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    • G11C19/00Digital stores in which the information is moved stepwise, e.g. shift registers
    • H03K21/00Details of pulse counters or frequency dividers
    • H03K23/00Pulse counters comprising counting chains; Frequency dividers comprising counting chains
    • H03K23/40Gating or clocking signals applied to all stages, i.e. synchronous counters
    • H03K23/50Gating or clocking signals applied to all stages, i.e. synchronous counters using bi-stable regenerative trigger circuits
    • H03K23/54Ring counters, i.e. feedback shift register counters
    • H03K5/00Manipulating of pulses not covered by one of the other main groups of this subclass
    • H03K5/15Arrangements in which pulses are delivered at different times at several outputs, i.e. pulse distributors
    • H03K5/15013Arrangements in which pulses are delivered at different times at several outputs, i.e. pulse distributors with more than two outputs


  • Physics & Mathematics (AREA)
  • Nonlinear Science (AREA)
  • Devices For Conveying Motion By Means Of Endless Flexible Members (AREA)
  • Control Of Stepping Motors (AREA)
  • Manipulation Of Pulses (AREA)
CH780363A 1962-10-01 1963-06-24 Sliding chain CH398698A (en)

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DEO8998A DE1162414B (en) 1962-10-01 1962-10-01 Sliding chain

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CH398698A true CH398698A (en) 1966-03-15



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CH780363A CH398698A (en) 1962-10-01 1963-06-24 Sliding chain

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