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naval goods tracking and security system (mast)


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BRPI0509590A BRPI0509590A BRPI0509590A BR PI0509590 A BRPI0509590 A BR PI0509590A BR PI0509590 A BRPI0509590 A BR PI0509590A BR PI0509590 A BRPI0509590 A BR PI0509590A
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    • G01T1/00Measuring X-radiation, gamma radiation, corpuscular radiation, or cosmic radiation
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NAVY SECURITY AND TRACKING SYSTEM (MAST). The present invention relates to methods and apparatus which are described for security and naval asset tracking (MAST) purposes. One method includes transmitting identification data, location data, and environmental status sensor data from a radiofrequency indicator. One apparatus includes a radio frequency indicator that transmits identification data, location data, and ambient state sensor data. Another method includes the transmission of identification data and location data from a radiofrequency indicator using hybrid spread spectrum modulation. Another apparatus includes a radiofrequency indicator that transmits both identification data and location data using hybrid spread spectrum modulation.
BRPI0509590 2004-05-06 2005-05-06 naval goods tracking and security system (mast) BRPI0509590A (en)

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US10/840,092 US7394381B2 (en) 2004-05-06 2004-05-06 Marine asset security and tracking (MAST) system
US10/840,553 US7525431B2 (en) 2004-05-06 2004-05-06 Space charge dosimeters for extremely low power measurements of radiation in shipping containers
PCT/US2005/015785 WO2006083265A2 (en) 2004-05-06 2005-05-06 Marine asset security and tracking (mast) system

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BRPI0509590A true BRPI0509590A (en) 2007-09-25



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BRPI0509590 BRPI0509590A (en) 2004-05-06 2005-05-06 naval goods tracking and security system (mast)

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