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Cable transport apparatus


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Cable transport apparatus for effecting transport between lower and upper stations comprising a cable which is adapted to carry a seat, car or other transportation means and which is entrained around a cable return disc at each of said stations, the cable passing over guide or deflecting rolls, at least one of the cable return discs being a cable drive disc which is constituted by or is directly drivingly connected to a rotor of a drive motor.
CA 2008691 1989-02-08 1990-01-26 Cable transport apparatus Expired - Lifetime CA2008691C (en)

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ATA267/89 1989-02-08
AT26789A AT394168B (en) 1989-02-08 1989-02-08 Cableway system

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CA2008691A1 true CA2008691A1 (en) 1990-08-08
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CA 2008691 Expired - Lifetime CA2008691C (en) 1989-02-08 1990-01-26 Cable transport apparatus

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