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BR13117061A 1960-09-26 1961-07-26 surgical table BR6131170D0 (en)

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US58387A US3041121A (en) 1960-09-26 1960-09-26 Surgical table

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BR6131170D0 true BR6131170D0 (en) 1973-05-31



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BR13117061A BR6131170D0 (en) 1960-09-26 1961-07-26 surgical table

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US (1) US3041121A (en)
BR (1) BR6131170D0 (en)
GB (1) GB990736A (en)

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GB990736A (en) 1965-04-28
US3041121A (en) 1962-06-26

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