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Coherent optical noise suppression apparatus


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CA918474A CA 82976 CA82976A CA918474A CA 918474 A CA918474 A CA 918474A CA 82976 CA82976 CA 82976 CA 82976 A CA82976 A CA 82976A CA 918474 A CA918474 A CA 918474A
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CA 82976
S. Mathisen Einar
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International Business Machines Corp
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International Business Machines Corp
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    • G03H1/00Holographic processes or apparatus using light, infra-red or ultra-violet waves for obtaining holograms or for obtaining an image from them; Details peculiar thereto
    • G03H1/32Systems for obtaining speckle elimination
CA 82976 1969-06-17 1970-05-19 Coherent optical noise suppression apparatus Expired CA918474A (en)

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US83390669 true 1969-06-17 1969-06-17

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CA918474A true CA918474A (en) 1973-01-09



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CA 82976 Expired CA918474A (en) 1969-06-17 1970-05-19 Coherent optical noise suppression apparatus

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US (1) US3588217A (en)
JP (1) JPS4948979B1 (en)
CA (1) CA918474A (en)
DE (1) DE2029218B2 (en)
FR (1) FR2052340A5 (en)
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JPS4948979B1 (en) 1974-12-24 grant
GB1291340A (en) 1972-10-04 application
US3588217A (en) 1971-06-28 grant
DE2029218A1 (en) 1971-01-07 application
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