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    • C22CALLOYS
    • C22C9/00Alloys based on copper
    • C22C9/06Alloys based on copper with nickel or cobalt as the next major constituent
CA 487379 1984-07-26 1985-07-24 Expired - Lifetime CA1270381C (xx)

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US06/634,516 US4525325A (en) 1984-07-26 1984-07-26 Copper-nickel-tin-cobalt spinodal alloy
US634,516 1984-07-26

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CA000589706A CA1270381A (en) 1984-07-26 1989-01-31 Copper-nickel-tin-cobalt spinodal alloy

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CA1257788A1 CA1257788A1 (en) 1989-07-25
CA1270381C true CA1270381C (xx) 1990-06-19



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CA 487379 Expired - Lifetime CA1270381C (xx) 1984-07-26 1985-07-24

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DE3571255D1 (de) 1989-08-03
CA1257788A1 (en) 1989-07-25
JPS6141739A (en) 1986-02-28
US4525325A (en) 1985-06-25
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