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Device for crimping threads


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H Shattuck Ewart
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Alexander Smith Inc
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    • D02G1/00Producing crimped or curled fibres, filaments, yarns, or threads, giving them latent characteristics
    • D02G1/12Producing crimped or curled fibres, filaments, yarns, or threads, giving them latent characteristics using stuffer boxes
CH331170D 1953-08-06 1954-06-30 Device for crimping threads CH331170A (en)

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US372692A US2760252A (en) 1953-08-06 1953-08-06 Filament crimping apparatus
US413205A US2758358A (en) 1953-08-06 1954-03-01 Filament crimping apparatus

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CH331170A true CH331170A (en) 1958-07-15



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CH331170D CH331170A (en) 1953-08-06 1954-06-30 Device for crimping threads

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US2758358A (en) 1956-08-14
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US2760252A (en) 1956-08-28

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