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Container-locking tamper-proof


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BR357173A 1972-05-17 1973-05-16 Container-locking tamper-proof BR7303571D0 (en)

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US25399872 US3826420A (en) 1972-05-17 1972-05-17 Self-locking tamperproof container

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BR7303571D0 true BR7303571D0 (en) 1974-07-25



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BR357173A BR7303571D0 (en) 1972-05-17 1973-05-16 Container-locking tamper-proof

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US (1) US3826420A (en)
BR (1) BR7303571D0 (en)

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US3826420A (en) 1974-07-30

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