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Material mixing apparatus


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    • B01F5/00Flow mixers; Mixers for falling materials, e.g. solid particles
    • B01F5/06Mixers in which the components are pressed together through slits, orifices, or screens; Static mixers; Mixers of the fractal type
    • B01F5/0602Static mixers, i.e. mixers in which the mixing is effected by moving the components jointly in changing directions, e.g. in tubes provided with baffles or obstructions
    • B01F5/0609Mixing tubes, e.g. the material being submitted to a substantially radial movement or to a movement partially in reverse direction
    • B01F5/061Straight mixing tubes, e.g. with smooth walls, having baffles or obstructions therein without substantial pressure drop; Baffles therefor
    • B01F5/0616Straight mixing tubes, e.g. with smooth walls, having baffles or obstructions therein without substantial pressure drop; Baffles therefor the baffles being made by deforming flat pieces of material, e.g. by bonding, folding, deep drawing
    • B01F5/0617Straight mixing tubes, e.g. with smooth walls, having baffles or obstructions therein without substantial pressure drop; Baffles therefor the baffles being made by deforming flat pieces of material, e.g. by bonding, folding, deep drawing composed of consecutive sections of deformed flat pieces of material
CA216,989A 1973-12-27 1974-12-27 Material mixing apparatus Expired CA1019719A (en)

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US05428865 US3923288A (en) 1973-12-27 1973-12-27 Material mixing apparatus

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CA1019719A true CA1019719A (en) 1977-10-25



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CA216,989A Expired CA1019719A (en) 1973-12-27 1974-12-27 Material mixing apparatus

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