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The said industrial design consists of the shape, configuration and ornamentation of a motor scooter as shown in the drawings; the motor scooter has a step-through frame formed from an upper front structure, a front leg shield area, a generally flat and generally symmetrical floorboard with curved side surfaces, a rear housing area, and a saddle which is situated above the rear housing area; the front end of the floorboard merges into the front leg shield area which in turn merges into the upwards and rearwards angled upper front structure; the front leg shield area is angled upwards and forwards and has a front surface which curves upwards and forwards in side view and is generally concave from side to side; the front leg shield area has smooth curved side surfaces which merge smoothly at their lower ends into the curved side surfaces of the floorboard and merge smoothly at their upper ends into Y-shaped portions which extend along the sides of the upper front structure; the rear surface of the upper front structure has a raised generally V-shaped area with adjacent generally triangular side surface areas; the front surface of the upper front structure has a generally symmetrical front top cover having a pair of wing-like areas which extend outwards and rearwards with straight inner edges which converge downwards and forwards to form a rounded V-shaped area between the wing-like areas; a slightly domed generally V-shaped handle bar stem cover extends across the generally V-shaped area between the wing-like areas; the outer edges of the wing-like areas diverge rearwards to the rear ends of the front top cover; the smooth curved top surfaces of the wing-like areas slope downwards and forwards and merge smoothly into the front surface of a central front area of the front top cover; the central front area slopes downwards and rearwards and has side edges which extend downwards and inwards in front elevation view and the upper ends of the side edges of the central front area merge through outwardly curved areas in front view into the outer edges of the wing-like areas; the lower end of the central front area merges into the top surface of the front fender; the front fender has a top surface which is curved upwards from side to side and the front fender extends downwards and forwards above the front wheel and above the downwards and forwards angled front hydraulic forks situated on either side of the front wheel; the front fender has symmetrically situated generally triangular areas on either side thereof; a pair of headlights each having a rounded generally triangular in front view transparent front surface are situated between the outer edges of the wing-like areas and the Y-shaped upper end portions; the handle bars are situated on either side of a handle bar cover having a smooth upwards curved upper surface and a central front light portion having a downwards and forwards curved transparent surface and downwardly curved upper and lower edges and downwards and outwards angled side edges in front view; rear view mirrors are situated at the ends of bend support brackets which extend upwards and outwards above the handle bar cover from adjacent opposite ends of the handle bar cover; the rear surface of the handle bar cover merges smoothly into a rear cover for the handle bar stem to form a generally T-shape in rear view with a generally triangular downwardly and rearwards angled gauge housing having a central transparent surface situated at the top of the handle bar cover; the floorboard extends upwards and rearwards to the rear housing area which has a forwardly curved from side to side lower front surface portion which is angled slightly rearwards and merges through curved corner areas into outwardly curved side surfaces; the forwardly curved lower front surface portion merges smoothly into a forwardly extending upper portion of the front surface which in turn merges into the lower surface of the saddle; the front area of the saddle has a contoured upper surface portion which merges through a slightly curved surface into a slightly raised rear area of the saddle; a raised handle grip having downwardly diverging sides and a generally horizontal upper portion extends above and slightly to the rear of the saddle; beneath the handle grip is a wedge-like rear lamp having generally triangular side surfaces in side view and a generally trapezoidal end surface in rear view, the side and end surface being translucent and the side surfaces generally following the contour of the side surfaces of the rear housing; beneath the rear lamp is a narrow wedge-like portion which is angled downwards and forwards and extends across the back of the rear housing and part way along the sides of the rear housing; the wedge-like portion has a downwards and rearwards angled rear surface; beneath the wedge-like portion is a rear fender which curves downwards and rearwards around the rear wheel; the rear fender has side edges which converge in rear view to a rounded rear end; the rear fender has a first raised area on the upper surface thereof, the first raised area having straight side edges, a generally straight upper edge, and a concave lower edge in rear view; a further generally rectangular smaller second raised area is situated above the first raised area.Representations of the design are shown in the figures wherein:Fig. 1 is a right front perspective view of the design of the motor scooter;Fig. 2 is a left rear perspective view of the motor scooter;Fig. 3 is right side elevation view thereof;Fig. 4 is a left side elevation view thereof;Fig. 5 is a top plan view thereof;Fig. 6 is a rear elevation view thereof; andFig. 7 is a front elevation view thereof.Diagrams of the design are included.
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