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An anchoring device


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    • E02D5/00Bulkheads, piles, or other structural elements specially adapted to foundation engineering
    • E02D5/74Means for anchoring structural elements or bulkheads
    • E02D5/80Ground anchors
    • E02D5/808Ground anchors anchored by using exclusively a bonding material
    • E02D5/00Bulkheads, piles, or other structural elements specially adapted to foundation engineering
    • E02D5/22Piles
    • E02D5/54Piles with prefabricated supports or anchoring parts; Anchoring piles
CH653868A 1967-08-03 1968-05-02 An anchoring device CH478298A (en)

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FR116736A FR1539176A (en) 1967-08-03 1967-08-03 Pulling device intended to be anchored in the ground

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CH478298A true CH478298A (en) 1969-09-15



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CH653868A CH478298A (en) 1967-08-03 1968-05-02 An anchoring device

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