有效负栽传输路径中存在特定的数据传输能力。 And the network number associated with the first network (1) selection strategy, generates the network selection information (24), and selects the particular one of the plurality of network selection as comply with the relevant fans network policy requirements Zi said second network (2); and from the first network (1) sends the second fan payload data network (2) planted to said selection, wherein said network from said first (1) the step of transmitting said data payload plummeted to the undertaking of second network (2) further comprises, Zi transmitting the data from the first network in a host cell a second payload plummeted to the second network step host unit (8), wherein the second host unit (8) is determined by the network selection information; wherein, Zi and the second host unit is adapted to perform a bearer establishment protocol, is used to having the data transmission capacity of data to be planted to establish a payload transmission path, so as to ensure the presence of a particular data transmission capability in the payload transmission path plant.
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