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CH559255A5 CH1052973A CH1052973A CH559255A5 CH 559255 A5 CH559255 A5 CH 559255A5 CH 1052973 A CH1052973 A CH 1052973A CH 1052973 A CH1052973 A CH 1052973A CH 559255 A5 CH559255 A5 CH 559255A5
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Siemens Ag
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    • D01H4/00Open-end spinning machines or arrangements for imparting twist to independently moving fibres separated from slivers; Piecing arrangements therefor; Covering endless core threads with fibres by open-end spinning techniques
    • D01H4/42Control of driving or stopping
    • D01H4/44Control of driving or stopping in rotor spinning
CH1052973A 1972-07-20 1973-07-18 CH559255A5 (ja)

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DE19722235686 DE2235686A1 (de) 1972-07-20 1972-07-20 Antriebsanordnung beim turbinenspinnen

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CH559255A5 true CH559255A5 (ja) 1975-02-28



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CH1052973A CH559255A5 (ja) 1972-07-20 1973-07-18

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