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CASTING UNDER PRESSURE. A set of first and second molds are provided for opening and closing. Several cavities are formed in these molds so that several castings of identical shapes are produced simultaneously. A feed channel is provided for introducing molten metal from a piston side inlet channel into the respective cavities. The feed channel is comprised of: the first distribution parts extending from the inlet channel to positions corresponding to the respective cavities at right angles to the opening and closing direction of the mold, and the second distribution parts to the respective cavities. to connect the cavities in the first distribution parts. The second dispensing parts are provided with directional opening and closing of the mold for each cavity extending from each end downstream of the first dispensing parts parallel to the opening and closing direction of the mold.
BRPI0800205A 2007-01-25 2008-01-24 die casting mold BRPI0800205B1 (en)

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JP2007015066A JP5026806B2 (en) 2007-01-25 2007-01-25 Die casting mold

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BRPI0800205A true BRPI0800205A (en) 2008-09-16
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BRPI0800205A BRPI0800205B1 (en) 2007-01-25 2008-01-24 die casting mold

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