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An oil-in-water emulsion for use as a cream substitute in the food industry is provided.
The oil-in-water emulsion is based on a mixture of vegetable, marine and/or fish oil(s), milk protein and water. The emulsion can further comprise optional lipophilic and hydrophilic constituents. The emulsion of the present invention contains reduced amounts of saturated fat, cholesterol, traps fatty acids and is preferably further fortified with poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). The emulsion is a suitable cream substitute which remains stable when heated and/or when in contact with strongly acidic or alcoholic ingredients. A method to prepare the emulsion is also provided.


The preselit Irivetition relates to a vegetable, marine ancf or fish oil~s;l-in-~.~rater emulsion, zi~liich can be used as a fat or cream substitute iIi foaci Fro~izdcts ~:=hic~I noI-riially contain c~air~= cream, to methods of In eparing the ci eam faod in~'edie~tt ;stii~stitute and to rrarious food:;t~i~~ prepay ed 4~%Ir~I t~I~ ~r~~?2 ~QO!~ Iry'~C~I~Idt Std~?Stltid~E' IIt ~3~~C~ ILK F'CtI?d~
t?r c2~~ ~~ t,~i~ Crf'c2iI2 ~,C;ddli'!;' ~QI' Sld~~tltld~E'~
such foad:;tuffs. tyliically are prepared sfmth.
8~~'KCIR~?L~Iv'D C?F TBE h~T'tr'ENTI(~1'~i T~Iilk ~uul cream are natcu-al oil-in-eater erratzl5ians iIi ~~;hieli tie milk fat is finely dispersed in the I ~ a ~cess component, ~~.~ater, in the f~~-rn of ciroptets. 'these products can be fizrther prepared to acccaimnodate hxzmtm consun~tion in r~aa-iou~ fnc~c4 r eciyes 1=~~~ -~tandardi~in~ tli.e tat content, tiltratil'?~ ~~ic~ior nlenlbrarie sepwatill~, ~3a.~~tezdlv~zri~ ;~~dr~cl.'c~r dd~tra-heat treatirlar3cl;~~~r ~tertlisiry~
and fmalty hoi~o~ezLi~in~ the re~sultin~ l~r4dzz~t~..
IS j~Ian~; with the nanlral constituents contain ecl in the milk (wueli as water, buttenat, lactose, organic and mineral salts, whey proteins acid caseins:) iiu-ther additives can tie used to iciipro~~e fir: en cizaracteristic; :;ueh as ~~hippal~ilit~-. cI-eaanines:;, cookili~
tolerance, thickness, colour, etc.
required for st~ecif~c use es.
?0 IIi recent years, :-arious t~-pes of cream ~utistindies have been clesiyed, open rr~.a~ie of r%e~etahle oils or fats icrith nurtierous ad~3iti~,.~~s such as stabilizers, su~;aa°s, colours, thickeners to name a.
fever. 3Yiese producis have l.~~conie an aWactir. e, if' not economical, aliennative to canrrenfional dairy cre~~rns. 'I'h~ei are calier_I, amory other things, ~~rlalogue creams, artificial crearrm, veøetable oil creams, iltlitation creams or crealrl wul5~titute:~. I~etnallcls for these products Ilas si~Iiticantl4-illcreasect for reasons of colt,;eltience to nlanu~a.etlzrera suc'EI as econonlicai price. easine~~ of IlaIIdIin~. ~Iigll qizaiit~~ controlled stalldal'cis. -eater con:;istency, easy az~ailabilit5r ill distribution channels hay°irl~ less; control in the chains of cold, et.c.
In addition to aho~e.;, creallt s,ub~titntea. de~3ens~ing on tllelr ~C3II1~3CS~ItIOitS. ha'~e ~~Ile3'~~~~Y ~ I'~CJIiCf'C~ ChfJ~E'~tE'r0~ t'OIItEIIX (C~II7~7~I'fC3 L~.rI~7 II~7I'fJ~ CaaII i' Crf.alIl~,T WS;~IIC~ SLJIxS ITIiJre the IIEalt~1-~OnSCiOZIS CCIIS2IIIleI'~. ~eI~alCt 8I'~IfICItt~ s.reamS. 1J ee Of ally Itlllli CQnIpQIleIItS.
aCCOT11I11CClatc~: atSCs I'ellt;It~tl:C'CtIlstIlllel'w (C.'~. ~~LlwlilllS
~.1I1CI .~elS~) SeelCltl~, a~J~7I'O~rlate tt7t?tl ~OnStlttlellt~.
~Iou~e~:el'. many of these aI'titicial c:reanls can for te~-t~al'e allcl ;tallility oftlle end pI'oduct. Ull~ol-iLZllately. recent Lfisco~~eri~s o~ B;~E ~Bo3~ine ~poll~ifol-Ixl Encepha.lapathy) iII
I'elatecl constitlaelats Ina~~e this appl'oaeh also highly ullde;irable.
:mother im~~ol-tallt. a~p~ct of e.r giant subwtiilztev is t~ir~i~' gelj~ra~
dilnillzztion f or e~: en absence ) of cllolest~a~~~. ~t is ~CI~IItt~ICa.~~1' ~7I"a~'~11 c3lltl sap:~rorteri b~T
E~r'r~~ea~ allcl ~Vortll :~rller-ir~l ~,~f~elical i-heart ~~sooiations tai.-~ll as ot.~l~r ~~o~=errltment~l erce~iica~
~u.torit.i~~:i t~Iat ohol~tt~rol, ~,~'itll the addiTI0I1 I101.~.° Oi satlll'aLed aIld trallS ~atiy aCIClS a:Ilevv CI11~31'It~, are iEaCllll~ CaId~eS Oi ilealt.
?G~ c3isease~, strolae~ allcl other hloocl ~~~:~el;; c3i;~ea:~.~;. R~IoI-eot.~~l' the general in talwe of:;ahu'atecl fail.
highly present iIl dairy fat at !~°~. cazhes ele~~ated blood cholesterol l~~~els ill a largo se~neltt o~
tile population.
a ~rIOdEI'rl 1111tr1t10I11StS hate SlnCe ta1'~~t~d dl-aStla I-Odtl~tl0n of SatLlrated tats and ChOlester0l Intakes a~Oll,.~', ~rt.~lt~l e11n11llatiOn Of tI-aIlS tatty' aCldS !n tile lliilllan diet aS a lneaIl to prC't%e.nt wllCh heart aild coronary= disorders ill the general populaiioli re~ai°dless of ale, sex gild ~tllllicify.
Ill order to alte~riate these problems, food nlallufa~ctur~l-s. and particuitzl-l~ ford ul~°eclient d~si~lers. hare de~retoped modified Illilk pradricts hay-ills ill mind the reduction of tile bad constitlzents ~~~hile closer appro~:imatill" fresh whole mill altld creartl ill taste, body' and ppeamlce. Sevel-al attempts i;~r flail-ies alld otll~r- t~loc~ in~-~diellt lnanlzf~actlu-er = ha~~e l.~eell made to r~lno~:e tll~ cllalesterol fioln tile hutt.el-tat (a5.~ra~in~~ from ~'~a to zB:I lng aI cllalestel-of IE~ l3er Il3f? ~~ thl-ozz~Fa ch~rclic~al arltl,~''or ~llt's'ic~.z l~r-~resses i~#~~rl llot cast ef~e~tt-l~e~ htit l~.~atllout replicatir~~~ tk~e tats of whole hill. hle~~,~ c11o1est~rol-free or cllolestel-ol-reduced fol-rnulation~: are still eonstalltly intl-oduaed in the lnal-ket lain. a~,airl, ~~~ithozzt being satisfa~ ol~,r in the mast important regard : taste. l~Ian~r other aphroaelles llar~e been tempted in plavin~ ~.~.~ith ~~aa°ious allenlicals and oils ill order to duplicate the rlleological propel-ties of milk and daily creams alolh;
~.:'lth 1tS linlChle tt3.~te.
"~,Zill products hay=ing reduced satlu-ated fa?r colltelat, for example slilnrtled mill, al-e prepal-ecl by separatiall of the milk fat fl-and the ~.~llale milk. i'lle a.dd.itiall of- a ~~-e~etable fat for rllixttu'e afl to tile skim milk produces a. Inil product ~ellerally ~lai~-11 arts a filled milk product. (-~f colzrse. such '~r'~ felled slirn mill arm Y~e fiir-tller praces5erl in rr aoncerltrrlted lic~lid or dried farm. It i~ well l~~la~~~rl far- these ~ka2led iIl die :;fate of-the ar-t to lxa-.lJar-e rael~l oil-ire-ur~~~er- emulsions to be t~:;ed a:~ cr-carn suhsiitzlte ~.~f adding additional milk ~onlpc~lle.nt:~ t ~lich as shim milk ar buttermilk 1~~~~ tiers r arlcl, a~ such, r-el~Iace dairy cl-ealll> it food f~arirlzila~inxl~.

Let I'eVIGL~~ 50IIle I'elllai'~a~7~e But tl111-C0n7IT1erCIaIIS' IIICOII7plete patented alaprOa~ches ~.~,~hlcll are all at least one 0f the fi~Idametltal chal'acteristica sought ~1~= the health cOnsGiolla collsun Iers vs~hich is aII a~iefluat~ and balanced Iipid profile as per 0llr invenii0n.
3 ~ t-milk larepar'ed from ~;~:irn mi~~; pct ~-e~et~hle f~# is cte:cril?ed in Hoc4-crr'd et ~I. (~~.~.
Pat. ~Io. '~a;~~,~,7~). 'I'lle product iw a~iallufac.~~eci ~i~: noI-Illal steps generally IsI1C34S'll tc~
those ;~~;ilIe~i in the ax-t sllela a.~ sEya~u'~irlg i-he l.~~tt~r~~t ~-olaa ~.~~IIOI~ rrIiII~, ~'eplnc~arl~ tile 1311tterfat ~,itith. at lea:~t. ha-If tile fat b~ Isalln oil. aclnli illg IeGitllin. pa2~t~urizin~,.
Ift IIOIIlo~eni~ill~ alld dl~;inL;.
~ Similtll' lor0duet and process Ila~~e ~~en cle:~ie~I~d and used by Baurel' (L~.S. Pat. ~o.
',~ ll,l.'3 t to l~roduc:~ vaI'i0us tillecl prOduGt:; ire liquid f0I°Illy auell a.~ a. caroled enlGiunl_ erlT'IGhetI IIlllli.
~ .~ IIIIIh 1~71$h redUCed Sa$llrated fat C:OiI$en$ 1~ l~~lis$L'a$Gt'~ ~1i' ~Grlllc'l12 O'~eII~G,'d.'.,lltl~:SSChI'i~
..'r'.~.~~_~~,~~J ~J~~ C'~,''13$10rc1LII1'' II111h 't'E3 iIICI'ew38C ~iJll(~;~
S~.OIIG(:Ilfr'~i$IQII r'LIlCl IIIIYiIIl~ ~~Ol~,'_ tiTlw ~lLLlr iltl=t~ ~~t~ ~lIlCh1t11I7y', ES$.erS Df I111ty1e1G ~rllt~
hllfj~~lilC. ~C.ld:~ ) pI'lOr tB llf)ITIit~GIllZat1Q11.
r~e-~asteuris~tir~n azlcl d1-~~in~.
~'I~t~ *in~pl~Wneelallct U.S. Pat. ?~o. 3..Q~I,S931 cl~sGriljet atl ~~:ap0r~t~ci mill-like produetb pI'epal'ed diI'ectl~yT ti'olll pt~c~.rdered :;~illl milk to ~~~hicll ;.vater allcl ~: egetable oil ?0 aI'e rcli.xecl ~.~llile preheatitlY befol'e pastellri:;at:i0n.
~ ~L'.~. Pat. ?PTO. :i.~~8,19~ ~ descl-ila~s a filled milk l~asid 0n a ~.Eratel'-iII-oil enlul~ion (0.0~-~J.S~~Q_a 4~~ith I-IO"ii ~,~eg~talale tat ~li'onl ,~aI'ious ,oul'ces althou~~l most of Ilia e~an~~les uses coconut oil). t-10°o skian milk solids arid ~:vatea- to complete. Pa-eferably the filled milk product ir~ciudes a small aanount of cephalin-con tainin~,~
~ Similarly ~Iatz:~er et a.l. ~;C'ari.a.dian Faatenf =tci?.~~6~ prol~oseil a ~ananed filled milk pr~l~ared b~- ~-i~aronsly agitating a mix-t zre =of 4kim mill: anti 3,egetable ail at a teanperatzzre pf a~x~raxirnat~Iy~ ? ~ ~. cle~-eeEs. F.. pr°aclrreiry art errml:iart ~u-tlter a~itarerl urac~er ~: acu.zari at a temperas-urn of about ~~ahile int~-aducin~ ~i#.aaniam A and ~7.
Rather than milk cleri~,~ati~~es as seen abo~: ~.-, cr eaan substitutes lia:.:
a been desimed to be adclecl to other in~-edients of food yraducts to make culinary pa°oducts such as sauces, ~-a~~ ies, soups, desserts and pastries.
~ LT.S. Fat. ~~a. ~,~~G,~S? of ~salui discloses aai intea-anediate anoisttzre food. stable of fa-eezer teanperaitzres. ~'ompas~ci mainly of ~~~ater ~Ci.-~ to ~.9') and sugar (pa-eferably in a.
ration I-? : i eontaininig at leaA~;t ~~o de~-ix-o=a and~~'or falactoseF, this product capers oil-ia~-w~~er erriulsions. butter creams, ~~hi~yed to~,~;ira~ s, lo~.v-i:at ~.higped cr~arri~:. milk mate:;, rrara-dair~T slia~;es, iciri'>»; am wa~ee cre~r:r°.;.
~ ~~ltea-nati~wl jr ~.8. l,ir~&. 7 ~1~ ~le~;i.gned ztat iz~~itatic~n cre aaaz cancentraie. caa~~prising =~0-~D°r fat. '?~-~~°~D ~%at~r. QCs-:~i.~e.~ ~,f oa~e oa°
araDr-e za~~,s. ~.~.~Hol~ aaaill: po~.~.~c3~a-, separ-szxeci milk poi.;~der aazd ooze ar anare starch dca-i~~ative= selected for their affiaaities to ~.vaier'aia°
20 ar ~,vat~r,tfat lipophilic emulsifSFing. ~>ro~3ea-ti~s.
E.F. 0 ,i4 SC~~? disclasecl a crerun-Bke composition comprising l~-~-~°fG oil and fat, ~.:~-5°~o adnii ed protein acid ;~tzgaa-~~ materials io bring fatal solids conient to 3~-'°LQ~o by Eveigfit a.Iong L4~it11 ~.~:ater ~roughL to emulsiticatioai.

~ Similarly G.B. ~,Q°?,33~ dise~loseci arl ecfihle ~~hipping composition compr-isint,~ a tlrst Spra~~ dried eni~~ture ==~of edible f;~ { 3~~_ ~ ~'°:a ). a sweetener ~
10-~0°e:~, a. ~,~,~ater solubt~
protein ~ ~-I'~°.:o i and a. i~,~arer ~olrt~:Ie gum (Z-~t7~'-~ a.~; ~
coafin g agent==° htencied to F
second ~pra~i dried mi~:-ture -of ;_r water soluble ~xrn (~L~-~S~:o~ with acic~ie :;tii~enin ~~gent { ~-'L O° o )=-'_-.
More speciticallsT. the follo~,~~in~ pai~nfa ~.P. t7 ~:~G ~9:~ BI
E:I~. ~ ~~~ i~~ B~
E.~'. ~ ~c59 ~i5~i BI F~irrch r-ectrlir-es s~3eci~i~a.~i~r ~.~crt!-er rnii~
~~o~.T;c~~r _ E.P. ~ X53 S~-~ Bt _ and rnr7re r-ecrr?t EP 0 ?~:F ~()5~
take in tlae casein arut ~.~r~~,~ protein;; caaxtained in milk to cor~tribzrt~ t.o en-ICllsion stabilit~~, maintenance of the cream str'uctur:°~ t. if ~vhi~pable cream sub:aihltes ar-e con5id~r~d~ and 1_5 improvement in taaste. Ho~:~e~:-er'. tl~e usr= of such str'ai~ht and natciral milk protein a has th;
disadvantage o~ denatzrr-in g in an acidic ent~irot>rmnt or' increased temperatures: urhile hero corrfplexed b~ di- or' l_yoly-~~-alen t metal ion a leadiry to precipitation.
Bclt in F"~t ~" l~~ ~Jl~ ~~~hipt:~abl~ cr'eanrs errs diclo~;ecl tlfat ~~r-e based ore ~~oh,~nsa~~rwt~d r~; fatt~T aids. In order to achieve acceptafrle product p~r~ol~~ianre the s~~ater phase siro~3ld '~e siit~ tl~- acidic, ~E~hile wimtrltaxr~otml~, the ~~at~r' ~~'tra~;e :~hoizld corrtai~ ~~.5 _ :~ ~~.-~ ~ of' yobrrW ~ prc~teirr arrc~ t~occr.~tatiry ~oruporrrcc~~ s~iocr~d be ai3~ent irl ire ~.~~~at~r pita.~~ to OS'trT~flIll~ ~71'Ot~111 denc'Itllrat.IDII.

l~~ore conxplex is tlxe Japanese pat~:~xt ~8I1~-G47 where the ~vhippable cream consists of ~. ~ - yo..Q of a. sagas- fali4- arid. ~J. ~ _ i°a of triglycerides with a. melting paint of at lea.5t ~t7.cle~'ees.C~'elsius and O.qi - ~7.~°~t~ ofpyroplxosphorgc acld ar its salts.
GB ''~ 1G' x'39 has creat.ecl nan-da.ih~ cream that oorh.ains a so~~bean aqueous infusion, a.
so~~ cellaxlase, act~rxi~ed c~~-ith ~:-egetable ail arxd,~ar ~xard~rted c~egetahle ail aria aFginic ta.cid cleriuaLi~~e~ ar trelatin, a. sugar ester and a.halyphosplcate. salt.
fT~ ~ 9?v ~~.~ ~ropased a. ;;ofd fc~a~n c.or~:~isting of clefatted milk products (dialysed miIl~~
emulsitiecl ~.~.~ith vegetable ail.
Altexnati~%ely anather app~-oael~ has been ciesiped by the follovx;ing patents _ h.P. C) ~ ~9 ~'~9 B I
a f.P. t7 ~~I t~80 ~?
to use cli-, tri- ar tetra-~%alent metal ~lat.s or alhalirre -rar~h metal :;alt (=unable for mrtritian purposes for the Ixreparatiati of ~~~t-iii-cv°ater erraulsians. ~r.f~.
?:i' 1~1 .~l l~roduet Ca~l~.8iI3 ~ broad bean isolate (,c~~° itA a~et=~latect f~rr~~ ~~iihant any milk solid:;. Not anl~
these ~r~a~iucts require i%ery pr~cis~ cal~G.ex~~r'air~t~~} settings ti~i r~rder to aL~r~ aclecluate ernul:;ior~ ~Iia~asiy cwithout larectl~itatian of tlxe proteiix fra.~.tion:~
but tlxev are not reall~~
accepted by tlxe eonsunxers 1~.~;. ca~:ee ~.~~hiteners;) due to them-nxetallie ta~aes.
'?0 ~ Ixnprosenxents to ahove products ha~;w been crcacle by tlxe t:ollo~~~ina patetxts E.F. 0 ~~~ Zsb EI
o E.P. G 4~3 b~6 f31 E.P. ~ ~~r~ ~"9 ~1 E.P. t7 ~~0 0~~ Al and more recent E.l' t! '~1:~ ~tr~ ~=~.?
Itl V4'~tIC~1 t~,Tlzippat~le rlan-dair',= cre.alns are creaied tl~in~ ~;ariaus proteins as optiallal aammlianellt>~. tla ~.~.Tater-solu~~e car~~ah~=draws (e.~.
sa.cchaz-as~~5 are included in tl?ent pre~-errtin~ these cI-~ain suL~sti~t~s tU b~ ~z~etl ~a fillith ~ar tappir?~ for ca~:-e. pasty;?
axtd des~.ert t3rodtrct:~.
~~Iore I-ecelltly EP 0 S~Sb 1 ~3 Bl has e~-tetlded the caneept to water-continllotls etllulsions btlt based all polracwilalriales to obtaitl ~elliltg clnaraeteri5r~ios.
Spaoriabil3r~ of nan-clair-w~ eretlrrls 1'zaAs al;a been direc~ti~,~
acldre:;sed. EF ?94 li.~ re~rirerl a.
specific ~T-line of ~att3~T acids to al3tairl aesiretl iitort~n .feel arzc~
E'p ~z ~tj' i ~5~~ Ei ~ cl~c~ened a t~~~hale act of r~~Ieola~y i~a~ues to obtain such slsaoltabilitv ~.hrtr~cteristie~ ~-olrl ~~aa-ious blend of dairy fats ri~ith ~~e~etle oils. EP ~J f~91 ~~~ 13t e~-ic.ncler3 the caneept to lays: t~f pradtlet:.
~tatlier field of cream substii~rte n ti~iurs=:~: has been patented for tile specific preparation of ice creams and ti~aLen cfessel-~s. <~Ithoty,~fl mall~~ of these ari~inal pradtlcts rla lla~~e ~talldai-ds a~
Identity, there i.s plent~~ of raazll itl le~~islaiiatl to adrl '''' to clail-~~ cotnpotlents in arclel- to IIIIpI'a~''0 CEI'f'c3.II1 ~IIBI'a.CCeI'IS~I~~.
~n It. is yell ~~cawrz that tile fat contetlt. of frozen slaiq~; tl~~.wert.~
delinlit.ate:nat only it. fla~~ottt- bttt also it:brar~ci appealwllc:e arlcl tex-ttar-e. r~I:r~aatlalles;' of ice eI-earlz tex-tllre i4 esseIltla~lly lil~.~el:~~l~~
praparttOnal to the a'~ er~~e SIZe of 1Ge CI_Y~~al:~. ~t~ller fat CaIltent E?~
Ire Ct'e~iIl2S C~In1111IS11e5 ICe crystal wine arid the distance betc~.~een ice crystals øi~~in,~ , thus, increased palatabilitiT, sni0othness, bacP~r and te.v-xure.
.4tternpts ha~~e been made to cPe~~elap fi°ozeri dessert products ~0rniulations ~.~here dairy fat content in replaced b~,~ n0ri-faf material:. Llnfar-truiatel~ norm of tPoe resulting products has achieved su~5ttuitial success. F0r e~anipl~, LT.:~. Pat. Rio. ~.~i~~,I66 uses starch gels a4 dair°~~ fat repfacemertt rrraterial anti L~.S. patents X30. ~-,4'"~i.~'~ and .~>~5'."~"3 inc0rp0rate beta-phase tending ~rRwtallirle fats to o~~er-coriie t1e problerrr. ~lthQU~h se=.a~.rt~l .Pxaterits co~:er- ~~is appr-cxaclx to Pii~f ~scsn-dair-~,r pat ice creams ~4:ucPi as e.i?. ~3~..~3a~~ L~..~.
3..'i~.~,3tf~: I_~.°s. 3,~~~.~I3 ancP L~.~.
Its 4.4~~.~.~1~~ but no sati;;fa.ctot-irpro~3irct~ Have carne nt?
c.arxxrr~~rcialliT, uS 4 4'? i ?%b created a freezer st.alale ~~Piippe~I ice cr°eam hand milk shakes pr-0ducts;i arid C'~ :~ 5~~ ?.~.~ lia~~~ pushed the concept iivrtlier to pne~%ent cy~stalPi~ati0ri ~fth~ Pactase present in the non fat milk solids i=y using, iri the fat pPiase, at Feast SCt~~o of a solid beta-i ' plmwe-tendin~ cr-~rstaliine fat azu~ micr6cry-stnllTrte c-ell~tl0s~ raid sodicrrn aar-b0~°:~
iPternati~~eP~ LTA; ~ ~3I l~t~ liar ~P~si~ied a Pow cli0lester0l. PO~~
calarie, na tat cPair~.
pr0ciuet t0 used as a. frozen rnaussr but consi;;tiri~ of ir-aditi0nal inyedients such as mill:
'?~ 3~r0tains tip-ani sPim milk or euitEtres skim niilt~~, szx~ar-s, ;,tahiliZerw ~~ri~i emulsifiers.
U:~ =~ 985 ?7(P has substantiaPy imprc'z-ed tFie ran~,e of crearra ;xit~5titut~;~ ~~~ di:clo:siri nori-fat and reduced fat ~.~.rliippeci frozen cfesser-t ~.wher~in prateinaceaus ma~r-c~~olloids ar-e C

uwed consisting of denat<xred ~.~,~hey- protein particles or particles dazing a core of casein surrounded by a shell of denahired e~~ white protein.
~ L~~~ 5 3~~ 551 prapased a si~x-tple butterfat :~uhtit~~te cansistizi~ of a.
paa~tially ltydragenated soybean ail mth mano- and diglycer-ide companenis ~ EP 454 l95 created also a camxed non-dairy cream aerosol to he u:;ed ~vitlv a ~T'?t~~
~ LT;~ 5 ~~? -55 e~-tended fiirtlter the concept of dairy fat suhstihites by using tlxem a:
fta~ror enhancement products in c:uih~red da.iy~ products. 'Their approach :omhines partpculax- ;sequence=: of acicliiian o~ aeteetecl fib ti-a~iiorm ifor c~-~'sta-Ilizatian anr~ nieltin~
~~oircts properties in the ferrnertt.ation rnamxfacturin~ taroc:~s:~.
~ LTS 5 ~~~ fit? prepta°ed a chee~,:~ product front polyal fatty acid polyester:; a~; fat ;;uhstiW to by falla~.~-in'~ a ~>er°~° str ict sequence: of fabrication including tight canfi~ol of the a~~era~e c~ii droplet :i.~e to I::~s than 't7 mierati=:.
~ L~~ 5 l ?'~. G2ci ereateci ti-o2eax ~erat~d cie:~se~-t compositions ~~.~ithaut an E~ fats, by '_~ :; them ~,~tith hyc#rofvseci star°ch.
Finally, recently. ~.'~ '~~ ~:1~'0 13.9 '35 disclosed a creamy oil-in-~.~azer eratalsian fatally nxilk-free to 6e used in cai:e an ct laa:;try ancf dessert proefucts. It:~
chara.cteristic can;:ist~ of l~

etnulsifvith tc~.-o previously a.dnxi~ed phases : tlxe aqueous plxase ~~vater, carbohydrate, Ixyclrocollid and Optl~Ila~~Ty other hydrophilic constituents) with tlxe oily phase ~edible oil or fhf, emui;ifier atxct optiotxaiiy further Iipophiiic constituetxts~.
Tlxet'e tixu:; continues to e~i:a a Ions statxding need itx the art for aIx oiW enxulsion cream sulxstituie liable to Lxeat, stable to hi~;Ex acid ~i.e. pH I to '). stable to a.Lcohol ~e.~. wine. Liquor, etc.l containing :i~xiftcantly ret.iucerl le~~~1:o~ saturated fats, na clxolestet'ol~ no txatxs fatty acids.
fot~ii~ef~ ~~s~Hi po?t--ullsahxt'ated fatty acids PfrF~~S of ottle~,~a-:~
t=~xe~ txrtct ~~.~Liile a;3pt-o=~tnatitx~ tlt taste, t.~ ~-t5xre, appear atxc.e, t~ocl~~ atxci ixxaxxtlx feel cat bxxttel-fat.
fr ~~ n ~L~'.~_~i t~tF 'I ~-~, f~'~~t-~~I
It is accordilx~i~= an object of tlxe presetxt in~Tentiolx to pro~ricie a particular oil-in-eater emxxlsion intended to 15 ~~ contain ~.~e~etabie, txxarine atxdi0r ~_i:;ix oiI{:; in Iieu of replacing t0taiiy or partiaiiy tire bxrtt.erfat or ~_iairv fat ~ ~"~i3~c3.iIx a. IIIt~!'.: ~3I'Qt~fI3 t0 ~if.'e~l thL' ~~i~?GG'$~~I' (.'.'EII~3tl~~S Qf t~f3C E'I32iI~StOit iII t~tc'L~ fL~tlltt;~' ~uVit~i ~il~er daily tsroducts xtot rc~nta.ilt arty.' choie5tel'ol ~i Ixa~°e si~xi~calxtl~ Ie~ saturated faxtt.- acids compared to butterfat of dairy fat ixot contain tratxs fathT acids ;often pt'esent itx ~~e~etabi~
IT~=ctxo~elxateci oils '~~txerali~~ used in filled ruil~: praduets;l contain essential paly-unsatwated fatt~v acids fomn vegetable, marine antL'or fish sources in the faI'ITl a$ short and long chains af~otnega-is ~~ be stable at Ia~~~ pH {i~elo~.~.~ 5~
be stable yvith alcohols ~ ~ra.~-e a. liquid creacni~- con;istetz~~° arid ~ii~ ~mcu~ior~
~' ha.~r~ a geI solid-like foI-In ~~hile b~:ir~~ e.aSil~ ~Ii~spersible iii other litluids such as milk, or cr~art~. or eater, or alcaholic be~.~~ragr'.
w' remain Iu~~l~ucally stable in a ~r~hi.pperl farm or in aerated products Y hare impt-a~~ed Inicl-obialogical resistance fue to its lov~,~ ~.~.~ater a~eti~~-ity and increased iC~ shelf life hare high ti-eeZe-thaw resistaltce. suitable for h-azen desserts, ice creams and other table delicacies be a t-ehicle to lipophilie and h~rdrophilie food additives {such ~~:
colourily agents.
n atural ar m-tificiat m=amas, alfi3aaary agents or pl~elsarations, aromatic prepm-atians, I~ natural a~- artificial t~a-~Tarns {like. frn e.ample, ~~ices and sea4anin~s~l inchidin~
t.Tnteutiatars. m3dr'or t~~ztr~a~eeutical ir3~-eclients.. micro-Qr~u~iwlns {like bacteria, ~l~asts and ~x~aulds;) zr;hole or hycirolyed grate.itls {including eI~-mas~, antimiarabial faad addit~~:-es, antiaxsda~~ts, stal~ili~er.s anti ~m~a~ce a~ct3~~e agenta, acidi~lant~. siv-eeieners, sequests-antr, agents, gurlss and atarches, ~'ItatIlltl: anCl aIilIIlaa.CiC~S.
foots st-abili~ers, ~?~ Or~aIlIC ITIIIIeI'alS {chelated or I~ot~, inorganic mineral:;, foatl in~-edi~nts such as cereals,, fllits and ~-e~;etabl~s, mews and giblets and medicines arltl drugs.
approximate the taste, hotly appearance, te~~tre and total e~-peri~enee of the milk pI-oduct ~,~.~l~ich it is r~pia~cin~~.
~a ITI ai'C~eI' tG 1C'~II~Ve t~1~4~ Gt)jOCtS, ~ CrU~#IIl~' Gf~-III-~.~.'r~tEr EI71111~IGn fs ~lI'O~'tGSOCl V:rhIC~l fS
ChaI'il.CtOrIZed frI that 1t OGntdIIlS :
~,~ ~Il oil plhise:, ~~.'hich comprises edif~i~ Gig ~ulc~f'or edil7ie fat gild OptIGII~Ijy iilt-t$er ~i~optxilic cori5~tituent4 b} ~. ~rot~irl c~enatczr-izatiort :~t~~, yi~hic~z carnpris~s *~ze ac~ditian to ~~ of a. hi~z s°iwcasityT
~odiul~ cuseiiiate vncter controlled agitation alld te~y~r'~~~re. ratl'e.s c.) ~ ~c~tleoil~ ~.~ha.e, ;:~.'~Iici~ i< orrtai~L~: ~vx~l' ~I1~3.
c~~,tic~r~~~if far-t~Ier' lI~'z~i-ot~l~iiie cc.-~xxcrita~errts tile r~.eivilt r silo of the oiI phase to the ~.ctueous ~h~:3e ~:~ : ~ i f~ein~, in tile r~Il~e ii'oIn i~ : :~ to l~ I : ~ ~IId the v~~ei~Elt I'~tia Gf the ~~rot~=II to the oil arid ~~~atet-;~h~s~s bring iIl t~~e I-~IIe ta-oIn 0.~~ : s.~~ to (1.~2 : ~.
cf'i to emulsify', under , eiy conti'olleci t:~~'firlteter~ of tenlperatllre aitc~ ~it~tioil, tile oiI phawe E n }, to ~~hi~ fl ~I'Gt~in ~ fl j ~~~~_~ ~.cicf ecf to the ~~' ~ter phi a ~ ~
) in order to create a stable ol~t' nhatri~ re~t3~- to recei=.'e other tl~apHilfc cir h~clroil~Iili~:
constitIIeIlts ~if not atl'~~l.dv added.
1 r .~.vcoi-~in~ to tile ~Fl~~~entioil, the ~3;'~sr elllrl~:ioll c_~.rl atsa :~iititat~,~ ~:oll;~ists of t~l~ oil ~~las~
ta), the protein (bi ~Ilci the acflleous aolase (~).
.~ sllbjeet of tie irl::ention is also a r~roces> for the ~~I-et~al'aiioil of tile cI-~~lll~' eflllllsion iic~Grc~irl~;
to the Inveiltiotl. ~-~:~idch is cilali'aetei'izeci in that r~ ~j eczi~~e oil aillci:'Gr ~cfii~~~ flit, of~ ~.-ei~a,tuI~~e. riiarine or ~isil GI'i~;irls, or ~. nli~;t~~f'e of :olne or ill the above, is ~leaitec~ to ~i terrip~r~tusre rtiryirc~ from;~ei s.~'e~siils tG
1 ~0.cde~-ees.C.'elsius 3ltc~,, to ~,wtlic~i dart a a~~ tit.
iiF3a~hi~ic coristittterits :3r-a fmi~:ed irI the c~il~s )t b j a lllull VI~CaSIt~' sadlttnl C~3~~III3tE nulls 17I"atelIl Iw added t0 the all pll~dS~ c3.) tlfltler contl-olled temperaltau-e atlcl a~Titaztioll clepellclin~ on the de~~e of clenattu-izatioll of the protein cle;ired ~.~~hich determines, paI-f~y. the f~tzidits~ afthe pradtzcf oftitr III%ellfion cy ~~%a.~r is he~z#.ed separately ideally att the sarrle ar close to t'tte terrzperatt~r~ of ~.~i ancl, clptior:ally. p~r-t ~rwzll the ni~ck°aphilic c~rrstitzierrt~ arw rrrixecl irI the lae~ted Gt~ater d~ tlle. ~iI pl-tate. aj is it~t.o the 4v~er l3~rase c~ to mere a.~sropel° enlulsi~n:
er the ~°estzltilr~ c~ivs.~ enIIlIsiarl call r°ecei ~%ed ~o-kher° Iip?ol~I~iIic aal~tL!ar Ilvdl°opllilic sc~Iidu;
fi the elnulaioll Ball. aptionz~lly° by ~ur-ther honloøellizecl under arly prer-_;stu-e but, pref~rabl~°.
to ~ ~~i~ psi ~t ~iI°st at~~e anti ~~~ Ir~i ~t the :eooni~ st 'pe ~) tile emulsion optiolially em be llt~ti-tretzted ~p~.stetu°izecl.
ael°ilizrci ar ultra-hilt hetzt-tt°e~t~cl ~:
111 tile abtailled creazln atzb:~titLZte is directly p~ck~cf or dust caoleci pI°iar to fiu-ther conditioning.
i~ .~ atz~ject o~ the In~-ention iw tiu-therlllore tile use of tile cre~utl ;ubstittzte, Illazde ~-c~arCiill~, to the ~n~elltion, in various food fornmlattions replacinspal-tly or ~vholl~T duil-~=
cre3lns or' other t~°pe5 of cI°e~In sub:;tituteR.
-C'llere i~; no other P ~istiilt~ ill~r~Iltiorh calIIbiIliut~ such cII~I°~cteri:~tit~s described ul~a~.-e ~.~.Pitll these ~en~~ieiai to lltiln811 ntztritian. ecollonlic~l to faotl Ilhultz3rzcttzrer, alld t~rill'in~ a 4iI111~1~ foacl in~-etlient to ,°-z Y~,~icle ~~ariet~T af' l~I°ocizaots rall~ill'~ fI-onl ~uees to so~.zps, cheeses to yo~htzl-~w, ioe creams t.a frozen desserts azlld delicazcies, ilizi~i rrcilk b~~-er~,es t.a creaxrt a~zbstittzt~s.

'I'he lrr oportions liven in ~~eiy~llt g;ercelit of the incii~-idual comlaonetits refer-. zanless stilted Otller'v~~T~e, to tile saatll of the ~ll'C~'IOla~ COn~ rtLaCIitS TvVOI~ItS
13I'IOI' to the ~CIC~ItIOII at ~i. IleL'~~ ~:~.7e0ifiC
~ocor~iili~ is the Itlveniioll, the edible oils a~l~~'or edible farts custoln~F-~~ tar nlatl-itiall Iaul-hoses are used a.~; edible oils grid jets or Ilii~t~u-es of: 1'e~etable oils, such as c~lola~ olive. 1'a.ltll.
sunf~oi~~el°. :~a$ic~~~er, ii~.~ seed. sa;Ty ~InoIICI. ~oI-tl, I-~y~seecl. ~ocormt, io nine a fe~~, I~ teohr~olo~ioall~~ rrlacliflerl cl~ri~~ati~-es of tllc.- a~ao~~e-rraeratioraecl oils and fail ar rrli~~tur-es of t~~:-o or Illore a# ills surFt~ ar-~ lire~~rt~'til5- rasecl. ~~.Iwirr: ar- ti:~l~ cril{~
f, raiailieel ~i-ollt ~.-~rioaa;~aul-ces Audi ~u~ ulaa~, mill. rra~r~ncleFa, ~ncho~~,°. F~rack~rel. hrti~. t.a n~Fn~
~ f~~R~, t.~c.hnalogieall,Y~ d~rivati~~es saicli ~~: caFlllllan et114~1e;~ter or- others. of the ~la~:e Illerltimled c~il>, ctI- Iili ~-taat°~s ~Ilcl rllare of the siame t~re IiI-ef~rakil~~ used.
Tile I~I-opol~iotl of oil in ttie tiraal create :;Ialistihate is ~' to 55 w~t.-°~~, IiI-eferalily i0 to fit ~.~~t.-°:Q, mast prefelWly ~1?-~ ~ ~~-t.-~.~.
It llaa risen rietel-Inirled ~aCCt>i'dlIl~ to tile laresent In~letltian, that eat all lit-ateillaceotas rllaf:erinls.
'G even from Iilill~~ aI-i;iill~ aI-e arlerluate to ereate ~w-~tel--di~;~er~il~l~ nia.crocollids in ui ail enlulsian ~ cre~In 5uhwiitut~. IIl order to obt;~ill as rI-e~ra suEistihate ~~-llich is thel-rllo-iI°re~Tel-:~ible ~Il3earlin~ that cycles of fre~~e-tlia~v ~i~ill riot cliariae the ~Ily;;ical strllctul-e of the c:I-e~rll'), ~,~xliicli dernanstr~zes -eat rh~olo~,ical a~'ulitiea ~y~ith atller tnilh caL~~onents (::ucll a~s Ini_lk itself. even cle;-oid of all I~u~el-faf:) ar milk Iirep~aF-atians ucll ray cheese or yat:,liuhi. ~~~Ilifll i;t~bte fr-alli a ?~ frazen state to I°aam terilt5er~tial°e to sterilisation eliviralllil~nt:~ ~.~.~liicll Illny eantai.n atller faarl aclciitives regardless of their di:;sal~~in~pa~.~.-er~ in i.~.~at~r- ar ail, which dernanstrates e~,~tend~d shelf life yeater than dair-~,T creams in terms of physical stability and la~~.~er- in tnicrabiological loads. it is necessar-~~ to use a madi~ied soluhilized ea;eiri such a.~;
sodium easeinate of high a-iwcasii~=, prefer~ly nie3suned ~-ia a Br-aol;~field jzi5~o;sirneter in a. 1 ~~e solution az ~G°C', in a rari~e 'eater than 1 ~GC~ pa.,ec, most preferahl57 heater t~tari Z Gt7J
pa.sec. Tlte ratio of the prateinaceaus material to the carnhined ~ei~ht, of oil arid ~trater is 5 to tG
~.~,~t. ~:o, preferably ~ to ~' c~;-t.-°:o. most preferably ~.? ~ to ?.'~.~ w-t.-~.o.
Lienaturaiion of the proteins is obtained tliraugh a cornbinatian of ~,Fi,~arauw a~itatian coupled ~~,~itli terra~ieratur-e. Rather flian truing to aontral ttie deyee of cleriaturizatiari of the proteins, the traventian rises a. ~:rale of temper-atr~r-F:~:. regardle',s of the crFtact tinier. to a~hie~. a the final ~Iuiditj,~ of the cream : higher- pracessing =~enip~rW.rres rneariiyg frrrller' creams. Tfie uneoriirnari denarizrs~atian pracedizre is carded azri ~~,~ithatrt ~~~-I atijt~wtn ieiif ~v~'orinal pr-a.~tiaea in t3roteiri clenaiur-ization require that pH be to a pH less than the tnitl-paint of the isa-electr-is cur-~~a of ttie pr°oteiri, preferably at about are unit of pH IEas ar-even la~~~er-. '~'he praeednre arcordirz~ to the Invention doe:; rat conitnarid such chemical mariip~ulations rel;Tirx~ salelfT on temper-ature and high shear a~itatian. 'flie precise ieniperatures and shear sonditians appiie:i io the preparation are routinely selected arid extend gut far times wu~icient to form denattarizated prateina.eec'm~ callaicis i~.~hich slia~~, a et°ea3zi-35:~-~e tex-tizr-~ ire the oil(;sy selected. 'I~ie hi.;Th l~~~el of ?G shear useful in the preparative pracessin g w believed to pr°everit ilie forrnatiari of iar-ge den attired prateiti a~~-egat~s during detiaturization arid Burin: the etiiulsificaiori step ~~~ith the a.~u~ous saiution. There is no need to add y~-~'~ate l~tockir~~; merits ~,~.~hat:~ae~~er-. Suitable and con irnori a~~-eate blocking agents iike liycirated anionic Such as >arithani gttriis, lecithiri, car-c-a:eneari, alginate. calcium, :,teat-o~-I lactylate, aiialto-d~~~trirrw, pectin and the like are all ?~ minece~;s~.-fc~r this pyaasG of preve3itiJi'-~ a~:.~e~Tate Porn aafjosi.
This distinct prapert~r- of iiuidity without ~t~~-egate~ doe:; giot conirnaricl i~xr-tli~r° li.oriiagenizatian as an obligatory step to create a cream-like emulsion. ~ucli a tr-eatrnent is riat even clesir alale in the case of product-~ ~.~.~hich are diluted or ~ieut~-alizeci. If an~,T of the traditional lioniagenizatian 3Co tr~eaixnerrts krio~~~ri in the ar-t is employed, it is in the anly ptarpase of iriiprawiry argarialeptic C.IIaI'a~terl~tlC~ Uf the gild-prOdIiCt. hIlCI~ViIl~ that ~IIIal~Cr and ilner ~lOt7LIlCS CI'eate a. greatel-~enSatlOn of ~iI10C3t1~IlESS In the IliOiitll.
TIIe tenipel°ature range of the ail ifrom 5~ to t?'elsius, pr~~el°abiy from ~a~ to f~3D.ciegi-e~s.C'eltii~~;. least pr~ferahl~- at. Fa~-" ~Isiiz~.
The contact tillje ~i~iur~~l t.~3e E.lil~~} aIIS tile ~arateill I-c"III~.~e~ ~I'aIn tulle ~f ~dClitiall ~(3i' inIIIIctiiate pI'aceSSith to ?~ IIilIilitC4.
~:aiigel' tlIne teIldS t0 dCrlc~tlii'E the E3I'al.elIl~ ~~' CaalCing tllCII1 to larlii 8alldy Cr~~Stct~~ rather ~Cllali utliO~din~ the pI°atelIl l3a;Cls-haIle OI' dl~.aAS~IIT~illlh the j)I°ateLII C~liat!OI'l2aT'S' aIld tCI'tlaI'S~' ~tillCttirCS.
~lD The i.~.'atCi' pha.'e, COITIpa~CC~ at niLIILII111I11 of ~~ atCI' aIlly. IS
nlalnta112eC.1 III tile SaII2C tCnl~7CI'atUre range :~s t1?e oil phase. preferahl4- ~.~.ritllill ~~IIZ~ ~~l- nlslliz:;
?~.d~~;IVes.C'e3siaz.5 of the !~i~ phaje. mast.
preferably at the :;ame temperature. Tlii,~ cancardallce of temperaftlres bet',=ell the phases facilitates the erIIUE~ian ~~~itliaut chaligintT the clenaWriza~'ialF ;Mates of the prateirl.
15 Eniul:;ification i:made in a vew~el ~,~-liere tile tcva pll~~es ai-e a~'~d~d one olI top of the oilier alld through ~udd~n ~ i~oraus agitatian tniirlinri.l tip =;peed of a~jtatai-l;lacle:; i~ ~~ feet.~ser.secand~.
Emulsification call also he achie~: ecl by ha~~iIy the blended phases ga tllraugll alI enlulsi~-in g pump. Toleraiiee lietzve~n siator arid rotor depend:; ati tiil~:l ~-ahlrri~ of glabule~; clewired. TIIe finer fife size of the ~;iaiiulea, the sin~~r~tEzi~r is tEle crealtl subaitute. Range ~i'alu 0.1 to :~~t ~ lnicrarls aI'e az:ceptable, preferably less tIIaII ~ Inicran s. IIIOst prefel-ably less tllall t7. ~ IIIicI°on.
Furth~I~IIoI°e. ansr faod aciditi~:e or coinbiiaatian of faocl a~ldit.iveh can be added or at tile ail phase, ~~r at the w~atci° pl>i~:5e. priar to elelzztaificatian ar at r~. later stagee by propel- Iuixiii~~. The proportiall of salid;_ generalEy added to iIIIpaI-t ;~pecitic prapet-ties t:caloilr, flat~azlr, te~-tuI-e ai-forti~i~atian~, claw not chalige the hasi~ cEial°aciel-istic5 of the cl°eanl substitelte accorditi~; to the ~Ii~ ention. The foal a.dditi're; Bali tae clla5~r~ ill the broad ~i~ld of ilIteIItianal foacl additi t~s a perrrlitted by lacal legi:;latian allcl hy-Iac~,=s.
.~i~er einul5ian is nLa~Ie slid additi~.~~a aI-e dissalr~d or diwper~ed. the revolting cream :ubstitzite :i~ cali Lie hanlagenizetl alicl a~riti~Fo or :ice-z~rsa. Halnogerii~atiorl and sterilisation al-e clolie lil:c i~

n?rlk l~rodzzcts IlIICICi' the ~dIIiC ~~aI'anlE~~I'~~ ~~~~ll hIIOG~%n to thaSe Sk111et1 In tl?e arf. ~'OI1C~1IIOIIIr?~;
and packa~~n~ arr made tike ar?y other milk praducas.
;~Iiryri~in~l~' tl?e cream suhstituto of the. Tsrventian is storage-stable in a ~H range from r? to I''.
~tora~,e-stable tnearts that the emulsian can he stored for at bast a year at a t~tnp~erai~re of to 40.d~~-ees.C'elsius rc~itllout: relevant chen?ica.l or pl?ysical osaart~~s occlrl-I-ing.
t=?f caul'se, auch shelf-life clo~end;on a~~ytic packa~in~ pre~-iau~ly achieved and the l~~i of the ~I-aduct.
~t3 This :;tara~~-stability ha:the distinct advalrtage tl?at acidulant aI-alcol?olic cher??ical: can lio ttiCI3Ig~~t'=~t~r~ tt?~O tlL~~ E'rtllll3t~t1 C~irrtt?':, It;h ~'~te~33r3:ii7t?
:Iilfl, i~f315. ttll~jar't 1i3I2.~~, S~ttl~°~t~E. COI' a >ain~~le, alcalralic beverages at?d liquors .~zlch ah Baile~~'s milk cream svitl? Irish r.~.~laisl.~=i cart he Ina,de i~ithaut atddily any stabilizer to th a cream sul~stitut.
Att~I-naii~:ety, aei.d faad products, such as ti-uits, ~i-grit ~relraratiala:;, fruit 4yru~s, fruit juices oan he added to feI-rrtel?ted ar saur milk :;ub4titlrtes n?ar:re ~.~,~ith rl?~
im~Irtiata oI- yo~,~zul-t
nra~tie r.~~ith the ~rtv:Iftian or Ini~-hIr-es of t~.~~a ar' moles of tl?e saI??~.
.~lso~ I?eutral food product' l:ein~ faI° exarrzl~le chocolate or v~unilla l~I'eparatiat?s, oI- Ini~-tur~s c~f ?0 tlre- same, car? lje n?ade just l;y hlendit~~~ a~pl-al~riaie ~la~.ozars into tl?e create suLstittzte.
In all oases; descl-iEaed. the c; ~i~ht ratia of c:realn :u~~~titute of-tl?e u?vention to acid- neutral a_~rc~~'clI' alcaholic coniainir~~; food praeluct is lirrritles~. var~.-irl~ t.a the cle~°e~ of fla~,.-altl' and ille te~-~rl-e desired Sucl? tit°aducts can be coI?ditiol?ed ullder° any food haaka~es aceorclin~ to larocE=dIII'es r~ nila~i-tr to thane -billed in the art aitr~ h5~ kept ti-otn roan?
t.~nf~ierafure to ti-eeziry, even with szgdclert iI?tert'ul?tian aftl?e cht?.ilr of;~cld, i~-ithaut cl?al?~in'.~ its te~zttzl-i~edl3ra~erties.
The cI-eam ~;ul~stitute accarclilr~ to the Invention is tl?us suitable to lie zzsed aw a sub:aitute. l~aa°tl~,T
tsr '~~l~olly. far con~-entional dairy cr'earrls (or other orearn su~3sY.ittlt~esl in an~r tc~od farnrlilation 3~~ r~~lier~ such creams ar-e used.

Additianal object:;, a~i~~ranta~ew and na;~el featlu-as of the present III%elltiall are wet forth in tll~
examples that follo~~.- and in part will became a~~~arent to Chase skilled in tile art lzpan examination of the pre~~ialzs de5criptiotl ur relay be leal-Iled l~~T practice of the hlvention. The al?jeets alld ad~Tazlta~e~ of tile talventiall Illa~~ be rea.lia.e~~ alld attained l~~T Ille~zth of insirumelltalities axld cambillatian5 paI-ticula.-lc~ yaillterl rut iu thr enple5.
The falla~~rill~ e~anlpl~~ illlzstratr tile III~~ elltian E~hile Ilat limiting an~,~ claims of the IIl~~ entioll.
.~11 percentage;; are ~~~eigllt~~w~ei~lt except 4;~hen r~plioitl~~ ~aicl.
tC~ E~=~I~,~PL.E I
~~ t4eli~i~d crearzl ~u~stitlzte is made ti-aln ac :;Inlhle fit ~oul-ce of ~.~e~;etabie :allola ail 1~~T Inis~ilh ~~_~ 1_~ ref the said ait. heated at ~~ - ~~_ ~.~~itll ~.~ ~ of ~adi3zlrl c-adeinate u~in~ a Rata-:~ol~rer a~itatar. illen. ~-~.~ 1~~; of flat ~.~.W er, at the ~aln~ t.enlperatlzre of tlle. blend. are added ~,~s~ithaut ~~TIY c'tC~dltt~'C. X11 ~OIlll?allOnt~ aI°e IIIIeCI III3CleI' :~tl'all~
a~lteit10I1 llTltll a Snlaatll 171a~tIC elnlil:~lafl occlzr:3. ~"'lle re~:ultill~. t~I°acllzct i:then lzecl clire~tl~~ as a ft~t ~ub;;tit:~zt~.
E~.~'~~'~.i_.E 7 ?~ .y :=~inlilaa-preparatiall to E..xanlple ~i lla.~ be~c.Il preh~u-ec: blzt w~itll g~eazllzt ail.
E'~~'~r~'iE 3 .~. l~I-epal-atioll silllilar to E:~arryle. t lla~ been Illade except that 3',S~ 1:~; of ~.~~atel° ~~,~ere u:ecl in ''~ ~~ri~icll ~,°.' of ;u~;ar ~~.-ere bl-rncled° TEie I°es,ulttll', gel ~~eha~-e~, Ii~e a are~-lli~ Iuix-tuI°e alld ha.~ ~ea~l-I
rll-rola~iaal prap~I-tie~.
~~..~1~~~..E ~-3~ A simpl: ;=aid 'el made ti-oIn ZC~ kg af° olio: a ail b~;' ileaiing it at z~~ '' ~ and to ~.~rhich "~,l 1::~ of V'4rd~~tf c~tTL 2cCiC~~.C~ ilt ~ll~ Salhe t~.Ill~?~.raTt)3'~. ~.~ ~i,~'.', ~~
S~lf~lklill ~.clwt.lilate. 4~eI''~ IIII:i~fl ~3F~~%:~11'~~3F

~~'Ith tliE' V4'ater In a C00keI'°Ciltt~r. TlleIl t~lE t'6'VO
COrI1~0I1~I3t~ aI'e eIllill:~tfl~d tO~~ther ~7~' a t7 blades kmife until a plastic emulsion is obtained. The I-esulting food in~-~dient ht~~ is refi-ige.rated and diI-eGtl~- owed as a fat alrbstitllie.
L ~.~.~.~~L.E
~ gel ~.~ritll ~ very loose te..~-ture, made from almond oil i~; by mixin'Y I~.~ kg of oiI ai ~~ '' ~' with ~.5 ~;g, of hot socliul~~ easeiliate in a. container v~rh~re strong agitation is i3I'O~~-iCl~d by a. blade.
agitaitor-. ~y1 kg of ~~ ''t' ~.~atel- are added to I-eacli a plaMtic ~mul~ion.. Them ''~,~. kg of ~~.~hey t C! r~rotein concentl-ate 34a o are ~ii~~ol~ ~d in the mixta~r-e. 't'1-ie ~;ei i~ frozen in ~ kg blocks fir fi-rrther ns~e~.
~~u~,~IPL .E ~
l~' 1'.',~ kg of the gel magic according to ~~~~t~,~IPL~ t is dis~ol~-~d inn iS~S kg, of skim milk.
pasteul-ized and l~ornogeniz.~~;i at ~t.~ll poi. The milk i~ then izseci to make clic.ddar accol-~iiry to I-egula~- practieea. The resulting chee~~ has Iao ohole~t~I-ol and bear ~0-3 ~s~eniiai fatty kids.

Tire milk produced in E~.~LE. ~ i~ rather- homot~:nized at '~'f~0~l psi. anal ehillrd to be drank tt=; an ~r~-~~ tl~iid I~3ilk ~.i~ itho~rt ~~irr~al fat..
It~O litOrw of fluid milk containing f~~o total fat i~ made ~~~T combining a t~~u°tl~t =kinmis.d milk jai ~.~°o L~utt~I- fat:l w~.~ith :+~~ g of our gel rl~aei~ from t~a~~ee~i oil. 'Ilie In.~ixtt~I°e i~. ~1113~ecteci to a hou~ogenizer ai ?0~~ p5i. an ti chilieci. 'I'he re~ultin4 mills cioe~= contain ~.'~ g of c~?-a per- liter- of mill.;.
.) F:'i.~IVIPL.E 9 aD

The milk produced in E~i.~IPLL 6 is used to make S-aghurt b'= fla~~it~:; the r~~-nzlar° procedt~r°e ~.~~ ell kno~~n to tlto:~e s~:illed in the ant.
E.~.~h~I1?L~L'. I Q
'.~ k~, of cmola ail are heated to°e~w.C'el~i;ES to ~n~hich I.i~4 k~ of sodium Casein ate are blended under ~rigorau:; citation: 9.~ k~ of°~e~.C'el~iu:~
water ar-e acldecl m~sler a~itatian with I.0 k~ of :;n~ar° arid t~.$ ltd of skin milk poo.~-der°.
'fhe mi~~n-e is ernulsifiesl by pas3ing Ilj thz°au~~h ~ Stehh~~r prunp and further homa~eari~~d at I'JQ poi (iir~t ~ia~~.~ and ~OC3 pwi (~~oond stake ). 'fhe re~ultir~ pr odwt id red igerated and Ii~rtlrer t~'~ d ~.5 a. fat =ub~iitute.
~' x 4R.rrpT F ~ 1 I5 Name pr°ocedin°e tike E~:..~'~~L.E I~ but th.e sum of sugar and skin milk pawsieF° is replayed b~~
I. ~ h't. of ~~~he~= pawcier.
L '~I~LE l ?~ 2''.~~I k~ of tlfe base of E~:.41~.WFi..L' Il is blended in ~. liclui~-er° E~.Tith i~.4~~ k~ of eater ~~t roorec tert~~erature). ~.~~~ k~ of of ~kitn cciitk pa~vder. -?.G3~
'''°~ of ~~,~he~~ pa~x-der.. Q."'"9 ~:~ of ~.<rlie= praiein carrcentr-aie ~~~a-a, I.:iI' k~; o,f ~luco~e ?'? ~E. I~.9~~
k~ of~u~ar-. ~~.I h~; of~L~Iar~a 900 tmano~teag°ate~ and I.if3~ k; of ~lendene~ I~'~o (t~~lensl of'rno~no- and sli-~l~cer°id~~~. tae mi~~~we is Left still for ?~ haurw at'elsius. 'I~~e folla~~.~in°~. daa=the base ij used to rr~~se ~ f~-o~en deserts by acidin~ :~anilla, or cocoa. or a sn°a~~-be~°~~T ti°aait ~;aur~ for e~a~npl~:~ and goiay tlu°ous~h normal ~tep~ of ica crwant mal:in~ pr aceslm°~~ E~~ell l~m~.~~rr to tlaa~e :;killed in the 3r-t.

Claims (11)

1. A dairy cream food ingredient substitute base comprising from about 2% to about 55% by weight of fat (oil(s) of vegetable, marine and/or fish sources, or blend of);
from about 93% to about 10% by weight of water; from about 5% to about 10% by weight of milk proteins;
from about 0% to about 25% of either lipophilic or hydrophilic food additives.
2. The cream food ingredient substitute of Claim #1, wherein the fat is present in an amount of about 2% to about 55% by weight, based on the total weight of the cream substitute.
3. The cream food ingredient substitute of Claim #1, wherein the milk proteins are present in an amount of about 5% to about 10% by weight, based on the total weight of the cream substitute.
4. The cream food ingredient substitute of Claim #1, wherein the total additive(s) is(are) present in an amount of about 0% to about 25% by weight, based on the total weight of cream substitute.
5. The cream food ingredient substitute of Claim 1 and 2, wherein the fat is chosen amongst the edible, and/or technologically modified derivatives of the same, oil(s) of vegetable source (such as but not limited to canola, olive, palm, flax, peanut, soybean, safflower, corn, almond, etc), oil(s) of marine or fish sources (such as but not limited to menhaden, anchovies, mackerel, tuna, etc.), oil(s) of animal source (such as but not limited to dairy, beef, pork, etc. or other animals), or a blend of some or all the above fat(s) and oil(s).
6. The cream food ingredient substituted of Claims #1 and #3, wherein the milk proteins are selected amongst the sodium caseinates.
7. The cream food ingredient substitute of Claims #1, #3 and #6, wherein the sodium caseinates are of high viscosity.
8. The cream food ingredient substitute of Claims #1 and #4, wherein the food additives are selected as fat-soluble and/or water-soluble additive(s) selected amongst the intentional food additives such as:
coloring agents, natural or artificial aromas, olfactory agents or preparations, aromatic preparations, natural or artificial flavours (like, for example, spices and seasonings) including potentiators, bio-active and/or nutraceutical ingredients, micro-organisms (like but not limited to bacteria, yeasts and molds) whole or hydrolyzed proteins (including enzymes), antimicrobial food additives, antioxidants, stabilizers and surface active agents, acidulants, sweeteners, sequestrants agents, gums and starches vitamins and aminoacids, food stabilizers, organic minerals, chelated or not,, inorganic minerals, food ingredients such as cereals, eggs, fruits and vegetables, meats, offals and giblets, anti medicines and drugs.
9. The cream food ingredient substitute of Claim #1 to #8, wherein the water fills the total weight left to 100%.
10. A process of preparing of cream food ingredient substitute according to claim #1 which comprises :
a first hydrophobic component (identified as Component A) comprising at least one vegetable oil (generally a natural one) is heated ;
a second hydrophilic component (identified as Component B) comprising water is heated ;
solubilized lactoproteins, having specific amphipathic and viscosity characteristics, are added to at least one of the components A or B, at the same temperature ;
the components A and B including the solubilized lactoproteins are blended and then emulsified until a smooth plastic texture is obtained ; and intentional additive(s) is (are) added, under agitation, to the former blend ;
and the resulting product is conditioned to refrigeration and/or freezing.
11. Use of the cream food ingredient substitute as defined in one of the Claims #1 to #9 or prepared as defined in Claim #10 as cream substitute for the preparation of cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, frozen dessert, sauce, soup, gravy or any other dairy-containing product.
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