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Universal bracket mount


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Timothy R. Hawes
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Timothy R. Hawes
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    • B62D25/00Superstructure or monocoque structure sub-units; Parts or details thereof not otherwise provided for
    • B62D25/08Front or rear portions
    • B62D25/16Mud-guards or wings; Wheel cover panels
    • B62D25/18Parts or details thereof, e.g. mudguard flaps
    • B62D25/188Mud-guard flaps for utility vehicles


A universal mudflap bracket mount for mounting a mudflap bracket to a vehicle frame, the bracket mount comprising a frame-mounting block having two opposing surfaces and a frame-mounting opening passing through the frame-mounting block transverse to the surfaces, a bracket-mounting plate having opposing faces, the bracket- mounting plate faces being parallel, at least one of the block surfaces being spaced outwardly from one of the plate faces to accommodate a bolt head, and openings in the bracket-mounting plate for receiving two fasteners of a mudflap bracket, at least one of the openings being arcuate in shape for adjustment of the angular position of the bracket mount with respect to the mudflap bracket.
CA 2329277 1999-12-21 2000-12-20 Universal bracket mount Active CA2329277C (en)

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US17290699 true 1999-12-21 1999-12-21
US60/172,906 1999-12-21

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CA2329277A1 true true CA2329277A1 (en) 2001-06-21
CA2329277C CA2329277C (en) 2008-03-18



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CA 2329277 Active CA2329277C (en) 1999-12-21 2000-12-20 Universal bracket mount

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US (1) US6435462B2 (en)
CA (1) CA2329277C (en)

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US6435462B2 (en) 2002-08-20 grant
US20010032914A1 (en) 2001-10-25 application
CA2329277C (en) 2008-03-18 grant

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