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Categorization automata employing neuronal group selection with reentry


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Gerald M. Edelman
George N. Reeke, Jr.
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Neurosciences Research Foundation Inc
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Gerald M. Edelman
George N. Reeke, Jr.
Neurosciences Research Foundation, Inc.
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    • G06K9/62Methods or arrangements for recognition using electronic means
    • G06K9/6267Classification techniques
    • G06N3/00Computer systems based on biological models
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An apparatus capable of sensing the presence of objects in its environment, categorizing these objects without a prior description of the categories to be expected, and controlling robotic effector mechanisms to respond differentially to such objects according to their categories. Such responses include sorting objects, rejecting objects of certain types, and detecting, novel or deviant objects. The invention includes a device called a "classification n-tuple" (of which a "classification couple" is a special case) capable of combining signals from two or more sensory modalities to arrive at the classification of an object.
CA 2067217 1989-10-10 1990-10-10 Categorization automata employing neuronal group selection with reentry Expired - Fee Related CA2067217C (en)

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US07419524 US5136687A (en) 1989-10-10 1989-10-10 Categorization automata employing neuronal group selection with reentry
US419,524 1989-10-10

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CA2067217A1 true true CA2067217A1 (en) 1991-04-11
CA2067217C CA2067217C (en) 1999-02-23



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CA 2067217 Expired - Fee Related CA2067217C (en) 1989-10-10 1990-10-10 Categorization automata employing neuronal group selection with reentry

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