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Josef Fecker
Gustav Memminger
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Memminger Verfahrenstech
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    • D04B15/00Details of, or auxiliary devices incorporated in, weft knitting machines, restricted to machines of this kind
    • D04B15/38Devices for supplying, feeding, or guiding threads to needles
    • D04B15/48Thread-feeding devices
    • D04B15/482Thread-feeding devices comprising a rotatable or stationary intermediate storage drum from which the thread is axially and intermittently pulled off; Devices which can be switched between positive feed and intermittent feed


  • Engineering & Computer Science (AREA)
  • Textile Engineering (AREA)
  • Knitting Machines (AREA)
  • Forwarding And Storing Of Filamentary Material (AREA)
CH1683275A 1975-10-04 1975-12-29 CH603467A5 (ja)

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DE19752544495 DE2544495A1 (de) 1975-10-04 1975-10-04 Fadenliefervorrichtung fuer positive fadenzulieferung bei textilmaschinen

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CH603467A5 true CH603467A5 (ja) 1978-08-15



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CH1683275A CH603467A5 (ja) 1975-10-04 1975-12-29

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