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Richoz Gerard Joseph
Collet Jacques C
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    • A46B11/00Brushes with reservoir or other means for applying substances, e.g. paints, pastes, water
    • A46B11/0003Brushes with reservoir or other means for applying substances, e.g. paints, pastes, water containing only one dose of substance, e.g. single-use toothbrushes
CH584975A 1975-05-05 1975-05-05 CH585535A5 (en)

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CH584975A CH585535A5 (en) 1975-05-05 1975-05-05

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CH584975A CH585535A5 (en) 1975-05-05 1975-05-05
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CH585535A5 true CH585535A5 (en) 1977-03-15



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CH584975A CH585535A5 (en) 1975-05-05 1975-05-05

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