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BG45255A1 BG6539084A BG6539084A BG45255A1 BG 45255 A1 BG45255 A1 BG 45255A1 BG 6539084 A BG6539084 A BG 6539084A BG 6539084 A BG6539084 A BG 6539084A BG 45255 A1 BG45255 A1 BG 45255A1
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Vladimir K Maslich
Leonid M Jagudin
Original Assignee
Zaporozhskijj Kt I Sel Skokhoz
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Application filed by Zaporozhskijj Kt I Sel Skokhoz filed Critical Zaporozhskijj Kt I Sel Skokhoz
Publication of BG45255A1 publication Critical patent/BG45255A1/xx


BG6539084A 1983-06-03 1984-05-08 BG45255A1 (ja)

Applications Claiming Priority (1)

Application Number Priority Date Filing Date Title
SU833599612A SU1230622A1 (ru) 1983-06-03 1983-06-03 Устройство автоматического управлени удалением осадка из отстойника

Publications (1)

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BG45255A1 true BG45255A1 (ja) 1989-05-15



Family Applications (1)

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BG6539084A BG45255A1 (ja) 1983-06-03 1984-05-08

Country Status (4)

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BG (1) BG45255A1 (ja)
CS (1) CS255540B1 (ja)
DD (1) DD254293A3 (ja)
SU (1) SU1230622A1 (ja)

Also Published As

Publication number Publication date
SU1230622A1 (ru) 1986-05-15
CS373084A1 (en) 1987-05-14
DD254293A3 (de) 1988-02-24
CS255540B1 (en) 1988-03-15

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