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. MEMORY DESCRIPTION The use of the sphagnum moss tube is not limited only with the use of existing metal forms, because it can be used independently as decoration or other, it has only limit the imagination of the user.



The present invention relates to you ~ an oven ~
floral niture, serving as a basis ~ flower ornaments natu.relles ~ of dried flowers ~ es or any other element of decoration ~ The "Tube of sphagnum moss" is a new as much in the procedure for assembling a piece ornemelltale, only in the basic components ~
In the old soaking procedure, the b ~ its are limited to ~ existing metal bases. These ba-its are filled, piece by piece, of a natural foam turelle and not - treated, which must be preala ~ lement trem-swoop for a certain te ~ ps, resulting in a tau ~
unknown humidity The next step is to wrap the base of ~ tal and the ~ lousse together with a plastic green (pliofilm), known to users. the unhappy this proc ~ id ~ gives non-uniform results, a non-constant work, heavy forms, a and often there are claggates that are not con-trolable, such as drip, loss of equipment and others.
It became necessary for us to find out. a process hard and a more effective product ~
That’s why we use a foam lected, stirred. This foam is mixed meca-only with or without g.ranules of polys-tyr ~ ne and a deternline amount of water, so ensures. a blen mixture pro ~ ortionne. I.linserti.on Ae this mixture in the tube of plastic is also made ~ icanically, which ensures constant and uniform density. This new product is pro-pre and quick assembly, uni ~ elm and constant density light and very airtight.
Relating to the drawings which illustrate the reading of the inventlon:
Figure 1 shows an elevation which is in part in 13 section of an achievement, Figure 2 shows a section on line II-II of Figure 1, and Figure 3 shows a section of another embodiment tion does not contain any polysturene granule.
The present invention includes a plas-tick ~ number 1 ~ which serves as an outer wall. he can be of any thickness, configuration or color their: inais in the drawing indicated, it is transparent and d,. ' .L

Z63 ~

i ~ E ~ IOIRE DE ~ C ~ IPTIF

round in shape. It retains sphai foam ~ -gne ~ number?, previously selected to The mt ~ Yimun of freshness with flowersO Dotted across this sphai foam ~ ne ~ polystyrene granules, number 3 are they present in variable concentration according to the latest of users. The illustrated realization ~ `la-figure 3, does not include any polystyrene granule unlike has ia figure 2, but ~ except that, all the other elements may be the same as those described above The most common use of the foam tube se of sphagnum e ~ t in funeral forms. Mounting for example of a crown is done in the following way:
the very first step is ~ cut the tube ~ the desired length, ~ for that you have to separate the material a llinterieur du tube de fa (; on ~ get free spaceO
Then he ~ aut roll the ends in reverse, at-stain the two ends and cut between them.
Thus, we obtain a length of tube that llon deposits on the corresponding metal shape O Using a ribbon of plastic ~ pliofilm) that we wrap around the two elements we fix these together to get the tension suitable for sticking flowers in it decorate with flowers and foliage Another USA ~ e, consists t ~ collper (according to the ~ separation mode ci- ~ laut men-tioned) ~ the length de-bend the tube and fold it into a container to get the trash ~ Along the same line of thought, it can be used as a support for rattan baskets.
Relative to the drawings illustrating the uses sations of the invention:
FIG. 1 represents an elevation of a funeral form raire called crown, made with the tube of foam of sphagnum, Figure 2 shows a section on line II, which includes metal shape, number l, and foam tube of sphagnum 9 number 2, Figure 3 shows a use of the invention which is called a basket, ~ igure 4 re resent another realization-tion while ~ has unique, the use with a rattan basket,


1.A new flower arrangement serving as a struc-basic structure for all types of existing or ima-ginatives such as, but not limited to crowns, crosses, hearts, names in current or separate letters, and others, the device includes a sealed wall of plastic shapes variable, containing a mixture of sphagnum moss, polystyrene and water granules, the mixture contained by this wall used to support the flowers and to feed them of water.
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