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Endometrial sampler


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    • A61B10/00Other methods or instruments for diagnosis, e.g. instruments for taking a cell sample, for biopsy, for vaccination diagnosis; Sex determination; Ovulation-period determination; Throat striking implements
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CA181,274A 1972-09-29 1973-09-18 Endometrial sampler Expired CA1004939A (en)

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US29367672A true 1972-09-29 1972-09-29

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CA255,735A CA1022419A (en) 1972-09-29 1976-06-25 Endometrial sampler

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CA1004939A true CA1004939A (en) 1977-02-08



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CA181,274A Expired CA1004939A (en) 1972-09-29 1973-09-18 Endometrial sampler

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